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1 J. ALPiNE h SUN 1 Best Cimate, in US by Government Report Vo. 17 No. 1 Apine, Caif _ Friday, Jan. 5, STENBACH PLACE S SOLD Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ridde, of SD, have just bought the Steinbach house, 2887 South Grade Road, reports Anna Jerney, manager of Apine Reaty Co., who made the sae. They have four chidren, youngest being Mike, 21, with Unimart. He is to be married on the 27th to Nancy Hauer. The famiy came here for the cimate, are in ove with Apine. POST AGE GOES UP SUNDAY Postmaster H. T. Magnussen reports that rates on a but parce post and internationa mai r_ises on Jan. 7: etters, from 5 to 6 ; postas, from 4 to 5 ; airmai, 8 to 10 ; airmai postas, 6 to 8. "f you have a ot of 5 stamp-s on hand" says Magnussen, "We have penty of 1 stamps so you may get. them to go with the 5 ones to make..,... RFLEMEN VST HERE AGAN Sunday was a noisy one i ver on the Finde Ranch, South Grade oad when Tom Nichos hosted the annua Schut zenfest with some 40 foks present to try their skis on the targets. See_ photos inside. The Pau Cays entertained their daughter Juianne and her husband Kenneth Kine, of Modesto, and 2 grandsons, for 2 weeks over the hoida.ys. The two Mariannes-- one is an exchange student-- with the Cays, took in the Rose Parade in Pasadena. the new 6 rate, effective-sunday". There is no change in charges for specia deivery, specia handing, registry and certified, COD, or insurance, he added. Aso increasing.are rates for 2nd cass (newspapers) and buk-rate 3rd cass, controed circuation and educationa materias. ts not true that brunettes have better dispositions than bonds. My wife has been both and cant see any difference. Tune Carke rvine on Physica Fitness, Radio 860 XEMO, Sunday. 5:15 & i PM

2 Visitor: "And whats your name, my good man?" prisoner: "9788." Visitor: "But thats not your rea name?" Prisoner: "Naw, its just my pen name." Kips Cafe FNE CHNESE FOOD Deicious - Orienta Exotic Orders to go - Aso Home Deivery Cosed Monday - Free Deivery 1058 E. Main E Cajon E CAJON THEATRE NOW THRU TUESDAY Juie Andrews "Hawaii" "Fash The Teenage Otter" FAMi.Y NGHT EVERY TUESDAY.,.. AERO DRVE-N NOW THRU TUESDAY "The Sting of Death" "The Curse of Tartu" A Coor Swapmeet 9 to 5 Sat, & Sun. 25 to Wak in $ 2. to drive in & se per car. CA THY BATES T ARRY Mr. and Mrs. arod Bates, 2946 Victoria Drive, announce the coming marriage of their daughter Cathy, 20, to Pau Kuphadt, 22, of Japatu Vaey on Jan, 13th in Our Lady of Light Cathoic Church, Descanso. The you g _ coupe are both in the service. He 1s m the USAF, stationed in Victorvie whie Cathy is with the USMC at E Toro. A reception wi be hed at the brides home after the service. The young coupe pan a two weeks honey moon after which young Kuphadt wi probaby be sent to Viet Nam for duty. 10 COUPLES WELCOME 1968 Off the highway and away from the throng were 20 Apiners who went together and enjoyed a dei htfu New Years Eve in the Jack Hostad house adjoining Baieys Cafe. They prepared their own refreshments, danced to hi-fi music, wecomed bouncing new 1968 in fine stye, reports Carmen Hoistad. These men, with their wifes, enjoyed the evening: Jack Hoistad, Richard Zueke, Owen Watner, Pau Parsons, Lee Roper, Tom Nichos, A Adams, Jim Suivan, Tom Hi and Phi Ha, PHLLPS ASSUMES MANAGEMENT Damon & Mae Bannister who have spent quite some time and money to rehabiitate the former Maries Cafe, 15, 505 Od Hwy 80, have put Bud Phiips in charge whie they are away on a trip. Bud is we known aong the highway, wi keep the Carriage House open from 4 to 12 daiy, serving beer, with games and some entertainment. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yoursef. For Your Heath Foods, Vitamins & Specia Diets Purchase With Safety & Confidence At The VAUEr HEALTH Fooo STORE 1N BUSNESS SNCE 1950 W.L. HOUGHTON, OWNER The address is sti 133 Prescott, E Cajon O1 and young. enjoyed Sunday at thefinde Ranch when Tom Nichos hosted a bevy of targeteers. Here Mrs. E.L. Coon- who hais from Louisiana- dished hersef up some nice victuas as others heaped pates of goodies from the bountifu board, prepared by Mrs, Tom Nichos and other adies of the group. They had a joy New Years E e watch _ session at the First Baptist Church of Apine from 8 p. m. ti after 1968 came whooping in. Arthur Norris show d some nice pictures during the evenmg, reports Geo. Brandt "We were surrounded by natives " reated the exporer. "They uttered savage crie, danced mady, and beat the earth with their cubs. "Humph, " grunted the istener "sounds ike a game of gof. " ALPNE WESTE RN WEAR Fu Line of Boots, Cothing, Saddes, Tack & Accessories Featuring s.uch Brand Names as Textan- Custom Made Wranger Acme - Nacoma Panhande Sim LAY-AWAY NOW FOR CHRSTMAS Biy and Nancy Mitche. Cordiay nvite You to Come in and SEE OUR COMPLETE SELECTONSi 2111 HWY 80 A1ptne Rexa11 Bdg. 445:..2739

