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1 Math 97 Warnock MyMathLab Introduction & Class Policies College time calculations: For every hour that you are in class, you are expected to spend two to three hours out of class studying and/or doing homework. This is a 5 credit hybrid class and we meet for 3 hours together in-class, which means 2 hours of online class time each week. For a 5 Credit class, hours of homework/study time is expected outside of class. So the 2 hours of online class time combined with 10 hours of homework/study time means you re expected to spend at least 12 hours a week working on math outside of class. This is a college standard. This means about 6 hours between each of our class meetings. You might want to do more work on the weekend, as we only have a two day turn around between classes during the week. That is, with a hybrid class, you can expect about 6-8 hours of work between each of our class meetings. Because it is a hybrid course, we have three hours a week to cover what normally takes 5 hours a week. You will be as successful as the productive time you put into it. This course will not be an easy pass if you do not put the effort in; you have to take responsibility for your learning. Because this is a HYBRID class, you will be expected to study the material online before class and be prepared to ask questions on the material you don t understand. Homework is due each night BEFORE class. What to do before each class: Homework (& optional HW Quiz): You are expected to read the section, watch the online videos, and complete homework before you come to class each day. There is an optional HW Quiz you may take in place of the homework if you don t want to do it all. You only get one shot, and if you score 90% or better on the HW Quiz, you do not have to do the homework for that section. Your homework will receive whatever score (90% or greater) that you earned on the HW quiz. You may attempt the HW Quiz, even after you ve practiced on the HW a little bit. Homework for each section will be completed BEFORE we cover it in class. This is a hybrid class, and we have very little time together. You are expected to learn the material before you come to class, and be prepared to ask questions. You can complete homework late, but you will only receive 90% of your earned score for late homework. The assignments on MML are due each night at midnight, however, I will accept homework completed before NOON the day of class that we cover it as not late. After 12:00 noon, homework worked on will be considered late, and thus 90% of your score will be given. For example: late homework scores would look like the following Earned HW Score on MML 90% of the value for being late 100% 90% 90% 81% 80% 72% 60% 54%

2 You can still practice the HW assignments after the due date has passed without having your score lowered, just make sure you click on Only Practice and Review. As soon as you click on Improve My Score after 12:00 noon the day after it was due, your grade will be marked down 10% for being late. NOTE: Once I have adjusted your HW score manually (decreased by 10%) you are no longer allowed to work on it! (By MML) Because of this, I don t take 90% of your score until the day of the test, this way you can work on it late up until the day of the exam for that chapter. I will accept late homework until the Final Exam, but if you already worked on an assignment late, and then want to work on it late again after the chapter exam (after I ve adjusted the score to 90% of your earned grade), it will not allow you to do so. The only way you can work on it at this point (for credit) is if I reset the assignment and you start over. This choice will be up to you if you come to this situation, just let me know. Quizzes: One quiz will be given on every two sections (or so), and must be completed the NIGHT OF CLASS on the day we covered the material. These are NOT optional. These cannot be completed late, and you have two attempts to do them. This is to reinforce the homework you ve already completed, and the material covered in class that day. It is very important that you do not miss these, because they can t be done late, and they are worth 10% of your grade. If you put off the homework (do it late) you will not be prepared for the Quiz. It is so important that you do things on-time in order to be successful in this class. You can review most material that you have completed under the Gradebook. Before taking your second quiz attempt, review the first one under Gradebook to see what you missed and learn from your mistakes. Key things to remember: Homework is due the night before we cover the section in class. READ the BOOK and WATCH the VIDEO first! Late homework can be completed for 90% credit, but should be done before the chapter exam for best results. Prepare for the Quiz because you only get two chances to pass it. Review the first quiz (under Gradebook) before you take it a second time. Quizzes can NOT be completed late, they shut off at midnight. After you take a quiz, you can use the STUDY PLAN to review the items you missed as well. Study Plan: This is an excellent part of MML. After you take each Quiz or Review (non-hw items), a personalized study plan will show you the problems that you need to work on because you missed those specific questions. For the questions you need to work on, you will see a symbol next to them. As you complete these questions and answer them correctly, you will see a displayed.

