School of Undergraduate Studies Senior Staff

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1 Senior Staff BRENT IVERSON Dean LAURA COSTELLO of Assessment and Professional Development LAWRENCE ABRAHAM Associate Dean LUZ-CRISTAL GLANGCHAI, Texas Entrepreneurship Exchange LARA HARLAN II, Communications & Special Projects JEANETTE HERMAN Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives PHAEDRA WHITE ABBOTT, Discovery Scholars MOLLY GULLY Interim, Vick Center AMY GOGOLIN for Development PATRICIA MICKS, First-Year Experience MICHELLE JEWELL, Sanger Learning Center TAMELA WALKER Chief Business Officer Updated

2 Core Curriculum, Discovery Scholars, Texas Success Initiative, Sanger Learning Center, Vick Center LARRY ABRAHAM Associate Dean PHAEDRA WHITE ABBOTT, Discovery Scholars JEN MORGAN Program Manager HILLARY PROCKNOW MOLLY GULLY Interim, Vick Center JACOB WILLIAMSON Administrative Associate MICHELLE JEWELL, Sanger Learning Center

3 Sanger Learning Center MICHELLE JEWELL KRYSTAL PERALEZ JAY WHITEHEAD Instructional Designer CLAIRE GAYLORD Administrative Associate/Supervisor VACANT Supplemental Instruction, PAIGE SCHILT Supplemental Instruction, COURTNEY SVIATKO Strategic Communication, LETA MOSER Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying, DARCY BARRICK Instructional Designer NISHA ABRAHAM Discovery Scholars, BRYAN RUSSELL Discovery Scholars, GRACIELA PRATT Discovery Scholars, SARAH PYLANT Office Assistant EDWARD FERNANDEZ PAMELA WAY Peer Academic Coaching, RACHEL JENKINS Drop-In Tutoring,

4 Communications, Events, Web Development, Programming, Freshman Reading Round-Up, Wayfinder LARA HARLAN II ANNE BRADLEY Executive Assistant ALAN GRIMES Communications & Design Manager JOHN CROSLIN Information Technology Manager CHRIS COMFORT Web Designer/Developer TRENT LESIKAR Photographer/Videographer WILL GRINDLE Software Developer/Analyst VACANT Events Manager LAURA WEINGARTEN LUCINDA MORRISON Senior Software Development Analyst LANE MANN Communication & Events Coordinator

5 Blackstone LaunchPad LUZ-CRISTAL GLANGCHAI RYAN MCKEEMAN Assistant VACANT Administrative Assistant

6 Center for the Skills & Experience Flags, Office of Undergraduate Research, Bridging Disciplines Programs JEANETTE HERMAN Assistant Dean LARISSA NOAKE ROBERT REICHLE SUSAN (GEORGE) SCHORN JOANNA TRYON Associate Academic Advisor KIANA LALAU Administrative Assistant SHANNON ROSE Associate Academic Advisor (Flag Petitions Coordinator) JULIA CHINNOCK Senior Academic Advisor TRESSA OLSEN Administrative Associate WHITNEY STROUPE Administrative Associate LIN WINTON ASHLEY CLARK Associate Academic Advisor LAURA (BROOKE) RICH

7 First Year Interest Groups, Signature Courses, Transfer-Year Experience University Lecture Series, 360 Connections, Course Scheduling PATRICIA MICKS MELVA HARBIN KRISTEN NONUS Administrative Associate ANDREA GONZALEZ MICHELLE HIATT / Registration Manager LISA VALDEZ JEFFREY MAYO KAYTLEN POWERS Administrative Assistant CASEY BUTLER Student Development Specialist II KISHWAR KABIRUDDIN Student Development Specialist II

8 Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling, Archer Program MOLLY GULLY CHRIS ROMANI Administrative Associate SARA CORSON Senior Academic Advisor ALISON DEVLIN Career Counseling Coordinator MICHELLE CRANDELL Office Assistant KELLY FRAZER Senior Academic Advisor ANGELA RABE Associate Academic Advisor SUZANNE GOGAN Assistant Academic Advisor VERONICA HEISKELL Career Counselor II MARIAH WAGGONER Career Counselor I JEFFREY HANDY Associate Academic Advisor BRIANA LIU Assistant Academic Advisor CHRISTINA TOBAR Assistant Academic Advisor VACANT Associate Academic Advisor EMILY CALLINAN Career Counselor I SASHA SPEAR Career Counselor I JORDYN HARRISON Assistant Academic Advisor ADRIANA LOPEZ Assistant Academic Advisor

9 Development AMY GOGOLIN DANIEL RODRIGUEZ Development Assistant

10 Texas Success Initiative HILLARY PROCKNOW

11 Business Office, Human Resources, IT Support TAMELA WALKER Chief Business Officer VACANT Information Technology Coordinator II DANA BROCKINGTON Business Office Assistant CRYSTAL DUMBECK Human Resources Coordinator WESLEY BELZ Financial Analyst JOCELYN BILLINGS MAYS Business Office Assistant SURESH PANT Accounting Clerk III

12 Discovery Scholars Program PHAEDRA WHITE ABBOTT EMILY SCHROEDER VACANT Student Development Specialist OLYVIA MORIARTY Administrative Associate LILIANA DOÑES Student Development Specialist I SCOTT GARY Student Development Specialist I

13 Assessment, Professional Development LAURA COSTELLO