DUM č. 19 v sadě. 2. Aj-2 Reálie anglicky mluvících zemí

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1 projekt GML Brno Docens DUM č. 19 v sadě 2. Aj-2 Reálie anglicky mluvících zemí Autor: Eva Zajíčková Datum: Ročník: maturitní ročníky Anotace DUMu: Svátky a významné dny Velké Británie a USA. Aktivity procvičují znalosti studentů v rámci tématu Holidays in Great Britain and e USA. Materiály jsou určeny pro bezplatné používání pro potřeby výuky a vzdělávání na všech typech škol a školských zařízení. Jakékoliv další využití podléhá autorskému zákonu.

2 HOLIDAYS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE UNITED STATES OD AMERICA TEACHER S SHEET Task I. Holidays in pictures and symbols: Students should discuss eir own knowledge of e holidays in GB and USA. Tell students to draw eir own images which associate wi e British or American holidays, have em share eir own ideas, students may guess each oer s pictures Copy a handout wi pictures, give one to a pair of students and let em discuss why ese pictures might be symbols of e various holidays Make bigger groups and let em share eir knowledge. Tell em to turn e page and check eir opinions. OR use data projector instead of copying and follow e same instructions. Task II. Calendar: Students work in pairs. Give em a copy wi e blank calendar. Students try to fill in e calendar wi as many holidays and festivals as ey know. Tell em to turn of e page and check eir answers. Task III. Short texts about some British and American holidays: Copy e handout wi e texts and cut em separately. Students work in groups of four. Each student reads e given text (two British and two American) and reports about it to eir group. Groups togeer speak about e dates of e holidays. You may have em guess e dates or write dates on e board and students match days and holidays. Feedback and check wi e teacher and e whole class. Zdroje informací: archív autorky zdroje obrázků:

3 HOLIDAYS OLIDAYS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE USA 1. Identify e pictures of various British or American holidays. 2. Divide e British and American holidays. 3. Order em chronologically into e calendar. 4. Speak wi your partner about each of em. em

4 Now see e solution to e pictures: 1. Christmas (25-26 December) 2. Independence Day (4 July) USA 3. Christmas crackers GB 4. Guy Fawkes Day = Bonfire Night (5 November) GB 5. Christmas - Boxing Day (26 December) 6. Easter (various dates in March or April) 7. Moer s Day (different dates) 8. Faer s Day (different dates) 9. Thanksgiving Day (4 Thursday in November) USA 10. Valentine s Day (14 February) 11. New Year s Eve / Hogmanay (Scotland) 12. Remembrance Day / Veterans Day (11 Nov) 13. Halloween (31st October)

5 HOLIDAYS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE USA Match e holidays wi e mons, write e exact dates and add any oer holidays you know. Compare e British and American holidays wi e Czech festivals and holidays. January February March April May June July August September October November December Which holidays are British and which are American? GREAT BRITAIN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

6 Now see e solution to e calendar: January February March April 1st January - New 14 February - Easter Easter Year Valentine s Day 1st April April Fool s 17 March 6 January St.Patrick s Day Day Twelf Night May June July 1st May - May Day Faer s Day 4 July - 8 May - Victory August Independence Day Day nd 2 Sunday Moer s Day September October November December 1st September - 31st October - Labor Day Halloween 5 November - Guy Fawkes Day 11 November Veterans Day 4 Thursday Thanksgiving Day 25 December Christmas Day 26 December - Boxing Day 31st December - New Year s Eve GREAT BRITAIN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1st January - New Year 6 January Twelf Night 14 February -Valentine s Day March April - Easter 17 March - St.Patrick s Day 1st April April Fool s Day 1st May - May Day 8 May - Victory Day 2nd Sunday in May - Moer s Day June - Faer s Day st 31 October - Halloween 5 November - Guy Fawkes Day 11 November - Veterans Day 25 December - Christmas Day 26 December - Boxing Day 31st December - New Year s Eve 1st January - New Year 6 January Twelf Night 14 February - Valentine s Day March April - Easter 17 March - St. Patrick s Day 1st April April Fool s Day 2nd Sunday in May - Moer s Day Faer s Day 4 July - Independence Day 1st September - Labor Day 31st October - Halloween 11 November - Veterans Day 4 Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day 25 December - Christmas Day 26 December - Boxing Day 31st December - New Year s Eve

