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1 Inside This Issue North Dakota High School Activities Association 350 2nd St. NW PO Box 817 Valley City ND Phone (701) Fax (701) October 2010 NDHSAA/US Bank Distinguished Students Where are They Now? 2 Megan Gardner, Annual October Membership Meeting 3 B Boys and Girls Basketball Seasons Change Starting Parade of Champions 3 NDHSAA Board Meeting Dates 3 Dakota Bowl November 12 & 13 4 Participants Must Be Accompanied 4 School Music Trips 4 Charitable Contest Guidelines 4 Online Rules Clinic for Coaches, Officials and Judges 5 Winter Sports - Online Testing 5 National Rules Chair to Present Gymnastics Clinic/Workshop 5 MVP Info - Printing Program Flyers 6 NDHSAA Website Login Information 6 Tournament Code of Conduct 6 State B Play Contest Music/Speech Online Clinic Window 7 Music Judge Certification 7 ACT-SAT National Test Dates 7 District Volleyball Tournaments 8-9 NFHS Coach Education 9 NDHSAA Contact Information 9 Team Scholar Recipients State Student Congress 10 State Student Congress Housing 10 National Anthem Flag Decorum 10 Concussion Management Procedure 11 NDOA Minutes 12 Rolla and St. John Go Pink 12 NDHSAA Rules Clinic Dates/Locations 13 State Boys Soccer Tournament 13 Regional/State Volleyball Info State Cross-Country Meet 17 NDHSAA October Calendar Boys Tennis Champions Red River High School Front L-R: Max Schumacher, Andrew Hu, Grant Ramage, Josh Pierce, Christian Novak, Colin Beger, Nathan Walsh, Aaron Ramage, Mitchell Kuhlman Middle Row L-R: Coach Greg LaDouceur, Jacob LaDouceur, Ryan Hoverson, John Shaft, Steven Halvorson, Kenny Hahn, Jared Vigen, Coach Tyler Davis Back Row L-R: Joey Anderson, Joe Lee, Erik Johnson, Phil Yunker, Wes Mosher, Andre Caoili, Gregory Wischer NDHSAA Premier Partner: NDHSAA Supporting Sponsor:

2 NDHSAA/US Bank Distinguished Students Where are They Now? Megan Gardner, There is no typical day for Megan Gardner. One morning, she s in New York City meeting with prospective partners. On another day, her alarm clocks rings at her home in San Francisco at 6 a.m. and soon she s scouring the Internet doing competitive research, reading the morning headlines, and catching up on . Then she shifts to staff meetings, power lunches, and brainstorming sessions with her senior management team. She tries to squeeze in a quick workout at the gym. Finally, she s off to dinner with her husband, Mike Forbes. It s a breakneck schedule, but that is what Gardner thrives on. I ve never had so much fun, says Gardner. I m really living my dream. Gardner joined Plum District in March and eight weeks later helped launch the site a free service that blends daily deals with an online community of savvy moms and adults in San Francisco. Since then, Plum District has expanded to twenty-five across the nation. Consumers receive daily s offering 50 to 90 percent off a service or a product, like spa treatments, movie tickets, cupcakes, and Botox. We think of the offerings as plum services and gifts for a mom and her family, says Gardner. It s very localized with deals that are curated to speak to moms. We want to develop a brand that people would feel attached to so that the deals are a win/win for moms and a win/win for businesses who get loyal customers. Word-of-mouth, blogger reviews, and guerilla marketing schemes (on Mother s Day, Gardner s team distributed free spring tulips on the street to San Francisco moms) are quickly spreading the word. And while the new venture happened quickly, Gardner s not surprised that she ended up here. I knew in high school that I wanted to start my own business, says Gardner. I spent a lot of time talking about it with my dad, who s a businessman, and he always told me to risk early. She took that advice to heart early. The oldest of four children, Gardner was born in Florida where her father was stationed on an Army base. Eventually, her parents high school sweethearts who grew up in North Dakota moved back and settled in Dickinson. I had a great childhood, says Gardner. I have very supportive parents. I can t think of an activity that they missed, and I was in a lot of them. I always knew that I wanted to manage people, and I did a lot of leadership activities from elementary school on. Gardner was involved in many different activities from cross country to drama to serving as one of seven student representatives on a national student council board. I think the NDHSAA Distinguished Student position was another forum for me to learn to travel around the state, meet people, do public speaking, says Gardner. It was a wonderful opportunity for a 17 year old. It prepared me and taught me how to be a leader in an arena that was very supportive. After graduating from Dickinson High School in 1994, Gardner traveled east to Smith College, an elite women s college in Northampton, Massachusetts. My mother was a proponent of all-women s education, says Gardner. So when I was looking at schools, Smith popped up right away. They recruited me, and it ended up being a wonderful fit. Gardner majored in history, with a women studies minor, spent a year studying abroad in Spain, and racked up internships in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York City. I had an amazing experience at