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2 Each year, 20 books are chosen as the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List by the TBA selection committee. If students read a minimum of five books from the current master list (or have the books read aloud to them), they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite title during the month of January each year. The author of the book receiving the most votes statewide is declared the winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award. The Texas Bluebonnet Award Committee members strive to choose the best books and offer supportive materials to help inspire the children of Texas to find their passion for reading. TEXAS BLUEBONNET AWARD 2

3 MEMBERS: PROGRAM COMMITTEE Mary Jo Humphreys, Coordina Eugenia Vela, TLA Staff Liaison Name / Location Brooke King, Humble ISD Gail Shipley, Dallas ISD Cristine Ragland, Copperas Cove ISD Aimee van Heyst, Dallas Public Library Linda Thiebaud, Lewisville ISD Lisa Zinkie, Fort Worth ISD Kevin Brown, Denton ISD Richelle O Neil, Prosper ISD Mary Pettit, Bulverde/Spring Branch Public Library Betty Potter, Snyder ISD TLA Standing Rules (Rule 9.R) designate members of the Program Committee from CRT or TASL to be appointed by the TLA Chair- Elect. 3

4 MEMBERS: SELECTION COMMITTEE Mary Jo Humphreys, Coordina Eugenia Vela, TLA Staff Liaison District Name / Location 1 Sharon Lawler, Randolph Field ISD TLA Standing Rules 2 Sharon Cooper, Amarillo ISD (Rule 9.S) requires 3 Kristen Fournier, Round Rock ISD the Selection 4 Sheri Durham, Harlingen CISD Committee be comprised of 5 John Trischitti, Midland County Public Libraries members from each 6 Marcy Sparks, Socorro ISD of the ten TLA districts with five from 7 Jamie Jensen, Frisco ISD CRT and five from 8 Shelly Lane, Montgomery County Public Library TASL. 9 Debbie Garza, Dawson County Public Library 10 Vonnie Perry, Abilene ISD 4

5 Welcome New Members Mary Jo Humphreys TBA Coordinator Marcy Sparks Selection Committee Sharon Cooper Selection Committee Debbie Garza Selection Committee Gail Shipley Program Committee Linda Thiebaud Program Committee Lisa Zinkie Program Committee The Texas Bluebonnet Award is a unique program that encourages reading for pleasure and is aimed at students in grades 3-6. TLA CONFERENCE APRIL 26-27, 2013 FORT WORTH, TX 5

6 SELECTION COMMITTEE Receiving books Maintaining an inventory Reading Recommending PROGRAM COMMITTEE Becoming familiar with TBA WordPress site Updating committee procedures 792 books were received and reviewed for the list. MEANWHILE MAY & JUNE

7 Program Committee: Discuss video, social media, and subcommittee roles Selection Committee: Discuss recommended books Joint Committee: Discuss program changes and agendas TLA ANNUAL ASSEMBLY JULY 8-9, AUSTIN, TEXAS 7

8 SELECTION COMMITTEE Receiving books Maintaining an inventory of books received Promoting TBA List Reading Recommending Preliminary Ballot PROGRAM COMMITTEE Divide new books and responsibilities among members Find web-based resources such as available book trailers 34 books were rated low priority at Annual Assembly. 188 books were considered ineligible. 433 books were rejected by committee members. MEANWHILE JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER

9 Of the 137 recommended books from 5 rounds of assignments, 92 books received one or more votes and Bluebonnets represent books that make it on the TBA list. 45 books received zero votes on the preliminary ballot. TLA FALL MEETING SEPTEMBER 27-28, AUSTIN, TEXAS 9

10 After 15 ballots the Selection Committee agreed upon the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List! Members have to keep the list a secret for nearly a month. TLA FALL MEETING SEPTEMBER 27-28, AUSTIN, TEXAS 10

11 11

12 Announcement of the Texas Bluebonnet Award list was made by authors Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett. TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL OCTOBER 26-27, AUSTIN, TEXAS 12

