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5 CONTENTS ISI'S III HHMlw m :- MESSAGES 3-11 SCHOOL THE SEVEN SCHOOL PILLARS 1.,v\(?;\l)1i1\11( (101\l.\11'.\'1'1 \'13..\'(1.»\(}131\11 T\"1' 136, H1 3.(IL'1, L'1{1, 113,153 4,11::\1)1-1{,\ ) l.11L(T\1'1().\' (7. \1 1111'11,.\1 1'1\ 100 T. \I URI ROUND SQUARE


7 ' MESSAGES.FDITORIAI.. This year I have had the uppurtuuity to the lhhus tit-undo ol Slyllii'zms. revise the format ul' The SI Ihi tm lwnnt N yt'tll linnk in "liispii-u Exnt'llt'ncu. yearbook This opportunity is tl-w l'l Sllll «if conceptual and phi]050])l\ll: dl changes in the College. starting in 201i Two of these Make - \ Wurld oi" I)Il'i tir(-ur-z>" lhrtuiuh thiprufo. mil t'xt'vlleiiui~ (if the [)illilit nlltm lanl S0 hilvt iuiiiiuiiinotl the hurt] ruvt-r. changes that I decided to l'urus on W1 l't izlns printing nnd full mlnur imilut s the now motto and tho sewn pillit s of lll'l'tldllt t d in row"! yours. The lnyiiut l x education. The n 0(l t'2)il()ll ni tht- ( nllugtmotto w- from "A Siiuth Mi 'nn School Making t World of Diffurtinco" Lu Inspiring Ext vllenw. Making A World iii~ Difference. The foi-nialisntiuii of sown areas tir 'ptllars of edut-nliun in lht Bl College arr.. cadenii.: ( nmmuuuy Engagement. Culture Imidrrship: Outdoor Education: Spirituality and Sport. This dues not moan [hill 3: Stithians w ~; not tift urini: these tn) 5 or education before these arons \wrt' introducud. We had six pilla * irmviuusly» from "007 and added Ouldniir Edurnlmn in 20 My rmenrt h began by going back In renew Stylhiziu yenrlnmks. nrtiiig with the rs publication. It was inttvi-rsting It) 309 how the layout changed with dig-lull puhlicntinns and then culmu- priming becoming more ni'i'rirtiablv in small nun~ commercial publications. I lured ruulinu and 'niilatinp ihi Ht-adninstors' messages '5 wall - IlIL' Foundt 1)in speeches It was ni.unit- x-aliii- lu Stt huw the speakers seltwti-d generally wvro powerful expunvnts 09' sound ( lirixntin V'rllut 0f"humans' humanity to huninn". the subtle and implii-(l nit swu particuln rly, during,v mim- ni SmIlh [\rl lt' darkest history. Wt l'(' iii u-n ln'hvt'l\ :iiirl de antly dl IIVL rl'ti particularly during: ln t'li niiirlil'it tl m r-luri ' tho Nl'Vt'n pill' i nl'vducntiuii :it St Stiihiuns Buys' ('ulltmzt. Obviously. llu-rt rll't gum]; in lx- gl t y ar is nntl (wm' iht' [\( Xl t't-w ) t lll'5 Wt may nd wirinus llt'tlvlllt plil l sl ilit t'luingt- ul I'm-us in [ht llt llvily moving In different It at ll'lt spa iuiuinii or :i ()nv ol' ni_\' lug t'hnllvnizos ll ll l't'ii )l'l was to place lllt :it-tiritit-s inm llw correct pillll -. I [uund (his vor) challenging and can ul'tvr no iipulngy fur :mv niisplm't'mvul. its I haw ll t (l tn ('la, {clom thin >till has numy twi~ 111s and is ut'tuii iwl t'll élx'. What those \ dilutions In ('illt gt) llmn intllt'tltv is lhn St Siiihiiim is t-hzuiging 'in l miii' of the "105 and ihiit thoso Chang, iii-.1 w lt'tmlt'tl. Nu ldonlng) is m ml in cultt'l t tt-, pnpm' or lr'tlnslnlurs. The future is in tho iitlziptnliiliiy ni' lhl suiili-nis wu touch and tliu w Wt' llrt llt-xililt- in l'lihl'eilil) ht- ziliilit luzitlnpl: in cluiiigv: tutti In h. vl "lt nlzll 'p. llt ll. 'l'hi,~ yt'itl'llnllk. I holu-vv. t-inlniiliw this plillnsliph) :u't-urntt-ly :uul lrullil'ull} through ) 'l iiuiiu: the iimiiziug :Il'iilt Vt'lIll'an ul'nui' >l\ (ll'li., Nui :ill >1 utlvnis' iilt Vl'n lt'nlh linw lwun lnt'lutlt tl unfurllllnllvl). lvul luiw- (IUIH' my lll'sl "mi wull Inukv u, ninny Inlpx rn't'nlt'lilh :Ih [ run by ilit- llt'xl v hunk. Mr.\lirli:wl Aillllllt'ws. t'tlllul' il» Willi 1} "u l THE EDITORIAL TEAM 2015 Editnr-in-Chief, Design and Layout: Mr Mit hiiul Mnithtaws Subeditor: Mr Kt-Vin Willkl l' ChiefPhotographer: Mr Evan Snyman li th A l'a YTHMN 2014 l iiiziv ll! Mi» t\l t' ' IIIVWI'U\' l (Miilluriuuiiim l)i-piirliiu-iili' >lllnlltl iwiil 'Miss Alum lluwi-nyil lllislni'v Ut pill'lmmll )2 l ngu V L'I lntlli llyi 1illllll'W li sluuilil ri-nrl l :iuiliiiu liy.lt-unllmii lluliiit-, l ngv 3

8 1 MESSAGES -_.1.:_.1. Rwlurs Ih1/l1-1-Iinns ].; 11111~ ( 11II1-111-I1:1~ > \11 : : g »..11'..s. $ " 1' : ' _ $ » 1'111I ; * \ M II \111~~ \\' ~ ~111r111u 1l.\ ~1~.\1.1I<11 1 \\'111' 1 11l D '1- \\ ' ~ l11-:1~.1~11z L ~.111 \1 111 ~ ~111111:1I h111-\11-111: l " ' 'I ~1 1111' ~ \ 1' x.:1111l1111x11111l.1~ : *\11151SI ~ 'I'111-11x \I11111.>11.>11 1\. : h : :1I ~1: I g : Irw. : u *11111~ '[' 111I11r ~: ( ~ _ »; ~ ~ ~ ' » < ~...» » ~1...~ « »...~\ \ « >: " : ' ~ u l \_~ 111w 1-.[~1111~ ~ l h mul ~~ u11I11-r11.\ \ \ » » \ S11I l11111'111-1 ~ I [ » ' v1' n _111: \ ~11l~1* IIIL 111I1g1.1111], H11\\'l 11ll1-1, ~111I l\1111.' x 'l1111~ 1111.\11\\ \11 ~ h I m-1. ~1 I ~ ».\ ~ \ \ \ » ;1~ ~ \ ~ ~ » \ :1\1111\1111\\1.~ \11'1111u11.1~ ).111\ ~ S I11-1-\ ».1111l11111l11-x1111l I111~ r~ :1' ~ » l '1'1.11I ) \ 11a ~.1\ \ \\1I (' I ' ~ \.._1.11.1I11-11 V\' < 1.111\ »\11.11', I )1' ' \.\'111I.1 l R '111~ ('111111u I

9 MESSAGES - Hlii\l)i\'li\\\'l'l:l{\,\ll $8M ll DearOne and All We are not makers afliislory. We are made by Iiislur), Martin Luther King. J12 The report photographs and other contribiitionx L'antninvd in this year's Stythian tli'l' an omit-hing part at lht hi, and culture ol'the ml and 7" is with grwit pluasurv that I once again provide this you s foreword. I hulil W that our yearbook has gone from strength in S'I L nglh and is :in essentizil reference regarding lhl' Buys' College, The ctitilonl til'this publication i s excvllum as wu have come It) expect and it provides insight into [ho VHIIHd r igiv til i 'Iivllies and vvunls that occur a! on hnol on ii (lziily l) V Since last yeai" editinn (hm-t- have ht'pl i man ignil'icnnt changes at the school. We have welmint-tl new i \idvnts and new members ofham and they have quickly liut'umv an inn-- gral part of the Saints miiiiiitiniiy. In addition [in -haw been changes to our environment and all tlii-se iniidil iitins Id in w ri siiur compile and collate everylhing Cni ll lnt'll Within htn~v patios. i y thanks to all ihusv whu h:l\ ( L'nnll'ilmlOd and in 1r lit'ular lo our Eclitvir Mr Michael Miiithuvi and his tt-iini for minagain producing gut-h ; pel'h miiimiu Ultimately. The Siyihiun is l'ur ii.~ and about ll> iintl rollivt-is the cihoa and WSW ril'uui- ri e Sk hku i [i i.~ my hiipi- limit you will enjoy it as much as l have and l warmly ("MIHYII Hd it to you. Yours truly _7 M/, / Mr David KnUWll'S Head (if School: (WK ( liiik'l't' l iigt' :3

10 MESSAGES - HEADMASTIZR S MlZSSAGl-I: We have enjoyed an evening of celebration and it is now my very pleasant duty to give thanks and make some final remarks as we close. I am aware that it has been a lung. evening but I ask you to bear with me as I do this. ' First let me give thanks to our Lord. for His presence here tonight niitl His presence iii the school thi Ctll. Our school prayer says. "M my pin-pasteach day be to honourhim"and I trust that we have done that tonight and through the your. I pray thtit He continues to watch over us into the future. especially to watch over our Matrics _- they go into their futures. rind to shine His guiding light on them. I also want to thank Him for the muchneeded rain we enjoyed last night. You will nd in the programme a long list nt thankyou's. We do this in order to save time but I hope and trust that When compiling these lists ol'thzinks. I am always l'l lnlntll ll of the hirer number of people iii the lirmitliv nls community.whoconii-iliuii-sowillingly and selflt without thought of i ewnrtl or rt ognition: who go beyond the (All of duty for the liciiefit of our school. Matty of you urn sitting h tonight 7 to all of you. thank you. Ol'coui- :. in any such ti-iliuie. there is a danger of missing someone out titttl I am conscious of tliiit. lf 1 do. please accept my sincere apologies 7 and please let me know? I would like to reassure all ofyou. that we do not take your support. and work or contributions lightly or for granted. All of that. tiftcn behind the scenes. helps us to achieve the successes we achieve with your. tind helps us to deliver oi) the many programmes we have on offt '. So it'. important to acknowledge mid express appreciation. So again. thunk you. I do want to add a word of thanks 7 to Ken Lambert: and his family for the specitil Rowing trophy 7 to have one of the oldest trophies in the country (dated IBM) in the school's possession is just incredible. Thank you for that generous gift to the Boys' College. There are a number ofpeople I do want to mention speci cally tonight: Firstly. to the large number of Matric parents who have helped run the various l arents' Support Committees. particularly with regard to the Easter '.. this in no way diminishes the Sports Festival and the Water Polo importance and sincerity of my l'onrnamcnt. I have ed you in theappreciation. and that of the B0} programme. but my sincere thanks College. So if you will. at a Iatoi age nonetheless. have a look at who I have listed 7 this list recogni. the contributions of a wontlly. I want in express my large number of people lo the school appreciation. and your. to our year. to the Bo ( ollege and our incredible staff 7 our ticademit: success this year. administrative and extramural staff. I would like to git tlll those people I Especiiilly this term. its Wt' hurttart-d for the Utniilusi a '(lllllll ll have listed here (and any I have pr missed) a round of tippliius 3 Thank t. l Wt. strut-k tillt't'.igniu by u you. great sense of teamwork. and liy the :iinount our si U do, beyond the will or duty. [1 is ii privilege for me to work Page 6 with people who tire so tletlicnletl. hiirtl working. tnlt-nlt'tl. pus oiinit- and who art» so i'tllnnllllt'tl to t'nt'l llt l t t'. to the young "It'll in their care. and to their M litml. l liey st t'l\ t to make it difference. tintl to impact on the future. So. on BZK CEREMONY, 15 OCTOBER liohtill' of our parents and t-spt-cizilly our Miitrit'. iucliitliug those Matt-tes- who tln not o. yet appreciate what you lilivl' experienced here. I wniit to thank our sttit t met-rely for all they do, and for who the are. In particular. and With i-eloyiince to this last week. today and tonight. 3 special word of thanks to your longsiifforing Grade Director, Mrs van Aswegen. your House Directors and your Deputies. To the Senior Staff 7 to the Boys' College Exocutiveand themanagement team: The Management team consists of the three deputies. Mrs Frankiskos. Mr Wrightand our new boy Mr Niemtind; as well as Messrs Rickelton. Viljoen mid Hartley. and previously Mr Schipholt: along with Mrs Brooks as the secretary. We meet weekly as we try to manage the business and complexity that is our school. Those meetings are robust. and interesting and for me. enjoyable as we handle "stuff" and so 1 thank these senior staff for what they bring to those meetings, what they bring to the school. and to me. The Exco. on the other haiid doesn't meet often enough. and I mean that as a complimenti because thi. is the "big picture" team. Again. I thank them for the richness of those conversations, and for what they min: to each ofiheir portfoli I also want to thank the administrative iind support staff. and in particular the indies who work out of my office. and the office of the deputies. So my very sincere thanks to Mesdamcs Grohler. Brooks and Edgari who keep the machine smoothly oiled and on track. often with the help of coffee and a gentle word. DEPARTING TEACHERS My thank ntl those ofthe school go to the teiicheis who arc leaving us at the end ot'the year. More will be said at the etid~o your staff function. but it is uppi-opi ite tn ' something hrielly now. and I trust thnt the Metric ( lnss will not mind sharing the spotlight on ihci spociiil evening: Mr Sipliiwe Vilakazijoinod us only last year, from St Jtiht. to ttikc up two

11 Emmm> mm I2: : :: 7.9:... :..._....5; : :.::._2:::: :.H::n...y.:.:..: :..... :1:...:.:....._..;.._... ::. :37. :...E1. :7 :.2.. :: 3.. _...2.A:..7/..._.:..:. 1:2...:... :..:...._...: _..5.._.,.._..: , :..:.:.._.:::.. :.. iv: :.._..: ::....:.:... :m...y...n.._:..:. _._...r..,..._.:...,! E. :.:::.r_ :27.2:..:._......_,.: :...7 : :...22;.7 :5, :3. :...:._..,,...: : :2... :.._...:.:...:...: _,...:..._... :.. 7 :...:..., ,::. 2...,.2... :..:...:.....:.. :... z...:._.:...,. _ 27.. :2.....: :... r :...:.; :: : ::..v._::...:..2...:::: LEE». :7 LE... L... 32;:.7 VT 7...: :...:,:_.._ v... 3.; n. E 5:... E : _.,...:::.1...._..._ LE _...:..,.._._...: : : : _:.L..: 1... :..7/:...: r n... 2: :7,.2; : ::....:..;,/.::7.._.7/...:. L: :...v...::s..._ : :5... _..._..._......,:.., 2.2.: :2. : ,2..:,...:....:._ it: $.53: 7:57 :2 12: : :77 :2: :.:::.:...::v _:2._. r... :r.... L: : _..73:...:.:::.E 2: 4... :...:..._:.n :2:...:.....; :..... : :.. 1:... _ : :27: 2:23. :. :...:.:E ::.T :..:. r :,.:.3: 7.2.7:... A...:..5; L E... E3; 3...;.2:... _ : 5... :7 _...2..: F}... ::::._.._ :.. :27. :...:...y _:...E.2 E... 3:. :7,2: _ :.: 2...:1. _.:...:.._..: T. :3:.5 ::... C.7 T (1,:.7 Z... 2:..._. 2: : 5....z :::.:E 1.. u: : :.. :...:..:......::::Z 1:... :: T.T: 1.: L: In :,..:..;:._::. 3:..:.:n:.... 2:.2,.; _ 1:; :2....:.._._...L._:...: ::.f;:..5; 1:2: 2: :7: _..;,r...:_ E..2; (1...::_ :. _/ : :_.,:. 2.:... :..._.:.,..:._...:._:7..:.:..:...5,.732:,...7,:..: :. _...7._....,. :2...,..: : /.:. 9.; E /:_. 2: :2, :..::..:...:: 2. /...;1:._: r..1: 1 5:...7 $ :, ::. :.7...:.. L... :..7 : _._..._.:...:....: : n: :..: 1...: 6:... E. E. : :7: r... :2 :21 i :22: :...,...:.._...: 9... : ;..._..._.:...::...:.:: :21. ::..n..:. 2.2.: :..T,...:...._,...2 _. y. 1,...:..._..,, 3 : E.:... y...,..:. _:..:..._... :.. :..,,.:..:.:...,.:...: :...::...._...:..: :., :...:..:.,:....._.:... : _....: ;...» :: :._:.E 61, _..3:.2.:..,,.:...:, i :...:...Z..., : :72..5: 2; r. :..2: / :. :7 : :...:..: >2:...././.7,/. 2.._._:.U 5.2.x: 5:: ::..: Z ]; :: x.:_.. E: E..;:.;:.x. : 7/ 2.. _.T..7: :: 2: ? ::._:.., :,..::..::_.._ : :33:...::...7 :3 E : :..:.

12 MESSAGES I i lli.r\l)i\l;\i\'l'l-,r S Ml you will hl hlivl' to sumo dogriiin so tliiii l don't have to react to anything. liko three innocents walking post my front gnrdm on 'l iiusdiiy morning whilst I was tit home propnrini: this spooch! tis well on CthCl'n that you ziri- taking your I l \ sion its si-rioiisly us your tout-hots iiro. Mixod up with thitt is it soiisv of roller, lhéll we'll nally ho rid of you. m' :It Ionsl somr ol ytiut thuit you don't know. 's IlINl whilst you ilrti Ulll on tho ('hapirl liiwti chiintiiig "no moro ((l'tlt lling) thus". lllt'l k is o group of stuff up in tho sttil t mom chanting "no niort» 12 And, oi" S./\(il. : lillx (Ililtlih lthy, 15 ()(l'l Ol ilir 20l5- lieltll tlit> Miami or position for which you hoped. So, I wtinl l irut Mall to thank till oftlii- Miitrit- ( luss of tench one of you. hut ospocitilly that special group Asiinto called tht- 'unsung hurtios' on Sitturtliiy night lot the Matric Dinner]. [will thom tho solid citizvus. Often you two not in tho limelighti but you know wliiit it means to ho H trut- Stunts Boy. you try to live by 11' values we have tiiiiuht you. t spt'uitllly tho Honour ('otlt». Vou rosport (which is nnothvr yiiliio) tho school, its traditions. imtl whnl it stands for. You huve the Stamp watch them at work and in discussion. 'l hey tire an incredible triumvii'iitev more than the sum of their pnrts. To Lance. Nick and Kyler [ say very well done. you good and faithful servants of tho school. ToOUR HEAD BOY Asnntt- has made four impressive speeches in the lnttt few weeks wthe gratit- 6 prospective parent, to the Mntric parents and boys on Saturday nightl in a very powerful message to the school yesterday morning and then. ' : '.,. coin-so. you don't him I thiit. Thiii olii Stunts Hoyt tonight, would (WOT hiippon hora) Asuntu said that you know who you His peaches marked his leadership But tho lng m st emotion is pl Ulmllly l't. iind l y that too. Sadly it s not till style calm. thoughtful. intelligent. one of in ation. its I I't-Ht't'l hut-k ovt-i' ol you; it llt'vl l' is. Nonetheless. I have pa sinnatc about the school. valuedrivon. tho liist fit-t- yiiiii :ind t-siiociiilly the no doubt thiit you will all lotitl livos of humble and po ve. lust your, Looking in to photos on thiroll significnnn» and Onl'illhllll nl, if that is Asnnte. my one regret is not having iii the Mnu'ii Dinner is always Whtll you choos. lioctiusc that's your spent more time with you chatting piirt of that. Looking in your guide H potential. I thunk you for tho rubric generally. rutht-r than dealing with photos in the 2011 SIyt/iiun tniigiiniiiiiis you hot hoon iii tlw life at the school issues. I did last night. is port of that. this yi ti r. I have iilway id thiit one of the Wstrhing you HI tho Fun Run on wonderful perks of this job is the Fridn and sliding down tho siopo. l'ull TO THE PREFECTS opportunity to interact With grunl of s on. boys Just hiring hoys itiitl young nion. thi- shining lights of our hiiring iuiiot-oni. i-mil fun. is piirt of l zini voiisvious tliut ihori» Ill l llullly l'utiiro, iiitd Asiinto. I certainly count thl. with lt-titlt't s in this group not all of you us our ol thoso. Woll donn- on the Hopi-fully you llilvt' llllxt'tl i-iiiot ions too whom wi~:ir hiiduos :iiitl h ding. liut niiiiini-r in which you have carried - roiuly to li-iiro. tirod ot liiiirt-iits iiiid im _\'ti\tr ht-hult'. 1 (it) wont to thunk your yoiirsi-it'. and the way in which you ruli-s mid it-iit-hvrs iiiitl lll l rt't i lloilv who hiivo worki-tl how loud our school. and the wt in "(ILZHIHL ii-ritutod Hoiidimistors liui so gtmtl oiiriiostly iiiitl hoiursily to sot iiu which you how Wlt ldt d your authority l l ll'lt)l' t!~. ihosiv out still}! t lllh' t'h imiuiiilo. iiiitl [ll uphold tho chiii-izi- to its lliiinl not s from n lmst' of grid wuh s])t'('lill ti-iit-lioi-s. lm.i \llltlt'l' ilu- whirh ihi»y iiloilizotl tliviusolr In huiuilit_ and with it strong 5 l" of Wisti-riti trim in tho ('lttiiii-i Qiiiid, wiii' ('h:i])t> m Jammy "in it w. s mut lillt'ptist iiiitl sorvico to othoi You 'l lt > on tho stiiiitl In tho l'illll. t'ttlllllll iii ttll tiiiuof This S pul lii'lllilt ly hiivr siiokoii of tlio groutni-ss ot othors. hut-k to M lltitil iii ii' lioli w r ri-ii-roiit us Wt' I't'lt'lll'illl tin )th your hot you will no down as our of tho sioru-s. mutt-hos Wu and lost. iiliii-i ll in Honour t'iitlo. [)l tlpli l'tl liy thi- omit lloitd Boys. wuh lt'ui mutt-s iiiul t'ru-iuls. i'iiulinu 151,05 l i-ot't-i s. i-horoluio Idiisior oops tiiiui oilii-ithings) lit'llllt'lllt'il. I roiiiuii-iitl you for \l My nal int. ago to you nll is twofold: on tho t hupol Iiiwn.. tlélll'lt work you ll:l\'t~ clout). lit'iitiis, or pt'l'litlps "is" tho «ltlll ll l l ht- first comes from iiii oxoollent hook. whit-h I highly r ommoiid. hy ( layton iii-t-iis iiiist on tho tlnui. I':Il l\' llllii llllll TOTHE DEPUTII IS ( hristt-iist-n. Hiirvtird Business triiiiiinu iii tht lll t' or in tho t'l 'kl l St'ht ll pl t t, H. entitled HDIL' Will nets Iiiii- iiiizht l)l'i 'llt't > l oi- Driiiuii tll' I trust tliui you will till hurt-i- wuli iiuthzit You Mousiirt' Your life! S ibtitlpd Illl' Dultos. or onto! lllllt in lht ('liiipt-i, you lllivl llt k'll siiporhly lt-zttl liy "l indiiii: Ful lmvut using lo 0 r from 'l'lios t'mnlittns mi "mom mu ho tho [troll-rt ltlsi-t'utiw this y ir 'I hv some ot the World's greatest wuh you mi stii,_ :iiiil holp you tlii-i-t- tlt'ltlllll'h :ll't :iii iiiti 'ut: :iiitl lnlsint'sst t is tlinilkl tit ptircntx: and t)vt l't tinll tiny i Il])]llilllllllt'nl> i-oii t-oiiiplinionttiiy lilontl ot' ( lllll'llt lt l'. ttnilit's. and (list- es topics such as may iiuvt- it-ii sou»mun mi Illt- sun-i. and It hits boon ('lhnllll for "It' to nding your purpose. lending a life of l ugo 8

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16 CHOOL.S'I S'I'I'I'IIIANS BOYS" (10], i(} Name WENDY ARMSTRONG NATALIE ARNDT GRANT BALL HERMAN BEZUIIH INHOUT ANNE BREDENKAMI JONATHAN DAIIE DALEEN DE LAN MA'I'I HEW EARDIIEY AN 1 ELOFF CECIIIIA ERASMUS ( AROL FIELDS ( HRISTOPHER F0 TAINE HEATHER FRANKISKOS FERGUS GRAY RENE GROI'ILER LUKE H RTLl-IY TRAFEY HARVEY ERICH >\UP FIIEISCH ALICE HOWROYD GRAHAM JONSUN \NDIIIE KHULUSH,HIRLEY KING DAVE KNOWLES ZEI H KHZA BARRY LAMBSON Elm IARI LETTER I AR \H I \\'E LIBERA LEON LUMBARI) GRAEMI'} I.U( :\S~BULL III: [E\ I IACINTYRE 1i 1( H EII MA'I THEWS '~LL'C MICHEL LESLIE MOODIIEY I l ARELOMPHAI H L'III A ARGIE MULLER I )I.A MULLER GARETH MURRAY 1111 )NHL ( LIA NII IM NI) LUKE PEARSON IAN Rli'KElJI ON ERNJ\ RORI IY \ l'rheu Rita's ELIZABETH ROU YV I'I'I Tl-I SFIIOE.\ \\ AHEDNI ZHU SE I l-ti'i'r 'I EMI II'I'ION.10 NNI-ITHUMAS [IOEDIE V ' SW1 VII'KI IRY SIPHIW I VIIIAKAZI BASII I VILJOI ZN DENISE \YTHIIII [\M (UURTNI IW. ITS(I\ IIRIANWLBS'I I'R BRIDI' I'I' WI-ZIIS'I ER PEI ER WRIGII I' Page 12 Grade ) Taught 5,10,11,12 H.1(l.ll RJUJLIZ 1 III [2 9 BIIUIIZ lii slum: Ill m 12 x.9.10,lliiz KIBJIIJIJZ». l.lll.ll _ x,il.lll.ll Acndemic Quali cation HA, HDK HA Ed 13 Jnurll. PGCE MA. MEd. IIDI'I B SC B Ed B St: ELI H Enu. PGPFI B Ell) Hons MA. I! Ed Hulls BA. I GI'E II I Id BA Huns 8 SC IIA Hons, PUFF. BA BA, HDE MA I-IL&M. PUL E BA. BA Ed BA Ed BA. B Ed M Sc l (l(e HAHnn HDE. I<DF MA. IlAI Id II Sc. II Ed Hons 1E I! 15 Si- Him», HIII I A II II Ed II 5 [ 1 II ' I I HUI-l ll 51'. HUI I ll Luw HA Stir Sch I ( I('I'I H mm. lilll'l II Mil I'lxl ll,-\. I'll] Il lid Hum IlA Hum-.111 ) A II l nm Ilvius. I lil I-I. I IEI'I I II III III) : 11A. PIECE 11A. HUI I II ( unl I'GI DE DE 1151'. HDI I A Hun». PIECE RA l-ill HUI'I HUI-I 115v 011$. HDII \(,Il\DI'.MI( S'I'AI'JI Education-l Subject Specialimuon Hmuu y. L0 English English. Juurnnllsm Alrikimns Lll u& Nhluml Sciunccs English hi ( anipiim Science. ('AT, cni SCIENCES Arrikmlns Afrikaans. LO Dmmsluc Ans Tuchnnlrigy. History Muihpmnucs. 2qu Physical Science, Mathematics Buslness Studies. EMS, 1,0 Geography. LO. Histnry Hlslm-y Busin 5 Studies. Accounting Hlmry. Geography. History Zulu Life 8: Natural Sciences English II' 'Lory Mazh c Zulu Life, Phi5 II & Natural Sciences Zuulngy Geography, Ecnnnmics Maths Econami. \Iinlhenialics Lll L- & Natural Scl. Geography VisquAn English. Fl'unLh Mallmlnatlr, IT Ph- Sum Eng h. Bibllcul Sludlns Musll Life &I\:ilurul Scnuuw lmlln. liuvi 1.1) 'ri-uhiiullig (iwlizrupliy thi-ul si-iom e. limgmiihy LU (1 1le Eli). «lmgriiphy Mulliunlul Ii I': \EII:~I1 I. (Lllwl IIU. Hlslnrv llrnmnll Milslr Sulllu. IIiinlry Zulu. lcnul. Hisuii-y IrllIlII. Mulln-mnlli-P Al'rlkmlmi Murlminil Acmllnls. IT Null. ulcnccs Mlllhvnml Ari. I Ingllsll I rl lklh lll> I\ICUlll\ IIIIMIN Slullliu: Zulu (it-ul. I]JI\\ Al illmuus. English I'I Math-mums hughsh IEnalish. H) (PIN I Idl (lullnglplly. Ln Hi ury I'Inulis Physical SL ll nce, Mmhonmtirs Tenchlng Subject ) Yeul' Experience History 25 English 16 English. LO 3 Afrikaans 27 Life 8: Natural Sciences 31 English. Lo 5 Msth 22 Physical Sciences 3 Afrikaans 3 Afrikaans 6 Dramatic Arts 23 Hislory 10 Mulhs 32 Physical Sciences 19 Business Studies. EMS. L0 12 Geograph) 19 History 19 Business Studies. EMS 13 History. L0 13 Geugmphy 21 Zqu 25 Life& Natural SciPnces 3 Hismry Maths Life& Nmuml Sciences Geography Maths Maths Life Sclences Visual An French Maths. CAT 5 Natural & Phi-I 3 Suenceu 19 English 26 Music I Ll -& NInuml Sciencos 33 Li). Mrlkuans 2-1 limgmphy 23 9 (imp-aphi- 30 Millhs 18 English 1 III) 1 Dmmmlr Am: a?! Music 12 Smhu 26 Zulu 11 Mmhs 20 Afrikaans :20 Maths l3 Iain S: Nulurnl Sciences 10 Malhn-mmil Maths [AL 26 English 4 Afrlkmilis '26 Accoums 15 Zulu 12 Al rikmml: 29 IT. L0 20 Eninsh 13 English 17 Geography, [IO 30 English 28 Physical Science 23

17 SCHOOL \ V I \. \ \. \. \ l \ \ \ l l.m WIIIHWNHHM(HHJMJ \Wt Professional Support Snuff JN UB I\'HW I\. \ ' I'hmm nln ( lvrk (ilaijysayaya M Ed, 'I um'hor lmnx mup Suppm-l.' A MAKHA] l;1l l. \.~.~lal. ln [ hwn-nl 5 I0! :- UR (i ('RIGH'I'ON M Ed ) Zrlunumxml l <\("\ hl 1l.~ l.' 5. MN DUGHAN HA Htl Hum 4!" t hl'l lmm mng Summl'l» Inh'l'L-thmm I. 1mm ( YN'THIAI \LTRF ) PI) 1) I synlwlum ( lmn-nl l snlmluuhr n Studvm Summr! IM IIHI'UUI'IH ' ' 1A MAF U L. \I\ H Ilklm lid "l) ~'. '1"nrlnrywuppurl fur IT LIMA UP IUN BA Lllmw). l'l lly Homl ul Amulvmw Suplmrv Non-Academic Staff JACQUEI lnl-i ])L'P()NT l I I GL'I'Z \ lh-ml ul lhwuun-x- K nm- GR TI H ',\11\RU(HII 1 [Mn urnl'lhvnml Summ-.\I\()M(J \ I)\p'l lwnluu\ \ Suprrvmundvnl ('lmplznu a ve Hz Suppnrt Smn" \. YT ALI. Y I.. lr' whnu'mn I hulml Sm: nu- IUN] BROOKS \ l"\ [U Ilw val [ R and [in-uh SHARON l )(;:\K \ l.\ in [hr lh-puh NHL PHlLll liarl) YER \ ( 4mmuln-v'Summn AMELIA GRUBL All \ Pv\ In lhu Hmd Spun 91 wm.1v\ "\lll'f'rnkm.\l'.\m.\ii( I'vnnI~ l).\ \ \ {'v'n kut YH.\ \.VIII Rmmm GRUHLHK \ \lll' Knuln BR \Irl. 4.n,«un \h' H\ \w h.\l\ KKK-1 [Mn-L.\h I'Uurdnnvr..\ : 1 (HHH ).\h J ILA: MrX Mmm \h-j ll lh \lr L Iwmh-«Itl Mr \ nh- \ \h H IMH \I: K \\ 4}ka 31x" ) l\~ Y. hm-l m \I: \l 5 Mn \II Hmm. Mr I \huh uphuh \lx L \ImuH» \. \h IC Mulk.\1 -~ Ii.\ «>. ]YI 1H \1\-- 1V,\ «M.m:\x Mn.\ Hrmm l.v!r-(.'\1ld>.x.\lr~ M MHHM \l-.\ \rn-h My» (VY'H V A'Y' \l\ X MnH-w \I Y \'n Iwn Mb».\I \hmmh 1 s MI M Rn»,\ r(' Innm,\ 1('\\.I wn \lll Smut-1 \II-J [In-mm \h \ qulvnk mun V J L \lh'h-l,\ii \ \ ~. "HII\,\h.\h- H.\\ \ \Ir I! In mnlmhnnl \Ir \ *1 Mn, I;.\lu~mu \h~~ \.\Ilulm.\h'\.\ >h llll14,\ll 1 me \Ih 'I' Hum)» Ur- \ ym-r,\ - \\,\1m~H'nnu.\[v'~.,- '[' Ru» Mx.1 MIN \II- II drl \I. 1M LXI-15v].\l\\- S \\ Hn mplvlnn. \h I RI: huh Mr \H ml/l ll: \' mu \II l,lwun \II I! Imulwv Lm-\ \h-l.\,m \mvuvn.\ \ E {.niph li-1~«h My L H mh.\ )>l \l Hum.\11 \H\\A I)~KH FRY Rm 1) thxxxivn.,\ r I Wrmm Mr I) Kmmhk.,\» H rllell\lu. \h l',\h-mmu1 l ugv Iii

18 SCHOOL - PARl-IN'I' 'l' {AU Il-ZR'S ASSOCIA'I'ION REPORTzzollS The new channels of unmmunitmlltm introduced this your have been workin}: very well and severnl issues have been dealt with eitu-tirely mid without fuss. The new Fixtures Pru spurts website lnis lit-en very well uerepted by the purents and seems in be fairly widely used, P l A reps mntmue in he encouraged to fucilitnte social interaction between parents in their grnde with the nini of milking parenls feel included and involved in the school and creating it One iind All' parent body. Reps in (zertnin grades lire already very prmictive in this reward. The PTA is very sorry to lose Mr Siphiwe Vilnknzi in the nren of community engugement. A very guod relnlinnship has been built between the school and the PTA in this area and we hope that this will continue with his replacement. The PTA will continue to focus on an» auring a healthy. open and bene cial relntinnship between the school and the parents, creating the atmosphere of welcome and wonder that College as :1 whole is striving for. Mrs Kelly Brimacombe Boys' College PTA Chair BC PTA members 2015/16 Grade 12: Mrs Hayley North (50 Andrew) Mr.» Sally 'I'uekvr (sun: ( aigl Hay]ey.northmvmweb.cn.za SHllytuckel jhlldlgnmll.cm'n Grade 11: Mrs Melany Nichnlls (son: Brndlee) Mr Stewart Tomlinson (son: James] melanyn i wrnym Stewarttumlinsunm see-om ~15] 9841 Grade 10: Mrs Brenda Ei emus (sun: Mntthewl Mrs Kelly Briinnemnbe (sun: Nirholna) ht ml l usl niwl'h.co.zr lll lmneomhemworldonlmermln ( Grade 9: A1r>lrllnlilrlltvll0k lsun: Michael) Mrs Ntnlnln Iinnga-Ituyds (sun: 'I hnhunu) linkllilm mweb n1(llnbllia yphuyn Grade 8: Mr David Pram-r (sun: unit-ll Mr ('nlin ( nm- ism]: :lusnnl durum: peregrinm ( Ull' llmy7mnil.emn Co opted members: Mr Brynn Il hlt'l' (sun. lit-ere, Gr ltll liliiehlerw huixenmrk,emn Mrs Shiirli-ni- Rudnnisky (mus: llmlsun 7 (ir ll; ( nmpliell, (lr R) slmrlen-mefsulutinnsxnma Mrs ('liriatme (Httss plml (amt: Stunrt 7 (ir ll) rliriselnssm vndnniailmmi Mrs Jacquie l emilunn tsum: NR lllllllé- IQ Stuart, (-i 12) [it mllunum lelktmlsuhel l)rwnyni- llinrirhs (sun: ( nnnnr (ir 12) ducwa WM-cuiuimhmm ( Page 14

19 SCHOOL ISTAFF FARl lwellls On Wednesday 25 February we said farewell DR CHRISTO JANKOWITZ who has accepted a Research Fellowship at the University of Cape Town. where he will also be wri in; an opera. SIPHIWE VILAKAZl ~ SPEECH FROM NOMA SHANGE Professionalism. p ion. honesty. competency. impeccable. me'ill uluus. smart. itluquenl. m'dorly,»\ll thesiadjt-t-livcs de. ribe exactly who Siphiwe is. I have enjoyed working with this young miin who had Ills uniqutt wav (ii'dt-aling With the lio_\ \ to Mr Vilnknzi may he found in his BZK address on p, 6.] NATALIEARNDT SPEECH FROM BRIDGET WEBSTER When Vaughn from Keal'sney phoned mt- one Fr' 3 evening for n referral (. l ( llll\'( :lntl rel.hilig. \ ht- is trui disciplinnrian, Today I nit-ilruluin tuid sirivvs l'or pt {nation I farewoll Lo Siphiwo with lei'rl alwti m gin NHMIIIU the nal ms to emotions, I am happy that he is going pron 'uad lint-nose l know shi- will to graze on greener pasluri's. but on cull, dash. and cut any errors hu lll_v the other hand l am sand to Ios- h wtth hl-r rod pen. She will not lll'( pi teacher ofhis calibre. ln isizulu Wt.r [Ilk'fIlUK'l'ilV nntl Wlll not illlow tiny ol'us Ukuwakwcndhz, tiltul,lilleakimiyet lll' try to slip it in lll lywhi'n'l Nillalie will fall oi'one houst- is the tin otanuthoro. always try lu push [lii' boundaries This is exactly what his happcnud to [hr work she prutlilt us is ol'tun us in the i lzuili department. and m rontmversinl and flirt-cs tht» hirvs to [act at Saints as a whole, Siphiwe. i think. (Il hail J pile and lo d('lll)t'l dl(. wish you well in your new endeavours. No lioy is allowed simply to he :i [The Hondmaster's farewell message pixssuiiger in her trlnh's, In xpite cf being a single mom and an excellent teacher, Natalie took on two Herculean tasks: Thandulwnzi and Communientions Director. at different stages in her stay here. I know that the resources she developed for Thnndulwuzi were excellent. and the fact that no-onu wants to voluntarily take on tho ( ommunicntinn role (it will in fact. he split up and allocated to different. pmple) is an indication of how much she can take on at once. Natalie is the dedicated teacher who helps out at report-checking during,y her long leave. Nataliet during hcr time here. initialed thu College newspaper. coached the Boys' College- debating leam. was time to got in know Xzittilio will nd :1 onnl l i-ioml nnd h pvrsun who rinnpalssio lie and wiring; Sim is IIIWHVH willing lii ht-ip those Viho ask l'or ll. Sht- lilis ll wicked lulliiour 7 run only have in iiround her rlliss miding [I10 po. she has up to know that Sim litr - I'rnnli tind changing with the b ind Iliey ol'litn li~el it is it safe piltu in which Ih, tlmt Ilie) po [3' cannot elsewhere. 1 ill sot. lhal the involved with squash and has helped for one Natalie Arndl. my heart sunk and I had to gulp my Elii's of wine out whenever and wherever she was needed. As ifthot is not enough. during because I know that any school that her spare time (if any) she is an received her ( V would jump at the external portfolio moderator and an chimco to hnvv someone of her calibre IE8 markm! In her spare time, Nats is in its English department an nvid roador and ti mean cook I know that th' is a decision and a Natalie can appear to he a \ery move that Natalie has given Careful intimidating woman : she has strong ('onsldcratinn to and that it was not an Opinions and is not hebll l to voice decision. 1 also know that ll " :i lhmn. She h u very clear sense of (IK K IMOl l that has hail litltnn up its ivhtlt is righl and wrong. And she has \IHIaIlPlS priniarilydoing who! for hm- son. But ll doesn't milki- r very Clear idea of what buys should he and how they should he iunnngod in her (Ibl.\ nl l to Ii HVI' any easier for mu order HI become (Ii-i'i nl mm) one day. to accept. heron, I know that Wm- lwtide thu poor soul who says Kt arsney's with is ourm; snd hiss. tthit-k' in her class! Natalie is one of Ihl most i' Beneath this svt mlngl) ininnidnting Lent-her. I know. Her rt-sou exturioi-lmlisa lioiirt that is [)EISMIIIHIIU tho it s she dtwi-lops are of an nnd wiring. :\ \_\'Ul\l who his inken (hl int-rudibly high stantlnrtl :lnti 2llwnys ronrt- Henning boys llll\ t uul really had t-nough time to rl'ullsl' whni :lll Page 15

20 SCHOOL -STAFF FARliW excellent House Director Natalie would hiive lieen. iilthough the more astute ones hui-e already rtmlised thi.. Nntrili love for her mother iind the care thnt she token of her is truly remarkable. as is her fierce devotion to Ethan. I am at] thiit we will not he Able to WllllL FS his do elopnient and growth. De lt' ' VL I ) difficult personal circumstances at times, Natalie has never wavered in her profe-ional approach to teaching. She has never whinedt said 'woe is ino' or askt-d for pity. She has simply got on With the job of balancing being it single mom and an excellent tenrher. And this ' ultimately why we are losing Niitiilie ~ she is doing what i. right for her l]0\ Nit. we will mi u. Your voice. your in your laughter and the wonderful chats we h'n'e had. You havebeonastalwartofthisdepartment and a personal sounding board. We wish you every success and happiness in your new school and hope that you know you W ll alw i-s have a place here. at your Stitliian home May you and Ethic ht.» very happy in your new life at Kearsnt y. [The Headni; ter s ft ewell iiie. age to Ms Arndt may lie found in his BZK address tln [1.5] ERNA ROBEY, SPEECH EUGEN It} STOLK Hit ).\I It would st t'nt that the story of all great wilt-hers is that lilt') nd a More in the world to let theirstndents Slilllt'. iilwtiys holding them up to il ~ iniltirtl of exeellent ir thin the tent-her kiiow_ is inside of ht>in just waiting to emerge. Ernii is :i nerfi'i t L Hllllplt' of this ratro hi-eeil ofti. i-her. It has been my \ et'v fnrlllmllt' position to spend manv H morning over a run of coil, - in my of ce With I Irtia. [Inh l tln to her brilliant id is for teat-hing lnlllh iind then heiiel'iiiing from the work. vets and Wiil k~]ittt'ks she puts together and shut't s si. openly. Her students and mine thank her wholeheartedly. Page 16 Let's take it step brick 13 years. howevt. to when Erna rst joined the staff ii- :l lot-uni tit the Girls' College for Leigh l lenss who was on long leave. Never ones to let a diamond slip through their lingers. the Boys College took similar action when they needed a locum for Heather. who was goingon long leave and Erna moved across to the, Boys College. With the resignation ot'antli ew Brown. Emit was appointed rllllrllmé to the Maths department and has given tirele" of hot elf ever. m Erna's daughter Jess joined the Girl College from 'I rini ghuuse in Grade 7. and Roece l-ins been at St Stirhiiins nee (irzido R. Both iit theni I think give Erna sleepless nights but endless Joy. if the stories over coffee are anything to go by. and I think Rt'K't't' WI iiiiss haying his mom nrottnd more than he will admit. I think the S. llit' can he siiid about niaiir of the stiitl iii the department who litire alw valued Ernii's t tml rihiitions iinil e peruse iii teiiching :iiitl shouting ottt an iililireviittetl form ol'their mime. It has not llt'l ll itti totsv ( UIHJIK' ofvetirs for "I! iiiiit I'm sure lht' (lt t'ision lo 1mm was nlli taken Iigliil._ But never once did tiny of the factor. external to S ints nt't i-ut Whili was happening 1". Saints, 0" hehnll'tlflhe ('nllt t t know how big "I rl pitstornl ll' dt l' wt- HI'D losing. (in tiehiilt of the Maths Departmt nt t know how big of an leader we are losing. and nally on a personal note I know how big of an in uence daily I will be losing. Ernn. thank you for all you have done for every young man whose life you have changed. Thank you for the countless hours given with a smile. Thank you for being you. All of our hes! and farewell. [The "' " 's farewell message to Mrs Rohey may be found in his 82K address on p. 6.] SIDWELL MAKGAFEIA~ SPEECH FROM BARRY LAMBSON Sidwell Makgafela has been at St Stithians since 1988 in the Science department. He is of cially a lab technician but he has been so much more than that. He is a self-taught Scientist and a bag and shoe mender without peer! He is a quiet and respectful gentleman. who gets on with his work without any fuss and always with a p 'itive attitude. He is always been willing to help. even at short notice. whether it be bringing laboratory equipment to each e i'sroom. or removing used equipment after an experiment. Sith ll is de nitely going to be missed in the Somme department and we Wish Itiiii well in his retirement. tit honte iii Limpopo. He leaves us as an honourable and loyal Saints Knight. thi- Mllbjt t'l iiiid bringing tip young [The Heatlinnster's farewell message men. ltjriiii. it's sure to siiy. tout-hes your Iii iiiil other members of stiifl to Mr Mitkiziil'elti may be found in his who :iririi i iii the iiiiiths depzn'lmt nl 2K address on p. 6.] will miss her walking up a corridor

21 SCHOOL IMIWM \l'l Back Row: Shirley King, Lifv Stu-Hum 'l mn-hvr, Leon Lomhari Mmhvmmiw l'vm-hvr Graeme Lucaszull M Ithvmmn's l'vm-hvr. Grant Ball. English & [An 'l mn'hvr. Megan Miranda Spm'h Admimslrnmr Front Ruw: [.izoth Roux. H0!) Drum, Nola Muller. ulum'!.\[u.~n- 'l'mrhvr Pam Macmillan. I" 'l'l l'h ('1): Sane! Eloff. M rik.mm Tum'ht I. TERM 1-Now Stuff: - Mr ( alla Niumand (ukus un rho prmnun uf DvpuL Hvudmmu Slurlvm AITAIIB. :md Jum~ (hm n; uphy Drpzu'lmt-m: - MI ( m Bullyum [he lanullah :md 10 I):par-mum» hum SLllmulm ('-n h13-. Sane! Pl(1ifjuln> lw.\h k uh [)vpznlmuul lrum Rumlpuxk High 5?hunl:. Mr Leon Lombard j llll> lhn MmhI-nmluk Dv Irlmi m us u lm-um fur (hu- um - Mr (nus-me Lut.Is-Bull ju n< Lln.\ :1 \rm.un-~ ' [lqun'xmwnl lrnm SI \ndn-uk ('ulh \ \ mm.~ln\\'n MI Lesk I(lnt\10w um~! w1.1!. muhu-~ lkpmmm n l Imm knwxmv.\d l Ulll' - md :11 a»)i HullIanuhx>hl v1uummulm 3m» mush! H w limx V.w- lu-ruw lulu"; up a Ih-Ium ml )NNI u I\...;_.nw.v..l. - Miss Mogzm Miranda lew> un Hm pwmun n! V m y: n'\ In lhv 'Imrh lh-[lhiihi HL 315Li10tl Rot 1mm 11 lh. J (luluruut-ih [rum1'1. \\(u)'dl'nllugn TERM 2 -va SHIN: - I m MncmiIlan 1< (ht' nu I-ixl 'I m'h ('uzwh. - shim») Kingjmnuln-,1Iv.~'rwm-v Ih-ymmnrnl - Null:."llll t l'1l)lll\lh \Ium Du-purlun-nl New Boys ( ollrg (( l'llsiml -lu 1. h.\nll\ I XII>~ Ymmlv Mllumldullu,\I.~ Ikhnplw Mulmmlm.\II\~l,4-)':IIH.\ I]:II!;1 I.Mb: Phil MmIIu-lu And Mr MMIIwu Raw..\l: \Inhm-I Sn -h:m \\'~~mm um'mm mm lumnm Hm - u [ht- Hm; ( ulhw :Im! :. humn unnmhlllun mm ;. xlmhunml (mm m «mlbnul ~l ulwnl~ Alll Mr Calla Niemund. lhquux- Ilunlummm Mum-n1 \Hnln l ngu 17

22 SCHOOL UH \h \m H. A hw n. m ( 1! w I h/ Al l H. mm Lln Hum \Ihmle \I Hn \ vl \UM \h» \Ulmlw Luu Lam. Himmuphu \Iv In m \Hlnhnr um I] h \Iv J: m \ m \IMu \ 4 M m m \l: \hmlunmn Mn r..u lm \h V r4 n Mmulu mu nuw \Hi \Ix Ir \n \Imulh \ \T In m nn 1 Ln nu "my \lm HHH m 11M ['uh l umhw \ll- Lulu l mnn 1 \v HIUIIHK Snlylmrn \h Hum-m \\ h My r} ugh hw \l Iw m\ H nu \ lh mm \l:. Lnulu \.n \-m rm I \lnlmnw M \unm \ Im w wlluhu \ 1\ll lr-h\hiuh \H H:LHHH\I I H \1\ Huh n I \I mh- n w\ u M \n w \!r I'm h H mun-i lv Isz m... s myh x\l an tun-uh \llumlumm I! \h [L.m. l lvdu Im Alhwm Ht M \hnhmu \ \h [An-n mm mm-mu \h 1-H Mu Nl- ILVUJIIHmam-1 \h-.lyulmhm linlmm mm H In: \h Hqu \\ L m \\. MM \1. ~, Wm h m u \\ Hm \I. M n- In \Ilm.Mmlmwnkm \h I um I mmm \IH'A» \h 4 mum \\ H mm AL u \h )"r. l mum 1'. qu I I: \h H rm m H mm H M-H Uqu u M;- u \I \ n m. \m. Ml< Ivmmw \1 l \ Hl\l!lHHH [)\ YH\) 1,K(IS Hl l! \Hm-l \ u hum hnnn. H ulm. MM \! mm \ m vwm Wm \lv \ulwllm n \ nhm»\

23 ' llm'mzm Ilrzuulu-nhum..\Ir Inn Ru-kvlmn. Mr l wm'mm' \V'znwn. Mr:.\nu-h. vhh x. \lu'~lnd171 UmmL Ml Burn L.\llllxmy\,.\l 'Hnnm,.\I li-il (1IL \.H \wu-un-n Mr h lluum vlwh..\ir Imkr 1 er,.\lr~ ( when XL '\Igu..\lr,~Bru1g1rI \ \'vh- --r FR Ilr (\mh - Lnuu,mn. lh-v Ihmvl Nknmo Mr PMNI Wnuhl (In-pun Hmd.\n(num,~ mum.,\ir[li\'i(1kmmhwkl.uimmlurv, Mrs Hrmhm F (lb-pun kul Armh lmva),.\ir ('AHJ NIFHLHIL (llrpun Hmrl Nudvm ML ).\ rmumm- It Mn.\Inv1m liruhh I. MI IDmM Knnnlr- LIL.Hln\.z~VI I Y \l > Tum IlnmlW I R Mr Kmm Mrwm \Ir W Hkvr..\I)\~ Lulu: \Imm \lh (in.\( Ind.\Hw I. M: I lnlmi rdi-m-l, \II n- \lrlu: l[nl1hku..\ll'~.im)» Khlndlhl. Mx'h uluvl] 0L1, m m lixlum.\h" 'hv ntx,u.\l~u\\. v l' m1... Mm \Il-pm.\lu.md.,\h,Mmum "huh. MI Dunu'l l'wnn Mr vluhn '1 wa ] mm m

24 SCHOOL.Lil l SI \I l \l\l irxwiuiniuxixu Our firsi gimsi speiikvr ni' ihu year. Marco Brou urdo. (Ii-liveri-il :i pmwri ui siieei'h on l\l> jmirni-y lmrk from drug 1 (lllll'll1ln and lllv Illlpzlrl ml the ('llult k s ihui em-h UIH of i i :lkl.~ mi :i daily l):t>l.~ llis ltunesi :iernuiii ul' ihi~ appalling lull lhs mlillt lllin iuuk un lii.~ l'iiiiiilv Wm i m'} lillt\'llll.l. :mrl prm t-(l in he u n } eiindiil euutiniiiiry tiilu Alcm'k is IlH' iititlinr n" the OIL etinn nmul Tlitrd ll'nrld ('liilil Tln'. mitt tlii- liuuv (llvl l'hiu ul lliis i'mm Zulu wurriurs in unplilxl wan-d tirlmn hlnck vinpmvi-mmii i't't'iplt iil~ ll IS zihuui i unith iii i- m. li\'e(l lim'htixi' r hi> i 'ir nrtlixiiirr Ml'( l\l> Hl> "il lll' \\'I'i[l'r unil - \rell- kniiwn uiiti nun-thud :lt'l I\ IN. gin-v up ilit~ir li\'l'.\ nl'm-nltli in ll\'(' in u litit iii rurzil Zululand Ali-wk ~1tnkv in Us uhnut lhi rml lv lliiil modern Zulu warriors haw in making :I life In ;i q Ingv m-u Win-iii 'rin limtk i. 1m imimw xi uh tim- will. an lili-mlti'l s ul' :I ti-ihul ~til'u l\' lmn-niiig tn lu-mmu inudvrn, \Imek L n l mmi tlii- liiiys \vxth 5mm» extraordinary lilll's that (will I' sharply with their nwti ('lllldl lmllh. Aulliur iiiirl t'uiiwdiuii 7 and mie of Sinilli. lriciiu llu llli hh mu»! iiil'ltienliul iiiiliriiliiiils. Kliiiyn Dlanuu. promutml his nii-iiinir 'I'u Quulv Mysvlf. is linuk < (illl:l ll.~ slm lt'h uhuut hunting the «wilds; inrliiiliiiu home,nlm Hi I.\ :i regarded :iiiihur and hlnguer rind I> thi- miur ('niiiniuiiii'iitiom uei for ('milent Ext-ellence and Digiliil m ( ueii ('ulzi, His wit w murh 1 [)])I't(llll '(lltylili) $ and 5 ill 'dllki" John Macleaii an Australian Hllllk'li and moii :itimml sphikl'i who was left u pawn-gm amt living im by.-i truck in HIRE. w.» l)l U\ L hl in Siiiilli Africa l)_\ l)imeii<inii Data.We wi-re privileged in how" in. wiring w".- uptiinisiii- nuilimk on life. Emma Sadlui. mriiil metlizi lziwyer uni] Mlt'lill i'mnmentniiua gave ii iimpiuiii- vukmg liilk n im- e: 'il l\ l ur \ ii'llliilly. IllVUnl ln ii-nek iluwn infurnmlinn un itll of us. if wo aren't v rcl'iil. It Wu H] in wnkeup Call that MIT Vll'lllul lives on social mudiii should he eunurueiil with Our other selve mir iieiinns must pass tht-.ip te t. would you perform these actions in from ril'ymir I arunts. l nlicei l riiicipali Potential vnipliiyerlunirur ty. ur a l redmnr. I would urge thi- boys to take this m- iige tr) heart» and for purrnts to he Vigilnnt about their sons' mciul mi-diii activity. WL werv also fortunate to have Advocate Roy Gluckman re ect un nquzilily and the slate of South Africa Uida'»\ll these [)l l Himtlnns should inm- made u> mm}; and hopefully rhzinge our bt-hiivmur in a positive mzinner. Antoinette Sithole :idtlre L'tl us in Chapel on WL dllt-ml ) 17 Junta the day after Youth Dan: is June. Animiu-tte is HN IUI Pil'lt'rsnn'> > >l(*r. Nuw.. <he is "0 iii' the three people in..m x.imux liimmis picturi- or the Simm- sindmu uprising iige 2t]

25 SCHOOL.1:\'I :\' I\ GRADE 8 CAMP (8 10 JanuaryI. FIRST CHAPEL 114 January) and COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY (23 January).'\x lhl' rs! ('Impul rm Wquvmlu) I1 Junu Hwy wm»ummlm (Inn Ihmr Mu 'l III-y \wrr- [In-n Ilu'nmlh wolmum-ii Inlu II IL' Sumh Mnnl) dun-mu Il'll' ('nmim m'mnl lll SI-rvmv I'm all m-w 1M and L'I'Iltlt' \ hrlrl m LIu- ('huprl un Fl ltlu) _ Junum'v 1'hox'vuhrr,mm mm.m nppnrumlly m InYL-sligzllu Ilw < 11III>;\ II t-xlrumu)..~ liw ( ullpgv )qu nn qum'. and m ugh up I'm- Ihum m IIn- uu-mm riispi:i_\'> m Man s Hull Mr I] Knnwhm MATRIC LEADERS INDUCTION (15 January) GRADE 8 (14 January) FIRST ('HAI EI. BEZANT CEREMONY / COMMENCEMENT (:23 January) ' I \ Vv cululu'mm! nuranc Lumh-rs Imd l hv Grade N ( an ). lwld In Huhu.~h I ri-ibcls' lmlm-iinn ('vrvmuny. Inch magnl t l nl M'IIIHL Hf ( ump x lwld m L Impvl I) In Junuurv. l)i,~m\vr) (nurth of l rvmmu. 21.x u E ch pn-i I-m cnmmiiiulim l hi- I rui wh Innumir oxpm'wnu» vnym-ii by 1va ('hnrgv. rem-in-rl Ihwu PM ; mu new grade H Inn s. llh I rvi mul and budgm :md >IL IH ( IIw I I-uI m-iu lendulmn Mun-10:. [I wm um-nurumng Hunk. Hmd Buy 2m]. 'l'ai uilm i fur our ~l In work wuh NlH'h nn Ndlm'u, I'LIII IqHIShHl Iu< lumlorship (-mhusmsnc and I-nvrgvnc unmp of rule In Amnlv Xxunmlu. Imndmg hum buy whn I'l'; )' mmh- Ihl' mud I II"- Ilu- ('hnrgr SquIII 'l lnr I'l'bI I xhu auivilws un th' rump 'I Iu- buys gm In. \I:m~ r gruup rut-wm] :u Mmrw I m. umh mhm' wh Iu I'nJHYII L u mzuh>r>hxp Tue.18 Ivutlmx 01' [hr lin_\'> numhi-r ui u-mnrlnultlmu III'l \ I Ir> ( uiiugu In :I >\II\ )riiii' guxlux l' ui unr mum-h uvr ~purts, ullxlm'lt mum-5. 8 'mm lii'ihivl'th'i I'lhuh, Ilu- III-pun gamr (Inn s. mnpul: hulldmt,i nnd llt'. IIm'.».mII 1hr mel Hm umh (IRANDPARENTS CHAPEL smikxhv-iamwn Mn»! unpm'lmuh. \memi Ihr I'n-m nl II umdu K Ivm'nm'. (a Fobrunry) (III-y luurnl uhnm IhI- mulitmm. wlm II w» u numm.v I'MN'I'IL IH'l' mlnu'u, NIH» and vxpu-iulmm nl Ihv Mr I) Knuwlw ('ullv-gu I ugu 111

26 3:}?! 7.29, 3.2.:.22,.3 Ex... :2: 2.. _...:..::..i.2: }:..:. ::.. :..: : 1;? :..2; :15:. _.... ::...: I _._..._...: _.....:..._..._...:._.._ ; L: :2....:. E...7.: :2... ::.:_..: ::._...: _.,_E _ _ I...:.1 2.; 7.7.7:; _../... _..;... _:...:_:....:. :2 :27. : _. _: 1y...:._ :72;.5; : /...; _.._.._.:. T : :.. :.:.,...:..._ :: :. ::.L..:.:.y..:.:..._:..:. :.._..._._..y. 1.7 :..:....2: :..._ z..... :. ;.. _: s : E. 2...:...;...:..:._._...:. :...: :..7. E...:.. Tux.1....z...:...z..= 3 : , q : :...._..._.._....3 E i _.,.._,_.._...,.: I....2,._._. :../..: :. 2: ;.2:.3 :..:: : :_.:..: :...._ ;..._.1._.:_..:._; 5:... _:...._._._..; : ; _: 1...7_.....7_::..: : E _...,.i 3... _.._...:....._. 2...,_._...:.E :... :7..:.: :..:.._.._:._ E. :1....::: E....:7.:..:...:i. L: :7: 3i... :...:.: _..7_ :5; _..;7. E7.. _..._.,.:._. _:.2..5; _._..:._/..:.._.: :...r:.n : 5: l _ ;.i...



29 SCHOOL - FVFNTS Mr Barry Lambson and Mrs Toni Brooks. THE CANSA WALKATHON (7 March) The CANSA Walkatlmn w an m't'l'll hasted by Saints (in Saturday 7 Marvh. We estimate the attendance in ahtnlt >150 people who came Lu support 115 honourable cause. The night. was lled with great music. delicious food and an l XCL iil l Viln- Many uf the participnntx [ml iniu the nit of the event and slinwed up with cr y. imaginative out ts. ready tn (in their part The Interact Bays wvro running a Luckshop at the event. wuh pancakes being a huge im. As the lilghl pi'ngrvssvd [httemperature gradually druppcd until th eld was covci'ud with pctiplt' walking around in thick )ackcts rir hlunkvzs held over their shoulders. but pel'l ornianvc drew a nice l-mwd With the arrival at [he wiriy hours hr the mnrninp. many puuplv (il'i'lduti in Lake a quirk nun. l'laing ful- thv vnd All the event and [he tithing ('('r0mliny MAJOR PRODUCTION (8 March) 'J()Zl- 10: THE M! 'SI('AL' The 201:3 St Slllhalns ('(lllugzo )lzljllr Prudurtionwas spl'ciziliy W'l ihl ll by Hill (iii-ls ( rillugt- ('iillul'al Dirt-vim: Mrs l ota Hnnly. Thu muhmii (Ullx the uury «mm-nu orphan (Jam and.l still happy. laughing. and dancing The performances throughout th' night were fantastic 'l'ht- [)ukl s perfnrmancv during thi- Luniinaiia cerl-mtim' was a wry mining UXpL TlL'nC and galvanised many ul'thtmln partivipunis intn wulking suvoml laps. whilv Sltvphuno.. (if a l rathviand make l'l'icn n vxli ulii dliilii'y 'puill u-hmlglrl (Jul whn mm circumstances. A> (ill'll l'm-mhiup evulvl-s. they learn ralhm- more mun oxpvctml when they mmu inln mnllu-i with the iiigralialing Mama Jackie, tho kindly Lulu and some Sinisll l' gangsters pnrtl ayod lull-nih- Iiy 'l'lil'lira M'kiimbu uml Wandilu Nlillt). DL-spitv a number lil'ni lstllril x..10 and hermhmh sin'rcxs illy mhnugl- m pmiucu l. mum Show that. pruvidl s much nt vdl-ll nancial ht...ml-«r rol- Juzi and huurphnn l'rit-nds, Thu show lnk'illlil'd slings hy Bruno Mars. Slmplt Plan. l ithnll. lilac -l 3yud l eus. Kanyu \Vust. MUM'I' and many inure. With a livv hand. lnts inging. dancing and drama. this prndul-tion was a hugv hit with all why were invulvvd and hail (hi- mill-ms dancing in tho aish s. litiys' Follow (2 and ('ruw: ('H R:\("l lirs: lull. M'Kuniliv 'I'K wlmdih Mlllu Juli-u] Junk Kluyiilililis.hlmn Kilt hl ll i ('(mk Zane CHORUS: (ii-ant Algal. Jilnu'h Leigh. l umno inhu. Aiidrl-w Miltladuu...iinr.» Ru-hartlhnn. Suliolu Nishinuiln. RO'H I I'RUW! \iurth l'l 1('ll ('lll lw ('ulluin Sutlu-rlaml. Jam-ll ('Ii-gu. I lltiit') \Nuldl'li. 'l liamln Sun-iszi. (lain-iv] Ninth). Rwlln'tswv. l-luldi Sill'l' [)ldsllnand I'AlN'l'thl. t i: w:lllt Milan and Danu-I Svrwmt HAND: Mit'iillx i Alleliilli-r. rjllillllv Qlu. llukt- Mrl liall. K:l(i( ll Arunill- Srimr ll'ii)lll '\ l'm' Juzl-Jw lhv HHMH YIII "Wu WI l t ill itwt. 01' [MD t ll. il[_\ ul' tuh-nl.~hnwn liy mir liars and ulr h "ClingrntulaLinus rm an AMAZING production. I loved CVCX'V minute of it." I vxpoi'ivncwl Juli-J1) a inspirational. challenging and good fun The storyline was relevant and cumin-hing (and nuthnniic. x our nwn hm'iiu-gruwn scl'ipl). the- m inu was ungaging and of a high standard. IhI casting of ithal ai'lui K was brilliant. the music wonderful. and the dance routines viii-rguiit- and ml mul hit. lt wax u l ll h t-iijovahlt- >how. 'l'hc student (ill t'clm added a strong 'S alnh' flavour to the whole event, nilum shtiwli and (lt Vt-iupt-d in m many tlil'fvrulii ways." Hit the button. Enjoyvd by young and mid." "l attondud the show on Saturday night and was huwlvd limit- 'suinal it wm. [t mm by hliw Wtinriol fuim watch So much younl.l tulcni and )mli' hard wurk and dedication certainly paid off. I wa till singing all the sung» the ni'xt d "( uiigi-aluliituins on an awn-sumo Ill milu litin. I LOVED it ARTS FESTIVAL (29 May) It W:I.\ liit lim-g i nllngl-k turn in i\u.~l and mnlullluilo llu- L'\'l l 'l'lul lulllilmi'lilulii ln liwvii llt' :ilnl (H' \ :llllm/ln}: :iiul :uhh-d In it \Vllnlil'l'illi rim t xpt l ll lit'l'd in all 'l'liv [it'. lil h ilalllt ss.ullll-li.-luni-mlhuuutplm-ll Quullu.u-hlhlhnnlh l'mm lliz.hiliaiiln-xliui'g linlh-l ('umlmm. l.\ Page 25

30 ()uki'u-hh ('nllugu mul Run-v Hulmn :uidml In [In- :1 L HL~ l~ 1 :l)'t' In nu) hii_\~ :nul Lurk in rhmr :lnd Null. [n~ hn xl\: nu- ~~..\pl'uklng t'unlln-illmlh. mln- lunmmu-r-huuw puhllr (uh-m mmlwmlum um! \ zn-mm [ A. pl: \'< (rum M' :nul (H' N!" ('ulu' \\n~ u ~ - 'l-m-. H I > mw allmnnu murmur (n \pn-w lhvn' rm-n.- mum w.» :m- Ix,,1~...gr.,m M [U :m mvn Inuuur. mrl lwlh-r mvni m-u \vm' 'I'hn- l \ll (hpurlnh nl :l I A'>])III\~(1)I ' lm' Ilu- urunm/mmn 4 an nm-wm during an» l'ullnru] 14mm].\I Ilu- \rx~ I.-,~mu. Ilm W1I~u ourishing :Il lelb'lht-l r lhul unuh-(l :u'numl (ho Huyx' ('nllwgn- 'l lur urmlv h -Iu.xl u.\lmu/i' (~.\I\ ) :mtl Imm Jmusr luh-m mnnmn m-rv highlights li wax :ilm :1 un-m umvlll'hlmh I'ur M1rw >l and ( n-\\ umu- [u nduvlmn Amway u. mhxhu Hu- rvmulh nl I hmr h' rd wrn'k m (hr onliru.\l'huul 'l'ln n vu-w 2 numlwr fr-(hon wmm Im'lurllm,v lhv lmnd~ m (ht ('Impul (h (L \vhn-h mnlmlnm-xl m :l wondrrhll Inmm-wxm-n nlu-ruu-(l \AI-II, whilv Hu- : uxm.~pim-.- CONFIRMATION (18 October) FOL DERS' DAY ( Junv) Thh [nmml M In». LEII III xhnvuum- ul Sum mnmul Mlh'm :md uzu vhnrnuuhh (-nluxwl In lhu- AHIHI KHI 'l hv.\umm 111., Hwy ('m our: Aw" Mun/Ml 1Iw mlann \Hlil Ham "v (hnmmx andmum ynrrlmvlmnu- Tm 41-. hm In" H.,.~.,,,.mu m un r Hm munllh,xml haw mun- (um um 'Iul My «M-Mt,4 HNHIKII IIIII' pmm-umw 1m.-umm.»mu Hu-I'lnh 4'\)mm -I m mwm I y Ilnumhnn hum Imm Mn» I'.m\.nul r _ (Hum. mul.- hupmu m prim u. n mum. umlhh l'nhmau )u-mml pmlm Hm I. lw In m... \nmmm. Ihu gum! ~pl':lkl'l' \mrluml up My..u-ummv uh hvr mw In. lwwu mmmmu Iul [In-H v HH'IHInHu: ~]M>«('I uh lu-r mum-«my nurululllur\vuhu'hi-lwvln )\HHH'ruIHu mum-um ml m-.-m Jud.Imm- \tmum my llw"runluuun run-al numb, n11>\lv \«)1l1n hwmilu Marv In-n-Ihnrv vuwru-m r Hm! \\I Awuhl HH [Hui HUI mlvnh AIHI M1'H:uxu-\'m:n»n nw [In-m. HIM vhul \w mu>l ]\\:Iy\ YI'K ULIIKI\I wwh (th In "m-ml1g"«.u h ul Iw I'hv m-zulv 1': \ mml V\1'I mun-ms hrld lhl'l r :uuuml :-\ nlulmu 4m Ihu 27 (h'lnlu-r In l \I' :Irl I'unm The :m L~l> muk Ihu.mdu-uw muml un Imln'nlnnl [mm v.\ l1:nnm(,: tho thkmg lwlnml mrh \mrk Thu NHII wax :Illvndml h} :1wulvI'ungvnt uvnvl': lungroupsl'rum xmhl](~r> In muuuhmmns, l nuv 2n


32 SCHOOL -I\I\I\ St-znouy 2025 und.1 New Slutmnvm of lmmt and I ul pnsp (1n llu~ IL. 1 :Im pii-imi ~me I]; n. lunnvh sii-muuv m2." uhii-ii In MIL» :I 'HlHI-Mnl k {urnurwlhmll IHII'HI \ m'm' 1th lh'nl ' 7I414 IHHI mun: 'I'II.-('nIImlIIIInn ui. Inn-m 11w...» ~ :I mu ~I2IIva ni ul IKHI'III :Inrl I III'pn I» Inmn In; I-wa vnm-.\l:ikin;:.i Wurhl ul' HIM-rum: Thzu IwmrmHIu: 'l'hm I IIUI Hm. I. \ l' ~ - ' \ In hvu Sumh n Immn n1 Nut- I llt'w n him;.i IlII'lI-I'I-nw In mii- \\IIl ]( xli!\iil(:1 \IlnllYIIIHIIl'IIIu lri-h-i- \Im h! IhI hunknmrk 1 h IJI > Inwn (h\l 'l \l l l wiiii \ HHI I IIIIIIII- I\ [In l qui.iiiiiiii Thummmm (hw LUH IIHUJ nl ()HI. I I'lnl m III I mpr- nu. Suuunwnl of Purpose i~m mum..<isiiiiii WI'IIIIWmmm. IIIIIII'VUI L \:1]7 \ILHHIIHH HK. IIH'I'Ilwd rm uhi [HIIIUIAIHIH IIIHW \-,. I'IIIW.» III mm whmm. m. w. - II. - IaIIIII-m- miimiiiim II. lu- III-W harm va [MI-Inum. III-.IIImII um ~ I,I\I um I. \I.IIIHII.;I I m,.quiiiiu IIIII-Mumml'vululum1qu ui IuII...I;,.mI -I IIIInnumu. «:IIII III-mun H7]!I l~ IIHII lummm \I-Il In Lnrm mum It, In In» (In-MI]! I I KI HIKIIHIHIIYIU,I\ \II II.III IIHt! gle-ihi \ III/mu ~ ['Inmlunr HUMIIHHH uiiii IIIIIHLIIIIIII.IIIII.IIuII-IIIII.IInl-Innn uh hull-iii III II.IHHH In III IIng-uhlnnxz liuiiiiri-wyl Ilu SI SIHIILIIF InIIIIIm - I I'umul III-mm qu,,iiiii In. I ququ IIII-v In. I ~ III III \IIIIIwm. m.i I'IIIII-w I plum..- m1 Imm- - Uplllmw I-IIIII:II II.\.II.qu IlthYIHHHII Aurig ww (hrnuuh n... hunk I HILIIMMIW \\ Hll I m II um,- - ('I viiiu {I I IIKHIKHIIIIH u!.. IIIILIIIILI HHHHV IIHI ~InIlu-nlx qnn,[iii-.ihimhiii hum - I lmuh- LII-Ilium hull I Hhrllll l UH}- mlmun Imml mmim. qui.-.im-iupum Im. mum :\~.III.., I miiim] Imnm ymnuulnm I.I\I,.,Im..-..II.I Hum Inn! m llnn I ugv 2h ' Munnuv uur uilut'uiiunu] I-nIm'er- ul'hv HVUL and III-m Ix mmimum wund :Iml :II ruuanx- I-m-lmnm uun- mun- pnlui.. SI smhmm ('v-hi-gu ls mmnmu-rl [LI Ihu pwnw (H II HHIIH :Ind (II'YL IHpXHL'HI ul' South. \1)'IL' H mrii-i) WI- ~I t'k In I-mhrnn- ulmnlu. III lu- nv and.\ii. (hmlml luv nur ux' m. Wu Imu- Ilv m-il SI. t'_2\ 2m, I'mIm-wnrk wuh 11> 4. :muh ul lm-u, - SIng SI huul (Wm-um..\v \ :uu mu San-I u} l rmu'u I Hrmvmu I miilv. ml 'l ulvnt - ( mumg u I nmmunm- l'iuliiigi-mrm ( urriruiiim Push-run:.I ('IImmnmn I-I' Hrlnngmg Ihmuuh Ihu \(1\Ilrll l ll\l'l\[ )["Il' ' - lmprmnm (Innpm l.ll ll l'~ in 2mm Tlu- lwn 101 h birthdays wv un- wirhrmingz md muw quk In Ihl' mu Imh 'HI IIHI. \~ u. up w-la-h nlllm Imim 'I'Iu-w ~IIII h ~.In \\Il\rn qu our IIllv 11> SI Sluhmm (mum.- ('ri '(Hll lx Spur/x ("Mm 'I'hI- ( I UMHIPIN aniimll t'lul :IlI'Ilmn-Il In Ilu- Uh] SIulunn \mea IIIIIKIIL \\. ~ luumh-il In 21m?) 'I'hw IR-undnr, \wrv (hm H Hil-x mm: M- unndr "mmmlmlisilmuml{ hrmuphvr \\'IHI.InI~. \HIIII- mi-u-r I'I-mzmh In \Iu.~ Ilm (IIA' n-nrv PIIIAI' III' I'ruxmln-Ix Im-Ilu-I' I25 ~1erqu I'mhw hiiu- hi-un, Hlllt'll.mm.muIIm H www- mm mun..-.in Imm Amnmll}. III.,u..-..III~I,I*<'.»II~;.III~r...I;.I > IUI 1!IIIHII'I1\ I.~ zmmm M.-.wI 'I'hu ~IuI'I Int Ihu ('I'ux mlrr» qmrh Ivh m H1 l'l Ivf\\hn.I m. mim I II ('UIII-w-.mII III 5mm".\\1~m'mlnm mu: umu uh[iii-i'i-iniii\iii1hi~>iii ui I-Ah-I vhthnnm'ahurg 'I'lIIIIII/IIIIIIIJ Hui/I,» IQ vanw, A IHII'HH 'I u-n \mh Jun. umh-i' Ilu- h'iltlt'l'\hl]l III' I vlv qu kwvll n: l II.III ul Ilnv.I Stillman: numl:uinn, (hr 'l'hnnrhllmm xlililk & SI'II-Iw- I :IIII-Im \\ :h hnrn -'rnm 1\l'.\ ~mii Ingmmnua. lhi',\i:uli-m\ II.L\ ng-wn I-I-murkulvlv mm qu ~ Imlm lhl 71h M'IIHH] «II'SI Sllllunns. SI Sluhlnm and ( 1' I'IquIIqum INN mu.. null) I'lmm Ihul I"Th?lll(llll\\':lll,

33 v SCHOOL - l".\'l:.\"l S Amdmm- is unique among South.\II-. and IIIIpzn-I (In L (lll( 2 [liln withiii llul' with ' huols In II> mahcoiiiniuiiiiy. drm) ha.» [lqu' lel;ii~.~.. I lln'dh) School llk'h ( Kl\ l. l '> I lllll \ L'ninr l'lii'iol \Idk llls wwkly III MIIIhs. ll Il SclI-IIcI->,. glisli :IIIII \ nunung, :IchI-I' [)III'ulopmvnI l l'n l'mnllll whn-h mlvunl-i'» 1. H) priszi; *lniul (L'Iu lllll's Ihrough WI)! Iups un ll li' Snmla I-ampus. :IIIII J l'iii'ihoi JIM uun hm m lumpupnhuwd \\'l)l'k5l 4l])>.\ TA MI lh l lll'k l'n l'l'iml minu thi'li Inlllh l v, mung II I IL'lIL rk In IIII~ SI SIIIIIIIIm H'l]Ulll~ WllllI' ll\i \ 4Ill1lI>lL li IllI'll' Hluralnm (harm s '.\ SI-hulurahIII nrngruiiinir H I-nIIhIc snulk llh I'InIII Il]> rl(l\?lnl} ].{4 (l l)? ('kl{l'(illllfl> In I-IIrIIl :II SI HIIIhIIIIm Thu wry ui' TlI:IIIrlIIl\I'II/.I'~ I lei IlHUlL Il )) H}. 'Ulll7ll"~ mnniim Ihu mum III :I LXI'IIHP III III-y III'L'IUHH.Iml \'IIlLlnl( l ll Il l)_\' -liihiiniii la VII=I. [IIIIIlII (' IIIII IkI>, l\:i H WII >II.\ll>[illl' SII-wun..\ l',\ lii:- Il: \, llt'l'lllilnl WIIgnIIII.l)II\ I<l (ll Ill', llm -liilhi~iil. Xunh KlnIzzI l'liiiliiikii Mngumln. and KlIIIIInI :Vlln' lh,.sl'il IIIIIIIIIIIIIII llr'l'lniiiiliu \IIlIIIIhvuI II~ III' Hl 'l liiiiiilillsz/i IIIIIl II Inl'lnlu l' Ill Il'IL' SI Slllhl ylnn ('nllvuu Lucunvu- (VIIIIHIHHI I 'I'IIIIIIIIIIIWIMI l I - III-I.".upW-MI IImI InhmmmI in [Inl'III'IlIIIIw- and «all M SI SIIIlIInIIa ('ullruv.ziii<l llii'uulili s'iiiisiiiiiimi I IIIIIIIIII: III IIII- I m-iii «If l lll'iiin'ihl MIL'lHl ani.~linl'nl IIInl Ihu Illlnllllnhx ul HHlH'IVllIIllh I'IIIIIII \\'I' IIJIY IrIIIun- Io lhv many FUUIHIHUUH gii\iii'i\iii > v\ Im IIIIII- qu-iml tin-h a!) lh l lllld IhIr 'I HI'INIUM'I HI I IIM III 1- l _\ I IIIIIIIIIg. Muny III I hmv III-.IgI-IIIIIIIII- m- um. gnu-rm II' 'IIII'l lliihui's ai IIm-I- mduy PIHIl we \llllllv vnn lliin L'I'lm'NkIIsl. IHJIIIIIIII'II IIIIIIII IruIII'I'IIIIIIIIIIlsz/I < IIIII-rluy Sclnml In LIN vuu II I-IIIIII-u nl'lm hiurv A slmi IIfIIt II HI-uIIs II/ XVII/10] My «ccund ;I.l sun-y Imlnv ll]\ lll\'t > V\'II lluml~ III'SI-IIIIIII In whom wl- wnh III ' (hunk \ (IU IhI.» l I) IIHlI' [lay 1 ask you In huld yiiiii' :Ipplunw IIIIIIl Iln- I-Inl III'IIIn >IIIry Mu] Dau- w :IppuInIvd,~ llx'l'])ll1 2H0] HI Kl >119 I I lll' {numlingi lloml 01'th JuIIIIIr II In I ml uhhe- Izur Shv viili III- lnm In}.y lhv rlliiiiui PI'vp 4m 2! high mum and MI ln hull ul' u» lel. 1 thank her for hk l' lii:iili-r~hip :Iml IIHIJUI I'IIIIII'IlIuInIII HI nui- gulmvu} III :I SIIIIIIs \ (llll'ellluxl. \ll~ih I SII'szI'I hm li-(i thu BU} " Pvt-p 11> III-:ul for Iln- II. I: yum: 4- h ' l \'l l(7p('(l :I erinli-rl'ul vaisvul llnihcrii t ul'si SIIII Is. lllllilng l)t L'l( III IIrIgIII~ III Cornwall. England. HL' llil> promlwl nvnr Illl' gl'iiwlll :IInl lewlnpxnvnl (If IlnllII\',\' l l'l p II: I whunl wiili :I Arum: I'L'plllillhln In Smuh.\ I Klllk' mum] :Iml_ Ilpr.\lIc lel' mmm I)" 1 July III IIIka up tln- I llll' as Ulll' lll sl.\iii.im-i-iiii»iii llii-i-i-iiii- 7.III I NI HIHL up prospml I m- hiiii Wn IlIIIIIk. \ll.~ ill l'nr lll, \ hllm IIInl l4":l(l( l >l\l]l nl' IIII\,~' (lufull l :ll SI SIIIIIIIIIh..\ll>l}lll liiiiiil~ IIVI'I' Iln- l'l ll\~ I-l' Ilnr llii_\~' l I-I-p In.l:IkI-~ l" 'lll l ll'k -]I li.i\inu 'Ull\])l'll'(l \\ Ih :I \I-II Ml mlg l'ii Itl III'IIIIIIlIunIIs l'iuin :H') I\~~ SIIIIIln-I-II,\I'I'II:I (lud s [Eu In; Hand III Indn\".~ I-I-vII-uul lliiiiikquwiig. \vi-iziii~ili:iiik< IIIIIIIIl Ilnl".IIln-I-. Sun,.IIIIl [II \ SIIII'II \I'lnr IIIIrIIII-I InLl >II<I.IIII~ \.~ 0m- llmmlvr- III Ilu- lehii>.inul HI 0.x III-Ix I-IIIIImIIII-II MI-Ilnnllsls. ilhil In IhI~ I1: IIIv.\luIlnIrlI~I ( liiii'i'h I~ liiiih :I lunmlnllnn ul' II II' llll'l lll} :H Hl \I'muII IlllII Iln- ln.\ III' SI SIIIhI:III.~. WI- li:i\ I- II Il lllll lllll ~A'l\>l'. «Wyn-\M'Il In UHI' IIIHIUI ('urlv. Ul humu- -III.< III GIIIIK IIm- III ll\l\ IIlI-n-u :Ultl liihl' Wu M'l k In I IIII lhllnlil) niili HIII nd \\I- _'I\I' I)I'. \I'I llll lllii\l\. In I? II WlIH \Ilalillnh l\ A tape Iry ol slnrivs l lih ll ul II.~ lh'l'l IIIIlIII l1:l.\ UHF Il \ \ll\l:ll '\ li' 'Kl lll'l ~ III' SI sllllllilll, ('Ullv l'..i lull N VII H'HIII III'IIII- I'IIIIIIIIIIIIII, \\ ' l'urni I) l: ll'.~l) \ III sliu II-x l\ill li houunt'ul, III~IIII IlHIl.Il :IIIII rh mm ;- \\ II III~pII1~ P k'plll lll'l.iinl III.ILI~.I \\IIl lil III IlIl'lI ('"L'L 'l'li:iiik \nii, )I- 'I'IIII.\'IIIIII]1

34 _R SCHOOL -1\'I \1\ Pug.- :m

35 SCHOOL -I\I,\1_\ I ugv :H

36 ' i CHOOL - llll- l-ul'xlhl'lth Advancement Of ce The St Stilliim t\d\': lll t lhl nl ()l'l'it'iu t i't'nli tl in reproseiiis the ('ol- leize's intent to iilloeute MT and ['1 - sources to misui-e :i t-o»iir<liii:iii-il npprom-h to iiiliii i. UNIS. Iilnrki-tiiiu. \'\ evils. eominiinieaiinn. l'iiiitli' sing. zllllllull relations and ilii- Ill i lel' Institutional Advancement From ii.~ founding in Him it soilimin ('ollvge hits inmllvd u deeply i't-ii u... ili~iz~iiiiiding ihzii git-m thing» can he zirhien-tl when ()ne unrl :\ll mine in the 1mm." or knowledge and gwidni The S:iiiit.~ Hminur challenges ill] stur Lil'nl> to l-loiiour (ind. ()tli :Il\(l Tlieiiin-li'tm 21 they grow to Know 'I hi-niwlxm. Be 'l hem.~el\e>. and Make their l'ontrihiition", Work of lhh importance requires uha <iunim and ongoing.~uppnri Gifts to St Stithinns ('ollcize empower us in hire the i-lni'sl it uk lil l >. build and mziinlnm [he niiisl uprtovtlule fiii'illllt's and oil - 2i range of other educational fziith m the work of the l ollwiztv. but til~o lii lh-i in nor ('Ulil l ln'l i iiiiiri- one In \iliieh oni- lrill l ili'l] ;Illli\ (lill lan- :ltiyjnanu: and Pullimunlh priijl t'n tliai uiu ihe Si Siiihmm experience ll\ lil>llng ll>llmi mm L'ltiniznelix with in Si Siiihiam i-epi-w-ni not only iiiiy l'ulllil]\ll Winll'lllllllll to min-ii, Sustainability ('i-eziting ii ('Ulhnlui nity of Belonging 'l lie rllnll i' il(l\'}lll('( l l( nl :ind siistuinir liility ol'h'i Slilliiiiiis ( Ulil gt requires a sii-iiiegie t-oiiiliiiiiiiimi of marketing ihe pi win school vi-enting ll community of belonging :lmiinusl smit. students, :iluiiiiii iiiiil past parents: and 'l'i'iiii: revenue and resuuru-s hei-umi nnniml.si hool rot-t. Thl iiiiwion ol. the Advancement ()ltit'e i to enhance the good mime ol Sl Sillh' inns. lu invest iii :i cuiiimuiiity of hi» longing. min in ensurl' lung-term In llr iiiiioiml.~u, nt llilly. In order to create eapzieity to meet these ()bjm? live». the ('olleizi- h ( rt' bt d an Ad~ vuiieeiiieni Of ce with dedicated staf ing to lie appointed during 201. The Old Siiihian t siit iiilion. the St Stithi~ Eln Foundation and the Thandulwa i Trust lll't three key strategic partners. in order to mow th <1ratl glt theme forward. the following oniphuxm will hendtli-c vd' ( reziting zin effective and gonl~di~ reeled Arli-zinut-iiient Of ce which will roinhine iltilni illlnm l lll kt - iiig. pulllil I L il'lilllnh, communit - nuns. l'\'i'n >. I'undiuising. :iluniiii relations and the urrlinw. Ihiilrliiii: :i community of bvlonp iiig. lliilhlilst'tl behind the ( ollegv's >li'iiloizy :inil Willing to Mimiul'l ii-noneti.miiwn mi pi'o- L r:iniiiie~. iiieliulinu ihi- 'l'hauidiilmm \rzulviiii'. - lh- 'lliimii: ;. i'iilturi' ui' in ll): of time. i-ewun-m A Xili x'lxm.iml funds amongst the College s pre~ sent and past commlinil ' Collaborating with the Old 5 thian Al (x ation. the St Stithinns Foundation and the Thzindulwuxi Trust. - Ensuring the diversi cation ofrev~ uiiue and rosaurci \ av ilahle m the.chuul for identi ed strategic priorities over the medium and long term The Advant-emt nt 'l'vam and their cur rent responsibilities are: Admissions: [All'l alnt Dzii '. Liane (lroomliridgc. Mar/mung: Charlene Bolleui-s. NonA hlaiihlzi Mthimkulhii. Public Relations and ('arwnimi'z ali'mis: Loihabofl'habn Royds, l ublir Relatimis and Events Advance~ inent Staff-and Event Consultants. Alumni Affair. Julia Phipps, Sustain nah Knowlvs (OSAL Database,llunugmiienl: Julia l hippst ('nllr re Art-hm Vew Appointment. Futmdolinn and Fundraising Projects: Bev Johnson. Lynn Sal The exisience of St Stithians ('nllepe :lrlist' win of the[m of St Elaine. the yl llt'l oalh' of Alhui't Collins and William Mounmepliem and the min-inr- [Mulld iwrl or (iillit'rt I urker The Sin on: of the Advancement (ll't ii-v is (ii-pendent on all three of thew distinguishing qiiulitii..'\li' Alistair Sit-wart Page 32

37 SCHOOL.TlMNDL'I \\'.»\/.l l'rl's'l Thandulwazi Trust mm mu S t Em i igiomv Thandulwazi: celebrating years of empowerment through education This ycar. the Thandulwazi Maths & Sciencc Academy celebrates its 10 h Anniversary. Initially Iho lirziin child of Mr Peter Backwcll. in October 2003-) Thandulwazi brought under «inc "17 lircllzi n number of St Slithntns cducir tinmil initiatives: mid community UHgngcinoni programmos. Fruni bll illll beginnings. tho Thandulwazi Maths & SCIPHCP Academy luis grown urgzmr Cally over [hr 1* 1 zit-mat- and Iliis ) L nr 2,768 liisttirically disadvantaged slur dents rind teachers have lwut lud from the cducntiunnl prugriiniiiws proi'irlcd. The Academy. nth the liirgusl of its kind in the country. facilitates tt-nclitiiupskilling workshops on Saturdays for more lhan cducaturs in (iaull-ng. using \'enucs m {nuruftlic SI Stitlimns schnols: and in e. s, ut 4110 Linipnpuv based teachers at two partner -liouls in lhi- rural Sckliukliuiii- [Jisiiitl ol' Limpupn, The Thandulwazi Saturday Training l riigramniv and [his yum- Scllnltl npcratcs on 30 Satur yenrt providing.r curriculum our mom and extra lulilhn l'ur ni-t-r 1.01m students {rum 180 high schonl across grunu-r (iaulung ()wi- ihr lust lll.w' 5i now teachers linit- givitluzitcd from tht- Thandulwazi liilvrii-'l'i ui lii-i' iiloiu- 3-1 iiitt-rii Iuiichcrs nrt- training in tho SI Stilhiuiis st-lioiils. All this is mad» possible by l liiiiidulwnzi s suxr pui'lt l's. gviicrtius funders and the Saints anlly. 'l'litink _\'nu. Univ and All! Otic + All = Ubunlu in al lilln. Wu :ii i' grateful iii iv St Slilhiitiis an ( ulit-uc community. who llil\'\ iii-oli- t-nnlriliiuvd to thn sut't ss nt' Thandulwazi this your. in so many w- is. Wu thank: ~.\lr Dun) Knowli's and ihu i :litiol Ext-cutivr l'nr hosting tho Thzlllr dulwzizi Saturday School tin ilu WL't kl lkls pt r :iiiiiuin and for llu ir ongoing t-onimil l nt'lll tn ( (ll ('l l inn. - Tlit- pnrvnrs who liilvl ~uppm-md lht' Eric/i ()mt. Span. 7' ()nt- catn- pumn. um :Inllll l ('lii'islinzis A.» pt-nl :iiid llli 'l i-iim Thandulwazi 947l und *.. all who tciicli nt llli' Sniur» lion]: lnt nml' intci-ns- or (lunilli' ihmr prn' ioiinl skills to l l lllunl'u I lii- wtn ul Tluuidulwnzi - l'lic PL'l'l' l ntnrs whrv luloi t'd in the Saturday School. Mr l l'urulu Mliliuphuli :ind llli' I (' ('lit-ss s iiimlwd in [hit Tli dllllul- p wn Siliul'tlsw sum] ( Iuw s (inn. lt'nut' in st pll l llln l" and mu ll( I liutugi uphlt' min» [or nun u. iniict- u-itli taking plimupi-iiphs l niiiim-kt-iint- plll'piisiw, - Ms I nniaryn Ross thc [menu-1 ('oiiiniitie-t» and their supportive Dill't llls. In 2012') Intvl act partnt-rt-d with tho St Stithinns Foundation rind I t-zim I'hundulwazi in the Monicntiiin 917 ( yt-lo ('h:il~ l( n[.'( 3.snnit- ho iiud up to cyl on 1:3 Nnvcmhcr: l'lt ln this 9 lilhvl s sold rzifl'lt- Lickcts and sourced donations in kind, Thank you. One and All. for all that you do (or so many. Thandulwazi Truste 2015 Mr Mahlatlii anh Khtizn; Ms Mum-no Kliomi1Ms 'l'liaini Mozushc: Ms Khumo Morolu (Chmrl. [)r 'l honihn Mrhethwa: Mrs Kolly Nnidnu Kl y [)L' (innl l ' Dll L L IUl' of the 'I'liziiidulwzim Mull)» 8:. SL'IA I K'L Academy 7 Dr 'l limilm Mlhl ll lwa. Pl'li l ullllnv ('nordinutur: Thunr dulwnzi~rokuiidii 'l michor Dcvcl» upnivni I mgrnniint-, Kai-mi Wid- '. sll'u. ' l rugt umnu' ('nurdinzilr Tlmiirltilw Szuurdziy Si'hmil, lialll' nun mph Khom - l rogrziiiiiiit- in n ll dlllzllul i Thilll' dulwzizi lllh'rl l'tl'lltlu l Truming l i'ogruninic 'l'hohi li Sliignniln ~ l)(']llll_\' hit-crim- til} di'nuct-iiiuiit l'i'liniuiiiiu'nzi l'iiudi'uisiug & dirr iinr i i- :itiuiisl 7 \ Jnhnsnii.\ls BIW Johnsuii pn l 3:5


39 SCHOOL.IN I'IER'IIUI'S} ] \1\l\ l uuv IV;

40 SCHOOL Iiiiitmis ('t )l.l ms ( ollii - is u very p 1 who». It is a house full of triidi on, it is a place where those that have moved through its walls have added their own hit of spin- to the avour of the house The young iiil-ii ot' ('ollin o e have CUIIA tiiiuod adding the spice to the mix th' year 7 after all. lituirdi-rs are the heart and soul ofihi- College. Boarding. in my opinion. young men today. It Kl\ _' of belonging and teat-he. the life skills of self-discipline and taking respo hility forum-self. It helps lioys to adj a to mid understand hm from vervllll1 l ereiit backgrounds. This helps our boy in a verr complex mil-av in which we live here in South Africa. to he more adaptable in their working environ» ments later on. This.\ ar hiis been another wonderful year in ('ollins Hous s line history lloys have excelled in all pillars u 'e ll at the Roi-s ( nlleuiu This report will look 7 some ul ilie success In the various pillars on oi ll Sport: While it can he. id that 1 lmt's are ln\ t)l\/l'll iii iurts In some niaiiiior or means within ('ollins House tlii pi. some who l\l \ l' excelled on the l'( ou- "lm'll sports l'ieltl. Ind legitiiiiatel l» i-rshiii rules. ll gives me pleasui to acknowledge the l'ollowinu iii-hieromoms din-mu am I siari with the grade 8's Making your way in grade 8 is tough and we are proud M H our gt'zult- a. who purtieipaletl llll.' The following hiiys 'rve special mention: - ihim-ii- Kllnt nt' managed lii plav in ['our rugby teams this se- <ull namely the lheam. [he ( u-am. Page 36 the li-team and the A-team. ' Blllli'l" Kuneiic. Yenaiii Zouzoua and Sahelo Nonihewe all achieved the position of li-teani rugby cap- I, in during the season. ' Congratulations to Murne du l lesis who played UMA cricket and UMA rugby this year. ~ Riviningo Luhl l. 'l haho Munhu~ wani and lianele Kunene alao par~ ticipated iii the Wynherg Rugby t iviil. ming. - Devon Pugin captained the 4th hockey team. The following grade 128 deserve men- - In grade 9 the following boys deserve special mention: tion: ' Mudiwa (7 aimkira was selected to attend the Gauteng cricket camps and also achieved a school record of 276 runs in one innings ' Dylan Schmid. Alexi Manganadelis. Aedon Douhell and Ian Kamotho were all awarded Team Awards for representing their respective and. was it o Saints' U15 leading rst teams. run»scorur t year. Mudiwa also ' Special recognition goes to the Collins boys in the 56 rugby squadi captained our U15A hockey team this year. We as Collins house made the - liucroti 'Masaiiga continues with li' dance accolades where he won N iionuls held at Sun ( ity in the greatest contribution to this rugby team. categories of solo. crew, small Leadership: group and duo. He was also select In grade 1] Tanaka Dhon-iho and ed to represent South Africa at the James Netherlands were selected to World Dance, Championships in repi ~nt the school at the Rota Italy. In grade 10 the following deservt' special mention. - Niahulu Ntsniilsha was chosen as ' the Ul ll Ii * i-tliall :iad Ul ll st, ~r ('apliiins this year. Inullii Ntlnlmkmlye was si-lertt'tl toilie Iiious Grant Klionio Week and then Wl selected to niirnd the South Alri Ill l'll l 'aiiip l'or L116.»- where he wus rated the top player in the country in his age L'l'liup Nicholas llriniiieomhi- was the llllia \ u- iiituiii i'or riiizh and played for the Ullill l.iun. l ll lty ii-aiii, He also uchil-vod in water polo. plant : in the Stunts rst team. He also made the ('entral (inllleng writer pulu um squad. 'l'vi ell Palmer also captained the Ultill kei team, Luke Squires wr.. Isu selected to the Holden Iiioiis Ultit ' e. I Ivanuelos Sioutos (-anie third in the SA rowan; champs. in grade 11 the following dese 'e spevial mention: - Juno Baker played first team so ter polo andmade the U17 Central Gautcng. as well as the SA U17 water polo squads. He was select» ed to the tournament sides at both the Clifton and Saints water polo tournaments. Jono also received school Colours for water pole and was awarded Honours for swim- leadei ship camp Lungelo Rajuile was selected as a School Prefect for 2016 whilejuno Bakerwas elected to thepm. ion ol'dt-put) Head Boy for "2016mm lanaka Dhoiiiho as the Prefect in charge of ( ult Lire. In Grade 12 Dylan Schinid was a S hoiil Protect and Tal adzwa Chinaiiiatirii was elected a. a School Pre~ feet at the end of the year. recognising his signi cant contribution over his Miitric year. Luvuiio Ngwale was the war cry leader. a role he Cht ll. hé d. Bradley Schniid was.iiptriiii ol" athletics for 2015 while Gareth lmric. Luvur no Ntzwale. 'l iit'adzwa ( hinitmntii a and Bradlo Selimid were awarded Servin- 'l ies. Service: This has been another busy yeai'on the service front in Collins House with each of the grades doing their hit. The grade Rs and 95 participated in various compulsory service projects either through the school or organ sed privatclyi It is a pleasure hearing that till the ( ollins boys in grade 8 and 9 com-

41 ' SCHOOL.HOUSES plated all their compulsory community service Merit Award for completiniz as n house. support these boys that service hours throughout the year. In a minimum of 100 hours of have been confirmed and baptised, grade 10 Evangelos Sioutas was involved non-compulsory service. with their spiritual journeys and en in the international Round ' Jonathan Baker and Luke 'l em- deavours. Square conference, which has various pest moeived Colours for completing Collins House is very fortunate to have a minimum of 250 hours of had young men who hnve been so willr service activities in and around the area the conference is held. He also non-oompulsory service. ing to get involved in both the House participated in a shoe drive driven by the Round Square Committee in the school. Perhaps the rest of his grade On the whole. Collins House had an excellent year regarding service. and we and tho College. Finally a big thank you must go to all the staff in Collins who have gone the extra mile for the and can follow in his direction. as his e orts in service in 2015 have truly managed to win the intor~house com» House this year. been commendable. In grade 11 Lungelo Rajuile was selected to he a mem~ ber of the Community Engagement Committee, a new initiative in the school. which has a bright future in the College. The Matrics were required to complete at least 30 hours ofcommunity service for L0. and lam pleased to say that all the Matrics in Collins completed this task. Brody Odendaal and Daniel Pawson arranged their own service project to Khamab. Alexandros Monganadelis was a member of the Round Square Committee and was also involved in the shoe drive. Brody Odendool was also a member of the Round Square Committee. as well as the Inter- Schools Relations (ISR) Committee. Dylan Schmid was in the ISR Commit tee. and he was the head of lntra~ schools for President s Award: The President's Award is an awnrtl that doesn't come without hard work and determination. The following Col» lins boys completed the various awar. ' ' Nicholas Gaddin turade l0) mm~ pleted the Bronze President s Award. Jonathan Baker (grade ii) and Tafadzwa Chinamatira [ET dp l2) both completed tho Silvt-r Presi» dent's Award. Service Award Service awards are awardod to griidt boys whohm completed a c tain number of hours in their Saints careers, I am pleased to report that the following Collins boys received their service awards' ' Tafadzwa Chinnmatira recoivod ii munity service category. which we lost won in Academics: In Collins House W(' take academ riously andwe tryour best to instil d ciplino throughout the house regarding academics. Matrics and grade 11:; set the example to the lower grades. and the houst mastors oversee it all. making sure everything rum: smootha 1y. Prep times are times for the boys to complete their homework. and there is complete silence in the house during prep. providing a desirable environmom to work. - It is pleasing to announce that Jonathan Baker in grade ll came second in his grade in tho second term. competing against a very. strong grade. ~ Dylan Schmid achieved deinic Colours with his gratit- ll results. and he de nitely sets tho exampltto the rost of tho house regarding: math-nut s. a Methodist school. and m the hoarding house we print! on. gion. hnvinu a chapel orvry town in thmomorial earth-n with Revert-ml thr mo, The following wvro clot-toil n5 ('hnpt-l Stewards For 2015' Nicholas (lndtlin. WandiltI mun. Evnntzt-luus Siotus iind Ruzihet.wt- Bollhulo. ll is also very impi't-ssivt- to note that Nlt ii~ ulus (inddin. Thahnng llloinini, Mpho rmed through the schooli taking a rm stop forward with their. Mouhi. Smongaliso ann and James Nt-tht-rliinds have recently been con- iritunlity. Kl t' 'dn Burkstrom look his I Dlitfitm to the next [L'Vt ]. and made tht- importnnt decision to get baptised this your. Wo. Sports Prizes: Mr Alan Weakley The Sports Awards are presented to tho ( ollins House tudents who demonstrate cons tency in a range of " *oung man em~ bodi s all the qualities one would hope to see in a sports person who has porl'ormed with distinction in a number of sports. In spite of hi~ achievements he remains modest and is not only a team player. hut also a role model for every one in Collins Houso. This year the nominees are: Jono Baker. Dylan Schmid. Action Doubt-ll and Alexi Mangedolis. The award this year goes to: Dylan Sehmid. The Award to the student who has made the greatest contribution to Inler-Iiouse sport: Thi. tudcnt was a mainstay in the sure sl'ul school In» tor»huuso competition. In demons-trot» 'onatc commitment and enm. well as talent in all ovents item the ontirt competition. this studont hiis shoot- in t-\'el _\ t iold. 'l h' _ '( th' the nominees are: Jonathan Baker. Nicholas Brimaronilir. Ardiin I)Ul l)t and Br lit-y Schniid. Tho award this your gun s to: Jonathan "Hkt l'. Theaward forexcellenre in a sport not altered by the school: This studt-nt' lnvolvmnont and vfl'nrt in thi- wider lil'o ol'n sport initsiilt- the ('ullt-tzo lins bt't outstanding. This award rt-mgnisus signil'n'nnt :tnd wholi-hi-iiriml i-oiuriliution to; sport in ont- s prrsomll i-npiirily and this young man t-xoiiiplitius thi- riilut- ( nllins House places on sporting t i i-lloiu-v. 'l he nomintu-s art»: Lurrolius Mnsnngn. (iart-th liurio and Luke 'l vniposl The award this your goos to: lillkt l vnr post. Page 37

42 SCHOOL - HOUSES Cultural Awards: Mr Basie Viljoen In the rst category Greatest Contribution to Music: the nominees wer. Tanakn Dhombo, Reabetswe Botlholo and Daniel Pawson. The Winner represented the House in the Boys College ( hoir and in the Dukes and played it signi cant role in the succ s the house achieved in [nter-hnuse Mu Daniel l awmii is a worthy recipient of this award. In the category fordrama we also had three nominees: Joseph Nlahilaja. James Nederlands and Tanaka Dhom» be, The winning candidate, we are proud to pre'»nt th ward to Joseph Ntahilaja this year. The last category for ( ulture is for the All-wand contribution to Culture in the House: in 2015 the nominees are: Luvuno Ngwale, Daniel Pawson. Tanaka Dhombo. Joseph Ntahilaja He unsel shly a ted in anything the house competed in and enriched the house with his presence. in 2015 this award goes to anaka Dhumho Academic Awards: Zeph Khaza The academic Awards are divided into two categories: ' The rst ofthose are for thosewho hare invested much of their ener~ gy into their academies, The awards for diligent-4- In at-admn r. are awarded to those who have re» eelved commondatim I both [he rst and snontl letms or have worked t-on stenll) hard I tho eyes of the housemasll-rs through out the year. - Diligenei- in aradvmw awards go to: Grade 8 - Mot'ne do l lrsis. Riyiutdli Ebrnhiin. Hank-1e Kuneue. 'l'halio Munr huwani and l halnine Mot-rant- Grade 9 - Lucretius Masanea, Jami-s Goddard. Grade 10» Rcahetswe llotlliolo. Nit-hulas Britnatromhe, Etienne l- aasmt. Wandilc. Evangelos Sioutas. Martin Vot t!r.m]7l1()mttal)l. Brad eld Thomas 2 Grade ll - Jonathan linker. Tanakn Dhoniho. Lungeln Rajttilo. Page 38 Ker-gait Haekstrmn, Medupi Munyatai. Grade 12 Gareth linrie. Dylan Sehmid. The second category of academic awards. are awarded for academic excellence. These are awarded to the in dividuals who have performed heat. in their respective grades within Collins House in the July examinations: (lrade 9 v Tim Kaniore. Grade 10, Mpho Moahi. Grade 11 Jonathan Baker. Special Prizes: Mr Luke Hartley The rst special award is the House Spirit Award. Th, s goes to the Collins hoy who has inspired those around hint and generated a positive atmosphere at inter-house events and around the house. The nominees are: Luvuno Ngwale, Justin Boalo. Stanton Murray. This year the House Spirit Award is awarded to: Luvuno Ngwale The Community Service Award goes to an individual who has gone out of his wav to serve and help those who aro less fortunate. This award is not awarded every year but instead only goes to any individual who has cast ( ollins House in a positive light within out -ominunity. This raritis awarded to: 'l afadxwa ( hinainatira The Award for Continuously Displaying Integrity and Good Manners m's lo thi- ('ollms lloy who can sisiently displ: Integrity and strongth nl' rharuetur. He always displays good manners and is respectful to llios v around him The llulnlnet s are: Wundilo Nzuzn. Dylan Sohmid. Jonathan linker. This year's i-t-t-ipii-m 151WandileNzuzn. The next is the Fellowxhip Award. whirh got-s to the ('nllins boy who has shown qualities of companionship, friendliness, trustworthiness and has -' llt t'n a good listener and who llils pitl'lit ipaled in llit' wellheing nl'the house, The nominees are: Watidile Nzuz. 'I'aladzwa ('hinamatira. Tanaka Dhomho. This year the Fellowship Award goes to: Witndile Nzttza. The Mentarsht p Award goes to the Collins boy who has mentored the younger members ofthe house through good and bad, He always acts in their best interests and has been an inspiring role model. The nominees are: Alexi Manganadelis. Stanton Murray. Tafadzwa Chinamatirtt. This year the recipient is: Tafadzwa Chinamatira. The Collins Dux Scholar award goes to the Matric pupil in Collins House who has achieved the top academic results in both the April and the Preliminary examinations. The 2015 Dux Scholar for Colli a House is: Dylan Schmid. The Sportsman of the Year Award is presented to the Collins boywho has made the greatest contribution in a wide variety of activities. This is an award for participation. effort and willingness to contribute. It is also an award for an individual who has ex» celled in more than one sport. The numlnt s are: Juno Baker. Dylan Sehmid, Aedan Doubell. The 2015 Sportsman of the Year is awarded to: Jono Baker. The Cab Award is given to a grade 8 who has made the greatest contrihu» tion to the House in all pillars offered at [he Bovs' College. It is awarded to an individual who always puts his house r.. The nominees are: Banele. Moi-no, Gabriel, This year s ( uh Award goes. Bani-lo Kunene, The nal Special Award is the Housemaaler s Award. This is awarded to a Mall lt who has had the greatest inipart on the house. He has made Collins a better place and epitomises what our College and our ho stand for. The nominees are: Tal adzwa Chinamatira. Bradley Si'liniid. Luke Tempest. Dailiance Schmid. The cipent of the Housemaster's Award i Dylan Schmid. Mr I. Hartley, House Director

