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1 Lake-Sumter Community College Course Syllabus Course / Prefix Number MAC 1105 Course Title: College Algebra CRN: Credit: 3 Term: Spring 2012 Course Catalog Description: This is a rigorous introduction to the math concepts necessary for successful study of MAC 2233 or MAC This course is primarily a conceptual study of functions and graphs, their applications, and of systems of equations and inequalities. Linear, quadratic, rational, absolute value, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions will be investigated. NOTE: A graphing calculator is required. Nicole Mogensen Contact Information: Instructor: Office Location: SM 129 Office Hours: Mon: 12:25-3:25pm Tues: 9:25-10:55am & 1:55-2:55pm Wed: 12:25-3:25pm Thurs: 9:25-10:55am All students are required to use LakerMail for official college communications. See the college webpage for instructions on activating LakerMail. Prerequisites: Textbook and Other Course Materials: Technology and Online Computer Access Requirements: C or higher in MAT 1033 or appropriate placement score Essentials of College Algebra, Lial/Hornsby/Schneider, 10 th Ed., Addison Wesley, Pearson Education, Inc This textbook is OPTIONAL for this course. MyMathLab (Standalone Student Access Kit) This can be purchased in the bookstore or online at TI-83 or TI-84+ Graphing Calculator is required. Course Objectives: (what the course will do) To understand the concept of functions and to algebraically and graphically manipulate linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions. 1

2 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Assessed in this Course: (what the students take with them beyond this course) After successful completion of this course: 1. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of algebra when analyzing characteristics and properties of relations and functions and performing processes. 2. The student will demonstrate the ability to solve and graph a variety of equations and inequalities. 3. The student will demonstrate understanding of the concepts of this course by applying knowledge of given functions to real world problems. Academic Integrity: Important Information for Students with Disabilities: Privacy Policy (FERPA): The successful functioning of the academic community demands honesty, which is the basis of respect for both ideas and persons. In the academic community, there is an ongoing assumption of academic integrity at all levels. There is the expectation that work will be independently thoughtful and responsible as to its sources of information and inspiration. Honesty is an appropriate consideration in other ways as well, including but not limited to the responsible use of library resources, responsible conduct in examinations, and the responsible use of the Internet. (See college catalog for complete statement.) Any student with a documented disability who requires assistance or academic accommodations should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities immediately to discuss eligibility. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is located on the Leesburg Campus, but arrangements can be made to meet with a student on any campus. An appointment can be made by calling and specific information about the OSD and potential services can be found at then go to Quick Links and click on Disability Services. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. 1232g; 34 CFR Part99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of a student s education records. In order for your information to be released, a form must be signed and in your records located in the Admissions/Registrar s Office. Regular attendance is essential to learn the material and succeed in this course. If you must miss class, you should contact a fellow student or Ms. Mogensen to find out what was covered, copy notes, etc. because you are responsible for what was covered. Attendance/Withdrawal Policies: If you wish to withdraw from the course, it is your responsibility to go to the Admissions Office and do so officially, or you will receive your calculated course grade. Missing a test will result in a 0% on that test. Exceptions will be granted only with permission from Ms. Mogensen BEFORE the test is given to the class. In the event of an emergency, contact Ms. Mogensen as soon as possible. There are NO make-up quizzes. Withdrawal Deadline: The deadline for withdrawing from this course is Friday, March 23. 2

3 Your course grade is based on 5 proctored tests, quizzes online and in class, assigned homework through My Math Lab, and a cumulative final exam. Your grade for the course is determined as follows: Methods of Evaluation: Tests 60% Quizzes 10% Homework (My Math Lab) 10% Final Exam 20% If you miss 3 or less class meetings, your lowest test grade will be replaced with your final exam score. At the end of the semester your lowest quiz grade will be dropped. Grading Scale: Grading Scale: A = 90% or higher B = 80% - 89% C = 70% - 79% D = 60% - 69% F = Below 60% Course Calendar: Tentative Spring 2012 MAC 1105 MW Daily Schedule Monday Jan 9 Intro, R.5 Wednesday Jan 11 R.6, R.7 Monday Jan 16 No class-- holiday Wednesday Jan , 1.2 Monday Jan , 1.3 Wednesday Jan Monday Jan , Review Wednesday Feb 1 Test #1 (R.5, R.6, R.7, ) Monday Feb Wednesday Feb 8 1.7, 1.8, 2.1 Monday Feb Wednesday Feb Monday Feb 20 Review, 2.4 Wednesday Feb 22 TEST #2 (1.6, 1.8, ) Monday Feb , 2.6 Wednesday Feb , 2.7 March 4 March 11 Spring Break 3

4 Monday March , 2.8 Wednesday March 14 Review, 3.2 Monday March 19 Test #3 ( ) Wednesday March **Friday, March 23 WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE** Monday March , 3.5 Wednesday March , Review Monday April 2 Test #4 (3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 5.1) Wednesday April 4 4.1, 4.2 Monday April 9 4.2, 4.3 Wednesday April , 4.4 Monday April , 4.5 Wednesday April Monday April 23 TEST #5 ( ) FINAL EXAM Monday April :55pm Classroom Rules and Policies: All answers must be in simplified form. For example, all fractions must be reduced. Other specifications will be made in class. If you are disruptive, then I will ask you to leave. Turn off all cell phone ringers and other non required electronic devices (ipod, blackberry, etc) before class. Please keep cell phones out of sight during class time. If you are late and I am giving a test/quiz, then you have only the remaining class time to complete the test/quiz, as do the students who were on time. If you are caught cheating, you will either fail the assignment/test or fail the course, at the discretion of the instructor. No warning will be given. Violence Statement: Syllabus Disclaimer: Lake-Sumter Community College has a policy of zero tolerance for violence as stated in College Board Rule Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with Board Rule Information contained in this syllabus is, to the best knowledge of this instructor, considered correct and complete when distributed to the student. The instructor reserves the right, acting within policies and procedures of Lake-Sumter Community College, to make necessary changes in course content or instructional techniques without prior notice or obligation to the student. 4

5 MAC 1105 Homework Free online resources: and My Math Lab course ID: mogensen78173 Listed below are exercises from the accompanying textbook if you need more practice. You will receive a homework grade from the homework assigned in My Math Lab. Sections Exercises R odd, odd R all R.7 Handout ,6-8, 9-69 odd 1.2 1, 3, 7, 9-15odd, odd, odd, odd all, odd, odd (Optional: R4 #1-69 odd) , odd, odd odd, odd, 63, odd 1.7 (Optional review) #1-6, 13, 21, 25, odd, odd Ch 1 review 1-4, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19-46, 50-56, 57, 62, 68-78, 103, , all all odd all, 7-77 odd all, 5-55 odd all, 7, 8, all, all, all abde, 3abcdfghi,15ab, 18, odd, odd, odd, 53-56all all, odd, odd (omit domain), all Ch 2 review 1, 3, 7-13odd, all, odd, all, 77, 78, 80-85, 93, 94, , , all, 10-12, odd, 27-30all, 51, (Polynomial Long Division) (pp #91-94), 1-9odd, 13-17odd, worksheet Use polynomial long division. Do not use synthetic division all, all, all, all, all, odd Ch 3 review 1-4, 10, (long division), 71-74, all, 9-17 odd, 19-26all, all, odd, odd, all, all, odd, odd, all, odd, 33, 37, all, odd, odd all, odd, odd all, 5-57 odd, 58, odd, 71, 72 Ch 4 review 1-19 odd, all, odd odd, all, 89-91, 95 5

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