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1 Fall Databook Jan 2019 uccs.edu/ir

2 Contents Introduction... 4 Student Academic Information... 5 Career Level... 5 College... 5 Primary Degree-Granting Plan... 6 Class Level Full-Time Status Admit Types Residency Student Demographics Gender Ethnicity Age Housing Status Home State Citizenship Country of Citizenship Athletics Military Affiliation First Generation Status Pell Recipients Disability Registration Student Persistence & Performance Admissions Index & Test Scores Undergraduate Persistence Page

3 Graduation Rates Grade Point Averages Degrees Conferred Academic Instruction & Credit Hours Instruction Mode Session Online Instruction Class Sizes Credit Hour Matrix Institutions Attended Transfer Credit Institutions High Schools P age

4 Introduction The Fall Databook reflects data extracted from the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) at different points in time. The Fall Snapshot is taken within a few days of the last day students can drop courses or withdraw for a 100% refund and has usually been within the second week of September. The Fall End-of-Term Snapshot data are frozen several weeks after the end of the semester, usually in early January, which is expected to be enough time for final grades to have been reported to Student Records. Data extracted from the Campus Solutions Warehouse are specific to the day of the extraction and will differ from census or end-of-term snapshots. Read the notes for each table to determine the point of time of the extraction. The Fall Databook will be updated in September and February, with the last update noted in the header and in the data labels shown within the tables. Data items are included based on the frequency of requests from campus constituents. The Fall Databook is not comprehensive nor does it reflect all the data on hand nor all the reporting handled by Institutional Research or other offices. Contact Institutional Research directly if you have additional data requests or questions. Please visit our website at Thank you, Robyn Marschke, Ph.D. Director of Institutional Research University of Colorado Colorado Springs P age

5 Student Academic Information Career Level A student career may be categorized as Undergraduate, Graduate, or Non-Degree Graduate. The non-degree graduate career houses students who are taking graduate-level courses but are not seeking a master s or doctoral degree; for example, they might be seeking a certificate or licensure or simply taking continuing education courses. GRAD NDGR UGRD Total College A student s college is that which manages the degree plan. The proper name of each college is abbreviated in the table. GRAD BUSN CLAS EDUC ENGR NURS PAFF UGRD BUSN P age

6 CLAS EDUC ENGR NURS PAFF NDGR & OTHER Total Primary Degree-Granting Plan Students may have more than one academic plan and to avoid counting them more than once, only degree-granting primary plans are shown here. For a more exhaustive report including all primary plans, please see the Enrollment section of the IR website. For a list of state-approved degree programs refer to Description Code UGRD Anthropology ANTH-BA Biochemistry, B.A. BCBA-BA Biochemistry, B.S. BCBS-BS Biology, B.A. BIOL-BA Biology, B.S. BLBS-BS Business Administration: 1 Accounting ACCT-BSBU Business Administration BUAD-BSBU Business Innovation 2 XXXX-BI Finance FNCE-BSBU Human Resource Mgmt HRMG-BSBU Information Systems INFS-BSBU International Business INTB-BSBU Management MGMT-BSBU P age

7 Marketing MKTG-BSBU Organizational Mgmt ORMG-BSBU Service Management SVMG-BSBU Sport Management SPTM-BSBU Chemistry, B.A. CHEM-BA Chemistry, B.I. BICH-BI Chemistry, B.S. CMBS-BS Communication, B.A. COMM-BA Communication (Digital Film.) BIDF-BI Computer Engineering CPEN-BS Computer Security BISC-BI Computer Science, B.I. BICS-BI Computer Science, B.S. CSCI-BS Criminal Justice CRJU-BA Data Analytics & Systems Engr DASE-BS Data Analytics & Systems Engr BIDA-BI Distributive Studies DIST-BA Economics ECON-BA Electrical Engineering, B.I. BIEL-BI Electrical Engineering, B.S. ELEN-BS Engineering Education BSEE-BS English ENGL-BA Exercise Science EXSC-BS Game Design & Dev. BIGD-BI Geography/Enviro Studies GEEV-BA Health Care Science HCSC-BS History HIST-BA Inclusive Early Childhood Ed. BICE-BI, EDBI Inclusive Elementary Ed. IELM-BA Mathematics, BA MTBA-BA Mathematics, BS MTBS-BS P age

