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1 AROUND MONMOUTH Winter 2011 News and Notes About Monmouth University s Academic Community Art and Design Karen Bright, MFA Professor Bright's twenty-six page artist book Yes, Strings Attached (Are you tea or coffee?) was exhibited in "The Digital Narrative, Ideas 2010" at the International Digital Media Arts Association annual conference held at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, British Columbia. Anne Leighton Massoni, MFA Anne Leighton Massoni along with her co-curator Libby Rowe of University of Texas, San Antonio celebrated the opening of their traveling exhibition "Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytellers" at Kendall Galleries, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The exhibition will travel for five years, coming to Monmouth University in the Fall of Ms. Massoni's series "Yours & Mine" was included in ASPECT: Chronicle of New Media, a biannual DVD publication. Two catalogs featuring the artistic work and writings of Ms. Massoni were recently published, one in conjunction with her exhibition, "spostamenti, in Italy this past summer, and another for the exhibition "Spinning Yarns." Jing Zhou, MFA Jing Zhou won the Fifth Prize of the Empowering Women poster competition hosted by the International Federation of University Women, Geneva. Her work was exhibited at the 30th Triennial IFUW Conference. Ms. Jing s works were exhibited during the Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival, Silver Spring, Maryland in Communication Deana Shoemaker, Ph.D. Dr. Deanna Shoemaker was a 2010 winner of The Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender Creative Expression Award for Mamafesto (Why Superheroes Wear Capes), her solo performance exploring work/life balance for mothers on the tenure track. In April 2010, Dr. Shoemaker travelled to Los Angeles, CA with four student leaders of CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance to attend and take part in Performance West, a 1

2 national performance festival devoted to social justice. MU s Student Government Association awarded special event funding for this trip. Dr. Shoemaker published the following: 1. Queer punk macha femme: Leslie Mah s musical performance in Tribe 8, Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies (Special Issue on Music and Performance) 10:4, , Book Review, Carver, H. & E. Lawless, Troubling Violence: A Performance Project, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2009, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 6:2, Cartoon Transgressions: Citlali, La Chicana Super Hero as community activist, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, March Mamafesto! (Why Superheroes Wear Capes), performance script with introduction and two critical reviews, Text and Performance Quarterly, April Dr. Shoemaker presented the following conference papers: 1. Passing Bodies in Academia: Becoming in Performance Classrooms, National Communication Association, San Francisco, CA, Nov Playing Musical Bridges in Performance: Variations on Miles Away from The Cool, presenter/respondent, National Communication Association, San Francisco, CA., Nov Directing/Advising/Collaborating with Student Performance Groups: Inspiring Stability AND Social Change, chair, organizer, and panelist, National Communication Association, Chicago, IL., Nov Chemistry, Medical Technology, and Physics John Kosinski, Ph.D. Dr. John Kosinski published six papers in 2010, broken out as four papers in signal processing and two papers in electronic devices, both in refereed journals: 1. W. Su and J. A. Kosinski, "Framework of Network Centric Signal Sensing for Automatic Modulation Classification," 2010 International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control (ICNSC), Chicago, IL, April 2010, pp Print ISBN: M. Yu, W. Su, J. A. Kosinski, and M. Zhou, "A New Approach to Detect Radio Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks," 2010 International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control (ICNSC), Chicago, IL, April 2010, pp Print ISBN: H. Xiao, Y. Q. Shi, W. Su, and J. A. Kosinski, "An Investigation of Non-Data-Aided SNR Estimation Techniques for Analog Modulation Signals," 2010 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Princeton, NJ, April 2010, pp Print ISBN: H. Xiao, Y. Q. Shi, W. Su, and J. A. Kosinski, "Blind Carrier Frequency Estimation for SSB- SC Signals," 2010 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), New Orleans, LA, Jan 2010, pp Print ISBN: H. Zhang, J. A. Turner, J. Yang, and J. A. Kosinski, "Force-Frequency Effect of Thickness Mode Langasite Resonators," Ultrasonics, Vol. 50, No. 4-5, April 2010, pp J. A. Kosinski, R. A. Pastore, J. Yang, X. Yang, and J. A. Turner, "Stress-Induced Frequency Shifts of Degenerate Thickness-Shear Modes in Rotated Y-cut Quartz Resonators," IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, Vol. 57, No. 8, Aug 2010, pp

