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1 STATUS OF SPV APPLICATIONS UNDER JNNSM SCHEME AS ON Sl.No. Name of the beneficiary Name of District Capacity in KWp Present Status Eligible CFA Sanctioned by (Rs.) 1 Softeon India Ltd 25 Installation Total CFA released 2 Sri Balaganapathy Mills Virudhunagar 10 UC sent, sanction for final payment awaited from 3 Loyola Industrial School Vellore 1.8 Installation Total CFA released 4 Velammal School Sivaganga 60 Installation Balance CFA to be released 5 Thiru. P. Sivaji Poosari Madurai 1 Installation Total CFA released 17,16,900 18,00,000 99,679 48,33,243 69,500

2 6 Einstein College of Engineering Tirunelveli 100 Installation Total CFA released 57,00,000 7 Ultratech Cement Ltd., Ariyalur 100 Installation Total CFA released 8 Loyola Industrial School, Vellore 3 Installation Total CFA released 9 M/s. Rajendran Associates Installation Total CFA released 57,00,000 1,87,500 8,16, M/s. Zigma Marketing (India) Pvt. Ltd., 2.04 Installation Total CFA released 1,56, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore 10 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 12 Metecno India (P) Ltd Kancheepuram 5.5 Installation not completed 8,10,000 4,33, Menon Eternity Building 20 Installation not completed 14 Grundfos Pumps India (P) Ltd 3.05 Installation not completed 11,40,000 17,38,500

3 15 Wings Trust, Madurai 2 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 16 TRP Engg. College, Trichy Tiruchirapalli 24 Installation not completed 17 Thiru. P. Venkatesh, Villupuram 0.3 Sanction awaited 18 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., NA 4.8 Sanction awaited 19 VIOM Net works Ltd.,. 100 Sanction awaited 1,45, Wipro Ltd., 21 RVS Educational Institutions (for 6 X100KWp) 22 RVS Industrial Training Institute, Coimbatore Dindigul 23 RVS College of Engineering, Dindigul 24 RVS Polytechnic College, Dindigul 100 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 600 Installation work not taken up, Notice issued to refund the CFA 100 Sanction awaited Sanction awaited Sanction awaited 57,00,000 3,52,26,000

4 25 RVS Institute of Management Studies and Research Dindigul 100 Sanction awaited 26 Harish Matriculation School Virudhunagar 1 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 27 Thiru. S. Natarajan, 2.25 Sanction awaited 28 Anna University, 1 Installation not completed 81,000 81, AVO Carbon India Private Ltd. 30 Dr.N. Thangabvelu, Kumaran Hospital, Virudhu Nagar 90 had cancelled the sanction based on the request of beneficiary on and TEDA has refunded the CFA released to TEDA on Installation final payment made as on ,00,000 3,24, Mahindra World city Developers Ltd 75 Installation final payment made as on ,97,500

5 32 M/s. OFERR Sanction awaited 33 Sri Matha Trust 4.05 Sanction awaited 34 Mr. V.S. Raman, President, Thiruvannamalai 6 Sanction awaited 35 Maples, (Street lights) Tirupur 0.96 Sanction awaited 36 Mrs. K. Rukmani Coimbatore 37 Mr.K.Varatharajan, Coimbatore Mr. A. Lourthusamy, M/s. Marutham Retreat Coimbatore Nagapattinam 5 Sanction awaited 40 Mr. E. Ragupathy, Coimbatore 2 Sanction awaited 41 The MIT Hostel chennai 2 Sanction awaited 42 M/s. Vishnupriya Forms Pvt. Ltd., 4.5 Sanction awaited

