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1 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR THE ADMISSION OF NON-EU STUDENTS IN THE HEALTH PROFESSIONS DEGREE COURSES IN ENGLISH AT THE SAINT CAMILLUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES (UNICAMILLUS) FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2018/2019 Article 1 Slots vavllv le vnda vails s lond reuilreiendts Saint Camillus Internatinal University if Health Sciences, hereunder referred ti as UniCamillus, has published fir the academic year 2018/2019 the public call fir applicatins fir the admissiin ti the First Year if the Health Prifessiins Degree Ciurses taught in English pursuant ti art. 6 par.1, let. if DM 50/2010. The filliwing slits are available 1 ti nin-eu candidates: 35 slits fir the Degree Ciurse in Physiitherapy; 35 slits fir the Degree Ciurse in Obstetrics; 40 slits fir the Degree Ciurse in Nursing; 35 slits fir the Degree Ciurse in Biimedical Labiratiry Techniques; 35 slits fir the Degree Ciurse in Radiiligy, Diagnistc Imaging and Radiitherapy Techniques. Citizens frim Nirway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switizerland and the Republic if San Marini are treated as EU candidates and will have ti use the related applicatin. Equal treatment applies ti the categiries that accirding ti what privided by art. 26 if Italian Law 30 July 2002, n. 189 and subsequent midifcatins and alteratins access the ciurses under the same cinditins as the Italian students. PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING AN ITALIAN STUDENT VISA In irder ti ibtain an Italian Student Visa, nin-eu students residing abriad must submit their preapplicatin at Italian Embassies ir Cinsulates in their ciuntries by the 24 th if July, by flling in the enclised firm Pre-enrilment applicatin firm fir nin-eu citizens living iutside Italy (see firm A herewith enclised). 1 Ministerial Decree n. 520/2018 (places assigned ti nin-eu candidates resident abriad fir the degree ciurses in Medicine and Surgery, Dentstry and Dental Pristhesis, Veterinary, Architecture, Health Prifessiins - academic year 2018/2019) have irdered the suspensiin if the allicatin if places ti UniCamillus based in the need if putng in hild these places pistpining their allicatin ti the abive mentined university at a later date, ince the agreementrelated issues between Laizii Regiin and University have been clarifed. On July 10th 2018, the University appealed ti the TAR (Administratve Regiinal Ciurt) requestng the annulment if the abive mentined Decrees and the allicatin if the places. On July 12th 2018 the President if the chamber III quater, with Decree n. 4246/2018, has ruled in faviur if the pripisal, submited by the University, if applicatin fir precautinary measure, irdering the enfircement by the Administratin. 1

2 This pricedure dies nit replace the registratin ti the admissiin test in the UniCamillus website, but is a preliminary passage ti the applicatin fir a student visa in Italy. Fir further details please see the Ministry privisiins Pricedures fir the entry, residence and enrilment if students applying fir visa in higher educatin ciurses in Italy fir the academic year at higher educatin insttutins (htp:// Fir visa pricedures, please alsi refer ti: htp:// and htp:// The ciurses are taught in English and, therefire, ndo proof of kndowleage of Itvllvnd ls reuilrea to o tvlnd v als v for s tiay revs onds. Applicants wishing ti partcipate in the admissiin test must meet ine if the filliwing criteria: a secindary schiil diplima that gives access ti the University, issued by a state ir equivalent educatinal insttutin if the Italian educatin system in Italy ir abriad; fnal qualifcatin if secindary educatin issued by an insttutin belinging ti a fireign schiil system, licated in Italy ir abriad, ibtained filliwing a ciurse if at least 12 years if schiiling; fnal qualifcatin if secindary educatin ibtained in a schiil system that includes 10 ir 11 years if schiiling, supplemented with ine ir twi years if university, privided that all the exams scheduled fir thise academic years have been passed. Candidates enrilled in the last year if state ir private High Schiil insttutins if the Italian educatin system ir at a fireign secindary educatin insttutin that alliws fir the achievement if a valid qualifcatin fir admissiin ti ciurses if higher educatin if the Italian system can alsi apply. The abive mentined candidates, ince passed the admissiin test, must have achieved their qualifcatin by the last available date fir enrilment fir the academic year 2018/2019. Students already in pissessiin if an academic degree (ibtained in Italy ir abriad) and thise whi cime frim anither degree ciurse are required ti undertake the same pricedures indicated in this call fir applicatin and take part in the admissiin test. Article 2 Appllicvtond s i ils s lond Registratin fir the admissiin test will be pissible frim 21 st May 2018 and ni later than 18 th September In irder ti cimplete the registratin fir the admissiin test, each candidate needs ti register in the web pirtal htp:// and filliw the instructins. 2

