The SWIG the woodworkers group will begin planning their next set of projects in March. February 2014 issue

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1 February 2014 issue Getting my feet wet as BIG SIR, a welcome challenge. In working with the New Governor for Area 29, Sir Mannie Contino and the new Region 8 Director Sir Jerry L. Strain, whom I haven t yet met, and the ed. Seminars, I have learned a lot about the advantages and the working of the SIR s organization. The people at the State level are more than willing to help us with any problems that may come up so feel free to use these gentlemen if you have any questions or problems. They are willing to bend over backwards to help us with recruiting new members. They have a few suggestions that I have discussed with the BEC. We are blessed to have a great Officer staff as well as an excellent board of directors. We are saddened by the resignation of Sir Dennis Murane from the great job he has done with the library. He is willing to help anybody that would step up to the position. Think about it. We all like to read and I m sure everybody would be willing to help train a new librarian. An official THANK YOU for the job Dennis has done. ATTENTION;; Sir Merle Knapp will have the 2014 Membership Directory Feb 27 th meeting so be sure and attend to get yourself copy. Sir Tom Thomas membership chairman will have a sign-in tablet at the meeting to clarify our accurate count for Pardini s as well as a record of active members from inactive. Again please be sure to pick up your badge. Sir George Pisching has a great speaker lined up for Feb. as well as thru August. See you in February 27 Please try and attend before 12 Noon for a fun and entertaining luncheon. Smart (SIR Model a Railroad Team) The model railroad group will meet informally in March to discuss a project railroad activity for display at next November s Luncheon National Model Railroading Month. The SWIG the woodworkers group will begin planning their next set of projects in March. If you are interested in participating please contact George Pisching at or for information about the SIR Model a Railroad Team SIR, OR Woodworking Interest Group and thanks again for your support. Page 1

2 BRING A GUEST Help keep the membership up! Our most important job is to continue to grow our membership. Bring a friend or neighbor or former business associate that is now retired to the next meeting. You will do him a favor by introducing him to SIR (and you will earn a free lunch when he joins!) Menu: (No info) Lunch: Thursday Feb 27th At Pardini s Restaurant Be a Friend, Bring a Friend Board Meeting: 11:00am Lunch: 11:45am This Month s Guest is: Our speaker this month (Feb.) is Dr. Joseph M. Pascuzzo, D.O. He is a practicing Medical Oncologist and Partner at California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence, Inc. (ccare). He is also a colonel in the U.S. Air National Guard and enjoys flying the F16 Fighting Falcon aircraft. He will speak to us on Male Issues for Seniors. Last Month s Guest Was: Our January Luncheon speaker was Al Perry. He is the President of the Central Valley Honor Flight Program. He provided us a very enthusiastic presentation about the Honor Flight program he conducts for the Central Valley s remaining World War II Veterans. The next available Honor Flight to Washington DC will be in October, so any WWII veterans in our SIR group who would like to apply please request an application as soon as possible. Contact me for the numbers or applications. We got off to a good start for the New Year as we welcomed Sir Jerry Samora to our Branch. Jerry is a retired truck driver and we should all make a point to give him a personal welcome. We also plan to initiate Charlie Fosnaugh at our February luncheon. Charlie is sponsored by Sir Tom Lean and is a retired manager of Long s Drug store. On a sad note, we lost Sir Andy Lawson last month and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Our current membership stands at 118 at this point and Charlie will bring us back to 119. Recruiting must be a huge priority for everyone as the membership roster is declining at an alarming rate. Bring a guest to our next luncheon! If you haven t already taken care of your annual contribution, please plan to bring a check for $24 and drop it off at the check-in table at the luncheon. Make the check out to SIRs Branch 175 and put your membership number on the check. This should be a separate check so please don t combine it with a luncheon payment or other purchase. See you on February 27 th SIR 175 GOLF Feb 2014 Check your SIR s Golf Schedule for Locations, Dates & Times. If you need a schedule contact Stan Nappe for more information. Jan. 14 th SIR 179 played a 4 Man 2 BB at Riverside. Wayne Schwartz s team won 2 nd. And Jerry Long s team won 3 rd. Page 2

