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1 FEBRUARY INDEPENDENT NEWSWEEKLY s Erkenningsnummer P Free weekly! # 67 NEWS s BUSINESS s ARTS s ACTIVE s LIVING s AGENDA s INTERVIEW Manhaan ransfer...5 This week Flanders House moves ino he New York Times Building in midown Manhaan. The new direcor Philip Fonaine explains how he plans o promoe he links beween Flanders and America. Red sings he blues...8 Axelle Red has jus released her firs album in English. The fiery singer from Hassel alks o An Gydé abou empahy, change and idealism. The big issue Flanders has jus go bigger. Or has i? Alisair MacLean ponders recen rumours ha Flanders has expanded in his week s Talking Duch column. Jimmy Kes If I can make i here As he governmen prepares o open a new Flanders House in downown Manhaan his week, we look a 400 years of Flemish- American relaions When Henry Hudson sailed up he broad river ha bears his name in Sepember 1609, he had lile idea of he impac of his voyage. Bu his exploraion se he sage for Duch colonisaion in he New World and forged a rail ha subsequen advenure seekers would follow from Europe o he Americas. Americans righly look a his arrival as one of he seminal evens in he exploraion and discovery of he Unied Saes. The Briish, oo, looked wih pride a he accomplishmen of heir naive son, who came from Wales. Bu he conribuion ha Flanders made o his discovery seldom receives he credi i deserves. No one who looks a he hisory can deny ha Flemings made a sizable conribuion o he success of explorers o he New World. Afer all, i was Gerardus Mercaor, born in he Flemish river own of Rupelmonde, who firs delineaed he Wesern Hemisphere ino Norh and Souh America on his world map in Mercaor's projecion map, firs prined in 1569, represened he meridians of longiude by equally spaced parallel lines, which grealy increased he accuracy of navigaional maps (and he likelihood ha ships knew roughly where hey were). Coninued on page 4 DAVID BAECKELANDT Ho porn ges cold shoulder Valenine Day sun axed Koen Keppens Plans by Sudio Brussel o shoo a pornographic movie as par of he saion s Valenine s Day celebraions have received a cold shower from he sandards commiee of he VRT, he public secor broadcasing auhoriy ha runs he saion. ALAN HOPE We didn decide in advance how far we waned o go, commened DJ Sijn Van de Voorde, while he broadcas was sill a burning issue. Programme collaboraor Murielle Scherre, who runs he lingerie line La fille d O, was considering a couple who demonsrae heir kissing echnique, a masurbaing girl, and a few oher unmenionable feaures. Las week 100 people showed up a he broadcaser for audiions. In he end, VRT auhoriies made he decision for hem. The plans were cancelled, bu no, he VRT said, because SuBru had done anyhing wrong. There exised he percepion ha he VRT was going o make pornographic maerial, a saemen read, whereas he Valenine s acion was inended o be playful. s Foris voe leaves doubs Calls for finance miniser o resign The CEO of Foris has called on all paries o come back o he negoiaing able following he rejecion of he agreemen o sell o BNP Paribas, in a voe by shareholders in las week. The decision lef he bank in he hands of he governmen and brough calls for he resignaion of finance miniser Didier Reynders. Foris, once Belgium s bigges bank, was aken over by he governmen las Sepember afer he share price plummeed. A deal was immediaely agreed under ALAN HOPE which Foris would be aken over by BNP Paribas in reurn for equiy. Bu small shareholders, unied ino wo main groups, opposed he sale as i would render heir holdings virually worhless. In addiion, i was considered ha he value he deal pu on Foris was far oo low, especially as BNP s own shares have come down in price since he deal was signed. Also a issue is abou 10 billion worh of junk Coninued on page 3

2 News Breaking news Ge he news from Flanders online a under press room FLANDERS T O D A Y s 2 CONTENTS s The Manahaan issue News s News in brief Feaure...4 s The Flemish selers who made America Inerview...5 s Philip Fonaine: mee he man who is aking Flanders ino Manhaan Business...7 s Colruy profis from crisis Ars s Axelle Red: a new album in English s Fien Troch: No one makes films like her Acive s Bornem: The laes in our series on small Flemish owns s Fashionisa Agenda s The week in Flanders s Cafe spoligh: Velooje s Resauran of he week: Branche Back Page s s s Face of Flanders: Thomas DeGees is New York's "waffle guy" Talking Duch:- Ruime - The final fronier The Las Word: wha hey're saying in Flanders Independen Newsweekly Edior: Derek Blyh Depuy edior: Lisa Bradshaw News edior: Alan Hope Agenda: Sarah Crew, Robyn Boyle Picure research: Esher Bourrée Prepress: Nancy Temmerman Conribuors: Marie Dumon, Séphanie Duval, Sharon Ligh, Alisair MacLean, Marc Maes, Ian Mundell, Anja Oe, Monique Philips, Saffina Rana, Leander Schaerlaeckens, Seven Tae, Denzil Walon Projec manager: Pascale Zoeaer Publisher: VUM NV Vlaamse Uigeversmaaschappij Gosselaan 28, 1702 Groo-Bijgaarden Ediorial address: Gosselaan Groo-Bijgaarden Tel.: _ Fax: Subscripions: France Lycops Tel: Adverising: Evelyne Fregonese Tel: Veranwoordelijke uigever: Derek Blyh News in brief Daa disclosure hospials have o allow he Flemish Commiee (VKB) access o daa on saff appoinmens and he language compeency of employees, he Council of Sae has ruled. The VKB wans o ensure ha hospials in he capial conform o language requiremens. A presen, Flemish wachdogs claim oo many saff are monolingual French speakers, which presens problems for he proper reamen of Duch-speaking paiens. s Coffee shop closed The mayor of Terneuzen in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, he coasal province in he souhern Neherlands ha borders Flanders, has closed he counry s bigges coffee shop, which araced up o 2,500 drugs ouriss a day, many of hem bringing heir purchases back o Flanders. Police found more han he legal limi of 500 grams during a raid in 2007, which led o a sixmonh closure. A repea offence in 2008 has now led o he definiive closure. s Assised deah All animal shelers in Anwerp should se up a euhanasia commiee o oversee puing animals o sleep, according o he ciy s animal welfare alderman Luc Bungeneers. The proposal is conained in a charer for shelers passed las week y he ciy council. Why should we do less for our animals han for humans? Bungeneers asked. s Firs aid scam The Flemish Ambulance Associaion (VAV) has issued a warning abou companies ha sell firs-aid kis o small businesses and claim he proceeds go o he associaion. The VAV has no connecion wih he sales and receives nohing. The sellers were firs repored in Anwerp and he Kempen area; las week a similar scam was repored o police in Bruges. The sellers, usually cold-calling on he phone, offer a car firs-aid ki for 150. s Trial begins The rial of Kenny Bolle sared in Bruges las week. Bolle, 20, is accused of sabbing o deah Bar Bonroy in Osend in February 2007 because he wouldn give him a cigaree. He also injured anoher man in he same inciden. s Bigges gif ever goes o cervical cancer ALAN HOPE A former leading businessman has made he larges privae donaion ever o help research a Leuven Universiy. Luc Verels, formerly he owner of he Verels consrucion company, gave 1.25 million for research ino cervical cancer afer his siser was recenly diagnosed wih he disease. The money will be spen on basic research, as well as he organisaion of an inernaional conference in Leuven where researchers can exchange he laes informaion. Cervical cancer is reaed as a poor relaion by he pharmaceuical indusry, and I waned o do somehing o change ha, Verels said. The number of vicims may be lower [han for oher cancers], bu he damage is jus as grea. Every year in Belgium 1,350 women are diagnosed wih cervical cancer, wih survival raes of up o 92% if diagnosis is made early. I is he fifh mos deadly cancer in women worldwide and he fourh mos common among women in Belgium. Bu is relaive numbers compared o breas and lung cancer means financing for research is hard o obain. Governmen invesmen is ridiculous, Verels said. I s no my syle o si and wai for hings o change. One encouraging research area concerns he so-called ani-pigf molecule, which shus down blood vessels o sop umours growing, and which was discovered a Leuven. Verels is also he founder of he Solid Inernaional privae foundaion, which suppors developmen projecs in he hird world. s Rule relaxed The governmen plans o scrap he annual requiremen for chronically ill or disabled people o provide a medical cerificae. A presen, even someone wih an incurable condiion or an ampuaed limb mus provide proof every year ha heir condiion persiss. s Man eas dog The public broadcaser VRT has apologised o he producers of he hi series Van vlees en bloed (Of Mea and Blood) whose final episode las week was ruined in he closing momens by he appearance of a DOG an onscreen logo and message announcing he nex programme. I was exremely angry, swore quie a lo, hen wen ou for some fresh air, admied wrier-direcor-acor Tom Van Dyck. A VRT spokeman said: We re jus as upse as Tom Van Dyck and his colleagues a [producion house] Woesijnvis. s No harm done Flemish pop sensaion Jonahan Vandenbroeck, beer known as Milow, walked away unscahed from a road acciden in Iceland las week. The singer, who won five rophies a he recen MIA awards, was ravelling o locaion shooing for his new video when his renal jeep ran off he road and rolled over. By some miracle, all five of us crawled ou of he wrecked vehicle more or less unharmed, Milow wroe on his blog. s Phones down The collapse of he Proximus mobile phone nework for a period on Thursday, 12 February, was due o a fauly machine ha races he locaions of phones, according o Belgacom, which owns he operaor. The disrupion is he mos serious for 15 years, wih one machine causing a chain reacion among he ohers. Traffic on he nework was reduced o 20-30% he normal rae a he wors poin. Consumer organisaion Tes-Aankoop criicised he lack of communicaion beween he company and is users, some of whom were unable o conac emergency numbers. s News Poliics Europe Inerviews Music Ar Fashion Food Nighlife Subscripion Tel The magazine for global ciizens