Smith, says Gardner. For the first time in my life, 100 percent the academics and extracurricular activity was being focused on me and the women surrounding me. It was an amazing opportunity. After college, and on the advice of a mentor, she headed to Wall Street as an investment banker. Over the next six years, she worked on both coasts and gained a solid understanding of financial models and business evaluation. But I always knew that I would want an MBA, says Gardner. It was just a question of when I would do it. I had gone deep on the business side and wanted to transition and broaden my skill sets. In 2004, she entered Harvard Business School (HBS) where she was co-president of the Hospitality and Travel Industry Club, panel chair for the Women s Student Association, and winner of the Entrepreneurship Club Venture Idea. After graduating in 2006, she moved to Nicaragua as a Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow to act as the associate director of ProNicaragua, an agency that focuses on promoting business and investment in this Central American country. A year later, she moved to Minneapolis where she worked as Director of Strategy and Business Development for Amerprise Financial and married Mike Forbes, a Marketing Manager at General Mills, who she met at HBS. And while she calls San Francisco home now, Gardner knows that her travels she s already visited 45 countries are only just beginning. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to sort through old issues of National Geographic and plan to visit these exotic locations, says Gardner. I still like doing that. That s what I love to do. It fills up my soul. Traveling, her husband, and family keep Gardner motivated and focused on her goals. I appreciate my upbringing in North Dakota as it has shaped my work ethic and the importance of family which grounds me in all my adventures, says Gardner. 2 October BULLETIN 2010

3 Annual October Membership Meeting The Annual Meeting of the NDHSAA membership will be Thursday, October 21st, 4:30 p.m. at the Bismarck Ramkota. Agenda items will include but not be limited to the approval of the October 2009 and January 2010 minutes, 3 Division Volleyball and Basketball Plan Presentation, Athletic Physical Form Dates and Requirements, Coaches Education update, Concussion in Sports update, and Nominating Committee Reports. In addition to the meeting agenda, NDHSAA Distinguished Student Elizabeth Ryan from Ray High School will speak to the membership. The terms for two Board positions will expire in Dr. David Looysen represents Class A West and is serving his last year on the Board of Directors. West Region Class A School Administrators will be called upon to nominate two individuals for the next four year term. Jeff Fastnacht, Class B Southeast Representative will have completed a one year Board appointment at the end of this school year. A nominating committee representing the Southeast School Administrators will be called upon to present the names of two individuals to be voted on to fill a one year term. Election results will be announced at the NDHSAA Membership Meeting, January 24th, at the Bismarck Ramkota. At present, one amendment will be voted on by the membership. The proposed amendment is in Article XII, Section I, Page 20 of the NDHSAA Constitution and By-Laws and involves changing the physical examination requirement date of June 15 to April 15. Class A Athletic Directors and Class B Superintendents have been notified of the amendment and online voting process and procedure through direct mailing. Online voting is permissible provided there is no amendment to the amendment from the floor and electronic votes are B Boys and Girls Basketball Seasons Change Starting Starting the school year, B Boys and Girls Basketball seasons will switch. This change was made in response to the overlap of the volleyball and girls basketball seasons. The B Boys and Girls basketball dates are as follows: B Boys Basketball Opening Date: November 15, 2010 First Contest: November 26, 2010 Deadline for Districts: February 15, 2011 Region Tournament: February 21,22,24, 2011 State Tournament: March 3,4,5, 2011 B Girls Basketball Opening Date: November 29, 2010 First Contest: December 10, 2010 Deadline for Districts: March 1, 2011 Region Tournament: March 7,8,10, 2011 State Tournament: March 17,18,19, 2011 Parade of Champions Parade of Champions will be held at the B Girls Basketball State Tournament: March,19, /11 NDHSAA Board Meeting Dates Following is a list of NDHSAA regularly scheduled Board meeting dates. Agendas, Board minutes, special meeting information and other Board documents may be found on the NDHSAA website by clicking the Board Agendas and Minutes link under the Boards & Committees across the top of every page on the NDHSAA website. 2010/11 Meeting Dates October 20 Bismarck October 21 General Assembly Meeting, Bismarck November 19 Minot (District Chair and Board meeting) January 22 Bismarck (Athletic Review A.M., Board P.M.) January 24 Membership Meeting, Bismarck March 11 Fargo March 18 Bismarck (District Chair and Board meeting)--misprint in NDHSAA calendar. April 19 Valley City June 15 Athletic Review Valley City June Valley City 3 October BULLETIN 2010

