RPL Closing Plenary: ACAT and Ministry RPL and PLAR Update. PCCAT 2017 June 9, 2017

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1 RPL Closing Plenary: ACAT and Ministry RPL and PLAR Update PCCAT 2017 June 9,

2 Agenda ACAT Pathways Activities ACAT and Ministry RPL and PLAR Activities Background of LPMI & LPS and Phase 3 PLAR Project Defining Phase 3 Deliverables PLAR Credits Awarded Individual PLAR Assessment Future facing Existing PLAR Agreements Standardized processes using CAPLA RPL Guide Tools Updated Transfer Alberta PLAR webpage and Student-version of CAPLA 6 Steps Next Steps 2

3 ACAT Pathways Activities ACAT Action Plan: Five Goals 1. Learning Outcomes and Pathways, 2. Research, 3. Communication, 4. National and Interprovincial Collaboration, 5. Governance, supported by ACAT Secretariat and Council-led Sub-committees Learner Pathways Modernization Initiative (LPMI) Projects (four phases, ) and development of Alberta Learner Pathways System (LPS) and continued provincial partner involvement in ACAT LPMI projects and working groups LPS Roll Out, Communication Toolkit, and ACAT Spotlight Communication: Special LPS Spotlight Issue/Fact Sheet, Video, and Digital Assets for student groups/psis/stakeholders linking to Transfer Alberta website Articulation Committee meetings and information sharing, including PLAR Articulation Committee, First annual ACAT Articulation Conference, 17 active ACAT committees 3

4 ACAT LPMI Projects and Development of Alberta s new LPS Learner Pathways Modernization Initiative (LPMI): Collaborative four-phase ( ) initiative to modernize and redesign technology, processes, information access, and tools/supports for learner pathways and mobility, including development of Alberta s new Learner Pathways System (LPS). Alberta Learner Pathways System (LPS): Comprised of stakeholders, including students and 41 LPS member PSIs, and identified ACAT-related technology systems and tools that support learner pathways and mobility. Completed LPMI Phase 1 Business Assessment Report Completing LPMI Phase 2 Transfer System Modernization ( ): LPS principles, data standards, and foundational applications (Transfer Alberta and Search Tool/App redesign, transfer agreement data cleaning and migration ( data), and development of new applications (SIAMS, Catalog, DCAR, TCES (est. July)) o Over 37,000 active transfer agreements/decisions for courses and programs made available via Transfer Alberta in 2016/17 Academic Year Now working on Phase 3 Stakeholder Tools ( ): ACAT website and SharePoint redesign, Dual Credit and PLAR modules, Business Intelligence and Communications tools, LPS Optimization Next year Phase 4 Learner Pathways Connections ( ) 4

5 Overview of Alberta s Learner Pathways System (LPS) 5

6 ACAT and Ministry RPL and PLAR Activities CAPLA Partnership Activities and PLAR pathways support: Support for use of CAPLA s RPL Manual in Alberta Support for mature/immigrant/refugee/workforce learners Transfer Alberta Website PLAR page and support for students Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Post-secondary Advising Handbook (NAIT, SAIT) PLAR Articulation Committee activities and LPMI Phase 3 PLAR Project Working Group, including CATNB, CMB, STCLPC, BCCAT, CAPLA, Advanced Education/AIT, Alberta Labour/FQR PLAR LPS module development and data standards, PLAR Credit Awarded, Tools and Supports What data/information is needed for learners? What data/information is needed for organizations? 6

7 ACAT and Ministry RPL and PLAR Activities Working Group Activities Defining Phase 3 PLAR Project Deliverables: PLAR Credits Awarded (CAPLA RPL Definition and Updated AB RPL Definition) Individual PLAR Assessments(types of different assessments) Future Facing Existing PLAR Agreements (e.g., N-APPL, McDonalds, others) Standardized process (CAPLA RPL Manual, NAIT/SAIT how-to manual, other implementation supports) Tools (for learners, for organizations) 7

8 Understanding Deliverables PLAR Credits Awarded: Capture the institution/organization level data in an organized format : data structure/standard for collection Individual PLAR Assessment: Build a system to capture individual types of PLAR assessments for internal PSI/organization use and sharing Future Facing Existing PLAR Agreements: Migrate any existing agreements to the catalog and make it available for search (Internal vs Public) Standardized business processes: Establish a PLAR process that aligns with the CAPLA Manual and supports How-to in support of best practices available Tools: Identify tools and guides required for students and PSIs/organizations and make them available 8

9 AB RPL and PLAR Definitions and Alignment with CAPLA RPL Definition Recognition of Prior Learning Formal Learning Non-Formal and Informal Learning Transfer Credit Credential Recognition PLAR 9

10 Updated Transfer Alberta PLAR Page 10

11 Transfer Alberta New CAPLA RPL Manual 6 Steps for Students: Individual PLAR assessments process Apply for the Post Secondary Institution Start PLAR Application Process Prepare for assessment Subject Matter Expert (SME) evaluates evidence Awards PLAR Credit Evaluate next steps 11

12 Next Steps for ACAT and Ministry Collaboration LPMI ACAT and Ministry Collaboration LPMI PLAR Working Group Phase 3 activities, Project Charter, and Deliverables estimated in the 2017/18 fiscal year Further updates to Transfer Alberta and the ACAT websites re: RPL and PLAR Continue sharing and working with the ACAT PLAR Articulation Committee, CAPLA and its Advisory Panel, and Alberta and provincial partners/organizations Continue LPMI project development with Alberta Learner Pathways System Principles in mind, including core data standards and the ability to share/use the LPS and data across boundaries 12

13 Thank You and Contacts ACAT Secretariat: Ann Marie Lyseng, ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways Senior Manager Eric Dohei, ACAT Manager Clare Ard, ACAT Articulation Manager 17 13