3 In Belgium we pay barely wo euros per person for cancer research. Tha s peanus. Luc Verels, who has donaed 1.25 million o cancer research Fuure of Foris uncerain as shareholders revol credi insrumens, which Paribas had agreed o ake over. So long as ha poisoned package remainwih Foris Bank, he bank s credi worhiness will never recover. If 7 billion is passed o Foris Holding, as he governmen inends, bankrupcy could loom. The shareholders managed o win a cour ruling ha heir views mus be aken ino accoun, which led o a suspension of he sale and o las week s voe. Their case was bolsered when Ping An, he Chinese insurance company, which, wih a 5% sake, is he single larges privae shareholder, said i would oppose he BNP Paribas deal. And so i urned ou. The Yes camp, which followed he governmen s and board s view, won 49.74% of he voe, and he sale was rejeced. As if ha igh margin weren dramaic enough, THE WEEK IN FIGURES i laer emerged ha he governmen s defea came as he resul of a blunder. The 5,000 or so shareholders who aended he meeing a Heizel o voe in person received a shock as proceedings opened, when hey learned ha he governmen inended o use a block of some 125 million of is own shares o voe despie he fac ha hese are non-voing shares. Tha looked like he deah-blow o opposiion o he BNP Paribas sale. Bu hen, jus as surprisingly, he governmen s block of voes was wihdrawn from he coun, apparenly as a resul of a misundersanding. The voe wen ahead, and he No side won narrowly. The deal s opponens immediaely called for new negoiaions wih Paribas which had been heir goal all along. They also called for he resignaion of Reynders, 63,000 Number of children in Flanders who will receive a free copy of he book Voor nu en nog heel lang (For Now and a Lo Longer) in a 350,000 campaign o improve reading skills. The book conains shor sories and illusraions by op children s wriers from Flanders and he Neherlands. The operaion, launched by culure miniser Ber Anciaux, applies o children who urn seven in [image: kinderboek Tom Schamp] 6% New rae of VAT on house consrucion, demoliion and rebuilding, down from 21% for he whole of The measure, inended o give a boos o he building indusry, concerns only he firs 50,000 of coss and excludes second residences, renal propery or addiions o propery such as swimming pools. 322,548,747, Belgium s naional deb a he end of January his year. 6,000 10,000 Number of jobs ha could be creaed by he compleion of he Ooserweel link joining he lef bank of he Schelde in Anwerp wih he main moorways o he Neherlands, Germany and he souh, according o Karel Vinck, chairman of he Anwerp Mobiliy Managemen Agency. Vinck now appears o be considering a new roue for he link, which has been he subjec of much local proes on environmenal grounds. 1 year (Suspended) senence given o a 35-year-old Anwerp woman who admied hiing her 10-year-old son wih a bel and shoe on he head, fee and lower legs. The abuse was spoed by a school docor. 13% Number of Belgians who admi o fliring on airplane rips, according o research by Briish Airways. The bigges flirers are Germans, wih one in hree chaing up a member of he opposie (or he same) sex, and one in 10 managing o ge a dae. 650 million Paid ou in Belgium las year on enerainmen, including 247 million for compuer games alone more han was spen on music or DVDs. s whose aemp o seamroller he voe had poisoned he debae, according o Foris CEO Karel De Boeck. Reynders is already implicaed in he alleged aemp by he governmen o inerfere wih he cour case brough by shareholders ha led o yeserday s voe allegaions ha have already led o he resignaions of prime miniser Yves Leerme and jusice miniser Jo Vandeurzen. Meanwhile, he governmen is o open new discussions wih BNP Paribas, according o Reynders himself, speaking on RTBF elevision a he weekend. A he same ime, he board of Foris will ge ogeher wih shareholders represenaives. A visior o he new evoluion gallery a he Museum for Naural Sciences in admires one of he exhibis. The gallery houses he exhibiion The Sory of Life in Six Chapers, which concenraes on changes in life forms ha have aken place during six eras, from he Cambrian o he presen. The exhibi was opened on he 200h anniversary of he birh of Charles Darwin, who popularised he heory of evoluion by naural selecion. Culure News Save De Morgen Jimmy Kes Top Flemish sars like Arno, Axelle Red, An Pierlé and Luc De Vos will ake par in an even his Friday, 20 February, o proes agains job losses a De Morgen newspaper. Fabre ges honour Flemish aris Jan Fabre, who las year made hisory as a gues of he Louvre in Paris, has been awarded an honorary docorae by Anwerp Universiy. Nigh of he Sars TV series Kaarak, Sara, De Smaak van De Keyser and Marousjka s 2 are nominaed in his year s caegory of Bes TV Ficion a he Nigh of he Flemish Sars. Eric Van Looy and Roos Van Acker are among he nominees for Bes Presener, while Aspe sars Lucas Van den Eynde and Maaike Cafmeyer are in he running for Bes Acor and Acress. The awards will be announced on 29 March. Coninued from page 1 The "No" voe won Paris posing Mulimedia producion house Sudio 100 las week announced he opening of a new animaion sudio in Paris, o be known as Sudio 100 Animaion. The creaive direcor will be Jan Van Rijsselberge, whose credis include Cosmic Cowboys, Zombie Hoel and Shors of Seel. Wercher acs Bripop sensaions Oasis and Nashville rockers Kings of Leon will headline he Thursday and Saurday of his year s Rock Wercher from 2 o 5 July. Coldplay is already lined up for Friday and Meallica for Saurday. Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson and Möley Crüe will op he bill a he Graspop fesival in Dessel near Anwerp from June. Desperaely seeking Fashion sylis Jani Kazalzis is desperaely seeking women of all ages and body ypes o feaure on he cover of his new book. Deails a LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Las December, we held a series of focus groups across Flanders o find ou wha people hough of Flanders Today and how we migh improve he newspaper. A oal of eigh groups me in Anwerp, Ghen, Leuven and. Some were regular readers, while ohers had never se eyes on he newspaper. The paricipans included sudens, company execuives, journaliss, diplomas and eachers. Almos all waned o know more abou Flanders. We received an enormous amoun of useful inpu and, as far as possible, have revamped he newspaper o reflec our readers suggesions. Mosly, you were saisfied wih he original, so we have been cauious wih he changes. We have expanded he agenda by one page and moved he news secion. We have also added several new feaures, such as a weekly resauran reviews, and, on alernaing weeks, a café review and nighlife secion. The res remains unouched. We sill have Anja Oe on Flemish poliics (reurning nex week) and Alisair MacLean s hugely popular Talking Duch column (which has moved o a new space on he back page). We are keeping culure news, film reviews, fashion sories, inerviews, ravel aricles and bike rails. This week we mark he opening of he new Flemish House in midown Manhaan by focusing on he links beween Flanders and America. We realised quie soon ha here was really oo much o say in one issue, so we have invied David Baeckeland, who wroe our cover sory and is an exper on American- Flemish links, o conribue a monhly Leer from America, beginning on 4 March. Our cover phoograph his week was aken by Jimmy Kes, a Flemish phoographer who, we hink, capures he spiri of America. s s 3

4 Feaure Look ou Flanders House opens on 25 February in he New York Times Building, 620 Eighh Avenue, 44h floor. The ower, he hird alles in New York, was designed by Ialian archiec Renzo Piano. FLANDERS T O D A Y If I can make i here Coninued from page 1 Jimmy Kes The Flemish in America One year afer Mercaor prined his world map in Anwerp, Abraham Orelius prined he world s firs modern alas. This brough ogeher in one volume a collecion of he bes maps of each region, regardless of provenance. This alas, he Thearum Orbis, was he firs o depic America as a coninen. The erm alas, incidenally, was firs coined by Mercaor. So i is perhaps no surprise ha he firs alas dedicaed solely o he New World was also prined by a Fleming, Corneille Wyflie, Van Meeren, who was born in Anwerp and knew he carographers and priners. (His faher was Jacobus Van Meeren, who funded, prined and disribued he firs English vernacular Bibles, while his moher was an Orelius, making Van Meeren a cousin of Abraham Orelius.) Hudson spen several monhs in he Neherlands up unil his deparure in April 1609, where he me Judocus Hondius, he creaor (wih Planin) of he firs Sea Alas and heir o Orelius and Mercaor s carography business. When Hudson pushed off from he quay a Amserdam on a clear spring day in 1609, he had been headhuned, financed and supplied by he Flemish on presses a Leuven in A roughly his same ime, he Anwerp publisher Chrisoffel Planijn prined he world s firs mariime alas, he Spieghel der zeevaerd, known in English as The Mariner s Mirror. The sea alases were indispensible in he age of sail, righ up ino he 20h cenury, and were used on virually every Briish voyage o he New World. Henry Hudson was more han likely one of he very early users of The Mariner s Mirror, if only because he was friendly wih Planin s collaboraor Judocus Hondius. Hudson no only benefied grealy from he legacy of he discoverers and carographers before him, bu leaned almos exclusively on Flemings for his carographic informaion. He firs came o he aenion of he Duch by way of he Duch Consul a London, Emanuel Hudson anniversary Henry Hudson s responsibiliy was o explore and seek a Norhwes Passage (over he op of he Norh American coninen) o he riches of he Indies. His craf, De Haelve Maen, or The Half Moon, was one of he nearly 100 fregas operaed by he Duch Eas Indies Company (VOC). This ype of ship a frigae in English was, incidenally, invened by he Flemish. The agreemen ha Hudson signed o underake his voyage (his firs o America bu hird as capain) was counersigned by he Anwerp-born merchan Dirk van Os, whose home in Amserdam served as he headquarers of he VOC. Eigh of he op 10 shareholders of he VOC came from eiher Flanders or Braban and he company s oldes financial documen (signed by Van Os) is he oldes surviv- The Henry Hudson 400 Foundaion has planned a programme of evens o mark he 400h anniversary of Hudson s sea voyage o New York. There will be a floilla of Duch barges in he Hudson, walking ours of Duch Manhaan and a New York Nigh in Amserdam. s ing sock cerificae issued by a company involved wih America. This company, wih is powerful Flemish ideniy, was he foundaion on which he Duch mariime empire was buil in he 17h and 18h cenuries and which, in large par, was responsible for he prosperiy of he Golden Age of Duch hisory. Hudson, while an experienced navigaor, received mos of his chars and maps from Pieer Plancius, a naive of Dranouer in Wes Flanders. Plancius son-in-law, he Englishman Mahew Slade, was no only a Proesan bu, for many years, one of he op hree leaders in he main English Separais Church a Amserdam. This is he same congregaion ha he Pilgrims joined when hey firs moved o he Neherlands. So i may very well be ha he spark for he Pilgrim s emigraion came from he heaed discussions among he Flemings supporing Hudson. In he end, when Hudson pushed off from he quay a Amserdam on a clear spring day in 1609, he had been headhuned, financed and supplied by he Flemish. His crew of 20 included hree Flemings and a leas anoher half-dozen Neherlanders. When he reurned in 1610 from his firs voyage o America, he firs prined record of his discoveries was made by Van Meeren in Duch. Only one copy of his work (Commenarien ofe Memorien van den Nederlansen Sae) exiss in he Unied Saes. I is kep under lock and key in he Library of Congress. The immediae exploiaion of his discoveries was financed by Braban merchans, like Marin Vogelaers, and carried ou by sailors who were sen on fur rading expediions o he Hudson River area as early as The Duch and Flemish sailors buil he firs recorded European selemen in New York in 1613 from he remains of one of heir shipwrecks. And he reason we call he river The Hudson is because Flemish merchans firs named i afer he English capain ( de Riviere Hudson ) in a documen and map of 1614 submied o he Neherlands governing body, he Saes General. So he nex ime you look a a map of New York which for mos of he 17h cenury was equally referred o as Nieuw Nederland and Nova Belgica remember ha he hisory of one of he modern world s grea ciies really began a he insigaion of a cadre of dedicaed Flemish émigrés. s s 4

5 Inerview Van Mieghem Flanders House opens wih an exhibiion on he Anwerp aris Eugeen Van Mieghem who pained emigrans seing off for America from he Flemish por Philip Fonaine INTERVIEWED BY LEANDER SCHAERLAECKENS The new direcor of Flanders House in Manhaan alks abou his work, his vision of America and how much he Flemish have influenced he American dream How did you end up in Manhaan? I am originally from and sudied Inernaional and European law a he Caholic Universiy of Leuven. I sared working for an American company in in Is headquarers were based in Cleveland, Ohio and i operaed in spors markeing and reail. Prey soon I was ransferred o Cleveland and pu in charge of inernaional markeing and sales. I emigraed o America and se up new markes for hem in Japan, Asia, Ausralia and Lain America. I worked for hem for abou six years, during which ime I ravelled a lo, all over he world. In he lae 1990s I observed he inerne becoming very imporan and decided ha I d beer ge in on i. So I packed up and moved o San Francisco wih my suicase in hand, o find a job in he inerne secor. This indusry was booming and a lo of ambiious, young people headed o Silicon Valley. I was one of hem and briefly worked a some sarups before geing my big chance as an inernaional produc manager a ebay. I was pu in charge of he ebay France websie, which was he firs foreign-language version of ebay. Laer I was promoed o direcor general of ebay France and spen my ime jeing back and forh beween San Francisco and Paris. In 2002 I moved o New York o be wih my Ialian girlfriend. I kep working in he online secor, on various projecs for Morgan Sanley and Travelpor, including Orbiz and Cheap Tickes. for he pas hree years, I ve worked as direcor of online echnology/e-commerce for PPR/Redcas, a big French group ha owns Fnac, La Redoue and he Gucci Group. I was responsible for web sies wih billions of dollars in sales. In Sepember 2008, I became execuive direcor of he new Flanders House in New York. The Deparmen of Inernaional Affairs of Flanders was looking for a Fleming (I grew up in Laken, and Grimbergen), bu hey also waned someone who hough, worked and aced as an American. Wha is Flanders House? Flanders House, which opens on 25 February, is a non-profi organisaion ha consolidaes all of he eams and services ha work for Flanders in he US. The people ha work for Flanders Invesmen and Trade (FIT), Tourism Flanders- (TV) and Flanders Inernaional (IV) will all work from he same locaion so ha hey can creae a more consisen image of Flanders in he US. We wan o esablish a single poin of conac for Flanders in America. Anoher imporan goal is o inves in Flanders image in he Unied Saes. Tha image is a blank canvas a he momen. is known as an imporan, inernaional cenre, bu few people here know Flanders. We wan o inves in branding Flanders in he American marke, o ge across he message ha i is a small ye very dynamic and producive region wih highly educaed people, a he hear of he European Union. Where are you based? Flanders House is locaed on he 44h floor of he new New York Times building on Wes 40h sree and Eighh Avenue. We have abou 500 square meers of space, along wih various conference rooms. Much of our infrasrucure will be open o parners from boh Flanders and he US. The Universiy of Ghen for example will use some of our rooms for a few monhs every year o recrui PhD sudens for is bio and plan echnology deparmens. Flanders House wans o be more han jus offices. I wans o become he cenral meeing poin where any Fleming or Flemish organisaion public or privae, business or non-profi can inerac wih is American parners and US sociey a large. We will also have use of he New York Times Cener Audiorium o hold larger debaes or presenaions. Some of he space on he 44h floor "Americans are he children of he 16h-cenury rebels of Flanders and he Low Counries." will be mulifuncional and can be urned ino exhibiion space. We ll be opening wih an exhibi of Eugeen Van Mieghem which will run unil he end of Sepember 2009 before moving on o oher museums in New York. Wha links do you see beween Flanders and he Unied Saes? There are srong links beween Flanders, he Low Counries and America. We share many values and ideas. This relaionship is underesimaed and ofen even misundersood on boh sides of he ocean. The values ha came from he Low Counries o America in he 16h and 17h cenuries shaped o a large exen he American menaliy. America never behaved like any oher Briish colony. From is incepion i rebelled agains foreign and uneleced monarchs and officials. Tha spiri of urban rebellion came ou of Flanders and he Neherlands and was he sronges in he Norhern saes of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvannia. The colony of New Neherland (ofen referred o as Nova Belgica) was founded by Hollanders, Brabanders, Flemings and Walloons. While hese Proesan free hinkers los he use of he Duch language, hey insised on proecing and exercising heir civil righs as free men in relaion o he English. Tha s wha ses he Unied Saes of America apar from, say, Ausralia or Canada. The idea of gaining and mainaining your freedom hrough your own hard work, can do abiliy and educaion comes from our culure. The Ameri- can values of enrepreneurship, world rading and openness are also linked o he Low Counries. Flanders (or he Souhern Neherlands) subsequenly los much of his inheriance under cenuries of occupaion by foreign powers. There s a sory here ha was los of advenurous ciizens who sough o build a new sociey ha was more oleran, open and muliculural. Tha sory became America. People of many races and culures are given a chance here. English hisorians wroe ha he Purian English sock selers had founded America wih heir arrival a Plymouh Rock, bu his is a myh. Many American hisorians are saing his openly now. Americans are he children of he 16h-cenury rebels of Flanders and he Low Counries. s WHERE IS FLANDERS? Flanders, New York Philip Fonaine This lighly populaed, heavily wooded hamle in norhwes Souhampon Town was virually uninhabied by whies in colonial imes. Among is early selers were Duch who seled in he area abou he end of he 18h Cenury. They gave he locaion is name because i reminded hem of Flanders, a region of Holland. found in s 5

