The meeting commenced at 3:03PM. The minutes were approved as written.

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1 Senate Cuncil Meeting Minutes 2700 Psvar Hall Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Tpic/Discussin Call t Order The meeting was called t rder by President Michael Spring at 3:03 PM. Apprval f the Minutes f the January 21, 2015 Senate Cuncil Meeting The minutes were apprved as written. Items f New Business N new items were raised. Reprt f the Chancellr, Patrick D. Gallagher Fur items were addressed in the Chancellr s message: Creating a strategic framewrk as the fundatin fr hw we mve frward, building strng and creative partnerships, engaging internally in new ways t explre hw wrking tgether can make us strnger, and fstering a culture f diversity that prvides fr a richer learning envirnment Actin The meeting cmmenced at 3:03PM. The minutes were apprved as written. N cmments were raised fr the Chancellr. I. Strategic Framewrk A frmal prcess fr develping a detailed set f plans fr the rad ahead has been undertaken. Part f that prcess has been a detailed envirnmental scan acrss the University and ur stakehlders including: Bard f Trustees My Senir Leadership Team Cuncil f Deans PBC Representatives Faculty Assembly Allegheny Cnference And the students f all campuses The Chancellr thanked Dave DeJng fr spearheading these effrts. They have learned a great deal and made great prgress. Fur main areas have eched thrughut the cnversatins we ve been having: financial stability; peratinal efficiency; technlgy; and diversity. This wrk will serve as the fundatin n which we build, and prgress has been gd. After mnths f listening, and systematic evaluatin the team is starting t detail the strategic plan. Details will be shared. He nted that as we enter the next phase f this prcess, they will cntinue t d s with the same diligence and engagement that has prven s valuable in ur prgress s far. II. Partnerships Pitt is a great university, and a great university shuld aspire t tackle the biggest prblems and answer the mst difficult questins. In ding s we have t wrk with thers arund us if we are ging t succeed. Wrking tgether we will make the biggest difference. While this means increasing cllabratin acrss the University, it will als mean thinking creatively abut hw we build strng and lasting relatinships with ther academic institutins, all branches f ur gvernment, nn-prfit rganizatins, 1

2 philanthrpies, and businesses. Business and cmmerce is a gd example f partnership. Pitt has a strng track recrd establishing, building and maintaining relatinships acrss the University. An example ccurred last mnth and this was shared: The Innvatin Institute annunced a partnership with Impellia. Impellia is a wellness, fitness and rehabilitatinfcused cmpany, funded by a grup f partners which include frmer Pittsburgh Steeler and lcal businessman Charlie Batch. Thrugh this partnership, three Pitt innvatins are clser t becming viable prducts and businesses. Amng them is interaction, a tl that allws physical therapists t increase the number f patients they can treat, while als imprving the analysis f data generated by patients as they cmplete the exercises utlined in their rehab plans. The tl was develped by Kevin Bell, Michael McClincy, and James Irrgang f the Department f Orthpedic Surgery and Rbert Hartman f the Department f Physical Medicine and Rehabilitatin with the help f Alumnus Bernard Bechara. While develping new partnerships is a pririty, the Chancellr nted that he recgnizes the imprtance f maintaining the relatinships that we already have. One particularly imprtant traditinal relatinship is the ne we have with Harrisburg. He has met with the Gvernr, and is cnfident that he will be a willing and supprtive partner in the future. He has als met with members f bth the Huse and Senate. There are many areas f mutual interest, and have heard lud and clear the supprt fr the imprtance f Pitt t the cntinued ecnmic develpment f the regin and state. T that end, the Chancellr reminded everyne that Pitt Day will take place n March 4 th. This is a tremendus pprtunity fr us t fld the halls f the Capitl Blue and Gld, as we demnstrate the tremendus value Pitt brings t Pennsylvania. The last day t register is this Friday. I invite yu t jin current me, students, faculty, staff, and alumni in Harrisburg fr what shuld be a great day. Yu can find mre infrmatin at III. Internal Engagement While thinking creatively abut ur partnerships utside the University, it is equally imprtant that we are engaging within the Pitt family, t supprt