The Principals Summer Institute June 24 30, Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals June 25 29, 2018

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1 The Principals Summer Institute June 24 30, 2018 Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals June 25 29, 2018

2 In the summer of 1992 ACSA and the Principals Center at Harvard Graduate School of Education co-sponsored our first summer institute on the UCLA campus. In 24 years the summer program has been attended by over 21,000 administrators. Our summer programs provide opportunities for administrators to meet in a stimulating and supportive setting to examine crucial school reform topics applicable to their work. Each program is designed to provoke and ultimately foster a life commitment to the calling of teaching and learning. These events are designed to provide participants opportunities to focus their resolve for better practice and improve leadership skills. The programs offer practitioners invaluable days of study reflection and discourse with experts and school leaders who represent the best throughout the educational spectrum. An outstanding faculty has been assembled for each program. Moreover, participants will represent diverse education settings from throughout the state and are practitioners who have much to share and much to gain. Formal and informal learning activities deepen exchange and learning around the leadership challenges confronting today s school leaders. These interactions will enable participants to extend their learning and their support network far beyond the boundaries of these programs. In this brochure, you will find descriptions and applications for each of the exciting summer programs. We invite you to read through the brochure and talk with your colleagues who are alumni to see why spending part of your summer with us at UCLA learning, discussing, laughing and reflecting may be the most important choice you make in your career. Each program has been designed to include: n Opportunities to interact with leading researchers in educational administration, a unique opportunity to get beyond the text and ask questions of researchers whose work you have read and studied; n Small ongoing discussion groups of educators who have a common base of experience, while at the same time divergent viewpoints, with whom you can dialogue on the theories presented by the researchers and identify the practical applications you can use immediately; n Time for individual reflection, often through journal writing, to consider how this can apply to your school setting and your leadership style; an opportunity to build a network of fellow administrators who face the same daily challenges as you and whom you know well enough to call upon whenever you need support and advice.

3 program STructure Daily Schedule and Attendance The daily schedule for the summer programs is rigorous and challenging. A typical day includes programs that begin by 8 a.m. and may not end until 10 p.m. Attendance is required at all sessions, unless otherwise indicated. Certificates of Completion of ACSA Principals Summer Programs are provided only when participants attend all program events, unless prior arrangements have been authorized. Housing Institute and colloquium participants are housed in facilities at UCLA s Sunset Village, adjacent to the conference facility. Accommodations at Sunset Village include the features you expect from a conference hotel with the convenience and low cost of a University facility. All rooms have daily housekeeping service, telephone, TV and individually controlled airconditioning. Three meals will be provided daily at the Covel Commons residential restaurant. As part of your housing package you will have access to racquetball and tennis courts, an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool and a professionally equipped fitness room. Summer Institute: Housing is single occupancy with a semi-private bathroom (you will share an adjoining bathroom with another single occupant). Housing/meal package includes 6 nights lodging with arrival Sunday, June 24 and departure Saturday, June 30. Meals begin with dinner on June 24 and end with lunch on June 30. Summer Institute for New and Aspiring Principals: Housing is double occupancy with a private bathroom (you will share with your roommate). Single occupancy housing is available for an additional $160. Housing/ meal package includes 4 nights lodging with arrival Monday, June 25 and departure Friday, June 29. Meals begin with dinner on June 25 and end with lunch on June 29. #ACSAprincipals register online at

4 PrinciPal s Summer InstiTute Creating Cultures and Practices of Collaboration June 24 30, 2018 The Summer Institute is designed for practicing principals with at least one year of experience as a principal. The goal of Creating Cultures and Practices of Collaboration is to ignite lively and productive conversations among principals about your own leadership in schools. An outstanding faculty of educational experts and school practitioners has been assembled. Moreover, participants will represent diverse educational settings from throughout California practitioners have much to share and much to gain. This heterogeneity will deepen exchange and learning around the leadership challenges confronting today s school leaders. This week of intensive training is designed to help school principals build their capacity as leaders and create change at their school sites. Participants leave with a clear plan for the upcoming school year and the confidence to implement tools to help their teachers and students become more successful. Schedule Sunday, June 24 2:00 4:00 p.m....registration and Room Check-in 4:10 5:45 p.m....welcome/opening Session 7:00 9:00 Meetings 9:00 10:00 p.m....hosted Reception Monday, June 25 1:00 5:30 p.m....outdoor Learning 7:30 9:00 Meetings Tuesday, June 26 1:00 5:00 Experience 6:45 8:00 Meetings Wednesday, June 27 1:00 4:00 p.m....speaker Presentation 4:30 6:00 Meetings Thursday, June 28 1:00 4:00 Space 4:15 5:30 p.m Group Meetings 7:00 9:00 p.m....speaker Presentation Friday, June 29 11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.... Group Meetings 1:45 4:45 p.m.... Personal Time: Developing Action Plans 4:45 5:45 Meetings 6:00 8:00 p.m....hosted Celebratory Dinner Saturday, June 30 8:30 9:30 a.m....speaker Presentation 9:45 10:45 Meetings 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m....graduation