6 A warm welcome o Belgium! We hope your days here are happy ones. A KBC we ll be glad o sele you in by providing you a full bank and insurance service. Anne Marie Azijn and Leo Verhoeven, KBC Expa Advisers puing people firs

7 Business Ë 1,175,784,600 elecronic paymens made in Belgium las year, a 5% increase on There were 837 million paymens, and 107 million cash wihdrawals. Colruy profis from crisis The no-frills supermarke chain Colruy increased is marke share in he las monhs of 2008, parly a he expense of deep-discoun compeiors Aldi and Lidl. Colruy now has a marke share of 23% naionwide, jus behind marke leaders Carrefour and Delhaize, and equal wih he German discouners Aldi and Lidl. As he economic crisis grew, i had been expeced ha Colruy, wih is rademark combinaion of qualiy producs and lower prices, would ake advanage of he fac ha people in ougher economic imes sill have o buy food and household producs, bu wan o spend less all he same. Tha pu Colruy a an advanage over he Big Two, leaving he lower end of he Delhaize akes on Unilever Supermarke chain Delhaize has aken 250 producs made by Briish-Duch conglomerae Unilever off is shelves, hreaening a boyco unil he mulinaional cus is prices. Unilever, according o a saemen released by Delhaize, has demanded ha he supermarke ake a full range of producs wihou regard o he needs and demands of he consumer. The range links popular brands o less-popular ones, and amouns, Delhaize claims, o abuse of a dominan marke posiion. Unilever, on he oher hand, said i had kep is price rises below 2.5%, which is less han Belgium s inflaion rae in In is own saemen, he company said i was of he umos imporance ha consumers were sill able o buy is A-brands. News Clubs Daing Q&A Ars Lifesyle A o Z of Belgium Classifieds xpas.com Belgium s online communiy Powered by SHUTTERSTOCK marke o he German duo. Bu one problem Aldi and Lidl have is marke sauraion. From pursuing a policy of growh hrough new openings, hey have now arrived a a siuaion where he possibiliies for new sores Aldi has abou 430, and Lidl 300 are now severely limied. Lidl experimened wih in-sore growh by increasing he number of A-brand producs i carries. Tha however brings i ino direc compeiion wih Colruy. A he same ime, Delhaize has been aggressively pushing is 365 line of deep-discoun producs by playing specifically on price comparisons wih Aldi. Dove producs are removed from he shelves in Delhaize The producs involved in he boyco some 250 in all cover a wide range, from Robin sarch and Sun dishwasher ables o Effi margarine and Dove bodycare producs. Las week Unilever ook ou a series of full-page ads in newspapers advising cusomers o shop elsewhere han Delhaize. The ads show a series of producs and he message: Unforunaely, hese are off he shelves in Delhaize. Luckily hey re freely available in oher supermarkes. Compeior Carrefour also ried o profi from he dispue. Le Delhaize s cusomers come o us, a spokesperson said. Delhaize is running a risk in boycoing such a major supplier. Cusomers in Delhaize branches are being direced o oher namebrands, or o Delhaize s own range. Bu such a wide range of producs is involved ha he danger exiss ha cusomer brand-loyaly migh force hem o look elsewhere for heir favourie brand, a he risk of no coming back. s Some brands made by Unilever: - Calvé - Cif - Coral - Knorr - Lipon - Maizena - Signal - Sunsilk - Zwan belga Wind power The Halle-based discoun reailer Colruy is o inves 60 million in a disribuion cenre in Ghislengien, in Wallonia. Colruy already operaes eigh disribuion cenres, six of hem in Flanders. The new projec will employ up o 1,000 people and receive is power from 10 wind urbines. s Flanders under pressure a work Six ou of en people in Flanders find work pressure high or very high, according o he resuls of a poll carried ou by employmen agency Joba. Two- hirds worked an average of six hours per week in overime. Pressure is greaes, according o respondens own evaluaion, among op managers, 81% of whom said hings had go worse over he las year. They were followed by financial managers (77%), sales and healh workers (72%) and markeing saff (70%). A he oher end of he scale, ICT workers, logisical saff and engineers fel leas mouning pressure 61%, compared wih 32% who hough nohing had changed. In 7% of cases, respondens said heir work pressure had in fac declined. The leas likely o suffer workpressure, according o he majoriy of respondens, are governmen workers, followed by eachers. The mos likely are healh workers, followed by ranspor. Surprisingly, only 50% said he economic crisis had increased pressure in heir business Supermarke marke share in Belgium 2008 Carrefour 26% Delhaize 25% Colruy 23% Aldi + Lidl 23% Oher 10% secor. A small group, 7%, even hough he crisis had made hings easier. On he posiive side, 58% said pressure helped creae solidariy among co-workers, 52% said i upse relaions wih colleagues, and he same number said i gave hem a kick. Joba and research bureau Profacs inerviewed 3,500 people among is readers and subscribers beween 23 January and 6 February. s Reasons for increased pressure a work s oo many differen jobs o do s oo lile ime s lack of communicaion s lack of cooperaion s oo many inerrupions Flanders bears he brun of ax audis Flemish axpayers and businesses accoun for 70% of all ax audis, according o governmen figures, alhough only 55% of audiors are capable of working in Duch. The siuaion, according o secreary of sae in charge of fraud conrol Carl Devlies, has no changed since he imbalance was firs poined ou las year. Nor is i likely o change in he near fuure, he old he parliamen s finance commiee. His deparmen, he said, was carrying ou an enquiry ino he reason for he discrepancy. Once ha is done, he informaion will provide a ool o compare he differen services across he counry. Bu i would be lae 2010 a he earlies before proposals for concree measures o recify he siuaion could be brough forward, Devlies said. s Shuersock THE WEEK IN BUSINESS Banking s Delen Bank Delen, he Anwerp-based privae banker, has been named he Bes Privae Bank in Belgium by he UK financial magazine Euromoney. Dredging s Jan De Nul The Anwerp-based dredging company Jan De Nul is he counry s favourie employer, according o a survey of 10,000 workers by emp agency Randsad. I bea off compeiion from GlaxoSmihKline, he pharmaceuicals company, and Price Waerhouse Coopers, he audi and consuling firm. Elecronics s Eldi The elecronics and household appliances disribuor Eldi, which operaes 116 sores in he counry, expecs o open hree more oules laer his year. Elecronics s Punch Punch Inernaional, he elecronic equipmens manufacurer which supplies pars o cliens such as Xerox, is repariaing he aciviies of is Slovak producion uni o is Hamon- Achel sie in Limburg. Food s Snick Snick Ingrediens, he food addiives and condimens supplier for he food indusry, has been acquired by he Duch Acomo company. Transpor s Eurosar Eurosar raffic in he Channel unnel is back o normal afer almos six monhs of exensive renovaion following he Sepember fire ha closed par of he unnel. Correcion DC Indusrial, par of he Group De Cloed, has won a conrac from he European Mariime Safey Agency o handle crossborder oil spills in he Norh Sea. The conrac covers he area beween Bres in norhern France, he Briish coas and Denmark. In Flanders Today we wrongly repored ha his conrac involved Dredging De Cloed. s s 7

8 Ars New album Sisers & Empahy is in sores now FLANDERS T O D A Y The Buddhism blues Axelle Red s firs English CD is looking for a lile empahy AN GYDÉ Axelle Red is one of Flanders supersars in more ways han one. The sriking redhead hails from Hassel in he quie Flemish province of Limburg. Bu she s hardly provincial, or quie. Afer obaining a law degree back in 1993, she kicked off an exremely successful musical career, wih albums sung in French and Spanish. Audiences all over he world bu paricularly in Belgium and France have been falling for her invenive mix of French lyrics and ho soul ever since. She never worked wih jus any old soul musicians only he very bes: Wilson Picke, Sam Moore, Ann Peebles, Percy Sledge. Red also sands ou as a champion for human righs. As an ambassador for Unicef, she has raveled he globe o figh injusices agains women and children. She worked wih Bob Geldof on Live 8 and wih Tom Barman on he Belgian 0110 concers agains inolerance. She sang wih Peer Gabriel and Youssou N Dour a he 60h birhday of he Unied Naions and campaigned for Oxfam. For boh careers, Red, who jus urned 41 his monh, has been appropriaely honoured. In 2006, he French miniser of culure awarded her he highes arisic honour in he counry, making her Chevalier dans l Ordre des Ars e des Leres. A year laer, Belgium s King Alber II followed sui. Las year, Hassel Universiy added o ha an honourary docorae. Her new album is maybe hen unsurprisingly called Sisers & Empahy. Wha s surprising is ha i is in English. Sporing he paining Lover by Sam Dillemans on is cover, i includes a bookle of 72 pages, complee wih a reading ribbon. An Gydé: One line ha sands ou in he new album: Is i vaniy o hink we have empahy? Axelle Red: Well, if you ake he word empahy, i raises he quesions empahy for whom?, empahy for wha? Buddhiss would even say empahy for animals, empahy for he goldfish you keep a home [laughs]. In my search for a way o become a beer human, ha was wha was a sake. When we alk abou empahy we have o bear in mind we are all acually animals. Even if we wan o do he righ hing, i s very difficul o do so. You could also make he case ha empahy is a new fashion rend, a fad. In ha case, I would be polishing up my own public image. On he oher hand, if I say ha I m an excepion, ha again would be vaniy. So if I hink ha I myself have empahy, I am in fac vain, if you cach my drif. Almos all people have he abiliy o have empahy. I is locaed in he mos ancien par of our brain. We have he abiliy o eiher have sympahy and compassion or Schadenfreude and sadism. Primaes have empahy. Even parros apparenly have i. Do you hink empahy can save he world? Tha has been my Big Quesion for he las year. And I do hink i s possible; I don hink i s somehing uopian. And i s slowly evolving. I hink ha all he people who voed for Barack Obama are using he more creaive par of heir brain. The righ side has been simulaed for years, and he sysem is oally based on ha. The emoional side, he lef, has been undersimulaed. We can work on ha. We could simulae each oher so we ac more on our feelings. Because you can ry o impose your own moral laws, bu people are much more likely o do he righ hing when hey feel somehing is righ. Do you hink Obama can produce he change ha is necessary? The mos imporan hing is ha Obama gives hope o people. People made clear ha hey waned a change. People who used o hink ha hey had power because hey had money, now maybe will sar o undersand ha hey can ge eseem by being good. Tha shif in value judgmen is really incredible. Oher leaders are also beginning o undersand ha hey should become more human in order o have legiimae auhoriy. I m convinced ha people will always choose good over bad, if hey are given he choice. Tha s a very idealisic vision. [Laughs] Well, i ook me nearly wo years o ge ha posiive vision back because I had los i compleely. Look, I was born wih a posiive aiude, and I am naïve, and I really wan o keep ha inac. I don wan o punish oher people because I have been disillusioned by one person. We should all be more blind in a way, more oriened owards he presumed innocence of people. During my ravels, I have me people who have every reason o hae bu who sill find i in hemselves o be posiive. Tha makes me hink if hey can do ha, i mus be possible for everyone. I sounds like making his album record was a herapeuical exercise? Toally! Bu his one was indeed very imporan for me. The record before his I was very conscious ha I waned o creae a posiive record, as a kind of herapy. Bu he [criical] backlash was equally hard. In Sisers & Empahy, I wan o address cerain issues, bu I m no poining he finger a anyone or claiming I have all he answers. I wan o raise quesions so oher people can figure ou heir own answers. If you had o choose beween musician and human righs acivis, which would you pick? Then I d be a mum [laughs]. Or parner. Bu I hink my music is a he service of human righs. I wouldn be able o live wihou music, bu you can always make music, wheher you urn i ino records or no. As o he human righs par: ha s mos imporan of all in daily life. The acions I perform a home have o be beneficial o humaniy in he same way as when I m going o he Council of Europe o discuss rape wihin marriage. We divide oo much beween making money, being creaive, being a mum or working for human righs while in fac i s all par of he big picure. On he new album, you worked wih Flemish rock hero Tom Barman and blues musician Seven Debruyn. The focus seems o shif from soul o rock and blues. I s posiioned somewhere beween he hree. I s cool ha he boundaries beween hese genres are fading. I didn wan he record o sound cue, and he guiars really helped wih ha. Some of my musician friends used o say: You always ravel so far, bu he bes suff is righ here a your doorsep. And i s rue. Axelle Red is in concer on 2 May in he Anwerp Sporpaleis. Tickes from or Jan Welers s 8

