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1 Professional Teaching Standards Board Upcoming Workshops July 5, 2018 WorkshopTitle/Director Phone Location Units Wyoming Youth Initiative- Cowboy Ethics Jessica Baxter (307) Substitute Teaching 101 Lori Schieffer (406) Curriculum & Instruction: Understanding by Design Lori Schieffer (406) Teach Like a Pirate Book Review Lori Schieffer (406) Mindset: Motivating Students to Succeed Lori Schieffer (406) The Power of Formative Assessment Lori Schieffer (406) Fremont 21 PDP Andrea Abeyta (307) Assessment: A Focus on Standars Based Grading Lori Schieffer (406) STEM, STEAM, and the Maker Movement Lori Schieffer (406) Understanding Grit and Minset Lori Schieffer (406) Teaching Secondary Math Conceptually: Meeting Mathematics Standards Six Traits of Writing Model: Teaching & Assessing Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Book Study Lori Schieffer (406) Leading Good Schools to Greatness - Book Study Lori Schieffer (406) How to Read and Write in Math: Improving Problem Solving and Communication in Sandra Blazevich (928) GIVING DIRECTIVES THAT STUDENTS WILL FOLLOW Sandra Blazevich (928) INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM CASPER, WY 06/26/ /26/2019 ONLINE 03/15/ /15/2018 ONLINE 03/20/ /20/2020 ONLINE 03/20/ /20/2020 ONLINE 03/20/ /20/2020 ONLINE 03/20/ /20/2020 FORT WASHAKIE 08/31/ /31/2018 V ONLINE 10/01/ /01/2020 ONLINE 10/01/ /01/2020 ONLINE 10/01/ /01/2020 ONLINE 10/01/ /01/2018 ONLINE 10/01/ /01/2018 ONLINE 11/01/ /01/2020 ONLINE 11/01/ /01/2020

2 A to Z Grant Writing A to Z Grant Writing II - Beyond Basics A to Z Grant Writing Series ADVANCED WEB PAGES AN INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING ESL/EFL Grammar Refresher II Teaching Adult Learners Singapore Math: Number Sense & Computational Strategies Empowering Students with Disabilities Spanish in the Classroom Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6 GET ASSERTIVE! Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities ENHANCING LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDHOOD Teaching Students with Autism: Strategies for Success UNDERSTANDING ADOLESCENTS TEACHING MATH: GRADES 4-6 Teaching Students with ADHD Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies VARIOUS 01/01/2018-

3 WORKING SUCCESSFULLY WITH LEARNING DISABLED STUDENTS Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II - Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5 Teaching Writing: GradesK-3 Using the Internet in the Classroom: Homeschool With Success Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom THE CREATIVE CLASSROOM Building Capacity for Effective Reading Instruction through Collaborative Inquiry Bullying and Beyond: Tools for Understanding and Engaging 21st Century Student Choice Theory in the Classroom: Where Every Student Can Succeed COACHING TO IMPROVE TEACHING AND LEARNING CONDUCTING THE PARENT CONFERENCE Content-Based Instructional Strategies for ELL Stopping Disrptive Behavior (208) Project Based Learning for All Classrooms Implementing Peer Coaching to Improve Teaching and Learning Essential Strategies for 21st Century Teaching Engaging Parents to Increase Student Achievement

4 Differentiating Instruction in the 21st Century Classroom Today's Classroom: Foundations of and Current Trends in Education Prevention (Cyber) Bullying: Creating Safe Schools for All Students Classroom and Behavior Management Strategies that Work Understanding and Combating Student's Math Anxiety Creating Compassionate Classrooms: Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners in Your Classroom STOPPING DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR Supporting UDL and the Common Core Standards with Interactive Whiteboard Syst Teaching English Language Learners (ELL): An Introduction TODAY'S CLASSROOM: FOUNDATIONS OF AND CURRENT TRENDS IN ED Transforming Instruction with Interactive Whiteboard Systems- An Overview Transforming Language Arts Instruction with Interactive Whiteboard Systems English Language Learners in Your Classroom Every Educator an Advocate Giving Directives Students Will Follow HOW TO "READ AND WRITE" IN MATH: IMPROVING PROBLEM SOLVING Improving English Language Learner Instruction through the Use of Technology Maximizing Engagement of All Learners

