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1 Volume 51 - Issue 11 November, 2017 Air Capital Corvette Club Newsletter Message from the Prez... November dates to remember 11/1 All Saints Day 11/6 Daylight Saving Time Ends 11/8 Election Day 11/11 Veterans Day 11/17 Great American Smokeout 11/24 Thanksgiving Day Eureka Springs weekend was a great event again this year. Black was the Corvette color to beat as ACCC had 2 award winners - Kevin Hanschu and Frank Duvanel - CONGRATULATIONS guys!! Cindy Dyke had 13 cars attend the Brighton Ridge Health Care Facility where the residents all enjoyed an up close view of our beautiful Corvettes. October s Drive and Eat was hosted by Gene Brown. He escorted us to Carolyn s in Arlington, KS where we were served a home cooked meal and no one left hungry. The weather was a little questionable, but it turned out to be a great time and we filled the restaurant. Don t forget to THANK Gene! We are accepting $25 membership renewals. Please mail-in your renewal as soon as possible, or bring your renewal form and payment to the next meeting. You still have two months left, if you delay and wait until after December the fee goes up to $30. Please plan on attending the November meeting so you can vote for your favorite three nominations to the E-Board. We encourage anyone that has not served to give it a try. It s not difficult because you have plenty of help from everyone. If you want an ACCC club T-shirt this year, November is your last chance to order. We will place the order after the meeting so you can pick up your T-shirt at the December meeting. We are planning a fun Halloween party hosted by Dale and Barbara Brotton. They know how to throw a party! We have invited SWCC to join us again this year. Come dressed up or not, but bring your appetite because there are always lots of treats and even a few tricks. See the Schedule of Events section of the news letter for upcoming ~don t-miss-events~ in November. First there will be a Drive and Eat hosted by Ron Boswell where we are invited to join SWCC to the Thanksgiving dinner in Yoder, KS. Second, the Downtown Wichita Veteran s Day Parade is a perfect way to show your support of our great Veterans hosted by our own David Dennis. As always, if you have any ideas for club events or places to go please share them with me or any E-Board member. See you at the next club meeting on November 1st at Davis Moore Chevrolet at 6:45 pm. Deb Schmitz ACCC President Page 1

2 November, 2017 Volume 51 - Issue 11 Air Capital Corvette Club Officers: President: Deb Schmitz Vice President: Bob Battaglear Secretary: Preston Hughes Treasurer: Jay Shore Officer at Large: Linda Tillman Events Chairman: Victor Cooper Newsletter Editor: Kent Michael ACCC s Web Page: November Drive & Eat Saturday, November 4th Drive & Eat Meet in the parking lot of the Riverlawn Christian Church 4243 N. Meridian Hosted By: Ron Boswell Group leaves Promptly At 4:00pm On November 4th, The Air Capital Corvette Club and Southwinds Corvette Club will be touring to Yoder to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner. Page 2

3 Volume 51 - Issue 11 November, 2017 Minutes from the October 4, 2017 ACCC Meeting Deb opened the meeting by recognizing new members, Austin Henry and Dave Montague. Frank Duvanel moved the minutes be approved as they appeared in the newsletter, seconded by Art Warren. The motion carried with only one opposed. Deb also recognized the October birthdays. Bob reported 85 family and 20 single memberships for a total of 105 and 190 members. The bank balance is $2, Deb reported the current points standings for Linda: 1. Dale and Barb Brotton 2. Glen and Cristy Bailey 3. Dennis and Jacque Thomas 4. Frank and Janet Duvanel Victor reported on various events, noting the scheduling of the October Drive and Eat on the 21st due to the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend. The Halloween Party will be October 28th at the Goddard Community Center. This is a joint party with South Winds Corvette Club. Barb Brotton gave details about the party. Kent announced availability of the 2018 club calendars and is taking orders to be available at the November meeting. Charles and Linda Timmons won the door prize and Mike Blackburn won the 50/50 pot. Respectfully submitted, Preston Hughes, Secretary Page 3

