Ephrata Area School District REGULAR BOARD MEETING MINUTES April 16, 2012

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1 The Board of School Directors of the Ephrata Area School District, Ephrata PA, met in regular session on Monday, April 16, 2012 in the Highland Elementary School, 99 Highland Avenue, Ephrata Pennsylvania. Board Members Present: President, Timothy W. Stayer; Vice-President, Glenn R. Martin; Secretary: Clare M. LeFevre; Treasurer: Kristee Reichard; Members: Judy S. Beiler, Ted Kachel, Kay A. Kurtz, Robert E. Miller, and Tim Stauffer Board Member Absent: Jenny L. Miller, Chris Weber School District Officials Present: Dr. Gerald Rosati Superintendent Mrs. Kimberly Schlemmer Assistant Superintendent Dr. Brian Troop Assistant Superintendent Susan Friedman District Solicitor Stephanie Gingrich Director of Community Relations Other Administrators Present: Kevin Deemer Highland Elementary School Principal Visitors Present: Larry Hummer Sally Kieffer 163 Buchanan Dr., Ephrata 237 E. Fulton St., Ephrata Press/CATV: Gary Klinger Ephrata Review Dean Evans Lancaster Newspapers CALL TO ORDER BY BOARD PRESIDENT President Timothy W. Stayer called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. MOMENT OF SILENT MEDITATION AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE President Stayer asked for a moment of silent meditation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. STUDENT PRESENTATION Principal Deemer opened the meeting with a demonstration of the Daily Science Reinforcers program, is being used in Grades 1-4 district wide. The program supports the FOSS science program already in place, utilizes technology, and reinforces reading and math. WELCOME OF VISITORS BY BOARD PRESIDENT Comments/Questions from Visitors President Stayer welcomed visitors to the meeting. He opened the meeting to questions or comments from visitors for any item on the agenda except personnel items that are never discussed at public meetings. No comments. UPCOMING EVENTS The list of upcoming events was reviewed. 1

2 ----SECTION 2 ACTION ITEMS---- Motion It was moved by Mr. Stayer, seconded by Mr. Martin, that the Ephrata Area Board of School Directors approves all of the following items set forth below. Roll call vote, all members present voting yes. I. SECRETARY REPORT Clare M. LeFevre A. Regular Board Meeting and Committee Meeting Minutes Minutes of March 26, 2012 and April 2, 2012 Committee Meetings. II. BUDGET/FINANCE COMMITTEE Timothy W. Stayer A. Approve Treasurer s Report (Attachment #1) Treasurer s Report for the period March 1, 2012 through March 31, B. Approve List of Bills (Attachment #2) Payment of the following List of Bills for individual account for April 16, 2012 General Fund $ 699, AP Direct Deposit $ 48, General Fund ACH Items $ 5,268, Student Activities $ 7, Capital Reserve $ 12, Food Service $ 79, TOTAL $ 6,115, C. Tax Exonerations (Attachment #3) Real Estate Ephrata Borough $27, TOTAL $27, D. General Fund Budget Transfers General Fund Budgetary transfers for : TRANSFER FROM TRANSFER TO Account Description Amount Account Description Amount H Testing Supplies $ H Guidance Supplies $ 2, H Printing $ 1, H Tech Ed Supplies $ 3, H Tech Ed Replacement Equipment $ 1, H Tech Ed Repair $ H Tech Ed Software $ 2, Social Studies H Supplies $ 1, H Social Studies Textbooks $ 1, H Music Repairs $ H Music Dues and Fees $ H FCS Books $ H FCS Repairs $ H Science Supplies $ H Science Field Trips $ TOTAL $ 8, TOTAL $ 8,

3 E Dual Enrollment Agreements Agreements between the Ephrata Area School District and the following Colleges for the fiscal school year. Dual enrollment is for eligible students currently enrolled in the Ephrata High School, who attend college classes to receive college credits while they are in High School. Students pay for the credits directly to the college. 1. Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Approximate cost for a three (3) credit course is $1,036.25, for a four (4) credit course is $1, for classes taken during the fiscal school year. 2. Penn State Berks, Reading, Pennsylvania. Approximate cost for a three (3) credit course is $970.00, for a four (4) credit course is $1, for classes taken during the fiscal school year. 3. HACC, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Approximate cost for a three (3) credit course is $ for classes taken during the fiscal school year. 4. HACC, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. College in the Classroom. Approximate tuition cost per course is $90.00 plus $35.00 application fee for classes taken during the fiscal school year. F. Student Food Prices Student lunch prices increased as follows for the fiscal year: Elementary $2.15 IMS/MS $2.35 High School $2.70 Elementary Breakfast $1.05 Secondary Breakfast $1.35 Milk $.60 G. Agreement with Hess Corporation (Attachment #4) Agreement with Hess Corporation to purchase No. 2 Fuel Oil for the fiscal year for district buildings. The District is participating in the collaborative procurement program offered through the Lancaster Lebanon IU 13. III. BUILDING/PROPERTY/PUBLIC AFFAIRS/PLANNING COMMITTEE Jenny L. Miller Building / Property A. Facilities Assessment Study (Attachment #5) An agreement with Lewis and Associates Architects for a facilities assessment study to assess needs for the next five, ten, and fifteen years. Public Affairs / Planning No Action Items IV. CURRICULUM/PERSONNEL/POLICY COMMITTEE Glenn R. Martin Curriculum A. Supplemental Material Approval (Attachment #6) Gregor the Overlander, Author: Suzanne Collins; Publisher: Scholastic Press; Copyright: 2003 to be used in all 4 th grade classes as a read aloud. 3