5 Creating a Culture for Learning: Classroom and Behavior Management Plans That W Creating Compassionate Schools for K-12 Developing Listening Comprehension in English Language Learners Differentiating Instruction In Your Classroom ELL Language Assessment and Related Issues in the K-12 Classroom: An Introduct ELL Reading: Teaching Strategies for K-12 Planning with Purpose in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Planning with Purpose in Use of Space and Time Planning with Purpose for Robust Infrastructure Planning with Purpose in Data and Privacy Planning with Purpose in Community Partnerships Planning with Purpose in Personalized Professional Learning Building a Performance Assessment Learning Community Collaborating with Administration Problem-Based Learning: Saving for Retirement Productive Small Group Work Communicating with Families Using Data Essential Spreadsheet Skills Understanding Data Types

6 Aligning Standards and Assessments Analyzing Student Misconceptions Creating Data-Driven Reteaching Groups Designing and Evaluating Mulitple-Choice Items Foundations of Practices in Executive Function Foundations of Practice in Working Memory Collaborating in PLCs Setting Goals for Students Criterion vs. Norm-Referenced Assessments Disaggregating Data Resolving Conflicts Idea Generating Effective Leadership Productive Teamwork Jigsaw Analyzing Media Impacts Providing Targeted Feedback to Teachers Technology as a tool for Professional Learning Planning an Intervention Using your espark Dashboard

7 Data Analyst: Guiding Data Analysis Managing Change Engaging Virtual Communities Through Facilitation Credit Cards: Analyzing Pros and Cons through Cartoons Buying or Leasing: Raft Writing Budgeting with Simulations Decision-Making Through the PACED Model Discussing Risk and Return Providing Targeted Feedback through Simulation Whole-Class Discussions for Exploring Mulitple Perspectives Small-Group Discussions for Critical Thinking about Global Issues Knowledge to Action Projects Community-Based Learning Experiences Global Collaboration Projects Communication for Global Action Using Technology Designing for Learning Goal Setter: Setting and Monitoring Goals Data Driver Assessor: Use of Common Assessments

8 Simulations to Help Students Develop Greater Empathy Case Studies for Analyzing Multiple Perspectives Connecting & Sharing with Networks Observation & Feedback COACHING FOR IMPROVEMENT Cultivating a Growth Mindset Critical Conversations Data-Driven Interventions Embedding Habits, Skills, and Disposition in PAs Using PAs Formatively to Provide Feedback Developing a Plan to Implement PAs Engaging Stakeholders to Support PAs Leading Active Professional Learning Fostering a Collaborative Learning Culture Applied Learning: Simple Saving Strategies Experiential Learning: Automobile Insurance Learning-by-Doing: Comparing Banking Services and Costs Competency-Based Rubric Design Performance Assessment Validation

9 Performance Assessment Reliability Apply the Attributes of Standards-Based Professional Learning Performance Based Learning: Using Your Mobile Phone for Financial Management Problem Based Learning: Student Loan Borrowing Principles Digital Game Based Learning: Identity Protection Project Based Learning: Exploring Your Future Career Opportunities Social and Emotional Based Learning: Comparison Shopping for Big Ticket Itsm Analyzes Feedback - Feedback Forms Inquiry-based Teaching Strategies Planning and Preparation Using "High Fives" to Enhance Student Motivation in a Blended Classroom Building a Classroom Culture of Metacognition through espark Evaluate the Impact of Professional Learning Initiating a Learning Project Managing the Learning Project Cycle Monitoring and Controlling a Learning Project Planning a Learning Project Facilitates Discussions- Student Work Analysis Anticipates Student Strategies

10 Designing a Space for Making Documenting and Reflecting on Making Makerspace Safety Planning a Student Showcase Closing a Learning Project Executing a Learning Project Positive and Productive Home-School Connections Designing for 21st Century Global Problem Solving Perspective-Taking in the Classroom Sketchnoting Choosing Materials That Matter Creating Learner Driven Curriculum Anti-bias Instruction Classroom Culture Collaborative Coaching Apply Student-Centered Strategies to Support Learning Differences Build a Student-Centered Plan to Support Learning Differences Using Action Research to Improve Teaching and Learning Planning with Purpose in Budget and Resources

11 Planning with Purpose in Collaborative Leadership NGSS and CCSSM in Action Learner Engagement Collaboration Formative Assessment Advanced Classroom Management: Children as Change Agents Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Information & Interventions for Effective Autism & Asperger's Disorder: Information & Effective Intervention Strategies Behavior is Language: Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behavior Violence in Schools: Identification, Prevention & Intervention Strategies Why DI? An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction Try DI!: Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program Talented & Gifted: Working with High Achievers Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student Learning Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in the Classroom Teaching Secondary Math Conceptually: Meeting Mathematics Standards Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually: A New Paradigm Understanding Aggression: Coping with Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom Reading Fundamentals # 2: Laying the Foundation for Effective Reading Instructio

