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1 TEXAS ACCOUNTING CODE FORMAT (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) X X X. X X. X X X X. X X. X X X. X. X X. X X X Required codes are reported to TEA through PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System), and summary data appear on AEIS reports (Academic Excellence Indicator System). Wichita Falls ISD uses all sections of the code for internal accounting purposes. (1) Fund Code (required) (2) Function Code (required) (3) Object Code (required) (4) Sub-object Code (optional-not reported to PEIMS) (5) Organization Code (required) (6) Fiscal Year Code (required) (7) Program Intent Code (required) (8) Project Code (optional-not reported to PEIMS)

2 FUND CODES xxx. xx. xxxx. xx. xxx. x. xx. xxx Fund Population Served By Program Code Program Period Technology 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X X X X X X X 181 Athletics 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 199 General Fund 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X X X X X X X X X X Federal Programs 204 no longer used -ESEA Title IV, Safe & Drug Free Schools 205 Head Start 11/01/11-10/31/12 X X 211 ESEA Title I Part A-Improving Basic Programs 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 212 ESEA Title I Part C-Migrant 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X X X X X 213 ESEA Title I School Improvement 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 288 Title I, Part D, Juvenile Detention 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 224 IDEA-Part B, Formula 07/01/11-06/30/12 X 225 IDEA-Part B, Preschool 07/01/11-06/30/12 X 240 Food Service-Natl School Breakfast & Lunch Pgm 09/01/11-08/31/12 X 242 Summer Feeding Program (DHS) 09/01/11-08/31/12 X 244 Vocational Education-Basic Grant 07/01/11-06/30/12 X 255 Teacher & Principal Training/Recruiting 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X X X X X 262 no longer used - Title II, Part D Technology 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X X 263 Title III, Language Acquisition 07/01/11-06/30/12 X st Centry Community Learning Centers 08/01/11-07/31/12 X X 266 ARRA Title XIV 07/01/10-09/30/11 X X 276 Title I School Improvement Academy 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 279 Title II Part D-Tedchnology ARRA 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 280 Title X, Part C-Homeless ARRA 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 283 IDEA-Part B, Formula ARRA 07/01/10-09/30/11 X X 284 IDEA-Part B, Preschool ARRA 07/01/10-09/30/11 X X 285 Title I, Part A, ARRA 07/01/10-09/30/11 X X 286 Title I School Improvement Academy ARRA 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X 287 Head Start 10/01/11-10/31/11 X X 288 Title I, Part D, Juvenile Detention ARRA 07/01/10-09/30/11 X X 289 SLDS - Classroom Link to ISDs 07/29/11-05/31/12 X X X 290 EduJobs (TEA code 287) 07/01/11-06/30/12 X X X 315 IDEA-Part B Discretionary 07/01/10-08/31/11 X 316 IDEA-Part B Formula Deaf 07/01/11-06/30/12 X 317 IDEA-Part B Preschool Deaf 07/01/11-06/30/12 X 340 IDEA-Part H Early Intervention 07/01/10-09/30/11 X 396 Communities in Schools 09/01/11-08/31/12 X State Programs 394 Life Skills for Student Parents 09/01/11-08/31/12 X 397 Advanced Placement Incentives 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X 401 Optional Extended Year Program 09/01/11-08/31/12 X 404 Student Success Initiative 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X 410 Instructional Materials Allotment 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X 411 No Longer Used - Technology Allotment 415 no longer used - PreK Expansion Grant 421 Master Teacher Stipends 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X X 428 no longer used - High School Allotment 429 Miscellaneous 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X 435 Regional Day School for the Deaf 09/01/11-08/31/12 X 461 Campus Activity Funds 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X X X 489 Miscellaneous Local Grants 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X X X 490 Academic Success Initiative 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X X X 499 CIS-Local Special Revenue 09/01/11-08/31/12 X X X X X X X X

3 Fund Population Served By Program Code Program Period FUND CODES Internal Service Funds 751 Transportation 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 752 Print Shop 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 753 Insurance 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 754 Computer Operations 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X Miscellaneous Funds 599 Debt Service Funds 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 698 Previous Capital Projects Funds 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 699 Capital Projects Fund 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 829 Renton Aviation Fund 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 836 Nabers Unexpendable Trust 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 863 Payroll Clearing 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 865 Student Activity Funds-Club Funds 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 887 Deferred Compensation-IRC /01/xx-08/31/xx X 888- Agency Funds 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X General Fixed Assets 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X 902 Long-Term Debt 09/01/xx-08/31/xx X