3 Jan. 21 st SIR 169 played a Scramble at Riverside. Jerry Long s team won 1 st & Jerry won CTP on # 5. 2 nd through 6 th place was tied between by Ron McClain s team, Mike Castle & Wayne Schwartz s team, & Tom Lean s team with Tom winning CTP on # 11. Jan.28 th SIR 179 played a 4 Man Scramble at Riverbend. Wayne Schwartz & Ron McClain s team won 1 st with Ron winning CTP on # 3. Fred Ketcham s team won 3 rd. Feb. 4 th SIR 169 played a 4 Man 2 BB at Madera C.C. 1 st Place was won by Wayne Schwartz s team. 2 nd Place was won by Fred Ketcham s team. Golf Sayings: You can hit a two acre fairway 10% of the time & a two inch branch 90% of the time. A good drive on the 18 th hole has stopped many a golfer from giving up the game. Golf is the perfect thing to do on Sunday because you spend longer praying than you do in church. The following members or family of members have been reported to be ill or hospitalized. (contact Keith if you know of others ): Lee Erickson - had a variety of heart tests in the hospital. John Durant was in the hospital this week to get a pacemaker installed. He is now at home resting. We lost Sir Andy Lawson in his passing this month. He will be missed. Celebrating Birthdays this Month Call and wish them a Happy Birthday Bridge Report Couples Bridge was cancelled for this month but we will play March 12th at Don & Helga Livingstone's. Bob Cleveland Grant Sharp 11-Feb Frank Breuning 23-Feb Louis Giorgetti 23-Feb Charles Pepper 27-Feb Page 3 SIRS Book Club met for another interesting and stimulating discussion of books in January, with Don Milliken, Tim Finley, Wayne Locher, Paul Dehn and Merle Knapp on hand for reports. Tim opened with a review of "Enola Gay, Mission to Hiroshima" by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts. One of the deciding factors in the war with Japan was the atom bomb dropped by the U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Some 320,000 civilians and soldiers were killed in the attack. The 1974 publication, according to Tim, is "well-written and easy to follow." Ironically, many of the crew members suffered in later years from alcoholism, notoriety and prison.

4 Paul read two of John Grisham's legal thrillers "The Brethren" and "The Rainmaker" and reported they had become two of his favorites, particularly "The Rainmaker." "In typical Grisham fashion, this book is superbly written and the characters seem totally real and the storyline moves rapid-fire toward an exciting conclusion." Wayne said "Heaven and Hell" by John Jakes was "fast reading despite being 780 pages long." Jakes, a noted historical novelist, included this book as the last of his trilogy on the North and South Civil War chronicles. It follows the story of Charles Main, a Confederate officer who later joined the Union Army secretly. The plot involves a part black widow (of Main's brother) who attempts to set up a school for freed slaves. This met with severe consequences from the KKK, who twice burned down the small building they called the school. After leaving the U.S. Army Charles Main ran into "more troubles than you could imagine." Merle's choices were Patricia Cornwell's "Dust" and Jonathan Kellerman's "Rage." With Cornwell's Virginia-based forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta, he reports "you can almost see the characters growing up with you, the reader." Wayne recommended both books as "easy reads" and entertaining. Don selected "The Summons" by Grisham and "Judge and Jury" by James Patterson. In typical fashion, Grisham's characters hail from small-town Southern towns and become involved in legal adventures, this one about a disputed will by the protagonist s father, a judge. Patterson's recurring character is Alex Cross, an FBI-trained psychotherapist. The book club meets at 10 a.m. on meeting days inside Pardini's coffee shop. All are invited to sit in, with or without book reviews. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Librarian: The month has been very quiet. We have taken in very few new books, which will allow me the opportunity to begin an in depth review the current library. There are many small errors in the web sight lists that needed to be corrected. The Library itself contained duplications that need to be removed. In addition the trays need to be gone through and fixed. A lot of the books have been removed and then misplaced when returned to the trays. I again encourage members to bring all your donations for the library to each meeting, so they may be added to our library. Take a free trip to any where or to any time you want. READ A BOOK. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> TRAVEL: A good time was had by all who attended the outstanding program by the Fresno Air Guard's 144th FTR WG. A group of 40+, men - women - and kids showed up for a ground facilities orientation which was topped off with a terrific flying display of their newly received F 15 fighters. SIR 175 thanks and salutes this fine military unit stationed in Fresno. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Page 4

