Page 2/Technician/January 15, 1975 Craft Center holds sale The University Craft Center includes such favorites as Van flat fee profit from exhibition

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1 Technicia North Carolina State University s Student Newspaper Since 1920 Volume LV, Number 44 Wednesday, January 15, 1975 Jessup hits student athletic fee increase bylevh Fisher The last fee increase of $5 00 in 1965 increase on December Student Body President Ron Jessup has was completely consumed by addition According to Jessup scheduling of leveled a blast against proposed no00 to Athletics budget of costs of se meetings constituted a sham per year student athletic fee'increase, manner in which Athletic Director Willis matching retirement payments social Quite frankly, I am very upset that Casey Athletics Council have security employer contributions for all Athletics Council waited until last hled proposal existence at personnell plus all utilities costs which minute to have oepn hearings regarding all in any form or amount, of a student previously had been paid by increase for se reasons: athletic fee university" (1) The students were having examinations during this time period, I'm against any athletic fee at all" PRESENTLY THE principal sources of Jessup said The Athletic Department revenue are: football ticket sales 58 (2) Many students who might have had should fund itself Many students don't percent; student fees, 145 percent; some questions to ask about increase care about athletics I'm not in favor of basketball ticket sales 175 percent; were gone for vacation student body having to fund athletic football television revenue seven percent; basketball television revenue two a Friday night 7:30 on a Monday (3) The times of hearings, at 7:3) on department'in any way JESSUI ADDED that his views are percent: various or small income night were not best times to hold based on economics do not represent areas equaling or one percent meetings an anti-athletics view on his part "I'm TV revenue has increased slightly over (4) The dates mselves should have proud of athletics here at State I back years while ticket sales of both been at least two weeks in advance if teams," he commented basketball football maintained an exams in order to allow proper time for According to Jessup Athletics approximately constant share of total those interejted to obtain data seek Department has an adequate number of costs Increases in ticket prices have been justification basically to be given income sources aside from student responsible largely for maintaining that ample time to make adjustments in ir athletic fee There are many sources of position Only student fees shows a own schedules" Jessup said in a letter to revenue for Athletic Department at declining share of percentage of total student body submitted to Technician University Football tickets, basketball tickets, concessions commissions, unavailable for comment on Jessup's Director of Athletics Willis Casey was television coverage commissions radio coverage commissions se things are in addition to support given by Wolfpack Club Alumni Association or groups" Jessup said An Athletics Council subcommittee, consisting of two faculty representatives (statistics professor Dr Robert J Monroe civil engineering professor Dr John F Ely) one student representative (Michael 8 Sutton) was appointed last fall to study necessity or lack of it for an athletics fee increase THE SUBCOMMI'I'I EE S report called for approval of a $500 per semester increase in student athletics fee offered following justification for it: The budget of Intercollegiate Athletics program has been steadily increasin for past 14 years due to Incre services intercollegiate compev tltion in more sports inflationary pressure beginning of new intercollegiate programs for women costs since 1967 The report continues: The revenue from home football games must continue to be used for retirement of Carter Stadium bonds The latest projection assuming 80 percent capacity (32,000) a ten percent per year increase in operating expenses no capital improvement is retirement in 1982 One or two years of poor sales /or required capital improvements could extend this date several years When Carter Stadium bonds are retired an additional source of revenue of approximately $200,000 to $300,000 per year would occur; this increase in available funds would at that time be consumed by increased operating costs if present inflationary trends continue" ON THE MATTER of way Casey Walnut Ream staffers absent over dress by Howard Barnett Six of eight Walnut Room student employees were not on duty Monday night as a result of a dress-code controversy The students say that y were fired but Food Service director Larry Gilman maintains that y simply quit We told students that this would be dress code before vacation" said Gilman that y would not be allowed to work if y did not come to job properly dressed Six of m did not come in with proper dress Monday were not allowed to work We did not fire m y'quit" The new dress code in question requires all Walnut Room employees to wear white shirts navy or black trousers not jeans or cordouroy some type of hosiery substantial" shoes a hairnet a tunic code Anor way this will help us is with our banquet help Weve had complaints about our banquet help not dressing alike, too' The former Walnut Room worker disagreed with this point however "When y add class is when y improve food not when y dress everybody up like clowns" he said He added that he did not consider that he had quit said that he would like to go back to work I'd like to go back to work because like people I'm working with I enjoy work But I can't afford pants like that I have to work 4 days a week to do that keep m clean, I would have to wash m every night unless I bought several pair he said It's bad inflationary policy" he added charges Full text ofjessup's letter page by Michael Schenker Several groups on campus have Athletics committee have hled officially asked for a total increase of fee increase jessup said he felt $3680 in student fees next semester yr was not carried out in good Most of those interviewed On an by thothaquuting incrbase "i ; Brickyardahqught hat tier host part The Athletics Council scheduled increases we unjustified held open hearings of proposed The $36 80 is broken down into provided by Food Service To make poor students go out buy Students would provide all items on, extravagant clos dress code except tunic Gilman added that he just couldn't say" One student who was not on job how much trousers like those required Monday who did not wish to be under new code would cost but identified said The pants he (Gilman) is added "The students were told of new talking about are Dacron- Polyester code before vacation I thought type pants Idon t wear Dacron- Polyester n that it was understood that that pants I don t have any I can't afford would be way it was when we started pants like that They run at about 315-$20 new semester You can get a pair of apiece pants in four weeks if you want to It's like The rag-gm- for new dress code for anything else You can pay a lot for m cafeteria according to Gilman, was to or you can find m on saie or something improve its appearance like that" "We ve been talking about this for a He said reason for ruling out jeans while this'is one of things we feel cordouroy was that those two fabrics this does cover radio station will improve our operation" said Gilman frequently fade Agmmeck Production costs are definitely Assistant Director of Food Services You can have nice-looking corduroy but higher now Walt Barkhouae agreed saying We've it can be washed a few times will fade The university could save some money got a nice carpet piped-in music, rolls on just like jeans I don't want to be put into on basics such as lights heat'in tables we need to have all a position where I have to make a buildings I have been over to School help dress alike" judgement on wher a pair of pants is of Design at midnight all lights A lot of peopie sly that suitable everytime a person comes in to have been on when no one was re students don t care what people who work So I just ruled m out Anything Instead of increasing fees let are serving m look like" said Gilman else is acceptable Gilman explained He University budget more carefully pay but it just isn t true We ve gotten added that he still considered that those extra cost" Parker concluded complaints from people before about who were not working had quit that BODA SMITH a Sociology senior, said help downstairs dressing in work clos y would be allowed to return to work if Well c0 of living has gone up I things like that So y do care y came in clos which met dress guessyou havetolivewithit Iguassy shouldn't increase