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1 41/2/40 1 Student Affairs Student Programs and Services, Office of the Dean of Students Director of Registered Student Organizations Subject File, Box 1: Advance Enrollment Program, 1979 Atius and Sachem Honoraries, Instructional Awards Banquet Attendance forms, 1986 Black Greek Letter Association, Campus Film Policies, Conference on Conduct Governance Committee, 1978 Cheating Workshop Proposal, 1982 Cinemania and Quasimodo Film Societies, 1977 Club Sports, Code on Campus Affairs Correspondence, College Republicans, 1975 Correspondence -- OFAB, with Registered Student Organizations, March May 1985 Film Council, "How to Meet the Press" flyer, 24 March 1982 Illini Dad's Association, 1982 Illini Mom Area Liaisons - Volunteer Letters, 1981 Yuki Llewellyn Chron File -- Letters to Ian Karl, Harold Light, Howard Diamond, Chuck Warwick, Letters to Organizations, September April 1983 Letters to Willard Broom, September April 1983 Letters to Clarence Shelley, October September 1982 Letters to Stan Levy, November November 1982 Letters to Others, November March 1983 National Women's Music Festival, Non-Discrimination in Student Organizations - President Henry, Organization Financial Record (blank ledger) Organizations Accounts Openings and Closings, Organizations Fund Financial Statement, 31 January 1975 Organizations Fund Taxes, Organizations Money Safekeeping Procedures, 1978

2 41/2/40 2 Organizations Not in Organizations Fund, 1974 Orientation/Advance Enrollment Program - Student Employment, 1982 People Helping You brochure, Program Planning Checklist (blank), 1975 Box 2: Quad Day Lists, 1991 (2 folders) Quad Day List, 2009 "Recognized Undergraduate Student Organizations not Maintaining Houses at the U of I as of September 1, 1964" Reference Folder brochure, 1984 Registered Organization Newsletter, Master copies, RSO (Registered Student Organization) Account Numbers, (2 folders) RSO Handbook, , , 1999 RSO Lists, , RSO Resources Handbook, RSO Handbook, undated, 1998 Religious Activities at Illinois brochure, 1983 Residence Halls, Fraternities, Sororities Lists, ca Space for Organizations at Registration in the Armory, Special Condition application for Federal Student Aid, Staff Notes, 1978, (incomplete) Student Affairs Staff Duties Survey - Michael Benjamin, 1978 Student Guide to Services and Counseling, The Thinking Illini, 1984 Treasurer Workshop Attendees, UGSA Elections and Voting, UGSA Tenant Union, 1978 UIUC Resource Directory, 1979 Undergraduate Programs Catalog - production, 1984 Volunteer Illini Projects, What's Happening in Student Activities (Student Activities Office Newsletter), vol. 1, nos. 3 & 4, 1986 Women in Student Affairs Group, 1982 Your Survival Manual, 1977 Zeta Beta Tau activities, 1978 Box 3:

3 41/2/40 3 Alpha Lambda Delta Annual Reports and Programs, Archives, 1986, Booklet revision project, , 1986 Chapter Reports and other news, Honorary Initiates, , Initiates, 1987 Invitation and Initiation booklets, Leadership/Programming Workshop Activities Handbook and correspondence, 1994 Participant Binder, 1994 Muncie, IN; visit,1995 National Council/ Executive Director, Organization Activities and Paperwork [2 folders] [2 folders] [3 folders] Reunion, , 1991 Box 4: Asian Pacific American Programming Committee, Assistant Dean of Students Correspondence, Correspondence to Organizations, July Oct Correspondence to OTHERS, Sept May 1989 [4 folders] Correspondence w/ Champaign Park District and Police; Approval letters, Atius; photographs, Atius Sachem; Correspondence, [3 folders] Booklets; A Guide to the Academic, Honor,... and Activity Societies , 1982, 1986, 1993, 2004 Business and Finance; University Guidelines and Policies, 1993 Daily Illini clippings [2 folders] [3 folders] , [2 folders] Box 5: Faculty Staff Social Committee

