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1 36 TH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE MANAGING COMMITTEE : GUWAHATI BRANCH OF EASTERN INDIA REGIONAL COUNCIL THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Guwahati branch of of Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to present its 36 th Annual Report of Managing Committee for the period from 1 st July 2012 to 30 th June 2013 and the accounts for the financial year ended 31 st March The highlights of the branch activities during the period are as follows : A. Membership As per the data provided by the EIRC, the membership strength of the branch as on 1 st April is Around 7000 Students (CPT/IPCC/PCC/PE/Final Level) are registered under the branch. Considering the fact that the branch also caters to around 100 more members in other states of the North Eastern States, total number of members served by the branch stands at around B. Branch Managing Committee Election to the 8 member Managing Committee of the Guwahati Branch for the period was completed before the due date of the Special General Meeting scheduled to be held on 24 th February 2013 as 4 candidates withdrew their nominations thus resulting in selection of the required number of members for the Managing Committee. The Election officer CA. Sunil Sharma declared the following 8 members as the members of the new Managing Committee 1. CA. Kaberi Bhuyan 2. CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda 3. CA. Vikash K Jain 4. CA. Rakesh Agarwala 5. CA. Mahabir Agarwala 6. CA. Dhiraj Jain 7. CA. Sharad Agarwalla 8. CA.Rohit Agarwal The present managing committee of the branch has been elected for the three year term The annual change of guard of the Branch Managing Committee took place at its meeting held on 27th February CA. Kaberi Bhuyan, CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda, CA. Rakesh Agarwala, CA. Mahabir Agarwala took over as Branch Chairperson, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The constitution of the Managing Committee during the period under report was as follows: POST Upto 27th February 2013 From 27th February 2013 Chairman CA. Naveen Garg CA. Kaberi Bhuyan Vice Chairman CA. Kaberi Bhuyan CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda Secretary CA. Vikash K Jain CA. Rakesh Agarwala 1 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

2 Treasurer CA. Rakesh Agarwala CA. Mahabir Agarwala Member CA. Balkishan Bansal CA. Vikash K Jain Member CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda CA. Rohit Agarwal Member CA. Anil Kumar Agarwala CA. Dhiraj Jain Member CA. Bikash Agarwala CA. Sharad Agarwalla Various sub-committees were formed for the smooth functioning of the various activities of the branch. The sub-committees and chairpersons are as follows: Sub-Committee Upto 27th February 2013 From 27th February 2013 CPE Committee CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda CA. Vikash K Jain EICASA, Guwahati Branch CA. Bikash Agarwala CA. Dhiraj Jain Information Technology CA. Kaberi Bhuyan CA. Rohit Agarwal Library & Publication Committee CA. Kaberi Bhuyan CA. Mahabir Agarwala E Newsletter CA. Naveen Garg CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda Fiscal Law Committee CA. Anil Kumar Agarwala CA. Sharad Agarwalla C. Meetings of the Managing Committee: The Branch Managing Committee met on 10 occasions during the period under report. The details of the Meetings and the important business conducted therein are as follows: Sl No Date Venue Members Present 1 06/07/2012 Branch Premises /07/2012 Branch Premises /10/2012 Branch Premises /11/2012 Branch Premises /01/2013 Branch Premises /02/2013 Branch Premises /02/3013 * Branch Premises /03/2013 Branch Premises /04/2013 Branch Premises /05/2013 Branch Premises 6 2 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