12 Reading Fundamentals # 3: The Elements of Effective Reading Instruction & Asses Response to Intervention: Practical Information for the CLassroom Teacher Reading & Writing in Content Area Six Traits of Writing Model: Teaching & Assessing Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development Inclusion: Working with Students with Special Needs in General Education Classro Infant & Toddler Mental Health: Issues & Information for Educators Learning Disabilities: Practical Information for the Classroom Teacher Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment Early Childhood: Program Planning Reading Fundamentals # 1: An Introduction to Scientifically-based Research Child Abuse: Working with Abused & Neglected Children Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards Drugs & Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use & Abuse Educational Assessment: Assessing Student Learning in the Classroom Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools St. Margaret's Catholic School Josephine Callaghan-Laux (307) st Century Skills Riverton, WY 01/01/2018- V

13 A Framework for Teaching: Making the Most of Teacher Evaluation Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities Anger Management: Effective Discipline to Prevention Violence, Part 1 Anger Management: Effective Discipline to Prevent Violence; Part II Assessment and Grading for Student Achievement Understanding Culture and Race Understanding the Digital Generation Using Data for Meaningful Classroom Change Using Digital Media to Enhance Learning Teaching English Language Learners Across the Curriculum, Part II Teaching Reading and Comprehension to English Learners, K-5 Teaching, Learning, and Leading in the Digital Age Technology Applications for Teaching and Supporting the Struggling Reader The Flipped Classroom: Personalizing Learning for Students Every Day Transforming School Culture Supporting Struggling Students with Rigorous Instruction Survival Strategies for New Teachers, Grades 6-8 Survival Strategies for New Teachers, Grades 9-12 Survival Strategies for New Teachers, Grades K-5

14 Taking Action with Data Teaching English Language Learners Across the Curriculum, Part 1 Motivating and Engaging Students Motivating Underachievers Using Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instru POWERful Coaching Pydramid Response to Intervention: How to Respond When Kids Don't Learn Shifting Instruction with the Five Core Practices Student Learning Objecties: Using SLOs to Improve Instruction and Advance Stude Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading Grading and Reporting for All Students Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice Improving Instruction through Strategic Conversations with Teachers Making Student Thinking Visible Manage It All: Students, Curriculum, and Time Data-Driven Decision Making Differentiating Instruction Using a Common Core State Standards Differentiation and Assessement for Middle School Differentiation and the Brain Elementary Reading Intervention Strategies

15 Enhancing Your Curriculum through Art Common Core: Implementing the Writing Standards K-2 Common Core: Implementing the Writing Standards 6-8 Common Core: Implementing the Writing Standards 9-12 Courageous Conversations About Race Creating a Professional Learning Community at Work: Foundational Concepts and Data, Data Everywhere Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; Grades K Common Core in Mathematics: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; G Common Core in Mathematics: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; G Common Core in Mathematics: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; G Common Core in Mathematics: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; G Common Core State Standards for Leaders Character Education, Part 1 Character Education, Part II Charlotte Danielson's A Framework for Teaching Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 3 Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; Grades 6 Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation; Grades 9

16 Assessment and the Common Core Standards Authentic Innovation in the 21st Century Classroom Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher Becoming a Reflective Teacher Best Practices for Teaching African American Boys Challenging Gifted and All Students with the Cluster Grouping Model Child Abuse Prevention Tammy Schroeder (307) Cognitive Skills: Understanding Learning Challenges Tammy Schroeder (307) Common Core Implementation for All Classrooms Tammy Schroeder (307) Common Core Intervention Across the Curriculum Tammy Schroeder (307) Pedagogy Essentials Tammy Schroeder (307) Reaching Diverse Learners Tammy Schroeder (307) Reading Across the Curriculum Tammy Schroeder (307) Technology Today Tammy Schroeder (307) Understanding Special Learning Populations Tammy Schroeder (307) Standards and Communications in Teaching Tammy Schroeder (307) Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries: Jami Wiseman (574) Laban: Advanced Characterization Introducing Commedia Dell'Arte ROCK SPRINGS, WY 02/01/2018- ONLINE 02/01/2018-

