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3 山东大学社会工作国际暑期学校项目指南 ( 草案 ) Guidebook for Social Work Thank you for choosing the at Shandong University (SDU). We look forward to having a pleasant experience during the summer school. To ensure your successful and convenient start at Shandong University, we will provide you with detailed information on visa application, pick-up service upon arrival, course selection, program fees, Catering subsidy and accommodation. Please read this guide carefully, and follow the procedures to avoid unnecessary delay in your arrival to Shandong University. 1.COURSE AND CREDIT 1) Summer school 2018 provides Social work courses plus a series oflectures. All coursesand lectures will be taught in English. 2) Lectures will focus on the introduction of Social work in China Studies from a variety of perspectives. If you want to explorer further on any topic, you can choose a complete course on that topic. 3) Participants are required to attend the courses and lectures, and the program will confer Certificate of completion after you show you presentation at the end of summer school / 13

4 2. FEES AND PAYMENT 1) Program fees(admitted students) : 1The summer school will be responsible for all the accommodation arrangements for all foreign summer students, and the summer students will live in the foreign students' apartment. 2The Shandong University will provide adequate food and beverage subsidies. 3All the courses in summer school are free. 4The participants need to bear the round - trip transportation costs and related cost - of - living expenses during the period of China. 2) Program fees(not admitted students) Not admitted students and Non-friendly school students attending summer school courses need to pay 2,000 RMB for accommodation and living expenses.and these students can enjoy the same treatment as the admission of students. 3) If you want to exchange cash,the bank adresstwith the information as follows: Bank Name: Bank of China, Licheng Branch( 中国银行济南, 历城支行 ) Address: 27 Shanda Nanlu, Licheng district, Jinan city, China( 中国济南市历城区山大南路 27 号 ) 4 / 13

5 4) The cost for theoptional tours to other cities such as Mt. Tai and Qufu, Beijing or Qingdao, etc., is not included in the program fees. 5) Students will be responsible for any additional costs of the program, including insurance, travel, visa fees. Average daily expenses are estimated to be 100RMB. 6) All participants MUST purchase travel insurance before traveling to China. The insurancemust include medical insurance and personal accident insurance. 7) All participants will be responsible for medical expenses incurred during their stay in China.Any participants who wish to stay in China before or after the program are responsible for associated expenses and personal safety. Shandong University bears no responsibility for your private activities unrelated to the Program. 3. ACCOMMODATION 1) We have arranged on-campus accommodations for all participants. However,your preferred room type may not be available. Housing will be available from July 29 to August 9, ) Participants who do not use, and arrive independent of, the airport pick-up service should check in at LIUYUAN ( 留园 ) on SDU Central campus in Jinanon July 29, between 8:00am and 10:00 pm. Shandong University staff will welcome you in the lobby. 3) International Students Apartment of Shandong University The International Students Apartment of Shandong University is the dormitory for international students studying at SDU, which is located on the Central Campus of SDU at No.27 of Shanda Nan Road, Licheng District, Jinan. The apartment is divided into three buildings: No.1, No.2 and No.3. All Summer University students, who come from outside Mainland China, will stay at building No.1. All rooms are double room, equipped with air-conditioner, two beds (including pillows, sheets and quilts), washroom and shower, one desk, one shelf and one cabinet.wireless network coverage in all rooms. Each room has separate account numbers and water for shower is supplied ONLY during 5:30-8:00, 11:30-2:30, and 17:30-00:30 every day. There is a public kitchen (with several hotplates), one public hot water room (supply 24-hour boiled drinking water) and a laundry room on each floor. Each building has one public study room.all the doors of the rooms are equipped with electronic cipher lock. No keys or room cards are required to open the doors. Simply reset the password of your room and remember your password. 5 / 13

