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1 Devin Andersen Watching Leadership Grow Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service Hosted by: Eastern Illinois University GLACURH RBC 2019 Michigan Technological University

2 Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Letter About Me Involvement Conference Experience Bid Writing Awards and Testimonies Time Committments Positional Goals Letter of Support Letter of Support Letter of Support Host School Acknowledgement Form Host School Acknowledgement Form Source Material References

3 Introduction Letter Hey GLACURH! My name is Devin Andersen and I aspire to be your incoming Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service for the term. I currently serve as the NRHH CC for Eastern Illinois University, and have always had an admiration, passion, and enthusiasm for conferences and special events. Beyond my conference experience, I am a loyal Panther and have served various leadership positions and roles on campus. I have a passion for Student Affairs and intend to pursue a degree in the subject. I am always looking for new ways to serve and provide for my institution, state, and region. A friend of mine once told me that recognition means giving thanks to thankless jobs. It has been my passion and desire to materialize this sentiment through my work on campus. When I m not planning trips to leadership conferences, I fulfill my role as NRHH-CC by promoting OTMs on campus in various ways. In addition to my recognition efforts, I have also spent a significant amount of time and energy working on service projects and philanthropy on campus and at conferences. I want to continue to develop service efforts in the region if I get elected this position. I look forward to bidding for the Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service position and I thank you for your consideration in reading and reviewing it. Peace, Love, Polar Bears! Devin Andersen 2

4 About Me Background Information Hometown: Prospect Heights, IL Host School: Eastern Illinois University Major: Communication Studies (Interpersonal Communication) Minor: Philosophy Personality/Style Snapshot Myers Briggs: ENFJ Enneagram: Type 1 (Wing 2) Bonner Curriculum: Green/Gold Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Zodiac: Sagittarius Strengths Attention to Detail Highly Organized Energetic Neutrals Perfectionistic Future-Oriented Committed Areas of Improvement Consistency Delegating Tasks Overthinking 3

5 Involvement Weller Hall Vice President (8/2016-5/2017) Weller Hall RHA Representative (8/2017-5/2018) Night Assistant (8/2017-5/2018) Student Event Planners Association (8/2017-1/2018) RHA Programming Committee (1/2018-5/2018) OCM Campus Representative (4/2018-8/2018) Conference Assistant (5/2018-8/2018) NRHH Communications Coordinator (5/ Current) Peer Leader (8/ /2018) Thomas Hall Resident Assistant (8/ Current) GLACURH OTM Selection Committee (8/ Current) NRHH Recognition and Programming Committee (8/ Current) RHA Social Justice and Diversity Committee (10/ Current) Communication Studies Student Ambassador (1/ Current) 4

6 Conference Experience Fall Leadership Training (9/2016) Camp New Hope (9/2016) EIUnity Diversity Conference (1/2017) NRHH Spring Leadership Conference (1/2017) EIU Communication Day (3/2017) Fall Leadership Training (9/2017) Camp New Hope (10/2017) TEDxNormal (10/2017) GLACURH RLC (Delegate) (11/2017) NRHH Spring Leadership Conference (1/2018) IRHA Leadership Conference (Delegate) (2/2018) EIU Communication Day (3/2018) Drop of Lavendar LGBTQ Summit (3/2018) NACURH (NRHH-CC) (5/2018) Fall Leadership Training (9/2018) Camp New Hope (9/2018) IRHA Semi-Annual Business Conference (NRHH-CC) (10/2018) TEDxNormal (10/2018) Student Affairs 101 (10/2018) GLACURH RLC (NRHH-CC) (11/2018) NRHH Spring Leadership Conference (1/2019) IRHA Leadership Conference (NRHH-CC) (2/2019) 5

7 Bid Writing Hall Council Of the Year Weller Hall, RHA OTYs 2017 (On Campus) Advisor of the Year Katie Sikora, RHA OTYs 2017 (On Campus) Advisor of the Year Lauren Bergholz, GLACURH RLC 2018 Program of the Year ROCFest, GLACURH RLC 2018 & IRHA 2019 First Year Experience Award Ryan Moore, IRHA 2019 & GLACURH RBC 2019 Student of the Year Casey Wilderman, IRHA 2019 Student Staff Member of the Year Dallas Lancenese, GLACURH RBC 2019 Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service Devin Andersen, GLACURH RBC

