Last week we experienced a very moving assembly reflecting on Australia s ANZAC history.

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1 29 April 2015 Wednesday 6 May Cross Country Thursday 7 May Mother s Day Stall Friday 8 May Assembly 3 pm Sunday 17 May Working Bee Monday 18 May Open Day - presentation 12 noon staffroom Open Evening 6 pm - 7 pm School Council 7.30 pm Wednesday-Friday 3-5 June Yr 3/4 Camp Camp Manyung Mt Eliza Friday 22 May P & F Meeting 9am Staffroom Friday 22 May Assembly 3 pm Monday 8 June Queen s Birthday Public Holiday Friday 12 June Assembly 3 pm Monday 15 June School Council 7.30 pm Thursday 25 June Chomp n Chew Thursday 25 June Dismissal 3.30 pm Friday 26 June Curriculum Day /Pupil Free Dear Parents, Last week we experienced a very moving assembly reflecting on Australia s ANZAC history. Many of the Year 6 leaders who represented our school at the 25th Annual Rotary ANZAC Day service shared on their feelings about their participation. The students attended the Templestowe War Memorial on Thursday 23 April and joined students and staff from all other Manningham schools. The students of 4F presented a very moving tribute to the ANZAC spirit and it was received very positively by the whole school assembly. Thank you to Robyn Fraser and Sue Paige (Senior Music) for preparing this memorable performance! A reminder that the oval will be out of action on Friday May 1 while one of the large gum trees is removed. You are welcome to collect the firewood over the weekend! Thank you to the parents who have been very busy preparing for next week s Mother s Day Stall! I extend my congratulations and best wishes to all MUMS and GRANDMOTHERS and hope that there is lots of spoiling on Sunday May 10th. A reminder for you that Education Week will commence on Sunday May 17th - it s always a special week for us when we welcome lots of visitors to our wonderful school. If you have a student who will joining our Foundation 2016 group can you please drop the enrolment forms into the school as soon as possible! Thank you for your support. Regards ~ Kevin

2 ANZAC SCHOOL SERVICE I was honoured to be one of the Donburn representatives attending the schools ANZAC service. I enjoyed learning more about the ANZACs and what they had to go through. It was a great experience. Hayley I found the service very inspiring and it was great how genuinely interested everyone was. It is an experience that I will never forget. Evelyn After the ANZAC ceremony, I felt really sad how many lives were lost but also very proud of the amount of Australians who volunteered to go to War. The commemorative medal that I received, will be passed on within my family. Marwan To me the ANZAC ceremony was inspiring and motivating. Out of all the experiences that I have had, this was one that I will always remember. I have been thinking and wondering that if I was in the place of the soldiers, how would I feel? Aryan The Year Six leaders represented Donburn at the ANZAC ceremony at the Templestowe War Memorial. While we were there we listened to lots of inspiring songs and speeches. It made me realise how important ANZAC Day is and the sacrifices people made for Australia. Grace When I went to the school ANZAC ceremony, I learnt all about the soldiers and their war experiences. It made me realise the importance of respecting the people who fought for our country. This experience was amazing, as I learnt a lot more about the meaning of ANZAC Day. Tash I thought the service was a great time to remember the people who fought for Australia and sacrificed their lives. It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it a lot. We also received a medal as a memory for attending the service. Alyssa I would like to thank the Templestowe Rotary Club and Mee s bus line for providing transportation. I had an inspiring and sad time. Alyssa and I had the privilege of placing a wreath on behalf of the Donburn community. Darcy

3 The ANZAC service was great, although it was really sad to know how many people died. It was good to think that so many Australians wanted to serve our country 100 years ago. Adam It was very sad to hear how many people died on the first day at Gallipoli, but the ANZAC service was very informative. Ahmad I thought it was very interesting at the ANZAC ceremony. I got to see a war veteran and hear about his experiences. I now appreciate more what they all went through. Sam On Thursday I went to the ANZAC Centenary service. It was sad and good that so many soldiers put their hand up and volunteered to go to war. Ethan After the Anzac ceremony I felt sad because of how many lives were lost at war. But also very proud that numerous men volunteered to go to war and help. I am extremely grateful of what I have now. It was an amazing experience. Lorraine I went to the ANZAC ceremony. It made me feel proud of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for our country and our freedom and those who fought for us. Gabby. Like everyone else who attended the ANZAC service I had a great experience. It gave us a chance to think about all the ANZAC s who sacrificed their lives to let us live. Aaron I had mixed emotions throughout the day. It was sad to think that so many lives were lost for the stupid cause that is war. I also felt happy to know that all those lives have been commemorated. Georgia It was a great experience remembering the soldiers who fought for Australia, not just in Gallipoli but in other Wars too. Tess Designed By Adam K 6H The ANZAC ceremony was a chance for everyone who went to learn more about ANZAC Day. I felt sad and sympathetic for all the soldiers and their families when they didn t come home. Yet I felt proud for what all the ANZACs did for our country. Luke S