8 Mechanical Engineering MEEN-BS Nursing NURS-BS Philosophy PHIL-BA Physics/Energy Science, B.S. PHES-BS Political Science PSCI-BA Psychology PSYC-BA Sociology SOCI-BA Spanish SPAN-BA Visual & Performing Arts VAPA-BA VAPA Museum Stdy. BIGM-BI VAPA Music BIMU-BI Women's & Ethnic Studies WEST-BA Women s & Ethnic Studies, B.I. BIWE-BI GRAD Accounting MACC-MSA Applied Mathematics AMTH-MS Applied Science - Math ASMT-PHD Applied Science - Physics ASPY-PHD Athletic Training ATHL-MS 3 3 Business Administration MBAD-MBA Business Administration (2) MBAE-MBA Communication COMM-MA Computer Science, M.S. CSCI-MS Computer Science, Ph.D. CSCI-PHD Counseling & Human Services COUN-MA Criminal Justice CRJU-MCJ Curriculum & Instruction CURR/TESL- MA Educational Leadership LERP-PHD Electrical Engineering, M.S. ELEN-MS Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. ELEN-PHD 8 P age

9 Engineering, Ph.D. ENGR-PHD Engineering, M.S. MAEG-MENG Geography GEOG-MA History HIST-MA Leadership LEAD-MA Master of Sciences: Biochemistry MSBC-MSC Biology MSBI-MSC Chemistry MSCH-MSC Education MSED-MSC Forensic Science MSFS-MSC Health Promotion MSHP-MSC Mathematics MSMA-MSC Physics MSPH-MSC Sport Nutrition MSSN-MSC Sports Medicine MSSM-MSC Mechanical Engineering MEEN-MS Nursing NURS-MS Nursing Practice NRSD-DNP Psychology, M.A. PSYC-MA Psychology, Ph.D. PSYC-PHD Public Administration PADM-MPAD Sociology SOCI-MA Special Education SPED-MA Strength & Conditioning SCON-MS 7 7 Gainful Employment Certs: 3 Accounting ACC Criminal Justice CRJ Disaster Public Health DPH 1 Finance FIN Forensic Nursing FRN P age

10 Family Nurse Practitioner FNP Gero. Nurse Practitioner GNP Grant Writing/Mgmt GWP Health Care Administration HCA Homeland Defense/Security HMD/HSE Innovation Management INO Instructional Technology EIT 1 1 International Business INT Local Government Mgmt LGM 1 1 Management MGT Marketing MKT Medical Laboratory Science MLS Non-profit Fund Dev. NFD Non-profit Management NPM Nurse Practitioner MNP Nursing Education NED 1 1 Operations Management OPM Public Management PBM Project Management PRJ Psychiatric Mental Health PMH Security Intelligence SEC/NSI Space Systems Mgmt SPC Teaching ESL ESL UCCS confers one Business Administration BS degree. The additional items are areas of concentration. 2 UCCS confers one Business Administration BI degree. All BI areas of concentration within Business are combined in this table. 3 The gainful employment certificates are listed for the first time in the Fall. 10 P age

11 Class Level Class level represents the class level at which students started the term. Please see Admit Type for a count of new, incoming students. Academic Level Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Senior Fifth Year Graduate Unclassified Total P age

12 Full-Time Status Full-time status is based on 12+ credit hours for undergraduate students or 9+ credit hours for graduate students as per IPEDS guidelines. Status Undergraduate Full time Part time Total Graduate Full time Part time Total Non-Degree Grad Full time Part time Total Total Full time Part time Total P age

13 Admit Types Students newly admitted to UCCS for the term will have an Admit Type determined by the Admissions Office. Students who entered in prior terms are shown as Continuing. Group Freshman Master's Doctorate Readmit Nondegree Transfer Continuing Total P age

14 Residency There are several types of residencies and residency exceptions. This table shows Tuition Residency and Tuition Residency Exceptions. Tuition Residency Non-Resident Exchange Agreement Nonresident Online Pres. Scholar Pres. Scholar Athlete WUE Resident Resident Active Duty Asset Canadian Military Colorado Natl Guard Dependents Yr Economic Incentive Exchange Agreement Hon. Discharged Vet Hon. Disch. Vet Deps Olympic Athlete Online Vet Deps Choice Act West Region Grad Under Review/Other Total P age

15 Student Demographics Gender Gender is self-reported. For IPEDS reporting, we must assign unknowns to male or female and we do so by student s name. Career Female Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Total, Female Male Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Total, Male Unknown Total P age