8 Awards and Testimonies President s Pin, IRHA 2019 (February 2019) Top 50 Program Presenter, NACURH 2018 (May 2018) Raymond L. & Carolyn M. Fischer Scholarship Recipient (March 2018) Top 10 Program Presenter, IRHA 2018 (February 2018) Camp New Hope Student of the Weekend (September 2016) When I met Devin I knew he was going to be a great student leader. Since his start as an RHA representative, to delegate, to NRHH-CC he has shown enthusiasm and dedication to his leadership growth, his campus, and the region. He would be a perfect fit for the position of Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service. -Merrian Tice, former RHA NCC for EIU Devin always steps up for others on the executive board, myself included, when he sees that someone might need assistance. He is the first to jump at an opportunity to help others, making him a true team player. I am grateful to work closely with Devin and appreciate all he has done for me. -Sam Gilbert, NRHH Senior Vice President Ever since I ve known Devin, he has put his full effort into being involved on campus and in housing at EIU. He continuously increases his leadership role whenever he can and is fun and enjoyable to work with as a team member in Thomas! I love working alongside Devin and know he will always be a great leader! -Charlotte Williams, Thomas Hall RA Devin Andersen was hands down my favorite person to have the pleasure of working with. His dedication, determination, and drive to get better every single day is contagious. Alongside becoming a better leader himself, he has helped me with my leadership skills and understanding my true potential as a person. -Dallas Lancenese, Night Assistant Supervisor 7

9 Time Committments I wanted to find a way to realistically make time for working on the RBD, so I referred back to my current time use and used it to make time use projections for this upcoming summer and next year. 22% 4% 4% 8% 10% Time Use, SP19 32% 9% 11% Sleeping (56) Grooming/Cleaning (14) Eating (19) Homework/Projects (16) Class (13) Meetings (7) On Duty (7) Leisure/Miscellaneous (36) I started by keeping my unscheduled time and any wellness related time uses the same amount of hours. After factoring in for summer work I found that I could dedicate about 14 hours a week to the position over the summer. I have less classes my senior year and I reduced my unscheduled time from 36 to 30 hours, which is how I was able to arrive at 10 hours a week exclusively for GLACURH related projects. 18% 22% 22% 18% 4% 4% 7% Projected Time Use, Use, SU19 SU19 8% Sleeping (56) (56) 32% Grooming/Cleaning (14) (14) Eating (19) (19) Leisure/Miscellaneous (36) (36) Work Work (30) (30) 9% 9% Prep Prep for for CORS CORS + RA (14) (14) 11% 11% 9% Projected Time Use, FA19 Sleeping (56) 6% Grooming/Cleaning (14) 32% Eating (19) Homework/Projects (14) Class (11) Meetings (7) On Duty (7) 9% Leisure/Miscellaneous (30) 11% GLACURH Projects (10) 8

10 Positional Goals Maintain Successful Strategies from the Outgoing CORS If it ain t broke, don t fix it. I want to work with the outgoing CORS on discussing what worked well and what can be improved. If there are methods that were extremely successful, I plan to reproduce those methods. Offer Multiple/Frequent Bid Chats via Zoom I want to ensure that any institution that wants to bid has the resources necessary to do so. Bid guides and checklists are valuable and important resources for bid writers, however I understand the value of direct interaction. My goal is to develop a schedule of bid chats (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) for delegates and advisors to join if they have any questions or concerns. Develop Recognition Efforts for Bid Writers and Delegates Writing bids is a detailed, time consuming process, so in order to recognize the efforts that go into bid writing, I want to continue to produce bid writer awards to give out at the conferences. In addition, I want to work with the RBD and Conference team on providing special apparel and souvenirs for delegates in order to demonstrate that being a delegate is in and of itself worth recognizing. Collaborate with RLC Team and AD-NRHH on Service Keeping In order to maintain the value of service, I intend to work with the AD-NRHH to promote and highlight service efforts from NRHH chapters within the region. I also intend to work with the Conference Team on ensuring that the philanthropy aspect of the conference is adequately met. Establish Bonds with Other RBD Members As someone studying Interpersonal Communication, I find it important to establish bonds with team members in appropriate ways. By working together with the RBD on projects and having open and honest communication, we can strengthen as a team and provide recognition and service to one another. 9

