Southern Accent September August 1950

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1 Southern Adventist Univeristy Southern Accent - Student Newspaper Archives 1949 Southern Accent September August 1950 Southern Missionary College Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation Southern Missionary College, "Southern Accent September August 1950" (1949). Southern Accent - Student Newspaper This Book is brought to you for free and open access by the Archives at It has been accepted for inclusion in Southern Accent - Student Newspaper by an authorized administrator of For more information, please contact

2 ^.uihern Miss.onai) Cnlleg^ Oillcecdak Ti tss,c MptLmbir 21, %h7% ezsf^ftohele Career Omqv 400 Registcr by Middle rlirlzfa",;! Bank» co tinue7^ Field School Effort Fipst Weck^Peak Not Reached Yet RitKnhoiise Diieuls Regibtration Planb Nen Students and Freshmen Oncnted in Week Program Counseling Directed bj Steen,:rfSl somi") ittmlt.slhetcnj;" Rittenliouse Speaks Plans Repealed for ""i^jll,"!;.,.po,«,. iiussto ifillmnfij^coikfie^and ihl itui^^^^^^ To Cliiircli Oil Sin Tabemacle Project qgluw ukmgiuiil"tedlnl>t^ Vshlock Conducts Faculty Entertains h iopic for ihi momme «Tirst Vesper Hour Ne«Students in " rp«iiuimio«i., k d. ;;, "n "",,, " mcjspbn Til fl i ulor.^^^ of^thc Week-end Program ^^^^J^^,n\is"i?rml^ folioivcrof d^^^"ll"rcli and"&jinh m MiSMOna^ Tht dnatul tntliiisiasm of thj i lo»i Euphon,.nd",!! ph,.h Will o,h d.nalj bjvslfce Field school fulufltvois *T. l;tnr " " ;t,oi-r.r,;u,; "" " win """""""" Relocates Hold Vesper Hour ^te", ito,"z i.d. b, Eld., Academy il;d r"."dull":j~l"3 fc Sabbath School Next Friday Nifiht

3 George B. Doan. Suparvhory In- ^Ruby^E.,. Phyllis Price ^VM desperalely s, THE SOUTHERN ACCENT T/ianks This iiiue of the SOUTHERN AGENT NeH Members join YoUrS Trulv Lyceum Piogianis Coll, J,,. iill\ F:m F"" This Year you Cm Keep Resolutions ii* fully, (oil w o.plidll, bl,,,o f. Only Ancitnt Symbol?" AbTnti.n, B%"^»j» l-thcb.byloni.rikcou."romly "ob",; g fhe daily ^ Mr RjlilonHooet*formwsiudunt "a Je^ Peamian oducaijd mrrt rlntly OrriUllii) v "re- Vohllltr. T PKifi "3nionSl ^ " S!;"dSnTlb l "ij 1 I lie t»c ) College faculty and Staff d L. Greve. Suf tor in Elementa Edward C. Barls, Ass, of Food Se<-y>a AVisZ/l^X pr.nup.i thing: tlic-ie- ColIegC to PrOcllK* "[irn^yi fntjrsi.ml8.v?ovtfhs Tecliiiicolor Mo* it :d..^hon, English. lanlcy 0. /iicr, Colleqo Broom Sh( Hira T. Curtii, Assistant Prote-.^or Huldrlet G/r/Sf fur/ittuecp AHe^ To Sorm Residents HitU Mock Open Nof ;tfucto, in Sef^ondarv Educatlort, Ransom Jon C. Ludington, Olivi. Briclma. Dean. Di.fjcto. of feasor of English,. :, A.^ Pro- Robert E. Lynn. Special Inst.urior fasvor of Music ^harie, E. Wltt«l,lebe. Professor ^"^" ^ - so intcrcsling. but you will lure. be li"rmg more.bout them hu-r. I Spwking of the oftk., d,. t^.ry HddoT DieVel, As"ociX Pro- Hardd^A. Miller, Professor of " ^"qij". "icitoniri;rx"^ori^d"em) ^.R " WeTu^l ts [.lns^). ""^-^ ^" =*«f^ ^"«^ f,m^i",^!,7^:i;sororbl!iio"s p^^;j; Jeanne Dorsette in "*" """ [h"fhlv[- bi^n"so bsfwith ^ithis MisTjoJasctn^"*"!? I,."" Canadian College. Sylvester Aichibiild S sor of Eng- sl.ucior in Secondary Eduta.osdyn C n 327, The UorioK-.! 1 a bed ":;Tl,?"l,Ii; "B;,i""pt,tiirsuporvisorv In- Norllleriier TJkr«i"^" roo,^;"^rrim^l:ns Jclloricinr^Sd fs puncl/f-. Secondary Education,

4 I I [ IN I li I, "S" [,J^,, p,^, " ori m ii,i ;x Scpicniber 23, THESOUTHERNACCINT p office.-^ Elected Student President Mensing^ Outlines ror i>l. V. Society ^^^^ ^^ Smooth Faculty-Student Relations ; -py-> " """ ;J i»«? r3il," m,ihil/bclnm atocd"o djreeonlhi.i"invc;r,vlil -lv,nton"s"k Iol, "j t "ii^ r^«llk= ik^mll"t, IJ hjfl hi, "\ " *j^op a, ni itrfl vv.ll k L"J!irto,rLt^^nindson» r">0"» mismonarj eodeavof ^ Mill Lh. Ijs^ of Chnsl bctn" icslriltd f^r"llk pucpow of j" S^^ ^rir J,rlffir,!/!n!lr.rKlrr,!f s, t Ik tujint bod) iieffcancj) Ml of the officas and membcri of j1i Lollegt forum Maj this La pcr.od yn< d rimnbt mu^h more help d^^mcd to d.iluss.on not of person ^^ ^""="^ ^^"^"- ^" ^^^ " " \]uilini Fcatlire " thl.ollcfit thin 11 could possibl, covstiuclnc nature for thtfimd of the thc.f icvtral groups Maj (hej com FuUUe StlldeiltS Chauoce U-b-^h uiiho-t jn cffctut ore^nitadon student bodj m gcncfil mind the full cooperation of ill stu Dnclors Louis and A<I«n Lud.nMon I, btn.omc, the rcspons.b>lit) of the A rcmsion r>f ihe Cr>njtitut,on and dents so thit the admm. St rat.on and ^.^ (^^ p^^j p^^m; ^f ^ j^n born EckeniOtll BegillS Senate to sli that it i; an Bj laws under ahich this Student the facult) ma) alwa>s think of Ihem ^ Salurdai Au;;ust 6 lj-19 Luiq lor ptomoling the best co Senate has operated ^M be read) fot is the most cffotue setmce agenq on Darc>l Ludington.s residing ^^th Nei» LcCtlire ScricS pcrati^e interests ol the students «ith distribution ler) soon iftcr the open the eampus,, p^fen^ in Atlanta Ge-orgia «hcc( Lou.s ^""8""^^^;^^^ ^^J[ ^[^J^" As!ouTslrcll^"AliLt«iirA*!S Prof. HaiiimiU Wins -^axxud" Ol JV{ontqotmxu ^^inltmjtrthe^ "El^^Et^tJ^. rllowship Award *- ^ f.milj mtrodultd inlo CoUcRcd.k ministers of tht Scthern Union 1 [ I r R L Himmill professor.n ^"-^ ^^^^ ^" ^^^> Gnndmotlru snd GrandfathLi of^enr-d. senr^ of propliun ItUurra m,"l" d,, L,l stud,,n Ibi ofu,nso,smdurm8tl,ipuls«mn.rr Jamrs b.nrlur Ckirlc, TMlrr rod 1;" j-""jj^s"< 1,/»W. lh^tmm rh"rvd llrvk" vjht.rj":ik T. sii^rbtdrnt-ximi." r " \T ss; "" """~" Qr,r,,1>" M."l"! ;ZJdtT, "mi;;..^/"" " "Tfr.rrfr^d,.,lrsM, l *" " \.H./riSr "V\h;";.,: U,.;,r." «(itsrraron" PJ^L htiii Tdl" Elb". ;r t,ttl"ttr ^^^^^ Uw Ufwet UumpUSeS "jtbr.n 1,1111 I nv "- ^""" =""«J" " Building Program Classes Ballot in ^^ Hm" "nr. i...» hk 11(1. Hacklll. in flans, " n,, v. ^ r\lc- U^ ^-"1 il "l imbi"»"d i" "L" Oni, Comnm»J1 Accelerated This Years Officers ii i ( "SwsJ li-lh-e Ilinerarv lscczs s.","s, t: 1 Consirudmn has brin lompltird on FoUr Go to ScnatC ) wfnot «ij h".ppunnei on Stpimibcr 2 I tor Ur. Snhrie a,,,» fimroom boj, bmldiod,, Orhtr Misfs to bi prrsinkd on Iht r,h n l, nl,r n,,. lummir nidrr E r H.U, formttr,,. t.d on 0 p Ro.d fj,.cb.oi J^ h, i. D.%tn ilpi!, r..n,o, l^-^^;:; 1 -"hi N,,,::i I, ic.ston itfc»rd., JSi?n,s "tttiotton nnd oo. cind Gn,on Na,t!«l M ll" "" " j "i ", "",t "jlrtro >,",? m *bt!?oirai" odnadem?c,»tcnltudd fn D^tsne",! tov \ I ^nttta: Sifnih d!, Ad "SJtst L hool C"^" fs,n!^ l" b?. cl."md """" """ Nl ;!lrfor^;!ri ndrzi of,;r.t;orsls"ta?rs"oy,"s r,id,ns ;;,m;d;lr">»"t«"">>o" Sndo.fl"N"N. "^/LlnLfrt.n A.,..l l«9 "" "" """ \!^ " C.n,po. Chrontol.. Angosl H«The Atl.ntn Un.or? Collra, Ltb,,,, tb r,st*oflh?cnfs«"" FACULTY CIRCLES ^^,,,.^,,,.?i5!lfpi ^l^iiki mmn J i..1 present,n rlutie ehosen a, president Bill, Stnek 1 he C,;. nee, ten, enun pro ol the e olleetion Tl,e n facolt, mimkr. «ere Mrs M E Conndl.nd Mr. b T ^[^[^j" jj,^;, f ^JslJlrf,, i Ss^Mto" """""*,,, ^ rrzkldtnlh nr\r,"3 room ratltsi" Ke CommomS S «> *" l",i \i""l \^"?eet!noflle rilerilootof e^eh motth "it Ve"reoo "th Bell, Commin", o"ep h.,^; t[.nldiu,"e, blelitin L Ml"S le-s Ikn.nt j;"m?, D T Mr, O S poe,o.ri.t,or in....t Vjfe3El.;ne" Mdints""..Velintl " " " """ ""^""tez Etrtornllttlnto" I ii, IVir" s, ";-" *""" Miss Berniee pittnun SiiperMSor, LratoJ. eon.miltte iplsntej bj ll ir^stc mole if I.I.orho,>lose "wes"te.ot3,.nd Oieceorse Pe.bod) College for sjll.beis lor li.e tourie m D.mel.od I eeonomicll, Nuhsdle Tennessee ileeel.l.on l^^jj;^ ^ ^, ^,^,,,,, vl,. e

5 . 1. ", Mops V W,, i THE SOUTHERN ACCENT "Our Student Organizathns at Work" Is )^^ j.^^^.^^. Colleges in Title of Student Senate Pamphlet Northeast States Holds First d, Amb,» l, sd k. E-ri.u, I.iniin, Bleviiis?;/runi,"*!;S SSTidi!" Dorm, cx Pw.u fill ft cturrcn^libcmen?s ycu CAN DO IT NOW SUBSCRIBE to the COLLEGE Bull Visits Campus From West Indies DONT MISS A SINGLE ISSUE KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE ; conductcij by ihc Edu- ; f"," " " " *"" """ ;j, cx"d.1njui " V A Cuts Budgets Affects Few Vets Cleaoemu Koste>i KATES SLASHED THIKTV-THREE AND ONE-THIRD PER CENT SUBSCRIPTION RATE FOE ONE YEAR IS NOW THE LOWEST IN HISTORY 20 issues --$1.00 EVENTUALLY WHY NOT NOW? rnd s FS!Lmk Westerfield Bhackett ^Muzg SdL bushier o tephenson L B,.ck«,, J,.. iol. Aue«!ll.h>ction; HARDY Peterson Billy J l., doub Groomsmen wmcjimr "» D"bo>e. Julius 1 i;;;;;;; Barber Shop Opens; The brid. is. s,.di,ue of souihcn Jifc,,,;j,,,, KeniuikJ BlevinS in CljargC l SlTloln *rslijoflhe"ollc»e,l\s ^ Hi,J poj hands" CLMSTHAD PaRRISH -" daujlhler of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Olmcomes (o Collegedak- stead, became the bride of Mr. Craijr

6 SOUTHERN ACCENT Southern Missionary Colleee, Collcgedalc, Tennessee, Oaohcr Southern Union Teachers Hold Extra Day Thanksgiving Vacation ""11 CoUesedal^^an^,5 j^^^^^j,^ ^^^j,^ ^^^^^^^ Reception Honoi s Complete Seminal Staff Piepaied And New Students *<" Y*" ^ ^ol^ Phillips Chosen As Campaign Manager

7 , brought t. ri^ Its Up to You THE SOUTH ERN ACCENT Presitlent Visits florida, Canliiia Will form Alumni Group in Orlando."n PtoidCTi mi M,.. K. A. Wiieh: Pcariliau Conducts "A"ttD.V"*"" """""" " ^"* "-" "" ;S^/S i,7p2«. * Practice Fire Drill k< ^ isht > iiory. o o am e nil o e rewar,u ntothc"«"ieeefriclay, October 14, J?^" ^alfy, your school ipirit; pull Mel^ar and *o11 be by way of Jacksonville, Florida. ^^^ Perseverance Pays ^hen drying Iheii ALUMNI NEWS J^iZ^:^^^^ an old Indian why Ihaii finishad sueoasslully? f/mler /llumuteei ^l&ti Ol^OltifatUUt. PIOM towomor e than 2!,,-:, Harpist Performs ; l7"i";l" etn rumr5"of Ihi NajSe ofavthti For College Chapel \^"X: J jisf>sss,;""^^,;;=js2 ;tsh ^* SH>i»"i^ ^ "" " "" :n;;i:e;,y.^",en«oire if""b"a rpfeser"3o:"" cappdla and accompaniment arrangej^^^ Chalmers, introduced by Pro- DottM /^CS (jltesfs, PLw^ ikowsiz f T 1 b, Tchaikovsky, and^^ Maxwell. are: Dorothy Jean Graves, presi- i cinii)- were snown,^^!^- "Marilyn mio«. an a. ihe hundrj-. After picking "rphdn^ Phyllis Price, secretarj-; Joyce Btiykin, PrLdenc Wright related played Jn (he i>^^ ^ ^it"«ttj^)- w!^" r^^d" cwed by various itudenis, wi-- / Mr, Olmslead got our ping- Harold Flynt snd Kegn-in Maxficid, bick to us before fanny P Lj!t Tuesday was Bobra Morgan- The local C. A. P, headquarters is,n f r the program by playing tht i

8 THE SOUTl-IBRN ACCENT Roster Shows 34 States, 6 Countries Represented

9 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Club OrganUations Start fears Dixie Chapicr Activities by electing Officers ^Ifis Ne,. Officers OPINION POLL»..^,_te di, of p,of««,..lhzj7"zr,.,...: Kcci-ption Given Sti".il,irtbm i?j/itjurrj,;m Aoadeiiiy Students «. jj^ Y^^^ Know? E/"S;riiki^ fai.2;;; ESEESfHSr ""LlY, 1 " ««m" " ^"""SouridilliSX """ L5Vrta*ii fis."ai»,,v %" y jij"i*,;"vhmki.t i " TaiS" mmmf,ii^!ii Itl South Hall Has Whatever It Take.cull) ihi-n.hook facalijj Lwnt. uf ;i. ir.kk, up and down Classcs Are Busy ".Id I* I iik porlau of tvt-ri lu HoUlC Ec. Dept. "foium Piesi^ent Welcomes new TUaiiiei QcufUs,..r h,d from T ^ arc King made for lainmcnt for yon foi lfc«c"as"biln a"%ctsivca t piai" ^cadeuiy Couducts Forum in Chapel imilis * ita^t^ikb, On Otkei (iambuses -.Mtg, Ckm. StpKnibi Accent ^<^m^i^ % O^f 1/ yoii have not yet been contacted, this Subscription IN FACULTY CIRCLES Oiailuue V\ZT Blank is provided for your convenience. Please indicate on the last line the individual you wish your subscription credited to. Send $1.00 to the Circulation Manager of iht- SouTHERN Accent (Sl.OO for twelve months).

10 I I I u SOUTHERN ACCENT Southern Missionary College, Collegedate, Tennessee, October Listen Editor Will Be Guest student Committees Approved by Senate. Will Speaker for Week of Prayer ^eet with Faculty in Planning Procedure Policies I Will Hold Three Meeiini I Dail) Eicning Meetin: Meet In TabLrnatle Iacii tj Featured In Viiiii al Talent Fete [>CIZES ;;,: r ;?wa iimsvifti «7!jp"E"m L hipcl *d B,bk itousaoroslbjsb l«o B,bli> mi 10 tu Orolm..j,:r.,. :?;^iii"sr fsi^bif At a spec al mseting of (he Senate by the Senate body Theio student eorr..pond.n9 (acolt,,o "o""""?^t^?;batl"b?hpto ie k \elson 4ddre^ses present their views freely but do not 1.all, m".s",ln "" ""* "" "Hea>en CondiKtiii Man Hunt." Skinii. ^kinini AsiouaiioD Cold Shots GU en Dertluck Talks in Academy Students Chapel on Germany ^ ^^^^^^ studcms recened tb. Wittschiebe Talks Oil Heiib of God " «" Missionary Volunteers Hold Week-end Rally "^j!ifli!!%i zj Skinner, Nelson, Featured As Special Speakers twidj^jts;""?,;;:;,",!

