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1 BOARD/ADMINISTRATIVE WORK SESSION February 16, 2004 Board President Randy Bauer called the session to order at 5:00 p.m. at the Educational Services Center. Board members present: Shirley Exline, Norm Zahradnik, Randy Bauer, Lauri Hughes, Mark Hunt, Kris Ruprecht, Sandy Flatgard Administrators present: Dick Whitehead, Jim Rotter, Al Row e Others in Attendance: Janet Rorholm, CR Gazette Board Members Zahradnik, Exline, and Flatgard shared information w ith the Board concerning their visit at Prairie Heights Elementary of February 4. The Board commented on the positive aspect that students are very w illing to speak w ith visitors and share w hat they are w orking on. Jim Rotter, Executive Director of Business Services shared information w ith the Board concerning the Budget planning process, the State s Foundation Formula, School Aid Basics, and a review of the different Funds currently being utilized by the District. The Board discussed the February 9-12 Department of Education Visit. It w as verified that the Department asked about District initiatives w hich included; data driven decision making, Achievement Level Tests, High School Study, and the strong community involvement. A w ritten report w ill be received from the Department in approximately 6 w eeks. Superintendent Whitehead and Board President Bauer shared information w ith the Board concerning the recent legislative action. As of the time of the meeting, allow able growth had not been set and it w as not clear how the allow able growth w ill be made available to districts given the 2.5% budget cuts of The Board w as invited to attend the February 21 st Legislative Session to be held in the Oakridge school building at the Linn Mar School District at 2:00 pm. The Board entered into exempt session to discuss negotiation strategy at 6:35 pm The session w as concluded at 6:55 pm Jim Rotter, Board Secretary

2 MINUTES BOARD MEETING February 16, 2004 Board Minutes are not official until approved at the next regular scheduled board meeting. The Meeting was called to order by President Bauer at 7:00 p.m. in the Educational Services Center Board Room. Roll call indicated the following members present: Bauer, Hughes, Zahradnik, Exline, Hunt, Ruprecht, and Flatgard. Absent: none Jim Rotter, Board Secretary, verified that the meeting notices had been posted as required by law. Other individuals in attendance were; Janet Rorholm, Gazette, Paula Macku, Elaine Brejcha, Condra Allred, Paula Ganzeveld, Jennifer Wertz, Kathy Miller, Martha Stephenson, Dawn Foss, Sue Skala, Jennifer Davis, Laurene Lanich Motion by Ruprecht seconded by Zahradnik to approve the agenda with the addition of item 9G Cornell College Student Teaching agreement. President Bauer welcomed visitor comments and requests to speak to the board Motion by Ruprecht, seconded by Zahradnik to approve minutes of the Board Administrative Work Session of January 19, 2004, and the Regular Board Meeting of January 19, 2004; to approve the Athletic Summary of Fund Balances, Summary of Account/Fund Balances, the Percentage of Expenditures report, the Miscellaneous Revenue report, and the Summary of Selected Accounts for the month ended January 19, 2004; to approve the following list of bills: # through # Superintendent Whitehead recognized the district for its excellence in reporting for a perfect Special Education Supplement report. Laurene Lanich, Prairie View Principal recognized Martha Stephenson, Title I Teacher, for her role as a resident expert in the area of reading for the students at Prairie View. Also recognized were Condra Allred, Jenny Wertz, and Paula Ganzeveld, Special Education teachers at Prairie View, for their collaborative efforts and for showing leadership in the intervention process at Prairie View Elementary. Kathy Miller, Prairie Oaks Principal, recognized Joyce Anderson for her generosity in providing quality books for the students at Prairie Oaks. Sue Skala, Prairie Crest Principal, recognized Paula Macku, 1-1

