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1 nformation for Juniors PGHS Counseling Department September 2016 *** mportant Dates:.:. September 28,2016: Financial Aid 101: The Basics of Getting $ for College; PGHS Library, 6:30 PM. :. November 2,2016 : College Night, PGHS Student Union, 6:30 PM.

2 Timeline for College Bound Juniors: Class of 2018 FALL SEMESTER, 2016: Take the PSAT on October 19th. Taking the test qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship program, and is an excellent way to practice for the SAT. Evaluate your education options. Now is the time to decide on a specific path, making basic decisions such as whether you want to start off at 2-year or 4-year college. fyou are interested in attending a military academy, the application process starts now. Make a college list. Your list of colleges should include schools that meet your most important criteria (for example, size, location, cost, academic majors, or special programs). Weigh each of the factors according to their importance to you and develop a preliminary ranking of the schools on your list. Research. Research. Research. Go to college fairs, attend college nights, and speak with college representatives who visit your high school; use Naviance, Big Future and other online sources. Organize a testing plan. Figure out when you'll be taking important tests like the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams. Mark the dates on your calendar. You'll want plenty of time to prepare. Make sure you're meeting any special requirements. f you want to play Division or sports in college, start the certification process and check to make sure you're meeting NCAA requirements. SPRNG SEMESTER, 2017 Organize your college information. Set up a system to organize correspondence and printed materials you've been gathering. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for later. Begin narrowing down your college choices. Make sure you have all the information you need about the colleges you're interested in (entrance requirements, tuition, room and board costs, course offerings, student activities, financial aid, etc.). Then begin comparing the schools and see which best meet your criteria. Prepare for standardized tests. Find out if the colleges you are interested in require the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests. Register to take the tests you need for some time this semester. You can take them again in the fall of your senior year if you're unhappy with your scores. Talk to your family. Have a discussion about the colleges you're interested in. Your family can learn about what you want to pursue and you can hear any concerns or suggestions they might have. Learn more about financial aid. Examine your family's financial resources and gather information about financial aid from colleges. Set up appointments to visit your top college choices. You'll often have to plan ahead when visiting colleges. Call the admissions office to set up a personal interview, tour, and a meeting with a professor or coach if you're interested.

3 ! Pacific Grove Hi2h School's DC a-2 Approved Courses a-history/social Science World Geography World History U.S. History Government AP World History AP U.S. History AP Government b-english English 1 English 2 AP English Language and Composition Honors English Honors English 2 English 3/4 Sports Literature English 3/4 Literature & the Dynamics of Social Justice. English 3/4 Poetry & Creative Writing CSU Expository Reading & Writing AP English Literature & Composition English 3/4 Science Fiction & Dystopia English 3/4 American Literature c-mathematics ntegrated Math ntegrated Math 11 ntegrated Math Honors ntegrated Math /Trigonometry Honors ntroduction to Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Statistics -Laboratory Science Anatomy/Physiology Physics Biology 1 Chemistry Honors Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics C: Mechanics e-language Other than English Spanish Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 AP Spanish Language & Culture AP French Language & Culture French French 2 French 3 French 4 f-visual & Performing Arts ntra to Art Drawing & Painting AP Studio Art: 2-D Design Photography Photography Drama Marching/Concert Band String Orchestra g-elective AP Psychology Economics Honors Social Studies Marine Science (UC Elective) Earth & Space Science (UC Elective) Computer Science & nfo Systems CSS Computer Science & nfo Systems CSS AP Computer Science AVD Senior Seminar (Avid 2)

4 Freshman Admissions Requirements for Fall 2017 Eligibility for admission to the UC is dependent upon the following factors: High school grade point of 3.0 or better in the A - G classes with no grade lower than a C. Take the ACT with writing or the new SAT test with writing. (SAT Subject test is optional) Complete 15 college prep classes (a -g courses), with at least 11 completed by the end of junior year. The UC Comprehensive Review (see next page for 14 factors) At a minimum a student must take: a) History/Social Science 2 year b) English 4 years c) Mathematics 3 years (ntegrated Math, and ) UC's recommend 4 years d) Laboratory science 2 years ( life science & physical science) UC's recommend 3 years at least e) Foreign language 2 years UC's recommend 3 years of a f) VisuallPerforming Arts 1 year g) Preparatory Elective 1 year foreign language Eligibility for admission to the CSU is dependent upon the following factors: High school grade point average of 2.0 or higher combined with specific score on SAT(wTiting portion is not required) or ACT (see next page for eligibility index) Take the ACT or SAT Test (writing portion not required) Complete 15 college prep classes (a-g courses), with at least 11 completed by the end ofjunior year. CSU Eligibility ndex (see next page) Traditionally, UC Schools admissions process is between August 1st and November 30. DC applications cannot be submitted until November 1st. Traditionally, CSU schools receive applications between October 1 st and November 30. CALFORNA STATE COLLEGE AND UNVERSTY SYSTEM Bakersfield Pomona Hayward San Jose Channel slands Northridge Humboldt San Luis Obispo Chico Sacramento Long Beach San Marcos Dominguez Hills San Bernardino Los Angeles Sonoma Fresno San Diego Maritime Academy Stanislaus Fullerton San Francisco Monterey Bay UNVERSTY OF CALFORNA Berkeley Riverside Los Angeles Davis San Diego Santa Barbara rvine Santa Cruz Merced