3 4 EDTORAL Student-Teacher reading program cicks. With no fanfare, and itte tak, Apine Schbb has accompished something reay new and good here. For two years they have been trying a pan of having eighth graders act as teachers in the anguage arts for eementary students. t has worked out successfuy, as tod in detai in the Education Newsetter from the SD County schoo office. These young student-teachers, working with primary teachers, use prepared materias, dris, games, expansion and enrichment activities, reinforce-, ment, dramatizations, and art. Teach-: ers have observed an extension of earn-: ing activities at both primary and 8th grade eves. Thus they see the earn- ALPNE SUN Americas Tiniest Newspaper or Tavern Road, Rt. 1, Box 189 Apine, SD co., ca Pubished weeky on Friday 10 per copy, by mai $3. yeary Carke rvine, Editor & Pub. AOPA Aice rvine, Art & Composition Printed.;& Produced on the Ranch 2nd Cass postage paid at Apine. Est. J. 1952, Adjudged for ega ads on in superior court, No FRST BAPTST CHURCH OF ALPNE Arnod Way At Tavern Road Sunday Schoo 9:45-10: 50 Morning Worship 11:00-12:00 Prayer Meeting 7:30 Wed. The Re. French P. Bevins, Pastor Church PT:One Pastof: ing which takes pace in the primaries, aso in the eighth graders," The younger ones improve in their attitudes toward reading because each has been paced in a sma instruction - a group which finishes an assignment _, the same day, giving them a feeing of : a job we done. Another gain was in the oder teacher-students whose writing and understanding improved, a hep to teachers. These aso heped to contro behavior of other eighth graders, and heped those with earning difficuties. A side benefit is that the oder ones were iven an opportunity to took to teachrn as a career, 4 out of 38 ast year evrncing interest in that as a profession. Parents, students and teachers received the new program quite we, and parents report their studentteachers as having a notabe improvement in behavior and home respon - sibiity. n addition these now demand more books and sources of information such as ibraries and museums. And they evince a higher respect for their. teachers. Principa Leo Ryant Supt, Pau Cay, the trustees and teachers, pus the young peope, are to be congratuated on this spendid departure from the od way with its esser individuaity, more pressures., and ack of deep interest. Anyone interested anywhere may get detais by writing Leo Ryan, P. 0. Box 68, Apine, We are proud of this program - C Water Ferguson is in Nava Hospita having undergone surgery ast week. He wi be there for another week, woud ike to hear from his many Apine friends. Buiding 26-6C Hava Hospita wi reach him. TREASURES N WORDS Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, s.aith the Lord of hosts, -Zachariah 4: 6. farmers nsurance Group.. _ 149 N. Magnoia, E Cajon ARLE D.?WNLEY BLL GRAF N HOSPTAL. After a successfu back operation, Bi Graf, Tavern Road, is improving s wy, his wife reports. He is in Doctor:s Hospita, Room 136, woud appreciate hearing from his many Apine friends. He is abe to sit up and spend a few minutes in a waker but has to take it sow and easy, wi be there for two weeks or more come 5 CLUB PLANS FASHON SHOW. Next Tues _ day Apine Womans Cub wi hod their annua fashion show and p _ otu _ ck uncheon starting at 12. Donation is $1. and Mrs. Eva Murray wi present "Fashio?s for Miady".. Two door prizes and a gift certificate wi be presented to a uc<y member. Buy in Apine, its coser and _cheaper. N TODAY Dont fight over your NCOME TAX ts easy to keep a sweet disposition when income tax probems get you down. Just toke it to BLOCK where trained tax men know the answers. Quicky, at ow cost, your tox return is done with guaranteed accuracy. You keep smi ing! s BOTH FEDERAL AND m STATE fr.============== GUARANTEE We guarantee accurate prepr.ration of every tax return. f we m ke any errors that cost you...,y penaty or ifterest, we w,11 pa the penat or interest. Americas argest Tax Service with Over 1500 Offices 2140 Hwy 80, Apine, Monday-Saturday, 9-6. NO APPONTMENT NECESSARY. UP