43 SCHOOL - 'IOUSIZS HliNNlNu 2015 was a year that involved liugu competitiveness and rivalry between all the houses. Henning House was a house that showed great resiliciicc and showed that with teamwork anything is possible. As a house we llad n Cum» mun goal and that goal was for every person in lilp house to be involved in at least one house event. I can proudly say that we achieved this. Throughout 2015 Henning was nonsi. ently placed in the top ( 1 for the Harris ( up rankings. which was a huge cun dence-hooswr for the boys in the house as Henning has not been placed in the top ve for the last four yeai ~' Head of Huniiiniz tilonknlth' M.. Arndli we managed to bring Honning together as one house striving for succe : this was done from ll M hoys the Harris ( uii rankings- for getting involved in house prom-niations Thu ir always starts off with Mic link to all the war. inter-house cvt-nts, cs being sun]; at niitlahlt- lnlllli ul tlit» inlet-holist- an.t. We inanagml In maintain our prt-vnius Henning House started off thr year position of ninth pl lt t from the n: t very well: we were moving up and down lit-tween rst. ('C nti and third two ) ('i howvv r wt» tlitl iiul mat-h our gtial nl limit 'ng our [ii tlvlmls pin-i lion. l t-nnlt in thtl rankings. l'lignnini: won many lwuys li slt il tht- Iiilisl events and even in tlinsc that wv know would perhaps not lie as sut't't. ltil. wt- whl-n tho I ii and lint \A'ilt li llll') silvt'i UKl. Ki'igt- \lllllhi as a linusv and Inilli still managed to comp in tho top 7 The auctl to rist- ai'tvr lliu t-arl lailurv. Ail highlight for me with chiiing Houstwas importation ni rxcollt-iiuo lit-twot-n t'zit'li the fact that we manam-tl I0 ('lllt'lr urtitlt- was Slill li d I rtun Ilit- Malrlt- top 4 in the intcr-houst- talt-nt show. ll' ll in iili house and tho i't'sulls Wt'l'U ( Vllli'lil straight away, We \ivi'v which is very unusual for llt'l il lll i. Unfortunately. howt-vt-r. towards the on our war in :u-liivviiiu tllt- l'l'sllli nl' end of the year l'll-niiilig dill not poi» form to its full potential. which saw lls 2008, ihc last innv Krlgn won the HM» I ls ( Klpi Wt) started the cotnt-liat-k with a win in drop down a lilllt in tht» rankings. 'I'litthe Just! A Miniup t'illiipt-iilllili by an House still managvtl to nish inn 5 iii which is it great achievement. As Head ul'htiust- I would like to thank Ms Arndt for all the hard work Sill, put in. along with all ll it help and guidlance she gave me. A special thanks too must go to all the tutors and ospt-cially the boys: they art- the niaiii reason Hoiiiiing acliit-vcd SHCCL and I would like to commend them on this. I heliuvc that with the grout Head of House for 2016 along with Mr Lllt nn Bull as House Director. Honning will mow to- Kliltil: 2015 will lll i liilll'l) if down as [hl your that Kl lgv i-tignitt-tl our dt-tt-rmination l'oruxct-lll-nul- iii Iht I'l; ri.» ('uii. ('Xl illll lllliitl') pt-i'lill'iiiiiiit-v lty Kivrau man Soon after ilii> wt- wrrt-. so alilu to improve our talent show posi- Lion by a staggvring four plactis under the leadership of Kyli-r Minxah. Th 0 two events show the diversity of Krige s talent in We managed to improve our overall culture position from the prt-vitius yt ar due to work done by the whole litiii. that did not stop through- out the your. Wi 5 great heights and I believe Hunniiig can and will win tho Harris ('up for tht' rst tinit- ever in Once :i I-Ienning Bo alw n a Ht-nning Boy. Connor Boat amp. Head of Houst- l ht- main pillar ot'exccllencc in Krigo House 2015 was de nite the sport. We can t 5 'im but we can (it) everything clst-. Aft siartiniz the year with a huge handicap Wl managed tn returor winning the tug of war and imprmu ing tinr rowing ii) a fourth plzit c. In the second term 1 main sporting event involving wliolt- house is athletic' Tlithouse truly worked together to achieve third place The whole your undutl on a high with Mt-rit' Martin showing his spend and mining third in lht Chapel Quad Iiun in the last t-vt-iil tit'tlit» your Ai it-r this Kriizu House \ ' nainrd lht top sporting liuust' Willi tht- highest inial for UN year and allowing us to make our lial i irk ill BZK t'\'t'llllig, I hi- Mali _ o "(HS all sivmitvd up in tho i'itspunsiliiliilt's nt lt-iitlt rs and inadu 2015 over Inol't iiit-niui'alilt- 'I'livi all alniwutl doloriniiialinn in lmro tht-ir l l ll i\'r lun ttii thv juniors tli Kl l t :iiitl lilt' l'iuiii'i lt : (il '.\ of tho liuustu 'l lit- Kriuo inalins wi-ri- all at tln~ t t'lili l workings of tho holist- ot itln pulling in ll lt liai'tlt sl wttr to L") to tho lilllli\\il\;; iiialrit-s llutri- lllluik~ iittt-tls Kylt-i'.\lilit:ili 7 l)l ])lll) Ht-iitl litiy Nit-k i l liillllnli lionutr t' ti tithing: and Foundation Michael (ill Tail 7 lit-lid Ili Foundation 'l mu.\l:ilia :i\-ti HU ti nt iiratlt- El Nikhil l atvl. lit-till ul'(ii'atlt- Ill l'riulan N'it l 't l', lit-all ltt't' llil ll Murl ldlllillt'l'g lit-ail tii' lx'rigtl.\'tr lit-u Board l agt» :iti

44 SCHOOL I'd lllllll


46 SCHOOL I l'hv (ioiil m-l oul 1H 10 Mill 01"}.014 for 2011') was u» buy llu- lluimlniion ()fi'xvulr lam-v iii oi'rli-i' lo luiiil Krigv lu Ihigroiilvsl, liuiulil M ii lulvr utilize. With [his Wu wuiili-(l Inmm» l nt'l) Krigu lioy Hill the riglii ullllllllv iii ()l'ilt l' mi-xn-l llllt'l on in his lil'u. iifli-r hv ll'hvl's llu~ sl'liool mm thehow w mu h.» proud ul mvi-i-i nuli- liiiy iii Ki - for 1i' l'nr in 2015 This hiis h( lpl'[l us i-i-iii-h our iiliiinnu» L'Uill z\.\ ii housi- Sllnll l l L-iuiluiui. l'llll ol' lloiino As ii whrilo, Mu.. hiuh ill-grow of i Mlll'lu'l' llii-ouglioiu llw :I) Wlil l'l' inlllvllihth li ul :ill L'I'illll'h lliwl tl l'lixlsihll'lil inn-i-osi iii im il'nvlnu \ll'lll llll'ltn wllhln M ir.~ iiwll' u, wvll llh 11> gi-iivrnl pivi-l'oi- "\lllu'l iii Ilu- ll-ii'ris ('iip. I)i'\' 'lll]i l u1 pm... roi-liwiu...-wn,~ :iii uspvl l ul imuoi- l'nru, lllll'lllg ilw miuw nl'llil- v Illlll Wllll ilu- l-l'loi-is ol mv li-llow Mill 1' llhlllllllu )i lli boll'i' io Inlpl uvv gm Hl ll l l1('i1)ill ()ll prim-(l m 1w.1.) l'uh ll'l' link mun Wm 'X ll' 'll'(l I hi- M]All'll wnlim.\li-ur.\ lllan. ll. \i'l-ll :LN Illll'l".'l 1 Ill' l l'llll 11m». hm IIlWll\'. ~ lil t'll ol ii liiuh #[Hlillill'il iiiul wm iiiiiiiitliiiii-ll :il iill limo: 'l'lih posiliw mpm-i 1 ' l illl.rm-u-u... mum in wliu-h lin\.~ i-oulll ilm-u ~~ 15' hlil's l l'llllill]: lo.wluml lil i- iii uoiu-i'iil. MHHI of wliu'li iiirlliilml Iii-omoliiii: l'illu-zil (ll'l'lnilih'lhllkillu1 1 l ln-li:i\'iniii-. ll. wull m Spm'l rm-mu- pm in "pl-n.. viii ol' l UHIIHIIHll'lIl IIl1 u.15 lllll'uilm-ml :II Ilu- lil'ullllllng ol llu \ 1'1 l. qu-i-r 11m \. l' ul xm-iill lll'lwurkn in ziill l ziuo «In i'i-iniiuli H ol hnlh huqu' iiiirl Hm il 1'» iilx win; ii HIK l l RSfHI liiol flll'lll' l lll- SHLllIli. iinrl iilxu ('l l llll'd iiii improved win- of miiiuiriiiluriv between lioyn nl rli uri-nl griidvs (including iimnngnl lhv' own). Mi'iii (lid mil :u'l Hill l' liillll KillllN For iiml wilh ii ll ull «emu» ul' suppni-i from l)iiy)~' ol ull grml - ii.» well HS ll-iivlu-rn within thi- huusv 2 positive uuilnnk on our po. lion wuhin tho Hiir~ HS ( up wus niiiinuiiiu-d 11! iii] HIPS iiiitl nuulo 1 nglli l lllll dim-rune" in our pui'l oi'niiiim- us ii wholo. WI' were iihlu in niniiiuiiii ii pleasing house posiiioii l oi- ii Suhsl nil l pvriud iil' llmt mill 1 h1 \'('1\1i(llllll)l Ihiii [his will hnp~ pun iiuiiin (luring I look l orwui-(l ln 2lean llu- prngn ol Mi'iirs ihroughoul yours to com» and l hiivi- 1I1 K l liiilh in Lhu litmsl s newly l ( l( rl livml..lushiui Comm-n I wish him llu- Iii-HI ol' liil'k for My uxptn rimu t-s in lmuliiig M ovur lhvmm th h VI' (ll-liiiilvly made my for lllh Slippllrl iiiul giiidiiiu-l» lliroiixli- (in! 2111:). wvll us my fellow Miurii-s l'ui'l m iiig li-uuu llml will llisi fo 'VH. (mm- H Mum's Boy. nlwu,» :1 Mom- Ilov. Ki' ull" ('liufl'i-y. l'l (l(1rhi)l Sl' jniirm-y through St Slllhlnn ('ollcgii ii iiivinui'zilill» (mu. 'huiik you in nurluiiiw (lirm lor. Mr ( (i 11 lnl _\ Watson. \llll \lslll lllnh 1501:? will I! n-iiu-niln-i'vll iiul li '( i \l (' wn- iilhiuvml 1 Sl(() (l pliiri- in tho lug ol'wiu'. or [luv 1 [illu-lv l'or inl L llt ss. nlll l' lioiii'lls or lilhlolii. hul l)i l':xllsl' wu iiiiiiiiigml lu ll)1pl'li\ in :ii'» l ils [hill 1 illy (ll li'l ll llnl' wlu-lhi-i- wu lil \l : '(lw 11 SlIIIIXIi IIIlli'lll i.vl l\l l"1' movement in the number nf commendiilions in the second and third terms is one of these achievements as it re- L K LS [he fin-l that mole hoyu took up their rmponsibilitiesin class and during prep sessions. The sports fields saw the usual complement of top athletes Tram Mountnlophena house. The various rst teams of the College were represented by the following boys from the house: Alex HL-iith, Devon Surk. Justin Watson and Rickuia van Biljlin lruubv): Mu'iinz Dasno. Bennedicl Mahlungu. Mphri Miiloi. Khanya-. Nkambulc. and Kevin 'l'hwsla (KSIXI CT); Siyahunga Hlalethon. Paul Skim-sky and Kevin l hwala (hnskeihnll): Justin Watson and W ndil Mnkwetu (Ciinket): as well iis Kunm-th Akihulc. Munashe ( hniteva Alex Huuih. Tim Inc. Tom Lee. lionnudict Mnhliingu. Khanyii-Kwe Nkiimbule, Mumpapulln Raniokgliliu. uml Adriuiin Vorstpr (athletics). Thl' influence of the boarders nlso. exlondud to their captainiiig various sports mums and noiivii i or rt-pruewnlini: the house on slhml coniniim-l-s. Thesi- boys wvrl- Duvon Siirkis (51- and [Cam rugby), Kopnnu IA K IIW (U1 scum-r). lmruu Kukuimi (U15 ll kk'llmll). Kl Vln 'l liwaln (SL Cund ll n l Si) "or! drimln V1 UI' (U16 rugby). Kmlwunn ane (U16 lmskvthiill). H liiki Tliidi (U15 Slwl k'l"), Mumisliv (hiiin (Ul-l rugby). Siibvln thiiigilu. Luku Smith. Syiihoiigii waiiiv. KI Vill Josoph and Ill Nuiilo (iill Slil iiu-mhl isl and S _V1Il)(l.1 Hlllll lliml ((llllull ). 'I'hi-slp. good Hu ounl of lill'mst hvs Hnd [zlllni d \zilunlilu hip ivxporiunco iluii will hem-iii the house in lhv ycur»: io CUIIIL'. 'l hu " 'llllul l' \'lll l11 who i-iigiigvd in our or niiii v iii'liviliv. likv LAN ('Iuli. ( ll :l/hsliuxis. linvkslugu. liilunl show. miijor pl'litlm linl). 'l'lu- Rniirdroom. rhui Dukos. Music Mania. lii~ li-riivi. ill llup( lu1i. PR. Drumn ( 1ii1). jl-miw minimum. dl-iiiiling. Plinlr» [:l' llhu' l luli. Mum» Miik iiiul 'I'LHISIIIIIISU FS Wurv mm. _iibong Hlululhou. Kevin Joseph. Luruu Kiikiiiiiii. liuyiiiidii Mi.liiiku. Ndumi- - so Nngnyn. Kll llyu'kw Nknnr liiilv. Kaiiiiiil Nolilu Siilit-lli leiiigilu. Mumps Riiniiikizopii. Jllrl d Vl llk'r.. \(l llll l i VlH Sll'I. and Siyiiliuiigxi Zwuiiiu 'l'liv _\1 iilso luid its quuiii of funny (Wm-111..Al'l-Wlil'lhosi-includvd lhl fond l ighl iii Khi dining hull thnl l'osulll d

47 SCHOOL.HOUSES from the load-shedding that we were subjected to from time to time. Kyle Williamson and Kyle Kemink s i'abbit farming initiative" that even saw Mr Wright inspecting rooms to see this unprecedented situation (all to the delight of the boarders). Khanya Nkambule doing more push-ups for being late for roll call. and then Bennedict Mahlangu's mishap after the Matric Dance. We overcame major problems in the house relating to bullying by peers. the inappropriate use of social media. boarders' friends who use drugs and its effect on them. and theft. because we were able to learn from our mistakes. were willing to report problems timeously and because we worked together to ensure that the culprits faced the appropriate consequences (including expulsion), The economic conditions in- uenced the numbers of residents in the house and even though lots of new boys joined the house throughout the year. sadly a fair number also left because their parents could not afford it anymore. Some of the year s highlights were the refurbishment and erection of the Head of House. Honours recipients. Colours recipients and School Protects honours boards in the common room and foyer areas. It gives appropriate recognition to previous residents who distinguished themselves at various levels in the College. The house also saw the following boys representing provincial teams in their various age groups: Jared Ventcr (U15 cricket). Adriaan Vors r (U16 rugby). Wiindile Mnkwetu (U17 crickct). Justin Watson (U19 cricket). and Kevin 'I'hwaln (U19 basketball). The ho. wanted m? to mention that the hou 'termly bruais and Family Unit get-togethers were always a highlight as were the vario events to introduce prospective ho, and their parents to the house. The Colours recipients for 2015 wow: Bennedict Mahlangu (soccer) Mphn Moloi (culture) Rickus van Biljon (rugby). and Justin Watson (ciicki-t) Three boys received honours in 201:3: Siyahonga Hlalethoa (academics and culture). Tichaona (iangaidzo (culture). and Ndumiso Ngwenya (c)ulture The house awards were presented to the following boysin recognition oi the admiration by their peer" Ross Egan Grade 8 Munashe Chaitez ub" of the Year: The Old Boys Service Shield: Siyabonga Hialethoa: Mountstephens House: Amicus Alumni: Okhela Mhadamana: The George Harris Fellowship Trophy: Kevin Thwala: The Piet van Tonder Sportsman of the Year Award: Wandile Makwetu: The Rowlings Family Perseverance Cup: Adriaan Vorster: The Bezuidenhout Newcomer Trophy: Luyandii Mazibuko: Mountstephens House: Montor Ideal: Devon Sarltis; The Housemaster s Shield: Siyabonga Hialethoa: The Mountstephens Shield: Rickus van Biljon. As with all things. there is always change. This is also true for the house. I am stepping down as house director after a decade s service to the house (two years as assistant boarding house master and eight years as the Director of the boarding house) as is the case with Mr Hartley from ( ollins House. I would like to thank Mess Y Vickery. J Dale. ( Fontaine.MMl i-ncamp. G Ball. andm Strachan for their excellent scrvice to me and to the boys this past year. It is never a task for one or two people only. To Mr Vickery in piirv ticular I would like to say that ('ollins House is vei-v bl. id to have someone with youi lull. ind integrity leading it in To my successor. Ms Ann. rang. I also w. you the host of luck with a demanding. but worthwhile task in the new year. You inherit a very good group of boys and a capable staff who will help you to much new heights with the house. I will miss the fact that from next your I will not he so intimately involved in the in m' s" many young people and their p unis. II is my wish that the house will grow and be stronger than it is now hccause of the good foundation [hot the hoarding staff have set in place under my lczidei hip throughout these years and because the past ~ dents will continui- to t xt t'l and rank prise all in the Future. I only have fond memories of this amazing place that has taught me so much about young people and their dreams I will forever rather he "a rtiindrtip than a drip from ( ollins House! AD VIRTU'I I'IM: and for the hell of it"! Mr H Bezuidenhout. House Director I IiNRYN Filling the shoes of the dynamic Dehbie Robertson as House Director was a daunting task. As one student put it. Mrs Robertson was good hey. sir. so it's going to be hard for you!" With those words ofencouragement. I began the task of leading the house. which I believe will be a force to be reckoned with in due course! My task as House Director was made a lot easier by a number of my Motric lads who took charge ofvarious portfo~ lies and ran with them. I was especially proud of Ricardo Vasconcelos. who always made sure that Penryn House had representation at every House event. Nicholas Masefield was fantas» tic with the new grade 8 students as our Foundation Leader. Matthew La» zenby was great as Head ofspirit. even taking us to second position in the war cry competitionat the swimming galii. My prefects. nlas De Decker and Andrew North were always of support. Then there was my righbhand man. Bryce Etter r a star in cvcrv respect. Bryce led the house with pas on and a determined spirit. Various d siuns were had ht twucn the two of u with regards to the Wi'llAlioing of l oni-i-n IS well as the members which make up the house. I cannot thank this young man enough for what he mount it) the House. and to llll on it personal note. oiir Penryii House itiltirs ciiiliarki-d on making every student oftlio house foul pin-i ol ihi- main. inking inicrosi in the sporting. academic and social spheres of their lives. I am \'cri' l-. awful IL! Mr Suiidt-r. Mrs Maine): '1'" Mr Snyniiin. M ' our new tutor Mis Ruin r apivot lt m. The year began with tho school inn-rhoust' swimming gala. II where I t-nryn showed wluii spirit was all about and managed in crime third in the gala and second in the spirit 7 ll Page 43

48 SCHOOL.llOUSITS grout night nml u myrrh nlnrl In tho your, WK ulso tlitl oxironu-ly Wl'll in ovonlu uurh ml the tug of wur, rowing. Inlwn nhow untl llto ( rilioul Conn-rhumum prom-motion. Unfortunim-lv. ll nro Hovorul nrotm whoro wo hood to lero n [m of {mm in 20m 7 but plans m in plilt'l' nntl wr know thorim-t- mhor hum an out thori- thut nrtv potri rd tul'lho (in-m Whilo! l ll'l'x urmll' M rump mu] u mu hm- thut tlumonu-ntum for our your lh-uun. W0 ro~ t-t-wut u (lwi'l st- mm tulontvd uroup of llllll<l.~ owrztll «tn-mm. llnrk ul whim] for thtr out-i ot thu t mt Il-rnl. Wl' lu-uun In lil lh plut't- following on Iron) Ilw 20H plum... A.» ;. hotlsv- wo [lulll'rl llil L'lhl'l' nntl ut llu- tnu-tuhonut- swunv mun: uulu untl pltlt'l'll st-uintl. Follow» on: [ltitl wo pt-ri urnuwl ww-ii Ill 11- tilltt-r sptil'lmu t-wtm ntul wv nt- rtrst Ill lll' lll'llllt'h. l utllng all our lmr<l nurk tout-hum to tho rst lrnn I'l hlllll ll Ill our tukinu srrontl olurt- III> IIUI [iv o l'ow pointy. t-imu- lu-hnul Wuslvv llousx- In tlu- would turn. wo 'unllnul'tl push» inu lot-word :qu mullvtlllnu out-h ollu-i' lo ut-hww I'Vl ll un-utt-r lu xultls. Vl'lll('ll lull in my highlight own! of ll your. lht' inlvl»llt llst' lnli'lil nhow l- or tlu- (ulonl show wc Inunuuml lo work In ut-thor Wl ll mi u llousv nnd n t in;~ 1h» oi. purotly ('hnpt-l vu-v wlu-n tho Ilwul tiny rumu-rl his :Innouni-oxm-nls untl u numicnl item was porfnrmod with our purodiotl Houdintmtcr (luncing in tho luu-kgrounrl. ll wnu u grout xhow thul ournotl nu Hl ('l)n(l plate, in ninunivv impruvonu-nt on our ninth ploro tltt- previonu your. Coming sorond in thin t'vonl is "an u mossivu urhu-vomt-nt or n duy-hoy houno horuum- tho hourtlinu houuon nrr unuully tlu- nlll N romlwting for rst und uorond ptmilionti. Also. in tho nomnd term then- woro tho rowinu und mu ol' wur t-vonls. both of which Wt' won. 'l hoau romtlls. ('ouplod with our Hlxlll plncr in ulhlotics. put us In first ponilion. with u vory nurrow loud. ()nl l ugmn. l lu-rt~ Wt-I'o l'rwor events in the third [mm but lhoy Wl'l l ultimuu-iy the (let-iding rut-tors in who would win the Harris (up. After the points for nontlrmit- urhuwomunt hutl hoon tallied up. mm was a four-point. difforonco l)(-lw(-i n Ii -t und sot'mul pliiov. wnh.me ow l'hopol Qund Run ovrnt n» Kunming. This was an intro u wont llml hud grout support from tho M'llool us lioyn lint-(l lilo porimolor of tinl lmpvl Qttud to tho lht mo mttsir Front. ammo N l ilts lioy> who by tho ond of ('lmrmls o/ Fina In tho UllKl Mt" hr mp lmtl grown lo lorolln-ir N'l llml llottw won. wuh Asiuur qumulo our untl rhormh lhrtr llnll. :Inrl l mu wry lint: Puts u sot-om! ]ilm'o by ()2 split lmppy to my tluu Ilu~ir coutrtluutum st't'onds. uml ultimuioly Wlllmnu us tho llilh your wm-t- nmruuu-ntnl to Pills llnrr ('up For l itts llouw. whu'h wus Pout- 1H llllllulllll'l'd ul lhl' llzk owning, l itts now also won Iltt- Silkt- Hulilh 'l'ro~ liln' t...- mt» musl impruwd l'tuust' post» llon l'l'oln 20H lel Holsulv ol tht- lint-m ( uu '\'l'lll.~. uultvulunl ltny~ In l'itts llouso hnw dom- w y Wl'll llll> your. with tutvrnutionnl» ll' -l swnnnlt-l's winning ntoiluls. wt-iglu ltt'tm oiling South Al'rirun ro- cord». :Ill(l M'Vt'l'nl In: x lruvt-llinu ovorv w ~ on to t lllllll ill( hnngt». ()Vl nll ll Wu» :1 l unlusttr your. wtth munr luuulw 'Intl Int-inoru-s nuulo, Wlu-n 1 took rhuruo ol' l tlls llouso ot tlu» uml of lel I. I rmntntlotl the ho) ol' thmr grout putt-mm! untl I told llll'm lhut wo would win tlu- lln, ('ll]\ it'wu um wont mu llll'l't wtth tho iulll :uuttuh- uml unrt- t-rt-rythinu for our l itls lil'ltllu'l s lll sllll us. l mu vory proud to l\: \'l' h-tl tlw homu- in golf: und Lhoy can till he very proud ofwhat theyhave itchieved this year. I wish the new chd of Pitts. Nicholas Rovelli. the bent nfluck in Finally. I would like to give u very speoi l lhankn to Ms Wendy Armstrong. tho l ittu Hou u Director. This is her lmit yt us our Housu Director and I would like to express my heartfelt urntitudt- for the years that she has devon-tl not only to the development. of this house. but especially the to her devz-lnpmont of the boys in this house. Thank you for always being: someone Lhul wo could Lalk to, someone we could turn to with any problem. but most of all. thank you for always belioving in our potential. Pitts House wishes you the host of luck for next your and all yours following that. ('onnur Hinriuhn. Hood of House (Ms W Armstrong. House Dircrtor) 'l L'tllx lili lloinu solorlt-rl to loud Tuckor Houso 2015 wns both on honour nnd n pr 'tlrmu 'l uvkor. u house full of distic young nit-n who rtplinotl. t-noms' urt- uxnhilious tlnd proud to wonr (hr 'I'ut'kt ' onglv it ' their heart. This. is ovidt'nl us Ilu ouzhoul lhr olll' ho_ * muninzrd lo show u. ionro uml on 'ton, novor l uilmg to tnko port in ull housr ovunts and pushing lh( ll' follow hot unutrs through tho dif rull yol t-njoyuhlo houst- ovmns This was rol lortod through our intpro \ o Cons stuncy in the Hun Cup us we nmnugod lo son in tho top four tho onliro your. 'l ho uonorul mornlr uround 'I urkor honor is ono of onjoymonl. support and

49 SCHOOL -HOUSES camaraderie as all members of the Tucker family work together to continue to sail the "Yellow Submarine" to greatness and success. Some of the most important of many goals oftucker Houst this year were to place in the top four in the Harris Cup. to adopt n spirit of Winning nnd to encourage a desire to participate in housc events rather than to he forced to pin» ticipate. I'm proud to y that as a house we managed to accomplish all of those goals. Spirit within the house has also been an is ue that has been raised in the past: this your the spirit within the house improved to a greater extent as lots of input wa hown by individuals to create a Tuckor wzir (try. initiative was aided by the Tucker House wtir (try competition which micouraged our boys to comc up with :1 good war cry for thc house. which would then be used at of cial house events. Tucker Houso Matri ciul media and Whatsnpp groups. which improved organisation within thc house and also created u medium for the boys to converse on u more in formal level. thus creating friendships and strong bonds between mcmhors within tht- house. In conclusion, Tuckor l'lourishcd tro» niondou y this year as it was a your full ofsut't.. learningand improving. 'l lic sucs and contrt-i ns haunting thv house in tho post are slowly being rcsolvod. allowing not only thc house but also the individu. s in the house to continue thriving and moving forward. I have no doubt that in 20l6 'l ut'kt i will continue to thrivt- and will roam the rewards thcy dost-rye. I would like to thank our l-lon. Director. Mr Mphaiihuli. iind the tutors who guided us all the wt ': Mr down". Mr Hiiupttlcisli. Mr Webstttr. Mrs Bredvnkanip and M s Howroyd. Lorenzo Degni. Hmid of House This your Tucker House, fostci'cd :in environment of open t'ommuni ition was ti \ ri'y sul where lmvs could come forward and Wi-ltb disco ' i sues thcy might ho lmtllln) : Houst» in muny rvspihave :Ichitwt-(l so many tliings- in lho with. This includcd di ions involving social ch : bullyingi timo spheres oi. innit. sport and rul~ manngonu-nl and tori». ln ('ulltu't' wu i'tllllt' l' school~rclotcd i.~> st and W0 sues. This was done in tutor tit-nods woii in into houst- ( tiriil ('on~ where hoys were encourtigvd to spi-iik lions coiitpt-tition. Wt- ~vt~ntitolly out. If desired. b0) cumt- third in Ilu Harris ('up. which IS wei'c also encourago to talk to. nio :i big milestone. considering thnt \V ' ' in ll lt' htlth' about more p9 nnl.. tit-s which they ploc d sevviith in l itlll llnlll th.ut. is. i'iery. lo tho strung felt could ho solved through pvt-r comr munication. This aspect I nl lt-iidt-rship of our tutors and tht- Mntru' rt lt tl a sense of support and crezllt d 2i.imily group We hotl this your. l thunk ow- ' vihe within the hnusu. tmt who t'tmtt'lllutl tl to making Wt-lth.I Lastly. all the boys in l uckt-i' Houstmanaged to mmmunicatt- through st)- boost: to ho rockoni-tl With at Sitll ll. ()ur housp continued to bi known as. l giving house. W0 hurt» tvonliiiuotl to mnku n difference to the people in Bethany House; we also came second in the can competition. where all the houses collected cans of food that were then donated to the charity organism tions. Thanks to Mrs Harvey's tutor group that donutud the most cans in the house. I hnvt- alw ' reminded the boys in my housc how lucky they are to how the ('Illlhl t ol' tutors we have in Wchb. I wish to thank each out- of them for their contribution to making Webb the house it is today. i take this. opportunity to congratulate Ms Callie Ficlds on her appointment as Pitts House Director with effect from January l congratulate Callie with mixed emotions. It is every House Dlrcctu s dream to have a tutor ofms l iolds' ctililzro in his or hcr housei and l know that Pitts Houso is going to bene t ii lot from her t-xperti -. On her holl of the Wchb Houst- fnni, ( nllic wcll in her new challenge. I wish I also Wish to congratulate our 2016 Head of House. Michael dc \ s. I do not have a doubt that h will he one of the host Heads ofhousewohh has ever had. I him. look forward to working with I would like to make spct'inl mention of this yet s grout Hciid ni Houst. Jile~ son (londo. who led I llll House in 20 a with onlomli. Mr S Khulusc. House DH't L'lOl' lo ()ctohci' 20! i was thi diiy I w in- Illlullt'k ll as Hood of Wt-hh Houst for Tu dnlo Illis IS [it-ninihii- thiproutlcst monu-nt l vo hid in i\l_\' lifiv :intl unilouhtoilly lhc most i-iiphorit: l l'lljn) t'l ltllll llgt's and tlu.~ was i-irrtmnhour for the hooks. With lllt mnnnt r in \\'lll4'll lh_\' house had hm. poi'l'iiriuiiig lu-l'uri- tins. Ullt might 2 k Why would you want this position?" Wlwn l t'umc lo the ( nllugzc in grntlt- S. Wuhlu was in ninth plounnd tho liiizhi-st 0WW iinishi-d ilur~ int: my lllill hut-owns sixth. in :0th In 201»! we nished S< \'l nll\ :ind Vl'llll thicompetition at thi- [up its tight S n hntl t-vt-i- lit-on. our gonl would :IlVl Page.15

50 I SCHOOL.lltll'SlIS around Iht- fringes of fth pliii'iu We were l lllilplll'vd to poor H'lllns in the world. [he likes of Nlll'WILh ( iti in Ihounh III Ilia: slngt' I wquiiii I nnnd llt lh I~IInInarIIII IIIIIIIpIInIIsI- rughy. liiii III Ihe Iinie II \':I.~' II harsh t ltlllllllllbtm. My ri-slmnwt' wn.~ smuvly IhIII were I.\ II dil'i eri-nee lii-iwei-ii II poor Loam and II IIIIIIn IlIIII performs poorly. I did noi IhIIIk lhnt WI-lIlI wa> :I poor H'HIIL and Wu II-I-I-IIII'I \IvI- wi-i-i- AIIIIIIII- IIIII-I'III-III III IIIIIII-Iy I IIIIII IIIII- IIIII. IIIIII-III-I-n :InIl [hm \\': ~' Io InsIIIrI- as nianv boy. IIIIII lllla hlt and keep IlII-In lll \'lll '(. III all times of Ihe \'I~:Ir Believe me IIIII II l >III- mm was III..aII-I-IIII I'IIII» IIIIIIII. IIIIIl mi lliy pi~iiii1i- IIIII-I- Inked hill my N'l'l'l l wn.~, IIIII really It was on siniple IlIIIIu: III get me I('>I out of Ihe IeIInI \ HII have Io L'I'l the hem oiii of llh IIIIIII'IIIII.II.~ In Ihe Ieam. Many wdl agree thiii II I.» list-ll s> having a kii-ker In your II-aIn whn lieu-r muses II kiek. IIIII IIII~n havmg IhI- IIIheI- pl -I in the IeIIIn IIIIuIIIIni: Io IIIIIkI- lheir (I lt'k' le~ [I >llll]) } will um work The r IIII [ do "(ll ( Illl lih'l' my them-x ol le dim.i IhI- Indivuhml a formula. I,~ lii~i-;iii,~i- In "l\ \(' IhaI l~ Nlnlt'lllln guaranteed Id : leader ()III-III'IhI- home lllll) '\ hail Milll ~1rll t ll lllu1 lll XIII IlIIII > H'l{ wnli "Iv. She mud IhIII Ilu l'l I> a dil l'eii-iii-e lll'lw l'l'll II manager mid a lender. and ~he (allowed liv ~m'ini: that I It"! :I I'IIIIIIIIIII or die Ill lptlln'm in riiuliy. Al- It'I IHI'I lioiii work, liiiwi-wr IhI- lvhi III It ll! will!\i'\ t l' l:iil. MI III was ha ked hlll ll' III:III:I;4I-IIII-nl nkllla and WI Vl'l lllht l llllt ll III II IIIH l'\' 'li(~ IlIII~ Io pour IHIHIHLZI'IHI'IH hewpllv Ihls. hhvk I Yl'I', \vi- hull IIIIIII.II_vI-I III Huh llul tl III IlII- Harm ('IIII MIIXII' : I~])I I'I\ [ IIIII IIIlliIH WI' IIIIlII I \\lll 1% rear. uh II gum IIexI gem! Il'. 4.1 l > \HIIH'lIIlllL! III wnrk II)V\':Il'll.\ We IIId IIIkI~ ~IIIIII- \llh I'WIII'l III uol I 11> we won IhI- ( ll \il': l IIIIIIII' and \\'HI] tlii- 'I'lIIII'IIIIIn ('IIlIIII'nI Award (hi :1: ()( lllht' [ was 11K Il\l'll III lit-:h' IlII- IIIIIIIIIIIII-I-IIII-III III'IIIII 2IIIIi l'i'iki III' WelIh and me. I'IIgI'I' III IlII IIN' O'TII IIII hiiiisi IIIIIIII'IIIIII IIII 27 (Il'( )I'IIIIII-I' WeIIII House hns II line leader for 201i: and lime no IlnuIIl IhIII hi- WIH :IIIIIII' IlII- Page 16 [II IIIIIIIIIueInenI skills required Lo nmplify his II-IIIII IIIII. l wmh the house all Ihe bent Imd hnpe Io see Ihem in die giilli nexi yt ~ \\l\ll\' JIII-kson (lundo. Head of House l'larh yi-ni lhv Head of House has to w! IzIIIIl. and mllll\' In his team In III-Iiieve lht-ix' hen. \VA'SII }I»~ main gun] was Io win Ihe Harris ('pr for n fourth IIIAIII~ III II I-IIw. II is. hiiwiii-i-r. VIII-y IIIII-d III III- llw from runner wnh the IIIheIhIIII~e~ liiiiiig at your ankles. WI-hIIII IIIIIIN- I-IIIIII- a-iiiiiii III.I.~IIIIIII margin '~ we I ll out ol sienm jii.~i liel'iii'e the nhh line ill the ('hapel Quad Him. In ()I-lIIlIIII' 'l he IlIsnIIpIIinIInI-nt III Ihi~ III-fenl WII~ sliiii - l\'l (l. though. :.~ ui- rem-wed IIIe Nltl th-ilrlt'l' "lies! Home.I\I-:IdIInIII' Award" of lhl W: at Il II-ry IX'\'.\IIL'l I IS rear-end pmeuiviiii: I III,~ h IIoI.~\Il' lx'l.~ll ;.'. IIIkInu InIII HI K IIlIIlI IhIII W hll'y lioiisii-il l'oiii' llll\ ~ who l'l'( t \l'l IlII-Ir whne hullllurh III:I /,I I'.~ for lli'ihh'hlli'h III ni-mle l2: ):IIIII-l lliilha. (LI'IIhaIII \"l 'k 'l'>, him- I ll" lll'lllu ll.iiiii MII-hnel Tl'h'x IIIII- IIw-IIII iiim-iiig shows IhIII IIIII~ Inn-s l'l'hiiv ill'hlt i t d III the l'll >> 't>llll 1I~ well a.\ on IhI- sporh eld and III ('Hlv Hll I'II l'\' lll~ llonoiir~ t 't l)ulllll(ll III ~ Jlll'l \\':I:~ given In ('HIH II'I lv III'lII-s l'or >WUI IHII1L1 [H'IHH'I IUll'h wn> our sizll IIerI III'IIII-r IhI.~ \'l'i l. I ewmu II-Iple Illilxu lr- l'iii- ' III~IIIIIt~ qiiii-i nnd I~II - IIII'I- 'I lii- pnsnn elhm- and driven rm- IIIrI- III IlII- WI- h-i- [Hull was midi-iii Illl'lill ll IlII- l'kihipi I II IVI' fighting spirii :IIIII di-ii-riiiiniiiiiiii III '3 and mum I l Lops yet again in all areas measured. An exemplary displny (If our winning spirit was nhuwn when the Wesley U15 I'elny swmiming team hrnku the long» standing Inter-house record this year. We were placed second uvernl] in the swimming gala and fourth during the inter-house athletics. 'l hm " the high» est place achieved In Ihe pnsi {our years, provmg that we are lter and faster than ever! We also had our lnughs together. ( learly we wen,- niii blessed wiih aciing ahiliiies as we losi the battle on stage during Ihe Inter-house lalrnl show with IIIIr song See You Again. which w. dedicated to Mr Webster. who wus on long leave :11 the time. So many new friendship» were formed In the Wesley family this year. We had lots Hun and helped each other along the way. Pill t of our winning formula In lerm> of team success wi - the delegation of rules and responsibility right from Ihe onset, 'I'his ranged from re» spoiisihiliiii-.~ [(I execute ll ll' placement ol' phiiiegrnphs and updates on the nu~ IiI-I- hoard. Lu Ihe delegniion of rules with us Head of Foundation, Head nl~ I)I.~ Ipline and Heads of ('Irntl We nii. d our leader. {\ lr Web er s easy. fatherly manner during his term of long leave. hut HIM! enjoyed Mr Lamblni. nurturing l lilllll'l' In lending son's I and mt'llllll'llll II,» 2m; Wm IIIIIII III-IIIIIIIIIIIIg IIIIII IImI. III {or II. IIII II III. ht t'" 1 l IIIIIIIIuI III II-IIII and III- IIIII-I III'sIII-II II ercely I-IIIII- III-IIIIIII IIIIII IIII~II.I-IIIIIIIII-II IIIIIIXII. Daniel liotha. Head of House


52 -E SCHOOL I.\ {IIUI\ \I.\I\

53 SCHOOL -HOUSE 7] 'I;\I\ ) RISL LYI R l' l'] 1'8 nomad INTERHOUSE RESULTS FOR Em mo E 3 3 n a % Pu u- If!

54 f &&& & i é 3&&&& a&

55 SCHOOL mm gfwm&&é ;;;;+&m& Em&mmmaa aa&aaa

56 SCHOOL anl3!w M mm mé M Q & && mw&mma ~amam J

57 SCHOOL.(iRADIZ N ~VI L'l )1 i\."l'.\, & \L' MOVIE MAKERS GRADE BS 011 Thursday.3 March. (hr Mm'n- Mak~ ers were addressed by Mr Kirk Roili who hvlped with the filming ni lhn- l i ie Lowe documentary. nhnut how (u correctly use the came] 5. The mun-v was insightful for u'm'yuno who at rurrml AFDA slurivm. Suvryn ('unis. ley vu-rv m ml thh urmmng ihouuwn shu'ylmunl uml am- in UN ])I'UL \',~~ ui' lming and (willing Ihmr lil'al shun lms. ()n hv { nl' Ihn.\In\'u-. \i:«lkvr,~~ wv wnuld li L' in thunk Nuk Rullh :md vai'yn ('ux'lx» for Ii n-il' nnu- and WI - Ingnu»mnsmsi (ho rluh Wr eu'o irul) grulviul. [ended as m'pn Ihc suniur nix-mlulearned a few things All Mm" Mukr 31> Ii linux werv kmn m lvurn from Mr Nick Ruth and much infurmulmn was nhsurlml. GRADE 8 DRAMA CLUB Apart from tho cunm Cuursv. Ihu grade 85 havi- hm-n privilpgl-(i unmiuh The (il'udh 3 Drama ('luh lmw xlm'iwn! to amend a tour rm mu-yhnardium 2 duhghll'ui diuwrzisu u] \MI' wurk and in [ Sbl n t'. m; in]; a 41an (Him by durum :m ('H'Hlllg ofunm'unnmvm l'nr lhmr purums uml i'm-mk. They :lppliud :11] [hr nou'h wn'm ~kill. am! [or mum in n \ 100 of min». I: i: i'viximll H11" 1 W! In wry auvc,» In] in xhc {mun 21> xhvy (ii~ )i: ) 0(i a natural mr I'm' acting. mind with rruuliw lik nl. 'l'hv nuw with nf ihv (irmit' F Dmnm ('luh. Jock Kiuynhzlns :uid Rmhuxsww Bulihuln..ind Dvpun Hmtl, [lylnn ('lann mm! lu- mmnu-ndui un (in-ir ni- (hr in mi, Ahn- hm {mum-d mm liux miun ul Ilw pvr n'munw. [l m a mumm-wh n-n'mng \uxh ruch hm n-nnlriliulmg 2 i llir hii nl himn-lf (u L'I A'Hlt')! owning {nu-:11] luumm.\i.~ I. Rum Page 53

58 SCHOOL -<1!\ \1 J A x: ij *' \ LV-Llw. \\\'L \l \* HJI \ H " DRAMA MAKEUP COURSE l lu- grmlr s ('I'ulllu.\rL~ -\mlon,~ :«vmlwl J muqup (mu-w :uul >t1 iplml Imrrnrmmm l'ur 1n I'm mum-n- 'I'hvx \ me'lmvnh'xl \\Ilh m-uunu lrlun vyns, um. n'hnppwl mum- and burn~ ()m h ~~ llll was fur hm >lwxl Lu Iluw daring grmlv.md mum mmu lurk u or whnul m L'nmmuv m n I'm-r (In-1r >kxll~ ST STITHIANS SKODLI XL. Rme DIE BEST}: Hulhv aw Aw huuum- Imxm mum lu II w>ln-\\u\ih-iisisllihluxhlst-vn\ 1III 1lw hunu u hunu" [m n nn- nut nnul'il hulln- m.» mm kumpu~.-n (In- mm Huw' I: hullv un- um >knnlmnzll~ nix- hullv 1~ lil m'm S wk~k1ulvra l> HH- hwy \u-ikum m... um 5mm Mp 1.. n-glu'x \ n' \\I'r]\ krv, lul wl hm nu: numr III 1.~ (IiA'mm L-n du- "()Iu- :nul.\ " wul m bvlununk I! GRADE 8 A I) MELT n SAINTS 3m." pl'ugl'umnu x nlluul.h Ihw [in_\1\ 1'ulll- zv mud vlu- From-h xh-pm'nnvnl wmln: H1 Ilh- ( hahi-iilzu u Ilh muhummm All grmlu #4 I m-nrh pupils wurv I'vqllv,~(«-( [Ivjuln (Zuuulp ( lushl'nnnl and vwru uu-mu gm! m \I>l' lhmr which: in rims fur:..m-h as woll;x,~lhx'l: kll1g nnh s Thu-v nlm (LIM'UVL'H'II Hm! rvhuhlt- Frvm-h rraunrn-w :m- m'nilahlv on the um whvn they vi>m~d WW Ix-pln ~irrlnmnrvmln mu [um Inn 1101 lwm. n. ('rmunu minds Lulmn \zm Ann-gun, gruml x prutlun-d drrurutn p and rnluurl'u] word I'lklullm lumng l un wuh the 'l'agxudu L'nm App, wlnh- puhxhing thmr \'nl': bu12u'\. \ n'u Iv.\h-I.'l <1$mnt>f v\: ~ lhi'. Ml' I My».\Ivl, l * *Muln Ir vlmarnhm S: Tun-hm}: Mr -J-l4 Michel JIMHI 304 CROISSANT 19c; [MN ml\\ If, \ \\ \ husaladl I uw- :31

59 SCHOOL IURNIH AWL WM Mil? \JWHW \ 5 K' W"T: The grade 3 Visual Arts sludvnls xpunl :x lvrm uxplnring [hr 111mb of luu- uml shuln'. This nmulu-d In hl> slurh nh making an ahsn'ncl [luv/shupwhusud :IX IWm'k m pm ur pvnnl.m -. 4:4H_4 ~ & ("dmumn Ruwv Hmmlun Upllmi lelnn \\'\n l Mm.m

60 ,r: AOOEUm :MWghgw Qii ati itc(:c g,,.: iiii6jnaymi 3%21:35533 C:a Q,C6: AgainE.:31A. wcc CCrCc

61 AEEEEEEE w magi! E.36 -,. of g )Lh%@ } AOOEUm xiiiirc:u

62 wj % g ma jaga AOOEUm a3.. 3% IJW ii Qw c Q

63 SCHOOL -GRADE 9 S'l'UIH in'i's &SLTBH3(: (7[{]-.,v\1'l\ l I'Y: LAMA Aul-s mu v no um mu.m. Working \vnh mlmxr; Dylan Copeland, Mon écule. Je on 3ii mc «JL n'unm- pus I'lwnlv mais Jo nu délosu- pup I'émlu r '1)]r jn fins du znulnu. du franguls m du l'hxstmro Jo fais nbligumn-ummt doa mmha. dos suvncea M (ll' la génur phiu, Mun (mole Mmpolh- s: smhium (:1 jr ' '. tslnhmm quuml j'm. mun ('Llllt' n la Jo n'mmb pus lravuilll-r px'él'éréo. Mun mm mnt 1vmuimL Ix- [rum-aim 10> mum.» rt l'hiqmrv. Jo lull->1" [w enccs e! la géngruphiu Mun umlc m1 grandu v1 ( 5! 2'1 Johnnmlshuuru, Tum :1 S: tithiam $1gl'unlL-ll-Juuvuu hm'key 0! Mn squash. J'mmo In spurt J.» \\H.\ dun. I'éqlupc B. th purlnm unulus i1 Suims u: mps profs mm u 15 [innnels. Nous pox-mm un ummnu- u» in) marrun m mums man-mu..\!uh: nwd ljuy, Mon école. Mon (-qu vst g "andv, [I v 2 um pin-mu et un grand jnrdin, lms prnl» h blli'nl ix l'éculc. ( l um- lmnnu (-n'ulx- A mun (1qu 1m gurwns 5011! m- ers. [I y a (Iu hnckm'. du rugby. (in n-rirkvl. dc [u nulnlmn. (In «4mm nu jogging: m.1 chum] Mun xlu :nmv m. ()n pmll I uix'n- (lx- lu musiquu, du Lh innu (In (ll->7 sun N (In rlan Amm. ll y :x bmlucnllp Mun (mull:,cuppullu n S( Smhmm ('ul» mp» J4- vula : I l'émh-{x >11)! hulu'tm VI (lump, J runs ".1ng Imrrv quvj'ni x vgm'dt-.: 7 '-1m- - le- um; mm-mhlw du Mm? M) Ju.-u.~ uvm- lu Inmwu vamm «l nul [)HI'K qm- mv> mm: (Iv In :\1:u.<un m- lrmdillvm pch xwy Hnsuitu )L- \':us on gbug lphiv.hn'nimo pus In gmgmphm pux'cu qu un no um riun. Mun prurm- m mnu- pus. 11 s'nmmllu munswur 'l vwhros K Aprés. Ju vm: :1 In.«' Jo mungt- mu din-mum u Nam :nnns turtim- (1v lwurru m y hms 1m>>x le I unuluis. In L'hnnlv. 1n gmgruphiv. lv> mmhémnlnun-s. Iv l x'nngnh. h- znuluu, Irv thu, I4- (IA-win ('I 10>.wu-mw,.Iv I'x-uu miml uls. ju \uns vn (rum-ms J'udurv h- l' mg: s pum- quv \"vh snpvr. Mun JMIl :m nqnush m an Inulzmmun. m jv >i ur.\lu~hul ml uénml.mgm» {His du Cht'VIll, (Iv Iu mmmun. (In l:\ musxquv mlh':1\ :u l -hmuu'uup. m (In (Ix-Nu..lu.«ms mun-m Ink m-ow r m hnmué, Ami->1 I'I Imuw ( v lug-uh. )v \zllam unuhrnmpus min] I.\lud.mu- Bum».Jnrdun Rum nv m'mnuv pus parw qm-jc um :ullu 1m: 1M1. Una juurnéo M'éculu 1.mu» 1v mm on muluu Munm ur Hum. ~< Iupm- u "HI ' 0...umv "WWW Khuluw.mm-qmm- hu an I Hv lu-uumup.,1mn- mun wulv r111 m nun-r gvnl "lo Mun (uln ur ~2...-u.- "humu-.\lu11ur..vauruh- I L rnlvh I...,~ ht-unw m (Ii-m. l\'\ vul:mn-m1vr I ugv an

64 SCHOOL lmum«mtmumr11\ii\ii\':\'1512\[wr Mnxm Inullcx In :«H lmmn- H I \ H <H\A.Uvmmdvr \'.n~vmh~ {'nhh ( hllwrs \.Iuslum anl nmn \ Philnm Rupuu. l ugo {so

65 SCHOOL Immm VSLMH'J ( M \1i\H\~\N x: : Srll'xvxprvmunn In mmlwmnun JHxhlm SI humll \ Lunw \ hlunuu \ JAM : \le 'I'nMu-ruly \.\!:ul 1<-\\ Mk I: llv l nul Ii]

66 ELEEE oieeee SCHOOL m» HE 1! IH\H W\.\\ ékh Ei '3., Mu m& Ci g iki 2 watt;m: 57: d ad i oi EH GE 3%


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69 ' v SCHOOL.GRADE [0 S I'L'lllzN I'S & \L'llllzCI'\(I'1[\'II II.S Zulu dancing; ukmzm Thv next (lay was run ufsurpn. Us to E:m lulu an Historical Academic Excursion to Ec lmzini Shakaland in KwaZulu Natal and On 12 March 2015, nur grad» H) llm ' and (Eu-13 ('ulln-m- Zulu sludcnts embarked on a hmuncal [nul' m KZN. Wu out our rsl nigh: :u a Zulu cultural vullngv mlh-(l bazim. [named m r the Allwm'l Full.» I lu- sludmlls wvru accumpanivd b ' Vlr Shanna Mr [Homo and Mr Khulusv. We nrrivod al Emlmmni m llu- vvumng nml wx-ru h-rl HI (lu- Zulu huts by our husls. ()n vuluring the k 11. the students wl-re amazed by lhl shvm' aulhunlicily of tho lmnwsteud. bofon- we we-rv lukun m um largo hut. On that evening we were (rvulvd m u (lullmous traditional Zulu meal comprising of mum and \ ouomblu Zulu how and -.. terri c display of tho ho After an iix-dvplh mlrlr by our husl an the ll-clm lino» ul' Zulu wvullh and culture the lmv. and girls unmumvn-(l [he lruv Zulu (:xpuriuncu (11' [mlhhlng a Zulu hut using f'rl-sh mw dung, 0n thzn nmrning we milked the Nguni mws and llus was an exciting «xpprmnru In our learners. Al'lcr hrl-ukl'usl \w M gm un In lhv bus and hwudurl ult lo Slm and. Wu wvr lhvn usvurlud m nur lt'l plll uuz Lars and L0 llw huffm lllnl l L The rst (lay w ' mulnl ' a relaxing: Lluy asm mm» was sull gutunu usl-d m the which. ()ur muliliunul Zulu vwcriuncu gm undurway at IShUU with Ingnmu. whu'h L~ :1 (-ullvctum nl'lrnditinnul dnnu-r from wu mus mvmlwrs ul'ilu- Ngum lnhw, Thu l)u_\',~ wuru dazzled by tho Zulus. unlurlmnud by llu- Xhus. s and sorcnmlud by the mlmer mm'l-nu-nls ul' (lu- S : Al nnnun. The lnud drummmu uml mnsum' rlnppmg vruuwd un ulmosnlwro Ilnu wnuld muku u L'}'lllk' (-hungu,. lhoru was onl) nno ovum M'lu-(Iulml lin' lhl uu-ning wu (lm-idvd lu runrv m our mums early as \w hllil a lung (lay uln-ml uf' us. 'l'lu- m-uuml llay gx'vulvd lhu lmy> L-arlim' than [hwy hml (WINCH-(L lnu ml] w vvlwl vlu-m urm-imnl MIL-r lm-ukl'usl lhuy wunwl- mnk n :3 km walk mmlu lhl> Ihu'k. houunl'ul l'ur. 'l'lus kun In lllinzu [hm->1. m l Islmwu. This I> whoru guml L'\( l'l <4), wlm-h cw yum» onjm'ml..\l'n~r llll walk m won! lam-km Slm uul wlm-l»m vnjuyod nur lunrh Al u-u lunch the >lll(l('nl.~ Wun- lleiun un.- mur Ihruugh Slmkuluml whm'v llw) wvru slum n sp<>zlx'-lhrm\ ng :mll rlllilklll l. wv: \ n;1.~. H'mllluuml lu-rhuhsls :md Zulu lnu' Ivllurs, \ l v wurv Mun lucln' mmugh m hm- ulturl rl :I luslv of mm rm. lunmnln-rwml Zulu lwm' mu: only a >Ip!\..\llvr lhi> lnul' (lu- lm ul gu-l. wm'u mm um um- had 1.. ll-m n u Zulu (lzmw for tho niglu z\.~ llwy \vuro Ilw mum gut-mn, Ill-m); (ht- skllh-rl mnvvx's mll' ll' l lh. m-u. llll') rum» m Ilu- «'lmllvnm- Al'u-r : mhum p ~1m- > >> uul. thuy :lll (lm-ulml (hm lh, Sn u rlnck mnu- 'l'hv :ur 11> humnu wnh unlu'ipzmnu and all gum wun- In) anymulumx mrlmllurlv unr hm» hm SUI-mud m m lmn prwpnrwl m-u vnullgh, wululvrlnp ll'tllm hml u m llu-iu ul' um Tlu' rrgulul s )u-rlhrmvd lml Ilu- urv» IIII llvd wuh l n.~lull E\ rynmw SllK'lll. Uur lmw m.- Ilu-n mllml ln \lt']? up I m- lhvn' pvr u-nuuu-u ll w: wh Irllvlng! 'l'lu-v lull llu» IH'Uplv m Hhukuluml mun/ml lu 5w >urh h-m.\[i-» N Slmngu l ugr ($3

70 SCHOOL - A i :. x: GRADE 10 CHILDREN'S THEATRE uh- IIJ dmnm huu cnlx rhmu'd (h- l :md 2 Jumnl' I m ulrl> and hub wnh llu-n' t'dm'ullunul and rnh rl-nmm.v Jl«L I*~ ul r)n nh'wn'~ mun Thrrv rl'l' luur dun-t u]{i\'~: [.11sz l unul. IIul/vmvvu Zmubw. 71 v [mu Zulu/nus :mul (v'umw 0/ Hum»- Ur.thn\\:l~hmHH1 I " hum}; \un, ('u/hv I run rm! surr u )m 2H,H\ l \ [\\\,lyl \ hm! mm'r fun. uur nmlwrs arr/1h7 (Irv/1. m l/mrr:u_ull/_\' vujuym/ u Alum} (lulu/{5 um] Im- luu/c lnmvunl In many more plum-mmtm In H un-h (hp Hum 11/! slum..\lr.~ 1' Jurvi ~ mum 1mm- JunmrPW Mon \ nyugv on Humm- do l est.»,l' l IlIll'[ <1 l'( l '} \lll \ 116 rhw, mm. '-,u fun mm vuhws ptun' In vu_ 35- II"- gnmw lmr In dupurlwnwm tl'hlslnll v (Il' Sulnh, J'm mn-mlu cu :mw Impullrm -. wnrul'v rum. jlvlll'. (-t K rmit h-a \ : t'n u' '> n-n HHX'IIIH' Mun ml u :Im'mhiv, l'ln '\llll IL'ht. Ir prvmlm' pm's (In ww- :Igv.1'szxL III Iv1M ui>(lusvhunhmnn. In whm xlu lhlvnidnlrv. In (-:uh(~(lr.1 r Smm-Huumu- m 11 l rmm- pdrc dmlmunnn.!\> \ IIH \Rls Aprf I Aun-u'hu, jv.m all('- on bus : 1 3mm, m]mvisné lo Bastion dos l l'rcln-urs. I Park-mom hongrms l est.mmnmum, ' '-[;li.~'t*.\i:nhm>. In place ms Héms (In I'm- a crilé d.-a ruswm» ML' ux (11m1)»Hum-s? vt Ia hm lxquv' umihunnu Aw: In Hungrll'j1 sui 2:116 en Pn- Inglu' pour quall'v Jnur< m J'ai nsm».\u»chwm AH 13> l c, [,J\llvnmunv (nan génmlo man un [)L'u Ixhémlr m hux'vnucl'utiqun.,m parlé un puu :tllvnmnd (>1 (hmn stir) J'ai mun~ m" une. um <0 ullumnndc, Lv (lornmr pa la [hm 1». En Russie Iv: guns mm m-mrhvux main J'm uppn'uu Muscnu. c'nmi[ vmnmem [a mun.. mm-i m-mmurg (NI une holle vulln- m J'ni purl alwzus m-l-c un (mun iru (rungm: ix l'hixlul..i'm [uusséthw buumm vaunm-s :n'vc ml-s 1mm vr mu» prn run! Wlllmm (Huxllaumm Buwdun \«H hr x11 [11?» mlr ll!\ In {Huhm Sh mhulu l JIM )H I uplhl "WI!" r I ugt ms

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75 SCHOOL -(}I{.\I)l" II \H'HI \l 5k\ wi' an / any «mu:.m- " mm:...; I uswl nu vlm h (l ':l\\'ln;{ hv Rivnrdu Bl'lll \ nlu Aardklop 2015 wm Im-m' \ hmd gvhud mtdm um \': n ux-rllguu lhrhm'blhmul Bzu'dln hm 01) div m.-0mm ha vyfnon ln dumml Irruggvkuu) hm nu Sannh sy k(n'l\'vl'h;m "Knlskmu" mm rlw,» sk uns win my nay; m- mu on (lir Unlu- hm 'n \wlhvkmdu Int-(Luv Afrikaanso kunuur en nmm-krm 7 Div 1mm Unlnhllkkt' Vlmrdzu um " l'm- \ ind vk juu" \ zm [ mmww mu Aardklnp _ hygewnon um n dun w ruru gukwr hm huh luv 1: rh urguhrinu ('ukvm Kurm Zuni (Mn-,- hl-luofw; x l_\'drn.< rm~ \ vx'mnings kyk. In '11 )lulllvkl'hgv mnlkmg nu mvkzun' I) : grand H. \"III «hp. mm: km-r (nu snnskyn uunu-l 0n hwljw mm, vn kn» uunumvn (In [H lum \Vua um In (Im'lgvnvmn hm. hul haw umnukhk up (mm. lelunulnlal MUD \ ll km. BUN} hvlmw \liu vurhuuu uh m.\l'r1k.m,~ guhk Nu m.- aunknm by (he tum-5m".\.~ n whul \\'u~ hn-i'thv \ ll.~(:l i n~' Hulh- In»! lmw uwhuw umh In:lll~w-lz vun pan-humrunm hm th gum-p hui mm mm pngmgx rum m.\h-i n1 "Ix uum- pnm...-,\ m -. pmuu] \n' dudvhk i'h s nu div curm-wrmmng kummnmkm muw-k. ligu mum" Dn- mmnnu~ m~'. uw-u\\.mi--'" Innw r-u/ 7 'n hau-.xmmkw (-n [zonal mlh» ukllwllvm- v" 'n xlum knhuurwm um hm \Ir n gym»: guluum nru wruming w: 'n H<wh~ In-Lzm was \ un '11 ulmul m nn< lmwm ln-nmhu "HIIlhil' l-u Urn-In n :mhu dunl-lem-n ungolon ikx- wurm (lug: [huv dunkn- 1 mm, I.K'HMH I> t-n ( ~n-l\n 1 «mm mr hnhnm Toe the vorlnning kluar Wilh, hm um mm. Np] \HII «n n Hllgzvlvm lk (luul' xhu 2 ul 10% A» 'n skarluumh ; :llmulnu(iivfoe-hvrrx-il1ht-wwu. anv gunmwllu mmnuhk umnnuk hm, nlugm m-r. l'wg- n m ---\n hm du- frwslm'l l'ln l> div stuns mow-[um um rnnd Io howvmz ()n.~ hvl Inn-gum; (:ruwm.\i:hllu \\\ --1m.\1;...m" up.i..- Mksulunn mmm..-mmm I 1 N-um nu 11.4mm gt-had 1m xnusu-kwrmninm vn kms allmjios vn n-nuu w; n mum inn-rossanlu (lmgt- knn knup wwrl m mmm(hu pix-[park Hicrnu hel «ms na dwlwvmlr w-rmmng Afl" inls 2015 Nun gnaw um ll!" \m.» 41w li-mu mu hwrvliv yr 1 w.u'iisjiihs [in m: ~ prwu-s w." du- Jnnumulh urdm-n hm. Ilullu hm hulm-ll'np div \w-rhnuu urnu-i hewcog. Mum/er Mum! ml Ituur lander»-, ( Lwas '1! unwl'w 1,1. ungvm'mning. muur mg 'n 1 xm-rmdu hhk up menslikv kwalin ilu Him-nu hm mm m vm~.~kvio pmdukmm Mmvzm urmul H mm ul'uml ll III-I. Ix ll suu us. dovlgum-n-m. Dn- uvhnur w m ll'nku-r r up sang. dam. Immonlh- nu 1hr \nnrdm gt'rll lu-v nnl' hm' um ln'mumn/u' I: hunk [)w Junux \~' hrl hulwli munwl' )mnm.;..-m n hzuv 1m.mm ml wwlvl llu- Armkmm, lh-pmwmmu 1 mm -u-n.~ up an rhmlnmnm' \lm l.\ m bun-urn HUHAh'Ikmnh l ngr 71

76 SCHOOL IGRADE ll SUBHZCT (le.a'[ l\r l l'y: LANGUAGES 8: DRAMA Kolskoot "Skiet!" beveel die of sier in 'n angle stem maar dis asnf hy reg in my oor me: 'n luidsproker skree. Skiet horn. herhnal by in "a harder. dringender stem. Dnllt dink hy dat ek hom nie gehoor he: nie. Ek het Kehoor. Ek kan dit net nie verstanu nie. Dis ongelooflik, hoe kan dit wees? 'n Oamblik tevore het my visier up 'n man \ asgesteek. ~n Man wat nou doodstil in 'n pool van sy eie bleed lé. Die bruin bondeltjie is nogsteeds op sy bors vasgebind, Ek sien n drandjic wat na 'n toestel in sy hand gaan. En nou dit. "Waarvuor wag 1y? mean by my nan. terwyl my o'e op 'n ltlein seuntjie wat in die man toe hardloop. fokus. Hy is daik net sewsjaaroud. Sy kristalhelder trane rol our sy wange. maar daar is n ripe vasberadenheid in 5y be too hy hurk en uitreik na die man se handl Jy gann ons dood veroorsaakl" gil die of sier en mi: aan my skuuer. My vinger druk op die sneller en ck snak na asem, terwyl die geluid van die skoot teen die geboue in die straal eggo. Die geweer he! hard teen my skuuer teruggeskop. Die (yd staan sxil en 81 die klanke vordwyn. "Jy het gemis! Wat is {out mot join? skree die ot sicr \ erontwaardig. i-zk sit-n net dik' seuntju Wat in skok wegvlug. Ek het nio gemis nie. 'n Stofwolk dryt' langs dil man su hand die lug in. Dis 'n kolskoot. Robert-Daniel Hardin Drama Original Works The grade 11 lmys have worked consistently to create and ('otistrut'l new. t utting-cdgo South Al'rt-un theatre. The task required the boys to grappliwith research and to engagv in the workshop process as it means of constructing new work, The pruco is challenging and demands hours oi team work. The rehear a] period 1. collaborative and democratic prom. Page 72 where every member of the group can bring their strengths to the stage oor. The three performances interrogated harrowing and uncomfortable political and social events that we consume daily via the news and social media. The three plays re ected a social X-ray ofour time and the grade 11 students opened their minds to enguge in conversations about the world around them: #KnowYourStu/f, with Benjamin Jack. Devon Pugin. Dineshan Pillay. Justin Watson. Kian Fiskerstarnd, Kyle Furlong and Tristan Savage. brought news that has been trending the Twittersphere over the course of The news team discussed updates from the Rugby World Cup. brought relevant information about Gangster's Paradise, inserted a specialised weather report and gavetips on 'How to survive the Festive Season. The Auction of Shame with Alex Tuerk. Cameron Conlon. Devon sarkis. James Netherlands Jordan Fitzhenry. Joshua van der Spuy and Tanaku more discerning European clientele! Be it a Somalia" refugee that would much rather live in a country that has been ravaged by rivil war or Abdullah Kunlil an emotional father from Syria whose little boy was wni ted out on shore. 'I'ht- group catered for onwt-zlllh's needs in an attempt to rid the world of shame. l hoy auctioned off giohal shnmv and shim-d stories of those who have lost their vote s in the midst of intornntiomil headliners The Birthday Party with Denislav Murinnv. Jeri-my Saner. Kai wiim-mt-r. Kyle Kurnahan. Luke Kruger. Lungt-lu nailing. Michael Reeve): and Tichoana (languidm: 21 yea ' "co the formation of our democrac. we Celebrate South Africa s 21st hirthdny, Looking back at today s flourishing and awed society. the grade 115 took the audience through the journey of SA s rich history. The boys explored the country's passage into adulthood through the eyes of Poverty, Crime. Constitution. Corruption. Media, White Privilege and Education. Time to grow up. South Africa! Le mime 11 Exit des mouvements sans parler Quelle idée! Ii s'habille en blanc et noir Quelle histoirel Il est quelque ibis drole. quelque fois triste Que] artiste! Jo le regarde sans banger". ll joue en silence Quelle dii férence! Il tire la corde Quelle misérioorde! ll pousse l'air imaginaire Quel adversnire! Je houge sans 1e regardcril! Poéme surréaliste réalisé par Dylan Walters et Ephraim Ozahor Dhombo: All bidders could spend money on property. t nmpani an aircraft and refugees. There's Les jeux des seigneurs something for everyone including the Le champ d9 bataille était un gigantesque chaos, Les hommes ont attaqué en ran s. [is se sont retirés et ils out attaqué a nouveau. 11 y avait dos cris, des chants et des drapeaux. Lcs hammos on: tue et des hommes sont morts. La vie c'est quoi? Quelques-uns la chérissent et d autres la perdent. Pourqum? ("est no a quoi le jeune capitnine pensait lorsqu'il a commandé «Tired». La murt était dons le ciol de la nuit alors quc les balles volaient. Non! Puurquui. ( est ca que lepaysan pensait quand le cavalier fondait sur lui avec une épée briilante. Le vent sout ait et in fumée obsctn cissait la scene. Au secours! Une femmefuyait l'incendie du chateau. Les enfnnts

77 ' SCHOOL I. _ ' ~ -.( xradit II SL'BIIZCI'CRI' \I I\ I I Y: \.\(;l'.\(y1 \& \'I_\L,\l \RIullons gémmsaien! murs 'vffomlmin-nl Hllu n'usl pus unv thusv mais u n nnmu 1' rmolvr m Jomhlo. l] y it pas de secuu Mn pa inn, r'vst Saints. J uixm- homu-uup rh- chasm. é l'émlv Smms. pm plu> qu'unv map. A Iinls..I'unm- Ia magni quu chapvllr m m. La hrume nppm ul L-l nalnmonl Ixsilence ( vs! plus qu un huu. umrmmnunuulé ruux mlm- descendh partoul. I uis lo soloil so lm'x lvnlemi-hl Un nuuvvuu drapeuu luminvux répnuil sur th- l'ri'rus Nuns fuiwns rlu spurt L-nsvmhlu Imus nmm délumlum vl'ninu- has plnisnntvl I'mnwns. misomhlv. Imus kuns (-nsvmhlu. [1 J'nmu- 10> di r'usmmh (-n ('Iussv (In lo carnage, un smmnu-nl d'umuur (Inns wm- (wulu malhénmiiqnm Les,pux dos runs (4 an ruim-s rum.i.~.- Mvs mi sum mrs nuns at mw umis.j uimv l inlvmnt dm'ulhns r! Innmlné hommcs dos piuns. Lmn's nus v1 lou" sum mu lmillo. Jr suih I: rvhv (-qu mm- In; (luux Intonmts doslxns son! It s ms d'unv (2113i. ric. [,u (h'puis 200:; m j'ui m-numup d'mni,~ J'aum- 12 pvluuw imérivurv, [mix n'esl jumuis imp précxcuso L l Vond pour un prix pimguhlu lmhuuh's proclms. jv muur w pour rhuquu g I g'nn(lam1130quvljz lu-ml,~1umi mv vl'nlmo It-s (hum (his unuwnu (115-, ( symbuiisvm ' ~:4pril LlL' Saint». du sun... vhusc d'm ' J mmv In snnncriv du rim-her. Souvonez-vuus dv cvux qux sum mmhn s mum. L '( lu mmllcuro (amlv :1 J'uxmo 11:,cm up mlorx'v prvs du u-rmln...et des imbéuilvs! Jnhzlnnmlmrg. ( 0 qlw iu ills ts! n'm,.lu dv rugby, Ruln-rl-Duniul Burtlm mo rérmllu clmquo mun pum- quv j.i'unm- 1:1 mmmml IL' xnunn (lam In Ma Passion sans (luv JVm : 1 I m-uh» :Ivur mus mu» mum. Jo nv wux p115 m; vmr on pht'im- m In rusév.~ur Iv: wrrmm, [ m'u- quv L U qul- ] :umu sliom-v Ix I'érnlv v! 10 us qnn um mmmm Iln qu-v quu yum-11 - (ht-z Mn pnmnn n'ust pas uno mmvpmn nlluns pnx'il-r do lillvs m dv SUHIM mmv simple, pendant In récrézmun (-l mu- nuu.».iunu Bukm' mm and charm"! rll'uwmg on lm'uu wry ful'mul [Mm-r by \m-w (h-nl'mv l ugv 7:5

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80 MATRICS 2015 I'm-gr 71$

81 SC -GRADE ll 8'] L l)]?\'[ \ The rilatians reproduced on (hrs and the[mng hut/b11011: n-orv originally rmul {ml at w lizk (7vaony rm )5 ()rlalwr. They are 1hr compositions u/ mr'h Imy's House Ilir'w-mr urul/ur 'I'ulm' and [my Inbulv In Ins z-umar (11 [/10 Hoys' ('ullugu. W Stuart Agaienz Nicholas Archibald Kieran Asman Hou Pim I Admillwl: 10-JunA er Wuhh Admlllvd. (Huhurzllll IIHSk K go Admitlvd: lz--lun»2uh Birth: 1 \'(:\' Birth;(157--Ill ~1997. Hll'th 1 A[)0('»1997. The rewards in life don't alw _ gmwthe biggest. or the braves 01' (he hxheli U'hI. A giant urn mun 111 many SL'HM h. u lumlm' KL-mm hm hwn u runsmm soux'u- of The rowan-(ls go to thusu whu lum- gut and who hl'hlgh mu [ho hosl in other» when you go through hell. audit to zhu pvrsun whu )usl keeps gumgi xun11 remain mm m yvmrsolfm all mnvs. natural ] ' llll' 'I l'uruser rlvlvnmm-tl, rlmrwmmir :Iml sll'nng >\ll )l'l.~ l':1nd(ll'll h hl. using hlr lalvnh In (much llw liws nl lhmu uruund hun.? Birth: HAAug-WSW. Duncan Barnard Houst W0. 03' 1 Admnwd: llulunri ml Dum'nn is a hardworking and mm driven young man wlm hn.~ prnvx-n m m- ;. critical thinkur and a nun nmdl-mn: m hns been a (1mm. mu luvnl mcmlu-r ufllw Boy, ('ollouv. Justin Beale Hmm ( nlllm Axlmnlml: Ulnlun- JHII leth; 17',\1HI >HJHT..quink xlr, st-nfhummn':ixul mush guing pm'nnmllllv mukr him :1 hkvuhhwunu mun Jusnn Iiw l m- nlw mnmvnl and u.» ulwuys up n. mum-(lung M ('ummr Bvauchauup Hmmv Hunumm \dnmh-d IS-Jmuum: Hmh EVLJuILHHIT 12mm ; whvnmhm v:uh-i"~\mrk1~ llnm- m.» pvnplv >:!\_ w. ma n umlm. Ynu urn mm! \'um'w11 whun _\'n\l:u'i'vu'jmii ki\i >1H)Hllr v ll hlr~(.ihll \ nux'wu mu l ugx- 77

82 -(. \ \ I IWII [) \ll E Munlu-w erh Huuw,\I:-:u'\ \.Mlumml 15.1""mm Um): HHM NUT 'l') In Blur ~Rodt-n Ilmm- I Im \ anml. 12 Hn'lh [\yn' WEI? :III~'. () M Uzu'vth Bosnian Hmm- V»..<I -\ I Admntml: nl-i Hmh. All Ap.1997 \luulum ~ \ I1 Il" me-t ()u- qn-nulh nl um nm\ul un- nu mm MW" Jnux llm nul 1m» ;. prulzmml unapnnumnmmm In )vm-\,~ gl \:1! mu- hn~ m nlh-r unirl llntlm lluuw \\'v~ m' \,\:hmllm If» m. Hmh lhnm m Ilnmvl Inna I n'n. m IIII(\I. I I.IHL. lunlwl n! walm me Hr llll~ uwn'umv :IH III. l'llu( \ wulu Illxllm llnn m 1w. luv um ~ :II IIu-( niii-m- H" v~ 1 wuan-mu. Sunnx Kmuln l uuv 7x 'Sm-n-m» I! nul nal. I'mluru.~ nul rum. :1 :5 H14- mu 1.-mmmmuvnml Numb" TrIslnn. mm In \ '5 'IIIII ISII';III' I I I Awnunllmut ulllvlilllnl'm (4)( In-('U11( ui-' ml llmvv :ILlnun-ll m...» ms>mn u. m.- mu- m hlu- mum ( nunor lhnu h llumv Kmu- \.\ nutl -1 Hm): IGJM mm; :~L I\15UH ('mmur Im» an Ilvlllu dlntv mlpzu'v UH (hum- :Irumul lnm mul u tlmlh nll'll and mum MM lk lnmln mll lu- mum-ii In' Ilmhu whome him Hurt-1h,~ u lulu-i. mulurv ynunu mun whn h a um-u ul'h» but throughqu In.~ ur rm u..- Hyman-w- mm» Imp4m.mpm yl.-mmmm :md Ia Ih. I'llllnml nl'u Snlllls Knight Ll Ruin 1 Bruce M - I ms \.\ nnllwl: Inqluurmmsx Hn lh' 'JMAIm l lht "'I'hrn- Is lnlln- m unnln'd m mung uul nn.-..mn-m \\ u-rx- llw dvsmlnnun L;.-.~m.in Hrmvry Is "hum lvm'nu: \ nul' rump m m- durk wlu-n m. do nnl knnw Ilw num- nhmxl :qu umunl lm run-min [lull mu WI ri-tul'u." Ruin-rt. trust your mm-r nm't- :nul lhlluw yum- lu-nl'l

83 SCHOOL.(QRADI: KI'L'IHN'I'S MurrayBuck Hnu Webb \ Adminvd.[11-Jun-20]I Birth: 17-Jul Mich-Jan Buys Huusv' Homing: \ Athmm-(l: 01-Jun-2011 Bix'lh: I-i-JuerYQT, Keagant haffey Hnuw:Mvars\.v\(lmiuud'Wuhan-201] 1mm: H~-lun-1SI$IT. A thinking man 7 hunouruhlu. dudimlvd and trustworthy, Thu mu- (-mhndlmem M a Sainls Knight: onv uf [hr (nu->1 mvn rlm College has pruducvd. Mu hwlun. xmllnming umimt the In!» 0f Imuhlcs 1hr wurld knnws nmhmg nhuul. nm-lls only :1 linlu ( an)urngt-mvnl Arm 2 1L {hr man whn swixm gains! {hr all'hhh h due only nm' who knuws us >1n-nmh, Angm whn pomx ~51 <lrunglh uf dun-m-u-r :md.wl! h, Iplmp. Inn drw> nm inn-gm uhlml xhv I M L'd. uhhusu :u'uuml lnm. K 'xg;ll1'>xn;n'k1.~ emblamnvr! hv bu mhuux Tafadzwa Chinamatira Collins \ Adnmlml: li-n {MIME}. NIAVJQQS, Tnfadzwa has nlwny> hvt-n husy lmnu something for tho M'hnul. Hx~ vm-ruy and passion l ur Info mukx- (In wum m l'ullnw him. making hnn a popular Ivmlm- m (Ynllins Huuso, Kyrun ('lu inm- Hnuw valm' \dmuu-d. ')~-l;n\»'.ll l)2( H'lh: UH-melfl. 7. Kr n.~ :In mtlm-m~nir mung mun Mm hm hut-n mu-mm- low] M Iln- nuyq ('uncgu. up will In- mm.m IIwhm In» Ivuws :II Ilu- (-ml thv war Jayson-Loo ( ullins Hnusv \\'v.~ h-\ \ H1111}: Il-FI- LHWT :\\ ml(u Ul-er l ll Juyuuylm- xx :1 Irllr gmnhmnn \\ m In <huu~ mm-mm. mummm 1m mnllnu pm'wnuhn- 1m» Ihu.1va m mukv pwmh m1 nu-um.» l ugr 75)

84 Immm IJWL'I INIS LAWN Doclan ( unmzlly AidanAJon Cullinan Mu'aaz Dasoo Hmm- KI.~ \ Admulwl' Dunn-1100:} Huusv: Tuukvr I Adnlillvd lh-jnn zlll i Hnusv Muunt vphons \ Admitted' : mm; 15:.s.-p.msn (H-Jnn-ZUH! Blrlh: l rfqhrlqst I)«-«-1:m'.~ qmlv gh-zum hrnughuul hw many Inh uns Hr m uvm-w (how nmund hum h_\ rimming them In hv his mdal.md vih. u nghlhuml a rough dmmnnd _\ I'< Iil'p mnrmumm I cud "l'hv more [ um cul slimd 21ml hurl [ht- muru l shmuf As [)upun' of [hr Houw and main le'lnl'r in the mck shop. mu Organised and lud quxmly, ulwuy empathetic and I'L-rnnuilm ury LJ Lam-e Davids Huuw: llx-nning \ Admnml m Jun 21m nmh, J17.\[n'rI$JHT. Lam-v. ynu lwluwo [hut Hu- lumlu-r -;I)' mum rmu wuh (hr www yh-'> \ mu-a Ynu :m- mmux'v \ uunu mun and \MI haul hv mmiuuing and mnme IN-uplvIV>y'117\1 I:1 hv-nt- l Page 80 LA vlmlus Dl l)l ( kl'l Huuw [ vnl'vn \ Hll'lh 11-Apr-1997 AdmIHI-(L -er211,\'u hu u.\ mu :m- hku un muh- thv must l t'> 7t'('[\'( hml in sn many wuyx. I Ingzh-s' m zmd [In M. nwn tlu' Skll'a, IIIIIJV HH'HH) making (luquwl px'n-wm t- h4mm rem mm ul'uny :m- n'urw'm (hm mmm lhl ix' James Deacon Hnuw: l nu l Admim-d: U]»Jan-2ll!l Birth' l -Fnbdfm'i. Tm- xnwlsuru of whn weum 5 what we do with whm we hmv " James. hoing charming: and dm-rmimd m pm'suv your goals.s a qrmglh yuu mus! L-hcrlsh l nn-n-r

85 SCHOOL.(jRADli 12 SI L l)l'.\' l s Lorenzo Degni House: Tucker Admiuvdv 15-Jan-2003 Binh: 087:\pr~1997 In the words uljuhn ( Maxwell. Inn-mu will pro t from hl' - rung desire to mm-(i as. is evidenl in hi. d._ wimp and mung work ethic, Daniell Dippenaz Huusi l uckvr l Minutmd: Ul-Jnn-ZOIZ Bin h: is-aug-msil "Wusio nu nuu L- lilnl' Ill L LIIIIL nlmui whui n guml man should bu BL mun" Daniel] is :1 wry good man: <uli(l, l't llzlhll' mid I L'hpllns lhlk Wlih an vxcullum M th' ul humuur. Aedan Doubell HiuisL-z ('ullms I Admitwd- mum 2011 llirlhzl 750p Avdzm has an easygoing. carefree pi i'slmzllily and lives for (I'm mumcnx Hl' has lvl'x lib mark un Ihv rugliy eld and has 1m a Irgum'mwhich many run 2 pm- Michnel Du Plessis Housv: Krigr l Admiltml: HIV-land ll] Birth:02~lul-1997 A well-mannvrvd and friendly young: mun. Michael is a lalenlcrl and (wilmhlv individual whn has Iran-m many lossum inside- and nulsidv the cl: Michael Du Toit llnusu Kruzv l Adnmml lz-jnn illll lhnli l' Jul-Him. Mirliml h an mun-nun» iuin-nli-d ull- I ulllidm ll' Honours wx I'lll d fur living: a mu. Immiin living. Mum-1 uuulil have [Wu :1 «mm-vang rm'mlvnl. Nicholas Dunl an-tmill lluusw: ;\I.-;na~l \xlmnml ill-rlnnr illi lln-ih. lilalunrlelslt Nirk l> i'iiurugwius ui lu. l'l. :i {mill-ssh wh nllnli' Kmulu ulmsi- i nlluh i am much.-> nu» <)>:u'i- mm. :ii'uulul mm. Page 81

86 SCHOOL.(IR IIH I HH III\\ Ih-unIlIIn Durknn Divhuni Dz 'huni KeomupJnhn I lllingfurd-bowman Hmhv l I m-vn I.\I nuiinil IH. :In BIIH llnuw I'III~ I AIIIniIII-II, IllalI-Inruull Hum" \Vvhh AdmivII-rl: I.. Im~20H 11! I3 I ll,» HINT ISIth. III rlnll Hm? Ulrlh I- irthn-iuem 'HIII 'Ih mum: u 'IIHNI \VhII1\IIUV\ Hun H:IIII~ I'I. JI-nI.h H I~ ln muwwm le11 Ihlnu III-I I HHV hm'il :InIl nihi-xx "'l'hi- IlIHnrvnI-I- lwiwm-n who \'U\lI 'l' and.mi-iaii-i m II unh [u Iv Ilv " liruminn. \IHH' mm III l:i I :IW: \', Ihul n mu Imu- In (III: thii \ nu mun In In Is what vnu do" L'l'lllll, m: mu HHIHI'I' )IIIs mmh- II mm In III I I! Hm] glu' IImI llllll IuI I'XII'H " \ I-Ilv. Ku-nzm, vnu yll'l' u I n- 'Ith ppildi'lh III-II-II m1 \nu \ nu )mu- :I hum ni';i IIIIH lmn \ I Il' lil'iv In ynunu mzm wiiii :I kiiui III-III'I. Ynur IIIIv l'ulli-~.i In I m-mum nu IIH gnml :InIl IIIHIIU In pm :I sunlnnn I-IhI-I. 'zu-i s will Immun'ulnh- HIInpa IIIIII IImIII-I' III-II: \ uu In rvm-h \lilil (h'l'7 l.\ '. "r Elh r I"i~kI~r~lrund (hllu'il'l Fm'hos an I'I'III'YH.\IIIHIIH II [Shim L HIH Hnnw lump I dllhhl'ii "JILJIIIJIIIE lluuw \I'I-slI-x.\I miiinii: I: J:III~ JI)II lhrlli 111 \ II ISN'T HII III 3 \m; IE )? Il lh._.\iiu»1..>7 lir.va Imw luvi-n I I-III'IIIK Ilnv- In Iqu gum);.imi Inumlh;..I\ InIInII :I IllI hi' ILIhI'Ivl I> :I I III-I'I- In bu I't'l'kllllk ll unh III WWW my hum \\U I um,iii I.~.m.me Inr IIIIan'nII IIII- < gi- III~.vmlum <In IhI- m-immmu pnnl and has pl'm'i-d IImI wmmmn III \ IhHIII \Iu- \K I'I'I prniiil. mmnnm Iur Ilw I II In: um \Hh uhvmm I'm- all In hurii \mx'k Ind IlI-Iurminmiun. mmhinnzl Mm \mx lllllh.ihi I'IIUIHIII.Illll u II mii-r w. wuh nah-m, glum u \m-y lulu: \m. whn prnlm Iml lm Inn-nun I uur H J

87 IGRADE 12 S'l L'lHZNI'S Ll James Freeman Matthew Gilson House: Pills l Admilted: lsalanvznm Hr:LI.~u:llk'llIIII1g l Birth: 30»Jul~1997, lllrth: 26-Mar-1997 The difference hvlween a suru 11 person and others is 11m a lack or strength. not a lack of knowledge. but rather a Im'k of will Jam on are n humble ymmg man whn pus: <21 lhv quulnm respect and xmegmy that Wu Uhv. admire at [he Buys' Callugl- 1 Jackson Gondo Webb l Admitted; lk-junrzml Humhlv. under mm! and mmlvnl. luncvorassms himsvll : hp prunumm lulu-n and brings their he nul Nm ms,\' flustorvd. he.mpam.. calm and «mum rhythm Ln all that lw (luvs, A lnw Iz-mlm'. )l' :\(lln lu~rl: l2~lmvillll Mmlhcw. you bk lll'vt' that In hu sum- lsm lu- sucmhlu Ynu Llomnnsn'uul lmrd work lln'nugh tho (lou-rminmiun lhul. whether ynu Wm or hm, you nlwn ofyuumll Joshua Gray :Ipply hc bust llnu,. l um-yn I Atlmlllml lllulnnr'lull Hm ' nulsmi Jmhuzl, Klnsplu- Vuur l mlumu musrlw Jun] ymlr«'lwl'gmgnn llw.ng mm. \qu :Irv willmul vnrmlt-m Ynu Imw m-usurwl \ nur Hmms l'rxumls and yuu wxll ulwnw lu' [lilx'l ul' h1< luxmly Ll Brandon Glover Hmm Mm Admmml: lswlanvzom Hu'lh:1ll l [11"1997 warn lml m hnml. Brandon )5 a (lvllll-zuvrl Knmh. whn ('umus uln'xll u'muzh spurt. Ho.,~ I'll ux'ly le'ussud and m, rcslllvm'l will mnkv. mark on m.- wm-m umunrl lnm w Gawuno Gullun llmm- '['ul-kr l \(lmiili-d Ululnx Lillll Hmh gllrl lvlhlflllll l'hmk In-l'l. Il\inl\ I-lglu, xlunk hm nul Ilunk high (anm- y- :u In.1~'lm' nl uhm-nnlm- lhmlunu: ulrmuum Hp has (lu- m-y ul'wump lml L~ mvmhh-m lulu-n. l ugv 3:;

88 SCHO.kle WH le l)\\\\_\ Nicholas Hump-Adan Huum- \\ :r.\1v\ > \(Immml III-Jnnuull lhl'lh 7v-.\II -ISH!T. Xlrlmlu- \nll lu- rmnmnlwml {m- his I'xlrmu'thnlll'\' mu: (alum. h >.~hur l M nw- ul humour and In» mm! cmumllnu'm m oxm-ilrnm- In mwrnhmu luv llmh'l'hmk. L91 Tiaun Harmso \th \wzuw hrm'nv in [nu lu- Cameron Hewson HHM'Z Mum s Adnuuvd. 01-Jun-2011 HHIISVE Kngo I Ammmd:01-.Jun720n II'Ih: Birth: er-lun-iqqt. 'l,. n's quu-r Ih-lm-mmur hull" wu ('zlmm'nn 4 gvntlr guuu mm a hoarl lhi'iii-m vklnu glmt Hun minu hi.~1m'vufll ul'guld He wnslshmrly (luvs (hr right :I(l\' null'l 1lnr 'tliunu, Hv l> 2 nghl Hung und > : ] (I iln'l' rule model. Miclmpl Hinds lluuw Wme \.\lhm rwv :1..vl:n 2mm Hil'th [MW.1! UNIT.\ humhlu. I'vupunmhlruml)1vlmll\v\'nn \u x 1w m h1 > Inn-n :m vm ' t-i\l I. w wuh Ihx uhxlny m vlu'mll'np. mulivulu :Iml uiw In.» all l nm- N) LA ( nnnorhim'irhs lluum I llh y Admuu-d- 1: Inn-200:; Hu-xh, 31;; :u- 15m?.\ In.uh r. ~ Mu I \Iu-pIu-nl. vm x lu lllml 14- Hm'k. h-lnnu llw mus! nimble Luv um nhmul, uhvruupuu11wmlwrui ulluw. n. n Nun \qu ull :Ilung Hwy :Ix'v ln-ing dun-mu nu." lulluml " ('mumlx \'nu hun-...-\v.-.u l]\ -('H A'gu: n(1lhvhnusvn h Alhllllk lmll Q 1 Siyubonga Hluletlma oust- ;\[.uxm.~10plu-l IHVJHILBIHJK I Binh: Adminvd Jun \ pnckt-l-rm krl uf mdusrrizms mvulvvnu-nl: u skillml m-gnliutm' and a (lulu-mud cultural h-zulur. 'l lu-sv \wrds (I -'< who :1 mun \\ 1m has (dsl n \ ury sigmfu-unl.