6 The rooms are available for students from July 29 to August 9. Students can check in on July 28 that the earliest. Students should vacate the rooms before 12:00 am. on August 10. Anyone who needs to check out late, please inform and seek approval from the receptionist at least 24 hours before the official check out time. 5. VISA APPLICATION 1) To apply for the student visa (X2 visa), please present to the Chinese embassy or Consulate in your country theattached Admission Notice.Please refer to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate website for other documentation required to support your visa application. 2) After successfully obtainingyour X2 visa, please purchase your flight tickets to China in your nearest convenience. Please provide your arrival information through the online application system. 6. PICK-UP SERVICE Summer school 2018 will provide free pick-up service at Jinan Yaoqiang Airport ( 济南遥墙机场 )and Jinan West Railway Station ( 济南西站 ) on July 29, ) Schedule: If you arrive earlier, our advice is to have coffee or breakfast at the airport while you wait, and then make use of the pick-up service when it begins. 2) Jinan Yaoqiang Airport( 济南遥墙机场 ): Volunteers holding a Shandong University board will meet you at the 5 th and 6 th arrival gates (the International Exit). Jinan West Railway Station( 济南西站 ): Volunteers holding a Shandong University board will meet you at the exit of the Jinan West Railway Station. 3) Arrival on another day of time To use public transport to reach Shandong University, please use a map service such as Google Map, Baidu Map (in Chinese) or Amap (in Chinese). It may be wise to print or save the map of route to avoid getting lost. You can also take a taxi to SDUat your own expense. To take a taxi, you can show the attached card to the taxi driver, he/she will know to whom to contact and how to get to SDU.It will cost you around RMB from Jinan Yaoqiang Airport or RMB from Jinan West Railway Station, depending on the traffic. 山东大学哲学与社会发展学院济南市山大南路 27 号山东大学中心校区留学生宿舍联系电话 : Philosophy and Social Development International Students Building Shandong University Central Campus, 27 Shanda Nanlu Jinan Tel: / 13

7 7. NO CASH SURVIVAL China is going cashless. People are moving away from traditional banking systems to more efficient and user-friendly financial technologies. Nowadays, mobile payment has become a part of people s everyday lives in China. To give our students a unique experience in China, Participants are encouraged to live without cash during this period and finds out how you can pay for things digitally. To assist your survival, volunteers will help you use digital wallet, top-up your account, make payment or transfer, etc. 8. USEFUL TIPS Campus Banks You can find ATMs of Bank of China (BOC) and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on campus, which are convenient for you to deposit and withdraw money. There are China Construction Bank (CCB), China Merchants Bank (CMB) and Bank of Communications (BC) near the south gate of the university and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) 7 / 13

8 near the west gate of the university. All ATMs on campus can provide service in English for you. Campus Supermarkets There are two main supermarkets on campus from which you can buy most of the things you need. The Students Educational Supermarket is under the playground near the north gate of the university. The Students Life Supermarket is under the school canteen. There are also two chain supermarkets near the south gate of the university, Unimart and RT-MART. Weather July is the hottest and wettest month in Jinan; the corresponding numbers are 23.5 C, 32.6 C.Thunderstorms always happen. So please take some sunscreen like sunglasses, parasols, and so on. We will provide heatstroke medicine for the participants if needed. Transportation Jinan doesn t have subways at present; the convenient way is to take taxi or bus if you want to go outside by yourself. No.1, 16, 48, 112 busses are near the West Gate of Shandong University, the station named Shanda Nan Road ( 山大南路站 ). NO.122, 48 buses are near the North Gate of Shandong University, the station named the West End of Shanda Bei Road ( 山大北路西口站 ).No.70, K55 buses are near the South Gate of SDU, the station named the Middle of Shanda Nan Road ( 山大南路中段 ). Emergency In case you feel sick, please contact us immediately. There is a School Hospital just opposite the North Gate of Shandong University. Others If you have any questions or suggestions about the Summer University service, please feel free to contact Dr. Yu Miao or Ms. Deng Xiongfei. Dr. Yu Miao Tel: ; Ms. Sun Danxiao Tel: CONTACT US 1) For Admission: 8 / 13

9 2) Office Phone: We re looking forward to meeting you atsdu! Best wishes, School of Philosophy and Social Developmen Shandong University Jinan, P.R. China 9 / 13

10 Schedule for social work Date Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday-Saturday July 29 July 30 July 31 August 1 August 2 August 3-4 Registration & Check-in Venue:No.2 Internationa l student dormitory Campus tour Field trip Free Time August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10 presentation Return 10 / 13

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