7 HOLIDAYS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM KIN Burns Night /Scotland) Celebration of e birday of Robert Burns ( ), who is considered e Scottish national poet. Haggis is eaten, Burns poetry is recited and Scottish music is played. St. t. George s Day (England) The festival of St. George. The patron saint of England. The tradition is to wear a red rose in one's lapel,, ough is is no longer widely practised,, and have St. George s flags everywhere. Traditional English food and drinks are served in pubs. St. Patrick s Day (Ireland) Commemorates St. Patrick, e patron saint of Ireland. It is celebrated by e Irish all over e Word wi parades and parties. Because green is associated wi Ireland,, people wear green cloes, dye eir hair green and even drink green beer. Guy Fawkes Night (UK) Commemorates e Gunpowder Plot (1605) when e Caolic conspirator Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully tried to blow up e British Parliament. There are bonfires and fireworks on is day. St. David s Day (Wales) Commemorates St. David, e patron Saint of Wales. People wear a daffodil or a leek pinned to eir cloing (Welsh symbols). Children in Wales take part in school concerts or eisteddfodau, eisteddfodau wi recitation and singing being e main activities. St. t. Andrew s Day (Scotland) (Sc The festival of St. Andrew, e patron saint of Scotland. It is regarded as Scotland s national day and since 2006 it is an official bank holiday. St Andrew's Day is marked wi a celebration of Scottish culture wi traditional Scottish food, music musi and dance. Schools across Scotland hold special St Andrew's Day events and activities including art shows, Scottish country dancing, lunchtime ceilidhs,, dance festivals, storytelling, reciting and writing poems, writing tall tales, cooking traditional Scottish meals, and bagpipe-playing. playing. Halloween (UK, US) The holiday has its roots in e Celtic Cel festival Samhain and e Christian All Saints Day. People wear costumes, carve lanterns from pumpkins and children go trick-or-treating. trick Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day People in Commonweal countries remember e members of eir armed forces who have died on duty since e World War I. Ceremonies are held at local war memorials,, typically, poppy wreas are laid by representatives of e Crown and armed forces and red poppies are worn on e uniforms.

8 HOLIDAYS IN THE THE UNITED STATES OF THE USA Martin Luer King, King Jr. Day Officially Birday of Rev.Dr. Martin Luer King, Jr., a federal holiday, commemorates e civil rights activist, who fought for greater freedom for African-Americans Americans and was assassinated in Presidents Day Sometimes also called Washington and Lincoln Day, it now honours all presidents president of e United States. Memorial Day Honours all men and women who have died in military service for e country. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after e American Civil War. Independence Day Commemorates e Declaration of Independence in It is celebrated by parades, fireworks, family picnics and American flags everywhere. Columbus Day Labor Day Celebrates e start of e union movement and is dedicated to e social and economic achievements of workers. It has also come to be celebrated by most Americans as e symbolic end of e summer. In high society, Labor Day is (or was) considered e last day of e year when it is fashionable to wear white or seersucker. Commemorates e discovery of America by Christopher hristopher Columbus in This holiday has been celebrated unofficially since e late 18 century, and officially in various areas since e early 20 century. Recently ecently some protests against is holiday have appeared mainly in e Native Americans American community. Contents Thanksgiving Day A day to express gratitude and ank God for good heal and e harvest. Commemorates e first successful harvest of e colonists from e religious group Pilgrim Faers in Plymou in Officially celebrated since Veterans Day Honours all US veterans. veterans Veterans Day is not to be confused wi Memorial Day. Veterans Day celebrates e service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering e men and women who died while serving.. It is a federal holiday.

9 Key: Holidays in GB: Burns Night January 25 St. David s Day March 1 St. Patrick s Day March 17 St. George s Day April 23 Halloween October 31 Guy Fawkes Day November 5 Remembrance Day November 11 St. Andrew s Day November 30 Holidays in e USA: Martin Luer King Day January 20 Presidents Day February 17 Memorial Day last Monday in May Independence Day July 4 Labor Day September 1 (1st Monday in September) Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October Veterans Day November 11 Thanksgiving Day 4 Thursday in November Zdroje obrázků: Scissors (Remembrance Day) Day (US) Day Icon <a Luer King Jr. Day Icon Thistle and flag Day >Flag of England United Kingdom of Wales - United Kingdom Patrick Day Icon Day Flag Poster Washington 1 slate