11 formed svhen the student [oins the school family, has been taking advanced tvork m ^,hat we may determine or prophesy Why do you, Mr. C. Jordan, jii, nj its goal by a deadline. 11 -ill tale TRUE SCHOOL LOYALTY to eount up,,^,^ professor jjj«* JJ ^y"?"" gnaism diilcrm wotding Ted Gra-es"" Spradmjp,^ ~ staff, ""*^" >3,tsan,i No!;k"b uildin e and?hjr*r*thrih I c THE SOUTHERN ACCENT A Definiiion ^"""^ ^" GrOWtll SceH ill TOe TUed ~Sc6^ SfUna Intellect of South Hall ^"!!!!;, T."c Studied",=ko.l Mi i..r. Volu;(..,l.d;;. S.mln.r ""«" "" "" ^"^ *" """.,1 V.^i\ "notd " you for Ihc but I Jo Llicre tkil ^""""^ Vol nl..r b«,.l,, b.m,n.r_.r. ill b.ted w./nii,,h. U Cu,q.h, ih.ol ^^^^^ spirit ^^^^^^^^ ^i, thcst stiasso ot fillur.i be given to tliose»hose t.nd" c. ^^ True ichoqj ipiril!i ictiool loyalty. It will protnpt the (tudent into head tlte department after an absence 3f,,].,)_ ] thought it might be profitable (I niicbt base said, a tvord to the vl taling full part in all cooperative student enierpfises. It is an inborn trait of tsso years during which time she ^^ ^^^^ ^ httle personality analysis, is sulficient.) Currently th. ACCENT ubseriplion drive is on. It is a eoop.rafiv. ^ f Jfich Sh" wiu sj for the ""x ",J,h,",;;;J"j oflh"d «o«,. "y,) lf ffstcase o" m"!" " unlt.tlllirp^rfetp^ton,^ oe^jfratid^tlntenc^^^ ^l "","msr Don C Sngt^; "«" "P" " "" """"=*, >""" ITflSn Mr "a On Student Fotiims ^eti- "Hot ^fufief,mss B^^flrZklmstiorto^^roni?rfc ^ the English Salhany Lays Plans For Talent Program "^ """" ^"d vice versa. Or mind you, telling people^ that a,1^1,, Ldshis ice whichhrknds to her ItetSnLring^ith *e1c»r f, -ty. range thing* hap(>en and will Tob a7se recenil/^old the^menriorum, The forums power is greatest bo- ro^rntialux^llelngrini.ild:"- ""-" "^ " J" 1^"^^^^ Salhany, -for ^^l^ :;:?!t:ie^stsp ihyl ieifib?!hi "^i;e.hilfiii-,o,newz-.hi^ trsnu.mlteotjsai Alumni PfesideDt Orgaoize Three More Alumni Chapte ~ out of tho dimuiiion of :(. LbCi make our fofum dlscuiiiont worihwhile and (urcs.- Fhaizf funhef suit?, and stuprofrtable. Than, and only (hen. can any good be origmafed. dents arc urged to turn in requests to -Three ntw.ilumn, ch^ipi., Ipifitur level of our campui fo riso to a new high. By diwuiijon arid by OH AlllCrica "ln"m?.nmi"oxnd^"^d Colk- """ ^^"^ ^""!> ^i"" P^P"^ S^oip flci;tej Mrv T*"- now^and in IheI^O" +<> "t^e!"ma y^ be proud-^et" m^tiate"lhis ybarbeh"f o^oaxr :v " """^" ins^rjimtnutii^ml?^";!!^ "ijrw"!! Books ^ ~~ " " ~~ ~ ~ " phtisw of UniltJ Statw Histot}." selected to he^d the Orhndo Freshmen Elect New Sl^denis ^l^t.ckdedjn the 5dection._rK.inted rtom^ihe CoHe_^edaJ^t At^^^^ Additional Officers Swedish Girls Think S.M.C. "Swell" the sou.h. oulst^njin/^mong il"" ^lumm, j.miie Jacobs w.s.i.. Great neht.,ti<ilr This work by ^"1 Orl organic a chapter dum. Van Doner pirillels (he present world M- V. rally m Nishville Itu, ideas concerning a united world with "^"d. AUanta alumni will I,- pi.;y?:;"t;:^"a"rtse"tlanlfe Laundry Opera t >- Dry Cleaning R., Broom Now Made fe;:entlrihi In Eleven Styles ^prms^ Mf%"nes, wiii addliiior1 ro 11iie du ties of Ih: ^ii:3!;r dr,- ct^ntnl- Cli:Ulan tegular empl.., 1-eslablished sv^f, yeairol then. jndc>s opeialion "f", urine these h,.,1,, (C.»r/»/.,/ /ro,«««i io). I? w5;rkers: J2 of whom "E f ««" "» ") """",""X I

12 .^p I /^ ^ ma QMiimi] THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Secretaries Aim at 200 Word Speed Goal Prices Stashed ^ iugiif/z i" ment this ^^"r^ easier -to teach, and r^-aches a highc^ STAMP CLUB MASTER COMRADES standard in writing, indicated Miss Amos Harrtlson pie idtnt, presided Tlic Mister Comrades ire progress The secretarial department recently ing under the leadership of Mrs, purchased eight new Royal tjmwriters Goodner and Mr. and Mrs- Luce, it topicsw ZTZ ^w ]r Ludington, Last Salurdfl) night lio persons liid plans for an efficit nt orgamiition the school year, said Mrs. Goodner. some kmd of secretarial work, getting ihi^)wr. RADIO CLUB During the month of September the MUSIC CLUB secretarial mimeograph department cut el Sd in^th"firstraee^in "ohhe «7 i^hj "7 ^ "P\ ^en!" B^verlJ a total cost of S27). ^ * >^kr"lreu^ McMillan, secreury, and Wjllc) Aus- Welch Announces Each member plans to receive his ForUni Organized ham radio license. To accomplish ^ this rhiny-lhm mid Omtlmd Per t, l RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION Soutfien Accent toe only One Dollar -If you have not already mailed you SOUTHERN ACCENT Collegcdale, Tennessee International Code, and (he theory of Hall Forum president, announces tl cji- HQR is located in a section of the CAMERA CLUB 20 issues of ihe latcii fi the School of StJidjnl ACCENT "M."X:G ; Afe "i;-iirpin"f.a"odlli S Vsii^iScilItr3 Wi^liinfftOH Mumnl Chapter Presents,:;"";; ^non^hiii^idsss Sm"ro?pi"i»U e^hltb f.i;::,d d""e T, Slis fpont,: J^ew Refrigerator to Miss Hones.;*^-: ;lj"r?ch?,d a.-pp."ssi "DrNdson, facaltj-.po,.,. p,e- StudciltS GivCll Tl «hi j». D,. -1,,., f TIkL oltn-ers Me planning bic Members ortvdub wduid h"pro- PraCtice Teacllillg \iirmnl7^s!m.j Vlu- mmj. I V"k-!..m,^ up with the news and join the ^cgdcmy OrganiZCS in th^modeln^ languages department "" ".U.C. Has New Idea fo ayer Bands V"? a~ ^ isr^al; «^k;^ W )n Hand Shakes Tl^ - w urns acadetny gave a btief talk on prayer, out the aid of English Wot Former Editor Notes period.,k the gift to Miss June, made the atioal presenta. i Jones, overwhelmed ed. diapler of the al. of Woo5 Mr.and"i;i o"hts Ihf p~ "" " " "" " News Notes From Married Circles Sraled CAMPUS AND ORCHARD DiiHTiE Just In Faculty Circles., N.,h.iik we,, gooi. ov sahbati,

13 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT gme^ giuki TUedi $2000 ^ "Hcm Fire Cliief Speaks»eaaK^, ScfitOK ISeione TOinWi ^(uha. I" Jo"> Worship CPINICN PCLL e i, p s ^i s >, d,i,-. bu, no, as rapidly js approaching winter RaJiy J Meets in ch.«..oos.i r,. a.rf Ny. Q. at the joiiil worsiiip lutsjaj- night, w«thrt demands,- expressed Horace IVashvillc Toilight October 18 In comparing his work R. Beckner. pastor of the Collcgcdalc & lo ihjl of the minister, he uid. My?rr;!:,""? i;..s"%.h-d number Enlly >.,U b, tondickd by (&,«,»,,; ««, LIST or STUCCNT COCPECATIN CCM/HITTEES ludeing oih i by m,s,l(, Id y iha»,, icive 10 individu.! pi,licinilion._c,i;»/7/, Oo, y opinion 1 Jtnt body into sma /** Veterans Swell College enrollment Ranks Make TkM of Student J

14 SOUTHERN ACCENT Soiilhtrci Missionnry College, Crillcg<;(];ilo, Tcnntssee, Novenibt-r Uricft /imoui,ces Staff for Buckwalter Conducts Week of lannual; Slevins, Fauser, Assist n^^> tu i ns h Prayer, Theme Is Mastery of :S; Veterans Will Hold *>. Armistice Proeram Life," Cox Is Assistant f^f^ jyi%^^ -" ^^" 1. * be observed at eleven odork while- a 1 ^^^^^^^^^i ^^^^^^^^^H SERMON DIRECTED Opcniog llil Wtfk of tlit in the line of duty. LSbiaivTol. ("n ht Atihu/ furnished by the college band. Afler the A (mi si ice-day address, ihe g^i-ms troops will match toward Soulh Hall lutsuoo Why is destiny paging,l process of Uking ikt poittiits o..uit with bhn Mills Porlr.iit Studio i Chattanooga to lake these portrait Suhiie Still Touring New England Area tourmg the stale teachcti colk-ges of Now England, according to a ktler Colk-g.-, a? the- «Me (olkges S UOENT AMA EUR A EN CO EGE CHAPE ^f""" fcchd * S d P g m 9 30 D m d M d F 1 Sicns" Editoi T ilk On Liiiopi >. 1 ulnic jloiy. not only the glory of the gospc lary Colkfic, and passing through..lns W return to the campu.s Novenv ^ j^ -^ ^ Lang Will Come To Manage Gaiage ^ "Share Faith" Says f ^ Elder H. Christman ihots before Thanksgiving vacahualih office any lime during PREVENT THAT COLD! fohiison Directs Sat. NEgiu Mai-rl! FUiyHEVENIS ^I"!KCii!!tir ir^ QUIZ l.lnthecornlnghclyyciri? 50, ihe Vatican has asked pilgrims 2. Wha! nofed former loerol ber 31, >ti*!oid Uin 4. On^Noicmb^eTa. what opp laws will be given qualify n England on October reform act? (Answers on Page 4.) copied. Tliest slorlcs i<c r«d by.ind rieietrrr 10 diildren all amiind the world.

15 .11 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Vouth in Spotlight ntizlylt/!p!/rj7llp.6lvlt?,^^^^^^^^ in "facultij Cades Twenty-Three Students Practice Teaching in Secondary School Mr ComiiHinilv Gi To Chest Drive S t ;,. r,,;~ ;o d;;, f"" II, II I obllvio" as you live on in (he same course you have followed; you can, i,,,,,^;,, sui^tstionv resign yourself to a tompl.oenl negligence of He e.enll transpirin, around,.,,, ; j «\v j,i,,vtlyou drawing ihis world inio a nel of degradation and slavery, or you can t,,^ turn this cotleoe into a vital throbbing stronghod, a point of offensive,,:,, rn Ashuvillc North Cjrolin culmiualinginthegraal latter rain of the Hoi, Spirit. The decision, " friend, "" 1 I. R. C. Resumes ""-"""7." tkest?,":*.^^;",""""^"""""" Chapel Newscast ARt^lSTRlCE DAY IVe Need "Peace of Mind".s,...d in hhj: skirts and whie butcs lo a feelini Tilt World Marches On," a weekly blouses willi white hats sporling a ted pedagogical comp newscast spofisoctd by (ht Interna- fcalhc-r. Mrs. Sanburn was responsi- Studenti are tcj.pel to the amounl of S75 collected by t 48 Senior Visits CailipilS Wcck EikI onl to look at Ihe trouble W hv between capital and labor, crime news for the w«k myttifving^ge.- kx\nd fan,i?vtlmmin LoniUII MakeSi * Purcliasill!; Trip fiilnda^n on IhE rampant and govornmenh p^*.. ^^h.lj?!mn,i. mvr^l ^^il^ Power- inifead of the so-much.wi.ed.of World why Peace, *" "\*, ;f. to understand t> r- B ck^vauer Guesl W ^^ ^^.!Comidl mam r of wc-llnd of O^obcf^T H^ -- ""^- 1^^^ Q V^^VUN --FM.hc-c^lk.;PoonXop,.;nd"^KG. onuls^or ^- I^keXalm: Senate Votes New Name for "(;i::ri»n" ^ave the Sout^ ^M 7/f ^ 7{/at4. Inside H::lfrE^ ^^ e : boys are galhnlly wardin, heads.,, he 1* f;i; "d\u o:s,"a.siudcnls Address ^"7%! joint Seminar doimiior) """Ihk ^\va5 Ihe" torit of thttwo ^^^^V sales lalt, th, othing. They have piled U] Vcl "hear Jou und ouf exactly what hap wi,hc f^"vim«h bedilcli. It inay be finislied for V boys dul ed looth brush Cjke«*" ng maybe lie thought til n loll. Andy R

16 November 4. im9 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Presenting "The Southern Memories" Staff H^^etuu e,.pim^ "tempecancc** h r,r <^n,/if" ^" ""? 1"^.*!" J Due ^ BUCKWALTER It,Km! likcancien ilgiit ill ihl e,i«n, """ """ "" """" «!" SU N DA> s about tiadj to tike Its OOLTEWAH HIGH SCHOOL "> "" " PcuMrut /tw AdMUt Students Attend tik «ni s j, i i«,,> Youths Coilgrebh ""l At ll.etrtd".m«ml dent bod) wefe^js(torsjtllle^ to nnnjjlutous thmj """" " S";;^.J, J",d^^, IVtoll, CONSTRUCTION Southern Memories Shopping Guide.MEMORIES.. """ cor,f-nc. -Uncle Arthur" Lulls Girls to gj^gp ^1^1^ "Bedtime Stories" Street and 1255 Cen Bumpus Cafe. Ooltewah, Tenneisee Dortch Baking Company Atlanta Tht girli DjSD«ikita Club is one Durhim «Ii) D.C. Renner, Cleveland. TenneHee Gordon Foods. Inc.. Atlanta of (he most Mi^e clubs on Ute campus ucj m H,t I, GARAGE AND AUTO SUPPLIES: ALABAMA: of SMC List ^^ak (he oid girls iulomcbju J. h. L. Hooper Garage. Eho Station, Soulliarn States Broom Suppy Com ^cce diud^d into groups ot three and The. rl Birminghar STATIONARY Kay Jewelry Company DRUG STORES: 821 ^M B SV. BIb e, 1108 " ^ ^^Set "wcodavtue""" 240 DE5Ks"aND CHESTS: Collegedala Wood Produ Green bstte. Datnold S Dotie AbbrnTZ-Iji,. o ^"ii"uxc,j.lilu<.rnil orgjnizcd b) the W "poteuu- ^oiiei Naborhood Drug Sto oai" High- College Press. Collegedale T.n.. Archer Paper Company M.tW PORTRAITS: ::: ^p^: egedala egedele ILLlN iif " WASHINGTON "

17 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT_ nvsi cijiijjiiiii]]].. PINION PCLL I ^" \vauc? &hwab ""^^p""" \ or UNDER emphisul^ OVER ^ FUTURE NURSES M. V. SCCIEIT KEPCKT h If \ % Orrlunacc Bn ATTEND YOUR CLUB-;,, u u TOMORROW NISHT f il ^^ II St I J b, B b Mori.n zndl,, i, J IT ""a p. 1- uf b ^ d I Coil Bin iviide s With the Prophet of the Remnant Church No 7 ANSWERS TO NEWS QUIZ ALUHNI WHAT IS YOUR PERCENTAGE? NEWS

18 < mmittee lo this eoiintrj ^^melude JQ^jj.,,, npro\ enieilts quartet ponsibililics handled by the elub set ^^^ If "P SOUTHERN ACCENT Thank Southern Missionary College, Collegcdale, Tennessee, Novem You foi SUB CAMPAIGN HITS 4000 GOAL W g,<^(w SetecU 5. M. e. to S"""") Conducts ^^"* ^^^9^ S"^ *"^^ Send ^efi^ieitaiioei u 7(/aiU TXectit^ Talent Program "^M Se TtMud ^cce^f Z>a<f ino inj M g.r«jo I ofsusr^mhfnmc^ Banbum who unselfishly and «ns convincing merchants" of "tho" led for ACCENTS Jeweers and Raab Elected &"i ljicr"m dierof "SmaSn," ^" ^^^^ Ushc lon solo bri"""! G " "l " nil P I,«duxHJ Sparlad by fhe first con searancb of the College B. tents diooed down into then a II ";,, ; congralal.tions s.e-e ",l\mi,i nd3"h e" P""«J "-nd.spec ally to Harold ^^Y^ l""""a"ccfnt"t "f ", """7 «* ^ "r" lnager*"i;,"hafd Id tet,^^j «a. hithliihted "o»dlog lud.euce- ^^^^ ^^ T he Jtage il.s draiated VcteraUS SpOHSOr,ct"on» wiro BJI Dvsingm wa Iy lobb>,v onsvstr telephone and gencrall) male -- obbj 1 more friendl) and home alacii s Mas also drasin op aod ivdl be " It -sas emphasieed b, Wall) ll^l^^ll^^ll.!!!], Films fyiyr[v[nis oath November 18 Elder Anderson pres dent of the on China ^ll,"" e!^""^,""5"i?"j aandmg Oteer Jintes,ho.hgibi, for the letter Ostman is Elected Senior President Juniors Elect Lambeth President i.*e,ea,,-er._^eieaejb, fimishcs Btty Honofcd With Parade, Wreath Nolbe," " " Lajfins - AsMock Calls for Patrhtlsm to Heavers svere dis.ded mtothree Jiimos andonjft "ao) ehaplain ltd m the desolions the orders of Commaodiog Olteer Then toileted laps played ooj l Wood dali "here "svet h- Brighton as the.sreaili ^as placed on the h eoold across il llms Ucge guests Mrs H C Goodrich Mi.s enie Maude Jones Elder and Mrs A W e.asi «h»»" rase Adtutant Frank

19 jj, s urgod by directors of 1 ^J^"]^P"^jJ^ I So We Couldnt Do It? subscription record reached In other campaigns. They doclarec beyond all reason. The goal couldnt be reached, BUT WE DID I THE SOUTHERN ACCENT luaii Call, lu^steiious PLhc QaiU Hi^ltii^lii Daxjs Doiti^ ^oi Gkis Betty Cummincs tiighlight of every day Churches Ponder Rural life Chajfain, Andrew (fcr.,." e.ton1rl?n""., N.bSr v!^r^z"\^v^!\cf^wz^l 48 AluHinilS Begins h.d 1 isj b^ se of "ij^^^^i"- ei-l^s lio -^ I nodershod sh «i>u L"!sti^n^i^"^;.nsTho"i"^^Tm^^lhfin lojlor." V^^ work at seminary!;;!, ml"r"!l h"do"l w n LTfZ szh"h,5 A 7o?I" Freshmen Elect Uieut SU«6i Sc^Kol (<m T^CHewal o^ Class Officers ^e(t (<n Some ^uiciait VaU VCtMieM have waded through ihc baffling co plevities of patliamcnlaiy proced denl; Beverly Brown, vice-preside nj over. Suddenly my senst of enm- mens residence liqme is Gene Veaiey 5. 1 ihoireht nf horror. My ob rsnl seem lo itlrjct thier friends wilti an o; over for tlie d.ry Ive got to stay up odot of sweet-smelling candy and Todi" " " " " "" ;"h""ap pler Whln^asM how th ij " tochir,» atm,lme ";" "Sfn 1 "n" er atltetadiar ;;;;sr;o._..,.n,.^f. possible. On our list of duties, bed- Don Dildy, Bruce Pierce, and Moni- In Formal Ceremony by School Nurs Sme bslnttomliben""" urn wvis "Mm,"?, rs^^firstdmir ^dmhe^h,^ ^" "" " " "" Lcadcis Trained tding David almnst constantly in An insight to our reading public t> T i ^--i i A (Jack Price and Philipe Raabs of the crowded living conditions here I>y LoCat LllUrch inllrmar,. in Maude Jones 11. dean of - r-.-». ; commenting on the large number of D"nbic, dormrtory noise, d.stn here rs no other spot rn the dorm in, j,,5, ji,,, ^u^^.q, copies of the regnlatrons govcrnri vhich he linds It <iuiet enough to p,po,,, gi,, ministerial shidents " *= "k room, tud, with complete concentr.tron. ns. :"".., ^.. nt," ].d Slagle;.I-rfJ Price? "irlre,; parliamentarian, Jerry {, a. o d,% ctical "^ experience in» k" ^^ P""/ church work so that they can obeiate f.«b paint attractrve bed^ c field," he said. es are held by studenls. Students " "«t«:en weji >upi-..^- - ^Py " per ""I of Ihe positions in "^""S "^" ^ NEWS CUI2 f Indusfria Organ.lion, show.d Ih ClOs,Hi. ludo Iowa incir enl in Ihe as. of lie,!.,. eon. rtn unist ory p. do, resuiling l.rg. eal. H.r mr ril. pasfln e.l.uod in C nad a b, P,.5i".7,? Iho.fleels o»7, ""o of studcn nt of the lolil membership, ices of all students, regardless of ^ deavor is being made," said curriculum they are following."?;v" IN MAI^RIEO CIPCLCS Mrs. Thorolf Gunn Paul- JacI; Just, of Jacksonville, Florida n, ThurinRcn, arc- attending were recent guests of Mt. and M" cil in St. Louis, Missouri. Avolt B. Just.