16 Ethnicity In 2010, the federal government issued new guidelines on how to collect and report race and ethnicity. These categories are in compliance and we often refer to these categories as IPEDS Ethnicity. IPEDS Ethnicity Undergraduate AMERIND ASIAN BLACK HISPA NONRESALIEN PACIF TWOPLUS UNKNOWN WHITE Total Graduate AMERIND ASIAN BLACK HISPA NONRESALIEN PACIF TWOPLUS UNKNOWN WHITE Total Graduate Nondegree 16 P age

17 AMERIND ASIAN BLACK HISPA NONRESALIEN PACIF TWOPLUS UNKNOWN WHITE Total Grand Total UGRD % Minority 28% 28% 30% 30% 31% 31% 32% 32% 33% 33% 34% 34% GRAD % Minority 18% 18% 18% 18% 18% 18% 21% 21% 23% 23% 25% 25% Age Average age is calculated once per semester Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Grand Total P age

18 Housing Status This table incorporates information from residence life (e.g. students living in the residence halls) and the housing code among the other students who have submitted the FAFSA. On campus in residence hall 1630 (13%) 1632 (13%) Off campus with parent 1891 (15%) 1858 (15%) Off campus 4922 (40%) 4753 (38%) Unknown 3992 (32%) 4331 (34%) Home State The table includes only students whose home country is the United States. Home state is calculated once per semester. State Code State AK Alaska AL Alabama AZ Arizona AR Arkansas CA California CO Colorado CT Connecticut DE Delaware FL Florida GA Georgia HI Hawaii IA Iowa ID Idaho IL Illinois IN Indiana KS Kansas P age

19 KY Kentucky LA Louisiana ME Maine MD Maryland MA Massachusetts MI Michigan MN Minnesota MS Mississippi MO Missouri MT Montana NE Nebraska NV Nevada NH New Hampshire NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico NY New York NC North Carolina ND North Dakota OH Ohio OK Oklahoma OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania RI Rhode Island SC South Carolina SD South Dakota TN Tennessee TX Texas UT Utah P age

20 VT Vermont VA Virgina WA Washington DC Washington DC WV West Virginia WI Wisconsin WY Wyoming Citizenship Citizenship status is maintained by Student Records (please coordinate with Wang Chao regarding international students.) Citizen Permanent Resident Temporary Visa NA/Other Grand Total P age

21 Country of Citizenship Country of citizenship is shown for any student reporting it. It is not limited to students with a temporary visa. Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belize Bolivia Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burundi 1 1 Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Chile China Columbia Congo Cote D Ivoire Cuba Czech Republic P age

22 Denmark Djibouti 1 1 Dominican Republic Ecuador 1 2 Egypt El Salvador Eritrea Ethiopia France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guyana 1 Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland 1 1 India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea, Dem.People s Rep P age

23 Korea, Republic of Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Libya Mexico Mongolia Morocco Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman 1 1 Pakistan 2 2 Panama Peru Philippines Poland Qatar Romania Russian Federation Rwanda 1 Saudi Arabia Senegal Seychelles 1 1 Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan 1 23 P age

24 Sweden Switzerland Syria 1 1 Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago 1 1 Tonga Tunisia 1 Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay 1 1 Uzbekistan Venezuela Viet Nam Yugoslavia Zimbabwe Athletics These data are drawn from student group records stored in ISIS and maintained by the Athletic Department. These may not reflect actual team rosters for NCAA purposes. Data are counted once per semester Men s Baseball Men's Basketball Men's Cross Country Men's Golf Men's Indoor Track/Field P age

25 Men's Outdoor Track/Field Men's Soccer Women's Basketball Women's Cross Country Women's Golf NA NA Women s Lacrosse Women's Indoor Track/Field Women's Outdoor Track/Field Women's Soccer Women's Softball Women's Volleyball Total Military Affiliation Various sources of data overlap; therefore, students with a military affiliation are counted in each category that is applicable to them: (a) any military-related tuition assistance maintained by Student Financial Services, (b) veteran and veteran dependent service indicators maintained by the Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs, (c) residency exceptions maintained by the Office of the Registrar, and (d) self-reported military status drawn from student applications and/or the student portal. (a) Tuition Assistance estimate (b) Service Indicator (c) Residency Exception (d) Self-Reported Status Total, Unique % of Enrolled 18.3% 18.4% 19.0% 17.4% 19.0% 25 P age