9 Ars Someone Else s Happiness I waned o srenghen he feeling of loneliness wih he image, says he direcor of her firs film Like no one else Fresh from winning a Flemish Culure Award, Fien Troch releases her highly anicipaed second film LISA BRADSHAW Bar Dewael " No one makes films like Fien Troch, and Fien Troch makes films like no one else. Tha s wha he jury of he Flemish Culure Awards said abou he 30-year-old direcor before handing her he coveed prize for film earlier his monh. I s a beauiful complimen, she ells me over coffee in downown, bu i s a lo of pressure! I s also quie a saemen considering ha Troch has only made wo feaure-lengh movies. Bu boh of hem are emoionally sarling mediaions on he suffering ha follows loss and have appealed boh o domesic and inernaional audiences. Her firs film, Een Andere zijn geluk (Someone Else s Happiness) won several awards a inernaional film fesivals, and her new film Unspoken was a favourie a he Torono Film Fesival, where i premiered las auumn. Troch hinks ha he Culure Awards jury is referring in par o her syle. I m prey radical in erms of he look of my films, she says. I m very deailed. She need no explain. The nearly geomeric precision of he scenes in Een Andere zijn geluk and visually exreme seings he sark whies of a serile home, he brigh colours of symmerically arranged boxes in a grocery sore give i a wholly unique amosphere. When I m wriing my scrip, I m already hinking abou how i has o look, she says. She also refused o ge o close o he acors, choosing panoramic long shos of heir modern landscapes. I fel immediaely when I was wriing ha he film is abou loneliness, and he way o show he loneliness of 12 or 15 characers is o keep a disance, she says. I waned o srenghen he feeling of loneliness wih he image hen you feel he loneliness, oo. Wih her new film, however, Troch ges in closer. Unspoken, which releases in cinemas his week, focuses on only wo people a couple who canno communicae afer he loss of heir daugher. Where Een Andere zijn geluk focused on he breakdown of a own afer he myserious deah of a child, Unspoken looks a he siuaion several years down he line. I was imporan o me ha i was se four years afer he daugher goes missing, explains Troch. Righ afer somehing like ha happens, you are allowed o be devasaed, o go crazy and say in your bed. A more difficul period mus be when he ouside world hinks you should be saring o ge your life back ogeher, ge over i. Bu I don hink you ever ge over losing a child. I ges easier, maybe, bu he feeling i doesn go away. Bu he abiliy o alk abou he feelings does go away, which is anoher difference beween Troch s films and so many ohers. I ry o ell my sories wihou words wih silences, wih images. In boh her films, people canno seem o say wha hey really wan. This is a huge conras wih Hollywood films he direcor was so fond of when she was growing up, where everyone said I love you and I miss you and I m sorry like i was nohing. Tha became o me like he way hings should be. And hen I was confroned by siuaions where ha didn work, Troch explains. One ime, when he direcor was abou 10, her faher was away working for hree monhs. I had in my head ha when he came back I was going o run owards him probably in slow moion and say I missed you, and I love you. Bu hen a he airpor when we saw him, I was very shy, and I jus said hello. Troch lay awake ha nigh freing abou he experience. I was so disappoined in myself! she exclaims. I had prepared for ha momen for hree monhs. And maybe ha way is much more beaui- ful, bu life isn really like ha. Someimes you don dare o say hings. Her faher, by he way, is celebraed film edior Ludo Troch, who edied Unspoken (and abou 70 oher films). The family lived in Londerzeel, jus norh of, and Troch moved o afer saring film school, he only woman in her class. Her Londerzeel connecion explains he Flemish village of her firs film, and he life he seing and language (French) of Unspoken. Bu why again a missing child? Because i s a ragedy ha people coninue o sruggle wih for he res of heir lives and one ha is cenral o all her characers inabiliy o communicae. Wha can you say afer four years? she asks. I miss her? Your parner knows ha. Wha can you sill say? Bu now ha Troch has an eigh-monhold son of her own, she realises how inimae such a sory can really be. I ges very personal all of a sudden. If I ried o make i now, he suffering of he parens would be much oo close. I hink I m done wih i. I've made wo films abou i now." s REVIEW Unspoken Grace and Lukas live in a pleasanly rambling aparmen surrounded by elderly neighbours and newborn kiens. While he is busy wih his job as a ax inspecor, she is happy o puer abou, going swimming, doing small home repairs. I all seems prey idyllic, unil Grace (Emmanuelle Devos) becomes obsessed wih a peeling pach of ceiling she can seem o conrol and Lukas, well, he is obsessed wih eenage girls. Second-ime direcor Fien Troch releases informaion in Unspoken very slowly, allowing you o find ou jus a lile bi more as he ension beween he couple coninues o grow. As he ile suggess, i s a mue ension. Saring a each oher across a dinner able or a he fron door, neiher Grace nor Lukas is able o say anymore wha is in heir hears ha hey miss heir daugher, who disappeared several years earlier. Troch s firs film, Een Andere zijn geluk (2005), deal wih emoions immediaely following he deah of a child in a Flemish own. In Unspoken, years have gone by, bu sill, his couple is in crisis, surrounded by a silence ha is deafening. Lukas, who has aken a lover (when he s no frequening srip clubs) is consanly on he brink of words he canno find. Grace seems o punish him wih her lack of accusaions. You know she could pu him ou of his misery if only she would say somehing. Meanwhile, someone keeps phoning and no speaking. Lukas (Bruno Tedeschini) is convinced i s heir long-los daugher, who would now be a eenager. He alks o he silence a he oher end of he line. Grace, meanwhile, has more complicaed feelings. I don know if I wan her o come back, she quiely admis. Troch s films are marvellous a conveying wih very lile dialogue he complex emoions associaed wih unbearable siuaions. Though i occasionally lays he meaphors on a bi oo hick and lacks he subleness of her firs film, Unspoken is an excellen reflecion on he processing of pain and he psychology of loss. LB s CLEARLY NOT MOVED BY GOSSELIN WE KNOW HOW TO MOVE PEOPLE Belcrownlaan 23 B-2100 Anwerp - Belgium T T F No words bu a piercing gaze: Emmanuelle Devos in Unspoken s 9

10 Acive Villa Vorla De Noelaer was ransformed ino he home of he Vorla family in he Flemish TV drama series Sille Waers FLANDERS T O D A Y Saved by a Spaniard Phoos by Inge Van den Heuvel/ s 10 Bornem is one of he culurally riches ciies in Flanders, hanks o some cash injecion from he souh The quie own of Bornem has so much o see ha a day, or even a weekend, is never going o be enough. You have, wihin he own and is surroundings, no less han wo casles, a huning pavilion, hree miliary fors, wo children s farms, museums, ar galleries, churches and abbeys, a brewery and naure reserves. The region also has excellen walking and cycling roues alongside he River Scheld, as i lazily loops around he own on is way o Anwerp. Wha s more, i is liberally sprinkled wih inviing resaurans keen o impress you wih local delicacies. Locaed 20 kilomeres souhwes of Anwerp, jus off he busy N16, Bornem firs appeared on ninh cenury maps, where i can be seen o hold a sraegic posiion near he confluence of he rivers Scheld, Rupel and Durme. The earlies known Lord of Bornem is Lambrech, who in 1007 was promoed o he posiion of Lord of Ghen. From 1088 onwards, Wenemaar, a Templar Knigh, boosed he developmen of he own by allowing he local monks o build an abbey. Fas forward o 1586, an imporan dae in Bornem s hisory, when he whole own was bough by Pedro Coloma, a rich Spanish noble. He rebuil he ruined casle and consruced a new link beween he Scheld and he Old Scheld via a lock, which, incidenally, is he oldes hydraulic srucure in Flanders. From he mid-19h cenury, baske weaving was a large and profiable local indusry. Is collapse in he 1950s spurred he esablishmen of he indusrial esae on he N16, which secured local employmen. So wha s on he lis for a day or more in and around Bornem? Ë Go on locaion Bornem was caapuled ino he public eye a few years back wih he popular TV drama series Sille Waers. The programme drew paricular aenion o De Noelaer, an 18h-cenury huning and summer pavilion on he banks of he Scheld. The showpiece of his building consruced in he 1790s is he ocagonal Ialian Salon, wih is parque floor, pillars, wall painings of myhological figures by Anoine Plaeau and arabesques on he dome. The Scheld landscape is refleced in is huge mirrored doors. The Flemish Communiy bough and resored he building in he early 1980s and opened i o he public. I is now managed by Erfgoed Vlaanderen, he Flemish Heriage Foundaion. The success of Sille Waers araced oher Flemish producions o Bornem and is surroundings; he area can be glimpsed in he movies Team Spiri, Coco Flanel and De Zaak Alzheimer. De Noelaer Ë Sorm a casle DENZIL WALTON Down he road from De Noelaer is Casle d Ursel. For over 400 years i was he summer residence of he noble d Ursel family, who employed inernaional archiecs o aler he building in accordance wih he laes rends. Now he propery of he province of Anwerp, i is currenly being renovaed, bu he cellars, ground floor and firs floor can be visied on cerain days. The casle also hoss culural aciviies such as exhibiions and classical concers hroughou he year. Whenever you go, choose a dry day o make he mos of he landscaped gardens, which incorporae boh French and English syles. The neighbouring Casle Marnix de Saine Aldegonde is equally impressive. Is hisory goes back o he ninh cenury when a mediaeval sronghold sood a his spo on he banks of he Scheld. Bu when he roue of he river changed around 1240, he sronghold los is sraegic defensive posiion. This was he casle ha was rebuil in he 16h cenury by Coloma, and in he 19h cenury renovaed by he archiec Henri Beyaer. Casle Marnix can be visied by groups only excep for he las wo Sundays of Augus and he firs wo Sundays of Sepember, when anyone can come hrough he doors. The guided our inroduces he casle s exensive collecion of 16h-cenury painings, is 18h-cenury furniure, engravings by Pieer Breughel he Elder, a lace cabine and a room filled wih anique dolls. A permanen exhibiion focuses on Philip de Marnix, secreary o William of Orange, while he ouhouses conain a collecion of perfecly preserved anique carriages. desainealdegonde.be Ë Tour a quirky museum Bornem and he surrounding area will keep you busy in museums for days. Noable are he local hisory museum De Zilverreiger, he Museum of Shipping and Fishing and he Havesdonckhoeve agriculural museum in he village of Winam. In nearby Ruisbroek, he De Bres museum focuses on he disasrous floods of 1976, when he Scheld burs is banks and flooded Bornem he village. This led o he Sigma plan o raise and srenghen dikes, which proeced low-lying areas in he idal par of he Scheld. The lierary-minded should visi he Emile Verhaeren Museum in Sin- Amands. Verhaeren ( ) was a Flemish poe who wroe in French and is one of he chief founders of he school of Symbolism. Afer a Jesui educaion, he sudied law a he Universiy of Leuven, where he associaed wih young, radical wriers and ariss a a ime of culural renewal. Afer a very brief career as a lawyer (he was involved in only wo cases) he dedicaed his life o poery and lieraure. His firs collecion of poems, Les Flamandes, describes, someimes provocaively, his counry and he Flemish people. I was an immediae success in he avan-garde world bu caused grea conroversy in Caholic circles. Verhaeren wen on o become one of he mos prolific poes of his era and a prominen figure in Belgian lieraure. His works were ranslaed ino more han 20 languages, and he ravelled widely hroughou Europe giving lecures. He narrowly missed he Nobel Prize for Lieraure in 1911 (which was awarded o his friend and fellow Fleming Maurice Maeerlinck). The museum displays his own original manuscrips and leers as well as hose of his friends and conemporaries such as van Rysselberghe, Spilliear and Meunier. Also in Sin-Amands is a museum dedicaed o he hisory and science of milling. Through a comprehensive collecion of skeches, phoos and documens, i deails he developmen of he windmill in Flanders from before he Crusades o modern imes. You ll learn abou differen ypes of mills, how hey were consruced, where hey were locaed and how hey work. The museum also looks a he fascinaing social imporance of he local miller. Ë Cach a rain If you prefer seam power o wind power, hen you ll wan o ake a rip on a beauifully resored seam rain. Two daing from 1907 and 1927 have been fully resored, while anoher four are awai renovaion. The laes addiion, a locomoive buil in 1876, is one of he oldes seam rains in he world. The rains run on occasional weekends on he line from Dendermonde o Puurs hrough July and Augus as well as during special evens. Mark your calendar for 26 April (Naional Heriage Day) and 4-5 July (Seam along The Scheld weekend). Ë Take cover The Naional Redoub is he name given o he collecion of srongholds encircling he ciy of Anwerp ha was