20 for students to go to forcgn schools UPU, as nearly all the i ll i is THE SOUTHERN ACCENT ii\ii f^wiwiwili]]]... *""" Administers senior sketches ^ Tr! E.^!w P^teHUHi}. tae. eonm O^e&Ki, f perhaps the most populii HOME ECONOMICS ^- "f"" Sabbalh; swr t^^y wilh J^f^jc^aLdf^u^n^thJword^BkM "f.^ lo-lgoo seniordjl ""wilbur ^^^^B fading course book»" i!"(o e ig»pia Khoil,sf" a, Michij an*"" High,lid STAMPS sifdi TEfiNATiONAL RELATIONS l^stommrmo,"" *» Hrifis and counsclin red by eight c"h ^fbs/s ;d"isdc.".rd finally M nations. Harold Phillips, the presi- mcnl BuUding in Washington. D C, BuckwaltCl Holds,oul-winninB work - Ahhougli a G I :lydc L. Springfield conducted the Switzerland; the 35 cent stamp depicts TeniperailCe Rallv ^^ Jevotionil service. a giant a.rliner in front of a eobe...._......_.,... Lj ".f has sp:nt two summers canvassing "" sou -w.nnine Khoo" "."it n mally to is» go"*o Jimecnnn ries there was^ Mt" a jarge cuss with [hers, pr.iy, and finally to nnd"""<o ImSZ ihcclmm" S{S5TS!,t!fir MODEL The recently organiaed Model Club licnli to g t. Already some of the Elder Buckwalters positions editor rican Temperance Societys rday night, November 12, 1%*." was in Germany with the he"hatr«:e" i; "rh rhf ^r"ojp obtained the ftlms whilt KL^Tt-SJ^fi!^^^^ l",,"-^ c pictures were evidently 98"weirI oderarc drinkers, and rlic kt, "h ^"-7 T""" "" S"^:. mplcs of excellent photo- mtmlr Mjd"hirc mi"xre graph), ac ters.>;7 ~i:bi!gl:;d;;,i": Among Flynt. ic for the rally was fur- nished by and they in.ire,e" e"rl " " mancoil^t bed villages, typical Gcr- Slandard digh." nrghr, November 12. The evening L,?!oiffwVrshTptme as there were during nrahibition." hat the entire student body on map. making. Each member was pictures. drinking i today, he stated that it would take STUDENT SENATE Sefiate Commttfees Report Active" is work- (asks ate done and completed by n project if and women who are wiuing to s the col- by regardless of the lack of enjoym Academy Honor Roll I ^.V,^> ""^ " r^itip^"^ W^ch criticism that may be levied at a bo

21 Cancer Discussed in Weekly Seminar, SaUany, SlankensHip are Speak< With the Prophet of the Remnant Church, No. 8 ;^iied ddts,..^. ",f,i,"z."pnro ANSWERS TC NC>VS CUIZ

22 1, _ SOUTHERN ACCENT Simihern Missi.inaty C(>ll.;j;t;, Collc^udale, Tt-nncssee. Decemb e^i^^d ^au T). e-^i^ jiectcciei BieiinM Mciis Open House Slated ^l!tltl "^"" ^""^ for Sunday Night. Mate Talent Program, Cats, Planned by Hosts > nifiht No^ Uoyi Open Hon DONT WAIT. Doclois Dine As Conference Gnesis ^JTccU Jo""!:, wfr I SOUTHERN G.?:r r rcx:i":; clotei Decemb c"vr«s*i.rso.;:.b.ihi.,,he winning HEAD. lir^matdc jonrhai" Orgailist PerfoilllS pt^^rh^lhe collgrch^la^t wv^n nderthc"ditc«!on"of M^st " Evcniug Conceit bc^jitwiedts HjlllJJhichhM teligious. and st-mi-clau borh hifih and low level planes ining pliatographic equipment. ^^:^^ Carolina Announces "i Yon ill Congress.t.t::^^^ York, New Jersty. and Ten Tht Catolin.i Confetcnce of mil Seventh-day Advenlists announces a niglil, December 9, ihrough Saturday nhy indeed i. he who.e in

23 new ieal for service and that Christianity of our P^^ P^^^^j_5 ^^J^ pi. V WORD TO THE WISE PRESENTING TALENTS ARC VALUABLE one is startled by ttie thought that iome, and perhaps in the interesting p-oieets at hand that we lose sight THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Division of Religion THE MEN OF THE RELIGION DIVISION loft behind. We should objective of the mtmbei An Adventist Youffis Gettysburg Atfdress Lmility^^and" dedicated to l^^^^p^ P * " "^ *" "^" ^""^ ^" heave^rl are able long to endure. We are met " ^i^ f"^ t^^" of that war. We have =. "^J ^^* ;^^^ho willi" 1 gave His life *hat we a^nd our forefathers ruight live. It is altogethor fihing and proper Ih^atje ^^"^^^^^^^1 ^^^ or say here, but it can never forget v^hat He did hero. It is for us the Advent people, rather to be dedicated here to the third angels message which Ho so mereifullv revealed to rlaiing Wore^us^lhattom our Fathers honored Son, we shairhasien H,s second cor^mg. _^^^^^^ ^^^^^_^^ Operators Handle 1000 Calls Daily ALL SOPHOtvlORES AHENTION throufib the sfflill tolkge s«itclibomd, according lo a tabubtion made by the Dell Telephone Company, Mrs. Gcace s^iit on^ day with the operators. She COME! crease the cfficicnc>- of the crowded ^*t^ SisoM Qioei /deeded Menial and clekphon^e Tub- L..ommum). putfucol Adoice ^i4fu*u^ Ccc^om Week iffcction fell by met rong and unaffcctct %li U-ly, il is o»ly l«a CN CTHEC CAMPUSES mus is a iwo and. h.h Ion C"" I ilder. It svas the 1895 djsr "" " Cicik colleee. I"" ItyUis Elder Richitds sviil Spcl in,. Riiby Ruby bv by tlie the Voice of Piophecy cjuattct. for "liglit and Joyce Doykin come home Sydo^y ^ined by Elder A, O. Dunn ivember m. Alumni issoci.tion from the i cially btight in onc!

24 though kiving only an, Icy THE SOUTHERN ACCENl JIIJ]. C}Jj]JJ]Jl]i] ].. Spaldiiit; ronlinups Can,,.,,- Clu,,,... ENICI3 sfetches ODERN LANGUAGES Modern LmguaBc Club Foreign Students Attend I S. M. C. o" Li -* "Li" Under Government Approval ij i" ;",L?s SL JftSrtario^ ~ ou J«pa." used Ijuitia oujan/l" lw"sc nm I South Missiouao- Colkgj Iht tighi Z, ~J CailipilS HaS New a.atol; oa»mkbomb}?iuid A ISncrwiih ho*p,ovis,o»" of Scon Disposal Trailer ito7o"itho"!i"f "" " " "»»">. ""oline "Ound K.nnrth Bo,nCon, ms Co hold ihc; F,om Acc.di. Florida Thomas,,lnd U ch"" c " cetocd ch yea, Toe che longest ainnd- Builoek eame hec^ to beeonci a biology SSL»Ltcfa7coiiBrte!hi*j ^ Married Circles tide,, the.lencon,. isa^i CbJen^K*gLT t ^p ilftod^yld^ittisr M.V.s Hear Plan ; ; ilf^ \^^^^^^^^^ For "Story Hour" cou ples^n"o"c wing th^yes" it." Id &l HoE" oeia" e Springfields, h oopeis, I gndualod from *" «"" *>! *«""P-i ip- College; olheci e now «o,l,ing I Cbe^MKi 1" Sabbath after- Oct by studen:^ S (soy bean acieestr antsholiday es going to George 1 and Polly Haynes tked "II^LibyLrgS "flnrigi- fhfctrilk"i?? i""uelrarl tn """ " "".n"cr^ a"o?he, of 111, ndttfare Ch ""the Ma. cday Advents >="cah was married "chrii mis Beliye Chapman aughter. Kitty Do ene. hvey :iub, and nta "member ol utes foil Shade ^""^""""ins/o."!"" i.fe. he "entof S.CTrMssiora, College! and now has a baby girl fi itnosold he Stamp Clu SENATE Tlce StuJe "slttij lay workers of the Berrien Springs Jhey itaited it to get lubsettptions ipealur and tnose wi.ccn clskeo tear ministration and secondary education, picnic. It ha. been suggested that the I community. Many children arc ^ he Acci[Nr k-iitg and the dormitory "" miliary secrets were answered. Kenneth plans to enter denominational academy and elementary school have I turned to Christ by heating the Bible """S* ^O" "i """ Colonel Ctaig emphasized that on his ^"P Insrihational work. He has spent picnics of their own this ycsir. F the radk"and"in"mcafogs in nian" t»rc"ass«msjfc dnwhagth! "" " ""tv" nd"* fhce. and.ts*. the first Tuesday or Wednesday in f^j^mhe" overnmense ii" "m" visitor suggested that the Col- "^Mrrjimmy Savage, Wilbur Osl- VolunieS NoW Total LIFE IN ANV DORM Senata SflOtUan. Plani ItJUlien. loim ofthese w e"pu1chasedmithinthe Sran," imporlanshi happjs of i^"" "K^f"-J/, "^^/ajz lu^au^ Matin Ame/UCOM GaU*U/Uei, the frmtlldvoto«ol maga" h"ea"olhtng"nu?i5l"abs5itha t Sil>"L"ndLTT siz";m finally reached coming in. it was found that Floyd

25 Tho ludc-nt body SL-c-nis passively disintc-resled in the Student PIINI N POLL THB SOUTHERN ACCENT Accent on the Academy Ho..,o,\d >h, Student $i,mu mot efiaenlly tene llie Uiideiil body? dent bod) Mrs Fr.nK^i^lo^ns^thJ C. AciiFF, jrabiimu. By m aking certain (he sludenls now wliat is coming on the tors.-dtlld^slnoer,,u, I bel cvf Ihf Stnalc could serve tlie student body more ef- orbut it won L-rnmg iundcidi. Tliis nu."hitrrirr. i ^TcZir!<!^"Z i,iu; >b,,,.*..,.d.«;2j ind rid (licmselves of tlie sttming mystery surrounding ;,Lh, " S ta cu,uin!" lf t/t,;*ii"r- "Jin";.bow *M In the background. I prefe J, l dt >o much interest in something S:r«AlHLOCK K" Eili;i s an appreciate whil iht stniorbody by aving tllc forum leaders b in 10 cadi wwks forum a S. Wh.,....Jd,.. ll.d. d.rji,^^ j I,,,; k, j. 5,, Proteor Sorenson p r.l of body as J whole was I don ifnslors re doing, Maurjce Abko rr. pl. J, S.n. i, OK/Ol.-JOHN. m...n. P" """""""" With the Prophet of the Remnant Church, No. 9 n S.t ; tj,i^^ Academy Helps in IJ i,t, ll,l!,l,to, 1,1, 10,» l d, (»»-fc to-n.rn,liob o( fc Ji, "m," SpJ*"»!» un.e m "AcCBllt" Cailipaignl «p. -Thtft li lime lo bush. RailrojJ. -M, Onl, Sun* kj h, John -Pim Thorbo,. InSmgXr lom ol.n "«*o girls wen,,o C Ctoss. whom ilicy drag^td, pro Students Perform In Academy Cliapel ""MariElltnOrdmwa, C", [ "ii,,"s,i;" J ^ hroes I ged,o turn in iheir subs btfor. oorlesy of Ibu Jaoics BlomtlCT, aca,

26 E en Ca den Me lyn < THE SOTHEBN MISSIONARY GuL: :jy OUTH^M ACCENT 1 5o«25^e!«^^^..Mr CHRISTMAS BANQUET i^ MisMQnary College. Collcflcdak-. Tennessee. Deccmhc-r 16. Oratorio Chorus Will Present "Messiah" Tomorrow Night, Miller Conducting Seventy-Voice Group I)r.sinlirie Tells of,, ri,, 1 Sunday Decembe IS Our Sorrows.- i\z Wright Named to "J? J" "* World Coniinittee _ 1, pel d D m sitop" _ III onl «M he 1 LE?sTo 1 loti Club Charters 0 \ It SclljtL Oclis 4ddi esse& (nll< <Hali Inn ill

27 down lo HiJ.^ ^ _^ ^^^ functioning to provide work for leacheri h ACCREDITATION ITS LP TC rcl THE SOUTHERN ACCENT^ Division of Fine Arts THE mstbuctors OF THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT to edijcal"ni«rand"women, thai they may harmoniouslv develop P^ ^ lohrfor^the (fmromhi"abo, the ""products of ^^^ ^f^?^^j "^ = ^ Shield we njf. in order to meet the leemingly """j JJ^ ^^ "^ GOOD ENGLISH, studonl O OTHER "hh in mind It Vcems only a fact that WE WILL BE COMPARED COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES consciously or subconsdously Giddings Receives Doctor of Philosophy Degree Froii U M mi \yi\mnm.. wi^&^isss^i^im^ssi^^s&m^simm^ismssssm^isms&sis^s^immm^&^^s

28 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT icollegedale Has Three New Citizens, Moie Couples Come CI u I ±>Ll,?: =». "5* «-«&^&«i&^!tfe &"&.%. "Si "&.5i%>"i.&Sis.fc.«iKas."%.Ss.«i Si %."fe"i«i<i%.

29 I Koi Ijgf 1 THE i! ^-^"if^^jik SOUTH ERN ACCENT DecTmht.-r 16, eoue^ 7t^ ne^ u, ^c^f^ Accent on the Academy "He^ St«eUH 4^ ^r Second SemeAt&i " S.:,.., INSICC CUT OPINION POLl V iplicalion.s Come ««i,,, i, jj Second Semehtcr Kp=,i.,. " "^," i " Dont Waste Time n; i I u t" (im "more pfofiubi) nbrjvihd.t:lhni.n n? " / ^,, M,,lr.lill^^ jn^i w, illng^b) Vcaclemy Sings at ^^.^, i Language Cllllj " "" """ "l" Sjof h" Thi Modem Lonjo.uc (I Robert S ell a former Mudcnt of SMC nd re (.ml) from Walla n..,ntcn.n.t \cademy Chapels "1,. " wih *is loizo 0 Lh «i cimstmi, prol Tic Andim) Tomm loodocltj i "" Jonis Hall Su rjj, J w"rn fubzb"";fc rzdln" P""^? Choms Plans ; /J;i",J-g[a,J >, Til, pisnmisi lutiuc Gmti uoj " HoHday Program >""" f^^ J^"J^ Ted Doitch (cndercd a irombonc solo ^ ^,,cadcm) choms is pre ""le acadcitl) Spams) b) Pmfcssor Norniao /, rimsiniis nrocram to be Chnslmis carols iiid ao Krogslad ^icj i 1 m i mc bdtrc ilu sang rbc Spaoish caml lioli EloiC RORKS of in Cbarteli, N C CN CTHCr CAMPUSES -Edgar A Goes. I. lie /. r«/, «//rr,4,h, hdj «"J *;^» //jr. " I" JjJl-ll"!<> almb. cr^ea^an a \^\tuhnai yy

30 " THE i^ Hcae^eii «/ 7owariou^ IReeeive Tobiassen Represents S. M. C..^..S!..,t ^^^"^ eere^on At Conference of Universities.inlicipated occassioci wh^n Elder H. S. BradleV Coillillff fov Tyx tttt 111-* -h «;rr^u";;rc:^s [ Vt Xaik o Missions Planning Wodd Peace Meet Dr Steen Honored -Vnn.-v Vdd.-d to.jjpjd^s^.m-^dgliit """-I-^il ^i" s:j,,ta "^L,ij,,j;^&^^^^^ By National Group ;"" "«A.o.s.A.r. riiiiiit><-k -"" Tip o " "vb " «f(i<i-i-«kl ^"j^;;; Ior Salilt.ill SclKlul ^, ^.t- of the New Concert Organ l.clliis Awarded In Chapel for \CCEi\T Loyalty red Ih, Jtnl:?«" E. C. Binl complicatcj proxy mcdiod of iuppj)-- :raj,,; Jo. ;,j, ; j p, o"mdbv. ton o( Lg. John, Jo fjoyntor,. Bcveify cfiipc-l in ;, [i.i^dvn Cutfer, Vir- ^.ndents: Af B " Ch.«rjo,doni "" m" ; f]y its own conslituflon. ^^ "^ }^y bi>i% fi (C»./.J o» t>s< -1)

31 - ^ ^ seven pounds and Bve brother of Mis. ijale Martin. THE SOUTHERN ACCENT»,,/ c J J/ n Miller Coiitiibiiles l.oiitiiljules Q,^pj^,. j^ g^^^ ence it Bom Rema A bo kfo, CUK PUBLICATION SyMCCL Jt/Aai Ifau WiU 3)o at the [Jeace en M.m.ti«." Sinco Ihi, symbol.«.o -idel, « « ( wt.«ume,l«l.1 is "«"^- P; ; Dr. SteBll Atteilds p,,, """ """ *- It".^p""" "7. JfllLtil^o^r i9st. ji"l^»-r.tti,.5w ;;" fh^?cf"iihrie Hygiene Association j,3, ^^1 osfc."p"3 lo co,.el.t. moro dos","le V""!""" "J """J" " "P " "" fnf."mualtdcw!.nj IhLub^ " Ss"" " ^"""" " "" >,"" "f >i :. I. ii.:.t pj;t r ;nilthfrn ""! f...u_ """ i., ;i,~ h^.,)nii.rilrs.. j j i. _ ^^ ofuicstra.»or, SOUTHERN MEMORIES TUANI^ yctl, MCMCCIES The ACCENT staff vishes to than! the Southern Memories" "E "-«, and fc that it Is only proper fbat the two publlcalioni bo tied togetht Christian education m the Southland. medical schools of Vandtn-iJt Unl- Po,.,», rf^jil^k.. vcishv and ihc Univtrsity of Teniies- ^Cai IlldllS l^eledrale s^oke^ai^anaou, presented the mvin Silvci* Anniversary ll, I T^nn. I. H.. - JoSiSorbi ildpnec"; of ll.c lion «l..d, loofc pbc 5".:lT.i;*7n5^\^^;;J^ mm) peoples. nda mcclinnj ever, CsThlat of juvenile dclinqi iclofi rcsponiible foi \ (or Alts.lic Uni.>n Collngn to.r.nd vs;; "^M came April- p.i(tffn, wis gi, p,.p^=,.^h7m * "mj-""! miioi." "j E" *"^r-gtoup Ml led «enuon?o".rspc<ss family and friends in the Memphis, Tenn?«{ leu-""",.,.,,. being fcge" \:J!H^sio^ipJ:;-i SF33 h,^h, 05er of tk. -Laoc.Hri.n" Ih. global n.t«o,k of one wo.ld >cl,.,bo jnj ihe college,t. part.eol.r, Hoslesses at ihe rccepi.oo to M ^^" ^^11^^^ newspaper.?" d l"pd I"" " <"?" ""^r <!" " """"" """ " """"8!" " "".9 " """ ^ "«n«" *^iilkad". (;7"j h^j^hj^c" e wifikhs Tj^Xd""""""* "»» BtUUoUf dut^uiem^nt Oldened ^a>i Lt^^.^«^li=u:t"colS" raw,ioi, ;S-o"rds;r=o:! e «;"ate"ms^. ir^". " ^0««i, ^o^m OmpAao^menti. Nad».,bor«d t " ^J^J d.. Monday mlmino tnotmnqjanu.ty fort lo Ik., and fri.nds, Th. ma, be adapted lo ihe U ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ Collog.d.lo needs of tommnn,!,,! abroad. Issi,- Ut..«il, ate not necossaty. but the memorv on coirespondente, information, and ^^^^ poplar all the while. I under- "otited in the boys honi. of this sincere Christian youth will projects on tvhicb organizations in ^^^ jj ^as changed til now its be- these ate rubber tre.ids for - not be soon forgohen by hit friends. different counlrres will cooperate.,^..^^ North attd South ends of room steps, ironing fauli lleilu, i f l in tl,.«wlml, Library Has Letter "E rroce»s of one wo.ld eduta- before. Jou might ask Xom^Whte. ^^^^^^^.^ ^ZiHal. ;::,::: ;:,;:;;"I,;!k i,r,;"un;:;l By Mrs. e. g. winte.. <;,j nri^rbootp^iectrwmch """«> t«"* "«"" "^[J. ;i"; Sifuntw"" concerned are soon feeling belter. you the best year ever.n m «rnm. \xriutnlmmgranvd"e Netv Tlie Southern Missionari "m.."" ""itvllv." South Wales,.inJdalcJ June, College Doard^ meeting wilj^convenc,,, LayS PlilUS, e,ber, f the"^^""" """" -,.";1j"wS.", Roiers. whoare tbougbl lolv Mr under the cb.urmanslup of Eldir V. g! foods and cooker, class for supply- Fq,. Spring Din > r!iro..!s: ;ii^ "VtaS None of condolence and IF TCUCC MAEEIEC-- d ^uvs,ed;m ^ ns; Su."m"" """" """ Jean weiglied ardiitell!far"»*ere he7e"mbil "SiaSSi ". rv.«"r """ "o rnore death." Even thnujh nroslly "A"d,erand"shitujchast.,n have ihe^flerau" hs" mslix r af fo"!.uaino!.mi?rmsidffa?itrriefa pi"nnalme" Worll, Tt,a s, on D"llSr3".>» ^.^^j^slnte """ " privaletrl """ "" ;^.Z~Zl.,r:::J!i tul JsL LKili!;sed boniien G ^""P " "" " ^"f.""-- «-» I- In the last senate^uu- «andmi comstees ici-m 1 J;"" 5; ;!,de^uaie ml).- «! "" "*ip,"ii[cii>.j< arks, it is two and one

