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1 May 2015 Art Connections Salon des Refuses It was decided after the viewing of the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards that we should do something for all the art work and artist that were not selected for the final 50. But What? We put our heads together and decided to offer the artist a new view and exhibition. We are hosting a brand new exhibition in the Artspost Gallery. It is called The Salon des Refuses. These works were part of the 370 pieces that were entered into the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards for We took the time to invite all the artist that had entered their work or works in the NZPPA but were not accepted. The artist didn't have to pay another entry fee but they did have to be or become a member of the Waikato Society of Arts. These pieces come from all over the country. They are displayed in this new exhibition which allows people to see how stiff the competition was and how many more beautiful and interesting pieces where past over. The unique pieces are varied from unusual to more natural. Some are prints and some are paintings. All the works are special and unique. PO Box 1018 Hamilton Some are understood just by looking at the piece and others need a second or third look to figure out what the piece means to them. This is all part of ART. It is up to everyone s individual interpretation that brings each piece to life. Exhibitions are a special event that allows friends, family members, colleagues, and the public an opportunity to experience Art. It gives them a sense of another dimension to our world. The touchy, feely side to the human nature that is uniquely us. This exhibition just proves that it is not easy to be a judge of a major competition. So much to look at and so much to choose from. We have amazing artist in our beautiful country that so many people don't have the opportunity to see. This is one way they are able to see a little bit more of the works and the artist that surround us here so close to home. Come by and see this exhibition and judge for yourself. All pieces are for sale and you are able to take home a beautiful piece of work from an artist that is part of this beautiful country. We would like to give a huge Thank you to our curator for the exhibition Barry Hopkins. It was lovely of him to come out and place the pieces on the walls for the exhibition to show so nicely. Thank you again Barry.

2 2 Art Connections ART SCHOOL NEWS News from the Art school Anne Kalnins April 2015 The second term has recommenced some classes are full, but it is still possible to slip into continuer classes. Over the school holidays we had the age group 5-11 years. A number of interesting activities always keeps the children happy. The praise we receive from parents is most gratifying. For those interested in painting or drawing wild life, there is a newish book out by Ray and Caroline Ching, entitled Dawn Chorus. This is a beautifully illustrated tale about Aesop, the teller of fables, visit to New Zealand! Page after page shows illustrations of our native birds, in Oils and pencils, if ones flicks the pages one gets the strong feeling of the movement of the birds and a glimpse into the private lives of our native species. The text/tale is handwritten in the form of a visual diary. The text is also in Latin, unfortunately I have completely forgotten the Latin I learned at school, except Deo volente! It is lovely seeing everyone back..happy painting Correction ; Tuesdays new class with Carril should read Drawing, Doodles and Sketch books. WRITERS WANTED Here at the WSA we are in need of New articles for the newsletter. We can t do this alone. We WANT YOU. If we could write a special article about how you decided to become an artist? What does art mean to you? How did you find the WSA? What do you love about the WSA? We would love to have articles from the young students of the WSA. If you could take a picture of your art we will feature it in the Newsletter. All our members / students are valuable to us and would love to hear from you. NEXT LEVEL GALLERY Christine Melchior and Darren Wise have combined their talents to exhibit their most recent artworks at the Waikato Society of Arts. Darren was a drawing student in Christine s art classes, but primarily uses stainless steel design to share the beauty in overcoming life s challenges. He says that stainless steel is a difficult material to work with, paralleling the unyielding and often unforgiving ebb and flow of life. He won the Waikato River Art Awards, Waikato-Tainui Award in June 2014 and his work has been exhibited at the Artsport Gallery Waikato Museum and the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville. WSA TIMELINE FOR EVENTS 2015 Salon de Refuse Non selected NZPPA artists works exhibited at Artspost, 24th April 1st June Entries will begin 2nd week in March. Watch for it. National Youth Art Award and Waiprint Exhibited at Artspost, 7th August - 7th September NZPPA 2016 Open Entries August September The Members Show Joke Alley 16th October 16th November Open Exhibition Spaces Available On the Look out for New Exhibitions. If you are part of the WSA Membership and you have your own art hanging around, slid in-between bookshelves and couches, or just in the closet. Let it be exposed. For only $80 fee you will open the gallery for two weeks to your own creations and discover the wonder of selling your art to the public. There is a 20% commission on sales. Have an Opening the Friday before the exhibit and invite everyone. It is Exposure. You will love it.! Join the fun and Show off your talent. Openings are now available but will go fast. Call today