17 Teaching Shakespeare Improvisation- On Stage and Off Costuming & Makeup Playwriting, Devising and Creating New Works Drama Classroom Management Stage Management Technology in the Drama Classroom Managing the Divergent Classroom Creating and Marketing Drama Programs Performance Study: Masks and Monologues The Directing Process Ensemble Building Production Basics for Drama Teachers Simple Approaches to Set Design Improving Acting & Performance Basic Lighting and Theatre Tech Oopen Education Resources (OERs) Webinar Series Alicia Vonberg (307) Teaching with Love and Logic Book Study Lori Schieffer (406) Google Basics Education Level 2 (Online) Virtual 04/12/ /30/2018 V ONLINE 04/20/ /21/2021 Casper, WY 05/21/2018-

18 Google Basics Education Level 1 (Online) Accessible Educational Materials to Support Transitions Gisele Knopf (307) Developing Students' Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation Advocating for Students: The Special Education Process and Beyond Independent Study in Ceramics Camellia El-Antably (307) ASCD: Classroom Management- Managing Challenging Behavior (Online) ASCD: Classroom Management- Building Effective Relationships (online) ASCD: Closing the Vocabulary Gap! (online) ASCD: Questioning for Class Discussion 6-12 (Online) ASCD: Grading Smarter, Not Harder (Online) ASCD: Inclusion- The Basics (online) ASCD: Inclusion- Implementing Strategies (online) ASCD: Enhancing Teaching with Technology (online) ASCD: Understanding Student Motivation (Online) ASCD: Turning High Poverty Schools to High Performing Schools (online) ASCD: Sparking Student Creativity (Online) Measuring PRogress: The New Art & Science of Teaching Rachel LeBeau (307) RAMPED II and GenCyber COWPOKES Andrea Burrows (307) Geo-Inquiry & Bio Diversity for Middle School Educators Germaine Wagner (307) Casper, WY 05/21/2018- Laramie, Wy 05/21/ /06/ /01/ /01/2018- VARIOUS 06/10/ /20/2018 Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Casper, WY 06/20/2018- Laramie, Wy 06/20/ /30/2018 Laramie, Wy 06/25/2018- V CASPER 07/09/ /10/2018

19 MAT ( Music, Arts, Theatre) Camp 2018 Kiley Ingersoll (307) Teaching AP Human Geography Jacqueline J Shinker (307) Professionalism in Education Train-the-Trainer Institute: Next Generation Science Standards 6-12 Teachers Jamie Smith (877) Wyoming Game & Fish Dept Teacher Camp Planning Retreat Ashley Leonard (307) Preschool DBI (Data Based Individualization) Training Jennifer Hiler (307) Healing Children and Adolescents through Creativity: An Art Therapy Workshop Sarah Schneider (307) Train-the-Trainer Institute: Next Generation Science Standards 6-12 Teachers Jamie Smith (877) Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Computer Science Standards Review Committee Jill Stringer (307) Orton Gillingham for Educators Jada White (307) UPPER Wind III: Weather in the Wind River Watershed Jason Katzmann (307) National Train-the-Trainer Institute: Co-Teaching That Works! Jamie Smith (877) PROJECT BASED LEARNING Forest to Products Teacher Workshop Jessica Halverson (307) Conference for School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Jamie Smith (877) Fundamentals of Coaching 2018 No Bus Field Trips Sarah Schneider (307) Theory of Coaching Basketball Evanston, WY 07/09/ /13/2018 V Laramie, Wy 07/09/ /10/2018 Riverton, WY 07/10/ /10/2018 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 07/10/ /11/2018 Dubois, WY 07/10/ /11/2018 Cheyenne, Wy 07/11/ /12/2018 Capser College 07/12/ /13/2018 Bellevue, WA 07/12/ /13/2018 CASPER, WY 07/15/ /17/2018 CASPER, WY 07/15/ /17/2018 Riverton, WY 07/16/ /25/ Riverton, WY 07/16/2018- Chicago, IL 07/16/ /19/2018 Riverton, WY 07/17/ /17/2018 Deadwood, SD 07/17/ /19/2018 Lakewood, CO 07/17/ /18/2018 CASPER, WY 07/18/ /18/2018 Capser College 07/18/2018-