32 ..S.^SriTSToSelET!] Wn,,>.-oo Ms io ootdo T.Wn". of iho M. d.ho no,, bi IS ioils" SENICIJ SKETCHES C-\ Q THI SOUTHERN A C C E N Teachers Occupy New Aparlnients pkysicl i, i"" britk"- S J In Faculty Circles Jamb Fui.,,,.tade Jo o vi.iicj f GM d,, Good, "l, B,iLl.,"j Mr: i il": *in»" ITOhB E^glih i" "LrsS "I,;";." "" ^ <"" " "«" m """P"". ihc Uoited Suic. rovor Edgtmood. Khool^io g.^ _ """* Kern Anuoiinces ON TUCK CA/HPLSES New Mission Books soltcouy r compmo",0 b,. Chriiro pi" Hoa C/J Drive Be<^ins for Qi^ili R.e*tu*tcice 0*t Pait ijacatianf March of Dimes ^la>uda Gnach&ii Swell Pafudaiiatt 15«i opidtmic, o( poliomyd.lis io relos. PaolinoonJ J.utioo, fiom flor. Wc we,o pot defmilol)- in lb. holidial otitnsodfootduiojto " "" * "?""""" " MS wounded. Ct\ Ihe field sdiool of tv.infielism 1. \ >: summer, and held jo.nlly a slude. ;, o«n.bit of poll hi boil cllott vvitli Ph.lip Young, a ^udu.i His goal is definilcly the minisli wilh a higlier goal of senkt in ll PEACE CONFERENCE (Coiilimie./ frow p^ig ) "!o"m, ointa""l tlirougli fort [./iljonc World meeting in Pan ; IwlkXdiesldf?!*, 12 r^ mnibii: ^S^foSr"? 1 ns;,o?;p.- who i^l helped us to li. o-cbctnsniffcd"byall the dievext the Ion;;- li: e l,0[>c tl.^1^ Snnlu w^is^.: Miude Jones Hall. neighbori. 1 ibo ew, 9 M flpirpvi1 J»2j1^^M / \^MSh i

33 [r. Pase< SaiieU SUetiZ C(aii PUm ^imi THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Accent on the SacCai &emm at ^&f e<6i^ Sif= rr Academy Ctmpus Bound Prep Sfudeitfs *««>» Ho/iday Spirit Hollins rg.,, in, and «ill b. in ihe ^y^ j KORNER birilid.) fmy inicon weik-.nds«nlj>ll-i^.^ ^^ I. Wh.t i.. &gt"p ^".?", Shall lift nihm and Mrs. Dr Bowtn. ^ ^ ^,. ^^, h.ling. mcji as bingo "»< ^J"^^ 2i?sin^ Bells 2 vij.ii.itl,""."" fn^ cjijas carols- JaiWa. g,v.n WClhling.5!iiS".K;,iLsrK K5:S*sr«c.ri"9 F " *7dt^«.o«b """ " t;e;,"".,,, Jb, Norar disisioo hcij ALna, bi J>L». c nn oul-donr "",«Sucda, nijhi December 25 llie """,.,, /j b Afli9Mo f >*!" J^J* Bob J??/""» ^AshlKk^i magma,,- snpminu-ndc-nl: MK"Rla*p itf. o..n swdmls mil at ihc home of Madge- c»sia^ie-" """ """ * * Featured qw Student Visits X %.*d^"etn l^ln^^^as «"Sd^ii cmfc"rs;ii;;, f,,s of ihc Missionaij Voion- Saturday Night Former Friends l,a?c "o.c,jzm; reade" collese"2d, nc. inthc "ternacle! mi,jct"do ^Linn^his > -j D"=; StudcUtS Featured iu 2king p"buc n"elinsopi-"lc moil,:r«isi!"l.trcumu4tk" i ^^"tlc^rtj^mskmm-^ m"mi"ewilh lscon!m>.i;oisp;rll,- JJoSt Cliapel PcriodS smoolhly. I --.-,c(..x Mary 1-l.mi, associalcskie^ mnorw^ and anolhcr, "Rescue from ^^P ^!^ [ ^ J^;^^,^^[J^pj^^ni g^ A moving picture on the major 21 StudcUtS OU I l;?,cla,i;*m!»ili^rs«<>.-rbx "i,tl?c"»of n»" > "^[ f^^j/^iriho^oi lz m He*St*d;rm lit stown m diapl Occ< mbl,r itxoogh HoHOr Roll i,"*;nwarwiih Japan-"Th" ""fany Stheresidents of the girls ""mit aiiocii, head of 7he Health c.tdn, M>"&l.n Evc-ljn Kiltai. -issi-u J^^ "I Hie Social Aciieitics Com- Boak^At present she is at Highlan ",, ^" Jji^,. j gi h^ X,d Ea rtdt, J e.nn«ho With the Prophet of the Remnant Church, No. 10 El"L v*s,h!.ev"n SZ "ll.s (1) L.n (2) to. good of others, and (}) - 1) lor fo llie good Me, af the colpor- colporteur. " Spea ate gave the leading. I he Night lied! * i ^ aie Chiisimas-- Miss Bmohe read AcadeiU) SoJoiSlS fill,!ios arv witt,"and "paitics Are iu "Messiali" eep Purple,- Jingle Belli, ^T.ela ik^^if.""nut,tnl,-r*,h! "^""S ^^ ^t^^pi^ hpm P" jaimary d. wnii suaapop jo ^o^ 041 sioaf" iii n of (he apcslle Paul, in llainan^ in whicl. lie dared the members of the 4; liqrl uinnnoa e jo n;e]d ahj " " ^^"^"^"^ -. beliefs,^ fu^ovaa^osnieieioio OS! p!i6 V? Vm, «S"Zl," Hoion oictnre, nn ih, conserv,.jlr /"," < l,( Zl lion of Snal resource" "ere "" "I""" *"u".,»d vhl S I l* *" W >

34 1 Seminar lotd JT 22. The tolly nie«farf ih,,, / i rraivlnj^ Jmnorabjc^ meni S,,, ; ^ THE i^ Bert Harwell Returns to Give First Lyceum of Calendar Year ^""y *" " ^«S Will Show Film"Canada East" S.M.C. Alumni Association Organizes Seven Local Chapters Throughout Dixie iikd ihu Women and Wives.cing Ladies Organize j s cir?rrmx"rairfiniof Ban< nel T i I ee> ::- vie«.,io tpl.ces«nda,cv n 10 tolly women and wi.c, ol Ih.,,., a y tolly m, a. scmi-lo,! tanau«-i :,,,-,,. ajpe! after iur" ^^Mu Z SeVand^PraV G o"ia"ndp*e OlmstBacI Appears Studcnts Oi-ale in,3^ Vrrii" ii*nvi " mh.,,ecaa: desh»t1"c ul,;d b So On National Hookup Joint Speecli Meet lhv i^""i«m """b^b.rt h.,- lojiam amnjcd by Elde. V l;v,irtnyslti<.uoima^"" Senatc Lays Plans fmra amooj"i,,ctco Lonii" i or [i!uiiva"s^^«m M For College Day Now ««" iind «i«mc u u. ii,;* o. ^,J, l" r ^1^^ fs S Evan Richards. t["f>"soui P>"«t Hen^i S H«h. Jai P, "ol f^os rtl? ^^,^ovh!3ft!.no"» "" I"""-" "t^b "li^kh ""(rem si,.k«pb" ">" Ihu MIomnE rkommcndalioni Dyaingerwct re.i.kcid..v>i,ki,i^md Jhra^ Sabballi. fyiynevenis 1 fu^peltlss: Ihillips Elected Leader p" ;mandca/"on?]s *»«0""«< llepresents S. Al. C. TUrOllgllOIlt Soiltll, Tlllirll«r IS ll<-a<l n> as will be approved by Ihe lol E? { rz d^l?bu, :^a e";^. d 3-M,a. Edna tf willv "i:i 2"^::z H. C. S.Sn%"hlS 9 lion. Nflihvil/o, Tan..11 hi.. Ihe Sab- S,leid.,h ijhl. F,b.a.r).^4- «ol So.lh. "-" Si 7."ci!,L te :

35 1^^""- l""^ Mii.,. I ^. ;:, Io friend i fliat,,,,,,,,, " CLC AIMS.,..,... Xud.nt.1 S»>,lh.,n Miuio^.r, Coll.,...bk. Bi your aim the aimi and obiecti^.s of your You o^ni.tousiy, measure up to these objeciiyes. Briefly stated, the THE SOUTHERN ACCENT PRESENTING.,"io"lJ HrniTIndSlS")! The Home Economics Department es of the Christian faith and to develop a distinctly Christi INTELLECTUAL To gain the knowledge necessary to ind 1. " SulhcrHMMeni. MilKouslito "ethical-to acguire those ethical and moral concepts Ls"m shosyj, I. AESTHETIC To ga.. ClVIC^-To acguire of the principles of L HEALTH To gain I.^VOCATIONAL Tc,g of th. principles and thty recently visiicd Senate Passes Recommendation for Tors!* tatsono! m.*."^ in Home Econon Students to Attend Peace Meeting Jr of their..«.hr.ush,i,e hoisu S.f5Sm.t L,^^^^^^^^^ Wu^u WMUi,, ":; """f,;,^""";;,^,;;;!;;: ^ "; ^, i,^,, w,n. ^^9nii^Utcion" Siaiiei ^irls pjrlor """ " i Mi,s Lui,,:. - ;,,,,. lu.-. ll ir lollevviri^ rl,..inni:ndj- I^frs. Kenneth A. Wright, «ift of AtlsnlK L fi rr III,,,1,^,j j.i,,e,s I: el;js prh!r ""* V^r^""^],* Neb" sl!a Sh~ f, If vears in the kousi «cep,ed >h. i.i,.,i., wi.s.h"«v""""itw" expertness in delicaic foods S not only an expert chef, but s and counselor. nitgtskilof smes mt^r^^^^^^^^ DurFell, Comwell Ffustrate Roommates, Freshmen Stage St.XaTS\l,";XitaS S?3M!riE^ii 3 -"" Donates Bag, Dean Injured Trial and Pa.;. aincd his offense. Tin school-wide program i Dn of good English u.i 11 I I;;;.;. ";.!...,..,!.. animals fc-eding) SviiaitV COUdllCtS by Marilyn Dillow ^nd^^ S^^"^^^ """^ ally small.ages svith I,....11, ^^, ^ V^ ".Ti 7 Tfica CMM (n ychoi Ztami Z>mi>U} Informal SOCiail An under depicted thrtrail^hg of "eleplcints an. utx the sraet setyic, men of di. informal social the au,- "" -ip-iit "Jut 70k&. SeaSfet 7K<U^ ^OMU Pm ITrtif gymnsm SMriay"iS """^"Hi"" by p r» «"A? DS,!"Fioid MatuE Wittscliiebe Speaks I J..S.,_"TZZji"1t.j«Et: ^"A*,te" ;n[;, ";aujent, arebnsil, fo^d tt^dz DMy^had^bem "111 MTeltn?nKcinah\rn" mg, At VeSpCr ServicC :.t i.i. -. Jll Bl.,1S"S.i.c. i... engaged in catching up on their out- ««ting a rubber head m-isk. Word j,,, pisident. gave his.eriion "God-s Intercut in Vo» " "";» 1, I..1, Ban.. Wii.M jijjrcajinj, J i g back home -sort g«around that Maude Jones Hall f n,, j j, --^^ iyx^^^ Bee," title of the sermon at ^^P- Straight, and sujy to U.e sp«.6c inlernatinnj 5,o,ia Jaetoal. hfovs.ever, the tf m " " ^"y 1*= of a iointirpl"! mail hag by Mr luce This jjjjj,"",,," ^Jt," ",1. f; *r "" SipuSd "" " "-»» ooroihy L"."vT"" i"." "" «. " >«.;^.^", j^ji; =,";g;,i; ;i,^ " ^,^ *»,!;;,;...,:/, ;, " (dl The student-! mastery of pl.t-.^disapisintedl ". "wi*"!!,. fo l party on*s.tiid."nith! )>» foim and cnmmillee lechmgues Ins "" "" " "P, ^,. We are pleased to svelcomc Kuth,...irs H. ability to s^alt in public, and his "* -/"J^""; ^,;^^ ^^c^ f^j ^!, Vaughan to our dormitory West - ^^^,^ Provided cnterlainmenl mtlude., i,. " slsdlikc";. take this op portunit "-llll Krnestad. lendc d twn n Jwt"^. son»;" i "from bk* hishlieht of the n the sp "".. NV.I,. dicapped. h EpTd" hrs uden nee N.ghtin gakte I onclu 2 ;- ; Ifainey ITIIIf Hoop Richard Chesne> mtrdntm was supplie d"b7th. y Boy n Me sing"",h» dience m!"dll- Zby th bois. io now in bed i Blankeia.hip kys rk. exhd John Pceran 1 Turn Koudc e pkiycd \? "dveltn :":: pres

36 J.nuaty Z7. mso THE SOUTHERN AC CENT FORUM REPORT Reuiiioi, Held bv Wo^^n lalk M<^t M^, M^ la-la Y\e\A School Vets SCNIOC SriETCHES B a^oui; mes^-jt h fncndlj and mt uon State Meeting ind h, nitoprij "»»r» H«h- bnn pm, "amtm ",,, ora «ho driisqs approriulcl) ^ mur j,»cl aaiiilin He hi, b-ra bibbilh sihool 7</ /5 linajtu^ 9i Queii Spoken, ion. We.^ Sitci,^;rSnJ B";"» "" *" 9*iteuu.&ufi. Btude^iti ^eun*nf MiiUon ^a^k uffu r oi ib d tr t m S>ucll> aollmn Tboughl

37 :.- r ^^^^ CPINICN POLL THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Accent on the Academy ^^..,«He., ACADEHT SEINICR SKETCHES Seuiors Elect Bowers President Ontlteeveninsof Januar,15. the """,«n"rago liunibj. ;IZ KORNER If ttic numtxt.;h<f s.ic of ihc ads is limited, provided ijie creased.itculaiioo is toward prospective students only, I believe If the reason for using ads svoujd be W extend the paper to hand leader, and a esidentot the 1 toes hut disli held the olf^ SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Medical College Tests Planned,. Oklahonaa INSIDE Ol ^"""l*l i "HL.II "N.Ln.lA.d.bonSoeill,; iir Olavi Weir and Jose I has apparently beeome tl a play Ball t.atner kv 1 >,,.<,, 1 ons to"brheld at more thanw (l\ Arro. vs n", ^ ; Cadillac," usually cool "" "" """^^ """ "" " Th""As ociatii;rof America",; " " " "^ * "" "" * " "" lical Collet;^, through its Com- AluninUS Open* ^"^ ^^""^ "^ ^ Collegedale Acad- a new ";"m,zd,"l", i"mj";;,taa : New Dental Office Madtl-,"rtL ulfillmeiat of tl i. y April l-prep.r. April 8 Spring r. -,uke Accordjne to lits, n,. -puual preparation other ^- ^^ "^""tic Health bervice as an lend her lalents svhere they are needed, pajamas. ^"^ml deotal surgeon. Later he was As for she has been Sabbath school secretary XMocf^e """ " " """" "luhcoodoetedsu" iri seh»ls choir.inj the"s Mary oflhe"en tor!mo have to "wait ve" much tongii tees andadisinistrat"o". tl V fcn?a"lhm "al^mlt^iordan ^" s } StudcntS Ftotes Bumby^^ Ail^ rom ore-medical advisers or directly TTj rom Educational Tesline Sers-ice. Box " " * *,,, i92,pr, ceton N. I. Completed,p. J)^._ gulirie VisitS DiC alas" a dot" "wh Hope," jii vcspet5, Friday, 1 A, January IJ, 1 d Octobe-r 23 respe-c- In Guatemala Wolk (,.n,i,.s OnS,. "itas -!.?." """ " ^^^ " VeSDCrS sang "The Lord Is My Shepherd" it,.h^.on?"on..\,.nf ^r Ch". iilliuli..;:.^i-*;»e )t.-7^,l[ni "n Zli^wuZ^Z F;:Mw,;hs:i;-^j"ijeSl&; Mi.inii. Floridi, by plan-; on linujn Be """ """ to God."- SBl in.i: fiifls Jnd happy birlliday wishes, cats and a package of *io balloons.

38 " : i :, Explorer?<. <^W Se^te Will Present O^^u^^uco. Lyceum ^^""^^, February 18. Motion Picture Will ^"***1 Commences "ciubhrd Portray Excursion on Ship Bowdoin n b, u.. Snbsciiplioii Drive "Memories" Present Chattanooga Chorus Senior Presentation =(1?."^?.",. """" " Appmximitcl)- twenty td by world-wide 7 the Elisha Kane igrets awerded r.. II., "" Home Ec. Club for the oart he teying Adtr^Iral PreSBPtS, *ea"g Dm.d,"Mcnmta?Lb PrOgram ^J^lj^j l li" " rt,,,"xrfdmi., flb «K,mm ompaign "O- Catering for the reteption was jh: hfome Etonor^its Clob pre- "i-t-wih be charged to on-vtede!. """" """- Sr^.T^.lfA.K ttc^h:, TrprSrS-tlrKei^of Conference Put Off n,inh of the varioo. b.o.=, d b -al lix/evlhe Nin>.- VImI Fr,,... JSgraT" *L!;Z X i Knr;A e Until AugllSt 27 Lan?.nd\,hL oreazta. here * ^ " ;;SJ,L3teer.rwl;itte of the people jniounied fcttntly the poii[ twenty-seven ihought C jj-flts^d?n.tmfin,.med Sla.ybaujSlis Roliitc Miraculous Exiierienc

39 , [ _ THE SOUTHERN A C CENT Morelos, Thc7 bmijghl U&. i colkclion of Mexican coslum«and dctota I Ql^li ReCef2^itUl, V BiUtdi. O^aOHk.^ L-upinls night ConlTdcnuaKj if faccanj jflashliehtttas assotiate secrctar) of Iht Msdici.attment of the General Conftf IF rcli AE^E HAI2I2IED ) last Tliursda) ticrmt The) alw I VISITORS dtnis ^^^o lu^c jrr,>td are: Mr. 5Xptnc;"i, a:5z3 $5f i^ 4Zac^ 6W^ A HOT TIME """. ^ " ^^.*[«^\ *P"^^^"S ^"J "" -^^ ^ ""^. f"" ". J"." ^"" "" soulh as Miami, riorida. He ^. spoke to major sijr(;ical optration. LE5SE0 EVENTS tinmnn," ^""^"^."^ "."" at i-oresl Lake Academy. Ropers has been visilinc li si Sl«*,, NEWCOMERS.,:; ;, tji: ijttanoo^ FORUM NEWS Talbh.sw pallor, Mr, Jot Crews,.l,e topic *as -Problems of Pe^Jtl ll^h^rsi 35iiii!:i;J; ^^^:^i

40 . fur FEBnuAT.Y :o THE SOUTHERN ACCENT mi iys\mmi]. SENICC $retciic r 195C cognition by the icting sponsor of Stanyer, treasurer; ind Mrs, LUi ^ Student Organizations and has been gan. secfolar)- Committee thjirmcn H.s Partioikr lilenii lie alone music «"«" ^^ "^ placed on the Calendar of Student Or- elected weie: Vernon Hill, ad^-ertis- and Kentucky-Tennesi a.l. He is consl.intly in demand dent; Mrs. Marion Odell, secrclat>- COLPORTEUR CLUB S.M.C Represented «r^-:treas^*rer Mr. H^rolTlJ^^^^ ^nl!\m"^f;^^^^^ln"ltou^^^ At Distlict Mcet Mat)- Jane r.irrcl!, sophomore Home tonomics major, w:is recently elected ::^nib Kt Bljckburn reighbc met in (he Chatl.inoog Sabbath, January 28, for lub. She is -isiistcd by Wmifred ^w.iirmhanco-k pmijtot of.h Tij" T* M N 1 M Ss"S!jnli ES Colporteur Club, ann " "" Zl ei*plbi zti "jrt ^M VETERANS CLUB orgii-c be»ii,? mmc vcntion were r n G -levcla hit you make it Commanding Otfic irin Dc nk high by showing (he sdiool what Adjutant Dean Ho is ve many idci to dilcuss «In how Finance Omcer-J. m, Sktndc, Tii. ii::l 1 1 lit Krpharl Addresses Collr-rtblr Chiircll