4 41/2/40 4 Box 6: Activities and Agendas [3 folders] [2 folders] [2 folders] [3 folders] Advertising sub-committee, Applications, Correspondence, Crosstab Responses, Dan Soffel s files, Event Fliers, General Ledgers, Handbook, 1994 Minutes, Newsletters, Program Ideas, Programs and general info, [2 folders] Survey, Travel Adventure Films Travel Film brochures (arranged geographically), n.d. (arranged by production company), n.d. Illini Union Board Handbook, 1980 Handbook w/ revisions and amendments, 1974, 1978, , 1988 Inquiry from Honor Society; Phi Chi Theta, 1988 Organization Fund Advisory Board Allocations, Allocation Meeting, 4 th period, 1995 Allocation Meeting Minutes, 4 th period, 1996 Applications for funding 2 nd period, Organization Fund Advisory Board (continued) 3 rd period, th period, Correspondence

5 41/2/ , Financial Records, [2 folders] Resource Binder, [3 folders] Organization Fund Advisory Board Grant Approvals; Spring 1986 [2 folders] Approvals; Fall 1986 [2 folders] Denials; Spring, 1986 Denials; Fall, 1986 Outdoor Special Events, Box 7: Registered Student Organizations Applications for Registered Organization Status [6 folders] [2 folders] [6 folders] Problem forms, Summer updates, A - I, [3 folders] Box 8: Box 9: J - Z, [3 folders] Problem forms, Summer updates, [2 folders] Instructions, 1999 Billing Forms; Lock changes, Facility Use Requests No, A - G, [4 folders] No, H - Z, [6 folders] Yes, A - I, [4 folders] Yes, J - Z, [4 folders] Handbook and Resource Manual, Registered Student Organizations (continued) Handbook, 1998 Movies Schedules,

6 41/2/40 6 Requisitions, ordering, etc., Treasurer s Handbook, 1998 Treasurer s list, 2001 Treasurer Workshop Attendees, Attendees, Sign-in sheets, Attendees, Sign-in sheets, Attendees, Attendees, Sign-in sheets, Sign-in sheets, Sachem information sheets (home addresses), 1986 Student Activities Office Budgets FY Budgets FY Correspondence Yuki Llewellyn Chronological File April May 1985 [3 folders] June July 1987 [4 folders] To Organizations [3 folders] [3 folders] Box 10: To Willard Broom [3 folders] To Stan Levy, To Janet Anderson and Dave Bechtel, 1986 To Susan Maul, Reports, Alcohol Brochures: Orange & Blue Distributing Co., 1984 Anti-Gambling Program, 2000 Alpha Lambda Delta, [3 folders] Initiates, 1972 Asian American Association, Midwest Asian American Student Conference, Monsoon,

7 41/2/40 7 Newsletters, Newspaper Clippings, Asian American Studies: East of California Conference, University of Illinois and Other Course Syllabi Asian Pacific American Resource Board: Annual Report and Figures, Asian Pacific American Resource Committee: Peel Asianation: New Student Orientation, [3 folders] Film on VHS, 1996 Box 11: Atius-Sachem Activities Honoraries: Information Sheet, Alma Mater Site Improvements, 1986 Correspondence, Dad s Nite Out Christmas Party: Photos and Negatives, early 1980s? Financial Records, Meetings and Initiation, Campus Charities Council: Correspondence, Campus Chest: Contracts of Sponsorship, Correspondence, Events, Charity Accounts, Faculty Staff Social Committee: Agendas and Events, Agendas, Minutes, Events, General, Annual Banquet: May 12, 1997 May 21, 1997 May 25, 1999 Budget, [3 folders] Budgets and Meeting Minutes, Children s Holiday Party, December 5, December 13, 1998 December 3, 2000 Certificates, 1996, 1999, 2000 Children s Spring Festival, April 5, 1998 April 1, 2001 Committee Assignments, Communication Expenses, Complimentary Tickets for Supervisors, Correspondence and General, [4 folders] Faculty Staff Social Committee (continued) A Day in the Park, April 11, 1999 Handbook, [2 folders]