3 Art Connections 3 SEE WHAT ART IS PRODUCED INSIDE? SPECIAL EXHIBITION SHOWN AT WSA 16th 28th of MAY 2015 INSIDE Exhibition Christine Melchior s most recent Art Behind Bars Project is shaping up and leading to the upcoming "INSIDE Exhibition. Christines art workshops have been teaching inmates at Spring Hill Correction Facility how to draw and paint so they can create art to support injured animals. Sue has been teaching art as a volunteer at Spring Hill since 2014 and teamed up with Judi Henderson who initiated the project, and Laura Robertson who is working alongside her. The workshops teach ten inmates who are interested in improving their skills through painting to give something back to the community. Christine specifically designed the program to help the artists master drawing and painting to express themselves while living behind bars. Christine says that she is impressed with how talented the workshop participants already are, and how well the program is running. She says, It is not just an enjoyable teaching experience but also great to see fantastic art work being produced. Funds are donated to the SPCA Auxiliary unit to finance medical support for abused and injured animals. The unit was founded to fund veterinary expenses, including amputation services, dental care, eye care, exercise areas for dogs and funding toward de-sexing, worming and flea treatment for stray cats. Prisoners work can be viewed and purchased from the 16th - 28th May 2015 at the Waikato Society of Art s Next Level Gallery, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 2nd floor Arts-Post building. Black and Gold 14th May to 14th June Our own Caroline Blair Is presenting a new exhibition at the Garden Art Studio1234 Kaipaki Road Cambridge (by Lily Pad Café) Black and Gold is themed based on a personal story. Out of the Black the gold shines through. A personal story of the importance of family and friends and being thankful for the simple stuff in the tough times. You can follow Caroline on facebook at com/caroline Blair Art Attention WSA Printmakers! Waiprint 2015 will be 7th August-7thSeptember in the Ida Carey and Margot Philips galleries at ArtsPost, with an opening on Thursday, 6 August at 5:30 pm. As always, we invite all members to submit up to two prints for selection for the show. Your submissions will be due in mid-july. Guest artist this year is our very own Sue Roots, a prolific printmaker best know for her soft-ground etchings. Recently Sue has been working on a new technique -- polyester plate lithography -- which she'll introduce in her exhibition and a one-day workshop. Next month's newsletter will have more details, including an entry form. Questions? Contact Janice Meadows, The loss of one great man - Mr. Philip Vela 18/4/2015 It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Mr. Philip Vela. Mr. Vela will be dearly missed by his lovely wife Lyn and his two beautiful daughters, Son-in-Law, and 4 devoted grandchildren. Philips brother Peter and Sister-in-Law Pam, Lyn sisters and brother, all extended family will miss him immensely, as will his many colleagues, friends, and associates. During the funeral speeches indicated how much Philip adored his wife Lyn, daughters and family. It was very apparent that his family was very important to him. The speeches also painted a story of a very special man working along side his brother and best friends they built up the Karaka based auctions and sales for New Zealand Blood Stock Holdings and continued to expand the Vela Fishing Company to one of New Zealand s largest privately owned fishing company s exporting from New Zealand. Mr. Philip Vela was a business man through and through but also a very humble, clever, knowledgeable man with a very generous heart. On behalf of the WSA we thank Philip and Lyn for their support of various charities and sponsoring many events including New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award (now for over 15 years). Mr. Philip Vela had a real personality that only some really fortunate people got the see, love and know. Our hearts go out to Lyn, Andrea, Anita, partners, and grandchildren for this very sad time. Our Love and thoughts are also with the extended family and friends at this time who will also dearly miss him.