4 CURRICULUM DAYS to be confirmed (subject to School Council endorsement) Friday 26 June 2015 Friday 18 September 2015 Friday 18 December 2015 SICK BAY ROSTER Thank you to all who have offered to help with the sick bay washing roster. Your support of the school in this way is greatly appreciated. Natalie Lucchinelli 17 April Sylvia Lee 24 April Elise Hosking 1 May Erika Kennedy 8 May Bronwyn Milner 15 May Nikki Healy 22 May Rhonda Vasiliades 29 May Julie Mulcahy 5 June Erika Kennedy 12 June Bronwyn Milner 19 June Volunteer required 25 June VICTORIAN SCHOOL TERM DATES 2015 Term 2 13 April to 26 June Term 3 13 July to 18 September Term 4 5 October to 18 December COMMUNITY NOTICE Please be aware that a spate of burglaries have recently occurred in the Manningham area. Thieves are currently stealing Jewellery and are accessing homes via unlocked windows. Please take some time to ensure that all windows have deadlocks or bolts to make it more difficult to access. THANK YOU FROM OUR CHOOKS A big thank you if you helped to look after Qwerty and Emerald over the school holidays. Thanks to the following very generous families :- Mulcahy, Alizzi and Simonovski. Also, thank you so much to the Brennan family who were the key-keepers. Our chickens enjoyed your regular visits and snacks. The girls were quite spoilt! Beth McInnes

5 SPORTS NEWS Summer Sport Our school played in the second Summer Sport competition in the first week of Term 2. : Bat Tennis Green came 3rd overall in the competition. Results for other games are as follows: Basketball Girls Basketball Boys Cricket Red Cricket Green Softball Girls Softball Boys 3 wins, 1 loss 2 wins, 2 losses 4 losses 2 wins, 1 loss 1 draw, 4 losses 2 wins, 2 draw Cross Country WEDNESDAY 6th MAY Our annual school house cross country will be held on Wednesday 6th May at Ruffey Lake Park. All children in Years 3-6 are expected to participate as it is part of the physical education and sports program of Donburn. Children may walk part of the distance. A reminder to return notices as soon as possible. We still require parents to assist by being checkpoint officials to ensure the safety of the children. If you are able to help out, please indicate this on the permission slip or speak to me directly. Regards, Anna All dog lovers welcome to a 4km sponsored walk WHERE: HAYS PADDOCK, LEASON ST. KEW EAST WHEN: SUNDAY MAY 3RD TIME: 8:00AM FOR 9:30AM START REGISTRATION FEE: $40.00 INC. GST

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7 Mothers Day Stall Mother s Day Stall Thursday, May 7 Preparations have commenced for running our very popular Mother s Day Stall and we look forward to assisting the children in choosing some lovely gifts for their Mother s, Grandma s, Guardians or a special mother figure in their lives. Gifts are sourced from reputable Fundraising suppliers and will range from $1 $10. Please consider this when giving your child spending money. A number of P & F members and volunteers will be on hand through the day to help your children choose gifts, as well as their teachers. Foundation students will be assisted by their buddies. Please also provide children with Gift Wrap or Bags. We always require help setting up and running the stalls so if you are able to assist, please complete the slip below or or Thank you, Michelle Chryssafis (2T & FJ) Mother s Day Stall Your Name Child s class Phone number: Times I can help at the Mother s Day stall are: Wednesday May 6th pm (set up) Thursday May 7th 9am pm Thursday May 7th 2.30pm - 4pm All day Thursday Other Time:

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9 COMMUNITY NEWS The School is publishing these community notices because they may interest some students or Community members, but the school is unable to endorse or recommend any of these advertisements.

10 COMMUNITY NEWS The School is publishing these community notices because they may interest some students or Community members, but the school is unable to endorse or recommend any of these advertisements.

11 COMMUNITY NEWS The School is publishing these community notices because they may interest some students or Community members, but the school is unable to endorse or recommend any of these advertisements.

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