4 FUNCTION CODES xxx. XX. xxxx. xx. xxx. x. xx. xxx Code Description 11 Instruction 12 Instructional Resources and Media Services 13 Curriculum Development and Instructional Staff Development 21 Instructional Leadership 23 School Administration 31 Guidance, Counseling and Evaluation Services 32 Social Work Services 33 Health Services 34 Student Transportation 35 Food Services 36 Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities 41 General Administration 51 Plant Maintenance and Operations 52 Security and Monitoring Services 53 Data processing Services 61 Community Services 71 Debt Service 81 Facilities Acquisition and Construction 93 Payments to Fiscal Agent/Member Districts of Shared Services Arrangements 97 TIF Zone Payments 99 Other Intergovernmental Charges


6 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE PAYROLL COSTS Substitutes The 00 subobject is provided by the District and is not subject to budget transfer. Other subobjects (such as 27-Campus Staff Development) are at the discretion of the person originally placing the funds in the code Other Professional Salaries-Not subject to Stepped Salary Schedule Base salaries. Not subject to budget transfer Stipends Stipends. Not subject to budget transfer Extra Duty Pay-Professional The 00 subobject is provided by the District and is not subject to budget transfer. The district allocation to Subobject 67 Tutorial is also not subject to transfer, but any additional funds provided by the campus may be transferred. Example: stipend to certain activity sponsors, pay for attending extra time for staff development, or other time outside contract days Teachers/Other Professionals Base salaries subject to stepped salary schedule. Not subject to budget transfer Extra Duty Pay/Overtime-Support Personnel Same as 6118, but for personnel other than professionals. Previously Salaries/Wages for Substitute Support Personnel Budget transfers restricted for subobject Salaries/Wages for Support Personnel Base salaries for clerks, aides, maintenance, food service, and other personnel not classified as professional. Not subject to budget transfer Employee Allowances Salary supplement for identified personnel for items such as cell phones. Not subject to budget transfer Employee Allowance Misc. allowances for expense defrayment 6141 FICA/Medicare/457 Plan Payroll tax deduction 6142 Group Health/Life 6143 Workers Comp Premiums 6144 TRS On-behalf Benefit State s direct contribution to individual member accounts 6145 Unemployment Compensation 6146 Teacher Retirement/TRS Care District contribution 6148 Wellness Benefit District contribution 6149 Sick /Vacation/Other

7 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE CONTRACTED SERVICES Legal Services 6212 Audit Services 6213 Tax Appraisal & Collection 6215 Architect & Engineering Fees Previously Professional Services Required to be licensed or registered with the state. Delivered by an independent contractor (individual, entity or firm) offering services to the public. These services are paid on a fee basis for specialized services that are usually considered to be temporary in nature Tuition Reimbursement Higher education-staff tuition. Example: West Foundation summer scholarships Other Tuition-Students 6239 Services from Regional ESC s 6244 Vehicle Repair & Upkeep, including buses Repairs performed by an outside source 6245 Laundry Food Service; Athletics: cleaning of band uniforms/choir robes 6246 Building Repair-Routine Repairs/maintenance performed by an outside source. Subobject 00 not subject to budget transfer at the campus level. Expenditure by campus personnel not permitted without prior approval from the Maintenance Dept Grounds Upkeep Same as Maintenance Agreements/On-line Services For software, equipment, copiers, library systems, databases, etc. including on-line data desegregation 6249 Other Contracted Maintenance & Repair Repairs performed by an outside source for furniture, computers, A-V, piano tuning, and other equipment Utilities: 6255 Water/Sewer 6256 Telephone/Data Lines 6257 Electricity 6258 Natural Gas 6259 Internet Services 6264 Communication Eqmt Rental Cell phone, pager, etc., monthly fee 6267 Copier Rental Long-term and short-term copier leases and any maintenance costs included in the monthly payments 6269 Other Rental Fees Rental fees for all types of equipment, vehicles, and buildings 6291 Consulting Services Consultants that help the district improve performance through analysis of existing problems and development of future plans. May involve identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, coaching skills, strategy development or operational improvement 6294 ISF - Transportation Charges - Transportation Charges paid to the Transportation Internal Service Fund Transportation Charges Regularly scheduled home to school bus transportation. Field trips and other co-curricular travel for students are 6412-student travel Print Shop Services In-house or other print shops; graphic design services 6298 Technology Drop Charges In-house only 6299 Miscellaneous Contracted Services Example: Outside presenters for staff development workshops, athletic game officials, teacher appraisers, trainers. 62XX codes cannot be used to pay for services of persons employed by WFISD. For those persons use appropriate 6128 or 6118