6 43 Mr. S. Durairajan RAMYAM 4.5 Sanction awaited 44 Mr.R. Venkatesan, Thiruvallur 4.5 Sanction awaited 45 Mr. T. Kalayvanan, Coimbatore 46 Mr. Mohana Krishnan Dindigul 47 Mr. G.G. Chowdary Salem 1.35 Sanction awaited 48 Sri Venkateswara Institue of Science & Technology Thiruvallur 10 Sanction awaited 49 Mr. J. Devaraj Kanchipuram Mr.A.Ramamurthy Janaki Illam, Virudhunagar 1 In principal 51 Mr. V.E.Sabarathinam, Sivagangai 1 In principal 78,000 78,000

7 52 Mr. T.V. Hariharan, 1 In principal 53 Mr. A. Srikumaran, Virudhunagar 1 In principal 54 Mrs. N.R. Sarojini 1/26, A.A. Road, Virudhunagar Mr. C. Brindavan, Brindavanam 1/22 A, A.A. Road, Virudhunagar Mr. B. Murugan, 140/2, Dr. Ambedkar Street, Virudhunagar Mr. K. Neethiraj 802, A.A.Road, Virudhunagar Dist Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Virudhunagar 58 Mr.AR.A. Rajkumar, Virudhunagar 59 Mr.S. Jokin Antony samy, Virudhunagar 0.5 In principal 78,000 78,000 39,000

8 60 Mr.T.. Eswara Raja, Virudhunagar 1 In principal 61 Mr. A. Anthoniraj, B.Com, Virudhunagar 0.5 In principal 62 Mrs.P.sulochana Ramanathapuram 1 Installation and document to be sent to after inspection for release of CFA 63 Mr.K.Ramachandran Madurai 1 In principal 64 Mr.N.Ganesh Tiruvallur In principal 78,000 39,000 78,000 78,000 6,075

9 65 Mrs. Nalini Chidambaram Sivagangai 5 Installation Inspection completed and document to be sent to for release of CFA 66 M/s. Rega Auto Distributors 67 M/s. Cape Institute of Technology, 68 Avant Grade Engineers and Consultants (P) Ltd., 69 M/s. SPGC Metal Industries P.Ltd., Madurai Virudhunagar 3 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 10 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 5 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 3,95,100 2,32,400 7,80,000 6,10,400 3,95,100

10 70 M/s. Sethu Institute of Technology, 71 M/s. Sun Engineering Works Virudhunagar Madurai 25 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 1.5 Sanction awaited 18,84, M/s. Balaji Enterprises 3.22 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 73 Kumaran Hospital virudhunagar 2 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 74 Sri Krishna Hospital Virudhunagar 4 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 75 M/s. Maharajaa Farm Mysore 3 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 1,83,500 1,47,000 3,24,000 2,32,400

11 76 Dr. M.G.R. School chennai 77 Julian Peak Estate Virudhunagar 78 M/s. Indumathi Cottage Industries madurai 79 PENGUIN APPARELS(P) LTD., 80 M/s. Balaji Electricals 81 Perfect square Infotech P Ltd madurai 13.3 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 3.22 Installation UC to be sent and balance CFA to be obtained from 0. 7,58,100 1,83, A.R. Estate & Investments 1.4 Sanction awaited 83 M/s. SUNSHINE SOLUTION 84 M/s. MG Shangaralingam & Bros. Virudhunagar

12 85 M/s. M.G. Agencies, Virudhunagar 86 Pallavan Grama Bank, Salem 1.4 Sanction awaited 87 Mr.S.Balasubramanian 88 Tata Communications Limited 1 In principal 3.6 In principal 89 R. Gunasekaran Kancheepuram 1 In principal 90 V.S.N. Gopalakrishnan Madurai 1 In principal 91 R. Loganathan Erode 1 In principal approval accorded 81,000 2,53,890 81,000 81,000 81,000

13 92 Vilvam Interiors & Projects Pvt Ltd 93 Sr. Renugambal Educational Trust Tiruvannamalai 5 In principal 2 In principal approval accorded 94 R.Meenakshi Villipuram 1 In principal 95 Meenakshi Sundarajan Engg. College, chennai 15 In principal 96 Sundaram Finance Limited chennai 2.1 In principal 97 Dr.Ravishankar Meenakshi Hospital Theni 1 In principal 4,05,000 1,62,000 66, ,70,100 81,000