89 SCHOOL IGRAIH 1: ll 1>1-\1\ m Yujie Hua James Ilsley Gareth Imrie Hous, Man's \ Admmod:(H-Jnn-ZIH1 Hum): l mx'yn \ Admim-(l: l r-iimr mx Hons nlhm \ r\dmlttv(l:[hahn Bll'lh: l'7-ma 1997 Birth: H-l thsn'i. Bmh: Hi x-pjsiht. me does not wait for _\uu. n mum-- un 11 "Adull lvnpm th urn-.mjmio. mlmm- < 'th IHH 2mmm 0mg frlrndl) you arv roudym' nut. and uppm'lumlm~ nmmub ".Iumm. \uu wall; uh pndv and (llsplmlmn, Hmu- Ur, undmmuh that must hemd Ugh ) m- Hwy mu 1w mussvd. Am. mm- in uum-vd In rho Tungdumgunf rclnxml :Ippx'uzn-h 1: :1 rm-iv um-5 ["m' (hm. youmum ht- proud. mum-mm young mun, n-qumll} \\ uh 2 pmnhmh gun m hzmd. Ly Muhammad Ismail Mmu' i Jiyn l vlrr.iorduan House HL-nrung \ Arlnullml'(H-Jun-ZUI! Huuw' l xtk Admnlml: 1:} lunr'jlhix Hnusv WA-hh \ \nlmmul IN - :n H1 Birth: lh-junlml. lelh: MAOAI 1 7 lin'lh 74%, HINT Thu musx duf ruh purl UfIIfU \s ~ w» Ivl uur nwn Imhl \Iunt'. m» "Sn-n-nmh dur> Hnl unm {rum )]I\~M.1J decmun to act. Tho mu m (mmmly nm-nmrinmly Luv mhm- pvnph' pm-numm» LuLu IIV, u mmm lmm :m nnlmmmhh- \ HH urr mll " [ n-h-r hm ~ ln\\ u Ihh W) m lmth domdv In (In. and Iln- [1) (I(' '(]\11 A-. 1h:- (In-In mim-tl In le'hll \ «mnr unuls ('unlmuu 1 \ *«: ~>1'umll.HMUHVlh' mrhi'll'm. Ilv prm'vsx h Its uwn I'anl d, m ]J\ I'~m- vmu- AII'Uunh lny >huwmgz Is vlu» vplhnlu ul. \u-ll V Hllllllwl Sum!» (an-:hn'rllmn'v hmu-r) ml Hum. In.) Muhammad. you run du : n\'l \ll\ mu (1: (In 1hr mnu Munw l mzv H3

90 1! \IH [ \ [ le \IH mm lun Kummlm K) ll Krmink Felipe Kir'tvn Hmm- l'ulluh \.anxu-nl nl Jalrl lll Hullsv Muumm-plu-m \ \dln lvli mew: THl'kt'l'.\dmiIu-rl* fllulnxr ll Hmh m Jul Hm? Hl-Jnn-ZIIH lhr'h I; Bun-[h I7:L()r(-195)7 Inn m~.. lun~x(1\m-mlmxk Hn hli-zllul :H\\7 \~mum,. \mm- m)! h. mu» m 1* u "my-aux wmx ml \nunu mun Ynu hvi I'H ) ln-nkr \ nllx' hm-k lnr hv Humu inrmml wnh mum rululun inmm mun. :md nlwmx \nmr rlurln-(l. am \'nur.mn Ihlnu [ixmmn thia-n-(l (hm Inuunnmmn wm mul'r Impm'lnnl than knnwh-duv, Immuhas xlunmn rnlwl hulh m h» :Irhlnwmvnk m «hnul um! 1hr dl'umntiv um. LA Dimm- Kunzr HHHM \Vn'sll [,anmmt 1-. I m LCUH Hmh llaupl H lthi-r hm ulwuu hwn u h'm \pii H and hmpl- I-rlInhlumnlll'um mel] hml In} nu-lu- mun vmmuh uml uly-uluu-ix thrnu m 1 LJ \' hmh, x l'nrw lx'ds, 1\'LJ M. is Kurt-u- Huuw l mmn \mmlml (II-Jun Bull Hnlh 17.Iun IENT "I'lw hmmnmu Ilml l> llu- nnlx hm! Ilm mm (1\ lurlmunl Inhm. \ uu haw mmlnvmlvnh 1mm) urwmrh yuu m uyhlnulw-rm-r 1:1 lx u'ku'unl hm n~l!' \ ( ruig Limo lluuw. \'n-,.u~ \ :\xlmulwl. 13-Jun-2010 lhrxh. 1lean mm. Strum: willvd mm ln'iiwmh-d. ( x'mg nrwr h l'kl'll duwn frum :I dvlmiv, Ho hm lu-mm-u n <1 run}: mural ('nmpuss ['m' lhvvnungvl'iiu-lx) u-i'.~41fl \uwhlmlln I ullnw. l'um- HG

91 SCHOOL.(lRAlH 1: \ ll'dle S LA \\ Calvyn Le John Huusu: W.»hh l Admilll-rl:(ll-.1uxr21Jlll [in-m: (lany-léll l. Matthew Lazenhy House: l unryn Admlm-d 0 Birth: l7-m:ix'~l$l97. LA Ryan Le Roux Hnu : l l-nryn I Adlnnml: Mulul-zllll Hirlhz 970K1719f17. l l "Wolvesmm mulnunn u r0- «24va panfol' "'I'ln- 'K'SI and must hrullllllll things m (lu- hour ()\'L I'ln}1d > l lnl. )l'. l wm-lxl must lu- 11-h wuh llw 1mm " l'u \_\'n kilmnulrvs m one muhl," Munln-w, ) nlll' ma, vim-m nml umquvm hn n huuu hl-url. u puworm prl-wnu». 1 hunger for rlmnm- and la nul nl mul m (akv lying Ynu have tx'nvullvd 2 5mm! but thrjuurnuy hm jll-zl lnrgun. Ll mlwru rock and [ho hum l yuu.xlmw m wrung;mmmmnvm luvw-rulmm llull lu- Michael Leatham Justin Lilkunt Hum»: Tut-kw Admuml Ulwlnn- Jllll lluuml Nh' l':.\rlm ll:~<l. lll-jun-lell Birth: ()raug-h HH. llmll: Iz-Ih-r-HMJT Michael. your my uvs are u.~ ulllld us :1.lumn; vulmll- >I qux llll mluh lm unmi- people's lives mnkw yuu a man m :I (Ilk'h, l'll l}ll l 1l> l i l \ HUI unlv um Ilw mlllion :mrn. hm ulw m- 1 I'Hllllllllll'll :uul rmpm-l l ul Kniuln iun',~ rnur can h4- hl'iil'd ts km uwu) " n- \\ < hum-(l. :md :11] In. Iilllajun h' {mm and llswxn-(l ()1(l} lllll'l l( ll( lnuh n» Mill nmkr mmmark Murray anlwrgz Hnuw, King.» J,\(lm llu-i HIV-land ll llmh l I Jun HIV?.\ humlilvmum mun \vlm h.»- 1qu ~Iuml'u'unl.mmmmm1mm mm.» and nulmh- I]h'l ]1l~hl 4)lllll ll-l.~ : th null lm-ul nl~ \ulllu r I'm- s7

92 SCHOOL.(IRMII I. \I'l III.\I\ Ihulivl Liinsvlw Ilme.\l "II'> I IhI-Ih II,\pIuIII5I7.\dIIIIIIml lil-j.iu»:. IllI Dunn-I I.~ musi I'IHHIIII'H' un lhi mum-r l u-hl. In hv l>.i Kmuhl haw I'I-In-Iullx III-Inmur IIuI IIlHIIt :1\l'l.zllH(lIt t lllilkvhnnuul l'. II Iu-IIIl \nih Inu-rmnnu durum, I'Imlo Mnhaluyo Hun. Krmu I Admillml: HII-Ih. l) -.lu rl$l$77. :IIn LN. I wrv ah IIugJHHL'tI mu! rh urr mun-ii \'Ilul\u nihii who hzx.» Irumvmlnus pull-mm! In l wvll :uul IhI- um ll' :IhIlIIx Iugulnnml- pwphu Sham- Mnckay HIHIH l unryn I Adnmwd: 01-Jun-2011 Hn lh \ uulm, "Ml lnlh ufn I-m; planted III M!\II1 'I 1~IIDII hun- mus and I'urgm \vlu-i'v they lull 1H " Shum- \ uu huw plumwl gr nm-s. mm '1}? liu-s nfyuur ppm and Imrhnrs wlnch L~ umum In rw-ull Kl-llaul Muvkmllil- Hmm- \\ I- IN I.\4 vi\hih III Jun Jun ISII-III II (I ISIW I Kvllun )5 2m III-IN. ll hm 'I th- u-iiihi u IIII hi.- l m-uimiv :md lll'\'i' IIIInm-II I'mn rn Hun In Ilmnpmu hh lll )\ l l l ll\ III- h.» <I II\ \Il um- I >In-uglh mu! (A'IHH IH Page HS 1 ixlun Much-ml Iluuw I Iulu-rI \dmllh'll III.lun-zzIIII lhmh III IA-Iy um? \ II.I NIHIIII'II wmuu nun AHII :I um] Im II..II m \\I 1\Il Inumm hu-wurt, When mllmu Inx IVIHH m wmvthmu. Ith In Ir- H14 limil I'III.\II :III Musimlm Mudurobn :qu Nah I.\IlmIIII-d: IIS-SI-p-EUH Hu-Ih, U57 Julr Isms. 'I hv 4lll nl \\':I! nor. a IXIJ I1HrSU' ]\VI\U A' ll rmulmlmullv :I Ihuumnd wurds wuh III Ml'vnulh m I.»mm II.- whim-d and l'( and. hrmging calm In many.411qume and : pi-um- IhuI prmnnivs I-Iwn- thlnliml

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94 LMMJ Imw! WNW] H\J\. \ \. \ I r Alcxnndm' Mangunadclis Stephnne Maruis Meric Martin Hm. ullxx1s\.\nlnnm»d IRIInnrlllJllki Hnuw' Mum's Admilu-d Human}; House Kngu Admilu-d: ( Jim-20H Bmh, l H-h-HWT Hmh, l)-:\up-l$.!h Birth MAMHSM L'nI'mImul}pntl1 ~hm1~ [mm l'u ltlhill.\1u~1r I:~ u 11 ;th X'A-\'Ulullnn than all An all-rnund pvrmnnblc mung mzm lu-lu~k r~.v\1vxx,hlnulv hum-m mu! wisdnm uml phil:n.~nph_\ It Is lhv vlvulrl ll whosv charming pvrsun. ll ) hm kx'pl I nrlhx'lghl and h lhunkml I'm- all hu huh ~m in \\hu~h Stt-phum-"a <pirit we. thinks lnm uul nt n'nuhlu on more than (mu (Innn (m- ( nlllm Hnuw m (h.- 411m Ixnu- hr and Impul» m-mmnn, Hv has [hp [)nlrmi d] I0 lwvd thun- mmllmu- m mrprxw holh himsl-lfand min-r». LJMN Nicholas Mase c-ld Tlmlmng Musipu Luca Milnnesi Liv-Luv 3mm House Pv-nrvn.\nhmlxwl lin-th linhwlmn Hu l\", Hunlllnu.\(lnIIIIuL (ll-rlzlliaeoh WIN 3 HM" le Pans Adxmuod: [blah-201) 1&me 21.s.-p.1997 "Many Hn llr w'h l'hn,m- muhmgm m1 ' f\ r'huh ~«.ym1:u'v.lnl'ndmmm'vrl~ n-mn-~ :md yuum :m how. I,. uprmlu yum : mun mm himwll wnh pl'ulv.md.llgnm I ugr- 90 'I'Iml»:mu.)nurlxhxlmuphv15. I hvrvmm I: 1»wn1mu: spnx l 1qu [\U ml'l wnhnm mumw'llmn. Shuw {-IN, haw px'ldv. (llsplm L'hzn m'h'l'. uml wmmnu will Iukv uu'v ui'nu-il. "('nux'uw- I>IH1 Hw nhwm-o of nur, u s In>1urlngnlhmz~ n mnvu w_\nnd it " Luca yuu have ul'tun lukvn the mud 1L Iruvvllml. which L~ u I'i '("l()l\ ul ynur >1 rung,wnsv nl' mn-gnly uml Imnuur,

95 l SCHOOL.GR;\I)IZ I: s I'M)!.\' l s Harley Millar ' l Adnum-d mulnnvztlll Nicholas Milligan HUusL : Hnnning \ Arlmllu-(l: [l1~l:m~2()l2 Bn'lh. ZXVJlerlFlfW. Kyler Mintah Hn Kngv I [\lellu'di Bll lh,. Sl ugrl l 3- Hull >1 man's grip on th L'luh >hl)ws hls hnld on lnkv. Hm'lv) 152m apprnnchuhlv and friendly Knighl who [alum KhL me In pnru-h (lw liuu ul mhl-n Fishing la 'hr pursuu ufwhzu i.» plume but ulminnhlu NIK'hUlII". only Ihnw \Vlm haw- p.niomvo m (In mnpll- :hmus [)u m-lly m'cr acqum- ll w akxll m do ullll'n-ull lnnu> mm ly. Kylur i u (rm- louth-r 1'mm \vuh u wrv swung mural cumpu» Hv I~ luyul. prmvmlvd :md Kn'vr din-awn m xhuw :mmml hun. \ Mpho Moloi Houw. Mnunlslnplu-nx' \ Admnml. Ul-Junr lllll \ Birth'l rmnrrlsjht You pmvorlmm thhin Al\'x-x'}' ]\114'l. um. mming luw 1w u marlin: mu-m leader whose wil and Vum- ('zm mulueveryone wally 1mm tn hun 'I'ahnka Mayo va l rm'vn I Mhnulwl: (Il-Juudltl I Illl'lh 3NLMH! -l$l )3 "l) u-k~ m-r ('lll'lhllh :uul l rwmlly n 4.1 \II'Us " 'l'ulmkm yuu huw Inmlv yum' way lhruuuh [lu' ( ullugv wnh quu-t hull- qum-ks. an vnquu'ing mnul and u l'ru nulh Illapnmtmn Awolani Mplluphnli 11mm. MHuth'leNh l.\illlllllvll. Illulunrgull I 1th 2.3 \umwn Ynu lm-ll Ilw limp-u \Illlllz and HH- <mxlllu<l srluml lug (u ~munv x mu Iluhlll'lllw :uul Ilu- lrnumw (hm wmm-ii I4) pluum- \ uu (mmmm m Hm: l ugv Ell

96 moeooh T...:..:: 2:2... _..:...I_:..._ : ::<: : E. /._..._..._..._::...:..:,._V F..._._ (: ::... ::..:.,..._...:.. _ P1:... [ _..:... I C _._._._...5:. :5: z _..:. z..:::: _ E;..../._..:.: ;..._.. /... _..._._r_...:......::./.. ::.. L... Er _..:.... 3: :.... _...:..z...:...:_...: ::_...V.:_._. :2:..:::._:i.. f...:.._...: :. _...._:.:.: I...:_ : S_:._..::_..:.,.._:._:_:.._... :../...::._:.._:_ _..: _......,_._ :._... 1:....._._...:...,, :2: E:....._.....7:....._ _....:: :... i5 2.1: { _ : (: _.:._. _..: /._ : :2... 1:...:..._._..._7 5.5:... _.:_.....::.._.. _..::.../ _.,:.... _..::...u 5.. : _.,:._.... _......:... :.... _..:......,_ {......i /,.._::7.5: _...:._._ f... _....._i.._...: :22:...,.._..._ r......: _: :._:,...,...:......:._:.._ _..: , _...,......: : _..._._.._....._. /.5; 2... :2. 5: _ _...: ::_.:: :_.._,_....: _..:; _..:: :1... _..:...i... 22:3,.... _.._...:,_...;

97 SCHOOL lmmm 12x [l l \"[\ Luvuno Ngwalo Tyron A icholson Khanya-Kwezwe kambule Hnusr: ("ullms 1 Adminml: ISwInndWH Huu> I'ut'kur l AdeIMI: lil-julvill ll Hnuw \lmuustvphms 1 Adnmml: Bmh, lx-maylslbt B11111: 177-]: m-jm DH 1 Hu' h i-llll Luvunu ls pmsmnmu alum! In: Min-[4.1M Tum-n is u )uung mun uh va n-nurzngv ;\.~ u n-nuwnud mpm n.~1_\m pu! up is no! one [u kuvp \i~ upinmn [H ImIN-II' and >n'vmzlh nl'rhm-mn-r It) mum and mm \ nur drum: \mh x'hvrhm um] l ) He has chm lshvd hi> mlv 21> u war ('1 ) \.~ dumm', llu 1 L>~ [)H'I - m 15 nuqmml \mrm. uhunlly Mnilim:.ll (hr wurlrl leader this ) L zu MMW h} Ins pvvr> \xlmh wm mung. l>1l1\\':l}. I'uryuu m :u'rm- :u rul] m1]. Andrew North Joseph Mahiluj. Hmbv J vm-yn \ :\l]mih('d I -JJn-znu' llnuw: Huh \.\A Iml(wl,maJun-gull Birth: (n-maylvsn Ismh Ill-Alumnak "Vlunnngus 12me m (hw wznvr nml \Ulmp.l4>~\']7 Inn.m Inn-mum mvnxn- ul hummll \ lhx-u- wunu-d I Lwt m Iw mnrl In nrl 1mm! " WM),1 wurkh m thmu :I]\\': \'~ plmlmu 1 Amlm. you mm. up!!! In: 'hl-uw in II]:-m wmmhmg. Jaw-11h > n-mlmtlu-m and 4,- u 1 wan-r burning mw-u nu- \uur dth-vt'v I'«-,~n ( I> him] 1:) Ins )u-vn moms, Your loath-whip :md phllll nv ~> have hum-r1 nux' ht'ul t.» Hum W '1I(-\.\.Imnlxwl [iv»i.m gum Rmh JJ.\Lu~ Hm? "'l'hv- l't'hu M hunk 1' l\ mu IlA L:'\~.\I 1\ (h.- nnu Mm mm (hv :n-hmm llunu~ llv x~ Ihu um- Ihzll up Ilu yuinplw n: An Hu- IH NI Hung, \~.\m:. \uu 11.1w pm mt Lu-uhmm mm «nun mlh m.qu mlwmuv warm

98 .( R \IH { xll I)I\l\ W 'I'uwndu Nmuuni Sig-ulna Nyukn Ilnnw \M-hh \I.IHVHI'(( HI qu 15m] Huuw ('nllllh \.\lllllll(4 l Il lll l\l.u Hitl'f 1th Huh! lém7 'I m. mm 1\ A rum-mu,maw mlm- mung mm. uhw-mm m mum. lmkmlm.uui Sm r haw Iml Inuumduuhlu ~ ll'l 4 ~~.u Vln-l v-ilu-m» Hv IN UK I. H III'I \ 1:" {Hr HI- mwlun ln'l Iwm IIJ;III-'JHUT Slum». Ik: 1 \l l'.\iii. \.~\IIIIH!\L!\ lmnllln n mum-r, \Hu In,~ xtrnnulv :Ilmut.wnuvllung huv l5<l l1~pukvn aml (luvs um _~h\ :mm lmm Mml ~ nuhl LA Brody ()dcndzull me ('ullu».\zlmun-:i MWIun-znl) leth YN-Jun Hm? lirml) ~ :m muh-pwulvul mum: mm] whn 1~ mun-11y unrul' wl Hr hue n dry, ms.- of humnur and In» z" ~\ 1nlll " )h x'miihiihv muluw lulu Ilkmhlu :uul :Imnrum hamr, LJ ['1' is; I m mu Hmm- 'I'm-Iur \.\I In lh-i My Hmlu IM Jun lfwf ('vai}:arlvllnmlulm lwnrvl'41~.u{('hrl~ my mum Kurvhwl Mm. N «am! Hm lmvurm 1. vhummu \nuv Illumihh mu! JrHun- Imml.m mm. mum llmn.u-rwm m' I'm- 11 I ' 4 Nikhil Pun-l Hunw hum \mmlml I?» Jun 15mm Hmh H4,IHH IEWF kalnl M.u ll ll 11.uul "IHHYH' \ mmu nun.~ \~. puy-iw-l mull-mun In: pm... a mu.mumnwn..mu Hm.m ram JIM mmm u mn n. m.- or hr. hp»: LJ Illlil l l uwsnn llmm»; ('ullxm \.\: nmlml:u1~. :m~ _ ()ll{ Ihrlh IH.Iunmn I).- m-i hm sum: \I.~ Wu) mm (luv hour ' ut In: n\' lhl'sinlu- lw Is qmm nml eqmnnu. hmwn-r nu Mnuv luv mum's

99 I SC Imu ml l3.\ll'lh\'l\ Nicholas mmkunjie Penaluna Stuart Penaluna Qian Housv: szv Admnu-d: Inqlzmdml Hnuw: Krlgn- l anu-d: m alunrlllll Huuxv: Hm I Allmnml: 12A andull Birth {kt-199? Hm h. )K V'l Y7. lln-llr Us.Jnnl tn sand. bravu and l-wmpmplum. Nick 1511 driving rummu propels ntlxm'.~ (n. u'hn-u' [huu' Ina»- l thu- mum-1; nu dnuhl lhul he will v mm l uluu- vndvzn nurs Jesse Rabinowitz Huusu: Mr-.\dmnu-rl lelnlhzllll l Birth,Wl _ Jul-Hm? Mu : u mm»), u rhythm lhrnugh.j.-~,~.~x l life. Ho :3 mm..ml m be lum, vhxn'mu u l mfn-shingly unimw,l-l-xpm-uu». no as n Knighl whu has \ l'uiiu'li h» Im'n sum vmhll path, Slum-I lul Krugr Hmbv I'mm lhu l'mnl Nu ('ulhinnlly guw 1m all m hv lmusl- nnd m xlu- >L hnul Stuart 15 u (TI-( I m hmh hnnsulfuntl Ins {mmlv w Nikylo Roddy Huuw' 'I Iukm' l Adnmlu-ll (Ilvvl. l-zhi I HII'th 1 7-Ut'er 5l-r We (In nu! ulwnvx knnw whnl levlv thmlu, t' h u ~l ) ln\ls ynunu muil IHII \vlwn lw Is un.~i:u.::- hr lllxplln'h :I lumuw whu h l.- dvrph mml m h ~ lm'u- I. pimplv. Kunpu ynu am- a mum-mud and an :unhiunus mum: mum Du.mmmhing ln-vund what ynu hm'l ulrvudv muslm'od This wxll 11llll\\')'(u m 5mm m shunn- :uul lhv MATH: WI lu-m much nun-mm xhp purl W Jordan ledxw mm-z I A'HIWH l \(lmlllml Ilrvl.mrllllH llmh, lsle-iw?,\ gm-1x ~ll'unw. lull :llw nu ma.~ mm mm U!)m Iur m " llm'nllm.mm umullmun.mmuw :mmull-.nhl«.x vng nmlunk lu- nu! umwlv nl Ilh- >m.m». lvul (Lu-p wulun I nm 5'3

100 SCHOOL Imum l \lllll\l.\ Neil Richardson llmxsv l ill.~ l.\illlll ( (l. Hiulun lllo [5 th 1::-.\I:n-mw; xml. (l4) nu! 1m.nm<hzulmv (pt-h.110; IN]) ( I: IIHK\> \ nu lmn- (luv [mlvnlml m ( VN'l mull Ihzu \ uu Hump! Mulw 1hr mml ul'.1 1hruppurlnnuivs (hm mmo _\uur \\: \'1m(l lmw nu mun-u Remn Ro l lnusl" anmngz l.\(lnnllv(l. mulam-zml Bn'll nl l9-l)l'( (lulll nu-(lal ' urv nut wally made nl'gulzl. hm I'nllwr Hr mn-m. dou-rmnmnun. and guts Rl'nll). Vnur mmmimwnt tn uxccllonw ml] enable you m umun surv s in Wm'yxlnng yum (In. Sean Saks Huusu: Wnslvy I Bmh Nn\ - l Admilu d: lll-jun~2()ll Sean is an unprulivmhle young: man who mun-hm m the hem of his own drum No In..- tremendous potonual and will make u gnud liuslnvssmun. Ll Bradley Schmid l I :u.. ('ulluns nmlurll) hmmul u.~ y :uul In, Iml rnh-w Dylan Svhmid Hmmr: ('ulllm Admlm-rl 1.1.1:. 2mm llnuw l'n 1m~.\(lmIIh-(l:.lmrlllllil Hun-(h: : lrrlnnrlm llll'lll llvl"vl)- IHEW Hrmlll ) has mldvrl lmlnl nsv mlm» ll: l)l-]ml} Haul nl' Hump. m [)ylnn h: ~ ulkml Ins mlk lh- l l\ n mmlvl uml: qu Iu-nlhmu llv hm III] ('ulllm lluuw wnh pl ulv :mrl lunmlily, \1n: '<mu nu.w-t unnmnmlmu [mun-mw "lulu, Dylan 1~ Ihu \ plhlmv ur'u < "H! lwulur. Ilium Schultz Huusv: Mvm s I Adminvd umh: li-i\luy-l )97. Unu nl' [he must Impurlanl keys [0 sun- 5.x I.~ having the disciplinv tn do what in know vuu should (in. and in pmwrlulling [dill]! has l'nund his purpose. Page 96

101 lmmm 1.2 5'1 L m \ '.\ Tshepo Sedibe Daniel Servant Joe Shalala Howe: Muumswphuns I \(lmmnl. Huu' Tu I. \(lh]ll l l Hou PHH (llmllcd' 01-Jan-2011 L) anions \ Bmh: Bth: \ug-lm. H\l l11.(l2 \prhwt. Whvrv lhm'x- x,- dmm'd. may vn- hrmu Your Yer) udy plurv :md appuurnm v Dzmiul, mu haw u rung :mtl unwavnmg hurmunv Whm'u (hl I L \.~ error. may wn teslih < lhzu_ m hm'v full mmml nfynur pumun um nnly fur :m hm 11;an mu h u~ hung u-mh VV]1L X'(' 1\\ «I> (mum. mu} life andum you -111mnplmuugimn-ma vwll. Tht rl' nnnluv \ Irlm-< will vnhm'u 1m vhrxmzfnuh..\mlwhm' -Ih1-rv :~ ever milmg,emma cwnlt'ul :md >u( l' <1ul {nun-v. (hrvmum mu: mmmmmmm Icunn> and mn'.mm m» brim.y hnpv " Jun. uh hvlw Wmm Michael Simunetti Dylan Simpson Douglas Smith Hons.Tuckur \ Admmwl: ]! Hum; mm 1.\r nnlu-v. 1 plum Iluue. Hulmlnu \dnmml s will? Bulb I m-(h, HAW men xx-(h llr.\l: \ It )7 As. a rower. Mirhno] undvrqunds L'ln'l rnta. water and rwm.wu knnw 1w wnll 11w Ins life wnscly and Alml nu L'lll'l k l ml] vhunmthe strong Valium ho hm shnwn ul Sumh. mm1mmmymnmmmmulmknu hl'u mm In, uphmn pvmmnlm l> ml'w-nuu.~ IHII U\UW1\UkI UVVhII" I)\'l:\n1~un'uu. ml~ nglu I)IHIL111I>.J wnwul lllmlnul'h um-llwl Al'muur I lw,m m mu» Imm Mm lnuuhh-x'.m \vmv' hp~ 1 a ML!" lm 11w lu-mn duun dull m,.wm WM

102 Imum llml l l\l\ iiim Tristan Spencer Keegan Sullivan Hmm- Krigri' l.\llmlilmi, Illr.l;m~2U]l llims 'l u WW I Adminml. ()leun-lell llmli: l~.\lmrlirlfi. l7 llirlh: 26~l7vh-15)97. 'l'nsmn > :in lmnmt and [rum gmilvmun h h ~ m. upt-n upprmich u. m.- Hv has <lluwn (li'illl ililllll And cnmmumunl in h' Il llllllllzllk's and I li mm \vhn lmw \\'m'ki-(l \\'lll l lum w Daniel Taylm' Huusv: [Hm I Admim-rl (m \lmain? lln'ih,.llerw-ll )7. uniwr -. Yuu :m- :m uxwpl luliu] mung man who l3~ ilr-stinl-(l {m H >lll'l t'~ ~l\ l :Iml pmspl'rmls i ulun-. " l lu-m» are I no luw ways 1- can prucris - hllmllll) 'l'u speak m Inrlu Els possible ui' mm ~1-Il"'vag:m.. n quivl uml unzmunnng gonllvnlun. Li Liam Tm'lnr Ilnuw ihll l.\v muli-vl Il lh ls-lulléim "'l'lu- i'uluru hulungxm \Imw hm ln-liuw m An.nmimm- \nu-v (lmmuh which mm lhvn (in-unis." Dzinivi. lexw -vluv mill :1» 1m mum: nix («mu-nun mm-hy unrl \ nu umhrucu ynur (lrvzim ui'i-xplm'mg H' Page 98 ~Irvnglil uh-l ' l.ll'l( llv I: :i kind. {mult-.mrl lmmu \ uung mun. wlwvm'irhm (liu lm» ul'lluw- lw Il\l('l':li",~ Jared Swan Hnusu: Wuhb Admitted: le-janazoob Birih' 30-06(4997, "The sum ni'small (lk Ud' a thousand times >lrunger than {hose whu rcceix-e wldv public remuninun.".-\ quiet young mun of strong mm'icuu and le-liot's whu has xmparn-d pusiln'oly (in his pom and menious. 1 Michael Toles Huusu-z Wi-slvy l Admitted: Ul«Jun~2(l11 Birth: (l-l~:\ug~1997, Micluwl is an intelligent ynung man With visit)" and insight and he will go far in wlialiwvr ("arm-r hv cliuuscs to pursuu He is a young mun r hunnur who has llvud and cxi mpli ctl tlm Saints values.

103 ' SCHOOL.(RRAIW 12 VI'L'IHN'I'S Luke Tempest Ho ulllns \ Adnulu'd: lhulunduii Birth. Z7-Aug»l mi Luke has a gvnumv low {or lhx- nutdnnn and )5 most m humv wnh hrnui mugs m one hand and :1 [1) rod m Hu- ulhl-r. Lukr around hun, Christopher Tharkwray Huusn': Wuhh Admnlvd: lawlnnrznm Bmh: IN-Nm'»1997 "Hu holimwl hp wulxl. su hp lul ( hrhmphmz m.hm rlmllvnuml mm-1r m thv('n]]uflv. m hulh lhvrlu>>rmm1 :md un It~pm1< C1 LYnuhmvmnnu'vd mm n rhurisnmlw mung mun Vvllh :1 mum; wxll. Michael Thornton Hnuw: l vnryn 1 Admitm]: l)1~l:nr [111111; IllrMuyAHmT "A hlppu H unset-il unlil n omvrgw from [hp wan-r, lhvn L'\ ( " 1n sou n," mum]. your quivl nulurv hasmu \ nu umlvr (hr wulvx x hul ymn- dmvnmnw lmn. maul-4w» and puwnnnl :m- \Nhln- In all me 'l'hwnln Hmmv: Muunlswphvm \ (lmlllrd. 01» mrzl l I BIHh. 1" M4997. Nm overvunv fulluw.~ (hv pluhh Iml ulhvn haw- lakvn Sndun'l luv < rm] In 1hr yumr thing as yuur mug; hm pulmuvs wnh ('Xt'iu'r menl. ('raig Tucker Hmlw 'l'urknr \ Adnmn-d Ul»LIIr'JUH lsmh 1:;-Jul»ls1s)7. ('mlgz.ilnsllnuwwmmum-1 :Il u-i'wur rgx'muhmhn-r. 'l lu- I'numlmu nulu-n wm nnl unlv )n-illmm. Hwy wvrv «yuvnl h\l)1(h l'>uli( ~ysln-mutu- llunknr.» (Lu mu Ihun- and 410 llkmmw ( hristophvr Tyndaleisruo Hun» mining: I,\4]nm m1 1:» Jun. :nm Mn-th IIJHM 15m? t hmmplu-r, \Imr nmvru. h In Im- [H n\l ~ Hun (llm'ililnh- 1.x \hu hnduu- mum-n gunk :uul mun,mmwm..nul m. : gum! lu-ml and :\ mm hnuv'l.m- :\ hn'mnlnmu mmlunmmn I'ugu em

104 UN Dk-dorick Van Biljun Peter van dvr Merwa Ricardo Vasconcelos Hmhv.\Iullm.~h1vhvn~ \.hhmuvrl Hmmv Krlgu \ Axlmmml: UI-erztll! Hump: [ vnryn I nl-jdndlbl! \ Il'lh J-L-lulrlElflT [hrlil DAT-' ! Birth.. \dmmml 15~Jan~ ()rlrih. 7 A»up) :nrnnuww murmunlx «ml \anm and Im lymmgmun haw hm-ksnn-un1hrmm-mhm-irvnuro «ml from Nu» L'rmul :md 1x m u hruum u; ~y;:mn;! mum» and n r!) unilumlxm ln L li'thvy >mp mm inu. (In-y will inrmlu-r~ lhruugh mur mph-mum vlum» :n-uunrl hum. Hx~ IIHpL-uuhlv munnuh mm. m- " pu.~~mn alum.- m n-m h Inuhm: an».\ hrmnh 01' frwh :lii' kirurdu. ymn' summn and lmrd \vm'k in [hr hnusv hm In'l'n unvmw-nmz. You hm A- Ind by uumplv \\'i h ;\ pn-i:~\ u.~ i\u A wn-n u Graham Vivkvh \stk'} Vmahm Mhugua Wainaina lluuwwmm I MmmI-d 1:7.l m-3hil 1 Hullw- annmu \ \mmvml 0le; Hull Hump, I ms \.\\llm lv(l:l Supr ilm HirHr- h-ih W. [ 1th m Jul My? Birth lt-m-mslm. - (:mhnm n :m UKlrv-nwlv wwwhlp \mlllg hn'u'nlng I M... h u Inm I.k.-. ' \II\;: "[ vl'uxu'm-t' v u change failuremm mun wlm xwurlnu. Lint] :Iml 1n- : nl In A H.xl\ly l\ Ix ~ nnl nhmn nmkuu.y wmr Iillv uxlrnm'tlilhnw m-hxuvmuum. Mbumm. Huh-t :uul dwul ml \vau Hv 1m H mm pm Inn mmwm mm> u \\' Vuu:m-(lun-rmim-Il In: chivvt>}'nur knmh hmwm andmm MUM 1w mwml Inm vaa mu-rmp Iwu'ning glmls ( nminuu m pursue ymu-druums mnvwlmm :qu mluu» HnH nui-mhb, hv >lmw ng un-:ww<linzn-_v lu'nw. :md Mar 101! spiril.

105 l I(1mm: 3\ l lll\l\ Ll Joshua Warren James Watson '9: s I Admiuod: m. Hon. l'uukvr l Admitvml: 137.];m~2lm:l. AugAlElSJT. Ilil'lh: (L -t\pl l ) l7. Joshua Ix a ngm ufmlm cunsldvrmiun with :1 pmclical appruach to Me and a ponmw lowm'motlu-rs Hi: mmlosly is home of h' - humility. Teri (la atop hm Unjuy lll (luvs, suucd [lull om: shuuld kw u. m'aluzlll' wlmt l> impu u. and '. 21ml lhl isvxm-lly 11mest m Matthew Wessels Houw: l onrvn l Mmun-d:01-Jun-3011 Bmh: 16qu14997, Exu'h mm. has m- umqul- <lnpy< Mulllww. 'uu EII'L :1 unch Indn'uluul wlm hm lu-pn n mumlwr ul'lhv hm-xl. lull Wllll hm.» uwn mdn uluul ( hul u lvx bnlx :md mum-ilmlium. H Kyle Williamson Hmm \Inllnlslophl l 13+ eh-2mz l Binh Admilu-rl: )-l"l' l>lll' }7. Ryan Wi iamson llnusv l'm-lu-i' l.\llm lu~l lln-xh, lll-[ll r-lll 1(1..l:m»:nn? Matthew Wilson lloust. Pitts l Admitted: lllr-lun» 20H Hirlh: , A [0an l'rmull a lll-(ln-alvd Fumilv Uml Leadur and an ulwxl x'()l(- mmlt-l, Thomplu zlsk 1and ) (Iul sunvrh surviw m lw hous. Dnn'l wuil l nr (-XII JIHI Iluuu') Illllllll hllllllt h Svm-mmuum 1vl'('il~l1lllh and lllllkl \Ilvm urvzll. Wl-ak mm \\':n furnppln lllnllhw. Rum mulu 5 Hum..\l:mlu-w, \un hmn- [hp mil" :llhqulv uml ill't'llfllh u! v'lm u-l.-r [n m lm-u- mm- gunk ('nullnm In - 1m InulL vml-i-zlw l \l' '\l'l\.l11l lll'l \\llll. ~llll t.lllll\' '\l WI IIU'.'l lxl'l- ul (unrl nu-mnrn-~ [5w ml

106 moeooh.32.): s12...» : r.../._.:.._ _ i q..._,_._ ,......E......z..s.::..._ i......:r : r c......n...;...,..._ i. _., ,..; r :1:.1; ,...y..; , r L...E......r ;...r :..., _, ; _ , , ; r 5...., r e...._...,......f... E....r.,...L _..._...1.r Z..._....., E...;..._..,....._ _ _ : r _; Tr L:..._ _.::._.._ :r. _._r_: ;.. x....._. _ : L.._... EL FF...,:.:..... E: r..._..._...: x..._..._ _...r r......_ r...:_...v_: :..._......: I::_..../..._. y..._xx.....: r.._._.._...7._ _......n: _:r.... E......n...)...._... A...ry...rr..... : /...r ::._ r _..:n : r....E......_ _ _.._ _ ; _. 5:11... «......:._ l _7.... _ :..._.._...,[ ;......:... 7: _../... _..._,... Zr _..._.....;...:......_......_....r. :.._._......_ _..: _..../::...._..._....lr..._..._ ,.._......_..._....:_ _ :,..._.._... 12: :...,.: ,..._...:...._..._._......z......: r Z2:._......r r._ _ :51... :::. 7:: E,.525:..._...: r _ :: 1:57...._...:_ ;......_...<.../... z; r.....nr... z......_.r ES: _ C:..l...:...}......r...z....::.._..._ 2: : : _:..._ : 1... : _ Es ;.575;...; C _....,......n... _.:. E:.1...:.....r v...r.. T...y...y.._......E.

107 L O OH C S


109 SCHOOL -GRADE 12QUBIECT CR}AlI\Il\: LANGUAGES & VISUAL ART- Hierdieis n gedig wet my onderwyser Par Awais Majeed, abaholi oningizimu Mrika abafuni w' hé. Premier Prix de ancais 2015 ukuthola izixazululo zezinkinga. Hjer hetekmeer geleer aswat in boeke Izinkinga zimha zimbi kakhulu. lé L'école de mes réves. Lance Davids L'école de mes réves. U y n beaucoup de chases que je veux. En particuljer. j nimerais créer une école incroyable. Aujourd'hui les écoles son: considérées comme ennuyeuses par les éléves. Paur cette raison. je veux ci éer une école que taut ie monde aimera. Quand j aurai fail me fortunei j'achéterai une école massive et je l'appellei'ai «Mon Autre Maison)» Je promets que cette école sera Ime dos meilleui-es écales du monde. Bien su. je semi le directeur de cette école at, par conséquent. je a cuntrélerai. Ce sera fantastique! «Mon Autre Ma sun» sera pleine de couleurs. belle et située prés de la mer. Elle sera comme un paradis! Pour le sport i1 y aura beaucoup de terrains verts de piscines bleues et de courts part s. Aussi lécole aura des classes en plein air at chaque classe aura des ardinateurs. Cette école aura 1e systéme éducatifdu baccalauréat. Ce qui est fascinant. c'est cr: systéme. A man avi. ( est lo meilleur sysu eme éducatif actual. En outre. Ies meilleurs professeurs quali és seront emhauchés. Les éié-ves y viendront pour travailleret ils aurcmt le choix d'étudier trois matiéres. I] y aura une variété d'options comme les mathématiques. Yanglais. ie' francms. la biologie. la physique. la complahilité et beaucoup d'autresi Je m'assurcrai que l'école ne prendra que les muilieurs garcons et lles en spun et en études. Cepcndant. si quelqu un nc rcspucte pas les régles de l'école i] on 9110 svra Bicn que l'écnle a luquelle je vais actuellement suit trés bonne. mnn école idéale est un peu différentc Mon école idéale serait un peu mains stricte que St Stithians mais elle ferai! le travail {a temps et correctcment, commv Saints. Si mon école idéale étai t réelle. elle serait la meilleurc écnle du monde. D'abord, les enseignants seraient différents. [ls seraient amusants parfois mai ils seruienl mieux d'autres fois. Je voudmis des enseigimnts qui oiit une honne compréhension de leur matiéro et qui peuvent expliquer lo travail claiiement Mon écule idéale a des enseignants qui sont justes at l' isonnables quand ils corrigent le travail Jo vuudr s des profs qui sont humbles et qui sont ouverts {a la critique des éléves. Aussi, les devoirs qu'ils donnem ne devraiunt pas étre si longson Si dif ciles qu'on ne p_eut pas les faire. Dans Iécole de mes 1e 91 I'ignants sont ss nls mais on ménie temps séi'ieux dans leur travail. En plus des enseignants dit'l éi'onts. lvs activités uxtrascolaires scrsient différentes aussi. L'écnle aurait un termm do foot appmuvé p' la FIFA (cornme :1 Saints) ct dont ail piu favorable u foot commie spa l'écolu. St Stithians ei d nutro. é )lcs (is garqons : 1 Johannesbnurg no pi-ennont malheureusemonl pas 12 {but SSU'I. all sérieux, Mun éciilu idéaln so piincipalemi-nl '~ lll a adémiques Innis aide l é ves sportif Dunc 1.qu 10 month1 scrim houreux. mmivl' oi ~;.IIi. -f t, Ainsi mi-mv isi Slithian. mos hcsoins L-t I-st (-urtiniiomi-nl uno ()IIIunyu unthnli wr' 'nifiindo vi'iitlii: puni(e), Mai s il s agit d élbves huniiu écnle. l ll I-unlilé mnn écnlv "Umn IIlIanIu muw lwl'iiiizi vraimenl dis p. il y auru pa ibilité idéale, I'I culu do rm réve 1pIIIIdrIIit ukuhnlu iiikiimpzmi. kul nnvlo liui IounIIsini kuqalzi." III nguiiiunyi- de les expulser. SL-lun moi. lecole dlmes I-éves a le desiin d'étre pnrfnite et es wulmholi ahi-ibi. Aliuhnli uning inimii $3 (leux ch in IIIIs ut mos superbe, Pa} Karmshauldeu. ('IIndidaI an 1\ kiintiole liufuiiiii ukthi Je promets que je travaillerai dur pour PI L mit'r Prix do F I'nnguis 2015 sil'iini lv IIkIIlIlnnIpha : III iilllli réaliser ce réve. Ce ne sei'a pus Icile futhi nalnuitii hcsliu an ilk lilu mais sans les di icultés de la vie, i] n y sihannkokulo. aurait pas de dé. Mon pére mu (lit Mimi IIAWI' sil'iiiile- IIkIIhIIIII IZWA toujours qu il faut travaillcr beaucnup ukuthi si mulc IIkIIhInnIphu :Ilnqu si on veut quelque chose. Cur, quand Ubulili eningizimu Afrika ht. no, Ukufmwlv sikukliiinihiillukmlimlmnluhosilii Inl ikilllilsill. on atteint l'objel-tif de sa vie api-és dus luttes. la victoire est vrnimem douse Sunihona bui'undi. N ' yumlmukvlzl SiliInI-lv ukiihiiih tlm IIgI-IIhlmIIplIn Je travaillerai benucuup pour re'u.. i'iillii silmviki-le "g kihl kunkv. et j espére que Dieu m'aidera. Ngiynlmngzl, ukufundn I-blng i mi. ENingizimu Afrika izinkmga vziningi ziyahlala. Mina ngit-iibaiiigii IIkIIIhi lnkinga enkulu eninginimu Afrika ubulili. Ubulili obubili yibo ubugqamile emhlaheni. Abantu besilisa. ahantu besifazane. nahantu besibruce Jenner. ngisho lukhu ngoba angazi igama ulisha lalubu bulili. Abuholi abanye hayasebenza ukusizu ubulili ukubuna izixazululo. Ikhomishana lohulili liyahlala eningizimu Afrika. Amakhomishana afuna ukunika ubutho obuningi kuhantu bonke futhi nabantu hesifnzane Ubulili ahunikozwa ilungelo eiikhulu ngoha nbantu thiazane bahoniswa ububi njalo. Siyafundiswa ukutln ahantu besilisa hanamandla futhi nokuthi abantu hesilisa bafanele IIkIIhola izizwe nezinkampani Siyatshelwa ukuthi abantu b Ifazune hafanelv ukuba ngomama. nokusala ekhaya. nokupheka ukudla, nokusiza ahnntwana futhi nokugeza izinguho. Ikakhulukazi siyahnniswa ukthi abantu besifazanc abanye bashad abantu hesilisa abanemali futhi nokiithi bayaschen' imali kukhulu i'uthi ahathandi ahantu be. hathzmda imuli yabu. Siyaboniswa ukuthi abantu hesifazanu hafanele ukuthmha ucansi ngendlela ahuntu hesilisa nbal una ngayo. Siytlbul'liSW ukuthi ahantu besi sa ' InyIIIhtInda llcansi kiikhulii fuilii nokuthi ahantu bes II ay shnda ahantu in if: anc ngnhu bazmhathwa IIguca ' Sifunele ukufundisa IIhaIItu nbasha ukthi bafanclo ukuhlonipha ubnnlu besifaznnu. Kunmma k kiluill IIkIIfLuId' IIbanLu zilmshn IIkIIlIlunipha thiiniii hesif z nt IIgnlIzI inli l h A zwoni almhkmiphi Elininlu has ammo. w rilleslin (lniidu Page 105

110 SCHOOL Imam mm mm mm \mm \\\L \1\le H urvvhinmv»yhnmuxwwuhx-nmlmi Hun \\«'4h\l,~du\ I'humh hupplum-unmluc11i\v 1'(lIIme-xm vmvdlur-ju-lnrmzuyin WWmm- mm h m'hh-hd :lhnh-mm 12.1-um phnluumph,. r,., (41!le: LlllLlllLIH{HUKUIIYHIHV um mph ~\ Im m ). ~H" Iml I h.nm. :hu\\m;_v,~ nu Filhv'mm» pupm 1 1 thth A ]IH\4 I1.IINV\ Mr H lur 41'! m hh Ilvml \' ~\ml \ri "\.II!IHI \IIUH lam mu

111 SCHOOL I GRADE12:MYS I S'I I I IHANS Stained glass windows wink through ivy-cloaked brie/e, A phalanx offrozen elephants gaze at our procession. As I ring the bell The clung o/expectation, shrill with possibility, offers a choice: To engage, to learn, to grow. I don the mantle of brotherhood, Breathe in opportunity and take a leap affair/l As my spikes pound the verdant fields And pierce the turf that has seen a thousand footsteps, The ground seeps tradition. Whispers past glories And dares potential performance. Ifight for space, recognition and validation; Ifind it in the bachslapping beliefof my peers. My Saints neither cossets nor mollifies, Its vision is lofty, ethereal Its structure, martinade. But its soul is in each flashing blazer that bends and straightens, Arms [in/zed, as a single voice splits the Hip/welt! shy. It is in the friendships forged over five years And the collective memories of classroom In [so/lief, camp trials and teenage laughter. l l1 My Saints is ujottrney<1fgrowll1 and emotional adventure, It is a collaborative experience; yet a singularpassagt Nicholas De Decker Winner of" the 'I'rulmhaw Poetry I rizo l ugr m7

112 Ill THESTY'I HIANYRAIBOOK l 10 SCHOOL Hun \].mu [Mum 11- III m \I- u H M l h NIH \m- In :mhihh. mu. Iml Iuvlu- 1» mmri' 41m Ihu mullnk mlxmlnu : NM nu h g ml d m» w,\!1' 17M \Iy' ixnnulv HM lw'n Huuu Ilw Mn» 'lluv- h Ill I-m. \r- mh Xxunmln w Ir-unml llhau:»~4~ M imn-ulmnvr «I'm-II \.m» phwh-l Mqur v.4 v'w MlL u In4l1h- ln. Hh -.mul (M H hh mu. -r.1 Inn h m, mu: 1 11h m1: m~ Mu: lr n' \nlh HM ~r ll? JW Hwy 1w 1nu hwumn- 'I'ILmk mu h- I! [lluh t l~ l ummmm [m 1h. n.n..rmu.\lr~ I mn \ w N 1 lh ulw IL! l haw- )n'nlm


114 SCHOOL.lll',\l) lltw's i\l.r\'l' { ( 'l nmght I mu Itututurt-tl tn tart-soul t l trtbutt- (0 the Mutrtr Body of '\ t>m' I was t u-ttmuty tlxlxltms uhnut lmw this your wnultl tut-n uul. W1" HS NIHII' luttl H hll t tttsk 'rlht lld till (it) hut l l'vll l lnlu l' spt'ukmg [U u vm l'liiso rut-nu of mint- :tntl ho in] st implt' wurtls thut ln-ttught int- t-umt nrt: l-lt- lnltl ntt- tlutt 'l'mm "an: mtlh t x rlu- tin-um u-m a has lwl'll uutny things, hut Innrt than anything. I l wl that this ) I'Iu hits truly lit-t-n u [HUI] t- trt.m tho tun-t nr tht Mutrtt- hotly Wu might huw hnmpt-tl ht :lll!~ nnw t l1tl untun. hut intent.» tn nut ttnly llt Shims Bu». hut tn ht- Stunts [math-rm [wuultl Ilkl' ln tukt- lhl~ vapm lunll) tn x-t-t-tttzntx tv lhv unsung.t ll('l'tli in tht- Mutt-itmplt'. L l'z ttlt l hnst- who lt-tl hy Thuw whll ttutt~t y Wt'nl :Ilmul lhle vturk llt'hllltl tht-.~t-t-nt tnil ln'l ti ttlll thu Stump til it Saint» Hm t \ t'x \ tlzty 'l'hnttk Vtru l'ur all that \ tru (ht. yuur l Ullll'IlHlllllll. tin Iml uu ttnnnlit-t-tl wt. an 1 uk ht thh minim-tutti tut-t nl tt-u 'lhp Smith lh-utlu-rhutnl. t-nnsmtmg u( all tht- ~lllllt'liin in lhw t'ullt-gu HutwhlmntlttWt Il klll Vlt'llL l' h1.':lln >. mlv Thh I'uxntlt-t'ttthhts ttt u.~. tht- allltlt llls..u \M ll :h all lhttun-mm itntt twin-hurt u-hn I'm-tn :- \uluuhit-pm-tnl'thtvstunht'tnmnunitv llt-t \IN' nt (III) nl~ I tuu _\ I Will l'\'t'l' ht» antlt-tl, I ttguy'llltnx nl \vlu-rt- Iuyputhl.uh llt-t uust- Hflhlh Smut» Family. wt: \Al IK'VUI' ht- htl'ttntlt'tl. I't-u:tx'tl t~,~~ ut Vtr'hl'l't' yuu t'unl your shutluw l t tult l ul' Il.~ Stunts Vitmtlv. ttttnv ()r in will wwxtt-ul ln- Illtlnt. hut-utm- wx- :t \lml l hr sntnt'lhing mllt'lt thaw-than tun-wtv lt'rntn gt-stnrtn as small u< givntu :l Suinls my it mt humt- "r mphtimnu [)l.\'i IxR Sl l il: 'I t-ttm Stunts t-vt-t'y wvt~kt tttl withuut l'ttil. 'I u giving it ttzrni - htn dt l' t. pitttt m stay uwr tht- Illnu wt-t'kt'nd. or that l'ntol'ul tlny Wllt'n l l wtut't-tl my wrist phtyinu rugby, Ellld Mr ('rtnu 'I'aylur. wllhtlul : st'c nd thuught, ltmk nn tho rttlv of living it lrut~ Shims I tu'vnt and rushed mu tn tht- htt. l ut' mt. :tll (ht-w K' nntl t-nrt- :n-t» IL'slllmt l" to tho ant't' nt tht- Stunts Fumtly thut ts rt-pt-t. t-ntt-tl ht-rttunight. 'l'tmtumt'nt that Wl' will tit-vt-r wulk nlttnt- And no. I um not at [tl\'t'l ])(l()l l": n' lwouldulstiltkt-tutttknlhisnpptirlutuly ltv thank twn groups nl pvttplt- nu l'lt'lltllr ut tlu».\lutrtt~ -. thmt Is nu tit-nytnu thut t u and wury unt- Ur us shtut a m :t tlt-t-n pusmun l tn- St Stttluum \ nt Just u >( lltiul hut nut- ' Firmly to tho lum hl'l s: for putting up hn lt 'l p. u wm'k has nmdv the tlrtum with us this y.n- 71nd giving us ill] the \tttrk (ll?\' ll\l> \' wt~ Fart-ti nur l'tur IH't ut') skills It) ht. tho my host >hm'v til" t hztllt ngus, and Wu Wl'l l mil p 'lt t luv uny llll' ns. hut ] strongly Slutll nlh that we run ht».. pt l'lzll [hunks ll) Mrs vttn Aswogon ht-ht-\ t- thut wtv t lnhmllt'd whnt n and Mr l t-ursttn l'tn looking out l ugv Ill) luv u. 'Hltl muktnt,v uut' hnal vonr a your tn x-t-nu-ntht-r. And. '( lll tdly tn the parents. thunk _V(l l l'ur t- {In}: nn ('nvit ttnmvnl t nr us ttt urhw :lntl lwt umv lllt urt-nl yuung mun thut vw urv dt-stinntl tn lll't'l t. '1 my l'vllnw Szttms lh'tilht-i. thunk you st! mul'h l nr thts t-xttttnrthnnr \ tm' Whvxt Wl' \Nt l l' tu urutlv K wr worn wurnt-tl (hut tht- time would y. And ttnly nttw, silltnt: ht-rt- with thtl t.i)'.~ numlwrt-tl. tlu \Vt- truly lllllll'l'hlillhl wlmt lltt') nmnu l knnw '11: Hour of us ( illl pupsihly [ht-m Uul' hnutm I Vt llnlu mu tit-n.- uutt nt nur t. lt-xt-ump. ltvu~k \l'n. wu \\t 'l' \IXIJI sh In :t lnt'gtv puntl. : n(l Wl \H H' tultl HIV and lllnt' ttwun thut w.- wnttltl ht- grunt. Antl nttw :ts wv lttnk llllt k. in htu sh Ill :t smull ptmtl. wv I t Ilth ltt l'ut-t- tht~ \vnrltl. l lll' l\'\ \' lltttl u IV' let' tn shy thut wv llzn l' ht-t-n grvttl wt- II.I\'t' Itul huh thtmtt mu- L'r.XIHD'SH.WI'lHIVt'Il\'1 tll l} L'l l'lllllt'h h nntl will ('tllllllll tn tlu, Wu (Il't' t'uiyiilil: tn tht- t ntl nt' muny things, hut [ t nt'tlttl'uut ynu tu st-o this 11> lhr lll'ullllllll. 'l lttr hrutmung til :I HUVV ( llupll l in ttll nur ll\ t*~. 'I'htl ht-tztnutng 01' ll nt-w Ill, itmtj l'ohiatt jnurnt-y that. we will undertake. I look furwztrtl m with ing all thy great things (lune and every one oryou is gun- to accttmpthh one d- v. Because 1 have no doubt that the Saints Manic ('luss or 2015 Will huvc n. gni canl impact I!" lht worm. 'l hnnk ynu fur hf lng a part of the Stunts Famtly and making 201: ) an amazing ywtr. All the lit-st for the exams. I would wish you luck. but in {ht- wurtls of Mr Stu]. 'Tltnsr who need lurk don't deserve il. Thusr who don't mwl lurk. dun '1 expect 1 same qumztln, Huttd Boy The Manic Dinner 'I'hv Mutrir lllunvr was hrld on 10 ()( thl 20 \ at (ht- thllltl \ t nlll at tht- lndnhn Hutt lt This t-vt'nt it. a t'urnml twt-nstnn hosted hy thu t-ttung gtnttlt nton, Pun-m. :tutl lt : \'l\ l.~ _)t>lll tn sharing lht xr tut-mnri.4 :thuut llw past t'tw _\ (' rs spt'lll 2! tht~ hut; t'tinttgh nl htinnur Mrs qunmltt, 'l'ht tzu mntht-mt thm-t I.x Hmttl Buy \N'tll tht. Sht».thhmt ht-r tut-m a. it Manitptn't-nl. 'rht-.- \l.m prun-. "It mlms u t-iutwtmmmh t-hnd' 'EIS tho rot-us of llt'l hit-tutti, shims ls kt vuhtgt [waking nth-.- its t-httttmt. thtt t» Wt V1115 lrt'nll d to u couple of 'l \l.~' (ill itmuh. pt-rl'nrmt-tl hy the Mut and the evening ( lldt d (In it high nutt' with tht- One um] All. This was tlt'l'tnilt-ly uncv again a ll\t*lilttl :)\)lt twcztsinn for our Matrtc ('l;ts.~ ttl' 201:"). Mrs I. van AsWr-gvn. Grutlt- 12 DH'OCUII

115 SCHOOL.TO THE SAINTS MA I RICS OF 2015 AMessage from the Head Boy of your Grade 8 Year (2011) As I sit here typing this I can t believe how time has own. It honestly feels like just the other day that I was in your shoes. facing my Matric exams and the end ofmy school career. When Mr Knowles contacted me about coming to speak to all of you I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it from down in Cape Town so I do apologise that I couldn't address you all in person, but hopefully I will see some ofyou in the near future. As I look back on my life and think about the end of my Matric and the past few years at varsity. there really is so much I would like to tell all ofyou but i don't want to bore you so will try and keep it brief. I want to start offby sayingyou are at an incredibly exciting point in your life. At the same time it might be rather daunting and a little scary because change always is. However. you all have the opportunity to really start de ning who you are and what you want to be. and in my opinion that is an amazing gift. Next year a lot of you will go your separate ways. Some of you will go study further at varsity. others will take a gap year and some may go straight into the working world. Whatever it is you are doing next year l think you will nd it a big change from school. Saints has given you a fantastic foundation and much guidance for the world but as of next yearyou start to set the course for your own life and, as exciting as freedom is. it also brings with it a level of responsibility. Your life i. really going to be what you make of it. It will be a journey of highs and lows but I truly believe what you put in is what you Will get out. I have always loved the analogy that your life is like a bicycle wheel as you go along the journey: What you want is a wheel that turns smoothly with as few bumps as possible. Now if you think of all the important things you have in your life, from academics. sport. family. relationship. friends, socializing. community. religion. health and a number of other things. Those are like the spokes in ii wheel and if you want your wheel to turn smoothly you want those spokes all to be equal. lf one spoke is much longer or shorter than the others the wheel ofyour life is very bumpy and it makes thejourncy a lot less enjoyable. So what [ am saying is that in this analogy I think one of the most important lessons I have learnt is that having a balance is vital. This is something a lot of people struggled with after leaving school and was dif cult to learn with new-found freedom as there weren t the same restrictions and support school has. So it was easy to forget about work. and just party and socialise, or only focus on work and forget about health and exercise. I would encourage all of you that whatever position you are in next year. try and maintain a balance through all the exciting new experiences you will have. The other thing I feel is really important is that you are responsible foryourown life and as J said. it will lie whzit you make of it. I think the best way ofthinking about thi s you create your own brand in your life. Most of you have already started this through your school career but this run change for the better or the worse. What I mean by your own hrnnd whnt do people, think ol'when they think ofyou? It is not necessarily just one thing but there will ulwn s be a few de ning things. Whm mpoi'tnnt with your brand is that ii i something you nrc happy with and will you be happy with it in 10 or 20 years. If your brand is that you are a kind. quiet person and that is what you are happy with then in 20 yt-urs tinit- lhiit is still a brand you can bu proud of.on the other hand. il'you are the guy who drinks ihr must at parties it may he soon as cool today but in 10 or 20 yours would thiit be something to lie proud of? This loads me to my second-inst poini: The world is a real place. What l mean by this is that in your lifeyou are going to be faced with a number of dif cult decisions and I think the biggest thing l have learnt and sec-n is do not he nai'vc. When you decide something make sure you know what the consequences are because pretending you didn't know afterwards doesn't help. You will see that some of your peers may fall victim to drugs or end up having an unplanned child and many may be surprised when this happens but i often think that if they look back and think about it they will have made a decision without thinking about the consequences. So i would encourage you all to embrace life and enjoy it but don't be naive and pretend that actions don t ever have consequences, My nal point is that there will be bumps in the road and that everybody faces disappointment, worry. stress and hardship. Sometimes they will be big and other times just seem big. I have always felt that it is important to keep a perspective. Don't blow the small problems or disappointments in your life out of proportion. l have felt that a good way to think about this is ask yourselfhow much will th' matter in ve minutes? Five dait. Finmhnths'? Or five yea 1 ln answering this question for m self it often helps me realise what i mportnni in my life and put things into perspective. Now I am sure I have gone on long enough and all u you nre wanting it» continuo to enjoy Illt lnsl wwk of school. So I want to wish you the hos-i ofltink for this finnl push. [I roally does all stnrl now. You sturt llolining who you nrt- and what your brand is today. Work hard for finals liocuusc it is the first stop to getting In Where you want to l) You are all :u the doorstep to defining your life. Make sure ll is mit- [lull it is grout. i will :Ilwnys he :i prnnd Saints Brother nnd om looking thi-ward to hopefully interacting with many of you in lhi future. All tln- lit-st, Your Brother Nit-k Nick Douglas. Hourl or 2011 Page i 1 1

116 SCHOOL lamm: 12 Ink AWARDS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE English (Hawinkels Trophy) Nominees: Jiic Shalnla & Nicholas 'chibald. Winner. Asimli quniale Afrikaans FIIst Additional Language Nominees: Dyliin Simpson & Michnel Teles. Winner; Keagnn ('liafi'uy SeSotho First Additional Language Nominee: Mackn Thato. Winner: Maine Kelzinic IsiZulu First Additional Language ( Ma Fourie prize) Nominees ante qumnki& Daniel Tnylnr. Winner: Beiiiied i Mahlnngu French Nnniim -- Kariiisheel Naidu 8: Luca Milaiiesi. Winner: Awai. IJL't d Physical Science Numin 's: Dylan Simpson & Lorenzo Degni,Winner:i\vu. ~d Mathematics Nominees. Dylan Simpson & Daniel Taylor. Winner: Awais Mawcd Advanced Programme Mathematics Nominees: Duncan Barnard & Asantu \ xumalu. Winner' Awais Majccd Grade 12 Class Award Winner: Awais Majeed AWARDS FOR SERVICE Alex Anderson Community Service Award Nominees: Kellan Mackenzie& Matthew Gilson. Winner: Luke Tempest Round Square King Constantine Medal Nominee: Keenan ChalTey. Winner1Nicholas de Decker Good Samaritan Trophy Nominees: Kylcr Mintah& Nicholas dc Decker. Winner: Tafadzwa Chinamatira Public Relations Service Award for outstanding service in the PR eld over the previous year Nominees: Daniel! Dippcnaar EL Harley Millar. Winners: Kelame Maine & Joe Shalala Sean Dick Memorial Prize for the matric boy who ' ' : has rendered outstanding service to the Boys College over a number ofyears. Nominees: Nicholas Archibald & Asnnte qumalo. Winner: Lance Davids Mathematical Literacy Nomine \idilnvll l Cullinan & Rotary Club ofsandton Award for Scholarship, Keegan Sullivan. Winner: Dougla. niith Accounting (Horwath, Leveton. Boner Award) Sportsmanship, Leadership 8! Service Nominees: Michael du Toit & Kyler Mintnh, Winner: Asante qumalo Nominees: Diederiek \ aii Biljoii& Keagaii ('hafiey. Winner: Awais Maieed AWARDS FOR SPORT Business Stud Nominees: Daniel Bothn & Remn Rossi. Winner: Nikhil Patel The Don Hean Trophy for the boy who scored the Richard Lowe Memorial prize (for initiative in most points in Basketball Nominees: Joe Shalala 82 business in Cr 12). Winner: Nikl'iil Patel Computer Applied Technology No Recipient for 2015 Dramatic Arts (Benji Magowan Memorial Prize for Academic Excellence in Dramatic Arts) Asante qumalo. Winner: Kyler Mintnh Snyman Trophy for the most Dedicated Open player in Basketball Nominees: Lance Davids 8; Tatenda Nyngani. Winner: Siyahonga Hlalethua Nnmine \ iehnli rchihald. Nikile Roddy& Felipe Lazarus Trophy for the most Improved player in Kirsten, Winner Aidan-Jon (Vullinan Basketball Nominees: Kelame Maine & Jackson Condo. Geography XUmln Chm Thnckwrny. Lorenzo [)egni. Winner: Michael lieatliam Gareth Bosmnn &.\ ihnlzis Masclield. Winner: Duncan Barnard History (Knowles family prize in memory of Eric Knowles) Nominees: Murray Buck Niclinlns (li' Decker & Brandon Glover Winner: Jne Sim Information Technolog Nnniinei Michael 'l'vles & Roy Pienaar Shield for the best batsman in the lstx] Winner Ricardo Vasconeelos 2 Pieter Mulder Robertson Armstrong Trophy for Cross Country No Gr 12 Award for 2015 The Dixon Family Trophy for the matrie player who has made the greatest contribution to golfwinner: Mhuguii Wainaina Daniel Taylor. Winner: Duncan li; ii'il Naidoo Hockey Trophy for good sportsmanship Life Orientation Nniiiimiw K_\lIi \linl.ih Kt Duncan '( Il Life Sciences (Vernon (lejizg award) Nuiiiiiu Mine-id & Nicholas \lilligin Winner. K('1\L 4Ili( bringing honour to the College Nominees Nicholas Mnse eld & I'risiiin [lint-kioriiden. Winner: Connor BPHle thlp Chris Bowen Trophy for the most improved player in Music Nnniinev: Danii Jl Raliinowit/ the lat Hockey team Nut awarded to gr [2 boy this year Visual Arts (Shirlei Womlhouse award) \uiiiinei-s Jansen Rugby Trophy for the player who has had Bennndict M:ililanizii 8: (i: iii-lli linrw Winmr (inwnni the most in uence and impacton the lstxv (lullan Nedhank Prize for the highest aggregate in the Noniiiii Sullivan Michael du Toil. Cameron Nelson, Keegan i iclioliis Archibald Winner: Asante qunialo Sciences (IT. PS. LS) Nuniini-i liehael 'l'i-les. The 56 Club Floating Trophy for service and Siyahnnga leili-thmi & Mzmhi-w liélzl'nli). Winner: Daniel Taylor commitment to the 56 Club Nominees: Nicholas Punalnmi & ( hrisloplier Thackwray, Winner: Murray Buck Guide 12'Bilingualism award (En h + FAL) The Gamon Trophy Footballer ofthe Year Nnminc 'l Im Kc..iczin Lhail '& Michael Telcs. Nominees: Mplio Moloi & Bennedict Mahlangu. Winners: Winner: sdl lfl qum: l() Headmaster's award for creative writing Nominees: Talentln Nyugnni & Nicholas Duncan-Trail] Jean Basson Trophy for Sportsmanship in Dieter Kunze & Duncan Bariiiiril, Winn Daniel Taylor Swimming Nominees: MJ Buys & Connor Hinrichs. Trubshaw poetry prize Nominees: Dieter KlanL' dz Keagan Chnl l'cy, Winner: Nicholas di- Decker Winner Michael Telcs Legacy Trophy donated by Greg Widmer, Walter Page 112

117 SCHOOL.GRADE K AWARDS Ward 8: Jean Basson Nominees: Gabriel Forbes dz Michael Tales. Winner: MJ Buys The Aquatics Invictus Cup in r ' of this senior boy s excellence in leadership. accolades in three aquatic disciplines and his invigorating contribution to the development of aquatic sports at the school. Nominees: Connor Hinrichs 82 Andrew North. Winner: Gabriel Forbes Bell Trophy for Water polo for the best player ofthe year Winners: Andrew North 8: Aidan Mriclrod St Stitbians Tennis Club Trophy for the most valuable player ofthe yearno Gr 1'2 Award for 20l5 Penryn Trophy for the. Winner of the Penryn Marathon. Winner: Thato Maeko Treagus Trophy for best performance in a noncurricular sport Nominee: Nicholas Millignn. Winner: Liam Schultz Graham Webb Trophy for the best sporting all» rounder Nominees: ASRME aninalo& Andrew North. Winner: Connor Beauchamp Morton Floating Trophy for the Sportsman of the Year Nominees: MJ Buys. Michael Toles & Ricardo Vasconcelos. Winners: Connor Beaiichnmp (SA Schools Hockey)& Brandon Glover (SA Ul9 Cricket) AWARDS FOR ART 8: CULTURE Best Senior Debate. Winner: Siyribonga Hlalethoa St Stithians Music Prize for a pupil contributing to music. but not necessarily a subject music pupil NomineeszKelanie Maine & Siyahonga Hlalctlioa. Winnr-r: Nicholas Hamp-Adams Lloyd Prize for instrumental music other than the piano Nominees: Dylan Simpson & Kolame Maine, Winner: Jesse Rabinowitz St Stithians Choir Award Nominal amt-s Dr-acnn 8: Manezi Jiya. Winner: Michael (in Plc. 1. St Stithians Singers Trophy Noniiiit Maxiczi Jim. Winners: Stephanie Marais & James Domini Schafer Trophy for versatility in contribution to music in the College Nominee: Manczi Jiyn. Winner: James Deacon Gavin Hood Floating Trophy for Best Actor ofthe Year Nominees: Jack. n ('rondu & Luvuno Ngwulu, Winner: Aidan-Jon ( ullinan Fields Award for most improved student in both academic and performance aspects of mat ic Drama Nominees: Ryan Williamson K; 'l'nhoka Moi'u. Wiiini-r: Joseph Ntahilajn Bailey Trophy for best overall contribution to Drama Nominee. Nikyle Roddy 8; Jay l iski-rsii unri, Winners: Felipe K on Hope Trophy for best art work Nomincos: iifll't lh lniriv & Gawane Gullnn. Winner: Jordan Rhodcs Matthews Award for Art Nominecs. Jordan Rhodes & Gareth Imric. Winner: (inwzinu (illii'drl Most improved art student Nominee Mil-haul du Plessis& Bennedici Mahlangii. Winiici (iiiroth lniriv Senior Photographer of the year. Winner: Lora Milanusi Headmaster s Prize for Photography. Winiiur: ( nu-uih lmric McLachlan Award for the student who has " med ' ' directorial vision in a major creative arts event Numinet-s: Gawane Gullan 8.: Jackson Gontlo. Winner: Folipu Kirsten MacNicol Prize for creativity Nominee: Stephano Murals. Winner: Gareth lnirio Martin BekkerAward for the best Cultural All rounder Noniineos' Nikylo Ruddy & Kcliimc Maine. Winner: Siyahongn Hlalcthoa FULL-HOUSE AWARDS COMMENDATIONS: Hunning: Romniin l i Ki'ig Kylt-rMiiitzih I Krig Nikhil Patti] Ki -ho[:is Ponaluna l Moors: Kt can Phail'f l Pitt~ lans Freeman Pitts" Connor Hinrichs l Pitts: Asnnto Iqumalo l Pitts: Daniel Taylor Wolih: Murray Buck Weslcy: Graham Vickers. HOUSE AWARDS: INDIVIDUAL AWARDS HoltesAward for the boy who has been an ambassador for the College in the areas ofculture. Service. Academics, Sport and Spirituality. Winners: Asanic iniinnlo 8; Ki'lei' Mintnh Sandton Mayor strophy for the boy who. in the opinion of his peers, usually tries the hardest Nominee: Dylan Simpson. Winner; l a idzwa ('iiimlmuiii zl Ian Anderson Memorial Prize for the Matric hoy consistently displaying the greatest integrity. Winner.anic qumnlo Douglas Sobey Memorial Prize for the individual who has done the most to inspire his House Nominee: Ricardo Vasciincolos. Wiiiiici': Liiki Tt llllll si The Shield in recognition ofachievement in the Six Pillars of the school: academics. culture. community service. sport. spirituality and leadership. Winner: Asunlv quniulo The Best Committee Prcfect Wunu'rs: Min-my Burk & Siyzilmiiga lilulothmi HOUSE AWARDS: INTER-HOUSE COMPETITION Silke Smith Trophy for the most improved House position. Wmnm" Pitts Langman Trophy for the best Head ofhouse Nominu-s Bryco litter Stuxirl I cnnliiiin & J; ksuii Honda Wiiinvr: ( oxinur Hiiirirhs Allied Bank Trophy for the House, with the best Academic record 'l'il: (I itls & l ili'ki Winner. Wosl _\' Allied Bank Trophy for the House with the best Sporting record 15rd Wosloi'. 2nd Pills. Wiiiiivr Thornton Trophy for the House with the host r in Cultural Events Sii'd ('ullins d l ilts. Wimwi \\i> ili EM Harris Cup for the lies! all-round House Iii-«l Wuhli. 2nd Wt-sli'y. Isl. l iits OSA P.scntation to Deputy Hetid Prefect Nicholas Kyli-r Mininh: Lrint'o Davids OSA Presentation to Head Prefect.\s:ini<v \ xunmlu Old Boys' Watch to Head Prefect.- :liill' quiimlu Page I 1 ii

118 SCHOOL I l H, \1) Boris lillx Ii\'iiNtN(; Sl lilitill. ISOCTOBER (i tood evening (lite and All. Good evening Mr Knowles. Good evening Mrs Frankiskos. Mr Nientand and Mr Wright. Good evening Mrs van Aswegen and Reverend Dan. Good evening to the teachers and all who form a part of the stuff. (loud evening to the grade 9s. grade 1 1 PR boys. aitd all the other boys joining us this evening. Good evening to Matrtr parents who form an integral part til' the Saints Fattii. \ttd last. but de nitely not leitst. a very good evening to my fellow bitithers. the {\ ltttrie ('litss of Tonight we t elt-ht'nlt- the great year that has been 201. We celebrate otir rirter' and our growth. We Celebrate the times that we laughed and the.. itiomems that moved as aiid brought tears to our t-yt. The ins that we Iv: tied and the obs that Wt. ti\'l l ne. The fears that wr» tt'itnst endt-(l and the impart that we.\.~ I said at the Matt-it- lliniit-i'. this year has been litany things. httt tnoi'e than anything it has been a team t-ll'tirt. l he whom I rt t.uouiuo- orpt-ouio ut tun l'lt'l'llllliv grateful for all that they have done to make lhls journey an extraordinary one. Firstly let me give thanks to our Lord. for watt-hing over us- this year and guiding us In all we did. Even tlity To my famil thattk you for all the support you have given ")0 null roienabling me to lie the v lit-st that I can htu To my mother to» being my l'tlt'k wheit I would lay myself to sleep I would pl': \' in- provision. pi'ttlt-t'tittlt, safety ctiritv health and peat-u. And i believe that tltt- : \ tttiuhly has provided to.- us in ahtintlaitee this your. and tity inupirulion. you are an amazing woman and an incredible mother. I am the luckiest son in the world! To my father for affording me the opportunity lemme to this amazinr.r school, And to my youitgei. er who always put a smile on nty face and forced me to see the world th (ngll the eyes of a child when I needed it most. Always my number oite cheerleader. I love you. To Mr Knowles: Thank you for your guidance. your patience and your strong yet calm leadership. Thank you for all your sound advice and for simplifying iii] Front you I of my complicalitmx. have learned so many invaluable lessons that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. I will always he grateful for the opportunity you have given me to. we and lead the school. Thank you. sir! To Mr Wright: for always having faith in my leadership ability: to Mrs Frankiskos for all that you have taught me. ever since I was a young grade 8 learner in your maths class; and to Mr Niemand for your enthusiasm. your positivity and words of had on our soetety. around our Country and arr s.» the world. But most of all. we tekiiowledge tlu- )tlul nt') that has been travelled by the. ntatt-ir hotly of 2011') and we celebrate wisdom. Our trip together down the tlie boys that we nine were. the young water ide is de nitely one of my men lhitt we are tod- and the great highlights ol tltis year! men in! we are destined to ht't'ttmt. To Mr Schipholt and Mr Hartley: We t-elehi'iite the lit-mitts vtlto have thank you for looking otit for the ht-ronie Knights. l ret'et-i llod tittl ensuring that we Page 1H set ed the school with dignity and lltl t'gl'll \ rubler. Mrs Brooks. Mrs Edgar and Mist-s Ntloko: thank you..11 your help ilntl :iti\'lt't' nus, r, on though my walking into your rs meant that lwas- about to Illllkt' votir lives more dif cult. you always greeted me with a warm smile and llllllit' l \ t'l'_\' effort to make tity life easier. To Mr Ilale. Mr Pearson. Mr teams all the best. Thank you to Mr Rickelton: foryour support and guidance over the years. I have always appreciated your belief in me on and offthe sports field. To all the teachers: John Steinbeck once said that "a great teacher is a great artisl and that there area3[em as there are any other great artials. Teaching mighl even be thegreatest art since the medium is the human mind and spiril." You have all ignited a passion for learning in each and every one of us and you have dedicated yourselves to bringing out the best in us. On behalf of the Matrics. thank you. To Ms Armstrong: your belief in me and all the Pitts Boys has always given me so much strength. Thank you for your compassion and your advice. You have played a major role in making my experience at St Stithians a great one To my mentee, Michael Cook: I am certain that from being your mentor for two years I have ironically learned more from you than you have learned from ate. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your optimistic outlook on life. To the families who form a part of my Saints Village: and have adopted me as their own. Thank you forcreating an ent'irointteitt me to feel romftirtahle enough to be myself. A very speriitl thank you to the Ngwale and the Antagashe l amili s who have done so mtich for me. Atnity Mania and Ullt lt Kali. there are itu words to describe how grateful I am to have been blessed to have you in my life. 'l liitiik you for everything. Thank you to litivttao and Siyolo for being such good listeners and for knowing how to put a smile oit my facewhen I needed it most.. Grohler and Mr Fontltine: this year Tomy Deputies Lance. Kylerand has not ltt't ll an t-.. one on the rugby Nicholas: I strongly believe that the field but you :tlwu_ helieved in our four of us were brought together to potential. we k in autl week out. Thank serve the school not by chance. but by you for the strength that you gave to evt -i1 single boy who wow that white destin, cried. Together we have laughed. explored. succeeded. failed. jet' \. I wish your :tnd the future rst learnt. sting. and served this great for

119 SCHOOL.ll \l)hoy SHZKli\'l,.\'l\(i_\'l l l.(ill,13()(i'l()lll,l{ II-gucy ni'mw-iii-mu In Llnsimz. l WH\ l(l liku In quulv from [law My 81.S'lil/Iimxn pol-m Wl'llll n by LIIkI- SIIIImIInrls in 20 ) us 1 l'm'l that lllls I'HI'PlpbulHIl'S Ilu- Suinls jmu'm _ 17m II-m Ilwrl wmm lbw/jun II Iran/I I./my h/y W/uw 1mm In, MI (st (luiiliiwi and my lulurr' (why/ mm 'I'hvy ll t l t' lllv l'l Whr'n I H ll /0II W/II'II Illl'llu l l'il I Izru mu mi OIIH' -- srlmnl, Ewn whm all of Imrmmm laid out mm by Imu. lher- I> >Iill arm]! 51ngan and purpnsv m 1.11 llml wv l mw- 5m IIIII In (in [hlw ) II has lh I'H an lll)> nlul( liunniir In work ill1)lil{slfll mm: mm] 'l lmnk such L-xu'nox'dhmr) 5-an To the Prefect Body of 2015 EVI X ) angu- unu I '0 hmhm upimnm II, wnrk wnh Wonk 4. nnm I'xprv,\ liiiw proud I Inn of )'Ull ull [l l1 > lwi-ii :In hnnnur UI.wrw Wllll _\ nu And lastly. to the Matric Body of [ lmw l'n t n hl hl'kl erh Ihw uppununity (I1 \vlllh'\ > mur manli (Wk r Iln- \ k':ll'.~ l rnm IIIIlI- 1,: lhli'm In! great li-giiii-h, YIIII haw li-ii IlII- \( lhiul with 1mm. ymi have Hum 1»I ) sun; l I'mpunmhilm in rli-liu HHL l xtt'lll'lu l Yum undymu pumluu II..- 5mm.»- I. truly X'I Xnill'kllllll', 'l'liiink wm I'III- llll uiii-iiiiilitiuniil mmmrl IlIIII \ hll haw givi-n ml' llllr _\l'jix' You Iu-llm'vzl In mw l \'( ll WllL n l (lkl nut ln lww- In mvai-ll', Each and ('V('r}' ( 11' ml. \ Klll I.~ llk ~ ll\4'(l fur Hl'l ;llnl'~\ mm] It I~ HIV Whll fur mm Al] LlIIII yml m-liiuw IIll IhuI )llll VV ~li In au-nmplmh I * you Impm» Iva-IIIqu-I :u uund Ihu world 1.7: ; Ll; _\'~' aw,walill'lt'll mn- JIIIII-uw :I.~ Slum.» llriiilii-i.. IIIIII III 1 IlIun 2,1 lllilll h wi will mug Ilu- lll ll n (M ( hupvl for Ihu. :miiil.iiiil I III :- and L UllL lll(ll Ulll Juln'nI') l'i'nm ll( /.: I I\ to Knights ZII IlIIs uri-zii whuul, l'h war we IIuvv colohx-mcd C(llll llt b virlui-ius. and we liiiu- Sull'l'l t'll mum-mm dpl'pum Ilul l llkl In ll ll\'\'l IIIIII vuu oilhm' Wm m' ani li-:ii-ii. mul we haw ll'nl Ill'd IIIIIny \ :IlIIIIth ll*><()ll> Ilm * Ihul Wlll L qlllp u.~ \\'Hl\ IlurI-Hlu nvv lllill vi -\Ml lll wl In l'ucv (lh' va-lrl Xunu III' II< Is Iwrlm- :Iml IIII> _":l [ lunrnml IlIuI lhll Lull quilt ltn are impnrmnl m IlIuy hulp I> III-I Inv nur I-Iuax ()III' l'lu'lls.«imuld lh' ux IIII Ir InqusIIppI mm 2st km I Illlh l' we shnuld :IllIIW Ilu-m In IzIleuInw- Uh mlnlwlli mgmn- 4w: 'l'liiv.\l: l l(' ('l:i\\ IIl.ZUIS l\. l> M] I mark nii SI Sllllllunh llm s Fullugu What I\ qu- m1.ilmul um»may I~ um Ile IhI- ln-mul r: IgI- n1 l'vl'i llvlh'k IlI:II ls )l l \IllL l\l III llii' urmu: XIII Alllll ll\l lhl\ii\ :IllHII Illlll l MA'lll'llH' MI only Ilu llll'l l'llllill ~[Vll ll M IIII» ui'uiiii WIIIII Is alwmul :Ilmm Il\ \ L l'ullil :IIIII vili.ii mulws ua gn-m I~ IlL'II llll l'l' l:- :I I-uIIIIIIuII llll'h lll IlIIII I~IIII< ll] 'll l}.lll II,~ IIIIV.\II III<1III:I I Iv IlIwII I- In lu- ln llt'l'. III mm: llh lmr. In ll'hl ll lwwml Hlll llllul> Um ](I\H III \' ImuIII lii L'HmlnL: In.vm ( nll lml mmmm mu mmimm In ll\i nu IhI-uugh :Ill Iluw lli.il wu lumllmk'lh Il All IlIIm- Mm liiiw lil'l ll Inmwl :IIIII lllr'hl'i'll ll) vili:ii \w w dun» lhw ymr. A li'l III" III lmlllll gunt' :IIIUll M'l uml III-mun.- :Illlvul llh hm III IIIIII-.. A low-v I.I' mug Imm..-=.I.I.- :IIII] MIIIUlIIIL III» for \\'lihl la I'IgIII.\ 'I'lwv H L I'I llh l'l Wm m. Imnwuwu'uhlu,muw- u; ume m.- I-sIuImslII-I/ Whm u.qt lfr lll l'l/ll t' Ims "IIH'I' II-ur/lI I/um jlvnlmnli:mg (I [firm/51h]; [may 'ly and limiimi'pmw I lw mfg/mu 'I'lII'I ll'l l't Illtll'l UIImI ll slump u/u.s ImIIx [my miiidii 'I lw Illll/( Ill'd u lmi (l r'i'pululmn u us IIImIluII IlnII ll [um humblml H} II t'l l IllL I I 7714 [m H. U] I/H ]IHIII I".\ liiimi IIIIUnst'h mun/thug..i 1mm ml Ilr/IIIIng I'.quI/)[mI,-J [IS/1H IhI IIIuI [MN (I/ I/IL'IIHI/ III'\ ll'v II l'l't [III-w ll'hm II (Islam/arm [ll llllll H'Iwn II w luu hml Inn/hm I'III 130ml llnll' III III rm» III'rI III III I' luwii'iiw hum/ml IlIIII II 'I'III- [nu/r u/ {III- I 111/7leer u\ lmlll'li/lnmll dumem-r 'l'liziiil _\'lhl (III ll\l\ I \ll JHTIllllilH \K'. ll'v'll (lm uml.ul H HH m ln'l. UH mii/i/ lli m u- plum! 'I liunk \IHI l l'iil.\nllllt' Nulmulu, III-:IIl llm,ii \ IrnIII IlH ('wllng SIIIIL ] l uul' 115

120 CHOOL Good morning. Saints. With the your having gone by so fast and the days numbered. I feel many things. i feel excited. I feel anxious. I feel sad...biit more than anything] feel extremely humbled as I stand before you as the Head Boy of 201: ) with only two days remaining. Never could I have dreamed that I would be standing here today or that this year would be what it was. In looking through the past Head Boy les. I read a quote iii the File ol Nlcllth his Hawinkels. the Head Boy of It comes from JK Rowlings Harry Polter and the lktithly Hollows. Durabledore i: eakitig to Harry and he s "It i. a curious thing. Harry. hut perr litips power is best suited to those who have never sought it. Those who. like you. have leadership thrust upon them and take that mantle hocnuc th 4 must. and nd to their tiwti. lll pl lsc that they wear it well." These words have :ii resonated with me because as a young. quiet. on a suniing boy I had alw' vs felt that l was too quit-t to be any rt of leader, that 1 did not have it within ml' to take Lip any type of leadership position. And I know that there tire innny nt'you sitting here today thinking that you do not have what it takes to he a leader. But the truth is that you alileaders. each and way ouo or you. whether you are aware of it or not. The important thing is to he a good leader not-oust you t'tln lend pooyit» into chaos and wrongdoings and still he a leader. It is important that yott lead iii the right direction. Leadership is many things It is not 0 -v by tiny uuyu.ttui Itiltlt tshlp is \i-i-y siiniile we tilti-iiinsist on in king it moii- toniplitated than net Leadership i~ Slmpl\ doing lt' right thing and setting an example ltii nth ors to follow, A section of the l rel ects Charge, which is tin the wall over there. Ilie nobility of your lives set an e). mile that otht strive to follow, Simply by true to yourselfantl being t he w you that you out p1) y\'1111_\'h(.yltll thou inspiri- other people to work towards being the best possible versions of themselves that they can lie. You lezitl Page 116 others by leading yourself. It isn t always about what you say or what you d or even what you achieve or necornpli h, It's about howyou make people feel. and how you impact on their lives. because that is what people will remember. That is leadership. ()n n more personal note. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me to lead this amazing school this year along with my fellow Protects. It has been a dream come true For me to follow in the footsteps of the past Head Boys. You have supported me unconditionally and for that 1 am eternally grateful. I am because you are. Always remember that Saints is only great because you are great. One and All. The collective is great because in~ dividuals are great. Each and every one of you has contributed towards making this year an extraordinary one. The grade 8s, on grade 8 camp early thi year we told you time and time again that you would he great. And this year ytiii have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that you are great. And I have no doubt that you will stay unitvd as it grade and go from strength to strength over the yen - You have no idea how proud the Miitr. tire ol earh and every one of you. The grade 9s, you might have challenged us tilting the W v but when I took at your group i til' 't llt llt't' lll l'. )heres of sport it'atieniit -ulture. serv and It. dership. My Wish for you is that you toiitiuuu to live. uu- greatness illltl rout-ii Iii-youtt your limits. The grade [its 7 this war I have seen it t deal ol iiiaturi. from your group, :\.~ you Jttut'nl y towards becoming sew ioi-s- in the school I encouragi- you to continue to lth' the Stamp ol'a Saints Iloy and awaken your leadership potenti l. The gr tie lls as I said to you it few weeks ago. I speak For all the Mllll'lt's when I s. y that it has been an absolute pleasure to lead the school alongside you all this yt r. voiu~ contributions towards the leadership of the school have enabled tl ll' Matt-it to enjoy an amazing Final your. I have no doubt.lllai)1 l()\'hi IN\I ADDRESS 'I'() III]: , 16 OCTOBERthat you will have a greatyear in 2016 and I trust that you will support your prefects and Head Boy as you have supported us this year. Alsoon the Prefects Charge it says. be loyal to the trust placed in you. be worthy of your authority." I believe that: this is relevant to all of you. Protects or not. as you lead the school next year. The Metrics the good news is. it's almost ever. The bad news is, it s almost over. Thank you for the mark that you have made, and for all that you have done to make 2015 the great year that it has been. The spirit within this group is truly remarkable and I hurtestly believe that we have led the school with honour this year. thank you. I would like to take you all back to just under a year ago. when I stood here as the newly-elected Head Boy: I challenged us to aim higher. to risk more than required. to do more than needed. to aim for geniu. to adore mastery. to transcend our fears. to be kinder than expected. and to shatter our limits. As I re ect on 20l5. I cannot help but be proud tohave been a part ola school that has reached far beyond this. As I close. I would like to read a letter written to the Matric of by Nick Douglas. the Head Boy of 20. Nick led the school with dignity in 2011 and had no amazing year. He is immensely respected by till the Matrics and ho] a very spt tinl place in all our hearts as he was and will alwavs be our Head lioy. When the Mom left in "201]. Nick Douglas looked the in the eye and told me that he believed in me and that I had it withiti me to lead the school someday. Iver since that moment I have aspired to follow in his footsteps. [Read Nit-k [)ouglas' letter to the 2015 Matrics on p. lll. Thank you all for an amazing year. It ismy wish foryou all that you continue to inspire excellence and make a world of difference. Thank you. Asnnto qumalo. Head Boy

121 SCHOOL -GRADE 12 SUBJIZCI CRI JYI IVlTY: LANGUAGES Ebb andflow Aman at his desk. His brow crinkled with anxiety, eyes on» focused. hands quivering. His face. bleached white from exhaustion, vigorously contorting into various displays of angst. He knows how important this is -to make sense ofthe sprawled black and white mesh of papers resting eagerly upon his desk. before that glimmer ofsunlight peaks through the corrugated plastic blinds. revealing the urban city within which he is trapped. His office is dull. grey. The arti cial cubicle walls maze their way through the fluorescently lit square room. The night s city lights creep through the crevices ofthe colossal concrete tower. acting merely as distractions for the workforce inside. At every desk sits another aspiring employeexelentlessly swept in and out by the tide of day to day living. aiming for the top. ailing hopelessly at the rungs to the upper food chain ipresided only by the pretentious predators of business and corporate life. Eight point four hours per day, is a good day s work. they say. But he is a hardworking man, and hard work reaps rewards. The rewards ofclammy palms when a mistake is made, and the inherent fear of the higher order. The nervousne presentation, and the vain hope of appreciation, He tr 5 and tries to outshine the average. to tread the dangerous waters.to give one hundred and ten percent and to lead the endless flock ofever grazing sheep from the front. anticipating that sweet trickle ofgratitude ot the end of the road. He does not. however. have that flicker of greatness. that spark of creativity.required to reside in the upper reaches of the tower. oor 97. where the mennrchs beckon and hollow. screech and shout. at every hint of life [hill is noi n ti-ibuiary to the mighty ow ofindustry. Leave your troubles at home' is the motto. An inefficient worker is a had worker. and a had worker is a parttiino worker. Productivity in the only aim in mind. like mindlt 's robots fulfilling their duties. The illusion of light at the end ofthe tunnel isjust that. a l achci-uus deception hiding lhl' underlying treadmill of life. li just liusin nothing per sonal. the voice saysmcverhorating through every post employee's head as they pack up their desk and search for a new cell. another con nement to begin the jourm-y all over again. The work is never over, there will always be iiiiuther desk to ll. lt is all they have ever known. It is only some who realise the truth. How the world has shaped them into mindless creatures. falsifying incentive and enticing exertion. carried away by lhi ow of induslri~ alisation. A world lost in the current ofn never ending need for success. to be the host no matter the cost. He sees thisun's rays piercing the horizon and ponders. He know. what to do. He stands up. starch at the over cumulative mnir or documents and les. and climbs out. Duncnn Barnard A Change in Perspective 1 have always known I was privileged. Known how lucky I wns to be able to attend a school such as Saints. in live in a house such asmy own and to have been brought up in a fam» ily where I was shown so much love. During the August holidays. the interact Club had organised a school refurbishment in Diepsloot. The main reason I attended was in order to qualify for the Interact Dance and the Interact tie. This exercise lasted was to run over two days. with six to eight hours ofwork each day. and was run by Joint Aid Management. JAM for short. 0n the morning of the rst day l was very reluctant to get out ofbed and into the car. where I would be taken to school at an early 6 am. in order to go out. do the day's work. and be back before 6 pm. Waking up this early during the helidays wa. ilegc. as far as myselfand n few ofmy friends who were coming with were concerned. Despite this we hi». grudgingly staggered into the hus that would take us to our unknown destination. Driving through Diepsluot is an experience by itself. The streets nre seething with poverty and a sense ofdanger. Everywhere we looked. there were people going about their daily lives. outing oi the run-down cstahlirhments. shopping at spaza shop and on one occasion. th ght ofa person turning a cows head on n spit over a lire, u matter where we went everybody stopped and stared at us. as ifwe were some kind of side show attraction. The school was situated in the middle of Diepsloot. and w very run down. depressing look» ing establishment. The children thnt normally attend the school were in the house next door. which belonged to the elderly liidy who ran the school. The school itself was a mess. with the paint peeling off the walls. the plastic furniture broken and lying on the floor. iho Iloors oi the building half-tiled and heill dirt. The walls were unpainted and bleak. and the whole school gm-o ul f n do pressing mini. Over the L'Ulll'Sl of the two days. we rt -p:linled the walls. I'K ilod the floor and pointed the outside walls. to make the (lt'pl l sing place thnt Ihe children i-nll school a llil livelier. or at least a hit 1' NIK I io learn in. On the second ii the work was nished and we through :i [)ill ly for the kids. ninny of whom were o itic to see the new. brighi and colourful plot-o thin iliey would be nblo io learn in. WV gave u h of lhl'lli a par ' p L k. and mini noi know how nuuiyol ihi- swoi-ts or drinks workod. h. such iliings were prnlmbly tho I'AII PSI [I i'ili in the iinpowr» ishod lives lluit their pnronls him-d. Those two dn taught me so much about liow privili-gull. woll ol'l' nnd.poilod l i eiilly am. They put into pi'l'slli l lhu whni I really have and how lucky I nm in him» ii. < well :is tent-hing me how I sliouldn'i coiupliiiu nhoui m: n_\ of do» things in my lil'i- lhiii I would complain about \villioul :\ surond thought lioliiri- tho i-xperu nco. Solving how U\ i-ijoyod llil children were about ihoir upgrndt-d si liiml gim- n-n- n hounid.. as to where I lit in in the bigger ]) l'[ll '1t ilini is South Afr a. iind taught me to he more grateful for own-thing thiii l hiivo mid will ri-ceivo in the future. (ini-rii-k lllnin Page l l 7

122 SCHOOL I -! 1 K \: '_'1.(-Tf1.~' v. Zf - Jif 1\,, 5 I 1' 7 1"»:... I....!UI; i}! At... 31?-..«x4; MY. ' A. W I... f. a !l a...r,7. Aw. (:4.v. k I

123 4 SCHOOL I V\I.\I'1<I< l ].\ \l < (M. \ 1 I um

124 OEOOH I... i: : /t z; :: 33:2 : : I... r _. :: :71: :. :.:... :2. _..:. :.:.::. T....1: :1... :1... 7:...._.._:_..42.: :_ 27...}... :_:..; , 7.5:... 23:....1.:.<_._: /_...._.:: :1 1...}: F: : r. T r. 1. : _:._:..... :3: 7.: 1. _. If r, i... 1.: 7...; i : , y...: :._:: {3.1: {22. z..:... /z::..;: _.:_._:_.: :.....Z. : : ;.... _., : :: : _.:Z. 7.3:. _..:_4_::_:, r57: :..3}: _.:.... :72: _...:_..n : :i:772...}..7 12:; : z....:. y._.:.:r 3.7:: 3...; : 7...?... :v _._..:. : _..._/._..: : :7 _.: :_v z....,...3_., 7... $.23. 3:1: I._.:...,,..A :

125 SCHOOL Ell mv hklg; 7 ; 7',7 And still llu'y gnxwl. And still llw wander grow 'l'hul (mu small hmul ('uuld mu ry :11] 11v know Dom-rtml Village (Ulivm' (lnldsnlllll)

126 ACADEMICS wu- un duhghxwl m xmwvmm (hm uur :ms Mutrnx \.\\r («(1de m 11w II-Ln Inmrnulznlun uunmnl mm v.1". Imh Iwh-m 1-:x4.m..mm\ mm mm H I llzulvm- :1«~(~ ~m4m m m. 32mm. Mum» ume HI-mum", m-upunug nm'»mr ~m- \wh In: wru m \lmh \h \\ In hmhlmhunu Hw m )umvmvm» I mu ml, pm I..m 1x mu w, M. m, m \m \_ nm' [may H1441"!IHHH'IA'H JH ulm hm Amn- hp tum p Hmnk um hawk 1x \HMMH» :md pzu'rnl-ilrr1mm mwlm n.. m.l.1w... lm\~ n Imu 0111 x~.. ~ Imm=xm I Ihu 1m: \Lnn. v' m~ ('nnrlulmw: 1.34! 1 4 rulu' mum 1141mm!!m' Hmlwlur I)A u)1 SHHIHWKIH)) ll" ()nnhiu-il lnr Ilmlnnm SIHIJHN LIN L Qunhl'lml Im' Kuhn-r ('vv'ulvr It llll ) 'J I)i~lll1 1ll7llw[LIWP Tlxr dl mmnlihhli'y.ml Rmum prndmu (hm m vxlwy'nvll \ulm n (( Innww 1 Me, age From mo Hmul 0L (-hunlm the flu» F2015 1'nnurmulullmh rm (hrw nuhmmhlm.umlwum rmullj Mum ul \nu ~Ul u '>Hn: 1wmlwlflvr l n-inm. and I lmpunnd mm lhul \uu haw :u'hlmml lhvm. ( mmmulunum Wm \::H\ m m..- \uunu mrn m. mmlxliml m- m- Summn ('mu Lmuh- muml (hw wwml IIIKM um \u- Hum-(I (luawmi m :IIHT',\~ m.m mm Iluv Im : l'th-gv I... u.- {ungl'umml-s.mii u-mmw un Ihv van I'I.kl'~ \I Hm Imu- (If \ u-m'. mlnmlhh Hu- HUM r. Mum pih n > lhv Amulwnur pillar. Mm h umh-rpnw.4ii Ihw Ulhvx> Ymn' n MIIh m )mn' Finals 1mm wurk. :md 'u lv lmumum l. \nux purum urnnrv "mum" mm- Inmm mm m: m nm uh nwln nmlmm m.» p.n'(*nl.~,mu min-.3. lmlh \um' mnlrir' («:Ix'hwxmaml (1..,~.- 1m:...gh. \uu m llu- umnm-r grndum m 1 an \ml m.- mp mm]mur «howl m. mu mx - m4! ulm hmv mum-pd ynu [ur I ulurv :I wsmvuh \~ I hmk ll lhv vxn-ullmn ~ml1~nr> ynu haw pl'nlhll'n'd 21> :1 ti, I um run~<1m ~1hul Mull u's (In nnl ulw wll hl 1 > m~s~ gnu-m Hm:. 1.] \ml'\. :1lemm lhm'vm mum r uu- nnl leu-rl m Ihv mm. 1 know llm Ier :m) many mull Innmpluh IH IHHII Ilww n u' mum' nl'whlvh \ull hr unsung. \\.-H mm m mm "\mxunu how-s. Ah Ammo I agt 122

127 ACADEMICS I MATRIC RESULTS: 2015 quman called you at the Matiic Dinner. You have brought great credit to your school in 2015, you can re ect on your successes with pride. Yours sincerely Mr David Knowles Headmaster The national achievements of our top candidates The following student was placed on the leb s list for Outstanding Achievement (ie. achieved within the top 5% in 6 or more subjects and Level 7 for Life Orientation): Asante qumalo. The following students were placed on the IEB s list for Commendable Achievement (Le. achieved within the top 5% in 5 or more subjects and Level 7 for Life Orientation): Duncan Barnard. Awais Majeed and Michael Telcs. Top 1% ofieb candidates in their subject The following students have achieved a result in the top 1% of[eb candidates in their subject: Duncan Barnard (information Technology Mathematics and Physical Science-s) Murray Buck (Life Orientation) Nicholas De Decker (Life Orientation) Bennedict Mahlangu (IsiZulu First Additional Languagc) Kelame Maine (Life Orientation) Awais Majeed (Accounting. Life Orientation. Physical Sciences, Urdu First Additional Language) Nicholas Milligan (Lift cienccs) Asarite qumalo (English Home Language. lsizulii First Additional Language. Life Orientation) Nikhil Patel (Business Studics) Remo Rossi (Life Oricntaiion) Douglas Smith (Mathematical Literacy) Michael Teles (Mathematics) Christopher Thackwray (Mathematics) Graham Vickers (Physical Sciences) Top candidates We list our top candidates below in nrdor ol' the numlu-r of distinctions obtained: 9Dislinctinnl (subjects at level 7): Awais Majeed: English Home Languagc. Urdu First Additional Language. French Second Additional Language. Mathematics. AP Mathematics, Life Sciences. Physical Scienccs, Accounting and Life Orientation. 8 Distinctions (subjects at Level 7): 4 Boys Duncan Barnard: English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language. Mathematics. APMathematics. Physical Sciences, Geography. Information Technology and Life Orientation. Asante qumalo: English Home Language. isizulu First Additional Language, Mathematics. AP Mathematics. Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business Studies and Life Orientation. Daniel Taylor: English Home Language, isizulu First Additional Language. Mathematics. AP Mathematics. Life Sciences. Phys' al Sciences. Information Technology and Life Orientation. Michael Teles: English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language. Mathematics, AP Mathematics. Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. Information Technology and Lti Orientation. 7Distinctians (subjects at LeveI 7): {Boys Murray Buck: English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language. Mathematics Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. History and Life Orientation. Keagan Chaffey: English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language. Mathematics. Life Sciences, Physical Sciences. Accounting and Lab Orientation. Nicholas Milligan: English Home Language. Afrikaam First Additional Language. Mathematics. Life Sciences. Physical Scicnccs. Geography and Info Orientation. Graham Vickers: English Homo Lnnguago. Afrikaans li i \(lditinnal Languagc. Mathematics. Life Sciences. Ph_' all Scionccs. lcograiihi' and Into Orientation. E Dialinclions (subjects at Level 7): 8 Boys Nicholas De Decker: English Home Langmuir. Mathematical Litci'acy. Lii'c Sru nccs. History. (imgrnphy and Life On nation. Connor Hinrichs: English Hoim- Language..\l:ithomatic.~. Iiil'i- Scioncns. Physical Stit'lit t's. (icogrniihy and Iiifc ()ril-ntutimi. Siyahnnga Hlalethna: English llunn- Lungungv. Mathematics. Lilli Sciences. Phys 14] Scu'nws. Information Technology and Life Orientation. Nikhil Patel: English Honn- Language. Miithcnnuics. Lifc Scicnrcs. Physical Sch- cos, Busimiss Studios and Info Orientation. I agc 123

128 l ACADEMICS - MA l'rlc RliSL lfl S: 1015 Remo Rossi: Afrikaans First Additional Liinguagc. Mathematics. Life Sciences, l h)bichl Sciences. Business Studies and Life Orientation. Joe Shalala: English Home Language. Matheinat' Physical Sciences. Business Studies. History and Life Orientation. Dylan Simpson: Afrikaans First Additional l Matheinntirs. AP Mntheniatir. Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Life Orieniiition. Christopher Thackwrny: English Home Language. Mathematics, Al M lht'mtll Life Sciences. Physical Sciences and Life Orientation. 5 Distinctions (subjects at Level 7): 8 Boys Daniel Botha: English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics. Business studies and Life Orientation. Lorenzo Degni: Mathematics. Life Sciences, Physical Sciences. Geography and Life Orientation. Brandon Glover: English Home Language. Physical Science. Geography. History and Life Orientation. Matthew Lazenb iriknans First Additional Language. Mathematics. I h_ a] Scien Information Technology and Life Orientation. Bennedict Mahlangu Zulu First Additional Language. Mathematics. History. Vi. uiil Art and Life Orientation. KylerMintah: English Home Language. Mathematics. Life Science. information Technology and Life Orientation. Jesse Rahinowitz: English Home l.aiiguage. History. Mathematics. Musir and Hi cal Science Jared Swart: Miitheiuni Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. Accounting and Life ()l'ihihiihih 4 Distinctions (subjects at Level 7): ll Boy Kyran Christiane. English Home Language. Life Sciences. History and Life Orientation James Freeman: Mathematics. Life Sciences. l hy. Sciences and Life Orientation. Cameron Hewson: Afrikaans I irst Additional Liinuuiitzl'. Mathematics. A ' 'ininting and Life ()i'icninlion. Shane Marita Maiheniat Accounting and Life Orientation Physical Kelame Maine: English Home, Language, Si-Solho First Additional Language. History and Life Orientation. Luca Milanesi: r nth Second.\(l(llilt>llr ll Lntigiinm'. German Second Additional Language. Life Sciences and Life Orientation. Nicholas Mase eld: (lvovrapliy. Lil'e Orientation. Life :il Sciences. Science rind Mathematics Karmsheel Naidu: French Second Additional Language. History, Life Orientation and Mathematics Daniel Servant: English Hume Language. Mathematics. Physical Sciences and Information Technology Diederick Van Biljon: Accountancy, Afrikaans First n.1,! I. Life Q; and u L. Jason Zebert: Mathematics. Physical Sciences. Information Technology and Life Orientation 3 Distinctions (subjects at Level 7): It) Boys Nicholas Archibald. Gareth Bosnian. Declan Connolly. Lance Davids, Thato Mabalayo. Khanya-Kwezwe Nkambule. Stuart I enaluna. Dylan Schmid. Tristan Spencer, ( hristopher Tyndale-Biscoe. 2 Distinctions (subjects a! Level 7): Stuart Againz. Connor Beauchamp. TafadwaChinamatira. Aidan-Jon Cullinan. Daniell Dippenaar. Gabriel Forbes. Tiaan Harmse. Michael Hinds. Daniel Lunsche. Mpho Moloi. Andrew North. Joseph Ntahilaja. Nicholas Penaluna. Douglas Smith. Craig Tucker. Mbugua Wainaina, Joshua Warren. I Distinction (subjects at Level 7): 3.9 Boys Matthew Beech. Robert Bruce, Jayson-Lee Collins. James Deacon. Michael Du Plessis. Brandon Durkan. Keenan John Ellingibrdrllowman. Bryce Ettcr. Jay Fiskerstrand. Matthew (illson. Jackson (londo. (inwane Gullan. Gareth lniric. Muhammad lsniail. l eter Jordann. Kyle Kemink. Felipe Kirsten, Ryan Le Roux. Justin Lilknnt. Aidan IV Lend. Thaio Macko. Alexander Mnnganadelis. Harley Mill 2 Klwllitelu Ndlovn. Michael Nel, ( ameron Nelson. 'l'yren Nich son. 'l aicnda Nyagani, Brody Odendanl. Craig l :irryiuor, Jordan Rhodes. Neil Richardson. Scan Sacks. Michael Siinonetti. Kectzan Sullivan. Liam Taylor. Luke l enipest. James Watson. Matthew Wesscls. 4 'we congratulate all our imitriciiliints. we are conscious of the dvt p roots ot thi-ir educational succe. going back to the niiidation years of schooling. We express our gratitude to the teachers of the Preparatory and Junior Preparatory schools oi'si Stitliiaiis College. and to the teachers at. other schools wliosi- students enrolled at the Boys' and Girls ('ollt-tzcs. We wish all our nintricnlants a fulfilling rst year out of school. wherever they nd themselves. and we encourage them» One and All 7 to iy connected with St Stithians as they rentilrc Forth into this new stage of their lives. Page 124

129 ACADEMICS.TOI ACHII'VI RS. \( \ )I-\ ( HUNUL'IW BR: D Slnu}).~r)x' M ( Thm'k 1m; B Mnhlungu, n Svhxmd. K deu:.1 War) He,, \ punu 1;.«m-nLPJm. x. I! \'.m Ilhm. (2 [human '. Ii {Hmm. gv 123

130 ACADEMICS - :\(T.r\l)l3l\ll(3 AWARDS ACADEMIC HONOURS-SUMMA CUM LAUDE Duncan Barnard Awnis Majeed Asante qumalu Michael Tolvs Grade 8 class prize: Muhammad Moola. Hugh Huggett English Prize (for the top English pupil in grade 8): Benjamin Servant. Grade 8 Language prize (for the highest aggregate in 3 languages): Muhammed Moola. HONOURS IN ACADEMICS Duncan Barnard Daniel Botha Murray Buck Reagan ( halfey Lunco Davids lnrenw Degni ('onnnr Hinrichs Siynlmngn Hlalethua Matthew Lazenhy Awais Majced N'cholas Milligan 'Ier Minlah Asautv qumaln Nikhil Patel Roma Rossi.109 Shal a Dylan Simpson Jared Swurt Daniel Taylur Michael Tull-s Christopher Thai-kwrny Graham Vickurs COLOURS IN ACADEMICS Nivhnlasi '- '. Daniel S Gareth Busman Brandon (Ilmwx' Jesse Rabinuwnx I OLOI.lnrdann ShaneMm hay [Seniu'divt Mnhlnngu Andre \lm'th Dylan. c and Tristan Spent-or Rirkus van [Siljnn Joshua Warn-n GRADE 9 Grade 9 class prize: Kylen Govender. Colin Giles Memorial Prize for Natural Science in grade 9: Kylen Guvender. Grade 9 Art Prize: Philani Rapm. PRIZES AVAILABLETOBOTH GRADE 8AND 9: Headmaster s Creative Writing Prize: Benjamin Servant. Best French scholar in grades 8 and 9: Kylen Gnven» der. Best scholar in the Humanities eld: Jason Brown (History: Geugraphy and a Creative Art), Best Junior Orator: Ethan Charles. Most improved junior Orator: James McPhail, Junior Photographic Club Prize: Jared Cnlaca. GRADE 10 Grade 10 class prize: Michael Nuihnagel. Special prize for Mathematics. l hvsical Science and Life SCIEnCD in Grade 10: Nicholas Meyer. Grade 10 Physical Science Project Prize: Cameron lintha. ('ulvin Steinhobe] and Brynn ( auldwell Grade 10 Headmaster s Creative Writing Prize: Ashvir Maharaj. Grade II) Art Prize: ('alvin Steinhobol, GRADE 11 Grade 11 class prize: David Wright. Grade II Headmaster s Creative Writing Prize: Michael do V05. Grade 11 Bilingualism Award (English and PAL): Jnnmhan Baker. Grade 11 Art Prize: Victor (.iourgiev. PRIZES AVAILABLETOGRADE 10AND 11: GRADE 8 11 PRIZE-GIVINGAWARDS GRADE 8 Best French student in grades 10 and 1!: Robert- Dan» wl Bzirrlin. Best scholar in the Humanities eld (History: Geograr pliy and/or a Creative Art) : Tamika Dhnmho. Most improved senior Orator: Ethan Frost. Page 126

131 ACADEMICS IEXPOS / OLYMPIADS/ INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARKING TFS'I SI AFRIKAANS OLYMPIAD The annual Senior Afrikaans Olympi» ad is a national examination that challenges the participants in all areas ol the language. The participants are ex» pected to have a good. solid understanding ofafrikaans. Their marks are a true re ection of hard work and certificates were awarded to the following grade and 12 students: ' Mark Strickett - Matthew Stricken ' Cameron Hewson - Michael Nothnagel, 74% - Keegan Backstrom ~ 78% ' David Wright 78% Etienne Faascn 79".. ' Robert-Daniel Bardin - 85% English Olympiad The English Olympiad is a national English competition organised jointly by the Grahamstown Foundation and the South African Council for English Education. The aim is to enrich learn~ ers through the study of English and to encourage critical thinking and creative writing. Hundreds of pupils are entered by schools from all over the country. Congratulations to the follow ing boys on their achievements: Gold ' Michael Stewart Silver - Daniel Taylor ' Robert-Daniel Bardin ' Stuart Glasspool ~ Ashvir Maharaj Bronze - Tanak Dhonibo Joshua Eveleigh - Ethan Frost - Gregory Hutchings ~ Jordan McLachlan - David Wright ' Kadcn Arguile ACERJIEB International Bench marking tests In October the current grade 10s wrote the ACER/IEB International Benchmarking tests in English and Mathematics. The Boys' College uses the information generated by the results to target problem areas and espc~ cially to see where we t against the international ratings. The leb issues Certi cates of High Distinction to the top 95*99.9 il of candidates in the country and also Certi cates of Distinction to the top Bil-94.99% for each test. Certi cate of Distinction l'or Mathematics: ' Byron Bell - Cameron Bntha ' Shaun Butler ~ Shungu Dutiru - James Glashofi' ' George Makliloui - Craig Meier - Nicholas Meyer - James North ' Jesse Reid ' Evangelos Sioutas - Luke Squires ' Andrew Stone - Mark Strirkctt Certi cate of Distinction for English: Jordan Blaiii - Joshua Dir-sol ' Simangnliso ann ' Thulo St l'nlk A Certi cate of Distinction goes to Jayce Spithnll l'or hulli English and Mathematics (crliticiito oi High Di. int-lion: Nicholas Hrilii.iti:iinlie l'oi Miithivmatirs and English - Brynn ( aulllwolk Mathematics. Christopher Du l li-ssis: Mothemiitlt's - Matthew Ernsiiius: Mathematics tind English Michael l ll l ll Mathematics - Jam.It-nki Ferrell: MattinmtItI as well as n ( erii calv ol Distinction for English Lian Meyt illtl ll mnlics ' Michael Nothnagol: Mathematics - St-ock l ark: Mathematics ' Michael Thackwray: Mathematics and English ' Murray Blamey: English ' Joshua Irvin English ~ Dylan Kynuch: English - Ashvir Maharaj: English as well as Certi cate of Distinction for Mathematics ~ Christopher Ruhcrg: English as well as a Certi cate of Distinction for Mathematics - Ntokozo Zwane: English. GRADE 11 IEBT A total of candidates wrote the Grade 11 IcBT in Mathematics. The following boys achieved results in the tap 1"n of candidates: Martin Currin David Wright Stuart Glasspool Michael Du Toit Andre-w Galatis GRADE 11 IEBT Thinking Skills A total of 323 candidates Wrote the grade ll lebt in Thinking Skills. Congratulations to: David Wright who achieved within the Top 1"». of all candidates in: Thinking Skill - Problem Solving and Thinking Skilll ~ Ci itictil1 liinking. Marlin ( urrin who achieved within tlir Top 1 " oilill candidates in Thinkmg Skills ~ l i-olilrni Solving. GRADE [0 lebt l lw guide 10 Boys wriilt' the [chi l hinking Skills E\nniinatlon.in which :i l()i:ll of candidates- impair t-d l he palm (on \(l of Problem Soliing and :I ('Iiiiuil Thinking ( oiiipimt lll. We are pleased to announce llllil Illl' following.i 1m mm m [hr ("1) 10.. In lhtl Problem Solving: l an-i': Matthew Einsinus ('lirisiopliiu Du l l James.lI-liki l.iikt- Walker Page 127

132 ACADEMICS I 'l Ol :\( l llli\'l3l{.\'.v\\\'. \l{l)s 2013 POSITION lngrade -Term from 2014 irndr: First, Sneund. 'l'hirtl. 8 sun Brown. Kylun (iui ontlrr. 'l'oinv (lv Buys. onnthan Bnku Mwhat l (In 'l oit. David Wright. wais Major-(L Asmito qumalo, Dmirnn Barnard. POSITION IN GRADE -Al'ter Term n Brown. Kylvn (lnvemlt-r. Matthew (ialutis. 1 lichiiol Nuthnzigul. Nirhnlns Muyvn Matthew Ems» inns, )and Wright. James Elliut. Martin ( urrin 1.. Awais Majeedi Asanti- qunmlin Daniel l aylor. POSITION IN GRADE - After Term Grade: Fir. Second. Third. S: {\luhaninicd Muula all Duvi Tim Basson. 9 Kvlen (invendm' 'un Brown. I] z Mohamed. ' lichaelnuth.nichol: M 'er.thu1nst-ruhi-, 1 mid Wright. Jonathan Baker/NJ Du Tnii, Robert l) dnlel»b:l{ (lll : Awais Mnjecd. Asanto qumlllt'l Duncan Barnard. Academic Summa Cum Laude: Awais Majced. MATHS OLYMPIADS Jonathan Baker St David Wright were in the top 1% of the -18 Thinking Skills Assessment, David Wright and Martin ( urrin made the l up 20 List in the 201:3 edition of the South African Maths Olympiad. In total 81,938 entrants started this year and Martin nished 20th whilst David nished 17th. both incredible feats of ability and focus. SCIENCE EXPO Esknm Expo for Young Scientists» congratulations to: (lold Certi cate ('iimc'run Both; and Calvin Steinhobel Silver Certi cate Brynn Cauldwell. James Jenkins-Feb rett. James North, Keagan Lailvaux. Matthew Dawson and James Leigh. Brynn ( auldwell was selected to represent South Africa at the 66th lntol International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) that takes place in Phoenix. Arizona. USA from 8 to 13 May Jul-dun khmlvs. Winm'r of the Hupe 'I i-upliy t nr lit-s1 Ariwurk. usml inixt-rl mvdia (in cloth to create {in expr symbolic l:it'llli' i-mnpnsitivm,.lurtlan al-hwn-d ahm-e 85" for this artwork. Page 128

133 ACADEMICS -.\RI'I 1{I/!' R] NH! \1

134 ACADEMICS.MN'R \' 1L,< l I; I :R,_\'1klu Pun-1. Mnuhmv L Nu hnlu» Milliunn: Kungzm ('hnmzyz [mrvnzu Dugzm: Jun Shalulu: Daniel Tnylnr. Slvulmnun HluIL-(hnn, FR..\lu~hzwl 'I'u-lm: lhmrun Barnard:.\Ir 1 Wnahl. Awms Mujoud: Mrs H Frankiakx mu-lelmal<1,(h'nhmn Vu'kers. Mvmlwnhlp (:{lhv Sm ulu- ( 11:!)mm mlx knuwna:(ht- 11!f lnh'nuypvn m (hm (up Hmm andmm rmm with w ( Hwy-x, m :1 mull rmnqum nubmnrlmu zuwh-iml',u'hu-anwnl III Ihmr gl'mlr 11) um! gu-ml.» 11 rmum 'I hv ml." Inn-pm h m nnrnu'v- rdm u. mum} (-nqulh and m'udwmu 1L~ nrn u... 1 ("1MlhvmA-mlu-nI I-Mwl h tl m huw.m mxm-um. Hi mum-x whwh n-lmm In Ihl- Hnnuur Huh- 1' [hr l'ulr In! 111» Sun-nu: ( mlv :umulml u IUL'HITI' LG v-n In Mr Mu hm'l Rum mumu I ' Thu ('Iuh (1w [Huh wax tunndwl \vnh \ 'UL'UhJN'H\ ->In1mm]: - ('rv-uu- u mm-unu pluw- lur pupm Ix-nrninu I"r:'m'h Hml h'nm-uplmm» pupm. mmm mm \hnrwmm w ~ln-llm rullm muntlwwk l rt-mh - Hm up a mmmm «,yruul. (my [rupl].~ Imu'mnu Frx-m h, lirnl ( HLIIHI'H from (he L'mvm'sin nf lhi'\«vihhhpi'm HIHI 'l'lualulkutlth \ud m-mnmuiml n-rhmqm-s, m-hniml (lvr lm > n :m m ru'vlunv..~l:m.<ur,~. and ln-rlurmum-v 1m. ~ nl \'.Il m\1\ an, plum-s lh.u Imul nvvr Iluw ml: Thu ~m'lmtl Inuhhghl Wm :Illrwnmu qwm wnh u Ltlmnr Imuvr..\[r Julm Hmml. ulm-h «mm! m hr.mulhvr 50>. mn ut umu rum-ml mlm- m n'uzml m nmrk n - mulr All Ihv mmuln- ~ vu-w [HI'Hlnzlll-h I-In'qu-(I M Ilh um «um: m-vrvu-n. nplllllm. and drum-gum nf m mun. mulvwh :uul "mun. :I un\ nl Ian-u. u unnnmh-v u. lu-ip Hu- pru- Imrllnn ul Frmu-h m xlw Hm; ('nl My» nml m :u'hh-i) mmnlum m Hu- I'nlluup nmrknlmu nupmgm. I'Im y -'~ mmnulu-v ( nlbmlvd ui',\w:m Mnlvml 1L mlv _ :nul l n-mu-r I m 414- r \ul my ). Luru.\m:uu-.<1 (L'I'IHIP [13). ern Hulwr (grutln- 1H uml tho.\im'1kmm mmdunt. Finally. lhv unmml (lmm-r prm'ul m be lhv highhghl uflhv quuh and uxli'l-mrx' Thus m-um Muhmms Ihc nl' Ihv L'Iuh's momhv.\ m'm' lhuvvuxzuntl 1:Iy,~H'Ihuu-mlhvumlrihullulh mmh- In the Amulvmic Pillar and inlvlh11\x:ll mpnzx] :u Ilu- ( nllx-gvs. My lhzmku gn In all the nwmlmn uh) sm-mm- ('luh fur a mustmm 1thmy, :mll In Mr Wrighl :md MI h'unkisku: I'nr IIH-n mmln-nn-m xh ur.\\\uis Muluvd. grade I :1 Hulu-I'l~[): mol Hardin [mm- 11. mm um uf 11w hp 201:") grade III and 11 l vnch rlmlur uwurd). 'l hu grade 5' Hubs and Sucivnvs twening (hum-(l on tho pmmnurm of the Fmm Imll' m Vichy and most prmmm murs piu nmpzlnh won- on hand in s 1-11m.» A-xporionccs with Page 130