8 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE SUPPLIES & MATERIALS Fuel for vehicles, including buses 6315 Cleaning Supplies Food Service Use only 6319 Building Supplies & Materials - Routine All facilities maintenance supplies, including security, grounds, and other trades. Trade is identified by the project code Textbooks 6329 Reading Materials Library books (formerly 6669), magazines and other reading materials, whether or not a part of the permanent collection; classroom sets of books or magazines, etc Testing Materials 6394 Uniforms For purchase of all uniforms - This will replace the project code 582 after the school year General Supplies Food Service Use Only: 6341 Food All other supplies and materials not specifically identified by other codes listed herein; equipment and software purchases not meeting the definition of capital outlay. With the exception of highly mobile computer equipment such as Ipads, which should be coded to Non-Food 6343 Food Items For Sale Items not a part of the regular cafeteria program 6344 USDA Commodities 6349 Small Kitchen Supplies 6395 Computer equipment Includes : Computers, ipads, tablet computers, laptops and all other computers. Does not include software. Software less than $5000 per single program title is coded Misc. equipment Printers, scanners, cameras, VCR s, TV s, Smartboards, compressors, shop equipment, etc with a single unit cost of $1,000 - $4, Software and/or licenses All software with a single unit cost of $0 - $4, Furniture Desks, cabinets with a single unit cost of $1,000 - $4,999. OTHER OPERATING COSTS Itinerant Staff Travel All mileage reimbursement costs incurred for travel between campuses and within the city Travel - Staff All expenses incurred for out-of-town travel may be coded 6411: registration fees, mileage, or other transportation, meals, lodging, car rental, and incidentals Travel - Students In- or out-of-town, including same as 6411 (cannot be Function 34) 6419 Travel - Non-employee Travel for Board of Trustees members as defined in 6411; reimbursements to job applicants or parents; travel reimbursed to consultants if documentation is provided (mileage, copy of airline tickets, receipts for meals, copies of hotel bills, etc.) 6425 Property & General Liability Insurance 6426 Vehicle Insurance Cars, trucks, buses, fork lifts, etc Co-curricular Insurance Band instruments, athletic events, UIL participation 6429 Other Insurance 6439 Election Costs Restricted to use with Function 41 only 6449 Depreciation Expense 6495 Dues Dues paid to clubs, committees, or other organizations. Examples of organizations are TASA, TASP, TASB, TASBO, TEPSA. This does not include registration fees associated with attending conferences or seminars, which are coded to Awards 6498 Marketing 6499 Misc. Operating Expenses Example: UIL fees, staff development not associated with out-of-town travel, admission fees for student field trips, filing fees, copyright fee, bid notices, newspaper advertisements, food/refreshments to generally be used with project code (219) unless specified by other project coding.

9 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE DEBT SERVICE Bond Principal 6512 Capital Lease Principal 6513 Long-term Loan Principal 6521 Interest on Bonds 6522 Interest on Capital Lease 6523 Interest on Loans 6524 Amortization of Bonds 6529 Interest 6599 Other Debt Service Fees CAPITAL OUTLAY Land Purchase & Improvements 6624 Other Building Expenses Other expenses connected with the acquisition of land and/or buildings. Example: architect fees, engineering fees, permits, surveys 6629 Building Purchase or New Construction Single unit cost exceeds $ Vehicles 6635 Computers 6637 Software 6638 Furniture 6639 Other equipment Also includes software if the cost of a single program title exceeds $5000 Audio-visual, printers, etc. Single unit cost less than $5000 but more than $ Vehicles 6651 Capital Lease of Buildings 6659 Lease/Purchase of Furniture & Equipment Use this code only if the item purchased without lease/purchase financing would qualify for 66XX coding per