3 * Joint meeting of the old & new managing committee, A list of Member wise attendance at the meetings of the Managing Committee is given below: Name of Member Number of Meetings Attendance % Attendance CA. Naveen Garg % CA. Kaberi Bhuyan % CA. Vikash Jain % CA. Rakesh Agarwala % CA. Balkishan Bansal % CA. Kailash Prasad Sarda % CA. Anil Kumar Agarwala % CA. Bikash Agarwala % CA. Mahabir Agarwala % CA. Rohit Agarwala % CA. Dhiraj Jain % CA. Sharad Agarwalla % The monthly activity report of the branch along with a copy of minutes of MC meeting, were sent regularly to the vice president with copy to RBA and EIRC. D. Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting was held on 28 th July 2012 at Guwahati Branch Premises. The meeting approved the annual accounts for the year and also the 35 th Annual Report of the Managing Committee. Approved Annual Report was mailed to the H. O. & EIRC. E. Awards: 1. National Awards- Our Branch was awarded National Highly Commendable Performance award in the medium category for the year 2012 at 63 rd Annual Function of the Institute held at New Delhi on 11 th February The Students Association of the Guwahati Branch also won the National Award of Best Branch of Students Association in Eastern Region for the year CA. Naveen Garg Chairman of the branch and CA. Bikash Agarwala, Chairman, Guwahati branch EICASA and former branch chairman along with CA. Anil Kumar Agarwala and CA. Ravi Kumar Patwa both former chairmen of the branch, CA Kaberi Bhuyan, CA. Vikash K Jain, CA. K.P.Sarda and CA. Rakesh Agarwala accepted the award on behalf of the branch. 2. EIRC Award : Guwahati Branch was awarded The Best Branch of Eastern Region for the year 2012 by the Eastern India Regional Council and also EICASA of Guwahati Branch also awarded The Best EICASA for the year CA. Naveen Garg, Chairman of the branch and CA. Bikash Agarwala, Chairman, EICASA of the branch accepted the award from the Chairman, EIRC at the function held at Kolkata on 17 th February 2013 together with the Vice-chairman & Secretary of EICASA Guwahati. 3 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

4 F. Trial Balance The monthly trial balances of the Branch Accounts were sent to the Regional Council and HO, every month within due date. G. Half-yearly Audited Accounts The Half-yearly Audited Accounts for the period ended 30th September 2012 were submitted to the HO and regional council within due date. H. Audited Annual Accounts & Annual Report 1. The Audited Annual Accounts for the year were submitted to the Institute on 3 rd April The audited accounts were adopted by the Annual General Meeting held on 28th July The 35th Annual Report as adopted by the Annual General Meeting held on 28th July2012 was sent to the Institute. I. Monthly Report of Activities: The monthly report for each month was sent regularly to the vice president with copy to RBA and EIRC through . Hard copies of the monthly report were also sent to the EIRC. J. Publication Stock: 1. Proper record of Publication Stock as per accounting manual has been maintained. 2. Quarterly as well as Half-yearly Stock Statements were sent regularly to the vice president with copy to RBA and EIRC through . Besides, statements were sent from time to time as required by the BOS. 3. Consolidated Stock Statement as on 31st March 2013 was forwarded to Noida Stores and HO on 3 rd April List of physical verification of stock of publication lying with the branch showing quantity as well as invoice value was sent along with half-yearly and annual accounts duly verified by the auditors. 5. List of obsolete stock of publications was prepared on half-yearly basis and sent to BOS. 6. The physical stock was verified each month with stock records by independent Internal Auditors. K. Internal Audit For good governance in the branch, the managing committee has appointed a regular internal auditor, M/S Khakolia Mundhra & Associates to conduct monthly audit of all financial operations of the branch including publication stock. L. Activity for Members: 1. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programme : a. CPE Conferences: During the year, the branch organized a National Conference of 2 days duration with 12 hours of CPE credit on 10th & 11th August The theme of the conference was MANTHAN- Churning 4 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