4 ADAMS ENTERTAN DAUGHTER and isfiftgs Mr. and Mrs. Gene Adams, Hwy 80, entertained her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. George Burns and 3 chid- N M GRECO.. ren, Susan, David and Wendy. They came down on the train Dec. 18th and R 8 ator her husband drove down Saturday to be with them on Christmas. They a eft 7299 University Ave. La Mesa f?r home Tuesday after a deightfu time. With the Adams over the hoidays ALPNE were the 3 McCoy chidren, Patty, Bob and Susan, and their father, Lt. Cdr., Bob McCoy, who is stationed aboard (RexatU PHARMACY the USS Constiation. The McCoy chidren ive with Gene and his wife. A had a marveous hoiday. Prescription Speciaists - Cosmetics 2.OH Hwy 30 Apine Ed Wagner ndependent Distributor CARNATON DARY PRODUCTS GRANNYS KTCHEN Featuring Compete ROAST BEEF & CORNED BEEF DNNERS, SOUP TO DESSERT $1. 49 Mon. thru Fri. 11 am to 8 pm Rea Street E Cajon, Next to Municipa Parking Lot on Cypress Revoving Charge Accounts E Cajon.. XMAS AW ARDS LEFT OUT Due to a type error, some awards were skipped ast issue in the chamber of commerce story on their prizes for Christmas decorations. Here is what was missed: RESDENTAL: Most Outstanding Contribution to Apine s Christmas Season: Sweepstakes winner, Auren Pierce; 1st prize, Sam Puria: honorabe mention, Mr. Sancoria. The Sun regrets that these were eft out ast issue. Mrs. John Titus says on Wednesday they gave awards to a winners. Mr. & Mrs. Havor Hem entertained their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Edmonds and 4 chidren during Christmas vacation. They drove down from Maibu. Their daughter had a baby boy in September, named him Erin Pau, and was the center of at- traction during their stay. Your Compete Fashion SpeciatJ Shops Coege Grove Bankamericard Famous Brands e Pacific Beach. )!. Ony woman to man.. a rife was Mrs. Diana Baker, who, with her hubby Don, and 3 sons, Dae, Gen and Mark, enjoyed the day in rife practice. Bob Stein was Schutzenmaster for the day, which was staged by the EC Frontier Scheutzenfest Corps...,:, : ;,,... :. i -.. i.-, :. A much-married actress brought ho1;1e a new husband. But her son ony waied when he met his new stepfather. He cried, "You promised me Gene Autry this time! " AFTER-CHRSTMAS SALE! : T.J \ Smith: " hear your son is on the footba team. What position does he pay?" Jones: " think hes one of the drawbacks." Waking Dos, 22 to 36 in. $10, Teen Form Bras, 50 off. Ship N Shore Bouses, $2. off, Sweater Bouses, $1. 98 off. Skirts, $2. off, Stretch Capris, $2. off. Dresses - Petite & Average $4. off. Trimfit Ankets {sox) 29, Reg. 39 Nyon Pie Rev. Coats $2. off. CHLDRENS {SZE 1 THRU 6) ALTERATONS BANKAMERCARD MASTER CHARGE N _ ikkis Baby Crade Hours 10 a. m: to 7 p. m. Cosed Monday L 2549 Hwy 80 Apine

5 HORSE TALK By Cynthia rvine McTaggart Am sti busy with our new baby but did take a few minutes out Monday to get on my faithfu horse Smokey and it was good to wak around the yard. Has been quite a whie so wi be abe to ride again soon. Nancy Sockwe Thompson brought her new baby boy over to see us ana is aso anxious to get back in the sadde. She is keeping Babe at her mothers house on Victoria Drive unti they have a pace to keep the horse. Tom can baby sit for an hour on weekends so she can get out for a itte ride. Eieen Duns sister Peggy Moran has a nice young thoroughbred for sae for $100. Contact Eieen if you are interested. She said the horse is gente but has ots of spirit. Sounds i<e a E Cajon Vaey surance Agenc y, nc. 168 Rea St. PO Box 537. E Cajon, Ca Chas. E. Corde David L. Smith For a your needs, monthy budget pan. Apine CONVALESCENT Cente r STATE LCENSED Conscientious Service, Baanced Meas,"Congenia Atmosphere Reasonabe Rates Depending on care required or Hwy J. good buy to me. My sisters wi be home in F ebr. uary and Ceeste hopes to have Ange trained so she can take her out of the corra. She has spent a itte time with her but not enough. She sti has to earn to work on the road and not be afraid of noises nd this is were good training comes m. f Ceeste had $100. she woud take advantage of Sherman Sykes offer. He wi guarantee your horse ready to ride for that amount and he knows is _ busin ss as he has been riding and trammg for Y, ears and is good. Smyths haven t sod their mare and cot as yet and are anxious to get rid of them. No one is riding at this time and the feed bi keeps on. Ca them or bett r sti, go up and ook and if you are mterestea, make an offer.. CLUB OFFERS FREE LESSON f you own a unicyce or are interested in buying one, here is a good chance ot get a esson free. Be at Mission Vaey Center