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1 February 6, On Saturday I shared a Facebook post about some of the things we have been busy with in 2017! Here is an even fuller listing: Report cards Ready, Set School! Map (Measures of Academic Progress) Testing Basketball try-outs and practices (Junior and Senior boys and girls!) Preparing for Saint Marie Among the Hurons (Grade 7 overnight trip) Pancake Breakfast Chapels Euchre Tournament (this Friday Grade 8 fundraiser!) Board, Finance and other committee meetings Spring Drive preparation And of course, regular school life! This list represents activities and events that are important to all of us. TheY give us a chance to connect in different ways, to expand knowledge, to meet new people and try new things and are celebrations of all that we are and all that we do because of our connection to John Knox Christian School! February and March are also busy months on the administrative side of this place. Income tax receipts will be issued this month, and you can look for re-enrolment letters and invoices coming home in early March. Happily, new families are touring, and registrations have started for September 2017! We are blessed by this school, and blessed to be part of the John Knox community. Thank you for what you and your families bring to it! As we work together in this busy season, our prayer for all of us is peace, strength, good health and clarity. We strive to walk and work in His name, seeking His leading and shining the light of Christ into all aspects of John Knox Christian School. And remember: A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier. Blessings, Karen Piccolo Hot Lunch This week's Lunch is Pita Pit! The scheduled volunteers are Ailene Oliveros, Sally Amon- Kotey and Lynn Shivdayal. If you are unable to help please me asap at Thanks - Michelle Keats Calendar Wed. February 8 - Friday, February 10 Grade 7 to St. Marie Among the Hurons Friday, February 10 Grade 8 Euchre Fundraiser 7:00 p.m. Monday, February 13 Chapel Assemblies Grades 9:50 a.m. Grades 11:00 a.m. Friday, February 17 - PD Day NO SCHOOL Monday, February 20 - FAMILY DAY - NO SCHOOL Wednesday, February 22 OACS Basketball Tournaments Oakville tdchristian Check us out on Facebook and be sure to SHARE the good things happening at JKCS! Sports this week... Basketball practice schedule: Monday: Junior Girls at lunch recess Tuesday: Senior Boys & Girls after school 3:30-4:45 Wednesday: Junior Boys at lunch recess Thursday: Junior Girls after school 3:30-4:45 Volunteers All chaperones and school helpers are required to have a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check on file with the school office. Please check with Astrid to see if you are due for a renewal. Forms are available upon request. Renewal frequency has been updated to every 3 years. Make sure you have an up to date Police check ready so that you are able to volunteer! Issue 19

2 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18#joypraythanks Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. Parent News From the Library A.R. (Grades 2-5) -- Goal 5 begins today Feb. 6 and ends Thursday March 9. Students Council Valentines Candy Event! For each $2.00 sent in and given to their teacher, students will receive a bag of assorted candy, along with a chance to win a prize! (TBA) Candy will be delivered to each student in their classroom on Tuesday, February 14th. ALL Orders should be in by this FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. Grade 7 students are reminded that their order needs to be in by NO LATER THAN Wednesday, February 8th (before they depart for St. Marie) in order to participate! Ready, Set, School! We are offering our free pre-school program from 9 11 am on Friday, February 3, 10 and 24. Seventeen students have registered and our first group of ten had an awesome time last week! Brampton Beast Hockey Have you been to a BEAST GAME LATELY?? Want some free tickets?? They re yours! John Knox has 4 free tickets to give away to every BEAST HOME GAME! (first come first serve) Contact Colleen Wood at This Friday the Beast host their annual pucks n paws 7:15pm Bring your favourite pet out to the game (on a leash)! Receive a free rally towel courtesy of our friends at Global Pet Foods Have a chance to win a ton of other great pet-related prizes CommunityNews Grade 8 Annual 'Progressive Euchre Tournament Fundraiser Friday, February 7:00 P.M. at the school SNACKS, COFFEE, TEA PROVIDED PRIZES TO BE WON!! Come out and have some fun in support of our Grade 8's! Spring Drive Coordinator and callers needed! This is a great volunteering opportunity that can be done during the day, in the evenings, or on a Saturday! Please contact Karen Piccolo if you are interested in joining the Spring Drive team or just finding out more about this opportunity. Thank you to those who have already signed up! Volunteer Opportunities at Encore This awesome group of folks is looking for more individuals to join the team! Specifically, they are looking for some morning help with vacuuming prior to store opening. This task usually takes about 1.5 hours. The job needs to be completed once a week and could be shared by two individuals on an alternating weekly schedule. If more than one person could come, there are more housekeeping duties available! The optimal day for vacuuming is Monday mornings as the carpet is most dirty after the weekend, however, we are flexible. We would be willing to provide a key. Do you love books? Encore has an opportunity in this area, as some of our current volunteers are away for an extended time. This would involve sorting, pricing and shelving in our wonderful book section - contact the store for more details! If you are interested in volunteering in another way, stop by the store and speak with Miriam. More volunteers are welcome! Remember that New Year s Resolution? Not the one about getting more physically fit, the resolution about doing more to get your affairs in order! We are here to help! At 7pm on Thursday, March 2nd, Toronto District Christian High School and The Lighthouse are hosting a Will Clinic sponsored by the Christian School Foundation and Christian Stewardship Services (CSS). The CSS clinic leader will walk us through the basic questions people have about will preparation. Everyone is welcome! This helpful

3 information will be of benefit regardless of which charities you want to include in your will and it will feature delicious desserts. Meghan at call her at , or simply connect with the TDChristian office to confirm your attendance. See you on March 2nd! Classroom News Grades 4-8 French - Mme. Sybersma All parents and students are invited to keep up to date with weekly Learning Targets and Assignments by visiting my webpage. Please don't hesitate to connect with me via if you have any questions or if you would like to set up an interview with me. Grade 4-8: Regular Weekly Assignments Every Monday - Memory Work - Students will be required to SAY AND WRITE the memory work. Every Tuesday - Listening Log Due, signed by parent (or a short Tuesday morning before 9) Every Thursday - Dictation and Quiz or Test - returned every Monday. Students have been instructed to keep these in the back of their French binders for parents to see and keep up with progress. Grade 4-5: We will begin writing out a simple menu and practice some common restaurant expressions for ordering a meal. Students will begin creating a short restaurant dialogue with a partner. Grade 6: We will continue to work with possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her) and begin working with regular IR verbs. Grade 7: In this short week, we will continue to review and communicate with all ER/RE/IR present tense regular verbs in positive and negative, and will practice possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, our, your, their) Grade 8: We will review avoir verb expressions in the present and future, and will begin the writing process to create a 20 sentence description of what they are going to do this summer. Junior & Senior Kindergarten - Mrs. Goodison & Mrs. Albin Hello from Kindergarten! Last week we were happy to hear the groundhog did not see his shadow! We know lots of facts about groundhogs-ask us! Some of us were surprised to hear a groundhog can move 700 lbs. of dirt in one day...with his teeth! What about all that dirt getting in his ears? Well, he has ear flaps,of course! Thank you to everyone who has sent recycle items for our make and take box. We now have plenty of egg cartons, but can still use any other material suitable for small crafts. Thank you to Mrs. Samuel for sending some beautiful pictures of bees for our special Honeybee unit. Letter of the week for show and tell is Tt. Have a great week! Grade Ms. Wymenga Welcome to another exciting week! 100th Day Celebrations: We will tentatively be celebrating 100 days of school on Wednesday, February 22. Students are asked to bring in a collection of 100 things be creative and have fun!! We will be doing many activities throughout the day to make this a fun day! Valentine s Day: We will be celebrating Valentine s Day on Tuesday, February 14th. For those of you who would like to hand out cards, please refer to the class list sent at the beginning of the school year. I will also send an updated list this week. If you do plan on sending cards for your child, please ensure that every child in the class is receiving a card. We ask that you do not bring treats or candy in that day. As well, Student Council is organizing a Candy sale for Valentine s Day students may bring $2 this week to buy candy; it will be distributed next Tuesday. Creation Studies: We continue to learn from our unit, How God Shows Us How To Build. This week we will focus on the function and form of structures. BookBag Program: Remember to bring the reading log to school on Thursday. A new reading response will be handed out today to be completed by next Monday. Math: Both grades continue to learn about measurement. This week they will be working with balances and estimating and measuring mass using nonstandard units. Please encourage your child to continue with Reflex Math at home to compliment what we do at school. Bible: Students will be receiving a new memory work this week ; Psalm 24: 1, 7 and 8. They will be gluing this into their agendas and it will be due next Thursday, February 16. Word Wall Words: Grade One: some, over, out, why, won Grade Two: about, new, really, give, write Spelling Test: Test will be on Friday. Show and Tell: Group D will present this week. Theme: winter Have a good week! Grade 2 - Mrs. Hayashi & Mrs. Soultanidis Welcome to February! A month of some exciting events...black History Month, Valentine s Day, 100th Day, Family Day, and I

4 Classroom News probably missed something. Did you know we have been at school for 90 days! Wow! Praise God for showing his faithfulness to us during all of those days! We are looking forward to celebrating so many things this month. Yippee! Here is an update of what we are doing in grade two... Valentine s Candy: Please bring in $2.00 if you would like to buy a little bag of candy that your child will receive on Valentine s Day. This is an event organized by Student s Council. AR: Students are entering their 5th goal of AR already - Wow! Students are reading both 5 and 10 question books. Because the 10 question books are longer and a bit more challenging to read, their goals may stay the same or increase just a bit. Math: Students did very well learning about area last week. We also answered some problem solving questions where we had to answer questions using a calendar. Some of it was quite tricky, but students got the hang of it quickly. This week we will be learning how to measure temperature with a thermometer as well as how to measure capacity. Language Arts: Students are writing prayers which will be added to our little class prayer book. We are learning many different names for Jesus and adding them to our prayers. In Writing, we are also becoming pros at writing bold beginnings, marvellous middles, and exciting endings to our stories. We continue to work on Organization. Our next convention we will learn about is Word Choice. Social Studies: We are enjoying learning about many Canadian symbols and celebrations.students have done well on their presentations and posters so far. We have a few more students that will be presenting on Monday. Great work grade 2! Next we will be learning about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Musical Ride. Word Wall Words: does, don t, right, write, favourite, Spelling Test: The spelling test is on Friday. Show and Tell: Group A has show and tell on Friday (Finley, Izabella, Olivia, Edan, Emily). Topic: Free Choice Scholastic: January orders have arrived. February orders are due back on February 16th. Grade 3 - Ms. Lutgendorff Hello from grade 3. Welcome to another week of school. This is what is planned for the week. We will continue to do MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Spelling: There will be a test on Friday. The new words buy, won, unhappiness, governor, general. The other 5 words come from the ay says long a list. The paper should have come home today with the complete list. A.R.Reading: A new goal period is starting. it will go for 5 weeks until March 9. I will set a new goal with each student this week. We are all working at trying to choose books that have 10 questions so that we will be able to read higher point books. Please help your child remember to take home more challenging books. Creation Studies: We have started the new mapping unit. This week we are going to be cartographers. We will learn how to map our classroom. We will make sure to include a title, legend, compass rose, and a scale of 1:2. Later in the week we are going to have a homework assignment in which we will have to map My Favourite Room at Home. Grade Ms. Kroezen Math: We continue to work on Number Sense. We are working with money, counting, finding the least number of coins and making change. This week will be practicing mixed multiplication facts. You should be practicing your facts at Reflexmath.com. We will switch to multiplication and division. Language Arts: Reading is thinking. We will be using inferring as a comprehension strategy. We will be reading stories related to Black History Month. Our reading log is due on Monday. We will reflect on goal four and make a plan for setting and reaching goal five. We will be having a spelling test on Friday. Creation Studies: Our next unit will be a study of Canada. I wonder what we can discover about our country and how we might celebrate its 150th birthday. We will be exploring Canada s size and the concept of Canada being 'Holy Ground'. Bible: We continue to learn about the Judges. We will be learning about the cycle of the Judges as we read about several Judges. Some well know and others not so well known. We have a new memory work. Acts 17: 26-27NIrV. It will be due Friday February 24. Media Literacy: We have been introduced to Google Classroom. We have used it on the Chrome books and in the computer lab. We will be able to access some of our work at school and at home. MAP testing will continue on Tuesday and Thursday. Grade 5 - Mr. Fernhout I trust you had a great weekend. It was great to see many of you out enjoying Pancakes on Saturday morning. Remember for Valentine's Day this year, students may purchase candy from Student's Council for $2.00. Here is what we hope to accomplish this week: Accelerated Reading: Today is the first week of goal period 5 (Ice Cream Scoop #2). It is a 5 week goal period. I will send home a letter with the dates and student goals today.

5 Literature: We continue on with our Read Aloud novel, Wonder. We will be completing a few activities around that. We will also wrap up our WOL unit Stories of Fantasy. Math: We finished our Measurement unit on Friday. Students did a great job. Today we will begin with Geometry. PE: Basketball and Small-sided games with a bit of Indoor Baseball. Spelling: This weeks activities and test will be lesson 6: Worldy Wise. Socials: I have decided to give a one week extension on the Provincial Slide Shows as we lost 3 of our time slots last week due to the MAP testing. All slide shows will need to be completed by Friday, February 10. Grade 6 - Ms. Nyholt Welcome to the first full week of February! Students have until Friday to bring in $2 for a candy bag. Last week, I sent out an regarding a few details of our Celebrations of Learning Project. Today, students will be informed of their group and start brainstorming who to interview. Also, the new AR period has begun! Keep reading everyone! Math: Students will receive their last math test back today. They will bring it home to get it signed and then return it back to school. We've started a new unit on Measurement. Last week, we looked at time zones. This week we will learn about 24 hour notation. Writing Traits: We've been working on our Plot Diagram stories. Students will be submitting them to our Google Classroom for Language Arts. These are due by Tuesday. Spelling: Our test this week will be on Lesson 22. Read-a-Loud: We've begun a new Read-a-Loud novel to reflect on Black History Month. The book is called, Listen for the Whippoorwill. It is a gripping tale that students are already enjoying! Literature Circles: This Friday, we will have Session 4. It has been wonderful to hear students discuss these novels with their group! Bible: Today, students will have their memory work test. Creation Studies: We've been working on energy sources through Google Slide Presentations. Half of the presentations are complete, with the other half presenting on Tuesday. Students will then have the opportunity to choose which energy source they think is best. Grade 7 - Mrs. Woudstra This is such an exciting week! We leave for Ste. Marie first thing on Wednesday. Students are asked to put all of their belongings in the piano room, beside our classroom, as they come in the building. Please don t forget your food contribution! A few reminders about school work: Book summaries are due on February 14 and must be submitted through Google Classroom. Legends were due today, but a few students haven t submitted them yet. They MUST be done by tomorrow. Enjoy an extra long weekend! Grade 8 - Mrs. Mulder Language Arts: Walk Two Moons Third Vocabulary assignment is due Friday. Walk Two Moons 'Quiz Time 3' is due Tuesday. Picture of your 'soul' is due Thursday. Revised 'Dolch' story is due next Friday. Compound Sentences interactive pages and practice assignment are due next Thursday. Students are reminded to keep their interactive notebooks up to date. Science: 'Cell Model' and 'Explanatory Writing' is due Feb. 10. 'Cell Comparison Venn Diagram' and Microscope notebook pages are due next Monday. These pages MUST be completed before students are able to complete the up-coming microscope labs.