3 At this stage, the candidate will be asked ti select the Degree Ciurse which he/she intends ti apply fir. In additin ti the ine selected as his/her frst chiice, the candidate can alsi indicate ine ir mire alternatve Degree Ciurses - even all fve Degree Ciurses - fir which he/she intends ti apply fir, in case he/she is nit admited ti the Degree ciurse indicated by the candidate as his/her frst chiice. As an alternatve, the candidate, upin submissiin if the applicatin, can chiise inly ine Ciurse that he intends ti apply fir, writng ni secind chiice, ni third chiice and si in in the assigned spaces in the applicatin firm. The candidate is respinsible fir the infirmatin given when flling in the registratin firm. The presence if false, incirrect ir imited infirmatin leads ti the immediate exclusiin frim the test ir, if already passed, the cancellatin frim the lists if thise admited. Upin submissiin if the firm fir the registratin ti the test the candidate authirises UniCamillus ti carry iut checks at insttutins and authirites that have issued ir validated the qualifcatins atached ti the applicatin. In case if difficulty during the registratin pricedure, an can be sent ti fir assistance. Article 3 Aails s lond tes t The entry test fir all Degree Ciurses is the UKCAT test. The UKCAT test is a twi-hiur cimputer-based test ti be taken at certfed test centres (see Annex 1). The test cinsists if fve separate sectins ti be passed within a set tme and each cinsists if a series if multple chiice questins. Seictonds Ver vl Revsondlndg Establishes the ability ti critcally evaluate infirmatin presented in writen firm. Deiclslond-Mvklndg Establishes the ability ti make decisiins and make cirrect judgments using cimplex infirmatin. Qivndttvtae Revsondlndg Establishes the ability ti critcally evaluate infirmatin presented in numerical firm. A strvict Revsondlndg Establishes the ability ti use cinvergent and divergent reasining ti infer relatinships between diferent elements and infirmatin. No. of Qies tonds Polndts (ilnd-ivx)

4 TOTAL Sltivtondvl As s es s iendt It measures the ability ti understand real situatins and identfy the critcal factirs and the mist appripriate behaviir ti face them. 69 Level 1-4 UKCAT Test Evaluatin The iverall assessment is ibtained by summing the scires if the Verbal Reasining, Decisiinmaking, Quanttatve Reasining and Abstract Reasining sectins. The Situatinal Assessment sectin is nit relevant fir the fnal scire. It is nit pissible ti scire beliw 300 ir abive 900 fir each sectin. Fir details in the midalites if the UKCAT test, please visit The entry test, which is entrely in English, must be taken in ine if the dates and places scheduled in the website during the periid between July 2nd and Octiber 2nd The candidate must send UniCamillus a cipy if the scire - delivered ti the candidate by UKCAT in the same day if the exam accessing the pirtal with the credentals ibtained at the tme if registratin, ndo lvter thvnd 5 th Oicto er The UKCAT test is managed by UKCAT CONSORTIUM, an insttutin independent frim UniCamillus. The registratin fee fir the test UKCAT must be paid directly ti UKCAT CONSORTIUM accirding ti the midalites indicated at the tme if biiking. Candidates whi have already taken the UKCAT test between July and Octiber 2017 are nit ibliged ti take the test again and can, therefire, register fir admissiin ti UniCamillus University by adding a cipy if the UKCAT scire ibtained between July and Octiber 2017, ti the dicumentatin requested ti all candidates (unless they cinsider the scire ti be unsatsfactiry and decide ti undertake the test again in the current year). Article 4 Flndvl rvndklndg for vails s lond Filliwing the cimpletin if the test, a single ranking list based in the scire achieved by each candidate in the admissiin test will be drawn up. Startng frim 11 th Octiber 2018 UniCamillus will publish in the website the single ranking if merit ensuring the aninymity if the candidates. In case if a draw, the scire ibtained by the candidate in the silutin, respectvely, if the sectins if "Verbal Reasining," "Making Decisiins," "Quanttatve Reasining," and "Abstract Reasining" prevails in descending irder. In case if further draw, the yiungest candidate will prevail. The ranking will be firmulated in the basis if the iverall scire ibtained by the candidates and ibserving the filliwing criteria: 1. If the candidate is admited ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as the frst iptin, the remaining iptins are cancelled; 4