each ther as we reach new heights and tackle ur biggest challenges. Fr example later in tday s meeting we will be hearing the reprt f the ad hc cmmittee n nn-tenure stream faculty. In reading the reprt, the Chancellr was pleased t see that the cmmittee endrses the practive effrts f the schls and campuses t better define and recgnize the imprtant wrk f this valued cmpnent f ur faculty, and in fact hlds up ur practices as a mdel fr ther institutins. This cmmittee s reprt is anther example f a psitive cllabratin that advances the University. We are a mdel fr ther institutins. This cmmittee was thanked fr their wrk. The Pitt family extends beynd ur campuses, and he nted that we have been reaching ut t ur Alumni fr their help in enhancing the lifelng relatinship the University strives t build with ur students. The Chancellr nted that he was recently in New Yrk, and sat dwn with an impressive grup f sme f ur mst successful yung alumni. Their desire t recnnect with PITT and their great ideas and enthusiasm fr ur 2

3 future was inspiring. Earlier this mnth, he hsted Chancellr s weekend, where he learned a great deal frm sme f ur mst impressive alumni. Over the curse f the weekend, Dug Brwning, Kathryn Brysn, Luis Fx, James Kpelman, Mary Grace Tighe, Darla Twale, and Bb Wells and their guests prvided sme utstanding suggestins. He nted that we will cntinue t engage ur Alumni in hw we ensure that the Pitt experience is a lifelng experience. One f the new ways we ur students are engaging the Pitt family that he is particularly excited abut is EngagePitt TM. EngagePitt TM is a platfrm that allws students t tap the pipeline f nline crwdfunding t supprt wrthy causes, rganizatins, and ideas here at Pitt. EngagePitt TM was launched in December with three pilt prjects: Pitt Crew successfully raised $6,090, 121% f their gal f $5,000 t fund the purchase f new bats. The Pitt Sciety f Wmen Engineers raised $2,351, 117% percent f their gal f $2,000 t fund their spring utreach events which encurage wmen t pursue careers in STEM. The Black Actin Sciety has already raised $2,130, 42% f their gal f $5,000 t fund their spring speaker panel which will bring speakers t campus t prmte the discussin f diversity. Their campaign runs thrugh the end f February. Their campaign, as well as three thers launched just last mnth, can be fund at Please keep an eye ut fr the launch f thers as we begin expand the availability f the platfrm, and prmte its use thrughut the University. Fstering an envirnment f cllabratin will prvide the strength we need t tackle sme f ur biggest challenges. Last week the Chancellr sent an imprtant message t ur cmmunity abut maintaining a campus envirnment where sexual vilence is prevented and addressed respnsibly. Sexual vilence has n place in ur university. It is cunter t the very culture f penness and learning that we seek t establish, it is cunter t ur values t respect every individual, and it undermines the safety and wellbeing f the members f ur university cmmunity. It was nted that while we must d everything we can t prevent sexual vilence, we must educate urselves n the mral and legal respnsibilities we have when cnfrnted with it. Bth faculty and students t visit t d yur duty as a respnsible member f ur cmmunity and familiarize yurself with the resurces available t infrm and educate yurselves n hw yu can prevent sexual vilence, and what yur respnsibilities are shuld yu be cnfrnted by it. A new nly prgram called Preventing Discriminatin and Sexual Vilence: Title IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act will sn be available t all faculty and staff. When it becmes available, yur participatin is critical t building a safe learning envirnment fr all. IV. Diversity A culture f diversity is the crnerstne f educatin. Different perspectives, backgrunds, cultures and pinins are what drive learning. It is f the utmst imprtance that we strive t fster this culture, and t celebrate ur diversity as ne f ur greatest strengths. As yu knw, this mnth is Black Histry Mnth. The celebratin 3

