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1 Simplify your community life


3 Simplify your community life Table of contents The online platform to manage your association and its members. 1 Who is ThreeAndMore? 2 A good relationship goes both ways. 3 A global and user-friendly community page. 3 Reach your members wherever they are. 4 Privacy and security first. 5 Why is ThreeAndMore free of charge? 6 With ThreeAndMore you have all the aces at hand. 6 Our Community Support. 7

4 Simplify your community life The online platform to manage your association and its members You have your hands full with the daily management of your association or club: organize events, enroll members, receive payments, prepare schedules, send invitations, share photos and documents... Next to all these administrative tasks you really want to spend more time pursuing your passion, expanding your association or just enjoying quality time with your club members. But how can you achieve this? How do you take your club into today s digital age? And how can your club become a better meeting place? Make your club the perfect meeting place. 1

5 ThreeAndMore offers you free and concrete solutions: The organization, administration and communication within your community runs efficiently through the ThreeAndMore platform. Your online presence increases the interaction with your members. You and your members are properly informed with our mobile app. In short, all your passions within reach on your PC, tablet and / or smartphone, and this completely free. Who is ThreeAndMore? Did you know that as of 3 people, you can call yourself a community? Hence the name ThreeAndMore. The ThreeAndMore solution was developed from the experience of its founders Kimball Felix and Guy Van Looveren. Running various organizations, they encountered different bottlenecks in the daily management of associations and clubs. At ThreeAndMore we believe that associations are the core of our society and of everyone s life. Your association is the playing field for different social contacts. It is the meeting place for friends, family, partners and colleagues. You are the center of your social life. It is our mission to help you in building up your community and involving your members, while at the same time offering you a solution for the daily administrative challenges. In order to live up to the task, we strive to provide you with social technology of the highest quality and with the newest functionality to build your associations and memberships, manage and participate whenever and wherever you want. Kimball and Guy. 2

6 A good relationship goes both ways A good relationship always works both ways. Your members expect a friendly welcome, a professional policy within your organization, facilities that are in good condition and an administration that is done correctly. On the other hand, you expect them to honor their commitments, maintain the state of the facilities and pay their fees on time. The user-friendly ThreeAndMore platform simplifies the entire management, administration and communication within your club. A global and user-friendly community platform On ThreeAndMore you have a personalized environment for each of your associations. Within each of these environments, you have all the functionalities to organize your club, manage its members, activities, documents and payments, etc.... On your personal timeline, you get a combined overview of the latest updates in all the associations that you are administrator or member of. All people involved in the association can go to your association s platform at ThreeAndMore. Presidents for example, can view the overall state of affairs, treasurers can follow-up on payments, secretaries can welcome new members and club members will find all the practical club information, planned activities etc The convenient member module allows you to easily assign different privileges to various members. Administrator/managers have access to all features: they can accept memberships, send messages, schedule activities or send out payment orders. Members however, primarily have participatory rights, such as respond to messages, consult the calendar, sign up for activities, view and share photos or pay membership fees. The personal member data that needs to be provided to your association can easily be managed, updated and transmitted by the member himself. As a result, the collection of data of your members is fully automated through the ThreeAndMore platform. In addition to managing members, ThreeAndMore also allows you to activate fanships. Fans or followers may not be real members, but they certainly contribute to the overall identity of your association. With ThreeAndMore you can involve them in your club s organization and communication. And who knows, maybe these fans may become paying members in the future. 3

7 Reach your members wherever they are Some of our features Management of members and groups Organization of activities Dashboard Communication with your members Club page Photo and document management Payment module Social media Some advantages of ThreeAndMore ThreeAndMore streamlines all aspects of your association. Communicate with members, invite them to social events, manage subscriptions as well as new registrations, send out payment reminders or messages to selected or all members, etc... All these features are accessible through any Internet browser on your desktop or tablet. ThreeAndMore also provide you with a free app, available for ios and Android. The intuitivity of the ThreeAndMore app makes it easy to manage daily items, quickly send messages, upload and share pictures and videos, or invite members to a club activity. Your members are just a click away. ThreeAndMore instantly registers all reactions of your members and synchronizes them over all devices. This way, you always have an accurate view of what is going on in your association, wherever you are. Consult up-to-date data whenever and wherever you want. Analyze the potential club growth by visualizing your membership pool. Let members enter and manage their own data. Connect all or a subset of your members through a single click via the message module. Overview of the latest payment data. Manage all your documents in one place and share with your members when needed And so much more An extra dose of club feeling Mobile access through the app is of course also a useful tool for your association to increase the interaction with your members and optimally engage them in all your activities. For example, fully integrate the calendar, promote the food festival and make subscriptions available anytime, anywhere, give short updates on the evolution of the club, or create a photo album for each event. The possibilities are endless. The ThreeAndMore package injects an extra dose of club feeling and increases membership engagement. A platform and an app? That adds even more club experience! Register, consult and manage in real-time 4

8 Privacy and security first ThreeAndMore, unique in its kind ThreeAndMore considers your privacy as one of the fundamental human rights. Therefore, it s not just a rule that needs to be applied; it is an attitude, fully embedded in our organization. The ThreeAndMore platform is built in Microsoft Azure and is 100% compliant to the new EU privacy legislation, meeting the strictest requirements regarding privacy and data protection: your right to protect, share, view or modify your personal data, the principle of prior authorization and the right to be forgotten. This is why ThreeAndMore is unique in its kind. Personal data stored through various Internet channels or websites, are often transmitted by digital companies without your consent to be used as a bargaining chip for their own profit. Which online- or social media platforms can really be trusted with your or your club members sensitive information? Safe and practical Clubs and associations gather detailed information on their members. Think of the endless Excel sheets, that need to be drafted in the beginning of each new year. The chairman, secretary and treasurer have their hands full with collecting data or updating existing information. Why not have your members update their data and information themselves? If your association does not have to do this, you will save precious time. Thanks to the opt-in or -out features of ThreeAndMore s secured and automated personal data collecting system, you decide which data should be provided while enabling your members to retain in full control over their personal information. Furthermore, it allows members full knowledge of what information on them is retained by the club, allowing them to update it whenever needed, thus enabling the club to always have the correct and updated member data. 5

9 Why is ThreeAndMore free of charge According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights everyone has the right to freely participate in the community s cultural life (Article 27) and the right to privacy (Article 12). At ThreeAndMore we are convinced that everyone has the right to live their community life in a world where control over personal data and content is guaranteed. We want to give everyone around the globe the opportunity to use our solution, without a financial barrier. We therefore offer our platform free of charge and it will stay that way. With ThreeAndMore you have all the aces at hand: Fast and efficient organization and communication tools, and this for both managers and members. Expanded membership management, automated data collection of/by members. Secure storage and sharing for documents, photos, videos, etc... Management of fees and payments. Global connections. Extra dose of club feeling. 100% compliance with the new European privacy legislation. Central location to manage and participate in all your associations. Personal support. And all this completely free of charge 6

10 Our community support, your personal support ThreeAndMore will not leave you to your fate. We ll help you from the start to register your association or club, upload your members, organize your groups or define the required member data. We start with the basics and then build up by using more detailed commands and functions. During the free demonstrations of our Community Support you will notice how instinctively our operating system works. If you are comfortable using online tools you may of course start without our support. After drafting your club page, structure and environment, we can assist you in introducing the system to other administrators, members and fans. During our presentation we discuss all the details of the various functions and how you can use them best, answering all the questions you may have! What can our Community Support team do for you? Together, we take all the hurdles: registering your club, informing your members, explaining how to use the functionalities with ease. You encounter a problem? Don t get stuck; make use of our expertise and contact us by phone or Oude Leeuwenrui 7 bus Antwerpen België 7


12 Head Office ThreeAndMore NV Oude Leeuwenrui 7 box Antwerp Belgium US Office ThreeAndMore USA New York 1177 Avenue of the Americas 7th floor NY United States of America Simplify your community life 2016 ThreeAndMore NV. - Oude Leeuwenrui 7 bus 15, 2000 Antwerpen, België VU. Guy Van Looveren / Kimball Felix, concept/print Alain Van Gaal - stockphoto