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1 Dalby Christian College Newsletter Ph: Fax: Website: No. 15, Term 4, Week 2 Thursday, 13th October, 2016 Upcoming Events 13th October Interhouse Ball Games Competition 17th October Student Free Day From The Principal s Desk Welcome to Term 4! I was very impressed with how our students negotiated Term 3 which is often a tough term to get through as students are tired and sometimes struggle through the winter months feeling like Christmas is a long way off. The tone has been positive and we are all looking forward to a busy term ahead. I believe that the secret to being positive is to be thankful. It s easy to find faults and problems which can lead us to dropping our heads, but by thinking about how blessed we are causes thankfulness and contentment. Psalm 100:4 says Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful to him, and bless his name. Our Chinese Mission Team had a wonderful experience and we re thankful for not only their safety, but the experiences that they ve had and the difference in people s lives they ve made. I d like to thank Mrs Linda Wanka, Mr Bruce Burt, and Mrs Belinda Waldock for the countless hours they have put into the planning and preparation for this trip. Well done to the whole team! Congratulations to our Secondary All Schools Touch Team which competed at the QLD All Schools Carnival last week. The team has been training for a number of months and playing together in the local competition and were duly rewarded for their efforts in winning 3 games. Previously our teams have only had the one win, so the team is improving year by year, and the future looks bright with the young players coming through. Thank you to Mr Wainwright for his coaching and organising of this event. Thankyou also to Mrs Liesel Walton who accompanied the students in Brisbane October Year 5 & Years 7/8 Camp 25 October Arts Evening Inside this issue: Devotions 2 Character & Culture 2 Teaching & Learning 3 Looking ahead into the term, please note: Student Free Day Monday 17th October. Year 5,7,8 Camps Wed 19th Friday 21st October. Arts Evening on Tuesday 25th October which is an enjoyable evening showcasing the talents of students in the area of the arts. Inter house Bible Quiz on Friday 4th November at 2:00pm in the MPC Sport & House 4 General News 5 Classroom Capers 7 Yours In Christ, China Mission Update 8 Stephen Wilson Principal Captured on Campus 9

2 Page 2 Devotions Let us stop passing judgment on one another. Romans 14:13 Instead of Judging People, Let s Love Them You can work alongside and pray for inferior. You don t want to be judged or someone who s having an extramarital affair, demeaned because of your colour, culture or without having one yourself. Remember, you countenance, so don t do it to others! were a sinner before you were saved by the Because the Bible is clear about not grace of God, so act with humility and don t emulating others in their sinful practices, we fall into the trap of self-righteousness. As can be tempted to think we re better than Merv Rosell says, When God forgives, He they are. That s the sin of pride! consigns the offence to everlasting Sometimes we think if we love and accept forgetfulness, so show grace when you certain people, we re condoning their sin. No, encounter somebody whose lifestyle makes the truth lies in remaining respectful, and you uncomfortable. Learn as much as accepting others the way Jesus did. Whether possible about them, and allow your it was racial differences (Samaritans), lifestyle interactions to dispel any preconceptions and differences (the five-times-divorced woman prejudices. See them as hurting individuals at the well), or class differences (Nicodemus), loved by God people who need the same Jesus loved and accepted people as they grace you received. were, while inspiring them to a higher When you love the unlovely, you re just doing standard. what God did for you. Just because Taken from The Word For Today somebody s different, doesn t mean you For more, please visit: should dismiss them or consider them Prayer Points Year 12's last term. Thankfulness for the Mission Team s work and return. Character & Culture Finish Well The school year can be compared to a cross country race. At the start of the race the runners are keen and excited and when the gun goes everyone tends to start running strongly. Throughout the event there are hills and obstacles that make the race tough and while some runners show a determination to push through these tough times, others find the race too hard. The last kilometre however, really sorts out the good runners from the great runners. For some athletes they see the finish line in sight and that encourages them to run faster as they strive to reach their potential. Unfortunately, others don t finish as strong and they watch others run past as they walk to the finish line.