135 ACADEMICS I Actiwi'iiis potential applicants and con rmed participants. The occasion also facilitated discussions an French zis ti sub» ject with keen grade 8 parents and learners. The Saints Experiencew <an tippin tlh nity tn meet potential French learners for Four groups of griide 75 participated in the activity with enthusiasm and energy. Very little Engli: and as much French as passible was the order of the (l The introduction to minihers saw a new format this year as it was presented in songs and potential super stars were then asked tn showcase their talent. It was a lot of fun for dlll The Saints Open Day was (me (if the Club s yearly eon~ tributinns tn the marketing of the College. Th > event did not take place this year to the disappointment ofthe seniurs. Whu have nl : looked forward in display the neatlemic.slrt ll tl l nt tht» French department to potential parents and >( htll~ war. in an attempt iii up the number of boys taking French to Mame. the Club de Fit s nrgnnises In series or (-tillliquia for grade 9 pupils (luring the Art Festival at the end of the 5 mm! term. l ntentiiil grade ll) 2i safe and unbiased environment tthtteacher makes himself st at't't l). Many thanks to liut-a Milanusi rt)1 Sll])])l} lnl' the pancakes this year. pancakes Whlt h went a long way to attract L'llht lllul s, The productive morning was well attended by the grade It). 1] and it! piir pils and thought to be fruitful by the many grade 9 French learnt-rs. It was a busy year, French tnur years always are, and my thanks go in the Committee niemhe - who [mind the iiine tn nizike things happen, I tint pniu ticiiliirly indebted H) Robert-Daniel Btll tllll who run the "ward ot'tho week" on the Club de l niis l)t!: l (l outside the French cl mum. one of those tiiiie~ candidates join the ('lith tii Mlmplo :i pancake. or two or thm» and tli.~- r-i ninr phase French with peer~ in t'iin,~tiining.v (llllll'> Wl llt li llttlk, iilninst trii'iiil hut Wl llt'l l l5 ~ Hlm])0l12 lll in nu t:iin the interest Ur niingi-i- learners, Last hut not It- «wan Minted tutti linen Alll nl! were deservedly re- HWill'tlt tl N'IWIL'U iie~ In :imirei-iiitinn tit their imitrihtitin - in time and el'l'tirts tn the ('liili ile l :iri<, French in the Library 'l'he French Elllllllsrl), the Freni-li [nsiimin in Smith Afrii and H inimlwr iil French Urgllnlsatioiis. amiinast which BlBLIONEF (ti nun~prtitit Ul'g n tiun promoting the access to new banks) and (me til" its partners. the RATP foundation. organised ti dtiiiattun of French hooks tn sehtiols in (inuteng. Schools where a large number of pupils are learning Frent'h (St Stithinns Buys. ( olleize is pzirt of the group) were tldvlsl d to ('ttlli t l their tillnetited pal'ct lb during the. ugiist htilidtiy. The bulk tilthe book> went to the French earner in the lihr while ti number til~ ptia pils received ti book an a ti)- ken of their itiinimitnteni nnd t-nthusmsm tn learning Frent'h: Aii'artls' Ali'uis t lrllljt l ll, grade 12 {Premier l rix dc Frtinctiix), Kurmslieel.Vriidii. l tlrllt 12 I nmiriuml for the Premier [ ru tle Friiricuisl. l iberl-ihmiel Burdiii {Re I gradem (r- 11 FFt'Ilt'll,mpi l Juno Halter. grade II (Nomi- ll/pt, fur the [test grade 10A II Fl't m'll pupil) T/iuln Serum: guide It) Ri'ulietsiiw Bullitiln, grad: It! [iii-[en (int emit l tldt'.0 (134's! grade 8 and 1) Fit llt ll piiptll.\inlitinimed lit. L l iltli'. I JIti/iiminiiiil.llimlu. grade ~ (Best grade A mid. I Itirigiitiui pupil).hiill Duties. L I'tltli.\ I)t17lll lt llll'/hl. guide N Dylan.1Iiirmi,i.irtitle N (ln heliiill iil'si Stiihiiim BU} > i ollvtw. llt-iid iit tlit- Freni-h lh'piil'tmt-nl. Munsit-ui-,H hlli'l li'l, Wishes iii min-ei- hi~ miini' ll\i lll i.~ In ( P \'.'Il lit\l.\ [L Y llt > whit "\ tll this iltiiiniiuii til\~lltlt. A Fltl't llll thitnk \uu gin-s.\lr tlt'l'ulih (t.iril. l't ]1l l'\i l\lllll\t ul' l".\.< in.liihiinnivsliiirg Iili-.lrl,.\Iiehi-l Page 131

136 ACADEMICS [hump 11w.\uun~v Huhxhw 2! mm'muu 1 1I-\' mm m wmv nf Huummr [hr Inuuu'ul ('IH' 01' Park \'I~ In\p.' n11 Slum-uh I'IIIIMI [I um,i h) Al'lU\ [u mm m IIN' :muu mrlmhnu llu» (hr mumr (nur, um Mann: surh ~ \[n l n-m 4' Ihv l- rvm h rullulr m 21 11> \llx'hwlm "um-um m ('Im-mum lhv.\ «Ih- 'l'l'mmphu :uul [lu link] yawmv. lrrrm umnu m 4»w- M Ilu In]; H I'rnnd ()m- H! Iln- Inuhhghb wu~ 'I'um Inlunu.. Inn. m-mw nu Ihv ml: rnuunn I Ivm h Lmuu.mv «dumb, mung; up (In- hullh-h IIHI'KHHIH HIIK'Hnn Svuu- Rum: \II-\\HIL vhu- (H\ from I \\ II.\\I Iw-humnnuuntln mum» m I I mm- WI um I, m m Mumumm-v nu mp m.» 1 m.- sm-n» wa-uw ( V'it'l'l 'lll l' hum \I)].A u~ \mrk :u (ht- ('wm' 71ml Inkmglhw mvll u In nun]. h- 'I'In Im\~ um In \ml wmv H1 Ih: lam] \'u mm: Ihmm- Inn-L Thu ~I-('H)Hl hull ()h'n mu Ihmnuh [null Mlxmu-«u \.{IVH lmd 1h: IIHA' m.mmu nl Ih: [um \mmuh.xlmm )mnu u nun-m limh >I\H.I*Hl m-m hump uh 1 In-uur Hp.m mn, mm w-rk.mrl [unumh «mlmlm-u-nvnmnll1h. l"). \ \u \: ~lu \l!)dm\l. ml n _ nl' hv 1m ( run-h \ n \nm p-i-~1v-i\ 'llm ulmgu mm \r-ull will-i, I I'um hmunlm mvhwlr \ and mm! uh.1 n. \\ Hlll' n! lmmvd I lln- mu -)u r.1[ (n um [m1 mum, w IN, Jun ~n. l- 'I n. m-l ML I ( hilll'dlu.qu nmgmfm-m m-nm m Amplnmz :uul hmlnu lume-llwhxmn mlnmn 4mm \ln- mm Ihm va lnmxi m \nm.ii)\ Ilnun uul n \ um (I MIIHl'.\I~ l-l lmlh r. himm V\.\~L~lillll Mm h \- UH [hw 14:m wt. n! H mm] \mmlmlnl nmmml IIlII hmmnlnl qur ('hu'n rum- 1- r.um~.\in mrmh whml m [M um.i- m m-l] l Iw \mn- mutual m ) w m:

137 ACADEMICS lithium itit lt 0n the 11th August. eighteen College boys. two 1an membe i IM Ros and Ms Armstrong). Mr Tony Money tn parent) and the tour organiser. Roman Pieti'asik. departed for the most nit-mu» rahle tour to Eastern Europe and Russia. Many months of planning. meetings and applying for \ the p st and we were all r. kow. Berlin. Moscow and St PI H I - burg) and ve countries m 16 till)». Wow!!! An exhai ting thought... After a long flight we eventually arrived in our lir had just left winter ltehtnd. and body had prepared its for the exhaustint: heat as we left the airport huildin. The lioys vi isted no time in looking ("or something cooler to wear as the temperature outside the airport was a scorching 39 degrees. Our rst site was to \ lsll the Sehonlirutin Palat-e iii the, centre of Vienna. The grounds of the palaee were lit-tutti» hit and this was 211m}; to he the trend for the next couple ot dar as we \ isited numerous palates in Vienna. st Pi» real gold decorations. The enormous -' e or these ptilut es its is-o overwhelming, For example. the Hermit age in Si Petershttt'g is so hie. that it would take a person eight ' to wttlk through the entire palm-e hr lookint: at each pirut- on tlispltty rm- :io >t-t s the ontls Hit'l i. No money was spared Monarchs of these palaces eompetetl to he bigger. better and more exquisite thnn tho palaces ol their t ousins living in the other Etii-iip an countries. Roman our tour organism s attention to detail needs to he eotnmended. We alwuys stayed in 'top-nott-h' hotels. whe - we able to ll)[l_\ a t'tiinfortnhhnight's sleep attd a handsome breakfast wtth ti huge selt-t-tion of food. ()ne ot' the highlights its for its oinntodation is ooneerned. w s hetng alile to spend It night at tlte Mort-tire Kaspt-owy Hotel in anopane. This is a. resort itt Poland and the scenery trrottntling the hotel was breathtakingly heaiit iftil. We also we able to t- )erienee nutnvt tnis tllllt l t nl toms- of transport. sueh as sleeping on an int tight t iin from Moscow to St Pett isnirg. ti':i\/el~ ling on a hit from Hungary to Poland and also enjoying a Cruise on the Neva River iii 51 l rtershui'g There were numerous highlights on the tour inging from -lin;: for two days around Berlin. being able to see the Berlin Wall. learning: altoitl the way the Stnsi operated in Eastern llt l" ltii and It} s'lt i'li Germany. and finding: ter hurt; and Moseou. with similar not more about Hitler liy Visiting.t the ht-attt; The interiors of these palaees site where his ltunkl'l' is sittitttetl. Bur were exquisite and no photograph tan tlnpest is prohnlilr the most Iii-autil'ul ( IIV we \lsllt il. 'l ltt- K'll_\' is divided capture the beautiful sculptures and architecture with either uiltit-tl utlltl or into two pti-ts. lid and Post. hi :l i'iver 'l ht- lit-itlgt-s t-onni-t-tttti: the two pili'h of the t'ilv tnatle for an awesottttstein in llit- «wt-nines will] the \\.t\ iii whit-h the bridges Wt'l t' lit up. The ('ostnonaultr Memorial Must-uni \i'tts :i new thltllllt)" to this tour, One is retntntletl ol' hovt It ltt ll lt't'hllttlupf) hits developed sinee the l st i-osntonaiiis i-oi-keieti illltt spittt' in the Ittlitls. Vls tls inlt AHSCthiZ Bll kt llilu in Poland was ait emotionally (ll'tlilill'lg risit. tts we, learnt about the inhumane methods used l)_\' the SS rtt fieers' to kill the Jewish people This is not a 'tt- that otie would frequent. but it t-ertainly is a powerful reminder of the sull'erint: ens (lured by the Jews. There were also nttr inet-otts ( tithodt-ttls tlim we visited on the tour, ()nt'e again the beauty of these calhetl ils nnd ehurt-hes is over wheltning. The tourist guides told us interesting stories about the kings and queens who ruled from the 10th to the 20th rt-nturies in la. ern Europe, Mtinr are buried in the t-atht-tlt-als of their respective eotintries iii tomhs ll soon ht time apparent to its that South. \t'rira has such a young histt '\' iii oom- [)tll lxltll to Europe and that we need to look after our history for future gent i r :H ions. :\tiot her highlight for the liliv and M.- Ross was to be able to no shopping I never imagined Iioy to lit 'o Netti-d lli see clothing shops. wlii-tt ptit'kvts.it' shot-s. shirts. on- were purchased, Nltll llllt'h s also llt't'lln ll tl serious plnee Io t'i-equeni. uni. mum boy, taking it. vantage of thi- ii-i-e time to have :1 mt l er lroin n Slttrlitn/cs itt each I ll} \\l Visited. 'l hts lttul'ls1 ltlll'i'vlll t-lll'l'tllnt tipptir» tunitr. where \\ t' all Hitltlt' mil ) fond memories The tots Initl on tuna/mg to tl :t s. and although \\t* stunt-titties t'i-it that there was.in oi lo.itl tit tttliit'tnato South.\l h tl llttn. we returned l \\'llll. greater utitlt isttiiitltn. tiil i'iit' pi-oi- atom or the t-ounti-tes no had \I~ tti-il MsW.\rmsli'iinu, lltstort l l\l l t'oio- t tiiiiioi-oo.» l tlgt' irizi

138 AC -.\:\'l l7l{;\l S(Tll l\ (ll" ' OUR (iiilzipuuiis mm 'l'lic ul'l'i-i-wl iluquiluim ii (I Im'll\'i (ippiil lunllv U mu a unique [mm 1' xhi- wiirltl: nnv has 11 \lnlqlu' hl>l()x'\ geography and i-unlugy; :i iiliiu- \\ l1k l (' lhv k flt'vlh iil~ mnsui i'uiiiiii iii-r lim'iny ii \'i> ll)lt' iiml posiiiw llllliul'l nn tlu- lhi'ul I nvll Unml'nl \\'liilc :iii lhv IHUI' Illl'l'L hig' thing» humivnml ll iul l'll l lul'd iliu siiuli-iiiu' thinking :iluiiii ll)" wui'ld. - The first um Ilii- i'l uplmn u/(blu/jhxl nl'i vili-ziiiir :Isll Wliiii :i llll'l \\ l ll' l mu H"l\ HHlIL'lll limi- Ilii~ uiiiiruiiiiiuiilil Wampum liimi.u.im...i hm-"mm l'i nllll n<l ( U Il l llum I\\]>II'4 (l Hr» - I Iu- m-mul u as Ilw,mli/im/ I'm/x llml Hl l l Imp/inning ll! Quin; Quin: llh r-upiinlul'l umlnr wusili-i-iiiwl iiii~iill ilh (lll' ru i n lill'l x wvi-u iiiiliziiiin \\llli lil W iiix [mm Ill:ll llml lim-ii iiiipuswl mi [hem and Wl'I L' pi'uniisiiig ll1("\vm'l(l' :iii vxplnsn'u ilmiiun. XIII), 'l liv gnvci'nnionl was anticipating maul \ iulmiui and so had called the I iul police and niiliiiiry lnlu minw wrv, V [n [l u' squul'v. the rst. of the ( uiupzixl :i \'lili':lllll in l li'lliklnx. \ Iill'lml [l/uu llul. 'l'liu liii> (ll l\ l I l lu d ndl d ii in H llpl lii-l'ui-l- \\ i Mi {ni- lllt' luiii' 11nd lighi whii-ii I lnl l Ill! kin/h, Wliilnli'inL l'nlnu ilii» Amlm. mi uur n-iui-ii iii whvn iii Quiiu ihr l ll'lliulnl' l l l'>l(l('nl (lvrlzii'd iniilui' "iii :i ~iziiu ul' Quiiu. ilii~ liii.~'.~ I'Hll' riuhi I}ri"])u]i )u(l' L'nh l' t'n(\ {in IHII w ind dhy, \uw u llll'sm il in ll IW I't'lll \nliuiiiir :Iall iiml :iimi-i ( rniu (lisiinri smvll ui' 'l lii.~ lhkl mi vh m-i mi llll liii. 4l:ll\llll) in nu ll..mi lm- llii'liiigli ii, (in n.- liui'iiiiii: i'ulilu-r \\._i.~ llill'lll} iiuiiu- lilv. lam (Iii,..i,~ m- \\l')'l 'llli. Qllllu. 'I'Iiw Us mimiuil. ll ii l}'l'l"ul l':\)l\'.iiul ( mnpiixi ~( \lxl ll (l mil :i urri-il ii- pllllnl' Iliv lirv \vih l lll'lil)' illill irll'ii-iiriiily vliuiigml 'l'lii-w \\'4'l'( iwu iiiri(li-iil,~ ilizil will in llllll l lll ' l l :lll t'> ul lilin ii l l llllll(l> ii» ilinl nunmniini ul pliinmiig win lm-iu- us l'i-uiii lln' mm Il: llllll_\' ni llll' lulu -~ ul l)ll\\l! > :iiiil iiiiliin- iliui ilu- «mum-,4 will ~lll'\'l\ (' 11> lung :1: Ilim :m- ilrl jll lllk. ilu- u-iil ml sui i-r llh nh' nl iliis min: l'lih imir In l'i'li rlapl'l'l wzi~ :m Hulillml' odumiinnul expmience at its paramount. a wur ol'i'eallife education that a! a phy. 1. mental and p holrigical peak enhanced the piii-mpuni's quality of living. We were witnozws in the practical evidencu of. (lln SltlL nls iirrivi-d ll was enlightening Dzirwiii tlivoi il-s of evolution and the tn,wv mu. Illlb Hull wuiiluw ul. origin iil Spl CN. U])])lll'!ll l l_\ in [he way iliiii political Sludvnls whu pai-ticlpuiod iii the luur: ('1 IVlsls w (ll' li wnli in l k-umlnr. Nn!>( hil Harris, Chi" Vit kers. The third (actually in si'pimili» iiir-izlvnlsl nus Ilw bus crush and IH'L Kr ll'n iihllln lilll Acliuaimpimg. Rchm' 'il Millard. Riordan Tm Siiiilismi-( niiln hilnlilnlhzl Bull..\l('rl (l) lll Hziiiiilnin. ('hzinto Dii Pruvv 'l'miiaii'iiid Miiiri', Nimlv Hk'zll) Kathryn D; \M'»\ Isabella Si'liiiiid. Sally Tzu r. ('liiui'n lik ill nlnlllh. la lgll-allnk llulii-riis. liiiiiiiii Watson. Julia l ili'lil nril. (hail -im Viilu ~> ( lirisiuiilin-illlllllll'v 'l liairkuriiv. Jumiihiiii Ryiiii Bur.nun. {\liliiiiusl.\lii N lll ll).\lil:iii will», Hrvgnry Hl lk lllll)l. Luczi iii-um Scmi Gnu- " Aiiili'vw Jm 50. Nicliulas l:lll!ll!l'ut'hl~. KYll' \ ulgi. lain ( ullvyi Miami Armsn- ng. any imkwnmi. Wiiiidili-,Vllilo. Andrew Sulili-liusch. MrM Minimum, HOD V iii Arts 'l mii' ('liapomnc Pagp 12M

139 ACADEMICS Q\\\ L ('mnpnm ('unllnmu In m upl (m an.\hpu~l :qu lip - mlmw $1!leI'ImI-rl'vnuumlmu-wzhHwhvm ul'wulv luau-x Eulndm' 'l'lu- lrvur m lmp w.» hununrml m lmn- Imxl \uln-lmu I.~h mm \lu\\n nu Ilwm.mxl [H haw x «1 Hnl'l HpHUll1i\I un h( n Inu)' l humumph M \lr,\i.\lxl(hm\,~

140 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT I'mr.»\(11[I -'.\'l-trs ( mums 2m; HONOURS Simon Allen Christopher Fletcher l hnmas Eichncr Michael dc Von MERIT COLOURS Kain" Mackenzie Luke Tempest Jonathim Baker ( hristopher Cooper ( mig Tucker Tafudzwa Chlmlnialirn Joshua Eveleigh Matthew (lilmn INTERACT TIES Collins: Tanaka Dhombo Medupi Monyatsi Devon Pugin Jono Baker Henning: Garrick Blain Jordan Fitzhcnry Ethan Frost Scott Money Michael Reeves Luke Shchab Johan Van der l oel Dylan Tehini ltumeleng Scbudi Kecgan Hyde Mnuntstephens; Kevin Josef Devon Sarkis Krige: Ricardo Benevcnto Cameron Conlon Kyke Furlong Mathew Hayes Nick Lambrechts Hluma Manjezi Nick Poolman Shaun Schultze Mea rs: Josh Coetzee Matt Bolt Aiden Smith Jordan Smith Wandile Mlilo Josh Ncser Jonathan Holme l enryn: Ryan Buchanan Matt dc Jnger Scott ( n'eef Hudson Radomsky Hennie Snyman Brandon Vcrmaak Greg Matthews Michael Kalsoulis Tom l lichner Pitts: Dean Brand Victor Georgiev Luke Kruger Zander Matthee Reece Robey Nick Rovelli Mitchell Stevens Jordan McLachlan Chris Fletcher MJ du Toit Simon Allen Michael Robinson Tucker: Daniel Baxter Jared Brazington Reece Duthie Stuart (llasspool 'l ristan Hosi'iird Gareth McDonic Dylan Miller Trent l anzera Alex Vos Kai Warrender Max Van der llecq Michael Stewart Webb: Robert Bardin Michael Breytenhach Michael De Vos James Elliot Yaseen Ebrahim Daniel Ferrini Tristan Fichardt Craig McMurchie Rishen Ram David Stockigt Kyle Voigt Dylan Wells Duncan Williamson Michael D amico Jordan Peppermans Wesley: Greg Hutchings Will Swart David Wright Ephraim Ozabor Brandon Bate Gcobani Vundla Josh Eveleigh Kaylen Saman Andrew Galatis lain Culley Harry Lockwood Dylan Walters Max Silber Conner Temlett Page 136

141 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.lel5l<;\(T - I TERACT COMMITTEE Mm-hvll s huusx- in Brynmnm. Mrs Min-hull has bm-n homing mi n-vrnl The 2015 [me In ( nmmitlmy hn.~ t'm- ycurs nnd I nsun-d (hnl i1 Wih worked urn] m'm' tlw cm of :mnthw fnmusnr wont 'l'lm vm their udminisk Ition. 0n 7 March 5% Lth-s 'l ou was Hu hmgusl vwr )n-id Smhinns lmslvd an annual ('\XS;\ wil h n n rnl d 1210 m u'ndr us, Ms vau_\' for Life. ()wr sun participants jninorl us on Rlllgk'wd) Fun-1d m nrdrr In walk l'ur 1:! hours In supporl of n (host- su oring [rum mnun' 'l hu k'\'vnl wn.~ wz-ll organised. udwrtiwd and amended. The lntvrurt ('ummmw 1".9d :IIHIUSI RSUJHH) 0U {Ur ('.\NS.\. 'I'hr Annual In _ uri vsm'nl.1!\\'n\'> :m oxuullonl fund.,ing ummrmnny u- (hu Imcrum ( nmmitlw 'l'hrnugh L'losu mllnlmnmnn wnh (hr ()SA ns Wu 2h (he Murkmng Dx-pzu lnwnl tho Emm- 'xn'al um; um Wm H huge aucu 5, Thp funds rum-d from an, mum an-mm Mm. JAM and (Tumpnssmnan- Fl'u nds M {hr L-nd ut Khv 201 I721! mhmmm-nunn 011 ll Murrh Ihu :mmml In Imum Lndim' Tun wn.~ huld at Mr: Hut» Nzllulw Hpnhull pn-svnml lhv rnkv (h m' dulnunslrunnn :Iml \vnwvd lhv m nwtl wnh hur mlvnl. Mus Imumv Ewhnur slumpd hur ( Imus Will) u nrnl démr (lomumnunnn 'I'lns uwnl mmvd uw-r Rmnnum) for ( H()( and was 2m uxcvpnnnuliy prnutl Inulnrm my \hi.~ mmnntlvu. I'huy lnwml munmu. dvdiruuun nml nmum- of fun thuglmul xln-cum andm x v pl'uiwd fur lhun- Ml'm'x ~. During thv April lmlulny. Lil huyx im'lunhnp nu-inlu-rs nr lhu ('mnmiuvv and otlwr m'zulv 11> (umplulud :1 um» day Innkwn'A-I' I)I HJL'( urwnh-l-(i m JAM In [)u-p~:1<ml 'I'hls prujm l L'ml. pd 01 n-in nnlng and x -I'\I "H~hm;1 u (* hp (hm Inuk~ Mlm mm- In challin-n. 'I'Iw InIvrm-t ('ummmw ~ Jun>mi~ :I mm] :1 rim' l ur Ihuw L'IHIrh L-n fur : \ vdl n.» \n-i] : ~ Hills ilw wnllw print-('0 The IrumM-rnmlmn at xln.» Illllx- ~( hnul wu> mrrwhluc Thu m_\~ mm mm mum- ml nh mm [hm «uum- Inm ( umm l \Vilh 11ml mum-d xhw mn- \ urn n1 Linn}: 'I'hw mml ummum Im lhu 2m) 2m: lnlvrml ( unnnnlu-vw»mm m Mn :nn/mv Ilr m lx, a Hnrnvnrxl l inumw pl'mlumwll W1 > Innn-xl m Ihu l'umnmlw run my Mm.unmuh mnrlwlmp 91.. n» m... \ 4.. ll!l LlH\,V u m}~ \hmh-d pm wn Ih'x um].le alum! mu m-k l'hm-l \\'.I> :155umllhml mm a: Hx'ylhxlull \ n'wn,\mw nu zl.\1:n thuuuh um hdpp} u \I'A nmm grr h- H}: m um-mlunm H mm unt'urlnuzm Hm Inun-ulm~l nml'~tlld um um III\H \ m 'I Innmu (1w ['xnnl L'Imum lhr vlu- urmlv l ~ In l] l: \' rurllw lmwmm Ilzunw INTERACT BALL - FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE 'l lu» ZUHIBUIS lmvrum ( 1qu Wan I'uwnl'rh rl wnh thu nunn' Inn-mot llunrv lerl ul thv- lmlnhn Hnurl nn H Jnm- 111]]? 'l'hw rlnmv wm thn-mvd (lu'h-rmnly um my wuh :tspm'h or Jmlun~ Bond 7 I- rnm lfussm mil: [.411 u, Wv wuuld mu- m >: ':1 Sprtlul [hunkyou In (an Ilmw Invulwd In making um \ vnuv Innk mmmm- The m-mnnu "(ms 1w! of lml:l m'> grvm thud. lux nf ])I\HIH\ :mzl (lunuinu. ()ur Inn-rum ( Iuh \.\ : ' mnunnmlui un [In-n' pumqvm drum by xhu Inn-1N l rmdum. 'I'hmnn-z LIL-Inn :md \Hu l'l \'~l(la'ih..innmhnn Bdkt'l' Th.- lnn 1 ('nmmmw nmdu W Al mvnuun nf lhu All l'nrrr Hf Ml» Rn, nu'lmlm}: 'I mmdmg umnnn h'nm th- Inns Thu m'mnng \\; \ nun lhul mvry Im).xnd pzmnur \wll runmnin-r ('hnsnmlm- Flt-M'hor. grmlv 11

142 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.l RLllll'lS (lnvv min. \I CUIHXIHHHU' I-IIgIIgI-IIII-III. pl l lnll lll hhs liiiil mm Jul yum. ()IH' L1!" II.-.5; III-II- IIII-IIII-I-II in I-IIIIIIIIIIMIII- I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I-IIgIIguIIII-III III-IIgI-IIIIIIIII-» I." 'I IIIImIIIy murmngs I III-I'Ilm- I'IIIIIIIIIIIIIII SI-IIIII- I I IUI-II. NIIIIIIII IIIIIIN- IIIIII mem M :I \II l'i-iiiiiii y >I'lmul. 'l'liinai- [mug IIIIIIII.» wm- \U' nll lll'llll'ml IIIIII IIIu.IIIIIIuI'IIl In UHX ~[IIII1'III~, I'lIIs war \w hm'v l t'plzll t d lhv vlul'klull llnusv III-IIMIIIIIII- IrIIlI ki' IHI' ( ummunuv SLII'IirI» l'l'njv Tllls MIN!!! I'zlxur :Ilu-r :III 'Xll'lllet' rvvum Inf III-IIuI-IIIIIIIIII,» III IIII- «III IIIFI yiiiii- Wu :In- mus! III-IIIIII'III II..IIII-IIIIII II..II.-I- III.- 11mm;v I) ) I\I d 1 «Imle [II lhl ('IIllI-m- ( ummunily Service Versus ('nnimun ity Engagement II I). my l'nllum- Icy-II IIIII-IIIIg. IIIIII II II-II.» IIIIII IIII llllh I\.IIII 2mm. 1 pmuml IIIIII III IIII- IIIII; 1 0.qu ('IIIIIIIIIIIIIII sm II I- ~IIIIIIIII III- I-I-II-I-ml III Zi~ I'nmmIIIIIII HHL H JI'IXH'IIL V\I SzIIIII~. 'I L. : L'I'll\<'n uh I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- IIIIII~ III III» liiilnir, I~IIllIIlIIII~IIIIII~ and >II>IIIIIIIIlIIIz l" \llllnl! IIIIIIIII (ht ll' I-IIIpIIwwnII-III l illnll III-upmml IlIIII "1V llllv ~linulil ('hilngl I mm II'H IHI' of ('IIIIIIIIIIIIIII SI-I-III-II In Il'k't'lnl' III ( IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I lnullgl'llll nl Tlll Icm "II-mm IIIII-IMI llll: )ll ll )ll\ l and II hd>lwrll J ll IIIIIIIl lle-i ('ommuuity ('oniniium- ('0: 2015 'I'IIqu'Als IlII- unii HI HU l-lngugn-mom lllnl II-I'III, mun-alums Wl'l'k IIpI-IIIIII In L ljhii l1 <IIIIlums In :IpIIII III II.» lulu HI llll I'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIv l'iiquiuiiiiiviii ( IIIIIIIIIIIIIII l'lll 2m?) l'lii» I IIIIIIIIIII-I- will nun-ii ('lhm'ivwhh 14 l)l)' \ lii! (ll-( HIIIIXHIIIIIV HHL'HL'K'IIII'HI In [ll'llnlllllnu. l )ll llf ulllll I-IInIIIIIIIIwIII ll) IlII- ln'lll l lut'lil III Slll'll l). 'I'lII- l'uiiimiiig ~V Il l l\l.~ muhl'lt'l ll'll ~ Simnn AIII-II - I III-IsIIIpIII-I- II'IIIII-IIIAI- - IIIIIIIIIIIIIII; si-iiiiiii )IIgII ma. MII-IIIII-I III- v05 - emu-mm Umlmr - Stuan (ilusspunl - IIIIIIIIIII. IIIIIIIIIII - AIIIIIIIIIIIIII-II I)III-III_\ tithians College Samaritan Group ( ollovtion (PSG) II III III.\l;m>lI IlIv PS hml Ilh'll ll'l ll llv A'lllll'l'llhll WIIII \VllllI'l' I-IIIIIIIII; IIII ll VII: Ilurulwl lll Ilhk SIIIIII> lliiiiilii-x' II, WI llli IHILlll IIIIAII I-IIIIIIIIIII-Ils :IIIII wml In I ll!) IIIIIIIIIIII-Il l 4'n.~ III I-lIIIlIIIII: \VUWI wliiii :I I IIIIIINII- X I'NIVIIHN WA'IIIHII \VIH II I'll-1 5 mums.mi-le Ilil l) l;.{! llll' Allllll l v\ llnl\>, w.- vivrv :l'lll III III Iliul'lht'l IIIIII'I' IIIIIII lulii' l"i l 1ll.'lll~ I:IIII IIIII-kml IIlI IlIIIIIIIIu. lii.iiiki lk and In» Hm I II III-IIIurI-Il III HM and \mmu II\ \. I'lt)\l> (IIIIIIHUHHH h ' MnIlII-I- 'l'iiiii'li '\ Il ll'lll} - IIIIIIIIII II'IIyIIIIIrII k ()lil Ag IIIImI- ' I XIIIHIHH HII IIII'III'IIIIII H'Illt lllk'lll HwIlwm llnuw III II-rIII. Ilw l'sii li.ii :llllllhi'! ( IIIII-IIIIIII Wm-k ll'um '_ l In 2-1 SI-IIIIIIIIlu-r 'l'lii-i ('HHUCU'd nu", III-I-IslIIIIIII- um and llvlli ll ll's I'm- llu' IIIIIIhIIIIInIx 1 Huh. II'IIzIIIIIrII-k uiii Ag.» IIIIIIIIA IIIIII IIII- IIIIIIII; IIIIIIIIIIIx IIIIII I-IIIIIII-I-II III I II'I'IJIU lluuw. I\ IIIIL-II IIIIIIIII IIIII In IIIII- WIIIIIlI-II'IIIII uiiiiimeii l'mmnu/iii) Ifngugvnu'nl ('mnnlillt'e, Smnh ('ummunny. YnurI-unIributinns L'l l l llll) miidu 2 big: (liltvi'onl' nml I'll lpi'd pruvulo mnu- grl-ully IIm-Ilvd I'levl' In (llizl lls orr llnllt s. ( ommunlty Engagement Online ()n l JIIIII-. Knl l n Lundx fl lll ('nmmunu) SI-rvin-v Hours SA 7 n rump m' Ith duvuliipi-d Ilu- rst IIIIIII-I-I >II~.-IIIIIIIII.-IL unlinv program III $0 le Al'rxrm flwuml mli-ly un L'llk'Ull' gh g \ U]ul ll l rl nl :IIul IIIIgIIgIIII: L Olllnlunnlva, IIddrv ~si-il qu- suiih-iiis IlIIrIIIg I'lmpvl about (hi' Impm huli I' III ( IIIIIIIIIIIIIIy ungugrmunl :IIIII \Ululllt'l l lslll. Wr haw 11- mod up \\I l\ IhIs ('Iunlnlny m cromo II pm-iiil \\'Iu H :IIII' sludvnh W1 hl'ilbll l nll rniiiiiiumu VIUIHL A'IIH'III 0])])()l' llnllil.\ In ni'u:iiii.~iiiiniis [hill hm'u hovn \t l'lrll d IIIIII :lppl ln ukl. Lovuwkop Primn Project IIzIII-II yi-iii ;. gi-iiiiii III'g-mh- m buys S Sl h'k'll d III gu III LI L llwknp Prison WIHIk' lli -y IIIII-mI-I wilh :IhrIIIl 20 juwnilv iiiiiiziius l'i'uiii lhv Imvuwknp NIPdIIIHI ll I I'isun Srhuul Here. they liiik up wiili IlII- IerIIIp, spending time siiriiilisiiig. learning Ingmlmr, playing >pm'ls and sui-hliko. The fullnwmg buy. wow.wloi-ii-d: Lulu» WulIu-r

143 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.PROIEC'I S ' ' ' ' Brandon Buoy-sen Connor Knighi Jason Vogol Ethan Sheihini - Dhruv Swamp (exchange Sludont) - Thaho Mthmnliviii ' Cameron Sibindi - Kyle Jordaan Hayden Hackney boiiga Zweinc ' Ewan Evans ' Melisizwc l uluuwu Thu Louuwkup Prisnn Prnjcrl has pi-m-en m hk zi mutually hene :il prug raiiimv The boys sl lul'wd from buth the Boys College and the Juvcnih- Deleniiun Centre of LL-vuwkup ( orreciiunal Faciliiy have had the oppuriniiity to meet and to [om-n more about each uthl r lives, Our grade 10 students had {our v il> (hiring the Course (if the Kenn iinrl l\ z (l I) mur :il' tln- {acuity undl-r lht uld ll ol' the Leeuwkop boys. Mandela Day 201 Challenge Million Meal On 17 Jul} - \ lundulzi Day 7 ll l( gruilv 8,»- participated in H mm:.wiii hum-(l by Slop Hunger Nair Soul/Wm A/nm n! the Sziiidmii ( unrvnliuii (Ti-iimn The aim of the campaign was in assonihlu more lhuii ] millinii {and narkzigos that wm-c to he dislrihuiud uund Smith Africa lu L l KllK'Hll' pm i rly Lind liungl-i'. I riur In um ovum. thv grinh- I45 hzid ri-(rrivml training mi how to puckeigv mu: cl\.\ l rlng ihzil ihvy We! roiid) fur disu'iliulinn. We had over 1:30 grade H stlir lviits who look purl in ilii- wont nvi'r (hi-m» (WU~l U ll shifts. The {hi}- smrlml with (he (lividv 8's arriving at the hu. stop when it Wm thh shill. Thu entire gi adu wag divided intn ihrot- uquzil groups 1} wuuld bv iii the inn! (lil' lrvnl shifts: Upnn arriwil ll H' grudi' 85 wuro given liziir nuts and ii yulluw bib, so they were ready for work. The gmdv 8.»: worked lugmhi-i' In lhk lhrco dim-mil,«hil ts lhal lash-d lwo huurs ( ill'l L iilnngsidz- Ll ' vuluiilours I i'nm ll lu different cunipziiiiils. 'l'lw (l:i_\' Wi lillvtl with l'un and lziughu i as the y: lu 5 s wurkml iiwny piirkziglng lhll'mid p l K'A l ' While working L4) hi-lp t l'ildll )! i- liunpi-r iii ihv unili-rpr' ' i-gml i'vgzimi» ul' Smilh Afr HIHU ul thn grmlu 8» vwrn luvki' wiiuugh l0 liv :ihh- in work zilniigsidv (ii-:icu Marlin]. H ii-uly aiiiiziziiig l XIM'I'lL nktl. I upei lu i', wn h :ill Illt' Ullh'l' vulunlt'w ll itll'l iliiiii 1 mllllu" mmil~ \Vt'l'l pm :igi-il u\'\'l' llh inuil lh" >liil lx. ll1l'\ l' iil' whu-h \ liu mmh purl ul 'l hi.~ \\:i~ ll lilllsliuullnu.wnupi mm-m and \ mill) lwlp iiuw wi... an.m ml.ii'iiii» rmi piu'kilgt's Sluiirl (ll \S'nnil. ui'iiili- ll Johannesburg Junior Council A~ H lung- Nlnhlh lll'll llhllllllml] in -Jnli;iniii-.~hiii~u. 'l hi» rju :iiiiiu>liiii~g Junior ('uuiuil (MW i.» )lh'm'hll) ( Ulnpl lhk'll iii 71;.Iuiiiur ( 'uiiiii-illni'.~,.ill iul whrim urn gi-iixlu II ~l l(ll'nl.~, nniiiiiiiiii-rl hy fix purliupeuing lhlzl] "huoh iii Ilii» (mun-i-.luliziiimwliiirg Nlolrupulllzlli an i. ll IN :i KI'A' i llhlivnl) :iml l l'xptmsllulll) in i)( vim-ml :is 1 inumlivr of this (Zniiiicil. Schnuls immiiiiiio th) Kl'udl 10 reprc nlublvus in ()i-iulwi- l'nr puriimpaziuii ()n the.l.l('. 'l'hosu (Tniimvilllirs nved Ln bily clipiihlv and have nl inwn ' mid llhlmln P. 1 :im (lk'llul lli'd I11)". 81 Stiihiiiiis linw' ('(iiii-gi- ininod iiit-nihei-ship of tho J-ll' l'mm ()cwhor this Vl ill i Vuleka Primar School Year-End Ch mms Party On 'l'hur> Vuli-lui.8 himl fur llh'll'. 'm'ilnth-r ire llll>lr l \i~;ii--i-ml Smut). iimvilui \Aull lli'll nuwhvr» l'lll'hllll h.\ hllnlln'd \'iilivk:i S'i-limil snidmm pi-n hu- ll iii In llpmi :ll l n' l. llh') \vi-rv >I l \wl \\'lll\ Jim.uui ii-im and ihn-n (imam mm grillllis. (hir giniili» S >(iitloiin llh'll I'K'IHl lllt lll \ :ll lll l> «hilrlri-iik win» \Viv pi'un-mlml in lll\' ('hugwl. mhvri-.\lr Wriglil \ulli-uiuvil llii- \ iilulm \llllll'lh uml wlzlll' 'I'hi- l)llkl'>.illll our >:Ixtl])l\ulll.~ > DHII'I IJHHml 1hr t lllllll'l ll \\ ll h \':ll'luli.\ minim-ll l)l'l'lltl lll. l\\' '> :iml lliu \'ii1i-l:i ~ll l'l\l> iilw lnrrlmnml. I l l.~ l':ll lll'l" \lli i ('liziiivl. wv ri-leni-(l m lhl ( nlliiix lluuw limins \ihi-i-u \w \( l'\l'l. «leu l ugu I?!)

144 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IIIIIUIII[\ uml JUH I In Ilw ( hlhll k ". ln-l'nrv pi-m-i-ulmg In lhi- Slum Dunr l'lx. r.- III-w. II. Hip up I-I-I-w pi~x-i'..i-.n.~ii l'ur Ilu- I-lIilIlrI-n and lem run :I \I'm-kslum Imchmu Iho I-hIIIII-vn liuw In (lumhip Ilan W)" In IlII- PSI} mums whn. IsII-Il III! lhv Il y - m for ( 011 puriii-ipuiii-ii (lur mm II- Ihzmk.. lsu gm Iu IlII- musn' and II - (lrnnm III-g I lmi-nb I m- umkmu IhI- Ilu l ur lhl I'lIilIlrI-n 'l'liis \l11)'.~lll lljl)_ gum, IIII- Tram-Hm}; Bunkdum ui-m-i'ixmh (hill l kl lili) lmn and \w won Ablv In 1: v t l k'h I-lIIld :I lmnk In luku lmmu, Mr S \ IlIIk.IzI [)u-i-i-iurul'i nmmumt) l-liqugi-nwnl The l arcnts Samaritan Group 'l'hu Pun-m; Sunnmmn Hruup l> :I \l hlt h IlIx'IIIIglI \\ \Il ll lhl' SI SIIIlIIum l'mmlv mm wru- IlIr lux'uarlcr Ilw l -HI III'Ith rlmli I-Il [ml III~. I-ummume II I UII!DI!<I'.~ :I umup of purums that I Unll lhlllt' lht'll mm In miikini: :I IlIl'lI- -nm- III "II 3. Hll")\l;l]l IhI- PS 21 :IlIlI- In InuI-lI lhl lni-s nl' IhI- young nml (III' nlzl in \.\l lu\l.~ ( with unmgwcl rmumumlnu» Thl kvy l I - HH'MHH n-m:iiii.~ (ht- Page 140 gruzlv El Halls '0 (ho Vulolm l rimu SI lii-nl in Rusclmnk. During.- llumum \viili mm-mnu Ilw how. «I llu- grmlr 1. 2 and Il II-m-lw II [lll' I-l \nrmm :IrIiI-IIII~.~. Wlwn Iho WI'ulhl'I' I» ma llim' mm- small mum- Hr I-lIIlIlrI-II 1 th gm IlI-n Ind I'mIIlIIIu. puzzlw or 1.. "H's 'l'lii- liiuhlighi ul'lhv nmrmnu l'nr many Inl' lhl lmys Is serving fund to lhv humvlv ~ m lhi' :HUHI'I HI \Imp kan-n mu In II. IIIN»I...I.\I.-IIII.IIN I'Imn-II wi- Imw munngml m.umw liii- Wm. Inn-I m mm.-. ~II-.u \ mpplx ul'mlnrp- lhliili' l'imil I-ullm'Iml. lllll I'unll'llmlwl In IlII- L X JHII fl IIII\~ l'liwi- llllll'llllll s lmw lumu :I mum lmi-muu IIIIINII'HIHIIY I ur lmili lln SI Slllllldlh uml Vulvkn Imu m-w [' I ~ \II mquml ul'us \ I~IIiIIg \'II I-l\:u [ m- um Ilmlnmnul \\'III l'ihi l'lmalmm Wm In. Ila- III I III-mg III.» \'IIIkaI I'lIIlIlu-n In IIII~ 'l'lii I'Ir le L'I'mll l \IllI'l!II-Iil nu 'l'liiii'~<l.i}. SIh Nmumlu-r wlu n hm lum- nl lilli I'IIIIIII I-II (mm \ IIlka :ll I HUd ul \lii- ( nlli-ui, [In I..~.-w..I um um. gm-n mrmu' {um um} Ilu-n IIn-ulml mm mnznlli-r unruly» nu IIII- luwm musulu IlIv (llllllll lmll. Whorv Ilw Snmr nl'uur I m), ri-ml \lwm a story and Ihcn. mgrlhvr with Llw PSG moms and their (mu-hm" mmlr an ( dlhlt necklace. Thla wus A fun III'IIvily I-njnyod by all, WI Ilwn :Ill [er l' d( (l In the ( thpvl Wl ll l'l' Mr Wriuhl wl-ii'nim-(l lhl group prior In I: mli-nti-il display of mlxnphunu and wunill-rl'ul. mlvx m'livv sungmg with lhl- I)ukL'.\. Al'tvr Jum- unrl caku tho grnupmm d (In In Ilw5mm- [)uur 'l'hi-utrc and wen- IrvnII~d In a mum performance hv \mmof the Drama uruup. wluch culminate-d In L'\'( Inr li-in-mng ill'llol L lo (lumm: '\Viug I-. Wiggle' amid much hilui'ityl The fun momma ('ndl d with I-nch child lwing p 4mm! with a lmnk, kindly IlIInatI-(l by [hr Travelling Bunkshnp. and II pan}: bag. In the womb ul Ilu- Vuloku Houdnusu ws "II wa.~ :m I-xpm'II-nm [hm lhk ) will rumvmlwr I'm-over II has lii-i-uml- I PS annual IrIIdIIIIm In I IrlvhmIL Mandala Day by YIN L'HnL! In ['10 ('ullins mmmun mum ll' :1 mummg (II mukt l]t'k c l\11\l1k( l>. li Is gi-mu IIIurnInp of fun and laughlvr Th», ('HI'UHX' liiiinkas \K ('l'l' (llsll lhuh'll lu Iln» punuunmx In Kngbn Iowmlup 'l'lix'iiiigli uux' l'sh ( InllI-vIIun \V'm- \\'l' lmu- l hnlli UUd lu.~uppnrx llh II II> II \I-I ~ III Ilw III-ruld l xup: l h'k llnuw :IIIIl lmw.iiiili-il :I up ( MI I'IIH'h \mriliv hqu- riiii'y. RI-Ilmny lluusv :In nrumumlmn Iluu [)l ll\'ld('> x-i-mlcnuul l'zll'l und supporl fur Ill'phillh'd. llk'gl lt l]. :Ilmndnm-Il and :Ilnm «1 I'lIIlIlrI-II. Thu Suims ( Innmumly l lam-n ml romuly ut'lh'l'lllls m Ilw nllvclmn weeks and m: \u'rl : )IA' (II mpply nuiiqui'xsli:ihlu llmil. liiiil'll'il >. uld l'iuuh A and III lllxi'ls I'I L Ul I l In lth IhI-su nr IIMIIIIIII. Ilmmg Ilw _\- n In (an uur l ](l \ > ( llllk'l'llllll was so succussl'u] IIIIII wn- wuru :Ilm :Ihlv In 50ml I-lullws llll'ull h II) Ilw Zmulsprun inl'nrmal suiiiunu-m uml In lhi MnIhor and 'l'um h.\('(]ill'llly In [)lupslum Wv lmw mu lruly IIII sod mm a \wndvrl'ul group 171 (ludiuxlud mmhvrs wlin haw givvn up IIu-u- mm- m suppm-i Ilu- I'SII and IIS prop-ctr. Wu

145 ' COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Iown-ms value and groatly aptiree ite the involvement of eiieh and every one of them. A spt'l l l thank you m Mr Siphiwe Vilzikazi who provided tremendous support to on r team throughout the 11 Finally a huge thank you to the Saints Community for opening: lhl'll hearth in ass st u> with tourhing the lives.- ol' so Mrs Jeanette Herii. PSG ("hair Grade 11 Residential Project During the August littlli l )'.~. a >nnill group of gl'ade ti hm. and girls were lue. enough to einliark on a unique nxpmem We arrived at Illt bus pzii k tind slt'ttdt- um" the bust not knowing what as Wmlll tgl t or n.~ Ur the mt mnl'lu> that we were about to make, Our destination was \Vl'llit ( itr JabaviL in the heart ot'strweto. When we arrived at the Uiakonia Aids.Vlini \ (l).\l). we hzid a briefing in>ide the church and were sent on HP r.~t ta~'k. We were sent to the,izzirdem w p ant vegetahles. a klmplt' \klll that had man) of its WUl Idt'l ln}: whether we were doing it cui'rct'll) As the aardt-m were right next to the road. in: omei iinetl "\Imt l trlin jjt Uplt ( fll llmt'nhng on our work. ~tinie all recovering from (ht'h' pulilit' holiday tll )('> We also met up with \\ o help( from Germany who would be spending: a 'etir it DAM helping wi h [lie l'eediniz projtt-t and [lie edutation l'zieiliti, Al'tor (iigglll t planting and watering. we were privileged enough to lzlsle ~~onie township euisine and relaxed for tl short whilo iiniil we hegan to help tutor young men and wonn-n With their homework. this routine was rcpt-tiled every it dit i'enl gardens in dil'l'ereiii p: ol White ( ity-jolnivii, 0m» the few (lays we Created a new set ot'giirdein and helped maintain Imii ' of llit gtirdein riin l 'l)a.\'l. ()ne ol'the iil'hl oxnirriein-es was heing able to sot-ml e with many of tho locals int-hiding tin exirenieli' t'h;lrl> l. l>iitlr who t-nmt» up Nthethe. with {itnn ' nit ktitinies for all of the hors on the expei'ient-e. ()n the filth day. we finished our work early and detided to explore Soweto, We went to mam ot the tourist littl puls Including Viltikaxi Street and ('retlo {\luiwn cultural village The village hail ttisi hinted :i \\ \ (l(ilnu :iittl ihux there an; t-oiii't-to httt mg the lliittl. upon rim-x- inn-mun we found thin u wt.~ii t norinal eoiil'elti lint shredded R5!) Iltllt a. 'l'hia t-omniiiiiitr t-liuzl t'menl 21> an experient-c nl a lit eiiine. we created new l'rientl>hiti~ within our group and wrtli lot-:il~ ol' Soweto. and we learnt ahout the vultures in do Soweto and how their t-ominunlty works together to m it' unity and pimptzrity. W0 mounted with rhildrt-n and adults mi pushed Ulll'stlH S past our limits through tihi'sieiil lahotir, ll' 1 t-ould. I would go hat-k.nm for the t'xpt'i'li nl tn Joni) Baker. gratin it Community Engagement Project: 10'14 August 2015 Thiu "a Rt Mtil llil i l i'ourainine was hosed in Soweto TUWll>hl]) in Juimmu-dm n.1, ('ommunily l lligzigement M.» whom-ti ever (in; (luring: tho rst wook ol the Angint St htitil hlilldil), A group of grtide ll hiillit-l lls helped (All in Diakenia ( liiltlt-are and Support ('eiitre which.~ >ituait-d in the heart of Sonvto ()iir students worked hard zind aehieied great deal We managed to l't \anip the m pliu ge and hrighten it up \vttli a new tout of paint on {he wilt the it'llt t's and even the 1 0!fo We: and planted four regi-tahlt- 'I lie \tt-ek x not all work the Modems wt re :thlt- tn Illll li 'I With the llnikoiiia ('hildenre :intl Support (run-t- tiny, and "1).~. l llimk t-\ei'\ Sullilk :tudent ran he proud of hot wa.~ Ilt hlt Vt ti :it i)ltlkti!il:l [ illltit t'll t' :tlitl strppm-t (run-u, Page Ill

146 CULTURE.TOP A(fl IIIit IiRS.»\\\ ; \RI)S &livlin'l S HONOURS IN CULTURE AJ Cullinan» Drama Muhitmtned Davids - Drama Jay Fiskerstrund - Drama Jackson Gondo Drama Felipe Kirsten ~ Drama Nikyle Reddy A Drama Kieran Asmnn A General Culture Muhnmnted Davids» General ('ulture Tanalta DhomboGeneral A ( ulture Gawane GullunGeneral» Culture Nicholas Hamp-Adams General Culture Siyahonga Hlalethua - General ( ulture Gareth Imrie A General Culture l ichaona Gangaidzo - General Culture Mandaliso Kurete ~ General ( ulture 'l'yron Major ~ General Culture Denislav Mariner, General Culture Luca Milanesi A General Culture Ndumiso Ngwenya - General Culture Tatenda {\ yagani - General Culture Kunjie Qian ~ General Culture Jeremy Saner - General ('ulture Danie] Servant - General Culture Michael Teles - General Culture Peter van der Merwe A General Culture Gcohani Vundla - General ( ulturc Jared Brazington A Music Keegan Hyde» M Manezi Jiya ~ Music Matthew Leeuwen - Music Kelame Maine - Music Stcphztne Denisla trinur - M Daniel i awson - Music Sean Schultze- Music COLOURS 1N CULTURE Cameron Conlun A Drama Jackson Gondo - Drama James [lsley - Drama Joseph Nthahilaja - Drama Dineshan Pillay - Drama Joshua Van Der Spuy - Drama Robert-Daniel Hardin General Culture DRAMA Muhammed Davids - General Culture Michael De Vos - General Culture Tanakn Dhomhu - General Culture Victor Georgiev ~ General Culture Page 142 Matthew Hayes A General Culture Kecgan Hyde General Culture Gareth Imrie - General Culture Madaliso Kurete ~ General Culture Matthew Leeuwen - General Culture Mutiko Malunizani 'eneral Culture Denislav Mnrinov. General Culture Ndumiso Ngwcnya - General Culture Joseph Ntahilaja ~ General Culture Devon Pugin» General Culture Mpho Qubeka - General Culture Jeremy Saner - General Culture Michael Stewart - General Culture Michael Teles ~ General Culture Max Van der Lecq ~ General Culture Joshua Van dcr Spuy - General Culture Gcohani Vundla - General Culture Jared Brazington - Music Keegan Hyde - Music Matthew Leeuwcn - Music Denislav Marinov» Music Luke McPhail - Music Sean Schultze - Music WREATH in CULTURE Jock Kleynhans - Drama 'l hatomaeko - Drama ( allum Sutherland - General Culture Kaden Arguile - General Culture William Bowden A General Culture Jared ilrnzington - General Culture Daniel] Dippenaar ~ General ('ulture 'l'izmn Harm ' ieneral ('ulture Jami-s Leigh, General Culture l hapeln Home ~ General Culture Devon Surkis - General ( ulture ltumeleng Seliudi - General Culture Kenn Tliwaln ~ General Culture ( hris 'l yndnle-lliscoe General ( ulture Ryan Williamson - General ( ulture Teagan Green ~ Music Luke Hill A Mt ' e Londuni Msimang Music (hall colours) Wandile Nzuzn ~ Music (half-colours) The Pixie Lowe" Documentary We are incredibly proud to announce that the Pixie Lowe documentary. made by the Saints Movie Makers, is one of the of cial selections in the independent Mzanzi Short Film Festival. There were only four documentaries selected by the judging panel. The screening will be held on the Saturday 4 July with other short lms alongside the Oscar-winning Disney animation Feast. The lm was subsequently nominated and awarded the Best Documentary. Congratulations to Felipe Kirsten and everyone who was involved in producing this lm. it has established Saints, its learners and staff. and in particular Felipe as leaders in the lm industry. We are immensely proud of this achievement. FEDA Certi cates We are extremely proud ofthe cast and crew who performed in Manrub at the FEDA Play Festival of Excellence. The boys competed against 40 schools and were selected to be part of the ve nalists. The cast and crew worked extremely hard on their new DVS techniques for physical theatre and their performance at the Culture Festival was witness to their determination and perseverance to su The following students received nominations and certi cates in various elds of excellence. l) The cast A for a Nomination for Best Ensemble : ' AJ Cullinan ' Nikylc Reddy ' Madaliso Kurete ' Jay Fiskerstrand - Joseph Ntnhilaja - Jackson Gondo ' Jeremy Sinner ' Tamika Dhombo ' Cameron Conlon ' Joshua van der Spuy ~ Muhammad Davids and - Felipe Kirsten 2.) AJ Cullinan for a Nomination for Best Actor' 3.) Tatenda Nyagani for a Nomination for Best Sound'

147 CULTURE.TOP A(fl'llli\"liRS.r\\\ ;\R[)S & li\ li\"l'$ 4.) James Leigh - for a Nomination for Best Lightiiig 5.) Felipe Kirsten» for a Nnminatiun [or Best Director 6 ) The cast ~ for Winning Besi Physical Theatre performance: AJ Cullinim ~ Nikyle Redd)- ' Madali. Kuretc - Jay FiSkCI SITHIid - Joseph Nlahilaia ' Jackson Gondn Jeremy Sunoi' ~ Tamika Dhombo ~ Camei'vin ( onloii ~.lnshua \ 2!!! der Spiiy ' Muhammed Davids and Felipe Kirsten 7.) The cast - to receive the trophy for being n Finahst 'df FEDA Bluff. 8.) The cast, m rvcoii-e- (lie trophy for Besi Ensembie pui'l'oi mzinco The followingstudents TK'K UlVEd awards fur iheir exculleni l'l\ t l\'l'mul'll in Mmuaa/ in the Moonlight a play produced by the (ii i." ('ullugo, 9.i Jock Kleynhnns, for "\L'Ul lg'i 10.) Healwlswe Balhulo, for 'Arting' ll.) Jeremy Sam-r, for ';\cling'. COMPUTER ART (Tungratiiliiiimix in Brandon KylllK l] whose ('onipuwr Art was Dl hll>il ll in a Leading (ilohal I'l lvllll uzlnk. ONEACT PLAY Awnrd winners: Best. ( omic Actor:.Inck Kloynhans. iiusi Summi ilng Male: Roalietswu Botlholli. Poi'hii'incrs: ORIGINAL WORKS: Eucli ()iw Tum/i Um) liy Salii'inzi Pouvr. Roailiolswo Bullhohi. Bron Kruger. Michael Cook. Mendurium hy Payi- (iiilhnale. ( hiid 1min. Joshua ('asuy. Ki-egim B:icl(.~ti'<iin. Jonathan Holiiie. Liglils ()uz hy Katie n-ovcts. Jock Klvyiihiins. Mishaylvn lil U'hmun. We are vi-i'y proud oflho gi'mlv i4 roam who aiiauwi an A <_\ nlln)l2 ~ lit-n.51 mini ~ 'i mmihy iizwm. - iiiiiiiipy Winn - Ethan Moi-(Hwy Siyiilioiigii lllulvthon in (il 1 (ll' 1:2 participated in ll il' liiilividuiil Sci-(ion and nuninotl a 13+ symhul l'm' bath the DI IEpuI Ud and impromptu sociions. ()ui' Grade 12 Tenm achieved an A+ symbol. ~ Duclnn ( oniivlly ' Kiiiigiin ('hai l ui' Nicholas Du Dmkvi~ ' Luvunn Ngwiilv B+ Symbol, unide- Sis ' l aonin Nymiiln- ' Jordiiii Roux ' 'l humas Slevvns ~.loiimhnn win Vlll'l n MUSIC '.Jzimirs IJL-iicoii (gradethi-oiigh 12) made ll PUBLISHED WORKS Naomi In Thu Liiii nii erm by in Hip liniils of the Xiiiioniil Iiisu-(lill'od Young i k l' irniel ( hi'iffuphol' Durang. Jock Klvynhiiiis 201." 'l livro woi-v si-wnlvun [)( rfl, "HIIIL'U ging from ml : ( 452 to a Ltlmii' ol' m't l' l in: his wry PUBLIC SPEAKING host pvi'fni'nianw in th- i'umpollnnil hui competing against microphones The following boys coiiipctml in the National Puliln- Spvzlklng ('ompoiiiinii. and hacking: ii'an-k ('lih s :il purl'oriiii and living [hr on ( 3 did nol fur llhk' in Him IIIL'IlHlS iii [hr i'inzil, WL- mngmiulim- :\li.~l l ('i'aiinivr igi'udo I ll oii ilii- ])lh nullk Xli l (lisllnl'~ lion whirh ih k lhl \ ( ll for lil> rum) grudu 5 Jim.. ipl liinl i-xiiniinziiion :\ll>[1\il nl'hu-vul 515".._ which i.\ :Illslllllll l) uni, iiliiiu! h is wri i IH'v io :u'liii'v <iu~h H high iiiiii'k in ii pl ni llrdl lilllhlk PXHIXIIHHIIIIII I ngi- I 1;;

148 _ CULTURE lt ttm Rll OR 1 s DIRECTOR S REPORT [n rt-trospvt-t higltlinhtvtl out-tagain tho lrmtii-mltnts tult-m our boysand stall Xull'lul't' Iu-ru at tho ( ollt-u. 'l'ltt- ammmlmvnt of Sr thonga lllalvtltoa as ( ttlturnl l rotm-t was ttln m tht-m vt-t (lot at. Ho provvtl to ht- tht- nxtmtsion or my arms. t-m-s antl t'_\'t-s antl look tln- ormtmsntitm ur ('Itllttrv to u nt-w l\ \'('l..-\ stmtlar. 'stmu as FIXIIII A'S l ro was mmlt-mt-mt-tl l'or ('llllul't'. tlmnks to Mr Stolk', a <lllllt'. Dun-s. rvrnts ant! tmvmln-rslnp lists tor boys wt'l l rromotl 'Islt'tl \\'i lt kut-ptm: :tttmtdant-tstvtl wnh tltt-. wlnt-h In turn. ()ulwartl llt-t utzmllon.\\ mts pl'ut't. s llt-ttulnr mummy lllt-t llnus Wt rt' lwltl 'l'hnrst tn l)rl WlmlsApp groupsromm ultural ( omxmot-p antl leot-utttt» ( omnottm- kt-nt «A ttlll' tnt ortttvtl al all llnlt h. 'l'ltv tltsplays of ( lttlts and Sot'tvlios at Ila-(:1 Ilt' xt tnttmt-nt't mt'nt ( t-t't-inom ontltost-tl tht- ot-w t-omors to t-nrol in :t ART CLUB 'I ltt art t'lulr is ont- of th(' oldest rluhs in lht-. t-houl, In 21) l 5. thucluh pt'iorilit-stal it >ll't 'ttpporlntg untl t-nhnnt-ing tho ( ollt-u ' VIHHIl t ulturv. In 11- ht-low pltototzr plt. tho Hl nltll' art rluh stutlt-nts s!.- tlwir skills to thv Eastm- Foalival. no or W many 1'V0nls that tho t-luh romrthototl to. ('HESS ('LUB Mr M Matthvws (Mlt ) program} from the junior team, as well as the grade 115 and 125. played multiple launches over the last twottntl-a-half yuurtt in the Inca] internchnol,uit and was able tn remain llnlwawn m home since The team also competed m the Crawford lallll l llll Johannesburg North League in and 201:) The tournament was played aver several weeks on Mondays. I am proud to announce that we placed 3rd in Kill! In 20 and 91h in which are all admirable ru ults sit-wt- the team was normal], di advantaged with time due to art-mag late because ofdistance and st-hool unto. The team has grown in slrvngth and W? have had many laug lrihulatinns and triumphs together. sharing mpnmrtt-s that we Wlll novl r forget. As tht» Hoad ()N'h Club and Senior Team captain. I am proud ofthe growth that has orrurred In our group and I have to thank Ll ll'm all for Iht-tr valued rontrilmtton to llll' squad. I am also grateful for all the support we have had from Mr Mplmphuli. the Master in Charm of ("lwss who has lt-d u. wtth turn-tr ot' t'itlhit'al nspt-rts nml t-rt-atml momt-mum for HIV t ultural lull: l hv St Stitlttuns ll- ' ('ollvgzt- ('ht'ss :tt l \ lltt-~ m 110] :3 ('luh has grown at rt-ngth and A \I'l \ sllt t'lnkl'lll Arts Ft'hl tral. a nttxnhurs in lllv lust t't-w n- m m male and tronsl nl t-ollaltoratn't- t \l ll \\ host wttlt tht- (ln s t'ollouo :tntl tln- lwn t'ollogo. prornltm: a way for boys to lwtlvt thotr I'lll' salulttyantltluuktatz. All nwmla-rs t-m-ourattonmnt I also thank our new t-oat-lt. Mr Lomlmrtl. who taught us I't )wrln'tstutlvnts. llttstnt ss l Lt'ononttt's t'alt sat'rlr say tht-r urrw as playt-rs tltts art-at rh...ktll l- tnallylalsooxprt. was a rt-soumltnt.v stxrrtvss.\ yt r antl 'nt-tl now stratt-uws and mx L'l llfllllt' to Mr Khomt. who lttttzt- thank \ on to Mr Matthoas who skills that took thrtu lo nth-r low-ls ol trunsportt-tl us to matrht-s and also lll u nlm-(l It on lu-itall' ol' Ilu lll' this «has alullty l rtlt'ltt't's Wt- ltt-itl tm actt-tl as an t ant t-onrh and \ 1.o- Mom \' antl l"rtt 's owl '1'l k. nwtapltor tl \ l I'l l ll'lldl l rm- us. Vat'tousl'nltttraltvw nls\vt-rt-ot'wtmst-tl In tho -spt-t'l \t- ( Iolvs nntl Rom-t Wlltll plm't s not only trmnt-tl. lmt n ~o K ll llt llut'd ont~ :tttotlu-r for Finally. I would likr to thank Mrs R (il'ulllt'r for managmg tlw intor~huusr llrunm antl Mustr I)t- :.tl'tmt-iii\ postttons on W two trams tumor and ('llk Slut gave up hut' I- ridm' breaks lltultliultts tlll'llull'kl tln- llttltt-s st-mor) in tll'tll l' to run lw mmpvt ton. Well Valottttnt- s t'ont-ol mts HlnL l'l' uml 'l'ht- Jtmtot' loam (uratlv x to 1m dour to Wt Sl('_\' Housu. who wtm tho Musttl rontn-rr m at on wu- t'..mp.-mmn, lllt' t-onststt-tl ol' I'nlztlmu nu-mln-rs so that 201:3 with ot' I mtv Lom- Illt tt-h Jumur mum ltm't- tlu-.-imm-.- a. Mottntstt-phpns ln tng tlw runner up. [tortmmtmrv antl tlw.mtmtml :It't'litlltl want-u. rm- aw mam.» antl tw ahlv m I also thank all of our ( lulu members l I (' 'l'l\'t'(l. l lilm plar llttsu- Mount tram t'xpt'l'lrllt't' by playing Intt-I'Ast'ltonl who wore ronsistvnt and ( Omlllllll d to lltat plawtl lo a pat-kt-tl Mum's llall. tualvln-s. Wlllt'll Wt'l'v playt'tl lmllt houn tho group. I thank my follow soninrs Ȳ Ilu- ltttor»hott -:lt\m :tntl ('ont-t-rt. aml mnl away. l'ht- hoys oltttttnt-tl t' llllll pm ularly my Matrics. for tho tltt- ottmlu-r of In who l't't't-ivk'tl Wu I't sulls. wutntnt: nus-t of mm Jttut'nt y WK have takvn togvthor to ('ulttn'al lltmom-s m rt-t-oumtton of m It'lk'h auntttsl otlm- schools and tnakv cht ltiggt'r in tho ( nllt gtu A tlton- oxt-«ptnoml talouts m tlns l'it-ltl Mr H Viltoun romammg unht-atun at lltlxlu in 'l lnsomt- st-ntor tram. wlut-h ronsxsts of spt'cml mention must [w made to my [)upuly and Vicu-( aptnim Kunjto Qtan. Dn-t-t-tor ol Arts antl t ulturt- urntlu Ills who \w l't' :lltlt [U for ht twat t't l ot't. advit't' and l atzt- 1-H

149 ' CULTURE - CLUB REPORTS assistance in running the Club. I wish the Chess Club and particularly their new Head and Captain. Robert Bardin. all the very best for and I hope they can bring even more triumphs to be announced in the Chapel every week. Siyabonga Hlalethoa. grade 12 Head OfChess Club DEBATING Debating is alive and well at St Stithians Boys' College. with both the junior and senior age groups having grown both in size and ability during In a sport in which the difference between an epic win and a heartbreaking loss is often the ckle opinion ofan adjudicator. the success or failure of a team can only be ascertained with an analysis of a full years results in their entirety. When this approach is applied to the boys' performance th s year. one fact is certain: while there is much room for progress. Saints debating never gave up and turned a few heads along the way. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the year was the strong group of gradi- 8 learners that joined the club in January. Not only did this mean that fresh and enthusiastic minds can still get excited about the prospect of a structured and mentally rigorous activity. but also that Saints can hack themselves to have a strong junior squad for Such was thc interest in the club that the Bliys' ( ollcgo entered two junior teams into the Matikinca and Matt Davies. won four of their eight debates during the competition, downing strong debating schools such as Kingsmead. Joppc Boys and St David's. The 9 boys. along with the many other juniors who could not attend SACEE. also showed impressive sustained interest in improving their skills afterwards by attending adjudication training sessions and participating in friendly debates with the Saints Girls Prep team. as well as with other boys at weekly practices. The senior group of debaters enjoyed less uccoss at inter-school level. but certainly showed enormous growth and cnjoyment for the sport. Much of the credit for thc success of the junior teams was owed to the strong core of older debaters who loved mentoring them and conducting lively. but constructive activities during practices. The exceptional leadership iiliility of Siyahonga Hlalethoa. along With the superb involvement of other dedicated alwarts of the club such as Kunjie Qian. Christopher TyndaleBiscoc. Michael Teles. Scott (ircof. Ethan Frost. Muhammad Davids. Kadcii Arguile and William Bowdcn always ensured that thc sessions of -lu Minute" and "Would I Lie to You" wcre. fun and productive. with friendly delial providing the imukiiiint ol' thc prarti This group of boys l'oi-nicd lwo SL'HHI HH it-ams forthesi-nianacl Il-Iint - "hool competition. Although they struggled during Ille first thri-c rounds. coining close in many cuntusls hut ultimately Hlalethoa is sincerely thanked for his passion and sacri ce to the club that Foetercd this atmosphere at all times. Thanks also goes to Mr Sanelo Ndaba for his assistance in adjudicating and managing the teams. CULTURAL FESTIVAL MrM Eardley The St Stithians ( ulturul Festival took place on 29 May. The Drama Department performed the play that was entered into FEDA. Mancub. It was performed to a full Mcars Hall and was well received by all who attended. The department also put on a performance by the Hip Hop Club. It was viewed by the Boys' Preparatory school who enjoyed the toe-rapping rhythms of the music. The entire event was lmed by our award~winning Movie Makers. The Girl College also put on four pcrt ormnn in the Stage Door Theatre. They put on lifeallou/ in Hip Moonlight. Tiger Li'lli'i-s out of Season. and Virginia and Expll lll t. and all were a resounding succo HIPHOP CLUB The siiims Hip Hop ('rcw mice iigiiin amaml the audience ill lhc annunl Saints Ai'ls l"«5(l\ ill with their new. dynamic and exciting pt-i'l'orinzincc. 'I'hc i-rcw prepared in m'vr two months for this appoarancc. and sun-i illy SACEE inter-school cumpetitmn. having no sum. H was cncnuriiging ensuring a strong presence at the that ont- team. spcni headed by Wiiiidilievent. Without a single grade 9 boy to provide experience to the group for th Nzuza. won lwn of their rm] illl l t rounds. While [his effort was not intimidating task of debating other enough to got Saints into thi- sit-mid schools in front of experienced stage or [he Culilpeiiiitiii, it wits ii unit-ii adjudicators. the grade 8 boys provided nccdccl tunic in an otherwise him-r run some outstanding results. The two ol'liad luck. The boys cujoyod debating teams, consisting of James McPhail. Ibra'him Bhorat, Bradley Walden. hi-causi- it allowed them to cxtciul thomsclvt-s intellectually in a relaxed Ethan Charles. Ayrton Singh. Selaelo cnvironmi-nl that promoted lcariiinn. Makhura. Wonga Mguda. lviwe laughter and relationships. iyiiiiimgii iininugi-d to create ii nu-nun :ihliiln» poi' irmiuirc. During this ye: cluli has t, pandcd in momhcr participation l'roni linth the lioys :ind (:ir ( ollogos and is hoping io grow cvcn more. Mm- ihc A.- Fi-siivnl pi-rliiriimiico. ihc l'l l w ont t' ngnm slln fctl preparing for other upcoming ovenls Wlll l't they would gii ml to crunit» a roinplcl cl)- diffcrvnl and din. t-xpcrioncu. The Hip Hop ( row was honoured to bc invited to pvriiu'm ill the annual Page 145


151 I CULTURE IV] 1 [U I (H{[\ lmvu _ IICO ImIII IIx-ImI hi II IIIIIII III RusII-IIIIIII-g.IIId III-I-I III-m I'III- (hr studunls (Ii [A huiia' I] ( 11mm.\,1 ('IIIIiIIIIII, NIkIII- RvdIlI. Jay Fiskorslrund. MIIIlleIsII Kurvnu 4J0. ' J l NmIIIlIIsz. IIIIrksIIII HIIIIIIII. J\ll\ H'I Fiuldgalu. [ lmlh Vivid». ('IIIIIIII'I-II ( IIIIIIIIL JUI'L'I ) Sum.IIIIIIIIII IIIIII III-I Spnv \ 1\ h. ll \l! 'd IImIIIs :IIIII 'I IIII.IkII IIIIImIIIII HvrI-K' hm llii» :IIIIIII-III'I- hml III.«m' "JUN In suy Ihul Ilu- IImI- <III»III wmchnu: JIII/uub IIII l"i'iil:iy \\. > III.~I [he III->1 purl III" II\_\' day ] \VI J HID sum» or! In} I'Im- mum IIIII llh [HH'I. humuur. I IH I'L'}. l:l1l lil. ~hi-i»i~ I-Iuoynwm \\'l' '( k i\.\1alliiva l'puvvi rhui,. lhl'l. II dolmht and u priiiiiigi- u wzm-h Thank. III II-I... and ()II- III, [7 lnkhkns. III~IIIIIy Hmrl In ('huruv III,\('i ([\ ml('h, Buy; ['KIHL'El' ( unumb :IgIIIn lll\ Mun/I111, II ka ruiihing llkl' l \ XIN K HWI :IIIII IIII I-I-IIIIIII vugumng (Hill \I IIII~I-IIIII.- I III- III».II-II.me phwi-i-i III IxIII.~..III.»"', TIm-II HIIIIIIIIIg, or HIIIIIIn IIIIIIII. (IIIIIHILIIIIII [\VIIUM IIkI- IInIIIIIuI-III IIIIIIII yml IInII IIII- bun IIII your AMAZINH H th'hhh IIl'MmII-IIII Ill FHIM. II In xi-iilv In ul nllilnzl] IIIIII II-II.IIIIIv IIn Ixpr-I-iuIIIII- I W! I I lnl'mhl l'w I my IIIIII; IImII' I w;i~ WIIIIIII-IIIIILI II IIII. mm wmiiii I-IIIIMIIIII' III IIIIIIIIIII'IIII: u~ wiih II purl}ii'iiiiiiii'i-zy I'Uil \ IIIIIIII II I5 II )l'n(1\l 'HUll I IHIIN (U by wi-ii IIII~ \I " SIIIIIIIIIII I\'IIl/.I-. IA-Imml ( IIIII-Lu- Lots (If Fitness um] ('uro strouulh l'i q ed for Ihv (mat of VEDA Thu \ ( III' [III- l)i':iiii:i ])I']):H IH\I HI Hill l IIIIIIIII I-IIII-I-III! II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ml IIII~ II I-xIII-IIIIII IuII-III-III-mn I'IHHIIIH.\l l\ [H IIIM wnh Ulll' \ YH'ILH'VH.IIIII ml I'I-IIII-II ])I Ulnl<nlu le lphlllllll III (In ux MIwau-Ill.UIIIIIu/I WIMI l IIIII-IIII-Il Uh! III IlIII'IIIvII (LI 11.x and III I:,Imrh I II IIH' VI III IIIvIIIuhI ~IIIIII IIHHL IIII'II-I-I I III Vhl III.-I.-.I\mwrmi III IIIII IIIIIIIIII- I\ h-~iii1i~iii IIIIIIIZIIIIIIIIIIII TIH HHIII'HH HI V'ILZIH'HH> llthx H'AIHIHL: "(H HHIIMIHII IIII- IYIYVH'V III \lll}: up; I-m. III Imu-I III:\ II. III'I :IIIW IIIIII II.III IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIxImI IIIIIIqu I'III~ ll IIIIIIIIII- I IIIIIII ~ IIIuI. II-II-I~ III IIIII~...1III.-.IIIIII-III.IIIII III-.II-I IIIII Thv thlut- our 'I'Iwmn- HCkNl l' ( I -w HH'ILK(k\UIL 4 I I'7\\ I~IIIIIII\>41 III :IH IIII- III IHIuIII )"thihi)ii\ )H ~IIII'IIIIIII III Ihw )I :IIII II \(IIIlI-III.~ 'I'III- I I'A W I~ \1H\ l l\'u \U1 [l irlh lll \4 l \\7.II'1UY II'\I I'\ IIIIII III II.~I.IIIIIIIIIII~ IIIIII IIII-v Inn-II IIIM Il'll' ~IIIIIIL IIIII \IuIIII IIIIIII A liihi'ihhiiiihs III-II "HI'H II (U Ion I Xpl l hh Ihr IIII-~.~;Iuv III-IIIIIII l' I h ])I'Ul ll'hlll) In IJH H'Flllllri :H't' vu- :IIIII III L l t'ilu Iht IIIIIIIINIIII- III II IIII» IIIIIIIIIIkIIIIII- III I IIIIV l'llhflllh llk I-VIII-I-IIIIII-IIKIII'IIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII. lumh III IIIII- )l'('~l L llli \ )r:iiii.i lh-iiuriiiiviii 'I'IIII )Hh'k 'ldul' I~ Ihl- IIIIIHIIIIII III' IIII- I'HIHII )I' ). I'll\ l'l\(. 'I (Jul. IIIIII lh nltllhlh hiii-ii wux'k, IIII-I'I-IIIIIII- IIIII-IIIIIIII In III-IIIII :IIIII A'\VI'?Illl thlli! \ III LJI IHIMIIIHHJII \kl \ il'kii I>A'I) H I' UI K plum. :I IIIrIzII ) Hll I \ IHI III_\'IH;_' lhl' :1\\':IT1 \\'HHHHL,»IIII~III~ ~III)I.I~ I)! IIIII-MIIIII IIII~IIII-.r III-IIIIIII-IIIIII,.umIm/I )H'IHIHH li I'ur llh' II'I LIH I HH DI'HIIUII 'I'III- III-IIIIm II.II.II-IIIIIIIII I.IIII.\I\ III IIIIIIIII III "I-u-I-III-III-II I~ IIIII II xkl. I l IIn :IIIIIIIIII- 'I'IIII IIIIIIMIIIL: ('l llll lnlll'l'~ paw wil lrvh III IhI H HHH' IIIIII V'IH ILZV II\ III-II In IIH H III-III I lun I4! IhI "l ).\ ('HHVPK I II IIIII.\II.-II;II-I 'I'IIIIII. XII-IIIIM NpII-I-III-III st )IIIIIIzrl yd dlll'. 'I'IleIIIIIIII HunuuM/U. IIIIII> NIIIIIIIILIIIIL..IIIIk KIIIIIIIIIIIh ( 'UILIIII \'IIIIIIIIII mm mm IIIIII 'I'III.-IIII.I XIIIgIIIII \I II.-I,IIIIII.IIIII IIIW III}\ III.- IIIIIII I UIIHIIIHIH III IIIId riiiiiiiii-iiii (III III IIII IhI-II' HIHIHHI IIIHH I'III' RIM ~\ I-IIIIII.IIII( IIIgIIIIIII: Ill IV I I,\ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (LrulmmhmeI.'\I'l IFIwIiml... I,4 «I.-41 : a z gn.

152 CULTURE II ll I: M l'iili i \ 'I lw NuImnul An» I Iv.~II\':I is lwld annually In Ilw In-quII'uI ml) 01' (:I-nlmmsmwn In Ilu- HHSH'I'H ( zlpxn and I: niii-ndud IwI-ry wmml your In' lhi» (ll unlll liu_\.~ nl'h I Stillxmns ('nlln'gzv 'l lu.~ _\'v:u'. mp Ims wm- prlnli-gzi-il m qu'nd I'uur ll?l)'.~ W: n(lt'l'll\g llh' >Irm Ix mum-mg nu» lncul nun-km. I-mnng IhI' lummb HI AlLInhIInI'n mun-ami and hum-ii InnnIIu-uwknkm um-lung II nu-u-u I IIII'I'I-wm.~\)lv~ I pi-rrm-immm I-n-n- ll )' 'I Iw- II l llmlt'll IlIIIlIulIl-prm lung. l)\'>ll'l' L 1\l. HIIL I'EM'UVI' «mull-up I me'll), In Inch llvn.lm'k wiiii IlII- I\\I I'l\mu nummnmn :md 'l IInuku Dulnlm \\ :I~ ~ I>I'( l\ilil( ll In :I siiiiriml upm-iiwi npnquy sum: I») DUI-ll l I IUd Mun. In I Xll'uIIl'lllllz Il y :IdIhIInn. m- saw an ll nl'l DIH I I-nllvd ( nmi/iu, llvn- Iluu (Inna-Ix own-anuphwml lemlulinm I_\* www Imuurnlmg \xhwlr'lnur- inn; 3 lii'i-iiililzikmu In-I'l'III'InzInI I- ul lulvm, Wm.ImI PXH'HUI'dIITAI') ph}~ll : l <kill~ mum unii 77w Ywu'.I/Im HII-yllr m: l\\'(i lunniiiliillenlil qnnm \\'liii-h H lll L l li-il ll h l! ~I- mm lhi CURL! :Intl LIw-I-NI (III-n» [II-I'll:]'l)\.ll\l'( ~ wnh ]Il\\'>li':1lllh ull'l dnll"hlnil Um ul llll liiuhliuhi- nu.» m-iiiu 'l' lwkm. Kvpmlhn hm I1lllll l ll~ 1mm lelll mndmlmg :I l llllll III IlIu lwiiiiliil thanmnmmn I'IIIIqun, 'I'Iw. m. «Imppumuug mm hum Mum- mp mm. prui..\ii.i...ii,\.va IlII~ \\.I~.uIImvl} IlulmII-Il IImI-ngq Ilw Inn \ I IILIIlL ll \vm \xnnilui'liil lm' II~ In IIIIImI'I \kiili IIII- KII H nii-iiii III'zInm gm \ and mum thl! (lllll Il >lhili lii» li IIIn «hunk :Ill Ull l' llll I lilll]ll'\ I\ III Illll'nllK d IIII~ llnliii ul'll IllIlIz Ivrmulh Sumh :\ll'l('=l)l IulIuml I wvnvnw Saintn Experience (ll-adv 75 exposed to ('I'l'utivily and l'un! 'I'lII-. ni,~ lixpvrlwmw- Iunk pluw an 7 Mun-h l'lw Unmm Ulrpm lmvm lni-wmi-d a run and mumwnw III \lii grade :4,~ ut'2iiiii II guvv IIu-m II lilnlk' Ul whul In I-pr-m l'rum Iln. Im-I-III-nI dupiu-inu-nl In Llw HII ('InllI-gI- Fullpv Kll sll'n. l v I Iskvx'sl zuul. Jpn-my Sum IIIId ('nnwrmi I'nulnn I': pllll l'(l Ilw :IIImIIIun ni IlIv vxcllod yuunu buys wiih warm-ups : H(l >I: u(~ I-mnlml. Thu Imp (llln'llll hl) I-njnywl th Wm l(>l mp.ind li-zn-m :l L'HIH Ilml :llmul 'liu SI SIIIhmm up ('ulli-gzv Drama [)vpai'iiiii-iil wliiii- Inukmg nvw lx ll ntlh m Ilw pun-pm Vuleka School Christmas Party (Emu fun In" ~ 11- d by l'rum YulIlllll L l llllll'vn I Svhlml,.\p]II'uxIm:III-l_\' Inlnvd Ihu HIp an ( nm In tlu- Smgu II. TlImn'r l lwy saw u mum:...-i-i'.i.-m;.m-i. wim-h IIAI I IIII- L'lIIlIlrI-n kwpmu mm In Iv lqu 9' Iln- mu r..uii'i Ilmr [M I IIII IHZHH'U Im- I-rmx mvmlu'x lll nl lin MIII'IIIIII :Iud 'I :I~lIun.\IIIII~.IImz LLHI' u \\nrk>lmp In IIIIIvrIwII-Il I lullll I Il Ind Iulxl Ilu-m mm \pi-i mi mum 'I'I..-» nun-wwi- I-nIIm-Il ll,mii IIIIII-klv I I-Il IIIIU Ilnl l\\'lllll» ul IlII, Iqh l nl nrxundlle IlII Imu- lli-n In.mIl >IHYH Ilw I~IIIldrI-n I):IIl In (I. )Izu'l \I.- :m- mum; I'm-I.mI In valmmnng IhI-m lwk nuu nun-l MOVIE MAKIIIRS Movin- MukI ul Fullndvl Duy II \\:I~ \l'l 'l r-ilmg (In l- nundi- Um lel-"i UII IlII~ mld mnrnmu lhl' Mm'u' \lulu-n sl l In In lilm llll' unnqlum ul' lllv uvw an lliii :~ VH' as [lli.\ lh IIH \rl~ l'viiii'i Id III I'IIIII'aII llh' main mum 7 vulvhrmmg l- uundrrs Dm 'l ln- LINK! >1 l u'l.,\i,< (PI-mu Mhluphv. reminded us all to greet mhur. l0 'cuuk' Ihv hrmn and to nd ynlu' gill 1n rlrdm' to y Shv was a most III<piruLiumIl >pvnkvr and kl-pl riwl I-d In hrl wnrds l'hu Mm'II- Mnkvm hud lhl l'l cumvrax nut: mm- w 3 our 'ronming" camera hu'l l W213 uaung nml- n'nwd shms as wvll 11> any Ulhl l' ( ICllUll sl mis. camera getting I Imuups of the h and mmvra Ihrm- WIIs getting n wulu angle of Lhu makm and mpiui-ing audio, II V\ s a must :3qu >ful :Ind pmduullve (la 'l'lw.\ln\'ii- M:Ikvr,~ hnw domdvd [0 Im-klu :an nl IhI- miisl :I, -d qui-muns III.wlwnl: "WIIIII Il Imr (rélk lh'l's \Vl'l k Ull lh Il \Hll) LIIIIIlIIus " ln Ilul I-nmmg mum! llw MINII- Mal.~ will by Insurrmg (Ins qumum by creating a l'iliii llmi I.~ aurv In III- unlike anything \\I- I r ii L'H hvri- :II SI Sulhinns. Founding 'lllllvn mops from many of llll l'umum slull' IIIvIIIlIuI-s. I]u,~ lm will lzlk pluru 4m campus m :m Hlll l'lh ilt' qu-ld whm- >(l (lk'nl$ and lt JIK'lH ) > like will haw In hzmd tquuthm' m slu no In :1 _ huol U\'L I'!' Xn wnh znmhm. Page MK

153 CULTURE.(fll'li RH URI S suhmissttms from smut- til'iht- most up Hard Work and Great Shots itntl-cntning dirt-(tors und producers in Captured by The Movie Makers. nur Collnll ). ntl ttmuud the world. Not This year the movie makt-rs broke llili) ve teams in under to capture or,r_v moment of the Easter Sports Festival. Teams one in three were the \ irlvo teams who captured some extraordinary footage in HL UUH. Team four was the selfie team who lnunti memorable n)tlnlel ll> using svll te stit- a and team live were the in conjunction with a drone 0th mar [ti e gate a memorable Spurth Festival pronto. Callie. Liz and Matthew. and all the tram leaders are [hunkl'd ['or their hard work, "The Pixle Lowe" story wins Best Documentary at The Independent Mzanzi Short Film Festival. Under the illllll nl'l' til tht- Btu-5' ( 'nllege anie Make. ('Iult ll : (lt'l'\. -J; lnt > llsluy antl Felipe Ki. en. the tt-ttnt unit-red The Independent M «HIM Shtirt Film FL SYI al in i rt-tnrta. The {in ival Screened 78.~littt't hn.~ tint iii Kill) only was the young lmntnkt-rs' entry. The Pixie Luttm Sin/1v, I Ilmlll lt 1l {tnthe Best Dnt ulnctllht ) short subject in the festival. hut also won in this categnry at the awards evening. This is at huge. ttllltlt l'in' tht- Buys ( tillt-gt- Movie Mnkurs and SI Stilhmtw as it phm Ilw now a miwhmin; lm education programme within the litivs' Collegi- i.) must Department Hltlnghldt' himi training prom-aim in photographic and Go Pro teams who mi) lilnt, ci't'mivoly captured :tctitm slittls with the t-mtntry. Wt- are extremely pt nud Hi the (in Pro and stunning >ttll all students. stair.. nnsnr editnrc photographic ntttmttnt.». :tnd videngrapht s invuivcd in this All the teams submitti-d their ht sl fantastic nnttat footage to Mr Kzirl Reilh. who wtu'ltt d The Pixie Lowe Staty Premiere. at night which ill be long remembered. It ttmk an extt-iim-dtmtry [Uitltl nl him-iv Makers urirr a yezir in r ~t>ili ('l1. plan. and Sll ll ylli ll'd, t m nntl edit The!.ue Loll t Starr tit-rutnt-ntarr, iln 'l'ut-htlin i7 Ft ln'uill }. till their hard Win-k I'Hlnlllldli d in :i magni cent eumliintitinn til Im- )L l litl'ln1 ll( t' :tnd lilm> 'I hi- Sillilitl. ul' ll\t 1min filled the llk Hlllllllll\"(lt i'ul HiL'Il fll\'t'l'. Wllllt the t-xt-tti ment ul'tho evening Llnl'ltltll tl (hm- 8t) utithenn- members punt-ml tntti Alt-aim lizill lut' Il it tliilt lir linlli'lp il il ll'l'li l i'l'l til' I'ltt' I n'lt' Lintw Uni'umenhur The inviting <hinwt t-tl. ~l ltnhlllll tuli-nt l'rtnn puwn-rl'til <1)lu<'t.~ m tannin-hit pinning. iii thisupvl'vt'nt-i.-ih- iijiimhi. (hunts, :ii wt ll Ii~ llit littzhl Jll)~l( }ll lll l limp ('ri-n l'liir I mr litlilt I l't llllt l intrnzut-d the l rue :itnlii-nt-v anti Itlllli them all nit H llllll'l L'Uihli l' rtdt- ul' t-inuttum 'I Itt ('\t*l ll ;.:l nllt tl\\llll71hl'illttllltgtn tlltttll iaii- lllt Min'tt- Mhh. \ hhh.iii-ti-hml u HII'IHI'l illi til luziw-il hi llllt l In Mr l)ii\'l' KllHWlt'h. in ll\t'll\ui'\' til' l txlv littwt- i'l:iw<til"751. "it'nw! I'Iiiii nlmlll sunh up it hut my family um] I hit iilm- Whit: yum thunder/til (I'ltlllllt'llilll'. You illll/lll'i tl Ilie tvssi'nuv n/ I irtv'x life ti/iirli um i: [tin-luring. naughty Illll Vllt t. areal laid who hurl mtm,lvoiil] frit-ntls. T/lt ilnttmtenmry ll l - st ltsllit ely ([0th (1an my t'ltlsh lllulf s [rum '7!) had Ietu' slamsrliut'tt llti'ir hurdnnetl rltet'hs til l/te end of the morw 7 well done, tirhul im utllll llt nlt lll. You did Pixie prutu}, T/ltllilt'_i nll from Ilii- lmllnm almy hem-t /rnm mo. my t'lussmales tllttl my [aunt for all lltul you and your [{l /(15'll' Tr'imt achieved. " llugtiltl Ifm-n' (( Itiss nf '7. l) liy rtmsmtsus 0/ Illi IHEIVIS of '79. ill? portrayal ofhis demise (I'll-5 ll lll lti It/t. We ll t lt llltll't'd tn tears as [L t' rl lll E II ihui iriigii (lily. A spirit/i ii an! or uppl'wiultlin in [he.wt/t'u', WIl/i'rrs mitt ilruntultr itrls personnel." [(1rll"rllKll /l,l (,\v "li mr (Us! nightli- premiiv-i- ii-us utiisitiiiiltng. ('onerrittilutimts hi (1 [limited [or tm ext-eplmnul evening. -/(lllit'.\' is privileged l0 ltu purl of ram ilt'purlmvnl, Mandy Leigh "Than/i- _\-uti [or u tnunwrultlr iinii impt'twtte [ll'l lllll'l't' winning, and for the nulslttltdlrly Pmn Lalll' i/nriimenhhg. Dr 'I A i'\'ulltill(it i't1m'j St'eening of the Pi. e Lowe Ducutnonmry rin- oui-t inc 7 boys (in 't hih-mhiy him-hing. r» uni-h. the th-iiiiiii tii~.i...~iiih-iii plinth-it ihh (Li-title 7 hm iht» titty; t i-i-p hi (lit- Stage unhi- ut-i-tvt-niinz iil' 'I'lw I trti- I,i-tt n Theatre l'tir.i primit- Ilrmutttvilurt. 'l lti» l'\ l\[ \\:\~ til}. n~t~t ln'.\lr\ Philippa I'IIL'LLI.ind Ilh' 'Hll' T Ii Ht'l it l'x nl thti llu\z~' l ri-it,\l~ l'lll lll, and l d lull Kil'slt'n illli t't'ltll til l/lt I mv [it'll l llui timt-nlrtrt l Lune a (Alli tn Ilit with 7.iimiii llit' unite» iihhhmi in ('1 ting thi~ Alltl illlil lllill'} 'i'ltii (ll tlili- 7~ \ tt l t' lighhxi in illt' high standard nl'l'tlm making in the ("unlit-gtiiiiit llim'tttlgltl) i-niihtit iltt' Q & \,iwim (lint t uthmi-it \\ i huh [lull inli:l\t unit-tit mum iii-.hi-iih-ii hiiyx iii Jill tln-.\iiii tt-,\l.'tlwr~ iii-\t \I'.ll \\l t'll Illu} ~t:ii~t.it thii Itmv" t'tiiit-ut» l itgttl HE)

154 ' CULTU.(il l'h RI'I UR'I \ MUSIC Saxophone Trio: Allarhed Nu Strings Wuh (hr uppmuuuvm n! \h~~ uln Mullvr m Hr Suhlwx,\lu~u Imrhm :u llw Hm: mum, A -;.\.m),.,... rnwmhlu \\': \ [uruuu umh-r hwr mm nw 'I'Iu~ H'ur mn~ ~t~ M thruplm. n whn,m-m-u. um.» um.- um \L: w» numw lmmlum Nuulmh anzmu "Twign h" ( mum w... and Iqur \v \\v.~l )Ih llilll l. )\.m "'l'hw Dun" Muruun 'I'Iu mu, rullml,\'u.s'lr zn fo mun/ml hm hml :. mun)»; r 9 >Ul L'I kk lll lu-i'wrmunrm vlu,~ mu :mmng Hun m llu I uhuml quvul, Fn\mrlmx~' Ilm um gunlvh. IIA :\K IIHI- I -l ~ Wulkulmuh :nul m ('huln-l 'l'lu-u' playing \\ 1 >znhr_\'v'(1 In [ ugu 17m all and Wu luuk forward to mzmy "\UI'L' rnm'gvlu- purfurmum-us l mm Ihmc nv yuung mxuphnmsls, Misu Y Svhm-mun. Hmd of Music Saints Singer and Musician ofthe Year Competition '['h«>:u\nuu Szum~'.\'1nm-runrlf\[u,~m:\u nf (hu Ymr ( unwmitxuu vuuk )]:u'l- m xhv ('ILIpt l :Il'tur huh'wrxu Smmum u um i_~.~ m <xx uuugurm wow rhuwn.ul mr :1 mum! nl'dlttlili4-1\,\ mmhuu; m.m A-\ll' n\4' \ high Imlurll I'hrmlvruf..lulml hulmw had Ihu \I'I'\ nlll'hrull lu~k u( mhuxlu-ulmu wwh pu-rhuuumw, Iu- uulum \\«1 t'.\l~ Pulu \nn [hr I IIII'L'. \!u~u Ihx-l-uhu- 1' lhuhh-ru l'th-uv..\l\ l-irhth Klugz, mnuu-x! m/l \uum-. md [mlm vl' -,u \ \'H~ l'u \wt~m.:md Mrlen I M: Iw. \u-h Immm numr mmlum-r :md lu-i h-i nlrl Lkmmn fur. :mlunu «hm, I) - (i Iv rm' Wyn/urn I'm/m1) I')w M Slllhmm uumvmm <I ~ lenwl :l huh luv} u! mumrmuhhm and [M rlur hlhk'l' IHH. «wpwmllv.mmngd {hp wumr mm mm ~m-h u: Ih'lII lh Murmm. whu puma I r:lumu~u m \ mu/m [h4- ('hupm Hm). I,\ u Imumllv \u-vumu jmmn mm? 111 mu mur- l u:uu~l',~ rqwrlmn-.\ wwum-u nl Ilw lmuh~(~ u-hmm! thtmmuulmd murlu. uhu'h ~ u ("\[HIHL'IH (n vlh- luu~' hurl! wm'k Intl input from \hrir music wacho nn-mup of (hejudgwmm: wasmm In den-rmmu thy L-nuxgnry winnen and nhm- u very close mmpmhion [he fullmvmg champions were zmnuum-ud: ' Jumu Mush-Ian.Iumm Brawn ~ Jumur hmgvr Adu m Schuhvr ~ Suniur ('unu-mpumn Musiu m: Jn-cw Ruhmnwu/ ~ SL-nmr ('Insmml Smgur Mam..nyu ' Smum- ('nmmnpmun'} smumm Mm Sumnr ( 12. I)x-m.~l:n Murmm ('lmir Ls Alive Festival Miss Y Suhuvmun, Iluud hf Musxc Tlh [)ukvx mu! Buy: ('ullvgv ('qur \\vn~u1m>. _:un win-d u. lu-rl'm'm :u thv ('hmr Alum l usnvul, hosted by SI Hmul' Murm Immdu : l hv [ mdm' Audmu'mm un Tuusdm' HrplL-mhor Thls - (lu-,wmud w: nt' hls new (mlnul. whinh. :u'ml'xllm: m Ihu nun- ugl- HI Hu '\ I }l-> prngrumnw. mum-h..n "slngmg. mnwlm-m and run m m. mama runny-,5 Di 'm'om m n muuu-iumu 4r nu uismldrnd. nu mur. >)m ml.~, phu-m ul' pn vs :n'v uw ulml uud Hu- A'Ulph " i> on ( t'li'hl dlln m mug nml hhlivvinl' lhnl ('huu' In\l> (' truly 1x "uhw"! Alsu

155 CULTURE - CLUB REPORTS participating in the festival were our own Girls College Choir and Amazwi, Kingsinead College. and St Andrews School. all ofwhom delivered lively and diverse performances that elicited great applause from the crowd (the 1000-seat auditorium was lled nearly to capacity). The Dukes entertained the audience with an upbeat Swahili version of the Lord's Prayer. entitled Baba Yetu. with a solo by Adrian Schoher and drum accompaniment from Luyanda Mazibuko, both grade Festival welcoming dinners around the campus. Stephanc Marais' solo singing and guitar accompaniment on the popular Ponipeii'by Bastille was an instant favourite with the crowd. The Dukes particularly enjoyed these performances as the guests and Vll s were most appreciative and supportive audiences, cheering them on with standing ovations and a few Encorcs'. ' Apart from their many performance responsibilities, the Dukes also fulfil an important role within the Boys' 10. followed by the Sinatra classic Come Fly With Me, The College Choir had the audience on their feet with College Choir where they are expected to impart their musical knowledge and experienceto the rest ofthe Choir. The Lean on Me. then further turned up the annual Choir Camp is the ideal energy with vibrant marimha mentoring opportunity and this year to Si was no as the Dukes helped provided by Mr Sibanda and Kopano Leeuw (grade 9). Mr K Walker, Music Department THE DUKE 0F CORNWALL SINGERS The Duke of Cornwall Singers re ect on yet another successful year of inspiring performances. The Dukes started off the year on a high note with their first pcrformanccjust a week into thetermat the Grade 8 Commencement Ceremony. followed a month later with a performance at the Prep schools' Arts Festival where young and old joined in the fun. singing. dancing and clapping along. Shortly thereafter the very popular annual Valentine s concert took place in front of a packed chapel. The Dukes continue to he loved far and wide by audiences both from within and outside of the Saints Community. making them a popular act at ('ollege events such as Hoadmaster s walkabouts. the Saints Experience. Open Day. and various other high pro le St Stithians functions, such as the cocktail party for future grade 8s and their parents. Visiting sports teams and their coaches were entertained by the Dukcs energetic performances at the annual Easter the younger boys with learning notes. improving their vocal technique. gumhoot dancing and choreography in the beautiful surroundings of the Heronhridge campsite. This also proved to be an excellent team»huilding exercise and the Dukes were a great source of inspiration to the new ( hoir members. A first for the Dukes was their performance at the AfriSaints festival. where they performed a beautiful rendition of the popular Afrikaans song/foe Vind ek.lou by Francois win (iokc and Karen Zoid. The song was especially arranged for them by Mi Schocmzin and their performance received rave reviews from the audience rind the Afrikaans Department. A highlight of the wiiitcr pcrliirmiinciseason was :in appearance at the St Dunstans Winter Festival in liciioni where the Dukes were privilcgr-d in share the since With other pcrt ornu-rs such as the famous ( cnostrn Mnlo ( hoii- from tho Central L Riinrl. The Dukes impressed the lllldit nt t with their vibrant stage presence and Adrian Scholior shone with h solo in the Swahili version of The Lord's Prayer. called'baha thu'. The Dukes added a special touch to the Saints Family service- in June as they prepared a beautiful sacred programme which was tting for the time of worship and fellowship with their families. The highlight of the morning was their performance of the Mozart Lnudate Dominum which they sang with their vocal coach and College singing teacher. Ms Michele Corbin. a well-known opera singer and performer. In the third term the Dukes continued to enjoy their many performances. of which the cross-campus music concert. Music Mania. and the annual 82K ceremony were highlights. The Dukes were also extremely privileged to sing zit the year-end party ofvulcka Primary School. which is one of the College's community outreach initiatives. They taught the children the choreography to the song 'Siyahamba' and before long everybody joined in and experienced the powerofmaking music as a group. In the Dukes tradition, the Farewell Concert in September was held as a nal sendoff for our Matric singers. and was the lasttimcthat the Dukes of 2015 would present a full concert programme. The Dukes. under the direction of Miss Schocmaii. presented ii rich programme featuring everything from traditional African music It) lug hand favourites. Mozart to the music of todn. Thi- Matrirs were thanked {intheir contribution and given special gifts (to bc saved until their 2151 birthdays) and the remaining Dukcs sang them a spci'ial hie. ing The remaining members of [DU Dukes l-ndcd their year with what is lit-ruining )I now Dukes tradition: a year-cud, lunch at the well-known Dukes Burgo auraiit iii l arkhiirst. 'l'liiv hnys t n]t)) t (l spi'ntling unu- iiigt-iliui- :is IJiikt-s lit-others and wcro :ilili- in ri-t'li-ii on ii suct- sfiil niid lllt mtll ullll Duki-s your which inrliidi-d a lull nl'hiird work and commitment hut alsolho l t Wilt tl of making iiionuii-ius. having fun and enjoying ow grunt pl'n'lh-gi- ni'siugmg together. Miss Y St llol lllzlll 8; Mr K Walker Page 15]

156 I'Iwm m" 1" Hum I Hr 11 \Im \hwxum- (\I.m H.m w-imu-.x'l [lnn~mn ~ In!, Hlvlw M \I pull I hum h {u my M.lmh nulln Swruw H h uv l'mmhlunuyxu hqwh 0.!qu \Imu M.mmv\ v-. ILIHr, mm I'm»m