5 Opportunities. The conference saw 604 participants (of which 498 were CA members and 106 Students) with a total CPE Credit generation of nearly 5976 hours. His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, General (Retd.) J J Singh, inaugurated the conference in presence of guest of honour CA. Subodh Kr. Agarwal, Vice President, ICAI, Shri Rajnish Kumar, CGM, North Eastern Circle, State Bank of India., CA Prasun Kumar Bhattacharyya, Chairman EIRC, ICAI. Guest and Speakers includes CA. M M Chitale, Past President, ICAI & Chairman, NACAS, CA. Sumantra Guha & CA. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Central Council Members; CA. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Past Central Council Member; CA. Debashis Mitra, CA. Sushil Goyal, CA. Krishnanu Bhattacharya, Past EIRC Chairmen; CA, Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal, Vice Chairman, EIRC; CA. Subhash Chandra Saraf, Secretary EIRC; CA, P D Rungta Treasurer EIRC; CA. Rajesh Jain, CA Girish Ahuja, CA. S S Gupta, CA. Arun Agarwal & CA. Ashok Batra. To commemorate the occasion a souvenir Manthan edited by CA. Mahabir Agarwal was also released. b. National CPE Workshop A 12 hours National CPE Workshop - Enabling Service Tax Practice was organized on 21 & 22 November 2012 c. Seminars and Study Circle Meets Eight full day seminar were organized during the year with 6 hours CPE Credit each. d. Lecture Meets ans Workshps : Eight short duration training programme cum Lecture Meets and workshop were organized during the year with 2-4 CPE hour credit) e. Teleconferences : The branch hosted 35 teleconferences telecast by CPE Committee, Delhi. The complete particulars of the CPE programs organized by the branch are enclosed herewith in Annexure A f. Programmes organized CPE Chapter and Study Circles : Three CPE Chapters were active under the branch during the year viz Tinsukia Chartered Accountants CPE Chapter, Dibrugarh CPE Chapter and Jorhat CPE Chapter. These chapters were actively engaged in organizing CPE Meets for members throughout the year. Besides these three chapters Study Circles at Silchar and Nagaon also active during the year. Teleconference programmes were also held at Jorhat, Nagaon and Sibsagar. 2. Branch Library : The liabray was fully furnished during the year. The branch library containing the publications of the Institute as well as other books of professional interest is being maintained at the branch. The complete list of library books was physically verified by the branch internal auditor during the year and reconciled with the branch records. 3. Branch Newsletter: The Branch has been publishing E-Newsletter since March numbers of Issues of the e-newsletter have been posted to the members ids within regular intervals during the year. The newsletters covered amongst other matters, all relevant information regarding the latest 5 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

6 notifications/developments in the fields of Accounting/ Auditing/ Information Technology and other areas of interest to profession and Information for Members and Students covering details of Seminars etc., to be organized. 4. Branch Website: The Branch Website is updated on regular intervals. The URL of the website is 5. Registration on ICAI portals: Although, exact count of members registered with PDC Portal, ISA Portal, E-Learning Portal etc. is not available with the branch, we estimate that around 700 members are registered. 6. Publicizing the Institutes activities through print/electronic media: Most of the activities of the branch were widely covered in the local print media. The National Conference, CA Day Celebrations and Budget Program were also covered in the electronic media. Local channels also carried clippings of these programs in their news. 7. Cultural Activities: a. Celebration of Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July 2012: Several program held throughout the day at the Branch. i. The CA day began with the hoisting of the Institutes flag at the Branch Premises by the Branch Chairman CA. Naveen Garg. ii. iii. iv. This was followed by visit to Parijat Academy, an educational institute for underprivileged children. The branch contributed towards the activities of the Academy through a donation of an MFD printer and school stationery. In the evening, a family get together was organised at Hotel Prag Continental where more than 100 CAs and their family members participated in various games and events. The Programs were conducted by CA. Kamal Mour, CA. Anjana Mour, CA. Bindu Goel & CA. Nikita Agarwal. CA Day was also befittingly celebrated at Jorhat, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh. b. Involving members and their families: Family members were involved in the cultural program held on CA Day on 1st July 2012 and in the Musical Dinner FIRONGOTI hosted on 10th August 2012 held on the occasion of the National Conference. Members and their family participated in the programs in large numbers. Similar programs were also organised by the Tinsukia, Jorhat and Dibrugarh Study Circles. c. Saraswati Puja: The branch also celebrated Saraswati Puja on 15 th February 2013 at Branch premises. Large number of members and students participated in the celebrations. 8. Sports Meet: The Guwahati Branch of ICAI organized: 6 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