4 has expanded t many different facets f the university. There have been many successful events already. If yu haven t already, he hpes we get the chance t see ne f ur student flash mb art perfrmances designed t celebrate Black Histry Mnth and spark discussin in the cmmunity abut the value f ur diversity. Other events t cme: A lecture by Tricia Rse titled Fighting Racism in a Clr-Blind Era n February 23 rd at 5:30 p.m. in the Seventh-Flr Auditrium f Alumni Hall. A lecture by ur wn David Harris, Distinguished Faculty Schlar and Pitt Law Prfessr, titled The Cllisin f Race and Criminal Justice: Lessns frm the Aftermath f Fergusn n February 25 th at Nn in rm 2017 in the Cathedral f Learning. V. Recgnitin While it is never surprising when ur faculty and students cntinue t receive recgnitin fr their wrk, ne f the best parts the Chancellr nted f his jb is t share these success stries. Highlights were shared: Earlier this mnth we annunced the creatin f the Live Like Lu Center fr ALS Research. Neil and Suzanne Alexander have pledged t raise $2.5 millin, half f the initial funding required t establish the Center. In 2011 after Neil was diagnsed with ALS, the Alexanders funded Live Like Lu at the Pittsburgh Fundatin. The Alexanders chse Pitt because f ur histry f neurscience research, and success translating research int slutins fr sme f ur greatest health challenges. The Center will be lcated in Pitt s Brain Institute and we culdn t be pruder t be a part f the race t treat and hpefully smeday cure this disease. Last mnth, we learned that Dr. Laurie Sanders, assistant prfessr f neurlgy, will receive $300,000 fr winning the William N. & Bernice E. Bumpus Fundatin Innvatin Award t supprt her research investigating the underlying causes f Parkinsn s disease. Dr. Rbert Brandm, Distinguished Prfessr f Philsphy has wn a 2015 Anneliese Maier Research Award. The award includes abut $300,000, a prtin f which Dr. Brandm plans t use t fund the research f yung philsphy researchers. The Chancellr ended by calling attentin t the Hnrs Cnvcatin, which will take place n February 28 th. He invited all t jin as we celebrate mre f the utstanding achievements f ur faculty and students. Reprt f Senate President, Michael B. Spring The reprt was brief reprt this mnth given the number f cmmittee mtins befre us tday. Regarding the 2015 Senate Electins: While there has been a gd respnse, please remember t cnsider the ptential f running fr an ffice r a Senate Standing N cmments were raised n the President s reprt. 4

5 Cmmittee. Nminatins, including self-nminatins shuld be in by the end f February. President Spring nted that he has learned a lt in the last year and a half and have enjyed the prcess f welcming Chancellr Gallagher t the University, he has decided that I will nt be a candidate fr a third term. The administratin cntinues t wrk n regulatry and ther matters facing us. We all received the Chancellr s mem regarding sexual vilence and yur respnsibilities. It is expected that we will be mving n ther areas in the near future reprting f travel abrad, develpment f jint library related issues with CMU, cmpliance with the PA child prtectin laws and revisin f the agreement dcuments pertaining t the ptinal tw year phase ut retirement. Finally, the Senate has appinted representatives t several new cmmittees and taskfrces being cnvened by the Prvst. While all f these effrts are f imprtance, we are very interested in the cmmittee that will be explring new plicies related t intellectual prperty. The Executive Cmmittee, under the able leadership f Dr. Tm Smitherman cntinues t engage in discussins abut realignment f existing cmmittees and creatin f new cmmittees that might help us t better meet ur respnsibilities in shared gvernance. Our research funding, graduate prgrams, and scpe is much different than when the Senate cmmittees were created in the 1950 s. This will invlve extensive discussins with Assembly and with the varius standing cmmittees t get input and suggestins. A new tab has been created n the Senate website t gather yur thughts and cmments n pssible rerganizatin f the Senate Standing Cmmittees. Regarding Standing and Ad Hc Cmmittees: We had reprts this mnth frm the Ad Hc cmmittee n Nn-tenure Stream Faculty as well as the Standing Cmmittees n Educatinal Plicies, and Tenure and Academic Freedm. We had t pstpne a reprt frm Benefits and Welfare as well as ur pening discussin f standing cmmittee respnsibilities. March 18, 2015: There will be a Spring Senate Plenary sessin. The Plenary will be a dialg with the Chancellr and university leadership and faculty n the current and future state f the University. Mre details t cme n this event. Reprt f Student Members f Senate Cuncil Student Gvernment Bard: Graeme Meyer, President I. Persnnel: Since we last met the bard appinted all remaining cmmittee chairs and standing cmmittee members aside frm the Cmmunity Outreach Cmmittee Chair. We are discussing that psitin currently fr Summer wrk. N cmments were raised fr the student member leaders. II. Events: a. Panther Leadership Summit was a great success. Several hundred students attended. b. Pitt Day in Harrisburg is cming up n March 4 th c. ACC Advcacy Summit will be frm March 15 th 17 th in Washingtn, DC 5