10 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE Miscellaneous Codes 5XXX Flow-through In Pertains to Shared Services Arrangements. Codes vary depending on source of funds Flow-through Out Payments to Fiscal Agent of a Shared Services Arrangement 6493 Flow-through out Payments to a member district of a Shared Services Arrangement 7911 Sale of Bonds 7912 Sale of Real & Personal Property 7913 Proceeds from Capital Leases 7914 Loan Proceeds 7915 Operating Transfers In Transfers from other funds of the District 8911 Operating Transfers Out Transfers to other funds of the District 8940 Other Uses-TIF Payment to City of Wichita Falls for Tax Increment Financing Zone 8941 Transfer to Debt Svc Fund 8942 Transfer to Capital Projects Fund BALANCE SHEET ACCOUNTS Cash and Cash Equivalents 11XX 1105 Cash with fiscal agent Advanced funds held by financing agent 1110 Cash on hand or in bank 1151 Petty Cash-Campuses 1152 Petty Cash-Departments 1153 Petty Cash-Change Boxes 1172 Cert. Of Deposit (CD s) 1174 Treasury Notes/Bills 1175 Investment Pools 1176 Federal Agency Securities 1177 Other Temp. Investments Accounts Receivable 12XX 1210 Property Tax-Current 1220 Property Tax-Delinquent 1241 Due from State 1242 Due from Fed. Agencies 1243 Due from Other Govt s 1244 Due from Other ISD s 1250 Accrued Interest 1261 Due from General Fund 1262 Due from Special Revenue Fd 1263 Due from Debt Svc Fund 1264 Due from Capital Projects Fd 1265 Due from Enterprise Fund 1266 Due from Internal Svc Fund 1267 Due from Trust/Agency 1268 Due from Athletics Fund 1269 Payroll-Due from Other Funds 1291 Returned Checks 1292 Other Accounts Receivable 1293 Sundry-Employee Advances 1295 Due from LoneStar Program 1296 Due from Rebuild America Inventories 13XX 1310 Food Inventory Food Service Fund 1310 Commodity Inventory Food Service Fund-uses project code Supplies & Materials Stock General Fund 1312 Non-Food Food Service Fund 1313 Small Equipment Food Service Fund 1316 Work in Progress General Fund-Maintenance 1317 Mechanical Inventory General Fund-Maintenance-referenced by workorder number 1318 Computer Parts General Fund 1321 Inventory Adjustment Mid-year adjustments-all funds. Closed to the appropriate inventory account at year end.

11 Object Codes CODE DEFINITION PURPOSE For Fixed Asset Account Group, Enterprise, and Internal Service Funds 1510 Land Purchase and Improvements 1520 Buildings and Improvements 1534 Vehicles 1540 Other Equipment 1559 Furn & Eqmt under Capital Lease 1573 Acc. Depreciation 1580 Construction in Progress For General Long-term Debt Account Group - 16XX Amounts to be Provided 1610 For Loan Principal 1620 For Bond Principal 1630 For Capital Lease Principal 1690 For Other 1720 Available for Bond Principal 1810 Restricted Cash & Investments 1890 Other Restricted Assets 1910 Long-term Investments

