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2 FIRST TERM MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Week 1 17 Aug15 18 Aug15 19 Aug15 20 Aug15 21 Aug15 17 August 2015 STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY PUPILS RETURN Week 2 24 Aug15 25 Aug15 26 Aug15 27 Aug15 28 Aug15 24 August 2015 AH Geography Field trip S6 Week 3 31 Aug15 1 Sep 15 2 Sep15 3 Sep15 4 Sep15 31 August 2015 S1 & S3 Photographs am DoE Expedition Geography Field Trip Tentsmuir Beach Angus National Galleries S6 S5/S6 Week 4 7 Sep15 8 Sep15 9 Sep15 10 Sep15 11 Sep15 7 September 2015 S1 ASSEMBLY AH Geography Field trip Week 5 14 Sep15 15 Sep15 16 Sep15 17 Sep14 18 Sep15 14 September 2015 Page 2 of 11

3 Week 6 21 Sep15 22 Sep15 23 Sep15 24 Sep15 25 Sep15 21 September 2015 S3 ASSEMBLY S5/6 Forth Valley Education Convention World Confucius Day 20 x S1 pupils to Strathclyde Uni Week 7 28Sep15 29Sep15 30Sep15 1 Oct15 2Oct15 28 September 2015 S4 ASSEMBLY Higher Geography Excursion S5/6 P7 Parents Information Evening S6 (5 pupils) all day FC PORTO football coaching in Edinburgh S3/S4 Interim reports via school bag mail Art Field Trip National Galleries S5 Week 8 5Oct15 6Oct15 7Oct15 8Oct15 9Oct15 5 October 2015 Primary3 football tournament 9-12 am (outside) S5/S6 ASSEMBLY S1 Settling in Interviews with Form Tutors begin Higher Geography trip Biosphere S5/6 Battle of the Bands (evening) ACE Prize Draw S1-S3 LAST DAY OF TERM Page 3 of 11

4 SECOND TERM Week 9 19Oct15 20Oct15 21Oct15 22Oct15 23Oct15 19 October 2015 Stirling Uni S1 Week 10 26Oct15 27Oct15 28Oct15 29Oct15 30Oct15 26 October 2015 S1 ASSEMBLY School Show Technical Rehearsals and Set Up SCHOOL SHOW Dress Rehearsal SCHOOL SHOW SCHOOL SHOW Week 11 2Nov15 3Nov15 4Nov15 5Nov15 6Nov15 2 November 2015 S2 ASSEMBLY Stirling Uni S1 S3 Conflict & Resolution Day Period TBC Conference Room U14 Schools Competition Badminton 20 x S3 Y Dance all day in Dance Studio S1/S2 Interim reports via school bag mail 2.00 REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE Week 12 9Nov15 10Nov15 11Nov15 12Nov15 13Nov15 9 November 2015 S3 ASSEMBLY Stirling Uni S1 U14 and U 19 School's competition Badminton Page 4 of 11

5 Week 13 16Nov15 17Nov15 18 Nov15 19 Nov15 20 Nov15 16 November 2015 S4 ASSEMBLY Stirling Uni S1 S6 and Prefects Photos - am S5/S6 Interim reports via school bag mail S4 Parents Evening ek 14 23Nov15 24Nov15 25Nov15 26Nov15 27Nov15 23 November 2015 S5/S6 ASSEMBLY Primary 5 Fun in Athletics Stirling Uni S1 Music Outdoor Education S2-S6 STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY 9-12noon Gameshall HOUSE SWIMMING GALA S1-6 - pm Week 15 30Nov15 1Dec15 2Dec15 3Dec15 4Dec15 30 November 2015 Stirling Uni S1 Page 5 of 11 Period TBC Conf Room Cut Off for S5-6 Dance MacRobert christmas Panto S1 Week 16 7Dec15 8Dec15 9Dec15 10Dec15 11Dec15 7 December 2015 Music Performance prelims S5/6 Parents Evening Music Performance prelims Music Performance prelims Central Schools Badminton Competition Music Performance prelims S3 Reports school bag mail Music Performance prelims Senior Dance Week 17 14Dec15 15Dec15 16Dec15 17Dec15 18Dec15 14 December 2015 W/C curling championships in Perth (2days) Christmas Concert (Church of The Holy Rude) Week 18 21Dec15 22Dec15 S1-S2 Christmas Dance S1 STARS ASSEMBLY P6 S3-S4 Christmas Dance S2 STARS ASSEMBLY Form period

6 21 December Christmas Service Last Day of Term ************* THIRD TERM Week 19 4 Jan16 5 Jan16 6 Jan16 7 Jan16 8 Jan16 4 January 2016 Term Begins S3 into S4 Course Choice begins Week 20 11Jan16 12Jan16 13Jan16 14Jan16 15Jan16 11 January 2016 S4 ASSEMBLY Period TBC Conference Room 3 Week 21 18Jan16 19Jan16 20Jan16 21Jan16 22Jan16 18 th January 2016 Prelims Prelims Prelims Prelims Prelims S1 Parents Evening S3 into S4 Course Choice ends Week 22 25Jan16 26Jan16 27Jan16 28Jan16 29Jan16 25 th January 2016 Prelims Prelims Prelims Prelims Prelims S2 into S3 Course Choice begins Cross Country Championships Stirling Gymnastics Championships PEAK 6-9pm Page 6 of 11