4 Dakota Bowl November 12 & 13 The NDHSAA 2010 State Football Championships with Todd Olson as manager will be held at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. Friday 12:00 PM Division A Championship 20 minutes after 9-Man Championship Saturday 5:00 PM - AA Championship 20 minutes after AAA Championship Awards will be presented immediately following each game. Players MUST wear their jerseys to be recognized and receive awards. Teams scheduled for the second game each day can have preliminary warm-ups in a designated area and will have 20 minutes on the field before introductions. TICKET PRICES (ALL Day) Adults: $ $1.00 venue charge ($11.00) Students: $ $1.00 venue charge ($7.00) Participants Must Be Accompanied Please be reminded all regional and state individual and team members must be accompanied by a coach or school official as noted in the NDHSAA By-Laws on page 9, Part Two, Article III-CONTESTS, Section V. Managers of regional and state NDHSAA sponsored activities have been notified to strictly enforce this rule. No participant or team will be allowed to participate without a coach or faculty representative present at the contest. School Music Trips Out of state music trips of 600 miles or more must have NDHSAA approval. Under no circumstances shall an out of state trip exceed the loss of more than two school days. Groups shall also be limited to a maximum of two out of state trips in any one school year. Administrators must contact NDHSAA once planning begins for these trips, whether or not they involve competition. Requests for these trips should include information about dates, destination, and administrative approval of the trip. Charitable Contest Guidelines Schools may host a contest in recognition of a charitable cause under the following conditions: The contest or competition may be held during any one week, to be determined by each individual school, of the designated sport season. The NDHSAA is supportive of charitable initiatives and has developed guidelines in regards to an athletic competition being held in the name of a charitable cause. Each school participating must be in agreement to allow any of the modifications to the rules. Team members may be allowed to wear headbands or wristbands of a solid non-regulation color. Officials may be allowed to use a colored whistle Colored game balls will not be allowed, however they may be used during any warm-up period prior to the contest. A commemorative ribbon may be worn, properly placed on the jersey or school-issued uniform. Uniforms must conform to National Federation rules, including colors. NDHSAA requests that member schools provide NDHSAA a courtesy contact with the date of contest and charitable cause. 4 October BULLETIN 2010

5 Online Rules Clinic for Coaches, Officials and Judges The NDHSAA Board of Directors directed NDHSAA Staff to implement online rules clinics for some sports and activities for the 2010/11season. Officials and head coaches must complete rules clinics in sports where clinics are offered. These online rules clinic will be in place of the face to face rules clinics as were done in prior years. The clinics offered will be available online only and must be completed within the clinic window. The clinic will be available through a link within MVP. You must have an MVP account in order to complete the rules clinic. Please note not all clinics are online for the 2010/11 school year. Some sports and activities will continue to have clinics at sites around the state. Following are the Winter & Spring sports and activities that will have online rules clinics for 2010/11 including clinic windows. Winter: Spring: November 1 - December 1 February 15 - March 15 Basketball Track & Field Wrestling March 1 - April 1 Officials and head coaches basketball, gymnastics, hockey, and wrestling must take an open book test in the sport(s) in which s/he is a head coach or official. This test will be available online only and must be submitted within the testing window. The test will be available through a link on the NDHSAA website. The test taker may revisit the test site numerous times before submitting her/his test; however, once submitted, no changes may be made. The test results will be available immediately upon submission of the test online. Login and password information will be shared with you at rules clinics. All officials must have approved registrations for their sport(s) to access testing. All registrations, including fees, must have been received and processed by NDHSAA before a testing account will be available. All coaches must have the appropriate coach role for their sport(s) to access testing. NOTE: MVP Accounts on the NDHSAA Website are not the same as online testing accounts. The test windows are as follows: November 30 December 7, Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, & Hockey Test windows close at 11:00 p.m. Central Time on the final dates. 