26 First Generation Status First-Generation Status is based on application and financial aid documents and is defined here as a student whose parent(s) do not have a 4-year degree. Students who have not reported the education levels of their parent(s) are not considered first-generation students due to missing data. Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Total (34.4%) (32.8%) (32.1%) (29.9%) (29.5%) (28.8%) (30.1%) (29.3%) (18.2%) (18.5%) (18.9%) 8(19.4%) (20.0%) (20.5%) (23.1%) (22.2%) %) (8.2%) (10.0%) 8%%(12.6%) (15.7%) (13.4%) (18.3%) (19.3%) (31.4%) (30.2%) (29.8%) (28.2%) (28.0%) (27.5%) (28.9%) (28.0%) Pell Recipients The number of students receiving a Pell Grant is often a proxy measure for low-income students. In order to receive a Pell Grant, undergraduate students must apply for financial aid. Data are updated several months after the end of the term when the financial aid year ends est. est. Undergrad Recipients Disbursed Amount 9,939,280 10,410,498 11,210,090 11,818,414 12,564,647 13,113,351 13,869,468 13,167,384 Avg Disbursed Amount Pell as % of Undergrads 32.2% 33.3% 31.8% 32.4% 32.7% 32.2% 30.1% 27.9% Disability Registration Students with disabilities may apply or register with the Disability Services Office in order to be eligible for accommodations Undergraduate 293 (3.6%) 313 (3.5%) 468 (5.0%) 470 (4.9%) 529 (5.2%) 626 (6.0%) 610 (5.8%) Graduate 23 (1.4%) 21 (1.2%) 38 (2.2%) 31 (1.8%) 43 (2.4%) 44 (2.2%) 48 (2.3%) Total 316 (3.1%) 334 (3.1%) 506 (4.5%) 501 (4.4%) 572 (4.8%) 670 (5.4%) 658 (5.2%) 26 P age

27 Student Persistence & Performance Admissions Index & Test Scores These data are drawn directly from the Campus Solutions Warehouse and do not necessarily reflect data reported to SURDS, IPEDS, or other external entities. Averages do not include students with missing data Enrolled as Freshmen Admit Average ACT Average SAT old Average SAT new 1106 Average Index Undergraduate Persistence Undergraduate students status after one year is shown. The students may have graduated, transferred, or continued to be enrolled. Cohorts are drawn from the end-of-term snapshots for main campus undergraduate students and their persistence status is determined at the following fall census snapshot. Cohorts --> All Main Campus Undergrads Graduated Transferred Out Still Enrolled at UCCS % Unaccounted for 1 year later 15.0% 16.1% 16.7% 14.6% 18.0% 14.9% 14.3% 27 P age

28 Graduation Rates The table depicts the 150% Graduation Rate as reported to the US Department of Education through the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey submitted between December and February. Cohorts --> Enrolled at UCCS at Fall Graduated within 6 years Graduation Rate 41.0% 46.6% 46.0% 47.3% 44.0% 46.5% 43.2% 44.6% Grade Point Averages Term GPA reflects the GPA earned for the Fall semester whereas the Cumulative GPA reflects all points the enrolled students have earned during their career at UCCS. The GPAs are shown by career and gender primarily for our Student Life & Leadership Office and the Athletic Department. Career Current GPA Female Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Male Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Avg Current GPA (all) Cumulative GPA Female Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree P age

29 Male Undergraduate Graduate Graduate Non-degree Average Cumulative GPA (all) Degrees Conferred Please see for a full report. Data are extracted from the Campus Solutions Warehouse and might not correspond to IPEDS or other external reports that rely on snapshots and/or fiscal year conferrals. Academic Instruction & Credit Hours Additional student credit hour (SCH) census reports are posted online at Instruction Mode Credit hours taken by students per campus and instruction mode at the end of the semester unless noted. EXSTU includes non-credit units COSPG: MAIN CAMPUS In Person Online Hybrid Online/Classroom Independent Study Total , ,388 EXSTU: EXTENDED STUDIES In Person Online Correspondence P age

30 Hybrid Online/Classroom Independent Study Total UCCS TOTAL , ,972.5 Session Sessions depict common schedules f courses within a semester. Credit hours are shown at the end of the semester unless noted. Spring Sessions COSPG: MAIN CAMPUS Main Campus Sem Freshman/Gateway Sem Pre-Term Weekend Univ Intensive First 8-Wks/Session A Second 8-Wks/Session B DMBA Total EXSTU: EXTENDED STUDIES ES CU Succeed Non-Cred Intensive ES Campus Sem ES Intensive Non-Credit Sem ES Campus Sem (DMBA) ES Correspondence Not Available 16 Total UCCS TOTAL P age