fees but what can The Ines formed once students found that wait was no escape from C Suggest Infirmary charge per visit following: Infirmary $20 Athletics 310 Union 86 Publications 880 Total fer Registration Day Change Day tekickoff 1975 Sprhg Semester While until after lunch provided much quicker access to Coliseum for registration re nge Day lines Students differ of fee hikes QUENTIN PARKER a sophomore in School of Design commented The infirmary has always been very good if y need it can justifyit n I think y should have it He added The way I go over re I use at least $40 worth per semester" He blamed economy for increase Due to economic situation se increases are probably necessary" said Parker So long as y can all be justified y are all right The publications increase is justified because I underst paper price goes up On,brlckyurd '2", ilk helncresse Sinlth clinilnued I'm a senior so it fiwms Alb doii lruseltlie new doesn' t really affect me I didn't go to any so I don't think that large increase is of open meetings because I didn't justified It would be pretty good if y know about m would charge per visit" Shoffner commented It's not good to have infirmary increase so much for all students If The increases are due partly to you need services of infirmary you inflation partly for everyone else to are going to pay for it Lots of people get ir increases in while all or don't use infirmary y shouldn't prices are rising" she said have to pay for it They should charge per Chip Marvin a junior in Mechanical visit" she added Engineering said These increases just THE COST OF living increases in follow everything else that is going-up: I economy are reasons for fee increases" Smith commented Martin Wilson a ' special student pre-veterinary medicine stated "I don't really care about increases inflation hits everything else so why shouldn't it hit here? He added That 310 increase in aletic fees is ridiculous They don t need it The aletic department is supporting mselves right now I doubt I'll go to open meetings because I don't have time I'VE BEEN HERE four semesters I haven't been to infirmary yet They ought to charge per visit That would be much better fairer to students" Wilson explained He stated "I don't think y steal your mone I think y use it They ought to stop uilding all se buildings It s to crowded already Small schools are hungry for money Marion Shoffner a sophomore in Psychology said The lump sum sounds bad but I guess when it is split up like that it doesn t sound so bad I m 00 to any of athletic it, haven't been to open meetings because I haven't heard about m I don't know if"i would speak against m or not It would depend on reasons given for increase" HE CONTINUED The way it's going for me I would rar infirmary charge per visit I haven't been re at all yet although that might change I dont see why athletic fee has to go up at all It should not be increased The economy everything else is causing rising prices You just can't get away from it Marvin concluded Kathy Adams a junior in History said, It just doesn t seem fair that y increase fees by that much All games I've been to have been jam'packed I can't see increase in athletic fees" She continued "I could see infi:ry irmsse Maybe that s just!!!- able but as popular as basketball is on this campus I can't underst increase 'I'IIIS IS THE first time that I have heard about II I hy Mn mm, I mm 3331%: mi u infirmary should make you pay as you go You should pay as you use it" she said Those who increased it probably think that with inflation way it is we will probably ignore it" Adams concluded ( Mariel Shoffner RB McBurney as assistant professor of Economics gave a professional opinion He said I think y are a reflection of inflation That means that our money is losing value It takes more dollars to acquire same services commoditites That is main problem with inflation As long as inflation is with us prices will go up It is a possibility that should be pursued ( cutting back of services instead of increasing prices) If infirmary can operate on a per visit charge idea has merit McBurney concluded WEATHER Partly cloudy today tomorrow with high? in with bowtonighearound 20 Near zero per cent chance of precipitation today tonight ' INSIDE ouorr: rqungeww mh mmmh f ffjtrzxxxz11""93 u I oi iip Mm frag MI Doctor'sBagm page9

2 Page 2/Technician/January 15, 1975 Craft Center holds sale The University Craft Center includes such favorites as Van flat fee profit from exhibition This money will go toward conducted by Musician-in-Resi instrument construction will be is sponsoring anor art print Gogh's Starry Nite Picasso's exhibition sale this week Don Quixote Salvador funding this semester's programs at Center a master instrument craftsman denee George Kelischek who is The sale will run through Dali's Persistence of a Memory Friday on second floor of The exhibition will also feature REGISTRATION for spring Classes at center are student center Hours are 9 about 100 works which have classes at center will be open to State students, faculty am to 7 pm daily been added since showing today through Friday between ir families Some classes Quality reproductions of over last fall '2: 00 10:00 p m in Craft are also available to public 1200 of world's finest works Prints of masterpieces from Center in basement of through Division of Conti of art will be available for $200 artists such as Matisse Rembrt Toulouse Lautrec crafts such as pottery wood For more information about Thompson Theatre Classes in nuing Education each or three for $500 SUPPLIED BY Oscar will also be on sale working photography are Craft Center's programs Barry Art Show collection The Craft Center will make a available Sessions in musical call Welcome dance 1135 B of Oz It s once again time to boogie! ADMISSION T0 dance Free refreshments will be Instruments included in Tonight from 8 until 12 a sponsored by Owen House served in ballroom b area sax trumpet organ 14 1/2 " CAN YOU BELIEVE m dance will be held in Council in conjunction with The B 0f 02 is a seven drums, guitar, a lead Student Center Ballroom house councils of Tucker PI e group featuring musxc singer (John Bowen Metcalf Residence 0 ChIcago 3100(I- Sweat FROM HolmTHAT OR I MCOMING' UNBELIEVEABLE IS GUY Music will be provided by BACK!) B of 02 from Greenville Halls is 3150 for guys Tears Doobie Brors NC 50 cents for 3143 m rbeach music groups try CIaSSifiédS! I 9091! UT "IE LUSIY WEST-, g e cafe deia vu K IN Ine Cameron Village Subway S Y DIV G W83 Homemade Supper Specials CHIS after 5:30 pm [I mm my ViEEINESDAY ' Iouo eve" oulslondlng, 'IIII EOIIY Soupwith Tumor Vegetables Vegetables» with mun COIIIEIIIIBI Salami Swich Salad $140 IOIIIS IOI 8140 hes! Free knees Mon-Thurs «l I la IIIIS you! Entertainment: Wed 8 Thurs - II Goldslein Screw log Christian Anderson (guitarist-vocalist} Fri & Sat - Winterwood $100 Cover IWHWMNNHHMMIM BIMMPWMHBIHMIMM, MmMflmmlmflmhw W ; CO-OP BOOKSTORE operated by Alpha Zola fraiomfly buy sell used textbooks! _ Beef SSS prim/l 2104 Unit Stud confer Open 9-4 thru 204 week of classes IIIIO vou can or our or IIIEII smum rurmvmsmmmrmmm sumo-m - mum, chmmouumw munmuocn COME FLY WITH US who» nu MMIMWI -Irma mama-mum mmvurmmnm) nun-9mm - unanimous-tantrum MMMUI MW ammonia-u tumult Immlflk Franklin County Sport Parachute Center, Inc M mum: ummumnunqmrmwnuumm twin) MMWOINIII - BACK To SCHOOL SPECIAL Thurs night- Come watch game with us on our TV s FREE BEER ALL NIGHT Open at 7:00 $500 oow -Giris FREE/ TNFTiday Er Sat night I B of Oz, me unbelievable THE GIGANTIO COLOSSAL / (a: IONOIOIIIIIIIIIAOO 9/ DON T MISS THIS! Studiol LATE SHOW 10:30PM mm TONIGHT & THURS ADMISSION ONLY $200! DJ'S Textbooks WOULD LIKE FOR YOU 10 KNOW: II IIIIE SELL TEXTBOOKS FOR N c STATE COURSES 2) 3) WE EMPHASIZE USED BOOKS YOU MONEY THEY CAN SAVE SOME STUDENTS BUY NEW BOOKS ELSEWHERE BEFORE CHECKING DJ S FOR A USED COPY JUST JEHnS HflD PHflTS :: azaaeaazzzr;'::::::::::: swsmms mo SHIRTS, ti :ff :if 2 22m, FOR GUYS nnd <3an BETTER THAN EVER 8) OUR EMPOYEES (SOME ARE N C STATE STUDENTS) WILL HELP YOU FIND YOUR BOOKS WHEN AND IF YOU NEED HELP 9) WE BUY BOOKS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR THIS IN INCLUDES THE START OF THE SEMESTER -WHEN EYOU ARE BUYING BOOKS THIS ACT CAN 77 known MONEY TO BUY YOUR BOOKS wnu l0) WE SELL rexrnooxs DURING THE SEMESTER IF YOU SHOULD NEED THEM AFTER THE START or CLASSES II) WE WILL OPEN LA TE THE IsI DAYS OF CLASSES AND WILL BEOPENON TNEISI TWO SA TURDA YS AFTER THE START OF CLASSES A SCHEDULE IS POSTED IN THE STORE \ CAMEO PRINT TEE SHIRTS - HAND-TOOLED SKINNY BELTS KNEE-HI SOCK ASS T EARRING SELECTION DJ S TEXTBOOKS 4I25 ZII25I UPSTAIRS AT 26I6 HILLSBOROUGH 57 NEXT TO ELLIASON S RESTAURANT m BOUTIQUE OUTLET MISSION \ Alil :HOPFVNv C \ I I I4 HANI NV?