4 Policy B. Second Reading of the Following Policies (Attachment #7) Policy 217, Graduation Requirements (Pupils) Revisions are needed to this policy to comply with the curriculum changes approved at the February 2012 Board Meeting. Policy 246, Student Wellness (Pupils) Minor revisions are needed to this policy because of the name change to the advisory committee from Health Advisory Committee to Wellness Committee. Policy 252, Dating Violence (Pupils) This is a new required policy. Policy 417, Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures (Professional Employees) Policy 419, Outside Activities (Professional Employees) Policy 419.1, Conflict of Interest (Professional Employees) Policy 420, Freedom of Speech in Nonschool Settings (Professional Employees) Policy 421, Political Activities (Professional Employees) Policy 423, Tobacco Use (Professional Employees) Policy 425, Dress and Grooming (Professional Employees) C. First Reading of the Following Policies (Attachment #8) Policy 324, Personnel Files (Administrative Employees) Minor revisions are needed to this policy based on an HR audit of our policies pertaining to employees. Policy 416, Nontenured Staff Members (Professional Employees) Minor revisions are needed to this policy to comply with Public School Code. Policy 418, Penalties for Tardiness (Professional Employees) Minor revisions are needed to this policy based on an HR review of our policies pertaining to employees. Policy 424, Personnel Files (Professional Employees) Minor revisions are needed to this policy based on an HR review of our policies pertaining to employees. Policy 601, Objectives (Finances) Policy 602, Budget Planning (Finances) Policy 603, Budget Preparation (Finances) 4

5 Policy 605, Tax Levy (Finances) V. PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Glenn R. Martin A. Leaves James Crow, MS Guidance Counselor, effective March 10, 2012 through April 15, Scott Leed, HS Custodian, effective April 9, 2012 through TBD. Karen Hunt, Fulton Grade 1, effective May 18, 2012 through the conclusion of the school year. B. Appointments Professional Jim Kimmel, 2012 Summer Enrichment $2567, effective school year. Extracurricular Scott Muenz, Assistant Marching Band Step 6/350 units, effective April 16, 2012 through the conclusion of the school year. Support Substitutes Dawn Eberly, secretary. Dawn is already on the substitute list as an aide. Mervin Zimmerman, custodian. William Hopkins, custodian. Sandra Whitmeyer, custodian. C Summer School Teachers Geraldine Bauer Mathematics Matthew Edmiston Science Dan Ullrich Social Studies Rachel Young Language Arts Jesse Reider Physical Education D Pre-K Summer Program Teachers and Aides Emily Burkholder Teacher 52 Hours David Trout Teacher 52 Hours Lynda Jensen Aide 40 Hours Marie Muscarelli Aide 40 Hours Cathy Ober Health Tech 40 Hours E. Extra Contracted Days for the School Year Claudia Bledsoe Guidance Akron 5 Days Beth Lyons Guidance Fulton 5 Days Diane Penchansky Guidance Clay 5 Days Judith Gemmell Guidance IS 10 Days Jay Crow Guidance MS 10 Days Alane Mowbray Guidance MS 10 Days Keri Batdorf Guidance HS 12 Days Stephen Habowski Guidance HS 12 Days Rosemary Minder Guidance HS 12 Days Jennifer Cordivari School Psychologist Highland 10 Days 5

6 Meredith Bavaria School Psychologist WEC 10 Days Nanda Mitra-Itle School Psychologist WEC 10 Days Sarah Quigg Vo-Ag HS 20 Days Crystal Loose Coord. of Student Learning D-W 30 Days Sheri Horner Elem Math Coach Fulton 10 Days V. REQUEST FOR ACTION Gerald B. Rosati, Superintendent No Action Items ----End of General Motion SECTION 3 INFORMATION ITEMS---- I. Personnel Committee Judy S. Beiler A. Vacancies Support Para-professionals Extracurricular HS Fall Play Director Spring Musical Director Assistant Girls Basketball Head Swimming Coach Assistant Varsity and JV Football Coaches Head Rifle Coach ----SECTION 4 REPORTS---- I. REPORT OF STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE Alex Thompson No Report II. III. IV. REPORT OF LANCASTER COUNTY CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER Jenny L. Miller No Report REPORT OF LANCASTER-LEBANON IU13 Judy S. Beiler The IU Conference was held last week. Hand-outs were distributed. REPORT OF PSBA REGION 9 LEGISLATIVE Glenn R. Martin Mandate relief is not likely to occur. Continue to monitor proposed legislation. V. REPORT OF SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Gerald B. Rosati A presentation was provided about the District literacy goal and the growth being achieved. 6

7 SECTION 5 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS & ADJOURNMENT I. COMMENTS/QUESTIONS FROM VISITORS A. Visitors may make comments or raise questions. NOTE: Personnel matters are never discussed at public meetings. B. Citizens desiring consideration of our action on a topic not included on the agenda may make a written request to the board president or superintendent at least five (5) days before the regular public board meeting. This is according to Policy 903 in the official policy manual of the school district. No comments at this time. II. III. IV. OLD BUSINESS Hibshman Interviews will be taking place April 25 through 27. PSBA suggested resolutions should be considered for review by the Board. NEW BUSINESS A thank you was extended to the cast, crew, and staff who produced the Intermediate/Middle School spring musical. Board Meeting Dates: May 7 Board Committees 7:00 PM May 14 Regular Meeting 7:00 PM DO Board Room May 21 Work Session President Stayer announced that an Executive Session would be held for legal matter after the presentation. ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM. Respectfully Submitted, Clare M. LeFevre, Secretary Ephrata Area Board of School Directors 7