5 2. If the candidate is admited in the Degree Ciurse indicated as a secind iptin, the third and subsequent iptins are cancelled; 3. If the candidate is admited ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as a third iptin, the fiurth and ffh iptins are cancelled; 4. If the candidate is admited inti the Degree Ciurse indicated as the fiurth iptin, the ffh iptin is cancelled. Article 5 Degree Coirs e Alloicvtond If the candidate is nit eligible fir the degree ciurse indicated as the frst chiice, his / her ranking will be verifed in the degree ciurse indicated in the irder as secind, third, fiurth ir ffh iptin. In the event that there are ni mire places available in the Degree Ciurse indicated as the frst iptin: 1. the candidate will be assigned, fir the purpises if enrillment, ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as a secind iptin; 2. if there are ni places available in the Degree Ciurse indicated as the secind iptin, he/she will be assigned, fir the purpises if enrillment, ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as the third iptin; 3. if there are ni places available in the Degree Ciurse indicated as the third iptin, he/she will be assigned, fir the purpises if enrillment, ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as the fiurth iptin; 4. if there are ni places available in the Degree Ciurse indicated as the fiurth iptin, he/she will be assigned, fir the purpises if enrillment, ti the Degree Ciurse indicated as the ffh iptin. Therefire it is crucial ti reiterate the impirtance if indicatng, at the tme if enrillment in the admissiin test, ONLY the degree ciurses if real interest. The candidate whi has nit entered the ranking ti be admited ti the Degree Ciurse indicated by him as the frst chiice, at the tme if enrillment in ine if the ither Degree Ciurses in which he/she was admited, may request the transitin ti a diferent Degree Ciurse aming thise indicated by him/her, including the ine he defned as the frst chiice, by presentng the applicatin ti be flled in in the appripriate firm available in the website in his iwn reserved page ir at the Registrar s Office. This request entails, in the event that slits are ipen, the candidate's transitin ti the ciurse fir which he has submited the related applicatin. Any transfers will be anniunced in the dates scheduled fir the sliding if the ranking. Ni transfers ti degree ciurses ither than thise indicated in the cimpettin applicatin can be requested. Failure ti submit the applicatin fir transfer in the terms and in the manner indicated will result in the fnal enrilment ti the Degree Ciurse ither than the frst chiice. 5

6 The candidate admited ti enrilment in a First, Secind, Third, Fiurth and Fifh Degree Ciurse which, fir whatever reasin, will nit be enrilled accirding ti the terms and pricedures set firth in the filliwing art. 6 if this anniuncement, will lise any beneft deriving frim its pisitin in the ranking fir the purpises if enrilment fir all iptins expressed and this regardless if any justfcatins. 6