5 October BULLETIN 2010 November 1 - December 1 Debate Music Speech Baseball Completion of the online clinic will be required of head coaches and officials. Officials and coaches may fulfill attendance requirements by attending any official rules clinic conducted by any of the state associations and having their attendance card sent to the NDHSAA for credit. The NDHSAA office will asses a penalty of $50 for non-attendance of a head coach at any mandatory athletic rules clinic for the first offense in a school year and $100 for each subsequent clinic non-attendance during the same school year. Winter Sports-Coach and Official Mandatory Online Testing National Rules Chair to Present Gymnastics Clinic/Workshop One Gymnastics Coaches and Officials clinic/workshop will be held this fall in Bismarck. This workshop will be held at Bismarck Horizon Middle School on Saturday, October 30th. This meeting is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. This will fulfill the requirement for the mandatory rules clinic. Judging will be covered in detail with each participant having the opportunity to practice judge each of the four events. Presenting will be Kathy Krebs, Chair of the National Federation Gymnastics Rules Committee. Also contributing to the meeting will be National Federation staff liaison, Becky Oakes and National Federation Section 5 Gymnastics Rules Committee member, Kim Pladson. This will be the only rules meetings conducted this year. Those officials not attending will be classified probationary. Schools not represented by their head coach will be fined a non-attendance fee. Workshop Agenda Saturday, October 30, 2010 at Bismarck Horizon Middle School 10:00 a.m. Rules Clinic 11:05 a.m. Break 11:15 a.m. Judging Workshop 2:00 p.m. Wrap-Up

6 A program flyer may be created for any sporting event from the information that is in MVP. The program flyer will contain your school/ coop information, names and positions of administrators at your school., coach and assistant coach names, a team picture, a cutline (team lineup), team roster and team schedule including dates, opponents and scores if this information has been entered into MVP. You may print this information with or without a picture. To create your own school s program flyer: Log in to MVP Click on Season then the sport you would like to print a flyer for on the right side of the page. Click the Print with picture or the Print without picture icon on the right side of the page just below the long grey menu bar. Note: This is the only way to get a high quality picture for your flyer. Pictures pulled from our website in any other manner will be a web ready picture only which will not give you a high quality print. To create another school s program flyer: Log in to MVP Click on the Schools tab on the right side of the blue menu bar across the very top of the page. Select your school by clicking on the name of the school. Click on Season then the sport you would like to print a flyer for on the right side of the page. Click the Print with picture or the Print without picture icon on the right side of the page just below the long grey menu bar. Note: This is the only way to get a high quality picture for your flyer. Pictures pulled from our website in any other manner will be a web ready picture only which will not give you a high quality print. Administrators and coaches for fall sports should have MVP accounts and know how to upload pictures, cutlines, schedules and rosters. This information was given to schools at our fall regional administrator meetings, and fall rules clinics. If you need help with any of these items, check the MVP Help link on the left side of our main page. Specific help topics may be found there along with a pdf of the regional administrators presentation. 6 October BULLETIN 2010 NDHSAA MVP Information - Printing Program Flyers NDHSAA Website Login Information REMINDER TO SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: New coaches should create MVP accounts and request appropriate roles at your school as your coaching staff changes. If you need a role removed from your school or have any comments, questions or concerns regarding our website, please contact Brenda Schell. Tournament Code of Conduct Purpose: To elevate standards of Good Sportsmanship and to encourage the growth of responsible citizenship among the students, member schools, and their personnel. Fundamentals of Good Sportsmanship 1. Know, appreciate, and understand the rules of the contest. 2. Show respect for the officials. Good sportsmanship implies the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials. 3. Show respect for the opponent at all times. Good Sportsmanship is the Golden Rule in action. 4. Recognize and appreciate the skill of performance regardless of team affiliation. 5. Maintain self control at all times. Good sportsmanship is a responsibility of all who are involved in the game. 6. Show a positive attitude in cheering, refraining from intimidation or negative cheering. Good sportsmanship is cheering your own team on to victory. Acts of Misconduct 1. Throwing of any object onto the playing floor or in the stands. 2. Behavior deemed dangerous or which interferes with the rights of others to watch the game. 3. Possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of chemicals. 4. Use of obscene, profane, or abusive language or gestures, signs, posters, or banners which show disrespect for opponent s team, officials, cheerleaders, band or other performing groups. 5. The use of noisemakers. 6. Entry onto the playing surface at any time.