14 98 Saraswathi Sanmugam Public Charitable Trust Thiruvannamalai 15 In principal 99 Mrs. Manjula Paneerselvam Kanchipuram 1 In principal approval accorded Trichy 100 Society for community organization and peoples Education(SCOPE) 1.5 In principal 101 Paramvir Polytechnic Dharmapuri 26.4 In principal 102 Anna University Guindy, 5 Installation and document to be sent to after inspection for release of CFA 103 TNEB 60 In principal approval accorded 10,63,125 78,750 90,375 13,90,500 4,05,000 23,33,100

15 104 Mr.N. Vythilingam Madurai 105 Mr. V. Selvakumar Virudhunagar 106 Mr. N. Rajendran Perambalur 107 Mr. S. Vijayaraghavan Theni 2 Sanction awaited 108 M.R. Rathinavelu Erode 1 Installation and document to be sent to after inspection for release of CFA 109 Prof. A. Sundaram Senior Professor and Chairman madurai 1 In principal 110 Mr. T.K. Ashok Madurai 1 Installation and document to be sent to after inspection for release of CFA 78,600 78,600 78,600

16 111 Mr. M.L. Palanisamy Erode 1 Installation and document to be sent to after inspection for release of CFA 112 M/s. Radiant Solar Pvt.Ltd Hyderabad 1.08 Sanction awaited 78, M/s. Radiant Solar Pvt.Ltd Hyderabad 1.6 Sanction awaited 114 M/s. Sri Sairam Fuels Erode 5 Sanction awaited 115 M/s. Mother India City Shelters(Pvt) Ltd Trichy 1 In principal 116 M/s. Great Moghul 2.5 Sanction awaited 81, Arjuna Natural Extract Ltd Coimbatore SSM College of Engineering Namakkal 100 Sanction awaited

17 119 CA.M. Rajapandian,B.Com.,F.C.A., Virudhunagar 10 Sanction awaited 120 Sri Lakshmi Clinic 121 PSN Educational & Charitable Trust Dindigul 3 Sanction awaited Tirunelveli 100 Sanction awaited 122 Dr. Syed Altaf Hussain 123 Mr. V. Shankar 6 Sanction awaited 124 Mr. S. Chakrapaniswamigal Tiruvarur 125 Mr. A. Mohamed Ameen and Co Tirupur 126 Mr. B. Narasiman 1 In principal 127 Mr.T.K.Akhilan T.K.Illam Kanyakumari 1.5 In principal 75,600 78,250

18 128 Mr.N.K.Andavar Coimbatore 1 In principal 129 Mr. Ravi Abrahaam 1 In principal 130 Mr.Shankatarilibby Nani Palkiwala Arbitration Centre 2.2 In principal 131 Mr. R.SenthilKumar chennai 1 In principal 132 Bharathiar University Coimbatore 2.25 In principal 133 M/s. Om Sakthi Kovil Virudhunagar 0.8 Sanction awaited 81,000 81,000 1,03,087 81,000 7,59,375

19 134 GLI-Jyothirgamaya Erode 0.07 Sanction awaited 135 P. Manjunatha Rao madurai 136 Dr.K. Kumarasamy madurai 137 K.R. Krishnamoorthy madurai 138 J. Annamalaisamy Virudhunagar 139 S. Ramar madurai 140 A.C. Kamaraj Madurai 141 GLI-Jyothirgamaya chennai 142 M/s. Xeroxtronic Computers chennai 143 M/s. Design Qube chennai 144 M/S. TSC Fashions Private Ltd Tirupur 25 Sanction awaited