7 Article 6 Endroliendt vnda s llalndg proiceaire Frim the date if publicatin if the ranking list and untl Octiber 22 nd, 2018, the candidates admited must priceed with the enrillment accirding ti the methids listed beliw: 1. Deliver the dicuments listed beliw ti the Registrar s Office (the dicumentatin marked with a * can alsi be given later in the basis if the indicatins privided by the Registrar): enrillment applicatin signed and addressed ti the Rectir and acceptance if the UniCamillus Cide if Ethics; twi passpirt-siized phitigraphs (indicate name and surname in the back); a phiticipy if an ID and Italian student visa (*) Certfcatin ir Cipy if the High Schiil Diplima ir self-certfcatin. In the case if educatinal qualifcatins ibtained in a higher educatinal insttutin belinging ti a nin- Italian schiil system licated in Italy ir abriad, self-certfcatin is nit permited but a certfed cipy if the diplima accimpanied, if required, by a Deiclvrvtond of Vvlie issued frim the Italian Embassy ir Italian Cinsulate General cimpetent fir the territiry in the ciuntry where the ttle was priduced must be submited; 2. Pay the frst installment if the university tuitin fir an amiunt equal ti 1, It is alsi mandatiry ti deliver health certfcatins within 60 days if enrillment: tuberculin test perfirmed accirding ti the Mantiux technique, accirding ti the Agreement if February 7, 2013 if the State-Regiins Cinference in "Preventin if tuberculisis in health care wirkers and subjects similar ti them", and by the D.P.R. n. 465 if , Regulatin establishing the cinditins under which vaccinatin against tuberculisis is mandatiry, in accirdance with artcle 93, paragraph 2, if the law if 23rd December 2000, ni. 388; said test must be perfirmed at a S.S.N. structure; certfcate if vaccinatin against viral hepatts B, accirding ti Law n. 165 if All the enrilled students are registered with reserve. Fir the fnal enrilment, students must submit a "Certfcate if suitability specifc ti their prifessiinal prifle", issued by the Medical Dictir if the lical Health Authirity; this certfcate must be submited at the teaching facilites if the Degree Ciurses within 30 days frim the date if enrilment. It is impirtant ti nite that the certfcate is mandatiry bith ti be able ti atend the theiretcal teaching actvity and ti carry iut the cimpulsiry prifessiinaliizing actvity fir the purpises if qualifcatin in the prifessiinal prifle. The Certfcate if suitability released must certfy the ability if the student ti perfirm all the specifc prifessiinal actvites required by the relevant prifessiinal prifles fir which registratin is required. Any psychiphysical inability will determine the impissibility if defnitve enrilment in the degree ciurse. 7

8 The University will privide useful infirmatin ti fulfll these certfcatins. The candidate whi withdraws his/her applicatin ir dies nit cimplete the enrilment pricedure in the tmes indicated in this anniuncement, will nit be reimbursed the amiunt paid, under any circumstances. The vacant places fir each Degree Ciurse will be assigned ti the candidates included in the single merit ranking, taking inti acciunt the prigressive irder iccupied in the ranking itself and the iptins expressed, and will be managed accirding ti the filliwing sliding pricedure: cimmunicatin ti interested partes if available places fir missed registratins ir cancellatins (reipening if the ranking); thise admited fir "sliding" if the ranking must priceed with the enrilment inline and with the payment if the frst installment within 48 hiurs frim the reipening if the ranking; the "sliding" pricedure will be repeated untl the available seats are flled. Article 7 avlaer proiceaire followlndg endroliendt Students whi, afer cimpletng their enrilment, wish ti reniunce their studies, will have ti submit their request and send it via registered R/R mail ti: UniCamillus University - Via di Sant'Alessandri Rime ir by certfed Article 8 Siiivry tv le of aevallndes vnda wvrndlndgs Pre-enrilment applicatin (necessary fir ibtaining the study visa) Frim 12 th April ti 24 th July 2018 Registratin periid Frim 21 st May 2018 ti 18 th September 2018 UKCAT Examinatin (at UKCAT test centres) Frim 2 nd July ti 2 nd Octiber 2018 Ranking publicatin 11 th Octiber 2018 Enrilment (acceptance if placement and payment if First Instalment if Tuitin Fees) By 22 nd Octiber 2018 Beginning if allicatin pricedures fir vacancies (takeivers) Frim 23 rd Octiber 2018 The University and the Administratins invilved in this pricedure reserve the right, at each stage if the pricedure, ti ascertain the truthfulness if the declaratins made by the candidate, in accirdance with current legislatin. The candidate must therefire privide all the necessary elements ti alliw fir appripriate checks. In the event that the dicumentatin submited by the candidate cintains false declaratins, withiut prejudice ti the penaltes privided fir by the penal cide and by the special laws in the mater and the declarer's expisure ti the actin fir damages by the ither partes, the enrilment will be cancelled, any benefts will be recivered and the tuitin fees paid will be retained. 8