11 To the GLACURH Regional Board of Directors and Voting Membership, I am submitting this letter of support on the behalf of Devin Andersen, a student at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) interested in bidding for a Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service with the GLACURH Regional Board of Directors. I have known Devin for three years and have been impressed with his passion for being involved and love for residential leadership. I first met Devin during his freshman year at EIU when he was involved with a leadership position as part of his hall. Devin was engaged and excited to talk about the ways he could give back to the EIU campus community. He got involved in Weller Hall and consistently attended RHA. A year later he was inducted into NRHH and became a Resident Assistant. I believe both experiences ignited his passion for recognition that will help him in the CORS role. Devin has spent the current academic year as our NRHH-CC for EIU. He has served on the Regional OTM Committee, gotten involved with bids, attended many conferences, presented a Top 50 NACURH program, and showed passion for recognition in all that he does. This year, EIU has had several Regional OTMs and one National OTM. Devin spends his time writing OTMs, promoting OTMs, and supporting those who write OTMs. He has created resource guides for our students, presented at NRHH meetings about how to write OTMs, and is hosting an OTM writing party to give advice on how to write OTMs. This is an innovative program idea that supports creating more opportunities to write OTMS on campus. I believe these experiences and skills will be an asset to him in the CORS role. I have seen Devin grow so much in the past three years and I believe in this role he will grow even more. This will give him a chance to develop and highlight his skill set while also showing his love to GLACURH. I believe he is a great candidate for this role and someone who will dedicate his time, talents, and efforts towards GLACURH. When Devin is passionate about something you can tell. That personality trait is something that will help him as CORS because he wants to help others succeed and recognize their efforts in the process. I can also verify that Devin is in good standing with EIU and that there will be campus support for him in this role. If you have any questions about the content of this letter or would like more information, please feel free to contact me via at or via phone at Thank you for your consideration, Megan J. Corder Assistant Director for Leadership Development and Marketing Housing and Dining Services Eastern Illinois University 10

12 To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I nominate Devin Andersen for the Coordinating Officer of Recognition and Service. Devin is a current Resident Assistant (RA) in Thomas Hall, while also serving as the Communication Coordinator (CC) for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)I have had the pleasure of supervising and advising Devin for the past semester and almost half, where I have seen his love and passion for student affairs continue to grow and flourish. Devin capitalizes on his strengths which include support, dedication, and futuristic idealism. Being a supporter of fellow student leaders is one of Devin s greatest strengths. Whether that is a new Freshmen getting involved in Residence Hall Association (RHA) or an upperclassman attending a student leadership conference, Devin is fully invested in supporting their journey. As the NRHH CC, Devin has had multiple opportunities to mentor and support a wide range of fellow panthers as they travel across the county for numerous student leadership conferences. While on these conference trips, Devin takes time to get to know each and every attendee and find out how best to support them and their goals for attending the conference. Attending these student leadership conferences and RHA is where the seed for Devin s interest in student affairs was planted. Devin s growth into a little bud in the garden of student affairs was continued through his dedication to the University Housing and Dining department by becoming a Resident Assistant in Thomas Hall. As an RA, Devin has really created a close-knit family type feel on the floor community. This has been done through his dedication for the position by creating excellent programming and building important relationship connections with each and every resident. Through this position and our conversations in one on ones, I have seen Devin s interest and decision to pursue student affairs as a future continue to grow and bloom. Thinking about the future is something that Devin spend quite a bit of time doing. Imagining the what if s and maybes of life is what motivates Devin to continue his pursual of Student Affairs in the future. I have had countless conversations with Devin about ACUHO-I summer internships, STARs College, graduate assistantships after graduation and all that lies beyond. Every day, week, and month, Devin is future forward thinking. Imagining what could happen and how he can best prepare for his future. Dreaming of the day when he has the opportunity to sit in this same position and nominate his own students for great leadership recognition. That will be the cycle coming full circle, Devin will be a big bright beautiful flower in the garden of Student Affairs while he is working with some new brand-new seed being planted in that same beautiful garden. 11

13 I hope that these qualities have given you a small glimpse into the man Devin Andersen is and hopes to continue to grow to be. Devin is an outstanding candidate for the position of Coordinating Officer of Recognition and Service, due to not only these three characteristics I was able to touch on but also for all the other qualities I was unable to speak upon. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments through my or office phone number, listed at the end of this letter. Thank you, Lauren Bergholz (217) TH Street, Charleston, IL Complex Director Thomas & Andrews Halls NRHH Advisor EIU Louis V. Hencken Chapter 12

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16 Source Material References Graphics Used Stock Vector. Silhouette of a Sprout. Stock Unlimited. nad Eco Icon Green Leaf Vector Image. VectorStock. Images Used All images were used with permission from Devin Andersen. Images do not contain copyrighted material. Fonts Used Rodrigo Fuenzalida. Poetsen One. Bigelow & Holmes. Lucida Console. 15