3 ' _ January 15, 1975/Technician/ Page 3 Sororities to share $ 1/2 million house Sigma Kappa Alpha The bonds will be purchased Durham will be Univer- a total of forty bedrooms Delta Pi Sororities will soon primarily by Wachovia Bank city's financial advisors for divided equally between have ir own house on what Trust Co transaction two sororities up until now has been known TIIE SALE will be held The architects for Each sorority unit will as Fraternity Row TThursday afternoon at 2:00 structure are Cogswell/Hausler contain one large recreation A single house will be» pm in fourth floor Associates of Chapel Hill They room a small living room home of both sororities The boardroom of Wachovia have designed a single three small office a laundry a new facility will be located on building in downtown Raleigh story structure to house both vending machine area There South Fraternity Court between SAE House PKA payofi bonds They will be The house will be more excessive cost of building No tax money will be used to sororities will not be a kitchen due to House paid off out of money collected residential in appearance than, maintaining it The new sorority house will for room rent at sororities most of buildings now on There will be one housemar s apartment which be paid for by bonds J Lee Peeler Co of Fraternity Row It will contain will serve both sororities The house will be air conditioned will have telephone outlets in each room The exact cost for a sorority member to live in house for one academic year will probably be less than 3450 excluding meals social fees national local dues THE LARGEST variable in cost will be gas electricity The target date for completion of building is January 1976 The newest sorority on campus Alpha Phi could not be included in this bond sale because y were chartered too late for plans to be made They are searching for a house off campus which will be purchased by a loan from Alpha Phi International ' -Steve Thompson Village Subway Cameron Village, Raleigh Telephone cla WOULD GIRL WITH deep brown eves wearing black turtleneck silver medallion at Frog Monday night please call Ray mo Cox Hall) (morning) FOOD SERVICE JOBS available for spring semester See Mr Barkhouse at Food Service office lst floor Student Center WHOLESALE BOOKS up to cent 70 per oft Business Sex Religious- Intellectual, etc Free Catalogue, enclose 25 cents ling postage to: h- Bargain Book Barn, 1013, Box Fayetteville, NC sified WESTERN SHIRTS reg 515 only EXPERIENCED secretary with exceptional ability personality so Jeans, socks, pants Factory Outlet, 290 Hillsborough (next to Good pay Akropolis) in tringe Raleigh benefits, work 9 mos, summer camp on coast 3 mos, prefer single person or NEED RIDE TO Jacksonville, NC person with not more than I child any weekend Call Bridgett at ' dictation Need be good Knowledge typist of able to Exec take Mag RIDERS available to many cities Card helpful but willing to train USA Drive a car, no charge Share qualified person Excellent references OTTCTMORS 10276, Raleigh, required Reply North to P O Carolina Box ROOMS FOR RENT Across from NCSU on Hillsborough Street Call PARKING SPACES Across from 834-5l00 aggu Several locations Call 034- ASSIGNED PARKING: near Bell Tower, 4 Maiden Lane Henry Marshall EXPERT ses, TYPING manuscripts, of term technician papers, reports, general correspondence, etc 05l-7077, list-0027 SUMMER CAMP ings: Camp Sea Gull counselor Camp 0990' Seafarer North Carolina s nation ally recognized coastal boys' girls' camps on Pamlico Sound near Atlantic Beach New Bern 20th season Camps feature sailing, motorboating seamanship plus all ing usual skindiving camping activities (includ golf course at Sea Gull horseback riding at Scalar er) Opportunities for students (col lege men women), coaches teachers who are looking for more than Openings "iust for anor Nurses summer June lo~august job" 22 We seek highly qualified (ability to instruct in one phase of camp's program), dedicated enthusias tic staff members with exemplary character offer good salaries, room board, plus opportunity of sharing in a meaningful purposeful swer upon experience receipt of a Quick letter an- of application which should include a brief resume of training experience which in area you (s) of are camp program best In qualified to instruct Apply Director, to Camp Wyatt Sea Taylor, Gull/Camp Seafarer, P O Box l0976, Raleigh, North Carolina EARN EXTRA ma MONEY give Earn Sl600 plas- every week olaéi lgnington South Street Blood Bank 032- TY P I NG MrS Casey Ricoh Singlex TLS Camera cr-ie WELCOME BACK DANCE Wed Jan l5, 8:00 pm The Second Floor WATER POLO CLUB starts again ON JANUARY l0, W75 Dave Brubeck His Sons will perform with Student Center Ballroom will be tonight at 0:00 pm at pool All newcomers are welcome to attend NC Symphony Memorial Auditorium at 3 0 pm Tickets rocking tonightll The Sounds will be provided by B of 01, a Times are Mon 8:00 pm Wed 8:00 pm available for NC State student at fantastic group out Greenville, nc Student Center Box Office 4) This is a dance so come on out THURSDAY LUNCHEON for faculty graduate students will cents have a blast Admission is only $150 for guys $50 for girls, FREE reirshments will be served in present on Jan lb a film on ballroom Wanna swing to "Pollution in Currituck" by Les sri darwin gross, Living Thornbury at noon, fourth floor Master, EXK, spiritual leader of ECKAN~ sounds of Chicago Blood Sweat 8- Student Center, Blue Room KAR The Ancient Science of Total Tears, The Doobie Brors Awareness, will be interviewed by many more? Come on out get PHYSICAL FITNESS agility Tom Snyder, Host of Tomorrow into sounds of a great 7 pc b class sponsored by football Show, on Wed, Jan is, 1975 Don t forget tonight at 0:00!!! coaching staff will have its initial Don't miss it!!! meeting Thursday, Jan id at 5:00 show (actually is produced Thursday in morning) The New York City THE NCSU INTERNATIONAL Folk pm in room it or Carmichael Gym on Dancing Club begins spring These classes are open to all Television NBC appears on National from i to 2 am Thursday semester with dancing this Friday in students morning (after Johnny Carson) On Thursday, Jan l6, Darwin will be Student Center at 7:30 Come INTER-VARSITY Christian Fellowship Come get involved in Show (WOR Radio, interviewed on Barry Farber ioin Iunl! warmth, learning fun Tomorrow night, Thurs, Jan to, 7:30 at 38 states at 0: 15 to New 9:00 pm York This show City) covers CO-OP BOOKSTOREQTOJ University Student Center Open 9-4 thru Alumni Bldg For info call Gary at second week of classes Buy REGISTRATION for spring classes sell used textbooks Beat SSS Prices THE OUTING CLUB will meet Wed at Craft Center will take place on WINDHOVER meeting Jan 20 lobby at 7:30 in Blue Room, fourth Jan l$,l6,l7 between 2 lo pm of Winstead Hall at pm ALL Student Center A climbing film, at Craft Center, located in interested persons please come "The West Face of Sentinel," will be basement of Thompson Theatre presented ALL interested persons Classes in pottery, textile printing WINDHOVER submissions accepted until end of this week Turn ATHLETICS FEE increase meet are invited design, basic woodworking, ceramic casting, weaving, decoupage, photography, enamellng on your work into main office of ings Will be held Wed Jan is metal, leaded glass, contemporary Winstead Hall circulation Thur Jan lb ato:30 pm in room us stitchery musical instrument desk of DH Hill Library of Reynolds Coliseum Ings are These to meet- construction will be uttered throughout semester The classes are discuss proposed FREE To STUDENTS a faculty -- athletics fee increase open to students, faculty ir l5 centimeter plastic pocket ruler Go metric Conventional 6 inch scale PHI families Manyt of classes will ETA SIGMA Honor Society: also be offered to general public also included Pick up your tree new members inducted in fall It) through Division at Continuing pocket ruler In room 145, Reynolds may pick up ir certificates in 204 Education For furr Information Coliseum while supply lasts Peale Hall call Plastic rulers are irepflvltll : obligationowcoundcvwfi Studies 2: itone Jihi'v A ;;u 162 }: rh': i - published avarymonday, Wad malllnp address at no Boa nosday, Friday during sofa, Rala'fimorth Carolina 141/2 nag academic semester, is represantad by National Advertising par academic umaatar ' ascrlptiona are aaoo service, Inc, a'g'ant for national advertising, Offices are Enterprise Printers, Inc,' 815 par year ' Printed by aaa 'Taanaoa Studio One Cmirla" located In SultasralalI-sl In Mabana NC Second clasa' Late Show was mason University Sktudant Cantor postage paid, Raleigh, NC FlDDlER ON THE ROOF January 25, pm Engineers! Start in Management Now at C Pa or A subsidiary of The Procter Gamble Co P Charmin will interview at Student Placement Office January We have opportunities in: Manufacturing Plant Management Product Engineering I Plant Maintenance Management I Plant industrial Engineering I Plant Chemical Engineering For: as M0 degrees In Chi 0! II II, ME, Pulp Paper Technology MlA'a with IS In any techan discipline Experience In paparmaklng not necesaary We'll train you "on-lhaelob" for a years) combined with a practice of Our rapid growth (a now ptanla In 3-0 months than you'll take full promotion from within provides outallng advancement opportunities: charge of an engineering stall section or direct raaponalblllly tor a production unit or department Paparmaklng to big business Tenth largaal'lnduatry In U 8 grow- Sign up at Placement Office now lng rapidly We're Interested In talking with you even Cltarmln'a growing As a producer of it you have graduate school plans or houaohpai if military obligation Note: You must be a " onalil ll Uta «nastier haven mutant 'lltf growing times faster than total migrant visa Industry An laual Opportunity Imployar M/f OUT TN! PIO'ISSOI OUR!! "TH! 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NortthroixiStoteUrtversity MERCHANT or vemce MEMPHIS BLUES CARAVAN we 3 \ Looking for somcthmg ' spcc I! a January 29 S 30; 8 Mi January l9, 2 I 8 'M 'CII in records tapcs??? Gilt 00ml Milt 0mm florid Praaiar 0f SHE STOOPS T0 GOHWER CLEARANCE PRODUCT PRICES ONLY $298 list price album Now ONLY $169 $598 list price album Now ONLY $377 $698 list price album Now ONLY $439 $798 list price tape Now ONLY $568 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Check special values from- UNITED ARTISTS POLYDOR so 0 Fahmryl R 2, 2 S 8 pa MGM 3-82:0": 3am North Hills Cameron Village Crabtrcc Valley