8 41/2/40 8 Box 12: Holiday Tea, December 8, December 10, 2000 IMPALA Film Festival, 1996 Intra Film Conference, [3 folders] Folder Packet, 1997 Tampa, Florida, 2000 Meeting Minutes, [2 folders] Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Correspondence, Meeting Minutes and Agendas, Membership Drive, [2 folders] Monthly Statements, Murder Mystery Dinner, March 2, 1999 New Member Flyers, 1997 New Membership Applications, 1997 Oktoberfest, October 11, 1996 Photos, nd Annual Dinner Dance, April 3, 2001 Terry Thies, Ticket Orders: Forms and Policy, 1996 Transition Dinner, May 9, 2001 Travel and Adventure Cinema Society: Membership Directory, 2000 Travel Adventure Film Series: Adventures in Western Polynesia, April 10-11, 2001 At Home in Austria, March 20-21, 2001 Canadian Maritime, April 1-2, 1997 China, April 27-28, 1999 Europe s Small Wonders, September 30 - October 1, 1997 Exploring Wild Florida, November 14-15, 2000 Flyer, Grand Canyon, November 17-18, 1998 Hawaiian Luau, March 7, 1997 Ireland, October 17-18, 2000 Italy, March 23-24, 1999 New Zealand, December 10-11, 1996 Peru, January 20-21, 1998 Peru, Turkey, Europe s Small Wonders, Poland, March 18-19, 1997 Faculty Staff Social Committee (continued) Travel Adventure Film Series (continued) Route 66, April 28-29, 1998

9 41/2/40 9 Scandinavian Holiday, October 27-28, 1998 South Pacific, November 12-13, 1996 Survey Tallies, [3 folders] Ticket Order, Travelogue Resource File, Fraternity/Sorority Task Force Report, March 19, 1992 Free Speech and Hate Speech: Guidelines and Clippings, Hindu Students Council: Darpan, , 1998, 1999, The Honoraries Guide, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, 1992 The Lunch Group: Directory, 1990 Majestic Boxing Association, 1988 Orchard Downs Family Housing Council: Food Co-op, Organization Fund Advisory Board, [4 folders] Annual Report, [7 folders] Bylaws and Guidelines, Out on Campus, 1992 Registered Organizations, Box 13: Registered Organizations (continued) (continued)

10 41/2/40 10 Box 14: Box 15: Advisors [2 folders] [2 folders] Annual Reports, [2 folders] Correspondence, Financial Reports, , [2 folders] Handbook for Advisors, Handbooks, 1970, 1983, 1980s? [3 folders] Newsletters, [4 folders] President Workshops, Resources Handbook, Treasurer Handbooks, [2 folders] Treasurer Workshops, [5 folders] Registered Student Organizations: Concerns and Hearings, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1992 Delta Lambda Phi, 1981 Dhoruba Bin Wahad Lecture Hearing, 1991 Friends of Spartacus Youth Club Hearing,

11 41/2/40 11 Golden Key National Honor Society, Gulf War: Campus Security Issues, 1991 Illini Medical Services and Turkey Run Affair, 1988 Interfraternity Council Judicial Board, 1989 Kappa Alpha Psi, 1953, Kappa Sigma, 1990 Lesbian and Gay Illini, 1990 Life is For Everyone, 1990 Martial Arts Sports Club, 1982, 1985 National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Orchard Downs Complaint, 1989 Pinnacle: National Honor Society, 1991 Russian Club Complaint, 1998 Student Alumni Association, 1992 Triangle Fraternity: Dog Obedience School, Together Encouraging the Appreciation of Multiculturalism: Salil Shah, Turkish Student Association: Balkan Relief Benefit, 2000 Vedic Philosophical and Cultural Society: Festival of India, RSO Survey, Residence Hall Association: Fund-raising Committee, 1995 Rose Bowl, 1983 Special Events and Fund-raisers: African-American Program Committee: Homecoming Dance, 1990 Alcohol and Broadcast Policies, 1990 AIESEC: Fruit Basket Fund-raiser Alpha Xi Delta: Teeter-Totter Marathon Arnold Air Society Perambulator Push, 1990 Babcock Ground and Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall Council, Bacchus Fitness Tour, 1992 Black Entertainment Group: Def Comedy Jam, 1995 Def Q Comedy Show, 1994 Black Hellenic Sector and Black Greek Council Events, Chinese Student Conference, July 4-6, 1986 Chinese Students and Scholars Solidarity Union, 1989 City Information, 1995 Collegiate Association for Research Principles, Concessionaires: Constitution, 1980 Delta Sigma Phi: Musical Chairs, Special Events and Fund-raisers (continued) Delta Sigma Pi: Taste on the South Quad, 1986 Delta Tau Delta: Flag Football Tournament, 1990 Disabled Student Organization: Wheel-a-thon, 1991 D varim: Forum for Jewish Expression,