7 Ten regional qualifiers will participate at the University of North Dakota and ten qualifiers will participate at Grand Forks Empire Theatre on Monday, November 22. The top 4 plays from each preliminary site will advance to the Finals at UND on Tuesday, November 23. Preliminaries on Monday, November 22 Time Empire Theatre UND Burtness Theatre 8:00a Region 1, #2 Region 3, #2 8:45a Region 2, #1 Region 6, #1 9:30a Region 7, #2 Region 4, #2 10:15a Region 8, #1 Region 9, #1 11:00a Region 10, #2 Region 8, #2 11:45a Lunch Lunch 12:30p Region 4, #1 Region 10, #1 1:15p Region 6, #2 Region 5, #2 2:00p Region 3, #1 Region 1, #1 2:45p Region 9, #2 Region 2, #2 3:30p Region 5, #1 Region 7, #1 4:30p Awards Awards State B Play Contest Finals on Tuesday, November 23, UND Burtness Theatre Time Burtness Theatre 8:30a 4th Place from Empire 9:15a 4th Place from Burtness 10:00a 2nd Place from Empire 10:45a 2nd Place from Burtness 11:35a Lunch 12:30p 1st Place from Empire 1:15p 1st Place from Burtness 2:00p 3rd Place from Empire 2:45p 3rd Place from Burtness 3:45p Awards Music/Speech Online Clinic Window For , fine arts rules clinics will be offered online. Online clinic completion is mandatory for head speech coaches, head debate coaches, head vocal, strings, and instrumental music directors (if there is more than 1 position) from each high school music department. Music, Debate, and Speech Clinics Online: Music - Online November 1 - December 1 Debate - Online November 1 - December 1 Speech - Online November 1 - December 1 The NDHSAA office will asses a penalty of $25 for non-attendance/non-completion of a head coach at any mandatory fine arts rules clinic. Music Judge Certification College or high school personnel with a B.S. in Music Education and at least 5 years experience may judge NDHSAA sponsored Music Festivals if they successfully complete the online certification. All judges will need to create/update their MVP login if they wish to be on the certified music judge list. If you have questions regarding music certification, please contact Brian Bubach at Administrators, activities directors and coaches should remind their students of the following 2010/11 dates so that they may avoid conflicts. Please have them contact their school counselor for deadline registration dates and further details. ACT National Test Dates October 23, 2010 December 11, 2010 February 12, 2011 April 9, 2011 June 11, 2011 ACT-SAT National Test Dates SAT National Test Dates November 6, 2010 December 4, 2010 January 22, 2011 March 12, 2011 May 7, 2011 June 4, October BULLETIN 2010

8 District Volleyball Tournaments District 1 October 28, 29, November 1, 2, 2010 Teams Fairmount/C-T Oakes Lidgerwood High School Hankinson Sargent Central Mark Wisnewski, Mgr. Lisbon Wyndmere/Lidgerwood Milnor Chairperson Chris Swenson, Wyndmere North Sargent District 2 Oct 28, 29, Nov 1, 2010 Teams Central Cass Maple Valley Northern Cass Enderlin Northern Cass Jim Sinness, Manager Finley-Sharon/H-P Oak Grove Kindred Richland Chairperson Jeff Larson, Finley-Sharon District 3 October 28, 29, November 1, 2010 Teams Central Valley Hillsboro Northwood High School Dakota Prairie Larimore John Hutchison, Mgr. Griggs County Central May-Port CG Hatton/Northwood Thompson Chairperson Patti Aanenson, Larimore District 4 October 28, 29, November 1, 2010 Teams