4 4 Art Connections Jane Finch 2014 the Waikato and Waipa districts celebrated the sesquicentennial (150 years). Jane Finch found herself involved in the Pirongia Celebrations when the local heritage Society came to her looking for old photographs of Pirongia, and the Finch Family who were early settlers. Our Land, Our People A Combined Exhibition of works by Jocelyn Hampton {watercolours} and Lois Ings {mixed media}. Exhibition Opening 4 th of June 12-5:30pm Exhibition from the 5 th till 18 th 10-4:00 pm Where: Next Level Gallery, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton June Looking at these old photos the one thing that stood out to Jane was the elaborate hats that the women wore on formal occasions. She was inspired to replicate these confections and was offered a stand to display them at the Alexandra Reunion Day held at the Pirongia Memorial Hall in March She also painted a backdrop for an old school display. As the hats were made of paper Jane expected them to be discarded after the event but the committee had other ideas and saved the hats to wear at the next event, a Settler s Luncheon in May. The back drop also got a second airing. Because of the enthusiasm for Jane's work she was asked to design a timeline to recall the past 150 years. Jane did a series of sepia drawings tracing the history from pre European times. The result can be seen on a 15 metre long wall outside the Pirongia Heritage and Visitors Centre in Pirongia Township. How to be an Artist Step 1. Decide what type of art you are most interested in. You will have a much easier time putting in the time and effort necessary to improve as an artist if you work in a medium you enjoy on a subject you are passionate about. You may know what interests you right from the start or you may have to try a number of different media and subjects before finding what clicks for you. Don't be afraid to experiment. 2. Schedule time to work on your art. The best way to learn any new skill or improve your abilities is through regular practice. Whether you're looking at art as a hobby or a career, setting aside time in your day or week to focus on your art will help you to hone your skills. 3. Take classes. Few, if any, artists are so skilled that they can't benefit from some kind of formal instruction. Art classes can help you get past problems with your work that you haven't been able to solve on your own, identify areas in which you could improve, or just give you some direction and a regular time to devote to working on art. There are courses available for all skill levels at colleges, community centers, local arts centers, and numerous other places. 4. Accept constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is designed to help you improve your artwork, either the piece you're working on now or your future works. A person giving constructive criticism will usually point out both the flaws and the strengths in your piece and make suggestions on how you could fix the flaws. While it isn't always fun to hear, criticism is something you're going to have to deal with as an artist. Learn to identify when a criticism of your work is valid and use that information to focus on correcting your mistakes. 5. Show your work. For most artists, art is a form of communication. You create art because you want to share it with other people. Otherwise, you could just leave the ideas in your head. Exactly how you want to show your work and to who is your choice. You could try to get your work shown in galleries and put up for sale. You could try getting published. You might be more comfortable putting your work online and possibly selling prints of it. Or maybe you would rather just frame some of your best work and hang it up in your home for your family and friends to enjoy.

5 Art Connections 5 Things Collectors need to know 2015 ANYONE WANT TO HELP? Sir James Wallace Stated in an article from Art Collector Magazine. With 7,500 contemporary New Zealand works amassed in 50 years, Sir James Wallace undoubtedly fits the remarkable collector moniker. It is also difficult to imagine where the New Zealand arts world would be without this remarkable philanthropist who gives away $195,000 a year and is involved with 20 of his country s arts bodies as either a patron, trustee, or board member. What Wallace would most like to collect, however, are some young wealthy New Zealanders to follow his philanthropic lead. We have a Rest Home that has a few Dementia patience. They are in dire need of Murals for particular doors in the building. As anyone who has a loved one or knows of a Dementia friend, they have problems remembering things and little things just seem to turn in confusion and choas. These door murals will help these people find areas of importance or remember where they are. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help them our please contact Dana Wong at WSA office More Photos from the Salon Des Refuses Opening: In 1992 Sir James set up the Wallace Arts trust and purchased Rannoch House, a four-storey 1913 art and crafts style building in Auckland. Rannoch House became gallery space for th burgeoning collection and a fundraising venue for concerts by New Zealand s budding musicians who had secured places in overseas institutions. Rannoch is also Wallace s home and houses some of the more important works of the collection. In 2010, Pah Homestead in Auckland s Monte Cecilia Park was purchased, serving as a further gallery space open to the public as well as offices for his agri-business and for the trust staff who manage the philanthropic tasks, including the co-ordination of the loaning of works to some 40 schools, Universities and hospitals. A gallery in the regional town of Morrinsville and a wing at the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt are also under the umbrella of The Wallace Trust. The Wallace Trust offers four overseas residencies each year. Now in its 23rd year, Wallace says of residencies past: every artist has really leapt forward. Freed from domestic and other concerns (and) in an environment that is often very stimulating, they have inevitably progressed, taken on a new phase. We intend to try to increase the number of residencies we offer. Christine Melchior and Darren Wise Next Level Gallery Exhibition: As the Wallace philanthropy is set to expand, Wallace himself despairs that the younger generation of wealthy who are making great, huge sums of new money think the thing to do with it is to get a very expensive house, cars and boats, rather than start a collection. There are young people who pay a lot at auction for works, but what that means is they haven t actually bought it from the artist when they have needed the money, or taken any risk buying it. So the main beneficiary of a work that goes for $50,000 to $100,000 is the vendor not the artist. We try to raise the subject and shame them! It is not an attitude that Wallace understands: I find discovering emerging artists the most exciting thing of all.