12 SUB-OBJECT CODES xxx. xx. xxxx. XX. xxx. x. xx. xxx Code Description Responsibility Other Notation 18 Capital Projects funded by Laura Lee Brock Maintenance projects funded by GF 21 Scoreboard Operations Ronald Kuehler 22 Athletic Fund Kenny Catney 23 Not Used Move to project Code - New Not Used Denoted by Fund 461 & Campus Staff Development Dr. Tim Powers Allocation used by function 11 & Not Used Move to project Code Not Used Using project code Baxter Trust Laura Lee Brock 35 McCoy Foundation Laura Lee Brock 36 Evelyn Wilson Egan Found Laura Lee Brock 51 Library Carol Marlar Library services - United Streaming 53 West Foundation Grant Laura Lee Brock 54 Alternative Education Grant Debby Patterson 55 Priddy Foundation Grant Laura Lee Brock 56 CIS Xochitl Pruit 57 MSU Programs various 58 Prothro Grant Laura Lee Brock 59 J.S. Bridwell Foundation Laura Lee Brock 60 Not Used Carol Marlar Project Code Character Education Sherry Parker 64 LEP Rebecca Hernandez Project Codes for Bilingual and ESL 65 Not Used Project Codes for Bilingual and ESL 65 Not Used Move to Org Crime and Drug Education Julie Henderson 67 Tutorials Dr. Tim Powers 68 Not Used New Allocation - Project Code Foreign Lanuguage 71 CPR and Health Julie Henderson 74 Physical Education Julie Henderson 75 Not Used Add org Not Used Move to project Code - New 77 Not Used Move to project Code - New 78 Not Used Move to project Code - New 79 Fine Arts (11/36) Dr. Dan White Add org Not Used Captured by PIC 23 & Projects 80 Medicaid (Current SHARS) Harry Ryan 81 Reading Misty Spears 82 Not Used Move to project code Not Used Move to project Code Not Used Move to various project codes 85 Career and Applied Technology Steve Wolf Captured by PIC 22 & Projects 86 Other Instruction 87 Not Used Projects - Graduation (269) 88 Science Nancy Cook/Steve Henderson 89 Not Used Add org Instru Technology 90 ROTC Col. Charles Simons 91 Drop Out Prevention Jan Banner 92 Social Studies Sherry Parker 93 English & Language Arts Misty Spears 94 Mathematics Elementary Ward Roberts 95 Parent Education Campus level 96 Not Used Add org Curr Development 97 Not Used Under org-875 Project LEAD 99 Special Projects Dr. Tim Powers

13 ORGANIZATION CODES xxx. xx. xxxx. xx. XXX. x. xx. xxx Code Description Responsibilty 001 Hirschi Wanda Jackson 002 Rider Judy McDonald 004 WFHS Kevin Shipley 006 Harrell Gena Woodard 008 Denver Linda Nichols 009 JJAEP John McCleskey 041 Barwise Dr. Linda Muehlberger 045 Zundy Linda Young 047 McNiel Carol English 048 Kirby Larry Menefee 080 Red River Internal Use Only 081 State Hospital Internal Use Only 082 Rose Street Internal Use Only 083 Hope Internal Use Only 101 Alamo Laura Scott 102 Austin (not used any longer) 103 Bonham (Do Not Use) 104 Brook Village Rose Partridge 105 Burgess Jackie Jacobs 107 Crockett Cathy Rule 108 Cunningham Christina Henry 109 Fain Clarissa Ritchie 110 Fannin (Do Not Use) 111 Fowler Tania Rushing 112 Franklin Kim Bell 114 Haynes Ronda Hall 115 Special Ed Center Christina Henry 116 Houston Omar Montemayor 117 Huey (Do Not Use) 118 Jefferson Pat Page 119 Lamar Gail Anderson 120 McGaha (Do Not Use) 121 Milam Jesse Thomas 123 Sheppard Marvin Peevey 125 Washington/Jackson Sandy Camp 126 West Kim Smith 128 Scotland Park Dotsie Mergerson 129 Southern Hills Joyce Shepard 130 Farris Early CC Randy Cook 204 County Detention John McCleskey 207 Northwest Head Start Randy Cook 208 Rosewood Headstart Randy Cook 209 Paul Irwin Head Start Randy Cook