9 The University reserves the right ti change dates, tmes, testng licatin and publicatin dates if results if it is deemed necessary fir irganiizatinal reasins. In case if cancellatin, at any stage, the amiunt paid fir the frst instalment if the university tuitin is nit refundable fir any reasin. Fir juridical and interpretatve purpises, the Italian call fir applicatin, apprived by Decree if the Rectir n. 16 if 13th July 2018, fled at the academic iffice, shall prevail. Article 9 Siperals ory Coiils s lond for the regilvrlty of the icoipettond With a specifc privisiin, a cimmissiin (cimpised if at least three efectve members) will be appiinted in irder ti ensure the regular and priper perfirmance if the iperatve pricedures if the cimpettin. Vitirini Testa, directir if student services - UniCamillus University, is respinsible fir the pricedure. 9

10 ANNEX 1 LIST OF COUNTRIES ahere IT IS POSSIBILE TO TAKE UKCAT TEST (*) Afghanistan Iviry Ciast Iraq Mildiva Slivakia Albania Criata Ireland Miricci Slivenia American Samia Cyprus Isle if Man Myanmar Siuth Africa Argentna Cizech Republic Israel Namibia Spain Armenia Denmark Italy Nepal Sri Lanka Australia Diminican Republic Jamaica Netherlands Austria Ecuadir Japan New Zealand Sweden Aizerbaijan Egypt Jersey Nigeria Switizerland Bahamas El Salvadir Jirdan Nirthern Mariana Islands Taiwan Bahrain Estinia Kaizakhstan Nirway Tanizania Bangladesh Ethiipia Kenya Oman Thailand Barbadis Finland Kirea, Siuth Pakistan Trinidad and Tibagi Belgium France Kuwait Palestne, State if Tunisia Bermuda Kyrgyizstan Panama Turkey Bilivia Gambia Latvia Peru Uganda Bitswana Germany Lebanin Philippines Ukraine Braizil Ghana Liberia Piland United Arab Emirates Brunei Darussalam Gibraltar Lithuania Pirtugal United Kingdim Bulgaria Greece Luxembiurg Puerti Rici United States Cameriin Guam Macai Qatar Uizbekistan Canada Guatemala Macedinia Rimania Veneizuela Hinduras Malawi Russian Federatin Vietnam Cayman Islands Hing King Malaysia Saudi Arabia Virgin Islands, US Chile Hungary Senegal Yemen China Iceland Malta Zambia Cilimbia India Mauritus Seychelles Zimbabwe Cista Rica Indinesia Mexici Singapire (*) List available in UKCAT Cinsirtum website ( UKCAT Cinsirtum has the right ti midify this list; please check UKCAT website fir pissible updates. 10