6 6 Art Connections Pilot Gallery We would like to warmly invite you to the opening of: Elements of Freethinking Mark O Donnell, Natalie Guy, Oleg Polounine & Lauren Winstone. Opening Preview 8th May 5:30pm 9th May 30th May 2015 SPACE AND PLACE Vicki Carruthers EXHIBITION PREVIEW: 6th May 6-7:30 pm Main Gallery May 7th to June 2nd Bruce Young Gates for a Landscape 19th April to 24th May Pencarrow Road RD3 Hamilton New Zealand Phone Mobile Gallery Babes Tue 19 May, 10.30am Free Mums, dads and caregivers, pop the baby in the buggy and join us for a mid-morning tour of our current exhibitions followed by morning tea. Gallery Babes is most suited to those with young babies, under the age of one. Morrinsvilles-Street-Art/ The Cow Project are bombing the international dairy capital of the world (Morrinsville, Waikato) with colourful, quirky and creative life-sized COWS! Bookings essential: Composer Connections: New Zealand String Quartet with Stephen De Pledge Chamber Music New Zealand Sat 16 May / 7:30pm NZ composer Ross Harris curates this concert, which includes a newly commissioned Piano Quintet written specially for the NZ String Quartet and Pianist Stephen De Pledge Tickets $ 10-$ 50 Allocated Seating

7 Art Connections 7 Future Young Artist Slip PRIZE to the first Youth Artist There is a Prize to the first Youth Artist that can complete this puzzle and bring it in for checking. This is just a new part of the newsletter for the Young Artist section. Hope you have fun and be the first one in. Return completed to the WSA office and the first one in will win a prize. See Dana Wong. World Turtle Day We're celebrating World Turtle Day in honour of our mascot Honu! This fun, family friendly event will be held on Friday 22 May, 10am-11.30am at the Central Library and will include storytelling, a short talk by Helen from Pet Essentials with a guest appearance by Boris the turtle, and craft to make your own turtle out of recycled materials. NATIONAL YOUTH ART AWARDS 7th August until 7th September 2015 Thank You! This event comes along once every two years. It is opportunity for young students that want to express themselves through art to show their potential. The entries for this exhibition will be going out in June. You will have a form in the June Newsletter and the ability to apply off the website. Don t miss your chance to shine. The exhibition is open to students of ages 15 to 27 years of age. The exhibition will be displayed at 120 Victoria Street, Artpost down stairs. Create something fresh and new. It can not have been shown in any other competition or exhibition. Then enter it in the National Youth Art Awards. Who knows you just might be this years winner. Thank You very much for all the extra time spent from the volunteers who have helped in the long process of Employing new people for the office of the WSA. The committees has had several projects that have been all consuming in the reconstruction of the WSA. The committee members have spent many extra hours during the week, nights, and weekends, keeping the WSA functioning during this trying time.

8 8 Art Connections FROM THE EDITOR This WSA Art Connections Newsletter could not be created on this occasion without the help of Melany Sutherland, Anne Kalnins, Kim McEvilly, Sue Burnet, Christine Melchior, and Dana Wong. Thanks to you all. I want to thank our paper folder And a very special thanks to SHARP who continue to help us substantially with printing and to Warehouse Stationery who supply our paper. Please do let them know how grateful we are when you do your buying. WSA OFFICE AND ART SCHOOL ArtsPost, 120 Victoria Street P.O. Box 1018 Hamilton, 3240 Phone Anne or Dana on Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 4pm, Fri 8.30am - 1pm. NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING RATES Inserts $80 per page (printed and delivered to WSA) Full Page Half Page $240 (available only if space available) $120 colour Quarter page $70 colour What s on and Members short ads up to five lines are free. MEMBERS ADVERTISMENTS One of the perks of membership is the opportunity to advertise (for free) something of your work or upcoming exhibitions up to 50 words (without enlargement or photos). WSA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Patron: Joan Fear President Elect: Melany Sutherland Website: Vice President: Hon. Solicitor: Christine Melchior Warren Scotter EDITOR Dana Wong Auditor: Maurice Stevens Executive Committee: Kim Mc Evilly, Sue Burnett, Elwyn Stone, Aly Timmings, and Martha Simms Secretary : Dana Wong