41 " I /IcUoiUei, ScaUi ReUiei Co^eiiUKcei ^ n min..,.ll J.minl. urjc.,1»- (^BS AlinOUIlffS,,;,!,".!. l.iti.ici of lb"* "!.!!.- Television Contest THE SOUTHEBN ACCENT phlfiscsi:ls"l5.:; iiisisff 0» open F«run,s i recent week end 65 to 70 people w«c j o,^,nij,ion We your ACCENT itaff. v-ish t. attending Bible studies sivcn by Jua- j. 71, contest, to be known as the (^le this occasion lo commend you Academy Accent on the SfSr= ACADEMy SENICC SI^ETCJiES 1 TU. ^^"" /^"l^" J^I^^J^JJ" "!^>JcoUcc«^nd ""^^^"iw " h^ KWIZ KORNER on tookin^ -Al- spent ats M^C ^"^ "" ^^ ^.^fhrzs.iri" nd. cut of UniKdSoles Aoon,;.ok Why ". is.n.y. «"W" -.f^l^^mgotjoj while sm- Donalds l»bby is spobs of., ro K,uim: making. Io-J of.pp.oxi- mas. b, obuined for oath ind,,,dual ^"^"^ f"^"^^^^^ ^^^ ^ i " fc A., His pel p--«ve, are kind. His pel f««e,s atom dock, maid, * of «!"!?"">, j;;^ ;^;!:,S!r O," l,l $ P"Pl^ " ""I";," masi" S "k?n7d7slikes"nio"s Do"ute ^^^^ tllll "l,.,","e»9" " "" ^_^^^^^ "" E ^Sned bimiinp di"!)", lo: oom.s ollke "" Boo"looltaj "si«no«holdslleoffiee of" i e, of! rra"nj"ncid "" "ll "*->"»»/""" f "^,*;} "= «" """ G."& ales."cla,! ns^ YoTlv. " iow.tlnd". pib)""" i,l,.nlly pailorof "li? "h S "ef f,. y,i.. 5, Why is lie moiie ol»" *, rri,, tetsabilh s-hool Trio SiUgS, Dorlcll 1". I,, >.li in *"" h "itd 20lii""dm Hf ani"eonie.t monih will "4. M.( n.lion h.s always ^ «J J^">jj^ ";. "j^k" of Campaign Leader,.!.!;, rr<n" ntsi"hii«o,k. cepled^^if POSlmaiked laler Ih.n Jone ^^^^^^ ^^^^,»,.,ivllle.s FoFUm ElCCtS CrOSS, winshi, czpos a "a it "f". sg^^i^" Rallies Planned by,»an^, h Te." o7^nepu«^ *fj^;.i;:j S5lorinE.?be Price As Officers S"cou,ee sabbati. sdaooid". Temperance Society " " d mmdine atcediied eoltaes j; j7 ;*.f",j ";,,Sfo.oTKJhf ade, C. E. Wilisthi.te The atademy fellows, alonj ^-it^^^s^n!"^ RobiSon Will Hold,.^7f?i ssr nsir s^^i^led^e ^Itf^z}Mz:,i Ssemina, meeling Pljd.y e.ening p,. pl,ecy Workshop gt^c^d "cttstzsan.z P""»f «-..oj ". I? ^Jye "."nd^rn """" " I -Wheiee. You Waif Olavi Weil, HONOR i ACADEMY H -,,,,, Willi the Prophet of the Remnant Church, Nt». 11 ;^TO,,f,C "slnghae Tte "7 E"",l,n Jameson, playins GUESS WHAT!.W /.r,n to By. a3nao>i zim>i Oi sdaw"

42 c,,. ;, ^^ ^YCEUM TO FEATURE RADIUM^HYSICIST^ Robinson Plans Spirit of Prophecy Workshop February 26 to March 2 ] Dr. L. Gable Will Explain Mechanics Of Radar, Black- light, Atomic Energy S /,fS,k:w;!;i,:,t«!;: Steen Wm Direct,1» Gid"iceo" the Spinrof Piopf," Slllllllier SeSSloil White Speaks at SS3lMf3*"il!;" Senate GonduGt-S-- M^1l^"^ffJKmgita!?^lrc"rtii re?att"^ycur5rlr rl, p,,,i,,n [, Employment Forum ^fj^-^bracktu, Mr.waimus, and di. J^^Y dtlrdrwin((7do".c-iic \y."\.", " "" Dr. Giddiiigs Tr ^^^ English Users "izi h«.p,nt Enellil of*sm"n*ont"ezloj S StudeiltS PerfOftTl " I Z, 4ftt,noo >mfa. FibmaT rdjsavebs, e.a datinj ihe chapel period. Mood.).. At SUflClay "" " " ^""" ^ ^^^ RcCital 1.uZ,; di,eettd ihei, <,««ii«~ > J s^e,,, Elder Wright Coming Freshmen Show ~: 1;,; ;.illv of urelbilv 0, ^i;"""-^ Fop Week of Praycr Talent in Chapel pnj, L"e,!"fr\.ei,"f,jiwj jrnikezeli; Sine ^hoiotrn i"i) r "" r,;-,.ferved,hem,.>l,e panel of,e.the.nj.., 1 v,\l. watpl.m Elde, Or.iUe D W gh,, l he, Men,b<,> of fhe r,e,hn,an Cte, r.proen.iog va.ioo, of emplo,- b, o,jan, r o. -oae and m- f"!"- """ line, small of p den, K. A, Weigh,.all eon- ""de, ihe di.eelion of ihe p,e de-n,. """ *" ""l""s """> "V" l"c. Dnanc P.eran.^had ihe^ chapel hoec Twilight Meditations "Tmo"".he ooiiiandin com sen Otter Man Coming on ihe p,oj,am.ere KAmlein, Mc. Elder Wrigh,.spasior of ihe Flojd Greenleaf, masier of ce.e- For Lyceum Hour "; """,,,,^.j ^^ ^.^ SlJ e Lf7>ll i «l "«olz Sh atisidrf Tlo,l"i^ p e, :,, /, :, k? i, CoV^e ot S,Lon" WVUN "fn ^»^i ^:"z:r::ll^p:;. girls present ciennial RECErxioN,-" \y" "ts Tsh ill piophcc)- ill lr»ill".nl n.ilo.i.i ho«reli emplined ei^ Hr9 The F.B.I A. Cl.h. ill sponsor. our cluwl p riod We nwjavmit.

43 1,. l 1 1 McDade oi THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Y^ blesj.dnui of.krilcol e.v.nji, ^i^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ j^^^^^.^ i d i i,l.<b. mo child rm. > ^.^ ^^^^^,^ ^^j_,_^, ^, ^^^^,^^^ If Youre Married wo SYMPATHIES Ashlock Conduct, Ven Seminar Sponsors J;;,,i"M?!! js?fcli..\vood, J.raa Drighran. d family. f,om,h.i,prtvio.shomc n Ring- Temperance Teams J,",f j,j,";i",,io ro.lum "m,. D, L vii,m f.m,l,. h..t Monlefglu^T^nnrtSLL, H.fAm MoslL-rl Giddlll^S DisCllSSCS ^^T^^^iu^ "pvti^xrs orikhairof tht Vov Parliamentary La^* IN faciiltt CICCIES "* 1 1,.onjunction will, tlit: R-j;ul.«-on Cdllege visile.j friends on Ihe llll. Jl(l-.ul.l..,. "EviB^y^S Mrs. M. J, Sonmon acceple ss!x ;;:"m^!;;::,,;;,:!: ishh & on "i.f"e. Quartet Seen on "" ""p,^s.. faculty svce ihe l«"".7. ".":"c" "..»«... S Television Program...,!.-» "tus Anna Pall erson moll,, lrultrlvn,.ll"r!;.a:s-;.-, ^,";r,,?."i"~"; ;: o c;sirt,; r"z;! A WELCOME ADDITION»te!i4i;?i for"io," An e:;^.;;:.,^;; ].r::^t- I./" "j"; drij,. isjri».s^"v;: ton,,villh,.l ;!!""" T\r ":""i^"l ii i ISSi Eckcniolh-s.:V..Tgcdale Cl«b Under the,l,air n V. night. Wright, the r,"cr.i ld n pro r»m Sun- 1 and vshiie day ificmoon, and Elder EtkenrolJi evangelistic service Sunday evening. speaker, Mrs. Clio ;B r,.,,,,o, r

44 February 24, 1950 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT iivsi mmuysm.. first SEMESTER, r949-l950, HONOR ROLL SENICCS or 195C ^ -O^ I «1 5««, and leatiut^ Reekcied Pl^idaU aj, Qinli riofhc; ^o/utm. 2>eaH. Ulfei Ma^ /?«p-t o l.ui tvvou.,.,. l,n,l m(lk-form )!.1 runc..itl pby,n llie.,ssenibls-liall S3jli rdnekho!li """., f^^ ^^Jt, it to clisies, but even (hose ^^^-:c...a..a...,... -,ni,,cd,l,cir hit -ftitly winks in (lieiwrlljrv W..ucli """ r""?""""s """ *c Tobiassen V s ts nisbt bc(oc»," pmsnni. ilrom fc.e fat Pisgah Fletcher S [I ": d.t Mi.,!"joi.. id S I Off

45 , f Jr PINICN viondfly chapel hour? If lo PCLL wh"<i ;;- rhe SOUTHERN ACCENT Accent on the Academy Ted DiH-tch Boosts D,B i,i, \nniial in Chapel J; t\t"*j".o( : I*1 l ss?. BeHy Cummmgi. thml 10. Many new stud : zrio:?dr if dg.,1 of AfliiHis S M-iik i.iiikli-r Tliaii W orils * (.d vurt) ed"; Ihe Monday chapel hour. fl "int P of"lhed y^1hz i. notti iho ^i ong houri in the in,%tl\».ri,im,ll 7 AsMWol M,ds" OlJjs, dtroreirrdu"ii.g"tt"h"l"w. Seniors Order r... (in..i, ill ^_^_^^_ hlilprt. Jm.n ""id b^m.d"" \»W\ \ lu neiments» 5r"b,aii,fr,T,,i,,m " A ur, bjl 1 would lite for th olle^etavenjoj, "maio^r can"unde i "oid., > reip.rt..=1. fc ita <!" «"««> Mora/ ffiotf^ Siny ^McKol got^rcem Wai^Ac^ Planned IliJ.r *i«".".".nu.yih. NEWS NOTES In Sabbath Sclmol\ """* "Pn 7>taiei4. TOw}MZ VUecd --" S-ftomed"" L,,JAMl*^nTo^h\«rl,ta A ctar.l group md.,. wirl^cuwrxtiorl;!; : Lndlngton Speaks Programs Bolster Hltl^ifi,! CJLiiffr, SX»»s "".": ^S ;"s.ib ]lmtrikoli^ ull On Mission Work M. V, Attendance fi;~; s* «j;;:;. * "" Ss "»n!"rhvei d". id^my siudtnts. tsptdjiy those Improvements Made!,f ii.tii uii-nis 10 iiii- sraioii jj, Health Classes MeMilliiin Relates inooii-nd",". i" "im,».". Si,, ic o,iv *^ * ^" ^ Campus IS Receives -,. -.,rf,,,^ On Otie^ e»m^uiu Ll.ti; i;:vi ovs"l;,.p Planti ng of Shrubs Seminar Conducted 1 ; ^^^ ^^^,^,,r,z., r p±m,t p^j do..,. i;il....i. i,u By Medical Students ^ " -1 "-"»" """,. isntd ANSWERS TO KWIZ KORN ^ wo" Id liippm wlic^rc n1colioi-\-xprtzirrl" iw wioncm Thi-lTwilTb!; 0^ P^lt^fS 4^" ^Hi fll^^^^t^ P^^ i. Press Adds More \ rffui. nt Mi.hiiK «, p.o.p-.h 1=1!_J If you hnve nol alieady jubicribod foi the 1950 SOUTHERN W^MUB Al SJ.O0 moll, I.0., Ih. lom of fo P ol SOUTHERN MEMORIES, Ihe 1950 aoouol of Souihei (Ploo,. priol or lyp. been porchwcd. City

46 I ; I Elder Wright lield \ THE Ti^e^ 0^ PKXt^ St<^nt^ Horn^ Missionary Cnl Veltman Chosen to Head S. M. C. Peace Delegation Elder Wright Will Conduct Week of Prayer Services n,he Rcmo o4 Wo,ld Kllllll Or <Iiniz<-S Clllb ;;;::;!ii;.!,, ;ri"!;;,"t "i"vl!" "irrtii^^lei^sjtcrf Mai.- ni,,i-m> nookcd "_ -^_ ^ ^f7^s,;; ^,-,Ei^" >,ani Campbell Will adsintii"; Ai>illl.l.lAlt Olt<>rs» i inrliiiiilv Cf"? L>(tiiin Heie Liers Exhibits Otters I Mondly"!in.i Foi* Ol*i^illUl Stlllleill l*l*olilll tloii " C o A 9^ -tteu. PMuxUum Th;ti,^po,,r,..di,o.. Mr.i., > Colporteurs Hold "^^^.ittfiwt^f^l j"- janiily pels of AnnUal lllstltute

47 ?fue/i-»c&eu THE SOUTHEKN ACCENT THE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT cikhi/i momber, arc not only an ( lit scknni succeiiful in all lt> andeavo Bainham Uses Electricity to Open Room; Writers Make Deadline Colnmn ta ou, d«r «hool bnl,ca I,,1 o beyond m, in ou-co! p.f«. ^j t-,,,,,,,,,j. rn f; rnr. ihdd lion 10 irachin. in «rc, at Fore.i Latt Ac.d.m,, Jc- Yoa,m.nto il,t nid..fine, U i(^ ; P;;;7,^ ji;;;^^ to" IlLhonId "m Onad.^ two if«.nfj ", ; ji M, Cu"S la" bo,i at Atlantic Un.on Coll4,,, - -ri" Z "ou""liml?; wjtjjoj: r^^j_^xsl S^l^^l,,. CthCiUUM"iiIlT,,?!Sn """ ^"""" " ^S andte»" ^ ktx^ ^fia i " h!rixout^on m a«d ^l~ lj S ; ["""^ " <">,J"t " it in c"nfet n"^oi k. lyz ^^fj^^ovlhfyatbom h"v"! " 1 " "^" = P«IX IACIJI.TY CIKCLES jamiis sinttam Seminar Hears Wi,a:;jjsfX»"*;- bis ";":.:^.??;?;:";";" to overcome Dri k] CN CTHEC CAMPUSES CdynWaiion. ;j Jc Jont-i Han m a^ptoadd ihe t-vining of March " O. Continut to laki; r<^" ^j5; If Youre Married Colporteurs Give ^^ljjov"*antacatgal^ M. V. Symposium ia!,"ihtwiua^dro"«"

48 QakU ^lyel ook at Peac^ul PaUiiiUtiei o/ /liamic PaiueA THE SOUTHERN ACCENT SEINICC SltCTCHES Cr 195C turdj)-^njeh(_^^f.:b.,mry 2V m IhL- HarVC} CollduCtS., T«tC?i^of Li LMorio Mai-ch 3 Vespei-s I. Thtrc was a qucslion and AHENTION! ktnn (h jktnd d the W a..,l, Hi^h ^n^" :o wndsctt ihmlogk.. stkiil i fe M. V. Meeting Where Auditorium Hov SO minute IvIOTION PICTURE E S? "C! l lliillifiiii limlf>r;io«n Siirfior.v: IIi-iiniii Z lloton l»in9l l ti>iir.?;s ::.; lome " s Ellon \Vhil<-!> S<-iri-l;ii-i<-».>l<-i>t AlK-r!!><- tai-ii)ioii of :(7 Y( nidit D E. Jobinson. Eldtr A, W ll _ ehll. lad m I,, SpJdins,, d Eldor J. S.,1, 7 /,., /»r //,. Ci«.,-1. f.mtc s«,aa,,«of Mr... Wf to, Spjldiof >,i i, on,f,,. lounjcj., J did noi Malxl.,,, pj J -" l»s Sp^nl of pro?4uii %/o«plaiu lril»m, f,bd!^«s«:, ii#^

49 I [ I THE SOUTHERN ACCENT cpinicn PCLL Accent on the Academy puestion-. Are you i lough to conlro! Ihemselves? Why Principals Message SHEKMAN CCCSS ELECTED JLNICI2 CLASS rcesilenll Chapel Features Hobby Scout Show rage the enlire student body to [oin wllh J then al lit down. Of course tliase neednt youtk otcollegedale the oait year haj strengthened my faith Bople who cl ^ungpe^ple cote replied and proceeded ate bv eatand ing an apple. Pa ul Srarns Carrol berc at CoUcgedale and pla ^^""^ ;a aj record God entrusted eight agreed wilh Ihe f.rat opinion ^^e leadershio of the Advent Seminary Adds Furnished Apartments, Evening Classes to Begin March 5, ed bl Aa^K ^tphnes^^^lth rh ;,t:o"s*e to,, He. a, "l JlS rltmm\o the balconj pk.x Suit:; Raj Edgmo hobbi When ",S M coildpl, p,s;.to?th"ein«,oree Elder Robinson v Pari ru.dent, beip ^"^J^«f i^ 3 ;p " ^",J;, j,*; Atlanta Telcvisioii THE UNFINISHED MASTERPiEci l"»b * ib^llarrronetletrto Dtd e.ted to Mr Moryn dean rr ToblaSSeil PreSCntS r^toiloe!, er * "»<" l/i.vs d"> Atlanta Lyceum l;^;"" irie!?.! ^f^;fv?w^^^^^^ With.he Ppopbet ol 11.C nom»n, ChnrSrSiTlir" j,a rbnrehl, and MV,oc,et,ei Sat, tbe first rr,o from Colleiedale Ae.d a. jrarrm-j /..e «/ r/j*. d,) niebt Mareb i Under rbe d.rec em, to apptw on tbe Foeram,,,,fc,, //,p, nnofd, l^ntslodtnjton afornaer Je l.,,u janj or tbe Pmpb.^^,, ^rf M V?oe,«,e: sponr a.eekl, 1, tormrn^ A^ons tbe,. g. tbe,,a ^ " frjtjz L S1> C Lotn. Tbe AtlMa meet ne. ield ;"" metpal and, "" f" " """,n, Spirit of Prophecy Workshop Conduct. J s JAMES ^^^ _^ _^...,.,d By Elder D E Robinson Includes Dii>p remimed on displa) " t Flying Squirrels ihrootbom tbe

50 Tl/j^lm THE TUITION DECREASED, WAGES HIKED S.MX. ArboToay^DeclaredloO PeTcenT^uccess ""Z^:^ZTt:e!^" ^^fl"1""^ipi jm^rkp:i:i" Elder Wrijiht Ends STUDENT CAN NOW WORK his whole way through ^^^^^1^^^ *? Sl^^-^jfl With Consecration " " "" """" "" "" "" " """" Noarly sii.oon Raised Fellowships Granted ::,;K, "" On [niiaih.tiii;: Day For Two Delegates.JC,,?::;, ^"dt.«s Seniors Schedule Jjiji Guest Speakers uhoad. hind pled -/J^ T"c"l^,i«o"i,iw"or"coii< of In- ulk, umj "" """ im,ll« pl,ilo»^ *j,^"f, ;-,-ully";o~ "d j^. induitry could bo earning fay Sop All l»j» «railiiat«s Salisfarioril.v F,ni «lo.vcml on fl,"in"r.,o"=nd" Iho trend i ;nori( to tho TUITION R, torial intern In {Co-<li«n:l o p.,s.- 4) nby\tte^j^j"- fyiyr[venfs Eldor R. H. Nlghtingaio, SATURDAY NIGHT! s.rc.rdi"hr,,", isenb,pl, w.,h.ll hapcl. Sabbath, March 25-Chuf=h: ElJer NIghlingao Saturday Night Program: youlh Viglilly " niitillty m the ""amlnatlonr^"""""^* Monday. April 3 College WeTI mly April 5-11 Spring Vacation.