3 Page 3 As students start term 4 of this year, they begin the last leg of their schooling for For year 12 students, they will be finishing their last term at Dalby Christian College. Throughout the year, students have persevered through some tough situations like assignments and exams similar to how a cross country runner deals with hills and obstacles. As students begin term 4 with the finish line in sight, it is important that all students focus on finishing their race well. The effort they apply to this last term will help determine whether they have reached their potential this year. To finish strong, students need to concentrate on doing the little things well; Be prepared for class by bringing the correct equipment and being punctual. Prepare early for assignments and complete homework. Ask teachers for help: Ask questions in class to check your understanding. Submit drafts and request feedback on assignments. Revise work each night in preparation for examinations. Some students can be like a cross country runner who struggles to finish the race well their minds can go on holidays early and their end of semester results may not reflect their potential. This term I would like to encourage all students to stay focussed on running the race maintain solid study routines that will able them to finish the year strong. Jeromy Wainwright Deputy Principal Teaching And Learning Congratulations to the following Students for their success with the ICAS Tests English Mathematics Participation Certificates Rachael Back Year 2 Joel Wieden Year 2 Tyler Berry Year 3 Preston Perriotte Year 4 Connor Cleary Year 4 Merit Certificates Charlotte Irvine Year 2 Liliana Walton- Year 3 Participation Certificates Charlotte Irvine Year 2 Liliana Walton- Year 2 Tyler Berry Year 3 Nathaniel Thomson Year 3 Connor Cleary Year 4 Phoebe Hassan Year 5 Ella Wilson Year 5 Merit Certificate Rachael Back Year 2 Joshua Hassan Year 4 Amelia Thomson Year 5 Kaleb Wieden Year 7 Riley Wallis Year 7 Joshua Toomey Year 7 Credit Certificates Hannah Hassan Year 7 Amelia Thomson Year 5 Distinction Certificate Caitlin Bouyer Distinction Certificates Natalie Kruger Year 5 Credit Certificate Joel Wieden Year 2 Matthew Jamieson Year 4 Preston Perriotte Year 4 Hannah Hassan Year 7 Grant Vickery Year 10

4 Page 4 Secondary End of Semester 2 Exams The Year 7-11 examination block is scheduled for the 14 th 17 th November (Week 7) which is only one month away. I would encourage all students to set up a study timetable. Revision sheets will be sent home later this term but in the lead up to that I have listed below some things that students could be concentrating on:- Learning formulas and rules. Understanding vocabulary for specific subject areas. Reading through notes and textbook pages. Summarising textbook pages. Checking that all notes are in order and ask teachers about missing notes. Working examples from textbooks. Tutoring MATHLETICS HIGHEST IN THE COLLEGE Tutoring recommenced on Wednesday 11th October and will conclude on Wednesday 9th November. These times are a great opportunity to have questions answering and to do revision before the exams. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding effort in Mathletics. They were the highest achievers in the whole College for this year. Jade Fermor, Joshua Keyte and Joel Wieden Marie Skerman Head of Teaching & Learning Sport And House Competition All Schools Touch Our Open Mixed Touch team travelled to Brisbane last week to compete in the Secondary All Schools Touch Competition. The competition involved over 400 teams and more than 5000 students. Teams travelled from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, New Zealand and Singapore to participate in this prestigious competition. The Dalby Christian College team comprised of boys and girls from year 7-12 who represented the College well both on and off the field. Despite playing against some schools ten times in size, the team won 3 out of the 7 games. The team should be congratulated for their commitment to training prior to the competition and working well as a team.

5 Page 5 Paper Planes take to the sky at Dalby Christian College Dalby Christian College s Inter House Competition is one that is fiercely fought out on the fields and classrooms of the College throughout the year between houses Judson, Taylor and Carey. The competition took to the skies with the annual paper planes competition. The College celebrated the paper plane competition on the last day of term 3 with students competing in their class groups for their houses. There were two categories of competition- the plane flying competition and the decorated plane competition. Students had to make a plane and fly it in the MPC on the day while decorated planes were constructed at home. Students from Prep to Grade 12, teachers and parents all competed for their respective houses, with Taylor house winning the competition by just 5 points. Congratulations to students Kaitlyn Bowie-Dickson, Daniel McCullough, Thomas Simmich, Malachi Mickelborough, Maggie Simmich, Jack Dunwell and Dylan Gibbs who received placings in the decorative plane category. CCM Sports Competition Praise God for the CCM Sports Competition held at Redbank on Monday. We had 9 teams compete in Touch, Futsal, Netball and Basketball. There was good, hard play and a high level of sportsmanship displayed by all schools. Both of our Touch teams qualified for the finals and just missed out on winning it all. Katie Buckley, Ruth Johnston, Tristan McDonald and Ella Wilson were awarded with the "Best and Fairest" awards for their efforts in their respective sports. Thanks to all who helped out in training sessions to prepare and for their work as referee and/or other roles. Thanks also to all for lifting up this event in prayer in the lead up. Dalby CC Basketball Team General School News Uniform Shop Donations The College Uniform Shop does not sell second hand uniforms but we do have a supply of donated uniforms that we are able to bless College families with. If you have uniforms that are no longer needed, donations are happily accepted at the Office. College families are welcome to check through these when they need uniforms. NEEDED: Size 14 Primary Summer Dress. Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Freight Appeal. Because of the incredible amount of boxes packed this year (290!!) we are short of funds for freight of about $ Rather than do another fund-raiser, can I ask for a donation towards this cost? If you are able to assist, please put money in a marked envelope and hand in to form teacher or to the office. Thank you very much. Lynda Wanka