4 ' Page Technician/Mm 15, 1975 Food Science contracts on Contracts were signed last Market tests are scheduled human intestinal tract Scientific literature reports that se found flavor unpleasant name weet cidophilus has began to be used as a because many people have this resason A trademark dairy industry sine vitamin D activities of microorganisms he him preserve his foods month on a process developed to start in near future in by State food scientists designed to increase benefits ern state probably Ohio recovering from certain intes- considered signtfican't because Some industry sources say if part of mth century organisms' as well as ir North Carolina a Midwest- bacteria can aid body in TIE N08!) development is been selected supplement to milk in early growing imitators! foods per-g he has been_ in ultimate mutedmantopreeervefoods contact with viable' micro- of milk Scientists have km for tinal disorders such as d'nrrhea it overcomes problem of new product gains wide- Dr Marvin L Speck a" products of metabolism The involves adding over half a century that this flatulence or gassineas undesirable flavor results growth to processm milk a culture of family of bacteria is associated Acidophilus milk has not in a productithat tastes like 3, bone ' l bacteria known as closclv with health of normal pasteurized milk For a a be 0:;ch s w hsoroffoodscienlieatgfcs lhl; 8 IN SHORT 8A ) Speck been widelyused however significant developments in resemarchn, thichthasfiebeefn under We make use of bactcrta' in Lactobacillus acidophilus", H tund buttermilk yogurt many ways in This new product does not have way for more than manufacture five years cheeses have become prlme of food cooked strong acid The North Carolina Agricul items in human diet The microbiologist' ' said flavors usually associated with tural bacteria are found over entire Exnriment Station supported t work done in similarly preserved Vege- outer portion of human Many or foods have been conventionally made acidophilus milk 0 In man s existence helpful tables can be pickled by use body y inhabit Some industry sources say it of microorganisms yielding entire gastrointestinal could be one of most Speck, a microbiologist tract said foods such as sauerkraut The lactobacilli normally significant developments in bacteria both beneficial pickles for man, silage for constitute about dairy industry since vitamin D harmful, second have layed an imporbacterta outnumber by far Emmi; fliefil'nmt'i be conve into wines; in human gut These are in animals The ' ices of fruits can most numerous microorganism was introduced as a supplement in milk during early part of somefruitsyieldoneofbest 20th Century tstory billions per gram of fecal preservatives known to man material" ' OFFICIALS OF THE N C in man's existence" Speck namely vinegar The intestinal tract Dairy Foundation which sup said of helpful a bacteria outnumher by far harmful ones preservation of meats in within about 24 hours Microorganisms can permit new-born baby is sterile but ports dairy science programs at NCSU signed a contract with harmful ones Microorggnisrns microorganisms rapidly become es- have been involved for centuries in sausages The development of tablished with lactobacilli form of various types of G P Gundlach & Co of Cincinnati Ohio for marketing manufacture of both dairy sour dough bread, aside from predominating product under trade non-dairy foods consumed by its gourmet qualities probably AS LONG AS THE name Nu Trish" A contract humans" proper enables certain cereals to balance of various species of was signed earlier with Marshall Laboratories, a division of ments such as refrigeration microorganisms that would tbns in intestines remain BEFORE SUCH develop- survive attacks of different bacteria is maintained condi- Miles Laboratories of Elkhardt sterilization by heat preservative chemicals, State Thus, for many years man has occur to upset that balance Indians who will prepare -Dr Marvin L Speck shorten shelf life of bread healthy But many things can mnyxaams scientist said metabolic depended on microorganisms to contmuc'donpage5 n Best Borbecue in east Best Chicken in country Eastern Carolina barbecue country fried chicken with all flxin s of There'soPolit lg " i ' Waterbeds, 7:3"- Wllson0reenvlle, MM L 3 1ng 7,adwflort usaa ( 3, ti newest in Raleigh gm Park Ave 33" awrnmvacanouar INSOMNIACS _ e e ANYONE DESHINGAGOWNIGII'I S SLEEP Believe those student tensions natural way Sleep easily effectively on most comfortable sleepingsurfaeedevisedsincernanmoved from groundontoabedofskins Thewaterbediswinning nation'sinaomniacsactivepeopleasfast disciples for a number of cogent reasons: 0 The waterbed offers firmest sleeping surface of any had made--- 0 Provides ultimate in contouring ability (cornpletely adjustable to every owner) Provides a warmth u hich r or»id--'f a 2l'- ~ - soreness of tired or strained muscles lointsla temperature control unit allows owner to choose desired setting) Because of se unlgue features waterbed ides comfort which ar masses that possible conventional bedding- ataprlceyou can afford Waterbeds are available thru us which are a high uality product with little to no chance of seam failures Also available is largest selection of framesinarea Beforeyoubuyabed-seeusll 4 Across between LoveStory Lastlb'ngo In Portal 4'0!mm Chancellor Search Committee Open hearing schedule: 9: - 10:!) 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5 January /Technician/Page 5 'A diet oi sterile foods tends new milk process to make consumer more For example persons taking antibiotic drugs an essen- klneowing why 2: found that containing very few or no "Many people without ceased arid are virtually sterile tial tool in modern medicine tmo ingestion various forproducts helps m to cularly true, he said of many microorganisms This is parti- often experience gastrointestinal upsets The reason is that feel better more quickly Undoubtedly this'1s because y today's young people snack food items eaten by broad-spectrum antibiotics destroy many of bacteria in are able to get lactobacilli into A diet of sterile foods tends intestines both beneficial intestinal tract get a to make consumer more, harmful species bacterial balance established susceptible to disorders of "The lactobacilli which are more quickly gastrointestinal tract" Dr beneficial are ly vul Now I'm not saying that Roberts said We need to put nerable to antibiotics As y only bacteria'1n gut should more emphasis on types of are eliminated patient be lactobacilli We have to foods that help maintain a often experiences rointestinal discomfort particularly in Certain or types exist re isms in gastrointestinal maintain a proper balance healthy balance of microorgan- form of diarrhea that seem to be needed but tract" flatulence or gas y never appear to have any "To overcome this discomfort it s important that Its lactobacilli that seem to f we eat today are very problem getting re-established 8 said: Many of lactobacilli become re-established in human gut This alleviating some of se hum- essentially absent in lactobacil- offer best potential for very low in bacteria can take a shorter or a longer an stresses li This is opposed to habits we time depending on many SPECII EMPIIASIZED that oncehad when we ate more raw things of a dietary nature that Sweet Acidophilus" or Nu- foods more were available doctors may not have control Trish" milk should not be So it is important that we offer over thought of as a medicine body lactobacilli on a But one of things we do I think we need to consider re lar basis" know is that by ingesting lactobacilli or microorganisms of intestinal tract lactobacilli in intestinal NCSU scientist said lactobacilli species does get established much more rapidly to have a role similar to tract seem to have some intestinal discomfort disappears more quickly bute to man's well being What desirable bacteria that might nutrients because y contri- antagonistic effects against un- SPECII SAID MAN is becoming increasingly subject to ophilus' milk is to increase if lactobacilli are not we're doing with Sweet Acid- become predominant in gut gastrointestinal illnesses such options available to consumer to have a broader range FOR EXA PIE he said present in ad uate amounts" as salmonellosis an infection caused by salmonellae Attacks of nutrient intake reby when coliform bacteria become by microorganisms such as maintain his intestinal health predominant in intestinal " salmonellae can cause food Dr W M Roberts, head of tract after antibiotic rapy borne illnesses manifested as food science at State said many y seem to be particularly diarrhea nausea so on modern foods are hi_hly ro inyolvgd in_ causln flatulence or gassiness diarrhea susceptible to disorders of When lactobacilli becomereestablished in proper numbers 1n proper balance with or bacteria present he added coliform bacteria are 3;} gastrointestinal tract reduced in numbers that' f ' when individual expert ences more comfort in gastrointestinal tract" -Dr W M Roberts Ordinary acidophilus nu photo by 11am has been used for many years not a single consumer could most appropriate kind to use tract role of to help consumer maintain microorfor this purpose according to ganisms in Laboratories a division of detect any difference in flavor intestinal health relieve human diet 1 Miles Laboratories Gundlach from regular milk Speck said our present thinking" think were at disorders But product is beginning officials said How often should an individual drink Sweet