51 ^asfflflf^ vania finished 1 full THE SOUTHERN ACCENT VtMe T^md 7<^-. ion building April 2 So long fv Miihio Dept. Aids on the actual field daj Tuesda) Ihcj ^, mined Ihe students in house to house solicitation busints; contacts and sacred musii ice of ihe schoo Through IhL )t urpri^mgl) long Miss3chuse[t. noikcd tiio ind a half ) :aims both as Washington ban.tarmm,,j ^ les) including Honduras and Qmct and complaisant Dor.s pur <.al -Aorld From Panama * of rdl IS from Atlanta Georgia She is ida and a graduate of P late a graduate of Atlanta Union Academ) tutt she will enroll for oin.a and Gwrfiia tie for nor^t an> ph.e She is thc_ incumbent ^Alruadj.n_busines; p,h,rd place with l«o Wch uhilc In assistint swrelarj of the club of Sulljjan Indiana is the dormi on Ihc spring ft cd cf fri)lr,, no i^^^^^ j,^^^ Vireima Vifeima Mar, Another Atlanli lass athcrme nun,e Her plans for training «ill lal,i^{^ ^ thclcritc of 1 ^ dcr^rt "" "^ith Carolina Michigan and Irt-nc Glatho -.iis the assistant Secrc her to Glendalc California ^h.. i. " " H l \ 1 l^"""" II lu.tudentsinj 1 I UL soheitations lilt I [houi.htfuiwstt.on^oflhe rnlnbu ^ "olph!" Wur"or"andu ^Floi^ Iml^e Lt"is"onc of"thc"ltjout Mt" ttj^ge "for" IdenlurV h (, music could and should make to She is the daughter of a doctor and standing students This dimpkd tulure made her desire to practice he. p j,^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ j,,^ endcawr for the """-^ She graduated from Highland nurse looks fo^.^ard to becoming a fessmn in Alaska detailed outlme of ibcrs that %.ould Ime a definite """fi ^1» upon the subject of the hour Hospital ne.rethought had it> regards m tails..ilh 1 cr ^^a^ a nutse and a m Orlando In Faculty Circles nbankok Siam bhe put but «ho<t. home is or so long because she duras Adellee Hayloc ueh To clarifi thi. di tra.nmj, at Mad.son C t be mentioned rhat she see She rehte> that Lveral lears as an office aunts that are nur^ei r Comstock mother of worked in a hospital ademi bile Springhel. jinine m Honda ne\t ii Parkersburg West has alwajs wanted to sci other rioridi siudent is Ahee ing will proude a ratu of Aion Park She Graduated her humanistic des. res Bottlmg Green High m i;-f( Bc^erl) Brown from Upon hni^hing hi coi.=^«^b^ltj^bii^orc.", R.^iZmeAlSSDoS.h, Serious Thoughts and Meditations Should m^na^nurlc """ " TS fo v FbD* ^3h7Tr^ ^.^"n ^CVTndihon"the "fim Occ^py Some Time of Dorm Residents mthe iito\ nursii^"i>tr"i*i side of dormi reatlv c to talk about the Sint.dicallj n^inde k lie most of them Trul> the o] tual de commend t upment are exccedmfih broad : dormitor; If me fail to rceei\ orld that has "^^i^/^^^ benefits of them onl> ne oui :[Tar[h^n^dlood^!a!U^rd r

52 I J, ilijiet h Soplioiiioros Iarliiipsilc iu (lii> ^afiiiiilll rolli>;>4» TosiiilK l"rii THE SOUTHERN ACCENT SENICC SrETCIiES CE 195C Departments Show Progress in Kteround mrirtj vmth th^ ^tort^ midc b) bei^n uompltkd Tht Administrai.on jcars of collcfct at boud.un Mi^s.on ^^^M J^^M ^ ^^j^^i"^ ^^"o" ""sl^! ^"dcmy / I i,.a>it Tl,^ Llimuinrj school building tl,p,^ubra momhs^ntlk ^nljoll and """ Bell) Pckrsom, ^^ Pinion. New York. on^ of tbe few who Ho his ti ^lkci= lor xhl dji^i^md^htamlrj^^hait bitn ^" brrl) srv monlbs rn thi rntd^d ^^ * S"^""-" "^^ whcrt^ic h^" bwn^.jnifc j,^,band Y"" actt"fn ". M ^ " replaciid tbi; muddj Unt from rorijr^follllt ColUgc f b^ (r!!,f,!,n,^rhrm,ir."itvrr bono" Triiogic Irom Club ind ronjrmorri^t ihtluvcar^s^ectcirrb! "I^""") Dfr%c lo thi slorc The cib.neli for, " " course k d b d h.n 0^7 f e"p"^ " f ^"^ Mmpiign Sbcgtadujrcd from Fi-eshmeii Aid Needy j"," [J;; j"."irtoikic"?. cmll amb i,m rho do puior,d j"^" " "" " " ^ei " [1," msz i Si,f buto" rjirf " With Used Clothing SX..^bIdlinn "}.!!"/ "."Vptp" H^biXiL! it,~",iis f,s"rl" S dm) 1"^,^ ^ il^i", ; ;,Hoibn,w: "^^ i5t]tel"g"n*i;.k sj^ 5Si^~"^>«^^tafSXimZl isi!li"l3rl n:lwb M» Sliiill Talks Millet Making Flies IrU^EVsBH"^ * ""g"/"" "" " Mn"e*Ld "g pi* - "" """"""""e-v By the Hundreds * " "*" S,.,;;;"" : 7! tt :"" i^^rs^ ix^. r L:!sisi s; t: ii:^nh ^ alumni " j Visits CoUcgedale «" "" bippiness.- ollcge flsbnil (iy-mak riisi )t5l 10 p.irliallj- supply b"om:"di!; c opened bje bknllftody Xiirsoiv Pro«liices ^"""^ " ^\ i".^"^^^ od speed for such ^,, w, e m-, sm <" rull,/ Tll,i ^^- ^i commented ^- ^- Spaldm. Jr., jupcmsor s"". (-""I hi- luu,, S.ibl..iih slirx uld be considered ^ ^= frul 3"a camp"! departmcnti, e^ i,.ou,il,..-, ruar) m ih reports his plans include the pbnl- tjbernacit SjL-J)jih sdiool, clupbin o N CTHCC CA>4PL$E$ S.onTSivlT.lnl THE COLLEGIAN, Walla Walla Wcdnisd^iy at 9.50 a.m., when t]ii.>i The b«( fimthcrs coml- iupply or make i lot of your plan ir rcu^e /HAI^I^IEE) CLOCK TOWER. Union CollDge, THE CAMPUS CHRONICLE, ImZ»,» "fort s for m llcnal vary hut ^Sir^JoSliiSnsl gelism Crusjdc ctomled into Room Sn /"h*.l;".ni; rti oixs: 7in;zsi^;r for the reioiinder of the year. Colk-gcd.1 ;, ul i.l... srkirir COLLEGE CSITER ON, C body be :izr^tj" <v*t:"i,t (C. i "S/m M ED

53 1 ". A. 11 Academy THE SOUTHEKN ACCENT GPIINICN POLL OJESTC N Do you Le he p esent schedulad time of Saturday Talent Program Features Senior Sketches Patriotic Theme, Brooke Directs I egh I loct.-^r^ie Hanna"" "^ ^"^""^ \LX da B wou d p ck up Marie Culveyhouse t p ;%"m"i ^os:l"dbt,or;"., "it i ol5"-i etf.r, h b. p tk,l7-ali.,> Crii.. :.. i::his!s::eb S a h ng a e go nq on, on Saturday evenings that it ge good a e donee at club meetingi. 1 would prehou B of udy pe iod Sunday evening than an f..h.f hour -M,,,.j:";rLl"z ds;,.li.e Thil arrangement esp.1.11, ( S """" \ Tol,l E,p.n,.TST through college. The itudenf followm (he a FINANCIAL P ANS b.dgpt»o ld b. Ui ng. (

54 THE Dr. Suhrie Returns from South America f\ A r\r\ f^ j. TT- Relates Lifes Experiences in Chapel ^^61 ^UU IjUeStS VISIT Campus on College Day Chapel Singers Make Annual Spring Tour M) Old kcnua, HoniL "J >!^-J o h^ ^^ o. U ^M fuiuflfvfnis v/fight v/i:i ontortain the col- ApT [7 Chapel: Junior da» Apr 22 - Church: Profe«or Apr 23 Garland Petofion Apr 21-fleginnif,g of April- Apr Apr the College el a supper in dining room, and Dr. Apr 29 President Wright will

55 ily to tl,, Ut^ p i4 n. THE SOUTHERN ACCENT THE SCCCETACIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT bell in awakening ihe seudencs each morning and thac flowerinj, crab iree, which is in front of ihe Iibrarj and has been blooming, so timidly for nearly iwo months, is at last irjing a few tcntatnc Isnt it fortunate that spring coincides with the last quarter of school. Otherwise how would we ever face final e\aminations and research papers? That is a reminder thoueh to get L lapers written before picnic season even then III probablj ha^e to non u she j returned n c lice., to teach ^^ ^^ Collegedale Landmark Served as Presidents ^"itnw^asri^acds r rj.tht"lmin"s "progs Temperaiice Urged Office, Isolation Ward, and Music Studio p^^r-if{^^^ ^^ffl Th*5.p.nod i,h. fifk By A.T. S. Group. j,i, rur Trrciicgc c.^ge, i,..,, cwbk-*a^ld!;my;u-4t«rilm.fofesl Geore "Ashlockr radit"ro"4m Tht Colk cdalc Oiapitr of the impomnt looking budding thai is tlierc during the smjlj ---^ ^k,- AoulLinviNUnl... Schmidt^ For- T^iiigj,! Meditations.- American Temperance Society con- located behind the ncse scic-nce build- as an isolatiotr ward htooght ranch e.le!. n,-!.ilhl l"r"il D gato. n supplied by t tsz iner, John Gregory andn. %s, W-hat good use could a oncjoomed heltpa) tie HiKh Schoo ; building with only two doors and two t windows be? A tool shed perhaps? Lets investigate the history of this Wc^sfLa" Fayette Gcamm decorated so that "J Mr. Tlifltchcr for Jiis little daughter ifined as as a playhouse or doll house This can Temp S was probably several jears before the Petcicko, J. [ Beverly T ESSEHSH^ri \ l.uet"wa,h e i! costottit": Recital Presented "oriir.hrillison! IJ^^Hfiisi^i" Mrs. Wright Holds Candlelight Service essorn. L, Krogsiad, rollicked through Ruby Jean Lynn, Muriel Meistcr, and Harold A. Miller, had phyed the overand his marimba brought things back For Girls; Johnson Buys Chevrolet speaker for the Oasowakita Club pro- College Day has finally arrived and is gram Mrs Kenneth Wright, It was past. We looked forward to your ara veri- impressive candle light service rival for many weeks and hope you just before bedtime. hid an enioyabie time. Well be look- Day but also Betty Parks birthday. Oh, yes, Ihe dormitory gitls have a ftotrs^liraef """"""" lliinimil Speuk»i At Vesper H«ii The student body was plwsan surprised to have as guest speaker Friday evening vespers, March Elder Richard L. Hammill. For past two years Elder Hammill been working on his Ph.D. degrc the University of Chicago; W days in and out of the infirmary. This holds the title and takes care of all Octette Irene Glatho, Betty Grounds, lime we believe its the mumps. Shes financial matters, but really we con. the type that hates to miss anjlhing sideritouts! Joyce Boykin, Bev-erly Dillon. Catoline around the dorm and especially our ^^ goin^,o j^ initialed on Wcdworship period So last Tuesday nesday by taking a group to Florida next fall to head the department Biblical languages. The lext Elder "^"^J^^^^.^j^^/, Song," quite out of sight to enjoy a good began Wednesday, andtwas^yo \t are often interchanged, he urged Margaret Jo Urick at the organ, and J. D, Bledsoe at the piano, brought Betty, and also, happy birthday. more! ing her name to appear in this column sible for many of the photographs of mind The speaker continued pointing out the relationship betv. knowlcdv of Biblical languares

56 " tiic Cold Facts for Nightingale Urges ^^S^^^^^^l^Xt Js3li:S3SEjf """""" ills^sjhj^rr Cold Sufferers " "" - ^ ^Walk with God" gs:**-**^^;:^ SJ P"^ Mmi P,:t. Washinjlon. D. C.. hu J^re a IM "foiit o..itdicin. t.the, Ih.n upon rilli-n b,, J nr, Ihoujh, >nd 5 this tht w. IN FACULTy CIRCLES Aoilc contagious diseases, such as diptheria, measles, chickenpoji, infantile paralysis, mjy begin with sniffles, hcadnches, sore ihroals, coughs or thai "aching all over" fcchnj; often Dr. Bauer offers lliis "practical" good books and reviewing [hem at and faculty mcmhe Faculty Book Club to meet once each OLcntly con- I, Madison College. President and h rs. K. A. Wright y in ample supply of handkerchief tissue, one good book and go to bed." were arriving by boat from the South Ycetheart.- staying.^ Jj sfkmine.j,.. ohn«n If rcllljc MARPIEC Wilkm coflontvobllhni Mr. Clnrlo DM ",?! "" l="«t-tn"»s=e <!., umpn. to visit Peterson to Give "z at Union Collojt, far as tal Senior Recital SSnl abiift^! InT.oL knowledge and Mrs. Harold Kcplingcr Spring Gaihiid Pactson, the lint foni-vra f,o os;,,i,"s d*b".,*r", junior.amps. rb^ Mountains" b)- Rasbatrk, Think o d b, P,nf "ida^^ii^^^a d Ruby Jr L nn

57 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT i]fifi ]7 All r}j A^^Wtm CPINICIN POLL, _,, J,o,1.,., \ SENI0I2 SI^ETCHES ^L 11 f dl) nd Ch n amoph e ea cd bj students ^^ 1 Th n rt nmnpoi n on Mnnd, tvm nj -M.rilyn "n n^^dt" ^\: -«VrRo"!, " ""*"" Vli^bF" c* \ ^ h d B h d Sh pi d?> U p E 1 Q dfod V ^ ^ i Shirloy Lomon. ;i N. d, nnt n,v " -J*""V H is. Shirley Jejnnc Lemons was bor pilf^wi^std 1 ^^issio^ar^ College. Her hobbks a< rli sr 1 t" " and read, Shirleys pel peeve is stra ; )/ ; S:i Icgedale Academy ihis yc^f 5hc al tended Bradley Ccniral High Schoo OTHER CAMPUSES js leinnette Earnhardl. received a.chobrshir durinj: Colk e Day. and Okialion fotptcpl Wheel of Life

58 I THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Southern Missionaiy College. Collegcdale. Tennessee, Apri Constitution Vote Planned by Student Association Next Week PUBLICATION DATE Steen Attends l» icfieduad to pr«ent a locturo Council Association tlis art and hlitory orqlok-blowing. /4^telUacC "PeatmU A,.i ra SSnllJ heuts- ;. r af,!* In Sfferf 0ieAUve PtKfivUe w^d Iwdeis in ihc field of counseling f,am thb boginning but d7j hands, and by pressure of t and throat, Mr. Melville Inown a^ the Student Senate. Sinci Cha.nnan e! Cnn^iuul.nn this body «al elected wholly Ca. on the Both "children antgrown-ups" run^ho!edrithe"orglnliadvep*esen 26 ScHlOIS AlC Hi mae51".*rti Placed by College rnts*dh.t b gta",oy,,h; ts^s^ji^zchel Mnle ClioriiN Sings rssi^t?i:je J^c^itzi^j^t^ ^^>!sjx"o«:;its^!, 111 Biriulughnni irl^rs"esr^fs; S5!fB^iSE?"ri5^3 T;;:;:^-"".^"b!^«S- S ^^isa^sj^stpis.^^:; issisji^ (Kg student Senate ilielle presided durlr lurrent Student Senat STUDENTS ORGANIZE FORUMS, CLASSES, COMMIHEES Sponiored by the Student Senate..lU Coll. c^pt Zihc^o^. ^t^doms. gram over su.iao^w Church Passes S7,000 ^"e %J^ Ingathering Goal i^c music dcpurtm. "".* The student Adminisfraliva Council, Maurice Ounfl.prmcip..l Dunn, princip.-u Jum Junior Seiiiors at Party ^Tr/chi.Khcont,iininK The church conwinini; ^eiliors ai JTUriy ti.c- the iir.ycsi iir^csl ricd Couples Forum,_ the Jvlens (Cn hiiii,:l nn {uf;^ i,.linuii 1 on"ili5pljv thl proof ihat he his Forum, and the Women J Forum meet i..^ God-civen (jlenls as insni- weekly to discuss eampus^^ssuei^ and TobiaSSeil LxllOrtS ulionhl guided him. ""* *"" buiincis contacts, jnj by As the guests entcttd. they were pefwo^l contributions. plciiuilly surprised to find the room Tlie collegtr. rn connection w.thtlic i^ahng very homey, as tliough it and Students in Servici

59 . b. READ THIS On Our Coming Election unlil Spring time brings mpus dtscum elect ings, balloting, speech* ndidaies. Our practice of leiit body for election, except in those isolated but possibly fortunate cases where only one man was found suitable and willing to carry the responsibility of the office. For example, if we^are filling ten offices, we need except where special qualific; ircd, the students would rally be placed according to a y. The top student for the top office and so on down the li; If A and B are up for office a, and C and D are up for offii under this procedure I ludes one or the other from holding any other office unless on office is filled in each chapel period, allowing for the losir ididaie to be nominated for another office. This not only takes nth of Sundays to accomplish, but also allows for embarrassmei steer the electi same setup could allo^ ig student candidates for the having a weak student i o opportunity to register - office. 3. This system also I of boih,because the students are elected jority of between the candiingfo, dates by giving the ^. tht; other one. This in the student because he feels that thi THE SOUTHERN ACCENT The English Department 3 advantages are psychological. It gi nndidat indly, it s.vgi^l^. a disapproval of one candidate. The system of placing only one student before body for approval or disapproval is not a railroading system_ b. cause the voter should only vote after he has thoroughly candidate as to past perfornr ince and ability for futuj The advantages of the e candidate procedure are: ted for each office would tend the election for the best. qualified _^ studeni Studei ingagai each other- 3. It would half because one student would only be considered for oi ofli 4. It is the system wi s the first candidates, thi rs: ^"TVJcTlr.. b^th) nor in hamony with d.nomi- prove of the new P^«^"^^^^hichj^^h9D s.u^cn^kjuvc bctn^e^oried^as 1^^^^^ Tomf in owt, Michigan H., 1,. ^«Ashlock PaiutM Fire ENL-apv, lliirrcll, r 3. F^X"iiii.;!"^ii%t r^^^ 4«lnlho llejoirv Over Trniiiiii^ A(.>(.>eplii D earth {out of thuir weighed in Coon, of ;;y h,-s filad ifs lost. Wh.t i : FjnirMc. and " "!lronsik-clom)- and whl

60 I surnrjs^, [ ROLL, NINE WEEKS recently hdii its : ^^^ ight now the majority of 1 1 plenty. thitd Hoots speciscally. THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Junior Class of 6«FormnUr Presented College Association CFMirin CKFT<^B-IFC: In CLapel. President ^-l^^^^^^- Lambeth Speaks Meets * in Kuoxville m rch 31, 1950, List by Rani poetically all ol After a br[e/ devolion by iv. M "niesbr"" l ides"-" I by Betty J, i, 42 and 19 respectiyely. B., V.r. manrs Tn^the/Sin ""jeldl,t a.jl."cb.;i, R^alsiJoltn"" junior Cummings, Betty ^2 M.V. Features?-28 Sermons on Nature, bad her ownw radio pror in constant demand wht vingnntre ^. seeretaiy, she cucrently hold? ^ """ I Basso Performs In Lyceum Program I IN THE raclltt CIRCLE teri5os "L MrfWrisbl Snil ann vtniy"pfid*"a"il I^were ^ DrKitlenhouse rcccnuy returned lsed"b7thc, &Tenfh.5a" Advintis"s """ Take Advantage Ot SpHug Saturday evenine to have from an educational convention in the The story, siving an intctcsting at- iiot Ilariied " In Several WayS OS fever, ooiting through itrslance. Your writer will not describe loiarle, Wittscbiebe, Miss Kougl, and On Tuesday night, April 25, the M K,.\ Wright, enllege entertained the School Masters- The iunior class went to - \V,.mc, Community Club met Club ot Cbatlanooga at a dioner. After,au ;a bale, Wednesday Ap tend out sympathy to Jaet

61 - THE SOUTHERN ACCBNT 4UfiH<j Pt4e44M Retwmi t: jtame Accetit OH thc Academy Bais, HiUifi Back BcUf 0/ SUuel,. p^nt Let Spring Fever Get You d lr;risconl.»m.««.; schooms Host U) j^esxrt!k"ifri.t~?;sf*p.x.rd" ^i^^^^ I "its JK^t)"",. College Presiclenl^ XS.viZi /^"p"a^^ spring w^i>hi^/xk";;,"! " * "r" / SrJ A "?.....uj >,. ol Ju... ll«in b. hard 1. =onc.n)r.t. bu(po>«be.^ T^^^^^^^ iiiitt".*h m Cross President roundc, ill Srit pro.ij.nt..nd Ihj Ilk Jl^riheSon ;^T^,k, jj utjria- Fre-Nurses Present ^;5^ h b, ^ociucd «;* fc So addrnsa d.o.adomy Sibb.ih.chool u suptrinbri- Andiioimm of red princlpi] in New York Uni.e,-. Seminar SerVICe dm.od.other. She.s.ISO. mmb., «ch o,..nd ple,-.,n,.e,e,...z%n""~ V,,mir». ^- leneib,. : Gb,ho.~-.^.^^ _ k,, che, S.btoh 0,»,... ^.^r««- 7 ^^^ ice eieh, yo~.,s.,j^n ^ta^^^jt T^ /;*" i "rcl&.u"ad? STheTo^S 4h"»s.h,"a"b. """"e- s^^rhe"*;.^ ri r;;i" ;;o "of l "».- ;_;,,p",is\«hx,h ii iiog. dcf i usj;"3 "* -" ">" f/csi D.f " "" """ "">"" "^" th " lo ii-i. «m budd.iib ^i i"n^oi te: Foitit lake. M.iU.nd. Florida; 1951,s expetted. on College ua(^ Beverly is a member of Ihc A. "^ "";"n."ti. " Aihevilk- AgricnIWBl at Fleleher and «se-jiors ARE PLACED. _... emy choii. the Spamsh s.,h,j StoU (.""""eri. i" «I"B "*."." TO "i ;S,o MdaSX^nee""""" " boi, di.ect.,. asiutaot j-hyical ejutsl^&^"&m!:yti^!l eolltls TilfpIofe^^mTemtklT SreErPhilaTe5phi.Vad y, Pb ""J* Xf/Sly, til ^ """r ^ > "* f ";" hs "d»n B,.d«e 1""" wotk. pipk wh^^nm k "«" nhe, uk- "" """"»,^ ;VXi,h* Skg" ^ Cogs in the 1 Wheei of Life Had diapel pro- clowning, AUtn Curlis, Triangli; Club Union Nfissfon Fa Eastern I gram Of. Enelisl. u ee. Garth Till. Kentucky-Tennessee Sr,"n"areadiSe fuul^ curt"ins1z- CQloJjulTsuiU ilstots Prcsidtnt Wright) for thu (hapel Belle Glade Florit the faeolly.even plalform waj rwcntly made: by the Paul Watson. t«academy, iwo-ycar, and college seniors ^He"n*wilmol d strict ast [at) Aiulcy, and dents. Bob Bowers. Bettj- Cummrngs, Raymond Woolsey Seniobs WilLhi.b?ES..c "i^id"cha!rri understand, did Sbor* ^ " nd Mr. Wayne ge, Walla w^so«"-n^ougno"puttmlijl Ruth Vauglm as tlic principal English speakers to shame. teaehmg. Prwidenl Wright and Mr. Pearman ton Kentucky. rnductcdbimhep chmg, G " Krogstad and Raincy Hooper each ""ri"vnii"it SofthetX*. ^""" Mr. Morgan PI Lonia Linda Sojoum Elder Ashlock f r Fo Lk- p^.^^j^j ch - Academy. Thursday. April 13. to con- -phe student, of Colleaedale Acad- Itnown a..pete. The variety proeram by the Nash-.ith>; replied. "Teachers nf hi. meehni;.. villians. Sh.rley Eldrrdge and Bdly Tlirs colnmn in the la.t...oe cred-,.,. received ateeplance to enter the Qjliege of Medical Evaneelists, where Jf f-,]";! "i.e^t""" " " "» " "" ^j J, j,en he I

