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1 V O L U M E 3, I S S U E 2 9 J U N E 1 2, T O W S O N H I G H S C H O O L The Towson Pride I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : STARS to our Staff, Parents and Students Each week, individuals will be recognized for their contributions to the school. Staff members are encouraged to submit accolades that are worthy of the General s Star. Our staff and students strive for excellence on a daily basis. The comments listed below represent some of the recognition for our staff and students. STARS to Ms. Williams and Ms. Pachilis for being outstanding secretaries! Thank you for all you do for the School Counseling Department. STARS to Ms. Pachilis 0 for all of her help and support this year! STARS to Ms. Lauten for her help with the commencement program. STARS to Jake Pinckes (class of 2015) and Leo Sarbanes. They were both winners at the first annual Baltimore Theatre Awards. Jake won the award for Best Makeup in a Musical and Leo won for Best Featured Actor in an Musical. STARS to the 2015 National Art Honor Society Officers Michael Williams, Sarah Cai, Caroline Boyle, Isabel Townsend-Last, and Catherine Della Santina for welcoming me to a great first year at THS. Submitted by Ms. Valsing STARS to Ms. Milligan for your constant support and enthusiasm for the NAHS artist collaboration and for keeping everyone in the department well dressed in costumes and ready to have fun. I have learned so much from working with you this year! Submitted by Ms. Valsing STARS to our Staff and Students for an outstanding school year! Graduation Memories STARS - Weekly 1 Accolades for Staff, Parents, and Students Featured Article 2-10 Summer Math 11 Program Sports Info Testing 13- Information 14 Have You Heard Towson Alumni 27 Senior Prom 28- Memories Senior News 34 Engineering Innovations 35 Upcoming Events 36 Jennifer Bolster Ms. Bolster represented THS at the 2015 BCPS Volunteer of the Year Awards

2 Message from the Principal As we complete the school year, I would like to take a moment and thank all the staff members for their unending and consistent dedication to our students. This has been a great year with many of our students being recognized for their incredible contributions in multiple facets. Our parents have been strong supporters through the PTSA and Booster groups (Art, Music, Sports, Theatre). Our parent groups have sponsored fun activities this year such as the Bingo night, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the Sports Awards Banquet. A successful school with successful students must have all three (3) components of participation and dedication - teachers, parents, and students. Towson High School has all three in abundance! I m very proud of our students, staff, and parents. As we look forward to the next school year, please consider becoming involved in a parent group or committee (if you re not already involved). Working together, not only can we maintain Towson s exemplary reputation, but we can take it to new heights! Please enjoy your summer. Charlene DiMino Principal

3 LIBRARY MEDIA P A G E 3 Avoiding the Summer Slide The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history. ~Carl T. Rowan Numerous studies show that students suffer serious learning loss over the summer break: the average student loses up to a month of instruction while disadvantaged students suffer a disproportionately greater loss. Here are three ways for students to avoid the summer slide. First, students may check out up to 10 books from the Towson High School Library collection. The books may be kept for the entire summer and they are not due until after Labor Day The Towson High School library is home to over 16,000 books, including several hundred ebooks that are always available with internet access. The 28 online databases in the Towson High School library remain available throughout the year. Students should stop by the library to see Mr. Ickes for a list of passwords to access these databases. The valuable resources in the Towson High School Virtual Library remain available yearround as well. Second, students are encouraged to complete the Towson High School Summer Reading selection over the summer for the upcoming school year. During the last two weeks of school, all students were given information regarding the summer reading requirements. The list of summer reading books can be found on the Towson High School Library site. The Towson branch of the Baltimore County Public Library will feature many of these summer reading books.

4 P A G E 4 LIBRARY MEDIA Continued from page 2 Finally, students can take advantage of the Baltimore County Public Library High School and Adult Summer Reading Club. Participants can enter a contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Enjoy the Summer Break and Happy Reading!