7 a. A Two Day Indoor Sports Meet was held on 19th & 20th January 2013 at SAI Indoor Stadium, Guwahati. Members not only from Guwahati but also from other parts of NE Region participated in the competitions. b. A Cricket Tournament was organised on 1st & 2nd December 2012 at Gauhati University Field, Jalukabri, Guwahati. All together three Members team and four Students team participated in the event. In the Finals the CA Members team defeated the CA Students team and won the tournament. 9. Contribution to the image building of the profession & of the Institute: a. All the electronic media including Doordarshan Guwahati, NE TV, DY 365, News live, News Times Assam, Frontier TV covered the inaugural session of the National Conference in their prime time news. Interviews of Branch Office bearers were also aired in local news channels. b. The branch has been regularly providing Ties, Blazers and Lapel Pins and has been encouraging members to wear the same to express the pride in the profession. During the Annual General Meeting held on 28th July 2012, ties and lapel pins were distributed amongst 110 new members who joined the branch in the past one year. c. A TV interview of branch Chairperson, CA. Kaberi Bhuyan was telecast by Prag News Channel on International Women s Day on 8th March 2013 as an honor for her achievements as a lady member in a very much male dominated profession. d. On the occasion of International Women s Day on 8th March, 2013, members of the Managing Committee along with Senior Members, and Members of EICASA, Guwahati branch, felicitated Ms. Prema Jayakumar, who secured 1st rank in CA. Final Exam in November 2012, at the District Library, Guwahati. This programme was organised jointly by Dept. of Information & Public Relation, Govt. of Assam and an NGO, Byatikram Mass Awareness & Social Development, wherein CA. Kaberi Bhuyan, Chairperson Guwahati Branch was also felicitated and honoured as the First Lady Chairperson of any Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in the Eastern Region. Later in the day, the ICAI Guwahati branch chairperson CA. Kaberi Bhuyan accompanied the CA topper Ms. Jayakumar to the felicitation function organised by the Royal Group of Institution, to celebrate International Women s Day. CA. Bhuyan was also felicitated and honored by the RGI as the First Lady Chairperson of any Branch of ICAI in this Region. 10. Nation Building Activities: a. Members of the branch celebrated Independence Day on 15th August 2012 and Republic Day on 26th January 2013 and at the branch premises by hoisting the National Flag and distributing sweets amongst children. b. Investor Awareness program was organised under the aegis of the Investor Protection Fund of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. c. Branch Chairperson CA. Kaberi Bhuyan attended the Investors Awareness Programme organized by Marwari Yuva Manch on 26 th May 2013 as chief Guest. 11. ISA PT Classes & Examinations During the period 1 ISA PT Batch was organised by the Guwahati Branch in the month of October, The branch also hosted ISA ET Exams twice in the branch premises. 7 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

8 12. Live Viewing of the Union Budget 2013 : Branch made arrangement for live viewing of the Union Budget 2013 at the auditorium of the Guwahati Branch on 28 th Feb M. Students Programs: 1. The branch is presently serving around 7000 students of CPT,IPCC/PCC/PE/Final Level. 2. Five batches of General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) course meant for newly passed Chartered Accountants and CA Final students were organized. 3. EICASA Branch Elections : The Annual General meeting of the Guwahati Branch of Eastern India Chartered Accountants Students Association (EICASA) a body of students undergoing the Chartered Accountancy Course, was held on Sunday at ICAI Bhawan, Guwahati. The members present at the AGM elected its new body consisting of 6 students and 2 nominated CA members. CA. Bikash Agarwala the nominee chairman and CA. Kaberi Bhuyan nominee member holding charge at the beginning of the period under report were replaced on 27 th February, 2013 by CA. Dhiraj Jain as Chairman and CA. Sharad Agarwalla as nominee member by the Guwahati Branch Managing Committee. A list of the elected/nominated members of the committee is given in Annexure B 4. National Student Convention a. National Student Convention 2012 CA Profession- Turning vision into action - GUWAHATI BRANCH OF ICAI & GUWAHATI BRANCH OF EASTERN INDIA CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF ICAI jointly hosted for the 1st time in North East, two days STUDENT NATIONAL CONVENTION organised by Board of Studies, ICAI on 29 th and 30 th August, Altogether 531 students attended the Convention. The Convention was inaugurated by CA. J N Shah, President of ICAI in presence of Vice President of ICAI, CA. Subodh Kr Agrawal, EICASA Chairman CA. Ranjeet Kr Agarwala & Guwahati Branch Chairman CA. Naveen Garg & Guwahati Branch EICASA Chairman CA. Bikash Agarwala. Former Central Council Member CA. Pawan Kr Sharma, Past EIRC Chairman CA. Debashis Mitra & a Galaxy of Past Chairman of Guwahati Branch were present in the convention. Guest and speaker includes CA. (Dr) Girish Ahuja, from New Delhi, CA (Dr) Debasish Mitra, CA Jayesh Gupta from Kolkata, CA Ravi Patwa from Silchar and CA. Veena Hingarh from Kolkata. 15 Paper Presenters from all over the nation presented their papers on different topics A Souvenir Dristi edited by Past Chairman CA. Anil Kr Agarwala was also released to commemorate the occasion. 8 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