62 I AudltOrinm THE Laiiibetli Voted Associaliun Prosident Woolse.v, Uenriksen, fiiven l>ul>li<-atioiis Lower TuitionHigherWages Makes Attendence Easier assocme cdrtoi I i r%, Z! Mens Chorus Gives,, ^!!",? S""/"" Mcnon.ry C0II.9. rf, pirt,,,, ( d MARRIED STUDENTS fca.o ih lollhosoutho.naccnnt.d.vchen.»<"" Sh>«" lift our.,.nnd boho (ho (ulur. o.rk.p, bevond ^ " g" Ik. "( Ike Cdl,,, Slot I " ^"-^ Concert «"J f Ika jckool year and +> tke summer and early fall of wkere pricoi of groceriej. and man Bill Dr E;r, mrtur, f iht Me s As ese.l. I er..ill I. an important summer sokool op.ninoon " " *" Monday " eppro.iraalel, 2 ^*" denri " - Ite s"dcm " ^" "" " A«"iaZn d Ike" iiii b?. «mm. ni i,.ddl """" " " "" *"" " " "" "" """ " "* " nun tin,,, I,., utc,,e role of Irasj ", ^ j^j^^j "» " " ",^^ "j " """^"e "" S«ence"s.i"oJfoS sko r "l? "k"" Ti,e new Slndcnt Associallon con- i"e "01 Man Iliyer,"-sTdu,fc uttd add real nler"sl lo iko o«asion. " " * ^" " <= " "" iko.ld r T n ruriirp

63 iilfy designed to improve»riling. Uom Wilni.,,^.- *»5V- i!^,i!^ THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Here Are the Reasons Why Donald Woodall,s ^*"<^> Academy, ntiiiviwimjaurauuait-iroiiiaqum Asheville Anraiil SMALLER CLASSES "n Miuioa.iy Colltge. wi7iec7j«nim CoKp Tltre h w s ^" V" "^ Washineion Mi,. Why should a freihman bury hli Individuality In the crowded JBcfure wo^ihop"n "ih" f"nr da^-"and P«^" of (he Seminar Club and Donald me( his,mie, f"^^^^^*"^^/ lo a number on a profohors clan reeord bool? The good collego li a place bruoms* at ihe broomshop. Between nifba^" e^der^ ^ident^7r"tw "O^""^ Iwo^chiWren, the omel;] Limited student enrollment In the clashes il^one of the educational terms of the Southwesterncrs ^htch is seven years Club, and of age. nie^or^^lan ^ whohrst^tarhlumi assets of Southern Ml.slon.r, College. """" P =" There is on. teaching faculty mem. mfr,;,, treasurer of the American Though Donald spent tieo and o... ;Ii"lL i i?"lr."i!.(r*^^ ^."* "e he HchtbcUtn ifc"rof [.".^Jf^^^^^"iliindE" i3*d h""" " "" Henry resigned to attend school to way through college with no hnami.i prepare himself for the ministry. Con. lid from the G.l. Bill of Biphls. He STUDENTS TAUGHT INDIVIDUALLY in tsvo small evangelical efforts he tenance department, and as night held He has he otdiined as deacon watchman. ^" ^-?!i^rtku^k Sabbath school teacher; secretary., ani " Xolsraetat^MiSa? "[" > "" Volunteer >" "f<" " ; provided for. SPECIALIZED COUNSELING ot.l Eap.n e, SB6.00 c. h to be p id de budget hreefo lih," 1 t.onty.f Ro Ini urs H!, oad) %fo ^200 otal SbTso r C. b to b. p id udget sfo. wo I-.five """ P" Tu ion, 8 hou. K 1. dl Bo a

64 , ":;:::";;:> THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Why Youth Should Attend S. M. C, h^rsidi,; s. m. c. fouows.""""...""^. "i""^ Distinct Pattern fd mci,tmlnp"nnpfal 2" nayp "l-d"o\o "TOl*<i "n": Mimsteiial CuTiiculum Designed for Yearly Growth "" " Courses Stress Practical Experience and Theory

65 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT "te tav/rorsirlm TnTpuy Zi S. M. C. SHows Gfowth in All Departments, "ll,;".!" ; t^fl.,m, children,o «ik, ite ilut,f, Faculty WbII Qualified and Enlarging

66 "i,. """?,: "True Education" Is Goal of Courses Offered at S M C THE SOUTHEKN ACCENT Till:,; "i"!, 7 o CofcgJ owned and opecated Gvenh-day Adveniists >laiiili laiik Iti ihiiliik 111 4iiii\<its lluililingn. Keeiis Machines Repaired r^s^k,=2!s; J^,^-^-s^,-^ Music Department Adds Interest, Variety, Culture, to School Life T,,Tiibs";,kT,X Pi-alse Ser^ce Held ^:i ligiou,,e t for the religious Ihe ccllege it e.- ers, plumberi, electricians, and paintf \j-,j1,"^,"^^ ""< """*" er,..te on the payroll ""6 of ihe main- ^ ""..nj.^i^d" t;icrd?gr:our,e1 worth of labor per sludenl is furnished. Thus there ii expected to be plenty ihus enabling Iwent) jludenk to help of opportunity for sludenl workers :Zt/f7^;-S::Z,,; in Sabbath^Mmin^^ New Students Given Special Attention to "!.r, "d, T.f,h" -^^c? ^^ Adjustment to College Environment " L rifi",3;efh.!,,i

67 S>^- THE SOUTHIRN ACCENT Natural Sciences Are Important Part of Southern Missionary College Curriculum Student Life Varied at S. M. C.

68 Mav 12, 1950 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT " " "" "«"-» Dr. Shull Heads Vast iinil Future PAST-ph,iii,p,i Medical Service Accent on the FROM THE PRINCIPAL - Academy ifdj- and siknily. F,.n; 1,1 i Eood cl.mtol mu c, AlaSl" rap^rifi" igj ^"-""- He, p.1 V.ll "irl"rvsis%.hoo. i to iing in Ihc Adclphiin Qua peopk an /hii"p^*i^cv"inbs minded c lawclcrs." he like* sports, cipeciill) fi^ballar d biscbill. *is the fl (jl«^!h choir for Wb^^suc

69 " THE SOUTHERN ACCENT CONCERT BAND NEWEST GROUP ON CAMPUS, KROGSTAD HEAD I Woodshop Leads Here Are the Instructional Divisions at S.M.C. ti,. ;,,,, J, FINE ARTS RELIGION GMmrm, ^nd ioum.lism tcrai >re " ""^ In SUldent An and music combine lo make up ^h"*^ bk D- E^mi^ biddings. Associ- "^^^[^^ d h II tie Employment Hmld ""Mflltr" csirminonte ">" *" ". i"««" ^"Sli*. Jjjfj i *,jvihe ce«iimaos" of s^l,f. 10 in ^otl^orswdenls uuing private lesfngl orjwufto ptc^emlay probl^ "" """" ""^ "" " "" " """""" " and to provide training lo, Candida met and xmya! T1.C wood jhop i, making a service- "S",, e u,se, come under ijie ^mr^"."*«""""ry "nd Tor Bible teac.,,... nls,ndi

70 50 Seniors March Today Wood, Anderson, Ashlock, Addresses, 42 Four -year, the l^^^v EieMTwo-year Seniors Finish SOUTHHBrI ACCENT n. ^"S\\ Conduct. Student Association o, Completes n iik Last Vesper Hour Elections «r ^\rr- m, Vew _ Officers Take Over Today ilion b, 1 Dr. Sutton Gives Chapel Address ji.mj) luhntpbn. forbirunn DTL<,uTLrd,nyon son or Pco»T doavm" St,m smo» Dr Suhn,.,11 be, ^hars^ jj SMC FollOWS PlaP tnssptx " cti?js \\Tc fh^l" uolm"i^ H>t s^!.h!,!lit lly """ "" tashmln^lmc"" """"" I" Studgnt ActlVltieS fp.nebjj Ac"" M * "co3i ^Siizio* Is Star o( Hand Tobiassen Asserts A Xrai" Concert. Peterson Helps Direct Jim BrikloTl b) (ht Spirit ot pcopllm ii^skmotiock^biibe^s: nw" b,cl.,. SSi,k;oT l]nita" u S,t s^ C3 IXVESTED AT M.V. SERVICE ".m;.» ;odt XmrM"!^ 19 Yoiitli Baptized T,iT,JiSSmS Dr. Sidirie Begins S2 mf?«" "itftatils toztrioll L^Tiir""pimd Lecture Itinerary Th"coord

71 f r ;> "^ Opinion Poll (PuBsiion A: What has tlie G 1 B 1 meant tho>...a, TH E SOUTHEHN ACCENT Moie Dootois On StaH- MCHC, SCPCNSCN, RECEIVE DEGREES colle,a o lab RICHARD L. CLAPP biology m,o,"i;«n a, «d fabbo A: "It has supplied me wilh a ol.g.^.d.=at,ah 1 h"." B: "Every person entitled to ) advantage of them without de ay T " hool< Ihe onl. ti fhfl school of your choice as soon as...bk fo. k... a,a,d " (Charles deark industrial an fe and thra. h. d.,. " had,1 n.t be!^z]h^stl.vtttrb:r^^^^^^^^ In Faculty Circles ROBERT MATHEWS ministerial g soldler\odvili^^n.^ J"2^be1J^ *ahfwt a^weiruecmhat^ 1 "haje^e fadoate 8nt.tlen ovr. 3 nily.hui stlidiiu- hiuilii poriunil, ra that y KENNETH E.^MENSING ministe rtw "h" t" b.gmjt f.j. a.pll " "B?"lt^[t"h"G"l. Bill) affords an t, Jo "on"hi> lui :i ^ ROSC0E a UIZELLE, Lsiness dminirtra ion. bo.ia 1 Bledsoe, Jordan, Coon,. Welch, Lead Normal Lives During Final Ex 1L ipqniibla lekes of tjie opportunities lliat are un for t t f our facilities to serve Him and our fe not using ttieir G. 1. educatior. benef,and... WILBUR J. OSTMAN, religion m alion enabled me Sconcentrate upon the to Southern Missionary College with finances, although 1 have worled som B. -God has given you talents t rc S.I Ith hich.b"l but I gladly bequw ppaal to you to make use of this opportunity. ::.i If Youre Married Girls Have Final Club Night fs^v^sr^sirs Miss Johnson Leaves Maude Jones Hall ;,^J;,^f,^S;,J "ieh""irth^*ihtdf die Spangkr who Nod Holbnd a sped b) But bcfoit wc sa) gqiklb>c monc) Thq ttirtn t allowed lo n "a sp^i^rdult «as sunn I Uni) Wootcn and Mr Hen FORUM SUPPER VISITORS UndLr the d..,crr«that the time for ri)t,l Mr, Hu around the cornet Onlj another ^d Cljde Spi Couples D c UdtaBi=^ arinj =. lji«a r fld4.«self fortunate if >ou re luikj enough and Lois Hiehsmilh en 0)ed js their haic enjoyed fircatl) the ipus durii Ifctoa L^sllitn Rdmor i^ill SiuC! lo be able 10 spend j, night there The) <:onsc<)umcc weannfi unmatched hoes mmy friends lo our car» M.»... reallj arc quite beautiful for 2 1 hours our sdiool year ^"^^^-^ ;;;77~^;7TT Z ^"^ ^""^ "" """^ " f ""S -^ " "^ ^> f"^*^" Tliis^eekour^dcomc ^"d nuit Eljine I, pksuitinl hir m our behalf v.ith tanum and Hospital Orlando Tloridi bcrs of the Coneeft J ^^ lu lonstquen e a\kmerj We II expect jou lo nuke «ho is ^is.tins her sister Mrs AJdon and entertained the "-"-I "" ""=" pric 1.» DO p..- T«r lo. i^.nn -u.. ^^^^^ ^^^ jwa lied an answer Two wetkt,ng Mr and Mrs Bruce Hardest) of in a brief mtetit

72 When tlili ijjuc of the _,,,.. THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Itr. F. O. RittcnlHinso lt<-lim.,.s \) <ir 2» Uigh Sclinol Seniors 4.r.i<lii:il<- ACCENT Staff Bows Out eetly the knoseledgc am,kllls fiiined in, vifious d«5es, two tjpes "of microscope5""mncint from Sontliem Missionjn CoUeee pre- compirision to Dhlsc contrast Ai- oul solo The Lord Is Nf> Light Acadeill) StudeiltS TJ " b^mone" sdo "cto«, i? like" m,e nis a d ""(^."^^"ut dislikes bck seat dctv- EujOV ClaSS PicnicS "yh, t I. ",^- Photography and model air. ".-, },^ m sn i I -inin Nash Gives Address At Prep. Graduation ^ P Co^s in the Wheef 0f Life onor of mothers, the audi- and President Wright exhibited division Sabbath school pre- from the platform, without lelli, :orsaee^--made and given by who sold it to him. red and while streams w ereil "we" SpaDglcr CouduCtS farrte-d at thtiwrk. arid^afiert CoUSeCratioU Hour lojjse" otptiitaitutents"; Si^MotZSj ow/we otch"?]! Acadcuiy Studeuts Help Keep S. M. C.s ^H{rCl;U;"reSB"""l visit werrdr- an^mr-s. Nelson^nd "yihe*7reshman-sponsored Blent Department GearS Tuming In Moming n^et^^know^dx" ^thc~s rakel Ur,- Hughes, Calv?nAeuS NearB ot- pl,, "e did break Ihi appe TOter ptav.>lud 0 of various ages, abilities. j^^jjj* j ^ S^y jj^vjj^j CrOSS Back FrOm S; JTstr^S,: staiter/yz McMllt">ri VwilrA"-"" " A small group of smdeots work at h"»e«i» mh ""t -"hing and gjgge MuiUpS 1 served, Mrs. Nelson, was certainly added the post script over the public the College Press, These nine work. ""hs* ""^lean sweep of Ihinrn at,,, delicious. address system to that fteshman pro- crs put in an average of 600 hours per,c c,!"*- r"" ^P Z^L Academy students were glad, to see- Vijjinia Boykin, Joyce, sister who giam, month. Twelve academy girls help who work 17! hoirs each wc^k. Two mum " E, J,"if az,berxt u??.,e^tloc",""s. " """,! T?\ <»""1""" «P1">»". / me.isme^i.dnawalsi.o»!= hlp - k«pi"s ""ds straight ^7 -? h d he big heii lately" Ph e.n ;e"ed ts:stony,h; Sen cozw sletotchrird in" "u s ^wes i^e leln cbss r^m" ;"A" -"*" «ay Edgmon missed ThTe^ofS

73 THE SOUTHERN ACCENT ITS FINISHED Giant Strides Planned for Vacation Today, as the seniors received iheir diplomas and degrees, 1 shared with them the contented feeling that someching had been accomplished. Editing a school paper can give one manj headaches hut it can also afford many pleasant moments. The educational benefits are well worth the effort. At the end of the course and -ough and rugged road I feci deeply" grateful to the many loyal supporters of the Accent From the typists who do much work but who receive little crtjit CO the workers in the College Press, all have shown a cooperative spirit in the publishing of the papi I am happy that my tv their untiring efforts this y ;r had the year started than days and Weeks began slipping by in blurry succession And its over. Parting brings thoughts and memories of the histo year. And what has it held? Many saw the culmination of four or more years rched down the aisle this morning. reached a mark in their work wher TJiey have succeeded "" eratulated. Memories till the thoughts of each departing student Memo ries of success and failure, joy and sadness, run in endless array in But what has been accomplished this year? Could the tmie be considered as well spent? We say yes. This year, more than anj other year, has seen advancements in every phase of the program of Southern Missionary College. The school is on the road to accreditation, the science huuding is nearly completed, and a ne^ ball diamond has been put in use to develop the physical as well as the mental side of the student. Student activities have taken a definite stride forward this }ear A new constitution has been adopted, the publications have enioyed their usual success, and the ACCENT reached the highest subscription record in the history of the couego. Students have branched out into more phases of college life. Memorable are the College Da) events, entirely planned and conducted by student committees, the successful One-World program made numerous friends for the school, and the lasting effects of Arbor Day, which will eventual!) beautify the campus with flowering shrubs. This year has been exceptional. But it need not he the apex ot advancement. It has taught lessons and given experience that can ili ona pa> cun^.r.n t^p^^^^j^^j^^^ Killg" Woikb Way TlirOUgll Gardner Joins StafI College Making Holey Bakery Good Author of 5 Books equilibrium with office < c^-j ^j Much Work Ahead This is the time of the year when people on college campuses are saying good-bye. Students are relaxing after the ptessure of a busy school >ear, the) are anticipating a summer of ease before (hey return to school But for some, duties are novt mtensified Their work begins where it ends for others This is true for the seniors, and it is also true for those in student office Even though it is \acation, their responsibilities do not lessen To those students who are leading the campus for the summer, 1 would like to recommend that the) remember what the) leave behind. Remember Southern Missionar) College, and what it has e for )ou, remember )our friends, and what the) ve been to :mber the Southern ^ and «hat - Support It in Oct) \\a; jou can for it r(;presents )oui ler. ctipgrf in pto hftj S hh\,d?i"«fora. m on ^ SLsrh?/ oix^""j ""7" Rupeit Craig Is!h["Mis!?onaii vslunlrreijiilg DoUglaS to DueCt 3cp, rm? [a ds r"t > 195 RuJing, bt Tnduj"d n" ib " Hcaltll SeiVicC ""\l^ctii7vlht Coutsr selection Her wntinps hn%e Dototh) Hen,,,^^^,,_, ^, f,^^ Southern Ln

74 THE i^ ionary College, Cnlk-gejale. Tennessee, July 7, 1950 Clapp Chosen as President Delegates Leave SMC Reactivates Medical " ~ "" ~ Cadet Corps, Worth 3 Hours :iff;t. ll.t mllege. m ihe Collegejjje dek- Revisioil.S Plaillied n," i^ i S"^"«For I,vnn\^-, I Hall He iwtyear s^dmtes from """ "M ihe ( H^ ^ mijjie o f September ihe mesie.nd speech beildtag i, J rady fl>"kj "tording lo li.e crejii.1 ^ elemenury edecation coerje inelude for oecepalion. llie mesie iledios be- J ^J^, 5,i 3" ifjji" " Sj! ji" HB [^cb1," eeer: ^"^^^ Colonial Expert Plans i;;\s di;he e5ine1"p"il- "r"""" <bools nejt,e.r in the Sood.ero AudUoiium LeCtUTB TomOrTOW EvB AXipSe" hrhon.= economics """"" " " " """ «" >«>rarded each Jiede. "" S"s."oc~; hecbsi" SMC Alumni Elect it;hr;2ie,i;su"; ;il:r:; Es i"!esf5ri! ^^^SoiSand^^,.^Iille,l,a,, Veterans Given f"** Hughes Prexy ^J^" 2rHHEi {i " "" ^^ Break on V. A., *;"""" *"""" ; S " " " Summer Session C!iialiio*Idrt i,iso rn?h id Total Refund Policy "kje^ardi- ih^mteic? "»,l,,!cove! Enrolls of ; """f" P&iS ^.^SS, 154StudentS 1" In a,ecen, mee,ioe of,l» finance ^ (lie benefit of Ihc Colleficdalc com i-lf 11 college students and 13 IS i-hiphin for llic Mcidicil Qde who enroll under.he then, because of illn cnts. Th nd""e?3s io hutn the SieCieiN-an Defense Director, "?", Wampler Selected ; ra"re.czlltiz Sunnuer S. S. Head onaytschc;"m"; chfsen" ti;e sln»,"ndx ^v" roblcnls ill begin, and virious olhtr and ea i^n E for>.a rd a si ofs"pto" :amhndee Uni.erstt, nsoredjointl, b, the

