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2 V ALLBY FORGm was occupled by Wasbington and til Ameican Alll)' fom Decembel' 19, ] 777, to,lune 1, 1778, Dy collsummnte geuealslüll, he had foued Howe's atlempted plan te coss New Jesey, and tha BI'Wsh wee Ol'c d to attel1lpt the capttu'e of PbiJndelllhja fom tha SOUUl, Landing at E llt Rivel', slow advanee was made upon the "Rebel apltaj." Washinl:,'tOI1 made a stand at Bandywine, and was betayed, but sll.yed hls al'my fom destllctloll, and li'ilhdew in good ol'de, 'J'hen 'followed those long and weay We, ks of mal'chlng luid countel'mal'ching, dul'ing which Yalle F1'ge becallle tb liite of a TII'ltisl! camp, Philndelphia was occujlied by Howe, aud tl1e bold attack \lpon Gel'mantown failed, Those duys of tl'ial wee but tlle 1)I'elllde to Ule hade tinis o a winte camp, Whel'6 tlje llecessitles of lie wee al times wanting, and disease was a deadl!el' foe Lhnn tlla musketl'y of tlle opposlng fol'ces, Tbe onds fuat edd ned unde!' lhe baefoot soldiey led to Valley Foge, wllel'e the nnked and balf-stal'vhlg j)lltl'iots so boe thal hlll'dships as to melt lila ulldylng gatltnc1e of tlje lllej'ican 11 1)1 alld give to the name 'Vall el' 1\ ol'ge anel to thls llictuesque spot a gloy thnt will nevel' fade,

3 \'"UJ:\' :()lwi 1'11 State of Pennslyanla has puehased liealy 6 nces OC<:Ul,ied hy tho toollll dul ng that melllollhie Winte, and has slml.nl lal'ge SlI llis In mnklllg allleasue gouud fo nll I)CO Ille, Inelnded In lile Pak flo Washlngton'8 Headquntes, close IJy " Tht! Reading" slat[oll, Hee ne lile OOIlIS ollee oceu!licd h)' lila geat CommnntlC.I11 Chle. Thc blilldlug Is lil 11 won deful stale of lll'esevauoli, nnd Is Just as he left It, wlth lhe aid windows, Inlches nnd l)olts. Even tlle seel'el eceptnele made [o hls Vlvate pa lies hl\8 been kept Inlaet. Upon tlle IIllls back of lile houllo IIo tho 11' IcnchmcnllJ. 'fhe Stato hall made them oallll)' acceljllble b)' lhe boad, well koi)t \)oulevads. These follow lho low dltches dug wllh sa mueh 1)8ln 11IId 8uffelng b~' tlle AmelclUI flo ldleil moe llian a centuy l\lid n quale ngo, to fo lll, all fa a8 they colild see. the last IJulwak o.'mclean IIIJety. 'i'he boulovads cj(lend to 13e\'enl mtles, ulul define the liml18 o tlle en eamlllllenl ovcn whee lhe last u'acc o tha patiot's wok hak been ohlltented. The wood land sietches, cul thl'ough We [oelll, ac IIhaded IJy lil o ovcloplllng tees, nnd luc de lighlful etcnts fonl lhe Summel' heat. l3y n jud[clous use of lhc aj(c. vislas o vcdant fel'" tlle fiel ils nnd tcllle tam lands, oud lhe wates o Valley Ceek, have been ovclled la tbe eye. Invltlng bldle llaths lead off lhollgh the O\'en moe 1)IClUcs(\ue IlllLS, IJy banks o and on. 11\, On the summlt o Mount Jo)' lhe Commis sion has aeetod an oijsen'aloy fol' thc \lsc o lhc Imhllc. Fom 1111 helghls the toulbt CI111 Kee fo mlles, allel ma)' locale lllany polntll of hls tole Intecst whleh thlckly e ' aoulld Vnl 1)' fo'ol ge. Below lies the OIlCnJllllnlo:ml site, 8 ndmlably lielectcd ol" dcensc. T wo o tila fot8 ae 8tlll weil lleseved, but lhe thld hus heen 1IIIed In. The locatloll of cscil blgude lias beon mnkcd by a ganito nutke. In same p\ac8 tbo hut holes can be plaldly tmced.