9 A Gala & colourful cultural night Gen-X Blast was also organised for the students where CA Students performed in the show. b. National Student Convention 2013 Transcript of Transformation - GUWAHATI BRANCH OF ICAI & GUWAHATI BRANCH OF EASTERN INDIA CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF ICAI jointly hosted the 2 nd National Convention for Students on 22 nd & 23 rd June, 2013 at Royal Group of Institutions Guwahati. Hon ble Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Tarun Gogoi inaugurated the convention in the presence of CA. Subodh Kr. Agarwal, President, ICAI, CA. Vijay Garg, Chairman, BOS of ICAI, CA. Sumantra Guha, Central Council Member, ICAI CA. Ranjeet Agarwal, Chairman, EIRC, CA. Subhash Chandra Saraf, Vice Chairman, EIRC and Chairman, EICASA, CA. P.D. Rungta, Secretary, EIRC and branch co-ordinator & CA. Manish Goyal, Member, EIRC. An interactive session was also organised and hon ble President, Chairman, BOS and Secretary EIRC answered the various queries of the students. 15 Paper Presenters from all over the nation presented their papers on topic like Corporate and Business Laws, Indirect Taxes, Information Technology, Direct Taxes and Inflation in Emarging Economics and Balancing Time of Article Students. CS. Mamta Binanni, CA Madhukar N Hiregange, CA. Babu Jayendran, Dr. CA. Girish Ahuja, CA. Vikash Jain were present as expert speakers. CA. Devajit Sharma & CA. Bikash Agarwala judged the papers. Ms Neha Navlakha, Ms. Swati Todi, Mr.Swapnil R Jain and Ms. Mythili Venkatash were adjudged as First, Second & Third Best Paper Presenters respectively. A Souvenir Transcript to Transformation edited by CA. Pankaj Kr Jain was also released to commemorate the occasion. A Gala & colourful cultural night Wake Your Dream was also organised for the students. CA Students performed in the show. 5. National Award : The Guwahati Branch of EICASA, for the fifth consecutive year won the National Award for Best body Student Association in Estern Region for the year EIRC Award : The Guwahati Branch of EICASA, awarded the best EICASA for the year Lecture Meets : The students body organized various lecture meets for the benefit of students covering topics such as TDS, Advanced Uses of Excel & MS Word, Income Tax Amendmends, Speakers were CA. Vikash Jain, CA Anil Agarwala, CA Satabdi Ray Choudhury, CA. Amit Patwary, 9 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

10 8. Full Day Seminar for Students : a. A Full Day Seminar for Student was organised by EICASA Guwahati branch at the branch premises on 6 th Dec The topics covered in the seminar were Risk Based Internal Audit, How to Crack professional Exams, The Assam VAT Laws and Recent Changes in reporting Formats. The speakers for the seminar were CA. Anil Rai, CS Praveen Chajjer, CA. Bineet Todi and CA Arijit Chakroborty from Kolkatta b. A Full Day Seminar for Student was organised by EICASA Guwahati branch at the branch premises on 26 th May CA. Neeraj Harodia, CA. Manoj Agarwal and CA. Kamal Mour were speakers. 9. One Day Interactive Programs : Regular monthly quiz competition on Information Technology & Skit competition were organized at the Information Technology Centre of the Guwahati branch. Students undergoing IT training participated in the competitions. Prizes were distributed among the winners. 10. ICAI Publications : The latest publications of the Institute of Chartered Accountants were made available to the student at the branch. Prospectus and forms for examinations, course registration etc. were regularly made available to the students. 11. Industrial Visits : Industrial visits by group of students to industrial units of Purbanchal Cements Ltd, Jorbat, Manjushree Plastics at Dhirenpara Jumbo Roofings & Tiles were arranged during the period. 12. IPCC Orientation program : Nine batches of 35 hours Orientation Program for IPCC/ATT students were held at Guwahati during the period under report. 13. Quiz and Elocution Contest : The student body organized various quiz and Elocution contest during the period. 14. Debate Competition : The student body organized debate completion among the CA. students was organized in the branch premises on 11 th March National Debate Competition : The Guwahati Branch of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organised the branch level National Debate Competition on 15th September 2012 at Royal 10 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