75 Ji^m Ita «llerea," htlni,iiu? fde m? be" needin.some"*of "ul Tro^VSe ;"saslhnjo" ^ha^f Modcm StrUCtUrCS d^te rnxs^hl- e.adn.i;;.,1,, THE SOUTHERN ACCENT A Sia^ ut f>ict*uiei. Mis. Evans Accepts Professor H. A. Miller Will Teach Church English Dcpt. Call ]^i gij g^j Harmony in Seminary &YfcseSi.^5a dm"fro!rmb M. V.s Laillicll &jbn "(ln\ ^;i"f; 1 StascpSmlJI." ShrjjSj"ai l" Summer Activities MlSiionar, Collese, wdl u-ad, ".."l" iploj n Chirlotte. North Orolin 1 3 i urr.nlly working on her^ma Cliipcl Hill, II is pbnn, n-v. ijt ra.iio pfogram "Quw dm Rub, Jean Lynn. OrjanisB llalane and Evdjn Kill.,,. He nshine bands are busily tlmrel iemh" d?«c(inn of Bobra bet 7. Siilirie Makes Way Hawaiian Guitar Serenades Dorm!!p^ iz" ^^"nplsnnde, ihedi".; To West Coast Residents as Draft (?) Cets Hot "if^fx" i," rannnnnted ih.i a Scholarship (;!,,. Ex-S. JI.C. Sind,,, "A e"lsl,ifsi,. ""- ^-". i!fan,l?f"*o,fsla;^nt. iled!2\"lj^,^,lf f,,.^ "fan ls;el,ie in5an"r,an Mers"Re saelha jr,he"ias few a" mif nj. fteszin ^S ""ai ^*" HoUlCS to Bc fltui,i,"\fms,!" wiluondntl fsom July 24 lo AujuSl "?f i,ave been,n Souih Hall tc- came! "We.e glad^ou have come. If ye-a,i business deparlmeni bead, and calion! he was the only oni I "h 4 al Loma Linda. California, for the cently, you may have been haunted you dont already feel at home,,vc Professor Norman Krogsiad ivill hcld-to lecervc an asvard from,hit I intensive study of the ravages of Kin.g wuh flics or bored with mosijuitoes, know you will as you become better move into their new homes in the University. I nlcr will finish drt. iing out They s. y life is not a bed of rose Th Cra,g home will be a s bkk on Smfiir^^ju tx^^b.^cbrk luce ocatcd on the Apison Pik msthjiihtaeuff br ^^y. how 01 of help, ortampe ie"" \Ve BuTolTTTond thought, Ray, we don HF hlebf^tlivkrofistad^res?^cipml"of"mt dc JonH Zlnh. 5 of Sp.inish would put iu,t d south of the hpusc oe nj,-.} Haro Daniel Hd«> uuc^er wonaoredhow Gene by D Honor Roll Second Semester 1950

76 I, -^^^"l -,. Charles Fieminc, Jr..! I THE SOUTHERN ACCENT SMC Alumni Hold, Sermons at Annual Breakfast =^; ; ;,";.* k- ] CoUegedale si-nj.n"ilr^ Colltpe clfliil Zn- B^il" "eans ANNOUNCING Jrl^riXJ ir^njon. Ti\::,iT[c:\i VESPERS, JUNE I rs <io (o us; S.iian is limited f"" ^ ^" hmn" mli^i K IXlud (0!?^ also ipplinblc toward (he finnd "LTnTiirKcv:,I!!f%gc"Ln^ ""rkine. He jiso s down (hcsaliou^^inswiwith [<"; "icip-«cd CHURCH, JULY I buildinr^jn/lni The Summer School Students CHURCH. JUNE lut in (he- comn- union Tlle ne officers f iht issocijtion Milchell, Alfred cd by ougli The^nl Pwty! Gc-orge Edwa help u T?; E Coikge ( 1 ouegedalc S.iphilofI, ARKANSAS Andrinik IIS faculty CIRCLES FLORIDA Idl. AlL Jane i,it;hlon. J.mes C CHURCH. JUNE 24 I- hope of Chrisls iccund adv elaborated on by Elder Ora eenlea^fbyd Avdy, Moty ngh.s left Thursday, Jur "MaudJjon«^i J RUSSELL MITCHELL f of the Seventh -day j","! R"o^ni,.d «en J- h.». k. G.orgie Senl.l As- Am."^, D.n.l A>, CCiddcn. arol Jean SOUTH CAROLINA TENNESSEE SOUTHERN ACCENT (o*;li >s you already know, we are countmg on you :NT minded. The increased cojtj of labor SOUTHERN ACCENT in the coming year has ere -^1^ rely on the past records of the Student body c M tsmc o."ra«7."t ifj^/ h.";ije"; G.o il,, Ike ary College deeply reqiel t Urn; Mar> Evelyn Lvnn!"Rubv%an alue for the most ACCENT subscriptions COLONIAL EXPERT.nd pleasura^^j WASHINGTON, I

77 , this through 1 THE SOUTHl-RN ACCENT It was on a July day 174 years ago that sagtis of chir Dr. Steen Attends Psycho Workshop olonies pledf^ed themselves with death itself to defend the siatelent thty had just endorsed The Declaration of independence, ranklin, Hancock, Washington, Jefferson for them the principle f free institutions, of the unalienable rights of equal men were aramount. For them principle knew no compromise with tyranny. [ was that way 174 years ago. How is it now.» In this period of impending peril. Christian youth o compromise from their principle of living. Joseph, M< )anicl. Luther, Ellen G. White th. hose principles were not comprom; me was scarred by sin. How is it lau One "f <^e TOe ^a^ has precipitated a showdown with the leaders of the communism movement for world domin ation. The Truman doctrine, the pledging of this country to combat the spread of communism wherever it might occur, has reached its fulfillment on the thirtyeighth parallel in Korea. It is impossible to determine the real f South Korea by communist troops. but it is certain that [he cri is there will possibly determine the events of the next few years. If it was an attempt on the part of the communists to see how far the United States would go in backing up its anti-tommunis threats, they now know as they face American troops and etjuipm nt in Korea. Such a situation might cause the planners of world revolt to move more cautiously and with less haste in their plans o overthrow the forces of capitalism. This could bring about an etj jilibtium in the world powers. If, on the other hand, th attack in Korea was a move undertaken regardless of the outco le, regardless of the course pursued by the United States, the world might well be facin; omet of a World War III. The prospect of another World War with its rials for human annihilation through the atom bo hydrogen bomb covers the world Id with a cloud of gl chills of feat and despai S ^he that shines through and ^.^^ ind years ago the Pri at, without fear, anc ind despite the n la utter aestruction. Nearly two thou- virti of Peace spoke of a kingdom withoui thoui deatli ments of the moment on thi Whatever the days ahead hold in stc knowledge of the final destruction of human strife can soothe the mind and prepare the heart for the impending conflicts of the The most noted recent event in publishing circles as far as denominational colleges is concerned is the enlargement of the pages of the College Criterion of La Sierra College. The College Criterioti has long been recognized, as far as the papers of the denominational colleges ate concerned, as the most professionally edited school newspaper. Two years ago it received the highest possible rating given to college newspapers by an intercollegiate, s progre tail. Soiitli Halls Gets Coat of Red Paint

78 I, Lynn i laundry 1^ ^^^ f l~!;"* Urges Surrender of Qtie Wofld Peace Delegates Leave for *- San Sell in rirst bummer t-ommencement G.V.,. Kcs Remo,. God, Wednesday; Classes Start September 19 Applications Flood dmitpiwm" nhe"scm2, f"*" ""st" «iii ouciiiiy r- Admissions Office SjiS. K,"?J," tlr,:s "^^^^is".,*;is... scbs.* Thi, "«c,m "Sir "? >!,,"^"fi vely few who will ded olom diplom. jnd philosophy division ",t"i!i!h.oo"bi?^ iod?nts cr,oi%i"ms All"wc ""om^letio "S.^slviSiooIlg«id.n«. is^ig" Top-Notch LyCClimS "J f ;jj; "rh*botird ie? o"f lh. "un"ii*ed I Slates, acceptance "" """"T i"* """" " l",bk"hdr<o 5cllonlo.7 Planned fof Year "live io London. Aoi4<"!oforl suy rcwsrdetlo with them the Cl^enco proesiimihit will best ^^"^ " ^^ """^ ^"" "*""" "* ^/^ ^hrvct^en^schcdorcvfot"ne"t othernations are being handled saenec, To^ MarJ^t"lo"ur^h"ld ion of F. o! Ritlenhouse/colie^c AclivitiesCommJIlce headed by C.E. ^up.^ 29%ay and Fte" wifi go by pldl, being, j «sijhl-seeine dri. I parts will be filled to capacity. A h^qij Robbins. and lack Sai;et. former students will begin Monday iii [""I",)." ^^^ Leisnard. imitator of R^y will leave Paris September 3 by I goad number of the prospectsve sf IIabsentia and j«rr;.i rr/rrr h«j, r«eived morning. September "" rompct expert, and in. 18. ^"f chartered plane for his return trip to dents are married. Ei G. l.s are still b,ei, f a,ts degrees Evenings during the orientation T"? """"- ", " <" Stales, but Fred will continue by, I maiing their applications to gain ^h^ ^ j ^.^^ presented by Dr. week ss-ill be devoted """"" """"" to special pro. ^ j"^^^ rail through 1 j Belgium to the Nether. Teachers Leave for [ p^^^ p^i^^j Mission Service The secretary has informed me that your applict er and Mrs J, F Ashlock. of of Southern Missionary.."(imJmsioo!""" " " " *""» H you are a no. student, whether freshman er higher classman, you *;,"r;h!;f."s flsi^i; I* Miss Feree Shows Chrisimas"Slon. ll.e groiing is- Philippine StylcS (here, fion of Dr. Floyd O. Rift and Juoes. wet ftion JccrSg^Cem! Ilfilllll l).-.l. IlaUS ^E Feree. who.vas formerly a Elder Robert Pierson. whose wife " lhale nlj"ihii tv sciencvvas"ses and"laboratories have moved p,!!lun" OH^tation Week" The"timc IS" " ^ "^"^ "^, F". """Sand two sons attended SMC this Jp the new building. The customary peace and quiet of Collegedale surely There arc over one hundred fifty elefo7ihc examination of upper classmen oflice building as Elder RICHEK NAMED MANAGER complete apparatus COLLEGEDALE LAUNDRY " loole. lap by fifty p,ndr,^ will ""_ "" "",rf7tobol (Co,,,. nmited with Mrs. Durich;i, is graduating from held at I.oma Linda. Olifornia. - July meed in both the nurses eourae at Madison College M to August J. This award wa. Mr and Mr dry cleaning and tailoring, having this fall and will join he, husband granted to one student from each ^^^"1 *;"«;

79 .^" "iu^:cm,>,dus., Jeot^irby ^^ ".. Jrup the tents for camp mt«ing they stop Hes no lo"^" tlipible _as a winding unit has been set up. and The ncwlyp..ed5 plan to establish terial student at Sijuthcrn ^^^^ti I THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Delayed Historical Medical Secretarial Training Will Be Tour Succeeds at Offered by Secretarial Science Dept. Last in Third Try VETERANS URGED TO FINISH ARRANGEMENTS c<^nt"iy I^i>o"u"n«d"i " Veterans who plan lo studj Missionary Ridge. Signal Reception Honors the Dr. Lndinglons, Po?nrTs pnal MounUin; and Or- Brothers Present Si nimer Music Lyceum t«c J^"n^ \vc*;e v,si.ed\y the stu- A tcttpl.on honoring Dr. Lewis and WOOD SHOP INTRODUCES The Gei eral,- the famous veteran Dr. AtJtcn Ltidmelon ^* " fi"^^ NEW FURNITURE LINES locomotive of he Civjl War "0W^ >_ * Th.^ Collcgcdale Wood Products tion was n 1 neglected. The students sail from San FrjnciKo. August 1-1, sureeon and Dr. Aileen an«lheio!ogi«sd Tr.hrd«isrm" ^ ^" and Collcg <l/luding S^Cts first is an improved it)lt of knee hole aronper construction. Special tnm is area, and what more enplaced around the sides and from Is there to study histoii SfcfMrrJiSou^ic m Slrnt": "mtcond styksttmed modevents have Hit rlinvm!: lint «js compostj this design is the abscncv of convcn ;ne»;:"lntm"an""ms; CliffSri ikl»roriexa,ttonrj Prciding the iltoplion a musical four-ind )i inojih hli-ac^u along tht same lines. TIie chests, both do not hav the rope-cffcct trmi. Lynn Wood Hall, Cliffotd and Lewis Ludmfiton playtd on 1 heir violins, ll"". TT;»1icini:tli Wrii-lfc /^«Nf w nietionarv Tonettes, Lemons, Perplex Dorm Girl, A. Wright telephone call(,""",,"","tl""mc al n \n5 SS i h could help yo with he, ::zjj::tj:;^z^ elb nljht. tirl! Th ay night may be 1 rsday night is th 2JB South Hall Flooded With Conference ^:::^^" : S"ma,.on^rhou;?^ th^u.o?^; SiSSl and groom 1tecJin,^.i Workers for Camp Meeting; Graves Gone Pres. \\ ri-lit l-lln-lrd mld^wl^m," crhcline^imuc^of i"fi and ciurics^oncs, Wally Welch, popular prcsidinf of ^id.- in som. of the tents. Sorty. but To G. C. CoUnnitleC njt "ormal"" The* two ctrrk^ old bride, the best man. U^l^i" ^^ \rnold Cochran, Apal,,li!i,ewsin«r[ot"th icing people to spend s -"t! RiclSd stoanist o!,"hejas"th.eeda, The hoy. o( th arc having to live in the dorm, but resident of South Hall it s (or single an increased production is anticipated their home in Collegedale in Scplem- College, The couple have ""^^^j^. I

80 I, Juh " ^ THE SOUTHERN ACCENT Sfdenls Journey Dr. Steen Relates Plans, Purpose, ermons at -^ Tr.,nmg fo, llegedale,,.,, *. k S ; p;, """" "r" "i>""i) > at J-"ttl"jTr ^^ ^""^S*^ F-shmen En.ranee Craftsmens F Tests VESPERS JULY 7 l.on Ht enumer.lcd lh,.e pomu, JJJj^Cr.ftsmjn, r>,r mounum folk b I y, "" ""I, "/J"""" "W) «l«>fi Ikci FJ PoM s lul, S lo iln idmmn.1 10 bt punjed ui 10 s,o. m j te tn2m Hm HtJim m,mt!: "l ;," " "% H*! T""S "" ""J l" 3.SuT""ps oi Js^r lb«cherokee iribc n " hijikztmtlim S me. Skcr " looksn.pshob d "o " ">" eonfidenul, onjo "e" Vh"ne i!ld"n l kea 1 ^ Sncaled^ct CHURCH JUrv" 8 00 p«m"k ihrgroop"tode1t ".1 "*"?. ^P*""** HoilSeS mzo i"f\» persoo.l ftesom more i, 1^ J^SI,jJ,«l t"" M DHm,,!d brihe"lndimt icnisies^nr it Sieto S lal"ed " "" " «"" "" "" "" ""»" l^^ar Completion "" "" I"" """ "> " *= -n. ^lie apartment,c hou;^ Speaker coonselled ihit a Jue,,,.?..,? rdiitd ai the.ion of b?, are coming Cherokee Nation r^asprotrajed in the 1-1 thit the gospel IS in!^,f"v J?i mpletc ftilhoul the kno.sledge and [\^^ ^"^" utsmncrsmaj^ce and "understand VESPERS CHURCH I tb»-baviour_hi blueprint - Christ s w!ncfol sa n^nkind P RCH JULY IS hltor?amw"us In the ch rch stcvice ot July 15 organization or as (ami " k"z B^h d.f ^^^^H

81 Who RAIN AND SCHOOL FINISHED? The pro^ clouds became black and omi and eroding the slopes, ihi lining on the opposite side of [he doubt in recent weeks. Day after day billowed over the hills and plummeted alley. Deluging donn the pavement Jagged bolts of lightning wierdly patterned themselves across the darkened I her flashing teeth and viciously threatening to wreak havoc whereevcr she could bite. The old and solid foundations of terra firma shuddered a fearful assent from the crack and rumble of thunder. But the sylvan vestures of nature seemed to deepen and prosper under the convulsive rages of the elements. Frogs multiplied prolificiilly, and during the meager periods of sunshine the birds resumed their symphony. It was approaching the summer sessions end when one morning Ol* Sol sprang over the eastern mountain with all his blinding eagerness. He. too, appeared polished by the abrasive effert of the weather. Perhaps the fitful wrath of the skies portended the summer schools dizzy schedule and the sunshine of course! a full release after the e, km fg ON THIS ISSUES POLL The answers to the opinion poll in this issue, ">Xh3t do you chink would be the greatest improvement in adding to the beauty and convenience of the Southern Missionary College campus?" vary from personal peeves to idealistic, futuristic dreams. The most commented about one item on the campus is the front slope from College Drive to the Apison Pike. At present the campus department is working on a long term project to plant a beautiful lawn on the slope. At present, a cover crop of soybeans is in the process of growing. This leguminous crop will help build up the soil while growing and then it will be plowed under to serve as a natural fertilizer for the soil. But while the legumes are with us, you must admit it is a beautiful crop of soybeans! VERY TRULY YOURS... The last editorial of every school paper editor is traditi THE SOUTHERN ACCENT lally the part of the sta^ during the past volume. However, tradition is not needed here! Special thanks is in order for the two work horses of the summer sias: Floyd Greenleaf, who is scheduled to be an associate editor of the Acceni next year, and Violet Calloway, an in-training elementary school teacher. digging out the news. These two have carried the brunt of Others, too, have been very liberal with their time. Fred Veltman, last years editor, consented to hang on a little longer before he leaves for Europe to represent the school at the One World Peace Conference in San Remo, Italy. The ones who have filled in as columnists have helped immensely. The typists, thojc girls who spent hours pounding keys to get the copy in the final form, deserve credit for a large portion of the work that goes into The "Accent" Front ajding to OPINION POLL Volet Call"" M/mI do you 1/ ibi braiily College c<>n,p s? Viol.1 Tiitmlgf uld be X sidcw Ik behind patch out of " """"- "Wc need more lan-n chiin, cs roum the Library Ttaj^p,,ou d,,.nipi lege Dri buimi s-_ Fix that stuff 1 own there! (Il e front 1 wnl. II would b«^"^"^n"ed some library w alk, ihc c.ikec the library by way of ic ad building. M (V d<ty.wd Mn /. 0. Highsmiih ch on the front campus 1»>ki, onjh b«l,1,, It Mr. Spaldin.campus^wecan^^j "" "t ^\ toti omp..bvp.,,, E ""^whtt^rthi. would imp.o. c the cim dormilorj! Or Jl leas improve the!o *, in Ih old ne," AfaiJ H...d "Lake Queen" Chartered for Student eaue^jcue to Qel Cruise Up Tennessee River Through Locks Ptiaaie SaHUaUum All have been superb in their relations with the summer staff, last summer as well as this summer. The adviser. Professor Ludington, has spent hours helping finalize the copy, time that he wished he could have spent on his new house in the process of construction. So now this editor will take an official bow-out ftom the Accent editorial staff and prepare to set up the machinery for next iffi mm Acci Elementary Teachers Exhibit Handicrafts Made in Classes During Summer School r.:,; i::""..:;":;: SUBSCRIBE NOW! sure you receive every issue of next years Southern Accent Plans underfoot are to make it better than ever! 20 ISSUES only Sl.OO u.ln.u M<m>«<r Andy SopluloU Send to: Business Manager D. C. LLdlnBlon ncllna n. Ulttnir Adr 10 ih. StudKU Edllof oni) Gmib* T. Goll Mfs. Bilicrs plaid elephant. The Crafts class was also very piaster paris molds and plaques, and