6 III. Prject Updates: a. Bard Member Heidecker has made great headway n the initiative t prvide student rganizatins direct depsit fr their reimbursements. We require all student rganizatin mney t be held in the SORC accunt s we are trying t make it mre accessible fr the students. Als they are currently identifying stps fr a nrthern New Jersey bus hme. b. Bard Member Harun is serving as Speaker f the Assembly t bring in mre student input. She has been meeting with Allie Chrnick, Sctt Hffman, Gina Sczzar, and Terri Milani t finish the cnversatin abut a new student rganizatin management sftware. c. Bard Member Green and Facilities and Transprtatin Cahir Anand has been lking at the guest sign in prcess and plicy. The sftware upgrade ver winter break resulted in slwer perfrmance indicating a need t upgrade the hardware (cmputers). IV. New Website fr the Student Gvernment Bard (SGB) has been created. We have seen significant traffic n this site. We will be launching a new area called what t fix PITT t capture student ideas fr imprvement. V. Allcatins: We have had $126, this semester fr distributin t student rganizatins. VI. Task Frce Updates: a. Assembly Task Frce Added tw new grups t the Assembly (Rainbw Alliance and Campus Wmen s Organizatin) b. Marketing and Brand Task Frce Met with Shawn Ahearn t discuss prmtin f SGB and imprvements t Student Affairs websites. c. Traditins Cmmittee Hlding an at large meeting the Sunday befre Spring break. VII. Undergraduate Research Travel Grants: 8 mre since we last met; 40 have been apprved this academic year. Each recipient earns $250 twards travel t and frm a cnference where they are presenting their research. Cllege f Graduate Studies: Kim O Cnnr The 2 nd annual free-fd-frenzy was held fr faculty, staff, students and alumni. The event was a success. A schlarship wrkshp was held als, primary attended by CGS students, t help find schlarships, review hw t apply, and hw t interview. We are encuraging all students t apply fr the cllege-specific schlarships, and als awards. This Friday 2/20, a Call t Leadership event is being held t encurage student leadership by CGS students. Reprt f Graduate and Prfessinal Student (GPSG): David Gau The GPSG is currently in the midst f GPSG executive bard campaigning and electins. We will have the new bard elected by next Senate Cuncil meeting and they will fficially take place May 1 st. 6

7 In light f this, David presented a reflectin f what we have accmplished in the tw years. The Graduate and Prfessinal Student Gvernment represents the just under 10,000 graduate and prfessinal students here n campus frm the 14 graduate and prfessinal schls. In my mind, GPSG is the mechanism which cnnects the graduate schls frm what nrmally are seen as, and I knw we dislike this wrd, sils. We bridge this gap by ffering the fllwing services: prgramming fr all graduate students, funding fr graduate student rganizatins, bi-mnthly bulletins, travel grants, and representatin n University cmmittees. He reflected that we are n the wave f a paradigm shift in graduate student philsphy. It used t be that graduate students were perating in a mde f individual. Nw, I see many students perating in what I call cmmunity mde. These students are asking what else can I d while I am here? One f the large influencers fr this I believe is scietal. Students ging thrugh the educatin system are tld that mre is better, extracurricular engagement is necessary t get t the next step. Anther reasn fr change can be the changing jb prspect fr graduate students. It is much different. It culd be that jb prspects are wrse fr graduate students r that the types f jbs available fr graduate students have shifted. Regardless, graduate students as a whle are seeking t diversify their experience mre s tday than ever. T address this change, GPSG has undergne a large-scale cmmunity initiative which started befre David became a part f the rganizatin. This effrt was assisted by many key players such as Vice Prvst f Graduate Studies, Dr. Sbragia, and Stephanie Hgendrn frm the Prvst Office fr supprting and guiding sme f ur effrts. T prmte this sense f cmmunity n the graduate level, we began a University-wide Orientatin fr all graduate and prfessinal students. This rientatin is primarily a resurce fair and we ffer snacks, campus turs, and a welcme scial event. Last year, we had ver 500 attendees. We will ffer this rientatin again n August 24 (the Mnday befre classes start), frm 1pm 4 pm, either