Nga mihi nui. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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1 Broomfield School Active, Innovative, Innovative, Collaborative Collaborative In this newsletter: 2 2 N D F E B R U A R Y Welcome Birthdays Principals Awards Bot Meeting Whole School Assembly Booster Seats Easter Long Weekend Broomfield Triathlon Events Small Schools Swimming Event Family Accounts Board Report The BEEs Term 1 Calendar Community News Nga mihi nui Firstly, I do apologise for any inconvenience caused by closing Broomfield School yesterday. A large number of Canterbury and North Canterbury schools made the decision to close early Tuesday afternoon. This was based on advice given by both the Ministry of Education and communication between a number of schools within our cluster. Another important factor in the process, was the safety surrounding our school buses and the large number of our students travelling to and from school with the surface flooding expected. This week we have played host to an ERO (Education Review Office) review team. Their visit was launched with a full-school karakia, powerful haka led by Campbell Heasley and a harmonious waiata to finish. Our students can be very proud of their efforts indeed. During this review process, we will share and celebrate our successes and focus on what we can improve on in the future. I will keep you up-dated when the report takes shape. Today, the weather cleared and we were able to hold our 2018 school triathlon. It was a great day of racing and our contestants demonstrated a real competitive streak. Congratulations to those students who will now go on to represent our school at the Kowai event. This will be held at the Amberley Swimming Pool and Domain next Wednesday, 28 th February. Also next week, Kowai class will experience an overnight mini-camp experience in Christchurch. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents and caregivers who are attending with their children. It will be a whole lot of fun! Enjoy the Clip n Climb experience too. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Andrew Kemp, Principal 115 Mt Brown Road, Amberley RD2, Phone Mobile / /

2 B R O O M F I E L D S C H O O L ~ A C H I E V E M E N T, B E L O N G I N G, C R E A T I V I T Y, S E L F B E L I E F WELCOME We are pleased to welcome Charlie Henshall to Broomfield School. Charlie celebrated her fifth birthday on Sunday and has started as a full time student in Tawa class. We look forward to you being part of our Broomfield learning community. BIRTHDAYS This week we wish a happy birthday to Dominic Morgan, Denver Donaldson, Levi Sutherland, Scarlet Henshall, Sam Reilly and Jessica Linton who all celebrate their birthdays between now and our next newsletter. We wish you all an amazing birthday! PRINCIPALS AWARDS The following children received Principal s awards linked to the Broomfield values at our school assembly held last Thursday; Achievement ~ Summer Sutherland Belonging ~ Hosea Reveley ~ Georgia Hope-Pearson ~ Skylah Saul Self Belief ~ Poppy Mein BOT MEETING Our next board of trustees meeting will be held at school on Tuesday 27 th March starting at 6pm. WHOLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY Our next whole school assembly will be held next Thursday 1 st March. The assembly hosted by Matai children starts at 2pm in Nikau class. We welcome all parents and caregivers to join us for the assembly. BOOSTER SEATS Thank you to the families that have already gifted a booster seat to school. If there are any more available please send them along to the office. Many thanks. EASTER LONG WEEKEND Please note that the upcoming Easter break includes Friday 30 th March, Monday 2 nd April and also Tuesday 3 rd April. School starts back on the Wednesday.

3 B R O O M F I E L D S C H O O L ~ A C H I E V E M E N T, B E L O N G I N G, C R E A T I V I T Y, S E L F B E L I E F Jitter juice is sweet and blue like the sky and the stars s are pointy. The jitter juice was super super good. The bubbles were fizzy like a sapphire. by Jock Riley Kowhai trees are native. They are special with tiny leaves and nectar. The leaves are green turning yellow. They are droopy and hanging down. by Chloe Saul CHILLI BAG FUNDRAISER We only have 2 chilli bags remaining for purchase from last year s Nikau camp fundraiser. The chilli bags are only $20 each and are Student available Executive through the 2012 school office. A reminder to all Y7 children to think about the BROOMFIELD TRIATHLON EVENTS Today we held our whole school triathlon events at school. Thank you to all the families and friends who offered encouragement to all the children. Children who did well may have qualified to compete at the Kowai triathlon event to be held on Wednesday 28 th February at the Amberley Domain starting at 1pm. More information will come home for these children. SMALL SCHOOLS SWIMMING EVENT All of Nikau, Matai and the Yr4 children from Rimu children will be involved in the Small Schools Swimming Sports to be held on Thursday 8 th March. The event starts at 9.30am at the Amberley swimming pool. Swimmers will be transported to and from the event by school bus. The school will cover the cost to attend this event. Children are reminded to bring their togs, goggles, swimming cap (optional), two towels, food for morning tea and a bit extra, a drink and warm clothing. Children who finish first and second in the two length events may go on to compete at the Kowai swimming event, scheduled for Monday 12 th March at the Amberley Pool starting at 4pm. SWIMMING PRACTISES Over the past few weeks Nikau and Matai children have been traveling to the Amberley pool for some swimming practises in preparation for the upcoming Kowai swim event. Our Yr 4 children in Rimu will join Matai and Nikau children for the new few weeks at these swim practises. Nikau and Matai children will be charged $14 per child and the Yr 4 children will be charged $7 per child to cover the entry costs into the Amberley pool and a contribution towards the transport costs. This will be added to your child s account. FAMILY ACCOUNTS All families will be sent home with an account by the end of next week. We are happy to set up payment plans to assist families to make payments over time for school activities. Please contact the school office for further information.