20 145 M/s. Good Earth School Kancheepuram 2 Sanction awaited 146 M/s. sharan Fabrics No.6, Vaikkal Thottam RVE Layout Palladam Road Tiruppur M/s. Sun Sine Solution Pvt ltd 148 M/s. Kudil Property developers Pvt. Ltd chennai 149 Sundaram Finance Thiruvallur 2.24 Sanction awaited 150 D. Kasthuri Tirupur 1 In principal 151 Kanakalatha Jhun Jhun Wala Erode 1 Inprincipal 78,600 78,600

21 152 Smt. Omana Jacob Omanapuram Estate 153 Sri Sowmiya Metal Rolling Mill 154 The Principal National Engineering College Kanyakumari Thanjavur Thoothukudi 1 Inprincipal 20 Inprincipal 0.74 In principal 155 B. Sivakumar chennai 1 In principal 156 Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Seva Foundation 157 The President Rotary Club Karur chennai 1.08 In principal 1.62 In principal approval accorded 63,000 59,940 66,150 87,480 1,31,220

22 158 Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering 159 The President Rotary Club of Thirupathur Coimbatore Sivaganga In principal In principal approval accorded 160 Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd Vellore 0.75 In principal 161 Mr. Govindarajulu Kanceepuram 1.5 In principal 162 Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Kanceepuram 1.5 In principal 163 Mrs. Jeyashree Prabhu chennai 2.5 In principal 5,07,292 2,73,375 60,750 81,000 1,21,500 97,500

23 164 Dr. S. Appuswamy Tirupur 1 In principal 165 Mr.S. Srinivasa Rathnam chennai 1 In principal approval accorded 166 Mr. Sathish Rao 1 In principal 167 Mr. S.V. Nair Krishnagiri 3 Sanction awaited 81,000 81,000 81, Nirai Pandian Data Processing Company Private Limited Virudhunagar 10 Sanction awaited 169 Alumni Club Anna University 170 Fr. Don Bosco St. Bede's Orphanage Santhome High Road chennai 10 Sanction awaited 1.5 Sanction awaited

24 171 Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd Rayala Towers 3rd Floor 158, Anna Salai J.Solomon Rajkumar Excel International No.99, 2nd Street Teachers Colony Near Govt. Engg. College Tirunelveli Dr.M.Rajkumar Raaj Hospitals 10, Balakrishna Nagar Mannargudi Thiruvarur District K. Abdul Vahabudeen Plot No.7G,O.A. Colony NGO B Colony Tirunelveli M.Selvakumar 16, VGN Avenue, Phase II, Mogappair Erischeme, M. Govindaraj S/o. M.Muthiah 53B, Railway Feeder Road Rajapalayam chennai Sanction awaited Tirunelveli 2 Sanction awaited Thiruvarur 2 Sanction awaited Tirunelveli 2 Sanction awaited 3 Sanction awaited Rajapalayam 5 Sanction awaited

25 177 P.Packiaraj Selvampickle Co., No.4, Agraharam Street Thiruthangal M. SanthanaKrishnan M.S. Garments Mariammankovil Street MPK Pudhupatti Rajapalayam Virudhunagar District 179 V.Moorthy Senthil Traders 217, Tiruvannamali Road Gingee Villupuram District Thiruthangal 10 Sanction awaited Virudhunagar 5 Sanction awaited Villupuram 2 Sanction awaited 180 M. Vasanthi Nidhi Children Clinic 104, Nadaka Salai Street Srivilliputhur 181 J. Thangadurai No.2/1, Swimming Pool Street Perumalpuram Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu Srivilliputhur 2 Sanction awaited Tirunelveli 3 Sanction awaited

26 182 J.Solomon Rajkumar Excel Fitness & Sports 25/8, Devaloga Street Palayankottai Tirunelveli Dr.A. Ramanathan.,M.B.B.S., D.C.H., Aruna Children's Hospital Proprietor 6/42, Gandhi Road(Near Bus Stand) Sivakasi Virudhunagar District Ph: /M: Westex India 29, Velachery Road Little Mount Saidapet Bhogar Polytechnic, Pandanendal Kalkurchi Post Virudhunagar District M: Tirunelveli 2 Sanction awaited Virudhunagar 25 Sanction awaited chennai 2 Sanction awaited Virudhunagar 2 Sanction awaited