Acidophilus" There is no patent on on man' stages of a whole distasteful because of its acid new emphasis nature cooked flavor s interrelationships Medical specialists in different areas of country milk? product since both ingredients with microorganisms resulting from heating milk particularly It's difficult to say with are normal no genetic to high temperatures to kill off beneficial ones have indicated a very definite certainty" NCSU food variance in bacteria is interest in this whole field or bacteria present For this Joint studies involving reason product has been scientist said I try to have at involved Speck said At a national dairy exposition least one glass a day also in Dallas this fall Sweet medical profession are planned used "only as a last resort" to use it on cereal The milk ONE REASON Sweet Acidophilus" is possible now he displayed fact sheets dis- Acidophilus" milk cartons were get lactobacilli into intestinal tract Speck a faculty member at should be consumed without State since 1947 has had as his What we have introduced in heating to obtain benefit of said is that technology is tributed According to officials collaborator in this research live bacteria" available commercially for of Gundlach many large dairy 'Sweet Acidophilus' milk" making massive amounts of companies throughout na- Dr Stanley E Gillil Dr Speck said "is a product that What about cost of culture that would be needed tion showed great interest in I? E: Gregg-y, 8'80 0' sic has same flavor as new product? pasteurized milk you're accustomed to drinking I think" said Speck That product wanted to assisted l sc1ence in epartment project Many 5 "We anticipate that cost we are goin to witness in this know available when supplies would be technicians graduate students will be a few cents per quart We have grown lactobacilli separately concentrated country an internationally a or individuals have over regular price of milk lot more emphasis on The culture for "Nu-Trish" assisted in various phases of Low-fat or skim milk is m n added a small microflora of, intestinal will be produced by Marshall research amount of this concentrate to milk distributed bacteria throughout milk so that re is absolutely no foreign flavor And yet milk does have billions of se bacteria per uart IN YEAR- NG taste tests TWO GUY o Performs all classical slide rule functions- simple arithmetic reciprocals factoriafs expotentiation roofs trigonometric,_ logarithmic functions all in free floating decimal point or in scientific notation Features an algebraic keyboard with single function keys for easy problem solving - Most functions process displayed data only allows separate processing of data before entryin a complex calculation 0 Memory allows storage recall of numbers- features sum key for accumulation to memory Calculates answers to 13 significant digits uses all 13 digits in subsequent calculations for maximum accuracy v Computes displays numbers as large as : "" assmall as: " Converts automatically to scientific notation when calculated answer is greater than 10'" or less thin 10 "' Performs operations in order problem is stated Features bright 14-character display 10 -digit mantissa 2-oigit 'rflow error indications 0 Lightweight fully portable s Rechargeable batteries or AC operation F ulll year manufacturers warranty 0 'AC Adapter/Charger included Texas Instruments electronic calculators $ Oil-10, - Spocmlkoy incipincals functions nnimullognriffims squ nls:1quares sumnmlion 1ifoiheapuwi-1 yfutlii: 11 power as well 1111 addition subtraction multmlirai- -11 dwimon 0 Instant 8place accuracy f10n1 Simple arithmetic lo rj11mplm equations - Hles numbers as large as "" ,,or as small as 0 Features an algebraic keyboard problem with solving single func11on keys for easy Most functions process displayed data onlyprocessing allows ofdata separate before entry1n a complex cal1 UlallOll - Memory allows storage recall of numbers s accumulation sum key for in mommy 0 F1sl-10chhriii1long liii lli-iiiciii h A12:11f1111l111/ Pocket portabihfy Weighs only ii 'J ounces Automatic (full Noun: 9) decimal placement 111 answers - Ilrighf red display showsa -dig1l numbers 2 d1n1toxpnn11nts signs overflow n11n11s sum low- battery warning Simple to operate ' - Warrantod by TI to be free from defects in parts wm kmanship for one full year AMERITALIAN RESTAURANT * PIZZA Is OUR SPECIALTY 11' LASAGNE GREEK SALADS SPAGHETTI onecmn HEROES mnicom STEAKS a SEAFOOD" Ramon - HAMBURGEE STEAK ACROSS FROM 11 H HILLLIBRARY 2504 HILLSBOBOUGHST

6 ' Paced/Technician/Januaw 15, 1975 Tennessee vs State be fastest in Carmichael The TennesseeState swimming meet Saturday wins into season dating 'tains could be Chuck Raburn Tony back to 1969 including Corliss three freshman Eddy Corliss will compared battle to a computerized freshman Houchin a wins over Knoxville W Tenn match-up, between Bruce Secretariat Washburn or all-american Keith Gilliam in native Wolfpack STATE all-american SEVENTH-ranked 200 Citation by no Chris means Mapes a newcomer to freshman The yard It will take something akin to Doug Shore national will swimming likely 'circles has battle freestyles a should computer to resemble detect a long won 14 in a Tennessee row since it last all-americans fell Rick sprints with difference between Volunteers Wolfpack in many in 1973 Wolfpack Seywert to Vols Jeff in White Knoxville in boasting Atlantic Coast Conference record breaststroke owns a skein of 13 of holders 11 races Ralph, wins in a row in its home pool Baric Steve Gregg who In diving Vols have two WE SHOULD see at least Tennessee will be favored to likely will splash against Vols all-americas Jim Kennedy winner perhaps ors edge Wolfpack in John ml in every race equal Lee or better Engstr Frank Nash, ready to meet relays based on ir three IN BUTTERFLY State Wolfpack freshmen Mike Tober qualifying time for men returning from sophomore Steve Gregg, Bob McHenry ' ' nationals," said Wolfpack coach {00-yard medley relay which world's second ranked Don ZOO-meter flier, will be challenged The meet shapes up as one of Easterling That's something won NCAA title last by most competitive ever held I've never encountered winter, pair that Vol all- American Bill Rodriguez while in Carmichael pool And if it before in a dual meet" returns from (00-yard The America's meet scheduled thirdranked goes according to form for 4 freestyle relay which took gm at backstroker~ Carmichael pool on State difference between win, place bronze medal However 5; tate freshman campus, Dan Harrigan will will be, show in most races will be match Wolfpack has all-america several streaks that tested would by all-americas Kendall extremely close ACC record units in both as ' make Pri lgige even two Kevin former Priestley well Reserved seat tickets priced, ~'* cham ' us of horse racing visitors have American at $3 each are on sale M by locum In at weir}! 50 envious loo-yard record holder Engstr in freestyles three of Reynolds Coliseum meet's Box Office Lulu Eure tries to penetrate Carolina defense in Monday night a loss to Heels brought ird-ranked a string of Tennessee ZOO-yard individual medley 59 straight 14 State all Americans students will will be duel admitted Vol where Wolfpack will Tom on ir Lutz registration State's ID co-cap- employ ACC record-holder cards Women lose; Lake s a winner EXHIBITION AND SALE 2222! Last year I wrote a column following State Carolina loll-color reprodactioas of MASTERPIECES women s basketball comparing Tar Heel girls to Carolina farming works of Cha'll Dali, Matisse, Gaugiin men's team Their actions I said were very similar with foul ONLY EACH AND Van 60", Snow, Cezanne, Frankonthder, Harrier, Klee, line huddleo sting up by bench slap on rear Moo, Monet, mums, Picasso, Rembrt ors Covering Renoir, Toulouse-Laotroc mm, ors Monday night anor one of girls' games was held but Carolina women must have read last year's remarks They didn't over 1200 different prints perform all little feats that naked eye can see while MASTER DRAWINGS watchin Tar Heel men A'L' E WIIA THEY did do was to defeat State women in a New Publication: devastating manner Carolina really has a good player in Marsha span rs Mann She dominated board play most of night pulling M c sscusn; down 18 loose balls by Jim Pomeranz DATE: ::::l?llfi l l:l08 hthetaill? Helfls penetrated State:k defense sigh easemusigg Sports Editor DAV "to MIT! t eir r p yers to receive qui passes nn, a t e MON- THURS game's leading scorer with 14 points tossed in four of 12 baskets 13_1 6 33%;" om floor six of 13 free throw attempts WHEN I GET INTO THE GAME I have decided earlier that I gum"; On Wolfpack side of ledger, Donna Andrews lead have to do my job out on floor" he stated I've got to expect anmvnv way with 10 points Lulu Eure contributed nine, Stephanie to be cold at first that] probably will not hit early shots so TIME: ll Mason scored eight points Genie Jordan six mainly I look for open man to pass off to when I get ball I g 7 p 3 names Jordan who usually scores more points was held down by know that by doing a good job I will play a little longer" E m _ Carolina's tough defense And when I say tough that's just what When Lake made his appearance on floor that night he was ' non ounxors I mean They were big strong aggressive surrounded by talent of David Thom n, Phil Spence PLACE f l rams: muses CROWD REACTION to game was better than in past Monte Towe Morris Rivers It made t e 6-11 ' center play {lawmf The court used in Carmichael was surrounded 'on all four sides much better - AT THE -- - a on summer with fans that continuously ve raise to Wolfpack's play Anytime you're out re with a group of good players it, And even a few tans from ti; Hill appeared cheered ir ' v -1 makes it that much Wm easier to _ play v- better" Lake i said When W team to victory: - 7rd group of us sitting at? far end of court are on floor W W " o 3' "" V I was sitting with a couple of basketball players from toger n we are all tryin to become seventh man on 2nd FLOOR ' VA ALI: men's