3 Reviews/Pre-Tests: There will also be Chapter Reviews/Pre-Tests throughout the quarter that will prepare you for the exams. These combined with group projects will make up 10% of your grade. For the chapter reviews, you will have three attempts to get your best score, so make sure you ve studied for them. (The highest attempt will be counted.) These are probably some of the most important assignments in the course, as they are basically pre-tests for the actual test. Take these very seriously. Note: To review quizzes, reviews/pre-tests, and exams after the fact, go to your Gradebook and click on review next to the assignment you want to review. Exams: -We will be conducting our exams on MyMathLab this quarter, in the computer lab, room EVERY time you come to take an exam, you must bring photo ID, so I can verify you are who you say you are. Either your Highline student ID or your driver s license will be okay. -The exams will be completed using MML, during the class time in the computer lab. If you try to take the exam from a computer not in the classroom (30-311) you will be given a score of 0% for the exam. -All work will be shown neatly and organized on scratch paper, and will be turned in at the end of the exam. You will be given the opportunity to request partial credit on the problems that you missed, by the work that you do on the scratch paper. The process for this will be explained in class. Any work that you want partial credit for, must be completed on the scratch paper. If your scratch paper is not neat and is hard to read, it will be MUCH LESS likely to receive partial credit, so organize you scratch paper well, including the problem numbers. Please do your problems in order. -Let me reemphasize from the syllabus, No make-up exams will be given except for extreme circumstances, and you must notify the instructor on or before the day of the exam. These exams will be administered on MML in the computer lab room , and identification must be brought to each exam. Key things to remember: BRING ID to exams Exams are in room Bring Scratch paper, organize it neatly, and turn it in at the end of the exam. I will provide scratch paper if you like. You may request partial credit on problems you missed later.

4 MAKE SURE YOU VE PURCHASED OR ARE PREPARED TO PURCHASE (with a credit card) A STUDENT ACCESS CODE BEFORE CLASS ON WEDNESDAY Before You Begin: To register for MyMathLab you will need: A MyMathLab student access code (packaged with your new text, standalone at your bookstore, or available for purchase with a major credit card at Your instructors Course ID number: warnock0942 (for Math 97 Fall 2009) Your school s zip code: A valid address Student Registration: Go to and click the Register button under Students. Review the Before You Start information to ensure you have everything you need to register; click Next. On the Course ID page: Enter the Course ID and click on Find Course Choose your enrollment method If your student access code came packaged with your textbook, select Access Code. (Select Buy Now to purchase online access using your credit card) Enter your student access code as displayed; use the tab key to move from box to box and use all CAPITAL LETTERS when entering the access code. Click Next. Please read all information in the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click on Accept if you agree to the terms. On the Access Information screen: If you have registered for other Pearson online products and already have a login name and password, select Yes. Boxes will appear for you to enter your login information. If this is the first time you have registered for a Pearson online product, select No. Boxes will appear for you to enter your desired login name and password. You may want to use your address as your login name. If you do not use your address, be prepared with a second login name choice if the one you first selected is already in use. Your login name must be at least 4 characters and cannot be the same as your password. If you aren t sure whether you have a Pearson account or not, select Not Sure. Enter your address and click Search. If you have an account, your login information will be sent to your address within a few moments. Change your selection to Yes, and enter your login name and password as directed. On the Account Information page, enter your first and last name and address. Re-type your address to make sure it is correct. In the School Location section, select United States from the School Country drop-down menu. Enter your school zip code, 98198, and then select your school from the drop-down list. Select a security question and answer to ensure the privacy of your account. Click Next. When your registration process is complete you will see a confirmation screen. Click Log In Now to reach CourseCompass, and click Log In. Enter your login name and password and click Log In. Logging In: Go to and click on Log In. Enter your login name and password and click Log in. On the MyCourseCompass page, click on the course name to enter your instructor s course. The first time you enter your course from your own computer and anytime you use a new computer click the Installation Wizard on the announcements page or navigational button at the bottom left of the screen. The wizard (or Browser Check) will detect and then help you install the plug-ins and players you need to access the math exercises and multimedia content in your MyMathLab course. Follow the screen instructions to complete this process. NOTE: Check with your instructor to ensure all plug-ins are installed in the college computer labs. After completing the installation process and closing the wizard you will be on your course home page and ready to begin exploring your MyMathLab course. Need help? Contact Product Support at for live CHAT, or phone support.

5 Math 97 MyMathLab Grace Period Directions Pearson has created a temporary patch, known as a grace period, to help students get up and running on MyMathLab at the start of the semester before they have had a chance to purchase an access code. This grace period will enable students to access MyMathLab for up to 17 days. Please note: Students must purchase a physical access kit (not online access) before the end of the grace period or else their access will be shut off. Have your students go here < on the first day of class. (This form asks for information such as the student s name, school, course ID, and professor.) Customer Technical Support (CTS) will create a username and password for each student, within 48 business hours, which will be active for 17 days. The student will receive an from CTS telling them of their username and password, as well as information on how to purchase MyMathLab access, and how to contact Tech Support with their new access code. Students must SAVE this . The student MUST purchase a physical access code within the 17 day period. They will then contact Tech Support by replying to their username and password with that access code, and will have their account permanently opened. Please note: Online purchase via is not allowed.