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1 WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 04 ( ъ 一 ^ Ос > " 叫 f ' I EB7l/2 ORGANISATION MONDIALE DE LA SANTÉ 23 December 982 EXECUTIVE BOARD INDEXÊO Seventy-first Session Provisional agenda item 3 REPORT ON APPOINTMENTS TO EXPERT ADVISORY PANELS AND COMMITTEES Report by the Director-General A report on the appointment of members of expert advisory panels and committees is submitted to the Executive Board in compliance with the Regulations governing these bodies.. In accordance with the new regulations for expert advisory panels and committees approved by the Thirty-fifth World Health Assembly in May 982, 2 panel members are now appointed for a period not exceeding four years; renewals of appointment are fixed on a yearly basis. 2. In 982, two new expert advisory panels were established: the Expert Advisory Panel on Accident Prevention, and the Expert Advisory Panel on Health of Elderly Persons. These panels are administered by the Regional Office for Europe which is the focal point for the global programmes concerned. The total number of panels is now 5. Membership of expert advisory panels 3. A summary of the changes in membership of the panels in 982 is given in Table. At the end of 982 membership totalled 2483, compared with 2588 in December 98. Further details (alphabetical list of experts, giving year of birth, sex and nationality) can be made available in the form of a computer printout, should members of the Board so request. Geographical distribution 4. The trend in the geographical distribution of panel members between regions, in numbers and percentages, is shown in Table 2. Membership by country in each region is shown in Tables Meetings of expert committees 5. The following expert committees were convened in 982: Joint k0/we0 Expert Committee on Food Additives (6 WHO members) Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (0 members) Expert Committee on New Approaches to Health Education in Primary Health Care (2 members) See document A35/l5. 33rd edition, 983. The new Regulations will be printed in WHO Basic Documents, Resolution WHA35.0, paragraph. Document WHA35/l982/REc/l. 3 Including a session of the global Advisory Committee on Medical Research, whose members are drawn from the expert advisory panels.

2 Expert Committee on Leishmaniases (2 members) Expert Committee on Smoking Control Strategies in Developing Countries (0 members) Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs (9 members) Expert Committee on Vector Control (8 members) Advisory Committee on Medical Research (8 members) Invitations to take part in these meetings were extended to 85 panel members from 37 different countries, drawn from 9 panels (6 members were unable to attend).

3 TABLE. CHANGES IN THE MEMBERSHIP OF WHO EXPERT ADVISORY PANELS DURING 982 (numbers of panel members, by regions) New appointments Reinstatements End of appointment Suspensions^ Resignations Deaths Change of nationality (does not affect grand total) Total changes Transfers (do not affect grand total) African Region Region of the Americas South-East Asia Region European Region Eastern Mediterranean Region Western Pacific Region ~ A member of a panel is suspended from that panel during a period for which he or she is appointed as an international civil servant. хз OQ П)

4 TABLE 2. TOTAL NUMBER OF EXPERTS SERVING ON EXPERT ADVISORY PANELS, BY REGION (percentage of total shown in parentheses) Changes since African Region 47 (.8) 89 (3.3) 25 (4.7) 8 (6.9) 200 (7.7) 200 (8.0) 0 Region of the Americas 728 (29.4) 705 (26.6) 67 (24.9) 550 (20.9) 530 (20.5) 507 (20.4) -23 South-East Asia Region 30 (5.3) 58 (6.0) 93 (7.2) 242 (9.2) 245 (9.5) 242 (9.8) - 3 European Region 284 (5.9) 32 (49.9) 273 (47.3) 43 (43.4) 096 (42.3) 033 (4.6) -63 Eastern Mediterranean Region 20 (4.9) 63 (6.2) 86 (6.9) 94 (7.3) 89 (7.3) 78 (7.2) - Western Pacific Region 65 (6.7) 22 (8.0) 243 (9.0) 323 (2.2) 328 (2.7) 323 (3.0) - 5 Total number of members

5 TABLE 3. AFRICAN REGION Angola _ Benin i Botswana Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Congo Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia! Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea. Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast h 5 5 Kenya Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Mozambique Niger Nigeria Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone South Africa 24 2 Swaziland Togo Uganda United Republic of Cameroon United Republic of Tanzania Upper Volta 2 - Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe Namibia Transferred from the Eastern Mediterranean Region to the African Region in August 977 by resolution WHA Total number of countries : 44.

6 TABLE 4. REGION OF THE AMERICAS Argentina Bahamas Barbados _ Bolivia i Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic 0 - Ecuador El Salvador Grenada Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Jamaica Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Suriname Trinidad and Tobago United States of America Uruguay Total number of countries :

7 TABLE 5. SOUTH-EAST ASIA REGION Afghanis tan/^ _. 浦 _. Bangladesh Burma of Korea Democratic People's Republic India Maldives Mongolia Nepal Thailand Sri Lanka a Transferred to the Eastern Mediterranean Region in July 969 by resolution WHA22.9. Total number of countries: 0.

8 TABLE 6. EUROPEAN REGION German Democratic Republic Germany, Federal Republic of Italy Malta Ukrainian SSR Union of Soviet Socialist United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Total number of countries :

9 TABLE 7. EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN REGION Afghanistan Bahrain Cyprus Djibouti Ethiopia/ Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Oman Pakistan Qatar Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan Syrian Arab Republic Tunisia United Arab Emirates Yemen Transferred from the South-East Asia Region to the Eastern Mediterranean Region in July 969 by resolution WHA Transferred to the African Region in August 977 by resolution WHA Total number of countries: 23.

10 TABLE 8. WESTERN PACIFIC REGION Australia China _ Democratic Kampuchea Fiji Japan Lao People's Democratic Republic Malaysia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Philippines Republic of Korea Samoa Singapore Tonga Viet Nam Total number of countries: