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1 ADV 3001 Advertising Creative Strategy CRN Tuesday and Thursday: 10:30 a.m. 11:45 a.m. Lutgert Hall 2208 Instructor: Ludmilla G. Wells, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing Office: Lutgert Hall 3300 Telephone: (239) Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 12:00pm 1:30pm; 4:30pm 5:30pm Other Times: Open Door or By Appointment Contact Via: Canvas Course Mail (within 48 hours) Urgent Link to FGCU Marketing Department Required Text and Readings The Advertising Creative Strategy, Copy, Design, Altstiel, Tom, 4 th Edition, (2016) Sage Publications ISBN: Advertising Age, New York Times, AdWeek, Recommended Reading: Coughter, Peter, The Art of the Pitch, (2012) Tag, Nancy, Ad Critique: How to Deconstruct Ads in Order to Build Better Advertising (2015) Rothenberg, Randall, Where the Suckers Moon (1995) Vintage Books Durgee, Jeffrey, Creative Insight, (2005) The Copy Workshop Wall Street Journal, AdForum, Among others posted to Canvas MODULE - Readings Required Supplies (available in the Bookstore): 11 X 14 (Strathmore or Bienfang) Layout Bond (one per team) Non-Photo Blue or Copy Not Pencil Black Marker(s) and Color Markers/Colored Pencils 12 Steel Ruler w/cork back One USB Drive for Final Campaign As of fall 2015, all faculty members are required to use Canvas to confirm a student's attendance for each course by the end of the first week of classes. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the disbursement of your financial aid. The confirmation of attendance is required for all students, not only those receiving financial aid. 1 P a g e

2 Your daquiz for this course meets this requirement. daquiz is due Friday, August 5:00pm. Via Canvas , you will receive your Access Code to take and complete the daquiz. You may access the quiz twice within a total of 15 minutes. This is your first scored quiz 5 points. The Course Description The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the theory and application of advertising writing and design. It covers a wide range of topics including the nature and history of creativity in advertising, communications, and advertising theories, planning and preparation of advertising messages for mass media and specific techniques and executions used in various media. Prerequisites: ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising with a minimum Grade of C Requirements: You do not need artistic skills. However, you will be required to conduct independent research, prepare creative briefs, write and edit copy, and design, execute and present original advertisements. You will prepare a variety of in-class, out-of-class, individual and creative team Assignments. You will critique your work and the work of others. You will complete a creative advertising Campaign as part of the final project. An eportfolio website must be created with an active hyperlink. Attendance is required & lively, interactive participation (in class and on CANVAS) throughout the semester is essential. Course Goal: Develop analytical and critical thinking skills when creating or evaluating advertising materials and executions - both in class (face2face) and on CANVAS (acblog). Teaching Method: This is not a traditional listen-to-a-lecture based course. The course is built on the Socratic method that focuses on developing critical thinking and analytic skills. Mixed- method teaching approaches include active participation in class and interactive discourse on-line (CANVAS): FGCU 3001creatives Link ).The Socratic method searches for general commonly held truths that shape opinion and scrutinizes them to determine their consistency with other beliefs. The phrase Socratic questioning is used to describe a kind of questioning in which an original question is responded to as though it were an answer. This, in turn, forces the first questioner to reformulate a new question in light of the progress of the discourse. The most significant difference between this activity and most typical classroom activities involves the role of the teacher. In Socratic Circles the students lead the discussion and questioning. The teacher's role is to ensure the discussion advances regardless of the particular direction the discussion takes. Source: Text is available under the Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Learning Outcomes: 1. Be able to write, design, and prepare advertisements for different media as well as critique the work of others as a means of better understanding the craft and science of advertising creativity. 2. Develop listening skills and to take verbal directions, thus building fluidity in the use of advertising industry specific concepts and terminology, and 3. Understand the structure and cohesiveness of the Big Idea in an advertising campaign strategy and be able to present those ideas persuasively in a Pitch. 2 P a g e

3 The course also addresses a number of learning goals for our business undergraduate program. With respect to these students upon completion of this course should be able to Understand the business environment Be effective problem solvers Be effective communications Have Interdisciplinary business knowledge Assignments (6-8) In-class assignments must be completed within the same class/time allotment. Out-of-class assignments will include research, writing, and/or design work to be prepared for inclass presentation and critique. Due dates will be announced at the beginning of each of the assignments. Individual assignments reflect your individual creativity and skills. You will have the opportunity to bounce your ideas off your classmates, friends, foes, teachers or other assorted people, but it is your work and your score. Scores for each assignment can total Ten (10) points: Five (5) points for valid secondary research, on strategy, on topic, and/or creative merit; Five (5) points for production skill and/ortechnical execution. Remember, a great idea isn't enough. Assignments with typos, grammar issues, smudges, improper formats, dimensions/length, or presentation (computer/printer problems) affect the score. Failure to follow assignment instructions or ad specs/presentation formats will also result in a lower score. Check Automatic Loss of Points List before submitting an assignment. NOT SURE? Ask me. Due Dates All in/out-of-class assignments are due at the start of class on the days scheduled without exception. Any changes in schedule/due dates will be announced in class. Failure to complete or submit an Individual/Team Assignment/acBlog Post results in no credit, "0". Writing Policy All assignments are to be MS Word only (Times Roman 12/24 type, 1.25" margins), unless you are instructed otherwise or when using media specific formats and software. All students are expected to communicate effectively in written English. Proper attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and proofreading is required. Assignments with inadequate attention to syntax and mechanics of language will receive a lower grade. Typically, two or more errors on any assignment will lead to a reduced grade. Students who are deficient in writing skills will be referred to the university writing center for remedial work. No handwritten assignments will be accepted (unless instructed to do so). Students agree that by taking this course all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely for detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on the site. Academic Dishonesty/Cheating Policy "All students are expected to demonstrate honesty in their academic pursuits. The university policies regarding issues of honesty can be found under the "Student Code of Conduct" and under "Policies and Procedures" of the Student Guidebook. All students are expected to study this document which outlines their responsibilities and consequences for violations of the policy." No Extra Credit or Extra Work is given to satisfy course requirements, missed assignments, or improve final grades. 3 P a g e

4 NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO MAKE-UPS ARE AVAILABLE. Automatic Loss of 5 Points! You will be given no more than a 5 point score for the entire assignment. The following actions will automatically result in a lower grade on the work involved. If you Fail to include the advertiser's name/brand, product package, and logo on any assignment (yes, all three). Misuse the trademark, brandmark, logo, or slogan. Fail to properly letter in headlines, display copy or greek in body copy when necessary. Use a black lead pencil (#2) on anything. Glue, Tape, or Staple anything to any rough layout or comprehensive or storyboard. Fail to produce a print layout or billboard (rough/comp) in the proper size. Fail to include typed copy sheet with a print or out-of-home layout (rough/comp); or script for a recorded radio spot or television storyboard. Fail to use the proper typed copy sheet format for print ads, radio scripts or television scripts and storyboards. Fail to indicate the proper print area (ad dimensions) size and the title of the magazine/newspaper. Fail to indicate the length of the broadcast spot and network/program/show. Write copy that won't fit the space indicated/speced for a print ad. 12.Create a print layout that will not accommodate written/speced copy. 13.Write radio and television scripts that won't fit the spot length or format. Misspell anything on a creative brief, print layout/copy sheet or broadcast script/storyboard. Make grammatical errors on creative briefs, copy sheets, or scripts. Use anyone's ideas, designs or writings. These actions will be dealt with more severely as they constitute academic dishonesty. The Final Campaign This will include primary and secondary research plan and results, a written document, advertising executions, and a deck (PowerPoint) presentation. A separate Final Project Module will have materials and information as the project develops during the semester. A complete set of specifications will be uploaded and include Research requirements, Claims Matrix, Creative Brief, and Advertising Execution criteria. 4 P a g e

5 acblogs acblogs offer 24/7 access to post your ideas, add your thinking, and share the current trends related to advertising creativity and creative strategy in the classroom and in the industry. For each scheduled acblog, each student will post hot innovations, points of interest, news, and so on as related to the Topic for the Week. All acblogs must relate to the topics on the syllabus, current events, and details in from text. All students are required to participate in acblogs. Sources for your post must draw from Advertising Age, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Brandweek, or Adweek unless otherwise stated in the acblog. Regardless of whether you are using on-line access or hard copies of the publications, you must include a complete article citation using APA Style* or (go to the Library). If citing an online source/publication, in addition to the citation, you must provide an active, working hyperlink to the article and advertisement. (A citation is important in the event a link is broken, the article and advertisement can still be located). If you are referring to something in the textbook, you may simply add a notation as (Text, page #). Depending on your comfort level and computer skills, you may scan in ads or pictures or video links. You should share the big idea. Five 6 points each (30) plus Five 4 points each (20) o o o o o = acblog Score (50) ALL acblogs will open on TUESDAY 6:00am and close the next week on WEDNESDAY 11:00pm. You must POST by Sunday NOON in order for others to have a chance to respond. Note: If your initial POST (not a Response) is after Sunday Noon will earn only 3 points; if you POST after Tuesday Noon, you will earn 1 point. If you miss a week to post or reply, you cannot make it up in the following weeks or return to previous weeks for corrections. You MAY NOT use your posts or those of other students posts from previous intervals. Exams Two exams will be scheduled. Select chapters will be posted on Canvas and announced in class. eportfolio Website in cooperation with the Ms. Amy Scott, Internship Coordinator LCOB, the FGCU Career Center, and the Real World The process by which job seekers search for jobs, and employers post jobs, has radically changed. While the concept of a résumé may never truly become obsolete, it has seen changes as well. Your linked personal website can be your eportfolio, a place to archive and showcase your skills, education, accomplishments, and experience to prospective employers. A well-crafted résumé within an eportfolio Website will help market your qualifications and also demonstrate your technological and marketing savviness to employers. Step 1 Must be completed by Friday, October 13, 2017 Contact the Career Services Center or Ms. Amy Scott to make an appointment for assistance in writing your résumé. or call P a g e

6 You will need To create professional looking résumé in MSWord only. A generic résumé sample is posted to CANVAS. A mini-eportfolio of three work samples. For example, these can be in the form of: o a PDF of a research paper or brochure you have created o a PowerPoint Presentation for a class project o the URL for websites you have created o Ads, writing samples, and other items as appropriate Save all the above information to a Flash Drive to bring to your appointment. Step 2 Must be completed by Wednesday, November 29, 11:00 pm Upload a working HYPERLINK* to your Canvas assignment to access to your eporfolio in CANVAS. Students have used and It s FREE, but you may use any website you choose or one previously created that you need to adapt. *If the link does not connect, you will receive no credit 0 for the assignment. If the website loads, but the materials do not open (error messages or nothing there), the assignment will be scored accordingly. Note: It is highly recommended that you start this process early. It is not a complicated project, but your résumé or work samples may need revisions before it is really ready to use. A Scoring Rubric will be posted to include Landing Page, The Résumé, Links (three), Loads (everything loads) Composition of Course Grade Assignments (6-8) 30% acblogs (5) 15% Exam 1* 10% Exam 2* 10% Final Campaign 20% Final Pitch 5% eportfolio Website 10% total 100% If you miss an exam or score below 70% on either exam, you have the option to replace only one of the Exam scores. The replacement exam is a comprehensive exam and scheduled during exam week. 6 P a g e

7 Grade Range Standards A 100% to 93% A- <93% to 90% B+ <90% to 88% B <88% to 83% B- <83% to 80% C+ <80% to 78% C <78% to 70% D <70% to 60% F <60% Controllables Academic Assignments and Classroom Environment Assignments: See Automatic Loss of 5 Points Academic Behavior Standards and Academic Dishonesty. All students are expected to demonstrate honesty in their academic pursuits. The university policies regarding issues of honesty can be found in the FGCU Student Guidebook under the Student Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures sections. All students are expected to study this document which outlines their responsibilities and consequences for violations of the policy. The FGCU Student Guidebook is available online at (Link to an external site.) Classroom Deportment and Environment: You will be expected to practice civility in this classroom, giving attention and respect to guests, your classmates - especially during presentations, class critiques, videos, etc. Vulgar language and disruptive behavior is unacceptable and you will be asked to leave the room immediately. ALL Cell Phones, Computers/Tablets, Headphones, Earbuds, and any other personal electronic devices must be Removed, TURNED OFF, AND PUT AWAY (out of sight). First Violation Fair Warning; Second Violation you will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of that class session; Third Violation you will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of that class session it will be recorded as an unexcused absence; Fourth Violation you will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of that class session it will be recorded as a second unexcused absence. Video and Audio Taping of Class Lectures, Photography: Students are not allowed to audio tape or video tape my class lectures or photograph PPTs with the exception of any student that has a documented disability and the OAS determines the best reasonable accommodation for the student is to allow them to audio tape or video tape class lectures. Attendance, Absences, Religious Holidays: Class attendance is required and roll will be taken daily. Two unexcused absences will impact and lower your final course grade by one grade level (for example from A- to B+). All other unexpected issues and situations should be addressed with me, in advance if possible. 7 P a g e