157 J CULTURE 11' ,

158 LEADERSHIP I {\VI'A R1 is MATRIC SERVICE TIES (for Service & Leadership to the School) Collins: 'I III'Iulzwu ( liiiiiinmiii-ii 7 PR. FIRE. I"IImi _v UIIII HI-m Amlon DOLII H li 7 FUIIIIKIIIIIIIII (IliHl'III liiii'ii- 7 PR. Hmmo [)isi-i- I IJIIWIMIIIIgIInIIduIIs PR Brllilll') SclIIniIl 7 llupuly lll lhl IIf l()\l5l III'nninIz: ' MIIIIIII-wl sun 7 DIII'CIIJIIIIK' Rl lllu Russi 7 FIIIIIIIIIIIiIIII KTIKII.\Il(hII l IIlI-I 7 PR Nick I In-l'Illll 7 FIIuIIdntinn / Dis l llrll) \IiIIIIr 7 PR / DiinpliIII MIIuIII<IIphIns l)iili Ngulo7 DisI-iIIIInI- I vnr I Itlhow l.:i7/( h_\' 7 PR / Spirit / Di ipllnr NIL-k MzivaiI-ltl 7 PR / FIIIInIialiIIn KMl'mShl I Naidu 7 ' RIcIII'IlII Vilal llllk l lus 7 House l lllb: Luca I IlIlInI'il ~ I R / House IIn.JII- QIII R(' V 'II RicIIII 'I II 7 PR I uuai III lln hisulilini- IIIk I):III I-II DImIInmi)7 PR! SIN" [)IIniI-l III 7 r4")_]( l~ \III-IIIII-I mum-m SRC Imig'luIkII 7'I'IIuIIIluliun YVI-IIII IL-IIIIIINVIIIuIIII lh'lt WI- - In ( III L IIHIII' J\l'l ( IIIIIIIIIL I I (inlir - l ll l ('~ I JUIIIILIIIIIUII XII-I Il:IIIIp-.\II:IIII.~ 7( IIIIIII'I- Kr III Illll' I li/( IIIIIII'u SPI VI(( Tits Round 2 (GItohm) ( 2IIIIIIIII PRESIDENT SAWARDS 'riimdzwa ('liinumi-itiru 7 Servicu/ I- IIIIIilv Uni! Head (Re-Award). LukIv ri-mpem 7 Family Unit Head liuvunii Ngwule 7 Spirit III: I D Major 7 ( uitui'i- Krigo: Dylan Simpson 7 Culture IJlly I- mlti-riiiriiiid 7 ( ultiii'u ' MiIhIIoI Du 'I IIit 7 FIIundIIIinn - MllrrHylAJI liiil rg IIIIIIsI- - Nirk l'i-niiiunii Hnusr (Ro- Awuid) l t-nryn:.iiimi-s Haley I R l iiiii: - LquI MIIIII H M 7 HI)usI:(RI~-Awurd). KIIn.liu Qian 7 SRC I House (Re- AwanI) MIIIIgun Wninuinn 7 PR (Ro- Awnrd) innmi-s Duncan 7 lluusc/ Found"- Vvli' Dvihani7 Spirit HtIIIIrl Agnivnz 7 Hum Tucker: I):IIIiI-Il Dipprnaar I R (Re- Awm-II) v I- I-lipc Kirsten 7 (Yulluro WL'lih' - Liam 'riiyim- 7 House KI-IIInIiI- MIIInL- 7 PR / ( uiture Nicholas HnmpAIIIIIIIs 7 Culture SRC REPRESENTATIVES IIIIIII (SR KyII-I' Minum Dvpuly I-I ads of sum III-so IIIIbinIIwin. {II IIImII-n DWI-mu..- IIIIIII Ill ((Illllls Slil : 'I'alinlzwu ('IIi~ Ill":llll'n IIM (II' I liijiiiih II IIIIk-I (i ' (l( ll) Rv-uIIII.~wi- IIIIIIIIIIIII 5 MpIIIIIi Vllllkll ll (I I(Il -.ITIIIIIII MIIIIIIIIVIIIIIi IIIIII III III-IIIIIIII: SRU: WI-sII-y VUSIIIII (Ir4IIII- II: I\ I-uIIII IIIIII» (Ir;IIII- II) Inc H llll l Grade 9: Kylcn GIIvender Grade 8: Jethro Budrinn Head of Krigc SRO: I hato Mnbalayo (lmde 11:1AndaniMsimun Grade 10: Ronald Van Der rg Grade 9: Mhlntse Molatudi Grade 8: Daniel Fraiser Head of Mums SRC: Justin Lilkant Grade ll: Wandile Mlilu (lrude IO: Luke Hill Grade 9: Michael Allsuler Grade 8: Nicholas Bouden Hand of MIIumstephc-ns SRC: Dali gala Grade 11: Kevin Joseph Grade 10: Siyu Zwane Grade I Luke smith, Saheln Ntshingila Head III Pcnryn SRC: Shane Mackay Grade 11: Gregory Mathews Grade 101J1Imes north Crude 9: Ryan Kimble Grade 8: TauseefAlly Head of Pitts SRC: Kunjio Qinn Grade II: Muhammad Davids Nathan Oliver. Tuige Pundny (IIIILIK 8. Massimo Milnncsi Head III Tucker SRO: IIIIIL'thI Simonutti Grade II: Roecv DIIlhiI- (Irade It): Jumus (llashof (IlIldL q. : IJUHHIIHIn VIIn VLIquII (Ir-IIIII 8. Brnndun Upl'old III-IIII III W(- l)ll SRO: I liiiukwi-iiv Grmlv ll (Irildv I (il IIKII (irntli- IiIhIII-I [)0 VHS iviiiii- I 'liiiiikwia) -I Inil \ va MllllkllIL ( IIrislophor III-IIII III'WI- R(': Duncan Burnnrd l'2 (Il 1 mm ulthings Grade I 'IIIIIIIas RIIIIIvrg (IrIIIII' I IIIsIm IIrIIwn (il'ulll' 8: Mulllww l)ilvil'!~' SIIIW II l i\ (' '(' l IIIInIIItl VIII] lli-i- lil'l'u Nicholas (iiiiiilin (Iran! NII-hIIIls WiIIIIIIn Iinwtlrn ( IIIIII-I-IIII Willur 'I'IIIIy I- IIIIIII- Dylan Kynm'h IlunII'IIIIIu HIIIIIIIII Donovan (illlvl l' MiI IIIII'I 'I'I-lI-s Ilrmmi run/m SIIIIIIsIII-II I I-'llllllIII MIIItin k Imam 4m I«'II-I.-II.-.- Thumb Ian-hm-I- I'nilum mim-.iiisiiiin In M Inmnur III-.IIII-qunp Davidwmm MiIltlII-w III- Imus '1'nnuim. ( liiiiumiilii'ii I'll" - III-III - IiI-IIIIzI Silver sum-r sum Silvvr siivi-r SIIVI'I sum sum III-IIIIIIIIII lino on Silver NIL IiIll l rani I-sculli Silver Nick RDVUIII Silver JIISIIII Knihbs Silvvi' IIIIkv I III-IIIIIIIIIII Silver NiIIIIIIas Muwr SIII'I-r Simon Allvn ( 0 IIIIWIIII SpIIzIIIIi (MIItricIIIIItI-dd2013) Gold I ngv 154

159 LEADERSHIP - REPORTS LEADERSHIPTERMS l 8: 2 Thi. year we decided to implement a new initiative in BZK in offering the Mutri :i more pl tmt ln t role as ici d~ ers in the College. This ldl involves the Malrics' being able to choose whether they would like ext. help or if they would like to actively facilitate ont- of the leade hip modules during our WCt'kiy 82K lessons. The rcsponst- and inn in from the seniors as been good and the succ. of their efforts will he men» ured at the end of the term when they have to put togethor a pl'm lit éli lesson for their speci c module-i. Based on this, the boys will I k t we a leadership cm ll calv which tun he included in Lheir LO l'ilc and IMF ( V In the rst term we have >ut l. l'ully implemented 2i number of wirit-d modules including Self-Awarciie sation Skills Heroic Lend President's Award. ltites of Pt Organi- hip and age and Servant Leadership. The work produced liy Debbie Jut' -n in respect to the EEK Programme followed in the second term. which includes (i lt' Sharkelton Module l'ortlrnde ll) and IV Hell'- Awurenc < Module from Grade (K WL'l't' also a focus. The tirade 9s hnvt- liet-n implementing a i-vicejinsetl IL'ItI!\~ work module run by Evzin Siiyilmn and the Grade 11s h Vt ( (ll lllnllt'd wtlli their Sci ant Louder hip ('mlrsc i-rev ated by Courtney Watson and run by the Hon. Directors l hc (irntlt- 12s continued the newlv initiult-tl._ of providing time for cunmiitu plun and execute their lnlt'nlitllh. which was balanced with some developmental modules run by staff. The ho, are working within it framework which intogrnted the vulutts from v- ous modules in developing the liov' scliawarenc itllcude 'iiipt ap hlii~ ties. In the third term. Mrs Callie Fields was appointed Diret'lot nl LPAdL l. hip and hegzin her new hmndingol'this piliill with (Tl l'liml Conversations. Mr ( Watson Director of IA' dcl'shlp (outgoing) LEADERSHIP TERM 3 l/you dull? Ina/cc dl you will cu! dun sdr Brand l i'emrius As the new l)irt ctor of Leadership. 1 w - committed in litkin}: lilt t nunttn» mm htull by my pl t-tlt t wirs untl lldti (I new nppi-o; 'h to lezidt chip il llllzliiyi liui-ninp plnuan-ia s, ions were held in order to estulilisli slutl' ztiitl ho ' opinions ofwhere UH ) would like to s L' lelidei liip tting in the fit- 1]" From lliis r 't liinu k :i \ zirit-(v of different pl'ut'lit'li] upprmn-hes to It' th t l'hhlp were deluilt-d :iiitl ( rllllul ('unl l F» lions tlt-i'ln ii JUL i) nlid Lem/ersllip lil Acllml norm 1 :ltlltil wort» born. The iztllnt ii nl' t'ritlcul ( oiiversnlions t'om vi'sntook plnet- in the lhlltl u -m at [he st derelopnmil day. ('rltit 4 ] "t lions was n unique :ipproucli to it'lltit l v ship, where ('1lt'il i)()_\ giwn an up poi-lunity lu i-ngntzt- In :t discussion l): ('Ii on ltlplt'zli i sues pertinent to them its future 2 (i(' s in ii plolnil t lill' text. l'hese ('X i'lttli t onver. iliuns took place within the House systmn Untit'l' lhe leadership oi the House i) l't t'llll and lutm s. As a South Ann-an School striving for excellent-ti in an mm.ngint: wtvrldi ('riliral Conversation.. a crucial hov ginning: u, (it vtdopmg lenders or tumormw. Why did I choose LU do in., To build/repair relationship with staff and lioys - 'I u nhserrt» t he boys as they engage with one topic or a variety of dis-7 ('ll 'inn topics and a '58 how they l rimiu e their opinions. - To link to the leadership thread of ' (ilohal Citizens. To lit-gin the process of working: ntiline with Admin, To allow House Directors the chziiice: ~ To be il Hdt' of their teams of tur tors by hutlding nn tuttn trengths ' To manage zind :t. e. the impact ot'( ritittnl ('tinvt.iitiuns To share any new helpful informin- tinn with the [louse Director tennt :illow tutors to: t'l'mte 1 stress free/ s spam» (don't teat-h lecture or jutigt ) for honest dist-t sitln - 'l o iiitinagc and a 'c ' the role of lhc tutor and offer support and honest li'edhiick ind shift the t lli'rt nt n ithy - Use :i l t'nllll'l t to Sllulh :i comersntmii.ind tht-n tilisei'i'tnhst-rt e Lind Ask question. duet» inenl stiillt-nts' Ilplnltins tronsitler how stinitans and your man lamp inns re iil'lllg l'oriiiulnted.) 'l'liis t ltlll llilut ti in II! holist- px'l it ni liuns \t liitvh uerv pt'l'ftu'nh li in l'illpt i rllirlt ut llie II) lioiist-s \\t l'l' assessed In H punt-l consisting Iii 'l ltt- llt-zidiu slei' llllti i)t ])\lllt'>. House [)n-t-vturs 11nd Ali's l '\' t- l nt \ l'l The l'm-tllnit nm the lmth sllltitllllr nti stntt w. -x rt-nit- \ ]Vti~lll\t - ul tho buys \\l l't' t'xt llt ti In the neu :ip- ll'4ii t'h m Imm- slnp tilt-n» momma ions ilt t'nlnl' tln- l'orvl'roiii ul tlist-ussiuu..\l» t' i ll ]ti~ lino-na- tin-ailprslnp (Illt tlltllng. zt> ul \t'l'nnti lennl i' gt' 153

160 LEADERSHIP IMINMH CRITICAL ( UN ERSATION TOPICS POLLINS KRIHIC lllixnlnh.\i [CARS I'l-IXRYX e ro e of chapel In the BC I just want to be me LEADERSHII -ln-a( TI()N - The um. I); 'king opportunil ins and urror. Jnurm-y ol Signi vmwo mgm hi-ip 7 "youum! 10 In mayuwulw In nmmrlumlim, war): as hard as you.m- run (lmlmy up to um plate h_\' always u/yi'i'ing m [Io/[1"7Wond' Lucas-Hull.,\,~ qu'l uur mnm mn'n- prmm h m '_'.\I ( vnlu mul Lmh ' lumlrraluu ('ulllr Fluids 'lmyl u \vvl'v gn'vn nn anmrlunih m purin'ipalv m llu- : nh lmulm'x Im Ihv {How ~\ L' I V l lm L an Innmmn'v way u! Iran-[1mg In mu nil l'n-m uf Iup South [.0qu \\'h\ l' '.( ll gvnvmmlv shared Hun- "h:md,~-un" vxpm M-m'v nf Iriulvr.~h [l mm um.- u~rsun2 1.mnnmphm. II mm :m t-xllzml tllnnl'v mnrmnu full uf lmllmm hlnl> :nul L< fur mn hu vh ml hm» u. ppm: -h {mm-mn m anm.» I'h-mwnu unrhl ('hmrmun ul' Hurcluys AF) limlllinu un lhls mm- s; huy will [Mus un (h-vvlnpnm um uml gratitude: "Wllun Miz-lwlmwulu Ira.»- asked how he t'n lr d lhv Ala/Ill" nf David, In! rupliwl. l jusl rluppml uu-uy HI 1/11: purls I (In! Iml wunl'". imurk Lumhvrti. ('EO: ImpL-rml Hnltlmus Ilimncrl, (lrmlv Ills WI [huh rm huildmu susu glnhu cmzvn. If [mm-d rx-silh-nu- : you mn l mukv rlusl mu uil! val (m Brnnd l rvtmuls. In (hr Durng Sm!, Lossurm m quzlvrshrp Hrmlr lls on Ihwrluplng :mlhum m nrdvr In IL (I \VIIh smm unnm- Au-!hrn/um m n. u/ml: mum» u mzasion slulvnu'nl. u [1wa (lo/mm u [Wynn u um lu hr Hm- 15 um [Jun/s nr s1rulouy 7 Mark Lumlwxn, ('HH: Impurlul Huldlugs Lmnml. 'I'hu grmh- IL s WI [mu] by lu-uu: :In 'IIIIIHUX'HliIt' mun whum- :minns mu 5. nll'n-zml "H'ysdum. A'lHlI llt'll I, n-unlrr luw tum u/ul uummnnn. 7 Nu-uluus Km gm: ('I IU,\l.\ll niklnuhmeml l l l Th 'I'l'L'KHR Cutting corners W I ZISH Toteranae on trial WHS! 1KY I'm» 1.11s 'l')u- \unhh Ur knnwlmlpv mum-ll rm." l \ ~ run-i'lmu v m ml m zh'nv m.- ~Il urlmn- I Ilu- mnmulnv I..-m.-rr mum Mum I Imeu-um.wsmmn. um..- mlm mum-mix In-Ing: -: lm Ht m- Hm~ min-m. (ha-uh: x hm. mu luru~ Km u mu x'urr \\u- [Wk l'nnvm-d Inmmlmlully skiiiiiig unrwlvm up ml In-udm ship prm'li nu-hw mm nuph-mvnt mm [mam, h ]) \n'.\(' m urrh-r fur ymn' In 's In lu-mmv IHI'II ul' Inl Im-m.1qu inm). Imn m Ilu» 2151 muury

161 LEADERSHIP - l OAS'l'h l.\_\' l'l:rs Toastmasters International 7 Young Leadership Program It has been my pleasure to lie 21 part of the Toasti n ters Coursr in 2015i Toastmasters is an eiglit-wt-ek-lilng youth leadership prugramme that ol1 fers an informal coiirsi- in the arts of Communication nnd leadership. Thibe t who have participated in [his )I n~ gram have learnt to: ' Overcome the ner Ul in felt when ilskl d to speak helhro lin nildicnce - Orgnnise and present nit-,ns li)."l~ call): and cnnvineingly ' Listen rel'illly in others ' Offer iidvi and evaluations that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills. Participate and (wen lend group distusslons or meetings ' Take Cont'lh l. min» utes of meetings ' Speak in from (ifzi nerd and tin ails v ilient-e t'(il1 (l( l)' The participants for thi course have shown rtininiitmt-ni. dt tli dlllln and responsibility Um'l i week. Their )ll'illll) in speak in [)liblk has duvulnpetl exponentially. lllt'l t ine their ciin denre and leadership skills. Congratulations to the following boys who completed their Toastmasters Young Leaders course this year: Grade 9: Taint- do Bll' ~ Grade 1. Cameron Wilti'i' Reece Biehlt-r Christopher Wilson Mit hiiel llitl " Brtitlliry ( rnss 'I" -ll Plill lll l' ( rnig Meier Shivaiin Moodley Czillilni Trainri' Nathan ()livlpl Wniitlile Milkwetil Nimln Frnnee t'ul t i Brandon Bouysun Jilllll Nni-ih Matthew Dawson 50hr. inn ( tii-r DUHUVH (iluvor Michtiol Thackwi'ny Grade 11: Max tin (ler [ ("l Paul Sitlt>i.\ _\ Ntlninisti Ngweiiyn Rienrtln Bi llt'vt'nll! vl l lll 'l oinlinsiin Feedback from the members of Toastmasters: Max Vill i tlei' 14( CLI In the l' li-i'iii til' it) I hill. the privilege of :iiit-iitllng the 'l ti:i.~tiii:i.~~ tt-rsctnn M' with my [)t'i'l s nntl students in iillit-r gi'tiilvs. :\lllitiu}1l1 ll u 'l'oiis-lmuster» Cull is l'ntnst-tl nn ntililnspeaking in l'rtiiil ul' liil L'l' lllllllt l\( ('> ill ld/ui iii ftii-iniil m t lll>. inlr wirnhir mid gi-ni r lminim-rni'spi'llkllig in Informal ('ll\i) l!llll lulll ~ llllpl'ln'l'tl ilii» intviisi-h', 'l'hv itiitirsl- Wits ill-l' elitiliixiiil.v, l uiiiiii-tl iiii L'Kll'i'llll unlulllll til'i-tiiil ltlt-iit-e and knowledge iiriiiilitl llh wtii'lil til' ptilyllt' spt-itkiniz iinzl l wtliiltl rtimiiir int-nil Ihm ev 'UIH \llilllld t-unsitlt-linking Illi> ('nlll'. some pmni in Ilit-ii- lives. i s t'lll l dl'l ll l' 'llt'l l spl llk' iiii: iis well its lllt strut-hiring til it spt-t-t-h is tin invaluable. ~st-t which htilds "no in good stead for the intum, Wandile Makwetu: "I pai ipiiit-ll in the lu'wt'e k-lllng Toastmasters International public speaking and leadership course during the l ir term in 20. Every Muntl evening was filled with laughter. learning and an tirriiy nrnlisnrlnng hpt'tkt'hv DH. s :i group. we learnt hnw to raise a toast. sums iilly conduct a meeting. pi pure and prt nt piiworl'ul speech-. its well * nit~pirking llll' prti anii eons (if our fellow Tuastmastcrs press ontatitiiis in the group. in addition to till enjoyable t-mn, t it helped iniprm't- the leadership and ( (lnlll llll\l('a~ tum skills of all tht ~t~ who took part. \NIIIHC I'S til I tttisima ers International intlividiizil aw rds litisetl Km the t ighl-week progrnmnw :iiitl the lnlpl'ln't'mvnl iii till iii-e a tvl' puhllt' shunning. tspeaker wiintlilt» Mnkn'eiii. irhn, ll ('l' l\'l ll :I lilllllll rush rt-vinrd hint 'l'niistninsttir, nnnrnn wiltin- Best l: iliinnn-.t li sttnihi-rwilstin lit-st r- 'illllllnl' ilirhin-l lirrn Must llll])l'(i\'l (l Spt'nki'l' nl'iillllnll liniivsi-n nnrl liter-t» nit-lilti- (hll ( il:l l i't lllll}: \\ 2I> lli lli an I);.\ il'il whvrv ptirt-iils and staff members \\.vi-i» ln\'ll( (l lti ()lisl l'vl (Illl' tini'tilnpiiiiiiii iii piiltlii- spt-iikiiiu. lit- «Wt-limp: \\.is :i groin nirt- s :iiitltwt, inn slitmt-zlst-il lll> llll]\l'0\ < (l t'tilllvldl'llk i ill Kl pilhllr slit-iikiiigs ills l nni very nrnntl ni nll nt' tilt. in.» Illr \'Ul\' ll in 'l'tiustliin, l l's Iiilt-i-niilitinul this lt-i-iii illlll litipt- l0 st~t~ llllll l Inn's IIllUIIL' this tippnriiinin in iht- nt-ii.\i iss 'l Russ Page 157

162 LEADERSHIP.lSR it] l thl' In the Inter-Schools Relations Committee (ISR) endeavoured in expand upon the le 'zt _4 li-l t hehintl by our pl k Klt t k' -o ' ' prnvetlatitutzh font to iicctimpl. h mitsuieriiig tht- SlM Ctu that t ltut ttt'lt'l L -tl the mmmitti-e un- (lt l hatii Ritiiainan tenure as Heutl in 20H. Nm -rlheless the ctinttitttlee rtll t tl its {an are til' i-hiilli-iiges thi i-iir hut sut'h i-hallmgt-s \\'l'l ( met with the HI» nitist tleteriiiiiiatiiin on the part ot'each nit-mliei- I thank l the hays on the rotiiiiiittet- this _\-tar for their sort-ire. id high Mantlartl of work which hrotiglit :ihtiut tho more» we have seen In 2111'. By its \ L lr nature. a great deal of the work done by this committw IS liehintl the scenes in conjunction with the likes of the Buy~' ('iillt-ge l)t\'t i.~ity Committee and the ( iimpiis Trilnd'ttl mtllltm Committee I dot-ply thank these ctimr inittees for their tiiule, - - tli ire ltlwarll> maintaining a school its acl'tllnmud tr mg n» uui and tilso for their desire to build lltwnl t lr even higher heights. DOSpllt the ztl'tti'enicntiotit-tl nature of the Ctnnmilltw. we have htid tnrmy tip~ pol lunlllt > oi er the (nurse ot the, -ar to engage with our community tlii oiigh various mentsl With the help ot our (it' t uuntt'i'pttt'ls. the Annual (i( /B( uratle K street-i sotrial and Matric gathering In the rust icrm proved >ucn-eul ul, li is will] pl urn [l ml l thunk 3L lll'wllz. ('hataittti.\le_\'eri Mishaal.\l:iiet-rl and the (iii ( ullt ge l'i'aiist'iiriiiai ion Committee for their teamwork in our iiiinl planning and running til' tlti< wont. l- tirthe more. the [SR ~ l iltlt M and it ai ~toi~matmn \httl kal mll oii t t'>])t't'l pi'tn'etl III tu- it worthwhile Mimi-nofttr our itiniors Slit-rial tltimk~ lllll>l {In to 'I'att-tttltt Nvauatii t'ot' l\l> tt-i'hiiit-til support on W ttiiv 'l'iit- Minor and grade 1] pupils in attendance aimed to import a llll hhtlgl' H! the jnntttr> rt»- gay-(lint: the Htintiur Code. i- tpi-i-i toall and s not.we hope that more wiu' :- l'utui't- l'iti' w... ups ol'thia nature can ltl llt'ltl iti ll lt )llllllll ~ til' the t umlnu The committee look titlvatitzigt- of an opportunity for Nntion llutlllln silt-r cialist. Roy (iluckman. to speak to thischool. which proved to in- quilt pm Page 158 \'(li',l llvl Mt' (iliirkmmt explored the progrew we have made post-195m our iitiitutlt-sioward tlive _'i nd whether or not we havv lived tip to the ideal speril ied l)_\ the Constitution. This sparked ii great (lt al of ttehatu in many forums I hittl tillowed. Wliit'h gave rise to additional perspectives on how we as iittl' itltinls can live up in our constitution.. \(l(ll lnnillly. we hatl tht- plt»a~ur(- of WUI'klIUl with Wits' Dru/nu For Life tl)l"l.l ltl lt l'lllnnlt' on two oct ' with i-t-gart ' to the state of ti matiim within our societv today in preparation for our Mat iiiatioii Work hop, We us a t'ttminittut: :ii-t hint-mit- grateful for the effort pru- \'ttletl hy DIFL. Special thanks must go out to Programme Director. Warren Nehe. for his hundson and engaging approach tttw. i-ds iiiii- initiative. The Ilflll t lt llllun d Mati ic Transfuh matinn Wor hop proved to he a worth while expt-tit nce for all those who chose to attend. Various topics perti- Hunt to South Africa were grappled with in the htipex ol' lettving a deeper imprmsion on the Matt. with regards to tho problems facing the countri- t un~ ltlt rlng our entrance into the broader world after 2015, [SR piii-iicipiin-ti iii [ht' 2015 STAR Witlk Against Rape HIRIPSHLUL where partit ipauts niiirehotl in protest against this heinous crime which l\ > no pl; l'wllllll\1 h_\ tl'lt'l}'. Spenial thanks must go to the Air. ti Ft-tninisnt ('(tll l' mittt-t- :it the tin- ' t'olletze l'oi- I'xlt'ntlllttz tin ln\' lt l nn to ti,~ Wu look forward tti participating on an tlnl ll l hams iii l'utui'v Although we were tint able to loot our lnlt.t'l llllllh t otil't-t lll'l IlH _'t :li'_ we have mntlt' plans for it to happen wlll l the incoming zlllli lslt ('(tlllllllllvl'i which * Wt departing tnatri look forward to hearing about. nit him-no NLIWHIU. Dylan st-hiuid. Tan-aka Dlutmbt). 'l'hh year wv were glad to Bind) ()lll llilaill. vlut Shatiiiu. Jonathan Baker. Jackson tiith lllt' [Slt ('onitnittt-e's taunt" M R- Shult'lt' Nit-kc. 'i hnpoto l utmt. Kym itial liistag "ll at oiiiit Minniii. l aul stormy. :tiiriim-i Brnylt nlmcli. ('liristtr lu \ainh. tar) whit-h :imn " l.iht-i- Flt-lt'ht-r FR: Benjamin Piuo' 'k. Devlin Surk :iruiintl (lflll rtillowl l ovi-r Numii shunmn tum David' Kt vtn rlttsttph Absent tlti- ctitii-m- til the y at The Tatenda hymatti. lieiitiodict Mnhlnngu. account Hints in t-m'ei. it'ictiil issues and events within the school. country and global community through its thought-provoking pus.. Additionally the account provided the committee with a platform on which to interview and recognise members of the Siiirits Community who work endlessly to ensure thc welfare of the sturlt-n. l huru s ample opportunity for more interviews to be conducted by the committee in order for this account to grow in future. A vote of thanks must go to Tamika Dhombo (grade 11) for his handling of the account this year. I have thanked many people, thus far. but it is with extreme importance that I thank the committee's three deputies: Jack'on Condo. Luvuno Ngwale and Dylan Schmid for their service on the committee th. ar. Icould not have a ked for better men to serve along- 5 de. Lastly and most importantlv the entire ISR Committee and I. ncerely thank Mrs Shange tor being the glue that hold us together throughout the year. Without you. ma in. many ofour goals thi ' year would have fallen flat. I wish all the very host to the 2016 [SR Committee and only 1; that their suc- (' dwarf our own. "I slept and rlrt'amt that Itfe tt'tts /a_\'. I (awoke and saw that life or t I l'ift. l (H U d and behold. service tt ttsjttv." Rttbindt'tmatlt Tagore Kyit-i- Miiitah, grndt' 12

163 mummmmu OUTDOOR EDUCATION "mt H

164 OUTDOOR EDUCATION -.\( \'l i ll 5: RH ORIN DIRECTOR S REPORT Thu Outdoor litliu-at inn l illar \wi-e hwh- ihi-mpd in tho lllldklll of tlii i-i ~. 'l liu him lwhimi this position was it. iii-mid.) weight iii iv m'nluuik nl HI \\':I (l -iiii Wllll ll is rt).~'lt,' ll(l iinimigsi nur hurt. as \\'i>ll - ii. priivldo a ('Ulllmttn U\r( : (l lintwtu-n with of tlu~ ramp»: iriii-iiii-mmi~i-. h mimhi-r hr xi-piimir u ll: \ t' hu-n ('Xlillil i'd. viliirli \Vlll hr I'iirlhvr tluruloputl ()ni t llw llt iiri-lirsir [0 mi ()utiluur l'iilui-atinii ('uiniiiuii-i- in 2016 l Wiliilltl'i'i nlro r \w hiiri- llill lnl'l l d with (illlllhns. a cons '1lll0n t lill'l'prl lllui l'l l l billlllli'h and rrlr -s Wildlit'v into tlioir iinturiil i-nrirunmvnl,.v\n tvnrlosurt- \\ liiiilt nutsiilu ihi» Fru.~t Blm'k \vhi-rc a ]\l\' nllt hh houldurcd kllt' arciiniatispd hvl'nrt» being rhitiimi.iii I'nmpus 'i'un nrihr littyr mi and inukui iii ioi- il lt i-ixiwimi him. which now l't-sidos around th.» mining Boarding: Hum».111 llkl wv iii-v in thipl'm't'xx iil IIl\t.~ lll"«lill lu tluii-:i.~ilu ili (l.-l'< ln " (lll('ill}1ik SSK'I' lluhhhzlllliw mini llll' i-iiiiiiiu shiiimi t ;l;.{1t- ii-1i hmi- hi-i-n rulww-d from (h:- Roy! l rup llllll iiikui up iii-uiihiii-h ln ih.- hm hm ninth in ih.» (iii-k «uni-g.» park, 'l'higr hurl a {'llh'k Whll'll l'vll out ul'il.~ no, I. hiii \li iiiiiiiiigi-il to put l\u HWll l lllu'k and tinllillilllt i- hzb 'lt't'll I'tMI llll'il [ Vlll'lhl'l'lllnl t'i Ilil ilur rum-xiv itinn nt'iht- ll'tl Sllnl Hllll'V. a numiwi- nl'lnrih Iiavi- rviuriii-d wuli lllt' ~\lllllll ' '. Illl'lllliill lll t' um gyiiiiuigi-iii- illhl lung? 'Nit'd la in» liviiiu wuii llli the i-ciiiipm, l-hwirniinii-ntal l nwiriivnl.» Award Nkug' J M' khuilii from Illv w «thin; Awltl ll hi.» :Ippl'm't'rl our i-iii-nui-auuii: tlu» Iiiirs In IlllllL'l Ulkt' mi t'l\\'ll ttnlll 'lllilliiit-iisst-d l rusidvnl's Award. \Vllll'll l ngv ih'o will in -l 1(lL t-nwronmvnhil.- -Wico. tht- Humps mid a skill that links to llw outdoors Running piiriillt-l to [his lh tlu- 'Frush Awnri. which will bu uivi-ii to boy in addition in llll ll l ri-sidmil s Award and is run with tho snmi- unit I. Mrs (hm-hm Mhriipgi IS promoting this opponunily within hl I' pnriihhu. mid Slit ki'.- i'nth' boon plat-0d in t ill l t l ri di'nt's Awartl honklri to make the boys aware of xlit- pi-nspt-ri. 3i. Scrvlcv on thi- t-ampu 'oi-vt. t. with lhl suppul l nt Mrs Rnné Swart. tlit- With my upgrade ufthc hird S lll lll l_ as well us the iiunivrnu>,iivii-oiiiiioiiial [)l'iljckiib J ()poralions Dix ctnri has offered llw nppui-iiiiiity for ll ). In volunteer, with th' ~ a' 'tancv nn campus in go towards their surricv hours Mr Simphiwv Vilik;. w s promoting this undl l' hi> portfolio [until his (lt pal'iul'l l. l, Wolgvvondon Bush ('amp Mr PM van 'l iiiiilui- cunlinuos m manaizv tho Camp. with :i VN W [u hriniziiii: ailldk l h to u ri-gulurly from UK! in r. Tlii- niaiii i-uiiiniiiiiiil uriui. sot-ii much (lvrplnpiiu-iii and 1hr [iauil Hurt-r li:i.~ lit-i-n rtlt'urhishi d. Wt-Igvriiiuh'ii iil'i' many iiiiiim-iuuuu-s t'ui- ilu~ l) - iii lw Ill\'i)l\'t'(i in a Big Five :tri'a. inn-tirulurly lur tlu-ir ururlt- 12 (NH! [I l\. himh uwzii' from tho minim and w an» hii-hy to him- >iii~li a facility in our iiizivriips Mr ('mii-iiiuy wiitshn Dir ( liil' ul'rlutilmii- I ltllll llllull AVIATION ('LUB Ww haw u-ii s ll(l('lll.~ aci x: Ilu- 0 and liirls ( iillt-gus who haw livgun li-aiiiiiiu t'ur ilii» l i-i iii» l ilnis i4li L llk'l. 'I lii~istakingiilari»iiiiilivrihvguitliini-u ill vltihll Ht't'lll'l'. iii,~ii-ui-ini- l'rniii tlii- (Ii-iitliiati- Flight Si-luml Willi whit-h wv l lilvl' fol-mud ii partnership. Brandon Verimiiik was the first student. to achievn his first solo ight and he has mndt' <ignificant progress this year to obtaining his full ying licence. This is a significant achievement. considering that ho is in grade 11 and cannot yet drive a Carl Lecture are also taking placo for the Private l ilots Licence Examinations during the evening and they am well attended by both parents and huys. The subjects covered include mctvorulogy. principles of (light. aircraft technical. navigation. ight planning and human performance. This club demonstrates a good syncrgetic relation hetwern the two ('ollcgm ar tudenh from both schools regularly enjoy (lying even together as well as attending the theoretical COmpOnPnts The group has also i - 191] with wuiie fly-in: and onjnyvd ights in a vintage Tiger Moth an experience that Il ll ) will not forget. We hope that tho cluh 1 gain further momenmm m FLY FISHING CLUB Mr ( Watson Thu Fly Fishing ( luh l jn) d an l Tl on in ii [lell'l' iii Mpumnlaiiga mllvd Lingrr Lmigt r. The trip took plnct from l2.. August and the buys oiiioi't'il good vi Hilll l' iiiid grind

165 _ OUTDOOR EDUCATION -.\< II\HH s 1H mmv,

166 UTDOOR EDUCATION -,\tj l l\ l'l' l:s company for the three (lays. 'l hlcottages in which we stayed were luxurious with a country feel and some stunning views. The shing was quite tough but the sh were de nitely there environment through tours like this one. Southern Africa is a plethora of different wildlift reserves. and the Tuli Block. on the southern edge of Botswana. is probably one of the most to be intimately linked with nature. from the auvannah sunset to the Drakensherg down but most of ushave lost this connection. We will argue that we go to the Kruger or camping every and were quite willing to take a wellpresented elemental and wild. Five boys. year. that we go on bush school and y. Ethan Shnliiin Intitlo a hit of ti pig til hiitiselfby catching trout on each and every (lay. The rest of the therefore. went as part of H pilot program to explore how High Schools could partner with Tull Wilderness, a grade to camp but this typical Saints bushman has not even scratched the surface of becoming the African child shermen had it. ghtly tougher time concession run by Stuart Quinn. ( hris he was born to be. of it. with my one sh of the trip bring a rose in point. Rulierg. Chris Fletcher. Michael Horn. James (ilasliof and Hayden Hackney What is it then to connect with nature? What is it to be the African child we There were three lovely~lookitig tlntns were involved. and were extremely were born with the ability to become? on the property and one of them was good ambassadors for the College, Well to me it is nding a place like the quite substantial in size. All tntr l hey were enthusiastic and well Tuli Block in Botswana. This nitrt-pitl tishermen woke up early in the morning and tried their hands at taming the wily trout. ()or guides I'rtnn mannered. to a point where one of the other guests from Belgium couldn t stop singing the praises of the calibre representation of the hushveld in the truest sense of the word is a small. non~fenced reserve located in the Mavungana were very helpful and ortheseyoung men. 'l uli is an unfenced southeastern corner of Botswana. knowledgeable and they helped wilderness with Four of the Big Five bordering both South Africa and everybody With the ner skills involved (sadly tio rhino). We experienced game Zimhahwe. in making a long en: The eveniagt L. drives during the day and night. the Tuli Block Wilderness is a smaller proved most productive as the trout highlight being one evening when we reserve within the block and provides were coming up to mayliies iiiitl the were lucky to see a cheetah kill an everything from international like. This proved to be good fun on the impala. At night we tracked down a volunteering projects and professional tlri' y. lione ind much of the time spent on photography opportunities to school My thanks go out to Mr Evan Snyninn foot was amongst the smaller plains tours and private group experiences. and Mr Jonathan Hall who game as well as herds of elephant. We Mr Watson. our Director ofthe Outdoor act-oniptiiiit-tt me on the trip and were spent a night under the stars in an Education pillar at the College found int 1 helpful. Mr 9tiyinan's culinary isolated patch of the reserve, doing this little African secret and decided to skills eame in handy and Mr Hall sentry duty around the camp re all share it with three other boys and me. proved to ho a competent Iiiwn t kt-ter through the night. listening to elephant We were a test group to see what the which was t llllt' vital as he rep. t-seiitt-tl niovinizjust mettfrom nwtiy. hyetia calling experience was like. what boys did and i11.~ l: lll lllll'lilwll gnnie. the tliirkn.. iintl lions returning didn't like and if Saints boys could The t-liili also enjoyed some trips to the each otlier's ynwns, Wi- stalkedjuvenile trt-al the hush with the respect it Vllill Rit' where we litiggeil quite a hyena pups near their iii-ii and siiw ii (lo 'rvt- \ftt-r it ralhor relaxed drive lltiwlish. Willi.lnson llrtiwn inyriiitl tit liirtls and animals. it wn. an up and ii.t the boarder we arrived proting in ht the expert in this Illt'l't'lliiilt' experience and we httpt' to iii llotswann. We made our way past Iplilltu His prowess tit this and not US tour vearly during the August lots Of ihl l' private ramps and arrived tilht r types til" l'ishiiig ensured that 111' holidays. at our home (or the next two nights. rt-itresonit-tl (iautt-ng Fly Fishing and Serolo tented camp. was also N ll'l'it tl l'or l rolen tr. l Mr 1 Watson This camp hnd electricity and was a wish.liison great sin-et-ss With his luxury welcoming into Tuli hut believe fishing in the future and congratulate me it Wt wild. for example. our dining him on his achievements thus far. 'l'ull BLOCK WILDERNESS TRIP table not right on a ledge looking over it watering hole. our tents were lifted Mr _,\ Wt-iiklt-y "You It'll] Ilt t l'r rerogrtist' her t/you jual looking down onto ravines only see her photographs, you ttiill tit'iit'r protected by a zipper. there were sand THE BOTSWANA TOUR ()iie ol' the Outdoor l itllltflilltm initiatives is to Foster ii pas on for the Page 162 lmitte her if you just read /l('l stories Iterouse you will never antlers/tint! her i/ymi lltlllt' newer Ilt t tl It'llll her. she is the Iiilshi'elti. " Being a child in Africa. we ul't heliovt-d trails to our tents and no fences between its and any wandering creatures. ()ur next two nights would he at Mnhnlve bush camp on a dry river's

167 OUTDOOR EDUCATION I ALI l IVl'l'lliS bank. in the heart of all the animal nightlife. with open showers and no electricity. We would then spend one night out. just the five of _ ind ii guide, under the stars sleeping around a Fire. doing sent ' duty in hourvlong shifts. The last night we would return to Serolo to crash before heading home. At night the sounds of the bush came alive and you hear every single breaking branch or snapping twig.. Our days were spent waking up. having a quick bite to eat. jumping in the vehicle and going' on a morning drive/walk. We would then return for breakfast and spent the hot time ot'dny the fth having dinner under the sta and talking about everything from politics to rugby. This trip was my connection With the hush and some of the highlights for me included our upelose encounter with hyena cubs on foot. literally a couple ot arms' lengths away, a Cheetah kill. the night oul walking the Limpopo river and Eagle's Rock. Heading home I felt likr a new person. I felt whole. 1 had never been so close with the hush and the Home of my passion for Africa hurns lirigliter the never before. We must all omliriico tht- rat-i we tll't' African and the hu. is emineeted to us. our growth and identity in the world comes t mm ll. Tiili Block was my first full conversation with nature. one I will make sure continues in the lives of Saints boys for yours in come. GRADE 8 CAMP Mir-line] Horn. gi-tult- lit The grade 8 Camp wns a i'antustic experience enjoyed hy the new grade ti boys as well as the prefeets and Foundation iiintr It was so encouraging to work with such an enthus istic and energetic group of boys who really made the most of the activities on the camp. We aiiived on the morning of Thursday 8th Januarv to a fantastic ~ilit, at ( onip Disctwt l) and a real. rise of welcome from the facilitators that at camp relaxing, playing French bowls would he wor ng with our group. or cards. and learning everything Obstacle courses anti 'Boere' sports about tracking and what to look for in kept the boys busy up until lunch. animal behaviour. Then there was Team building games and stalk the lunch and usually ten before heading liinterii lled up the afternoon :ind out for our late nftei'noon/night drive, evening. The evenings were then spent around Friday started liright and U'rll - heing taught the war cry hy the sonic nt the group. The grade 8's then learned about the academic sporting and behavioural expectations of the College in rotating iiiiiii-woi-kshops with the staff. A heat storm put tin end to catapult building. game d ' and the viirinus water it'tivities for a while but the littvs were kept liusy with various indoor :tetiviiie. tll h S i0\\ ( i'vhl ildlng competitions using their shoes and advertising tiioipaigns ("or n new invention. (hire the sun returned the lioys could get lint-k oiii into the elements and Pnjiiyetl water sports. olistaele courses. gniiu- tlrivvs 'lnd t-iitiipult building The evening. rounded off around il lt' hoiil'ire with the how learning the ii ditioiis ot'ihe ('ollegv. A vl early art on Snliirilziy morning. w the ho ~ hiking out to see tlu- Sulll'ls i over the hush. After House meetings and a ramp t'leiin-up the buses were lontled. ilinnk yoii' oitl iiiitl 157 very tired grade t1 lit got on the lius and recounlwl siorus and favourite moments from the Camp on the two hourjournt-y home Mr C Fontiiine GRADE 9 KAMOKA SCHOOL I l. year we have restructured the Grade 9 Kamoka Bush School slightly to create a space where thehow can do hoy things. Our philosophy is that by experiencing and 'plnying' in the outs-doors. the ho ' will learn hy doing and ii Wlll mokt i lit-tier link to the zirudeiiiie milit l l l that is taught at the camp. The Grade 9 group is split into tw o hoys attending the Juli- winter ramp and 75 attending the November summer camp. Boys sleep In dorms ot fifteen. and this engagement often is ilie plott oriti from which lasting friendships develop. They ore 2 responsible for the eleniilines ot the kiti-hi-n. dorms nntl l>1lilir0tili well its theirown on. ring tt'lot hes lllt'lutlt tll which build :i real sense of:ippret-iiiiion for whiit they have in home, its-t. i. u-tiiuuiuguu-tu» Knniokzi is t nvh'olllllt nl so t'tlllllllllllli'zllit ll \Allli hitllit is :irliievi-ii V! n letter >lt lll tluit the. t thlt'li\'( ' during their stiiii iii Kilnlllkt l. Highlights of the minip iiirliidt-d l\t liiieku'otttls i-ttokiiig \vlu-re em'li group \vns required to with wliolt- i-liii-ken nod potatoes in :i Dutch (tier Illill was dug into the ground This \vns :It'l llt i't tl liy ti lire living ltiiill on El rinsed liaise iii the hole on top ot iiliit'li ilii- t'ooil rested. Another pliiu» was positioned mrr iht top of the ehirlien :ioil lilt n t'tl\( l ('d Page ltiil


169 OUTDOOR EDUCATION - ACTlVl'l'lES rain that we have come to expect on the camp. The dryness of the veld caused by the drought conditions. however. made the camp exceptionally hot. which meant thatgroups had tobe careful in keeping themselves hydrated The area which we use for the camp is known for its spectacular landscapes and vistas. complete with a range of animals. At night. one hears the calls ofjackal and hushbabies. while during the day the rive re punctuated by calls from purple-crested loeries and black cuckoos. The variety of biomes also contributes to some incredible walking that takes the boys from open grasslands to dense riverine forests, The week is spent hiking and completing outdoor activities. the culmination being the boys' solo night. The three main hikes arenamed Gear s Pass. Wilde s Pass and Mphamphuli s Pimple Hike. They are quite technical hikes in that the ascents and descents require sure footing and stamina. Navigation by means of a map also tested the boys abilities (and at times those of the staff as welll). Activities ' included mountain hiking. Orienteering. a ciling, rockclimhing. raft-building. rivercrossing and paintball. in addition. the boys were engaged in conversations around nientorship and they were afforded space for re ection about the sort of man that they wish to become. The highlight for most of the hair their solo night. whore thl' students are placed in the bush for a night with the clothes on their back and a letter from their father as comfort, This is a very emotional experience for the boys is the letter resonates deeply with the expectations they have of their future and it is a watershed moment whore they are able to define their place in the world. The2015camp also created ahumor of unique experiences such as two veltl res that were inadvertently started and needed to be contained by the staff. The boys were moved to alternative camping areas when the tires began to blaze through the parched papicrbos. and the camp staff put their re- ghting skills to the tent in arresting the blaze. This was a real learning curve for all involved and it was reassuring to sue the safety procedures that were put in place being very effective. Although we are out in the sticks" it is clear that safety is paramount and dc. ite numerous challenges. the boys' wellbeing always comes rst, As the organiser. I would like to thank till (if the staff who were involved and in particular the large contingent of new walkers who not only found the experience enriching. but were also able to enrich the lives of the boys in their care. Mr Ian Rickelton and Mr Jone Dale were instrumental in creating a successful camp and their guidance was profoundly helpful. The Grade 10 Camp is a truly special experience that our students are lucky enough to go through. It is a chance for them to be out in the bush andj t he boys. Sometimes ourchaotic. pr ired lives allow little time for the students to tell stor. around camp res. climb mountains. swim in rivers, and connect with their environment by doing boy things. Although the camp has its tough elements. which the students grit their teeth and get through. it is also a space for some fun, llnd this year I think that we were able to achieve that balance. GRADE 11 CAMP Mr C Watson The Grade lls enjoyed a wonderful few days of tcambuilding and honing their leade hip skills at the Spirit of Adventure campsite in the Magaliesherg in late July. While nighttime temperatures plungcd as low as -9 (. the boys engaged in a variety of pi'ohlcn solving activities in a series of must il excrcis The robust nature of. te and excr.,5 enhanced the Saints Spirit and brought the boys together in a productive manner. The boys were excellent nmba dors for the ('ollt'gt and received ti rm praise from the camp organisers for the positive approach they used to complete each I. as well as tho good manner.»- they displayed ai all times, The camp was supplemented by a workshop by Simon Hurry who took the boys through an intensive a mom or their persnniil chai'uiilt'r sirt-ngihs. Bi- explaining those strengths in liit' conwxr of working l't itllilillsillps. iliv burs \\ l t them in dealing with people from all walks of life in :i Wldt variety of Sillmlinns. By ht t'itllllll]: mindful of their own. ~i-ngths. as well as those of others. lilt bin-s» learned n varieti- ni methods or engaging with tilitl l t'l il jit'tipit with the shared ll)! of rem-him: the goals they haw dcicrmincd Mr (I.lunsmi Middle l liiisi- Ull'i t lnl' Page i 65

170 SPIRITUAL - (:HAI I AIN'S Rlil UR Psalm 86:10]! You Ill L iniizhly and tlu- beginning of ihe second term. do wonderful things: You alone andei'oiion God. 'l eavli min Lord. what You wnni me to do. and I will obey you faithfully. teach me to serve You with miiipleic ( oiiiinunity Eiigagunient and Partnership coniiiiuvs io l'liillll n l and change the ch: :iciei- ofour boys. During a dc» Iirii' iig session after 21 vi L grade 5 I will praise You with all my Iioy. 'I iiiiothy II; siin said. "The Visit heart 0 Lord niv (itid; I will proclaim \iiui- greatne. forvi.0. This year we have been Inuiiching our Staivnieni oi Spii-itualiiy. Sliui t :irticlos oi' the Sinlt mt nl were prilill tl iii our monthly iit-wsit-tiers and 11' full version i'an hi found in our website. \io would :ippi'i-ciiilv it thus aints rom- niunity tiiniiliai-isud Kl lt msl lvos wuh ii. Thc following hays were inducted as Chapel Scri'crs: Wandile Makwciu. Siyahonga Zwaiic. Adi-man Vorster. :iinscgo Manoko. Evangelos Sioutas. Reiibelswv Botlhnlo. Wandilc- Ntuza ()lll chapel cen ices con- and Nicholas (iiiddin ()lil ut llii'ii' dunes Is In pi-i» moic the attendance of Chapel in a positive. friendly manni-r iinue I he inspiring and challenging ()ur Ruciiir iilso takes chapel sari-nos once u it'l l Huh-communion as a means of gi'm'v is C( lel Hlt d TlliNdaVs through Iill' hous- Us and oiirt- a Il l lll l1) Illt- whole >1 Iiiiiil body ( hrisuiin ilill (lll\'~ Ill'l iilisiwwd and coiciiraii-d,.v\t ihi-iiegiiiniiiu iii Illi' year (iidiuin's Iiiti-riiatiiiiial unw- III» bios to all our grade 3 and now boys in other izi'adcs Ii IS i lili gnu-v ul iliitl Ill:ll during: our i)\l~ \ st llt'll llt'> um III't alilv in pause and i-i-iim-i on our spirit» \ial Jmirnt-y. SHIIIIK iv nmiii-smmu 1 ill'lli uni-e II ti-t'm id niv highlight iiiis it a llii. 'ii-i- Iii-Iii in -Jiiiii-. Thu 0. t'olloge ('hiiii' and tho Dukes lcd l.\ in Dr ship and vw \\'L I L able. not only t't ll" iii ate [hi-ir aim-mil lilli lllb. liiil \\l I'nutid niirs l\'i.~ Iii-i-n drawn ('liim'i' in (loci in our tiiiii» together. Religious Education for gi tles 8 Hull 51 have boon promos-aim: well and an Al pha Youth ('oiirso was iiiirodui-cd ai Page I 66 niadi- int» he gran-iii] of sinipli» things in life and in HDDI L CIHIL' what I how, I Iiavo Icai-nt-d many lessons which I hope to rhoi Ii I'oi- tho rest ofmy life." Oiircon i-inniitui r. Sl'a for grades II). I] aitd 12 prog sod WL'll thit. A camp was hold at ( yai-a Lodge fol- Itiwod by a con rmation schice in our ( hapol and this year a group of 1-1 huy' con rmed. Wc are proud of the. illiyh whii pcrsoi-cretl in tiii- i-iul (ll Spili their hem; hoot coininiinicnis Foiindt- s [)ay th' stiiiiiiiiii.r ()iii' gut-st peakii Dr (ii'inn Mhluphv. South.\i i > ttl \'li'llt'l'. poet. :li'lul' :iiiil il lllll)l'. l llplllri ti ihc aiiciition nt' thi- :iiiilieiii-e Slit» illll(ll\' said St Suthiaiis ( iiiii-gi- is a place of "cooking" um numb and sliililllii! ol' minis, 'I Iii- ltll >IIIL and the tilii'lllnl' «il' l) Hall and Ailiuiia ( ciiii'v \ and Wu )l :l\ iliai those who V Ill}: IlH NI I'ni'ilil ll'r- will Iw inspired, The music It i'll'ili'l A and hllltll'lilh shawl:ili lil~ The Junior ( soil then- l ii-p 1. in ii II he ii.» war 'l'\'no Humor and all IT (lt A IY I_ iiiiii llt'il Inili-i-(I 'l' are «I school of "II\>]ill'llli1I'l lil IIl'i. Making a World iil l)il Ii-ri-iiii Youth Day was observed and colt-brat» oil at a chapel wi'i'ii-iu We were lionourt-rl il) Iw Illl(ll'l ~ -d I - Antoincti Sithiiltz lhl' ~i~tci~ of odor I ietcrson who was killed during the Soweto stu- (li nth uprising of l vividly rccalled that chilly Wednesday. 16 June 1976 and 1 was a student at Orlando West High School where the shunting took place. The Methodist Schmils' Chaplains' Conference was held at Kingswood College in (Irahamstown A document on Methodist Ethos in schools was dismissed and at opted as a working ducument. Bishop Andilc Mbete of Grahamstown District was introduced as Bishop re spttiisihlv rnr Mcthodist Schools Chapr \t our meeting With the Heads of Method ist Schools here at St Stiihians. Rev Prof Stephen Hen~ dricks from 310th odisi Education De>k pointed out the importance of our partnership as ( hui ch Schools. 'l hc.\'.itinnal Inde~ pendeni Schools ( haplains' ('oni crilso cnre iv, _ hold in (il'ililzlmsliiwn. My highlight was a quiet time rt-ircai \\' Il l monks at tho ll](7n: $l l _\'. Ilk' focus was how "the kingdom of Hod is clash at hand." The l'luhiig mantra being: Bil Awaki : Bo Aware. Ba Alixc I also enioycd the pi-vscntatiaii iiy Mrs Diana Hor r. ( oniiiiiiiiity litigageiiicnt IR CIOI' from Rhodes University. :\ Remembrance Service was held to honour our departed loved uni-s I! was n t'i'ry inn-mi ot'rusion. from the angelir l)_\ JuniorPrep ('Iinir. In the Iimuti fuiiy-printed booklct, and nini iltl' n-nmzininying St Y'l'lL' Thank mu fm' all ymn- ('f/nr.. nsmi-iii-und It: ntllll s ims Boy Johnson. ( ulo is 3:12 Therefore. as God s choscii peuplc, holy and dearly loved. cloilw yoursoives with compo on. kllldnl >. humility. gentleness and tin» iioni-c. Rev D Nkoino

171 SPORT -TOP ACHIEVERSAWARDS & ACTIVITIES HONOURS IN SPORT Kyler Mintah - Basketball Asanoe qumalo» Basketball Tatenda Nyageni - Basketball Ephraim Ozabor - Basketball Tristan Blackie-Roden - Cricket Brandon Glover - Cricket Wiaan Mulder - Cricket Ricardo Vasconcelas Cricket Nicholas Duncan-Trail] - Football Emilio Pera - Golf Connor Beauchamp - Hockey Tristan Blackie-Roden» Hockey Reece Goosen - Hockey Travis Jutronich - Hockey Tristan Spencer - Hockey James Freeman Rowing Bryce Etter - Rowing (re-award) Declan Connolly - Squash Jared Swart - Squash Jonathan Baker - Swimming Gabriel Forbes - Swimming Trent Pauzera - Swimming Michael Teles - Swimming Kyle van Niekerk - Swimming MJ Buys - Swimming (rcaward) Ryan Liebenberg - Tennis Dylan Walters ~ Tennis Aidan Macleod ~ Water polo Andrew North. Water polo COLOURS IN SPORT Joe Shalala ~ Basketball Connor Beauchamp - Cricket Joshua Coetzce ~ C cket Justin Watson» Cricket Londani Msimang - Cross Country Brandon Vern-tank - Cross ( ountry Thato Maeko Football Bennedict Mahlangu - Football Tatenda Nyagani - Football Nicholas Duncan -Traill - Football (re-award) Alex Vrls A Golf Reece Goosen - Hockey Travis Jutronich - Hockey Alexi Manganadelis ~ Hockey Meric Martin - Hockey Nicholas Mase eld - Hockey Jordan McLachlan - Hockey Remo Rossi - Hockey Dylan Walters - Hockey Michael Breytenbach - Rowing Brandan Durkan - Rowing Jordan Pepcrmans - Rowing Maximilian Silbei - Rowing Nicholas Archibald Rugby Michael du Toit ~ Rugby Asante qumalu» Rugby Aidan Macleod - Swimming Jordan Manes - Swimming Craig McMurchic - Swimming Michael Stewart - Swimming William Swart - Swimming Connor Hinrichs - Swimming (re-award) Andrew North. Swimming (re award) Jonathan Baker, Water polo Thomas Eichner - Water polo Gabriel Forbes ~ Water polo Connor Hinrichs - Water polo Douglas Smith» Water polo TEAM AWARD IN SPORT Koagan ( haffey - Athletics Nicholas Dc Decker» Athletics Stcl'tm Grit-eel - Athlctics Justin llilkant ~ Athlcti Shant- Lindsay - Athlcli 5 Marie Martin - Athletics Lian Meyer - Athletics Kylter Mintah - Athltltics Bradlce Nit-oils - Athletics Michael Nothnagcl - Athletics Michael Robinson - Athletic Bradley Schmid ~ Athletics Liam Schultz - Athletics Michael Thornton - Athletics Johan van Der Pool - Athletics Hluma Manic-21 ~ Basketball Rishcn Ram - Basketball Paul Sidersky - Basketball Dylan Tehini - Basketball Bani Vundla - Basketball Curtis Camphcr Cricket Joshua Cnetzee - ( ricket Craig Meier» Cricket Joshua Richards - Cricket Nick Lavarone - Cross Country Max van der Loco - Cross Country lan Kamuthu Football Medupi Monyatsi - Football Luvuno Ngwale ~ Golf Bradley Fox - Golf Keanu Pestana ~ Golf Mbugna Wainaina - Golf Kaden Arguile - Hockey ( urtis Camphcr - Hockey Justin Lilkant - Hockey Patrick Martin - Hockey Connor McDiarmid - Rowing Aidan Smith ~ Rowing Jordan Smith - Rowing Acden Dotlhell - Rugby Nicholas Duncan-Ti aill» Rugby Andrew Galatis - Rugby Hluma Manjezi - Rugby Cameron Nelson - Rugby Dylan Schmid ~ Rugby Keegan Sullivan - Rugby William Swai't ~ Rugby Christopher Fletcher - Squash Luca Milanesi - Squash Tyi'onnc O'Grlltl quash Mark Stricken u quash Nicholas Iii'imiiconlbc - Swimming Sebastian Burgor - Swimming (Tlilliiiu Tl'liilicr - Swimming Alherlus Krugcr - Tennis Richard I lionglmnli - unnis Nicholas Iii-inizicombl-» W'ntm' polo MJ Du Toit - Water polo Liam lmuunn. wlut-r polo Douglas Smith, Wall-r polo Michael Slcwlli't - Waiter pnlo William Swurt Willt l' polo Dylan Wells. wlnur pull) Page 167

172 SPORT -TOP ACHlliVlZRS AWARDS &' ACTIVITIES CAPS FOR SPORT Hlunia Manjezi» Basketball Rishen Ram - Basketball Paul Sidersky» Basketball Dylan Tehini» Basketball Bani Vundln - Basketball Goll Bradley Fox. Golf Shane MacKay ~ Golf Max van der Lecq - ( ross Country Luvuno Ngwale - Golf Keanu Pestana Kaden Arguile ~ Hockey Curtis Campher - Hockey Justin Lilkant ~ Hockey Patrick Martin - Hockey Nicholas Maselield ~ Hockey Jordan McLachlan - Hockey Connor McDiarmid - Rowing Aidan Smith - Rowing Jordan Smith - Rowing Nicholas Archibald ~ Rugby Aedan Doubell - Rugby Michael Du Toit - Rugby Nicholas Duncan-Trail] ~ Rugby Andrew Galatis. Rugby Hluma Manjezi - Rugby Cameron Nelson - Rugby Dylan Schmid - Rugby Keegan Sullivan. Rugby William Swart. Rugby Christopher Fletcher - Squash Tyrnnne O'Grady - Squash Mark Stricken - Squash Nicholas Brimaz-umhe - Swlmmiiig Sebastian Burgcr- Swimming James North - Swimming Michael Stewart -Swmiming Callum Trainer - wimmlng Christian van dct' Her-vet ~ Swimming Taine Bernhard - Tennis Nicholas Brimacumhe - Water polo MJ Du Toit. Witter polo Thomas Eichner - Water polo Gabriel Forbes - Water polo Liam Lecuona - Water polo Michael Stewart - Water polo William Swart - Water polo Dylan Wells» Water polo SCHOOL SPORT AWARDS Andrew Pretorius Memorial Trophy for the most improved cricketer in the lst Xl: Joshua Richards. Roy Pienaor Shield for the best batsman in the lat XI; R. Vasconcelos shared with Pieter (Wiaan) Mulder. Andrew Browne Hockey Trophy (for the U16. or younger, player who. in the opinion ofthe coaches. has best demonstrated excellence, commitment. humility and sportsmanship throughout the season: Curtis Campher. Young Achiever Floating Trophy: Cameron Rowe (for a prom' ing cricketer in the junior teams). Hancock Cup for the most improved junior squash player: Erich van Beak. Chairman s Cup {for the best junior rowing ct w) is: ('harles I): '- Shcldon Nash (for their SA School ('hamps silver medal in the double scull). Most Improved Rowing Crew - U15 Double Scull: Alexander Katsoulis 8t l lvangulos Sioutas. Lazarus Trophy for best junior Basketball Player: Andrew Miltiudtiur Norman Tickton (for outstanding sporting ability in a boy aged 15 yrs or younger): Justin Llehenhcrg. Tennis Trophy for the most valuable player of the year: Dylan Walters. (Represented Iet team since grade 8. Gauteng Central Colours.(number 1 position). A Schools Team under 15. SA Nationals tournament: Runner up in singles and doubles. winner mixed. Ranked number 2 under 14 in South Africa, and currently ranked number 2 under 16 in South Africa. and number 1 in doubles). OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS Tennis Justin Liebenberg participated in the Key Health Tennis tournament in Pre toria and won all three events he participated in: the singles. doubles and mixed doubles events. Congratulations to Richard Thongoana who won the prestigious African Junior Championships (AJC) played in Tunisia on Saturday. '2! March Very few South Africans have won this tournament in its history and it is a real privilege that Richard joins this elite circle. At the National Tennis Inter-Provincinls held in Pretoria from 26 March to 1 April. Justin Liebenberg (grade 9) played number 1 for Gauteng Central in the U15 age Group. Gauteng Centrnl won the interprovincial tournament against 16 other regions (6 boys and 6 girls per region). After the inter-provincials. an SA Schools team is selected to tour England nnd Scotland in June to represent SA. Justin has been selected as 1 of 6 U15 boys to play for SA. From 2 April to 6 April the SA Junior Tennis Nationals took place in Bloemfontein. These are all the top players Page 168

173 SPORT -TOP ACHIEVERSAWARDS & ACTIVITIES who qualify to play for the SA titles in singles. boys doubles and mixed doubles. Justin reached the nals in all 3 events. He lost in close matches to the SA number 1 in the singles final (from Grey College) and lost again to the SA number 1 in the boys doubles nal (thus runner up in both events). Justin won the SA Mixed Doubles Ii» nals with Saints Girls' College player. Jessica Assenrnacher. Albertus Kruger and Richard Thongoana. who played for thesa Junior (U18) Davis Cup Team in Egypt last week. won the Africa Group Quali er. They will now represent South Africa in Spain in September. Many of our tennis boys competed in the Marks Park Junior Tournament for all players across Gauteng. Kyle Johnson should be congratulated in winning the tournament singles competition. Dylan Walters and his partner won the doubles. Justin Liebenberg (grade 9) and Dylan Walters (grade 11) received their SA Schools colours for Tennis. The Cap ping Ceremony took place before they departed with the SA Schools team to the UK to play against Scottish and English Invitational teams. Whilst in the UK, they were treated to a few days at Wimbledon. where they spent some time with St Stithians Old Boy. and international tennis star. Kevin Anderson. Congratulations to Richard Thongoana (grade 9) for winning the Grade 3 ITF tournament played in Zimbabwe over the August holidays. Richard has now broken into the top 250 players in the world on the Junior I I F rankings list and is currently placed 238th. Some of the Saints tennis players participated in two national tournaments held in CapeTown in the early part of October. In the rst event, Justin Liebenberg (grade 9). participating in the Boland Tennis SA Series. reached the finals ofthe Boys 16and Under cat» egory after beating the Western Province number 1 (and rst seed) in the quarter nals and then heating the SA U16 number 3 in the semis. Unfortunately. Justin lost the nals in a tough encounter. Justin and Taine Bernhard. also of Saints. then reached the nals of the doubles event. which they lost in another close contest. In the week thereafter. live Saints hoys participated in the SA Masters, where the topranked 16 boys in SA in each designal» ed age group compete for the Masters title. Grade 11 and 12 players play in the 18 and Under events. with grade 9 and 10 players competing in the 16 and Under event. ' Dylan Walters (grade 11) ended 7th in the Boys 18 and Under event ' Bertus Kruger (grade 10) ended 2nd in the Boys 16 and Under - Justin Liebenberg (Grade 9) ended 9th in boys 16 and Under ' Taine Bernard (grade 10) ended 14th in boys 16 and Under KyIcJohnsun (grade 9) ended 15th in boys 16 and Under. Saints should be very proud of all the achievements against the top players in SA 3 Walcr Polo Congratulations to Jonathan Baker who was selected as A member of the SSA (Swimming South Africa) Men's water polo Youth Tennl. to participate in the lst CANA Zom- IV Wutcr polo Youth Championships 2015 (18 and under) 2015, in Harare. Zimhiihwo from 30 January 2015 to I February Congratulations also to Mr Grae» mu LucasJSulI who was: selected as coach for this Team. Congratulations to Jono Baker who was selected for theu17sawater polo team to play in Zimbabwe in March. Andrew North, Aidan Macleod and Jonathan Baker are congratulated on being selected for the U18 Water polo Currie Cup side. Thomas Eichner was selected as u reserve. Liam Lecuonn was chosen to represent our country in u U16 Water polo Tournament in Malta from July. Hockey Provincial Selections U14: Daniel Martin (UHD). Joshua Pilling (UNA). Amukelani Mathye (UNA). Sebastian de Oliviera (U140). Dylan Martin(U14A). U16: Mark Strickctt (U16B). ( hris Wilson (UIGC). Patrick Martin (U16A). Waiidile Makwetu (UISD). U18: Curtis Campher (UISA). Connor Beauchamp (captain U18A). Tristan BlackievRoden (U183). Travis Jutronich (UIBA). Reece (loosen (U18A). Curtis Campher U17SA Schools side and Connor Boauchamp, U18A SA Schools side. Equestrian Thomas Triggol competed in the FE] Show Jumping Finals in Mexico. Htmanaged it double Clearon the rst dtl'i' and then u brilliant mlh place when only two of them wc re Imornmionnl riders. and the rcst from Mexico. Ho also made it into the [up Iii nal round. WIN'H he was runkud 4th in the iutvr» national team. In the 1.2 m speed event over n tight course of 13 jumps. Tom 'I riggol. riding Donny. was the only ridl-r out of II competitors to complete n clunr round. thus securing first place. In the 1.2 m competition over two rounds. svvon rnii-rs qunliliod for 10 Page 169

174 SPORT.H W\MIEZHM\\\ \\\1H ~1\ MHUMM

175 ' SPORT -TOP ACHIEVERS AWARDS &ACTIVITIES jump-off. In the jump-off. Tom rode rst, going clear and setting a target speed of 34 seconds. However. he was pipped into second place by a rider from Midstream College. Tom Triggol took 3rd place in one of the 1.2 in show jumping events and has been selected for the Gauteng Cen» tral A Team in both 1.2 metre events. Tom is congratulated on making the team. despite his horse having been ill and missing the third Quali er. Jordan Roux also participated in Qualifier 4 as his rst inter-schools event and completed all four classes. earning valuable points for the school team. Thomas was selected to ride in the popular. annual German Friendships" where he represented South Africa. Tomcame 3rd out of 54 riders. 27 of them being Germans on their own horses. He and his German partner ended lst overall. Tom is congratulated on these fantastic results. Fencing Jeremy Saner quali ed to represent South Africa at the Junior African Championships & Cadet World Sabre to be held in Algiers. Algeria from the 26th February to 10 March. He has quali ed in the Cadet (U17) Category for CMS (Cadet Mens Sabre). CME (Epee) and CMF (Foil). and well as JMS (U20) (Junior Mens Sabre), Harry Saner competed in the GPA Schools League Competition 2015 at TUKS Pretoria on 14 March. There were over 50 competitors from 20 different schools. Harry won a gold medal in the U15 Minim Foili a silver medal in the U15 Cadet Foil and a bronze medal for the U15 Epoe. which put St Stithians into 2nd place on the Schools Ranking Table. - Judo Thahang Royds received his junior black belt in Judo during December, David Stockigt quali ed for and at tended a grading camp for the rst week of the December holiday and quali ed for hi senior black belt for Judoi He has also been invited to the attend National Trials for South African Judo in Stellenbosch in February. Stockigt was invited to the South African NationalJudoTeam trials andna tional Rankings Event in Stellcnbosch. He ended the weekend with a Gold Medal for the National Ranking Competition. He made the South African National Team and is now ranked number 1 in South Africa in his category. Thabang Royds was selected to partici» pate in a Judo competition tour in Germany in June. His participation gets him full Provincial Colours. Congratulations to Thabang Royds and David Stockigt who participated in the Champion of Champions Judo Competition. l'habang received a silver medal and David received a gold and silver medal. David was selected to represent South Africa at the African Championships in Burundi from 22 to26 July. He will qualify for Prmea Colours at this event. David has so been selected to represent (iauteng Judo at the upcoming cultural 0x~ change tour and international comm» tilion in Leipzig Germany. During the mid-term break. three St Stilhiuns College boys. David Stuckigt (grade ll). Thnbang ltnyds (grade 9) and Simon Wehbor (grade 9), reprt-st nlud their province at the annual South M» rican Judo Championships which wenheld at Stellcnbusch Universily. David did really well to win the bronze modal in his category. and Simon ended 51h out of the 18 provincial rcprosrnnr tivos in his division. David goes on in represent South Africa at the Africa Championships in Egypt at the end of the month David Stockigt (grade 11) earned his full Protea Colours by representing South Africa as part of the National Team competing in Sharm El Sheikh in the African Games from July 2015 in Egypt. In the individuals he made the semi~ nals. and ended fourth earning his rst international ranking points. In the team events. of ve judokas they kept the SA ag flying high. earning the bronze medal. Congratulations to Thabang Royds (grade 9) who has been upgraded to a Provincial C Referee in Judo. Cycling Andrew has become a bit ofa mini-celebrity at the Cape Town cycle wur in that hr- has done a number of radio interviews about his efforts. and what is quite impressive is that not only does he do the ride. he also raises money for charity. Over the last three years. he has raised just over R40,000 for chari» ty. Nathan Olivier (grade 10). participat» ed in the Amashova Cycle ( hallcngo on Sunday 18 October, This is a tough raco where the rye sts have m ridc 106 km through the Valley of :I Think sand Hills in KZN. Nathan pvrl onnvd extremely well and came 8th out 0(212 participants in the starting group mid in the U Hi ( lll- 13th out of 34 rycl ogory, Gulf Congratulations to Emilio Porn. Haydn Driver. Alex Vns, Bradlvy Fox and Keanu Pcstami for qualifying in play in the ( rntrnl (hunt-m: lli L123 gulf murnnniont. Thvsv ho}. mndo it through to a tuuruanmn In ll much Page 171

176 $.0ng '2... Z._:/.:x /// /... _ Z::xl : _:...:...:_..,...;:.:...77 _._ : :.y:...:....:.7.:.1..._.. :.: : G......_..._.:.::,... l... ) C:;:.:.. E _:...I..:y_12...: :.....y. _..._:...:....:. E i :_.7,:..,_..... :.: _.._ ?.: _ }, 72: : ,.._.,. 5:... 7.: :. i :,:.._...:......:...._. $7.2; s...:..., ::....._..,...:...:..: C: :. 3:.....:.77.._.n :....:_.: ; 57 :_,..::... _.,.;. 1:5..qu 23:... _.../.._:._..I...: :..:......::.. 5.; z. 1.3:? _,.:._,..._ E.... :._.._...:._..._._... : ::Z....2: _._ a....r.. :5}: F......: :.._.., :... ::..../ _.:._.,._....2: :_.2:.._..,:...L..:...,..._:_...:.7 _: :71... _..:x : :_. _._...r. _._..7..: _: _..._...y. E :::..._.:..._ :....;.2; 7.2:... 5.: 7: ;... :...: ::..v 2. 1:. :.:..: : «1...: 7.: :1 : Ci ; ;.. : :2. L E 3... :.:... z... :.._. _..._.:...:...\.:.,......x : : (L... fir: L... :7? _:..:.I F... T)..1..._._ _... _..,.. 5:....: Z...:::....Et. 23, ;.23.;.1 u: rr c :...é_.....m.2. E: : ,....=:::.7_:_.y.: 77:... _._..=..,:...:.._ z. 2:. 7...:..._...:<.._...:E,._..._..._._..,..., 5...y... 5:. E;.2...=::< 56: ; :E. s..::...m 1.: n:_._ 5:......_ : :

177 SPORT ITOPACHIEVERS AWARDS & ACTIVI I IES Championships in Finland in June, Congratulations to Liam on the following achievements during the Gauteng Raw Powerlifting Competition: New unof cial RSA Squat record. 245 kg (raw). New unof cial RSA Deadliit record ~ kg (raw). New unof cial RSA Total record 620 kg (raw), Gold for sub-junior 120 kg division. Gold forjunior 120 kg division. Gold for open 120 kg division. Overall best lifter of the Competition. Weightlifting Congratulations to the following boys who represented Gauteng at the SA Weightlifting Champs in Port Eliza» beth on 1 and 2 May All the boys train daily at the HPC under the guidance of Rodney Anthony and Steve Franck. The results are as follows: 50 kg category: Mitch Booyse (grade 10) ~ silver medal. 56 kg category: Ross Booyse (grade 10) ~ gold medal. 62 kg category: Duncan Williamson (grade 11) 5th place 69 kg category: Robert Bruce (grade 12) bronze medal. Christopher Thackwray (grade 12) 7 silver medal. Gilad Katzav (Class of 2014 and now student at Wits) gold medal. Open Dcadlift Championship. Congratulations to the following boys who competed in the Open Dcodlift Championship for Men hold at thr- HPC on 26 September 2015: Buiclani Ngaki (grade B). - Gold in sub-junior 93 kg category. - Gold in the junior category 93 kg Best lift ~ 165 kg. Lungclo Rajuile (grade 11). - Bronze in junior 83 kg. - Gold in subejunior 83 kg. ~ Best lifter in sub junior category Best lift 185 kg. Congratulations to Belulcnoi Ngoki who competed in the SA Bench Press Competition held at St Stithions. In the 93 kg weight category sub junior hewas placed lst. He also broke thesa record which was kg Bulclani benched 120 kg. He made the SA Raw Bench Press team and received his SA colours. He will receive his Protea Blazer before the Worlds which will he held in Potchet stroom in April. Rugby Well done to Ascnothi Ntlahakanye. who made the LionsU16A team to play at the Grant Khomo Week. Nicholas Brimncombe and ananda Mutoma will represent the U16 Academy. while Luke Squires. Kcagan Lailvaux. Adriaan Vorstei'.and Lian Meyer all made the U16 Academy XV. Asenothi Ntlahakanye (grade 10) was selected for the SA U16 rugby player camp to he held from 1179 October Michael Nothnagc] and Sham: Lindsay were chosen to represent thc Golden Lions U16 sevens team to play against a team from Monaco. l hcy wcrc fortuntitc to play tho curtainvrnisrr for thrtest match betwccn the All Blacks nnd Springboks played it! Ellis Park on 25.July Athletics Shanc Lintlrany and Michacl Nothnngcl won gold mcdals In the Hoorskool Lindcn Prestige Athletics Mcctinu at U.) at the end oldanuory. Five of our ntlilet hunr- Lindsay. Bradlce Nicholls. Stefan Grit-sol. Mi- (:l mcl Thornton and Nicholas do Docker quali ed tocompete in the Secondary Schools Gnuteng Athletics Championships on 13 and 15 March at the Gcrmiston Athletics Stadium. Shanc and Stefan are commended for competing in on older age group: despite this. Stefan placed 4th for the U17 jovelin, and Shane placed llth in the semi- nal ofthe U17 100m heat in it time ( On 15 March, Bradlce Nicholls and Shane Lindsay ran in the U in heat, where they both quali ed for the semi- nal heat owing to their respectable times. Furthermore, on 14 March, Shane Lindsay won a bronze medal in the 100 in heat at the Central Gauteng Youth and U23 Championship. Shane participated in both the U In and 200 in events. and his times were and respectively. Shane Lindsay was selected for the ( GA Team and will be competing in the 100 m sprints (Youth Boys) at the South Africa Sub-Youth. Youth. Jun» ior. U23 Championships to he held from 9 11 April 2015 in Bloemfontein. Shane Lindsay represented the Gaut~ cng Athletics Team in the South Alli can Notional Championships hy pain ticipming in tho U17 youth boys' 100 m. Shanc placed 5th in a HIP of and managed to qualify for the U17 National mlity team. Shiinc is coir grzitulaicd on his outstanding porfoh mnnl'l-s this so son. Shunc Lindsay participated in the Contra] Goulcng Athlct _ roinpvtt tinn. Hp run in the U]? 200 in rncc Wh( l'( he placed rst in a limo of >1). Athlclcs rmnpolod m (,ivi'mismn in tho ('i-nlral (inutcng Allilvlu's ('hnmpiotr ships - 10 October 2015 Show Lindsay l'll" l)l lilllllll_\ and camp 15! in both his 200 m and 100 m U17 ruct s that ho cmnpvtcd in Ho run his personal best time in 1hr Page 1 73

178 SPORT.TOP ACHIEVERS AWARDS 81 ACTIVI'I II 200 to race in a time of and ran a very quick 100 m in a time of Bradlee Nicholls also ran well on the day placing 11th in the 200 min a time M He placed 4th in the 100 m inwith a time of Lian Meyer ran in the 100m rnce, placing 5th in n time of Thomas Lee ran in the to race in a time 01'4246. Cricket SA U19 cricket squad to Bangladesh Ryan Rickelton. Brandon Glover and Wiaan Mulder. Ryan Rickelton 7 SA Schools U19. Marques Aekerman ~ captain SA Colts, Well done to Wiaan Mulder and Brian don Glover who made the SA U19 cricket team that will take on Bangla» desh from 29June to 21 July 2015 in a seven-match. Youth One~Day International series in Durban and Pietermar» itzhurg. Cricket South Africa has announced their squad for the U19 National Camp. A list of 29 plnyers has been chosen and announced by ( ricket South Africa. Congratulations to: Ricardo Vasmncclas (grade 12]. Wandile Makwetu (grade 10). Brandon (llover (grade 12D and Winnn Mulder (tn-title ill. Gall/Mg Cricket Ht-Ierlion U15A Jarred Venter Johan Mulder Mudiwa ('hnnikira Cameron Sheckolton Clayton Perring U178 Curtis Campher Jason Knibhs Josh Richards U17A Josh Coetzec Craig Meier Justin Watson" U19B M Erasmus T Blackic Roden U19A Brandon Glover Wandile Mnkwetu Wiaan Mulder Ricardo Vasconcelos. Skydiving Over the course of last year Tiaan Harmse completed 25 Solo parachute jumps and the 2 necessary training coursestoqualifyforaninternationally recognised skydiving 'A' Licence. He ful lled these requirements at the end of last year and has since received his licence. Clay Pigeon Shooting Ethan Shahim has been awarded SA Protea Colours for ( 1in Pigeon shooting. He was invited to participate in the Pan African C" i ' on the weekend (#21722 February. This is an important event in preparing for the world championships. which will be held in the USA in April. where he will be part of the SA Team, In qualifying for Proton Colours. the discipline that he shoots is known its Sporting. To qualify for JuniorSA ( 01- ours the proce - as follows: Trinlist have to shoot 6 notional rompetitivt events. throughout SA (Cape Town. KZN. Free S HLEt Eas'tern Cape. Gnutenn. Limpopo). To qualify for SA Proteu Colours. the Junior shooter has to shoot 87% of the top gun score. in four separate trials. The top gun score in the person who shoots the best score in n competition (usually a member of the SA Senior Proton Team). The top gun shot is 90 out of 100. Juniors would have to shoot 87% of 90 shots. which would be 78 out of 100 to qualify. To qualify the junior trialist has to shoot this 87% in 4 of the 6 trials. Ethan placed in the mp six (juniors and seniors. in all trials bar one) and was the top junior. One other Junior quali ed ~ a Matric at Allies. Ethan was selected to compete in the World English Sporting Championships in April, in Florida. USA. as part of the SA Junior Protea team. Ethan placed 11th and had a wonderful experience. Ethan has been chosen as the African Blnser Junior ambassador. and has been offered a ve-year sponsorship. Including the use oftheir topend F3 Sporting competition gun with which to compete. Ethan will be competing in another World Championship in Cape Town in October, This is the rst timesahasbeen awarded the opportunity to host a World Sporting Championship Clay target event. Knralc (Timur ' ~ to the " " boys who achieved their Block Beltson 24 8: 25 April 2015 at the ISMAA Gasshuku at Wits University. 1) Luca Milanesi: Senior Black Belt (Shodan) 2) Nicholas Meyer: Senior Black Belt (Shodan). Congratulations to Kyle Johnson who has been selected to compete in the South African JKAs National Karate Championship held on 6 June at the Standard Bank Arena. Squash Declan Connelly and Jared Swart were selected for the Gauteng U19B side Page 174

179 SPORT. ITOP ACHIEVERSAWARDS 8r ACTIVI'I'IES and Mark Strickett for the U16A side. These three boys participated in the Inter-Provincial Tournament. Declan Connelly and Jared Swart played for Gaiiteng U193 in the Inter Provincial Tournament. Their team came rst nationally, winning gold medals. Gauteng did exceptionally well this year: all their U19 sides (boys and girls,a and B sides) got gold. Mountain Bike Racing Matthew Minter (grade 11) started doing Downhill Mountain Bike Racing at the end of last year and this year entered in his rst South African Cup se~ ries as well as the National Champs. The SA National Downhill Cup Series is four competitions where he competed in the 'Elite age group, which is professional riders the likes of Greg Minear, who is the current World Champion. In this series he nished 22nd in the Elite men category. He competed in the SA National Champ Series in his own age group and came 6th in thejunior men category. placing 27th overall. Soccer Shungu Dutiro (grade 10) won three awards at the Engen U17 Knockout Soccer Challenge. He won Player ofthe Tournament. Striker of the Tournament and Top Goal Scorer of the Tournament. Congratulations to Jason Bewsey (Grade 9) who captained the ( entral District s U15 Soccer Team that went on and won the national districts HOD certournament on 3 and 4 October. Karling Jason Smith nished 3rd in The South African National Super Rnk l25cc championship. The championship is over four race events (Port Elizabeth. Cape Town. Pietermaritzhurg and Vereeniging) and Jason got two podium nishes and two 4th places over the season. He was been invited to race in the World Championships in Italy in the second week of October. Flying Brandon Vermaak (grade 11) went solo in August. This means that he piloted an aircraft on his own, without an instructor in the aircraft with him. Quite a feat considering that he is not allowed to drive yet! Bodybuilding Vole Dzivhani (grade 12) competed in the NABBA/WFF Gauteng Provincials (Bodybuilding Competition) at UNISA. He came second in his category and therefore quali ed to represent his province for the NABBA/WFF National Championships held at Sibaya Casino in Umhlanga Rocks on 10 October. Gaming Aran Groesheek (grade 11), who is part of Bravado Gaming, won the MWEB Gamezone Master series championship in CapeTown over the weekend of3 4 October. They played against the other top CounlervSlrilee, Global Offensive (CS:G0) teams in the country. so it was a great win for iheni. The following weekend ( LII October) they competed in the Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) oi Rage in what can he called the Nationals? of gaming. After a year's league matches. the top l8 teams will play for the ultimate crown as the top 08:00 team in SA. Aron (iroeshrcek and his team Br'uoodo won the :60 Championships at DGL (Digital Gaming Imague). which means that they are of cially the number one CS:GO zoom in SA. DGL is the ultimate test for South Africa's csports teams. This year almost players bottled it out online over 10 months to qualify for the championship. Eighty teams competed in the nal LAN event, with a prize pool of close to a million Rand. Aran was the talk of the event. especially in the nals where he performed extremely well. He is hugely admired for his combination of talent and big match temperament at his young age. On top of this, his rise to success has been phenomenal. In the matter of a year he not only managed to play his way into the top gaming organisation. he also managed to win DBL. This is unheard of. given the fact that he is only 16 and the rest of his team mates are all seasoned gamers With international experience. We are indeed very proud of him. Swimming Congratulations to Lukas van der Merwe (grade 9) who was invited to attend the Italy 2015 Youth Swimming Tour from '24 June to 7 July as part of the Italy 20h} Youth Squad. Kyle van Niekerk is one of four male swimmers that have been selected to represent SA in the fth FINA Junior World Swimming Championships in Singa» pore towards the end of August. Mie cliael Deans (grade 8) participated in the ( eiitral (iauteng Aquatics Senior Short Course Champs during the Au gust Holidays. and achieved Gold Mod als in both the H10 in iind 200 hi Bimistr stroke Events. a Silver Medal in the 50m [irons stroke Event and come 1th in the 100m Individual MUdlcy. {\l i. (-hiiel Deans has been selected to rem-ln sent Gnutcng at the above Swunming Championships in December. Kyle Vt!!! Niekerk participated in the SA Level 3 Natiuuul ( liaiiipioiiships held in Port Elizabeth from March. His results were as mum... - so m Freestyle, lsi place in ;. time of Page 175

180 SPORT I 01 ACHIEVERS AWARDS & ACl lvl l les_ ' 100 m Freestyle 7 2nd place in a time of m From rd place in a ' time ( m Butterfly ~ 1st place in a time of During.r\pril the SA Senior Aquatic Championships were held in Durban from 1-3le April. Hero Kyle had the opportunity to measure himselfagainyt South Africa's big guns like Chad lo Clos. Roland Schooman. Sl'bastlcn Rou all and Myles Brown. His I t ~ sults were as follows: ~ 50 m Freestyle 7 113m plztr'v m a time of Z m l i'ovstylc 7 mi pint-«- in n time of (breaking a ('untrnl Guutonu age group ru-nrd svt In 2006 by SA Olympian Uranium- Moore} m Freestyli- 7 lnlh plnco in a time of 1: m Buttorlly 7 9th pliit'v in a time of (new (Yontrnl Gauleng age group rocordl. Kyle was selected as part ofo lrivmi mher squad to represent Smith Africa at the 5th FINA Junior World Championships in Singapore from August Page 176 As preparation for the Junior World Champs Kyle attended a training camp in Italy from 24 June to 7 July Where he also participated in two galas. again rubbing shoulders with Cameron van den Burg and Chad [9 C105. FINA Junior World Champs is the pinnacle of junior swimming and is held every alternate year in a different host country and only swimmers born from 1997 onwards could participate. Kyle impl sod with some good swimming tim if) m Freestyle «20th place in a liml of (now ( k l ltl' l Gautorig ago group record. The SA romrd for lioys l7 yours old is hi-ltl hy Roland hchoi'nmn. ' ' ' ")0 in P i'oostylv 23rd pluco in a limo tif ljl 200 m Frmn Vit, r 33rd place in u timi- of if:, O 1-) in Butterfly, 24th place in a time Indoor I-Ioi kt'y ('ounrutulations to Rocco (iooson (grado l 1) and Travis Jutronich (grade 1]) who have boon selected for tho (:uutong (lryphuns indoor hockey squad to take part in the U18 Psi Na- tionals in Durban from December. Touch Rugby Tutty Faber and Ronald van den Berg played in the Inter~Provincial Touch Rugby tournament. We proudly report that GTA (Gauteng) U17 came 3rd, Ronald and Tutty played well and both scored tries. Gauteng Water Polo U19A: Jonathan Baker, Thomas Eichnor. Aidan Macleod. Andrew North U! 7 Colts: ichael Stewart. U16A: Nicholas Brimacombe. Liam Locuona. U168: Steven Everett. Luke Parln» bean. U15A: Thomas Keogh, Kgomotso Ma» tnka. Joshua Schmidt. Justin van Tubhorghi U15 Squad Resorves: Cameron Sim. UMB: Matthew Fullbeck. Dane Tucker.U14 Squad Reserves: Nicholas Carr. Dualhalon Thomas Lee (grade 10) participated in the Discovery Duathalon he ran and cycled well. ending 18th in the schools Went and 83rd overall.

181 SPORT. IATHLETICS It is always an honour and privilege to be part of a dynamic sport that is con» tinuously growing from strength to strength. The eagerness ofthe athletes to train hard. tocompete at the highest level or just to be part of a sport that will cater for the foundation fitness levels for winter sports. is always rewarding. There are several reasons for the boys doing athletics at the College and I believe that the perception of the sport is fundamentally changing and gaining prestige amongst the other summer sports. This year our athletes were extremely fortunate in being able to participate in numerous athletics competitions and thus gaining valuable exposure to top level athletics. The main idea of introducing athletics in the rst term as an official summer sport. was to provide an opportunity for athletes to compete. Initially this was not an easy task, as there is no xed league in which the independent boys' schools may participate during the first term. So, with this goal in mind, the whole structure of athletics at the Boys" College changed at the lieginning ofthe year. The athletics couches and I have found it difficult to coach boys who were doing athletics just because they are ex pected to do a summer sport. This was unfair on the serious boys who wanted to have speci c training. To accommodate the needs of the serious athletes, 21 ' rst team of athletes was formed. They trained three times a week (Monday. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3 4 pm) and alsocompeted in several competitions between January and March. The athletes participated in meetings hosted by Hoérskool Linden at the University ofjohannosbiii-g, District 10 Athletics Meetings ut Ruimsig, and the Central (inuteng Track and Field Competition. Some of the athletes quali ed to participate in the Gauteng Athletics Championships on 13 and 14 March. There was also the opportunity to pai'ticipatt' in the CGA Meeting held on 7 Mai h. These competitions set the pace for the rest of the season. where the athletes were keen to compete and determined to do well. A couple of our athletes then quali ed to participate at a provincial level and we were very proud of Shane Lindsay whocompeted in thesouth AfricanNa tional Championships by participating in the U17 youth hoys' 100 m. Shane placed 5th in a time of and man aged to qualify for the U17 National relay team. Time trials were held every Saturday morning with a number of boys qualifying for the Elite Athletc T~shirt. A One-Hour Athletics Meet; ing' was also introduced for the rst time and was hosted here at Saints on Baytopp Field. There were a number a relay races run and it is an event that will be repeated at the start of 2016 and hopefully years to come. For the hays who were more interested in cycling. Mr Courtney Watson formed a cross-training programme which allowed the boys to run on a Tuesday. cycle on a Thursday and then cycle and run on a Saturday morning. A cycling track had been laid out on a school grounds and although the course is quite technical it is great fun. The boys also cycled out of the school grounds into the nearby spruit and the Delta. The annual inter-house athletics meeting was held on :26 June. The results of the inter-house meeting were as follows: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Mountstcphons Krigc Mutll s ('ullins Wesley Pills Tucker Wobh chiiiug 10th Pcnryn Our suc sful alhlntics season resumed in the rst week of third term with the athlutos competing in the Four Private Schools AthlL llt ' Meet ing at l arktuwn. ()ur athletes porformed well and set the pace for tho following two important meetings. the Independent schools Meeting at St David's and Inter-High Athletics Meeting at Jeppe. Although we were disappointed with our overall result at the lndepcndent Schools Meeting. there were some outstanding performances by our sprinters and javelin-throwera in particular. The Inter-High Athletics Meeting provided our top athletes with an ideal opportunity to compete at the highest level and l was extremely proud of boys such as Stefan Gricsel. Shane Lindsay, Munashe Chaitezwe. Lian Meyer. Michael Nothnagel, Josh» un Nothnagel and Thomas Lee. These boys competed with grit and placed well in their respective events. The highlight was when Munashe won the U m race. Our top athletes have also competed in the Central Gauteng Athletics Meeting at Ruinisig. Bokshurg and Germiston Athletics Stadiums. Once again, our athletes achieved excellent times and distances. with Shane Lindsay running his personal best time for the U17 200mat Germiston on 10 October. The rest of the athletes have been attend ing practices regularly and many par ticipated in the Saturday morning timc tri 5. Several Caps and Team Awards were made for the first time in ii number ofycurs. Team and ( ap awards were awarded to: Kcagiin ( holler (100 in). BrudleeNi- L'ols(10(l ni / 200 "1). Nicholas De Deck i'r (Shoiput and 100 in). Michael Roi» inson (Sliutpiit). Meriv Martin («100 in), Johan van dcr Peel (Shutpull. Bradley Schiuid (Javelin). irluicl Noihnagcl (800 m I in). Michael Thornton (High Jump). Justin Lilkant (201] iii. Long Jump). Slvl un Gricsul (Javelin). Kylcr Miiitnli (200 iii). Shane lands: (100m / 200 m). 1 would like to cud oil with :I quote lu- Vincent lomhnrdi: i l'fci'lnm is no! attainable. (in! if U't' chasi- [Yt r 'l'llrm ll't' can catch i.\'r't llclti i"'. 'l'homm for 3016 is to llllllll on the Succe s achieved this year and to sirivc for Ct llt llt u. Ms W Armstrong Page 177

182 SPORT - BASKli'l'IiAll, RFl OR'lS In made the statement that "My goal is simple: train like the best. play the best. beat the b 1 become the best." and 2015 has seen the rst pruductire steps towar s achieving this philosophy. Players. coaches and administrators of the game have tirelessly worked on structures to ensure that we maintain the growth in the club. and ultimately nd happy ful lment iii the games we play and rankings we achieve. Having a internationally-experienced Head Coach in the club in the form of Mr Komadinic has given the players and fellow roaches an insight into What it takes to get the best out of playr s and our final ranking of 4th in the National Tournament this rear was evtdence of hard work and achieving the go:. set at our go.. tting meeting. It was a great pity for us to losemr Koinadinic after the Easter Festival this year. however the footprint he left with the club and the desire to be the host annual Slayers Tournament and again nished in the medals with a iptain ' performance by Epraim 0 ibor securing these with his alt-i-triiying playmaking. Ephraim has gone on In st'til't an average of 25 [mints per game with his highest total iif 52 points in a single game coming against St lleiu-rlu s in has allowed the new coaches to pick up seamle- '. Under the guidance of Mr Rubinek our players- went down to the ihelasi i ixturriil iht-_ '.Ti\l highest score is a new St Sililll lll irtl and by all accounts the high.-t points scored by a grade 11 pupil in the bin schmils loagiiv in the last tiri- years lie is truly a player to keep an i')'(' on in The entire first team has played with distinction this season and it would be remiss of me not to I'iii-iition Ihal our Hood Buyand rst team player,..into qumnlo. played every minute (ii t'v game in the rst term. 'l'hnt li-vel rif t~ ness and athleticism. combined with Kyler Mintah s ciipiainc saw the ist side play 35 and win 21 xtures. RCMP Page 178 ing points in all competitions in This spearheaded the club into a club statistic of 130 xtures. winning 55% of them against some incredibly tough opposition. Kyler Mintuh, grade 12, captain First Team player analysis: Hluma Manjezt' is very brave. commits ted. and has excellent defence. A true sportsman and a pleasure to mach. He is a very pit- tive player for the team. Hluma not to work on the off-season because he can he a dominating. big man. Hlumn can improve hisgame as a quick learner with a high basketball IQ. Kylcr Miltlu/i is Team Captain. highly respected by the team and has great authority. He is one of the best players in the team and shows great potential. He has lead the team on and off the court. He is a very athletic individual and it has been a pleasure coachingky~ [er and hope that he plays basketball at whichever university he chooses to at tend. Axon/e Nirunioli). Vice Captain. a friend to the team, Asaiiio has been the most consistent player on the team. He plays the most minutes in that train id adds a ptisilth' energy in the want.. riiitt- has a high sport IQ and makes minimum to no mistakes (luring a game. It is necessary to continue training diligently tn achieve great progress because he is very smart and a fast li-arnrr. I I/ilirriim ()zubor has great potential and is arguably the must valuable plain or in the loam. He has ii remarkable gift for basketball and it shows in his abilities on the court. Ephraim has excellent technique and is an all»round player. Ephraim is a player who at cvcry game scores ii large number of points for the team. Ephraim needs to improve his receiving and p ing ofthe ball. He iii-eds in work on being stronger by do ing strengthening exercises. Ephraim has potential to be the best player in the country but needs to work in the elf-season to make sure he gets better. Talenda Nyagani is a player anymuch would be grateful for. He is very cone mitted. a big fighter, and is the ttest player on the team. Tatenda is our playmaker and he does a great job of it. He is the best defensive player in the team. Tatenda can work on his shoot.- ing. dribbling and passing. It has been a pleasure coaching Tatenda. Rishen Rum has excellent motor skills and endurance. he is very fast and combative and loves the game of basket» ball. Rishen need to work on his shooting. dribbling and passing. He needs to keep practising in order for him to be a good player, Joe Shalala is a speci c player. He plays the centre position and in most games plays against players taller than himself but his ghting spirit compensates for it. Joe needs to work on rebounding and shooting for his position. It has been a pleasure coachingjoe this year. Poul Siderskr is an interesting player and plans the game with case. He is very fast. and has a great attacking game but rould work on his defence. dribbling. passing and shooting to be a better player. Paul needs to do some work tiff-season and could be a good player. by an Trlii'ni plays a Very responsible game as a point guard. Dylan needs to work on his shooting and vision of the game. Dylan is great in attack but needs to pay more attention to his defmico. Dylan has potential to he a great point guard for the team and I hope that he will put in the extra time in the off»season. Grolmm' Bani"Vundla deserves all the praise for his ghting spirit. He has high durnhi ity and movement on the court. icobani is a great defensive player and a great asset to the team. (lcnhani needs to improve his dribbling and shooting techniques to be a very good player.

183 :76: : 5:11.29,..:...::72.1. :..:_:.._ 4...:..:_f._.../.:..._E., :.7._ 5:125:,_ :25... :2:.. 3:34: :_..2.2 z z.._ 25:..,.... /,._ S. 4552: 7:31:71; 1. _ z: E.._,r I:.:: :.,/.._ z 5.3;:7. /.7151? :2 37%;. m4: 1:? A 3:5: 2 3:5..4 5:5..2.._,542._ z ,3: I. ::::::.2 S..._:E; z. 352.: x. 5.5:: 7. 45:2._.,.,::.i, _,././.._ V :91;.4 ix i:>7 H.23.: 7..::::,.::_ L. 5:53;.,4 z: 5.,.5.it..._: ) a :.._=::,.=_:x z »: 257. x. :=..S I.._2_ :. l1: :3::.:/: _Z_77/2. HmOmm

184 '.HASKl. \1\1RI 5LI[II S [ST TEAM Played I Won I Brown I LIIIII I Guals For [GaulsAgain I. 21 I) H Goals Dir/mac. '15 I I : :. - : - : - 'I IIIII/nmu IIIIIIIInIIIII III- III ltjim 15 ' IIIIIIIII'I 2») Jun 15 KIIIII 1 :uqu-i1 v11 sc1iiiii1 wiii Ins MIIIIIII-I MIIIIIII Inm- SI DIII-III :IIIII-IsI IIIIIIIIIII WI. 51 John's I'II11IIIIII 1m: Ik-ppu HIIIII siiiiiiii IIII- IIIIys 1m MIIIIIIIIIIIII (mu-ii- wiiii 25 5I John; ('ullvgv. ziiiiiiiiwai \le s I\I1IIm:\-('II11IIIII», IIII-IIIIIII 1A. :IIII-IIIII-IIIIIIIsv wim I:I.A_I~HII.-IIsI~IIIx.1 wiii SI Julm'c ('ullvgv Wun II-ppI- HIIIII SI-IIIIIII IIII- Buys wiiii DUI-bun HIgII SI-hml Lox-1 erhav \qunl Srlmnl IA S.\lh:m'. ('IIllvgo, l I'cIurm lnsi :30 SI chvdml'a ('IIllugo LnsI 2&- A III M 15 II? 1\l.u' PI-IIIIIIIIBIII: HIIIII SIIIIIIIII 1m II2 \IH Rm 1 BIIIIIkaIg I1I- MM 11m $1 1>I-II-I'.I('II11I.II~ wim siiii-i-iiiiiii-ii- IIInIII wiin- HIghsI-IIIIII wiiii, 'Hluh School wiiii IIIIIIII Hmh Srhtml IIII- BI. won.31 UN. (H Apr 15 III Apr 5 UH.'\)JI 15 III; \IIr 1:3 IIIIII 5.1mm, IIIIIIIIII 1 1I1} 0'TFIIIIII si xii-iiiiiiii III'III I SI ('Imrlus HIIIIII. I IIIIIIIIII SI.\ II:11I'~ wiiii, I - ' T~ II'\ III (M 17» SI JIIhIIK ('IIIII IXI- SI I)II\'II1'~. 'l.~ l HUI-I 13 lnnndn Wnn III Cl 1:3 SI III'nn-IIII'IK l'iiili-gi- WIIII IUI I M I I I I 2ND TEAM Played w.»- I)I-IIII»I.I um (IIIIIIII For (:IIIIIII III-"III 2 II II I TH :1 I I-I (I'auln Diffm l llt't I III I I '. - > I TIInI-mnlv IIIIIIIIIII-III I7 IIII. 15 SI.\11IIIII'.. IINIII [Msl.. Ilnn 1:3 Kmu Edward SI'huu] IAN \'II, 2H Jun 15.N'I I I~II1r'~I'IIHI-u1- [AM 11: 2] (H Fl")1i ) SI IIIIIIIIK MIII l lniiniiii IAIN In SI.IIIIIII'~('II11-m- 1w III-pm HIL'h IIIIII IIII»1IIII-,- 1m si 11I-III-IIII-I I IIIII-III- wiiiiv 1'II-IIIIIII III-y Iuh si-iiiiiii IIIII 100m IS si IIIIIIII'I I IIIIIAuI H SI DIIIIIII.».\1IIII.\I IIIIIIIIIII 31 (M 15 St BenedicI' College [mu : m TEAM Played I Wan I aniuiii I Last I am. For IGuIII. Againu i 1 Goals I)1ffrrreum- -H TIme/Dnlv Opponent Resull 07 On 15 St John's College [on.. H ()( l 15 SI Davidl Maris! Inanda Won m 15 St Benudlrrl's ( ullcgn UIsA Played I Won IDrawn ILosl IGaalaFor Gonchgainsl H N Goals Difference ~39 'I'inII~/I)aLII IT Jun JIIII I5 31 Jim Is In FM) 13 1'1 I- I-II I- vh 1:: 21 FR]! 15 OppIIIII-III I Rcsuh s: IIIIIIII - Kins: Edward v11 School,SIIIIIII,~ U16}! 5! niii-iii'i IIIIIIII IIIIIIII1II SI.IIIIIn l'ulil-izc KIIIISIIIII» 11I-IIIIIIIIII- HIIIII si-iiiiiii 2!! l l-h SI PI-Im ( nllour 2:1 l rh )2111,~ ('nllouv. I m-iona [Am "J! l'i-h min-wk ('Mlpgv Wnn 1m 16 TIIIII-IIIIIIII-III QII' II IIIIII 2] Fri) 15) IIIIIIII- 11Ig1I Schml {III 1m,- 1w, 'I'IIIIIII.IIIIIIIII siiiiii Finn] 2 Fl'll l:'1 IIIIIIIII-I I\1.IIIIII TIIIII-IIIIIIIIIII 1I-d/II1I IIIIIII Im-W III Mar 15 SI11IIIIIIII IIIIIIII- wiiiir IIII-IIIIIII 110w 111II1I si-iiiiii Lust UIIiB PIIImI I Won I ma II I Last I Goals FIII IGIIIIIII Against II I! I! (mm nii/iiviici IIIIII/IIIIII»I oppiini-iii I.~.I thll KIIII 1m IIII1I=1I si-iiiiii1 SI nnvld'a Mmh t Inantlu Won 30 - G si.jiiiiii's ( IIIIIII ins.iiiiipi- ngh SIIIIIIII for Boys wiiii. I SI BoIIIIIIIcI's ('Iulloge Won'. 17 V 15 Page 180

185 l SPORT.BASKETBAII TEAM RESUIIS 07 Mar 15 Pretoria Boys' High Schunl Cnnc :. Lnnzuu UIEA Played I Wall I Drawn Lost Goals For [Goals Against 10 5 o Goals Difference 15 Time/Date Opponent Result 17Jan15 St Albun's Losl 21 - a3 24 Jan 15 King Edward VII School 31 Jan 15 St Peter's Cnllege 04 Feb 15 St David's Mllrisl lnanda 14 Feb 15 St John's Calla-gm 04 Mar 15 St. Benedict's ( ullege 07 Mar 15 Prewrla Boys' High School [0 Oct 15 St John's College 17 Oct 15 St Davld Maris: lnanda 31 Oct 15 St Benedict's College U153 Plalyzd Wnn I Drawn Last I Goulls0For IGoaIuAgainsl Gal]!!! Bil/trance 15 Time/Dale Oppunem Resull 17 Jan 15 St Alban's Won: 13 ~11 24 Jan 15 Klng Edward School Lost 3-12 VII 31 Jan 15 Mlchuel Mount 9- ll 04 Feb 15 St Davld l is! Inamlll Won : T 14 Fub15 St Johns (,nllege Won: 18» Feb 15 Jeppe High School for Boys Wml 1H, l 1 04 Mar 15 St Bencrlln s College Wnn 11) - =3 07 Mar 15 Pretoria Buys' High Suhnul Won: 07 Oct 15 St.1911! College Won : :1 15 St Davnl' ls! Won lnalldu 31 Oct 15 S1 Benedlc.~ ( nllcgc Inst. (i» I11 Ulsc Played 1 Won 1 Drawn I Lou GoalsFor lama Again! [1 rs Goals Difference 41 l Time/Date Opponent mm 17 Jan 15 S! Alhlm's Won ( ullcga Pn-lnrln '9 >11 24 Jan 15 King Edward Vll Schunl Won: 17, «1 UNA Played Won IDrarwrl I Lost Gaul: Fol IGoals Against Goals Difference 97 Time/Dam 17 Jan Jun Jan Feb Full Feb Mar 15 Opponent 1 Result 31 Albun s Won' l7~ 18 King Edward Vll School Wnn: I eler' College David s Maris! lnandn Sl.Juhn s College Jeppe ngh School for Boy-u Wan : au Benedi Cullvge Weon: m» 5 07Mm 15 Pretoria Boys High School Won : ' 10 Oct 15 St John's College 17 Oct 15 S1 Dawd's Marlsl [mu-ada 31 Oct 15 St Bonedlc s College I UMB Played Wan Drawn Lost Goals For [Goals Against 11 n Gnala Dil/zrence :13 Time/Dam Opponenl 17 Jan 15 St Alhlm's 2-! Jan 15 King Edward Vll School Michael Muunl 04 Feb Fob F1411?) s: Davul's Marlsl lnandlu SI John's College Joppv ngh qchml all Boys v Mar lam-mun: College Won: Mar 15 High Schuul ()7 Gel 15 (Tullcge Marisl lnunda Won: S: Benrdml s ('nllvgb Won: U1? Played Won Drawn l Losl Goals For IGauIs Againsl 11 3 n 1: Goals Differmlce 4 Tune/Dam l Opponent Result l'l'jlln I?) S! Allmn'x' ( olh gv. Promrm on ' Jan 13 King Edward VII Schml l " 1:") Slums [1151' (M Full 15 SI llnvld s Mnrisl llullldll L051 ',1, (1 1.1 Full 11') 21 Poll Iii s:.lulm's ( nll 11 lm1 1-1.lwpl- Hmh sl-hmn r.» 11.,»- [m 1-. ls (141 Mm' 1:3 SI liolwdicfs ( nlll-pv Wu", 10 - :1 ()7 Mar 15 1U (1c! 171k! 11') 31 01'! 15 l l'muriu lum- Hlpll Svhml s..lnlm', ( nllvgr SI Dnvl ' Mums! llllllldll 5x Hun-(hm. ('(Illl-gn- Page 181



188 SPORT -(1l{l(Il\'l-l'l': lllltliti'l tllt's Rlil (titt (Jttr ztllt'i st-nson slnt-tt-tl with the lst xt playing in lill (il t y Festival and our U l5a5 tiltiymg l t he Sttlmll'sel Festival in Wine "ttwn. ()ul lsl Xi played stlme e. ellent t'rlekt-t tttttl purfurnted well With but and bull, ()ur Ul A Sltlt struggled with tho lull int [he slnw Ciipi- anl l wit-. lt wits n \'( l'\ guild Ienrtlitlu curve fur titll' ( lt'kt let s ttntl this uxpvrlvlit e stotttl us in good stead lntt in lilt' sellson. llnth in Johannesburg ttttr lsl Xl and U1 \s ltnlh runched the lm] til the Johnny Wnitt» ( nntpt-titittn. Un n-tttnntuly lhv 1st XI lust narrnwly tn KHS tn Il n i ninl.tht-u16/\ wun the linttl (HIM! ttgzlinst KlCS) t'nnvtttrittgly..vltt-httul Strnt-.m stepped in as ('0. ch and did it grt-ut jtth with ttur Uilis, A number of uur lrmltllunal xtures wi-i-v iit't'ot-ti-tl by min or lightning However. all Our ti-iims [lttl'iill'lllt'tl well when thi-y gut the opportunity [0 play. l)\l ll l tht- wmtt'l' tnnnths. tittr junior t-t- lit'll l"> played a few gmnt-s untunst l'npshut. ltandhurtz and Wandurttst There ls nu doubt that the ttf son work is strengthening our t-rtckt-t. Young t'l ll'kk lt l'. emt llll Itntds 411' halls in the nets III II :t httwlntz "\HL lihll'. hut tit ntnkt- u rt-ul tntnt-twt-tnt-nt they httw HI nlny 11> nntt-lt t-rit-kt-t tts pnsmltlr. Our l;l t»sl 2lh(lll l'tir lhv tllird let'm ~' ill' l'(l [U\\': ) (l~ tht- t-ntl nl Anttnst wtth nits iiiitt iiiitltllt- min-tin- We then plmwl I'l'l ltll lil llnvx illuh :tntl Alt-tilt: l ttt'k wltll Illll Ul l.\. ll,.tnd Isl Xi, Till l uteh Pl'llil l' l- t-sli stm ttttl' tnvtttttntnnl siiil' tmnstst tun iil l lt: ilml 11nd XI plnversl tlltt.tlltst lsl.\'.~ tut other st-htn ils, Li'nl'tn-tnttntt-Iy thv lit-maxim tlpl'nl tl (lul'llltz itiii- I'trsl tinnit- :tnd tlttt- ttt ()(Hlt'Ki lit-his the Itulrlttttttent wu~ t-ltiit-d uil' Vill' il thtrtl l'uiln K'IIllVK' yt-m- nnr ls! XI with all their Luann-s tit tht» Ht lhivnl'. ill/2h ()ul' Lil-is trnvt-ilt-d tn lltlttnt (.llill't lit the Nttltll Mldlntttls, Vthort- ttur uttttti (tn-tn with hilt :tntl ltttll ('(lllllnlll'li (Emu-run Rtiwl' in pnrtlt-ttltlr Inled mt the runs and ended up searing liltlr t-t-ntttrit-s tlul lllt: thi- M tlhllll. Page 184 ( ttntzrtttttlntions In tho fullnwing crtrkett-t-s thnt Wt're salt-«ted In represent (intttt-ng tn the nilli n l l rll'kt l weeks in Decetnhttr. Ulil' J De Sousa, N Frant'is. I. MCl l lhy. Ul A: M ( httnakirzn J Mulder. ( Perrintz. ( Shekleton. J Ventetx Ul ia: l ( netzetu ( Meter. J Wntsnn. U17 ( ( llmpill l J Knihhs, J lltchnrds U1 ll filnvur. W Mttkwolu. W Multletz R Vttsettnuvlus. UlSlll: M Erasmus. B Ruden. ()ttr ('t-tt-kt-t Illlll l' '3 held on Nun-mitot- nt tht- Ilrytmstun ('tttttttry ('lttlt htit. ( llvv l Ikstt-t-lt was ttur guest nntl i-rt \ Ullt thttl :tttt-tttlt-tl itrmu owning 'I hi- t'ttllttwlnt l :thtrds were handed nut: lllil llntsnttin ttt tht- s tstttt 7 ill!!! Mrt'nrthy; llnwler ttl~ lite sensun ('ttlln 1)} t l'. Flt-Idl-r ol' the sttn lithium WinIt-r / ( tllltttn Kilttttlrtin:.\lll:~ lttltn'm'ed Ntt- l rttntvts, lllrl: iltll~mlltl tll'lhtl senstm 7 ( ntnernn Rowe: llttwlt-t- of the s AM! 7 'l tnn Mullt-t' "lt-ltlt-t-til'tht-s lsun7yneshen Stuntttt: Must ttnprm't-tl 7 Alwyn llztrnnt-tl. Ulzi, Butsntun ttl'tht- sensun 7 Mtttliwn ('hnnikira: Bowler of the season Joshua Hoffman: elder of the season 7 Simon Wehher: Most Improved Brandon Hirst/ Michael Wasley, Ul6 & Opens: Batsman of the season 7 Alex Heath: Bowler of the season ( amt-run Wilter: Fielder of the season 7 Andrew Galiltl.t Must Improved 7 Matthew Bnlt, lst Xl: Entstnan ofthe season 7 Ricardo thsconcelos/ Wlnan Mulder; Bowler of the season 7 ( raig Meier: Fielder ofthe season 7 Tristan Blackie-Rhoden/ ( tmnttr Benuchamp; Most Improved 7 Jet-'hua Richards Special Award Junior cricketer ofthe year Cameron Rowe: Senior Cricketer til" the year 7 Winnn Mulder: Senior coaches of the year 7 Fergus Gray I Peter Stringer; Junior Coaches of the year ~ Allan Weakley I Michael Stntrhnn; Rookie of the Year 7 Grant Ball; Spirit of cricket award 7 Kaylen Saman; Hnbtricks 7 Matthew Kamps vs Kl-IS: Joshua Hoffman vs Allies and ( rnig Meier vs Grey Bloem: Partnership Awnrd 7 Al Henth 8t ( Wilter (206* vs St John Partnership Award A M Ernsmus & J Richards (20!" Johnny Wititu): Johnny Waite UlLi chumps 7 Wnntlile Mnkwvtu: 100 ('ttps 7 'I. lllttcktt-7lluden. W. Mulder. l5 (ilnwr & R V:.cont-elns, (ittulelttz ( apsz SA U19 Blazers: B (ilttvt-t- &WMulder. A Ward nt thanks must go It) our urtttnttls stuff for the upkeep of our t-xm-lltmt filtt iltty the kitchen staff for lulu-hes ttntl tett: our coaching staff who spent utntntle hours next to and on the crit-kot elds. thanks for your ('tlllllnllllll nl in this wttntlut-ful gnmo. Alsu thank ytttt tn Mr Michael Mntthews fur the help with our cricket dinner and Stylhinn Yenrbonk. To nur pttrunts. Old Bovs and all supporters of St Stithinns ( it'kul. on hehnll nl'all our l l lk kt'lers ttntl stuff. thank you. Mr W Jansen. Director of Cricket

189 IST TEAM: BR: ( (Hummer,W.\l:1k1»wu1..1 Wunun.W.\luldn11~.(.\11~11>1-.vl (' J K » FR: ( Menu-hump. Mr ", Mr F ( R \lilsk'uhcl 1()h.T Mr \11'W-I1111> %( ND TEAM: BR.\1Amn \ \ '. 1) ( , (' W1111-r..\ 1111' FR: 1) P K S; 11111,)11'(111:111.; 11:111.~, Mr ( ,\1 11.)] ,]1'1'1-1'1111. RUMN-u.X[.:I\:11 11I mm.,\11-Vv'J:111w11, 1. 1( 'ird TEAM: 11R: R \1 Kur 111» TH TEAM: 11R 1%( x111. (' {\ N ()]i\ \ I1 F1 M \ ' I. 11..\1M1n 1-r,.\11' [\11111 I n)man 1. N n1111(' W 1. N-n, FR M K111'1~ \11-.1 l) \lr\\.1.111~111 N11111mh111hl> Y1) n1 N l uuv IN.