3 7. John A. Kosinski received U.S. Patent 7,750,752 issued July 6, 2010 for a "Programmable SAW Filter Module" Curriculum and Instruction Letitia Graybill, Ed.D. Drs. Judith Bazler and Letitia Graybill presented a program entitled Hooked on Science at the National Science Teachers Association Regional Meeting in Baltimore Md. on November 13, The topic of the program was concerned with the use of technology to motivate pre-service teachers towards teaching science at the elementary and secondary levels. Library Lisa R. Coats Lisa Coats and Dr. Bojana Beric gave a podium presentation titled Faculty-Librarian collaboration: An embedded librarian project in health studies, at the VALE (Virtual Academic Library Environment) conference Strengthening Connections: Keeping Our Libraries Vital at Rutgers University in January 5, Management and Marketing Gwendowlyn Yvonne Alexis, JD, Ph.D. Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis and Steven Pressman (Economics, Finance and Real Estate) are co-authors of, After Shame; Before Corporate Moral Obligation (CMO): Ethical Lag and the Credit Crisis, which appears in the International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy (IJMCP), Volume 4, Nos. 3/4, (2010). The article provides the multidisciplinary perspectives of an attorney/sociologist and an economist/philosopher on the credit crisis and the professionals who made it possible. It introduces the nascent theory of CMO (corporate moral obligation) as a path to redemption in a global age of interconnected financial markets and impotent regulatory agencies. Daniel Ball, Ph.D. Dr. Daniel Ball wrote and presented the paper A Technology, Innovation, and Operations Strategic Model for Both Domestic and Global Sustainability at the 2010 Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) Annual Conference in Morristown, NJ, on October 1, His paper was published in the conference proceedings and also won the Best Paper Award from the Junior Faculty Competition. 3

4 Mathematics B. Lynn Bodner, PhD. Dr. B. Lynn Bodner s paper Bourgoin s Fourteen-Pointed Star Polygon Designs was published in the refereed Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science Conference Proceedings in July She was also invited to present on Reconstructing Bourgoin s Fourteen-Pointed Star Polygon Designs at a Special Session on Mathematics and the Arts of the American Mathematical Society Fall Regional Meeting held in Richmond, Virginia in November Nursing and Health Studies Bojana Beric, MD, Ph.D.,CHES Dr. Bojana Beric gave a podium presentation with S. F. Gambescia and M. Zimmerman, M. on becoming a teacher in a student-centered classroom on the panel Health Faculty 2020 and Beyond: Commitment to Health for the SOPHE 61st Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado on November 5, Political Science and Sociology Shaun Golden Sheriff Shaun Golden took the oath of office as the 76 th Sheriff of Monmouth County on January 6, during the Board of Chosen Freeholder s annual organization meeting at the Monmouth County Biotech High School in Freehold. Sheriff Golden was elected in November, 2010 to a three year term and serves as the chief executive of the 598 member agency with a budget of $68 million. He has been Acting Sheriff since January,

5 Psychology Gary Lewandowski, Ph.D. Dinella, L. M., Ciarocco, N., & Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2010) received a grant in support of the first biennial Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology Conference (ACT Conference). Society for the Teaching of Psychology s Small Grants Promoting Partnership Program. Dr. Gary Lewandowski presented the following research presentations: 1. Le, B., Farrell, A.**, & Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2011, January), Self-expansion and infidelity in romantic relationships: The mediating role of satisfaction, poster presented at the 12th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. 2. Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., Ciarocco, N., Pettenato, M.*, & Stephan, J.* (2011, January), The influence of ego depletion on the receptivity to relationship initiation strategies, poster presented at the 12th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. 3. Mattingly, B. A., Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Carson, R.** (2011, January), Solving the unsolvable: The effects of self-expansion on generating solutions to impossible problems, poster presented at the 12th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. 4. McIntyre, K. P., Mattingly, B. A., Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., Carey, R.**, Nieman, L.**, & Russack, D.** (2011, January), Motivation and prospects of self-concept change affect desire to form friendships, poster presented at the 12th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. 5. VanderDrift, L. E., Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., & Agnew, C. R. Self-expansion in current romance, interest in relationship alternatives, and susceptibility to infidelity, poster presented at the 12th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Gary Lewandowski presented the following presentations-teaching: 1. Dinella, L. M., & Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2011, January), Increasing the self-relevance of psychology: Using the Twilight saga to teach family therapy concepts, poster presented at the 33rd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL. 2. Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., Ciarocco, N., & Strohmetz, D. B. (2011, January), Teaching the science of psychology: A collection of resources, poster presented at the 33rd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL. 3. Ciarocco, N., Strohmetz, D. B., & Lewandowski, G. W., Jr. (2011, January), Teaching through example: How to use empirical studies to teach research methods, poster presented at the 33rd Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL. Dr. Lewandowski was quoted in the following articles: 1. New York Times The Happy Marriage is the Me Marriage 2. New York Times Blog - Sustainable Marriage Quiz 3. CNN Putting the I in Marriage 4. APS Observer Want a Better Marriage? 5