11 Move i, move i Follow juncions 1, 5, 21, 22, 27, 21, 5 and 1 for one of Bornem s mos scenic 10-km walks Casel d'ursel Primavera Pianisica piano fesival, March Children s ars fesival, 19 April buil in he second half of he 19h cenury. The idea was ha if Belgium was invaded, he governmen and army would pull back behind his ring of forificaions o resis and hold ou for a long period. By 1879, a firs defence line of eigh brick forresses had been buil, jus five kilomeres from he ciy gaes. By 1914, a second line of 30 smaller concree forificaions had been added, a furher 16 kilomeres from Anwerp. One of he bes preserved is For Liezele, jus down he road from Bornem, in Puurs. In is prime, For Liezele could hold a garrison of 350 soldiers. Mos of i lies underneah a hick layer of earh and concree. The former ammuniions magazine feaures a mulimedia presenaion on he Naional Redoub. Furher rooms include displays of auhenic uniforms, weapons, original phoos and oher hisorical objecs. Suberranean galleries lead o he barracks, prison cells and a fully equipped kichen. Above ground are gun urres, an armoured observaion pos and original renches and bunkers. I s open on Sundays from April o Ocober. Ë Breahe some fresh air The exensive neworks of walking and cycling pahs hroughou he region all operae on he same ingenious principle. Every inersecion has a number and a signpos wih arrows owards he nex numbered inersecions. So all you have o do is ge he walking or cycling map of he region (a he ouris office in Bornem) and plan your roue by joing down he lis of inersecions you wan o walk or cycle hrough. A paricularly aracive walk of around 10 kilomeres sars in he cenre of Bornem and heads norhwes along he Old Scheld o he oldes lock in Belgium (he one buil by Pedro Coloma). I hen follows he (new) Scheld upsream for a couple of kilomeres before doubling back o he Old Scheld. Here you ge excellen views of Casle Marnix de Saine Aldegonde on your way back o Bornem. An excellen cycle roue in his area sars a Mariekerke and incorporaes no jus one bu wo ferry crossings over he Scheld. The ferryman will appear as if from nowhere every 90 minues o ake you across. And if you are wondering who pays he ferryman, i s no you; hey are free o use. Ë Ge yourself some beer Bornem gives is name o wo beers: Bornem Double and Bornem Triple. Boh are served in generous quaniies a local fesiviies, like he Mariekerke Eel Fesival a he end of May. However, he region is mos famous for is Duvel beer, which is brewed a he Duvel Moorga brewery in nearby Puurs. The visior cenre is open every day, bu a guided our mus be booked in advance. The beer was originally called Vicory Ale o commemorae he end of he Firs World War. Apparenly, during a asing, a local shoemaker and friend of Alber Moorga described he beer as nen echen Duvel or a rue Devil. And Duvel was born. Ë Tase he local delicacies Good resaurans are no hard o come by in Bornem or he surrounding villages. A few recommendaions: Resauran Den Heerd on Sin-Amandseseenweg; Kaffeemangee in Saionssraa and Hoel Resauran Land van Bornem in Kardinaal Cardijnplein. Parens wih children migh like o consider Eekafee De Gouwe Luzze, which has a garden wih swings, slides and a rampoline, as well as an indoor play area wih oys and video games. s STÉPHANIE DUVAL fashionisa Ausrian designer Lena Hoschek Nosalgia Fashion comes in cycles: of colours, hemes and shapes ha were once ho, hen no, and years laer reurn o he cawalks. Bu i seems like his year somehing more profound is going on. Maybe he direcion fashion is aking righ now is a direc consequence of ongoing wars or he disasrous financial crisis. Afer all, scary imes ofen resul in specific fashion changes. And ha fashion ries o be everyhing he world is no: colourful, happy, swee and nosalgic for beer imes. This nosalgia is lierally everywhere, from he music we play o he movies we wach. Remember las year s movie Leaherheads, wih he beauiful Renée Zellweger dolled up as a roaring 1920s dame? And who doesn like o ake a look a acress Zooey Deschanel and singer Kay Perry, who boh dress like pin-ups from he 1940s every day of he year? Closer o home, we ve go Lady Linn on he radio, whose jazzy and soulful pop sounds like i s sraigh from a 1950s vinyl record. Her fame rivals he populariy of Radio Modern, he pary ha moves around Flanders and aracs housands of rock n roll and swing lovers. They find everyhing abou hese old-fashioned nighs ou irresisible, from he swing dancing class a he sar of he evening, o he full skirs and ponyails for he ladies, and James Dean hairsyles for he men. All of a sudden, ha is wha everyone likes o be: a lady or a genleman. Thus, dressing wih class and an eye for nosalgic deails is vial. Forunaely, he fashion scene is caching on, creaing special brands o offer a fiing wardrobe o hese sylish fashionisas wih a penchan for he pas wihou hem having o haun vinage shops for jus he righ iems. Some of he new labels have maching rero sories, like Eda Mae and Edih & Ella. The laer was named afer he grandmohers of he designers, while he former is a combinaion of Lula Mae he real name of Holly Golighly in Breakfas a Tiffany s and Eda Peel, a girl picured on cigaree packs in he 1930s. And one designer from Ausria, Lena Hoschek (picured), unapologeically recreaes syles from he pas in a luxurious way ha doesn seem daed a all. No wonder Kay Perry loves his designer o pieces. All his rero fashion obviously needs he perfec seing o be sold in, and ha is wha Anwerp shop Lila Grace is abou. The owners even creaed a characer called Lila Grace o inspire heir cusomers and make hem feel welcome. Because ha is wha his fashion and culural spiri of nosalgia is all abou: friendliness, happiness, pleasure. Wha beer way o dress his spring (if i ever comes), han wih a smile? s s 11

12 Agenda 19 February Tom Wais for Spring Three maser musicians Jef Neve, Rony Verbies and Anje De Boeck inerpre he grea Tom Wais in shows across Flanders in March. www. omwaisunilspring.moonfrui.com FLANDERS T O D A Y Youh Film Fesival LISA BRADSHAW Love, family, fear, poliics opics you find in abundance a any film fesival are also presen a his annual February even in boh Bruges and Anwerp. The Youh Film Fesival rounds up he bes films abou and for young people from around he world. This means animaions for hree-year-olds righ up o young love for he eenage se. The good news is ha many of he films will appeal o aduls as well. Topping he programme is he Norwegian film The Ten Lives of Tianic he Ca, which won an award from Amserdam s Cinekid, plus Bes Feaure in he children s secion of he Berlin Film Fesival las year. A myserious advenure awais a 12-yearold girl when a real-live ca pops ou of an old phoo in her cellar. The number-one choice for eenagers is Boy A, Briish direcor John Crowley s quiely ense sudy of a newly released young prisoner who commied a famously heinous crime many years before. A muliple awardwinner across Europe, Andrew Garfield won a well-deserved BAFTA for his performance of a vulnerable ousider, desperae o make a break wih he pas. The programme is helpfully spli up by age group, and you can hardly go wrong wih anyhing on he bill for smaller kids, which includes A Tale of Two Mozzies by he famous Danish animaor Jannik Hasrup, and Buerflies, abou a lile girl in Sweden who can fly someimes. There are many Duch-language films from he Neherlands, bu he only one from Flanders is in he shors programme. Danny De Ven s fanciful caroon Swimming Lesson finds a lile boy falling ino a huge swimming pool and discovering a whole new world. Films a he fesival ha are no in Duch are eiher dubbed or subiled in Duch. There is a special focus on film from France his year, including The Children of Timpelbach (phoo), in which a own is lef in he hands of is children for one day. MORE FILM THIS WEEK Anima Film Fesival Flagey, Agnes Varda Bozar, Ciné-Privé Living rooms in Ghen The Youh Film Fesival also includes workshops for children and eenagers. I s he only fesival of is kind in Belgium and appoins special age-appropriae juries. Kids from around Flanders wrie in o say why hey should ge o judge he films. Ten-year-old jury member Basil Claeys from Borgerhou, for insance, wroe: Good films make you forge ha he sory is invened, ha here are special effecs involved and ha he hings you see are no real. If a film does no look real, i is usually no a good film. Well said, Basil. Anwerp desingel Desguinlei 25; , FEB Cédric Pescia, piano: Couperin, Debussy, Messiaen, Bach FEB Sergei Leiferkus, barione; Julius Drake, piano: lieder by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky Bruges Concergebouw Zand 34; , FEB Geer De Bièvre, Benjamin Dieljens & Pie Kuijken FEB Jos van Immerseel & Midori Seiler Bozar (Paleis Voor Schone Kunsen) Ravenseinsraa 23; , FEB Berliner Philharmoniker conduced by Sir Simon Rale: Messiaen s E exspeco resurrecionem moruorum, Bruckner FEB Ensemble Musique Nouvelles and Real Quie rio (New York) conduced by Jean-Paul Dessy FEB defilharmonie conduced by Jaap van Zweden, wih Yossif Ivanov, violin: Mendelssohn, Bruckner FEB Queen Elisabeh Music Chapel Prizewinners Maison des Musiques Lebeausraa 39; FEB Abid Bahri Royal Conservaory of Regenschapssraa 30; FEB Trobadors wih Luc Bergé, horn: Flemish romanic horn music Geel CC de Werf Werf 32; , FEB The Monnaie Wind Quinen: Beehoven, Berio Ghen De Bijloke Jozef Kluyskenssraa 2, , FEB Neue Vocalsolisen Sugar. Moneverdi, Vanhecke, Gesualdo, Rahé FEB Flanders Symphony Orchesra, wih Hendrickje Van Kerckhove, conduced by Eienne Siebens: Schuber, Mahler FEB DeFilharmonie wih Yossif Ivanov, viola; conduced by Jaap van Zweden Handelsbeurs Kouer 29; , FEB Capilla Flamenca en He Collecief Hoeilaar Maison de la Musique Edgar Sohiesraa 33; , FEB Queen Elisabeh Music Chapel soloiss Houhalen-Helcheren Kerkje van Laak Kleine Hereseeg 122; FEB Anneleen Lenaers, piano and harp Mechelen CC - Sadsschouwburg Keizersraa 3; , FEB The Bochabela Sring Orchesra, Jean Bosco Safari and Viole Roeselare Culureel Cenrum De Spil Spilleboudreef 1; , FEB Claire Chevalier, piano: Saie, Poulenc Schoen Kaseel van Schoen Kaseeldreef 61; , FEB Aperiief concer wih He Nuove Musiche Srijkkware: Haydn, Schuber and Tchaikovsky Waregem CC De Schakel Schakelsraa 8; , FEB Webern, Denisov and Usvolskaya Zoerle-Parwijs (Weserlo) GC De Zoerla Gevaerlaan 1; FEB Lemmens Insiue Harmony Orchesra conduced by Jan Van der Roos Anwerp Vlaamse Opera Frankrijklei 1; , Unil FEB 21 Mazeppa by Tchaikovsky, wih he Flemish Opera Symphony Orchesra De Mun Munplein; , Unil MAR /19.00 Le Caliso by Francesco Cavalli, wih De Mun Symphony Orchesra and Choirs Anwerp Kelly s Irish Pub Keyserlei 27; FEB Seelyard Blues Duo Ardooie Culuurkapel De Schaduw Wezesraa 32; , FEB Midnigh Maniacs Asse Klein Kunsencenrum Smiske Gemeeneplein 7; , FEB Jammin Smiske, jam session Berlare CC Sroming Berlare Dorp 101; , FEB Singer s 12