31 Online Instruction Online instruction is shown for end-of-term unless otherwise noted. Extended studies online instruction is included if the student is a main campus student Students: % online hours Some online hours No online hours Online Credit Hours: By GRAD students By NDGR students By UGRD students Total online hours Online Hrs as % of Main Hrs 5.7% 6.6% 8.6% 8.0% 9.2% 11.1% 12.7% 14.8% 31 P age

32 Class Sizes Class size is difficult to ascertain due to the common occurrence of combined sections, team-taught sections, cross-listed sections, and dual career sections. These data shown are drawn from the Campus Solutions Warehouse and include our attempt to count unduplicated sections using a methodology that works within the parameters of the warehoused data. For example, enrollment in a combined section is assigned to the sponsoring academic organization and team-taught sections are assigned to the primary instructor. It excludes courses under Concurrent or Cross-College academic groups. Data reflect courses at the end of the term unless noted otherwise. *The alternative column represents an alternative methodology; it includes the number of all sections by class size regardless of duplicated/combined sections. It is limited to main campus course sections. Sections by Class Size * * > Total P age

33 Credit Hour Matrix This matrix shows the credit hours taught by a college to students who may or may not be in a program managed by the same college. Refer to the term and the students programs in the left side of the table. The columns under Course Credit Hours Taught represent the college teaching the course. The Total includes Concurrent and Cross-College hours not shown as columns. Data reflect activity at the end of the term. COLLEGE SPONSORING THE COURSE Term & Student College BUSN CLAS EDUC ENGR NURS PAFF TOTAL % BUSN (Business) % CLAS (Letters Arts & Sciences) % CONC (CU Concurrent) % EDUC (Education) % ENGR (Engineering) % NFAE (Nondegree Aid Eligible) % NFAI (Nondegree Aid Ineligible) % NURS (Nursing & Health Sci.) % PAFF (Public Affairs) % Total % 11% 63% 6% 9% 7% 4% BUSN (Business) 13,135 5, ,863 13% CLAS (Letters Arts & Sciences) 2,862 63,694 2,502 1,431 1,092 1,267 72,867 51% CONC (CU Concurrent) % EDUC (Education) 102 1,394 6, ,888 6% ENGR (Engineering) 740 8, , ,954 14% NFAE (Nondegree Aid Eligible) % NFAI (Nondegree Aid Ineligible) % NURS (Nursing & Health Sci.) 114 6, , ,113 11% PAFF (Public Affairs) 159 3, ,786 7,308 5% Total 17,232 88,497 9,023 13,079 9,912 5, , % % 12% 62% 6% 9% 7% 4% 100% BUSN (Business) 13,070 4, ,454 13% 33 P age

34 CLAS (Letters Arts & Sciences) 2,399 64,242 2,073 1,216 1, ,945 52% CONC (CU Concurrent) % EDUC (Education) 93 1,124 4, ,939 4% ENGR (Engineering) 717 8, , ,670 14% NFAE (Nondegree Aid Eligible) % NFAI (Nondegree Aid Ineligible) % NONC (Noncredit) % NURS (Nursing & Health Sci.) 108 6, , ,301 11% PAFF (Public Affairs) 124 3, ,542 6,896 5% Total 16,670 88,295 6,855 12,365 10,203 4, , % % 12% 63% 5% 9% 7% 3% 100% BUSN (Business) 12,326 4, ,184 13% CLAS (Letters Arts & Sciences) 2,412 61,604 2, ,030 53% CONC (CU Concurrent) % EDUC (Education) , ,259 3% ENGR (Engineering) 585 7, , ,496 14% NFAE (Nondegree Aid Eligible) % NFAI (Nondegree Aid Ineligible) ,398 1% NONC (Noncredit) % NURS (Nursing & Health Sci.) 109 5, , ,148 11% PAFF (Public Affairs) 127 2, ,180 6,243 5% Total 15,811 83,359 6,204 11,755 9,612 3, , % % 12% 64% 5% 9% 7% 3% 100% BUSN (Business) 12,223 4, ,996 13% CLAS (Letters Arts & Sciences) 2,488 62,846 1,667 2,083 1, ,829 55% CONC (CU Concurrent) % EDUC (Education) , ,405 3% ENGR (Engineering) 346 5, , ,861 12% NFAE (Nondegree Aid Eligible) % NFAI (Nondegree Aid Ineligible) ,528 1% NONC (Noncredit) % 34 P age