4 S C H O O L ~ A C H I E V E M E N T, B E L O N G I N G, C R E A T I V I T Y, S E L F B E L I E F B R O O M F I E L D S C H O O L ~ A C H I E V E M E N T, B E L O N G I N G, C R E A T I V I T Y, S E L F B E L I E F BOARD REPORT Kia ora koutou The 2018 school year is now well underway, and it is great to see the staff and students settling in for another year of opportunities and challenges through learning. I d like to especially welcome new families to Broomfield School. You are joining a school that values Achievement, Belonging, Creativity and Self-belief as our core values and I expect these would have already been demonstrated to you. Over the holidays the school pool was out of action for some time. This highlighted to me both the importance of having a school pool and the associated investment we as a school must make to keep it operational. Recent media coverage highlighted that only 1 in 4 schools in NZ now have an operating pool. The school pool requires additional investment of $7,500 to replace the filtration system. We are hopeful that grant funding will cover most of these costs. The School App has been implemented. This was something that came out of the Communications Survey that was undertaken last year. The App is designed to help streamline communications from the school to the wider school community. I d like to thank Heidi for her perseverance in getting this up and running. I look forward to seeing the alerts about all the exciting things that happen at school. The Education Review Office (ERO) has been scheduled to visit the school this week. This is an exciting opportunity for the school to demonstrate our strengths and get an independent perspective on any opportunities for improvements. Thanks to the Board and Staff who have worked hard to ensure we can put our best foot forward when ERO visit. The full ERO report will be available later in the year for your information. Last, but certainly not least I look forward to hearing the results of the cookie baking competition and wish the judges all the best and hope their constitution is solid. Richard Lindsay, Chairperson The bees THANKYOU The BEES would like to thank the parents and children very much who helped with the recent fundraiser clean up at Pegasus Bay Winery. Your support was amazing and without it we cannot get these tasks done. From this fundraiser we can donate $500 to the school. A BIG thank you to the Donaldson family too.

5 The bees Easter Raffle Hamper Can each family please donate an Easter chocolate item to put into a hamper. Please hand any items into the school office before Tuesday 20 th March. The raffle tickets will be sold at Countdown on 24 th, 28 th and 29 th March. HOT CROSS BUN FUNDRAISER Please find attached an order form for a Hot Cross Bun fundraiser. Please send your orders and money back to the school office by Friday 9 th March. Please note you can only pay by cash or internet banking into The BEES bank account. Hot Cross buns will be ready to be picked up at 3pm from school on Tuesday 20 th March. SUSHI DAY Friday 2 nd March Place and pay for your child s order at Sushi Maru in the Countdown complex in Amberley by 4pm Thursday March 1. Orders will be available for children to collect from the table outside the staff room at the start of lunch on Friday Term 1 Calendar 5 Mon 26 th Feb Tue 27 th Feb Wed 28 th Feb Thu 1 st March Fri 2 nd March Nikau, Matai & Yr4 Swim Amb Pool 9-10am Twilight Football Miniball 4yr old program Kowai Triathlon KOWAI CAMP at Top ten Assembly - Matai Sushi Day MasterChef Preschool Morn Tea Starts Mon 5 th Mar Tue 6 th Mar Wed 7 th Mar Thu 8 th Mar Fri 9 th Mar 6 Nikau, Matai & Yr4 Swim Amb Pool 9-10am Twilight Football Miniball Swim Amb Pool 9-10am Small School Swim Event Newsletter MasterChef Birthday Cake Challenge Scholastic Orders Due In Mon 12 th Mar Tue 13 th Mar Wed 14 th Mar Thu15th Mar Fri 16th Mar Kowai Swim 7 Event Twilight Football Miniball 4yr old program Assembly - Rimu MasterChef International Theme Challenge Sausage Sizzle Mon 19 th Mar Tue 20 th Mar Wed 21 st Mar Thu 22 nd Mar Fri 23 rd March Chocolate Easter Raffle items due in MATAI CAMP TO YMCA WAINUI Theatre Visit for Twilight Football Enrichment Group 8 Hot Cross Bun Order Pickup at 3pm Newsletter Miniball

6 9 Mon 26th March Tue 27 th March Wed 28 th March Thu 29 th March Fri 30 th March Canty Duathlon event Twilight Football Rimu Camp to Blue Skies BOT Meeting 4yr old program LIFFT Stem Challenge Assembly - Kowhai GOOD FRIDAY Mon 2 nd April Tue 3 rd April Wed 4 th April Thu 5 th April Fri 6th April Canty Swim Event 10 Sausage Sizzle EASTER MONDAY EASTER TUESDAY Newsletter Mon 9 th April Tue 10 th April Wed 11 th April Thu 12 th April Fri 13 th April 11 The BEEs 7pm 4yr old program Assembly -Tawa Last Day of Term 1 Next Newsletter NEXT Thursday 8 th march COMMUNITY NEWS


8 Rakahuri Rage Helpers Needed We require helpers (Teachers or Parents) for the Rakahuri Rage on Sunday 18 th March You will be out on the course as a track marshal, encouraging the riders and communicating any problems, via walkie talkie, to the main organisers. There are three times available: 10 12noon 12noon 2 2pm 4pm (coffee or cold drink (lunch and a drink (coffee or drink provided) provided) provided) This event is the major fundraiser for the Waiswim schools swimming programme, so your support would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please complete the form below and return to Tanaya by Friday 2 nd March Name Contact Number Time (please circle): 10-12noon 12noon 2pm 2pm - 4pm