13 Agenda RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK Branche Lange Kievisraa 125, Anwerp When he locaion is he hear of Anwerp, one expecs o find class and design. Wheher i be a hisorical jewel or a modern conribuion, we accep no less han he bes. And Branche Resauran rises o he challenge in syle. Only a shor walk from Anwerp's gorgeously renovaed Cenral Saion and he diamond disric, Branche offers a oal package. Perhaps due o he fac ha i is conneced o he sleek Golden Tulip Hoel, parons are reaed o a pampering of he senses. Wih a welcoming amosphere, live music and a grea view, his resauran offers more han a good meal. The name is derived from he English branch, reflecing he design concep: Naure and her colours infuse he spaces wih a feeling of comfor and sereniy. Columns buil of individual sones, richly coloured hardwood floors and earh-ones in he seaing generae a mellow ambiance. The floor-o-ceiling windows le in an abundance of ligh o conras he darker ones and offer a view of he surrounding neighbourhood. From Monday o Saurday, visiors are reaed o live music in he evenings by inernaionally renowned jazz musicians like Lynn Hilon and Billy Evans. (Branche has pu ogeher a CD of ligh jazz his from performing ariss, which is for sale a recepion.) Should you come for lunch, similar music is played in he background. Bu of course, he main poin of business is he meal. The menu, updaed seasonally, feaures several popular dishes such as Insalaa Caprese and Grilled Salmon bu also includes some selecions from disan locales, no doub caering o he ases of he inernaional clienele ha frequen he hoel and, hence, he resauran. According o he manager, he hamburger is Branche s "signaure dish". Bold move. Though he owering burger is a lile difficul o navigae, he spices are unique flavourful bu no overpowering, wih green peppercorns providing jus enough punch. The accompanying fries holy susenance in Belgium hold heir own. The wine lis provides a basic bu accurae descripion, enough of a guide for he wine drinker if no for he oenophile. The resauran does shine in his area, hough, by offering quie a number of choices by he glass. Whereas many resaurans offer a passable house wine, Branche pus qualiy wines of all sors a he diner's disposal for a reasonable price. s Ú Open: 7.00 o Meals: hp://anwerp.brancheresauran.com Bruges De Werf Werfsraa 108; FEB Erik Vermeulen Trio FEB Jeroen Van Herzeele Quare Ancienne Belgique Anspachlaan 110; , FEB Bruno Vansina & band + Mauro Pawlowski Archiduc Dansaersraa 6; , FEB Ben Sluijs, Nahan Wouers, Jakob Warmendoel FEB Fris Dane DUSTIN BENNER Jazz Saion Leuvenseseenweg ; FEB Buser and he Swing FEB Masso/Florizoone/ Horbaczewski Le Grain d Orge Waverseseenweg 142; FEB 20 Made J Sounds Jazz Club Tulpensraa 28; , Concers a 22.00: FEB 18 Chamaquiando, salsa FEB 19 Pieer Claus Quare FEB 20 Pierre Anckaer Trio FEB 21 Gino Lauca Quare FEB 23 Maser Session FEB 24 Da Romeo & The Crazy Moondog Band FEB 25 Caribe Con K The Coon Club - Grand Casino Duquesnoysraa14; FEB BPM 165 Quare The Music Village Seensraa 50; Concers a 20.30: FEB 18 Cockail Dress FEB 19 Ora Facea FEB 20 Philippe Duchemin Trio FEB 21 Buser & he Swing FEB 24 Imagine... The Beales on Jazz FEB 25 Merijn Bruneel Group FEB 26 The KMG s Théâre Molière Basionsquare 3; , www. muziekpublique.be FEB Manouche Blues: Tchavolo Schmi, Quin Care d As Ekeren (Anwerp) Ekerse Theaerzaal Oorderseweg 8; , www. moreus-ekeren.be/ez/ FEB Tuu Puoane & Group Ghen Voorui S Pieersnieuwsraa 23; , FEB Ra Records label nigh: Gowk / Han Bennink rio Korrijk Mozaïek Overleiesraa 15a; FEB Superior Danceband, New Orleans jazz Kuurne Polyvalene zaal Kaesraa 188; , FEB Jef Neve, Anje De Boeck and Rony Verbies: "Tom Wais unil Spring" Leuven C.C. Oraoriënhof Mechelsesraa 111; , FEB JazzOra Suk Naamsesraa 96; , FEB Jazz op Zondag Scherpenheuvel CC Den Egger Augus Nihoulsraa 74; , FEB Jef Neve solo Srombeek-Bever (Grimbergen) Culural Cenre Gemeeneplein; , FEB Hamser axis of he One-click Panher Borgerhou De Roma Turnhousebaan 286; , FEB Buurman Bruges Sadsschouwburg Vlamingsraa 29; , FEB Vou, Wouers & Van Gool Ancienne Belgique Anspachlaan 110; , Concers a 20.00: FEB 18 Amadou & Mariam. Philippe François + The Bony King of Nowhere FEB 19 Now series: Casiokids + MVSC + Soldou FEB 21 Gary Go + The Scrip FEB The Sisers of Mercy FEB 23 Elvy + Mariee Sioux FEB 25 Rachael Yamagaa FEB 26 Firs Aid Ki + Venus in Flames Espace Senghor Waverseseenweg 366; , FEB Elecrobelge concer Fuse Blaessraa 208; FEB Minus Label Nigh: Troy Pierce, Gaiser Live, Ambivalen Le Bar du Main Alsembergseseenweg 172; FEB Egon FEB Soy un Caballo Le Boanique Koningsraa 236; Concers a 20.00: Unil FEB 21 Bouik Rock Fesival FEB 22 Asobi + Seksu. Veiver FEB 23 The Secre Machines FEB 24 Leila. Sky Larkin FEB 25 Horse Feahers Sekerlapae Prieserssraa 4; , FEB Nicolas Thys solo FEB Pera Jordan FEB Tom Back Theare 140 Eugène Plaskylaan 140; , FEB Vincen Delerm VK Club Schoolsraa 76; , FEB My Viriol FEB Middle Class Ru + The Bronx FEB The Gin + The Rasmus Ghen Culure Club Afrikalaan 174; , FEB Burn Suden Nigh: Troubleman + Davidov + The Glimmers (Mo or Benoelie) + One Man Pary + Jonasy FEB Sich, presened by The Ghen Fashion Academy Minnemeers Minnemeers 8; FEB The Nex Big Thing Hamme CC Jan Tervaer Kaaiplein 34; , FEB Liedjes van oen en nu Hassel Muziekodroom Boosraa 9; FEB Paramoun Syles Heusden-Zolder CC Muze Dekensraa 40; , FEB En Wa Dan?: concer wih David Polrock, Roos Van Acker, Triggerfinger Kessel-Lo (Leuven) Jeugdhuis Sojo Eén Meilaan 35; FEB Hypnos 69 Korrijk Concersudio Conservaoriumplein 1, FEB The Sedan Vaul + Paramoun Syles De Kreun Jan Persijnsraa 6; , FEB DIY Promo: Tijs Vasesaeger Den Trap Burgemeeser Reynaersraa 19; FEB WOMEN + Whie Circle Crime Club Leopoldsburg CC Leopoldsburg Kasanjedreef 1; , FEB Yasmine houd woord: music and poery wih Yasmine (in Duch) Middelkerke De Branding Middelkerke Populierenlaan 35; FEB Guido Belcano Mol CC Geouw Molenhoeksraa 2; , www. geouw.be FEB Double Bill Roeselare Culureel Cenrum De Spil Spilleboudreef 1; , www. despil.be FEB Arid Sin-Niklaas Sadsschouwburg Groe Mark 1; FEB En Wa Dan?: concer wih David Polrock, Roos Van Acker, Triggerfinger Tessenderlo CC He Loo Vismark; , FEB Gorki Tienen Culuurcenrum De Kruisboog Minderbroedersraa 15; , FEB DoReMi Band Turnhou De Warande Warandesraa 42; FEB Belgian Roos Nigh: Tribue o Buddy Holly FEB Arid Vilvoorde CC He Bolwerk Bolwerksraa 17; , FEB Solo! Frank Vander Linden s 13