35 NURS (Nursing & Health Sci.) 132 5, , ,876 11% PAFF (Public Affairs) 110 2, ,181 6,309 5% Total 15,544 83,186 5,663 11,354 9,159 4, , % % 12% 64% 4% 9% 7% 3% 100% Institutions Attended Transfer Credit Institutions The table shows the total transfer credit from the top 50 institutions for the fall semester. The list is sorted by the institutions total transfer credits over the semesters shown. Data are drawn from the Campus Solutions Warehouse and do not reflect census or end-of-term snapshots. Total Pikes Peak Community College 3,143 3,374 3,760 3,854 3,520 17,651 Colorado State Univ-Pueblo ,773 Arapahoe Community College ,380 Pueblo Community College ,231 Colorado State University ,119 Community College of Aurora Front Range Community College Univ Northern Colorado Morgan Community College Colorado Christian University Metro State Univ Denver Colorado Mesa Univ Trinidad State Junior College Lamar Community College Otero Junior College Colorado Mountain College Adams State University Univ Maryland-Univ College Red Rocks Community College P age

36 Central Texas College Fort Lewis College Western State Colorado Univ Community College of Denver Non-US College Colorado School of Mines Aims Community College Arizona State University Univ New Mexico Northern Arizona University Colorado Technical University Univ Kansas Defense Language Institute Univ Minn: Twin Cities New Mexico State University Kansas State University Saddleback College Barton County Comm College Cochise College Univ Phoenix Grand Canyon University Michigan State University Hawaii Pacific University Austin Community College Purdue Univ US Air Force Academy Duke University Calvin College Northeastern Junior College Univ Wyoming Middle Tenn State Univ P age

37 High Schools Among fall semester students in the freshmen academic level, the following 50 high schools were the most common over the past 5 years. High School City State Total Thomas B Doherty High School Colorado Springs Colorado Rampart High School Colorado Springs Colorado William J Palmer High School Colorado Springs Colorado Pine Creek High School Colorado Springs Colorado Vista Ridge High School Colorado Springs Colorado Liberty High School Colorado Springs Colorado Air Academy High School USAF Academy Colorado Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Springs Colorado Coronado High School Colorado Springs Colorado Falcon High School Peyton Colorado Sand Creek High School Colorado Springs Colorado Palmer Ridge High School Monument Colorado Lewis-Palmer High School Monument Colorado Discovery Canyon Campus Sch Colorado Springs Colorado Fountain-Fort Carson High Sch Fountain Colorado Widefield High School Colorado Springs Colorado Castle View High School Castle Rock Colorado Mesa Ridge High School Colorado Springs Colorado The Classical Academy Colorado Springs Colorado Harrison High School Colorado Springs Colorado Woodland Park High School Woodland Park Colorado William Mitchell High School Colorado Springs Colorado James Irwin Charter HS Colorado Springs Colorado Douglas County High School Castle Rock Colorado Manitou Springs High School Manitou Springs Colorado Legend High School Parker Colorado Sierra High School Colorado Springs Colorado Chaparral High School Parker Colorado Saint Marys High School Colorado Springs Colorado P age

38 Cherokee Trail High School Aurora Colorado Rangeview High School Aurora Colorado Colorado Springs Chrstn Sch Colorado Springs Colorado Pueblo West High School Pueblo West Colorado Rock Canyon High School Highlands Ranch Colorado Vanguard School Colorado Springs Colorado Thunderridge High School Highlands Ranch Colorado Grandview High School Aurora Colorado Eaglecrest High School Centennial Colorado Mountain Vista High School Highlands Ranch Colorado Legacy High School Broomfield Colorado Overland High School Aurora Colorado Arapahoe High School Centennial Colorado Montrose High School Montrose Colorado Canon City Senior High School Canon City Colorado Heritage High School Littleton Colorado Elizabeth High School Elizabeth Colorado Centennial High School Pueblo Colorado Cherry Creek High School Greenwood Village Colorado Gateway High School Aurora Colorado Ralston Valley High School Arvada Colorado P age