4 November, 2017 Volume 51 - Issue 11 Page 4

5 Volume 51 - Issue 11 November, 2017 Minutes from the September October 18, 2017 ACCC E-Board Meeting The October Eboard Meeting was held at Kent Michael s shop. Bob reported there are 195 paid members (87 Family memberships and 21 single). These numbers are in flux as new members joining since July are considered paid for There have been 32 paid renewals for Bank balance reported at $2, The Eboard approved payment of the $380 Hagerty Insurance premium. No new points standings were available for the meeting; however, the board decided to withhold further standings reports at Business meeting for the rest of the year in order to lend some suspense to the final standings. Victor reported the Newton bowling outing has had to be postponed until next year due to scheduling conflicts at both the alley and with holiday events. Kevin Hanschu won the Eureka Springs economy run in his class-to be recognized at the November Business Meeting. Marvin Soliah will share Corvette Happiness at the meeting as well. Kent reported that calendar sales are going well. The next Eboard meeting is November 15, at Kent s shop. Respectively submitted, Preston Hughes, Secretary Page 5

6 November, 2017 Volume 51 - Issue 11 Corvette Happiness (Could a Corvette really make you Happy?) Oh Yes, I think so. I am referring to the simple happiness of everyday life. Just, look around and see all the happy people at our Corvette club. Why else would we sit in lawn chairs by our Corvettes, enthusiastically answering Corvette questions to total strangers at car shows? I never met a big block or a small block that I didn t like. The fellowship of our group/club is one of the best ways to experience the Happiness of sharing our enthusiasm with each other in ever day life. This is not raw materialism, rather, but rather, it s genuine contentment in life. Don t just put your CORVETTE in your garage - Rather make it into the Corvette Room with Classic Corvette memorabilia. Never mind a Happy Hour, I m talking about a Happy Room! You may find yourself getting up several times through the night to go look at your new CORVETTE, but this is just fine, because this is a CORVETTE! These obsessive trips to the garage will subside over time. Well, what s not to like? Some people even set up a table in their CORVETTE Happy Room to enjoy meals with friend s. Are you spending quality time with your Corvettes? We should all have this special Happy Room. Just think, when you have a Corvette, you don t need to travel anywhere. Just the ownership of a Corvette, is a constant source of Happiness. So go ahead, spend hours in your own Corvette Happy Room. Studies show that Corvette people are among the happiest people in the world. Why else would people pursue life- long multiple Corvette collections? When purchasing a new home, don t worry about how many square feet it has; Rather consider how many Corvettes you can get in the garage. But more importantly, do we love our Corvettes, and are we thrilled to share our CORVETTE enthusiasm with each other? Do you feel that natural enthusiasm to share Corvette stories with your friends? Are you genuinely committed to Love, Honor and Cherish your Corvette(s) from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, until DEBT do us part?... I Do. People who Need Corvettes are the Luckiest People in the World. Wasn t that a famous song? So, Be Happy with your Corvette(s), but just Remember,The Days of our Lives are Flying by Faster than a Super-Charged ZR1 CORVETTE! Finally, I close with the words of an Old Amish Proverb, which says: In Life, as with Corvettes, If you can t see the Bright side, then polish the Dull side. I was just thinking, when you look straight forward at a C6 Corvette (front view) You definitely see a smiley face, Really! Which proves my point, That Corvettes even look Happy, Just like you! Happily Submitted to the Happy Members of the Wichita Air Capital CORVETTE Club, Marvin Soliah Page 6

