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1 10751 COUNCIL MEETING SPECIAL SESSION July 31, 2018 The Council of the City of Greenville met in special session at 6:00 P.M. in the Council Room, Municipal Building, Greenville, Ohio. President Burkett was presiding and the following members were present at roll call: Yea- Whitaker, Wright, Godwin, Hensley, Howdieshell, and Rogers. President Burkett stated the purpose for the special meeting of Greenville City Council was to have a work session to review Wayne Hospital s proposed project with Jeff Subler, Vice President of Support Services for Wayne Healthcare. Wayne Deschambeau, President/CEO of Wayne Healthcare, gave a brief history of how Wayne Healthcare came to Greenville. Deschambeau stated he joined Wayne Healthcare in 2006 and at that time a strategic plan had been put together for the hospital. Deschambeau stated the newest part of the hospital was built in 1991 and a part of the hospital from 1938 was still operating. Deschambeau stated in 2007, a construction plan was started for a more contemporary design. Deschambeau stated the first project cost $47,000, Deschambeau stated currently they owe $24,000, and have $100,000, in the bank. Deschambeau stated when going through the process they decided they wanted to see more than just a city hospital. Deschambeau stated the current plan was to have a campus which would be bounded from Harrison, Fair, Sherman, and Sweitzer Streets. Deschambeau stated the current project would cost $56,000, Deschambeau stated the financial advisors recommended paying half in cash and borrowing the other half and consolidating it with their existing debt. Deschambeau stated Wayne Healthcare was financially in good shape to keep the hospital going and have a true twenty first century hospital. Deschambeau stated all rooms other than senior behavioral health would be private rooms. Deschambeau stated there would be a new obstetrics center and a very large wellness program. Jeff Subler, Vice-President of Support Services for Wayne Healthcare, stated he was the project manager that built the original remodel. Subler stated the current project was a continuation of the master facility hospital plan. Subler stated there had been a lot of meetings with a lot of different people including the City in order to develop the plan. Subler stated the plans were at the preliminary stage but they were comfortable with what it was going to look like and wanted to share that with Council in order to take the next steps forward. John Durda, Hplex Solutions, stated he was engaged by Wayne Healthcare to start the project and they engaged Trinity and a construction manager to help with pricing and to explore all facets of the project. Durda referred to the handout that was distributed to Council to explain all that was looked at and considered with the project. Durda reviewed the master plan strategic goals and the phase one project overview. Dan Livanec, Project Manager for Trinity Architects/Planners, reviewed the lay of the land of the current hospital. Livanec reviewed where the addition would be going. Livanec stated there was a need for multiple entrances so patients could be directed through the

2 10752 building with it all being connected. Livanec stated there would be new labor, delivery, and recovery rooms so patients did not have to switch rooms during their stay. Livanec stated there would be an expanded wellness room. Livanec stated there would be a materials management and receiving room. Livanec stated the older hospital had much less space between floors so there would now be a storage space in the second floor in the new addition. Livanec stated all rooms would be designed the same. Livanec reviewed the aesthetics of the new overall look. Livanec stated they tried to continue with the existing look so it fit in with the previous design. Kyle Weber, Project Manager for Kleingers Engineering, discussed the location of the current utilities and the necessity to relocate some of the existing utilities. Weber reviewed the pavement, circulation, and issues regarding the utilities. John Durda stated there were some pretty well developed thoughts of how utility relocation would happen. Durda reviewed an overlay diagram of the new work. Durda reviewed the roads that would need vacated in order to proceed with the program. Durda reviewed the proposed circulation around the site and how it could be accessed. Durda reviewed the ambulance entrances, emergency access, and service access. Durda reviewed the existing rezoning district. Durda stated Wayne Healthcare was in the process of getting the area rezoned. Durda reviewed the project timeline. Durda stated he wanted to discuss the street vacation process with Council. Durda stated the goal was to have the construction site started in early Durda stated they needed to make sure all their ducks were in a row to be able to start on time. Hensley stated on page sixteen of the street vacation diagram, they were vacating the alley to the north and it vacated it to the end of the alley which would not allow access. Hensley questioned if that would present a problem for garbage pickup for the residents in that block. Safety/Service Director Garrison questioned if the black dotted lines were owned by the hospital or other residents. John Durda stated the areas in the black dotted lines were not owned by the hospital. Safety/Service Director Garrison stated with the proposed vacations, the garbage truck would dead end on private property on the alley. Durda stated their intention was that the alley could stay open and could be accessed. There was discussion regarding creating dead end alleys which would not allow emergency vehicles and service trucks through. John Durda stated they could study that more to make sure there was needed access. Wayne Deschambeau stated the goal over time was to own all of the surrounding properties to make it an entire campus. President Burkett questioned how it would affect the flow of things with the reconfiguring of the water and sewer lines.