parking ot near the May Co, Sunday Jan. 7 at 2: pm. Everyone is wecome and there are no age imits. For more information ca SD Unicyce cub, "This is fun, entertaining, and good exercise.", says Phi Barte, president. n a etter to Neie King resident of Traier Estates, her friend writes "Thank you so much for the copy of the Apine Sun you sent me. What a ev r idea-. news, pictures, ads, a n b 1ef and m magazine form. eri- Joy 1s hugey, especiay the pictures and news of you and your famiy. -- Liian Durschmidt, Estacada, Ore. TWO MCROBES iving in the veins of a horse decided to change their environment. They worked their way into 1 ; the arteries, and shorty died. The Mora: Dont change streams in ; the midde of a horse. D_R. FRANK.J. ORNOW9K D.C. Genera Practice Sundays & Hoidays By Appointment 1981 Arnod Way Cosed Wednesday!)" n case you have not driven on H.{y 80 above town, this photo reveas remarkabe progress on bridge for new US8 freewar over E. Victoria s entrance to Hwy 80. Victoria wi be changed to come in at right anges, instead of santing at present near Apine Trading Post. ANDERSONs UNQUE GREETNGS At Christmas R. E. Anderson we drier of Lakeside, who does b siness a over the Southand, sent out a unique card, with a baby pine tree at- tached, which everyone iked a ot. pa ted in cans, wi transpant soo;, We tried to get more" Shirey tod the Sun, "but they were a out". Everyone thought it a most unique greeting". Then at New Years they sent out a _ ong, yeow bent pen which had these words on it: "To straighten out your driing probems ca R. E. Anderson nc, ". t created a good augh. The absent minded professor, stepping into an open eevator shaft, fas 3 stories to the basement. He gets up quicky and ooks up toward the open eevador door and said indi nanty: You scoundre, said UP!..M.a rter Paint "Buy Two and Save" With the Good Housekeeping Sea Hours U to 6, Friday 9 to 9 UNFURNSHED FURNTURE And Finishing Materias 240 W. Main St., EC 4-44.::316 Apine Grading & Equipment Renta A Jpi ne Fred Rush ing Lutzs Garage Compete Automot ive Service EMERGENCY ROADSDE SERVCE 24-HOUR TOWNG A Haro d Lutz P. 0, Box Hwy 80 Apine. 9

6 11 McKie Reaty_ P. O. Box 398, Apine 2355 Hwy LSTNGS WANTED "Before You Se or Buy See McKie" CARREttS Hay, Grain & Suppies George Carre Vet Suppies Cosed Sunday Hwy 80 Apine LBRARY SHOWS PHOTOART WORK This month Mrs. Eizabeth West, ibrarian here, is exhibiting x4 photoart prints done over a ong period by Editor rvine, many of them made here, as shown in photo. She hods scrapbook of exhibits by Apine artists which has been going on for some time, and which has created much interest. "Loca artists are invited to show their works", invites Mrs. West, "just contact me anytime at the ibrary. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 1 to 5, Saturdays, 10 to 2". WALDREN FNSHES BOOT CAMP Mike Wadren, who was 19 on New Years Day, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wadren, Arnod Way, wi be graduated from USN boot camp in SD next Friday. He was home for 2 weeks during the hoidays. SCENTFC s WED SH MASSAGE Deep, Penetrating, Reaxing - Musce Stimuation - ncreased Circuation 1906 Tavern Road Frances Mc Taggart MEMB E OF CAL F. MASSAGE TECHN C ANS ASSN. AME CAN MASSAGE TECHN CN(S ASSN, AND THE CAMERA NEVER LES! This is one of Carke rvines photos now on exhibit at Apine Library, entited "Apine ies we above the fog", which he took one morning from above his Traier Estates, Tavern Road. The photoart exhibit is on this month, has many interesting shots around Apine as we as other paces. "LFE WTH FATHER" AT GLOBE Americas favorite famiy comedy hit "Life with Father, " opens Tuesday, Jan. 9th. The ongest running pay in Broadway history, neary 8 years, is schedued for a imited run through Feb. 11 on stage at the Od Gobe Theatre. Chares Wy11v1n wi pay the eading roe of the father with Poy Puterbaugh as his wife. Wiiam Roesch wi direct. Costumes and stage sets are designed by Peggy Kener. Cassified adds pay off, try one. One drawback to improved transportation is that there is no onger any such thing as a distant reative. n,ome Tax SERVCE MARE GA VN For Appointment Ca LSTNGS WANTED EXCHANGES HOMES RANCHES ACREAGE AL SMTH BROKER Hwy 80 Apine Cars Boot & Leather Shop SA DDLES.. TACK - SUPPLE_S - CHAPS TO ORDER Financing On Approved Credit Bank of Americard & Master Charge N. Second, E Cajon

