IQIPS Accreditation. March 2014 Kerry Tinkler, Clinical Lead

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1 IQIPS Accreditation March 2014 Kerry Tinkler, Clinical Lead

2 IQIPS Accreditation Background CSO sponsored Building on the ISAS standards and methodology Bringing disciplines together for high level generic standards Working with existing quality schemes NOT adding burden or reinventing the wheel Professionally led Patient and user focussed RCP hosted UKAS providers of accreditation Covers all services (NHS, independent sector etc.) Communication and Marketing

3 PSS IQIPS Accreditation ACAG (Accreditation Clinical Advisory Group)

4 PSS IQIPS Accreditation The Standards: Patient pathway perspective Access and referral Started 2009 (ISAS) Quality of assessment / test Evidence based Interpretation and reporting Outcome focussed Follow-up and outcomes Piloted Data driven service improvement and uptake of new technologies Public consolation Reviewed Published ongoing review

5 IQIPS Accreditation The Standard Structure Standards Key Points Criteria SAIT Example evidence Guidance KMS References

6 PSS IQIPS Accreditation The IQIPS Cycle QI - Maximum one year suggested IQIPS Application Quality Improvement (SAIT) Accreditation Application Year 0. Evidence uploaded and assessed (web based assessment) followed by an assessment visit by both an assessment manager and a peer assessor Year 1. Web based assessment (assessment manager) Year 0. Full Visit Year 2. Web based assessment followed by a surveillance visit by the assessment manager Year 3. Web based assessment (assessment manager) Year 3. Web based assessment Year 1. Web based assessment Year 2. Surveillance visit

7 PSS IQIPS Accreditation Services registered with IQIPS Sector Number of sites Adult audiology 599 Paediatric audiology 93 Cardiac physiology 28 Respiratory & Sleep 31 GI physiology 6 Neurophysiology 10 Vascular 17 Grand Total 784

8 PSS IQIPS Accreditation Audiology Services BAND NHS Independent Totals Grand total Adult audiology Band Band Band Total Paediatric audiology Band Band Band Total

9 PSS IQIPS Accreditation SAIT (Self Assessment and Improvement Tool)

10 IQIPS Accreditation IQIPS 6 monthly Census purpose and benefits Three national IQIPS census; October 2012, March 2013 and October 2014 Results can be used to Identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in the service Produce national anonymised data Inform national policy Inform the IQIPS quality improvement programme Demonstrate the willingness of the service to engage with quality improvement Give physiological sciences national and local status

11 IQIPS Accreditation Contacts:

12 IQIPS Accreditation Acknowledgements The DH Chief Scientific Officer RCR and SoR This scheme has been developed based on the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) with the kind permission of The Royal College of Radiologists and The College of Radiographers The IQIPS Accreditation Clinical Advisory Group (ACAG) The IQIPS Quality Improvement group The IQIPS governance group

13 Academy for Healthcare Science update report Kerry Tinkler Director of Professional Services The Academy for Healthcare Science March2014

14 Current priorities Revision of AHCS Governance Sharing information across Healthcare Science HCPC Audit & Major Change Work programmes Equivalence Process UK-wide work One Clear Voice Establishing the Register QA of Education & Training PSQIP Scientific Leadership 14

15 Updated governance structures Council of Professional Bodies AHCS Board Professional Regulatory Council (lay majority) Education, Training & Professional Standards Committee Corporate Governance, Scrutiny & Communications Committee Science & Technology Committee Professional Scientific Leadership Committee Various short life working groups/ task & finish groups as required Four countries and, in addition, The National School through formalised bilateral meetings

16 Internal resourcing CEO Janet Monkman Communications & Policy John Paul Maytum PPI Lead Viv Purkiss Business & Governance Bradley Lancaster Operational support (Finance, Contracts, HR, Payroll, Committee secretariat, Fundraising) EBS Head of Education Derek Pearson Quality Assurance project manager External Examiner Graham Beastall HCPC project manager Suzie Normanton NB: Very few of the posts are full time Director of Regulation and professional services (Registrar) Dr Kerry Tinkler Project Co-ordinator Alun Williams Project Co-ordinator Katy Macken Professional Lead Equivalence Mike Hallworth Professional Lead: Service Standards Peter Jarritt Prof Lead AVR Cassiopeia

17 Equivalence: STP Principles, policies and guidance established 50+ Assessors & trainers recruited and trained Genetics Pilot and Physiological Sciences early implementers, 4 countries Integrated Assessment Unit Go live STP - April 2014 (EoI) PTP Equivalence process developing HSST Equivalence joint working group 17

18 April 2014 Application open Portfolio submission Interview July 2014 Application open Portfolio submission Interview October 2014 Application open Portfolio submission Interview January 2015 Application open Portfolio Submission Interview 18

19 19

20 Practitioner Accredited Register: Shadow practitioner register established in June 13 Standards consultation closed Agreed formation of Professional Regulatory Council, to meet PSA governance requirements Additional IT & process infrastructure established in parallel Cluster Model negotiations ongoing Other Registration work: HSST, MPE,

21 HCPC & PSA and Quality Assurance AHCS has Education Provider status for STP and is accountable for its performance QA of academic and workbased training and education Major change application for approval of new courses Critical Care Science, Clinical Bioinformatics, Clinical Pharmaceutical Science, Reconstructive Science 21

22 Sharing information across healthcare science Work to date Established links across professional bodies Revised and updated AHCS website ( Set up regular Vox newsletter Developed well-used social media channels and Facebook) Current activity Developing plans for Annual Meeting December 14 Develop events programme Continue to develop and update news and other content 22

23 Working across the 4 UK countries Mapping of programmes in Scotland for NHS Health Education for Scotland (2 workers) Piloting equivalence in Scotland (NES funding) Wales propose similar approach (1 secondee) NI discussions 23

24 Physical Sciences and Engineering Quality Improvement Programme Established partnership with IPEM & others Set up steering group and recruited project lead Recruitment of members to standards group (IPEM) Development of evidence and commentary to support the standards Work toward standards consultation by April 2014 Develop invitation to tender for an accreditation provider 24

25 One clear voice & Scientific Leadership Working with regional and local networks & leads, in combination with Deputy CSO Building an expert database Support & engagement for wider scientific initiatives Ensure the profile of the profession to engage and inform 25

26 26