5 MATHEMATICS News from the Math Department P A G E 5 Most importantly, what has happened this year in our mathematics classes? See below for a quick snapshot from our mathematics teachers about our courses. Math teaches us that there is every reason to believe that every problem has a solution. -Unknown Algebra 1: Students studied many types of function families this year: linear, quadratic, exponential, and piece-wise. We also worked on methods for solving equations that were both linear and quadratic. We ended the year by analyzing real world data. Students are ready to move on to Geometry next year. Geometry: This course developed the important ideas of Euclidean geometry from a transformational approach, the analytic-synthetic method of proof, and laid a foundation for subsequent courses in mathematics and science. The course was primarily deductive and employed methods of logical reasoning. Honors Geometry: This course developed the important ideas of Euclidean geometry from a transformational approach, the analytic-synthetic method of proof, and laid a foundation for subsequent courses in mathematics and science. The course was primarily deductive and employed methods of logical reasoning. GT Geometry: This course developed the important ideas of Euclidean geometry from a transformational approach, the analytic-synthetic method of proof, and laid a foundation for subsequent courses in mathematics and science. The course was primarily deductive and employed methods of logical reasoning. Algebra 2: This year students looked at advanced concepts in Algebra. Students worked on quadratic,

6 P A G E 6 MATHEMATICS Continued from page 4 radical, and rational functions to name a few. Students analyzed graphs and used a variety of techniques to solve real world problems. Students also worked in cooperative groups and on blended units. Algebra 2 Honors: This year our students studied three main areas: 1. First Degree Equations and Inequalities; 2. Polynomial and Radical Equations and Inequalities; and 3. Advanced Functions and Relations. The final chapter on Rational Expressions and Equations challenged students to extend their knowledge of solving equations to rational equations and inequalities. Throughout the year, students learned to work individually, with partners and often in groups to solve real world problems. College Algebra: Students built on their knowledge from previous math classes and the following units were covered, Review of Basic Algebraic Concepts, Equations and Inequalities, Graphs and Functions, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Systems and Matrices, and Further Topics in Algebra such as series, sequences, counting theory, and probability. Students will be well prepared to take calculus and/or statistics in the fall. Class mantra: I get it when I think about it! Trigonometry with Algebra: Students reviewed/refined algebraic skills like factoring and analyzing non-linear relationships. Students applied skills from prior classes to develop concepts in trigonometry. Students also learned techniques to solve problems using both right and oblique triangles. Students will be prepared to tackle the challenges that future math classes will provide. Honors Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry: This course served as a foundation for students who will be taking college algebra and then calculus. It focused on right triangle trigonometry, circular functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, coordinate geometry, oblique triangles, vectors, conic sections, parametric equations, and polar coordinates. Pre-Calc GT: This year students studied the connections between all of the mathematics they had learned in previous years. We used these ideas to further develop our understanding of the Algebras, Geometry and Trigonometry. Students are now prepared to face the challenges of the calculus. Honors Calculus: Students built on their knowledge from previous math classes and the following Units were covered, Limits, Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation, Integration, and applications of integrals. Students will be well prepared to take calculus in college. Class mantra: I get it when I think about it! AP Calculus AB: This year in AP Calculus AB students embarked on an exploration of differentiation and integration, beginning their journey into higher level mathematics. Surviving the disaster that was our first winter with A/B day schedule students were prepared for the AP exam in May. Students embraced the infinite and infinitesimal, as well as some of our first true real world application of mathematics. A good time was had by all!

7 MATHEMATICS P A G E 7 AP Calculus BC: Students built on their knowledge from AP Calculus AB as well as all prior courses to investigate sequences, series, advanced integration techniques, parametric equations in calculus, polar equations in calculus, vector valued functions in calculus, power series, and Taylor polynomials. Students refined these skills through hard work in order to prepare for the May 5 th AP Exam. Before our seniors finished their year students worked to summarize the course through presentations, Calculus in 10 Minutes ( Underclassmen in the course are finishing the year by completing independent investigations into advanced mathematical fields which they will teach to one another on June 11 th. AP Statistics: Students studied the four themes of statistics throughout this year: describing data, designing studies, exploring patterns, and inference. We completed projects on survey bias in the first semester and a final project on statistical inference during the last quarter. We worked hard to get ready for the AP test in May and as a class, we were 99% confident that all the students did well. AP Computer Science: Students learned how to write in the Java language that emphasized object-oriented programming methodology with a concentration on problem-solving and algorithm development, and included the study of data structures, design, and abstraction. The course concluded with an intense post AP exam project replicating the game Deal or No Deal. The AP Computer Science A course is compatible with those topics that are covered in a typical college CS1 course. SAT Prep (Math): Students worked diligently on time management skills to prepare for the April SAT. Overall, students taking the test in April averaged 541 on the math section and 1611 overall. Since the end of the April SAT we have been becoming experts on the new SAT format- providing valuable insight that will be used with the rising juniors who will take the course next year. Pre-College Math: Seniors in this course reviewed skills from the algebra courses. They applied these skills to prepare for the Accuplacer and future college courses. This course is designed to give students who may have struggled with mathematics a solid foundation for college.