20 Theory of Coaching Football Theory of Coaching Golf Theory of Coaching Skiing Theory of Coaching Soccer Theory of Coaching Swimming Athletic Director Workshop- LTI Leadership Classes Theory of Coaching Tennis Theory of Coaching Track & Field Theory of Coaching Volleyball 2018 Theory of Coaching Wrestling Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Sarah Spafford (307) Ethnobotany: Edible and Medicinal Plants Kathryn Primrose (307) Teach Like a Champion Aspen Early Learning Center PBIS in the MTSS Framework Cheryl Coleman (307) Train-the-Trainer Institute: Strengthen the Executive Function Skills of Students wit Jamie Smith (877) FLYING Wild and Project WILD Dustin Downey (307) Book Study: Culture of Care and Dignity Multisensory Instruction of Language Arts Part 1 What is Active Learning Lander, Wy 07/21/ /22/2018 Riverton, WY 07/23/ /23/2018 Riverton, WY 07/23/ /24/2018 ANAHEIM, CA 07/25/ /27/2018 Moorcroft, WY 07/26/ /27/2018 Casper, WY 07/30/ /27/2018 Casper, WY 07/30/ /10/2018 Riverton, WY -

21 Roadman to STE(A)M Conference Tonya Gerharter (307) CS Fundamentals K-5 Training Robin Grandpre (307) Info Power 2018 (Preconference) and WLA Conference Kathy Bjornestad (307) Canvas Online Webinar Series Robin Grandpre (307) Canvas Training Robin Grandpre (307) Media and your Brain WSPA Summer Conference Howard Wakkinen (307) Native American Education Conference Robert Black (307) Abuse and Neglect Paula Krotz (307) An Enchanted Journey Monica Huntington (307) NCHS: Building a Better Canvas Environment Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Sarah Spafford (307) Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Canvas Training Robin Grandpre (307) Canvas Training Robin Grandpre (307) Secrets of the Teenage Brain Fostering Excellent School Culture Special Education Law- Linking the Process Jennifer Hiler (307) Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Sarah Spafford (307) Gillette, Wy - 08/03/2018 Gillette, Wy - CASPER, WY 08/01/ /03/2018 ONLINE 08/01/ /31/2019 V TORRINGTON, WY 08/02/ /02/2018 Riverton, WY 08/06/ /06/2018 Jackson Hole, WY 08/06/ /08/2018 St. Stephens, WY 08/08/ /09/2018 St. Joseph's Children's Home 08/10/ /10/2018 Cheyenne, Wy 08/10/ /11/2018 Casper, WY 08/13/ /01/2018 Gillette, Wy 08/14/ /15/2018 Casper, WY 08/15/ /17/2018 Powell, WY 08/15/ /15/2018 Lovell, WY 08/15/ /15/2018 Riverton, WY 08/16/ /16/2018 Riverton, WY 08/20/ /20/2018 Cheyenne, Wy 08/20/ /20/2018 Rawlins, WY 08/22/ /23/2018

22 MANDT Recertification Paula Krotz (307) Community Choir Margaret Farley (307) Transforming School Culture and Curriculum Development The Motivated Student Fremont 21 PDP Andrea Abeyta (307) Teaching Difficult Students Intermediate American Sign Language Margaret Farley (307) Beginning Spanish 1 for Educators Margaret Farley (307) Beginning Sign Language ASL Margaret Farley (307) Behavior Management: Transforming School Culture & Literacy Essentials Book Study Education Opportunities through National Parks and Devils Tower Joe Bruce (307) Civics and Civility: Exploring Primary Source Based Lessons Laura Vlk (703) Team Building in the Classroom Global Leadership Summit Paul Searcey (307) Differentiation and the Brain Teach Like a Champion PROJECT BASED LEARNING St. Joseph's Children's Home 08/24/ /24/2018 DOUGLAS, WY 08/27/ /10/2018 Casper, WY 08/27/ /31/2018 Riverton, WY 08/27/ /27/2018 FORT WASHAKIE 08/31/ /31/2019 V Riverton, WY 09/07/ /07/2018 DOUGLAS, WY 09/10/ /03/2018 DOUGLAS, WY 09/10/ /26/2018 DOUGLAS, WY 09/11/ /04/2018 Riverton, WY 09/17/ /17/2018 Casper, WY 09/19/ /09/2019 Devils Tower, WY 09/28/ /28/2018 Cheyenne, Wy 10/02/ /02/2018 Riverton, WY 10/08/ /08/2018 CASPER, WY 10/09/ /10/2018 Riverton, WY 10/24/ /24/2018 Riverton, WY 11/09/ /09/2018 Riverton, WY 11/12/ /12/2018