3 10753 Safety/Service Director Garrison stated Matt Hoying with Choice One Engineering and Planning & Zoning Manager Chad Henry had spent a lot of time working with Wayne Healthcare to come up with a solution. Matt Hoying, Choice One Engineering, stated they had looked at the utility relocations and had worked extensively with Kyle Weber with Kleingers Engineering. Hoying stated this was a great project for Wayne Healthcare but their interest was to look out for the entire City of Greenville and they want to make sure any of these relocations would not cause issues with flow or residents. Hoying stated the water system was not much of an issue. Hoying stated the sanitary sewer going along the north side of the hospital was a big concern and they worked extensively to make sure the elevations would work. Hoying stated they wanted to make sure the building did not move that line any further. Hoying stated residences would not see any differences and it would not be any harder to maintain. Hoying stated they did not see any issues. Hoying stated regarding the storm water, they need to make sure they are staying to current City standards. Hoying reviewed the process and possibilities of rain events and what needed to be controlled for that. Hoying stated they need to make sure they are not putting any more water downstream than they were. Kyle Weber stated the goal was to store the water in underground detention units. Weber explained the process and flow direction. Wayne Deschambeau stated there was currently an underground water system. Matt Hoying stated the EPA requires new regulations on storm water quality and the underground systems do a good job at that. Hoying stated they not only control the amount of water but the quality of water leaving the site. Hoying stated the underground detention systems must be cleaned out every so often. Rogers questioned if the EMS units would be coming in off of Harrison Avenue. Wayne Deschambeau discussed the areas the EMS units would be entering and exiting the facilities. Rogers questioned if entering and exiting from those areas would cause a problem. Safety/Service Director Garrison stated it was not the preferred route of travel for an ambulance as it was not going to be as wide as Central Avenue was. There was discussion regarding the issue. Safety/Service Director Garrison reviewed the impact that closing the streets would have on the neighborhood. John Durda stated that was the second public access and it was their intention to widen the alley as well. Kyle Weber stated the alley would be widened for fire access as well as repaving as necessary to make it a consistent, uniform road.

4 10754 Safety/Service Director Garrison stated that was an alley, not a street and questioned if the alley was going to be improved to street grade, even though it was the cities right-of-way, since they were going to be directing traffic to that alley. Garrison questioned if there would be a proper base to support the weight of fire trucks and for the directing of traffic that way. Garrison questioned if it would be constructed to the same degree as they would widen Sherman Street. Kyle Weber stated the section was not adequate currently and would have to be improved and made to the requirements of the City so emergency vehicles could access that. There was discussion regarding the alleys being one way and how traffic would flow if that was the case. Safety/Service Director Garrison questioned what the requirements were going to be with the streets in that area and if they were willing to work with the City to repave those areas due to construction causing road issues. Garrison cited the example of the Brethren Home construction that was going on that was causing issues with the roads. Jeff Subler stated certainly whatever the impact was with the alleys and widening Sherman Street, and whatever needed to be done, the requirements of the City would have to be followed. There was discussion regarding the project visually impacting the neighborhood. Matt Hoying stated Oaks Engineering reviewed the project from a traffic standpoint and found it would not increase traffic but would redirect it. Hoying stated there were no issues with the traffic study. Hoying stated some minor delays may happen at first until people are used to it and then once they are used to it, it might actually lessen the delays. There was discussion regarding the traffic impact and parking impact. President Burkett requested that the traffic counts in that area be sent to Council members. Safety/Service Director Garrison stated he would get those to Council. President Burkett stated in the preliminary discussion it was said that the existing building would be gone. Wayne Deschambeau stated for the time being the existing building would stay. Deschambeau stated they were looking at alternatives to reserve possibilities. Whitaker questioned when the project should be completed. Wayne Deschambeau stated the project should be completed at the end of 2020, hopefully around October. Assistant Fire Chief Fritz questioned the addition of the materials and handling area which was currently over the Fire Department connection. Fritz questioned what the plan was for a future connection.

5 10755 Dan Livanec stated the connection would be rerouted towards the north and it would be a free standing connection with accessibility from Sherman Street. Livanec stated the fire pump would stay where it was at. Safety/Service Director Garrison stated regarding the timeline, rezoning was listed before closing Central Avenue, however, there was no need to rezone if the road was not able to be closed. Garrison stated the first order of business should be to vacate Central Avenue before going to Planning and Zoning. Garrison questioned if Law Director Brand could explain what needed to be done regarding legislation for the vacation of the street. Law Director Brand stated it was an option of an ordinance vacating the right-of-way. Brand stated the legislation had to be available for public inspection to lay over for a thirty day period. Safety/Service Director Garrison stated the area would need to be surveyed in order to provide a legal description for the legislation. Garrison questioned how Council thought Wayne Healthcare should proceed with the project. Garrison stated they should obtain the legal description of the right-of-way and Council could review it and could consider legislation. The consensus of Council was to move forward with preparing legislation for the project. President Burkett reviewed the legislation process. Wayne Deschambeau offered his appreciation to Council for their time. President Burkett offered his appreciation to Wayne Healthcare stating it was a pretty significant project for the City of Greenville. Whitaker stated Wayne Healthcare was a nice facility. Mayor Willman stated as time moved forward, it may help to share a little more on how the project would help the people in the Darke County area. Willman stated he was aware Wayne Healthcare had already spoken with the community regarding the project. Wayne Deschambeau stated there was a plan in place for notifying the community. Wright stated he had cancer and had been to Wayne Healthcare and they do a fantastic job. Howdieshell moved to adjourn and the motion passed as follows: Yea- Whitaker, Wright, Godwin, Hensley, Howdieshell, and Rogers. The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 P.M. CLERK OF COUNCIL COUNCIL PRESIDENT