7 12 21 GUESTS AT HOST ADS Jack and Carmen Hoistad had a mighty busy Christmas this year for they entertained 21 friends and reatives. Her son Pau, with his wife and 3 daughters, came down from Whittier. Another son, Caude, is staying here. Her sister, Goria, and husband Ange Vaencia, with their 3 daughters came up from Mexicai, and for the big din - ner, they had the Richard Zueke famiy with three boys, as Richard was in Chicago to attend his mothers funera. Another guest was Fred Sande and his wife, od friends of 32 years, so they had a reay big time. Eveyn s BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENTS FROM $6. 50 UP Cosed Tuesday 2030 Crest Dr. A Types of Suncrest N SURAN CE Home - Commercia - ndustria Accident - Life - Automobie "Serving Apine Area Since 1875" PERCY H. GOODWN Co. 90 N. Magno ia, E Cajon ANNOUNCNG THE 1968 Modes Dont miss this one, the greate st ever Livey Oaks Doings Amanda Bauer, who was hostess for the month of January, furnished a deicious uncheon for 34 members that gathered to ceebrate the start of the New Year. She was voted a big ".thank you" by a attending. Next Monday wi be our monthy potuck uncheon foowed by instaation of officers as foows: Emma Homes, president; Gadys Pinkerton, 1st vice president; Fred Rohr, 2nd vice president; Katherine Stout, recording secretary; Eve Coppock, treasurer; Jessie Fraser, corresponding secretary. Members are urged to be present. Dues are in order. NKK HAS NEW HOURS FOR 68 A change of hours is now in effect for Nikkis Baby Crade, that cute itte shop, 2549 Hwy 80, run by Robt. and Nikki Menconi. They wi be open daiy from 10 to 7, but cosed on Mondays. They now have a arge new assortment of baby and youngsters cothes up to teenage sizes, aso shower gifts. Another new service is aterations by an expert seamstress, Sherrie Rose, of Apine. They aso have Bankamericard credit. CAR PLATES STLL ON HAND "We sti have a suppy of those attractive car icense pate hoders which advertise Apine, Best Cimate, avaiabe at the chamber office" says Mrs. vy Kuh, secretary. They are ony $2. 50, and do a ot of good for this community, besides, "it heps the Youth Center with their new buiding". oj, WHsons TEXACO BATTERES - TRES - ACCESSORES Compete Motor Tune-Ups Hwy 80 Apine, Caif. STALLON OAKS REAL HOMEY WESTERN SPOT Neary every week some friend brings an antique to add to the growing coection of genuine western artifacts that Ed Torgersen, owner of Staion Oaks Guest Ranch, Descanso, operates. n photo by the unique shouder high firepace which gows on these crisp winter evenings at the end of the bar in the western danceha, is Tony Hutchins, at eft manager, and Torgersen. Tony spent many years with the Santa Fe in LA on freight traffic rates, but is now wedded to the beautifu mountains here. BAKERY FOLKS ON VACATON After a busy hoiday siege, George and Jean Grube, owners of Apine Home Bakery, cosed shop and eft for a brief vacation, wi announce their reopening soon. Her father, Archie Du Pont, is hoding down the business whie they are away. Whats the best way to drive a baby buggy?... Ticke its feet. Forist!} GJ Maine LAKESDE / 1067 Evenings Weddings Our Spec iaty, : ;, 13 The average man has five senses; touch, taste, sight, sme and hearing. The successfu man has two more; horse and common.. Water Wes PUMPS SALES SERVCE Water Wes Dried STOCKTON PUMP & MACHNE 311 N. 2nd, E Cajon HELP! WE NEED LSTN(,S Have buy.ers for homes on 1 to 2½ acre parces. GORD E N R EAL EST A T E Hwy 80 Apine

8 AX By Cecie and Ceeste rvine f you missed the Moscow Circus ast week you can be sorry. t was simpy fabuous. We went opening night and sat on the edge of our seats hoding our breath. The tightrope wakers who did their trick on a sant was unbeievabe and we sti cant see how they did it without sipping. We a enjoyed the horses and they were beautifu. They had daredevis on horseback. They came in at a iaop and kept up the pace unti theu act was over. They were fabuous and did stunts that took them under and over the horses. t was amost too fast to watch. Gosha, the trained bear was aso one of our favorites. He rode a scooter and motor bike, waked up and down adders and twired a fire dripping baton with his hind feet whie ying on his back. He was the star of the show to our way of thinking and he got a big hand. Rt., BoJC TOM JUDD \ \ UYY PT 411,! A pirfe, E Cajon Awning & Mfg. Co. Apine Representative Lee Widmer, AWNNGS - CABANAS - SCREENED ENCLOSURES For Mobi Homes - Patios - Residences COME N AND SEE OUR SHOW ROOM DSPLAY 845 E Cajon Bvd,, E Cajon We aso thought the magician was good and wish we knew how he made the gir trade paces across the stage with a man or when he traded a gir for a