with a frmal agenda, r as in the past as a resurce fair, r a cmbinatin f bth. Anther initiative is the Pitt Trailblazers. It is similar t Pitt Pathfinders, but geared tward graduate students. This has prvided ver 100 turs per year fr prspective graduate and prfessinal students. The grup is cmpletely staffed by student vlunteers and supprted partially by sme f the graduate and prfessinal schls. The supprt received is primarily used t fund a small tken f appreciatin fr the vlunteers and Pitt gear. As part f ur effrts, they have als greatly expanded n the type f prgramming they prvide. Histrically, GPSG has been very gd at hsting large-scale scial events. This year, they have built ut events that are nt purely scial. Panthers and Plitics is ne example f an event which we kicked ff last mnth with Chancellr Gallagher. The purpse f this event is t educate graduate students n state and federal plicy and hw t get invlved with the prcess. Anther event is the jint SGB and GPSG effrt t hst TedX. Aside frm plicy and academic related events, a cncerted effrt has been made t supprt the Center fr Dctral and Pstdctral Career Develpment. While this new center is primarily fcused n dctral and pstdctral students, resurces and tls that they develp fr thse students t be easily translated fr all graduate students. Alng this line, GPSG has supprted and will cntinue t hst events related t the nline resurce, VersatilePhD, which prvides stries frm individuals with PhDs but end up in a career field very different frm their academic training. A panel discussin will be hsted during Graduate and Prfessinal Student Appreciatin Week, which is April 6 10 this year n career and prfessinal develpment. Effrts t diversify the types f events have paid ff. This year, the GPSG events has reached abut 1500 unique students at ur events. 7

8 David nted that we are still far frm seeing the full ptential f this graduate cmmunity which is still in its infancy. One area which there is a lt f pprtunity fr the future is cmmunity engagement. Students frm each f the graduate schls regularly engage with the cmmunity frm activities ranging frm dnatins t educatin, like Schl f Law, Pharmacy, and Dental. We wnder what wuld happen if all students wrk tgether, r if schls wrk tgether? The GPSG is still lking t develp mre meaningful interactins between graduate and undergraduate students which I think will naturally cultivate these jint effrts. Reprt f the President f the Staff Assciatin Cuncil (SAC): Rich Clwell, President Lindsay Rdzwicz, Prgram Administratr N cmments were raised fr SAC. Cmmittees have been very busy since ur last reprt. The SAC annunced that tw brwn bag sessins will be held this Spring: March 19 th (emplyee discunts) and April 16 th (medical benefits). Bth are being held frm 12-1pm in the WPU Assembly Rm. Als, a staff develpment assembly will be held in May 19 th at the WPU fcused n prfessinal develpment fr staff at the University, with Chancellr Gallagher speaking at the event. Reprts by and Annuncements f Standing and Special Cmmittees NTS Faculty Issues Ad Hc Cmmittee (Prfessr Irene Frieze, Chair) The final reprt frm the Senate Ad Hc Cmmittee n NTS Faculty was presented t Faculty Assembly n Feb 10, The reprt s recmmendatins (page 2) all were passed individually with n ppsitin. Fr recmmendatin 1 and 5, the vte was unanimus; fr 2, there were 3 abstentins; fr 3, there was 1 abstentin; fr 4, there were 2 abstentins. Prfessr Frieze reprted that the Ad Hc Cmmittee has been meeting fr ~ 1 year and has been reviewing many practices in the university fr NTS. The Administratin has als been wrking n these issues as well; this is a cllabrative effrt. She nted that the Cmmittee als sees PITT as a mdel fr NTS faculty recgnitin, and there are still items that need t be brught t the attentin f the university. Our mtins are with that spirit. Our full-time NTS faculty, which are the majrity f the faculty, cntinues t be new infrmatin t many. A shw f hands fr NTS faculty revealed the significant membership n the Senate Cuncil. It is a large grup f ur faculty. It is a grup that many f ur institutinal plicies have nt recgnized. These faculty perfrm many different tasks acrss many units, including teaching, research, and administratin. Many f them d a lt f service wrk and leadership rles. Each unit has great independence with hw they treat their NTS faculty, including titles, cntract lengths, jb duties, salary, annual review prcess, career tracks, incentives, prmtin prcedure, and emeritus criteria. The Cmmittee has five recmmendatins n the reprt (paraphrased belw, see link abve fr full reprt): Clear plicies fr appintment, review and prmtin shuld be available t all in the unit Career tracks r paths shuld be cnsidered fr career prmtin Annual review prcess shuld ccur and include specific mentin f duties fr cming year Incentive structure shuld created Decisin-making at the unit level shuld be revisited t see if decisins shuld be made centrally at the University. 8

