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1 International Students and Scholars 2006 International Student Enrollment Fall 2006 Prepared by the Office of International Student and Scholars Page 1 of 15

2 Who is an international student? You are an international student if: You are currently studying in the United States on a student visa (F-1 or J-1) in high school, college, or an English language program If you intend to enter the United States with a student (F-1) visa Total International Student Population at NSU for the Fall The international student population for at NSU for the Fall 2006 semester is 839. The total enrollment for degree seeking programs is 834. NSU also has 5 students who are enrolled in the University Upper School. Although these students are not enrolled in a degree seeking program, the International Student Office is still responsible for keeping current information for these students in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Page 2 of 15

3 Fall 2006 Summary BASIC INSTITUTIONAL DATA Total Institutional Enrollment: Fall 2006 (all students, not only international students)* Highest Offering 03 = Associate s 08 = Doctorate 04 = Bachelor s 09 = Non-degree Undergraduate 10 = Non-degree 05 = Professional Graduate 11 = Post-doctoral research 06 = Master s 07 = Post-Master s (no Doctorate) 88 = No data on file 11 *Source data for total enrollment from Research and Planning INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Undergraduate Graduate OPT *Other Total *University Upper School Students TOP 10 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED Country Count Jamaica 141 Venezuela 63 Canada 60 Bahamas 49 Colombia 37 India 36 Taiwan 26 Turks & Caicos Islands 25 Trinidad & Tobago 19 Saudi Arabia 19 A Total of 106 Countries represented Page 3 of 15

4 International Student Statistics at Nova Southeastern University Total International Versus Total Non-International Enrollment 25121; 97% Total International Student Enrollment Total Non-International Student 839; 3% Top 10 Attending Countries Bahamas, 49, 10% Canada, 60, 13% Colombia, 37, 8% Venezuela, 63, 13% India, 36, 8% Turks & Caicos Islands, 25, 5% Trinidad & Tobago, 19, 4% Taiwan, 26, 5% Saudi Arabia, 19, 4% Jamaica, 141, 30% Page 4 of 15

5 International Student Total OPT Graduate Undergrad Other New Int l Students Continuing Int l Students Optional Practical Training TOTAL TOTAL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: FALL 2006 NEW & CONTINUING ENROLLMENTS Undergrad Graduate *OPT Other TOTAL New Int l Students Continuing Int l Students Optional Practical Training TOTAL *OPT (Optional Practical Training) Page 5 of 15

6 Statistics by Nationality NO PLACE OF ORIGIN UG GRAD OPT OTHER Total 1 Albania Angola Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Australia Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bolivia Brazil British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Cayman Islands Chile China, Hong Kong China, PRC Colombia Costa Rica Côte d Ivoire/ Ivory Coast Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Finland Page 6 of 15

7 35 France Germany Ghana Grenada Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea, DPRK (NORTH) Korea, Rep. of (SOUTH) Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Morocco Nepal Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Pakistan Panama Page 7 of 15

8 72 Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka St. Kitts & Nevis St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turks & Caicos Islands Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Zambia Page 8 of 15

9 Geographical Statistics CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL Africa Angola, Republic of Africa Benin, People's Republic of Africa Cameroon, United Republic of Africa Cote D'Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of the Africa Egypt, Arab Republic of Africa Ghana, Republic of Africa Kenya, Republic of Africa Morocco, Kingdom of Africa Nigeria, Federal Republic of Africa Senegal, Republic of Africa South Africa, Republic of Africa Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Africa Tanzania, United Republic of Africa Tunisia, Republic of Africa Uganda, Republic of Africa Zambia, Republic of Africa Total CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL Asia Bangladesh, People's Republic of Asia China, People's Republic of Asia Cyprus, Republic of Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China Asia Asia India, Republic of Asia Indonesia, Republic of Asia Iran, Islamic Republic of Asia Israel, State of Asia Japan Asia Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of Asia Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Asia Asia Korea, Republic of Asia Kuwait, State of Asia Kyrgyz Republic Asia Lebanon, Lebanese Republic Asia Malaysia Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic Asia Asia Nepal, Kingdom of Asia Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Page 9 of 15