11 School of Business, Guwahati. Thirteen students from Seven different schools of Guwahati participated in the debate organised by the Branch. 16. Education Tour : An Education tour to Gopal Krishna Tea Estate was organized for the benefit of CA Students in the month of January Career Counseling Programs: Four career counseling programs for creating awareness about the CA Course were held at Royal Business School, Guwahati, Faculty Higher Secondary School, Amingaon, K.C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati and Reliance Junior College, Golaghat during the period under report. 18. Sports Meet Indoor: One Day indoor Sports meet was organised at Sports Authority of India Stadium, Guwahati on 23rd December 2012 which turned out to be a grand success among the students, who participated in huge numbers. The Sports competitions held on that day were TT, Chess and Badminton. 19. Sports Meet Outdoor: Cricket tournament for CA Students was held at Ayurvedic College Play ground on 1st & 2nd Dec 2012, wherein almost 90 students participated. 20. Youth Festivals: EICASA Guwahati Branch organised for the first time in North East a youth festival for CA students under the supervision of EICASA nominated member CA. Kaberi Bhuyan. Various competitions which included Musical Quiz, Extempore Speech, Puzzle Quiz, Singing were organised on Sunday 16th December 2012 at Lion eye Hospital Auditorium. 21. Celebration of Saraswati Puja EICASA Guwahati Branch celebrated the Saraswati Puja on 15th February 2013 at ICAI Bhawan. Many students joined & witnessed the celebration of the day of divine Goddess of knowledge Maa Saraswati. 22. Celebration of Navartra Dandiya : EICASA Guwahati Branch celebrated Dandiya at Hotel Rajmahal on 21 st October, Almost 200 number of students participated in the programme. 23. Wall Magazine- The Wall Magazine at Student Section at Branch Premises has been regularly updated. Contributions received from several students were published therein. 11 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

12 Special efforts were put in by faculties of the IT Training Centre for putting up the wall-magazine. 24. Coaching Classes: Coaching class for CA Students has been organized at Branch Premises from 27 th Dec 12. Dr Suparna Ghosh took the classes for the students. 25. Mock Test: Mock Test for the CA Student has been organized for Nov 2012 & May 2013 examinations at branch premises. 26. E- Newsletter : First issue of E Newsletter of EICASA, Guwahati was released in June N. Computer Training: A modern well equipped computer center for imparting Compulsory 100 hour Information Technology Training to CA Students is functioning at the branch. During the period under report, IT training was given to more than 450 CA students. Regular reports of commencement of batches, completion of batches and examination results are being sent to the Institute. Regular statements of Receipts and Payments along with audited accounts are also being sent. O. ICAI BHAWAN, Guwahati: All the functions of the Guwahati Branch are now being carried out from its own premises at Maniknagar. The all the three floors of the building are presently functional: the first floor being used for administration, the second floor as a students section and the auditorium in the third floor for Seminar & Meetings. Constant improvement of infrastructure is being done. Furnishing and interior work of the entire building is going on. The interior work of Chairman s Room, Guest Room, Library, Manager s room, Accounts Room & Pantry has already been completed and Furnishing and interior work of Class Rooms, Staff Rooms, etc are going on in full swing. P. Committee on Public Finance Training Program: Training Program for Staff of Postal Accounts office of Deptt. Of Post : A 4 day training programme on Accrual Accounting System for the staff in Postal Accounts office was conducted by the Guwahati Branch in association with the Committee on Public Finanace, ICAI and Deptt. Of Post, Government of India at Meghdoot Bhawan, Guwahati from 18 th March to 21 st March The branch chairman inaugurated the training programme. Q. Souvenir: The Guwahati Branch released a colorful souvenir Manthan, edited by CA. Mahabir Agarwal on the occasion of two-day National Conference held in August, P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