14 This week Flanders House moves ino he New York Times Building in midown Manhaan. The new direcor Philip Fonaine explains how he plans o promoe he links beween Flanders and America. FEBRUARY INDEPENDENT NEWSWEEKLY s Erkenningsnummer P Axelle Red has jus released her firs album in English. The fiery singer from Hassel alks o An Gydé abou empahy, change and idealism. Plans by Sudio Brussel o shoo a ple who demonsrae heir kissing pornographic movie as par of he echnique, a masurbaing girl, and saion s Valenine s Day celebraions have received a cold shower Las week 100 people showed up a few oher unmenionable feaures. from he sandards commiee of a he broadcaser for audiions. he VRT, he public secor broadcasing auhoriy ha runs he saion. he decision for hem. The plans In he end, VRT auhoriies made were cancelled, bu no, he VRT We didn decide in advance how said, because SuBru had done far we waned o go, commened anyhing wrong. There exised he DJ Sijn Van de Voorde, while he percepion ha he VRT was going broadcas was sill a burning issue. o make pornographic maerial, a Programme collaboraor Murielle saemen read, whereas he Valenine s acion was inended o be Scherre, who runs he lingerie line La fille d O, was considering a cou- playful. s Flanders has jus go bigger. Or has i? Alisair MacLean ponders recen rumours ha Flanders has expanded in his week s Talking Duch column. No one who looks a he hisory can deny ha Flemings made a sizable conribuion o he success of explorers o he New World. of he impac of his voyage. Bu his Afer all, i was Gerardus Mercaor, born in he Flemish river own exploraion se he sage for Duch colonisaion in he New World of Rupelmonde, who firs delineaed he Wesern Hemisphere ino and forged a rail ha subsequen advenure seekers would follow Norh and Souh America on his from Europe o he Americas. world map in Mercaor's Americans righly look a his projecion map, firs prined in arrival as one of he seminal evens 1569, represened he meridians of longiude by equally spaced parallel lines, which grealy increased in he exploraion and discovery of he Unied Saes. The Briish, oo, he accuracy of navigaional maps looked wih pride a he accomplishmen of heir naive son, who (and he likelihood ha ships knew roughly where hey were). came from Wales. Bu he conribuion ha Flanders made o his discovery seldom receives he Coninued on page 4 credi i deserves. The CEO of Foris has called on all which Foris would be aken over paries o come back o he negoiaing able following he rejecion equiy. by BNP Paribas in reurn for of he agreemen o sell o BNP Paribas, in a voe by shareholders Bu small shareholders, unied ino in las week. The decision wo main groups, opposed he sale lef he bank in he hands of he as i would render heir holdings governmen and brough calls for virually worhless. In addiion, i he resignaion of finance miniser was considered ha he value he Didier Reynders. deal pu on Foris was far oo low, especially as BNP s own shares Foris, once Belgium s bigges have come down in price since he bank, was aken over by he deal was signed. governmen las Sepember afer he share price plummeed. A deal Also a issue is abou 10 billion was immediaely agreed under worh of junk Coninued on page 3 Agenda FLANDERS T O D A Y FEBRUARY 18, 2009 Ypres CC Ieper Lakenhallen Groe Mark 34; , FEB Arid Anwerp Zuiderpershuis Waalse Kaai 14; , FEB La Camorra, ango (Buenos Aires) Borgerhou De Roma Turnhousebaan 286; , FEB Ghalia Benali, Arabic music and dance Bornem CC Ter Dilf Sin-Amandseseenweg 41; , FEB The Galaa Mevlevi Music & Sema Ensemble (Turkey) Bruges He Enrepo Binnenweg 4; , FEB Boombal: Live folk music dance pary Sadsschouwburg Vlamingsraa 29; , FEB Ana Moura, fado Beursschouwburg Auguse Orsraa 20-28; , FEB Diaspora Sounds #3: Abid Bahri, Ahmed Khalil and Jean- Paul Esiévenar FEB Wixel & The Bear Tha Wasn Le Boanique Koningsraa 236; , FEB Horse Feahers Théâre Molière Basionsquare 3; , FEB Shaman poems and radiional music from Kyrgyzsan GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! The Presidens of he Unied Saes of America 19 March, Handelsbeurs, Ghen The cachy and clever al rock band from Seale is back, jus in ime o celebrae once again being able o be proud of is name. Audience: ry o ge hem o play he special Obama ribue Movin In. Guibass player Dave Dederer is replaced by Andrew McKeag, bu you won noice as he beloved Chris Ballew bels ou he original his, plus hose from las year s album These Are he Good Times People s Ghen Theaer Tinnenpo Tinnenposraa 21; , www. innenpo.be FEB Shaken no sirred Koksijde CC Casino Theaerzaal Casinoplein 11; FEB Bruno Deneckere + Mel Dune Leuven 30CC Predikherenkerk Onze Lieve Vrouwsraa; , FEB Assim, radiional Indonesian gamelan music Lier CC De Mol Aarschoseseenweg 3; , FEB Anne Clark Lommel CC De Adelberg Adelbergpark 1; , FEB Sanseveria Roeselare Culureel Cenrum De Spil Spilleboudreef 1; , FEB MA: Sissoko, Rajery & El Maloumi Scherpenheuvel CC Den Egger Augus Nihoulsraa 74; , FEB Bar Peeers Vilvoorde CC He Bolwerk Bolwerksraa 17; , Na Afriki Anwerp desingel Desguinlei 25; , FEB /20.00 Sura, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Sadsschouwburg Theaerplein 1; , FEB /20.00 Divine Performing Ars, Chinese dance and music show Halles de Schaerbeek Koninklijke Sine-Mariasraa 22; FEB Tes, Sill & Figure This, dance rilogy Trois plaeaux, dance/insallaion by Simon Siegmann Ghen Voorui S Pieersnieuwsraa 23; , FEB Andros Zins-Browne FEB Needcompany in The Porcelain Projec by Grace Ellen Barkey Ardooie CC Hofland Oude Licherveldsesraa 13; , FEB ManManMan, musical cabare Anwerp Toneelhuis/Bourla Komedieplaas 18; , FEB De Koe in Laa op de avond na een kore wandeling (Lae in he evening afer a shor walk) (in Duch) Troubleyn Laboraorium Pasorijsraa 23; FEB Troubleyn in De orgie van de oleranie (The Orgy of Tolerance), new work by Jan Fabre (in English) Zuiderpershuis Waalse Kaai 14; , FEB De Varkensfabriek in Jan Janszoon, de blondie arabier (in Duch) FEB Coocoo Jumbo Siser, musical heare KVS Bol Lakensesraa 146; , Unil FEB /20.00 Menal Finland, direced by Krisian Smeds (in Finnish, wih Duch, French and English suriles) Scarabaeus Theare Hollesraa 19-27; Unil FEB /20.00 Shakespeare Sociey in Ohello (in English) Ghen Capiole Graaf van Vlaanderenplein 5; , FEB /20.00 Suske en Wiske: De Circusbaron, musical heare for he whole family (in Duch) Theaer Tinnenpo Tinnenposraa 21; , FEB Mijnheer Papier (Miser Paper) (in Duch, ages 5 and up) Heusden-Zolder CC Muze Dekensraa 40; , FEB Zien me nieuwe ogen (Seeing Wih New Eyes) (in Duch) FEB Zoals de Dingen Gaan (As Things Go) (in Duch) Osend Kursaal (Casino) Monacoplein; , FEB /15.00 Annie, musical (in Duch) GET IN YOUR LETTERBOX EACH WEEK Manhaan ransfer...5 Ho porn ges cold shoulder Valenine Day sun axed # 67 Free weekly! Red sings he blues...8 s s s s s s The big issue If I can make i here As he governmen prepares o open a new Flanders House in downown Manhaan his week, we look a 400 years of Flemish- American relaions hen Henry Hudson sailed up he broad river Wha bears his name in Sepember 1609, he had lile idea Foris voe leaves doubs Calls for finance miniser o resign Wan o keep in ouch wih Flanders? Simply fill in he subscripion form below and send i o: Flanders Today Subscripion Deparmen Gosselaan 30 _ 1702 Groo-Bijgaarden _ Belgium Fax: Free subscripion! The newspaper version will be mailed o subscribers living in any of he 27 counries of he European Union. Residens of oher counries will receive a weekly ezine. Name:... Sree:... Poscode:... Ciy:... Counry: Privacy policy: We fully respec Belgian legislaion on he proecion of personal informaion. The daa we collec will only be used for disribuion of publicaions and will no be disclosed o any hird paries wihou express consen. Roeselare Culureel Cenrum De Spil Spilleboudreef 1; , FEB De Maan, De jongen (The Moon, The Boy) (in Duch, ages 4 and up) Sain Amour Special: Poery, readings and music by various ariss Anwerp Conemporary Ar Museum (MuHKA) Leuvensraa 32; , Unil MAR 27 Le[s] moi[s] de Lizène, works by Liège aris Jacques Lizène Unil MAR 29 Lonely a he Top: Klankeffecen # 5, works by Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa Unil MAR 29 Inser he Passing of a Perfec Day (Revisied), insallaions by Kaleen Vermeir Exra Ciy Tulpsraa 79; Unil MAR 8 Jusine Frank: a rerospecive, work by he 20h-cenury s 14

15 Agenda Jérôme Mayer Jewish-Belgian Surrealis, who is he aler ego of conemporary Israeli aris Roee Rosen Bruges Arenshuis Dijver 16; Unil SEP 27 The Museum of Museums 2009, projec by conemporary aris Johan van Geluwe Algemeen Rijksarchief Ruisbroeksraa 8; Unil FEB : De kanonnen zwijgen: opnieuw vrede? (The Canons Are Sill: Peace Again?), he afermah of he Firs World War in Belgium Argos Cenre for Ar and Media Werfsraa 13; , www. argosars.org Unil APR 11 Language Works: Video, Audio and Poery, works by Vio Acconci Unil APR 11 I m Wih You in Rockland, video work by Karl Holmqvis Belgian Comic Srip Cenre Zandsraa 20; , Unil MAR 8 The New Children s Comic Srips, works by young comic srip ariss DON T MISS Wiels closing pary 20 & 22 February Van Volxemlaan 354 Wiels is closing Un-Scene, is popular exhibiion of young Belgian ariss, wih wo days of performance and parying. Several ariss presen heare-ish pieces, such as Danai Anesiadou in One Measure A Circle, Beginning Anywhere, a mix of objecs, auobiography, black magic and avangarde cinema (in English). The closing pary feaures DJ Dennis Tyfus, and all weekend you can cach he Ariss in Residency Show, where he arrangemen of scenes will change from hour o hour. s Biblioheca Wiockiana Bemelsraa 23; Unil FEB Years of Passion Shared, hand-crafed bookbindings since he Renaissance Bozar (Paleis Voor Schone Kunsen) Ravenseinsraa 23; , Unil MAR 8 Realiy as a Ruin, phoographs from Anwerp s phoo museum Unil MAR 15 Image/Consrucion 3 Ciies,, Bruges and Liège seen in monumenal phoographic monages Unil APR 19 Robbrech & Daem: Pacing hrough Archiecure, works by he Ghen-based archiecs FEB 20-MAY 17 Monumenal-size insallaion by conemporary Ialian aris, Maurizio Caelan (par of Turin/ Ialian Spring fesival) FEB 20-MAY 24 From Van Dyck o Belloo: Splendor a he Cour of Savoy, painings from Turin s Galleria Sabauda, wih works by Flemish masers, including Brueghel, Rubens and Van Dyck, and Ialian painers from he 15h o 18h cenuries (par of Turin/Ialian Spring fesival) Unil JUNE 30 N.i.c.h.e. 360 archieken, scale models by Jan Mannaers and Sephane Beel Czech Cenre Troonsraa 60; Unil MAR 6 The Life and Times of Karel Capek, phoographs and documens on he Czech wrier and journalis ( ) De Elekricieiscenrale European Cenre for Conemporary Ar Sin Kaelijneplein 44; Unil MAR 29 Moe elke wreedheid wel gezegd? (Should Every Cruely be Said?), work by 102 ariss on he heme of Belgium oday Design Flanders Kanselarijsraa 19; Unil MAR 8 Ausrian Design, innovaion and echnology Flemish Parliamen - De Lokeen IJzerenkruissraa 299; Unil FEB 21 Works by winners of he Henry van de Velde Awards&Labels 2008 design compeiion Fondaion pour l Archiecure Kluissraa 55; , Unil OCT 18 De ijd van de boeiek (The Time of he Bouique), 200 years of shop windows and ineriors ING Culural Cenre Koningsplein 6; Unil MAR 15 Oceania: Signs of Riual, Symbols of Auhoriy, sculpures, masks, arefacs, weapons and uiliarian objecs from Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia Jewish Museum of Belgium Minimensraa 21; Unil APR 19 Rober Capa, rerospecive of he work of he Jewish- Hungarian phoo reporer ( ) and founder of he Magnum agency Kelders van Cureghem Ropsy Chaudronsraa 24; , Unil MAR 1 Body Worlds 4, anaomical exhibiion of human bodies by German scienis Gunher von Hagens Le Boanique Koningsraa 236; Unil FEB 22 Dark Pool, phoographs and video by Belgian aris Marie-Jo Lafonaine (also shown in he Gesù church, in fron of Le Boanique) Unil FEB 22 Angel, phoographs by Marie Le Mounier Naural Hisory Museum Vauiersraa; Unil AUG 30 X-reme, surviving in he mos exreme climaes and environmens Prague House Palmersonlaan 16; Unil FEB 19 The Crown Jewels, replicas of precious symbols of Czech hisory Royal Army Museum Jubelpark 3; Unil MAY 3 Tribue o Pierre de Caers, firs Belgian aviaor, who flew over Belgium 100 years ago Royal Museum of Ar and Hisory Jubelpark 10; Unil MAR 8 Coninenal Supersar, mechanical organs from he Ghysels collecion, wih recreaed dance floor, bar and lighing Sin-Gorikshallen Sin-Goriksplein 1; Unil APR 5 Archeologie om de hoek (Archeology around he corner), archaelogical finds in Sadhuis Groe Mark; Unil MAY 10 DeKadence: The Bohemian Lands , painings, drawings, sculpures and phoographs Tour & Taxis Havenlaan 86C; Unil MAR 31 Tha s Opera: 200 Years of Ialian Music, a look behind he scenes a he making of an opera Unil APR 26 I s our Earh!, ineracive exhibiion on susainable developmen, wih inervenions by Belgian and inernaional ariss WIELS Van Volxemlaan 354; , Unil FEB 22 Un-Scene, works by young Belgian ariss Deurle Museum Dhond-Dhaenens Museumlaan 14; Unil MAR 1 Large forma painings by Dirk Skreber Unil MAR 1 Painings by Alber Saverys Unil MAR 1 Picure his!, drawings by Benoî van Innis Ghen Dr Guislain Museum Jozef Guislainsraa 43; , Unil APR 12 The Game of Madness: On Lunacy in Film and Theare, show exploring represenaions of madness in films, plays, painings and conemporary ar Kunshal Sin-Pieersabdij Sin-Pieersplein 9; , Unil MAR 29 Flemish wall apesries from he 15h and 16h cenuries Sedelijk Museum voor Acuele Kuns (SMAK) Ciadelpark; , Unil FEB 22 The Absence of Mark Manders, insallaion by he conemporary Duch aris Unil FEB 22 Pluo, insallaions by conemporary German aris Max Sudhues Maaseik Maaseik Museum Lekkersraa 5; Unil MAR 31 The Terracoa Army of Xi an: Treasures of he Firs Emperors of China, warrior sculpures from he world-famous Terracoa Army shown wih 200 arefacs from he Qin and Wesern Han dynasies Machelen-Zule Roger Raveelmuseum Gildesraa 2-8; Unil FEB 22 Ensor & Raveel: Kindred Spiris, drawings and painings by he wo Belgian ariss Mechelen Speelgoedmuseum (Toy Museum) Nekkerspoelsraa 21; , Unil MAR 31 Gils, Belgische saga van de elekrische rein (Belgian Saga of Elecric Trains) Unil SEP 30 Cowboys and Indians Tervuren Royal Museum for Cenral Africa Leuvenseseenweg 13; , Unil AUG 31 Omo: People & Design, Hans Silveser s phoographs of souhwesern Ehiopia s nomadic ribes and objecs from he museum s collecion Carnival: Carnival celebraions around he counry, ranging from parades and folkloric fesiviies o gian bonfires , Aals Carnival celebraions: Parades, children s carnival, onion hrowing, Voil Jeaneen parade, burning of he carnival doll and more a Flanders bigges carnival celebraion FEB in Aals cenre Anwerp Anwerpse Kleppers: Theare fesival showcasing Anwerp alen, including premières from g San, De Koe, De Tijd and Berlin companies, plus screenings, comedy and music Unil FEB 21 in He Toneelhuis/ Bourla, Komedieplaas , In Wonen: Home and decoraion fair Unil FEB 22 a Anwerp Expo, J Van Rijswijklaan , Inernaional Lue Fesival: Classical music fesival feauring Europe s lue masers FEB a Amuz, Kammensraa 81 and Kapel Elzenweld, 45 Lange Gashuissraa , Anima 2009: Inernaional Animaion Fesival feauring Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, a ribue o Friz he Ca filmmaker Ralph Bakshi, fesival gues Bill Plympon, plus sneak previews of he laes Wallace and Gromi and Naruo feaures FEB a Flagey, Heilig Kruisplein , Carnabruxelas 2009: Rio-syle carnival pary wih French-Brazilian group Kaoma FEB a Tour & Taxis, Havenlaan 86C Rech Averech (Inside Ou): free screening of -based journalis Maria Taranino s firs film (in Ialian wih Duch and English suriles) FEB a KVS Box, Arduinkaai , Ghen Flanders Collecion Cars: Inernaional fair for vinage and rare cars plus spare pars and miniaures FEB a Flanders Expo, Maalekouer CAFE SPOTLIGHT Velooje ROBYN BOYLE Kalverseeg 2, Ghen By far my favourie place o ake friends and family when hey visi Ghen is Velooje, or The Lile Bike. Now, I use he erm place here insead of pub, café or bar because his is ruly a unique place an experience like no oher. I like o see a person s reacion as we urn down he mos inconspicuous cobbled sree in he charming Paershol neighbourhood and hen push our way in hrough a door wih no sign and pas several heavy layers of hanging curains. Once your eyes have adjused o he dark, wih jus he warm glow of a fire coming from somewhere in he back, your senses are immediaely overwhelmed by he amoun of cluer covering every possible crevice of his already iny space. Bu a closer look reveals ha i s no cluer, really, jus he proud collecion of an overzealous anique collecor. There are abou a hundred bikes hanging so low from he ceiling you almos have o crouch o ener, and long wooden ables covered in flickering oil lamps, religious saues, creepy candelabra, dingy ashrays and beer coasers ha appear o dae from he Middle Ages. Clamber your way ono one of he benches, bu, whaever you do, poliely keep your legs under he able. Owner Lieven, a bearded, rebellious icon of Ghen, will remind you should you forge. Don boher asking for a menu or a glass (here are none of eiher); jus kindly accep whaever beer he may hand you and drink from he bole, even if i means choking on foam. Alhough perhaps iniially inimidaing, Lieven is in fac very hospiable and delighfully child-like in all his rademark Mickey Mouse aire. So si back, pe he jeblack, floppy ca and enjoy he music anyhing from Johnny Cash o Celic hymns. This is Belgian Surrealism a is bes. s hp://velooje.mine.nu s 15

