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1 Jeanne M. Introductions Today s Focus Understand the CCSS stance on shared responsibility for students literacy development. Understand how Informational Text Standards for K 5 and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects for Grades 6 12 can be integrated into instruction and assessment. Spiller

2 Shared Responsibility Close Read (pp ) Read the excerpt from the CCSS on Shared Responsibility for Students Literacy Development. Circle key words and phrases as you read. Discuss with a partner what you circled. Determine together the five key words and phrases from the definition. Discuss and record your thoughts about the concept of shared responsibility. Grades K 5: Standards are built into the Informational Text Reading Standards. Grades 6 12: Separate set for the content area teachers. Look at the standards on pages What do you notice? Nine specific advances in the PARCC ELA/Literacy assessment as demanded by the three core shifts... 6 Spiller

3 Shift 1: Regular Practice With Complex Text and Its Academic Language Staircase text complexity to ensure students are on track each year for college and career reading. Complete careful, close reading rather than racing through passages. Focus on words that matter most not obscure vocabulary, but academic language that pervades complex texts. 7 Shift 2: Reading and Writing Grounded in Evidence From Literary and Informational Text Students rigorously cite evidence from texts throughout the assessment (including selectedresponse items). Questions with more than one right answer allow students to generate a range of rich insights that are substantiated by evidence from texts. Students write to sources rather than write to decontextualized expository prompts. Rigorous expectations for narrative writing include accuracy and precision in writing in later grades. Shift 3: Building Knowledge Through Content Rich Nonfiction Not just ELA but a full range of reading and writing across the disciplines of science and social studies Simulates research on the assessment, including the comparison and synthesis of ideas across a range of informational sources 9 Spiller

4 Integration K 5 (3rd Grade) Integration K 5 (3rd Grade) Integration Grades 6 12 Spiller

5 Integration Grades 6 12 How Do We Ensure This Happens? Create explicit, intentional, shared focus on literacy standards by all teachers. Be clear about who will own what, or no one will own anything! Where Do We Start With Teachers? How can Unpacking Help? What does this standard mean? What would it look like if a student could do this? What would instruction look like in social studies, science, or any other subject? What is the level of rigor required by this standard? Maintain collective clarity across the team about the end in mind of the standards. Spiller

6 Unpacking Practice Pick a standard (1 9) from grade 3. Circle the verbs. Underline the nouns. Bracket any context or specific criteria. Discuss the level of rigor expected in the standard. Discuss and record the science, social studies, or other connections. Pacing and Unit Design: Grade 6 SS Pacing and Unit Design: Grade 3 SS Spiller

7 Finding Appropriate Text This may be the most difficult task for teacher teams. Start with your content standards for your subject. Where are the most appropriate places to include outside reading and writing? You will want to consider the appropriate lexile level for your grade. Remember a close read can be above the appropriate level if scaffolded. Places to Find Text for Elementary Time for Kids for K 6 Scholastic magazine Reading A Z science materials Places to Find Text for MS and HS New York Times Learning Blog Edsitement Upfront magazine for social studies Spiller

8 Here s What I Think Turn to a partner and discuss: Here s what I think about integration of literacy into other subject areas. Here s what I think will be the greatest challenge. Here s what I think we have to do now. Thank You! To schedule professional development at your site, contact Solution Tree at Spiller