9 Spring: Any cmments/discussin? (nne) Can we call the questin? Frieze: All in favr? All apprved except fr ne abstentin. Prfessr Frieze als reviewed recmmendatins fr the future and cmmittee cnsideratins fr existing senate Cmmittees. The grup will cntinue t meet t fulfil its tw years f wrk and it will be revisited nce the tw years timeframe expires fr the Ad Hc Cmmittee structure. The NTS reprt passed with all apprving and ne abstentin. Educatinal Plicies Cmmittee (Prfessrs Bnnie Falcine and Zsuzsa Hrvath, C-Chairs) The reslutin frm the Educatinal Plicies Cmmittee was presented at Faculty Assembly n Feb. 10, There were 56 vting members in attendance, the reslutin passed with ne ppsed and ne abstentin. Prfessr Spring nted that we shuld d all we can t prvide adequate infrmatin t students as they chse t take a curse. He nted that it is a shame that it is nt all visible t students. Prfessr Hrvath updated the grup n this reslutin. She summarized the backgrund fr the reslutin. The reslutin was prmpted by student request t have mre infrmatin available at the time f curse registratin. The Educatinal Plicies Cmmittee cncluded that students shuld have access t up-t-date and mre meaningful infrmatin prir t registratin. The reslutin aims t address the issue that curse descriptins and ther infrmatin available t students prir t registratin is smetimes nt sufficient and nt always up-t-date. The EPC thanked the faculty fr the feedback received n the recmmendatin during the January Faculty Assembly meeting and als via the Senate webpage. The EPC tk the feedback t heart and revised the reslutin befre yu tday. As we wrked n the revisin, we received further input frm the prvst liaisns serving n ur cmmittee (Vice-Prvsts Manfredi and Sbragia). They guided ur revisins with feasibility f the implementatin at the prvst level in mind. As the reslutin is reviewed tday, please keep in mind a few wrds: The cmmittee felt it was imprtant t recgnize the prblem The cmmittee is asking the prvst t wrk with individual units t address it The cmmittee wuld like t acknwledge the challenges that may arise during implementatin and The cmmittee wuld like t ffer any supprt t the prvst that wuld be helpful fr the implementatin Spring: During discussins, faculty talked abut this stifling creativity and that sme infrmatin may nt be apprpriate t share. He nted that we shuld be able t prvide better and mre cmprehensive data t ur students. The length f database field shuld be lnger s mre infrmatin can be accessible. Meyer: The push t release OMET infrmatin has been frm students fr a while. They are nt lking t have infrmatin n all aspects f OMET. Students want t knw hw the curse is taught, as students are different types f learners, and that is the main type f infrmatin students lk fr. The simple paragraph we have nw is smetimes nt enugh and the Academic Affairs Cmmittee will cntinue t wrk with the prfessrs n prviding mre infrmatin. Spring: We need t find the best way t d this. Let s call the questin. The reslutin passed in a unanimus vte. The EPC reslutin passed unanimusly. 9

10 Unfinished Business and/r New Business N new business was intrduced. Annuncements: N annuncements were made. Adjurnment: President Spring adjurned the meeting at 4:07 PM. Nne. Nne. Adjurnment at 4:07pm. Respectfully Submitted, Susan Skledar, RPh, MPH, FASHP Senate Secretary Assciate Prfessr f Pharmacy, Schl f Pharmacy Department f Pharmacy & Therapeutics Members attending: Beesn, Clwell, Frt, Frieze, Gallagher, Gau, Gdhart, Green, Grark, Harun, Hughes, Humphrey, Juhl, Kear, Levine, Meyer, Mlinar, Murphy, O Cnnr, Ramicne, Richey, Rdzwicz, Rsen, Savia, Skledar, Smith, Smitherman, Spring, Wilsn, Withers Members nt attending: Ataai, Brubach, Buchanich, Caldwell, Clark, Dewar, Ericksn, Fusc, Gibsn, Hravnak, Karp, Kearns, Kry, Lewicka, Lin, McKinney, Mrel, Mulcahy, Munr, Nisnevich, Nvy, Ramsey, Ritter, Savinv, Shafiq, Slimick, Smlinski, Weinberg *Excused attendance: Alarcn, Burkff, Cauley, Kvacs, Miller, Plyac, Sukits, Supwitz Others attending: Ackerman, Balaban, Becker, Bnner, Cahalane, Falcine, Frisch, Harding, Hrvath, Jhnsn, Mre, Olanyk, Sahani, Service, Tananis, Walker, Wilds *Ntified Senate Office 10