31 11:00 AM -1:00 PM New Student Orientation

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1 August 209 Jul Sep :00 AM -:00 PM New Student Orientation st Day of School for Middle School Retreat Retreat Retreat Retreat

2 September 209 Labor Day/School Closed :30 PM Back-To-School Night Deadline For Adding Classes 7:30 AM See You At The Pole Mid-Quarter Review 7:00 PM Senior College Application Night :00 PM Open House Aug Oct

3 October 209 Sep :5 AM Cap & Gown Orders Due :00 PM NHS Induction Teacher In-Service/No School Columbus Day/School Closed 6th & 7th Grade Retreat PSAT/School 6th & 7th Grade Retreat 6th & 7th Grade Retreat Welcome Wednesday st Quarter Ends/School 2nd Quarter Begins Nov

4 November 209 Oct Dec :00 AM Daylight Savings Time Ends 4 5 Report Cards Mailed Last Day to Withdraw From Classes 20 Welcome Wednesday :00 PM -8:00 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences/No School 2:00 PM -5:00 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences/No School Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break

5 December Mid-Quarter Review :00 PM Concert 8:30 AM Concert Assembly Early Admissions Application Deadline AP Exams AP Exams Celebration School Noon Nov Jan

6 January 2020 Dec Feb Admissions Testing Early Admission Testing nd Quarter Ends Teacher In-Service/No School Martin Luther King Day/School Closed 3rd Quarter Begins Spirit Week Spirit Week Report Cards Mailed Spirit Week Spirit Week Homecoming

7 February 2020 Jan Mar Re-Enrollment Opens Welcome Wednesday Early Admission Financial Aid Deadline Admissions Testing :30 PM -3:00 PM M.S. Grandparents Day President's Day/School Closed :30 AM Student Scheduling Meeting :00 PM Scheduling Meeting Financial Aid Deadline Mid-Quarter Review

8 March Welcome Wednesday 5 6 Early Admission Registration Deadline 7 Admissions Testing 8 2:00 AM Daylight Savings Time Starts rd Quarter Ends/School 4th Quarter Begins 7:00 PM Drama Performance 7:00 PM Drama Performance 29 2:00 PM Drama Performance 30 Report Cards Mailed Feb Apr

9 April 2020 Mar May Welcome Wednesday Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Admissions Testing :00 PM Fine Arts Festival 8:30 AM Fine Arts Assembly Senior Mid-Quarter Review 29 30

10 May 2020 Apr Jun Mid-Quarter Review :5 PM Senior Awards Ceremony 9 Senior Exams 20 Senior Exams 2 Senior Exams 22 Senior Exams 23 Seniors Last Day Memorial Day/School Closed th Grade Retreat 8th Grade Retreat 29 9:00 AM Graduation Rehearsal 30 8th Grade Retreat 8th Graders Last Day of School 7:00 PM Baccalaureate Reception Following Baccalaureate

11 June :00 PM Graduation 2 7:00 PM 8th Grade Graduation 3 4 Last Day of School 5 Teacher In-Service Report Cards Mailed May Jul