7 HOUSE EVENT Week 23 1Feb16 2Feb16 3Feb16 4Feb16 5Feb16 1 February 2016 S1 ASSEMBLY S3 into S4 Course Choice Info w/c 1 February Evening pm **Provisional** S2 Fitness experience Half year group P1&2 **Provisional** S2 Fitness experience Half year group P6&7 S2 reports via school bag mail S2 into S3 Course Choice ends Week 24 8Feb16 9Feb16 10Feb16 11Feb16 12Feb16 8 February 2016 STAFF DEVELOPMENT STAFF DEVELOPMENT LOCAL HOLIDAY LOCAL HOLDAY LOCAL HOLIDAY Berlin S5/S6 Berlin S5/S6 Week 25 15Feb16 16Feb16 17Feb16 18Feb16 19Feb16 15 February 2015 S2 ASSEMBLY S3 to new S4 course choice begins Period TBC S3 Parents evening S2 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS BEGIN Week 26 22Feb16 23Feb16 24Feb16 25Feb16 26Feb16 22 February 2015 S3 ASSEMBLY S4 Reports school bag mail S2 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS END S3 to new S4 course choice ends Page 7 of 11

8 Week 27 29Feb16 1Mar16 2Mar16 3Mar16 4Mar16 29 Feb 2016 S4 ASSEMBLY S4 to new S5 Course Choice begins S4 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS BEGIN S4 into S5 Course Choice Information Evening Week 28 7Mar16 8Mar16 9Mar16 10Mar16 11Mar16 7 March 2016 w/c 7 March Forth Valley Dance competition. MacRobert two evenings S5/S6 ASSEMBLY S5/6 Reports via school bag mail S4 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS END Week 29 14Mar16 15Mar16 16Mar16 17Mar16 18Mar16 14 March 2016 S5 to new S6 Course Choice Begins Period TBC - Conf Room S5/S6 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS BEGIN Week 30 21Mar16 22Mar16 23Mar16 24Mar16 25Mar16 21 March 2016 Spring Concert - Rehearsals during the day and Concert in the evening. Senior Basketball Competition pm Peak S4 to new S5 Course Choice ends Easter Service S5 to new S6 Course Choice ends S5/S6 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS ENDS GOOD FRIDAY *********** *********** Page 8 of 11

9 Parental Response to all course choice deadline S3/S4/S5 ACE - Cut off for activity days ACE S1-S3 Prize Draw Week th Mar16 29 th Mar16 30 th Mar16 31 st Mar16 1Apr16 28 March 2016 EASTER MONDAY *************** *************** S2 Parents Evening School Golf Championships S1-2 Sports Festival am LAST DAY OF TERM Mod lang Trip S5/S LMT Meeting END OF TERM FOURTH TERM Week 32 18Apr16 19Apr16 20Apr16 21Apr16 22Apr16 18 April 2016 S4/5/6 PRIZEGIVING (Evening) (Music & Prizegiving rehearsals during the day) P7 Transition Eco Morning Blackpool S2 Week 33 25Apr16 26Apr16 27Apr16 28Apr16 29Apr16 25 April 2016 S2 (35 Pupils) History Battlefields to 1 May Period TBC Conference Room S1 STARS ASSEMBLY - P7 Beginning of study leave Week 34 2May16 3May16 4May16 5May16 6May16 2 May 2016 P7 (Visit) - Maths (In school New timetable begins SQA Exams begin Visit) Page 9 of 11

10 Week 35 10May16 11May16 12May16 13May16 9 May 2016 Junior Basketball S1 reports via school bag Tournament Peak all day mail Week 36 16May16 17May16 18May16 19May16 20May16 16 May 2016 S1 ASSEMBLY Week 37 23May16 24May16 25May16 26May16 27May16 25 May 2016 S2 ASSEMBLY Week 38 30May16 31May16 1Jun16 2Jun16 3Jun16 30 May 2016 S3 ASSEMBLY Provisional S2 (new S3) Health & Wellbeing All Day Event Provisional S1 (new S2) Enterprise Day Provisional S3 (new S4) Careers Morning S1 FORM TUTOR MEETINGS END ACTIVITY DAY SQA exams end End of study leave Week 39 6Jun16 7Jun16 8Jun16 9Jun16 10Jun16 6 June 2016 DoE Final expedition New S4 Week 40 13Jun16 14Jun16 15Jun16 16Jun16 17Jun16 13 June 2016 S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S1 S2 & S3 JUNIOR PRIZEGIVING PRIMARY INDUCTION DAY 1 PRIMARY INDUCTION DAY 2 PRIMARY INDUCTION DAY 3 Page 10 of 11

11 Week 41 20Jun16 21Jun16 22Jun16 23Jun16 24Jun16 20 June 2016 S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience S5 Work Experience Provisional High School House Games S5 Work Experience WEEK 42 27thJun16 28thJun16 27 June 2016 END OF TERM ********** Page 11 of 11