16 Back Page Nex week The Flemish origins of Flamenco in he Madrid issue. FLANDERS T O D A Y FACE OF FLANDERS SARAH CREW TALKING DUTCH ALISTAIR MACLEAN Thomas DeGees Known as he waffle guy, Thomas DeGees brings a ase of Belgium o New York When Flemish business consulan Thomas DeGees swapped his execuive sui for life as a sree vendor in New York, he was following his enrepreneurial dream. Bu lile did he know how much delivering a ase of Belgium o he folks of Manhaan via a brigh yellow van would fully es his managemen skills. DeGees s need o escape his comforable if predicable career was maybe an early mid-life crisis. I was looking for somehing ha had meaning, he ells me during my recen New Year rip o he Big Apple. Waffles are par of my counry; i s somehing I m quie passionae abou, and i s somehing ha makes people happy. Sarbucks feeds addicion, bu we bring a genuine momen of joy. Bu he move from he corporae world o he sree was a real eye-opener. I came from a place where he rules were well esablished, bu he srees of New York are a compleely differen sory, he says. One day we were parked on a corner when an ice-cream vendor came along and sared raising hell. Suddenly his boss was on he phone hreaening o kill me if I didn move ou of he spo sraigh away. DeGees, 38, has also had fighs wih he police over parking places for his van wih Wafels & Dinges blazoned across he side. Yes, i s fun, bu here s a lo of hassle. There s an underground world o geing permis, for example. The naive of Bierbeek in Flemish Braban spen 12 years in he US managemen consuling for cliens like IBM and Price Waerhouse before donning an apron and firing up he waffle iron 18 monhs ago. He bakes wo classic waffles he dense, chewy Liège syle encrused wih caramelised sugar, and he ligh, crispy syle. Boh are accompanied by a selecion of dinges Flemish slang for whachamacallis. The Wafels & Dinges van has a busy schedule in several Manhaan locaions and an up-marke suburb of Brooklyn. I s difficul o miss he rero 1968 Chevy Box ruck, pained in he Belgian colours. He uses a rope aached o he fron o ow i ino place every day. He s currenly building a new sand, which will be much more open so ha you can see everyhing inside. Speakers will blas ou he music of Jacques Brel for he full Belgian experience. He s also considering seing up a shop in he ciy. Wafels & Dinges produc may have originaed from Belgium, bu he menu has an American wis. I made up a sory ha he waffle came o he Unied Saes in 1964 and I consider myself Flemish firs, in erms of dialec, humour and food, hen a Belgian who has also grown ino a New Yorker hen ended up in he guer, and now I m reinroducing i wih he permission of he King, DeGees laughs. The parody exends o DeGees s preence ha he s been appoined he Special Envoy for Wafels by he Belgian Minisry of Culinary Affairs, providing him wih a successful publiciy machine essenial in a ciy of famouslyfickle foodies. He loves invening new dishes. The mos American and proving o be a big hi is a souhern-inspired, pulled pork waffle, served wih coleslaw. Oher crowd-pleasers are WMD (Waffle of Massive Deliciousness) and he Liège cinnamon waffle. The New York area boass around 5,000 Belgians, according o DeGees, and, while here s no animosiy, he s noiced ha Flemish and French speakers have separae social neworks. I consider myself Flemish firs, in erms of dialec, humour and food, hen a Belgian who has also grown ino a New Yorker, he explains. The wonderful and errible hing abou life in his ciy is ha i never sops. I s also a posiive place in he sense ha anyhing can happen; people look for he up side raher han he down side, which is no always he case in Belgium. Sill, in he ciy ha never sleeps, DeGees finds himself yearning for a real day off: Wha I miss mos abou my home counry is chilling ou on Sunday afernoons wih pisoles and lai russe. Thomas advises Belgian ouriss visiing Manhaan o inves in good shoes and walk he differen neighbourhoods a he bes imes like he Lower Eas Side a nigh or Cenral Park on Saurday afernoon. His eaing ou ips include finding a good hamburger place and sampling some of he fanasic Asian resaurans. And, of course, he adds. You have o ry sree food, which has really boomed in he las few years. s He bakes wo classic waffles he dense, chewy Liège syle encrused wih caramelised sugar, and he ligh, crispy syle Ruime Ë Time is running ou. I s a race agains ime. Such expressions reflec he pressure ime pus on us. Wih space, i s no quie he same. Of course when someone fains in public, he cry is ofen give her some room geef haar de ruime, and nowadays people under pressure ofen say ha hey need some space, as well as ime. We all know ha space is he final fronier. I is also a commodiy in shor supply in Flanders. If you were living here in he 1990s you may remember a gang of young men laden wih heodolies boldly asking if hey could measure your garden. You may have hesiaed before allowing anyone semi-official o see ha conservaory a he back of your house for which you had no planning permission. In fac, heir mission was no o check on illegal garden sheds bu o seek ou informaion for Flanders firs Ruimelijk Srucuurplan Spaial Srucure Plan. No doub i was invaluable for planners and real esae lawyers o know how much indusrial land or fores here is bu, frankly, a bi of a bore for mos people. Well, 10 years on, i was decided o updae his informaion, and, lo and behold, he resuls show ha er is 7,500 hecare meer Vlaanderen dan vroeger here is 7,500 hecares more of Flanders han previously. You migh hink ha land has been reclaimed from he sea (admiedly a small par of he gain has been) or ha here The las word ËËË In praise of populism Wha s wrong wih populism? Look up wha he word means: puing ino words wha people are hinking and feeling. Tha s exacly wha Jean-Marie Dedecker is doing wih his pary, and ha s why I have made his decision. TV personaliy Anne De Baezelier, who will sand for he Lijs Dedecker in he coming elecions have been land raids across he linguisic fronier ino he Walloon Region. Ye here have been no repors of land loss from any of he neighbours. The surveying may have been more sophisicaed his ime round, or no. The adjecive ruim is broader in is meanings han roomy : een ruime uizich hebben o have a broad view; een ruime huis a roomy house; een ruime assorimen a large assormen; ruim kunnen ademhalen o be able o breahe freely; ruim een kilo well over one kilo; ruim op ijd in good ime. The verb ruimen means o clear, usually wih a paricle: wegruimen clear away; opruimen idy up. So here is now no longer verloren ruime wased space in Flanders. Ye he words of a Flemish governmen spokesman give some pause for hough. Read his carefully: Vlaanderen is nie groer geworden Flanders has no goen bigger; er blijk gewoon 7,500 hecare méér Vlaanderen e zijn dan vroeger i simply appears ha here is 7,500 hecares more Flanders han here was before. So i s no bigger, i s jus ha here s more of i. Ineresingly, for he federal governmen, Flanders remains as big as i was 12 years ago, which means ha hese 7,500 hecares don exis. You may be idly wondering where his wiligh zone land is; afer all, you migh see some poenial here. If you find i, do reurn o ell your ale. s No sigma We don wan o sigmaise areas. Tha would needlessly provoke a subjecive feeling of insecuriy. We also don wan o scare off poenial passengers. Public ranspor auhoriy De Lijn, which has idenified 161 problem neighbourhoods bu refuses o say where hey are locaed Agains he odds A midday I reaed myself o a finger of peanu buer. In he evening I go a mouhful of noodles. Dries Sevens, explaining how he survived 12 days alone in he jungle s 16