14 ORGANIZATION CODES NON-CAMPUS ORGANIZATION CODES 699 Summer School Jan Banner 701 Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas 702 School Board Dr. George Kazanas 703 Tax Collection & Appraisal Ronald Kuehler 725 Legal Services Janet Powell 726 Internal Audit Laura Richards 730 Human Resources Debbie Osborn 740 CFOO Ronald Kuehler 741 Textbooks Janet Powell 742 Finance & Budget Laura Lee Brock 743 Central Data Processing Shad McGaha 745 Purchasing Laura Lee Brock 750 Indirect Cost (FC 41 & 53 only) Laura Lee Brock 810 Instructional Network Management Shad McGaha 815 Risk Manager Lorri Savage 820 Central Maintenance Dan Shelton 829 Public Information Office Renee Murphy 831 Print Shop Janet Powell 835 Fine Arts Dan White 840 Central Pupil Services Diann Taylor 845 School Health Program Debbie Mills 848 Partners In Education Christi Farnsworth 850 Instructional Technology (Staff Dev) Dr. Tim Powers 855 Security Office Bill Horton 860 Division of Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Tim Powers 865 Office of Student Assignments Freddie Allison 870 Student Assessment Denise Williams 875 Head Start Program Carol Marlar 885 Curriculum Development Debby Patterson 890 Academic Success Initiative Dr. Kazanas 892 WFISD Foundation Dr. Kazanas 895 Grant Administration Jan Banner 900 Athletics Kenny Catney 901 Athletic Complex Kenny Catney 905 Bond Administration Ronald Kuehler 910 Career-Tech Steve Wolf 915 ROTC LTC Charles Simons 920 Communities in Schools Xochitl Pruitt 925 Elementary Education Carol Marlar 927 Secondary Education Debby Patterson 930 Curriculum Coordinators Dr. Tim Powers 931 PE/Wellness Julie Henderson 935 Special Education Harry Ryan 940 At Risk Jan Banner 945 Gifted-Talented/LEAD Carol Marlar 950 LEP Becky Hernandez 955 Central Science Operations Nancy Cook/Steve Henderson 972 Staff Development Dr. Tim Powers 978 Teacher Mentoring (Staff Dev) Dr. Tim Powers 980 Food Service Program Kathy Bolton

15 ORGANIZATION CODES 984 Transportation Ronald Kuehler 985 Warehouse Janet Powell 986 Central Food Service Warehouse Kathy Bolton 987 Education Center (Maintenance Only) Dan Shelton 998 Direct costs not allocated to campuses Laura Lee Brock 999 Direct costs to be allocated to campuses Laura Lee Brock Summer School High School Jr High Elementary

16 PROGRAM INTENT CODE xxx. xx. xxxx. xx. xxx. x. XX. xxx Code Description 11 Basic Educational Services 21 Gifted and Talented 22 Career and Technology 23 Services to Students with Disabilities (Special Education) **24 Accelerated Education - State Compensatory Education (SCE) Where expenditures are supplemental for district-wide or for campuses with less than 40% free/reduced - JJAEP 25 Bilingual Education and Special Language Programs 26 Basic Services- for Nondisciplinary Alternative Ed Programs for students at risk of drop out Harrell campus services 28 Basic Services for Disciplinary Alternative Ed Programs Denver campuses basic services (DAEP) 29 TEA Directed Use Only - Supplemental Services- State Comp Ed (SCE) - for Disciplinary Alternative Ed Programs - Denver campus supplemental services 30 State Comp Ed (SCE) for campuses with 40% or more free/reduced - school wide activities 31 High School Allotment 32 Prekindergarten (Pre-K) - Effective School Year 91 Athletics 99 Undistributed - benefits all student populations or no specific population ** Targeted Asssistance 11/12 (PIC 24) Rider Fowler Sheppard West Targeted Asssistance 09/10 (PIC 24) Rider McNiel Fowler Sheppard West (For Rider, McNiel, Fowler, West)

17 001 Department/Campus Use 002 Department/Campus Use 003 Department/Campus Use 004 Department/Campus Use 005 Department/Campus Use 006 Department/Campus Use 007 Department/Campus Use 008 Department/Campus Use 009 Department/Campus Use 010 Department/Campus Use 011 Trainers Laundry 014 Crossing Guards Summer weight rm staff Athletic Fund advertisement Baseball Softball 030 Basketball (Girls) Tournament Basketball (Boys) 036 Basketball - Scouting Athletics-Season tickets Golf Powerlifting 050 Football PROJECT CODES 1 of 18

18 051 Football-Scouting Football Playoffs 054 Ambulance Football - Video tape Coaching School 059 Courier 060 Swimming Tennis Jr High City Tennis Tournament 070 Track (Girls) 071 Cross Country Track (Boys) Soccer (Girls) Soccer (Boys) Volleyball Campus Moves (org 745, warehouse) 100 Records Management (org=741) PROJECT CODES 2 of 18