3 Motion by Flatgard, seconded by Reprecht to approve open enrollment in for the school year for; Nicholas Marshall (4), Victoria Marshall (2), Melila Burgess (2), Larry Lewis Jr (2), Mariah Lewis (6), Taylor Zeller (K), Trea Pledge (3), Trent Pledge (5), Royal Silver (1), to approve open Enrollment in for the school year for; Logan Serbousek (K), Payton Stilwell (K), Lucas Galloro (K); to approve the Open Enrollment out for the school year for; Amanda Streight (5), Chad Webber(4), Chrystal Webber (7) Motion by Flatgard, seconded by Ruprecht to approve the Metro, Community Wide Report Card. Scott Grabe, Director of Transportation, presented 1 st Semester data concerning student discipline to the board as compared to 2001 and Also discussed were initiatives utilized and planned to help teach the importance of appropriate behaviors on the bus by all students. Director Grabe also discussed current training for drivers as it pertains to Department of Education guidelines. The Board was invited to attend the upcoming High School Study meetings. It was decided that meetings would be posted so that 4 or more members could be present at any of the meetings. Director Hunt rejoined the meeting at 8:10 pm. The Board was given a brief construction update on the Ridge project Motion by Ruprecht, seconded by Hunt to approve student: out of state travel to Sioux Falls, South Dakota from March 3-6, 2004 for select 6 th grade Honor Choir Students to attend the NCACDA Regional Convention/Performance, out of state Travel to Tomah, Wisconsin on April 3 rd, 2004 for the Ambassadors (Varsity Show Choir) to compete in the High School Show Choir Invitational, to approve the High School Music Department to plan for a Spring, 2005 out-of-state National Music Competition/Festival Motion by Exline, seconded by Flatgard to approve the form of a 3 year contract for Superintendent Dick Whitehead effective July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2007 with salary compensation for services to be decided on an annual basis.

4 ECSE Para and Elaine Brejcha, Computer Tech., for their positive attitude and commitment to the students at Prairie Crest Elementary. Superintendent Whitehead asked the Board to provide input for the upcoming Principal Interviews for Prairie Middle School. Board Members were also invited to be part of the interview process joining the community interview group. Superintendent Whitehead updated the Board on current vacancies which include; Elementary Teacher 3rd Crest New Elementary Teacher 4th Ridge New Elementary Teacher 3rd Heights New Elementary Strategist Ridge Transfer to K Elementary Media Specialist Crest Replacement Contract Elementary Sp Ed Crest Retirement Middle School Principal PMS Retirement MS Math 6th PMS Retirement MS Vocal Music (.25 FTE) PMS New High School Spanish PHS Retirement High School Spanish (.5) PHS New High School German PHS Retirement High School German (.5) PHS New High School Math PHS New High School Math PHS Retirement High School Math PHS Replacement Contract High School Social Studies PHS Replacement Contract Information was shared with the Board concerning the progress of the Cedar Valley Townhouse Project which includes after school support. The program will temporarily begin at Prairie Ridge until the space is completed at Cedar Valley Townhouses. Four Oaks will be a partner in this project hiring the staff member. Director Hunt temporarily excused himself from the meeting at 7:50 pm Motion by Flatgard, seconded by Ruprecht to approve the resignation of : Cari Bergman (Elementary Teacher), Laura Eckert (HS Art Teacher), Lisa Hinton (Basic Skills Strategist), Cindy Martin (Clerk/Adm. Asst. ECS) Rachon Miller (Elementary Teacher), Heather Nekola (Elementary Teacher), Shelley Schulte (PreSchool Teacher), Marci Butler (Bus Driver): To approve the employment of, Geoff Evans (Varsity Girls Basketball Cheerleading), Melissa King (Asst. Fresh/Soph Softball Coach), Gene McBride (Asst. Varsity Softball Coach): to approve the successful completion of Probationary employee(s) Beverly Carnahan (Part time Cook), Frank Drees (Janitor), Rodney Thomas (Study Hall Paraprofessional), Debra Towe (Medication Clerk).

5 Motion by Ruprecht, seconded by Hughes to approve moving the April 19 Board Meeting to Tuesday, April 13 with a work session scheduled for 5:30 and meeting at 7: Motion by Ruprecht, seconded by Hunt to Adjourn at 8:24 p.m. Randy Bauer, President James Rotter Jr., Secretary