5 Course Subjects Pacific Grove High School UC/CSU required a-g courses Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Spring Grade 11 Grade 12 Fall Spring Fall Spring U.S. History/Government - 2 years A Two years of history/social science, or 1 year of U.S. history and of civics or American government and 1 year of world history English - 4 years B Composition, literature and other English courses designated as college preparatory. Mathematics - 3 years (4 years recommended UC/CSU) C Algebra, geometry, algebra, pre-calculus, or tnt.math 1, tnt. Math2, nt. Math 3, precalculus Laboratory Science - 2 years (3 years recommended UC) D Biology, chemistry, physics CSU will also accept marine science and earth and space science Foreign Language - 2 years E (3 years recommended UC) Two years in the same language. F Visual and Performing Arts - 1 year Art, photography, drama, music College Preparatory Electives - 1 year G Courses from the a-f areas and honors social studies, psychology, economics, marine science, earth and space science Students must earn a "C" or higher for all "a-g" College Preparatory Requirements. See your Counselor if you have earned a "0" or "F" in an "a-g" Subject Requirement.

6 Eligibility ndex - California Residents Eligibility ndex Table for Residents of California or Graduates of California High Schools GPA ACT SAT ACT SAT ACT SAT GPA GPA Score Score Score Score Score Score 3.0 and above qualifies for any score Below 2.0 does not qualify for regular admission For admissions purposes, the CSU uses only the SAT scores for mathematics and critical reading.

7 DC Comprehensive Review THE 14 FACTORS THE UC SYSTEM WEGHS il,liuiiilj additional points for completed U(>~certjfied honors courses 2 Scoles on the!\ct with Writing or SAT Reasoninq Test win, on some campuses.) 3 Number 0: content of anc performance in academic courses bevono Hie mintmum 5!centifjcation by UC: as the Local Context" or ranked in the top 9 percent of your liigr) school class at the end of year (Eligible in Hie type and number cf academic courses in orooress or "1 :",,, '.nd avaaable in your school 9 11 scaderruc GPA and Hie coursework completed or in progress, 0pec:al talents. achievements and awards in a panicu'ar such as visual and performmq arts communication or athletic endeavors: special skilts such as demonstrated written and ora: oroticiencv in other ~angu(jges. mterests. such as intensive and exoiorauon 12 experiences or achievemerrts that demonstrate the student's nr{,,,,:,,,, ioc corunoutinq to the intehectuai campus school curriculum or in ~-Ch001 events of a

8 Should take the New SAT or the ACT?? Take the New SA T f You... #1: Panic when faced with time limits One of the most noticeable differences between the redesigned SAT and the ACT is the amount of time per question-you have much more of it on the SAT. This doesn't actually make the SAT easier, since its actual questions tend to be harder, but it does mean that the ACT feels like more of a time crunch than the ACT. #2: Can't stand the idea of not getting to every question On the SAT, you have enough time to get to most of the questions, as long as you use it wisely. On the ACT, you probably won't finish all of the sections unless you're scoring a 30 or above. #3: Have a hard time spotting details when you read SAT reading questions almost always give you the line number where you can find the relevant information. Even if they don't give you the exact location, the questions are in order, so it's rarely difficult to find information in the passage. ACT reading questions, on the other hand, are randomly ordered and frequently don't give line numbers, so finding specific details in the passage is one of the trickiest parts. f you struggle with retaining or finding details, you will probably prefer the new SAT. #4: Struggle with Geometry ACT math has over three times as many geometry questions as the math section on the redesigned SAT. Plus, for the ACT, you need to memorize all the formulas, while on the SAT you're given them at the beginning of the section. #5: Want to encounter as little science as possible The ACT has a science section; the SAT does not. f you dislike science or struggle with quantitative thinking, you will probably prefer the SAT. The redesigned SAT does include science questions in each of its three sections, so there's no way to escape science ntirely. Nonetheless, struggling with science will have less of an effect on your score on the new SAT than it will on the ACT.