19 101 Transcripts (org=741) Fixed Assets (org=741) 104 Travel Buyer (org=741) Pre-K/Early Childhood 110 Kindergarten 111 First Grade 112 Second Grade 113 Third Grade 114 Fourth Grade 115 Fifth Grade 116 Sixth Grade Primary K Intermediate Homeless Education Private Schools Curriculum Tech Appls-federal 138 Special Staff Development-federal Defibrillators PROJECT CODES 3 of 18

20 PALS - Leadership COPE In School Suspension (ISS) Health Precaution Expenses PROJECT CODES 4 of 18

21 201 Unemployment 202 Workers Comp -Monthly Fee 203 Workers Comp-Medical 204 Workers Comp-Indemnity 205 Workers Comp CAS Medical 206 Workers Comp-Excess Ins 207 Report Cards 208 Student Mananagement Forms 209 Postage Campus Improvement Site Based Planning 214 Professional Learning Communities 215 Parent Involvement Insurance Office 218 Fingerprinting 219 Meals/Food Refreshments CT-Career Technology 225 CT-Ag Business CT-Auto Body Repair 228 CT-Auto Mechanics 229 CT-Cosmetology CT-Business Education 232 CT-Aviation 233 CT-General Construction 234 CT-Health Occupations 235 CT-Consumer Sciences CT-C & T Engineering 239 CT-Industrial Electronics 240 CT Lab 241 CT-Machine Trades 242 CT-Marketing 243 CT-Office Education 244 CT-Anatomy CT-Welding CT-Prin of Technology in Physics PROJECT CODES 5 of 18

22 251 CT-Video Technology 252 CT-Facilitator LEAD Scholar Camps 266 Accel Math Grades Accel Reading Grade Graduation 270 Accel Math Grade GED Program 272 CAPS - Credit Recovery Student Achievement Award 276 Special Needs Fundraisers 277 Accel Reading Grade Quick Step Classroom Teacher Reimb New Teacher Induction RTI Intervention (Response to Intervention) PROJECT CODES 6 of 18

23 Priddy-6th Grade Opera 303 Response to Intervention -Math- West Grant 304 Response to Intervention -Reading- West Grant Elementary Science Kits Science - Explore Gizmos Ability Testing 326 Academic Success Project Advanced Placement 329 TEEG Awards Teen Parenting 332 Teen Parenting - Monitors 333 Instruction Technology Recruiting CTT Asst Principal PROJECT CODES 7 of 18

24 PROJECT CODES 351 Campus Webmaster 352 Laptop Maintenance CED Collections Warehouse Activity Fund Computer Refresh 366 Technology -Servers 367 Technology -UPS LEAP-Language Enriched Autism Program formerly Autism (CAP) 371 Building Trades 372 BASE-Behavior & Academic Supportive Environment formerly Behavior Development (BDC) 373 Resource-Content Mastery 374 Horticulture 375 Homebound 376 Early Childhood (PPCD) 377 LIFE - Learning in a Functional Environment formerly Severe-Profound (SPH) - Life Classes 378 Hospital 379 Residential 380 Off-Home (Rose Street) 381 Diagnostician 382 Speech Therapy 383 Adapted PE 384 Visually Impaired 385 Vocational 386 Community -Based Instruction (CBI) 387 Vocational Adjustment 388 Daily Living Bilingual 391 ESL Other Languages Community in School 397 Community Learning Centers (CLC) 21st Century Uniforms of 18

25 Instrument Replacements Marching Festival 405 Wells Fargo Art Show Calculators 408 Music - Elementary Orchestra Drill Team/Cheerleading Guitar 415 Instrument Rental Fees 416 Piano Dance 419 Choir 420 Theater Arts 421 UIL Academics 422 Speech or Debate Copy Paper 426 Video and Multimedia Band 431 Band Football Games Music Theory - AP Art History - AP Post-District Travel New Classroom Setup 443 War Memorial 444 Tobacco Compliance Special Olympics Student Achievement Init PROJECT CODES 9 of 18

26 Art 453 Art Portfolio - AP 454 Photography Newspaper 457 Yearbook Magnet Programs - PYP/MYP 461 Magnet Diploma Program (Jr/Sr) 462 Texas Scholars 463 Senior Send Off Spanish 469 French 470 Latin Biology Chemistry Physics Student Drug Testing 479 CPR 480 Geography World History US History Texas History Algebra 491 Calculus 492 Geometry TECH Apps C-Scope 500 PROJECT CODES 10 of 18