5 Sir's Diners Marshall Goodwin, Maitre D SIR's Diners has been meeting on the second Tuesday of the month for nearly a year for great cuisine and sociability. This month 8 couples met at the 5 Restaurant at Champlain and Perrin for an excellent meal. On March 12th we will meet at 6 p.m. at the New City Chinese Restaurant at 1484 W. Shaw next to Red Lobster. Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer and wine. Please sign up at our February meeting or call me at Bowling By Merle Knapp New Time: 1:00pm, Fridays Location: Sierra Lanes, Blackstone Ave. Who: Open To All Fours branches Results for September Branch 175 (only) December Bowling Results: High Game High Series Jan 3rd Merle Knapp 215 Merle Knapp 601 Jan 10 th Tom Harlan 204 Merle Knapp 578 Jan 17 th Merle Knapp 212 Merle Knapp 584 Jan 24 th Merle Knapp 212 Merle Knapp 571 Jan 31 st Tom Harlan 217 Merle Knapp 605 All are handicap scores The question of Free Lunches associated with the recruiting for the club has been clarified by the Executive Committee and can be stated simply: When a member brings in a prospective applicant, both lunches must be paid for at that time. After the applicant is accepted and becomes a member, the sponsor of the new member is eligible for a free lunch. The latest edition of SIR Happenings is posted on the SIR website: President Dettmer's front page article reviews all the dramatic changes that are occurring in SIR. Check the Travel Page for some exciting trips. I hope you enjoy reading our latest edition. Don MacGregor Editor, SIR Happenings Page 5

6 SIR Branch # W Canterbury Court Fresno, CA SIR BRANCH # OFFICERS Big SIR Howard Jones Little SIR George Pisching Treasurer Robert Bakman Asst. Treas. Andy Provost Secretary Paul Dehn Asst. Sectry Merle Knapp DIRECTORS DC Contreras Rich Grigsby Gerald Stoltenberg George Pope Fred Ketchem ACTIVITIES Book Club Don Milliken Bowling Merle Knapp Bridge Bob Cleveland Golf Stan Nappe Travel Richard Beers BARN-YARD ACTIVITIES Attendance Tom Thomas Bulletin-ECHO DC Contreras Chaplain Russ Mott Database Ed Richard Scheidt Hardware Jerry Stoltenberg Historian Merle Knapp Librarian Dennis Murane Membership Tom Thomas Model Railroading: George Pisching Special Events Fred Ketcham Sunshine Keith Herzog Telephone Gerry Young Woodworking: George Pisching SONS IN RETIREMENT 2013 STATE OFFICERS President Maynard Rodland Vice President Bobbie Hairston Secretary Richard F. DeVoe Treasurer Michael Berry Director, Region 8 Jerry L Strain Governor, Area 29 Manny Contino Non-Responsibility Declaration All travel events and other activities sponsored by Sons in Retirement, Incorporated, or its Branches are for the convenience and pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate. Sons in Retirement, Incorporated, and its Branches, do not assume any responsibility for the well being or safety of the participants or passengers, or their property or any damages whatsoever, in any manner pertaining to said travel activities. Where the travel literature is prepared by a travel agency, the following words shall be added to the above wording: Any other disclosures or non-responsibility provisions contained herein shall not in any way incur any liability attaching to Sons in Retirement, Incorporated, or any Branch thereof. Sir Happenings is the State Bulletin: Visit our Fresno SIR Branch 175 website at: Page 6