8 All students at Florida Gulf Coast University have a right to expect that the University will reasonably accommodate their religious observances, practices, and beliefs. Students, upon prior notification to their instructors, shall be excused from class or other scheduled academic activity to observe a religious holy day of their faith. Students shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time to make up the material or activities covered in their absence. Students shall not be penalized due to absence from class or other scheduled academic activity because of religious observances. Where practicable, major examinations, major assignments, and University ceremonies will not be scheduled on a major religious holy day. A student who is to be excused from class for a religious observance is not required to provide a second party certification of the reason for the absence. (Links to an external site.) Disability Accommodations Services: Florida Gulf Coast University, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the university s guiding principles, will provide classroom and academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. If you need to request an accommodation in this class due to a disability, or you suspect that your academic performance is affected by a disability, please see me or contact the Office of Adaptive Services. The Office of Adaptive Services is located in the Wellness Building. The phone number is or Video Phone (VP) In addition to classroom and campus accommodations, individuals with disabilities are encouraged to create their personal emergency evacuation plan and FGCU is committed to providing information on emergency notification procedures. You can find information on the emergency exits and Areas of Rescue Assistance for each building, as well as other emergency preparedness materials on the Environmental Health and Safety and University Police Department websites. If you will need assistance in the event of an emergency due to a disability, please contact Adaptive Services for available services and information. University Nondiscrimination Statement: Florida Gulf Coast University is committed to ensuring equity and fairness for all University employees, students, visitors, vendors, contractors and other third parties. As such, the University prohibits discrimination on the bases of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sex (including sexual harassment/assault), gender identity/expression, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or genetic predisposition with regard to admissions, employment, programs or other activities operated by the University. This prohibition extends to enforcement of Title IX of the Education Amendments of Questions or complaints should be directed to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC). The OIEC s phone number is (239) ; the OIEC address is NOTE: Assignments are scheduled within each MODULE. The syllabus may change and it is your responsibility to remain current. Active Link ADV 3001 Canvas Course Modules Tue, Sep 26 Due 10:30am acblog1p- LAST CHANCE by Sept. 10:30 am Due 11:45am ASN_#1cbt Thu, Sep 28 10:30am Noise - Guest Lecturer Tue, Oct 3 Due 10:30am ASN_#2 C&C 8 P a g e

9 Thu, Oct 5 10:30am FP Auctions Open Wed, Oct 11 Due 11:00pm acblog2p Thu, Oct 12 Due 10:30am ASN_#3 Print Sat, Oct 14 Due 9:00am FP Auction #5 Due 9:00am FP Auction #4 Due 9:00am FP Auction #3 Due 9:00am FP Auction #2 Due 9:00am FP Auction #1 Tue, Oct 17 Due 10:30am Test 1 Wed, Oct 25 Due 11:00pm acblog3p Thu, Oct 26 Due 10:30am ASN_#4 - OOH Wed, Nov 8 Due 11:00pm acblog4p 9 P a g e

10 Thu, Nov 9 Due 10:30am ASN_#5 Scripts and Radio Tue, Nov 14 Due 10:30am Test 2 Tue, Nov 21 Due 10:30am ASN_#6 Scripts and TV Thu, Nov 23 12:00am Thanksgiving Wed, Nov 29 Due 11:00pm acblog5p Sat, Dec 2 Due 11:00pm FC -Brief Due 11:00pm FC - Matrix Due 11:00pm FC - PDF Ads Due 11:00pm FC - Research Wed, Dec 6 Due 11:00pm eportfolio LINK 10 P a g e

11 ADV 3001 Advertising Creative Strategy Thu, Dec 7 Due 10:30am ASN_#7 Knt 2 Tue, Dec 12 10:30am Final Presentations Thu, Dec 14 10:30am Final Presentations Tue, Dec 19 10:30am LAST DAY of Class Wed, Dec 20 12:00am ExamDay TBD Thu, Dec 21 12:00am ExamDay TBC Fri, Dec 22 12:00am ExamDay TBD Sat, Dec 23 12:00am ExamDay TBD 11 of 11 P a g e s