27 Dyslexia 504 "504" General Teacher 511 General Student 512 Vending 513 Guidance Office 514 Sales - Concessions, Pencils, Etc. 515 Library 516 Locks 517 Idea Grant 518 Interest 519 Donations 520 Athletic Vending 521 Tennis Ball Fees 522 Hospitality 523 Folklore Office 526 Parent Involvement 527 Athletic Trainers 528 Flower Fund 529 Health Occupations 530 Auto Collision / Shop 531 Cosmetology / Shop 532 Electronics / Shop 533 Machine Shop / Shop 534 Welding / Shop 535 NASA 536 Safety Patrol 537 COPE 538 Pre-K Instument Rental 541 Football Gate 542 Basketball Gate 543 Volleyball Gate 544 Lost Textbooks 545 Fines / Damaged Books 546 Woodworking Materials 547 Sales Tax 548 Due from Admin 549 Science Club 550 TAAS Incentives PROJECT CODES 11 of 18

28 551 Special Ed Concess 552 Attendance Rewards 553 Gold Baret 554 Choir 555 Authors in School 556 Hosts 557 Environmental Club 558 Copy Machine 559 Kids Count 560 Science Fair 561 Young Astronauts 562 Computer Lab Fees 563 Chess Club 564 Community Involvement 565 Drug Free You in Texas 566 FCS lab fees Student Council 569 Summer Conditioning Camp 570 Art Club Kell 572 Oklahoma Field Trip 573 Carnival 574 Campus Beautification 575 French Club 576 Musical Theatre 577 Public Relations Committee 578 VIP Number Sense 582 Uniforms No longer used after FY 583 Guardian Angel 584 Accelerated Reading 585 Binders, Gym Bags 586 Spirit Bug 587 Humanitees 588 Orchestra Rental / Repairs 589 Band Rental / Repairs 590 Tennis Special 591 Graphics Art 592 Innovative Award 593 Banquet Petty Cash 596 Deaf Ed Homework Center 599 Payable to Student Activity 600 PROJECT CODES 12 of 18

29 IB 614 Youth Leadership Math Club English Construction Trade / Shop Multimedia Auto Mechanics Health OCC Bathroom Renovations PROJECT CODES 13 of 18

30 651 Campus Athletic Facility 652 Fire Alarm Panels 653 Masonry Repairs 654 Science Lab Renovations 655 Gym Equipment 656 Safety Management 657 Security Alarms 658 Security Initative 659 Vehicles 660 Furniture 661 Flooring 662 Cafeteria/Kitchen Project Network 666 Phones/Communications 667 Tools 668 Classroom Renovations 669 Hallway Renovations 670 HVAC ADA 673 Asbestos/Hazardous Materials 674 Portable Buildings Window Replacement Roof Repairs 679 Locker Room Renovations 680 Paving Projects 681 Tennis Projects Pest Control 684 Elevators 685 Chair Lifts 686 Gas Pressure Tests 687 Energy Management 688 Stage Maintenance 689 Ed Center Remodel Track, Athletic Field Repair 692 Memorial Athletic Complex 693 Playground Improvement 694 Doors/Doorways Land Cost/Demolition 697 Grounds Care 698 Custodial Contract 699 Custodial Other 700 Clerical PROJECT CODES 14 of 18

31 Elementary 703 Junior High 704 Senior High 705 Other Sites 706 Rental Property Plumbing 709 Carpentry 710 Electrical 711 Infrastructure Classroom Additions 716 Specialty Classroom Nonclassroom/Gym On Call PROJECT CODES 15 of 18

32 751 Choice Teacher Induction/Begin 778 Teacher Cohort Training Curr Instr Coordinators PROJECT CODES 16 of 18

33 HS Training/Tech Assist PROJECT CODES 17 of 18

34 Teaching Field 882 High Needs school 883 In Service Teaching Field 884 Summer Masters 885 MSU Doctoral Supt Summer Camps 889 Summer Arts Festival Reserve 892 MSU (Foundation) 893 MSU PROJECT CODES 18 of 18