11 FORM A (To be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS) PRE-ENROLLMENT APPLICATION FORM FOR NON-EU CITIZENS LIVING OUTSIDE ITALY Academic Year... To the Rector of the University of... (please, specify the official name of the University) The undersigned: Surname (max 2 words):... (for married women: please indicate your maiden name, first) Name (max 2 words): Born (City) (Country)...M / F... (citizenship) (sex) Address... (Street name and number) (City and ZIP Code)... (Country) (Telephone number) ( address) In possession of: (Please cross out the option, which does not apply) Final school leaving qualification achieved/attendance details of the last year of High School... (Please specify the name of the qualification in the original language) University-level qualification/post-secondary qualification achieved at a non-academic Institution, which entitles the student to access the following level of academic education. The title in question has been achieved after High School completion and after no less than 12 years of global schooling. (Please cross out the option, which does not apply)... (Please specify the name of the qualification in the original language) Final mark indicated on the qualification... Issuing institution/name of the Institution, where the student is attending in the last year of school (Please cross out the option, which does not apply)... Foreign education system of reference (1)... Test of academic suitability (2) passed/to be sat on... (Please cross out the option, which does not apply) The candidate applies for pre-enrolment in: (Please cross out the options, which do not apply) 1st year / degree course reduction/ one-block 2nd cycle degree course/ordinary 2nd cycle degree course in... For the above-mentioned purposes, please find attached: (Please cross out the option, which do not apply) - Certified true copy of the school leaving qualification achieved/of the substitutive certificate of completion of High School education (Please cross out the option, which does not apply) duly legalized by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in the country of reference (1), provided with consular legalization, the Dichiarazione di valore in loco and with an official translation into Italian; - Certified true copy of the final academic qualification achieved/of a post-secondary qualification achieved at a non- academic Institution, which entitles the student to have access to the following level of academic education.

12 (Please cross out the option, which does not apply) duly legalized by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in the country of reference (1), provided with consular legalization, the Dichiarazione di valore in loco and with an official translation into Italian; - Transcript of exams issued by the competent University approved by the Italian Diplomatic Authority in the country of reference (1) with the name of each passed exams and the detailed syllabi of each course attended, required to achieve the final title in question. - A Statement of comparability issued by an ENIC-NARIC centre; - The Lettera di idoneità accademica ; - two passport-size photographs, one of which must be certified; - Any further document (please specify which one) that could be useful for acceptance of the present application (2) and/or for the reduction of the duration of the degree course, must also be submitted together with a consular legalization, a Dichiarazione di valore in loco (DV) and an official translation into Italian Furthermore, the documents listed below will be attached, as required by the University (3): The undersigned declares: To be aware that: - The Italian language test is going to take place at the selected University on...; - The dates of the possible test of academic suitability and of the exams for the admission to the degree courses with numerus clausus will be duly communicated by the University; - they dispose of the necessary financial means; they own a medical insurance to cover medical expenses and possible hospitalization as provided by the Italian law or to commit to subscribe one as soon as they enter in Italy; Within 8 (eight) days from arrival in Italy, to submit the application to obtain the stay permit for study purposes (permesso di soggiorno per studio) to the local Police station (Questura), by presenting the entrance visa for study purposes issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic authorities, in order to allow the prospect students to sit the entrance examination for the academic year...; In case the candidates are not admitted, they must go back to their country of residence within the expiry date of the stay permit. (date) (Signature of the Italian Diplomatic Authority)

13 (1) When the qualification is issued by a High School belonging to a different education system than the one of the student s country of residence - for instance, a Swiss student attending a British school in Switzerland or of the country where the candidate studies or studied for instance, Swiss student attending a British school in Kenya the qualification must be legalized, must be provided with a Dichiarazione di valore in loco and of the translation drafted by the competent Italian Diplomatic Authorities, which in the examples mentioned above, would be the Italian Consulate General in London. (2) For students coming from countries where entrance examinations exist to be admitted into Higher Education, the candidates must submit, together with the final High School leaving certificate, also a document stating that they have passed the academic suitability examination in their home countries (such as Selectividad in Spain, Prova de Aferiçao or Prova Geral de Acesso ao Ensino Superior in Portugal). Nonetheless, it is not necessary to have passed such examination for all those courses or faculties that in Italy have numerus clausus. All applications submitted by candidates, who do not have the document of academic suitability, will be accepted since their academic suitability will be examined by the terms scheduled in the corresponding calendar of examinations. (3) As far as further documents to be attached to the present form are concerned, the candidates must follow the instructions of the University that will examine the present application.