5 Team Leaders Jeff Crane Principal, Vacaville USD Minerva Gandara Director, English Learners and AVID Program, Placentia-Yorba Linda USD Francisco Meza District Human Resources, Placentia-Yorba Linda USD Lori Villanueva Principal, Tennyson HS, Hayward USD 2018 Faculty Kate Kinsella, Ed.D. Adjunct faculty, San Francisco State University s Center for Teacher Efficacy George Manthey Founder, Lead Learner Associates Sharroky Hollie Executive Director, The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning Horacio Sanchez President/CEO, Resiliency Inc. Tom DeLapp President, Communications Resources for Schools Fees: ACSA Member: Early Registration (by May 31, 2018)...$2,395 After May 31...$2,595 Non-Member Eligible for ACSA Membership...$3,295 Non-California Administrator...$2,595 Parking $90 #ACSAprincipals register online at

6 Summer InstiTute FoR new & AsPiriNG PrincipaLs June 25 29, 2018 The Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals will be focused upon development of The 21st Century Site Leader. We expect to have a full colloquium this year with just the right mix of aspiring, new, both elementary and secondary principals! Never before has there been a time of change such as what we are experiencing right now. As participants learn throughout the week, reflective time will be spent on our focus of the week: Becoming an Authentic Leader: Ready to Connect, Ready to Lead, and Ready for Change. Leadership development is the process of self-invention which is directly linked to the creation of personal authenticity. The week is designed to take participants through a series of reflective exercises to identify not only who they are as leaders, but who they want to be as a leader with all the responsibilities and accountability of today s principals. In the end, every participant will leave with a plan to get there. Schedule Monday, June 25 12:00 1:45 p.m....registration and Room Check-in 2:00 3:15 p.m....welcome/opening Session 3:30 5:30 Meetings 7:00 8:00 p.m....speaker Presentation 8:00 9:30 p.m....hosted Reception Tuesday, June 26 8:30 11:30...Speaker Presentation 1:00 1:30...Group Meetings 1:45 5: Workshop Breakouts Common Issues For School Leaders 6:45 8:45...Group Meetings Wednesday, June 27 12:40 1:30 Meetings 1:45 4:45 p.m....superintendent Panel Discussion Thursday, June 28 8:30 11:30 a.m....speaker Presentation 1:30 4:30 p.m....speaker Presentation 4:45 6:00 p.m.... Group Meetings 6:00 8:00 p.m....hosted BBQ Friday, June 29 8:30 10:30 a.m....speaker Presentation 10:45 12:00 Meetings 12:15 1:15 p.m....whole Group Closing

7 Team Leaders Melissa Bassanelli Edison Kelly Director of Professional Learning and Director of Parent and School Support, Curriculum Innovation, San Juan USD Vallejo City USD Tia Brown Principal, Centralia ESD Dr. Stacy Chang Principal, Centralia ESD Jim Dilday ACSA, Tier II Coach Matt English Principal, San Juan USD Dr. Rafael Gaeta Principal, LAUSD Kathleen Hawing Principal, Sonoma Valley High Tess Johnson Director, Student Services, Dublin USD Maria Thompson Principal, Charter Oak USD Brent Tilley Principal, Inglewood USD Arwyn Wild Executive Director, Loma Linda University, San Manuel Gateway College Kylie Ybarra Assistant Supt., Personnel, Riverside USD 2018 Faculty Jeff Eben former Principal and motivational speaker Sharroky Hollie Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Jon Corripo Executive Director, CUE Fees: ACSA Member...$1,300 ($1,405 after 5/30/18) Non-Member Administrator..$1,500 ($1,650 after 5/30/18) Non-Member Non-Administrator...$1,300 ($1,405 after 5/30/18) Optional Fees: Single room fee...$300 Parking fee $78 #ACSAprincipals register online at

8 association of CALifornia School AdministraTors Foundation for Educational Administration 1029 J Street, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA The Principals Summer Institute June 24 30, 2018 Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals June 25 29, 2018 #ACSAprincipals register online at