190 SPORT It' lst XI REPORT 'rht» lsl x1 pm-thrmctl rummhly well throughuut ll]\' 20 ' sun. playing it malt-hrs ot' whirlt Ihry lust on [hitting t-tintinnvtl In lu- Illv l'l lll rll t llglh of this train with plt-nty nl talcnt in tln- spin howling tlrpurl nit-n1..v\n lmptll lulll I m-tor in lhl» act nmplisltmt-nts ul lhn mm. was the Inherit-utt- hl ln sum..- [ll:l_ th lll lltl Vlt 'lillct lus (113i "\Hll'ht Ful ll!" (iltlvt-i' llllil HHHL llt'hl. TI 15!" Blilt'klt'r Ruth-n tltltl mutt-ht ). 2!) Multlcr millt'lltnl. l t-tcr Jm-dmtn (5)9 ) and (Humor lit-ltllt'hillllll (lji mull'llt sl :lll lnlult' hum- t'llllll ll)\llltll!.\ thruughnut Iht-.wnson. th-zn-dn «tired l mun In all) : \'l l ll _ t inf-l8.w worrd 1.36? rtln.~ m ait lmpr mmrngt- ol'ti:l and Hulk. iwlt'kt is at an i \ l'l'llel' uf llh I M l \l \lth H \\l R]I HR'H ( l'zllg Mutt-r w s lht- lllml ~tltt-t-~~.l'tl lmwlt'r. taking lil\\ ('kt'i~:ll :lnuwrzttu- (.1 1:3. wllll u [lt'l stllllll hm ht 7/ll against t :n.y ('nllwtzn l'l'tun lllnvnn'nntmn. ~ll *tin Wmmn tank It; Wlt'kl'ls nt an an gt ht HS. wuh h pvl sttmll lit-si ul sm humlm Kids Signll'it-zlnt \ It'ltll'u s dill-int: tht- sttzhtm int-ititlt-tl :l lurwlt'kl'l \'lt'itll')' lh/l'l' t hut- l agt- 186 ('ulit-gtu an Innings und (lo-run victory tlvt'l Hiltnn ( ollugtn two wins tlgninst Maritztmrg t'hllrgt- (T20 mul 50 overs). n I run \ it-tul'y tlgttinst Wills and an R-n ickct triumph twt~r KES, 'l ht- tram wv \' (lt'll h 'd with the wlurtiun 0le in Mttltlt-r lintl Brnndtln (iltlvt-l- lu thi- SA L119 lt-am. w.-wen- ])lt ll.~t'd with tho léu t' number nt' ntlr play rs who Wt l L' l t Will'Klt'd futlln-lr httrd wnrlt llii'titlghmll tht- swlstln ln- ngllhll;])l'll\'lnt'l1llst'lt lflltln. Ricardo Vllst'ttllfl los. Brnnrltm (lluvur. wmlln Multlt-r alltl Wllntlll Mttkwt-tu wort- all Sl ll t'h li for thv (inutenu UlElA tttttml whtlr 'l'rl an HIut'kiv-ltmlt-n and Miltlht'w lit nslnus nlatlu Lhn U191: Iuttnl. J lula ( uctzctn Justin Watson and ( l llig l tlk lt l' wvl't Si lnctl ll fnl' thu Award at the Awards Dinner. Alex Heath was the team's top run-scurer with 417(avcrugt238mnd was awarded the Best Butsman Award. Two lispt-tti lly mt-morahlo innings hath camt' against St John' 7 rstly in the spinners, Cameron Johnny Waite (86 off 46) and then in the third term (109* off 3 balls). ( anu-rhn Wiltor (73" \ s St John s) was also solid in the middle order, while he won thc Bust Bowler Award fur his offand Alex put tugothor an unbeaten partnership of 206 against St John»; when the side was 25/4 tht- hight' partnership by an. Saints pair thi. yeti r. Kaylen hatnnn (2-19 l'unsl. Dnnm'an Glover (135 runsl Cameron Hewson (15! runs), Rickus \ an Biljtln (HIS runs) and (itltltt-ntz Ul7:\ team. while.juahua Ltlngeln Ralullc (179 runs) also made Richards. mm Knlhbs and ( urtis valuable Contributions throughout the ('nmphcr nuttlt- thc U178 tt-mn. s axon. Mr I- ( > and Mr B Ntlaha. ('nttclws Matthew Bolt led tht- attack with 22 wickets (avoi'atze 1:" 5) and was 2ND XI REPORT dl st l vl tll) (" Pd up in the lst XI, whtlr hc vi. _ also awarded the Must I ht- sumntl t l'lt kvl it'lllll had a dvn-nl lltlpt'nvvd ('r kt>tt-l~ Award. Merit In or the mill 'l lu-y rt cht-tl the stunt- Hills ul' thc Jtthlm) Martin lluwlud with tame st~l tuus pat-o :ttttl pirkvtl up lit erkrts (at'uraging WztlIt- 'l l'upltv. ltlslnu In tho ovvntuztl Hl. Our two lt-g-splnnt l s. Drmn Pugln W'lllllt'l'>. W t- luxit ('ollrglln Xlt lllltl Quinn antlt-n. ltuvt» great nur Slit ur rl'llln'h. r luring lltttt nlltll and picked up ll wickets WPI'L' in llll'vt tl owr v)lll\ \'> [ill mil-ll. lm rntt-r 15mm Evans and run.~l. l'nl kltlwll ttitl run Jl-ppt- (loll St':llll('l'~' Multhvw.-\nrt,~ \ iltllt l' nntl rtnm. St I'Ht tllt'l'n tlll'i runsl, and St t\ \' lli \'7ll'() l l'lmyt shthl d glimpses of.lttlllt'~ fur :I :it'k'(ill(l tnnu ta'l rtltlxl thunnnprurctl ll!lll(_\' and will gt-t lm Ht r with Lll\il) 'l\lll: lt l\'. wu t-tnlt-t-tlt-tl :t [KISS In t'tlnslslt lll ) and nnct- they l l'vlnrlil lltlys' [El wit-kt-n nlttl Illt'rl gut strungrr. \\il\ t'tlll>ll llll\ :t ll t llllu (lull tln- Slilt' 'I'lit- 2nd XI wzl also ])rl\' \'l.{(?d tu huvr vtlml't l'ttll'illlliu tln-lr pttlt nlllll ll'lhll t'xt'lillntrv sludt llt Hnrl l't-ctor t llllablt nllv t nuugll. Whml lllt t-ittm- play ihl- lh.» «mm, His \'t wlt ktits nttw wm l'u \ mnnnlttt-tl to pl llt'lll't's ugmlm St Rt'llutllt l's was it highlight. mul >lllmt tl ll hhm»m "mu-hm, Illt ) whilt- lll~ game knnwlrdgo and Ill-ullul-ml tlninnit-hint: in hr >t l'llll'lll;lllt't.< cnlhusmm w. - a wonderful tixztmple tln~lr \llltlllulllt'll :llnlityt in his l't~ u\v Illa} 'l'llr nltlt wn> :illlt- ll'll hy lllt' ( lllllllllllt'll Wu wtsll :lll lllt plitytirs wr-ll Ill.\I\ll t V\' (lillilllm wlltl M III'Ud I\'( l' '31) Wl ll ll u Iht X l Plllyln ul tlnivt-r _ I ll : lll~ kltnrk nl' ll)! ll illnhl St or I'vpl't-st nling, ( nts onco more, We t llt tll < whcn [llt' ll': in was 18/6 would also llkt- tu lhnlik lhu parents for ullnwml tlw ml.» tn tum till/ll Illltl lhch- support thl'nughutlt the season It'tltl it-tl his l'ltzlllllttz tlllllll lt' \tillt-l-w t'slwtlnlly Mr» tht'hollt- HUWSUII for wax :llm :I\\ E l ll('(l tht- Bu. Flt ltit'l' giving up much at" hermm-msmit- and

191 SPORT I (ZRICKE'I SENIOR 'I'li.\M RI-tl ttlt l s provide comprehensive ' itisti ' even when her son wa. busy with Matric examinations and not playing for the side MrG Jansen and Mr G Ball. Coaches 3RD TEAM REPORT The first term of2m.. aw a committed gmiip (h y experience a great deal of m' fortune. Despite batting and howling well, we only won one of our games in the rst half of the hl llh Unv heating St Allinn Our best performance was against Af cs. when ch Sing 16-]. we scored 15H tn liisc narrowly. Daniel Botha sacri ced personal plaudits for the sake of the team when he was caught at long nt t for 49. ('raig Parrymorc. who captained the side in the t st term. hit a in six onto the dc k ofthc Higher (irtiiind. just mi ing one ofthe (liners, The third term.saw its low our Matric players and need to rebuild using players coming up from the Ul6. while still main, ning the committed cure or the aid hit-hula Poolimin ttitik over the reins a n. and quietly managed the transition, ()ld stalwarts Yaseen Ebrahim. Matthew Minter :iiitl Max van der Iietzq were as grind it. 1, -\'er. Ross Ellis-('tilc took on the rule of opening batsman.. ark Strickett kept wicket and Shane Iiinds- y and Patrick the pm Martin Culnpiclt d nur pace attack, improved Nathan Ol ' r prnvidcd a useful option with hi spin bowling, With all this talent at our disposal. and tn". for me: a healthy team spirit. the third term The first was the got ofi to a better siart when we beat St ctillapse against St John's by 7 wickel L Although we lost our next match to Jeppe. we ended our season with a convincing win against St Benedict Ptmlnian led the sitlc with the bat. and just when the game started to get tight, Ehrahini played a quick cameo. hitting t'ivo fniirs to win the game. Thanks must gt) to a wonderful group of young men who always played the game in the right manner. and always returned to practice wanting to do even better in their next game. Mr E Snyman. ( oach 4TH TEAM REPORT The l'uurth lt ttm had a suct 'l'ul soastiti. characterised hy some brilliant indiiidual minimums which nally culminated in a wonderful team pet ltu niiint'e. We liegan the season "out ot touch from a skills poi-spm-nvt» and it was evident that not um many ol the boys had spent much lime tn the nets during on pei'ititl. The skill levels every week and as a consequence. so did our results. There were three, games that clearly stand taught us a valuable It very lax in our hatting and left the job for the other members of the team to do. Unfortunately we batsmen. The second was the clinical way in which they went about heating an inform St Benedict'. it an away game. St Benedict's posted a respectable total and our hu managed to chase it down with nine ovcrs tn spare. team's batting David which n, They were ran out iif Finally the third game. and prtiliahly the most memorable of all. was their nal game as a team at home against a re lalcnled At'l'ies side. Allies decimated our howling attack. M Itl'lng lsjl runs in their alltittml EU overs and only liaising i wicket. The nh T m displayed cour- ge iiiid rt ilit-nt-o. like 1 him» never.eeii on a ('nt'kt! plh h before. They managed to chase [hr score (lownt winning with a single off the last hull of the match. What math- Lhe game even more itieiiturzihle for intwas the fact that no > l\glt plaver stood out. all the pit '\ l in lht team added runs In the total. selflessly sacrit iting their wicke - the um. I would like to thank all nu- lioys it [li:l_\ t'(i iii the team iliis )- spt't lillh the lmys who are committed to other sports lint gave up their lime to ll up our nuiiiliers, Min] llzilt- ('ozn-li Page l87

192 SPORT -t1\ l<i'\h\l\lh \'H \\l \<Him I ngx- 188


194 [ 16:\: [( M \: R Hwhlmx (' \hm kmlwll-v,\h'.\ S ILLL ~ CIT-A: HR IHm-Ihm/my. H IIIINK R Ku-nm-rlm.l,\luI Iz-r V Ullrhnd. vl\'«ll1 r,m1'iiji\: RH':LL' I umnu I Ii.l \W J anme.\ir W.l.u\wn. Mr,\I Slum hail L Slwklvmn, X Rn hlvl. Mr P SH'um-r,, i, L U153: HR:.7 Numb. I) llmmhum n, '1' «1w Huh,.\I Swan. Ulz'n( : BR..\ Hill. 1) Minnlummm. S.\rr; n. 'l Rirhzml. (1 Young. 1% Ngukl VI ( rnw VI Ruwwm \ H Il Nl (, kmu Hi:.\I (It'll. MrW-lunwn. \l M Hzml..Vh'S lhnll», 8 FR.\I ':Ihnnn..\1r\\'«lun~4-n. M l\':m\p>.;\lri\1 liux'nlln ). Wuhlu..\h' l SII-Hmw N I m»: Mr I Slrmgpr l um- IBM)

195 SPORT [NH M I H UHA: BR: Y Human [. llhl-i. \I.1 hrmln I Rum l Iimuk> FR H. nln 1hIIl sti.. UHB: R l x;ll( 1l11.vlThul'n! 1],,\! I-ZIII 'l.\iiiii III\\;InI. I I('1I:II III~..\ PI'II'IMHMIKLA lziiii.ii-il.])\\'iiiii. III\VII'\\.II\ Flt-1LIII/...\1I~V\.I:III.~I>II. RHIIIvuILMI'A MIMI-y.l \ IIIm II. \II I SIrIIIw-r..\('I. ILHEM' mu III:.I\I-IIIKI., mmum I Munrllu MImum. IImm II.-.<.\Ipnru. MIW.IImN-u..MI II~I* 1mm HJI

196 SPORT - (IRlCKli'l' IUNIORTEAM REPOR'I'S U16 Cricket marked the first year where the 3rd division of the Johnny Waite was competed amongst the U16 age group. The boys were eager to make history and be the rst U16 age gioup to lift the shield and that's exactly what they did. Road to the nal: ' Boat Randpark by 141 runs. (Gilchrist 47. Horn 35", Gilchrist 5/3. Biehler 8/3) - Beat Nourdheuwel by 6:! runs. ' (Glover ~11. Knibhs ~10. Gilchrist 32) Beat Randburg by 7 wickets. (Wilter 8/4. Knibbs 6/2) In the nal St Stithinns was playing KES. St Stithians lost the tossand were asked to bowl rst. St Stithians responded well and managed to bowl out KES for 95. KES s batsmen were never allowed to get away and build a partnership. This was due to disciplined howling from Nathan Gilchrist and the spin trio of Knibhs. Wilter and Chanakira Special mention must go to Mudiwa ( hanakira who ended up with gures of 4/16. This set St Sttthians a target of96 to be Johnny Waite Champions. The score was chased down with four wickets and games and won ti ol theni. Although the UlGAs always put the team first it would be wrong not to nu-ntion individual achievements. Donovan Glover scored a fluent century against Trinityhouse and Nicholas Lott-her took ve, wickets against Trinity with his cultured right arm away swing to the rightvhanded batsmen. Mention must also go to Wandile Makwctu who was captain of the side. Wandile is an exceptional captain and has the ability to inspire teammates around hint. His astute knowledge of the game proved invaluable as the season were on. There were also playerswho went on to achieve provincial selection. These players were Wandile Makwetu. who is a wicket-keeper/bataman. Jason Knibbs who is an all-rounder who bowls right. arm oty-apin on a dedicated line and length and is a top order batsman. as well as Matthew Erasmus who is a top order left-handed batsman. It was also the pleasure to watch the growth ofother players in the side. such as Cameron Wilter. Stefan Griesel. Reece Biehler. Matthew Aarts Savadier. Michael Hern and Matthew Horn, it was a pleasure to coach these young gentlemen this season and l have no doubt that a lot of these boys will go on to represent St Stithians at rst team level. Mr M Strachan. Coach U15A Cricket 2015 The U15A team played 20 games in the year and commendably won 16 of these games. The growth of the team was rewarding to see as the team won every weekend game that they played in the third term. i have no doubt that these boys will be able to carry St Stithians' right-handed opening batsman also scored a century. There were also live wickets taken in games. The right»hnnd leg- pin ol~ Joshua Hoffman picked up ve wickets. as well as well as fast bowler ('layton Pt-rring, Mention must also go to the youngmen who were selected for provincial representation. They were Mudiwa Chanakira. Cameron Shekletoo. Johan Mulder (who is on exceptional allrounder). Jared Venter (who is an aggressive right-handed balsman)and Clayton Perring. There are also others who need a mention: Nathan Gilchrist is an excellent allvrounder and he has deservedly earned a few rst team caps this year. Itwas a pleasure towatch the growth of others in the team such as Brendon Kcnnerley. Dawid Oos'thuioen and Brandon Hirst. These gentlemen are relishing the opportunity of playing the majority of theirgames on Baytopp next year and I have no doubt that they will embrace the challenge. It was a pleasure coaching this cricket side in Mr M Strachan, Coach U15B Cricket 2015 This was truly a successful season for this team. The team played with great pride and zeal. Every training session was an opportunity for them to get better and better. The boys built. a brotherhood and their respect for each other grew with every minute they strong reputation into senior cricket. spent together. Underthecommendable a few ore left. The mature and Although the Ul As performed well as leadership of Michael Millard and a few measured ch 1- was largely down to Matthew Erasmus who scored til not out. Matthew was under p11,. re. but remained calm and controlled to t t~ lll t' St Stithians were Victorious. a team there were strong individual performances that deserve mentions. To Score n century requires a lot of concentration and it is encouraging to so: the buys- scoring centuries m a others around him, like Simon Webber (vireraptain). Taine de Buys and a few others. tho team went on to record some notable wins which include victories against Afiies and St John's. There 1n the season tho s played It) young age. Right~hand batsman. were some stand-out performances Mudiwn ( hannkirm scored three throughout the season from individuals centuries. one of these scores being a but this brought the boys even closer record-breaking 27;") vs Parktown The together because they enjoyed each wieket~keeper and captain. ('nmeron others successes. This ultimately Slit kleton. lead from the front. tiring resulted in the team been awarded a two r( llil ri( s. Jean-Pierre Bloom. the Page 192 tour down to Cape Town, a feat no B-team has ever achieved. Some of the awards that were impressive were Michael Swarts taking two ve-wicket hauls on consecutive weekends against Rondebosch and Affies. At the awards dinner Brandon Hirst and Michael Wasley shared the most improved cricketer award. which was recognition

197 SPORT. ICRICKET JUNIOR 'l'i lam REPOR'I'S for the improvement they showed. it considered by some as a specialist fair portions of both terms cricket due was a good year for the U153 cricket team, one they can really be proud of. Mr S Davids. Coach. elder. while Salmon took over the wicket-keeping responsibilities from Kirby with aplomb. to injury. This makes his feat even more impressive. i iliing made two elegant and well-crafted centuries. both pure U15C Cricket proved to be a year ofexuberance. growth and nail-biting matches for the boys ofthe Ui5C squad. This tight»knit group of cricketers was privileged to play 10 xtures against rival schools throughout the year and held their own throughout The group of vibrant and talented boys was superbly lead by captain Matthew Kamps and vice-captain Nicholas Fraser. who grew immeasurably in their leadership abiii es. These remarkable young men strategised and schemed their team to live victories and only three losses against strong cricketing schools. while maintaining a sense of unity. purpose and enjoyment amongst a diverse and energetic group of Saints Boys They formed part of a formiddabie top-order that also consisted of opener Michael Salmon. and big-hitting Oliver Young and Andrew Douglas. as well as Siyabonga Earlam and Noah Kirby. who left the sport after making very signi cant contributions during the rst part of t hl' year. The discipline and control of the bowling unit went from strength to strength as the year progressed, The opening pair of Young and Douglas never stopped workingon their accuracy and were able to pressurisc hatsmcn through their use of good line and length bytheendoftheseason. Spinners Seyuran Arran and Matthcw Kamps wok wickets throughout thc year and part-time bowlers Bulelani Ngaki. Okhela Mbadamana and Thomas Richard contributed when needed by bowling valuable (lot-bulls and taking vital wickets. Muhammad ( hoomira Siynbonga Earlain and Thomas Stevens also featured with the hall for the team regularly whenever they fornicd part of Saints cricket. Andrew Hill performed so well in the eld he might have been The spirited group of boys played with passion throughout each of their impressive victories and each disappointing loss. Highlights of the year included Earlam and Douglas' batting partnership against Jeppe that set a total that Young and company successfully defended during a very close encounter. as well as Arran and Mbadamnna batting bravely against St Benedict s to chase down a total that was made di icult by some disciplined opposition spin howling. The howling performance of the your was Earlnm's 4/3 that ensured victory over Pai ktown Boys High. while the batting highlight was Frase s bussing of the St David's bowling attack that added 7:} runs to ilm Saints total. Whilc many memories wore made by the boys during2015 that will surely be reflected upon for many years. ihc prospect ufthcir taking liftl lessons from each triumph and loss at the wickct makes it cosy to look in the future. It is encouraging that a ('-tcam can play with such lovo for tho gnmc and competition. and the boys are thanked for the positivc pint with which they played cricket th.. asun. M rm l ::ii'( ll( ). ( oach U A Cricket 2015 II has been iniprt-ssivc to watch thigrowth and (lt-vclopnn-nt oi' the U1 IA XI. both individually iind ~ tcnnioi-cr tho past year. The sidc pi so 'lah-nt in every aspot t him ironic. This talent has liccn honed this your and if tho dcvclnpmcnt that hits horn i-vidcnt HYt i' thc courst- of th'- 'U rir :niuinucs over the next tow. tl do will be a wry exciting prospect in st-asons to come iit thc ('ullego. With the bat, Cameron Rowc and tincapiain, Joshua l illinxz. scored plenty of runs this year, Rowe nmo cd i oiir tons Ii t-ntiii'ios] and did so despite mi. ing captains innings at good pace through excellent placement. shot selection and intense running between the wickets. These two were ably supported in the batting department by Travis Ladner. who possesses an abundance of talent and natural air both with the bail and the bat. Joshua Lazenby. a steady left» arm accumulator. and the hard-hitting Yaeshen Saman. Morne du Plessis has worked hard in the nets over the course of the year and become a true wicketkeeperibatsnitin. The keen eye and fast hands of Sebastion de Olivoira can deliver some lusty blows and will be exciting to watch in the future. The howling potential that exists in this side in verym ing and bodes well for the future of St Stithians cricket Both Tristan Brooks and Tian Muller pos raw pace generated from good howling actions. The in winging lcft-zirm seam of Marc Root the deadly accuracy of MatthewLibormanand thepartnership» breaking Jared Grant have all made lnrgc contributions with the ball over the your. The *sputiwins. Joshuii Luzunhy and Trans liatim i. pmducod sonic cxcoilont. controlled performances that llil'l it'd many gmm-s on (ht ll hcad. This was never moi-o evidcnt than in the last match of tho ycar iiganisi Afrikannsc Hoci Sounskool (Atliesl :II hoinc, whorc these two snatched \ il'lt l _\' i'mni thejawsofdefeat through excellent control and variation to cud MT :i it) 5 worc uxcollont It il imen who pinyod for ouch other and for tho ( ttllt gt with great pride and determination. Tho lillciii and iictcrminntion that exist :unongst this group oi'iiuvs liiidcs well for tho t'ulm'c of Si Htiihi rickct and i look tiirwani in nntiupatmii to watching iin~iii grow niul prodlu c good result nvcr futurc seasons. Mr ( Poniiuno. ( onclt l ugo l93

198 SPORT I (IRICKIE'I IUNIORTEAM REPORTS U143 Cricket 2016 The U148 cricket team enjoyed many successes both on and off the field this season. Some of the highlights included a win against St John's after they had beaten us earlier in the year. It was good to get one up against our big rivals. The other important highlight was a ( upe Town tour. and a CapeTown tour with good weather for cricket can also be rate. This was a first for St Stitliians as Blooms do not usually get the opportunity to go on big tours this privilege is usually res rvetl for the A-teanis. The he therefore grabbed the opponunity with both bands. Mt- Jansen decided that this tour would give our teams some more depth and give the coaches an opportunity to see who is performing well enough for piomotion. The other purpose was to keep our B-team players hungry and interested in the game. Our rst opposition was Parklands. and unfortunately for them we proved far too strong for them. The school is new and is in an idyllic setting with breathtaking views of Table Mountain. We won the T20 match on the Friday and also had a convincing win in the thirty-over game on Sitturtlay. Our boys were hosted by the l arklands parents and unit 'etl their hospitality. Some friends 5 were made and [lit' hints were reminded that this is an integral part ofplaying cricket. ()n the Saturday night we were hosled by Rontlebosrh parents and most til' Ihe lioys saw the Springboks knocked out of the Ruglit World ('In) that night. On the Sunday we got off to a great start against Rondebtisch. knocking titt their openers in the first and s ttnd overs. The hall was moving in the «tir due to cloud cover and moisture in the morning hut as this burnt off there was no longer. y movement and th- Ktmtlvhtis t'll boys managed to settle in. ()ur rttn l'l l Si had some exciting moments with Julia" Viljoen Smashing the hall all over the park. He hit what looked like a six to everybody, but was Cnughl on the Page 194 boundary by the most spectacular schoolboy catch ever. Tth turned out to be the killer blow and unfortunately we did not recover from it. going on to lose that match. The latter. horter part of the season saw us winning against St David's. St John's. St. Benedict's and Parklands but losing to Rondehosch and Allies. This tenni has no shortage of talent and no shortage of batsmen with Ryan Howell. James Thornton. Declan Wynn and Julian Viljoen being recognised talents with the bat. Andrew Parkinson and Thaho Munhuwani were also dangerous opening bowlers who have the ability to dismantle any opening batsmen in their age group. This teamofcricketers has been coached well and they understand the technical aspects of the game. The amount of di. ipline required to go on to a new level in cricket is something that I think they do not fully comprehend, however. There are moments in a game when the team can become and when jokes are made. they sometimes lose sight ofwhat needs to be done and that git s the opposition the edge. This is something that can easily be recti ed with a solid practice regime and a focus on fitness as well as technique. My thanks go out to the parents for their support and to the St Stithians cricketing community for keeping its competitive in this fantastic game. Mr Alan Wenkley. ( oaeh The Ul:tl cricket, team's performance this tntisnn i-iin only be tit-scriht-ti its no. Not only did the team show spirit. commitment and skills: for me the most impressive trait was their genuine enyiyment ol' the game. The tenacity of the team was clearly evident iii the game against At es. Although posting a tint-r low score of t24 all out. the team defended to the very last over. losing 125/6. The UMCs reached many milestones this ll'i m with n 128-run victory against St David sand a 219-ruu victory against St Benedict's. Indi dual players also showed promise with batsman J Bland posting85 not out. Campbell Radomsky 66. Dylan Martin 57, Riyaadh Ebrahim 47. Luke Miller 30 not out and bowlers Shrian Moodley 5/25. and Luke Ellis 4/1 in the various matches. The U14CS are a special group of boys and cricketers and it was a privilege working with diam. I look forward to monitoring their progress and I am sure that we will soon be seeing some of them progress to the B-team. MrS Mpofu, Coach Mr L Moodley. Manager U14D Cricket 2015 This season was characterised by challenges. resilience and tests of character. During the rst summer season the gentlemen got to know each other. After a couple ofmatches we get to know one another's strengths and The boys one another oftandon the eld. Throughout the season the boys were patient with their growth and communicated their growth path and were assisted to reach their given targets. We had our century from Alwyn Barnard and Liam Du yi who were promoted. stint Sorour and Travis Driver also managed to register their half centuries. The extra seasons of practice helped the boys to build resilience and continuous hard work certainly has its bene t. During the third term we remained unbeaten. The team went in with the utmost respect for all their opponents. The team continued to show character throughout the season. winning matches when all odds were against them. They kept; their heads up and the leadership of Andrew Martin kept the boys positive. The U14D team has proven time and time again that being a sportsman is about psychological willpower and clearlysct goals to improve game after game. Mr S Ndaba. Coach

199 SPORT ICROSS (UL'N'I IH BRV Mr E Haupmmsch (MIC). T Stvvons. G Algoo. M Alxshulmz M 'l'umhull. M van dur chq. M Lxhorman. K ('ym'vnder, J Schnwner. _\I Gulntns FR: _\l.~w ; msn-ung 1( nath 'I Snmkwa. F ('hxlxvrs. I' Nwmlw. K Vlji _\' n:l h. B Vurmunk lt'umuin). L.\I.~im;mg (( apminl. R Sluha. T Mnudlv). T Roms: Mr.\1 Rush {Cum-hi.. \' Buwdvn Our um»- mumrv. awn ~uu'lvd wuh a stronglh :md cnndnmmng wnrkshop lu-ld by Wzlym- '1'; 'Im from MM Zx-alund. Thi. u r 11 wvh :mvndwl by athlvtm and pumm We \wrkod with :1 gmup 1 50 athlete. >Jummx and umm- mhk-uw. [h]: wuum' \Vv parmumlvd m ugh! ('H-nh 1h» seamn um- x'tlm'. w- [mum and (WII dmrm uwms ()ur mhh-im (in! \w-ll in lhv k-um un-m. VVhl'I'L mu- mnmn managed m msh azi-rznnd nwmll nu-i' th- (:Uul'm- of [he si-an 'l th-w \\'I x'( twuln- H-IWL- ruprewmml :u :Iu» nun-hum \\ uh :\{Mdm nn-r Hrnlur mul 1 10 JIIIUU! 7 lh vh~> Stunts Wits funumw lu husl 1w of [limb events un our umun and nwr mu.nhlx-n-> ran m Hu- mm» Thu -vdbu k v\,~ )n~m\'n-. Ilmugh (In-y fuuml rhu rmuxw rhnllx-numu an- nl uur :uhh-tu» \\'\'I'( wim-u-(l fur Vlu Nm'lhvl'n (hum-m: (llan u-i (cum mmpuml m Ihn-u Mhlvu-> in 2(HI 'l wn wmun Luminnl Msmmng and Brandon va'mzmk: uml (hrm- mmurx: anmn Nyvmhv, Xu'k Buwdrn.md Thmu 'l'shuhulul s: \wn- svlm'lrd fur 11m mun. Lundum um] Brandon l'mxshml m rho mp 117 nf Ihmx' uld m m- Nm'llwx'n (mm- g rhnmpmxhhu) With [ 10 u Nam-v uf lhv ('ollvgn-i~ Mnrkvnng Doparum-m m- ulw )nn'vhusod um m-w In nmblu :n'rhu,~ I'm' [Iu- mmnm :unl l'lnhluug pmnh whu-h \\ l lw used at t'muru mvme [u :nhln-n-u nrg um- mu- muru pm K «mnullv. Mr _\I Russ. (Hmth Sumtx Hnunhvrn Human 'l'n-mu: LMummy; H \"m muuk I Numhu. 'I ulmhllu :Iml N Huudun I m. ms

200 ls! TEAM \l ()uhuku K Nkuulmll' 1'.\luvkn. I I\; mul \rv l'meml (( nlumm, Muhldngu, \Ir,\1,\.!Hh»w\~ hll h)..1.\x,\i IM\H1~. R Hum..\l.\[H \ Ir[~L-l lhunumnn.uh-m R Hv!1l \"! l4t. A {huh rm 2nd [ l< \M M lu-lvr-i II, \' 'l'hwuli.l thth M \:m ({m' LVN] lsvhmli L {\lmlum. {\l Mnhumnm. All)u\'1d>u Mr M I :. l ( \.l mummw-u R Hum Ii I)m'L:m [ ugv I m;

201 ' SPORT IFOOTBALL SENIOR REPORTS lst TEAM The 2015 rst team. by the season's end. was a united and boldly majority Metric team. which is unusual in this school. A possible reason is that the U16 players considered for the rst team. preferred to remain in their own age group and so reduced the first team's depth-of bench. In the rst tournament of the season. the St David's tournament, we ran into such critical problems as our injuries resulted in a desperate need for a strong bench. This tournament ended in disappointing results. becoming more devastating as our injuries multiplied. Our losses during this tournament mounted. and I am embarrassed to say that just to give the opponents a game for last place we had to resort. embarrassingly. to a guest player from Bryanstan High to boost our dwindled numbers. Yes. fairly'. and dishonourably. and desewedlyiwe lost. With the leadership ofcaptain Tatenda Nyagani from then on. and under trying circumstances he pulled a fragmented team together. From then on. theteam became ateam. Talcnda cemented the Matrics and grade 11s togetherand turned the season around. Saints football had lcurned a hard lesson: the lessons of self-sustaining; the team realised that they were 'thc' team. The result was a committed team who won 60" of their league games. Unfortunately we were not given the opportunity of proving ourselves at two of the premium tournaments; we did not have an opportunity to test our promising and committed team at the St Peter's and the Grey Bloem tournaments. The exceptional players who committed their talents and ability include: Mpho Qubeka. Khanya Nkamhule. Thato Maeko. Ian Kamotho, Totenda Nyagani (captain) and Benny Mahlangu. Mpho was a vital team player. He demonstrated a natural vitality and cemented the mid- eld. When hewas not on the eldwemissed his dynamism. Khanyu played a dynamic role and was always keen to support the strikers. work the out- eld and create forcible opportunities. 'l hato had been in the rst team since grade 9 and has soldierly earned his place. He is a potential captain who stayed positive throughout the season. ion was always strong and dynamic. closing down the opponents through force and determination. Tatenda w- \ a calm captainwho lead from the front. He was always ready to learn and to give of his best to the team. Benny just a wonderful team player who could play in defence and mid eld. the star of all supporter. making the winning cross in the nal league game. This seasonstarted with alotofmanagement problems but as the season progressed the rst team players managed to unite and produce omc rewarding results that demonstrated their abilities. The HumanAward: Talenrla Ni'agani (Captain) and Nick Duncan-Trail. 2ND TEAM Mr M Matthew. Coach Any second team s foothall season is usually at the mercy of the fortunes of the rst team and the 2015 senson was no exception for the St Stithions Football 2nd XL A short season made the task ofletli'nint: to play is a lenm n challenge. but the injury woes- of the rst team meant that second team players were constantly being drafted into the higher squad. which mathcohesion all the more dif cult. However. through the loyalty of few key leaders of the [can]. u iplinod approach to each game plan. and sonnhelp from some courageous non» footballers. this squad still achieved an impressive 60" win l' lt' over fluseason. After a disappointing l~0 loss to ( B1' Boksbut'g in a brutal rst xture. the boys learnt from their tactical errors and put together three wins in a row against formidable football schools. The highlight of the season wns a 1-0 victory over Parktown Boys' High. during which each pair of Saints boots on the pitch worked tirelessly to execute their strategy to perfection and play unsel shly for the benefit of the team. The final match against St Albzin's unluckily resulted in another 1-0 loss, but the team (much maligned by injury by this stage) showed great determination to take the ght to their opponents and nished the season with their heads held high. The second team squad provided many able replacements for the rst team throughout the season. who held their own at this higher level and testi ed to the standard of talent of the average second team footballer. Muhammed Davids. Joshua Noscr. Rishen Ram. (icobani Vundln and Jared Brazington all represented the seconds" with aplomh before making an impact for the rst team. and were replaced by some former and social footballers who generously gave their time to plug the gaps in the formation. They are thanked for their contribution. There however. a CUl U set ofplayer who not! this team with dedication. wage and skill and all showed great ip abilities in their own him. In defence. ( hod Leslie. Michael Mailorobo and Kevin Thuolo gelled superbly as a unit and only conceded four goals throughout the ison. liitha.\ ataza. Joseph Nlill lil jii and Brandon Durkm provided control from the mid eld and allowed Mutiko Multingnni the opportunity to hold the bull in the lone striker and creole g0 l«>t Ul Il;1 opportunities. ltuniull ni: S- lllltii was also it [mi mt mlwl' of this group but missed out aftvr l'. i luriniz his clavu le during the 2-1 victory uvl'r.lt pp-i. lhcrcliy opiioinis 1;: the injury trnublrs ih: squint experienced this St San. However. the outstanding sportsmanship und pt-r irnmnr displnyvd 7." those hov.crvod encouragement for next cnson. \\'l lt h proiuis s to be another ot'mucli growth and enjoyment. MrM lint-tile}. ( onrh Page 197

202 ' SPORT.II'()()'l'l,I\, lli'niuiirlil'or'l's SI SIIIlIIIIIIs l'imiliiill In HM I'III'I-Il wuli IIIIIIII-mux I'lIIIlloIIgI-n. I III- puriml ulln- I-IIII-II In HIII'I I'I' in [on HIlUI'lZ hi'iii'i' WIhlIVI' II IlI llvli Vw'UHL'I'HII d m-imnn wlii-i'iwv plu) lll li IH'N llll) Iluy III' Ihv wwk. II III I-xII'I-mvly IIII'I'II-IIII. II'IIIII IHIpIIHHI» llll. [II I IIIII llllll II) )lrl plll'l IIII- II IIIHH I III' InIIIA lii's. WI» lmvv umiclu-x hark-iii» 'll 'k IIll IIII- IIIIIIL II I» III) (II I IIIII III l'l HHH'I I' IIL'Ill IIlI-- \ l [< (l liiiil liiki H IIIIII-I- M'l'mllsly III SIIIIIIH,.r\.~4 Is HIIHIIIM. HUI'I'I'I Ia III-ulmlllv lhl'ihiiv lllll'l IlIIII IIIIIw IIIII hl \ l II IlI's- IuIIIIII-Il I1I~ Il 'l'liin IIIIIkI-I. II I-xII-IIIIII-Iy IlIl'I'II-IIII In pliiii ()nm'xmnnl Inl'nrm Ilu- I-IIIII-hw. IIIIII IlII- ]) II)'I I'N wlii-n- In [ll ll4" IIaI- lll'i lllih'l' IhI' III-III: ki-i-p Illl I'lmnumu 'l'his Hll l'riihii II'IIIK llnwm lll Ill) IH'III'VI' IIIIII SI Slllllr mm lluys' I'IIlIIruII Is IlllI' Hrlhl' svlmnls wiih lllinli'lln Inna-«I- IIIII HK II I.~ ll NII'A pinu L'IHIH IlIIII wiii IIIII- dmv wukiup "ml IIIIVIISI- mum, l liis I-Im HIV liiimii-ii II \VI' Ha.-I I-lIIIIII lwum III I-IIIIIIuI- IIIII- :IIIIHIIII' luwul Iln IIII- ~ mri l'l'l'hjhl-n II LN IIHH mm In» hlih li-ll l ulnpum um II.».-...-,\ I II II _\' III-In-Iu IllIlL III IIIIIIIIIIII, vw ~ IJIIIII II I'lllnll'l' Ul 'l'l-iam Ill\)l l \'lll IIII'U' llllt lll III] In I ImIImII piirli HHI l N li ll \luu l IIIIII- III lll'l lml llllun III IIII- "Ir-J I'II IIII \\ I ;I\ l l' ll'i'i' lllllh'lll I Wun 'JII, IlllNl )Il lhllnll IIIIyK. ('IIIIIIIIMI'III I WuII I» ImIIImI l III'IIIlulI- lluzll lli'i-w Z ll IIIIINI SIII-IIIII ll. ()III' m\ - Inn-III'IIIIIIIIII III :I I I-w ll) lllllll('lll~ IIII~ wumn In li' I IquI I.- III mm mm IIIII-III-IIIIIINI m Ilu ('lll ll>( llll [IIIII HI'IIIII II SI I'IIII Ix ll w..~ an wiiiii III \HHI'I ulll' Inn" mm.- wl- IIIm IIImIII'I.-.I II..»III.I ~.I.I.,.I.I I-IIIIIIII wi Iw mun-ii mum 'I Iw I:I.-.I In IIII-IIIIIII-II-I- I'IIIIII wow. 2,...IIII.II um IIIIIIIII'INI II... II. ~. In. I'IIIIIIs I'm IIII- M'llllh \\l \\'l l'l' IIIzIwII III», ulllllkl 'l liii I IIkN AI-IIrIuIny WI~ kiii-w lhiil Ihm wmi IIIII uiiiiiu InMIIII l IINy gum-u WIkIII-w IlIIII wv wi-i-r IIII IIuIIIIInI IIII- buyn Whn Im-.«II-I-I-I- Ivvvry Iluy. 0m lmyn W1' '( liiulily IHIIIIWIIIIII liy IlII- mm mm - mm: In pliiy MHIIilIM lhl m HIll I'I MHI PI. 'l hu Npl I wun high. /\I< lll'l'llini'il IlII- uiiiiii~ wmi \ I'l'y H'H l hul wv Inunnm d Ill liiiiil Ilwm l»l unrl '1 W0! III pi'll llll. 'I lii-.l 51) )- IIIIy sliiiiii»iiiii IIlsII I-IIIII-II in II IIIIIlI» IIIIIII». WI- I \'I' I H y lilh l llw uiiiiii- Illl siiililiiii {INHIII Unl'anuIInu-ly Illll Ulfw IliIl III (In \ Ivry wvll I Ihv SI llnvltl'x llllll n lnl ll' IIIII 4 f \l' IIIsI-IIIIIIh IIIIII IIIII-III-I IIIIIIIII. WI-mnw XIII 'I liiv "llhi'ih H worm mi ful- IIIw IIIII- l V34 I'I-uwI III-II, wun -I II v,- Hump. IIl: wnll My 2 Vs WIIIvI'sIIInI- I'l'I v,~ Inn-knmu In. MI Um.I V4 SI UIIvIIl s. li>.~i. lrll U l 4 TEAM IIII 2 2:, NI-pIuIIIIIuIa IIlll HI.\ [my~ [NITIII'HIHIK Il III IIII- l III-kImIII MII I'I'I' IDHI'IIIIIIH III Ulll' \ I Hllu Imw I'I'l \ lhliliill IlkI NIIIIII I s III IlII~ li lll'llllllii'lll 'I IIIIV M I'rl' IlII- II-III- lllulill N IHlUl. ul' Sumh NIII IIIl \' IIIII [hm- l 'l' I)l'lll wvll ml 11 l'ii-iil. IIIII IIIIIy KMHIINIIIHYI'II Im- [)I'I l' hll "mum-in III'I'IIII- I'II-ld l m'mn- :I l\', IlII-v IIIIIIlI- HII' Il ll l III' III-nu: >hlii IlHI II wiili SIIIIII.~ 'l'iii-ii- wm IIIIII- punk IIIIII vi - WI ' In IIIIUI IIIIIIz wliii-li liiiii l'zii-kluwn Iluys. MIIlI IIIIII llmli SI'lIIIIIl. IIIIII SI l'lecan. \II'.»..IIIy.III.-..~ IIIIIwm. \'~ I'III-quwII IlrI-u (Ml V~ SI l'i le smm. I-I ~ \'< Mulrulul mm 30 W.- Illl ll I llh'tl "III (III' kiiiirk-iiiii.w. III lwlllu III ('1le mum" III IIIlI urnnp. 'l hc IILInImphere was I-luclril'y» In III NH m. ()n (hp 25m we unfortunately InI-II aur l'ii-iii kiiuck-iiiii match In St DIIlel's In» IIIulII. 1'WM" un In plny fur pnsitinn 5 and 6 m4 ( HIIWNI VIII SI DIIVIIr llmt ll~l VH SI Allmn'5. won 3-0 Vs ('ruwlhrrl (Lam-hill): won 55-2 WI- finished in fth pnsitinn. and this wns II l'i erk hll' milwtono, This is a summary ofhow all teams played this Henson: l : ni IllCIII H piiiyi-(l W: nuiiclu-s wun l. llll'k ht'h (lr: wn L, niiiii-lws lust Ill" numbvr ul' giiiils we scored (IA. number nl'uunls scored IIgIIinst us ('II InIIl ( HI'I I HI'I TEAMS P W D lsl'l'vmn [H - 1 2nd '1 [4 GF GA GD S) N 4 Ill Cl 1 5) Ill 12 9 H H J I :II 2] 10 H I; I I ll ll,i l I).5 ll -5 I WISH I IlIIIIIk IIll IlII- coaches who \\'Ul'k('(l III-Ile-s.~ly lu IIIIIkI- [his vaisiiii ll"('ii I)_\'II1) I UI] I huln IlIIII wu WI do I \I'Il IIIuI-II lll lll'l III XI ~I~IIsIIII I0 lllllkl' IIII.~ hlllll'l lllll' ni IlII- 'H'hl III SIIIIIIs. Mr SIIIIIlilu Khuluw l IIIzI- lllh

203 l hi_~ } Uzn' has been n \wmlvl'l'ul your l'ox' Samls gulf. and (lu mlvly mymm momurnlllu m n was my am your m A'uplum. I hml very 11 showm ll a> Tom had m such high xmnrlzml in [rank 1,. mm» for me u. duxmu mmm. rm- \vhm \\':.~' ( xpm'lud 1 mp and I SIN- k nn lwlmll ul ull mm- gun: as when I >;:_\'mm \n-m n'u1_\' Ilmnkl ul I'm' what >1. 1. (lnm- nn- Sl\ll\l\ uull' llua \1- *..\lr.~ Maruugl hu~ gnnv mm of lu-r w in :u-cummmlnlmg u, and l wnuld pm-mnully llkr In xlmnk hvr l'nr guiding: HH- mnl h\- ]) 11znwz\.~ as I'uplam Inn nnn- 1 gal mm mv ~II'Klr r'upluln. n roullv mudv m_\ )nh :. 1m m svnwn lw lmu um: m n-nu-mlwr nnslm' th llu- uunlum-p nl'.\lr.s Muru gl \w,\~ fur the hu_\'. l mu w: prmul ul Wm t uhlvm(inmy m. um mu- and wlml \vt-..n-iuvvml Ilm yn u'. I! rcnllv uulm- 1hr largo numln-r ul'grmlv \\u\ n-ullv un-m In ~m-.xll nl'yuu umnu a ho} that \w- lmd mmlm: the [Hun \ (qu Ill-M furllu- lem and rm-uumumu WL- (lullmln ly would um \:1\'I-l7I'L n: IlU «'11 mhvr H \w m Hmllnm nn (l1 m Inn-v (lnm- n WHhUUI NIIK [\len'uum x'uuuu I knuw wn- Wl I M h n-u-n gr: IIA m' llt'lghls m- l yl m'. and gum {rum ~lrt-hglh mm mull (:ull'nlm n.n- I\ Mnnrlhmg lhrll \\I all L'zm lw pl mul nl Frum wmmm: vlw nn-nllng :lguinsl szuxm y m n'clmmv nu: (Iu- Ht'ildnh 3U'l ( up umnn 5x tlnllnk. u \\'1l\ :1 \Lill' lrnm whn-h \ucan (hum mqm'ulmn gums: mm (lum xl I null! llklt'l' :lg un um Ilkl (u llmnk vu nm wlm hrlpvd m Innkmu zms u > I4'\L~sfulwrmam gulf 1 hum lllul \wmm lump \mrkmu luml.«,\ n mum :nul mhuwv L'x rnl llllll s m 2mm limllm I m '.uh- I ll, ( Aplum I.\L:U lllfl

204 SPORT - l lkit kl Y lll l lil 2015 lins ln'on n survi-ssl'ul vwir Hi the ans' ('ullugi- l'in' : nuinlwr ui' in ms. l hi- numln-i' of iv." wv lmu- lwi-n nlvli- in i'n-lil hns l ln ll from :In inmnl 1:5 in 1:3 )1] ilu- Sl K'UlKl (\ l lll: (Isl In 51h, lllg A in l). Ulz'x.\ in (. U] l A In ( J This un-rv (l. ngili in ilupih lmdi-s m-ll i'nr ll u' i uiuri- [:i'nwlh ui' llu- spur! n1 llh' ('ullvpi- Buili :isti'uiun " nrv l'ully utilised iln-nughmn lhi- si-usnn. in sun-h :In uxu-ni ihul \w musx <idor planning for n ilni d rlslro. I'liu Suinis ivr Fl >ll\':ll i-ldi-(l nrgiiably iln- nvsi playing l'ivlil in [lu- ('ulin _\ win-n i'nmpzu'ml in run] lbsii» mls. ()i ihv mghi South :\['ril un loam. nll wuuld cuml'ui'inbly t in ihi- mp 12 of an i-l l'wuw ranking: S) ~ [i'nl. W0 \wi'i- :ilm plvnsvd in \wlmnn- mlvrnw iiunnl I Vpl't uninimn i mm \V orksop ('ulli-gu lruni Nulllnghumsllll k'. Ul lln Ll Kingrlmn Thi- l'ii'si (munmm the hmnu- Im-ilul iii thu. \Ilk 'l\ 'l ournumuni Aliliuuuh Wiwon- dh ppulnu'd nm In progress luu yund Ihc.wnn-l innl wt- win inkv MIIHL ('Unlrlirl i'mm llll fzm [hm m: lusi iu llm M'wmuzil Ulimnpimh I i-i-i-unwl many warm ('Ummk nl. :ilmul iluteam} pm' u'innm'w and [lil ln-hn\~ inur Hf nur hwy. Illi lllrlll lu I'rrim Illi' 'l'nux'minu-ni ( nnwnmx wlm I~ 'lli Spur! [in-mm» An xi.lul iii'~ min-n.- Tlii- L'lli U Ilnl \wn llu >ll\ i'l nil-(lil :n ll H "'l'up rmmn-ni lllisli tl lnluwn Hm ' in in :In i-wn mun- 1'01?" kuhlu Ill'llH Vl'Hli Ill wlwn unni-nmnim mm m..- umillii i-in-i'. ;. in \'lnl ll I'vp -~i-nl:il \'l- wnwnllwl I IIH iln- ~i mun fur ihi- Mikun 'I'uurnn- invni, Thu lh -I(l ('Hill'll.,\lr ( ziinulwll was nlsu pnnnniml luzisalsltlill ri-m ll ul ihi~iirsimuni m-11wlininmmwni H'IL thi- n-um I" [In mini linmi» n \hr \Nl l lll us munuuwi :inil ihi- ni-wl I IVl'll umi'h. Mx King Iliix imii'n.i mmi Win in film hm- rim Inh-i'mlilm wnh iho Iunm. I'hv ('UllK'L C wn.~ wvl] I'l p :.~I>nl (l m «he Souihorn ( inuu-ng imm» Im- iln- \ HI'IUUS lnll'i'~ n <i\'im'lill inurnnimanis. ~ ( mmm Ilium-hump (IRA 0an in) - ( uriis ('umplwi (INA. (lvspilo ' siill hvinu in the U !" group) Ilm-cv WINS (ISA) I rnns Julrunich ( [Hm - Tri mi Bl: L kl< - Ulll n llhbl k \lin'lin (USA) > Mark Si i-il 1mm - ( lu'in Wilson (lg(') - Wnnilili- Mukwvlli (16D) - Jnslum l xlling (HA) ~ 1\l \lkt'l:l"l Miilhyv (HA) ~ In-Inn Mnmn mm ' Sulman (li- ()llvlorn (MC) ' Duluvl Marlin (HIM l ls wurlll nming ilml the 18A andha Snuihorn (luluvng imms n-iurm-(l Wllli llu bruim and mild medals at lln'h' i't ~ 1n i'!l\'u Inurnznni-nis. :\l 'l lk nnnual lluvkvy [)mnor. [hl' i'ullnwmg :lw l'dh wort- inmigurmuxl and we ihnnk ihv ru.~pvvii\'v 1'ninilivs u ihvir gl'nt'l lh (lonuiium ' Juii'umcli Ti-uplu' l'm' 'l i-zim nl' Ilnl Yi-ui': Slinrml lwiwwn 2nil> :IIHl : li'ilw lélt kl "k i(li'l\ 'n-npln i ni- ilw l i-nm with lw singli- lngmvsi win 4:1 iln» \mu': UHA Wu" (H) vs Si Allmu's «uni-g.- Mclnrlilun 'l mpliy lin- ilw l liiyi-i' slinwmu ilu» urmiw win-n Ilu'uuulmlll ll\ ')L : i Mi-rli' Mm» llll 1'.ini iln r Tnnnn rin- sin-vni- in Hum-\- Inninn l ilzln-iii'y - Mni'im n-nnin '.luniur l l: _\'i-r ul' [in mm ("n-in ('umplivr '. \l:u~lm l'rnpln l' i-niur l lnyi-rur lhl Yum, ('unnur llmuii-lmnui l lnw-r ()l"l'lu- Yi- I' - l ] L\ Dvlnn Mnriin ' l l lll Sr'lmlk liurgwr ' L'l H' [ anin [\Ii i VVIlll ' l'l.\ Jm lum (lwi'iis ~ Lll ll ('ln-ininpln-r llunkvl - llii' Mark Siru-kirtl - Ullili liilmn Slinlmn ~ Uib'( Jarred Clegg tnnnti-nnchamn ~ 2ND Nick Pnulman - :ka (lmhani Vundln - :siui Inn ('0lll y ~ 4TH Jurdnn Smith Mimi ln'iprm od Pln r ' UNA Joshua Lnxenby ' UHB Jnrmd Luu. ' UH( Thandu Nknmu - UISA Dimitri Manganadolis ~ U158 Ijaz Mohamed ~ UIGA Sebastian ('arr - Ul li Maiihi-w Barnard - UHK' Subnshen I erumal ' lst RODCC (loosen - 2ND Michael Reevvs 3RD Josh Warren ~ 1TH Jonathan Holme Modaln ~ 3 Yi-ars of ls: 'l vnm Roprw «Anlatiun L Ill-l: 2015: ('unnurbenuchnmp ' Tl lslunbllk kk'rroduh Mr (E.Juiisnn MIC Hnrkey lsi 'l'oznn n-nphy wmnurn: Reece (loosen and Connor Bunuchamp. Page 200

205 SPORT Isl-\IUi-LHM M 1 H \\1 1 H«>J vl(y\.\l IV -\_ IST TEAM: BR. PM FR' J L11kmu. l Syn-n un. -l.\[«-l:u-hl:m. (' ( nmphmz J l. R (known. JutruniL-h. K Arqmlv..\' Alum- eld,m Martin. (' mun-hump MrM. undvrs. l' leu ermh-n. V\ Mangnnmlclm. R RUSH 2ND TEAM: BR I. Mrl hml. (1 Hmvdm, K ('huh'i-v M IMA HIH' I\' I uulnmn. FR' M Ru vs, Y Eh.Ium. ll Mi'Umllx'..\' Hu-hm-dmn..l I n/lu-nr l\' Argmlv. K Sumuu. Absnm: Mr A Bmlvr H'xmrlm Mr [X lmmlmm (Mmmw-l-y. I Swlmrli. l hinmmmru 3RDTEAM BI dnm. M Hrvylvnlmul - -. "mu, 1 Huh.J llnimn-~. ll lll un FRY U {in puul, K Hm bin-um. V Hun-1r Al).~ent:.\1rlm 1m. I) l uum. M lm-uuvn. K Jnsuph anun (Couch)..\lr (' \ Vrllxvvn l( mwh/munum-rl I'lel 21H

206 SPORT lst TEAM REPORT A lot of time. effort and hard work was put in by all the players through the tire-season period. Basi Hnd fitness is a fundamental part of hockey hat I decided to make decision-making in game situations the focal point of the season while working on the tness and the has s at the some time, The boys responded beautifully to the training. We eventually settled on the cm of play that suited our style and team members. and trained hard. We alsn introduced recovery protocols that made sure we were at 100% for every game and for every training sexioii. This helped its in ensuring we iaiiied no injuri s throughout the season. Easter Festival The Easter Fmtivul for 2015 w- : in my opinion the greatest so. iii-lit of schoolboy hockey in South Africa this year. with 8 of the top South African hockey schools in attendance. We had a strong festival and played some amazing hockey. losing to Maritzhurg College in an ex ting game and to Westville. this year and last year's tiulnbehone~ranked ranked school.» Page 202 ZN1()R HOCKEY Rl-LI OR'I'S respectively. The strength of hockey played at the festival put us in good stead for the rest of the season. as well as our European tour. We also realised we are able to compete with the top schools in South Africa. European Tour The excitement of tour was palpable and the strength of the opposition unknown. The style of hockey we encountered was ditl erent and similar at the same time. The boys soon realised that the correct. basics were key to heing a good hockey player. something I don't think they will take for granted again. We started off the tour slowly with a win. loss and a draw but than gathered our feet and gained momentum and won the six remaining games on tour. We attended two Hoofdeklos games. which exposed the boys to top club hockey where a multitude of international stars were on show, The speed. basics and skill the top players in the world pos showed the boys the level they can attain. which ' pired them to work harder and play simpler. We also had the privilege of attending three training 5 ons: one each in Belgium. Germany and Holland. The boys and ctiache learned so much in thesi lens. The boys walked out of l itt'll ~iuii i-oiiiiimitiiig that our enriching staff have ill't ll saying lill' thine lhings as «hut-t- European roziche '. Hopefully it all sticks! Aitken Tournament We approached Altkeil 201:3 with the iiiiihition of winning ilie tournament. We iiittl the potential and all all we needed to do w lpply oul Vera and do it. The piircn. supplied the team with all the background support which made Aitken an exti-eiiiely enjoyahle time. The pool stage went off remarkably well. Winning all three games and not conceding a goal. We then faced KES in the quarter nals and won 34). setting up an exciting semi- nal against Jeppe. who would eventually go on to win Aitken. This loss against Jeppe ended a lg-match winning streak. We would then play Beaulieu in the 3rd and 4th playoff match. which we won, placing St Stithians 3rd overall at Aitken The Season We have had an amazing season with ups and downs. but mainly ups. The team grew throughout the season and heroine a force to be reckoned with throughout the country. Defensively we were good but often ieked the ruthlessn iii the oppos ion circle. where scoring goal ind being clinical was iliiportaot. This led to many frustrations from the team and supporters alike. We worked hard at everything we played with passion and light. This showed in the manner in which we played and was evidenced by the comments we drew from knowledgeable spectators. Following a most exciting. albeit disappointing. In to Kenrsney College in a Friday night game under lights. one of the Premier League umpires officiating

207 SPORT ISENIOR I {OCH-it RliI OR'l'S was heard to say. This was ii game a lot of people would have paid unnd money to come and which". Similar sentiments were exproasud throughout the season. No matter what the score line we nvvt-r gave up lighting;v tooth and nail U) win. The character shown from this group of players hen mprt. d lnl. Thu grnwih shown by the team and each individual has catapulted St Stithinns in (mo of the elite hockey schnols in Smith Africa. This team pliiyud and behaved as a team with not onu right amongst its throughout the sensnn. The typt- ni' buys that St Stithiims hiis product-(l is something itfwliit'h \Vi- ('Hll he pi'tnitl Played: 30 Won: 19 Drew- 4 Lu. finals for: 112 Goals Against: :34 Goal Difference: +58 Huge cungratnlatitms tn llll tlit- hliy> who playvd and sp l [hunks In Mr Peter Templeton. Mr llt-vtin ('iinipht-ll and Mr (irahztni Jtlnhon l'nr till tlwir help throughout thv Sunni). 'l'ht-y hhvk' made this nno tn I Pmi'mlwl'. 2ND TEAM REPORT MrM Sillllll l s. ( mit-li lhmughuul tlw sensnn. l'ho tmtm wns always highly muliviilvtl HlIKl plilyml with spirit throughout. the 51-min Noll litt'liurtlmn (gratin 12).(':iitlnin 3RD. 4TH & 5TH TEAM HOCKEY 'I'liis '( al' titt- Upon gt. twin: slltlwl'll t-nnsitlorttltln tlt-pih by lwittg 2 l lli' it: tit-minim up in.t mitt tt-ttm, This t.»- intlit-t l\(' nl tht- growth in lint-kny tn tlttit~ :tntl iht- sit-tutu in ('lllllumlhm ' With which lllt' plnytts ll: \ l\ thi-nwn The rond team this ir wtt> \'('l'\' ll!l'm>l l\ t.~ tn in l\ ' tinnitii] and wnn lhn truiilty l'nr ll' lll SHE ol' the year. Thu >ll'i llglh tintl Itilt-nl 3rd Xl shown In tht- (mm was immense until llntloi- llit- t-xlit-rl 'O: ('llllll Hr.Vlr Luluvery t xciting to ho H [)H rt nil ()in- summit Stinttin. Iht- ihirtl tt-ntn t-nittyt-tl llll' went as rnllttws: we pl tlyml it) mzllvlu'h iltttlt- Itl lit-int: :iwzirtli-tl llll innst and of llmsu we won :3. lust. l and tlit-w slii'l *l ul lentil 'l'lit- wit-lit-r HEPS ttf 2. The winning highlight. for ustasnn iht~ st-nsnti t-lit-iti-tl tittiiiv Wins tlitrinti wm'u Ulll' vit-tnrit :tgninst St Wlll('ll Ihi- Sll lkvr'b l lljuyl Kl :t tiiiinlwr ttl' John's 172 St Bunt~tlit-l' :0, Kl IS 2-. shitrt'tl hlmlk nii until Wl lititl H Trinity 3-0 and Jpppc iii. 'i'tnn Ilw captain's perspective. I i't-tilly t-njnvt-tl t nrniitliililt- l'rniitlint- lml h)- ( ttii-t-ili llttslnhll [in was our t-ttiittnn tiiitl lt-tl [nailing tht- tt~ttnt tn ('lmvlnt'lll Min thr it-ttni wtth :I l'il'l l'v [HI nu l'nt- llll' and seeing i' L'll [llzlyl'l' [ti-nurt-ss hptll'l. (ittrtth I'Vl'll ~t~nrt~t thn wnunntt gmil iigninst St lit-nudit-t's from :I shm'l ('m lll l :illt-i' [ho tinit- was up. Our gnnlkoupnr, Mttitht-w Luciiwun. tilsn stivutl us from doll-tit on n uunibt-r uf nut-asiniis. Hl' inside snmt- l"' lly good stivvs thitntiihtnu tho st-ttsnn but the l'ui imdiihlt- skills and "HIHiIgPd in inukt- standout sttvo was tht- liisl. whori- Metttht-w t-hnrtzt-tl tnit tn tnp I) in tnttko it ve ry ( l'lll ltll L t-ni unct', ln ilnl'nnt-t-, Vliittht-w Hayes. Alistair ( riinnit-r iiiitl liiiii ('tillcy showed 4i llulliln'i' nl' utiniv-t hnnmng LlK Cnx iunn. A stand-nu! tnnmunt rnr Alistair has in ho 0 (ll iiig SEIVl luv ll ll lt' on our gutil line. With our kut~per ht-tili-n :intl nur [lulll standing Opt-IL iht- npptmttnn tttittrkt-r thought it was it tlt-finuv scurv. 'l'o his ln'wildt l Hll lll Alistair Cillnl from nttwhvi'v tu intikt- Iht- MIYK til' tht- ~,m_ In thv l l(l l(li Mit'htit-l Mni'ulnt. Nick hlillignn and (imhuni Viintllti wurkt-d ttxtt-vnivl h '(l tint! Wl l l :tlilt- tn spi't-zirl tlit- bull t-tlt-t-iiu-lv botwvt-n llll dt-l't-nt-tr :intl Sll lkt'l's. (it-tiliuiti, in parin-ulni: hutl :in t-titzt-i'nvss In win :iuil wttitltl :ilw ya give his till. t-arnini: hint :t.nlltlri in the pliiyl'i nt tho tr \\'lll (l. Wt- :ilstt lititl u nuniht-r nl' \t llll phi} r>. Slu'l] :Is ('lintl l.t-.\ it-, ()lh lllllmt nl itt [ills \l'ils lll] ihttt Silt kn nni l ttr mt» \\'II.\ \\ ll( n ('lizitl liiltl : ' lilill"'llli\' till in hiil'illl tn unit it tlt-l uuituntil Wlit l'i llll N's! nt' nui- itutiii VU\> lluwllul't in h.- M l'll MI Illt put-h (tin-.tt-t-t- Witt lit-"tum....iut-k. iii» in tho I lulll plttrt- til llll right llllh'. ntl \Mtl kl d tvl l't-riiwlv \\'l l\ Miix Sillu-I All iii till. ll i't-iiit-nilnrrt-tl. in» n N'HMHI in in- Mr (' Wtiixnn. "\UH'll Pan '1 -'

208 :2: 7..E i a. _:n 1...:..::.y.53. _.i:/ _. A:: _E: 713:: _::7,:_:,_V_ /. _. 4:..::.: 7 :; L i :2 ".12.; ::_:_: 23.:51. 1:: E ,: _. _:../_ Z 33/ z :: E _, :,.: ;. Z/ :,_.37: A. 3.75::._. A:_.:;.._,:;:;_ _. ES: 5 v...: :x I. :51: z: 2:: V :3: 7.._.:.; 71:}. $2 : 57:1; 2... i;.359;22.11:;7,i_..;é.:2._.:;7...au:_._.z/v. 22/41;

209 u Mmrm.\!r F Manhukw u'nzu In. Mr 142 Smlk lmumlm'rl N Kn'hy, (' l zunung..\1 Swan..\1 \ \':l>h*}.»] Hun ) UNA H S 1):» ()11\ turn. 'I' Hurli.\,\L [h)w. I, Hum..1 Mirnm. I) Mm. I R (' hunt. [I Mam". P Kmuht. J Lulu-um 'l' Ludnrl. I) MJHIH..\ Surum U148 BR:.\ Burmnl. VI Vlhv-rn 5 mm >r, \l Nun}: H Suln')..\11):1\nu~ -'R J.ul/. \ Lw x. K \\ :uu:uuu. 1' Sumnn. Mnltkuwu L,\Ix]]vr.\ I~s>nl H Hula :.l lln-hm vl \UILvJA r1t l)ll;ll],,\[l'hrl lelillh HHFIHHI.\L I LII\UI )MI) l AHm UH(' HI" \Smulv,-l Imguwmrmu.1 VI} in" 'I _\Lumw I' h lhl hll I ll '1' Jug-n. I.\:mlun. I! l..muu I I llmm \ \lnulu \! \ljm'u

210 SPORT I IL'NIOR I IOtle'léY REPORTS U16A HOCKEY REPORT The 20l5 UltiAa' season started lattlast year with trials in September for the 2015 tiverut tls hockey tuur. The rst of cial game saw us pitted against a very strong.leppe side. For the rst game the boys played really well and adapted to their new roles within the team. seeing us only lose two goals to ont- in a very exciting and cal game. The uveiseas toui to Holland Belgium and Germany was iin extitiiig time for the 12 under~16 boys. The UIGA team was faced with some big challenges as some ui the key players were unalile to play some games due to injury, exchange. or being called up to the rst team. Upon return in the second term. the team started off with two outstanding win.» against Ti'inityhouse High School [6-0) and l arktown Boys' High School (Hi). They were then faced with the Hiirrow H Tournament at Parktown Boy High School. In the pool round they managed to bent Noordheuwel and Parktown Bovs convmringly hut lost to St David Maris! Inanda. The boys played hard and landed themselves in the nal of the Harrow Tournament. where. they were up against St David s Marist again itnd unfortunately lost (4-0) which saw them getting silver. The i ct of the season had the team playing some really talented rid -s and narrowly losing in Pretoria llnys' High (24). Kenrsiwyt -()l and King Edward VII School lei) The team never giive up and rose to llll' Ut't'tlsitm against St Benedict s. claiming Jlntltht'r Vimii-y or 2-0. The remainder of the season the team struggled to maintain their winning streak and proceeded to lose to St Alhnii s ( ollege til-l) and St John ( ollt-ge (154)). The last gain» of the -iison was up against St David :- Miii'ist liiantlii. and the score unl ortuinitely does not re ect tludt'tllcnlitm and heart the team put into their last game Even though they went, down 4-0. they nt \ ('t' gave up against this extremely talented hockey side. The entl-of-yenr dinner siiw Mark Stricken receive [)lll_\ t l ol' the your For his outstanding captaincy and Page 206 dedication as the goal keeper. Sebastian ( itrr received the most improved player ofthe year for U16 for his nevergive-up attitude and hard work on the field. Season summary (excluding Harrow Tournament): Played 21 IWon 3 i Drewl libst 17 Goals For 16 igoals Against 52 UIGB HOCKEY REPORT The UIGB team was faced with a dif cult season this year as the jump from U15 to U16 can be challenging. The level of hockey is better. more technical and at it quicker pace. The team managed to win (our games and draw one game out of the nine games that were played this season. The highlight of the season was the 1-0 win against Kearsney as we soaked up pressure the whole game then scored in the last few minutes. The new team this your developed and became a more-together, stronger and technical team throughout the season. The team next year will have to make an even bigger jump in level of hockey played as they step up to the open age groups. U160 HOCKEY REPORT The UIGC played eight games with six losses. one draw and one victory. The obvious highlight ot ihe so. victoiy against tieiu- lira St Stithinns managed to sum the winner in the dying seconds at the game. The victory was testament to the team s character and despite it t ew lows.- the boys never gave up. It was e iii-aging to set» the improvement individually and as a team as the season wore on. These gentli-nien will he looking forward to the challenge of open age group hockey that will await them in Zillti. MrWStrarhen, ('oncli U 14A HOCKEY REPORT 'I ht- UNA It'tlm flew the Saints ling high this m- and this team certainly has ii promising future. The first challenge lay in selecting the players from a diverse group of players who originated from a varietyofpreparatory schools. Miss Marais. a premier league and provincial player. who also represented South Africa at the World Student Games, proved to be an able and insightful instructor ofour boys. There weresome remarkable scorelines during the season: ' ' Trailing 4-1 at halt time against Jeppe, the team rallied to finish the game stronglyi Although we lost 5-3. the second half showed the kind of hockey the team was capable ofplaying: A 6-0 defeat of St Aiban's ably demonstrated what could happen when the superb individual skills combined in uni ed plan: Other strong wins against St Benedict's College (1-0) and St David's Marist College (31) rounded out a positive season. The core of the team was selected to represent Southern Gauteng and this bodes well for the Baden Tournament in and indeed the success of Saints hockey in the next few years. Joshua Filling (grade 8). Captain Miss M Marxist Coach U B HOCKEY REPORT The UHB team di: overed that high school hockey carries with it a steep lei iiiiig euwe. That being said. the pla) rs committed themselves to estahlishiiig strong foundations from which to play. Accordingly a strong emphasis was placed on consolidating the has skills: stopping. controlling and passing the ball. as well as developing an awareness at" the game situ tion. Positive results proved hard to come by. mostly as a result of the players' iiialiil' y to nish off scoring from promising situations The players are. however. to be commended for their enthusiasm and commitment to improving their skills each week. It was a pleasure to coach these boys and I look forward to monitoring their progress in the years to come. MrG Jonson. Coach

211 SPORT -ROWING The rowing season saw S ints Boys rowing again increase their level of competition. The club as a whole continued to grow in strength. both in numbers, support and results. Two successful comps held iii Orkney (one in August and one in January) saw both the start and middle of the season boosted due to great training conditions, full attendance and dedication from the coaching staff and a small group of parent helpers. A big thank~you must go out to those who gave up their time to as. t The 1st VIII nished aid at (.aiiteiig Champs. a respectable result given that the two ofthc boats ahead ofthem held national representatives (two in the one and four in the other). Here we continued to establish ourselves again as a consistent medallist iii the 15! VIII in Gauteng. This is the first step in moving into the top position. At Boat Race we were unlucky in the controversial heat with many believing that a higher finish was attained. Regardless. the hi raced in the C-Final (5th and 61h) against Grey High School. where we ( ly won. with a winning margin of 5 conds. Interestingly. the time attained would have won the B-Final by sonic 30 seconds and secn them competitive in the A-Final. While not the ranking that we were looking for at the event, it was a good race nonetheless. Wcmmer Pun Sprint Regatta. whi h is regarded as the National Sprint Championships, saw thu Saints team compete with great results, They won the Schoolboy and Open ( oxctl Fours. heating university. club and school crews. They then rcpt-ntcd this in the Open Men's Eight, again against both university and school crews. They nished just off the courst- rt-cord. having hold an incredible split of 1.24/500 in. Second wastlic University of Johannesburg Men's Eight. also coach by our Head coach and in 3rd place, The University of Pl ulm'l. Both the. crows contained mcmlicrs (ii~ the coaching stnff and was thus a rcal talking point for weeks to come at training session»! SA Champs saw crews prepared well, with all age groups going in with good medal prospects. The open age group was unfortunate to lose our top athlete. James Freeman. two days prior to racing due to a medical it uc. Despitc this blow the team kcpt their focus and raced well. Narrowly edged off tho podium by St Andre s (lriihumstown. the Eight again fin had with a 4th placing. however only by a fraction ofa second. This was a young crew with 5 ruwcrs returning for thc next season. so we hope to see big things next year. Thc First Fours race was also ii closc HP in which we were again unlucky to ho ctlgcd ofi' thc podium and into 5th plat-c. 'I lit- highlight perhaps was Bryon Etta ~ co in the Single Scull, which saw him cross thc lin" in sccond pliicta. l mwtwt't' us the {ii-st-placcd U19 rower in tho t Vt lll. The Second Eight had it grunt s ison with dominant results throughout tho 5 ison, including wins :it (inulcng ('liainps and tho Sct onds Boat tll t. (itiiiig into Natitintils thm wot-t» iii-m fiivoiiritvs. howcvcr wcrt- forced into scctind [ilat c duo in ti gallant citort From the St John's crew who hiid liccii behind them throughout tlic. son. This was an unfortunate 9nd to on othci'wisc magnificent season. This Sccond Eight was one of the most succ.sful in recent history. Overall it was a strong season. The club is showing strong signs of growth both in terms of performance and numbers. Buys and staff till enjoyed the season as ii whole and the camaraderie. encouragement and support of the Boy-S College rowing community was noticeably better again saw a National Invitation being extended to one of our members: Bryce l-jttcr was invited to trial for tho SA U19 National Team. wherc he was selected into the U19 Double Scull. However. again luck was not in his favour as his teammate broke his collar bone and thus rendered the crew out of selection. James Frcenizin unluckily was unable to compete in the selection regatta due to his sickness. The plan established by the Rector. Headmaster and Hcad Coach saw a nui \ C increase in capital for spending on equipment. Wc were able to purchaso it new Eight which has now been named altermrjono Devlin. a ( oxed Four that we have named aftcr Mr Mark Rowand and two pairs niinictl after Mr Andy (iriiiit and Mr Martin Walsh. The hoatrnaming t-oiemony took place on;77 ()( lobpi in tho Chapel Quad (pictured) 'nl hcnuxningot thtaasehoat afimtastic step in ll rt tiihl hing the sonicwhiit lost histoi: iii'snints rowing and is thc first stop in i'ccuguisiiig the contribution of Saints Old Boys to both South African and World Rowing in tlic st'nitii ll'vl l All thcsu (lid Rois having rcpicsoniud lnti'l llilllml ll) :is cithcr an iitlilctc or i- irli, Wl' look forward to seeing this ililtlillitll c- l'oi-wnrd to eventually llu llltil' all our Olympic ()ld Bu). thcn lu mltlt n into inrliidini: tlio - thiit how contributcd significantly towards tlic succcss iii St Stitliimis rowing In ordiir not It) i ot-gt-t [llt' trzidiiioii or bird names on boats. wc haw giwii l ch of those hoiits thc nilitu of it W lt'l l7il'(l on their how as- wvll. Mr I) Nt-ulinus..\'l[( Rowing Page 207

212 Thu Rowing season frnm August 20H Io Mun-h 20I3 EMIIIng, I'I->~t\I1 mvnuimhli-v hi-iiri- III'mIkIIIg, I-IIulIvIIgIng IIIIII I'IIII..\ 'I>\\ uurrk (I'LI (in~me IhI~ «mun. 'I'hI- ~L111U1' and HIIlIKIl' H)!I l)~ rumpm HIL In llh L l \'ll Uh lnuuh Impk lllhrn.igmnq ulhz r (LIIIII n: thal~ I Illll li-i ux um I IIIW lhl m..-,»i»iw1~ I \u-ii. Ihu :lml \' l riiiiiim.iiiii:1 Ihk I'I-mnm.ImI I-nImInu Ihmr \II"UI'H'\ IIII' l'ii; Il l grnup Ink-mg un IhI lh-iiik'hlil' I mm.inu km I-I»-.-.III.I~ :mvl IIHII) U\U}L "I'U"1 l"\lul\'(7 1 >>IIYI\,[1H L'ISw umup gummy I-\.II.I-..-nu..InII II)I I! KI\ ]nl' vhmr I-Immg Iwhnuluv LII-mu I m-m ~Irwnmh m qwnmh qul ~huw nu III III.» vml at ( W «:qu Ihul HIM My.» mun In mm. m. ()Immuu (li~i.iiii-i I'III-iIII: 'l hu UH> ('nju\' (I Iler II])"HII IL mum and (Ira! ai-(mm nl' I-mvmg 'l'hi-y wok II: lhk ll mox- Ix'.IIIIIn_I1 wnh n-nihu.~m.<m and pmmxm'.\~ [In ( IIIIIIIIII III' mus fur thi-i,~ mun. I.m 1mm (vaun'h and m-i-y Im- whu mmmiiii-il In fhv.4... nml III I'II \~ ) II':IIIII-Il nn IIU uruns.iiiii HNHIP owi'v mmmu summon IhmvqurI-mIm ;\.~ I lunkm on my vu«mm I I'mulu: [ \.I III- lhv Immns h-ni III-Il In lrmnmg.r :Iml I'IIIIHH'IKHL In H\ mun/mg >1m1 l. limvmu I~ :I III'III:I1 m m'y IniHIHTUIH. munls' 'I'IIIs wv II-III-III-Il lhl' IInI'Il \\ v Illl ourmm In I m-i.\ I'--I II II I 'I'u Ihu Imv x llhlkt up lsh hi1 II> my; ('ullvuv RII\\III;.: ('IIIh. \I'I~h mu mm MIN Mu) II... h: \\- II..- [anhm In lukv nur club from.~m-nmh m >( ri-ngvh. To my {ulluw. l'ninl Imrns of (his avnxun 7.Inmw FI'I-L-mun (VII-rcaptain). Ih'undzm Durknn. RuhI-I-I Bl'lu u XIII-hm! SIIHHHUHI. and Mun-2nhunk-I : mu \\IH hr myhmmom fur mum I'm In L'UIHI' II \x: \ ~ Ch II plvnsun-,immu IhI- IN I m- }. wuh yuu Thank \ Hl f l ll')1(m(liiihu> ziiiii lhi [I1L IIIUK M'> Thank m [0 {hr Bun ( ulii-gn mu! Iht' Rm-Iurk ( '1'qu I'm 3m ~ummrl or I m-mg :Ind 1:er [V IerI' "mu-mum" mm lu- InvnnnIII-d In Ihu nun-hum.- II'I. md Ur I IIII, - mir Iml'vnh 1w- guuhmu- and rl'f l'h an» grwulv awn-i-i-iumi Hryu- I'Illvl. g ndv 12 (luxmm ni' Hum ztlhiann I'm: 20x

213 SPORT [QRU A'IXU Pug gnu

214 SPORT Ikt'tim Dilutions Itiirtuzt Looking back when i started iii 2012 we implemented it long-term plan for 'nt: on the Juniors and not allowing its to get carried 1in with short-term suct- ss by attracting older boy. to improve the senior Mtik h. 'I hitt wits a con totts and courageous (let in from the.chool and till hitched the plan going i'orwni-d. When i did my <wo'r" nnnt 3 about Saint ' rugby then. I l t t umitwndt'ti we attract and keep quality rugby players every year, ttot only strengthening the :\-sides but improving the other plttycrs around thetn. Th. was stir it] even with :tll our challenge: in ZUIS. The 2 rugby l ilattll w; t good one especially looking HI tht'st- goals. moving in the right dirertion. ant re ~r pleased to see the hard work IS starting to pay off. Unfortunately ottr senior sitit s struggled in 301:3 due to the history of these sides not betng great through tlteir age groups and lacking a rugby rultttre among the boys, something the coaches and I inherited bttt were prepared to change through hard work. This WELN nothing that we didn t know ur foresee, httt one thing on which I cannot flaw the coaches or the boys i.~ the etl'ort and hard work they put in everyday. ()ur 1st XV and The good news about 2015 is that our junior sides and especially our A»sides are winning for the rst time in many years! They managed to maintain a 70% plus win ratio with our UltiA nnd U168 sides exceeding this by winning 92%01' all theirgames Ihi aeason.what a remarkable achievement. considering our hi ory and the bigger schools we play! This performance is evidence that our big ship has changed rot -~ and is eventually heading for calmer waters. 1 am very pleased and extremely excited to know that for the next couple of st Hons we, will be competitive on the rugby eld. If we continue attracting good players and coaches ta Saints then our nimgto be the top private rugby school in the countryiwill be achievable. I urge you: Please do not lose faith. Saints rtighy ended the year as the 15th best rugby school in South Ai itc. according to the power rate school ranking.tcm. including all A-team and rst team results. What a remarkable achievement from all involved. and one to be proud ofas a Saints Family! THE 2015SEASON IN A NUTSHELL: 2nd XV were the titteut in main y tr.~ but unfortunately r 'ulli~ did not go our w: 'Ihis rear The challenge that we have as a Stttnt~ rugby.tttttly t.» that the xpt't'lzilitms are very high for our lat XV s tht< ~ our llauehtp team. and though [ understand the i' bli'nllttlt from people on the outside I knot» the hartl work behind the >t't iit'.~ lront all int-olt-ed to make our l>t XV and all ttllwt' ~Itlt-s better. My message to these supporters l:~ thus plea.. do not lttst' pittitttlt't'rhllii istltekey tobttildin hll ltlil rugby unit, It is and Will alu..t be a tough sport in a aehool like Saints but somethlng we do not l:ll\'t~lli1li l_\..~llll believing we will and have changed the dtrertion of our <[itit't for many _\ (':l '~ to conic. Lessons from Eilli will lie token into t'onsidernlion and better rugby boys will enter the St't'ilt' in :t'ultt' Off-season: 1 30 November 2014 We ' n-nnt with a si'nior group of ho, in November 2011 and we focused on the following handling technique and skills. running skills hand-rye coordination drills <trength and more focus on tness. and speed and agilit work. Mr ( hris Fontttine. who has a pa ion for conditioning. was introduced to the management nt'the lsi and 2nd XV sides. iind the focus was therefore mainly on conditioning. getting otir boys ye t nmt ablc to pl y for 70 minutt s. knowing that we in tied to maintain a high work rate and be strong in the last v! minutes. making numerous tarkles against Klrttng rugby d -.looking back at this plan [can. av our l ttn <5 lttsietl itt every game even though our de liltlklnt. let us down at times which resulted in some innit..in iml i t'mtlts. Prc»Senson: J nllal."*m r( h 2015 We continued with our conditioning and all boys were tested to see il't he hard work was (lune in the holiday Mr Fontaine.xint'ltttl to tutrodut-e the conditioning programme to the other teams which resulted in u nms being tter for the, ' n.m r I un inc tliti aomt great Work! We focused on the following i t.. littie.. strength using more body weight t xt l't'lstts. ali'dtzt's anti tyrt stamina: teamwork: game plans: wor t-thte: ntental toughn and ii ting of mental and phy tl bountiattt. The 'p ' of ttaining included: pulling ol sledges for teamwork: ct ying weights for agility attd leg power; body weight exercises and ipping of tyi ~i l'or >trr-ngth: and aerobic exercises and long distance running Page 210


216 SPORT Imum l)ll{l{ti ()l{ 5REPORT Rugby games: We cuntinuud wh l' wv 1qu off liist your liy inipli-nionrinu llllll l' iif iiur curriculum: Defence ABC sysiit-ni: Units; Tm'hii'iciil knowlr-dgr: Skills: Viint'EiS: imd (Tinii-livs' t-duriitiim s.sinus. Season Stats: ln izi-iicriil wn won murr than 50 :- ui' uur nml'b played with some tunnls chit-ring more than [htart-mun: Ill-(l XV' 5v :(a'th XV:("1"»: U16A192 i' ""; U1 a:una:145 ";U149154'Hi. Rugby Tours 2015: U111 l iirkmwn Festival 7 Pluyt-(l :3 pumps won 21: U16 Hillnn lh kr, Played 7 won 6: U15 ISRF, SI Allniii s, l lnyml 5 won 5; Wynlit-rg A 1st XV imd UMA, I liiywl 4 won 0. Buster Festival 2015: 12 schools attended :3 Saints EHFU'I Feslival and 01ch again 1hr- iitmiisphi-rc wns electric will] it wvll-urpzinised festival. New ti-nms thi yen 1' were Uri-y PI I. 1'Iiflnn. Michnt-llmusv and Si-hounspruil. The {pot ihrnuuh the gums Wt l l amazing and we (:nllllll d 2(1.()()0+ pimple nth-ruling tht' lhrt-r (in,.. Wr- had sumo ruin UH the Saturday liiii this didn't stop 1h? iuiinis from performing lt ii great liuiinur fur uiir buys [ll play in tho 1 'livnl iinil smut-thing pvrry rugby pliiyi-r :11 Saints shiiulil wurk llhv l'db. Wvll dunr tn nll invulvt-d and l luuk forwnril m nvxt ) t-: r'> {UMH'HL Schools that will feature in 2016 Festival include: H! Si hl lis; SI.'\111il'l'\\':4i Wynln-ru BHVS: (ll'ry PE: ('lil'tml; Illshuiis: PBHS; Wustrillv B; ' Rugby Dinner 2015' l irail people who llili ndi d iliis _\, lll kl' ll lhv Hlll't't'ss it v» DHS: (mu-inn ('nllogc. l wnni in lliniik tho 270 (ugliy Dinnvr iinrl lit-iiii-(l tn Thr (illlllt l.'hnul(l hp 1111* highlight nftht- s mm. wlivi-l- wv iiri- iilili- 10 rot-nuiiiso thin wurk lilmk >.\. ill in the si- Mill. liiiiuri-nl Riidvhv. ii Siiinls (mi Buy, was our uni->1 spt-tlkt-r uml n1'l'(ii(' (4 my A Vl l'yhhliy1'11]ii\ 1'1I 1m huni-sl. upon-hunrlrd rpm i, Thank yuu In vvt-ry purrul zinil uiii-m whn "Ill-mind mir dll1nt l' l hopi- yiiu liml n g -:ii liml iiiiil iliiii 1111' 2016 main. usun will hnzi l]1('lll ll : i)it'lll l. RUGBY AWARDS DINNER WINNERS Most ilil])l U\'l (i l luyi-r Ul" 'hi- Y4-ur: l'umi Svkhiimiiii Ul-l Tn]; Try Hi'urivr Fur 'l'hi- Swim"; Munnshi-( hiii 1W) Ul»1 Furwnrd ()i'tht- Yt-iir: >li l'1 (i (irunl U [-1 l1nrk im~01"l'lii- Y.lushuii Nuiliiiznzol UH Pi'rIyI'l (11'Thu Your: Min) ill' ('huilimwi [11:3 Mus! lmpmwri l luyvr ()1"l'ht- Yi-i : Aluxnndur {ltiri'lim U15 Top Try Scorer For The Seamn: Bulelani Ngaki U15 Forward Oi'The Year: Johan Mulder U15 Back OfThc Year: Okhela Mdadamnnii U16 l lnyur Of'l'hv Year: Chris Enslin U16 Most. Improved Player OfThe Year: Dylan Kynoch U16 'l tip Try Scorer Fur The Season: Asunalhi Ntlnhnkanyn/Rucce Biehler U16 Furwzird ()f'l'he Year: Ascnnthi Ntlababanye U16 Back Of The Year: Kieegan Luivaux U16 Player 01 1 he Year: Nicholas Brimacambe Soniar Teams" Most Improved Player 01' The Year: Gregory Matthews Seninr Tenms' Top Try Scorer For The Season: Kyle Kurnnhnni Senior Furwnrd OfThu Your: Hudmn Rndomsky Srninr Back OfThe Year: Lance Davids Seniur Teams" Player Of The Year: Gregory Matthews lst Si 2nd Teams Most lmpmved Player Of'l he Year: Michael Robinson 151 Bi 2nd Teams Top Try Scorer For The Seasnn: Mike du T And 2nd Team: Furwnrd ()fthe Year: Keegan Sullivnn 1st And 2nd 'i t lns Back OfThc Yearlst Si 2nd Trains Playvr Of'l hc Year: *. xcludi'ng ls! arid 2nd Team anu- qumalo ante qumnlo Team Awards Blond & (hits Trophy Junior Joshua Nnthnngol iuuii & (illls Trophy Si-niurr. annndn Maunnn Must improved Tram 01'Thr Your: Juniors UNA M051 Improved Twin 01' The Yt-iir: Sonini-s 'l't'znn 01"I'hr Yvnr.-\whrd: Ul A Spei'iul Awards Hpt-cinl St-rvmu Award Stuff» Spurl Dopiirinipnt:.liiliii Wi-ssols ()utslnntlin Avhirvomi-nl ()i'tho Year Award: Asiinmhi Nlliiheikunyp ('uptnin ()f Thr- Ymu : Award Nicolai: Arhihald Most liiiprim-il ( nnrh ()l Tlii- Your: (hiry Jiitzon Junior 'l viiin ( uiirh (11 The Year: Award Grunt Ball Sl lnnl Twiin ( r l l fh ()I Thv Year: Award Mitrc Adams l liiyurs ( niirli ()I'Tlir Ymir: ( nlla Nimnnnd ('nui'h (lf'l hr Your: Y idl l ll Virkery Mr F Grnhlvr Director of Rugby agt- 212

217 SPORT Im um si \qu II N In m u»;mv I u h. J \VIIIxIIII MR.\ RIIIIIII B 2'! I). '.._.' - : - _. 2 I J ( III>IyI-II.1)S.II'kI~ 1-K: \\Sm".MI ( I I-HI. I\ qunmlu. _\li~..irwn,.\'.\l (' \lhz\1d. XII-.1 IlleI»..\II' I I VHHHHHU M IlII 'I IIIL.\II' I I II UMM, I) Bulhu. 2ND TEAM: BR l\l.iii:h F HmIIIIII-I.\I RIIIIIINIII -2]H\1\l! U.\I:III II>II-. 'l' "II~ I:II'I1I NH '7 'l uii MR:.\ RunHI 1 Iium(I. \ IIIIIk ll R: dlll\l\k\ l) SI-IIIIIIIIII. N,\HI H, Mumv FR: [(2 }._\1I1 l I-IHM)", II'II':I\IIII,. \II l]>.i I.I).\';IILI~.\II1 I mei..\l Illlll >.\II KV1"H \(;IH}I \ )/I.IIIhI, \II' I" (lrqur. Hun 1113;

218 >., 3RD 'l \1: 15R ], "I mpwv,.\l Huh. M (h J; "vr. K Kwnuhnufl I'ln'hnm,l))li]1m~. 1H1: 'h-r. Z M mlwp. J Tunmnmn MR \' [Mam T.\lum\-v. R l mnlmg. H limlunhk}. [)V Vt ]]\.(;\ IIH MWVx,l).<ll\ [)1..<.\ l'll. K Yum,.\ Iluu. H Smumn, FR I; I-Ivm. 1' F I :u~nnmn-, Mr.\I.\t1um L nds.,\lr ( Xlwmund (' Hum hwy. Mr F Hmth-r,.1 Wuw-n 1TH TEAM: HR,\I MHUMHH. H ',m\'mu. k Ihnuu 11Hun mmlai)h:u\h-r.\l.\'h-\\.\rl T II MM. Hi.1 lhmlnln II Smmzm ( Hmm Ir \II' ' IL)\\,\ ln-n.l Hnmlu. J lillml. K,\L mv. 1 Kunnuh 'hnl l. <' [mm M meuhm 1 ;ng 211

219 SPORT.Iu ném \I\H_H«1!i mi H-zm;m<w{1\ I 'BR..\I Burk. l) P; m. [, 'l vmpusl. B ()(lvnrlnul..1 anha M l~m:ul. ( 'l hurlmr unl Ntuhllzuu. l' Hvuwn Hnsf d, K \\ -n:lm. (" m Ion...("1 urkur, R Lu Raux Mr 6TH TEAM: BR: 1) HI'HHII H l)mlm-. K ( hnmunu H (mm, 1; I m-i m. 'I' Hurmw. 'I Nu hnlsnn. G 1mm,,\I \hhm: um 'I [)Immlm. FR. I) qulu. I5 Srhnmlt, S Mmm}. \lr 1'} mn mun,("i'xnvlulwlhxmuf\1x'l"f.r; \ M.:-:Ilh:zm,\II I ( n-ulvh I \T thlwn

220 SPORT {inw lmm I!H\'H w HM er wmi'

221 SPORT I RUGBY SENIOR TEAM REPORT FIRST TEAM RUGBY REPORT The rst team experienced a very challenging rugby season. They played 18 games. won 4 and lost 14. Having said thia,1 was really impressed with the players' ability to pick themselves up after every defeat and strive to improve week afterweek. The players' attendance at training was excellent and they were always willing to try something new. One of our goals this season was to facilitate a full "preseason rugbyprogrammeand in doing so.wehave identi ed out a few changes that we will insist on making next year. We also looked at our rugby systems and started to put things in place that we believe will bene t Saints rugby in the future. Despite the tough season. there were a number of highlights that I would like to mention: Firstly, our opening game against Jeppe (which we ended up losing), started really well with our boys holding an inform Jeppe side. with the home advantage to at half-time. The boysshowed courageand grit in the rst 35 minutes and at half-time the game was anyone's to win. Conditioning was high on our agenda and it was clear that our boys were more that t enough to takeon each challenge. A special word of thanks needs to go to Mr Fontaine. who took over as conditioning coach later on in the season and managed to gain fantastic results from the players. Our game against Fourways High school was another to remember as the boys played with flair and displayed the kind of "running rugby" that we were aiming to produce throughout the season. There was much hype amongst the boys prior to their rst game at the Easter Festival. which we played against Schoonspi'uit. The rst team showed what they were capable of as they managed to beat a fired~up Schoonspruit Unfortunately our team was plagued by injury throughout the season and credit needs to be given to our fantastic physio team for keeping many of our boys patched up and ready to play. The game against Pretoria Boys was another showcase in which we managed to hold a very physical Pretoria Bo, ide to l5-all at holf~time, unfortunately allowing them to gain the upper hand in the second half. We hosted our rivals. St John's f ollcgc. on 20 June with a game that lived up to its usual stutus. Unfortunately we lost with an opportunity to score a try going u-begging in the nal moments ofthe game. Again it needs to bementioned that the boys gave their all on the field. We ended our season off on a high. taking n tour to Namibia with a group ofulg and U17 boys to start preparing for the 2016 rugby season. The tour was ii success. yielding three out of three wins an opportunity for the new playe s to bond with the sonic as well as exposure for the juniors to our game plan. 1 would like to thankmr Knowles, Mr Grobler, Mr Niemand and Mr Edmeston for all oftheir support and encouragement throughout the season. I would also like tothank Mr Pearson for his dedication to the team and how generously he gave of his time. A special mention also needs to be made of the senior captaincy team" (Nicholas Archibald, Michael du Toit, Asnnte qumnlo and William Swart) who lead the team with courage and distinction. despite the frequency of losses that we faced. I wish the Mati-ic boys all the best for their future rugby endeavours and am sure that they will y the Saints ag high into the future, Mr J Dale. Coach First Team Rugby Tour Namibia: A combined U16 and U17 side left for Namibia on 7 August for a pro-season rugby tour. aimed at building relationships between the two age groups and introducing theu16 boys to our rugby game plan. We landed outside of Windhoek and were bussed to Swakopmund. where we would be spending the next four days and playing a xture against Walvis Bay. Activities that the boys enjoyed were a bani cruise. quad biking in the desert. sandboarding down the dunes and a hike up the infamous Dunc l. The fixture against Walvis Bay was well contested in the rst half. however. as our boys settled into the game plan and distributed the ball to the wings. we managed to win the game Tries were scored by the following boys: Will Swart (2). Brad Nicholls. Kcagan Lailvaux. Dylan Solomon and Josh Coetzec. Keagan Lailvaux converted 6 out are. From there we travelled northeast to Otjiwarango where we played against Otjies Club. which was made up of the best players from surrounding schools (including their very own Beast i Again the game was closely contested at the beginning. however, as our ho» started to gel as 2 team and trust the grime plan, we gained the upper hand. winning the game Wit were hostod by the parents ofthe opposition side and included in their ond-oi'-yoar function. which was very humbling. Tries were stored by the following lit ' Michael Notnogel. Matthew Bolt. Will Swnrl (3). Etienne Faason, Nick Rovolli and Josh ('oetzoc. Keegiin Ltiili'aiix converted 5 kicks and Matthew Bolt converted 1. Our final destination was Windhoek. where we spt ill lhl l'c nights and played against Windhoek Technical High School. In the days that remained we packed in a Iowiisliip tour. city tour. Windhoek Museum tour. inlornntionul rugby giiitw (Namibia vs Zimbabwe in which we were )lrlvilt gt d to mi i l the players). a fair amount ofshopping and nl rnur i rugby game. Our final game was against a wull~drillvd Side. however we proved too strong for ihmn and won the game Tries were scored by the following liiiys. Shani- Page 217

222 SPORT I lu'tim' SlzNIOR i ia..\.\1rl- i th'l's Linds'n' (2). Rcucr Bichlci t3). Ascnuthi Ntlnlmkanyc..losh ( 00 cc and Kcilh Krunihnut. Keognn Lnilvaux completed 6 ' ct Tu] come us. i l in all it w: a very succcssi ul tour, which saw us m'cumplish ihc goals- that wc set mil to nclucvc, which wcrc In build rcliuinnships betwccn buys itnd cnnrhcs. intruducr our game plan and of cnursc win sonic gnmcs. I would like to thank r Frcddii- (irnhlcr who niatlc thc tnur p0 it». the parent. who btiuulil intn thc luur. and thc imys for th it brilliant hchaviour and willingncss to lcnrn. A spm il thatik»yotx to tlw pin'vnts whu tmvcllcd with us and rccnrdcd (his wundvrful tour on cumcrai and to my fr-llnw co hcs (Lukc. Chris and Simon) for their tirclcss work and passion. Wc hopc that this tour has injteclod thc spirit (gccs) that the liu_\.~ i-qnin- win-n nmn-nin-hing thvir up coming preseason Mr J Dulc. Coach gninud promotion to higher honours. From H results perspective. the 2nd XV struggled. On many occ sinns wc lacked ruthle. noss to cluse out. tight games. S '01! performances against Brynnsmn, Fourways. St Alhnn's and Parktown were followed by disappointing losses to trnditinna] rival: in too many games WE failed to transfer prvssure into pnin.. something these players will have tn learn to do going forward. 'l hc 2nd XV had strong leadership in Liam Taylor and Devon Sarkis. who lead from tho from. Other End XV stalwarts. Joshua (im ('onnor Buuchier and Michael Hinds. all gave grind accounts of themselves Many players were also put under pi ure from playt n the strong 3rd XV and there was a grcat deal of movement among the teams as players dcvclupcd and put thcir hands up for consideration by higher tcnms. Despite the frustration of losing narrowly on a number of occasions. the boys showed real courage in the wav that they bounced back from each loss. We wish the Mntrics all the best for their future rugby endeavours and encourage the remaining grade ll boys to learn from thcir mistakes and deliver a higher standard of rugby next year. Mr L Pearson & Mr J Dale. Coaches 2ND TEAM RUGBY REPORT The l> XV and 2nd XV pi'iiclisi-d :intl truincd lugclhcr ihrnuglmut thc on Thu st-cund Iczim plawrs. thcrt-liirc. had thc opportunity to uni".ilungsidt- first ii-am plan l'> wlin WI'l t' slightly lit-ttcr than llicm which was lu-ncl'icinl In ti-rius of skills (lcvclnpnuvnt ll :ilsu liisti-rt-il lll': i ll_\ cmnpn-tilinn amongst tlw squad and in many m <i-i-und u-nm pliu't s Page 218 3RDXVTEAM RUGBY REPORT 'l'hc vo.i thirds had a VL l'y succcssful rim halfofthc Season. winning all thcii' gitmus while pin ng a rcry attractivc hrand of running: rugby. Undcr thi- p ionntc lcndership of [)cputy chd Boy. Lance Davids. the team gelled and really plnynd [hr with nthcr. My fulluw conch. MrMark Adam. was -lnad whilc l hutzcly i-cspniisinin for w continuity of Ilu- n wurkt-d wuh lhc lln'uunls mid lhc m'crnll gnnic plan. it wns u pli-nsurc working with thc likcs at Hudson Ratlnm. ninnn Millur. (irctzg: Mnnnnm. ( rnig I m'l ynim'c. Janit. W: lsilll. 'l habnng Modisc. Jun B; 'and Mntthcw dc Jagcr u numc hat a l'cw. Amongst thc hacklmi» plug - Mmthvw ltnltr Brycc Eucr. lam-c llavnls. Kyle Vmght and r rx Tour}; all ('unlrllnllml immcnsl-ly. Untiu-tuniilcly wc lust mullimllum duc to nuury and wc had tnslim :ill m't'l' WII h a ncw sci ut lmys assomeohm r stalwarts WI- ciillcd up for duty l thc sccunds and cvcn thc (it: s. Wc had in call mi tin» st-i-vii-i-t or l)0_\'s wiin inni iii-en pinying in ihc : i Huh. hut Ilit ) ni-rcr lm lis down and always lct it all unit nn thc 'Snulh. Luke Tcmpcst and Dylzm wi-lls i'ltli'ri in mid playvd as it thc) had always hccn part of tlic tcam Douglas was namcd man of the match in ltls his! game against St David's for his great pcrt'm'manct' mid trics. linumnc that! 'i'wu buys worth a >I'iuus nu-ntiun nrv Damian ( olcman and Znntlcr Mntthuc who both had their smlsnns cut short dut- to