varsity team Bill Lake Craig Kuszmaul After sitting team We all play individual y remnant! or for a short while with no organized" cheers from With those players I was out re with all I had to do was '0'" cheerleaders that were present, thoughts came to mind of blend in give m ball" "a" M new I comic strip Gil Thorpe" Wouldn't it be great to have Kuszmaul BUT EVEN THOUGH LAKE PLAYS MOST of his games MONEY: Lake out on court leading crowd in Red figm bench re's work to be done re to aid team mm muss White cheer? e ort - hoscw But n realizing that J J J udd's ankle sprain is keeping him Towards end of game when we have a big lead we tell DAMIEN 0F EARIMLV out of action for a couple of week decided against request each or diferent things we have to do when we go in" stated DELHI"?! We don t wantto keep Lake out of action that ion now do we Carmel Ind native That way we get ready to go in He did play some good ball inst Western Caro last week mo mm ' showed that he has po ntial to play more in future But while we are just sitting re during game we try to W LAKE AND TEAMMA DWIGIIT JOIINSON were so encourage players out on floor" Lake continued During startled that y at first thought coach Norm Sloan was yelling timeouts we tell m who has been open we try to read for latter " or team s defense All this time we are letting m know that When he yelled down bench for me I was a little startled are are in game with m even though we are not on at first" explained Lake Dwight Johnson had thou ht he had oor" called for him started to get up when we realized was to go Tomorrow night Wolfpack plays at Maryl while it s m doubtful Lake will see as much as he did a inst Catamounts Lake really enjoyed reaction of crowd when he went in (13 minutes) if when he gets into t e game he'll try his The fans had applauded wildly hardest to play his best It gave me a good feeling" he explained But anytime Now back to women's team On Thursday night in crowd gets aroused it helps team I loved it" Carmichael Gym at 7 pm State will host Wake Forest Anor _ Lake knows that his main job when put in game concerns a lar crowd is expectedat least until TV game starts at team effort eight o'clock - '1 V E s CUT ME OUT s SAVE s CUT Mg ouls SAVE s NT ;\ "i

7 January 15, ls ls/tochnrcm ' [Pm 7 Maryl, Carolina games ahead for Pack State s defending national DavisBotharefreshInenbut invariably 1plays brilliantly points in six meetings on The last collision between champions will look adversity havemadesignificantcontributionstoir ve first encounter against Mary- two clubs year s ACC championship against erps In his very points in six meetings between two teams occurred in last squarely in eye this weekend taking on a pair of teamaparticularlyflrad who l Thompson was waiting STATES OTHER two starters on frontline will be overtime decision in game with Pack claiming a nationally-ranked Atlantic filled sxectacullrly for above basket for an errant Conference foes within a Maryl wile Lucas was last-second State shot freshman Kenny Carr what many observers called span of 48 hours sidelined with a shoulder gently dropped ItInfor an junior Phil Spence one of finest col egiate game played The third-ranked Wolfpack, separation NC State win Pack's steadiest performers to in more than a decade owner of a 10-1 record visits Up front Wolfpackwill Since that time David has date The Terps will counter A repeat of that show could College Park Md Thursday have all- America David continuall made life miserable with Tom Roy Owen Brown well be in offing come for an 8 o'clock contest againstthom man who for erps averaging 31 Steve Sheppard Thursday evening fifth-ranked Tarps n hurry back home to face nth-ranked North Carolina TarHeelsinalpHm encounter on Saturday State wrestlers face VPI, sons GAMES are scheduled for national television The Pack-Terrapin game can be seen in Raleigh area on WRAL-TV channel 5 Coach Norm Sloan who watched his team fall in an UVa in two rigid tests upset to Wake Forest ten days 330 holds Tarps in high regard after scouting m last Saturday in an victory byllelell atta wrestle m aflin on Feb 11 to 2500 people at meet We are getting a tremendous effort from all our guys over same Deacon club State wrestlers, sporting a athome Hope lyweco that certainly helped Carolina I was tremendously impressed with Maryl said Sloan this weekend at Virginia Tech 3-Irecord face two rigid tests better here We did a really good job but that's something considering most of our wrestlers are TIE MATCH WITH Tar getting pinned at They're better equipd to play on Friday at defending Heels was very disheartening pounds hurts he summarised underclassmen" us this year because y've got Atlantic Coast Conference to entire team Even Although we lost we did get a State's next home meet will more team s quickness I thong t we had that thou State won as many super effort out of all be Monday January 20 against champion Virginia on Saturday mate es as Carolina pins by wrestlers" Colgate Guzzo urges students advantage last year" Both schools have tough Tar Heels in THE WOLFPACII'S Clay to attend support team Sloan who ex eases himself teams I expect soodpound classes lifted UNC over Fink (134 pounds) was I think it makes a big with amazin ankness says matches said State coach Bob Wolfpack victorious against Carolina as difference" he said And I W has not played Guzzo We have gotten off to a It seems that you can 't get were Curt Stanley (142), Terry know students will enjoy well enough this season to best really good start, being 3-1 I away from that strorég rivalry Reese (150) Howard Johnson competition if y just Maryl was of course disappointed between State arolina (167) Tom Higgins come with Carolina loss but we Guzzo said There were close (heavyweight) GUZZO IS encouraged by Ill- 1hf" g e Ic3"? y t's In or matches over action of wrestlers thus a matterof wbetflr we can holidays, State competed in far overcome inconsistencies Pack Irasfllag Schedule North Carolina Collegiate All I can say is that we've been experiencing" Tounament also defeated everybody is really givin all The game offers some January interesting individual match-- 17 at Virginia Tech 7:00 February I! at Virginia MARYLAND 3: ups 20 COLGATE 7: 30 at East Carolina s: 00 Pembroke State, y've got" be praised am Fink, just a freshman, was very pleased We have a great 00 hi hlight of tournament he Tyrone Pa native we can make State team a deal of potential I am sure In backcourt 23 at Campbell 7: 30 II UNC-CHAPEL HILL' 0:W Wolfpack tem of Monte 27 at Duke a: 00 III at East Stroudsburp State Ile Towe Morris Rivers will 30 be APPALACHIAN STATE Is TempteatFl-M 7:00 powered his way through each nationally recognised squad 30 APPALACHIAN STATEO: at Franklin&Marsnatlo:3o bout in raising his record to 8-0 Thus far Clay Fink has been 2i WILLIAM AND MARY 7:30 going against bringin a delighted smile Terp superb being just a twosome of John Lucas Mo ACC Tournament Feb its Mar I to Guzzo s ace freshman I'm especially impressed" Guzzo stated All Howard at Virginia I CAN'T say enou h about Although some observers Home matches in CAPS him" Guzzo said He as been se guys are going to be have rated Maryl's duo as All home matches in Reynolds Coliseum " JV preliminary at 6:00 doing a fantastic job for around for next few years buy elasslflods] team to come so we re looking good" more talented Towe Rivers have emerged winners in all six meetings ' 14 1/2 we ve past two seasons TWO OTHER guards who UNBELIEVABLE done something Ribs likely will figure prominently'in SEE JOHN HOLMES IN "TEEN outcome are State s Craig, AGE COWGIRLS - 10:30 LATE SHOW Davis PMT-O-N-l-GH-T about it! 3005 HILLSBORO ST I THUR Tait Brad mm STUDIO ONE THEATRE $200 Ayoun woman who enrolls in AIR orcc ROTCIs cli his coupon ngciai to compete for an Air orce ART SUPPLIES scholarship that includes free IuiIion lab incidentallees 2II3 CHOPPED SIRLOIN 354M Silk Screen reimburscmcnl for textbooks for her last 2 years of" Vh n collc In addition a tax-free unearoue criicken Water Colors Inonl ly allowance of fill) is 3A6 paid to both scholarshl EITHER DINNER SERVED Pen & Ink non-scholarship cadets IIIM: Sketching Pads When she gets her degree WITH FRIES on BAKED career as an Air Force olllccr SPEC/Al awaits her matching her abilities to a job with rewarding PornrongLAoa BREAD Canvas 1/ carat $14700 Acrvlics-Oils challenges With benefits like 30 days' paid vacation good /3 carat $19700 limited (Identify Brushes-Etc pay foreign travel a great CHOPPED REGULAR I 95 lace to build a future /2 carat $29700 IIIcreincd? 