13 R. Participation in Other Important Meetings: a. The Managing Committee of the Guwahati Branch attended the Regional & Branch Orientation and meet with President & Vice president of the Institute held at Kolkata on the 8 th of April b. Branch Chairman CA. Naveen Garg attended the 5th Meeting of The State Implementation and Monitoring and Review Committee (SMRC) on 16th August 2012 at Dispur Sectt., Assam. As requested by the Commissioner and Secretary to the Govt of Assam, Handloom Textile and sericulture Deptt, we helped in finalisation of audit program for the audit of Apex and PWCS. c. Branch Chairman CA. Naveen Garg along with Past Branch Chairman CA. Bikash Agarwala Visited the Registrar of Co-operative Society Assam on 17th October 2012 for introduction of Compulsory Audit of Cooperative Society. d. Representative of Guwahati branch comprising of the Chairperson & Secretary met the Registrar of Co-operative Societies and submitted draft representation in regard to accounting and auditing of state co-operative societies on behalf of the Committee for Co-operatives and NPO Sectors (CCNPO) of ICAI on 18 th March S. Publicizing the Institutes activities through print/electronic media: Most of the activities of the branch were widely covered in the local print media. The All India Conference, President s Meet with Students, Auditorium inauguration, Sports Meet, CA Day Celebration and CPE Programs were also covered in the electronic media. Local channels including Doordarshan Guwahati, NE TV, DY 365, News live, News Times Assam also carried clippings of some of these programs in their news. T. Regional Council Meeting: The Guwahati Branch hosted the Regional Council Meeting on 10th August 2012 at ITA Machkhowa, Guwahati. All Six Regional Council Members along with three Central Council Members from Eastern Region attended the meeting. U. Suggestion & Memorandums: At the branch orientation suggestion for improvement in branch working were submitted to the Hon ble President. V. Accounts and Audit : The audited statements of account of the Branch for the year ended on 31/ are appended to this report and marked as Annexure C. The audit for the year was conducted by M/S GKA & Associates, Chartered Accountants, Guwahati, who were appointed by the Eastern India Regional Council for that purpose. The audited accounts were ed to ICAI, New Delhi and EIRC on 03/04/2013. As per guidelines of the HO, monthly & quarterly Trial Balances and half yearly audit reports were regularly sent. M/S Khakolia Mundhra & Associates, Chartered Accountants carried out the monthly branch internal audit from Publication stock details and accounts were regularly sent. W. Acknowledgement : The Managing Committee of the branch wishes to place on records its appreciations and sincere thank to all the members and students for their continued support and sincere co-operation in all the activities of the branch. It also wishes to thank the EIRC Chairman, Branch Co-ordinator, other EIRC members and 13 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

14 Central Council members from Eastern Region for their valuable guidance and active participation in the activities of the branch. The committee also thank all those members and students who took active part in organizing various programs and activities and also to various sponsors of the programs, donors for branch building. The Managing Committee also places on record its appreciation and thanks to the Branch Statutory Auditors and the Internal Auditors for their services. It wishes to thank its regular as well as part time faculties at the IT Centre including members who have contributed their time and efforts therein, the faculty for GMCS and Orientation Courses and the staff of the branch for their services. We have tried to serve you in the best possible manner with the limited resources at our disposal and with your co-operation and support, shall continue to do so in the future. For and behalf of the Managing Committee GUWAHATI BRANCH OF EIRC OF ICAI Guwahati Date : 06/07/2013 (CA. Rakesh Agarwala) Hony. Branch Secretary 14 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

15 Anaexure A: programs organized by/under Guwahati Branch 1. NATIONAL CONFERENCE - MANTHAN - CHURNING OPPORTUNITIES Date TOPIC Approved CPE Hours 10/08/2012 Session 1: ICAI-Partner in Economic Development No. of CA Participants Total CPE hours earned Session 2: Direct Taxation /08/2012 Session 3: Indirect Taxation Session 4: Accounts & Audit 2. NATIONAL WORKSHOP - ENABLING SERVICE TAX PRACTICE Date TOPIC Approved CPE Hours No. of CA Participants Total CPE hours earned 20/11/2012 Enabling Service Tax Practice /11/2012 Enabling Service Tax Practice 3. SEMINAR AND MEETS Date TOPIC Approved CPE Hours 14/07/2012 National Workshop on the topic Understanding the Revised Auditing Standards 06/10/2012 Workshop on Training Programme for Technical Reviewers No. of CA Participants Total CPE hours earned /10/2012 IT Workshop /12/2012 Recent Trends in Taxation /12/2012 IT Workshop " MS Word & MS Excel" /03/2013 Union Budget 2013 & Bank Audit /05/2013 CA Profession - Changes in Horizon /06/2013 Enhancing the Quality of Audits STUDY CIRCLE MEETS AND PRACTICAL WORKSHOP Date TOPIC Approved CPE Hours No. of CA Participants Total CPE hours earned 06/07/2012 Investor Awareness Programme /12/2012 TDS Meet /12/2012 Stress Free Life P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