12 41/2/40 12 Box 16: Ebony and Ivory Interfraternity Council, Electric Bus Tour, 2001 Foam Party: Sponsored by Registered Student Organizations Another Great Event, 2000 Forbes Hall Council: ForbesFest, 1994 Grassroots Group of Second Class Citizens: Women s Encampment, 1991 Greek Week Committee: Greek Week Carnival, 1990 Halloween Task Force: Halloween Event, 1986 Hotel Motel Association / Champaign Urbana Theatre Co: Seven Corpse Dinners, 2001 Illini Pride Student Athletic Board: Illini Pride Stride, 1990 Illini Tower: 5K Running Race, 1989 Illini Union Board: Hello From America, [2 folders] Late Nighter, 1999 Latino Programs Committee: Events, 1991 Latino Recognition Banquet, 1991 Tommy Davidson Comedy Show, Illinois Street Residence Hall Fitness Club: Chambana Classic, 1989 Illinois Street Residence Halls: Iotathon, 1999 International Superstars: Do You Want To Be a Star?, 2000 Islamic Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People: Rally, 1990 Jews on Campus: Run, Walk, Bike to Fight Hunger, 2000 Kaleidoscope, 1993 Kappa Alpha Psi: Kappa Karnival, [2 folders] Kinesiology Student Association: Illini Inline, 1994 Wheelchair and Inline Skating Race, 1995 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts: Raffle, 1994 La Casa Cultural Latina: Block Party, 1995 Lambda Chi Alpha: Sweater Sales, [2 folders] Legend Dance Company: Promotional Dance, 2002 Life is for Everyone: Cemetery of the Innocents, 1992 Livia Ball Memorial Presbyterian House: Red Cross Fund-raiser, September 1992 Masters of Business Administration Association: Picnic and Fireworks, 1995, 1998 Minority Graduate Student Orientation, NAACP Fund-raisers, 1990 Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Display, February 18-19, 1994 Special Events and Fund-raisers (continued) Native American Students for Progress and Illini Union Board: All Things Are Connected, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, 1991 [1 folder] Omega Tau Sigma: 5K Road Race, Phi Gamma Nu: ASSASSIN Tournament, 1983

13 41/2/40 13 Phi Kappa Psi Fund-raisers, Phi Kappa Psi and Alpha Tau Omega: 5K, 1992, 1995 [2 folders] Phi Psi: Bike Race, 1997 Pi Tau Sigma: Bike Repair Project, 1994 Pizza Sales, 1998 Rugby Club Events, Sachem Junior Honorary: Atius-Sachem Mom s Day Sing Tryouts, 1980 Scandinavian Film Society: Movie, Sigma Chi: Derby Days, 1987 Sigma Delta Tau: Events and Fund-raisers, 1988 Sigma Nu: Street Party, 1989 Sigma Phi Delta and Pi Kappa Phi: Street Dance, 1989 Society of Women Engineers: Ford Probe Collegiate Driving Challenge, Student Alumni Association: Great Escape, 1986, 1987 [2 folders] Student Chapter of American Veterinary Medical Association: 5K Run, Student Environmental Action Coalition: CATALYST Conference, Students for Environmental Concerns: Earth Day, Students for the Legalization of Marijuana: Hash Wednesday, 1992 Take Back the Night: Women s Protest, 1990 Tau Kappa Epsilon: Bike Marathon, K Runs, [2 folders] Theta Xi: Kidnap-N-Ransom, Pole Sit, Triangle Fraternity and Phi Sigma Sigma: Breakaway Biathlon, 1989 Zeta Beta Tau: Dance Marathon, Strategic Plan for Multicultural Programs and Services, 1991 Student Credit Union, Student Business Cards, Student Leadership Awards Programs, Volunteer Illini Projects, 1990 Year of the Afrikan: UI Black Student Calendar Book, Young Women s Christian Association (YWCA), Zeta Phi Beta, The Right Way Is the Easy Way: pamphlet for RSO treasurers, 1954, n.d. Omicron Delta Kappa - honorary plaques listing members (photocopies), Tomahawk - honorary plaques listing members (photocopies), 1967 Torch - honorary plaques listing members (photocopies), , 1968, 1971, Wa-Na-See - honorary plaques listing members (photocopies), , , 1982