9 Take the ACT fyou... #1: Struggle with vocabulary Although it no longer has sentence completions questions, the redesigned SAT still tests more challenging vocabulary on both the reading and writing sections. t also has harder passages on the reading section and more vocabulary questions overall. #2: Can't always explain how you know an answer is correct One of the big changes to the SAT is the addition of evidence questions on the reading section. These questions ask you to point to the part of the passage that supports your answer to another question. Evidence questions aren't as novel as they might seem at first, since, in theory, you should always be able to point to the support for your answer in the passage. But if this is a skill you really struggle with, consider taking the ACT instead. #3: Are intimidated by doing math without a calculator The new SAT has a no-calculator section, so if the idea of doing math without a calculator has you completely freaked out, you may want to stick to the ACT. However, the no-calculator section really doesn't require any complicated calculations. n fact, all of the math questions on both tests can be done without a calculator. The question is really whether you feel comfortable doing without one. #4: Prefer that different topics be tested in different sections One of the goals of the SAT redesign is to integrate important skills across all three sections, so there's more overlap between the different sections than on the ACT. One key example of this new policy is the presence of quantitative questions in the reading and writing sections of the new SAT. f you'd prefer to avoid this kind of concept mixing, stick with the ACT. #5: Have a solid grasp of experimental design f you like science, and especially if you have a good understanding of how experiments are built and know the difference between independent and dependent variables, consider taking the ACT. The ACT asks a lot of questions about experimental design while the SAT new science questions are solely focused on reading charts and graphs. A strong grasp of these concepts will give you a considerable leg up on the ACT.

10 The New SAT and the UC's: Commonly Asked Questions 1. s the new SAT required for all students applying to UC? Scores from the old SAT will be accepted for students who graduate from high school before 2020, Current 10th through] 2tl1 graders have the option to submit scores from either the old SAT or new SA T with Essay exam (or ACT with Writing). Students currently ill 9th grade or below must sit for the new SAT with Essay exam (or ACT with Writing), 2. Do students taking the new SAT also need to complete the optional essay? Yes, The essay portion of the new SAT exam is required by UC, 3. Who must take the new SAT with Essay? f a student graduates high school prior to 2020, he/she has the option of submitting scores from the old or new SAT with Essay (or ACT with Writing), Students graduating in 2020 and later must take the new SAT with Essay (or ACT with Writing), 4. s a student at a disadvantage if he/she decides not to take the new SAT? There is no preference in the admission selection process for one test or another, As long as a student is graduating high school before 2020, scores from the old SAT, new SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing are acceptable, 5. Will UC allow "super scoring" or combining individual scores across multiple test dates? Will UC take old and new SAT scores and combine them for the best results? No, UC will not "super score" or combine test results, UC will continue to use the highest total score from a single test date, as before, 6. How will UC equate the old SAT and new SAT test scores to determine the "highest" score? UC will use The College Board's conversion method to determine the highest score,

11 ~ 2016/2017 SAT & ACT Test Dates SAT U.S. registration dates and deadlines To register visit PGHS School Code is Test Dates [ Regular Deadline Late Deadline (a fee applies) 1'1,!actober 1, 2016 September 1,2016 1\ Check dates online November 5, 2016 ~lactober7,2016 l!check dates online December 3,2016!November 3,2016 Check dates online Check dates online ~==========: rg::heck dates online ~=============" i!check dates online ========== Check dates online ACT Registration dates and deadlines T o rears. t er VS. it actst u d en t.orz./ s tar t Test Dates i Regular Late Deadline Photo Upload Deadline Ueadline (a fee applies) sept 10,2016!AUg 5, 2016 llaug 6-19,2016 September 2 lact 22, 2016 Sept 16,2016 isept , 2016 iloctober 14 J Dee 10, 20 16!!NOV 4,2016 ~]NOV 5-18, 2016 lbecember 2!Feb 11, 2017 japr 8, 2017!Jan 13,2017!!Mar 3,2017 Jan 14-20,2017 jjmar 4-17, 20 17!June 10, 2017 May 5, 2017 May 6-19, 2017 February 3 March 31 June 2