4 CD ~ en ;Jl "TI ~ I en z en (J) < z < z z o <... ~~ en en en! -< z '" ~ '" -< ~ <n :s: en :;:: o '" o I "tl en

5 Tbe State has pjnced a fine! equ9stl'ian Statll13 o[ Geneal \VaYlle on the site of lhe Pellllsylvfi' nla. Biga Ie, ovelooklng Ule beautlflu expallse ot t116 Gaat Valley, On lhe 1 ct \V'ln!'\' llle Daught l' of tlla Revolutlol; have l'ectetl a J1bJe gj'anita shat to tb unknqwll dead wh sleep at 'alley li'og ', Tb is is Vlaeed by lh otly mal'ked gave. Abova Il, on Ibe hili, th.e same 8 iety has built Il l'el)j'oduclion of the sol (lies' llut$, sml I\I'und it ae mally of lhe hut holes. lose by is th Washington MemoIal ChapeL WASHINGTON MEMO~IAL CHAPEL Thls Is [neompl te, but ajl'eady contalns. v al handsome l1lemolals of Lhe hel'oes of Lha R volulloli, lucll1djng the melllol'lals of '"Vash IngLon, Lh "Pews of tb Patl'lots," aud melljo I'ial tabl ts, AdjolnlJlg the hallel Is the "C!olstel' o. lhe Colonle8," which Is unlque nnlong Amel'iean memol'lujs of patjotlsnl, Whlle outy!lvg bu)'s have been built, these gil' a good lden of what lila eolllpl t delolste wlll ba, wub Ils gaeeul stone tacey anel stately ul'che!4, New Jal'sey, Pennsylvania, Vll'glnia, MUl'yland alld IIlSS!l.ehuseLls ae U1e tates now l'e)1l'csant d, In th ih'st oom of til Patl'lot8' Hall!las been opened the Valley FOI'ge Museum oc Amo lean IIisLoI'Y, FT 1'6 is exhlbjted ashlngton's n1ul'que, tlle tent lised as 111s omel.a l lleadllual" tes thl'oughout the 'Wu of the Revo;lltioll and Iis 11I's headqual'tel's at Valley Fo"'e. 'J'be co.!!eetton of e lies IUush'ates ajl pe1ds ot Ame lean blsto!'y, Tha ue thl'ee picnlc golmds at Valley < oge, The Sta~ Gove is naa!' Fot Huntlng ton, nnd Is povic1 cl wlth tilbies, etc, Tlte Valley 1"1' El g oullc1s, pivate po)lety, nl'e nea the StatIon, auel ucljoin lhe pond, The gove back o'f the WaShington OhaJ.)el Is a18 avali abla fol' p'lemcs,


7 GOATING The old uam acoss Vall ey Oeelt has been l'cbuilt, incl'easl1l the deptil of tlle vate, and mald'ng Ule tlp'pel' pat::; of tlla }Joud Ilccesslble fol' boatlng pàl'tics, 'l'he pond extends to UI Clualnl covcl'ed hidge, IJ YOlld which ae the beal1tiful gounds of "Vall y Fog Fal'm," tbc Summe home of the Hon, PblhWldel' C, Knox, ecl'etal'y of State, lage 1111mbel' oc weilb>;,i1t boa s anel cauoes ae ]tept fol' hh', Along lhe nstel'n sho!' of Ute 11,o.el Is a I'oad\\'a~' ':>..'t lidlng fl'om VnlJey Fog to tba ovel'ed hl'idge,,,\bove It I'lse th heiglits of 'NJount JOY nlld Mouut l\use,i', 'I'hls shadecl, luountalll. glllhded and whlcl' ght. l'oad Is one oe til most chul'mi ng featues of ~~ ptotuesqlla I'eglon,,HOTEL ACCOl\1MODATlON5 '1'11 Washington Tun, the Vallcy Foge Inn, the 'o]onlal nlld UIC Mnnslon Honsa offe hotel accolllmodntlolls ta til ta \'ejlng puhllc, Automobil S 1111 be seclil'ed at th olonlri ndd WashhlgtOIl nn,. and CIII'I'I<lges at UIa vvnshillg ton I nu f o\' slght seel ng pal'tles al l ea511n1.>le l'ates, ~.IJl "The Reading" slation, al mosl dlectly opposite 'Washington's l:iand<,!ul\l'tel's. i s alao at tlje stal'ullg poin t of the boulevad, " The Reading" offes good lain sev! e wlth 1w l'ates of ae, Spec1aJ Indu em, nls al' made to ol'ganh:auolls, etc".fol' paties o 25 Ol' mol'e, Fol' lll! infol'mauon as to ates, etc" addl'ess W. H. McCORMICK Assls t ont Gene ol P.. ssenr'c Al!'cnt I{e.lldlng Teminal, Phllodelphla, Pa. EOWIN I~, L.EWIS Ols l iet Pass ~n R'e AR'e nt t J th ond Chcatnut St oets. Phlladelpbla, Pa., L. JI'I"UOER Distict Pass.nge Agent I{eadlng. Pil. 12, O. ROP ER Oistkt Pas"cnge ~ ge nt Wllllam. put, Po,, B, KAUFPNlAN Peueng''' Agent Boadwelk.nd Noth Cnonna Ave,. Atlanlle City, N_ J