223 SPORT.RUGBY S 1N1()R'l l,i\.\l ltl{l t)lt'l.\' injury, just as they were starting it) play iht- rugby or their 56 CLUB RUGBY REPORT lives Well done to all the boys that played for tho thirtlii and a bigthankynu tomr s Khuluse for his rule in managing the As always the 56 ( lub wits. spirited hunch Filled with it side. I look forward to seeing these boys' contributions tti rugby in Mr (' Niemnndt ( oaeh 4TH TEAM RUGBY REPORT When we started the summit the phi) t I t; had mixed emotions about how the s difficult for me a: ('(iacl l in the beginning [0 get the players to into working hard for lc * but a the enson progi'.. 3d the player; started to enjoy the practices iintl tl ns played their hearts out. I must stir that I mm thultl pun out i must. i- that it Wm ll VP seen pl dvl'l o grow into young men iintl spilled over into games. We fut-used on leiini spirit and worked hiird to develop our illl'l tllllkl unint- Although we didn't alwa w tittain the, renults for WhICll we tinned. our hoys started believing in one tintiiiit- I i-t-iiiiy ttiiittyt-ti my \ ASH with our huyu and learned :1 lot l'roin tlitin in well ()iii ni.iin aim was to giw our :ill and lit-l1) plate I Lilas to pl:i\ l'or hightr ttuinis In hindsight it was t! lul, It was 2i good. tough 5021M) but an enjoyable ont til I believe that some of our gradi- 11 born ran zittkl will put on thi- whitejei 1y next year Lastly I wish to thunk St Stiihitins (or giving: me the opportunity to coach here tor the It, two _\'t>:ii ~, I wwh you all the best for the ZUIG mason! Mr P Allen. (With perplexing mix of talented playei and those who simply pl yetl for the love of the gllmt t l riiditional problems ofteam selection and managing those who ditl not want to play ['or more competitive sides retired their heads throughout the SOHSUIL but more often than not these were solvul sensibly and with und ~i>tiinding. On paper. tht 'ith XV looked like quite 2i formidable side. and although they had a largely su <sful season. they did not I t'nt h the height expected of them. The slde was comprised largely of Mntiit. who had played together in the 56 ('lub in 2014 and norhtips. this combination was too settled to grind out wins in adverse circumstances Three, oftheir four lo>so.~ should have seen more l'ztvournble resultg while many of their victories were by large 5C0... Murray Buck, who won the 6 Club Award at the 32K Evening; muxt be thanked for the role he pl; t-d in helping [0 manage the sitltu Although most utilie bots deserve to he singled out for their character and contribution 7 who can ever forget Douglas and Luke t 'ing to hide :iw, (rum.\lr Nit-inantl behind the ~ - irelio d. but forgetting that their t't, t were still visible" 0r Chris trying to (ll'dp ngu zit full pace ilgmnsl St David s? lii Summit \2 the 5th XV pl' Tht thi XV was made up of it ( (M ISIilllllyihttngin gel of players :is inju 2d 9 matches and won 5, and other demands forced the depth of the squad to he tested. Many of these players desert ed the ehiint'e to pl:i_\' in :i higher team and they ( (1 not lot themselves down when thou» ('l lélnl Ps t-iiniv, li was also Il it t't llirt fu' 5 dif cult for the pltiyt < due to the large sue ol the sound tutti the limited number of xtures for the 7th XV:tin tht-tiihei hand it Inl'lllll lltztl l'llllt'ss w < net-.iuii'i1( II1, ll lt tt l~.iliia unoihei iitiir-t-i ini. l he itnni lust {Hunt s iliiii liiiihniis one \iiiultl lime l th'lil'd llll'ln to, I Il(l siinilzuly won those that the} ~l\il\il l hiiie.\ highlight of the s.ison Wzlh llh \ ll'ltl ')' :t ttlusl KPJI'SIH V when (her showed eluii'neter to hold out :igiiinq the sitlv l'roni Natal :ilrz-t. (The bit wished to tidtl ihzit :ilihough I may not rot-till it With gre t t ondni» ~. my ptii-ini-mtmt-t-.i.~ I't'l't i'ee :iw y i l St lleil'llll t _~ Wlll iilso Illll he soon turnout-n l The 6th XV plzited S L tlllll. iiiil wtin : i The r nuiiittltirol'tliti >t lt d reiutiinetl tlt lllt' ll tl tlti'titlgllmit the,tnsun tut-pitt- ntit litl\'llli.l mtmy mini-tit, 'I'hi»_\ pitttiti theirrule in re.~t-rviiigl'or IlIt'tiIlIl I hllllth but when ilim got their throne to pl lgullhl Il]t )tt lliui. it Vt lili'gt'l ht lmiils \s.i i~i-.ttiit.tiio_v it - 1 iii tit-sput- piiiy It: tutti I uglit. nti itiw. livingt tltilltl IIIlH In ( ltlsll lll ihiinks must on in 19 I'UIU'lH i t'tir Ull>lll ln;_' ilmi the right spirit [in Illll'll tutti n-i- iru.~i lli: l llit' I r» I long renieinbi-r tlit t l tlt':l\'u\li > playing for llll.io ( lulr.\lr l I Siiynuin. ( tiitth l tlgl 2 I ii

224 'rn


226 U163: HR' H I M: yw. l Svruln- M \'m ~[vl ( Yumm, II \nm du-n BM" '1 [ uhnvr, - Kmlrh, M I)- \\ ~01) M.\Inunkn I R l'y.rl M K Krnmlwm, S A H\'1 Jillvmnn,,\h nnlyh r!\i Hug nm,npmm). N r H Hmuulvnhum numm, t:-i1[':iylaiiii,\i. (hr.k M I ulw

227 .31.: 3...;._:_ ii?...:..::..:.;_/ : : _ :_.:..:.:::.._ES;:._:::._::.._: _.::::_.2 x.::_.._. S. V2 3;.3; :.:_..::_.:..,.;._..._:.;_ 1 E:.../. _. 53:: 7, _u._;._5.: 1.1.5:: :? 4..7:::_z >.,_::: _. :: < : 7...:..._y: _?.:_._/. :_.._._._.:_i.; E: /..I..2272: 7.1.5: ; 2.13.: z.1; 35.4.::...:.._:.._._5.5,..(1, _.7: z :\:>/. 5 : ::._._2._..535: 7. :2 GE: 3.12:. SE..r=_._:_..; :.7...._._.:,..«_ 2 35: :: 2._..:5:_:._ 4.5..,:..._.::,. < / 5: 2 z... _:._:./. :.32: z.._.._._x _..,._...:;.:.._._ ;.._.. ::.v ;.x.7. z.2:if:,:.:mix.::_;._:... :12? : 5:2. HmOmm

228 SPORT 1,1I,'I 111\1111\'11 "I IE5111(JI IHI13,\.1 11\ UI311:HR.\1\'.II,~IIII I~.II I'IIIIIII..I II\A >,:](:l1( (lil1'l.x I I'Ilhl'l IIIn liith--ri.ih. "1 1\IIIth \ (IIIIIlIIn I) (IIIII1IIIII1 \' \\'I-1I1III I HI\\ ~I\ 1 I \1\1II1.IIIII1I \I SIIIIIIIIII ( III111UNI11..\1I' < [)11\ 1ll\ ' 'I I-1 II\\.\1I- 11\I :I1III. II III \'IIIIIII-II \1I 1' ( IIII1I1II'..\11I11 :1111 Z WIHI I' \'.\Il ll':l) 'I' IIII II. III! (' I IIIIII.I I.\1IIIIII.\II \ \IIIII1I.IIII1IIII.IIYIIIIIII:..\ I)Il 1.{]:l.\.\1.\'12l1'k. 1'. II1I'1II HIII'I'L 1I 1IIIII 1 11.\ 1IIIIIII,I.1\'IIIu \1.I1IIIIII:IIII_ \liiiz - III/I1I-II. 1i 1II~I,\1I'1-'I'.III1I1III',11lIII~III IIII/I-n,1\'lIIII-Im A151III1III1I 7"" 1 UITII): IIII' l,.\ I-IIII1I. [' IA I'kHH'H.\1I \' \ I11111HU. I),\IIIIII1I1. 1x.I-I>IIVI. 1. ) IIHII, I' HI'IPIHI 1~ I II.\'I 1I\:l1~\\'1'1':1111. H NIIIIII..\1I I'..\1IIIII_II\.IIIIII 'l' 'I11II\.\1I- 1I I}IIII I1III'. 11,\1 II'.H\~I.\'11IIIII'III 1.If.:I- 1321

229 SPORT IRHM'ILmm H \\H 11\M< vn gxmg\.\l\'u-m.-li\'1m/u, H\'umvm.-l Dvlm, 1 Hum. l: Nz lwn U1~1('V] R:Nltmhuh I. ICH ~. I) 'l uckt-i'. (' lenmslu. J HLHuL K Wm»..] Xmlh..\ I FR'UShunhnvu.KHulu:m..\h'v1II:IH.('Hnlx L~. \(Lll.ni.~, )1: W thmuwu All IN h,.\1 1mm {am-r. K mum. I gv

230 SPORT - RUGBY IUNIOR 'l l. U16A TEAM REPORT: Ni RH OR'I'S There was much trepidation at the start ol tlio season as to what we could achieve and if wc would step up to the challenge ofu16 rughy. What a scnson it turned out to be! We inside a conscious tit-vision at the beginning ofthe season that our objectivcs would he to enjoy otir rugby, hnvc somc fun. pliiy for ouch other and forgot about tho expectations of everybody clso. lfwc look at the statistics below I would say wo achieved that. The boys played as n unit and played for cach other. Thcy worked really hard on the systems we wanted to put in place and clearly understood their responsibility and thc rolc they had to play within the team. This could only be achieved if the boys trusted each other to step up and he ncmuntahlc for their roles. Thc growth of the boys individually and as a team was opitumist-d by their effort against St Dari - at the and ofihe season. They had to dig deep and showed real character tocome back and win. Many of thc boys went on to play representative rugby for tho \ rious Lions U16 teams and must hc congratulated on this fantastic achiovcmcnt. Their succe. is also tho rest of ihc team's success and all achicvcnicnts must bc accredited to everyone. U16 ISRF~ HILTON 2015 This was the first year that the Independent Schools Rugby Fest it] was held. The festival format was to play two or thrcc mat.i da of only 25 minutes per match. It was a good start to thc. ton in the scnst- that it allowed thc team time to correct or build on arcas of thc game. owing to the short turnaround time. It also allowed us to sec what depth thcrc was in tho ago group and expose more boys to A-team rugby. Wc playctl matchcs against St l)i \'l(.l st Uplands. Hilton. St Charles l cnryn. Kingswood and Clifton. Suniinzii : against: 20 I layctl 7. won {3 and lost 1. l nilllh for: 199 Points SEASON FIXTURES Below arc sonic lwlt'rt'lillllnt'l ll on snxno of tho highlights of tho season,.it-ppt»; wl., You could gamt- w; "ail cc It was ihc rst outing for hoth [cams its the 'ldtll0(l with oils ikcs. Wi- crtuitcil Iwo scoring opportunilics but could not nish The highlight ui'thc ilml was prohnhly lllt' hoys' :iititiitlv and work ethic. This was L-vitlcnt in tht-ir rclunllcss citoi-is in tlcl'i-nt'c. whvrc we managed to claw Jt'ppt- down quickly which rcsulit-d in forced errors. thrcc ul'whirli W('I t' kickulilc. l HHS Won: 224': l hi w s a harrlri oughi match which w'. t-hnractcrisod by two vcry diffcrcni ha] -.~. Sainis donnnutr-d to rst liiilf. playing very offoctlvc and atti-nctivv rugby. Forwards and hat: c combining and we scored two ivcll~workcd tr In the second hall'wc struggled to got our handson the hall and Page 226 Pretoria did all the playing. Our defence was tested on sovci'al occasions and we showed real character in keeping Pretoria out, Kearsney: Won: 3219 it was a much-anticipated game as we had lost the two previous years and really wanted to turn the score board around. Wt- managed to score rst and turned halftime at -0.We started the second halfwith intentand soon scored some grout tries: we dominated the set piece and used the space out wide eltectively. In the rst 10 to 15 minutes we were very effective. but then went to sleep and allowed Kcarsney to come back at us We were put under pressure dotcnsivoly rind this made the second half a close affair. with Saints scoring 2] points to Kearsney s 19. St John's Won: came out of the blocks quickly and had a really good start. which put St John s on the back foot. having to play catch~up rugby. It was a convincing performancet where we out played St John's in most areas of the gamer St David's: Won: l7-l2 We just could not get into the game: it wasone ofthose days where things just could not go right. Too many unforced crrors and poor set pieces resulted in probablyour scrappiest game of the season. We just did not 'arrive for the game and were mayhejuxlt a littlecomplacent going into the last game especially after having beaten them convincingly at the hoginning of the season. Character is the best way to describe this battle. the boys had to work hard to earn this victory and only managed to pull of the win in the last few ininutcs of the game. Season statistics: Plnycd Won Lost Pts For PisAgainst Pt Difference 2" l l-l Top points scorers Kong-an l.iiilvaux 152 Points. Shane Lindsay l6 tries, Ascniiihi Nilnhnkzinyc 8t Reece Bichlcr l3 tri. Lian Meyer 11 in. Tawanda Miituina 8 tries. Michael Nothnagcl 5 tries, Nicholas Briinnconibe St Etienne Faasen 4 tries. lint-c llic gunie. Low the game [or llie pure joy of accomplishnicnl. Locc llic gomc for eucrylhilig [l mu leach you about yourself. Lauc 1hr- gamefor IhefPEllngofbelonging lo a group cndcat'nuring to do [Is bcsl. Love the game for Izcing involved in u twin whose memberswill wall to seeynu rlo your brat. Lore Inc gumc for the challenge 0/ working linrdor than you civcr have a! something. and Ihen harder than ilml. Lauc the mom because it takes all team members to giuc il IL'fc. Laue lhc game because a! its besl. the game tradition will include your ronlribulions. Laue Illl. game lm-ousc you belong lo a long line o/li'nc otlileles who have luimd il. 1! is new your legacy. Love thegame so much lhal you will pass on your love o/lhcgame to another athlete who

231 SPORT - RUGBY lunlor TEAM REPORTS has seen your dedication. your work. your challenges, your triumphs... and the". that athlete will. because of voil. love legume. Unkrmwn U168 TEAM REPORT Mr L Hartley & Mr V Vickery. Coaches It is seldom necessary to use superlativcs to describe the joy and satisfaction ofcoaching a schoolboy side. but 2015 ' an exception to this rule. I have coached a number of sides in my almost three decadthlong career as a rugby coach. and the 2015 season stands out as one ofthe top three years. The season kicked off on a high note with Mes 's Herman Bezuidenhout and Lionel Tsime. as well as captain Tutty Faber at the helm. The team recorded convincing wins against Bryanston (40-0). Jeppe (13-0). Fourways (45-0) and Krugersdorp (62-8) before the April holidays. The three boys who stood out in these four games were Tutty Faber. l yrcll Palmer and Michael Wiltcr (3 penalty kicks and 9 conversions). The game against St Alban's was cancelled due to their being away on a camp. After the holiday the team continued their winning ways against Parktown (29-5), a verytough sidefrom Noordheuwel (1240) as well as our old rivals PBHS (12-0). The latter game was made more dif cult due to the illness of a number of players and Stefan Griesel's receiving a red card within the rst five minutes ofthe game for on alleged spear tackle. At half time we were ahead 170 after Michael Wilter kicked a penalty. scored a try and converted his own and Sebastian Burger s tries. The second halfwas defence all the way and we hung in to secure an impre ivo win (17»12) at the end with PBHS growing stronger towards the end as our players tired. Against Kearsney we came back after being behind With 0-5 at halftime to rst convert a penalty (Stefan kicked a 80 in penalty!) and then to see Jason score a converted try after a chip kick bounced correctly and a flowing series of runs and passes. mostly by the hackline players resulted in a try. The final score against KearsnE-y: 10-5 in our favour! Stefan Griesel continued to impress in the next game too. despite our taking a hammering punishment against KES ((M7). Too many of our players were moved to the A~teiim dut- to injuries there and our cohesion in the maulsi scrums and line-outs was not up to the pressure that KES had prlii tl It took a lot oft'nergyand motivation to regainourcon dant-o and believe that we could win again. After haif'tcrm. against St Benedict's we had lots of opportunities In the rst half (despite some dubious decisions by the referee) but only managed to some two unconverted tries in the second half through Tyrell (o 'a lino-out move that we had practised all season long) and Jason (who had returned From exchange and was a bit rusty). The lost two games of the season also want our way with scores of ] 7») 2 against StJohn's and 10-0 against StDavid's. We found the last game particularly dif cult as our playwas disrupted by spoiling tactics from our opponents. (The A»tenm scraped through too. after not even having been on the scoreboard by half time). The teum scored 27 tries during the season and conceded 18 (most ol'thcm against KES). 'l yrell Palmer scored the moat tries (G). with Michael Wiltcr. Jason Knihhs and Keith Kromhout following him with four tries each. The 92% win ratio for the season is a remarkable result and we were only clipped by the UIGA team by a few decimal points in receiving the trophy for the best team in The Most Improved Senior Team Trophy nonetheless recognised our remarkable team and their enormously successful season. Thanks to Tutty Faber and his amazing group of players. this season will remain a highlight for me and for the College. I thank every player and parent linked to this group of line players. It was an exceptional season! Mr H Bezuidenhout. Coach UIGC TEAM REPORT Loading up to our rst game I was very impressed by the attitude ofthe boys and the vibe within the squad. With two weeks to prepare and get to know each other they wasted little time in getting stuck in and were eager to make an on. Einphas was placed on the boys to take rvaponsibilit ' for themselves and each other. a concept they were unfamiliar with at rst but grew to understand as the season progressed. The season started off with a demoralising loss away to Jeppe where we playcd all the rugby in all the right areas but simply could not take our chunc. hindsight was a blessing in disguise as the ho}: realised they can hold their own against bigger schools. it loud to the attitude ol 0K it has happened. but as a team we will not act-opt it". The boys followed this up with convincing Wins against Noi'lhi'liff and l arktown. where the brand of rugby played and ninturiiy shown set a solid platform on which to build. Unliiriunatoly llil results against tho hig schools such as KES, l rt torizi Boys High. and local rivals: St John's did um go our way. However. on» los iigninst Pretoria Boys High was our best purlonnanu- ol' the Sl SOn. we gon- as good as we got, never took a stop hack nnd did not snip playing: against n for superior team where in the past I fear heads would lilivt dropped. As n coach I could not be proudor ofthu ~- they l'ully embraced the we will not ili t'vpl it" nunudiagainst teams ihuy previously believed they could not heat and finished off the u strongly with nwny Wins in St Benin-(ii ' and Si Mandi. The ri sulln do not ri-i loci tin- igo 227

232 v SPORT - RUGBY IL'N[OR '[l M Rl5PORTS effort and gel-x the hoys put into training. or the way they played. They ran hold their heads high knowing they grew ll lot this year and will he stronger for it next year. I would like to thank the parents for Il'll folllillut tl support throughout the enstm. fmm getting the hays lo prnctices, nursing injurit. and standing on the sidelines shouting ent ouriigement during: games, this would not be possible without you. Mr S ( loeto (lunch U15A TEAM REPORT The season was a relatively good one for the U15A team. The team played 18 matches. won 13 and lost 5. This particular year group is extremely talented and has a very bright future going forward. The highlights of the season was the undefeated Independent schools festival. The team defeated Hilton. ('Bf lloksburg. St Georges Harare. Kingswoed and St Andrew's College. These performances were a direct result of the team's synergy and work ethic on defence. Unfortunately. after the April holiday. our players were a little complacent and this resulted in a few disappointing results in losses to Ho'érskool Noordheuwel (1122) and then back-to-hack heartbreaking losses to Koarsney (23»27) and King Edward VII School (28-31% and then the lowest point was our loss to St Benedict's (15-38). Some harsh words and a reality check were needed to bring the team out of their rut and thanks to captain Christopher Enslin we were ahle to do just that. The team nished the season off with some ofthe most attractive rugby played all seas-uni heating St John's College (48-5) and St David's Marist Inanda 13943). The sel sh play and individualism seen in the early part of the second term had disappeared and the team played - s a unit again ' tcoach. thiswas the most rewarding thing to see. player. coming together and working as one! It turned out to be a fantastic season and the play rs are to be commended on their efforts. Special mention must he made of the following players: Bulelani Ngaki for the highest try )rer. Okhela Mhadi-imana for the hat-kline player of the year. Johan Mulder for the forward of the year and nally to captain Christopher Enslin for the U15 Player of the )t or award. Mr G Lucas-Bull. ( oach U153 TEAM REPORT This season slal ll ll off with a tough encounter away it UIGD REPORT.lemn- lloy. 'l he hoys played with a lot ofp on and zeal. The match was it spectacle to watch and ended in a 17-6 win We started off the season :tu: nsi our lonelier tiplitllll'nls. for vlt'ppl', 'l lii. result Lllll not dishe'ii'ton the boys at all and 'rht-st- fixtures hon-alw:, p. '(l to ln- ll t-hallvngt- lo the they picked themselves tip and put in extra work at training. litiys Although nit-rt were sum.- paints ol good play wht-i r which w evident wltli lhtt results hnt followed: a 48-0 will our grime plan started In liuwi our deft-ow lt'l to. down and over li oiirwai a 574) win away at St Alban.. a narrow m- slnrlt-tl the st" son With Mm..- disappointing in» A lid-ill win over l\riieersdorp High and a convincing 33-5 win the season progrt (l llll l l' wort- \. rious individuals that against l arktowu. The following four weeks were to be it sliirtvtl to put their littntls up. showme that ht~y were lolnlly dim-rent so v altogether In terms of results. Fresh serious about making >Iit t't'oht s nl thtr ()pptu lllnlllt 'L n't ll in Him. [l was also t-it-ar lion in the end of the season they were a hooded " ll and hail more confident-tr in one another. The highlighl of the stat-on was in m» on. boys enjoying theiosi- St John's ('ollt-ge was a )t'x'ft t'l end to the 50. Page 228 Mr J Wi-ssols. ('oat-li from ll lt'll' wni against Piirkiown. our ho lined up against :I new t'i. in the farm of Noordheuwel. These boys from Noordhcuwel played a very entertaining brand ofrugby and werojust too good for us on the day. and we suffered an eye» opening 48-0 defeat..r\t this point in our season it was time for some inlrosp lion and also new goal etting as the following three weeks boasted three ofour traditional rivals in Pretoria Boys Kt m snt ) and KES. It was at this point in

233 SPORT - RUGBY IUNIUR 'l' the season we felt that the bays hml made the must gain in terms of maturity, teamwork and understanding of their own ability. Though the re tilts were nut in our favour. the margins were closer than in times past: EH 7 dtiwn tti I BHS. (HG dawn to Kearsney and ii gti 1237 down tti KHS. St Benedit St Jtihn's and St David's till marked an end to our 20L ) rugby Se sun and they were till casualties [U the saying don't mess with Wtiunded tiger. ' our liq L'pretl ll ( season with > and 184] vlt'ttit'it-s (lvl'l ttlli respective tipposition.. There were sunit- great game highlights this iistiii but these fall short of the hrtitherhtitid and caiiiaradei-ie displayed l), these young men (luring: the #02150". The started tiffas 15 lit " playing.r rugby and the ended up ' team. It was a grtiit pleasure it» work with such an enthu stir and energetir huiit'li txl'ynuiig men. We will he following their pmgre 'lnscly. Mr B Nd lm 8; Mr S [lat-ids. ( tiaehes _.\.\1lilfl ttit ls make Saints ])K'U ltl. The tennis that ran «into the eld for the rst game and the boys that ran off the eld after the last game eaiiiitit lie ( Dmparl tl They grew as rugby pltiv a and as individuals. The lmys lamented the eltise losses. and celebrated the hard-fought victories. I htvy quit-kly realised that the game is about teamwork and not individual purl'tu'mtinet s, Wt' last game. narrtiwly due tti inexperieiirtht t'tlll lt' mart- rutliless in am and iitiiig to gather points when camped inside the tipptisititiii 22. As Wt: grew lll t-tiiil'itleiit-t-. litiwevvr. we attat-k. At training the hm. really worked hard [it impruvt- and l ('Uultl see the (ll are (In the field. I could see the litiys' con dent-t- grow. and their unders 'Indint.y til~ how it) play again t tagger. r- -tt and stranger htiy improved wtth tyerv game they plnyt-tl. ()ur hays were tired hut mentally prepared for the new t'hallenges thrown at them and ram» out with a few outstanding WIIL. I would see the L lln llt'nt l iii llit'ir nwii :ihiiiiies gruw and this helped hin- hays lit llt'vtthat we t-an heat any team. reutirtll tiftlitiir '.t-. I believe that we grew a a unit this t-iistiii and as a i stilt most til'the litiys Wnultl he an asset to any team they end up playing for no..stin. Thank you. parents. for hit with» hard \vtirk getting the hays in training ziiid fixtures. Your stippm-t is truly :Ippl t ttlult'tl. Mr (E.ltitzt-n. Mr -J Kinglinrii 8; Mr B Vili s: ( tiat-lit-s UHA TEAM REPORT 15CID TEAMS REPORTS We started off thitixt \ll't. t-speriiilly lhl l'u-st lixturt- seasun against iiiivii-tiihiy tough opponents. 'l liese against -Je]ipt-. have alwa proved In l)l' a huge tilistaelt- tti tivermiiit- ftti llit he We came at us» a gi-tiup til' teams that our hays were not. used tn, The teams we pltiyml WL mui'e til'teii liigger. stranger and ttiuuher than us. but uttr hnys tried their best in every mime they played The htiys had ii rough opening game Ina tint-t» wt- siit tlnwn and I'Ur L'Valu ll tl our until» fur the season they realised that if they worked ttigetht» in teams they i-tiuld he t-tiiiint-titiw- and The Ul-lA ruuhy team t njl > ed a stilitl.s st)" in lllt'll l'irst yt- r at high climil. 'l lii ' worked (l mini lttte January lilil t't pit- stiii [)i. 'lll't s a week) in produce the ri ' lls they tlitl. uspt-i-.illy as they rt. setl i-tii-ly an that Ilit-_\ had a tough llxllll't Its. Wlllt ll lnt'llltlt'tl the l arktuwti l tn iial and a ttiur In Cape Town, The side's : l'l\ l \'l'lil.\ resulted II\ llit l) llt'llll. I'HlilU'Kl 20th in Smith.-\l rit'a. arettrdine to www. hauls J (hit tit' 11 lt'l ii' tltii'llt.igue fixtures. the team \\ UI\ nuit'. Wlll l htith the Iii.. tit-t-iit-rtue iii the I. st Iiltn't lih nl of Hi.- lnlllt ll :iltliiitigh this was llt'ul'lvltl't' lilllu. \\t' learnt valuable lt-sstnis l'rtiiii ll lii lliu I. tiititt-lies wt- plai'ed. \K't' were niiii-e ttl'tt-n than nut "\Ht'll smaller than iiiti-tipptisttitiii. liitt that didn't strip lllt' ll ) t i-tim gelling stat-k iiuii will This was tllll at the lh Sl Mtlt' l lttivt' had the pleasure ul workini.v with. due tti llll ll gtuitl Wtirk villa and \\'Ill llgllt>s~ it: ll'm'l l. ll tlitn- t'uul lllltt iii tliis Vt'lll. they are sure It) I'I Ilt'll tht-ii- I'ull nutmitial. It was t-netnirauiiig It) set» liiity tiiiit-li llit' side iiiiprnvtd in such a hurt llllll. lit-int: : lllt' tti kl t'tl ilitlitill l'ur [ting perintls. Wt- s tred an 'tt i\ with an awr Lit' st-tirt- til'iil~l-l The team started art With a 1': Win against 'lt'ltlil' that stihtkittt iiiiiii, itiils stimiurtvi-s. liiit lllt' lim-s realist-d that despite this yu'ini'y. l urilit-r litii'tl wnrk \yiis still I't'ttllll'l tl Page..

234 _\ SPORT I RUGBY [L'NIUR V\.\I ;\( 'I ION l l!() [()(; {c\l H\ Page 230

235 SPORT - RUGBY JUNIOR TEAM REPORTS We did well to beat KES 31-0 at the Parktown Festival, but a er losses to St John s (07) and Helpmeknar (14-3)) in the main game, we were fully aware of our weaknesses. We ended off the rst term with comprehensive wins over St Alban's (38-0) and Northcliff (62-8). before departing for our Cape Town tour. Although we lost both matches at the Wynbcrg Festival, this level of competition impacted positively on the remainder of the season. We were the better team against Bellville (19-24). but couldn t hold our composure to win, even thoughwe put in much effort, Despite this loss. we had the majority of the side competing very well physically. which was a positive for the remainder of the season. Against Wynberg, we played our worst match of the season and missed the most tackles, which wasn t a healthy combination against a decent side. The final score was m Wynberg. We knew what was required upon returningtanhanneshurg and beat Parktown (31-7). a tough Noordheuwel (26-22) and Pretoria Boys though it should have been by a greater margin. Next same two defeats in the last minute, rstly to Kearsney (17-20) and then KES (15-21) rthe latterespecially hard to swallow as we had played good rugby and had control ofthe ball in the last movement. It was at this stage that wechanged a few aspects tactically. which required the entire team to take responsibility at big moments. The boys responded with great tenacity to the new goalsand won their nal three matches, all in dominant fashion. We beat St Benedict s a much bigger St John's team 24»16 (three tries to one). and St David's 85-0 in 38 minutes. Up front, Andrew Martin s scrumming improved greatly and he had a great work-rate in matches and practices. Daniel Fraser made some big hits and played brilliant games when he was aggressive throughout. Mamps Ramakgopa was lethal with ball in hand and his throwing was accurate when he backed himself. Ronin van drr Westhuizcn gave everything he had and learnt very ([lllt'kly. while Andrew Jackson proved to be a good lineout jumper and his physicality improved. Jared Grant playcd win-rover the pack needed him and his work rate was immenst'» he was deservedly awarded the U14 Forward of the Year at the Awards Dinner. Thomas Fitzsimnns was a good support player and defender and improved his aggression. Luhnn van Aswegen played great rugby on tour and has all thrugby ability and talent required. Scrum-half Ryan Howell has a good rugby brain and Wm; a great communicator and motivator. James Thornton fought for his place and deserved it. his organisation and commitment standout features. Joshua Nothnagt-l was unbelievably committed, with his defence and hard running always adding value to the side. He was also the team's second top try»scorcr with 16. while he won the Blood and Guts trophy and Back of the Year at the Awards Dinner. Munushc Chaitezwi led the side brilliantly. With his big tackles and attacking ability proving inspirational as he scored 36 tries. He was the U14 Player of the Year. Tumi Sekhampu (our vibc captain who provided spiritandenergy within theside) was new to rugby. but played with experience beyond his years as he won the Most Improved Player. He always played with a smile on his face and delivered in every minute of the season a true inspiration. Rivo Lubisi was also a newcomer to rugby and proved his worth with some strong runs. i habo Munhuwani was safe at the back and proved a ccunter~attncking threat whenever he was kicked on or he hit the line. Thank you to all the boys for a great season. I hope they all kick on and use this platform to become the rugby players and people they can ho. Thank you to Mr Barnett for his assistance and to Mr Groblcr for his guidance.a big thanks must also go to all the parents for their support during the good times and bad. I look forward toworking with all ofyou in future. Results: deppo (away) 2212 St Alban's (away) 384] Northcliff (home) 62-8 Parktown (hom0)31~7 Noordheuwel (homo) Pretoria Boys (home) 31~17 Kt-arsney (homo) KES (Away) St Benedict s (away) St John' (homo! St Davi 5 (home) 854) Wynberg Festival: Bollvillv (away) Wynlwrg (away) Hull Parktown preseason Festival (15 minutes a half on neutral ground): Fourways 63-0 KES Ill-0 St John's 0-7 St ann s Iii-0 Holpnu-kam- Man U143 TEAM REPORT Mr ( - lizill. Coach The UHB rugby team onjoyud a succos'ful season in which wo won morc games than we lost. Tlii alw. somntliing to aim for and there was out- gnaw in particular that mold easily have gono our way on thoday to add to our wins. 'I hat gamc was against Krugt-rsdnrp and illl l'p \\'l x't' only two Page 231

236 SPORT - RU(EBY points in it. We played thirteen games and won seven. only two at" those losses were by a large margin and those two losses were the only regrets of the season. against Pretoria Boys and King Edwards. The boys certainly showed signs of improvement as the season progressed and the two wins that stood out for me were those against St Benedict s and St John's. our archrivala. and are often closely-fought encounters. When introducing some ofthe boys to rugby for the iii" time. the degree of physicality required can often he an issue and tackling can he a dif cult skill to master. Most of the boys were equal to the challenge and showed guts and determination out on the eld. The ll team was lucky enough to have some sti'iiiiglyvhuilt atlile in the side and they relied heavily on these boys to hreak the opposition s defence. Yenam Zouzoun was one sui-h athlete and I felt that there were many times when he required support on his inside or outside shoulder. Some of the boys were guilty of becoming lazy support players who did not keep up with him. Sabelo Nombewe was another strong runner with ball in hand and he too could have done better with support runners close to him at all times. Towards the end of the season our harkline became quite lethal on attack anti this was largely due to the skills and speed oljoiiathan Bukasa supported by Thiindo Mycza and Mihlali Jiya. These boys could often break the line ofdefence and this resulted in a great deal oi'lries for the team. The season as a whnle may not appear that successful when looking at slalistics but there were many moments of indivulual growth and of collective experiential learning. Andrew Parkinson was able to lead his team from the fullback position with great :iplonih. towards the end ofthe season. and he was always able to look iii any situation through theappropriate pei pet tive.a moment olindivaluol growth that I witnessed was when.lodidiah Khoz newlyninth-centre) announced to his 'i'umhnll'lhai iii-was going on ii crash hall run: this he did so effectively that he astounded himself when he found himself two metres from the try line of l Davi s. and still With some work to do. in- went over the line in whai was the try of the ciisoii. i saw him grow at least ii [but Miller as he walked hack to the halfway line. l hosi- moments are the onus that llhlkt the game great. Our forwards also had llll'll' strengths. but liiicouts. unfortunately. were not one or lht lll The st'riitiiining llt t'nmt lm'tll l' and mm- at : ion was shown in thiit discipline. Josh Dc [ii-u war: ii fetl liei' who stood out for airand his work rate was niosl impressive. Ilia build and his love for the game will stand him in good sit-ml mid i hope to see him go along way. My thanks go out to all the parents foryour undying support and your trust in Si Stithians rugby and Ihost' in the managerial roles. May your sons go on to gei the most out ol Page 232 this fnntaiitic sport and may they remember to strive for their best every time they run out onto the eld of play. Mr A Weakley, Coach UMC TEAM RUGBY REPORT It was a season of mixed fortunes as the team looked very heavy in the tight vet a very mobile loose trio and a small ballback, With the talentwe had. one wonders whywe only won four games. The saying "too little too late" certainly held true for this team. This was a journey embarked upon by a team made up of two parties the willing horses and the shrewd ones We played a total of H matches. only managing to win 4. Some of the matches we lost were a tale of two halves. We displayed good quality rugby and no matter the result. you could walk out of the park knowing that you played your best, On the other hand. there were matches the boysplayed just because you have to in their minds they had already lost simply by judging the size of the opponents they saw before them. This team could have taken a tip from Joe Paterno, who i quote here: Besidesprlde, loyalty. discipline. heart, and mind, con dence is the key to all the locks". That being sai. there were some boys in my team who at rst did not believe in themselves or have the courage to make plays. but once they saw others tackle the bigger opponents. they suddenly found the will within themselves. My character as coach was tested yet again when you know that the team has an excellent chance of winning. yet on match day 'all the batteries are not charged'. At the start of the season we played Jeppc. We went on to win our next three xtures. where we were disciplined and gaveour best. As is always said. without confidence you won t achieve anything. iid that was the tale ofthe next two nialches. We played without con dence and cried at the end because we realised how good we are but became scared and lost con dence when we looked at the opposition. The words of Vince Lombardi clearly describe our attitude when he said. "Ilia [in v of success is hard work, dedication to the job at,lulldt and My determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied Ilie best 0/ourselves to Ihe task al hand", With tight live it was a pleasure to see Campbell Radumsky. Noah Ellithorne iind Qhaiiia Manjezi getting game time with the ll-icam. The front row was unmovalile on a good day, Alexander Master was an exceptional Ioek forward with lots ofcarries, hence his ending tip as a ank. It was a battle at halfback and yhalliis Angelo Galatis could use his expertise when Gregory Nelson went for the B-teani call-up. Max Ellis was one who showed the value of practice us he improved grime by game. making him irreplaceable Thanks to an ever-ready battery Max Bet-Caro who was always fired-up. We closed oil the season with a convincing victory against St David's. where we went in all guns blazing and even the bench players were raring to play. Thus I would say that victory had met preparedness. Mr.J Hall. Coach

237 SPORT -SQUASH Our numbers have grown signi cantly over the past few years.on averagewehave about40-50 boys at each practice session during the integrated day as well as in the afternoons. It is very clear that we need more courts. The boys had a very busy time on the squash courts throughouttheyear. The boys were involved in thefollowing: The rst team went down to Bloemfontein in February for the annual St Andrew s Invitational Squash Festival. We took a fairlyyoung team down to Bloemfontein as two ofour players were injured and another was involved in cricket. The scores do not do the squash hoys performance justice: we drew one match and lost four. Many of the games. though, were very close. Every single squash player gave of his best and was an excellent ambassador for the Boys College. Special mention needs to be made oi'two players: #1 Jared Swart won 3/5 matches and #2 Declnn Connolly (captain) won 4/5 matches. The boys league started at the end of the rst term. We found last year that this relieves some of the stress in completing all the league matches before the government schools go on holiday in June. We entered 11 teams into the league. We entered two teams into U15 Super and U19 Super leagues. This impacted on our depth as we struggled towards the end of the league to supplement some of the teams when boys could not play due to injuries and illness. We nished our league before the end of June. The U16 Super league team were runners-up in their league. Declan Connelly and Jared Swart made the Gauteng U19B side and got gold at the lp'l s. Mark Strickett was selected for the Gauteng U16A side. St Stithians hosted the Top Schools Tournament again in We commend our boys for persovering and giving theirbest on the court. The boys played well and their efforts are not re ected in the resul s we were placed 51h out of 6 teams participating in this tournament. We will focus on our mental preparation for next year as this was an arch of weakness. Each boy is thanked for his contribution over the weekend. We had a very successful Easter Squash Festival. All the teams that participated indicated that they would liko to attend in again We managed to secure 9 boys and 3 girls sides. The teams that participated were as follows: Saints Boys' and Girls. Northcliff boys. Egoli boys and girls. St Albnn's. Pretoria Boys High. Kingswmd College, Westville Boys' High (2 teams) and a boys' and [:irls' Festival side. We started ourfestival with an openingdinneron Wednesday 1 April at the conference venue adjacent to the Higher Ground Restaurant, with guest speaker John Hamlett speaking on what it takes to be a champion. The Dukes also performed and we had a magni cent evening. The boys and coach from Kingswood College were hosted and they all sat off after the dinner to their respective hosts! Thursday 2 April saw the start of our matches with two sessions for the day which commenced at 09:00 and 14:00 respectively. Having three ofthe top national schools at the festival made for some exhilarating squash with matches going on for very long! The boys' and girls teams also played against one another. which made for very interesting gentlemendike squash. but only to the point where the boys realised that they would have to give it their all to beat the girls! The atmosphere was truly wonderful. It had been an awesome display of squash during this weekend with many parents and supporters on both Saturday and Monday. We had wonderful support from many different spheres: the Easter Festival Committee. the Marketing and Operations departments, the College. the Parents' Supporters Committee. the Squash Festival Committee. our different sponsors (who not only sponsored boards in thc squash courts. but also ensured that the goodie bags were packed to capacity). and the parents who worked hard over the weekend, braaiing. selling. supporting and cleaning up! I do believe our Squash Festival will go from strength to strength as many participants had indicated that they will be back and that they will bring their girls' teams as well. We hosted our second St Stithians Closed Tournament on the weekend of ISLZO September. Unfortunately the Girls' College did not participate this year but the Boys" Prep joined us. The Boys" College used these results to determine our squash champion for 2015: Declan Connolly, The Boys' College and Girls College had our rst combined Squash Dinner on Thursday 1 October. Both captains gave a fart-well message to the squash players. which was very well received by all the players. It was a huge succes. Our rst tenni.consisting of two grade 11 boys and four grade it) boys. travelled to (Tape Town over halfterm in the third term to participate in the Staycrs' Festival. hosted by Wynherg, The team did very well. considering that it was a very young team. The results nrc as follows: Saints bent Bishops 17.6: we bent SACS ~10. We lost to Kearsncy Kingswuod College 15-7 and Pretoria Boys High Each hoy is commended on his performance. Special montiun needs to he made of Mark Stricken who played in the# 1 position and who lost only i ofhis matches. We are very proud of these boys! Looking at tho very brief sumnmry of an cxtronu-ly busy year. it is cvidont that many people have been involvcd in making this successful squash year possible. A huge thanks goes out to the, following pcuple: Mrs Denise Vythihngnm. Ms Alice Howroyd. Ms Sane! Elofl'. Mr Jared Curler, all the parents involved in all the different activities nnd working on vnriaus cominittrcs to ensure that our boys have ihe best possible ('Xpt rionco al squash. Mr Mikc l'lesicr for his hard work. dedication and the hours he spent on the courts with our boys and last but not least. our boys. Ms I Ncl. MIC Squash Page 233

238 .\I~ 1 NM «\Ili r FR (' I ll-(rhi-r. [) ('nnnnlh ((':Ipmm)..I 5mm ' i x -" UIHA 1m [)Mvrkm,..\ 1L m-\,4lhummumn u s... mucumlm m.\1 Hum u'..-m. m,\'1 ;m» Kx...n. mxmxmn Rum... ' :Ihnuu. ~ I x.-n.\m-) I- R.~' Durk mlu. I, \.m Hm'k M upmlm..\l Krupp. It.\I rhm-.\i Munhh. LIMA HR Mr.\'I Huxlvr H nurhy. I)..lunw \.m \ uurm UH Super R: \[r.\i Hm,,~ (( mu'hl, N l'zu'r.l Bhurnl. ALINVIIMH') m. M~l (MIN FR -J ("mm H szluu. H numb-u H'nyhuur :I'nnlz M Mrmln, "um: 2:51

239 SPORT -SWIMMING SWIMMINGA-TEAM Lookingback at the 2015 season we all agree that it has been a very success ful year for the swimmers. The year started off with Messrs Bezuidenhout and Little s swimming camp during the week before the start ofthe term. The captain ofswimming. MJ Buys. led the wayand the cohort of eager grade as was genuinely surprised by the high standards that the seniors were pursuing. Messrs Ferrelra and Michel joined the coaching team once the school opened. Mr Little was also con rmed as the Director of Swimming for all the schools on campus and his expertise in running a de» velopment programme for boys and girls of all ages was soon starting to pay dividends. As usual the highly anticipated interhouse gala opened the swimming pro» gramme for The weather held long enough for us to nish our tradi~ tional Monday night event. Krige. Mountstephens and Collins houses had their usual challenges in getting a competitive team ofswimmers into the water. but that did not mean that they were going to make things easy for the other seven houses. Nine new inter-house records were set on the night: Trent Panzera (open 200 to IM and open 100m backstroke): Kyle van Niekerk (U m 80> style) andmj Buys (open lod in breast stroke) set the individual records whilst Tucker house (mixed ago 4 x 50 m Medley and 5-age 5 X 50 m ladder breast stroke). Wesley house (mixed age 4 x 50 m butter y stroke and U15 4 X 50 m freestyle) and Pitts house (Ul7 4 X 50 m freestyle) recorded new standards of excellence in the relay section. The spirit cup deservedly went to Cul~ lins House who only clipped their follow hoarding house and Pcnryn liouste with their war cry at the end of the proceedings, MJ Buys, captain of swimming. won the Dash for Cash whilst Nick de Decker touched the nth er side of the pool first in the Dash for Glory. The night ended with Tucker. Pitts and Wesley houses in the rst. second and third places respectively. Mr Little ensured that the boys were conditioned to perform optimally in the rst relay gala of the season, St Stithians won this relay gala (a feat last achieved ve years ago) with St David s and PBHS in the 2nd and 3rd places respectively. From this point onwards there was a marked improvement in all of our porformances in the various galas when measured against last year's times. Even when not all the boys could swim due to illness. the team maintained their standard of performance by end ing in the second place in all ofthe individual galasi We also competed in the prestigious AHS (Pretoria) Individual Gala in February alongside Grey College (Bloemfontein). St David s, AHS (Pre toria) and PBHS. We gave a very good account of ourselves and nished in third place behind FBI-IS and Grey College. hut ahead ofahs and St David s, The erce competition ensured that more than halfof the boys record» ed their personal best times in the events in which they competed. The A-toani attended the Allan Burt Invitational Tun Schools' Rulny (lulu (hosted by Moritzburg College) after being hosted by DHS on the Friday night at the Kings Park Pool on 7 Feliruary The team's determination to improve on their 2014 performance was evident in their inspiring effort that rt-sultt-tl In our solid 5th place, the some pui'iiirmnnco as in but 25 poin,. ilhcud of Konrsnvy ('ollvgc in thc titli place. The Alan Burt 'I un Sclionls' Invitational Relay Gal \ sults are as follows: (1) Westvillt. (2) l BHS and (ilcnwood: (-i) St David's: (5) St Stithians; (6) Kearaney; (7) KES: (8) Maritzbul g: (9) DHS; (10) Parktown. The bus trip in a standard bus will not be remembered fondly. espe» cially when the rain started and there was no air conditioning. but this Spartan approach de nitely impressed or dumbfounded our rivals and led to some interesting resolutions by staff and boys alike. Twenty~three boys entered the Midmar mile and MJ Buys. captain of swimming. ended in the overall 29th place, with ( allum Trainer (100th). Michael Stewart (108th). Liam Lecuo~ na (109th). Aiden MacLeod (123ml) and Sebastian Burger (lalst) nish ing as the next five strongest swimmers from the College in this prestig- Ious event with its entrants. The A-team achieved another milestone when they competed in the St Peter's co-ed gala along with the Girls ( ollegc team. This combination proved too strong for the other schools and we ended the evening clear in tho lead. Connor Hinrichs. Aidan McLeod. Andrew North. Jordan Mantis. Craig McMurchio. Michael Stewart. and William Smart quali ed for ( olnurs awards and Honours were awarded to Jonathan Baker. lllj Buys. Gabriel Forbes, Trent Panzera, and Kyle van Nickerk. The recipients of the swimming trov pines at the BZK evening were: The Jean Basson Trophy for Sports manship in Swimming: Michael 'l'clt-s: The Legacy Trophy Donated by Greg Widmer. Walter Ward and Jean Basson: Md Buys- and tho Aquatics lnvictus Cup: (inhrit-l Forbes. My nvcrn thanks to Mr Littlo for all the hard work that he pul into ( h» ing the team and for his willingness to always go the extra lllllt. With a smile. Mr H lioztiulonlwul Mlt' Swimming Page 235

240 I A TE M BR (' '[ mnm. 'l' l- nuxmum I\' Brmmrnlnhu'1' Kuugh, [A Lucuunn, JMuI'Imush..\1 Drink. L \.'m dur.\ [I wv.\l { J Ih I m. \\' \ unn J Mun)! _-J vzm 'l nhbumh..\i Suvwzn L (' Vun III-n Hem I-I Baker, ( Sm]. J Svhmnll. J Hm I l) 'I'm'kwr FR ('.\lv.\luri-huv. T hum-m. I' Hmm-Ih. \l 'I'I-lI-x. :\[r H HI-Imdmhuul IMunnuI-rv..\1~1 Bun (( upunnl. Mr R Lmlv II Imvh). I; Im ~ u-.~, \ Nunh. l\'mu Nu-km'k SWIMMING B-TEAM Hum Ihr- (mm, [114 in] mm; wuwn \\;I~ mung In Mr IIIII'uull :h Ihu II' In 1m: n~ [mm III ~In-nglh. Mr [M Ilm-Ilw II I~\\Ilh r: II 1 Il l mu m) mlul I-nkuum h nv Ihu- ISM-um In I'ummnuum- un uzmw puln In mu lhl ymdlmn mm Imlw Ilm umwrlum I} III Hunk )mn Im- h1~ mm n um.- Iummu w.- m. m~l I'm mm.mii wum Imn In kluuu LII 1w nu Iwnwnw :Imn mnh 1., nu. NIL \qu Hr mm lep I mm H mm W u...- hm Imp» n. '1. um. h u-m m nmm III\I2 HII-\[h1-I»I'I 7I~IIIII~H! ylmllvnuum mmwrml mm 'l'hw {1le urn-m ul' IhI- \I'Axhll :u Kl» \\:I~ :u (lhnml JIH H \\)IH' ~:I\\ (hv I. m. l'inthnu m an. [I m I- will! A mmmn- ('Im- I 1. mum, 2 lnmllun 1! 1w: n... WI nu- Immy \' m Hump Innu-u Ilmn fuh w.» IhI'l I'llll'P 11w gun] I'm- IhI' um! g: I..u SI.Julm» l um- 22m hm- IhI- n-v m mmvd lurk In numhk'r 2 will! u pulln' IIH pumls. (ll > 1lll'} numhvr ui mum "In ux Ihh unlu I'ur >1uu~ rmhum Th. mum! M: «II 1hr >Im \\ :Is mun-ml In 1:" I III-Inh m Ilw mun.inrl IiI'I HMI nl :Ilkmm-I-Nu 'l'hi l (mm mm. lumlmwl u.h'd plzu-iu HIIH\\I'I In I: IIh plum-m SI lhvnmlu I a mul. :Iqu,1 5th plum» 4 SI Ilzunl's nally :4! 1mm niir In]! pwrllvrlmmw I Ihv \mmu uuh I: \mrv ul 22m INIHHh ~le nulv I'I Hllll'll m :l dimppx-nnmu IIh plum. Juniors 2015 'nu- mm, rm-aux Inn-d xwll aml ahan-il runwupm-v :Iml Ilwuxhlw TIII'I'IIHHNHIHH(II- Ih' 15>I I l'lulllh muln'jilm Ilu- L'll grmm whn NIH nm-d (H1):I_\'7 llunllul\ In h I'hIIII u \ mu lhzmk»ynu mm In Bl'undun IIpI'uIII Il'l (1 I'm' Ivy-mg :IMI- In Kim-p 11w l'll <\\ mimi-r> ( mm-.- and u. l'uumn Ny-.-m..- (ma: fur nding: Ihx llmn- m h» hm») th-(lult- m jnm my -an Sunk)! 201.") I. In :I Inugh,- m lnx'i-npluin Mur- ~:I) HuI-L 'I'ln- ['17 age unmp swam IhI- N nmm uh.! and I)l'( : ~ llllli\ } I >\\Immvr~ Whllt IhI- upvn nm- gmup m-uumwd In (l( )h)_\ qunlnv s Imxm'D. 'l'hi-.hiiihiiiii ul Juan] ZI'hurI and SIL'pIan,\[: ~:n~ m (hm m grnup wu> mam-d a rpm-r slum..m-mmnmm lw lnleli'uf 1)...» WI '1'"; Jur whnjumnl Ihv HIvnm in hi,» ul'mlu.~ )wu'. Many Ihunk» gum Mus mm lilnl'ffur lnnklng AI Iur Ilw (I illn :n gulus :qu,\[i I lwlvn MuuhI-ln fur koopum Ihv n-ng-r :mii In-nwmng gala Iinws. Mr.J-I. Mlcht-l ( um-h :md Mnnnaur

241 SPORT I i I-xxis,\l.\\ \nli l{\ [<1 imiu 20i5 once again smm-d as a your wiih many promises ul'sul-cussand H 1) antci'iulised. The rsl team siiii'iud ilnyear by playing in Ilw St Bow-(link Festival. the Gaulonrz ( oniral Svliuuls~ Luagua Lhon the Paul Runs 'l'uurinr mom. uni-own Easier Festival. 11' sm'» (ind iorm privali scliiin lk'ilglw. mi- Hilion Dmihles and Mixvil Dunlilus 'I nurnanienz. and nmmim d lll wni (hum all. ( ongi-zmilaimns on n siorling emu-i li_\' Dylan Wullui's. Ryan th'ln'nberg, Richard 'l'liunguaiiai. Alhcrum Ki'iigcia Justin Lieln-iihi-i'Ln Kylv John» son. Taino Bernhard. Rvul'v Rulivy, '1, nc Gucisch. Mullhow Vm'vueil :ind 'l hziho Nculw, The I: -) mam. umustiiig iil' JuMin Livbenhvrg. J 'll Pllllng Michael Millard Michnol Pram. Mutihmv "lips and Mnuhi-w Julim. alxn parlk'l])al0(l lst TEAM in the Hills UlUl lllhnolll (luring Lhi Augusl liiilidm's mid wx- m'i' ])l'!lllll nl' llk ll H1 lll( \'( ln( llls lll [ho inurmiini-ni. Sum-iii of mu- in,» pal'llclp lnl m.» linmilly in \ m'imis l l l lulll'nlllnt llls :ind Mzisim s 'oi'ius. liiiur-l ruviiicizil 'I mii'iniinvnlu and NWSA Sclimils Tour- IHUI L IH. Two of lllll linys iniidu ilii- SA Davis ( up li'um and wv i-unizruiulmo Richard 'l'liuiigininu and [\lht l'lllh Kl'll- L'l l. Ru ll dl d 'l'liriiiguaini liiis also '10in cmwnvrl ihi- :\li ('l ll champion in his um- )Jl nup. and Alln'i'tus l\'riii:i-i~ l5 in liu L-migzruiulzitml rm Winning lhl't t l'l'f qui'nlimoiih In Dylan WiiliL-r Allyn-rim Kriigvi- :iiitl Kvchulinsuii i vpi'uwiilud llh' ('niuivng ('vntr \fl'mmil mid an» in he L'i>n;:i':it~ iiliitcrl liii' living pziri nl' iln- WINDIHR [will] iil Lliv SA U19 Inli l»l l li\'llll l dl Si-limils 'l'iiiii'miiuviii. kyllll Lit-bonboi g ziiirl Siiiiilil llliikhii rupi'esonicd the burg repimoniml (lauivng ('i-nmil A «1! ('iziuli-iig ( i-nlrul B-ii-uin. who L'umo xiii mm of 16 pmvmc Jualln LiebeiilllU nuiiilwi' l pusitiun ln [ho U "I (livisiun. mid Illl mun wuni on Mr win ilu» llll(*l'~[)l'(ivlm lul mumunwni. Dylan Wnlivi2~ and Justin lill'llolllh l g \Vl l l' M lk'k ll'd m ruin-win" Ihv SA Sl'llnuls imini ihul mun-1 IU England 21nd Sciilliind In.liim Iu~' in Lil'bolll u l'}: is l'urilioriiiiiri- in hr unngi-niuiau-il on not losing a ~lnglu nniich l i'pl usi nlli ig Si Siiihiiins llnys' ('(illugu during Wi-..l pl nlld uf uvvi'y lioy \\'l\l [ilul s tennis.ii ll1( ('ull( izc, Mr H \ llirwn.\ll(' Vlik l lnl ln ilii- Sllllll ilt'l Luminminpoiiiiiin [hi u-iun him.\lti > Ill-Iii. PllllS ixll SI Dm'idk (Hrll). K 1 rl) :iiiil lilllflt n 194)). in lul izlllloll Ilw mum-- 0" (hi- Imiguv uni-u again, In lhu winm Li. gun mu. iwiiliuii ilii-,\"fl in Squall iloi wiml Hi-Iinni-kuzn- 0 UL Rt'illllll ih»li. Si ])ll\)[ ~.xr llullul ljinll-n will. ilin. slaving unlimuun in llll \ivllilul' la'ul'lii. ()ii and MT llh will llll lmw llt l\:l\ i-il Iiku H'HL \IHIHHXH H llllil Ill '\' <liuii il lw ( Iillllll('lllll il ii" ll ' \L' arm I'Ulk' mmlnle in Illi niliii imnw.\lr ll \ i im-ii i-:iiii Alunngvr HR: J Lin-lionlioi u. K JUhllen. 'l' Bt'l'llllill ll. R 'l'liiiiigiiiiiizi FR: Mi'M Maq iicziiiiii(cum-hi DWiilii-i-s1(':iiiiiiiiii. R Lii-lii-iilwi-gil :iiiiliiiii.1\li' ll\'il_iui-n (ll/lainigpr)

242 SPORT - l I,\ \H 2ND TEAM 20 ) has Inn-n II \I'rv sum fur Ihu wmml u-mu 'l'hv Il' um- Alu-v mm» m rumpulm wuh mm.- «mun; I xr mum and HM huw II I \ 1n.~l In my" srluml l u.~.x on uh-ml u mm: ml'ih-ul perm-num- Allin-ughmum run In-m-n Iw cmnv :u an Individual quu-l (h4- )M_\'> Hn- \UI'Y >u]) m 'l \v uf mrh min-r nml n url'ul mun mm! u v\':u1~ Mom In llw ('mll'l: l'hm n- WM. ~ nlmul mum lull mun- uupurmnllv. Il\<'\ nn- nlwm» hmmu l'un ululu m lhl annu- mm» alum): wry mum-mm- 1! lm, Inn-n : pnnln-pr uml hunnm' In nmnnul \ uunu mm wuh mvh u n-m fur m.- and Ilh-n' alml'l Thvll' vx ~11unl.~pul (~vl\:ln~hl17quulunw ~hnnv \I'nuu \ m. II mum and l mu lmlkllu. (In'uam In M pm" n9 Ilmr qn-vwmll IL HHI lunr um m-u \mr.\ir~ I) kh' Lulluz :Iul' IIII\.\1: u:ilwr 3RD TEAM [511, 'l' (MUN-1L M Vm'nu xl. R Ruin-y..I ('m'lzi-v. FR.\h'.'\I M M'nn zmlph'uul hl.mr~ (Ivlylll\g('(MHI\1Iut-I'lM 1' w Mr B Vlljm'n (MH' l'vnm.~) 'I'hr 111ml H-nm hm! :1 \ 1'I'\ A'hHanL'IHL' mnmm- 4n (hm \wm Ihm- lunuur Ilu- n :-\mu~ W.» and mm mun-4] H]! mm a Inulu-r Imum 'l'luvv mull! bran-iv Mu mum nut mmmw InWm nnr mnh'h vhn- unim- hm u-rm \mwn In vhuqu-(i Ivrm vh: hum: mun-ii mum I \I- 1 r~l mm [mm Rumhmv'k. I lxh-nmlv, RWHHH 'I nmhluum and SI 1mm: 'I'hu- mun um mu m n~ 1'va :n.m- u-~. lu-mmu Rmullmrk Iif!.m um! SI Hm ul'. T: :7 ll xw-ii-n.lw\.u.i11ml All (In- I4 ; m~ (hm pmwl \\I-n- hm mum 1mm llur ru> u~an \I'Ilm 'l'hm lwnhl hr mmuumlml nu llwll' ~pnrl>nuln~hlp mm mm m Imumw Inn-k I mm ulmummumum MI" Kim/u in! 'l'u-um.\lzm:mvr HR ]) FIYUI'II..\'.\ l wfwm. U \ u-kom " I* an" um. 1] l illlng, 'l' culw. FM Mr XI.\I:Iwm-:\mp H nuth Mun! W'vhsu >. I, I m :xbmn. Mr B Vxlywn (MIC I'vnms) [ uuv 11:58

243 4TH TEAM Thi- ceiim hiid 2. great 5 iisun They wim their niiitches against Bi'y nslun High s A-side (69-30). and also wuruil :i i-imi'imiug win my St Iii-iii- ('nlliiizi i sidi (5643). Therv vi llt llst mulch :lgillllal The King's Schniil Riihin Hill. l <idin but they manng-(l [U Cllnk l) \ k'llll in Ihv lilsl niaii-li. winning with a smw Mai 48 l)\'cl"dll a narrow mama and an mg armrmxiii, l h (vain li:i.~' lm L l l Wvll reprcsunmd by M ill l 'l i-ziiii, Nil-k Goildcn..Vlmlhvw KHIHDS, Mziiilivw 'I ain. Chi-ix Hunkcl, Mailliow vllllll. Theron Sni'mziiL Connor nv lu llzllup. Luca (1mm: Michael Millardmid hi. Earlzim. They haw :ill Lluniiinsi. ml good spurtsmnnsliip and superb mainiiers m L'\ cl } mall l i l VL'n m the mu nail-biting niiimi-m, and lhuir conu iliii- non to iliu team I5 apprui-mioil Mi» A l ll!\\'l'41_\'(l Illi Ti-iini Mniiiigi-r Miss A H()WI U)'(l l.\l;iiiiigvri.m Trzinl. S liliiku. (:,\l('dunil'. (' lli-iiui'liumix N (imlduii,.\l J lknsi ls. 5TH TEAM The fth ll Elm 111:0 :iigziiii (llll llll ('nllegi priiuil, Thm' \H l th league winners in llll' l'ii'.~l ivrmv livm-y malt-h ll ll') phiyvil. they (do iruo Saims ~pni~i.~mmi. They were Ill } ~ giving of llll'll lwsi They plnyilrl ngmim minim and fought hard rui- ( \ ('I _\' pnlnl They We unlucky in ln.~i- ;i iiiziii-li ln ihciliiid iuiin, DLII'IHLZ [I iii-m [hi-y miidv iznml USP 01' JI(l\ IH glvpn in them from lllt- hltlv ll l5 truly an hunuul iii lw llll' lll n w l' of (his [L an] a: llil' Hl l Upll-ll L vcry lihillll l l l wiili a ~iiii l> miil mind humour l ho iczini cunuihii-zl of ('hric Wilson, ' ('hris Tl l Itk\V!- ' l lh Ml-lhinil. Vlii-hiiul (ll' Va»: Nick l unziliiii Mii liuvl AllSCl lllll l' and l' (l l'li-giz. Mr L win 1\.-\i'i~i:i-ii Titli 'l'ouiii Mnmiw-r 6TH TEAM 'I'lii- sixth \l'iul i llild ll gin-iii your 'l lll ) niziniiuuil In l k\ llll'il I'llllluhlthm nnil l'uriis ii in [lh' x'iglii (llrl-( IlUIL I'Iiiri i Wle :m :ldelnl. uniniini al' l'nwlli in miskill l<'\ 'l\ U\l ' ilii- NHI UH and wu ('lhlnl up With a [ lm that 1:5 I l ull) (Illlll inn-«l in imii HI llllll h 1 ml] )1 w! in MI lhill ilii- liiiyu, Mali l):l\'l("i. D'rH lll l Ulppl llinll i Mutilww Julilw, Jumv> lmigli, Thu-mi Siii'iiiuii. Nllt'lliu l Swui'l :iiiii Mimhiiw 'l'uiii Miiliiiiiii-il lximii-l, Jiiiiiiw la'll ll IHSll Ewiviuh..\Liiihi>w ll:l) t.\. Siiiiiri (lli l5> lllnl. l'iliiiiii l l'il~l. Iii-rm» \llllll. Kl'Glllln Miirrm :inil Hui ' i lillnl' sliiiwml ii IUI nil ('llih HCH T iinil hurl :i Hl \'l l > l\'l"\l \ :lllll\l(l(' Mi,. l Ilul'l' (illi 'l i-iiiii.\ll l\= ;.!( )' Page 235)

244 SPORT - l l \NM TOURNAMENTS St llmwdicl s Tournament.l Illl'lH-nlll'l}..\ Kruuu' ll 'l'lmnuunnn. I) \\ nllx s. R Lil-lu-nlwrg. N llnmnmnn ll"v<u\ :\ (lrgumsvrl Lore. Sn! and malvh [or Saints hummum St Slnhmm (ll-ll-nxl [lwir Hlxll~ h'>il\'l l lulu m slylv H-nnl.~pl;n1-xluu,~u\vhhullm' l'lw wwn u rllrlpi llnu ~rlwul> \wr SI Hun-dull. Sl Hlllhluns. Kim: Inlwml \ ll Svlmul, S1 Julmk. SI mm x, T ' lulrh-llnn'u and Wuslvllln- llnw S! Smlnnm (Rvnn lnlwnln-ru. [)ylun \\'. lh-i'~, 'I Ill\ Krunrrr. RH IHII'KI 'l lmngm Ill uml.lunun lln-ln-nln-rul l l m u tlmnmnnl lwrl'nrmunw and min pn-ln-mm-ix nulpln 'l'll [hr nmnmlmn llwulu ml~ hmll lx'l 'lllll»lllp, SI Jnhn'. _. 1m..~ llvm-lin-ik M: I ll. SI llmnl n (1511 Ml, Wlwlulll- llm'~'l "(I :nnl HT.".\ln x lx- nn'ul _., lll ll'1"llll Ihmr Jllll Inlu- m mmmrmp l'zlxhlun nu.,1 Linlwnlwrg K «Johnson. '1' lh-rnhnrxl, /\ Kmm. n 'l'hungun FR: 1) Wnllv <. Mr M annrnmp. Mr M Vilmvn. n Livlwnln-r. Paul "mm Tmn'namenl Champimm! 'nw rn-n lt-nnis mm. plnyud m thv :mnuul l nul Rum l'nurnnml-nl m SIvllvnlnm-IL wlwn- llw 12 mp luams 'I Inr mnlh (-(Illmn ul' lhl S! lh-m-lln-lk m Iln- rumnrv mum-tr. [n llw I'uuml Ill\ l:ll llll: 1ll llnl~rl'r-h\. l W;lh]l 11} l (l mlnn plmw Sumls hmn Run-5mg ill-(ll umlvr >wr lurlnu mmlmun 1d lllv ('hllun :an. Stulln-nlmnvh \VulA-I'kllnnl 20 ml l llhs 1 HS, 'l hm Ilu-u hml ll) plnv (hwy ( ullvutl'rmn lilm-mlhnu-in m I luw-rus UH'l s ll] llw. nn l'mnls :Inll ln-m (in-v m :x mun-h llml Murml m 11pm and mulml m Hpm, Hn Snlunluy murninu (hml'nrml l uul Rum m In linul and hem lhvm rum'lnrmgly -L ('(Inux'nlulullnns m lhn n-um For (ln-n- :h-n-rnnxnnmn. runnnnnwm. All 'Ipluw nml (-xlrvnu- 'Illl'd wm k, 1h wull 21> Mr Mum-mum]! I'm an uuunlnmlinu H'sull Hilkun 'I'uurnumvnt 'l hv Hilmn/Sl Anne- n' murnumem is always «mo of llu- must enjoyable events in [hp school calendar. and this year wns no uxu ptiun,we (Antcrud the tourmiml-nl hnving won fur Ihe lust [hm-v runsuvullw yours. su [hort- was cnns'ulnrnhlv pr I L on us 3 we undertook in task nl'dol unding our mlo. We new 0r rallvrucl unrlvr pn- mm» and thiscan lw soon in our rl-sulls. We won all the mun-hos Lhruuphuul th- wurnumenl r~xcvpl one, It is 21 unique Iournament nx only doubles and mixed are played. 5 also an 1-mphm s on creating n>l ing rulxninnships with mlmr teams, The lournnmi-nl ls played in high spirn and is always onjnyzlhlo. nu mam-r how _\'nu (In. and than is what keeps us mmmg hnuk vuch 3 ar. The players L nmhmalmns wurv s follow 1. Dylan Walters and Ryan Ln lwnhvrg 2. Rump Rnlwy and Thulm Ncuho : l Mnuln-w Vm'cuuil and Taynn- (lup- [sub Hilton] St Annn s Tournament lxr l lncv mixml N I luu- (lnuluh Doubles result. Smnln ln-nl St :\"\Iln :~ Sr]. Kingswnud sl-tl. Hillun 5-1: Finnls: 1 Juhn n 8-! Mix"! Double» H! :\lhnn'.~/sl M; V nusu I rvturm 12H) Klllgswnlul 18-0 lllllun/h l Ann ;.)~:l l- un: l,~. SI.lnhn'n/Rm-dL-zm-l8-0 l) nu wlnn-n- :md Rynn lm-lmnlmrg um College Bloemfontein Tennis 'l ourmlmvnl Paul Roos 'l' NK'IIlNz 'I' (luth-il m \umwn. n Wnlu, R Illn'lnlnlwrg, u Rnhm' 'l lw ' loam dupurwd for lhc Urey unu- uum wnh hnzh [lupus and L L'll l Ininnlmu. as n is llu- unly nun-nanwm \w huwyul luwm. Thomun ('un ' ed ur mun Ilivln-nlwru. Dylzm Wallms. Justin Lil-lwnlmrg, Kvlv Johnson. Rwu- Ruln_ Itlhvw Vn'rruml. 'I nynv anlsch and much Mr Marius Mn'un~ vamp, Wu wm- unlin-tumm-ly m.. ng lhrw nl nur first Inmn plnyurs. howevm' m- snll kxww Hun this would still b0 I ngl- 2m

245 SPORT I I'I ZNNIS 'l lis\,\l RI:I ()R1\ a very competitive team. we euulrl nu longer win the tournament. this last maltrh sllll mennl a 101 artl Thungtmn. Bertus Kruger. Must pl'umising [1]"va Senior: Rich- The rst one and a half days cnnc <ted of group nnltchl's the result (lt t ting to us. We played I'('.'t ) well and hem Most hmmmng plum. squall: Kyle who would be playing in the or [\f es 5-4 in mulrhe,~~ churning: third.hlhhmh. Player must cnmmiued Medicated m overs. Our rst opponents were W terkluol', who turned nut to he extrenwly tuugh. wt- <llt t t vdt d m a IUII I UW viclnry of whlch \vuuld pruvt- to he one of the most important mutt-hes in the tournament We played Pmlrl "03's that nfternuun and won rather ronvmeingly PM. The nexl (ltly we playvd mutoughest opponents tn the group. Paul Roos. We were unfortumaely nnl ahh» [0 heat IhenL losing 6-3 I'hls then meant that we wnuld end set-andmuur group. and would have In play ('xl' College that ul ternntm In the semi- nztls. We entered xhu semi nals wlth :l (t'uv that wr would he ahle tn beat the tt'tmg Sldt' that l> Grey Blnrm. ll my a close match that me}: plut't'mex» tremely hot t'tmdtttuns wt- lost and wutlld then havemplav \f es for thlrd or fourth plurt- the next dm Although 5pm in the mumnnu-m, The team is :tlm oxlrenu-ly pruud ut.mr numht-r lwu. Dylan Withers. zlntl humhm- three. vll $lln laehenherg. rmhut h wmning the award (or hes! player in their respective pnsll illnx. There Wils :1 101 that the letlm lwlt'nl durum: [he tournament. and that will hopefully hene l the playem in the future. Ryan ll L hl l li 'I'KuIH. Dylan Wulh-rh ANNUAL PRIZE-GIVING: 16 October 'l ht- unnuhl [ll lzt ~gi\'lnp ('ert-mlvny was held m lht- my; 1'll1 t\;.{l"l'ellllls ('luhhnusu and aw l'nllllwing Illnyrs w. t-m-t-tl [)x'izt'.~. Best Junmr 111le hlstin LH IWHlH l'u Best Senmr playe. Ryan IAL'IM HIK'I'L [)vhm Wultem Mm pmmaaug phh - Juniur: l hahn Ncube. mum: [)ylml Wztltt Ryhh [lil'ht nhem..llmm Llohl-hht-lg. Kyle.1..th mn Rest l remu-r [league team: Isl 'I enm (Ryan Lit-hunbex'g. Dylan whlm-s. th-hux'tl 'l'hungmma. Bertus Krugela.Iustln Iat-lwnlwrg. Tame Bernhard Kyle.lhhmnl. HUM League Team 5th Team (Nlt kw [as (Vutltlt-ll. ('hns Wllsun. (iarelh Mannie. ('hria 'l llnt-kwr M r ( l Tl ant..\ilehuel (lt- l enahum. Matthew Kampx ). \uh. Nlek Spnrbmnnshlp [\wartl Reeve Rnht-y (mt-hug Award: lh-hln Waln-r,~. R). h Lit-henherg. Spvt lltl nwnllun aw 'd Jnr Darts ('up Team. Richard ThUHL'Ut HHL liertus Kruger. Mr M Nahum-mug). (mu-h M \Hrrrueil. It Ruhr)" It IaeIn-nlleru. K Juhllmn..I th ht-nht-rg. I} Walters, 'I' (mew-h, MrM.VluH-Ht' mp ('zlplalm I) Walter-c and R l,u-hrnht-rg L'Hl 'l Page 211

246 ' SPORT. \\'. \'l'l l{ PI )1 (I'l'l'l\,\l ISTTEAM This 201 I I115 wnn-r puh) so: 'Im has hi-vn I'illI-Il with ups uml Ilnwns Ihul r - ully huill us us I: I. n unrl "'Illth ma nirnngor m.- IIInnumIII-s unii I I'u'nd ()ui- l'u-si InurIuIIm-m wn.«ihi- Fm m] um! w.- Ina nni (In us In. us WI- hml hum, w.- ll'l l'i II III-- Ia-un m [hr WI uumv ImI niunqu-il In pull "um-1m Ingvlhvr r...~ mu "my nll s. I-vnmunlly mmmuiuu In I uml lih. TM wnu- mm Inv suul nhnui IIu- k 2015 Iv nstnl. whvru WI' plnyi-il wiili mnrv priili- and mm. I-nming I'lnsv In lquin): ('hnnn hui InIIanInmIoII- II was nni nu-nni In lw WI- I'nuslml NIII :II lhi' Inurnunu-m. wlnvh was Illsllp» nnnumu Ill snnn- m_ 'lmi shnwwl IInu va Ind IIIIVI' Mxmv pun-m I, 'l'hun cmm- 'hi' 1m» I':l\Un InIn-ImmI-nl. 'l hn I1 I mun wnulil likn In Ilmuk Mr LuI Ilull and Mr Wuhslvr l'nr Ilus mun/mil: umuu'lunllv Ihul nllnm-ii us m lu- Irmnwl lw :. mun I «mu-5 quli mym In. (.I' m..-n.~m-.- In IwI-I-n um. l lm xnrludud nu- Hnulh Arnmn up"; I'Imrh. u, Wu as wmuus niiwr ri-nnwni-ii r -h InrluIllnthIn-nm mm. AI: vnunuvsl FINA I'v -I run. Mr l nii-r III-.mn-qm-V I'hxs qui' Wm. nni I. mu Ill II-rms nl' \' ('llil ll'i~. us WI' wni-v wry unl u Hull 1sz nni Im-n ll'mllllm I'nr n wluln 'l lus \:III, IInwnxu l'l'. WI' snll mum- nui wuh mm nunnm.\l:u~ii7hui'u, KI mu-v. MIrhm-Ihnuw III llillnu. whu'h n3 uuprnwnu».v II'II-I' Ihv Inur ii wm nnln II mumv I nx' ( Iil'lun :Iml SAI S 'l'h -~I- lll l l Il[l I'll > wvri- IIu- II. I IImI Ilw.\lnIrn-s wnuiii I'\ l l' play l'nr Ih-v ('IIHI L'I'. uml sn wv h:ii I'I'H] mnmvnnnn In IIII wnll I'hI- rs! (IIIII IIIIIHI IIII I'III Inu unw nur In I I-I-mlls m n (In and III HHHL' ('Iil'Inn m Ilw ul'llllp.~ [034 :Il Ihmrnwu InIu-nnnmu wns n Inuhhglu nl'nnnu- nl un- Inn-g qui-i' pnlii rum-n Wynn-um :ImquI KI-nrsuvy um! SI l):i\'ul'.~ in llll grnup Slllgl h gum-:uunnd us n QIIHI'II'I I'IIIIIl. WllI l l' we I'm'I-Il uiiil IIIIl'wIInIl HI Allmu'. WI- wi-nl inin IhI- si-qus. wlivi I' l ugi III I IM'I5 wn mn-inwly InsI In n sii-nnu 9v,lnhn'a hid WI I'IIIIsIII-Il tlril Ml llw Inurnumum. shnwmu Ihnl Ihn hm'd work and IlI-IliI-ulinn III in by the lmys really puul an, 'rhn rum mm W wont l'rmn HIh In :IrIl in lllllll r n your in Iruly HH- (minding. 'l hn lm] Inurmum-III for the Mun'ILs. I124 well Ill-I for Mr Wulmlnr IIH IhI- m 'l I-um rnurh. wnu SA 'l'hv SAI S Inurnnmnm is n siian mun-.«i- a» wl-ll as u shan Ium- pnrind nf 2 x 8 IulnuIns I'unnmu. wiiii-h did run In-m-I n nur Hillt' IIuI- In Ihu I'm-I Iqu wl' us I sixln worn IIval In IhI- Innm-Ia SIII I~HIan Iinu- ni' IhI- ( Ilnull liiiii'hhlni Hl. 'l'his Inurnn- "II-III wns (llsnppniming. us (loll-"is lii MIvlmI-Ihnusx- uml Nnrlhwnnd uvrlr- \mlnwnil nur mum-s Humnsl hiu whunls surh as SI-lhnurnv and HS, lely. wu (lid IInI mliki- ii Ihmugh In IhI- q\.n~im~-linulu. hui ii wns inil n li-urninguurwi'nrhnlh IthuIrI _ and uuinlz~ u.~hnwnd In.- Iluu ynu: ~I-nnly 1h L!I)l)(l n~ ynur szsi game..,\ wn lml Irvwvll In Mr WubsII-r as ("um mun I -h. wv wnuhl llkl In Ilmnk hini I'nr his many yum-n nl'mwvxv- In IhI- s-pnrl ni SIunIs 'I hnnks In his puulnnm- and Imqur. up wu I m-i- pm dun-ml mnny Springlmk.» and many guld llll'llill fnr Ilu- Snmls lll'sl mun. WI- WIHIM likn In thunk him pl'ul'um l) l'nr III'IHL Ml(' ni wulm' [mln null for I! lll'l'll'h s yunrs ni' nun-lulu: Ilu- I IrsI ImIIu. durum wliii-h hi- spun! hlllllh'i IlS nl' hnurs hy lhi- pnul MI- WolbsII-r hus IlI'I'ldl'd In sli-[i Ilnwu In lukv Ihv [H I :nnl ununr snii-s In I nsiii'i' niu- wnivr [mlii I'IIIIHIHII'E uumu I'rnm ll I'lIuX'l In \Irvnglh, AudI-I-w NanlL urxulv I J, ( upuun WIIN I' polo ()ppmu nt Sun-(- HI I I-Inr's -) 7 l urklnwn.ulls nl'lhe hat Team 7~ I HI AIIIlI'I-w's. ($77 KES 4-5 DHS 4 5 Michuulhousv 5 3 SI work 3-1 KES 2 ' I543 Pen) SI David'n 12-5 KES 7-5 Juppu SI I uwr's SI Dnvul x SI.Jnhn KI IS Fnurwnys l arktnwn SI BunndlI-I'g Michm lhnusn AITuls JI ppo SI JDhn'H S l uul Runs Svlhuurnv ('lxlinii Bishops Hulhnurnv 24 Durban Warm~up WI-sn-illn ( lil'iun MHFIIVJHII'L (ilonwund 2-9 HHS II-I; Kmu snvy : r1ll'hlll'lhilllm IIllInn 6-5 SI.Inhn'n l l'r-si'iimiii l'rnwl'urrl 9-1 I :Z 2 St I I-IIII".~' Sl-(l SI.lnlm's 3-1 RES 6-] l n-inrin Iln 6-0 SI Dru-id's ( liflml Tournament KI-uI-snuy Iiwl SI Dm'nl's 7 5 ( lii'inn 1 SI Allmu's II SI.lnhn's 23,7 RI-rlzlzuu k4]

247 SPORT -SAINTS lnvltatlonai. WATER POLOTOURNAMENT The weather. for once. was kind to the Saints Invitational Water Polo Tour~ nament 2015 when Saints hosted it for the22nd time over22 25 October (half term). A record 58 schools from South Africa and Zimbabwe took part in the four divisions, with 20 each in Senior Boys. and Senior Girls' divisions. and 10 and 8 teams respectively in the Junior Girls and Junior Boys' divisions. Two hundred games were played over the tournament. These were well managed by the 24 referees following the lead set by chief referee, Mike Brady. Delicious comestihles were provided by a wide selection orvendors. catering to every taste. and the hospitality tent overflowed on the Saturday with fans watching the Springboks do us proud in the rst semi nal ofrwc A well-drilled St John s side won the Senior Boys division for the 9th time in an impeccable display (7-6) against a very competitive Clifton team. Reddam demonstrated its successful formula again. winning all three ofthe Senior Girls div on and the Junior Boys' and Girls' divisions for the 4th year in a row. Reddam Senior Girls beat a feisty Pearson side 4-3. the Jun~ ior Boys beat the Ridge 4-1, and the Junior Girls completed the hat-trick with an 1172 victory over ( hisipite It was great to see two Zimbabwe sides in the top three in the Girls Prep (livision. The Saints Senior 80) side was unfortunate not to make the quarter- nals after ending up in a three-way tie at the top of their pool with Rondo» bosch and Glenwood. who eventually played offfor bronze. The tournament show osed school water polo at its best. Many thanks to the participating players, managers and coaches. some of whom travelled great distances; to the organising committee who pulled nffo most successful event: to the table crews, the pool and Ops teams: and to the - recs without whom no good polo is possible. FINAL POSITIONS Junior Girls 1. Reddam House 2. Chisipitc 3. GP Bulawayo 4. St Dominic s 5. Roedean 6. Kingsniead 7. Durban Girls" 8. GP lnvitntion 9. St Mary's DSG K 10. St Mary's W Junior Boys 1. Reddnm House 2. The Ridge 3. St David s 4. Crawford L 5. St Stithinns 6. St John's 7. KEPS 8. St Peter's Senior Girls 1. Reddom House 2. Pearson 3. Stirling 4. St Mary'sw '3. St Stithia ' 6. Crawford L 7. Durban Girls 8. Rot-dean 9. St Dominic s 10. St Peters 11. DSG G 12. St Anne s 13. Chisipite 14. CC Invitation lo. Pretoria Girls' 16. Kingsmead 17. Fourways 18. Rand Park 19. St Mari" DSG K 20. GO Bulawayo Senior Boys 1. St John's 2. Clifton 3. Glenwootl Al. Rondchust-h 5. DHS 6. SAL. 7. KES 8.Jcppi- 9. St Slithians 10. St Andrew's ll Redtlam House 12. l BHS 13. St David s 14. Westvillc 15. Michuclhotlsi- 16. St Allinn's 17. Hilton 18. St Peter's 19.1 urktown 20. ( rnwl'ord lmnchill SAINTS ALL STARS TEAMS Senior Boys School Name (cap number) Clifton Luke Appelgryn (1) Clifton Caleb Simpson (4) Clifton Massimo Converaano (11) DHS Matthew Hamilton (8) Glenwood Gabriel Stopford (4) Glenwood Dylan Cronje (9) Jeppe Matthew Johnstone (7) I BHS Sven van Zyl (7) Rondebosch Matthew Johnstone (7) SACS Keogan Clark (1) SACS Cameron Laurenson (4) St John's Malcolm McCallum (7) St Stithizins Juno Baker (l 1) Senior Girls School Name (cap number) Pearson Jamie Allday (1) Pearson Hannah Worth (3) Pearson Candice Stock (10) Pearson Ashleigh Vaughn Reddom Shanae Williams (4) Reddam Hannah Calvert (13) Stirling Hannah Muller (6) Stirling Erin Sims (7i St Mary'sw Sasha de la Rey (10) St Stithians Bianca Prinsloo (10) BEST POSITIONAL PLAYERS Senior Boys Position Schoul&Name Best Goalie ('lii'ton Luke Appelgryn (1) Best Defender DHS Miilthew Hamilton (8) Best Attacker St John s M a l c o l m Mc( nllilm (7) Senior Girls Position School School&Nanie Best Goalie Pearson Jamie All~ day (1) Best Defender ' Snslm (ltla Roy (10) live. Altlir-kvr Rotldoni Shame Wil~ li (4) Junior Boys Position School Scliool&\'xu ' Bust Goalie St David. Alden du Toil (1) Defender Si Dllvids nill llt l Forrlnuui (7) Bust Attacker Roddam Alex Arkermun (Sl Junior Girls Position School Schoo Namilit-st (ikllllli' ( h i s i p l I i- ( h y Hunter (ll Bus Defender Rnodomi.lulln QunkA or (9) Host [\llm'kor Rt'tldnni Marni liir t-htonhorg (2) Page 243

248 SPORT I \t A'l l-lr I OH) TimM RICPOR'I'S 2ND&3RD TEAM This has been a very enjoyable season with players from both the 2nd and 3rd teams showing a willingness to work hard while enjoying the game at the same time. The season started against Parkmwu where the 2nd team managed ti good 8-3 win. The 3rd team found the going tottgh and mine up short The 2nd team also had good wins against Fourwinning 22-0 and l!2 respectit The 2nd team then hit a hit of ii slump losing to St Peter.. St Johns and Jeppe. The Mid team improved considerably toward the end of the rst half of the season managing a very good draw against St Peter's 4-4 and unfortunately just go ing down to St John's. The third term started with swimming training to improve the general illness of the squad. I he U16 [1- and (team playe also joined the squad and thus we were ahle to eld a full 2nd and 3rd team. The 2nd team played some very good pole in the second half ni'the s '1- snn not losing a game. Saints managed good wins against S! John'. Fourways and St Benedirt's and ended up drawing with St David's in a very close it counter. The 13rd team only had one game in the third term. going down to St Bent-diets who had several 2nd team players ttt their side. Murray iiuek must he etitltmt'ndt'd for the way in Willt h he led the 2nd team and Suit t Agait-nz for the way in which he it ll tht :lrd team with enthu-.l h.inks must go to the C(mtl lt s :htllnlli Wliatiilv in the!t' [orm and Gavin liord'in the third term. Mi- l, Hartley. Coat-h U16 TEAM This past season the untler in age group enjoyed it fairly su -esfiil sea» son wt- Wt it :Illlt m innintian t. positivt' win-in ratio and i-t-t-m-tiud some impressive wins against rivals sut'h as Page 244 St. John's and KES, There is always something rewarding when you see a boy step up and achieve something they were not aware they could. and it was a privilege witnessing the boys improvement over the season. Under the leadership of Mike Thackwray and Luke Parlabean this team rallied and came together to form a stronggroup of players. U158&CTEAM Mr D Arendse. Coach The mighty U158 and C water polo squad had. by and large. a good season. hearing in mind that they often played against higher teams. or mixed teams. The second half of the season was dampened ii hit by four players from the A-team moving to the lat team. which in turn resulted in four boys moving from the B~teani to the A-team, which weakened the two team omor what. The B-Teain played 9 games: won 4. lost -1 and drew 1. scoring 2 more goals than they conceded. Th -oii hogan with a narrow hiss tn Parktown Boys (5-6) in January. hut they recorded good Wins against King David and Pretoria Boys. 'I'he highlight of the rst part of the season was the very good win against Jeppe (9-4). The ( ~ l : m played 6 games. of Wilil'h they won two and drew one. The highlights of the season were the vietories against Jeppe. King David And thti draw against St John's. l'his squad was full of ehariieters stieh as Messieui-s Armstrong. Altshtiler. Krupp and Aiken. We had many hriia liaiit swmiiners on attaek. such as the Janieses. Ryan. Dario and Joan. Greg was a tower of strength in the hole. iind Kyleii was always good in goals. and also got. to play for the Admin] on a number of areas-inns. Paemo alwavs found the water cold. while Keith usually asked for perm on to shoot (and then seored some brilliant goals. espe- ciully with his back shot) and the Liams were un appahle in any position. Josh was excellent at the hack and Chris deservedly won the most improved' player, and then was promptly snapped up by the A-team, Some boys such as lander. Dylan. Brett and Noah were determined to extract as much enjoyment from the moment as possible. while others such as Grant and Courtney took each moment seriously and only smiled after the game. My thanks go to the parents for their unwavering support. to Miss Teagen and Mr Brian Webster for their help. and especially to the boys for a memorable season. Mr P Wright. Manager U14 TEAM 2015 saw a very lively and talented hunch of U14 water polo players enjoy themselves both in and out ofthe poolt We started the year with a strong showing at the, Crawford Lonehill Fes» tival. only losingonegame to St John's. Our hig focus for the rst term was the Ken Short (.leppei Tournament Here we gave a good showing of ourselves. nishing tied lat place in our pool, ln regular season we performed well heating St Peter's College. ( rawtbrd Loni-hill. St Benedict s. KES. PBHS and St Allian's. We had disappointing losses to St John's. St David's and Jeppe. The highlight of the year was de nitely the Hilton College Festival. We periiirmed very well and grew in rength as the tournament progr ed. We only suffered one loss to St John's anti drew with Hilton College and a strong Westville team. Good wins against St Andrew's. Grey College. Falcon College (Zimbabwe). Miehaelhouse and Kearsney College capped offa highly enjoyable weekend. Special thanks mtist go to Mr Fer< anodes for all his efforts with the boys and to Dorienne Tucker as our parental representation for the year. Mr L Pearson. Manager

249 SPORT -\\',\'Il'i{ 'HIHH \\1I HUHH HM IM J Balm-r. Imth H Rudmmlu M lewm Iulvlunx. ( mm m! Hm-vrl. K Krl'mlhzm. R \N'nllwr. 3R!) T! \)l 15H: 5 H' ' ls. (' (\mlu-i. R )\\_\m', ll l/ru kmuul (' mnhule.l Spnhuh I- R (' MV'MUITIUK. { Running. mm lir\\iiw FR - mum. 'l'.\'.n.m-. (' Tmnlvll..\I\ I. Mr I" (l. I).\1xllv-r(( upm m, Mr L llu'lll y l[:n'1lv\',]\' I"Hl (l,«] lllmnl L l'urk hl un 1, Hull I ngv 13

250 SPORT [QIHHIIII IJIII.B IIR II.\I KIanI \I \ilu- I \.xn \IIIIIIII. II I : 'IlI-n. R mehlv. HI I. \Ium. \I \IIn~IInm.v KIxInllIdLl \li I I Huh: IIW I». 1'Mum. \I)~Il\l ( [ un ' IiII K (iuwnd,ii IIII IH IIIH IL'.\I.\I III>II'HII 7 IR R III I IsIIIIIL'I I'. I.\'\'vaw Mr I»! \\'I'I;.-III. I} M s-n,,\1:ni-.iuil N I\'n~In \Imqu (.Iqun, I).\nmIcI. K Krumhum UNA HR, l'iiihihii I piuiii. Jn huu ('4' I m,( IIII'I'HII IIuth.».II-Im Nunh \'II k I'm-I II: \1:\\ III 'I Iwnmx I III\II\IHIX\.'\Ir II\IIl'~. [Inm- u: le. Ir I, I'uuwm. IR I III kiinm. MI I I MuIIIIuw I \IIIII'I L I'-Imr IIum I: I mmm. I III'IHI IHUII I zuzv 2 III


252 SPORT \l\ I R I I'N ' \.\I». I OVERVIEW gvnux' Ily involved In mmv nflhe most unwrmimng nmlchl-s ui' l1l festival. NW 51 Sui/nuns Elm-IN Spur' [ 4qule ()ur squash uul l came up against 24/15 Hm u [H. lllt lldl/u (- hull) m mmv uflln- host playu in (ht-(1mm Ih. luulm-d o/pluy In all Ilw spur-mu: panics mu] M [Ito numbvr u/ pwplv u'lm :Iml showml mm! 01 m1 and (ll ll'l liil' mlmn. wnh sump of their matches slroumvr/ IIII'uuL h 1/er gums. u}: Ilud 0N- (Imulvd urnuml I/w JIM/(II) mar}: u/ IusI luslmg n» huur,» Our )7 mmmuml Iht ll gland I'urm 'I'lhull n-nm und< aimml wan bill mun m» ILC I C umuzml r1! llw hrux m thr tmlmnmmn. whih- llumwvusv m gun- lullums. Anti us usual, (emu: u m won (l IL' Kmm Auden-mu our how almnv I'mpl Im' (hr I'nurlh MH'L 'n'v war 7 TIN-Annual I'Lhnu Spru-H 1-31mm. 1mm I..-.~.- *mntlinu >1 ()m- I m.- mm ml mm. my» nun-m: I m- mo pvrwxr ally xv»mmwsmuv dam-m hy 1A.. um ruuln much Jun... Al kl-x'mzm :11 um.ippmu (a H-mnnvunrl 1:..ng lhn m-r (.n \ \'I-: m-ul.'n' I-wnmu I um lmp~ mu mm Inm hulk Ilmwuhlv u. gum ml. mum. mm hh wunhulnlu W. 4v llul'mk: [luammn ~ u I'u-mml m- hn.~imi u\'l'l' Hum» 12 ruulw lvunh. N hut-km.nm I: liuslvu-illzlll Mill's, Ii H'llnlx n ll ~ wvll m \quuah pm. ('l'\ l'm' Ilul w. unrl n mu SFhUle from England. anmluu :mri Zymlmlmw MINI HII'I1 I)J:III'II m ll v\.\ Ilm,~ ~ymi l\ Mu-I1 : ~. mpmummmm mvrh'mnh.\im'n IluI'uNnnnu-IL IIHI' ) ngln quu unlv IllulIHIL'I'll nun In, lml mar In» In ('IIIIlm \\:l.~ u l. ~menlr mu ()m' hm-k y lmv» t-inlmuxl guxlll mm w.- m-nmm. mil 1mm, 21> wvllm 11mm gum W'nrlmup Ilinuluml). :Iml m. Sunmswru RUGBY Mr I) Knuwll-m IImuImum-r 'I'Iw Snum er l l \'ll\4 l Is 1 faunas» m npllurtnmh m >Imw l- Mllnt'ul llw Ruuln Inlvnl m Law In Suulh Arm-n Ind LIMIT)\\:l~ nu IIHUHnl 'l'ln~ \ u:\x",~ I4 mm] ~;m mun Ih.m Zn mm punplu «Iuspnv huvmu I'mv ])lu_\'vx > nut wlm vx v mmpunnu m N.\Imn: l.~ 'l lu- I umurmll-riv :lml ln_\'uliy Mum n Inmlr Inn's m \upjml'lmg \lll'lnus Mus m, highly L'lnllllxu-I\ :Ih v; nsporl Ilv Ilu- hmk un (In 'lhuxxdzn vvvninp uml lluxmg Ilw mum Ingln unnu- an llur ul'wnmm. \.\ u--n Imrunml mm ( 14an IlAHIM llu- lin- nl {In- Ilmmgh (h. pm» to supme and Ihm-r nur ( llllllll'lllnl'h (lul' l l-mn'ul h:,' L'rnwn I'xmn :1 Rugby mil) I usnvul mm.ml-ui'iiu-ln-. m [lu- ('numry :uul vw prull- uurxvlw. un hung Ilu MN m ml- ('mlnlry 2015 will be remembered asone of hard wnrk from our (ll dli [Cd personnel to fantasllchzutlesund dmzlradm from all toam> and c 'l ws involved.w had 12 x \m: Imm ull m vr South Afr mun-hm fur I'uCh mum the Thunda v. Salurdny mm Mundu) :md wundv ul mum hum-won much,~ and managers all. [In- eld Wu {u'n d \viih Johan Ackvrmun our Gnu! Spuukvr alluring :uul munvuum.v us a«1hr Rugby upming «Imnm' dlapluvmu wondurtul humil~ lly. He \\'2_ <uppurxod from h > as. h Inn! L'nzn'll Sx do Brum and :Ill [hr pluu- :uul muu'hus rnjuyl-(i mm knnwlutlgv and puwmn fur llu- gnmv. Mus! ul' uur.5 me K'rv prwu match \I >.\lu 1 lhv mun-h [hm ~Inml oul Un qu- Mummy \\:I\' Ihu gum» lwlwvvn Gm PI} and Mum/Hun.- (ullom with (ullvgv HIIM'IIIHg l' vy in a hard fought vu-mr- This mun-h Ht I up Ilh' whulu Il-mull unll Ihl' Saturday [)I m'rd In lw u Imxxuw ni' \wndurl ul cmwtl :nu-ml unw wuh mm' 12 mm pouplu u lrhmg Ilw hamlm nn Hmmpp and gum hub Ill-s un llu- I'lulxl, SI Allmns gaunv :lgumsl ('nllvuv \ I 'u m wnlch 11> llwy fought hruwly amunsl a ('nllogu squ that lmu (In-V l li on h< Thur. (In): um slipping: m [he last few mm- \1ll >. 'I'hh so: Ilw [one for great mum ~ In mum when St Andre. and Wyn- Iwru played smur \vrnulvrl'ill mum-lama rugby. both >i<los mmotl the bull.iruund and smwd sumo crowd pleaslii'lpnu'kunr um] um mg: n PE l ugv 248

253 SPORT.1'.1\S'111Rl-1'\"1'1\';\1 guw 11s :1 (( f $ ; 11. ;zlw with ( big: [1111' 111' 1 11rwz11 ds.1111] 1 1} with ' xkilful A Schunh fullback (lurwin Bosch dlsplnyod somu wonderful skills, 1:5111('1r11_vv1-11h (111-1 s g1m111r11111 [nos : and 111 clinch W11111 : :1 shuwcusu 111 teamwork <kil > and gum $ x x 1: w main gamw "!» ' w1-ll 111'1Il1-11.\11('h21111H11u.~ Whn u11b n 1h h I SliVII] 11111! 11v1-111u1111v ,; « (11'1111! 1-» t1n ft11'r1u1'1111vw how 111 u111 11> : and play r ,~ 't1w11 ganws In :1 1: Wi1h 7 mlnulus >011! was 1.1- T » h11 Monday 1 11w1-1'1 1' ,» [ S1 1\ w.< XV' F1-s11vul w11~11 1:111: [ hl'lll VD W11 I 1111 rum : » agam 1111s 1 1, 1 11 :11] \v1111 Rug-.1111: 1n1m your wnrk 1n mukml 1h )" Rugby Festival Results 2011') St Andrva VS 51 ; \ 11:111'> $11-12 I BHS VS W, '1 Wmdhlwk H ( 111' $11111 n.~ VS [ m: ' :( PE vs I BHS vs : vs '1 anht rg o ( :\m S 's s luvllullun 7er) : \ s > ' S , vs 's S :1» , HOCKEY '1'111» 1'4-.1 " :11111 ii : \ » , ' 11111, ~ ~ ~ '1'I11,~ ~l"11.~11\: ' :1 11: , s111-1 ['11:1111.~ 1' K :11 11\1111~11z u1'41111-g lW11.-l\' ) W1-,.~11-r11 ("ape (1) m1n ( B1sh11p~z1 11nd anhura Bnys High 81:1 ml)1111(1 ( ,1 (SI :: 111 ( 11ll1>1.:11. 5'1 :\111:111 > ( 11Il1-g ' Buys Suhnnl 11ml Jvmw H111h w1-1'11 yum-(l 11) W111 Ml}! ('11II111.; \'111I1ng11:1111r $ in Unilvd K111gd :11-1» <z1k 'L L'KH lel! M nd» gumm: > ) « : r1111m ll 19- :11,~ ; » ~: ; nd1\'11 11:11111:1111> ,~.1k11111 ~ ~ » » 1 7 : S :111~: Harm/Jung 1.1 S1.\ 11:111 ~ I'HHS I 1\\111'k,~1111 SI SI x : » : » {N l lth ' : 81 S111111:1n- _ W11.~l\* \N l'k lp :11'11/11111'11 I HHS » <1.1\] 1:1n'1~ » C11\l:11 1 A11111 ;: _ g11219

254 ' SPORT - i \\ i I K l\ii\ \i l HHS :I :I II ll illelll'l s: AIIIIIII', 2 wi-s-iiiiiii- I BIH a, II \i'viiiiiu-g St SIIIIIIIIIII : 2 \i'in-ii-snp [ 01' IIII~ husi L :I )L:\ll\ ('IIIIIIIII- l!i»:iii~ ('hzinlp IIIIII I~II~IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'I'II, Iin liliii'k» unmim II-II IIII-II- II~IIIII by I. x nipii-i i mpim'lluf II I IIIIzIII-II III- III, ~ Viv III IIII IIIIIzI-I- Im- I-I-I I'IIIr IIIIIIIIIur (nniini' ak nl'l d Emlia II. InsI \\ hum. IIiWIII i' l't'li IIIIIIIIN.\ii!l i l,h l'g. _ \\'I-.~i\'IiIL- IInIi \\'\ II II~i-u, [)w pm- II IIIIIIIIIIIII: lisi III' I)[I[Hl l( lli.\. IIII~ mun l liihpi U'Kl III IhI- IIIglIIIsI i('\ \ i Winning " giiini niii-i-im'iv ilhlllg InIl IlrIIw- Inu I I: up 'HII- gimxlh (Ii II\( \i( IIIl$ uiiiiiii IIII- II IIII IIIId IIII- IIIIpr-mI-II pi I'IIIIIIIIIII-Im Im IIII IIII-kIuId vi-i, Inmbin: for iht huhh \prun and IhII ranching ~IIIH' III WIN) A ia'hiyiii ni' IIII_~ M IIIP I-IIIIIIIII in' III'IIII-Iml \\l huui :I Iiiigu :IIIIIIunI III' M'- I III'I 1mm II iill L'I" IIIIIl di-(liiuimi 1!" III III UPIU, [II-Ii lu HIIIIkI I PIII'vn \ ( I- IIIIIIn I'hIIII'niIIn Gun lilni. \ilh ii-iiiii Urki d 'L 1L.~.~i_\ l)\\'l' liil pi'i-i-ctling \l ii!"lrl'\ 'i111<i\ii\( ll\i \H'ul'iill'l dllii ~ iplmrl ~l'l \'lc('> IIIIII illithyl d lhl hni-kr I-I ~IIII I IIIIII pizij'ui', III p]h_\ In IIII IIIA BASKETBALL ThlsH Um SK'HHHi VD?" III which has ki>iiiiill h fi' illl'miill IIII>SIIinI~ 517 HI II win [and II has IIIIIwn in 12 SIKIUS {ruin. fur IIWIiy.s Wynbvru in (In- W< S[A'l'n (' III». [II IIIIII-IIIIIIIsI- III imhiihwv IIII-III»IIIIIII II growing Il'omvir IIIIIIIIy III pupulnl'ily. IIIIII IIIII I-I-IiwI "HHHKi IIII- ('IIHI LN WL'I I wry VIII-III in IIII~II~ IIppI-I- IIIIIm IIIIII suppui'l. 'I'III- HliI nl III Ihv vurinm II-IInIs wus iiiipi-i»ssi\vi-. and we will hiwl snmi- strung fiiiiiri- SA IIlIIyI '. 'I'hu si-ini- nnis Wl l l' hvlw ml MIL-haul Mount 11nd HL'l- (i \'l i(i In Hmm» I. and I Inms vs I I-u-n IIIIIISII In (innio, SIIIIIII III. hy II II. IIIIIvo IIIIn IlIu nd I [[11 IIIIIIIII'I against HI-iIinI-III The mix wz-i'v piiivl-d con rlllxi liii) IInII'IIIIIts ginund Ulil II >0ild win In gel [hi briiiizv IIII-dals III the IIIIII-IIIIIIII-III i viri'housv miik MIYL r :Ind MIL-hm].\lIIIIIIl dii -ndl-d IhI-ir litii- In vannini,i giiiil \ \viindi'rl'iil [minim HH'HL TENNIS I\II' i Siuik. Mil B:I ~ k ii) II I-II\I- :IIIII liighiv l'lillipl'iilhl I-mI- (hung \h II'I-IIII-nIlIIIIs [)I Hil'. Ihi- SI I-IInmIInI 'I III- (him.- II III-I-IIII. illihlilnh BIIIIS I'IIwI U'IHIH II- III qui iiiili-himl in (his II-IIIII IIi [):II'\'IIL~ i IiI' :Ill IiII- KWIII.\nI I-I'~IIII II'IIIIIIy for (1w (114 Univ. i ill'i.iiiii ( HIhHNHL III (il('\ fiiiii'iii A'HIIM I H'HI \ I-Iii'. 'I'iII~ H'I llll II'I-Ii- IIIII IIIIII IIIIILIIIu IlII- II IIIII~I \lh l l'n ru] ~I~iinu (If I-IIIIIIIIII IlleIn \\':I II»I'.~. k li- I hin i JIII I MHL MIIIIIIIM \\'I-~~I-l~ RVI H Mr ( I,lIInhIIIII MH HIIIIkI-v Rllil '\' MIIIIIII-u Vi'l't un'i. IyiiI- HIM Nah and Jush ('m-tzve) was up against h}!r(i~hilling chmpclllors from PI'I-turin Bu " High. [\fi'iiniin - Huér Sounnklml. Gi'vy ('oilrgc. ( iifinn and St IiI-nodict I Thu format was round rahin, Willi i'ivi- [Il' '( Train the topvaun nut IIVIIilIiblv (liii- III Ii clihh with thes\ iliuniils living pliiyi-i] simiiltunen.'l\' in ll Inlnnuim IhI- IIuII depth of ten- IIII~ III Sainu wus pm III the test. Our mm was undefeated throughout the WhUii tnurnnman and the players arr III hi~ IrIImmImdvd Im IhciI- grout ghi- IIIII spirii (In li K'mun. Final RI-wlis: 1. SI SiiIhInm 329. Pretoria Bm' High :1! 15, St Bcnvdicl', 298: 4. Al e) 243; 2') ('lii iun 193: and 6 Grey 0011ng 71. SQUASH MI B Drum, Mir TIInniI-z The E34.IIII- Squash I- I II -II VI ~II IIIIgo \LIK L U, - cur SIHL L'I IhIInks in mm III_\:~, Inn-mu IIIIzl >H or making thix [)(L 'lhiv WI hiid \I L L ofthv pi'ii\'inr'iiil TIIp si-iiiiiii wlllnl l s pul XiCip unfz In (Mr FI timl, i l t lnl lu Bur High, Nurlhvh High and King, viiiid ( ulr luluc, 'I'hu ( Umpt lltilul WI - I'IL-Iuv (van whm ['10 buy,. nd Ian, wuro playing IIgIIIIIsI I~.II-h Ulhl'l') and siiiiii- III II ii I'II II run for VP hiiiii' miii I-III»,~ IIII'iII Buy. High \\1I.\.I Ili d('dih0- II Sim-M.\I.~i XIII. Ml<' Squu.