ion. He was fast and good. Am gad we a went to see it. Mama took us to Disneyand Friday and athough it was crowded when we went in, thousands eft after the 9 pm : Toyand parade and the park was quiet : and we a had the best time ever. : The new attractions that we had not seen were "ts a Sma Word". This is simpy fantastic and we pan on going to see it again. The bushes in front have been cut and trimmed in anima forms and it is truy a work of art. Once you are inside you cant see it a. Litte figures move across the ceiing and eacn country is represented by 3 foot high dos that sing bink their eyes and move their ips. We were thried beyond words. Aso the GE Round Theatre is another new show that was brought from the NY Words fair and the peope are hard to : distinguish from humans, even the dog : and cat had ive appearances. We spent the afternoon and evening there and never had such a good time in a our trips to Disneyand. Mike Webb spent his ast weekend of vacation in the painted desert with the Jim Schier famiy of Lakeside. They were neighbors when Webbs ived there. Dennis Gavin has the mumps again. He had them when he was itte and now that they have been going around Apine, got them again. Dont forget that Dr. Samter is going to be at Apine Schoo next Wednesday, Jan. 10, to give rabies shots. You can aso get your doi icensed at the same time and as it is a aw, why not take advantage of this inexpensive way to vaccinate your dog and get his icense at the same time? NOW COCKTALS AT STALLON OAKS R NCH,..,.... Bar-Restaurant, r: / De scanso ,., Sunday being a OVey day, the foks from around the county who enjoyed the annua Schutzenfest on the Finde Ranch, hosted by Tom Nichos, besides target shooting, enjoyed gabfests and unch. Here Mrs. Ea Carnahan in the door of her camper taks to two chaps. MSS TTUS S MARRED Mr. and Mrs. John Titus, Pine View. Road, announce the marriage of their daughter, Susan, to Robert Braasch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Braasch, of Lemon Grove. The ceremony, attended ony by the famiies, was in the Heartand Wedding Chape, Spring Vaey, on Saturday ast at 5 p. m. A wedding supper was enjoyed at the Titus home here. The young coupe eft for a honeymoon at Big Bear, wi ive at 7052½ Centra, in Lemon Grove. Susan is to finish her education at SD State, whie young Braasch, just out of the USN in the UDT service, wi enter broadcasting, is presenty with the SD Union. Gofer (with pride): "Notice any improvement since ast year?" Caddy: "Had your cubs shined up,. havent you. BROWN REAL TY Co. LSTNGS WANTED Homes - Ran hes - Acreage 2237 Hwy 80 Apine, Ca Hwy 80 PO Box Res THE civi service appicant appied for a position in the dipomatic corps. "What makes you think you are quaified?" he was asked. "ve been married thirty years,.. he repied modesty, "and my wife sti thinks have a sick frie.nd."- Meachums Window Cover ings And F oor Coveri ngs SALES AND N ST ALLA TON W. Dougas E Cajon Mon. - Sat. 9-5 Ap.in, Beauty S Lon d/ 9cuh.ion dait. 1:yu.n 9 For Appointment, 4:4, Hwy 80 Apine

9 16 OPTMSTS ST ART DRVE Apine s energetic Optimist members are starting a drive of furniture, cothing, food, anything, to hep the burned out.carence Brown famiy who ost everything in a house fire a few days before Christmas. They have 7 chidren ranging in age from 11 to 3. Jumping at concusions is the ony exercise some foks ever take. McGUFFES SUNDRES Medica Preparations - Vitamins Fountain unch Greeting Cards - Cosmetics PAY LGHT & PHONE B,LS HERE Current Magazines 2363 Hwy LSTNGS WANTED We Have Out-of-State Buyers Frank & Rache Zirwes Branch Managers STROUT REAL TY ESTA BL SHE O 1900 LAP!GEST P!EAL ES TA TE F AM N WO P!LD E; Main E Cajon LEGAL NOTCE Nci CERTFCATE FOR TRANSACTNG BUSNESS UNDER A FCTTOUS NAME t is hereby certified that the undersigned are ttansacting busines.t in Apine, County of San Diego, State of Caifornia, under a fictitious name, or a designation not howing the name (s) of the person (s) interested therein, towit: ALPNE HOBBY & ROCK SHOP 1821 W. Victoria Drive, Apine Ca WTNESS our hands this 10th day o December, Reed C, Durham, Sr W. Victoria Dr., Apine, Ca Vioet E. Durham, 1321 W. Victoria Dr. Apine, Caif STATE CF CALFORNA COUNTY CF SAN DEGO ss On 1biJ 10th day of December, 1967, before me Wm. G. Brown a Notary Pubic for said County and State, duy commisaioned and sworn, personay appeared Reed c. Durham, Sr. and Vioet E. Durham known to, me to be the penons wb01e n.tmes are R1b1Cibed to the wtbjn.orument, and acknowedged to me that they