8 P A G E 8 MATHEMATICS Continued from page 4 The Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society and the Math Club had a very active year. As a part of each students commitment to the Math Honor Society, members attend a monthly meeting and dedicate 1 hour a month to help with Towson's Math help program. Participation in competitions is flexible and each member chooses when they participate. Some members created videos for PI day, and others promoted our program within the school. Our Maryland Math League Team won the regional championship and finished 5th in the state. Vicente Iglesias and Walker Miller-Breetz were among the top scoring individuals in the state. Twenty four members participated in the University of Maryland Mathematics Competition. Luke Bender and Stephen Palo's scores qualified them to participate on part 2. In February, thirty-nine members took the American Mathematics Competition Test. Chengrui Fu, Eitan Borgnia and Joao Pan had high scores for THS on the 12th Grade Test. Vicente Iglesias, Christina Tancredi, and Mason Miller-Breetz were the 10th grade test high scorers. Next year we look to keep growing in terms of membership and the scope of our activities and experiences. Stay tuned. Any questions about Mu Alpha Theta can be directed to the sponsors, Mr. Skeels or Mr. Dalsimer NEW in Mathematics: PSAT/SAT and Courses We are pleased to offer Honors Statistics for the first time next school year. The honors statistics class focuses on data collection and interpretation. In the class, students will look at sampling methods and how to design a controlled experiment to answer a question about a population of interest. There is also a focus on using principles of probability to solve real life problems. At the end of the year these ideas are brought together and inference methods are discussed but this is not done as in depth as the AP course. The class will help teach students to become better critical thinkers when analyzing the data that is present in everyday life. Due to a course sequence change done throughout the county GT 9 will be Algebra 2 next school year instead of Geometry. Geometry will now be GT 8. Students will now take Algebra 1, then Geometry, then Algebra 2. College Board has been revamping the SAT. In October 2015 the PSAT will switch to the new format, In March 2016 the SAT will switch to the new format. In July 2015 Khan Academy will be launching a free SAT prep course in partnership with College Board. Below this paragraph are some SAT FAQs as

9 MATHEMATICS P A G E 9 given by a major university. Additional information about the redesign can be found here: and How will you evaluate scores from the current version of the SAT with those from the redesigned version? Prior to releasing the test results from the spring 2016 exam, the College Board will publish a concordance table. This table will allow us to compare and align scores from the current version of the test with those from the redesigned version. 2. If students have already taken the current version of the SAT, should they also take the redesigned version? We will not require students to take the redesigned exam if they already have a score on file that they wish us to consider in our admissions evaluation. 3. Will the redesigned SAT be recommended or mandatory for students applying for fall 2017 admission? No. While we will continue to require either the SAT or the ACT for first-year and sophomore transfer applicants, we will accept scores from both the current and redesigned versions of the SAT. 4. Given the new SAT, will students be disadvantaged or advantaged by taking the ACT? No. As is currently the case, we do not prefer one exam over the other. We anticipate that some students will have stronger scores on the SAT than the ACT, and others will have stronger scores on the ACT than the SAT. That is what we currently see in our applicant pool, and we do not anticipate that this will change. 5. Will you superscore the redesigned SAT? Yes. We will continue to superscore the exam. 6. Will you superscore the current version of the SAT with the redesigned version? No. We will superscore results from the same version of the exam, but we will not mix scores from the two versions. Will the optional essay be required with the redesigned SAT? No. The optional essay will not be required. We are also no longer requiring students to submit the writing portion of the ACT.

10 P A G E 10 MATHEMATICS Continued from page 4 Materials to utilize at home? For students finishing Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 or Geometry: A FREE Summer Math Program to review key skills and help students prepare for the next course. See the flyer at the end for the TEN- MARKS program. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM. Students can print a report card of their work at the end to show their teacher. We recommend students that struggled practice the course they most recently finished. For students entering an AP mathematics course: A FREE program or $25 for 9 months of advanced features that can help students practice or get ahead. This is not just for mathematics!