10 Asia Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Asia Singapore, Republic of Asia Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of Asia Syrian Arab Republic Asia Taiwan, Province of China Asia Thailand, Kingdom of Asia Turkey, Republic of Asia United Arab Emirates Asia Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of Asia Total CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL Europe Albania, People's Socialist Republic of Europe Belarus Europe Belgium, Kingdom of Europe Bulgaria, People's Republic of Europe Czech Republic Europe Denmark, Kingdom of Europe Finland, Republic of Europe France, French Republic Europe Germany Europe Ireland Europe Italy, Italian Republic Europe Netherlands, Kingdom of the Europe Norway, Kingdom of Europe Poland, Polish People's Republic Europe Portugal, Portuguese Republic Europe Romania, Socialist Republic of Europe Russian Federation Europe Serbia, Republic of Europe Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Europe Spain, Spanish State Europe Sweden, Kingdom of Europe Switzerland, Swiss Confederation Europe Ukraine Europe United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland Europe Total Page 10 of 15

11 CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL North America Antigua and Barbuda North America Bahamas, Commonwealth of the North America Barbados North America Belize North America British Virgin Islands North America Canada North America Cayman Islands North America Costa Rica, Republic of North America Dominica, Commonwealth of North America Dominican Republic North America El Salvador, Republic of North America Grenada North America Guatemala, Republic of North America Haiti, Republic of North America Honduras, Republic of North America Jamaica North America Mexico, United Mexican States North America Netherlands Antilles North America Nicaragua, Republic of North America Panama, Republic of North America St. Kitts and Nevis North America St. Vincent and the Grenadines North America Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of North America Turks and Caicos Islands North America Total CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL Oceania Australia, Commonwealth of Oceania New Zealand Oceania Total Page 11 of 15

12 CONTINENT COUNTRY UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL South America Argentina, Argentine Republic South America Bolivia, Republic of South America Brazil, Federative Republic of South America Chile, Republic of South America Colombia, Republic of South America Ecuador, Republic of South America Guyana, Republic of South America Peru, Republic of South America Suriname, Republic of South America Uruguay, Eastern Republic of South America Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of South America Total CONTINENT UG GRAD OPT OTHER TOTAL Africa Total Asia Total Europe Total North America Total Oceania Total South America Total Grand Total Page 12 of 15

13 Percentage of Total International Students by College Dental Medicine 5.8% Farquhar College 26.9% Farquhar College of Arts & Sci 0.1% Fischler Sch Edu/Hum Serv 4.1% Allied Health and Nursing 1.3% Shepard Broad Law Center 3.0% Psychology 4.4% Pharmacy 6.6% Grad Sch Comp/Inform Sci 5.8% Grad Sch Humanities & Soc Sci 4.3% Health Professions Division 0.6% Osteopathic Medicine 2.3% Optometry 2.4% Oceanographic Studies 0.7% Huizenga School - Business 31.8% ACADEMIC COLLEGES UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATE OPT TOTAL Allied Health and Nursing Dental Medicine Farquhar College Fischler Sch Edu/Hum Serv Grad Sch Comp/Inform Sci Grad Sch Humanities & Soc Sci Health Professions Division Huizenga School - Business Oceanographic Studies Optometry Osteopathic Medicine Pharmacy Psychology Shepard Broad Law Center Total Page 13 of 15

14 International Students be Level 839 Total Students Optional Practical Training, 176, 21% Non-Degree, 5, 1% Freshman, 34, 4% Sophomore, 42, 5% Junior, 55, 7% Senior, 68, 8% Graduate, Unspecified, 2, 0% Professional, 153, 18% Doctoral, 48, 6% Master s, 256, 30% ACADEMIC LEVEL: FALL 2006 Undergraduate Number of Students Freshman 34 Sophomore 42 Junior 55 Senior 68 Undergraduate Total 199 Graduate Number of Students Master s 256 Doctoral 48 Professional 153 Graduate, Unspecified 2 Graduate Total 459 Other Number of Students OPT (Optional Practical Training) 176 Non-Degree 5 Other Total 181 Grand Total 839 Page 14 of 15

15 Gender Male Female Undergrad Graduate OPT Other TOTAL GENDER: FALL 2006 (Both new and continuing students) Undergrad Graduate OPT Other Total Male Female Total Page 15 of 15