executed the same. N WTNESS WHERECF, have hereunto set my hand and affixed my officia sea the day and year in this certificate fint above wrinen. Wm. G. Brown Notary Pub1c in and for said County and State My Commision Expires Apri 10, Apine Sun Dec , 67 & Jan. 5, NEW YEARS EVE PARTY SUCCESS Because of the exceent panning of Midred Sevcik, who had charge of refreshments, Stea Mageri, MC, and program chairman and Jean Engand who worked out interestihg games, Apine Oaks Mobie Estates enjoyed one of the best New Years Eve parties ever put on at the park. At the- cub house 76 residents gathered to enjoy the fun, dancing and food. At the stroke of 12 Od Father Time came waking in (Bi Hadden) and he was made up with the traditiona attire and they aso brought in a 36" do dressed up as Miss New Year. Ed Bowers gave one of Robert W : Services poems on Aaska and Aie. Vigneaut read her origina poem on "There Wi Aways Be Santa Causes. " The home made pinata created by Jean Engand was enjoyed by everyone and guests said "the party "coudnt have been more succ;essfu". WALTER MOORE GREEN Services were Wednesday at 10 a. m. in Paris Mortuary Chape for Water Moore Green, 82, of Descanso. He was a native of Canada and a retired eectrician. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Noe Loomis (Dorothy), 2 step-grandchidren, and 4 step- great grandchidren. Cremation, with ash interment at Apine Cemetery, where his wife Grace was buried a year ago. Jim & Neie King drove to Phoenix to spend Christmas with his son Robert, his wife, and 2 chidren, Debera, 5, and Doug, 3. They report a fine trip, were surprised to see mud fowing over Giespie Dam on the Gia River caused by the heavy rains. Robert is a thoroughbred racehorse trainer, owns three to race in February. Subscribe, 52 weeks a year $3. George engbridge FOR TV SERVCE Ba<k & White or Coor FELX HYDE Rosary wi be tonight at Viejas Reservation for Feix Hyde, 33, of. H, wy 80, Apine with Mass Saturday at 10 a, m. and interment in the Reser vation. He was kied in an auto accident Dec. 31. Hyde was a native of Yuma. He was in the USMC saw action in Korea and before the accident w s empoyed by Ramona Egg Enterprises.. Survivors: father, George, stepmother, Theresa of Apine; 6 sisters, Mrs. Erna L. Rodriques and Miss Dorothy M. Hyde, both of Santee; Mrs. Georgia A. La Chappa, Dehesa; and Vema J. Donna M., Darene, and a brother Harod J, a of Apine. He attended Apine Grammar Schoo and Grossmont High, has made his home here since coming from Yuma many years ago. Paris Mortuary was in charge of the funera arrangements. THANKS FROM POSTMASTER "We shoud ike to express our appreciation for the spendid cooperation from the peope of Apine for maiing eary during the Christmas season, and for their genera cooperation", says Postmaster H, T. Magnussen, speaking for himsef and his staff. "Their foowing instructions to mai eary and so on, made it a ot easier on us a in the busy office during the hoidays when the rush was on". Note- We think the peope aso appreciated the fine service our postoffice rendered during this hectic period. -C ON HS TENTH anniversary, a bandeader who payed over 2,000 dance dates was asked, "What have you had the most requests for?" Repied the maestro, "Wheres the mens room? " Commercia - Residentia - Mo.bie AR CONDTON G 1Zodo 1Ze/t SALES ANP SERVCE Hawey Rd. E Cajon.. 17 Fatters are the ceverest of a readers they te us exacty what we think, N.W. Wasson EXCAVATN G tts A 1 1 T _ ypes of Dirt Moving.. Genview Feed Co. PURNA CHOW - ACE 1- FEED Hay & Seed Grain Hwy 80 At Los Coches Road. ALPNE REALTY Company LSTN GS WANTED HOMES - RANCHES - LAND 2175 Arnod Way McKie Rea,, P.O. Box 398, Apine 2355 Hwy LSTNGS WANTED "Before You Se or Buy See McKie" Nf,if ion C,111,, Your Heatn Food tore 162 E. Ma in j.j Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Gi 11 ies COMPLETE LNE OF HEALTH Fooos SPECAL DET Fooos. VTAMNS MNERALS AND SUPPLEMENTS Open Dai y Except Sunday eew1 1n: aa:1,m 1a.w, 9 am to 5:30 pm

10 18 Piano Organ Voice LENORE OAKLEGH LUSK P.O. Box 281 Apine N ALPNE Dr. Edgar M. Poe Opt ometris t 4,ij B e e so n s Di s po s a : Service Trash & Garbage Miied TWCE WEEKLY PCKUP Serving Harbison Canyon To Mt. Laguna Ca After 4:30 M Apine Traier CampeRancho Resort A year resort faciities for traier, camper, tent, picnics; day, week or month. Poo, patio, bar, music, and games. Dancing, hiking, cyce and horse trais. CLU B, CO. AND PRVATE PCNCS CARE OF THE BODY By Frances McTaggart BEWARE OF WHPLASH. Whipash injuries.to the neck are common occurrences in traffic accidents these days. A arge percentage of accidents invove standing cars hit from the rear. The whipash injury is caused by a snapping back of the head which may not even be noticed at the time it happens. njury of the nerves may aso be invoved, Dr, Ross Mcntire, executive dir. ector of Coege of Surgeons some time ago said "The unprotected back of the neck is easiy damaged and very often symptoms do not arise, in cases where there have been no fractures, for a period of many years. " Other symptoms of whipash injury, according to Dr. Mcntire, were "a neuragic type of pain over a arge part of the neck, back of the head and ower portion of the face, and a headache that begins at the back of the head and radiates to the center of the sku and it finay centers behind one or both eyes. Often there wi be some degree of concussion. "f the force of the bow is at an ange, the neck may be severy rotated ana cause other symptoms. These incude muscuar spasms, dizziness, nausea and inabiity to see proper y. Eye troubes are persistent when whipash injuries show up months or years after the accident. " mmediate attention to this vita area is extremey important Cassified Ads Reay Pay Off. PARS MORTUARY ELMER YERKANT - AUST N PERRY :374 N Magnoia E Cajon Cassified f(1r SA LE, MSCELLANEOUS. i. mperia Vaey arge grapefruit, dozen. Tangerines, Nava Orange an 1 Deicious appes, 9 bs for $1. Lots o ettuce, cabbage & carrots Dinette set, meta, formica top. Like new. $ Two Hoywood beds. Chest & Mirror Gir\ bike, good cond. $ SPECAL-- Portabie sewing machines from $ and up. Cabinet mode 1 sewing machine $ and up. Ca E Cajon Sewing Center, 334 N. Magnoia, EC, Ca, (-5) SPECAL- n your home, Sewing Maching tune-up, $3,49. Ca EC Sewing Center, 334 N. Magnoia, E Cajon, Safest Service. (1-/ 5) REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 2 BR, Nice home, 1 acre, $17, Acres, Dehesa, $1, 600 per acre. 2 Bedroom. $ AL SMTH REAL TY WE NEED LSTNGS- Homes or vacant and. Keogg Reaty (tf) FOR SALE OR TRADE C6mmercia acre and ½ R-2 1ot pus 28 foot easement in Spring Vaey. Trade for Apine property FOR RENT OR LEASE, Light Housekeeping unit. $ 70 month. Utiities paid. Apine Mote, , $75. Mo. 2 BR Cottage. Furn. Fire P. On paved road. Water Pd. Descanso Furn. or unfurn. Nice, 2 BR, 2 Bath, modern home. Beautifu view (1-12) REMODELNG, Conversion projects, patios, room additions, concrete work, etc (1-26). 301, LN(, TU. CASH ONLY, COUN T SX WO.D TO EACH LN. MA L TO TH SUN. JT. 1. OC tit. ALP N(. SPECAL NOTCES 19 Ted Weeks Jr. <..:onstruction Co. Gen. contractor, commercia, residentia, remodeing, Rocoso Rd.,Lakeside NTEROR - Exterior - Painting. Reasonabe. Fast. 22 years. exp. Neat, Cean. PO Box 242, Apine LCENSED NSURED Eectrician. Chas. Shorter, 2812 Hwy 80, Ruth Burdett, piano essons Roofing and Repair. Reasonabe. No job too sma (10/29) PROPANE GAS SERVCE, a types of appiances. Free estimates. Byron Crawford PNE ACRES TREE NURSERY Sod out a Christmas Trees. Our citrus trees arriving Jan. 4. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Now honoring Master Charge and Bankamericard. Nikkis aby Crace. La Mesa God Sea Ceaners & Laundry. Free pickup & Deivery CARLS RE ADY MX. Concrete SEPTC TANKS CLEANED Modern Septic Tank Service BUSNESS CARDS, $5. 75 per M. Bue or back, postpaid anywhere in US. Add 4"/o saes Tax Apine Sun. EARLS MOBL. STATON Compete Lube Service, Dorman Recaps, Truck Tire Service: An y Pace. Any Time. Batteries ani: Acceuories. White Gas and Bock ce. Je GiYe S&H Green Stamp 2151 Hwy 80, Apine i

11 20 Em...s 2nd Cass, Apine, Caif. Apines Fi Weather High 74, Ave. High 62 Los 36, Ave. Low 42 Rain.18, Sea Eev Ft. Popuation 3733 Where the Sunshine Spends the Year Return. Postage Guaranteed ALPNE COTTAGE BEAUTY - RT. BX 78 C SHOP ALPHH; CA 92::JO,1 f you or your cients are sef empoyed, -you shoud find out ab.out the new. FLEXBLE RETREMENT PLAN with tax.. advantages. Under the revised Keogh Act, DS has deveoped a "buid it yoursef" fexibe reti"rement pan. This pan aows those who work for themseves to buid towards their specific retirement goas with whoe ife insurance, retirement. annuities or wi th the four mutua funds. excusivey distributed by DS. Or use a combination of these investments. Find out how you can make this f exibe retirement pan work for you or your cients. For fu information and mutua fund prospectusbookets... ca your DS man. DU NCAN 8. MCCALEB 2300 U. s. Nationa Bank Bdg. San Diego _ - if fi9fi nvestors Diversified Services Founded 1894,...