7 Volume 51 - Issue 11 November, 2017 November 1 November 4 November 4 January 3 January 6 January 19 January February 7 February 10 March 7 March 10 March April 4 April 7 April April May 2 May 5 May 12 May June 6 Kansas ACCC November Drive and Eat, Hosted by: Ron Boswell. 55th Annual Yoder Turkey Dinner, Journey Mennonite Church, Yoder, ACCC January Drive and Eat, Hosted by: ACCC Awards Banquet, Petroleum Club, Wichita, Cars for Charities Rod & Custom Car Show, Centry II, Wichita, ACCC February Drive and Eat, Hosted by: ACCC March Drive and Eat, Hosted by: Sunflower Swap Meet, Century II, Wichita, ACCC April Drive and Eat, Hosted by: Hot Springs Corvette Weekend, Hot Springs Convention Center, Hot Springs, Arkansas Michelin NCM Bash, National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky. ACCC May Drive and Eat, Hosted by: A.C.C.C.All Corvette Show, Wichita, 29th Annual Lone Star Corvette Classic, Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas Schedule of Events November 11 November 18 December 6 December Schedule of Events June 9 June 9 June July 11 July 14 July August 1 August 4 August August September 5 September 8 October 3 October 5-7 October 13 November 7 November 10 Veteran's Day Parade, Downtown Wichita, Mexican Dinner & Bowling Night, Eastgate Lanes, 1610 E 2nd St, Newton, Kansas December Drive and Eat/Christmas Party, Hosted by:???????????? ACCC June Drive and Eat, Hosted by: NCRS Midway USA All Corvette Show. Davis Moore Chevrolet. Wichita, Bloomington Gold Corvettes, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis,Indiana ACCC July Drive and Eat, Hosted by: IBlack Hills Corvette Classic, Spearfish, South Dakota. ACCC August Drive and Eat, Hosted by: vettes On The Rockies, Steamboat Grand Resort, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Corvettes at Carlisle, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. ACCC September Drive and Eat, Hosted by: Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. ACCC October Drive and Eat, Hosted by: ACCC November Drive and Eat, Hosted by: Page 7

8 Air Capital Corvette Club Wichita, Kansas Membership dues for ACCC are $30.00 for new members and $25.00 for renewals. Dues paid by a new member joining after July 31st will apply for the remainder of the year as well as the next year. For renewing members, dues are due and payable on September 1st and are delinquent after December 31st. If dues are not received by December 31st, renewal will be the same amount as a new member ($30.00). ACCC requires all members to be at least 18 years of age and hold a current valid driver's license. Please fill out this form and bring it to the next meeting of The Air Capital Corvette Club or mail to: Air Capital Corvette Club P.O. Box 813 Wichita, KS Checks should be made payable to: Air Capital Corvette Club New Membership Renewal Name: (Last) (First) (Initial) Address: Home Phone: ( ) - Cell/Mobile Phone: ( ) - (City) (State) (Zip) Address: Date of Birth: / / Do you have a current valid driver's license? Yes No State Issued: Place of Employment/Occupation: Spouse: Name: (Last) (First) (Initial) Address: Cell/Mobile Phone: ( ) - Do you have a current valid driver's license? Yes No State Issued: Date of Birth: / / Place of Employment/Occupation: Year(s), Type and Colors of Corvette(s) Currently Owned: Members Signature: Spouse Signature: Date / / Payment: Date Paid: Amount Paid: Cash: Check: Check: #

9 Volume 51 - Issue 11 November, 2017 November Birthdays Elliott, Joe - 3rd Knorr, Darlene - 3rd Heinlein, Jerrod - 3rd Wells, Dwight - 6th Skinner, Gary - 8th Bates, Larry - 12th Linn, Gene - 12th Hendrix, Connie - 12th Smith, Allan - 14th Magyar, Sherron - 16th King, Randy - 19th King, Terry - 23rd Page 9

10 Air Capital Corvette Club P.O. Box 813 Wichita, Kansas Air Capital Corvette Club November, 2017 Newsletter Next Meeting Wednesday, November 1st, :45 P.M. Davis-Moore Chevrolet 8200 W. Kellogg Drive Wichita, KS The Air Capital Corvette Club meetings are held at 6:45 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month at Davis-Moore Chevrolet, 8200 W. Kellogg Drive, Wichita, Kansas unless otherwise stated. The Newsletter is published monthly for the members of the Air Capital Corvette Club and other Car Clubs who wish to share newsletters or information with our club.