6 Page 6 October 14/10/16 Annette Peterson & Julie Gaul Baking: Sue Kruger Tuckshop Roster 4th Term 2016 October - December November 04/11/16 Jo Bulow & Liesel Walton Baking: Delma Neuendorf Let me know ASAP if I have rostered you on for a day that doesn t suit you 21/10/16 Cherie Riches & Bernadette Walker Baking: Wendy Bouyer 28/10/16 Selina Fleming & Roslyn Hidayia Baking: Joy Keyte 11/11/16 Julie Gaul & Camille Town Baking: Camille Town 18/11/16 Bernadette Walker & Selina Fleming Baking: Joy Keyte 25/11/16 Roslyn Hidayia & Liesel Walton No Baking Please wrap baking individually before delivering to the tuckshop. Thank you Amended 13/10/2016

7 Page 7 Year 12 Pizza Day The graduating class of 2016 are running a pizza day fundraiser Wednesday 26th October. Forms and correct payment are to be returned to the College by Wednesday 19th October. Funds raised will go towards to the end of year formal. Classroom Capers Year 6 Excursion by Alexandria (Lexie) Walker Year 6 students, supervising parents, teacher Mrs McCullough and bus driver, Mr Simmich, gathered on Friday, the 9 th of September, ready and excited to explore, learn and maybe have fun. On the bus we sang, talked and played games until we arrived at Plainlands for a superb morning tea provided by Mrs Gemmell. We then travelled to the exciting Brisbane Museum and Sciencentre. On arrival, we checked our bags in and explored the exhibits on level 2: Parasites, Courage of Ordinary Men (ANZACs) and Lost Creatures (dinosaurs), then made some purchases at the Museum Shop. A museum staff member then collected us and we went to the theatre to learn about Animal Classification and the organisation of the Animal Kingdom. On the way out, we saw the display of sparkling crystals, which were very beautiful. We then did a little more exploring in the Discovery Centre, where there were lots of displays of animals and insects and artefacts along the walls, and did some activities, for example, looking through a strong microscope and finding the stick insects among branches and leaves. Then we went downstairs and had lunch with the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops and used the exercise equipment. Next, we went to the Science Centre which is located on level 1 of the building. In the Show Zone, we watched a show about electricity and learnt that electricity can pass through people and light a bulb. A fun fact is that you can make electricity from potatoes. After the brilliantly presented show on electricity, we went on to experiment with the games at Measure Island and the Body Zone, which had a spinning chair, race track, illusions like a massive table and chairs and many other fun and interesting games and activities. We then gathered together after an amazing experience for the long trip home. The excursion was fun, interesting and a good way to bond with friends, supervisors and classmates.

8 Page 8 China Mission Update China Mission Team A big THANK YOU to all who prayed for and supported the team in so many ways. Prayer is such a key to a successful mission experience. This fourth DCC China Mission trip was outstanding. The team worked hard at whatever they were asked to do, whether painting a mural on the wall of New Hope Deaf school, or scrubbing mats, or blowing bubbles with children. They united very well as a team and kept going under trying circumstances at times. Parents, College community and friends can be very proud of their young people. It s sometimes hard to put into words the experiences on a mission trip, but I will try to give as best an overview as I can. The following are what our students were involved in: Sharing their testimonies, praying for and encouraging their brothers and sisters in China. There were some powerful times of ministry. Hosting children from Mercy Fields orphanage to lunch (we were to have a barbecue with them, but owing to the weather this was changed). Those children could EAT!! Games and crafts with the Mercy Fields children Supplying new back packs for the Mercy Fields children 3 days visiting the Government Orphanage. Here the team did crafts, games & generally loved on those children. The director of this orphanage commented on how she loves our team to come because our students love all the children and the activities we do are very thoughtful. This to me is seeing Jesus in the love our students bring. 3 days at the New Hope deaf school, where we scrubbed rooms & mats, built a wall/doorway for the children s bedrooms, painted a mural on one of the outside walls. We were able to give a donation here. 2 days at Shepherd s Field orphanage, where students played with the children, helped out in the school & ran a Vacation Bible School for two afternoons. We brought many supplies from Australia for this orphanage. A visit to Agape House for Brittle Bone children and young adults where we did yard work, played with the children & some crafts. A visit to Hallier s home for boys, where it was playing with the boys as well as a little maintenance work. We treated the Hallier s boys and the Agape House kids to McDonald s, which they loved. We were able to meet financial needs at both of these places as well, which they had been praying for. Thanks to all who supported our fund-raising ventures, the money was put to the work of the Kingdom in various ways. What a wonderful privilege to bring an answer to people s prayers. Lynda Wanka, College Chaplain

9 Page 9 Dalby Christian College Captured on Campus To Educate, Nurture and Disciple China Mission Team Commission Service 2A Mary Street Dalby, QLD, 4405 Ph: Fax: Paper Plane Competition Arial Drone Photos