13 SELECTION COMMITTEE Receiving books PROGRAM COMMITTEE Book Trailers Maintaining an inventory Author Interviews of books received Readers Theatre Scripts Promoting TBA Web Resources List DVD Reading (for List) The Selection Committee takes a one month break Recommending then starts the whole process over again. The Program Committee embarks on a tight deadline to create all materials and put them online by Feb 1. MEANWHILE OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2013; JANUARY

14 20 author interviews. Readers Theaters for ALL books! Book Talks, read-a-likes, trailers, author websites, biographies, social media and book reviews. PROGRAMS! OCTOBER 2013 JANUARY

15 Crazy Texas Weather! Final voting extended to February 7, 2014 due to school and public library closures. TBA 2014 Official Voting Statistics Number of Registered Institutions: 1,946 Total Number of Institutions Reporting Votes: 1,573 Total Number of Students Reported By Grade Level: 181,734 VOTING FOR WINNER JANUARY & FEBRUARY,

16 Announced Feb. 19, ,398 Texas children (15.6% of all votes) selected the winner! AND THE WINNER IS 16

17 SELECTION & PROGRAM COMMITTEE Preparation for the TLA Annual Conference Speed Dating, featuring five authors I <3 bluebonnets: Digital Promotion and Programming TBA Luncheon MEANWHILE MARCH & APRIL

18 Almost 150 bundles of books were given away. Meetings Dinners with Authors Presentations TBA Luncheon TLA CONFERENCE APRIL 8-11, 2014 SAN ANTONIO, TX 18

19 Justin District 1 Myra District 2 Isabella District 3 Criteria for TBA Student Participant Youth s school or public library must be registered for the TBA program. Youth must currently be in grades 3-6 or a home schooled student doing work equivalent to grades 3-6. Youth must have read at least 5 books from the current TBA list. Youth must read the winning Bluebonnet Award book before attending the luncheon. Christian District 4 Kamrynn District 5 Daniela District 6 Samuel District 7 Aliyah District 8 Lexie District 9 Amber District 10 YOUTH PARTICIPANTS APRIL 10, 2014 SAN ANTONIO, TX 19

20 Youth participants interview author John Grandits and illustrator Michael Allen Austin Lunch Rehearsal TBA LUNCHEON APRIL 10, 2014 SAN ANTONIO, TX 20


22 I have enjoyed three years on this journey! Get ready to read! ~ Vonnie Perry My time on the TBA committee was truly memorable! While I will remember the amazing amount of work we accomplished, I will most remember the relationships I created with the committee members. I am forever grateful to have met such a creative and hardworking group of people. ~ Richelle O Neil The Bluebonnet experience has been one of the highlights of my work life and will remain one of my favorite memories as I complete my career and ooze into retirement. This has been the way committee/team work is supposed to be - great people working together to accomplish a worthy goal. ~ Elizabeth Betty Potter The impact that service on the Bluebonnet Award Selection committee had on me both professionally and personally was profound. It gave me the opportunity to impact the children of Texas in a positive way while giving back to an organization, TLA, that has been such a large part of my career. The relationships made are ones that will last a lifetime and the work done on the committee is some of what I am most proud of. ~ John Trischitti, III This group (and even as they come and go) works together so so well. I have certainly enjoyed my years on the Program Committee and am in awe of the Selection Committee and everything you all do to make sure the very best books are on the Master List. Thanks again for making this such a wonderful ride. ~ Kevin Brown The experience of the past three years has been the apex of my professional career! Whether it be the insights you gain into the art of book evaluation or the discussions with your colleagues, all have been invaluable. This will definitely become one of your Professional Learning Groups, and for me it has always been my favorite and most satisfying! ~ Sharon Lawler It was a wonderful three years of my life. I have enjoyed getting to work with an awesome group and creating some wonderful lists. ~ Shelly Lane It has truly been an honor to serve with each and every one of you, and an honor to serve on the committee in general. I will truly miss it. ~ Mary Petit FAREWELL 22