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8 Page 8/Technicien/Jenusry 15, 1975 I Railroading fee increases For an increase to be effective at startofafallterln Trustees must vote an it at ir January meeting at test In case of Athletics Department a duly ' ted subcommittee of Athletics ncil studied matter of a fee increase eventually drafted a report outlining need for an increase of $5 per semester in student Athletic fee However fall semester was rapidly drawing to a close by this time When it came to setting up open hearings Dr Robert S Bryan faculty chairman of athletics council Athletics Director Willis Casey a, each assumed that or would schedule hearing dates by time someone figured out what was going on, hearings had to be scheduled during exams, namely Friday December 13 Monday December 16 Additionally notice for se two meetings was not published until Monday November 25 which technically violates two weeks notice aspect of policy So wher intentionally or not hearings were scheduled at a time so as to be defeating purpose of even holding m Studies undoubtedly prevented interested students from attending hearings for ir edification to pose questions Students remain uninformed as to necessity for increase full Athletics Council received no student ll Whileitisnosecretthatfeeinereases have students reeling se days a new twist has now been added to situation Not only are request for increases coming in faster than mortar shells at Dten Bien Phu but some departments have begun to resort to dubious methods to ovtain se increases In particular, means by which Athletics Department has gone about securing ir 810 increase above current $20 fee leaves much _ questioning In order that justifications for any fee increase may be properly before student body, a stard procedure for approving requests for an increase has been established for all departments to follow Included in se guidelines are holding of at least two open hearings each of which must be publicized in student media not less than tale weeks pribr The purpose of se hearings is to allow department requesting increase to present ir case for interested students to ask questions determine for mselves wher need for an increase exists Following se hearings, with coming increase already well publicized appropriate board or committee seating student members will convene to vote wher or not to recommend to chancellor that request be added to agenda of Board oftrustees who must give final approval before increase goes into effect l input (outside of its three student members) upon which to base a decision Emerging from all of this red tape however is feeling that this is all window dressin an way: that increase will go rigght oil through all channels appear as an extra few digitson our tuition bill next fall regardless of amount or passion of student objection Perhaps herein lies one of rto clitks of s about ram nt a th that everyone but pile oil: dies anything about Why should students care enough to attend meetings ask questions enter objections if past experience has shown him that deck has already been stacked a certain way, nothing he can say or do will change order of cards? America prides herself on her foundations in democratic rule one would hope that strongest bastions of democratic government places where rule by populace wouldtruly flourish moreso than anywhere else in our society would be in institutions of higher learning After all are we here to learn just Descartes differentials, or are we ' here to learn also how to become active citizens working toward a society in which we will be proud to live work? Perhaps it is time for administration of this university along with those at all universities in country to take a good hard look at what kind of citizens y are producing For it is college students of today who will become policy makers of tomorrow At present rate universities are turning out disench, ' apatic uninvolved robots at such a rate that 1984 may be less than nine years in our future One cannot be] but believe that anytime th f gs or majority are bypassed opinions ignored ir Ticket distribution lives changed without ir knowledge or consent, democracy in America dies just a ' New res approach- needed Today is fifteenth day of 1975 The world now looks ahead to last quarter of remarkable Twentieth century We have seen birth of atomic age com uter age Space age age "of man rights The twentieth century has been good to human race a consideration man has failed to return his environment Man has permitted his lust for technology to outweigh his better judgement In 75 years he has wrought devasting effects on his world Our rivers are polluted our air unfit to brea Our natural resources are dangerously depleted Our world is both under fed overpopulated Man has mistreated his fellow man to a point of intollerance which has bred riots wars of incomparable magnitude All this makes a very sad accounting of world's most advanced animal species The task of solving se devasting problems now falls upon shoulders of adults of next 25 years US What shall we do? How can we as individuals help solve world problems After all each of us is but one in a world of billions This quest is by no means simple There will be no overnight solutions as you most assuredly know Yet a start must be made it must be made now First we must all be conscious that every thing we do will have some effect no matter how small on future of this world Every hamburger every coke :2 every fallon of gasoline The economic laws 0 supply dem dictate that squering must cease Every time we deride our fellow man we add anor nail to coffin of human race Ever growing populations population density dem cooperation consideration from all men If ever one has felt unnecessary to whole of human experience that time is past for now each individual has power to effect change Each of us has a duty to earth we have so thoughtlessly defaced Engineers must develop a new technology one that will bring imporvement to environ ment A technology that stresses efficiency Humanitarians must kindle flame of social consciousness The scientists must bring about most dilficult of all tasks y must preserve life resources on our planet They must prevent annihilation of natural habitats wildlife residing in m They must develop new better ways of recycling man's waste materials And y must have cooperation of all mankind to bring about appropriate result So we have seen age of waste hatred destroy a major rtion of our world majority of t is destruction taking place within past 75 years In remaining 25 years of this century let us bring aboutwhat history will look upon as age of human reconstruction An age in which man returned what he had taken from nature learned to live mutually with his environment his fellow man In case you A sad story of love money in Hickory has been brought to our attention It seems that an engagement was on between a middle aged couple In preparation for wedding honeymoon man withdrew $900 from his bank account However on night before f missed it ceremony was to take lace m to be was paid a visit by h intende After a shortnvisit lady departed Th3, man hasn't seen her or his 8900 since The moral of story:if your honey's acting funny hide your money-, '4} 2 'Lfilv'd/Agff, // fi * W, freedoms are sometimes Individualp neglected sometimes abused some times misused True Constitution allows each citizen certain individual freedoms, but it does not allow a citizen to impose his freedoms on ors The First Amendment guarantees each individual citizen right to assembly but not when this assembly interferes with ors rights, An example of imposing on ors rights occurred yesterday at Colisevm ticket windows According to ticket policy, no students may gar at ticket windows while an event is taking place in me me mememww A mmmrwm occupyuuwrm CHANCE or RAiN! hts students that gared Coliseum The g at entrance to Coliseum before official end of Change Day were in violation of ticket policy as well as m policy Any action taken by Student ernment to enforce re policies is, to insure ors rights The eteranxious students were in clear violation of se policies They had to be removed to protect ors rights as well as campus policy Until a reasonable solution for ticket distribution is found students at this University should at least learn to respect ors rights campus policies Board of Governors \ ect ors Blind by Roy Lucas The Board of Governors of UNC system was created to insure that quality education is constantly maintained throughout UNC system The decision to place School of Veterinary Medicine at NCSU was a sign that this Board of Governors as previous boards are not looking in right direction It seems that Board of Governors have taken it upon mselves to create a colossus here in Raleigh By placing Vet School at NCSU Board of Governors has totally overlooked its responsibility to or schools in system It has deemed fit that or institutions take a back seat to board's new pet project NCSU NCSU has already experienced phenomenal growth in past years It already is contending with an overpopulation problem at present The Board of Governors failed to consider this factor all it can see ahead in future is NCSU Super School" Not only was Board of Governors not looking back to see or instititutions but at same time narrowed ir ahesdy shallow View In comparing two universities NCSU NC A&T for who was to receive Vet School Board of Governors only looked at haves have nets of each of se universities What Board of Governors forgot to compare (or should I say did not want to compare) was needs of each campus All schools need funds that in turn hopefully will stimulate growth The previous Boards of Governors though have been so nearsighted that film been unable to distribute that money no furr than Raleigh of course Chapel Hill It istimethatthisboardofgovernorssprsadthis growingpoweraround toorinstituticnsintbe system besides to its two wealthy prime donnaslt istimethat y narrowgapofhave havenotschoolsinsystem Adding VetSchooltoNCSUisaprimeexamplsoftbsrich getting richer as bats of white students which NC A&T needs to racially balance state supported school Important also is that se white students will want to go to NC A&T because it (NC A&T) will have something that y want a Vet School There is need at NC A&T for a school that will enable m to compete nationally for more top educators students There is a need to make Adi'l a stronger school so that entire UNC system can become more balanced thus benefitting all schools Finally re is a need for a Black institution to get its fair share As a student at NCSU nothing would please me more than to see NCSU grow move ahead also At same time I must look honestly at present situation If B of G had opened ir eyes y could have clearly seen that situation called for Vet School placement at NC A&T Therefore I call upon student-body faculty at NCSU to let Administration know how you feel request that decision be reconsidered I hope that se remarks are not looked upon as a direct attack upon past present BofGIhopeitislooked uponasconstructive criticism I would like to define my statements as corrective visual side because some people in NC are as blind as bats