27 186 Joseph Gnanaraj Director LPGM India No.4, KTR Nagar Vannarapalayam Cuddalore Ph: /M: Eagle Press Pvt Ltd., No.25, Greams Road Eagle Tower Thousand Light Sona College of Technology Thiagarajar Polytechnic Road Salem Seth Institute of Technology Pulloor Kariapatti Virudhunagar 190 Eagle Farms Aligivakam Periyapalayam Road Janapan Chatiram Cross Road Solavaram, Ponneri Taluk Thiruvallur District, Western Ghat Development Program Renewable Energy Sector Providing solar street Light to Hill Area Cuddalore 5 Sanction awaited 5 Sanction awaited Salem Sanction awaited Virudhunagar 50 Sanction awaited 3.6 Sanction awaited WGDP 6.6 Sanction awaited

28 192 Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology Tiruchur Thiruvallur Taluk & District 193 CMS College of Engineering Ernakupuram Post Namakkal P.K.T. Nursing Home Thiruvarur Road Thiruthuraipoondi Thiruvarur District 195 Western Ghat Development Program Renewable Energy Sector Providing solar Lanterns to Light to Hill Area 196 Mr.A. Rajabudeen Vanigar Salai Sara Garden Kovalam P. Sukumar Sai Kala Industries S.No.77/4 Kavalkayhani Gramam, Vaipur Panchayat Sriperumbudur Taluk Kancheepuram District Gunduperumbandur Post Tiruchur 10 Sanction awaited Namakkal 10 Sanction awaited Thiruvarur 5 Sanction awaited WGDP Sanction awaited Kancheepuram

29 198 J.Solomon Rajkumar Excel International 25/8, Deivaloga Street Palayankottai Tirunelveli Dr.K. Govindarajan 11A, Ismailpuram 4th Street Munichalai Madurai Dr.C.E. Sooria Moorthi 391, IndiraGandhi Street Nagamalai Madurai P.R.D.Muthumariappan 108, 3rd Main Road Mamsapuram N.P.G. Ilangovan 17B, Maravar South Street Watrap Srivilliputtur Taluk Virudhunagar District 203 P. Ramamoorthy 1/166, Mariamman Kovil Street A. Nathampatti(PO) Srivilliputhur(TK) Virudunagar District 204 A. Sundarnathan 29/11 Vellalar Middle Street Watrap Srivilliputtur Taluk Virudhunagar District Tirunelveli Madurai madurai Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Virudhunagar

30 205 K. Sivapandian 26A, Madurai Main Road Krishnan Kovil Srivilliputtur Taluk Virudhunagar District 206 M. Ramalingam 19D, Rammuni Nagar Jeyaram Hospital Road T.Kallupatti Madurai District Mariappan No.65, Madathupattu Street Near PSN Oil Mill Rajapalayam 208 Mrs. Vasantha Suriya Narayanan 104/104D,V.R. Pillai Street Triplicane, 209 V.Jayraj Vazhivedu Murugan Temple Madurai Road Moovarai Vendran M.S. Natarajan 1/252, Srinivasaga Street Kondanagaram Kirmamangalam(PO) Tirunelveli District Virudhunagar Madurai Rajapalayam 1.02 Sanction awaited Tirunelveli

31 211 N. Vanikalaiselvi 1/252-A, Srinivasaga Street Kondanagaram Kirama mangalam(po) Tirunelveli District PIN Ph: A. Suresh No.3 & 4, Porur Garden Phase-1, Vanagaram - 92 M: The Secretary Jeyaraj Annapackiyam College for Women, Tamaraikulam, Periyakulam, Theni Tirunelveli chennai Theni 0.5 Sanction awaited 214 M/S. Banyan Promoters Madurai Ring Road Near Pandikovil Madurai C: Madurai Sanction awaited