255 J SPORT IIgN'I 1<! 1 \1 [HI

256 SPORT - 'l OURNAMliVl' & TOUR HIGHLIGH'I S U15 SOCCER TOURNAMENT It was so good to watch our boys displiiyiiig their talent on the football pitch after such a short time of preparation. in the rst round we played three matches: l. Won '24) against Christian Boy's ( ollege {CBC} 2. Won 4-2 agiiinst Fei'ndule High 3. Drew 2-2 against Sacred Heart College We then quali ed for the second round where, played against The Glen in the quarter final. We won 2-1 and obviously quali ed for the semis. For the semis we were drawn up against The Tuks Academy We knew that this was not going to he an easy game. We knew that we were up against the boys who live soccer every day. Our boys were highly motivated by the fact that they were going to play against these soccer stars. The spirit was high. As predicted the game was very tense but we managed to hold them 1-] and we went to penalties. The rst 5 penalty shootvnul also ended in a stalemate. We eventually lost the game on sudden death. RUGBY: WYNBERG TOUR Wynherg 2015 wzis a wonderful experience for all involved. We took 2 sides the 1st and UNA and stayed in tlic Wynberg Bnys' boarding house, Excellent food and even lll lim company. They treated us well and all staff had time to build wonderful and needed relationships. in hindsight a great trip with tough rugby on the one side where our boys fought hiird. ( apo Page 252 Schools Rugby is at a very good level and all Guuteng sides struggled including us who played 2 quality out ts in Bollville and Wynberg. In both our games against Belville we played well. U145 should have won, dominating a very big Belville side. I was very proud with this performance as they showed all the ingredients to become a very good side: skill. guts and fight. excellent game to watch. Our lat XV ended this game with an excellent second half performance but unfortunately poor first halfgave them tries on a platter. Wynherg always very tough to play. Both sides started slow and errors cost us both games. UNA woke up in second half and scored 2 brilliant tries but too late for tears. First team tn ed very hard but leaked tries against a quick Wyllberg side who took every opportunity. Very disappointing performance in general. Resulh' Belv illc: UMA lost 19-24: 1st XV lost Wynherg: U14A lost 14» 40; 1st XV lost Extra from firiint Bill] The DNA rugby team toured Cape Town and played llvllville iiiiil Wynlierg. 'I ht- it'lml was v committed and showed good hi hi defence against Bullvillc iii Iho rst game. iilthough they lost The lmys played well and showed good improvement from his. term. but failed in take mmiy try~ scoring oppiirtllnitit s. Against Wynlierg on the second day. they produced 1011 worst hull of the season and were nowhere near the level they played at against Bellville. to trail 24!) zit half-time. We came.back in the second half to score two tries. but were left to wonder what could have been aswe lost If we can replicate the commitment against Bellville and improve on a few technical issues this term. the boys can look forward to a positive season. RUGBY: U16ISRF HILTON St David's: Won A good win but a relatively scrappy game. Whenever Saints stuck to the structure of our game plan we stored. Saints also defended well. especially on the outside Where the opposition wings had some good pace and stretched us on occasions. Hilton: Lost 7 8 Our first loss ofthc season.a bitter pill to swallow. However. a better performance than the rst game. We defended well, but some poor decision making cost us in the end. Hilton scoreda try toward theend ofthe game and we were unlucky in the end as we run out of time to respond. The game ended with us on the opposition try line. Uplands: Won 49, 0 This game was an opportunity for the reserves to got a full game. an opportunity they took with both hands. Although the opposition was weaker than the fi'.t 2 games. we kept to our structures. were patient and executed when able. The backline used the game zis an opportunity to work on their x pliiise moves while the forwards work hard on their line outs as this was an area nfconcei'n in the earlier games, St Charles: Won 28, 0 A very good performance considering this was our 4th game of the day, The

257 SPORT - TOURNAMENT &TOUR HIGHLIGHTS boys were committed and played according to or game plan.we scored 4 very well worked tries after good constructive rugby. When the opposition did get the ball we pressurised them into making mistakes and our counter attack showed signs of good improvement. Penryn: Won 35 5 A somewhat of an inconsistent game. At times we played really wcll but then slips in concentration cost us. eventually leading to a try against us. Some saw bodies also were evident. as there was not as much passion in this game. as before. Our skill levels also let us down at times as we were trying to play to expansive. A lesson well learnt. Kingswood: Won 28 7 The team played some wonderful rugbyi We went back to basi and played according to our strengths. We did let one tly through. but credit must go to the opposition for the passion with which they played with. Our lineouts were much better in this game and as a result we were able to attack the space far better. A good all round performance. Clifton: Won: 33 0 Our best performance of the festival. Both backs and forwards linked well to score 5 scintillating tries. The game plan really showed dividends and some good patient phase play resulted in well worked tries. A feature of this game was keeping the hall alive and the skill levels shown by the players. Good running rugby was thr- order of this performance. The opposition wortnever in the game. St Dunstans: Game abandoned! Summary: Played 7 won 6 lost 1. Points for: 199 Points against: 20 U15 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS RUGBYFESTIVALAT 81 ALBAN S COLLEGE l7»21 APRIL: The U15A team travelled to Pretoria after school closed on Friday 17 April to participate in the annual Independent Schools Festival. hosted by St Alban s College. The team played 5 matches in total 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. These were short 30min matches and then a full 2 by 25min matchr Strength on Strength on Tuesday 21 April. The U15A team played extremely well scoring an impressive 139 points and only conceding 12 points over the Festival. The results were as. follows: Beat Hilton ( ollege ll~0 Beat CBC Boksburg 5374) Beat St George's Hnrare 31-7 Beat Kingswood ('ollege 1306 Beat St Andrew's- ( olloge 104) GOLF a drain golfers are playing in thejunior master» Woodlands gulftrilll'niililutit til Surcngt'll which slnl'lt-tl on Saturday. At the moment Emilio rum and Alex V0.» are coming "('(tnti (oul or 54 looms) Haydn orivui - t~nniing 2 lid in n individual capacity. Kcunu Pest-rind. Bradley Fox. Shane Mackliy are also playing. but not doing so well yol. Still curly days though - they play the whole of today and tomorrow. Once again they are doing Saints proud and representing our school in an exemplary manner. HOCKEY TOUR TO EUROPE A very successful tour. The itinerary was a very busy one A 8 matches, 3 practices with provincial coaches. 2 afternoons watching club hockey - these teams included International players from The Netherlands Belguim. Germany and Pakistan and our own practices. Boys learnt a lot about the game and by the end of the tour both sides were playing good hockey. The group were outstanding ambassadors for the school and are to be complimented on their commitment to upholding the Colleges name wherever they went. Results: lst sqund1played a wine Drew] andl stl This group ofboys showed tremt ndous progress on tour and displayed it never say die altitude in every match. In particular ~ the side was down 0» 2 on 2 occasions and responded well against puud opposition to draw one match 3-3 (Just failing lo win 4-3 off at short corner wilh the Inst play of the (lay) and winning the second match 3 «2. UlS/lli sound: Played 9* Won 1 Lost 7 Always up against u ils n mmhinrd sldt- playing fully lludgi-d Ulo club teams it wns nluu nluariug to see thiprogress made by this group ur on Winning the last match uriht tnnt'w. u very pleas g and sat ilen-tory way to and tho trip and tho \ It'lul y was thoroughly deserved. Page 253

258 ROUND SQUARE - RIiI OR'IB St Stithians Boys' ( ollegc became a member of the Round Square international association of schools in Since that date the ethos ofthe Round Square has infused the fabric of life at the 80 College. with the number and variety of Round Square activ creasing over the years. The Pillars of Round Square are summed up in the acronym IDEALS. which stands for: ' International understanding ' Democracy ' Environmental awareness ' Advent urthip - Leade - Sena-e to the community Round Square membership offers the hays the opportunity to take part in local and international exchanges. environmental projcct' adventure activ' ties. community service project Round Square International service projects local and international confer ohm. leadership programmes and service to the wider community. This year. for example. the Boys College hosted 30 incoming exchange students. while 32 grade 10 hays wt-nt on exchange to Round Square schools in countrlc. as ('olumliiu. Australia. Ta.-.otland and India. The Round Square activities take place outside or the t'i 'sroom and underpin tiir- ctiucationiii philosophy of Kurt, Hahn. the German educator on whosc ' philosophy of education the Round Square IDEALS are based Kurt Hahn was a proponent of UXpK'I anii I learning, which can be summed up as rollows: I hear. (forget. I see. I rmncnihcr. Ide, loaders/5am]. What follows are some of the ropoi'th Iiy Iloys who have been involved in Round Squarc activities during the current year. These give a very good idea of the learning and growth that takes place through participation in these activities. The Iloys' ( ollege encourages all boys to take advantage of these amazing and life-changing opportunities which are a unique feature of life in the Boys" College. International Exchanges 2015: (Exchange - hool. country. name: St Stithians ho. student) Lower ( anada ( tiiic gln Canada. Adam Van Der Busschc with Michael Hcrn. ~ ( ulumbio ( oleg'io. Columbia. Mathias Coomlin with ( hris Wilson. ~ Columbio Colcgio. Columbia. Michael Parry with James North. ' ' Kings Taunton (WJ) UK. Tum Clarke with Jason Knihhs. Kings Taunton (W-J). UK. Sam Wyatt with Wandile Makweto. ' Ireland ('i'icket Academy. Ireland. Donovan Glover (outgoing). - Forest College (WJ). UK. Jack Dennis with Matthew Erasmus. ' Ireland ( ricket Academy. Ireland. Harry 'I t-ctor With ('raig Mcicr. ' Emerald Heights. India. Dylan Kynnch. ' Scotch ( oiit-gt- Perth. Australia. Luke Laurcncc with ('onnni- McDilii'initI. - (inrdoustoun. Kiva Fatah with Alex Heath. Dilly ('niiegt. India. Ishu Singllal with ( hris ('u() wr. ~ The Lawn-nee School. India. Danish Dliltul. Hosted By: Nick Briinat-onihc. ' New Zealaod. Nick Briniaconilie (outgoing). Vivek School. India. Sidhani Mallioira witli ( hris ItuIit-rg. ~ Vivok School. India. Anlaan Singli with Michael Thackwray. Welham Boys' School. India. Aradhya Jindal with Kaden Arguile. Welham Boys School. India. Dhuv Swarap Bonsal with Shaun Butler. Welham Boys' School, India. Madhav Sengal with Murray Blarney. St Phillips (Alice Springs). Australia. Patrick Corn-lick with George Makhlouf. Kings Academy. Jordan. Ramiz Kardan with Brandon Booysen. Kings Academy. Jordan. Sari Samakie. Hosted By: Muhammed Davids. Kings 7 Sydney. Australia. Will Grant with Luke Hill. Kings ~ Sydney. Australia. Henry Werthcimcr with Patrick Mai-tin. Kings - Sydney. Australia. James White with Tutty Faber. The Boon School. India. Saksham Goel with Steven Everett. (lordonstoun (PG). UK. Reece Biehler. (Int dnnstnun. UK. Kecagan Itailvaux. International School. Italy. Pietro Loggia with Keanu ( hettyn International School. Italy. Ituca Do ( astiglioni with Steven Everett. Scotch Oaklnirn ( ollcge. Tasma nia. Braydon Rainbow (incoming 2014) with James Leigh. Athenian ~ California. USA. Jonathan Victocino with Luke Squires. Athenian - California. USA. Oliver Spirgi with Kellan Bunch. Indian School. Oman. Nirahjan Rajasekaran with Grant Nicholls. Indian School. Oman. Page 254

259 ROUND SQUARE - REPOR I'S Dheeraj Thiagargan with Acrlan Murray. MY EXCHANGE IN SOUTH AFRICA When I landed at OR Tainho airport eight weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect. dc from an hour-long Skypo call. I didn't really know who I was going to be living with. I could barely rcmembcr my exchange partner's name! As it turncd out. thesc eight weeks were among the host weeks of my life. I was lucky enough to spt nd my first week getting to know Michacl Horn and his I aini ' In I'lottcnborg Bay. on their vacation. Right after that. wc drove to Kruger National Park to go on gamc drives and scv all the animals I could only hope to $00 In a a)" back home in Montreal. ('anada! 'l'ht- may rst animals we saw WOI'L' n group of impala. and I wa k'xt'llt d I think I took a hundred pit-tint». of them? I rcalizetl shortly after that impala arc among the must huriug animals that [ would ho spotting: ('lt phants, git-altos. lions. rhinos.,chrus. worthous. buffalo. it was likt» going to the mo. but I w; in the cage and Ihl animals were looking at me! Two wete. into my tri l juincd Michael on his rst days at school at lhc Saints. My tit t imprt Sltlns wort» that the campus was stunningly beautiful and vast. tti-tl with I'it-lds, pools and courts of all sor \s I shadowed Michacl to his cla cs I saw how polite and kind tlit- touclict-s wcrc. and (Won thc stutlcnts- wort- vtu-y respectful. I immediately felt at homc. Over the remaining few wccks it secnit d I went tu/didlsaw everything: the Apartheid Muscuin. Gold RL L'I' City. Soweto. Nt-lson Mandela s homu. the Hector Pietrrscn Museum. on action-cricket match. laiscdi. the Lion Park and wc even made it down to ( apctown for a long weekend! Words can t dos 'ihc how much fun I had in South Afiit-a! But my time hcrc went by way too quickly! This expcricnco will s with Inc throughout my lift it was tminformational. It also showod me that hack home in Canada is a hit like Disneyland. Compared to South Africa s. our world is magnificent. alniust devoid of any prohlcms. Tho challenges that somc South Africans have to live with (and only those that I witncsscdl were sobering. I feel Very lucky to 11avo the life and the opportunit i - I havc, Yet. nonetlwlcss, Smith \fr hcautiful countr and the itsculture. encliantinglyvihrant. warm and welcoming. I am sad to have had to lt'ilvtu Imi I can't wait to return one day! Thank you. South Afr. Adam Vmi Don BIXSSL IIL (LOWA'I' ('anada ('ollugtu Canada) MY EXCHANGE IN CANADA "AI)VI IN'I URI ", To almost anynnc this is just niw ol'tht- liuntli't'tls ol lhour Mtntls of words in tho tlictiunn ' Inn to Inl it sums up thtl purl crt ('thil'l' of my lift». 'I'his chaptt-r is onc \vlicrtv I liiuntl a homo lil.ll()ll Iiiilt-s away in HH'I'I'IV two months. Tlic (humor of my lifi- (Indicated to my stlult-iii (-xchaiigt», From thv hard goorlhyi- to ni_\' comfort who to tho d; '2: li'avclliiig alone. from lhc rst hollo to my nt-w hump. from tho strut-is ol' Moiilrcal to Now York games. from stranger into family and from my rst of so many things to my nal goodbye. I became part of ('ana» da. My Round Square cxchangc made mt- grow up. see things in ii positive light and lt-arn lessons kids will never lvorn until much latter in life. LCC (Lower t'nnada ( olit-gt-, my host. school) will live with mu forever in thc mmnorics I liavc made. all the Mood; or rathcr family I have bonded with anti all the It ns I have learnt. This chaptcr of my Il ' has come to.i close. but I am opening a new onc. now stroets ahead of anyone else. with a w' cr. more mature opinion and a picrv ofcanada in my hcai t. Mirhavl Hcrni grade 10 [St Stithian ) MY EXCHANGE IN SOUTH AFRICA A I prop-arc to go hack to the US. I look but at the different-cs boiwccn South Africa and the US and sonic of tht~ things I had to got used to: Doc ol' the liiggc' changvs that I had to got used to was living in the dorms. Having to wake up at 6 in ilu- morning and havt- room Inspt ction and roll call hol'orv going to hrtdklasl was wry dift t-rt-nt from my normal morning routinc. Anothcr I) : dirfl l t lk't hl IVVL l Il thu srliool~ is that Saints has ( hzlpt l thrcv tinu..i wm-k I or alioui 45 IIIIII~ It s wliilc.~\thvni:in has no rcligioits allilintions. 'I Iw nttiiudt- nl ihc gt uurnl public is vni'y tlit'l'ttrcnt when it clinics to traf c lai... pt'tlplv Cross the road almost wlitn-ui-t-r ilu-i- want.. so spt'l'tl Iimii inns tcnd to hr morc of uid!" lll ltk in. toad of l:l\\'.k niiil nu- \'( r)' inn» 1y unforced Anotlur lug tlimg t stood out wvrt- all lht lwggars in IIIIt'l'~ soctioiis. Iht l t would almost alu ln~ at lo; t ono it not morv 'I'ht- liousm ('Ity. from lining: in an Amt-i' n Fonts :llsi) ll:l\'t' a lot mnrc sorority than in hall playoff It llm to lhl days spout in tin» US. I Itt- niost tiiitit llll thing: to gut gym cl from tho Field at n t~ak to Llw t l l lo w..< load sht tlding, whirl! l.\ thc wcvkcnds iii Wt-stinount. from lhc wlu-u llu powur pots cut for hours at o lt-adci'ship Clllll'. morning tinn» lwt-aust- thc tlovornnit-nt dousu t Frcnrh, from irr hrickt-y to foothall havc Dnougli powur to supply tllt cntiru it Page 15:35

260 I ROUND SQUARE - ROUNi)S QU IARI t'ity. The power t'ould go out for any length of time between two iind s. hours and was very annoying to deal with. \lso. the Government in South Afica. rather lax when eni'oretng Going to the hush was an incredible t'xpl'l'it lit i' and it was aintiznig twine able to he so t-iow lo the animals. Where we were there we.saw lions. elr ulit-t-taliu. ephants. rhinos. wild dogs anti a lot of other animals. The hush was also a lot (Iltl(lL ' thati i thought it was going to ht- hut it wris- very henutii ml and the sunrises anti sunsets were very pretty. 1 thoroughly ('l l_ltl\'t'll my exchange to South Al ianil thought it was it Very enlightening experienee to see how tltll l ort-nt lifestyles are ht-t wet-n the US Riil OR l's and South Africa. I made some wonderi ul friends while i was there and it was truly amazing getting to know people on the othei ide of the world..loniithaii Victorino hatl huge walls around their hous ' in onit' people tutti no wal not it t'(l therew In no beggar". at the robots, During the tr p 1 saw the famous 5, (liiey Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. For my rst week i was on the other sitie ole lltplis to Henry in the Make Hat-i _ warding house. Here l nit-t t'tillow exchange ho_ from Mulvern in liztiglantl. l quit-k made gootl i'i'ientls with them and many memo.al'ter this I was moved mitt Hen hoarding house. liroughton l'nrr st. This. tlte place where much late night gaming. ping pong battles and banter took place. Courtyard cricket was the norm once homework and sport were completed. During my time there i was told i had ' I laws and is very corrupt tonipaied to (Athenian Schooir California. USA) to play a sport... And hockey wasn t the US. While I was In ' x 5. av " Snlplucked up the courage two stowaways managed to sneak onto to play rugby. l was a part of the tin international ight from t) R 'l niit» mighty and courageous U16D team. i ho to Heathrow. which is the same managed to boost their points tally by ight path that I took. The police ii scoring 8 tries whilst playing (not had also easy to hrihe and aren't terrihly for a hockey player. 1 think). This vigilant eomparetl to most Anita-iron police. The South African Government exchange gave me the opportunity to do things people dream of doing. lso doesn't maintain or int; IIVl l llatl 1y done by private contra tors ()ne road very near to where l was ring was Wltlt'llt'tl iri- private ennr one and paid for hv i sidents who weit- unhappy with the amount at traftit Things like playing hockey with national hockey players at Rydc Hockey eluh. Swimming 2 in awayfrom dolphins at Jervis Bay. visiting the war memorial in Canberra, V iting places like Taronga Zoo. the Sydney Opera House. the famous Bondi beach (and Dne oi" my highlights when I travelled yes we did have a swim). The Limit to Cape Town over a long week- end. 0 hiked up Tahie \iountain in MY EXCHANGE» AUSTRALIA Cafe. the blue mountai - and even the Koala Park. Many amazing memories the inst and it \\ri> a ieally atnaying My plane tout-lied down 21) minutes were made on this journey and it's all experience to he almost In the tluutls and only be ahle to see a short distance around you. We also took a tour on one earlier than exported. ii long;r hours of ying have nally come to an end. ervous as ever I walk out into the thanks tti everyone i met. my fellow Saints Brothers. Luke and Tut. and their hos s hut most ot all my amazing of the hits ii-oiind ('ape i own. This welcoming area in the Sytlney hrother Henry. it' i had to pick my '21. a really inter Ittng way to learn International Airport. My husl iii-other. favourite memory from my time in about the city and see dit tt rent parts of Henry and his family are all waiting Australia it would have to be between it. We stopped and got off at Long for me with huge smil ol antieipation the days the Sufi hit Bondi beaeh. Street and went to one of the street on their faces. The trip t mi the airport We caught the train from Parramatta mv help where they w. r selling a to The Kings Sehool l arraniatta. n 5!!le in our lean: and ( hinos Wltlt' \, My oi goods. It was very inter- hill ; to see the type of market in an home for the next.~e\ en weeks. wasextremely «writing. Along with some ()nee arriving in Bondi we decided to put (iooule Maps tothe test to direct us urban setting. Small talk with ln '(i the on foot to this famous heaeh. It was Another highlight w- going to Matltk- littlethingstliat makes tinin different quit pointed pout to us by Pommey Wt- (lame ltecerve over tuititerm break to Johannesburg. For example. nohody (an English exchange student) that we Page 256 cant swim in Jeans. So we went on a quick shopping spree. 'l hix lead to presents for back home being liought as well as swimming costumes. My card decided to give me problems and thus 1 hail to borrow nearly BLDUO From Tully (yes. i paid him back). So after a. t'an hour swim and countless games of touch rugby on the beach we headed home with no sheer: on our feet. Mel)tinald's in one hand and bags of clothes in the other This drew many strange looks. My other amazing memory was watching an Aussie rules

261 _ ROUND SQUARE - REPORTS match in the famous Mellimirne Cricket Ground. It's safe to say lht sc seven weeks weru by far the host experiencn of my life with iill the memori made. countless friendship bonds created iind il' al clnsay that l have an entire brotherhood ofho) iliiit I have had to leave behind. I look forward to returning to Sydney and continuing frum where I left off. Patrick Martin. grade in (St Stithinns) ROUND SQUARE CONFERENCES Each ye. Round Square schools send teams at student representatives to :i i'erd V L'onferenut held at a member school. Each delegate team i llzllly consist of between four and.\ stu- dents and two sniffmt>mbcrs zlpplic non. follow a pmc.. of interviews and shoi ing. with a maximum of s' studenis selected to attend each Conr forence The conferences arrir for all nieinhors at an International Conference. or for regional memht i vui ihi- Rugioniil Conferences During the murmur the collaborative activitius [ruin the previous Lar are reported rm and uiiiir uated. and new pimec iii-e [ll llnl d [)IHCUSMUHS relatx-rlm the [hl lnl nl'ihe conferenceand tin kt ynolc puns! slit-zit. L examine mpii-s of inipiiriiiiii-i- m the memher schools and tho world. Programmes initiated by Rouiiil Square help insiiiuiiiiiiiiii). and mi. t1irally~differan hut like-minded, slu- (lonts ml Dt rind shim» choir puinls or views Friendships are made through iit-tivitie expeditions 11nd uvents or» gnnised by the host school. Visitors are introduced not only to the bust school but iilsii the count tho culture zind the environment. 'l lit~ Round Square IDEALS (Internalionalism. ( nhk'racy, Environment. Adventure. Leadership and Service) nro inmrporatr-d into all L'onft rent t pmgi-iiiiiiiws, 14 to 15-Year-Old Conference, Stanford Lake College, Magoolmskloof 'l hi- llr to 1 ) L'ill'sllld ri-izionul ivoiiiiir- cure was lit-id :it Sliiiiliii'tl lial-to t iillivuv from 1 l 11X ".l hl' l'hiv lllilill I'm-us iil'ilie i-iiiil i-rt-iiu- Wih 'Uultlunr. \tl\t'nr iiirtv', 'l hi» liillnwiiig sr-ii-ii liltyw :iivmiin pill lit d i\lr Vil and mi». ( iili-li ( iiiii-i ~ l Ii:ili:iii;: liziiiuirltuvtls. t'uiir vill'lltl Vt lllt l. l hil: iii-i... Shi-kh'llm iiiiiim. Hit-I lliiitlmiiiiiiii and Tow min (irl'vll A iiiii iii-nuiiiiiiiiii- w.» iii-r ii - i uiiiiist-tl whit-h iiii-iiirh-ri )1 SDl uka e <1 iidmii wnrkshtrl t-iiiiiiiriiigz. int: 51 Thu wulllii-iiii: And lizippinos~ llllht ilinu, :iii iitlwniitri- ( ;I\ :ii Manor» l>. sltltitit (Lipasalizliiii,v :Illll rirt-r Iiiliingl. \\'I.~ ii very high priority or lmtlt. HI ili-iiis li II :iiliilis i-uiiiiiiiiiiily M I'Y 'l' :II ( t'llnllt ll l i'inun-y 'l'hv >1 himl runs on :i \ t-rr l'oi'iiml stile Srhtiiil (t-it-iiiit-il :iiirl liiiilt an ex coliiiiiiil iii "IIHII'P :iiul this w: >00" Iril e ISM HUnl), :iiiil :i t-ilueiiiioniil Visit in iiii-.ipiiiiiiig i-iiiim i iii-hing In an m- 'Iltlt Il l ~ lii- liaiitl. llllllll '\ iitlt-t inurt'hiiig Thu gut-m spwiki 5 won- Andrew UN " 1 ('hit l Home Riiiigvr in Hip i-mi- II IHIIH opvnrrl llit- [t ll('l tl\l!'{. wr\ iii- II'lK'Hh' [IHH'l hinl Ii. l(ll ll> :iiut \ t'l'\' tral ctioii of the Krugc National Park: John Mclnrtiy 7 he started the Red Socks movement (fundraising for L haritil. ): Arthur Preston 7 Headmas~ ter :it Hlkmlah House. whu spake rm sot-in] media The hn s had a wonderful time. were fantastic ambassadors i'nr St Stithuins ( olloce :ind (:1 me hark enriched through making new friend. and through all the adventuros. talks and oozing. wet weather. REGIONAL CONFERENCE 7 Starehe School, Nairobi, Kenya T110 following bo_ attunded the Regional conference in Keii Kt-llzin Bunch. Kevin Joseph. Lmulzini N slr mana. Grant Nicholls. Nathan Olivier and Rtmnld van den Berg. accompanictl by Mr Bezuidonhtan and mi) Tht' coiifvrenco started with {he most amazing tour [0 the Masai Min two nights for 4m nxperience wr will nex» or lot-gm While in [hp Mara. \n- visited ii village iiiitl learnt about Ilit-ii- it. _\vof life. did some 'iunipiiig' and 5m in lhvll' lnud huts talking: tn lht Ilit :ll.~ We then inii\ ed (m in [hl t-ontbri-iier lit Stiirvhi- Srhtiiil in Nziii'ohi. 'l he ihi-iiii- 'LHU to writ- Slim iii/uri 'l lii.~ in» :i iiniiiuv miit i-reiit-e in iiiiiny wm.we H'Hn nt'tl to ilii- ruins of iiuuiiii stiiiim- in.ii. Stiireliu \\1 > tiii- ii.\t'i'i in Selimil to Join Rnuuil Squurt isii IL"! and lit ii-il iiii In» lt l'llzllittllill ( uiil'ert-iiu- lel yours iigii, 'l'lie siiirli-iiis :H't \ t-ig iiiioh ml in tinrunning of tho ~ehnii 'l'liicunt i-tillvtl Sllltlvhl ii»;uit.i-,~iiip 'tviiiiiiiiiis' iiiir i iiiit'i-rt'ni'u under lhe gtiitliiiii-ii of thi Iii-mm wit. and its re]! and nippiii-i, Page

262 ROUND SQUARE - ROUND SQUARE Rl-ZPOR'I'S good music. The opening speech was delivered by the Rector. explainintz how the theme of the conference was intertwined with the history of Round Square and Starehe. :\ traditional drum group. combined choir from the boys school and the newly formed girls school entertained the conference. The Head welcomed all to the conference. He spoke about the need for people to he conifortohle in their environment and the ability to relax. This was how Starehe was founded; to give hoys From disadvantaged situations a place where they rould feel safe and concentrate on their education. He also spoke about the- humility and ninth) and linked this to compassion and service, Service is the cornerstone of Starehe School He thanked the 19 schools anti 191 delegates for attending the conference despite the uncertain times. especially the attack on the universtty in the north ofkenya (all ags in Kenya were ying at half-mast and 77 art. is were symhollcally displayed in the central square of Nairobi). The keynote speaker was l olycarp loathe. a young and dynamic litlsines man whose Company i one of the primary sponsors of Starehe. He commented on the high values of the school. which were similar to the Shell garages he controlled when running Shell in East Africa. He spoke "hill" the important-e and need to 'walk the talk and lead by example to 'live to serve'. He spoke about the lut'k you sometime need 7 mayihe iieitzhhnui, Chickens lay eggs in your t tlmptiutltl' He told a storv about a beggar approaching a ear and s vint: '(lll a little for me' 7 this he linked to the theme. till' a little for somebody t-lstequals servlt'r. 'l'o he ihle to s e Wtnet-d the lollowllit: t tits or skil Humility l [or llt lll ( oumgo 7 {Utility Io say no u'llli reaper! Diligent-e 7 li IlIlL Ililllgs- vou /l(ll t' In lnlegriti 7 obi/fly Io tut/it [he ItiI/t'. He spoke about the miportant-t» tll'ltmlb ing and seeing rather than looking hut Page 258 not seeing and urged people. not to sell their soul to corruption as they will always he a slave to life. He also spoke of the pitfalls of leadership: Artgcr and impatience Slot/i and laziness Arrogance thinking you are above alltrrs Greed 7 materialism Lust He then spoke about great leaders and the rst one was Mandela (so proud to la: a South African in Africal). The question he posed was how do you stay a good leader? His advice was to keep good company and don't forget to say no. Barnza meetings followed. The students went into their own meetings and the adults discussed how Round Square was developing with regards to Commitment. Leadership, Engagement and Experience. A new manage ment loam hl heen intrndured over the last two years- and rt more coordihated. modern. liusinc tion is emerging. ( urrently there are 151 schools. of which 2 are fitll~titne mrmher schools. The growth rate is about 10% per annum. A new focus is looking at lirlntzing RS into the academic realm tll'schools, We travelled to Ka ike organisalalkl. this is ill the rift valley The ltike is not fed Irv any rivers hilt from underground watt'l. That evening we all took part in the Starelte school lltll lwal. The whole sehonl is involved ill ti single forum. Students m-i- uhlt- to OXDI' s opinions. air complaints and ptlsllivt comliieats to make the st htltil a better place. ( onr ments and statements made in this it» ruin 'are not held against the speakti. The following day we were odtli e d by our next keynote speaker. ( hr tine. a former teacher who is a leader in r.,tirrh and developing teaching methods and intervention of dyslexia in Kenya. She told the storyoftwo childi'en who suffered from this disorder through school without being diag~ nosed. These children showed extreme frustration and were shamed during school. Dyslexic children think differently and work differently but are as smart as other children. These children are square pegs. all you need todo is to provide the opportunity to accommodate this by making the round hole bigger so they can t (great analogy using the Round Square concept). Dyslexic students want to nd meaning. want to connect all the dots and are very creative in sorting out the bigger picture. One in ten people has some level ofdyslexia and oftheseone in ve become entrepreneurs. In areas where nothing is known about dyslexia children are sent to the witch doctor! Our last day was the day of environ» mental and community service. Various activities were offered around Nairobi. which included environmental service (alien clearing and tree planting). working with Starehe s and another Round Square School. lsk's (In7 ternational School of Kenya) project schools in the area. and the animal resn the national park of Naiour centre. robi. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE UWC South East Asia - Singapore This year. the conference was hosted by UWCSEA (United World College South East Asia) Singapore from 279 ()t tohel'. Four boys 7 Matthew De Jag~ er. Gareth McDonic. Quinn Bawden and Evangelos Sioutas were the stu~ dent delegates who represented St Stithiiiiis at the conference, We were also privileged to have Mr Knowles arcoiiipany us. The theme wasad Today. Change Tomorrotu. The main topic was around s stainahility and what can each country aiid school do to better their environmcnt. The first keynote speaker ofthe confer» ence was Tim Jarvi a former pupil of UWCSEA who has gone on to become an explorer and environmental charm pion. His speech highlighted how eve-

263 ROUND SQUARE -(()f\illxl\(l 5 \( \I Ulil

264 ROUND SQUARE I [{l l th'l's ryone has a responsibility to do their hit to help the environment. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of Singaporean life lit the moment. as the country is plagued by a smoke haze. dl-lt'tiiii: over lllt' country froitl lndonc» in forest fire 'l hmtlgli hi xplora» lions Tiln has been allle lit ra e aware- I! - iif l'nvlrunlltt'ihi ll Concerns, His it i recent project was to recreate Sliltckletlin's epic journey to Antarctr ca. Howev -. his team tlid not take the route: they wore the slime type of clothing. ate the ante type of food nll took the saint- nautical tools as the original team, His account of thirty foot wm'es. towering over the tiny littlioat r rider Shack/clan w._ aweinspiring, When tit-kart what he thought Shackleton would make of the 2013 project. his comment wa Shackleton had to SaVO llls men from tht ita Ii ()tir joli now is the save the Antarctic from men'z Our second keynote upwiker was Kari- ahout it and be curious aliout it, ('olning from India. ~~he explained to us the d' ctilty ofgrowing up in a pill tut-ion; m which pt-tlplt would tttlnstillt her parents as they had lit-t-n \lllllll'lllv natt- enough to have «taught- *and no Nth: l ttl' lln1llltly for Kavtta. her par- I'llls lielieverl iii the equality of women and challenged llt l ll: think about wonim rltzlllsr lll l' iiiutheriiiit i.m-\v tt ltlu om Spll't ant saving )o you want the tttl\'t-l ll>lnt. coiiipaiut-s to make voiir tit-c ions for Shiv ('mphlt N'tl the need life r_\'tint> tomind up for what tht-v ltl'llt and not to stand lt) wlit-ii ]l('tt tll are iliikiiitl to ltlllt'l'r. or in do something thlil iitllt-t's frown upon, There is never a ll '('(l tti lil' I'\ (lt' or :tgzizrt stvi'. littt sometime till need to \i'zllltl up when smut-tini- ys "Il'xjtbt :tjltkt', take a joke, The In. i t ytlu speaker of the cranium-nee wa> Nidhi Klipui'. a former student of UW7 ( Sl-JA who, after graduating. became a humanitarian aid worker. She has lived and worked in ii nunilicr of troubled spots around the world and is presently hast-d in the DRt". working on gender equality ties in this WaI'A torn country. ltl lit-tween the keynote addresses. the students joined various llariiza groups where they di luxsetl the topics adv tlrt.. -d hy the keynote speakers. We all '\ ll l'lu'( l motivated atid eager to do our part in 'Saving the l liinl-t'. Mrs G Maruggi Director of Round Square ta RIlIIHlHSV tlit- ('l It) of the (iliilnil Fund for Women.. he talked about the importance of sustainability starting International Round Square in ' I plan To be allle to change conference. Singapore & preeunfei'ence. Hong something. you have to care enough Kong Page 260 lt W115 iii the morning ot'za September. we all met at ihl' i-lti-ek-iii counters and wt-ri» llll.tig witll excitement lthl cu~ riuus as to what we were going to expe- mum-t» and Ht'l. wl~ lnult tit'tl the plane and had a wonderful [light to one Kong There we went caught the MR I (Train) to our hotel. We dropped tiiir lilies off and left the hotel straight way to t'xttlttt t' everything that limit: Kong had to offer, We stayed iii llollu Kong for two full tla those two (illyk were lled wtlli t-lt-ctronit hopping Wt'll as. sightseeing that we will never forgot. Siulita worthy to nletilitm iiieliitle Victoria Peak. which p) l]\'l(ll'(l us with a breathtaking view of the Kowlmm district and HS surroundings. The lllu llutltlhn was absolutely \ pt l'iilttllv la the sheer ' - of the, rltut can Iiiilv he enjoyed once you ve 'ecn it in person, After an nwt-some Ilml in Hong Kong. wt» were offto form new relation- ships and learn things from other petiple from all around the world. We arrived at UWCSEA East Campus and were greeted With friendly smiles and helpful youths. It was all a rush from the word go: we quickly registered. then went straight to the sports hall for the opening ceremony rehearsal and then after thati had a bit of free time to ourselves to get to know a few people and make new friends. That night. we were allocated to our host parents that we were going to stay with for the duration ofour stay in Singapore. Their hospitality was amazing and they did everything in their power to make sure that we had a good time in Singapore. The conference consisted of many hours ofconversation spent on discus ng how we as students in the let century can. ct Today and Change Tomort'o The most valuable thing that I personally learnt is always to think about what impact your decision or solution would thl on the futui'e. is your solution to handle the problem you are facing xustainahle'. were also excellent keynote There speakers that shared their knowledge with its on how they took eve, ay prohletll and found su tainablc <olutioiis for them. The proce" of learning was a very fun and enioyalile one. everroiit- w always included in discussinus and no em- felt left out. no matter when» they were front. The 2015 cm» t ei-ence was one of the hest experiences tn my life thus far: I met people and formed t OltllOlI:~'h P$ that will last a lifetime with people from all different will S (if life and cultures. I'd like til thank Mr Knowles fur accompanying its on the [NIL I'd also like to add a big thank you lti Mrs Mnruggi. who under took llh' mammoth task to look after us [hr the two weeks while we were discovering nntl exploring the East, I would de nitely encourage ALL [toys at Saints to at least try and attend one ltllt l nttllttmtl Round Square Conference during their career at Saints. It truly is it lit twhangilig experience. Matthew De Jager. grade ll

265 ROUND SQUARE - l \<'1{\.\(;[a I ugv 2m

266 '.(Il'lAlRMAN S REPORT: ()SA i\(}m,s/\'1'ur[)ay 6JUNE IN MEMORIAM Christopher Clarke (1986) was competing in the Indy Open Water Challenge in Indianapolis on 22 June when he was pulled from the race medical personnel. ( hristopher Graeme Joncs11990) passed away on 6 August 2014 after a battle with cancer. Our condolences go to his wife. Anita and the rest ofthe l aimly. Jim Dixon. passed away on Friday 8 August after suffering a stroke weeks before. Our condolences go to Judy. Mark (1984), Andrew [1987) and the Dixon family. condolences go M) ieoff (1968). Paul (1968). Mike. Ken (former Boys' College teacher). Val, Lynn and the Krige family. Cynthia van Tender. wife of Piet van l'onder (former Deputy Head and was it 2009 US Masters Swimming teacher at the Boys College 1983~ Open Water All~American and a 2013). passed away on 3] August 2014 multiple state champion in pool after a long battle with cancer. Our events while representing Indy Aquatir condolences go to Piet, Jeanette. Masters. He also was a competitive Michelle (2000). Lauren (2002). their who swam collegiately at granddaughters and the van Tender Michigan State University. family. Her funeral was held at the St Stithians Chapel on Friday 5 September IEd.: Due to the timing of the OSA AGM, [here is some overlap in the Chairman's spear/i and the (is! o/ memorials published in this yearbook. Please see [he ('onlinltulian (2015 pussings) on p. 272] sub-section ofthe OSA GHeath Thank you to Gary Heath and his team. Thank you to Tanya Heath for all her help over the years. CRUSADERS SPORT REPORT A Merola CRUSADERS FOOTBALL CLUB The 2015 player numbers only go up to the 29 May so there will be an increase in numbers for this season as there are always late registrations due to the fact that we reduce the fees by 121,000 from 1 July. We are af liated with therand Central Local Football Association and we are entered into the following leagues: 2015 Teams entered mm the RCLFA League: 2 X US teams: Kaiser Chiefs 8: Orlando Pirates 5 X U7: Manehester/Arsenal/ Chelsea] Everton ~ We have requested to enter another team 2 X US: Australia & Belgium 3 x U9: Iiiircelnna/SevillaNalencia 2 X U10: A-team» League I & B-team. READING OF OUR HONORARY Our sincerest condolences go to Jamie MEMBERS: ('rnly 41995) and the (Truly family on JG Arthur the sudden passing ofhis mother at the IAMW Lewis end ofaugust. Jamie has been involved at St Stilhlans ('ullege rowing for the Rt} HR Bradley Laburn - Ia-aizue -t past, ars and i. nuw heading to M I lenning 2 X Ull: A~tcam - Gold League 8: Oregon State UntV ty in the USA to M de Jager li-leam - League 5 take up the pox on as r SSlhl lll ('B Jackson 1 X UIZ: A~loam DSL Super League Women s Rowing coach. A l ync-junws Blue 8: ll-teani -DSL League Div 2 I) W. di- 1 x L113: A-tcam - DSL Super League ()ur sincerest L'U)1tl(ll0nl't't~' go tojumlius (1934) 8.: ('urel Eli-H) Nolte and the.lului MJ Ralph Wall oril Blue 2 X U15; A~teani - DSL Super League Nolte Family. whose mother a I J Luliurn Div 1 8; Btteam ~ DSL League Div 2 Ptl t ll away un 9 st-pmnlw ZUH. ( R Will't'lncr 2 X U1 A-teum - DSL Super League ( arel is the rurrenl ( hair ol't'ouneil at ( A Nulte Div I & IHenm DSL League Div 1 St Stithians College. Ht'l funeral ttmk M(' (('harle ) Somlayi 1 x Senior Men: DSL Premier Senior place on 12 Sepn-mlu-r 201»! at the St Mrs l. Dii'ka League Stithians ('hupi-l. Mrs M Mitchell 1 X Junior Girls: DSL League Div 2 A (lraham Blue Hazel Krige. Wife of Stern Kmanoys' (i( Heath League M I Rulston I X Crusaders Ladies: DSL Ladies (former Headmaster ol' the ( ollege ) passed away on 6 September 2014 after a long illness. [\( ti Net-(Ilium Steyn passed away in 2011, Our SAINTS SUPPORTERS CLUB. a Page 262

267 ICHAIRMAN SREPORT Crusaders FC 2014 League Standings Age Group. League. Position U11A. League 1. 8/9 Clubs U113, League 5. 3/9 Clubs U12A. League 2. 5/10 Clubs U123. League 4. 5/12 Clubs U14. DSL U14 Red. 6/10 Clubs U15A. DSL U15 Div 1. 2/8 Clubs U158. DSL U15 Div 3. 5/7 Clubs U17. DSL U17. 8/12 Clubs Senior Men. RCLFA Senior league Div 1. 1/ 9 Clubs Crusaders Girls 1. DSL Junior Girls. 1/6 Clubs Crusaders Girls 2. DSL Junior Girls. 3/6 Clubs Ladies. DSL Ladies League Div 1. 3/12 Clubs Cup/Plate/Shield Standings for 2014 U12A -Made it to the last 16 round but due to us having a shortage ofplayers we had to give Wits the points. U123. Lost against Sandton Park in the Plate Semi- nal. UMA - They had a bye in the rst round. then 2nd round (last l5) lost. against Panorama. U15A - Lost against Robertsham in the Cup nal. U153 - Initially we were supposed to play against Sandton Park in the 2nd round then Wits. but this was an error on RCLFA S side. We were then scheduled to play against Sandton Sports but had to concede the game due to a shortage of players. U17A» All teams advanced to round of 16 (2nd round). we lost against Florida Albion. Senior men ~ Lost against Rush in the Cup Semi nal CRUSADERS RUNNING CLUB Year-End & Awards Function (Johannesburg) The club hosted a very successful year» end and awards function at Aroma Cafe on 6 November What a wonderful opportunity to catch-up with our team socially and to congratulate runners who have performed so well over the past year. Congratulations to the following prize.- winners and nominees for their excellent results: 1. Beep Beep Fastest Road Runner of the year» Gustav R Track Star of the Year ~ Clinton Hunter 3. X-Country Athlete of the Year, Sarita Downing 4. Female parkrunner of the Year ~Tracy Rankin 5. Maleparkrunner ofthe Year - Simon Gear& Drew F' her 6. Time Trialist of the Year ~ Brenda Wesi 7. 32R Brand Ambassador ~ Bradley Walden Robyn 8. Spirit of BZR Award - Anderson 9. Most Consistent Athlete - Maphuti Phaka 10. Comrades Performance of the Year» Avril Halstead 1]. Psycho ol' the Year, Xolani Hlutshwayo 12. Most Improved Female Athlete. Heather Walden 13. Most improved Male Athlete - Clayton Vetter M. Female Performance of the Year - Ann Ashworth 15. Male Performance of the Year - David Ashworth lfi. Athlete with the Most Potential ~ Trad ('rulrkshank 1'}. Chairman's Award ~ Rinan Barnard PUMA Run-a-Mile Jutlunneshuig The last PUMA Rune-Mile event for 2014 was hosted by our Johannesburg branch at St Stilhians College on (7 December A pet ial word of thanks to Simon I.. I hiiip Knihhs. Erie Wiohnls. Riann Barnard. Gustav Roos. David Ashworth. Etienne liaffner. Clayton Vetter. Martin aneett. Xolani Hlntshwnyo, Ann Ashworth. Trad Cruiekshank. Brenda van Grazin. Donovan van Green and Graham Parker for all their assistance and hard work in making this event a success! Despite not having as many runners as we had hoped. the club was congratulated by Central Gauteng Athletics on hosting a very successful event. BER partners with the Purple Group. BZR Johannesburg is very pleased to announce its partnership with the Purple Group Limited. The Purple iroup. a derivatives trading and asset management business. is based in Hyde Park and is conveniently situated for taking advantage of our newlylaunched Planet Fitness club runs. The Purple Group has a great reputation for being focused on staff health and team interaction-ame of the reasons thev initiated their own running club. This club will soon he merging with 132R ahead of the 2015 running season. newly kitted-out in our awesome purple gear. Welcome to the club! Born 2 Run Athletics Club to Partner with Planet Fitness SA Born 2 Run is plei ed to announce a nntionill partne. p with Planet Fitness South Africa. Going forward. members 01' Burn 2 Run will bene t from signi cant savings and run related bene ts when joining their local Planer Finu.. gym. Johannesburg members gel off In a strong start in 2015 Born 2 Run Johannesburg has Inkon off this your with some outstanding porl orinane t'romelire. serious and social runners alike} The club's elite ranks. bolstered by now elite members Yolando Maelenn. Greg Barnes. (lrlwlne Mct allum. Julanie Biis son and Belinda anhorn. have painted Page 263

268 7.ClIAlRMAN S Rieroit't Johannesburg purple at races such as Varsity Kudos (15 km). the Disclietn Hall'Marathoii and thejohnson ( raae Marathon and Half Marathon. Special mention must go to Volande Macleun who won the ladies race at Varsity Kudos 15 km (placing within the top 10 men and narrowly missing the course record). The following weekend. Yolande placed 2nd at the Dischem Half Marathon. just behind Renee Kalmer. Most recently. Yolandc won the ladies" race at the Johnson ( rane Mt hon mashing the course record and placing within the top 15 men. Old.Muluul Tit-a Oceans Johannesburg»hase,d veteran athlete Julanie Basso". ran an outstanding race. to nish in 10th place overall. earning the club's only Gold Medal in 4:06. Next home was. fellow Johurg runneryolande Maelean in 4:09 to place llth in the ladies' rat-er This marked a truly phenomenal performance by Yolande who had suffered with injury and a very painful iatiea for a week prior to the race. Border star Stephanie Smith nished in 4:1] to pl t'l liith overall in a new personal best time (PB). The fourth member of our Indies" team home was 8th Aspire athlete Maphoti l haka. who nished In «1:25 to plate 22nd..lnhanneshurg t-lul) chairman, David Asliworlh (on a training: run he tells l was the rst gem home in an easy 4:04. while Riaan Barnard (on debut at Two Oceans) ran a solid 4:23. Another great perfornmnee was that of Jonothan Nieniann who ran a phony 4:24 [also on a training run). This year there was certainly no shortage of PBs either. wah Heather Walden taking a commendable It) minutes ot't'ol' her Oceans l ltl, to finish under :3 hours. Etienne Railroa- helped himself to a huge 47-minute PB as well. Lisa Teepe. who seems to get faster every time we check. also powered her way to an excellent 20 minutes off her Hall A big shootout to those runners who completed their rst ultra marathons in race day 7 particularly to Annamarie Acton who powered her way through the eldl First home for BZR in the half marathon event was [)ut'bnn»hased Loyiso Matanga who placed 15th in the open men's race, in a furiously fast and competitive eld. Next in was 82R Aspire athlete Peter John Moses. who narrowly missed a P3 to nish in 1:33..lohaiinesburgAbased Jay Bradley w the rst Johurg BornZRun athlete home in 1:39 on debut. Jay wasfollowed swiftly by Jessica Spira in 1:42. ('nngratulntions to Evelyn Pritchartl for running a speedy 1:48 at her rst OMTOM Half. and to those runners who Completed their rst Half Marathon ever. such as Lil. Ciick and Kirsty Weaver, well done all! Special mention must go to ('layton Vetter who dipped under 2 hours, nishing in 1.55) for a solid PB. despite being: in hospital and booked ol'ffor bed rest for E; weeks earlier this year. Gearing up far ('o/nrudes it's nearly that time... time for ('oniratl entrant. 3015! ( ompm-ud m the 2-: "to the l'llt't we had last year (whieh was phenomenal given that the club Wits )usl a few months old). this year we will see more than lllll rimmsigni cant achievement for our new gearing up on 31 May. quite a club! In the ladies' rare. keep an eye out for Julaaie Bass-on. Heather Walden. Stephanie Smith, Yolande Maelean. Megan Wintlerley. Phillipe Welthagen and Paula Quinsee. In the men's race. strong runs are expected front Greg Harries. David Ashwiu'th. Eric Wiehols. Jono Nieinunn and Gustav Roos. A very big thank you to the following members and supporters who have agreed to man water points. second our elite team and look after the club gazebo to be located at the nish: ' Bob Norris ' ( arol Boniwell - HendriethRoos ' Grant and Angelica Johnson ' Clayton Vetter ' Ann Ashworth ' Robyn Anderson - Zoe Papsdakis - Zothile Moto A very bigthankyou also tocu Energy South Africa for its very generous sponsorship of our seconding tables located at 30 km (Winston Park) and 60 km (Cato Ridge). All runners will be able to collect and enjoy GU gels. Roctane and GU Brew at each of the points... keeping you energised throughout the day! On Thursday. 23 April. our annual pre- Comrades function took place. Members enjoyed a three-course dinner. an inspiring talk by guest speaker Yolande Maclean. a full route expose by David Ashworth. and to~do It and race tips by Ann Ashworth. info was also given about seconding spots- along the route and how to find our siiper~deliixe BER tent at the finish. The club is honoured to have several of its members running the Comrades Ultramarathon as part of a dedicated fund-raising initiative. CRUSADERSWATER POLO CLUB Mons Super League: 1] paid players Mens Premier League: 15 paid players Mens 2nd League: 12 paid players, this included the boys from Saints Gauleng League standings (September 2014-March 2015) Mens Super League: Position 2/5 Mons Premier League: Position 3/7 Mens 2nd League: Position (5/8 Page 264

269 @SA.CHAIRMAN SREPORT Crusaders Water polo won the Master's Tournament in Durban. A Needham (1974) was part of this team. CRUSADERS DIVING CLUB Crusaders Diving Club resumed operation in February The Club was fortunate enough to be able to secure the services of Danilo Cogrossi. an ex~01ympic diver and Italian national age groups coach. who had been recmited as school diving coach for St Stithians (Si 5' Prep. Danilo has been fantastic and it has been wonderful to have a diving coach who coaches with such passion. He inspires the girls and they have done so well under his guidance. The club resumed with 5 members. all well established divers who had been travelling to St Mary s for coaching over the past season. During the brief period of this season from February to date. the club membership has already grown to over l5 divers. and we are receiving many inquiries as interest is being generated. We have not advertised at all and at this stage Danilo feels he would rather have talented. passionate divers. so the club will remain selective at this point while the club rcsoumcs are limited. Danilo's assistant coach in Roxanne Prout. though she has limited availability. In time we hope to grow the club so that she can coach the very little ones and possibly those who just want to dive for fun. Compelilions and Resolls 2014/15 In February and March the club competed in the ( GA Champs. Our experienced (livers did extremely well. These divers competed in the ( group (12 & 13 year. The ( Groupcrs were superb, dominating thi tion. 0n 1 m the club divers achieved a lst. 3rd and 5th; on 3 in a lst. 3rd and a 4th. On platform the club took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Club divers also took a lit and tl diving competition. End for the synchronised For some of the club's new junior members the CGA Champs was their rst competition. In theegroup (9 and under) the club divers placed 7th, 10th and 17th. The D group divers (10 and 11 years) placed lst. 7th and 14th in the l m prelim and then took two bronze medals in the nals for both 1 m and 3 m. Sonic of the newer members did not compete as the CGA registration fees were not prorated for the season 2014/15 and therefore the costs of registration were prohibitive for some. At Nationals. held in Durban in April, two of the club's C group girls. Bailey Davenport (12) and Bailey Heydra (11) quali ed to compete in the age group. They both did exceptionally well. Heydra placed 4th and Davenport 5th in both 1 m and 3 m. Considering their age this is a fantastic result. Trainmg, Jquipnlenl & Resources. Crusaders Diving Club trains seven days a week. During the summer months this happens after school diving and at weekends. During winter every afternoon and Weekend mornings. This is the rst season wc will have run a proper wilitcr programmi- and for the rst time in years the rigging system and dry board are being used extensively. This means that our divers are now able to practise their (lives out ofthe water in preparation for summer. The club h a large contingent of Saints divcrs who have taken up club (living and n number of girls from neighbouring schools also come in. The Club i. still in the early stages and is wurkingoul teething. ut uch us getting a club kit. etc. The equipment around the pool necds a lot of Tht and we havc struggled throughout the season with a green pool due to the chlorinator breaking. rickety old boards with very rusted i'ulcrums. a dirty hutpot or one that does not get switched on. and a broken solar heating system in dire need ofan upgrade Some repair work has nally been undertaken and we were lucky enough to get a new 3 in board and fulcrum. which has made a world of difference. We have also moved the old board to the opposite side of the pool allowing us to have an additional 1 in board for the school divers. Danilo is desperately wanting a rope rig running off the platform and over the new 1 in board so that the divers can learn the complicated dives supported by a harness system. This is very inexpensive as it merely takes labour and rope as we already have the belts. We are intending to raise funds in the new season so that we can npgrnde the equipment and got new belts. Plans for season 2015/16 Over the coming season the club will take part in the following events- - Winter coa competition (in planning by CGA) - National Age groups 7 December currently planned to he held in onrlmn. ' ( GA Levels competition, for divers not yet able to produce the necessary div for full ( GA championships 7 Jan/Feb 2016 ( GA ( hiilitpmnships, March curmuly panned to be held in Durban - Niitionz-il Diving Championships, April llll improve facilities- The club is hopeful lhut we will be able to further (litavuilnlilo at St Stithizms in partners ip with tho school. As we grow onr facilities lind coaching rosoul-t s we also look to increase mombcrship to Page 265

270 .(3ilAlRlxlAN'SRlil t)l{ l between 20 and 30 divers. OPERATIONS REPORT, M Burger The Club is doing very well and is generating signi cant revenue for the USA. EASTER FESTIVAL 2015 C Fergusson 2014 was a good year with 20 ") much the some. Cullum Ford and Alex Fahrenhcim have taken over this _v -ar. Thank you to the team for all their help. Revenue for this year was about R13 million. which should deliver a R pro t. RECTOR S REPORT e Dr T Nuttnll I am pleased to submit my report for the period since June touching on themes directly relevant to St Stithinns alumni. Over the past year. St Stithians College ' has continued to thrive as a lending Strategy 2025 and SI Stilhions Intent GSA Commit/re and an expression of South African school. Through our and Purpose gratitude active participation in the Round The March meeting of the St Stithians l have enjoyed and appreciated my Square organisation. the College has a Council approved a new Statement of membership of the ()SA Committee. signi cant international pro le as Intent and Purpose. us well as n l0~ There is a strong 5 'e of school~ well yetir strategic t'riinicwork. Through nlumni partnership. l w. h to thank all The recent proct of appointing two this proc the (Yolleg ' 'tnkeluilders OSA volunteers for their considerable new Heads of. 'Iinlli. and the ctililtre have gained a renewed. usi- ot'idontity contributions to the life of St Stithians and interest of the applicants. has and direction. The Stat nent of Intent College. in so many wnys. Lastly. I reaffirmed the reputation St Stitliiuns, Inspiring Excellent-r. Making a express my appreciation to the OSA has in the ediit-nt itnial landscape. Wurltl o/ I)i[/crwicc, is it demanding Chair. Shaun I ldmeston. for his huge There are n multitude ol indicators of and ful lling stretch. ()in- Statement of commitment to building a Stithian success and signi cance in our oil' There is alw-.. room for rcl'ltreview g. ion. Purpose de nes right core reasons for existing and thriving. Strategy 2025 community of belonging. and improvement as we strive provides it framework of six themes to offer 1 significant education (or our students, introduce a scoring system that allocates points to alumni status. alongside the other two major categories of siblings and transformation applicants. The critical point tomakeisthatdateol application. in relation to date of birth. is also weighted. The simple message is: apply at the earliest opportunity. Creation 0/Advancement Office During the course of last year. the College has created an Advancement Of ce. which will focus attention and resources on marketing. alumni relations and fund-ca sing. The overall purpose is to grow a 'community of belonging tind a vision of the school which stretches from admission to archive. The Advancement Office. working with the USA, will enhance the ( ollege's relations With our past parents and students. To this end. we have been working for the past 18 months on refreshing and rntionalising our alumni database. s. through which we will live out our intentions its 7! ( ollege ofseven schools. Mthethwa as the rstfullatimedirector of the Thnndulwazi Maths & Science Academy. These two institutions add to our ve campus-based schools to create our College ofseven schools. Last month. I was pleased to announce the appointment of Jakes Fredericks as the next Head of the Boys' Preparatory. Jokes is currently one of the Deputy Heads at the Boys' Prep and was appointed after a rigorous selection process involving a strong eld ofapplicantsfrom acrosssouthern Africa. The selection of the new Junior Prep Head will be concluded by mid-june. These leadership changes bring the prospect of renewal and fresh perspective as these two schools enter into their next phase. I take this opportunity to thank Mel Dace. who retires at the end of the year. and Alistair Stewart. who is moving into the new position of Advancement Director. for their sterling service and leadership contributions over the past 15 years. EVENTS & MEMBERSHIP S Knowlcs Admissions I ol Rcrtciu St Stithians invttes and welcomes enrolment applications from our alumni. Over the past year. we have revised our admisions policy to l'lt'l'ni/illt Appoitttnit nls At the start of I was pleased to :innotinco the appointment of Stephen Hnytopp as the new Director ot'kamoka Bush School. and Dr Themhti Matri'c Memhers/tip 2014 : GC :58 of 94 Matrics = 61.5% BC (142 Metrics = 76.5% Total 167 of 236 Matrics = 70.5% Alumni OSA Life Membership: 10 in Page 266

271 I Ci'iAiRNiAi VSREPORT Parents Associate Membership: 0 joined in in mm. StaffAssucmu Membership: 0m 20H. 6 in unal. Evenls in 2014.' (ii-1961 Reunion Heuniun ([1984 Reuniml of 1994 Reunion uf 2200»! Reunion ()i'zooj Ruumun 19 Septembei 301.: V osn Dinner 14 November 2014, 05,-\ Gulf Day. Bryanston ('uunrry ( luh El emsm 31,715, Reunions: New Mau'ir.2014 is! Reunion- H5 January 2015 BC ('1 of 1 JR September 2m 5 BC ('1 SM November 2015 BC ( lnn of 1975, 18 prrombrr 2013 BC (' ul' 1980, 18 September 201:3 BC Class ui'1985» 15 Srpn-mhrr 2015 BC (in ol'1995 A 1920 June 2015 (W ( lu nf 2U -(iu(e THC BC ( 01' if) ()clnht-r 11.01:") (E(' ( lass of 2010 «lem- I m' Elem.»planned/(1rlheresl(:[211/5 IS SL-pwmhe 2015, USA Dinner 3 ()rmher _ 15 7 ()SA Golf Day. Runtlpark Club. Bum-(1mg Home Visn w * )nsiponud. ()SA Draw. i sf Thurrduy or every mumh. A vnx'iety of an ~' ( nilege pas! pupil evems in mine funds for the (in-ls" College 2m Birthday present. THANK YOU Think you fur all Ihe support and n. (he committee for all their help and vuluntem'lng. ( nrul Nolte, fnr his support us Chair of Cuuncilv Dr Tim Nuilnll. the <eh<jl>l is heading in grind direction. Heads of Suhoula ( uunvil and the um-il Exec fur their suppul'l. All the schnuis' P \5. ()SA ( ummiuee member for their volunteering to make lhia nmmmn what it mn be Paul & IT Department: Julia database and gending of Rene Swurt and her ()peraticns Department, Colin Smith and Mandel Bulhn. ()SA F nances. Johnny Snmh um! the Burs Dopanmen Mark Burger and his mum: Susannah Knnwles as Secretary of \he USA we are looking: (on 1rd to another good your fur m menu inn. '1 Thnekwruy thanked S Edmestun for his mule» work as USA ( hnxr -H\,,\ \l H \ Simon Parkin (1975): "(ilnn' Duvs Artworks has emlmrkml mi an exrmng journey by treating n st'l'lux ur mum ings that ('Hpmrv mnl ])I (-svl \ (- linmemory, heritage and Ivy; y ni'snmvui' the mp schuois ut Suuih A ma, (ilury Dav,» ha,»- mmmismunnd Ihv rvmm'kur hh- :u lhtu' Ink-ms nt nnv of Smnh.\! rieu's nmsl ln-ullinm nrlms n x'i-umi and remind pupils ul'then' um impurmnt i'nrxnmm- s. Sinmn'» :u'cul'nlv and (it izllil'ii ml paintings mull M imul Irzulilmm. u >l 7\>~m'mum\> mu! mmn urn-s uf (hush sperm] yum :uni {mu l'riendsinx» Tinashe ( hunduukn ihe zld Boy 2007) I1 > been Sril't'li li In iu-mnu- Rhmius Sehninr in Ihe ('inss Hi 20 7 Page 267

272 IUSA 1\' ZM'S He quali ed with a Mllt hb from UC'l' last yenrnnd was President ofthe UC'l Surzieal Society in 2014 mid the l resr deutol tht- lnternntiolilll A. oeiation of Student Surgical Societies in 014. He will apply to study a Master s ill l uhlie Policy at Oxford. The Bala Brothers. Zwai (1994) & Loyiso (1998) and their younger brother. Phelo. have been signed to Warner Brothers Records Ryan Rickeltun (2014) has heen selected for the SA Schools' U19 rrleket squadnnd the. Ulslsouml. Letitia 5: Andre Burger (2002) have a daughter Leonie, Andre ' in Property Development and Tourism. is a Helieopter and Fixed wing Pilot. and Praise and Worship leader. His sister Desiree (grade ) is the manageyot Witwater Guest House and married to Andre Venlt-l'. Shaun Richards (1998) was profiled in Finweek Magazine of 1 January 2015 as one "1 24 people in business and politics to watch in Cameron Smith (2009), Warren Hickinbotham (1995). Brett Thomson (2011). Stei t an Cloete (2009). Shaun Campbell (2009). Callum Ford (2011). Kurt Nolting (2010), James Munro (2009). Kyle Schachat. Zach Hiekmore (2010). Chris Heaton (1995). Callum Ferguson (2014). Warwick Mandy (2011). Christian Ashcroft (1998) St Kevin Parker took part in the Cape 'l own Tells I'mmmmenl in Fellruary 20H. They lost a few games narrowly ll) only one try and ger Pool (' (11\ your. lloysl -. lrtl in the ('nslle Iran. lleiier lilt'k next Mr Mark Henning (former Hendmaster the Boys College ) launched his ~ltll hook. 7'Ile ('ross. The Sword and Moman Ht Stithlnns Iioys' ('ollege Movie Mnk» on: ('luh produced a short l'llln dot-umentary of the Pixie Lowe (1979) story and the screening took place on Tuesday 17 February 2015 and then Page 268 went on to win host documentary at. the Mxnnsi li ilm Festival. "Please convey my congratulations to the producer. his technical staff and the actors for a production that incorporates- the true spirit of Pixie, his friends and the school. By consenxue ol the friends of 79, the portrayal of his demise was true to life. We were moved to tom we relived that tragic day. A spt t ial word of appreciation to the Movte Makers and Dramatic Arts personnel. Thank you for making me proud to have been a Saints boy and for celebrating the life ofour Saint's hrother. one who deserved to live way heynnd his 18 short years. Regards Richard Kushlick (1979)" The ()SA hosted a coektail party after the event with the ( lass of 1979 and others attending (pictured on p. 0). Michael Faasen (2011) signed his rst mate ional football contract and is now of cially an Amatuks player! Grant Elliott (1997) was included in the New Zealand Black ('Hps Squad for the 2015C cket World ( upand played a wonderful innings \ s the Proteus in the semi-limit: of the Cricket World t up and played in the nals of Australia vs New Zealand. Pascalis Ellinas and Dave Pearce (2004) prorided entertainment at the Easter Sports Festival. Sean Riskowitz (2003) is the new [)1- I l't ltlr oh onduit ('apital. Ntsika Ntsokolu (2008) just gradunled Willi his liar-hl-lor ot Selenee in tiluoiee and eronomies ill Arkansas State University in the USA. He is now in tile proeess ol' ndimz employment in Soul 11 At, ('tmm ulultltluiia to Russell Harvey (2002) and Tracey-Lee Furbank (2003) on their reeent engagement. Russell holds the Marketing Portfolio on the ()HA Committee. Stuart Alexander (2011) suee ful- 1y overt-amt- his disalliltty and gradu~ ated at V711" ('ollegel Stuart James Thomas (1990) was diagnosed with brain cancer in March 2014 and underwent brain surgery in the June. followed up with radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Last month. he' underwent a second operation to remove {our more minor tumours that had emerged since the initial surgery. Should this second operation not prove successful. he's considering laser surgery as an option, the latter of which comes at a great cost. In an attempt to raise some funds for Stuart and his family. David Turner and another friend are riding the 5147 Cycle Challenge in November Douglas Hoernle (2008) has made the Forbes Africa list 2015 most promising entrepreneurs under 30 to watch. Dean O Brien (lel t 2005) was part of the Davis Cup to beat Ireland. Jon Blair attended St Stithians Boys' College from (left in grade 11. when he emigrated to the UK). He is the only director of documentaries working in the UK who has won all three 01' the premier awards in his field: an Oscar for the documentary Anne Frank Remembered. an Emmy (twice) and a British Academy Award. Jon was awarded a ( BE in the 2015 Queen's Birthday Honours {or services to Film Anthony Lester (2004) was in the Men's Eight crewwhowon TheThames Challenge ( up at the Henley Royal Re. izatta on Sunday 5 July A l enliisography programme on the life of Kevin Anderson (2003) has been aired in the USA and also featur a St Stithians College. Kevin An~ (lt'l'stm (2002) unfortunately went down to Nora}; Djokovie in an epic Wimbledon Jth round match and has been nominated for The ATP World Tour Fons' Favourite Award. Congratulations to Claudio Fernandes (2013) who has been included in tho 2015 SA U20 Junior Men's Water polo Team that will play in the FINA World ( hamps (World Cup) from

273 ION.\ lr \\2\ 4712 September in Ka hslnn xhls year. Congratulations alsu m Graeme Lucas-Bull (2005) wllu has been appninlud 'l vnm cum-l1. (lraumo '. rontly tum-lunganhs at the Bl logo. joining the! (mm M Andrr-w's ( ollegu Jonathan Hall (2010) has jtllnl d St Stilhinns Boys ('nllvgv as an intern teacher l mm January Tho ru nf (hrov gmer ion; m E" rhrnugh St Smhians Bow College: Dr lam Thormun H960; Shaun Thm nlnn (ll-78$] and Michaol Thurnmn (2013) withmn hormnn. Mwhavl s mntlwr. rst r llllkliilllfl IN'l nl'nn ()lrl Slmhmn Rum rlz- Jam-r 12m :31. urnlulllnuullll-r nl Mz-rlln (Ir-.1aum' (nmlrll- 15mm. wn> Ilnlu mnmrulmu :u S! Sllllunm (lnl<' ('nllogv. Zwai Bala s (1994) smug. (1mm hm 11-2» lured nn Iho rn<lm m l'rnnpssr-n m lln vml of ()rlulwx', Michael Venue (1995) Wlll ulll-mpl Lu lm ll n- ['Iral pr-rmn ur mum JX( X'K)_~ ~ llw Allnnlic 1n r\1n'll. l)17.:nn-x1r )r- (lmzl 'im ()l' 3.31) Inlll's. In )' funds for ()xl'um m lwlp rm,murr. Kabelo Mabnlane (2005) has rd lmmml hls lmok mum 1 Run /nr Mr erp. Cum-dd Ax nmn «2mm; wnn m.» KZN Philharmonic ('omposltinn ( nmpvtinon of 2015 With h nrrlu-x ~:xl wnrk vntillml Igniling Kiles & Flving Fll l v works. The mmpmltinn w open to Ilmso lxvlwm n Ilw ngos of H4 ' His piou- was plnywl in tlu- Ynulh ('nm'l-rxu Cum-or! by thv KZN Philhm'numw 0rchuslx'n m llw ( ny [lull 1n Durlmn. Ilzlsl your luv cnnduc -( his 'l InKlmnu-d Fux'vsl' :II lln- campus Musll' Mania Andrea Dalle Ave 12011) wnn [he ( rmnuna Spnrtsmnn of thy war with n rlmllnlin szmls and l't-lu'cm nu-d SA m 1m- 3rd World Clulnw nn>1np> m llnvnd (Urmhn-r whvn- hu won a Bronze mudnl 1m lnnujump, Innorent Radclm (2013) was < :lll\'(l up far Ihc Junmx' Sprlmzlmk 'l'rxnl ( znnp In Slvlluulm.~cl\ all [In x-nd ul Mnn'h 201:3 lll- Ilwn pluyl-«l In llu- Vitl hl ('un wlu-n- UKZN wnn Mo was nlsu st-im'll'tl lu plnv lln' lln Vm'x iry ('up xv"mum lln- vlumm' sprumlmk, a! \lw vnd nl'apnl mul ni<lwil ll n' sm- >un 'Is llu- [up pmnl svnl l-r m lln- WI ( Iu'riv ( up l'lu» m [Cw in [/w <1; whrwlvrl ln' Gavin Hood (Head Boy 1980). \ulh llx-it-n Mll x'vn plzunlu u lun'llrr-tlgml rulnnr-l Mullmwll :II n r\'nrll\wuml urrm lm, nu Paul in ;\ lw-~.l17l'ncml drumpllnl in vamlu..r\lnn Rn-kmnn m n llt-lllvmml Mn'l'numlml ln' wnrl'lng rum. mansm lmndnn :mll ('(lplmn I m/hm ()wnr nnmlnm- llnrkhiul Mull us an agent on the ground in Kenya Bum (Yvromnny: A four and (Wu cnxloss puns wvrv rhusuznvd nnd naml-(l by mncurt. ( onrnd bene ted hugely from m (lu- hunt m rruugmtmn nl lhvll' suc- lhv x1wnln >hip of Dr ( hrlsln Junknwr (1 55. m. llls suhjm-l mum and pinnu tr zu'hvl' Raul mums. all the lloys Cam-gt Shmrwutor - Mark Rowand (1985) (I'mu') Kmiwakv - Andrew Grant (1994) (mxlvs. mlrl Alhulrv - drtin Walsh 980) [cm- 12»- pair) Rovcrrlnd Dan Nknmu and Mrs Belinda l upr-rmnns. mullu-r ur ('aplaln of Burma on 27 (k-mbur. II also dw lhu sum old new warlulnn m naming the [mum in mm lhu names of Old Buys wlm hnrr- rx-pl vsl-nlvd thr- rnunlry m the nlymprcs and Ahmad. will lw nddod Furtlus Jagger ~ Jono Devlin (1994) (viuhl) Jay Cahoz (2005) has wnn thc Slandunl Bank's Yuunp Journullsl ml the Ymr award. Hr- nlsn \Vl nlv an 2 I'Ill'lv ln Fm'lws A Ic Nm vmlwr \ (llllhn :lhnul Ricky Ellis (2005) whu :mmnlud lhv Africa (lumos 1n Bx.x :u'lllv. :nul mun a guld mmlul 1100 m lilll'l-ian kikl l :unl lln'vu >ll\'vx' mudnls ( ll m and 200 m lnu-kslrukr. and tlu- mvn's \xmll mul- I.-_r I vln). Rrrkr Is n nlnlng rm- (ln- Rm ()l) n lpl( >, Jny dlsn mm ( 0 'll m-i» lvm'vm Mullm ;\u; rrl.< nr l urhnulng} and Mnrilmn- Ernnmnv Kugiso Rabuda (2013p won Ilw [)n» wa>llr varnmvl' ul' Iln- Sl. sun :m :ml 21nd 1m ln-un Included in [he mun-m squall m Imu' nmgludr-sh m 201.3, HRplrliml up a r...» n; In sum Imum m. I'm-r. lgulnsl llunglaulvsll and andmm llu- m Spurn.\\\ dun lln' waumr-r ul' tln- \ vnl'. l mzv 26$)

274 .RI L'.\ U\\ ( IJI>> 0 IHTU ('hrlslophm' L mm. mum may. I). v -. Hunmmll SIu-Irh-nkv, Mxkv Smlloy mrrmvr Buvs ('th-m- 11 dm-mrr Hi: Tom l'urlul.m. liwrgr Kml'n. Stmx m 'I'IH. Hrm'lm Mnl risull. lun.\nnr1d::u {former Boy.~' ( ullu-gu u-m-hur)

275 GSA - thunions London Reuninn [ um- 27]

276 - IN MliMORlAM Please keep the following Old Stithinn families in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of their loved ones: Continuation of08/1 Chairman '5 AGM Report. front p The Stanley Family: Richard (1975). Lucinda and Stanley family on the loss of Richard s mother in January Charles (Charlie) Henderson (1972) and his wife. Jenny. were attacked on their farm in Muldersdrift on8 Januar' 2015 and Charles unfortunately passed from the attack. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family. especially under such tragic circumstances. and we wish Jenny all the very best in her recovery. James Simkins (1969) died of cancer on 16 January 2015 in Seattle. James is survived by his mom Daphne. brother Charles. wife Val. his two children. Kathryn and Jonathan. and grandchild Thomas. After Matric James enrolied at Wits for a civil engineering quali cation. He launched his successful hospitality career at much the some lime. With Westin Hotels and Resorts. These included The ( nrlton in Johannesburg. Kowloon Shangri-lm in Hong Kong and the Wc. in Bonaventure in Ins Angeles. Siit ' in California brought him to The Westin Tokyo. and he was invited to open the property as Managing Director and to also assume corporatil L'SpllnSil llllllt S its Vice-President Operations for Westin International Asia Paci c. He t-oimilctt-d ; 28~ycnr tenure with Westin Australia. building and opening: thr- Westiii Sydney for the 2000 Olympics James joined Benchmark Hospitality Intvrnntitintll upon the t'niiipany s purchase ofmtm Luxury Lodging in immrdiately assuming a leadership position on Benchmark s executive team and the Page 272 company's Board of Directors. Following 42 years in the hospitality industry Jamea retired from the industry in May Tribute by Alistair Burt (2001) Hilton (1996) and Adam (1997) Froneman on the death of their mother in February. Stuart Skeen (1991) passed away suddenly ofa heart attack on 11 March Ourcondolences go to his brother. Jeremy (1989) and the Skeen family. His funeral took place in the Saints Chapel on 18 March Roston Bradley (1960) passed away on 20 March after battling cancer. Roston was the Dux Scholar in 1960 and Chair of the USA from 1970*1972. His father. Ray. was a Council member for L10 years. His family donated the Good Samaritan window in the chapel in memory of Roston s grandparents. Oiircondolences go to his wife. Jeanine. his son Andrew (1990) nnd the Bradley family. Ourcondolences to Mrs Jose Trulishaw. James (1986). Rodney (1998) and the Trubshaw family on the passing of Mr Trubshaw in March this year. Mr Triibshaw was the donor of the Boys' College Triihsliew Poetry Prize. Sarah Jane Barnhoorn. née Klemptner (Deputy Head Girl Graham Freer (1982) pa 'ed away suddenly on 6 April Hi. service was held in the Sillan ( hapel on 14 April Pauline Ashcroft. mother of Christian (1998) and ( nrrin (2000) Ashcroft. passed away in April Her memorial was held in the Saints Chapel on 21 April The father of Selwyn Vus (1980) passed away at the beginning ofmay His memorial was held at the Saints Chapel on 21 May The mother of Sean O'Flaherty (1982) passed away on 28 May Her memorial took place in the Saints Chapel on 4 June Subsequenllw Castro Ntsebeza (2003), brother of Samara (2002) passed away suddenly at the end ofaugust Tinashe Majuru (2009) was doing a Business Administration-Marketing Degree at Algonquin College in Canada when he went swimming with his friends on 3 September 2015 in the Wake eld area and was swept away by the current and drowned. His brother Mufaro was Class of2014. The father of Brendon (1995) and Chad ( rew (1991) passed away suddenly on 26 September 2015, The father of Adrian (2006) and Niquelle (2009) Maasch passed away on 28 September 2015 from a brain tumour. Neillen van Kraayenburg (1932) 1998) died of cancer in Knysiiii at the passed away suddenly after a heart beginning of April. Our condolences I! attack in October to her husband Graeme (1998) and two small children. Her father is Dr Jannes Scheepers (2011) tragically Anthony Klemptncr (1967). died in a plane crash on 16 October Jannes was the son of Dr Pieter Scheepcrs. Dr Antoinette Ackerman and brother lo Antoinette Scheepers (2009). The mother of Kimon (1981) and Pavlo (1984) Phitidis passed away in November 2015.




280 nmgntuu I, \ 41"}. r,

UNIT IX. Don t Tell. Are there some things that grown-ups don t let you do? Read about what this child feels.

UNIT IX. Don t Tell. Are there some things that grown-ups don t let you do? Read about what this child feels. UNIT IX Are there some things that grown-ups don t let you do? Read about what this child feels. There are lots of things They won t let me do- I'm not big enough yet, They say. So I patiently wait Till

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Online Family Chat Main Lobby Thursday, March 10, 2016

Online Family Chat Main Lobby Thursday, March 10, 2016 Online Family Chat Thursday, March 10, 2016 familychatadministrator(arie_newstudent&familyprograms): Good Afternoon! Thank you for joining our chat today! My name is Arie Gee and I am the Assistant Director

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FY year and 3-year Cohort Default Rates by State and Level and Control of Institution

FY year and 3-year Cohort Default Rates by State and Level and Control of Institution Student Aid Policy Analysis FY2007 2-year and 3-year Cohort Default Rates by State and Level and Control of Institution Mark Kantrowitz Publisher of FinAid.org and FastWeb.com January 5, 2010 EXECUTIVE

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Client Psychology and Motivation for Personal Trainers

Client Psychology and Motivation for Personal Trainers Client Psychology and Motivation for Personal Trainers Unit 4 Communication and interpersonal skills Lesson 4 Active listening: part 2 Step 1 Lesson aims In this lesson, we will: Define and describe the

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Sleeping Coconuts Cluster Projects

Sleeping Coconuts Cluster Projects Sleeping Coconuts Cluster Projects Grades K 1 Description: A story, an indoor relay race for pre-readers and new readers to demonstrate the benefits of doing Bible translation in cluster projects, and

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Std: III rd. Subject: Morals cw.

Std: III rd. Subject: Morals cw. MORALS - CW Std: I rd. Subject: Morals cw. Sl. No Topic Peg No. 1. Being Brave. 2 2. Love of books. 3-4 3. Love hobby. 4 4. Love your Elders. 5 5. Kindness. 5-6 6. Love Mother India. 7 7. Nature loves

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NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER Imperial Road South, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1Z4 Phone: (519) , Fax: (519) Attendance Line: (519)

NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER Imperial Road South, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1Z4 Phone: (519) , Fax: (519) Attendance Line: (519) NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2012 287 Imperial Road South, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1Z4 Phone: (519) 821-9160, Fax: (519) 821-5296 Attendance Line: (519) 821-9169 November News YEAR OF FAITH BEGAN ON OCTOBER 14 TH

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2013 DISCOVER BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME NICK SABAN PRESS CONFERENCE 2013 DISCOVER BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME NICK SABAN PRESS CONFERENCE COACH NICK SABAN: First of all, I'd like to say what a great experience it is to be here. It's great to see everyone today. Good

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INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE PRONUNCIATION - Levels 1 & REVIEW LESSON I PRONUNCIATION - Levels 1 & 2 - - REVIEW LESSON I SOUNDS TO BE REVIEWED: b & v d g j l t m & n r Note: These sounds are the hardest for students to pronounce correctly. It is important that they learn proper

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Meet Modern Languages Department

Meet Modern Languages Department Meet Modern Languages Department The languages team makes up a large and thriving department where French and German and Spanish are taught to A Level: Mr Pete Alborough, Teacher of French - Head of Modern

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THE ALTON SCHOOL GUIDE TO SPORT THE ALTON SCHOOL GUIDE TO SPORT Index Page Number: 2 Welcome from the Director of Sport 3 The PE Department 4 Life skills learnt from sport 5 Lifelong participation in sport 6 Parent guidelines at sporting

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What is Teaching? JOHN A. LOTT Professor Emeritus in Pathology College of Medicine

What is Teaching? JOHN A. LOTT Professor Emeritus in Pathology College of Medicine What is Teaching? JOHN A. LOTT Professor Emeritus in Pathology College of Medicine What is teaching? As I started putting this essay together, I realized that most of my remarks were aimed at students

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Eduroam Support Clinics What are they?

Eduroam Support Clinics What are they? Eduroam Support Clinics What are they? Moderator: Welcome to the Jisc podcast. Eduroam allows users to seaming less and automatically connect to the internet through a single Wi Fi profile in participating

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About this unit. Lesson one

About this unit. Lesson one Unit 30 Abuja Carnival About this unit This unit revises language and phonics done throughout the year. The theme of the unit is Abuja carnival. Pupils describe a happy carnival picture and read a story

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Graduation Party by Kelly Hashway

Graduation Party by Kelly Hashway Chris hauled the last folding chair up from the basement. He set it out on the deck and poured himself a glass of lemonade from the pitcher on the card table. Christopher, that s for the party, his mother

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COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING. How can I use the phone and to communicate effectively with adults?

COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING. How can I use the phone and  to communicate effectively with adults? 1 COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING Phone and E-mail Etiquette The BIG Idea How can I use the phone and e-mail to communicate effectively with adults? AGENDA Approx. 45 minutes I. Warm Up (5 minutes) II. Phone

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AN ACTIONABLE TOOL TO BUILD, LAUNCH AND GROW A DYNAMIC COMMUNITY + from community experts Name/Organization: Introduction The dictionary definition of a community includes the quality

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THE RO L E O F IMAGES IN Your web browser (Safari 7) is out of date. For more security, comfort and the best experience on this site: Update your browser Ignore Activityapply THE RO L E O F IMAGES IN STO RYTEL L ING How are images

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A non-profit educational institution dedicated to making the world a better place to live

A non-profit educational institution dedicated to making the world a better place to live NAPOLEON HILL FOUNDATION A non-profit educational institution dedicated to making the world a better place to live YOUR SUCCESS PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE You must answer these 75 questions honestly if you

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Experience Corps. Mentor Toolkit

Experience Corps. Mentor Toolkit Experience Corps Mentor Toolkit 2 AARP Foundation Experience Corps Mentor Toolkit June 2015 Christian Rummell Ed. D., Senior Researcher, AIR 3 4 Contents Introduction and Overview...6 Tool 1: Definitions...8

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L131 STATEMENT Of VOTES, PRESIOENTIAL P8I«ARY ELECTION TyESOAY* MARCH 17# 1992 PA6 PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEHOCRATIC PART L A 1 M Of VO, PO P«Y O yoy M # 92 P6 P OF OF M O P B u y 1 «Y Y M P 6 OF OWP P 1 1 6 4? 96 1--5 1#9? 2 3,47 3 1.49 3 659 1 74 1,652 2,2 2,7 1 5,7 4 3 4 5 64 3 3 3 3 6 4 62 4 6 9 O 72 5 65 4 1,3 5 1, Y Y Y

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How to make an A in Physics 101/102. Submitted by students who earned an A in PHYS 101 and PHYS 102.

How to make an A in Physics 101/102. Submitted by students who earned an A in PHYS 101 and PHYS 102. How to make an A in Physics 101/102. Submitted by students who earned an A in PHYS 101 and PHYS 102. PHYS 102 (Spring 2015) Don t just study the material the day before the test know the material well

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How to get the most out of EuroSTAR 2013

How to get the most out of EuroSTAR 2013 Overview The idea of a conference like EuroSTAR can be a little daunting, even if this is not the first time that you have attended this or a similar gather of testers. So we (and who we are is covered

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PILLAR 2 CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE THE BRIAN CAIN EXPERIENCE 12 PILLARS OF PEAK PERFORMANCE 61 PILLAR 2 CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE 7 Essentials for Building A Championship Culture (#1) Ask The Right Questions: 5 Critical Questions (#2) Identify

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GCSE. Mathematics A. Mark Scheme for January General Certificate of Secondary Education Unit A503/01: Mathematics C (Foundation Tier)

GCSE. Mathematics A. Mark Scheme for January General Certificate of Secondary Education Unit A503/01: Mathematics C (Foundation Tier) GCSE Mathematics A General Certificate of Secondary Education Unit A503/0: Mathematics C (Foundation Tier) Mark Scheme for January 203 Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA)

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Nutrition 10 Contemporary Nutrition WINTER 2016

Nutrition 10 Contemporary Nutrition WINTER 2016 Nutrition 10 Contemporary Nutrition WINTER 2016 INSTRUCTOR: Anna Miller, MS., RD PHONE 408.864.5576 EMAIL milleranna@fhda.edu Write NUTR 10 and the time your class starts in the subject line of your e-

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Hentai High School A Game Guide

Hentai High School A Game Guide Hentai High School A Game Guide Hentai High School is a sex game where you are the Principal of a high school with the goal of turning the students into sex crazed people within 15 years. The game is difficult

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Visual CP Representation of Knowledge

Visual CP Representation of Knowledge Visual CP Representation of Knowledge Heather D. Pfeiffer and Roger T. Hartley Department of Computer Science New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001, USA email: hdp@cs.nmsu.edu and rth@cs.nmsu.edu

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GCSE Mathematics B (Linear) Mark Scheme for November Component J567/04: Mathematics Paper 4 (Higher) General Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSE Mathematics B (Linear) Mark Scheme for November Component J567/04: Mathematics Paper 4 (Higher) General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE Mathematics B (Linear) Component J567/04: Mathematics Paper 4 (Higher) General Certificate of Secondary Education Mark Scheme for November 2014 Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations OCR (Oxford Cambridge

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This curriculum is brought to you by the National Officer Team.

This curriculum is brought to you by the National Officer Team. This curriculum is brought to you by the 2014-2015 National Officer Team. #Speak Ag Overall goal: Participants will recognize the need to be advocates, identify why they need to be advocates, and determine

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PANORAMA. Exam Schedule. parent newsletter. THURSDAY December 15. TUESDAY December 13. MONDAY December 12. WEDNESDAY December 14.

PANORAMA. Exam Schedule. parent newsletter. THURSDAY December 15. TUESDAY December 13. MONDAY December 12. WEDNESDAY December 14. PANORAMA parent newsletter Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 1114 Chattanooga TN P PO Box 370 Collegedale,Tennessee 37315 1.800.SOUTHERN southern.edu Exam Schedule Exam Time 8 a.m. to

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Developing Grammar in Context

Developing Grammar in Context Developing Grammar in Context intermediate with answers Mark Nettle and Diana Hopkins PUBLISHED BY THE PRESS SYNDICATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, United

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No Child Left Behind Bill Signing Address. delivered 8 January 2002, Hamilton, Ohio

No Child Left Behind Bill Signing Address. delivered 8 January 2002, Hamilton, Ohio George W. Bush No Child Left Behind Bill Signing Address delivered 8 January 2002, Hamilton, Ohio AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio Okay! I know you all are anxious

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Opening Essay. Darrell A. Hamlin, Ph.D. Fort Hays State University

Opening Essay. Darrell A. Hamlin, Ph.D. Fort Hays State University ISSN (Online) 2162-9161 Opening Essay Darrell A. Hamlin, Ph.D. Fort Hays State University Author Note Darrell A. Hamlin, Guest Editor. Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Fort Hays State

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FRAMINGHAM SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Superintendent s Conference Room July 15, 2014

FRAMINGHAM SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Superintendent s Conference Room July 15, 2014 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 FRAMINGHAM SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Superintendent s Conference

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Personal essay samples for college admission. 8221; (Act 5, Scene, personal essay. Bill Johanson is the college of all the Daily For samples..

Personal essay samples for college admission. 8221; (Act 5, Scene, personal essay. Bill Johanson is the college of all the Daily For samples.. Personal essay samples for college admission. 8221; (Act 5, Scene, personal essay. Bill Johanson is the college of all the Daily For samples.. Personal essay samples for college admission >>>CLICK HERE

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ERDINGTON ACADEMY PROSPECTUS 2016/17 ERDINGTON ACADEMY PROSPECTUS 2016/17 JOIN OUR FAMILY MR ANDY BIRD CEO OF FMAT We are delighted that you are considering an academy within the family of Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust for your child. Our aim

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IN THIS UNIT YOU LEARN HOW TO: SPEAKING 1 Work in pairs. Discuss the questions. 2 Work with a new partner. Discuss the questions.

IN THIS UNIT YOU LEARN HOW TO: SPEAKING 1 Work in pairs. Discuss the questions. 2 Work with a new partner. Discuss the questions. 6 1 IN THIS UNIT YOU LEARN HOW TO: ask and answer common questions about jobs talk about what you re doing at work at the moment talk about arrangements and appointments recognise and use collocations

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TEAM-BUILDING GAMES, ACTIVITIES AND IDEAS 1. Drop the Ball Time: 10 12 minutes Purpose: Cooperation and healthy competition Participants: Small groups Materials needed: Golf balls, straws, tape Each small group receives 12 straws and 18 inches

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Critical Thinking in Everyday Life: 9 Strategies

Critical Thinking in Everyday Life: 9 Strategies Critical Thinking in Everyday Life: 9 Strategies Most of us are not what we could be. We are less. We have great capacity. But most of it is dormant; most is undeveloped. Improvement in thinking is like

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Grade 6: Module 2A: Unit 2: Lesson 8 Mid-Unit 3 Assessment: Analyzing Structure and Theme in Stanza 4 of If

Grade 6: Module 2A: Unit 2: Lesson 8 Mid-Unit 3 Assessment: Analyzing Structure and Theme in Stanza 4 of If Grade 6: Module 2A: Unit 2: Lesson 8 Mid-Unit 3 Assessment: Analyzing Structure and This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Exempt third-party

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About PACER PACER FACTS. What is PACER Center? Highlights from PACER programs:

About PACER PACER FACTS. What is PACER Center? Highlights from PACER programs: PACER Programs - Parent Training & Information for Children with Disabilities Page 1 of 4 Home I About PACER I PACER Facts About PACER PACER FACTS What is PACER Center? What is PACER's mission? Is PACER

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Procedia Computer Science

Procedia Computer Science Available online at www.sciencedirect.com Procedia Computer Science 00 (2012) 000 000 Procedia Computer Science www.elsevier.com/locate/procedia New Challenges in Systems Engineering and Architecting Conference

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Quiz for Teachers. by Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D. Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis

Quiz for Teachers. by Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D. Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis Quiz for Teachers by Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D. Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis Directions: Read the question and choose one response that aligns as closely to what you think you might do in that situation, and

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Trends in College Pricing

Trends in College Pricing Trends in College Pricing 2009 T R E N D S I N H I G H E R E D U C A T I O N S E R I E S T R E N D S I N H I G H E R E D U C A T I O N S E R I E S Highlights Published Tuition and Fee and Room and Board

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How To Take Control In Your Classroom And Put An End To Constant Fights And Arguments

How To Take Control In Your Classroom And Put An End To Constant Fights And Arguments How To Take Control In Your Classroom And Put An End To Constant Fights And Arguments Free Report Marjan Glavac How To Take Control In Your Classroom And Put An End To Constant Fights And Arguments A Difficult

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Newsletter No 24 Dear Parents and Friends Friday 18 March 2016

Newsletter No 24 Dear Parents and Friends Friday 18 March 2016 Newsletter No 24 Dear Parents and Friends Friday 18 March 2016 Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Egg display We were very impressed by the colourful designs of Easter bonnets and eggs. Thank you for supporting

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The Charter School East Dulwich

The Charter School East Dulwich Open Event Our vision, your school www.chartereastdulwich.org.uk @chartereast Agenda 1. Short-term considerations: growth, site 2. Longer-term considerations: vision, people 3. The TCSED approach to learning

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Faculty Schedule Preference Survey Results

Faculty Schedule Preference Survey Results Faculty Schedule Preference Survey Results Surveys were distributed to all 199 faculty mailboxes with information about moving to a 16 week calendar followed by asking their calendar schedule. Objective

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Education for an Information Age

Education for an Information Age Education for an Information Age Teaching in the Computerized Classroom 7th Edition by Bernard John Poole, MSIS University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Johnstown, PA, USA and Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain, MLS

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ACCELERATE YOUR STUDENTS USE OF THE TARGET LANGUAGE: ACCELERATE YOUR STUDENTS USE OF THE TARGET LANGUAGE: Interactive, High Engagement Activities that Work (Grades 6 12) A Unique One-Day Seminar Presented by Amanda Seewald Outstanding World Language Teacher,

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English for Life. B e g i n n e r. Lessons 1 4 Checklist Getting Started. Student s Book 3 Date. Workbook. MultiROM. Test 1 4

English for Life. B e g i n n e r. Lessons 1 4 Checklist Getting Started. Student s Book 3 Date. Workbook. MultiROM. Test 1 4 Lessons 1 4 Checklist Getting Started Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Introducing yourself Numbers 0 10 Names Indefinite articles: a / an this / that Useful expressions Classroom language Imperatives

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat July 2017 1 2 3 4 Independence Day 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 TAPPS Dead Week July 24-29 30 31 August 2017 revised 8/9/2017 1 New Employee Workshop 9:00-12:00

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National Taiwan Normal University - List of Presidents

National Taiwan Normal University - List of Presidents National Taiwan Normal University - List of Presidents 1st Chancellor Li Ji-gu (Term of Office: 1946.5 ~1948.6) Chancellor Li Ji-gu (1895-1968), former name Zong Wu, from Zhejiang, Shaoxing. Graduated

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Poll. How do you feel when someone says assessment? How do your students feel?

Poll. How do you feel when someone says assessment? How do your students feel? Poll How do you feel when someone says assessment? How do your students feel? Why do we assess learners? Purposes for Assessments Place students Monitor students performance/achievement Identify students

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Briefing for Parents on SBB, DSA & PSLE

Briefing for Parents on SBB, DSA & PSLE Briefing for Parents on SBB, DSA & PSLE 18 May 2017 6.30pm to 8.00pm Vision: Hearts of Service * Minds of Inquiry * Joy in Learning * Confidence in Life Mission: Together we bring out the best in every

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SCU Graduation Occasional Address. Rear Admiral John Lord AM (Rtd) Chairman, Huawei Technologies Australia

SCU Graduation Occasional Address. Rear Admiral John Lord AM (Rtd) Chairman, Huawei Technologies Australia SCU Graduation Occasional Address Rear Admiral John Lord AM (Rtd) Chairman, Huawei Technologies Australia 2.00 pm, Saturday, 24 September 2016 Whitebrook Theatre, Lismore Campus Ladies and gentlemen and

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medicaid and the How will the Medicaid Expansion for Adults Impact Eligibility and Coverage? Key Findings in Brief

medicaid and the How will the Medicaid Expansion for Adults Impact Eligibility and Coverage? Key Findings in Brief on medicaid and the uninsured July 2012 How will the Medicaid Expansion for Impact Eligibility and Coverage? Key Findings in Brief Effective January 2014, the ACA establishes a new minimum Medicaid eligibility

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Examiners Report January GCSE Citizenship 5CS01 01

Examiners Report January GCSE Citizenship 5CS01 01 Examiners Report January 2013 GCSE Citizenship 5CS01 01 Edexcel and BTEC Qualifications Edexcel and BTEC qualifications come from Pearson, the world s leading learning company. We provide a wide range

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Transcript for French Revision Form 5 ( ER verbs, Time and School Subjects) le français

Transcript for French Revision Form 5 ( ER verbs, Time and School Subjects) le français Transcript for French Revision Form 5 ( ER verbs, Time and School Subjects) J le français 1 Bonjour, this CD has all the words you need to help you learn French If you listen to the CD lots and lots of

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Exemplar Grade 9 Reading Test Questions

Exemplar Grade 9 Reading Test Questions Exemplar Grade 9 Reading Test Questions discoveractaspire.org 2017 by ACT, Inc. All rights reserved. ACT Aspire is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. AS1006 Introduction Introduction This booklet explains

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SMARTboard: The SMART Way To Engage Students

SMARTboard: The SMART Way To Engage Students SMARTboard: The SMART Way To Engage Students Emily Goettler 2nd Grade Gray s Woods Elementary School State College Area School District esg5016@psu.edu Penn State Professional Development School Intern

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Virtually Anywhere Episodes 1 and 2. Teacher s Notes

Virtually Anywhere Episodes 1 and 2. Teacher s Notes Virtually Anywhere Episodes 1 and 2 Geeta and Paul are final year Archaeology students who don t get along very well. They are working together on their final piece of coursework, and while arguing over

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The Flaws, Fallacies and Foolishness of Benchmark Testing

The Flaws, Fallacies and Foolishness of Benchmark Testing Benchmarking is a great tool for improving an organization's performance...when used or identifying, then tracking (by measuring) specific variables that are proven to be "S.M.A.R.T." That is: Specific

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ÉCOLE MANACHABAN MIDDLE SCHOOL School Education Plan May, 2017 Year Three

ÉCOLE MANACHABAN MIDDLE SCHOOL School Education Plan May, 2017 Year Three ÉCOLE MANACHABAN MIDDLE SCHOOL 2015-2019 School Education Plan May, 2017 Year Three MESSAGE FROM SCHOOL PRINCIPAL In support of Rocky View Schools vision to ensure students are literate and numerate and

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Getting Started with Deliberate Practice

Getting Started with Deliberate Practice Getting Started with Deliberate Practice Most of the implementation guides so far in Learning on Steroids have focused on conceptual skills. Things like being able to form mental images, remembering facts

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teacher, paragraph writings teacher about paragraph about about. about teacher teachers, paragraph about paragraph paragraph paragraph

teacher, paragraph writings teacher about paragraph about about. about teacher teachers, paragraph about paragraph paragraph paragraph Paragraph writing about my teacher. For teacher, you paragraph highlight sentences that bring up questions, paragraph, underline writings that catch your attention or teacher comments in the margins. Otherwise,

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Using a Native Language Reference Grammar as a Language Learning Tool

Using a Native Language Reference Grammar as a Language Learning Tool Using a Native Language Reference Grammar as a Language Learning Tool Stacey I. Oberly University of Arizona & American Indian Language Development Institute Introduction This article is a case study in

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Upper Wharfedale School POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO LEARNING POLICY Upper Wharfedale School POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO LEARNING POLICY REVISED APRIL 2015 EXCELLENCE FOR ALL Upper Wharfedale School aims to promote the virtues and qualities of self-respect, tolerance, understanding,

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Leader as Coach. Preview of the Online Course Igniting the Fire for learning

Leader as Coach. Preview of the Online Course Igniting the Fire for learning Leader as Coach Preview of the Online Course Igniting the Fire for learning WELCOME! LEADER AS COACH ONLINE PROGRAM STARTS SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/execed/program-pages/details/1458/lac

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Speak with Confidence The Art of Developing Presentations & Impromptu Speaking

Speak with Confidence The Art of Developing Presentations & Impromptu Speaking Speak with Confidence The Art of Developing Presentations & Impromptu Speaking Use this system as a guide, but don't be afraid to modify it to fit your needs. Remember the keys to delivering a successful

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GENERAL BUSINESS 7397, section 18842: BOOKS AN MBA SHOULD READ GENERAL BUSINESS 7397, section 18842: BOOKS AN MBA SHOULD READ Instructor: Betsy Gelb, 713-743-4558, gelb@uh.edu, www.bauer.uh.edu/gelb This is an online course that will require you to read three books,

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Executive Summary. Palencia Elementary

Executive Summary. Palencia Elementary Saint Johns County School District Mr. Don Campbell, Principal 355 Palencia Village Drive Saint Augustine, FL 32095 Document Generated On March 6, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Description of the

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Today we examine the distribution of infinitival clauses, which can be

Today we examine the distribution of infinitival clauses, which can be Infinitival Clauses Today we examine the distribution of infinitival clauses, which can be a) the subject of a main clause (1) [to vote for oneself] is objectionable (2) It is objectionable to vote for

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Pre Registration is required; registration will close on Sunday, October 8, 2017 at midnight. Visit

Pre Registration is required; registration will close on Sunday, October 8, 2017 at midnight. Visit Leaderee is a weekend, or Saturday only learning adventure for co leaders and volunteers looking for ways to enhance their Girl Scout program delivery and troop management skills! Packed with a variety

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Leprosy case detection using schoolchildren

Leprosy case detection using schoolchildren Lepr Rev (2004) 75, 34±39 Leprosy case detection using schoolchildren G. NORMAN, G. A. JOSEPH, P. UDAYASURIYAN, P. SAMUEL & M. VENUGOPAL Schieffelin Leprosy Research and Training Center, Karigiri, Vellore

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November 11, 2014 SCHOOL NAMING NEWS:

November 11, 2014 SCHOOL NAMING NEWS: November 11, 2014 SCHOOL NAMING NEWS: Town Council feels that the new school to be built in the Inspiration Subdivision warrants the named after St Paul residents John and Paula Scanlan. They passed the

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St Matthew s RC High School, Nuthurst Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0EW

St Matthew s RC High School, Nuthurst Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0EW Department for Education Telephone: 0161 817 2204 Fax: 0161 372 9991 INSPECTION REPORT Email: education@dioceseofsalford.org.uk St Matthew s RC High School, Nuthurst Road, Moston, Manchester, M40 0EW Inspection

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Attention Getting Strategies : If You Can Hear My Voice Clap Once. By: Ann McCormick Boalsburg Elementary Intern Fourth Grade

Attention Getting Strategies : If You Can Hear My Voice Clap Once. By: Ann McCormick Boalsburg Elementary Intern Fourth Grade McCormick 1 Attention Getting Strategies : If You Can Hear My Voice Clap Once By: Ann McCormick 2008 2009 Boalsburg Elementary Intern Fourth Grade adm5053@psu.edu April 25, 2009 McCormick 2 Table of Contents

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The UNF Digital Commons

The UNF Digital Commons University of North Florida UNF Digital Commons Library Faculty Presentations & Publications Thomas G. Carpenter Library 4-11-2012 The UNF Digital Commons Jeffrey T. Bowen University of North Florida,

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Leadership Development BY DR. DAVID A. FRASER, DAI SENIOR CONSULTANT 1 www.daintl.org 13710 Struthers Road, Ste 120 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: The expansion of capacity to be effective

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WORK OF LEADERS GROUP REPORT WORK OF LEADERS GROUP REPORT ASSESSMENT TO ACTION. Sample Report (9 People) Thursday, February 0, 016 This report is provided by: Your Company 13 Main Street Smithtown, MN 531 www.yourcompany.com INTRODUCTION

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Roadmap to College: Highly Selective Schools

Roadmap to College: Highly Selective Schools Roadmap to College: Highly Selective Schools COLLEGE Presented by: Loren Newsom Understanding Selectivity First - What is selectivity? When a college is selective, that means it uses an application process

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Reflective problem solving skills are essential for learning, but it is not my job to teach them

Reflective problem solving skills are essential for learning, but it is not my job to teach them Reflective problem solving skills are essential for learning, but it is not my job teach them Charles Henderson Western Michigan University http://homepages.wmich.edu/~chenders/ Edit Yerushalmi, Weizmann

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SAMPLE PAPER SYLLABUS SOF INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH OLYMPIAD SAMPLE PAPER SYLLABUS 2017-18 Total Questions : 35 Section (1) Word and Structure Knowledge PATTERN & MARKING SCHEME (2) Reading (3) Spoken and Written Expression (4)

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On May 3, 2013 at 9:30 a.m., Miss Dixon and I co-taught a ballet lesson to twenty

On May 3, 2013 at 9:30 a.m., Miss Dixon and I co-taught a ballet lesson to twenty Argese 1 On May 3, 2013 at 9:30 a.m., Miss Dixon and I co-taught a ballet lesson to twenty students. In this lesson, we engaged the students in active learning and used instructional methods that highlighted

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Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School

Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School School Charter Strategic and Annual Plan for Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School 2017-2019 Endorsement Principal : Gina Benade Date: Endorsement Board of Trustees: Mario Barbafiera Date: Submission Date

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Team Dispersal. Some shaping ideas

Team Dispersal. Some shaping ideas Team Dispersal Some shaping ideas The storyline is how distributed teams can be a liability or an asset or anything in between. It isn t simply a case of neutralizing the down side Nick Clare, January

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event. corrinnearmour.com 1

KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event. corrinnearmour.com 1 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event corrinnearmour.com 1 Corrinne Armour Waging a war on wasted potential, Corrinne s mission is to spark people to play their big game.

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been each get other TASK #1 Fry Words TASK #2 Fry Words Write the following words in ABC order: Write the following words in ABC order:

been each get other TASK #1 Fry Words TASK #2 Fry Words Write the following words in ABC order: Write the following words in ABC order: TASK #1 Fry Words 1-100 been each called down about first TASK #2 Fry Words 1-100 get other long people number into TASK #3 Fry Words 1-100 could part more find now her TASK #4 Fry Words 1-100 for write

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CLASSROOM PROCEDURES FOR MRS. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES FOR MRS. BURNSED S 7 TH GRADE SCIENCE CLASS PRIDE + RESPONSIBILTY + RESPECT = APRENDE Welcome to 7 th grade Important facts for Parents and Students about my classroom policies Classroom

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Fieldfare Kielder Challenge

Fieldfare Kielder Challenge Fieldfare Kielder Challenge Gateway Volunteer Activity Pack Contents Page The Fieldfare Kielder Challenge 2 Challenge Calendar 4 Challenge Gateway Resources 5 Include Everyone 6 Approach and Assessment

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event. corrinnearmour.com 1

KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event. corrinnearmour.com 1 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Introduce some Fearless Leadership into your next event corrinnearmour.com 1 Corrinne Armour Waging a war on wasted potential, Corrinne s mission is to spark people to play their big game.

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TCC Jim Bolen Math Competition Rules and Facts. Rules:

TCC Jim Bolen Math Competition Rules and Facts. Rules: TCC Jim Bolen Math Competition Rules and Facts Rules: The Jim Bolen Math Competition is composed of two one hour multiple choice pre-calculus tests. The first test is scheduled on Friday, November 8, 2013

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