Success At Interviews. Charmaine Athanasopoulos Western Sydney U. Careers

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2 Success At Interviews Charmaine Athanasopoulos Western Sydney U. Careers

3 Overview How to prepare for graduate employment interviews What to take to an interview Interview types and stages Skills recruiters are looking for Interview questions Behavioural interview questions Improving your interview performance Closing an interview Following up after the interview

4 Question: What is one thing you would do to prepare for an interview?

5 How to Prepare Know your skills Anticipate the questions Research Look the part Practice, practice and more practice

6 Anticipate the Questions Get to know you questions Technical questions Behavioural questions (questions about your experience) Hypothetical questions

7 Research the Organisation Services & products Size & location/s History & reputation Structure and roles Mission & culture Competitors Growth & viability Recent developments

8 Research the Position Key responsibilities Current priorities Expectations of position Strategic direction Reporting lines Performance assessment Quality standards Why vacant?

9 Practice List likely questions Brainstorm answers In front of a mirror Use an audiotape Use a video camera Practise with friends Refine technique Interview others

10 Look the Part Business dress Fresh laundered clothes Smell nice not too much perfume after shave Polished (business) shoes Don t overdo the jewellery Double check in mirror before interview

11 Take your Portfolio Job advertisement Duty statement A copy of your job application A copy of your resume Academic transcripts Examples of your work References Info about the organisation Prepared questions Location details Anything else requested by the interviewer

12 Interview Types Informal/formal One-to-one Panel Via recruitment agency Telephone First, second, third Assessment Centres

13 Interview Stages Greeting Introductions Warm up question Formal interview Invitation to ask questions Closing

14 What are recruiters looking for? Professional skills Research skills Critical analysis Problem solving Written skills Presentation skills Teamwork Organisational skills Demonstrating initiative Planning skills IT skills Personal qualities eg enthusiasm, motivation, tenacity, decisiveness

15 Question: What are some common interview questions that you have been asked?

16 Common interview questions What appeals to you about this job? Where is the industry heading in the next 3-5 years? Talk about a significant achievement Tell me about a time you had to motivate someone to do something What are your strengths? What is important to you in your work?

17 Behavioural Questions eg: Tell us about a time when you needed to persuade others to follow your idea? Assumes past behaviour is indicative of future behaviour Draw on a range of experience eg uni, clubs, volunteer and casual work Gather great examples Structure your answers

18 More Examples: Describe a time when you demonstrated skills in Leadership Teamwork Conflict resolution Using your initiative Persuading others Managing a project Initiating a project Decision-making Introducing change Providing sensitive feedback Solving a problem Assuming responsibility Taking risks Dealing with the unexpected Supervising others Working without supervision

19 STAR METHOD Situation give a context Task what was the goal? Activity how did you achieve it? Result what was the outcome?

20 Answering difficult questions Take your time Ask for clarification Use the thinking time Structure your response Give an example Don t bluff

21 Killer Questions! Unexpected question Seems obscure or irrelevant Designed to throw you Tests whether you can: Handle pressure Think quickly Think logically Be adaptable Work with unfamiliar information

22 Examples of Killer Questions Tell me something about yourself you ve never told anyone before Sell me this pen/calculator. Do you think you re intelligent? What were you hoping we wouldn t ask you? Why did you leave your last position? What did you think of your last boss?

23 Activity: Interview Questions

24 Questions you could ask What are your expectations of this role? Does the organisation have a mentoring scheme? What are the quality standards for this role? How will my work be evaluated? Do you support further study? Is it possible to rotate through different divisions? When do you think you will know the result of these interviews? What is the expected start date for this position?

25 Closing an interview Allow the interviewer to signal the close Read the signals and obey accordingly! Listen carefully for further contact information e.g. notification details Have some prepared and relevant enquiry if invited to ask questions Thank each interviewer

26 Improving your interview Take time out to reflect Record the questions they asked Record the answers you gave Jot down improvements you could make Review your preparation Review your behaviour and dress

27 Dos Be positive and enthusiastic Listen carefully Have examples to show experience Practice your technique Be aware of your non-verbal communication Ask for feedback Turn your mobile phone off Be confident Don ts Be late or flustered Oversell or undersell yourself Speak negatively of previous employers Lie or exaggerate Extend the interview by repeating yourself Fidget or chew gum Use racist, culturally sensitive or sexist statements

28 Following up an interview Review your resume and application Add to your skills audit Call and ask for feedback 1 week after the interview if you were unsuccessful Focus on the positive Keep improving Remember They are assessing you and you are assessing them See the interview as a chance to share information Not all interviewers are skilled at interviewing

29 Need More Help? elearning Career Modules (vuws) Resumes & Cover Letters Selection Criteria Career Resources (CareerHub) Documents such as Resume Checklist, Addressing Selection Criteria, Cover Letter Guide/samples, Career Objective writing guide FAQs, News Discipline-specific brochures JJob Vacancies (CareerHub) Jobs on Campus, Internships Part-time & Casual Jobs, Graduate Jobs Volunteer opportunities Register for: Workshops, Career Expos Western Sydney Careers Facebook Page Western Sydney Careers LinkedIn Page

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