6 Psychological Counseling George M. Kapalka, Ph.D. In the book, Terrorism, trauma and tragedies: A counselor s guide to preparing and responding (3rd ed.) edited by J. Webber and J. B. Mascari and published by the American Counseling Association Foundation, Dr. Kapalka authored a chapter, Children of first responders: Outreach and counseling strategies. Dr. Kapalka continues to disseminate the findings of his research on the treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD. He presented a lecture, Masculinity and ADHD: Counseling males with ADHD evidence-based clinical practice, at the annual conference of CHADD in Atlanta. Dr. Kapalka also continues to research the efficacy of nutritional and herbal supplements in the treatment of psychological disorders. In October, 2010, he delivered a research presentation, Empirically-supported use of nutritional/herbal supplements with children/adolescents, at the biannual conference of the New Jersey Psychological Association. Rapid Response Institute The Rapid Response Institute (RRI), together with the MOCERT (Monmouth County Emergency Response Team) Tactical Dispatch Team, conducted an Emergency Response Exercise at Colts Neck High School on October 21, A total of 30 MOCERT members, led by their tactical commander, responded to a scripted scenario involving an active shooting incident which turned into a static barricade in one of the classrooms. The main objective of the exercise was the introduction of new of technologies into an emergency response environment and an evaluation of their effectiveness to improve response and recovery. The coordination of this project was led by MU Faculty Researcher Robert M. Kelly, Jr. In addition to the Rapid Response Institute, the organizations involved were: Monmouth County Prosecutor s Office; Monmouth County Sheriff s Office; Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management; Colts Neck High School, Freehold Regional High School District; the Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas (CERMUSA) of Saint Francis University; and the FloorView vendor. The technologies used and assessed during the course of the exercise were: 1. FloorView, a web-based collection of information about a building that provides virtual views of the complete floor plans, mechanical systems, hazardous materials, points of access and egress, and 360-degree photographs of hallways, rooms and open areas. It includes GIS mapping--utilized to detail traffic diversions, reunification points, roadblocks, staging areas and other response and planning items--as well as hundreds of image files which provide a virtual environment with an easy-to-use tactical display. The benefit of this technology is to provide a situational awareness to emergency responders prior to their entering a building in response to a fire, hostage, or shooter situation. 2. Joint Mobile Training Command and Training Center (JMCTC) 6

7 3. The high school s security cameras, which were the traditional analog cameras, not newer IP cameras 4. Radio mesh network, which consisted of experimental wireless communications technology provided by CERMUSA. The role of the radio mesh network was to ensure full radio communication throughout the exercise. Preparation was instrumental in the success of the drill. Script development for the exercise was led by Don Kronenwetter of the Monmouth County Prosecutor s Office, which was then annotated to describe the intended use of FloorView in support of it by Faculty Researcher Kelly. The population of data into FloorView involved the creation of the floor plans for the 400K-square-foot school, the taking and inclusion of 360-degree photographs of the entire school, and the addition of the emergency management-related information, such as fire extinguisher locations, in the school. The objectives of the exercise were realized. It was determined that the use of technology during an emergency response can be effective if the tools are well-designed and continually tested for their purpose. In addition, it exposed new technologies like FloorView to the MOCERT community, identified needed improvements to the technologies, and shed light on how best to blend the technologies with the procedures and personnel involved in incident response. The following recommendations were made as well: FloorView should be adopted for all the high schools in Monmouth County and considered for all schools for both emergency response and day-to-day operations; the county should make a formal evaluation of the mesh network equipment from CERMUSA to determine its cost performance; further testing should be performed with the security cameras from CNHS and others to determine the requirements to make them truly useful in an emergency management setting; and the county should determine settings in which the JMCTC should be used as a resource in both emergency management responses and training activities and pursue those. For more information, please contact Professor Robert M. Kelly, Jr., at: or (732) Kelly, R.M., Kronenwetter, D., Evaluating information technologies in incident response, The Tactical Edge, the official publication of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), Vol. 29, No. 1, Winter 2011, pp School of Science Monmouth University announced that it has established a combined educational program with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Osteopathic Medicine (UMDNJ- SOM). The program offers interested Monmouth University students, who have completed a premedical curriculum and baccalaureate degree, an opportunity to pursue their medical education at UMDNJ-SOM in Stratford, NJ. John Tiedeman, MA Twelve Monmouth University students accompanied John Tiedemann on his annual Tropical Island Ecology course held in January at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, Eleuthera, The Bahamas. The group included 2 honors students working on their honors thesis research in The Bahamas. In furthering our partnership with the Cape Eleuthera Institute, we placed our third graduate of the MEBP program in a post baccalaureate internship at CEI this spring. 7

8 Mr. Tiedemann has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Fisheries Conservation Foundation (FCF). FCF is a science-based conservation organization that brings together fisheries scientists, resource conservationists, and anglers who care about the future of fisheries resources worldwide. Their major focus is to ensure that objective peer-reviewed scientific information reaches policy makers and the public. Mr. Tiedemann s work with Monmouth University students on coastal water quality issues was the subject of a feature story titled A beachgoer s Duty: A Surfer and a Fisherman Lead the Way to Curb Runoff Pollution on the Jersey Shore published in SIPANEWS: THE WATER ISSUE. SIPANEWS is the semiannual journal of the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. Mr. Tiedemann, along with colleagues Michael Davenport and Fran Varacalli of the Monmouth Conservation Foundation, Bill Shadel of the American Littoral Society and Steve Taylor or Taylor Watershed Management presented a poster on their Monmouth County Coastal Watershed Conservation and Restoration Initiative at Restore America s Estuaries 5 th National Conference on Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration held in Galveston, Texas in November Around Monmouth is published by the Office of Public Affairs. To submit information, precise details to Petra Ludwig at: Due to space limitations only past events and accomplishments will be published. The deadline for inclusion in the Spring 2011 issue is April 26, *Around Monmouth is viewable on-line. Visit us at: 8