12 Some guidelines for Juniors and Seniors Step 1: Log onto the Pacific Grove High School website home page - Step 2: Click on Counseling and scroll down to Naviance log-in Step 3: Log-in using your PowerSchool Password and Username On the home page notice there are 4 tabs at the top of the page: Colleges, Careers, About Me and My Planner Click on the About Me tab o Under my assessments click on StrengthsExplorer o Complete the assessment Click on the Colleges tab o Under college research click on scattergrams o Click Choose a college, Unweighted GPA, and Display Graph (compare your SATscores and GPAwith other students who were accepted, denied, waitlisted) Click on the Colleges tab o Under College research click on SuperMatch - college search o On the left, click on the Orange tabs to find colleges that match your needs and ones that come close to it Click on the Colleges tab o Under my colleges click on colleges 'm thinking about or colleges 'm applying to o + add colleges to this list o Click on lookup o Add 5 colleges that you may like to attend Click on the About Me tab o Under interesting things about me and click on resume

13 NTERNET RESOURCE LST Where to start?? Go to for info on applying to college, financial aid, scholarships, and more. Visit Naviance at connection.nal'iance.comlpaci{icgrove and use your Power School username and password to log in and research colleges, explore majors and careers, find out what colleges are visiting campus and more. 4-Year Colleges and Universities in California Title What it covers Website address University ofcalifornia Detailed information on all 9 UC campuses. Also can apply online using this site. CSU Mentor Detailed information on all 23 CSU campuses. Also can apply online using this site. California Colleges Explore UC's, CSU's and private colleges in California. Big Future Use "Big Future" to research both public & private universities in CA & the US. 2-Year Colleges in California Monterey Peninsula College MPC main webpage, Can apply online to MPC using this site. CA Community Colleges Research the different community colleges available in California. CA Comm. College Apply Apply to any of the California Community Colleges using this site. Private Colleges Common Application Research independent/ private colleges & universities. Usc this site to apply online. Colleges that Change Lives Research private liberal arts schools identified in the book "Colleges That Change Lives." Big Future Usc College Board's "Big Future" feature to research private colleges throughout the US. College Admissions Testing (SAT and ACT) College Board nformation on SAT tests. Apply for these tests online at this site. ACT nformation on the ACT test. Apply for test online at this site. CSU Early Success CSU English and Math placement test support services Financial Aid & Scholarships Financial Aid (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Apply online using this website. Financial Aid Specific information about the types ofgovernment aid available for all kinds of students. CSS PROFLE By filling out this one form, you can apply online for nonfederal financial aid from almost private colleges and scholarship programs. Athletics NCAA For student athletes, use this site to learn more about NCAA athletic divisions, sports, etc, Other College nformation College Data Search for colleges, look at college statistics, calculate your chances of getting in, and College Scorecard more. Created by the U.S. Department of Education to allow students a fair comparison between colleges regarding important data such as average cost of attendance, graduation rate, freshman retention rate and more. WUE Scholarship Search for states where you are eligible to request a reduced out-of-state tuition fee Find a Job, Volunteer, etc... Americorps Learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship through intensive service work in cities throughout the US. CAjobs Job programs and training opportunities in California. and Training/ Social Security Number Apply for a Social Security Number

14 College Representatives Visits - Fall 2016 Corban University Chapman University University of Southern California USC Tufts University University of Pennsylvania Pitzer College Grand Canyon University CSUMB University of Puget Sound University of San Diego University of California San Diego Saint Mary's College Miami University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University UC Santa Barbara Trinity College Colorado Mesa University September 14} Wed September 14} Wed September 15} Thurs September 23} Fri September 29} Thurs September 29} Thurs October 3} Mon October 4} Tues October 20} Tues October 28} Fri October 31} Mon October 31} Mon October 31} Mon November 1} Tuesday November 1} Tuesday November 2} Wed November 2} Wed 8:30 am 9:30 am 9:30 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 10:30 am 10:00 am 11:35 am 8:30 am 10:30 am 1:00 pm 9:00 am 1:00 pm 9:45 am 1:00 pm

15 College Fair Wednesday, November 2 12:00-1:00 pm Albion College Colby-Sawyer College Colorado Mesa University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University lasell College Marymount California University Missouri University of Science and Technology Oregon State University Santa Fe University of Art and Design Seton Hall Soka University of America University of Dublin University of Hawaii, Manoa University of Massachusetts lowell University of New Mexico University of Oklahoma University of San Francisco University of Wyoming Whittier College i