11 P A G E 11

12 P A G E 12 FALL SPORTS REGISTRATION Fall Interscholastic Athletic Programs Offered: Allied Soccer, Badminton, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Soccer, and Volleyball. BCPS Academic Eligibility Policy Students are academically eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics provided they earn a minimum non-weighted 2.0 GPA the quarter with no more than one failing, incomplete or medical grade in the preceding quarter. If an athlete earns less than a 2.0 GPA or fails more than one class on a quarterly report card, he/she will be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics the day report cards are passed out until the issuance of the next quarterly report card. This policy does not apply to incoming 9 th grade students for fall sports eligibility. Required Participation Forms All students interested in trying out for a sport are required to submit a sports registration packet. Fall sports registration will take place with the Athletic Director (Mr. Nash) on August 10 th or 11 th from 5-8pm in the THS library. Pick up a packet in the main office or got to towsonathletics.org to print one. Sports Physical Reminder The physical form must be completed by a licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner. Please make sure you use the BCPS physical form located in the registration packet. Athletic Permit Reminder Must be completed and signed by a parent and/or guardian. Insurance information is mandatory and must be completed (include policy #). Students needing school insurance should see the school nurse or the athletic director for the proper form. Tryouts Fall sports begin on August 12th. Most of our teams do make cuts so in order to improve your chances of making a team, it is imperative you re present on the first day tryouts. It is a privilege (not a right) to represent Towson High School via participation on an athletic team. Not only are athletics a public face of the school, they facilitate the development of character education and prepares youth to be independent and successful in life. If cuts have to be made all decisions are final. The Athletic Director will not overrule a coach s decision. Thank you and good luck! Justin Nash, Athletic Director Athletic Director s Office: Athletic Department Website: towsonathletics.org

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15 TESTING INFORMATION P A G E 15 CALENDAR SCHOOL YEAR Parents, please check out the link at to see the latest edition of the calendar. The most recent revisions were approved at the May 5th Board meeting.

16 P A G E 16 Have You Heard the News???? Spirit Week Monday Baltimore Hon Day Hi Hon!

17 P A G E 17 Spirit Week Monday - Baltimore Hon Day Hi Hon!!

18 P A G E 18 Spirit Week Monday Baltimore Hon Day

19 P A G E 19 Spirit Week Tuesday Hawaii Day

20 P A G E 20 Spirit Week Tuesday - Hawaii Day

21 P A G E 21 Spirit Week Thursday - Maryland Day

22 P A G E 22 Spirit Week Thursday - Maryland Day

23 P A G E 23 Spirit Week Thursday - Maryland Day

24 P A G E 24 Spirit Week Friday - Crazy Hat Day

25 P A G E 25 Spirit Week Friday - Crazy Hat Day

26 P A G E 26 Spirit Week Friday - Crazy Hat Day

27 P A G E 27 Do you recognize this man?? It s Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil, a THS grad at training camp for the Titans!! Towson Alumni Rock!!!

28 P A G E 28 Senior Prom Memories

29 P A G E 29 Senior Prom Memories

30 P A G E 30 T O W S O N H I G H S C H O O L Graduation 2015 All Graduation pictures courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

31 P A G E 31 T O W S O N H I G H S C H O O L Graduation 2015 All Graduation pictures courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

32 P A G E 32 T O W S O N H I G H S C H O O L Graduation 2015 All Graduation pictures courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

33 P A G E 33 T O W S O N H I G H S C H O O L Graduation 2015 All Graduation pictures courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

34 P A G E 34 Have You Heard the News???? Continued Senior News The senior class of 2015 is Giving Back by donating benches to Towson High School as their Senior gift. They are also leaving a generous donation to the incoming freshman class.

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36 P A G E 36 UPCOMING EVENTS June Underclassmen Final Exams 15 Underclassmen Interims Distributed 18 Underclassmen Awards Assembly, Auditorium, 8:30 a.m. 19 Last Day of School

37 V O L U M E 3, I S S U E 2 9 P A G E 37 Towson High School 69 Cedar Ave Towson, MD PHONE: FAX: