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1 KING S OWN INSTITUTE* Success in Higher Educatin BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 - Brief All infrmatin cntained within this Subject Outline applies t all students enrlled in the trimester as indicated.. General Infrmatin. Administrative Details Assciated HE Award(s) Duratin Level Subject Crdinatr B Bus (Accg); B Bus (Mgt & Finance); Dip Acct; Dip Mgt trimester Level Dr Evi Lanasier P: (Ext.56) L: Level, 545 Kent St. Cnsultatin: via Mdle r by appintment..2 Cre / Elective This is a cre subject fr all f the abve curses..3 Subject Weighting Indicated belw is the weighting f this subject and the ttal curse pints. Subject Credit Pints Ttal Curse Credit Pints 4 Dip Accg 32; Dip Mgt 32; BBus(Accg) 96; BBus (Mgt & Finance) 96.4 Student Wrklad Indicated belw is the expected student wrklad per week fr this subject N. timetabled hurs/week* N. persnal study hurs/week** Ttal wrklad hurs/week*** 4 hurs/week (2 hur Lecture + 2 hur Tutrial) 6 hurs/week 0 hurs/week * Ttal time spent per week at lectures and tutrials ** Ttal time students are expected t spend per week in studying, cmpleting assignments, etc. *** Cmbinatin f timetable hurs and persnal study..5 Mde f Delivery On-campus.6 Pre-requisites BUS00 Prfessinal Business Skills.7 General Study and Resurce Requirements Students are expected t attend classes with the weekly wrksheets and subject supprt material prvided in Mdle. Students shuld read this material befre cming t class t imprve their ability t participate in the weekly activities. Students will require access t the internet and their KOI and shuld have basic skills in wrd prcessing sftware such as MS Wrd, spreadsheet sftware such as MS Excel and visual presentatin sftware such as MS PwerPint. Cmputers and WIFI facilities are extensively available fr student use thrughut KOI. Students are encuraged t make use f the campus Library fr reference materials. Resurce requirements specific t this subject: There are n specific resurces required fr this subject. BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 2//208 2:27 PM PAGE OF 5

2 2 Academic Details 2. Overview f the Subject The subject gives an intrductin t marketing thrugh cnsumer behaviur, marketing research, prduct planning, prmtin planning including the use f digital media, distributin planning, prduct and service pricing. Cultural, ethical, sustainable and scial implicatins fr marketing strategies are examined. 2.2 Graduate Attributes fr Undergraduate Curses Graduates f the Bachelr f Business (Accunting), and the Bachelr f Business (Management and Finance) curses frm King s Own Institute will gain the graduate attributes expected frm successful cmpletin f a Bachelr s degree under the Australian Qualificatins Framewrk (2 nd editin, January 203). Graduates at this level will be able t apply an advanced bdy f knwledge in a range f cntexts fr prfessinal practice r schlarship and as a pathway fr further learning. King s Own Institute s key generic graduate attributes fr a bachelr s level degree are summarised belw: KOI Bachelr Degree Graduate Attributes Knwledge Critical Thinking Cmmunicatin Infrmatin Literacy Prblem Slving Skills Ethical and Cultural Sensitivity Teamwrk Prfessinal Skills Detailed Descriptin Current, cmprehensive and cherent knwledge Critical thinking and creative skills t analyse and synthesise infrmatin and evaluate new prblems Cmmunicatin skills fr effective reading, writing, listening and presenting in varied mdes and cntexts and fr transferring knwledge and skills t thers Infrmatin and technlgical skills fr accessing, evaluating, managing and using infrmatin prfessinally Skills t apply lgical and creative thinking t slve prblems and evaluate slutins Appreciatin f ethical principles, cultural sensitivity and scial respnsibility, bth persnally and prfessinally Leadership and teamwrk skills t cllabrate, inspire clleagues and manage respnsibly with psitive results Prfessinal skills t exercise judgement in planning, prblem slving and decisin making Acrss the curse, these skills are develped prgressively at three levels: Level Fundatin Students learn the basic skills, theries and techniques f the subject and apply them in basic, stand-alne cntexts. Level 2 Intermediate Students further develp skills, theries and techniques f the subject and apply them in mre cmplex cntexts, beginning t integrate the applicatin with ther subjects. Level 3 Advanced Students have a demnstrated ability t plan, research and apply the skills, theries and techniques f the subject in cmplex situatins, integrating the subject cntent with a range f ther subject disciplines within the cntext f the curse. BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 2//208 2:27 PM PAGE 2 OF 5

3 2.3 Subject Learning Outcmes This is a Level subject. Listed belw, are key knwledge and skills students are expected t attain by successfully cmpleting this subject: Subject Learning Outcmes Cntributin t Curse Graduate Attributes a) Define and explain the basic cncepts f marketing b) Demnstrate understanding f the imprtance f branding in marketing and able t devise effective strategy t develp the brand c) Demnstrate an awareness and understanding f ethical marketing perspectives d) Identify and analyses marketing envirnment elements and effectively segment, target and psitin the ptential market e) Creatively develp marketing strategy based n sustainable, cultural and/r scial implicatins. 2.4 Subject Cntent and Structure Belw are details f the subject cntent and hw it is structured, including specific tpics cvered in lectures and tutrials. Reading refers t the text unless therwise indicated. Weekly Planner: Week (beginning) Lecture Tpics Reading (s) Tutrial Activities Assessment Due 05 Nv What marketers shuld knw Chapter Assessment Brief Discussin: Chapter 2 2 Nv 3 9 Nv 4 26 Nv 5 03 Dec Q2, Q4 and Q5 Digital Marketing Chapter 2 Discussin: Chapter 2 Q and Q5 Class Activity n Scial Media Marketing Ethics, Sustainability and CSR Analyzing the Marketing Envirnment Cnsumer Behavir and Marketing Research Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 & 7 Discussin: Chapter 3 Q and Q2 ethical marketing Discussin: Chapter 4 Q5 and Q7 SWOT analysis Discussin: Chapter 7 Q4, and Q7 Class Activity Marketing Research BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 2//208 2:27 PM PAGE 3 OF 5

4 6 0 Dec 7 7 Dec Segmenting, Targeting and Psitining Prduct, Services and Branding Decisin Chapter 6 Chapter 8 & 0 Discussin: Chapter 6 Q2 and Q7 Segmentatin Exercise Discussin: Chapter 8, Q4 and Q6 Packaging Test A2: Essay due Week 6, Sunday, 23 Dec Jan Jan 9 9 Jan 0 2 Jan 28 Jan 2 04 Feb Mid-trimester Break Develping New Prduct Pricing Cncepts fr Establishing Value Supply Chain, Channel Management and Retail Integrated Marketing Cmmunicatin, Advertising and Public Relatin Exam Revisin Chapter 9 Chapter Chapter 2 3 Study Review Week Feb 4 Final Exam Week 8 Feb 5 Student Vacatin begins 25 Feb Enrlments fr T9 pen 6 Results Released 05 Mar Mar Certificatin f Grades 08 Mar 209 T9 begins Mar 209 Discussin: Chapter 9 Q4 and Q0 Class Activity: new prduct idea Marketing plan wrkshp Marketing plan wrkshp Chapter 3 Chapter : Q, Chapter 2: Q2 Chapter 3: Q6 Class Activity: Prmtin exercise Exam Discussin and Practice A3: Marketing Reprt, due Week, Sunday Please see exam timetable fr exam date, time and lcatin Mar Week f classes fr T9 Friday 08 Mar 209 Review f Grade Day fr T38 see Sectins 2.6 and 3.6 belw fr mre infrmatin. BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 2//208 2:27 PM PAGE 4 OF 5

5 2.7 Teaching Methds/Strategies Briefly described belw are the teaching methds/strategies used in this subject: On-campus lectures (2 hurs/week) are cnducted in seminar style and address the subject cntent, prvide mtivatin and cntext and draw n the students experience and preparatry reading. Tutrials (2 hurs/week) include class discussin f case studies and research papers, practice sets and prblem-slving and syndicate wrk n grup prjects. Tutrial participatin is an essential cmpnent f the subject and cntributes t the develpment f graduate attributes (see sectin 2.2 abve). It is intended that specific tutrial material such as case studies, recmmended readings, review questins etc. will be made available each week in Mdle. Online teaching resurces include class materials, readings, mdel answers t assignments and exercises and discussin bards. All nline materials fr this subject as prvided by KOI will be fund in the Mdle page fr this subject. Students shuld access Mdle regularly as material may be updated at any time during the trimester Other cntact - academic staff may als cntact students either via Mdle messaging, r via t the address prvided t KOI n enrlment. 2.8 Student Assessment Prvided belw is a schedule f frmal assessment tasks and majr examinatins fr the subject. Assessment Type When assessed Weighting Learning Outcmes Assessed Class Participatin (Individual) Week 2 Week 0% a, b, c, d, e Essay (Individual) Reprt: Week 6 Sunday by 5 % a, b, e Marketing Reprt (Grup) Reprt: Week Sunday by.59 pm 25% a, b, c, d, e Final examinatin (3 hurs) Week 4 50% a, b, d, e Requirements t Pass the Subject: T gain a pass r better in this subject, students must gain a minimum f 50% f the ttal available subject marks. 2.9 Prescribed and Recmmended Readings Prescribed Text: Grewal, D., Levy, M., Matthew, S., Harrigan,P.,Bucic,T. and Kpanidis, F Marketing. 2nd ed. Sydney: McGraw-Hill. BUS04 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING T38 2//208 2:27 PM PAGE 5 OF 5