16 23/03/2013 COMPANIES BILL /04/2013 State Taxes /04/2013 Real Estate Transactions /05/2013 Alaternate Method of Taxation - Direct & Indirect Tax /06/2013 Personality Development TELECONFERENCES Date TOPIC Approved CPE Hours No. of CA Participants Total CPE hours earned 04/07/2012 CPE Teleconference on"implications of amendments to Sections 40A(2), 10AA & 80IA in Finance Act, 2012". 20/07/2012 CPE Teleconference on "Non-Corporates : Application of Standards on Accounting and Auditing" 30/07/2012 CPE Teleconference on " Professional Opportunities for Members & Important Tax Audit Issues" 06/08/2012 CPE Teleconference on "XBRL & Fair Value based Accounting - Emerging Trend in Financial Reporting" 24/08/2012 CPE Teleconference on "Professional Opportunities in Internal Audit & AOP's - Public, Private - Promotion and Taxation" 29/08/2012 CPE Teleconference on "Transfer Pricing Recent Amendments" /09/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on XBRL /09/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on Tax Audit Issues (Approach & Reporting) & Certain Issues under Income Tax Act 26/09/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on the topic Taxation on Capital Market Equity, Mutual Fund & Derivatives 05/10/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on Standards of Auditing 700, 705 & /10/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on FDI Policy - Boost for economy, importance, Role of CA /10/2012 CPE Teleconference on Service Tax - Negative List /11/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on XBRL /11/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on Point of Taxation - Reverse Charge 05/12/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, /12/2012 CPE Teleconference Programme on Role and key aspects of IT in Internal Audit 31/12/2012 CPE Teleconference programme on e filing of TDS & recent changes in CPC TDS 09/01/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on Project Finance and Investment Banking 18/01/2013 A Study of Negative List & Reverse Charge Mechanism in Service Tax P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

17 30/01/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on Domestic Transfer Pricing - Law and Practice 08/02/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on the topic Drafting of documents including agreement for sale, property development agreement, MOUs, Power of Attorney and Will etc /02/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on Audit Sampling /02/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on Limited Liability Partnership - Legal and Procedural Aspects /03/2013 CPE Teleconference Programme on Finance Bill /03/2013 CPE Teleconference programme on Union Budget Changes in Service Tax Laws /03/2013 CPE Teleconference on Bank Branch Audit /04/2013 CPE Teleconfernence on FEMA and Revised Schedule VI /04/2013 CPE Teleconference on Redefining the Role of CA s to become a Global Solution Provider 26/04/2013 CPE Teleconference on "Taxation of Charitable Trust in NGO and NPO" & " Practical Aspects of Charitable Organisation in the Income Tax Act" 03/05/2013 CPE Teleconference on " Companies Bill & Society's expectation from Auditors" 17/05/2013 CPE Teleconference on "Role of Internal Auditor in Corporate Compliance & Peer Review" 29/05/2013 CPE Teleconference on " CA - Detection of Frauds " & Forensic Audit" 07/06/2013 CPE Teleconference on " E-filling of Tax Audit Reports etc. & Changes in New TDS Statements, TDS Certificates,ITRs" 19/06/2013 CPE Teleconference on " Independent Auditor's Report" & "Auditors Rotation and Restricted Advisory Services : Proposal under Companies Bill 2012" 26/06/2013 CPE Teleconference on " Service Tax - Important Amendments in exemptions and other issues" P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :

18 Anaexure B: Elected/Nominated members of the Eastern India Chartered Accountants Students Association, Guwahati Branch as at 30/06/2013 Sl NAME POST 1 CA. Dhiraj Jain Chairman 2 CA. Sharad Agarwalla Nominated Member 3 Ms. Ridhi Agarwala Vice- Chairman 4 Mr. Anuj Choudhury Secretary 5 Mr. Mukesh Shah Treasurer 6 Mr. Kiran Khaitan Programme Co-ordinator 7 Mr Vijay Sharma Member 8 Mr Ashish Jain Member 18 P a g e 36 th A n n u a l R e p o r t :