9 l January 15, 1975/Technician/Paos tatement from J essup on athletic fee increase Asyour,president it is not only my 1-1ns1bllityto represent you at hmctions mitteenhwinuetebutslsototrysndheep 1 informed about anysspectofuiverslty tions thatseemquestionablej hepm'poseof 1» letteristodoexactlythatlhavebeen ly involved with every student increase mlthathasbeenrequestedlnareaof ntfeeshoweverreisonebeincreasemlthatnotonlydolhelieveisnotjwed lusowasmtcarriedoutingoodfaithlvythose nesting increase To be more explicit, on Monday December 2 ' 4 an announcement was made in echnician' regarding a oposed increase in udent fees from Department of Athletics of e university The amount was for a $10 addition present $20 fee which we as students are paying would bring new to no tesforopenhearingsweresetforfriday mber ' at 7:3) pm Monday 1 - mber at 7:30 p1n It was eight days later that I received a report 1 sub-committee of athletics council 11 made recommendation as well as ir dings In my judgment I do not feel that fee '1 see of $10 is justified nor do I feel that - - ore for requesting an increase in student - inthisareawascarriedoutingoodfaith 11' frankly I am very upset that Athletics ment waited to last minute to have n hearings regarding increase for se 1 1) students were having examinations 1 '1 g this period 2)many students that might ve had some questions to ask about increase ere possibly gone for vacation 3) time of ring 7:30 pm, were not best times to hold meetings 4) dates mselves should ve been at least two weeks in advance of exams order to allow proper time for those interested obtain data seek justification basically to is Ala-s r» v «b s w m 3 2'1 "'1; "7 r 2"th 2 r'+:r- be given omple time to make adjustments1n ir holidays those dates were changed to Wedneday own schedules January 15 at 8:31 Thursday January 10 at My main concern surrounding this whole 6:301did notagreetosedateayare subject is that due to prededing aspects obviously just as inoportune as ones during burdent of responsibility to present arguments, exams pro or con rests on students instead of Neverless meeting will be held1n order committee, who should bear burden in that proposed increase may he considwed by first place Board of Trustees meetmg which convened on The students are ones at a very obvious January of this week I believe anyone vantage because of dates time, etc My can see that this proposal is not being adhered to _ eflorta to change dates in December failed but in good faith according to what is fair to two more open hearing mettings were agreed to students may in fact give impression that for January However over Athletics Department is trying to railroad dr- bag Ihaveafriendwhoeotsveryfast Ito's unbelievable way he can take a mouthful of food chew it once swallow He immediately follows this with anor large mouthful this cycle continues untilhe has demolished afull meal within minutes Is this mere habit or is it psychological? And what, if any, difficulties could result? I am afraid you describe an eating style that is quite prevalent I have never been sure wher pattern is a reflection of hectic pace some people live by, a throw back to what must have been a common style when human eating behavior more closely resembled that of lower animals, or wher it is simply a matter of dealing realistically with terrible tasting food one gets served in so many quarters se days Eating should be one of those areas of biologic function pursued in pleasant surroundings with enjoyable people, at a leisurely pace The only difficulty that would result for your friend may be '1 nu V a " a lack of pleasure You might help him by taking away his silverware providing him with chop sticks O O O C We are confirmed lesbians we like our arrangement are not asking for any advice regarding changing our sexual states However, we have a problem which is missing some concern in our relationship While performing mutual oral stimulation one of as is experiencing multiple orgasms while or is not able to chum at all Is re a more effective way/or as to achieve a satisfying end for both? A reasonable evaluation of problem you describe would require more information than what is provided by your letter People involved in homosexual relationships can have same range of difficulties'1n terms of sexual response as can people who are involved in heterosexual r fee increase throught in order to get it before Bond that meets this Friday night I certainly hope that this is not situation but meeting swillheheldtomorrownightwhatlwould like to do is ask that all students asking questions concerning increase to ask that all students interested in asking questions concerning increase to be present at meeting eir Wednesday or Thursday night I shall deal with matter as appropriately as lean I shall possibly request thatahe Board of Trustees delay consideration on this specific increase until matter can be furr examined relationships It would be important to know previous sexual experience of person having difficulty For instance is lack of orgasm something recent or is this something that has always been case Is re a particular event that marked beginning of difficulty How important is sexual side of relationship to each partner You specifically mentioned difficulty involving oral sex Some people have concerns about oral sex or just it unpleasant it might be that or form 1 of stimulation would be more satisfying Discussing problem with a physician or or professional who is knowledgeable in area of sex rapy would be wise Finding such a person might not be that easy since subject of homosexuality still makes a lot of people uncomfortable Check with friends to see if y know anyone you can talk to or patiently check with psychologists psychiatrists or counselors in KARATE CLASS Special rate for NCSU Students Place: Gensei Karate Schools Headquarters 3015 Hillsborough Street Time: 3:30-5:00pm on Mondays Wednesdays 1 ee: $800 per month Information:,"Please call or visit Gensei Karate Schools Headquarters at between 1:00 9:00 pm Monday through Friday Eligibility: Must be a NCSU Student Only 20 students are invited for class The GKSH offers 5 or classes 1 e children, beginning intermediate advanced professional classes daily Although lo13 higher than above rate, number of students are limited to 10 for each class Registration: The class will actually start from January 20 The last day to register is January 31 resolved I am not against increasing student feesin aresofathletiesaslongasycanheji-tifiad fairnessisshownincarryingoutprocedures of recommendation as well as open hearings relatedtothoeeincreascs Idonotbelievethat thishasbeendone Allic'oisrequestfrom students ir opinions inpur regarding this matter in addition ir participation in open hearings This is necessary simply because money is coming directly out of your pockets you should decide what where, when why how it is used your area People willing to work with sexual problems in general would probably be open to hearing your problem 0 O O 0 Why do natives of equatorial regions of world have some essential body temperature as do natives of polar regions? The efficient operation of enzyme"systems or intracellular phenomena in human species depends upon a body temperature that is constant over a fairly narrow range Human beings are sufficiently closely related to each or regardless of where y are in world, that y share same highly developed physiology People who live in different parts of world adapt in a variety of ways to maintain an internal environment that is fairly constant Address letters to Dr Arnold Werner Box 97, East Lansing Michigan 488 LEVI S Cordurovs 1 Jeans 25% OFF : Straight, Flairs, original, jeans that shrinkl Sizes 32 to 50 THE GLQBE of Raleigh 220 S vwilmington St Downtown Raleigh w 1he [IF th The world's only fully programmable pocket calculator You can write edit record programs up to 100-5leszongYou can lake advantage of HP pr -recorded programs soyou gain th speed/ accuracy benefits of programming without writing your own Performs 51 pre- programmed functions Cost $795? Hewlett-Packardb new HP-55 mablescienlific A 49Step USer Memory lets you program HP- 55 yourself to solve repetitive problems automatically without softwarp qrja C omputer language The HP- 55 also gives you full editing branching conditional test capabilities 86 we programmed func tions operations 20 Addressable Memories a built in digital timer Cost $ SUE lllcllsse -Alllll0llY "WHY M UICS ICLA The HMI- Inancial Performs virtually all time/money calculations1n swonds Has a 200-year calenqr an Addresal PACKARD able Memorfittels you make new 111 '11s of management calculations' that enable you to (, The Hm Elegant; Slide lime " a lie better Performs all basic r ithmehc lrig log' dz%:;?:;5' calculations automatically Has an Addressable Memory displays 10 digits in fixed decimal or sc1enl1llc nolat1on automatically positions decimal point throughout its ZOO-decade,range Cost $225? Performs all sorts of general TUESDGY WEDNESDHY business interest 18 "N5 financial manage- MW m rowing saving calculations I o 15 Performs u _ precisely quickly easily A 1, scient1f1c mcluding fu clions or arith- enter Financial numbers Memory in any Bank order lets you J a N u a RY I 9 5 met1c rectangular to change m anytime Has polar conversion mean stard Addressable Memone's a very dev1atlon Has 9 Addressable affordable price 8275? Bring your own music to-sing - dress casually for movement exercises Memories At 3325? it's Dre-programmed calculator for sllscientists Open to ALL NCSU students No OTHER PREPARATIONS NECESSARY engineers students of science engineering THOMPSON "(SCI THEGTRE

10 M- e- v4 ; musmuwwhu Page 10/Teohniélan/Jmuavy 15, 1975 ASTRO-BLUEBONET BOWL ii oflaony f : :14 7' IONOI' 39, '4f 5 - ) a, '? 4", 94 'l'hreegneeeeenetewhoeeiennghdleethl mheet 3:1? 1% i ' u ",*; 3':,,, A ( appointed end somber Lon Holt: poeee wltll Boo-ton ouch lllll Yeoman end Astra Bluebonnet Bowl trophy which neir oonld elnln of" photos by Artie Bedding, U U M H T U The Aetrodome ecore- hoerd explodes following e Houston telly If m H I; u y: NDLFFHrr W w vhenflmuek '17 '0 Dive Me,W P l hednnd " 4 ~ - -~~ '; I «~ I Kwi h:fi méw Wi-Zi- hitch- m