Cavalier Minto Park River High School Drayton/St. Thomas North Border Donna Galloway, Mgr. Grafton Park River/F-L Midway Valley-Edinburg Chairperson Lee Beattie, North Border District 5 October 28, 29, November 1, 2010 Teams Barnes County North LaMoure LaMoure High School Central Prairie (G-S/Med) Litchville-Marion/Mont Mitch Carlson, Manager Edgeley/Kulm Pingree-Buch/Kensal Ellendale Chairperson Mitch Carlson, LaMoure District 6 October 26, 28, 29, 2010 Teams Kidder County (Steele/Tappen) South Border Ashley High School Linton Strasburg/Zeeland Les Dale, Manager Napoleon Chairperson Daren Kurle, Strasburg District 7 October 28 & 29, November 1, 2010 Teams Carrington Midkota New Rockford High School Harvey New Rockford-Shey Deb Burgad, Manager Lakota Wells County Maddock Chairperson Karla Michaelson, Carrington District 8 October 29, November 1, 2, 2010 Teams Adams-Edmore Rolette/Wolford Rolla High School Langdon Rolla/Rock Lake Randy Loing, Mgr. Leeds St. John North Star/Munich/ Starkweather Chairperson Randy Loing, Rolla District 9 November 1, 2, 4, 2010 Teams Center-Stanton Shiloh Christian Shiloh Christian School Grant County Solen-Cannonball Brian Marcus, Mgr. Flasher Standing Rock New Salem Almont Chairperson Juno Pintar, Standing Rock District 10 November 1, 2, 3, 2010 Teams Garrison/Max Washburn Wilton High School Turtle Lake-Mercer/ McClusky Wilton/Wing Vicky Bender, Mgr. Underwood Chairperson Gaillord Peltier, Turtle Lake District 11 October 28, 29, November 1, 2010 Teams Bottineau TGU (Towner-Granv) Rugby High School Dunseith Tri-County Scott Grochow, Mgr. Rugby Velva Sawyer Westhope/Newburg Chairperson Luke Schaefer, Sawyer 8 October BULLETIN 2010

9 District Volleyball Tournaments (Continued) District 12 October 29, November 1, 2, 2010 Teams Bishop Ryan Lewis & Clark (Berthold/NorthShore Glenburn High School Des Lacs-Burlington MLS-Mohall Larry Derr, Mgr. Glenburn Our Redeemer s Kenmare Surrey Chairperson Larry Derr, Glenburn District 13 Oct 29, November1 & 2, 2010 Teams Beach Mott-Regent South Heart Public School Bowman County New England Guy Fridley, Manager Heart River Scranton Hettinger Chairperson Tyler Senn, Bowman County District 14 November 1 & 2, 2010 Teams Beulah Hazen Killdeer High School Dickinson Trinity Killdeer/Halliday Lou Dobitz, Manager Glen Ullin/Hebron Richardton-Taylor Chairperson Mitch Lunde, Beulah District 15 November 1, 2, 4, 2010 Teams New Town Trenton New Town-Northern Lights Parshall Trinity Christian Mike Pusc, Manager Stanley Watford City/Alex. Chairperson Mike Pusc, New Town District 16 November 1, 2, 4, 2010 Teams Bowbells/Burke Cent. Ray Tioga High School Divide County Tioga Brodie Odegaard, Manager Powers Lake Chairperson Celeste Thingvold, Bowbells NFHS Coach Education Editor s Note: This article is taken from the September edition of the NFHS Executive Director s Update: Concussion in Sports What You Need to Know has been delivered to more than 53,000 coaches, officials, parents and students since it was launched in May of this year. More than 40,000 courses were ordered in August alone. Sixteen states have delivered more than 1,000 courses apiece with Alabama delivering 8,484. Don t forget that the user has access to the course and more importantly its resources for one year. The Fundamentals of Coaching Basketball course is now available. We currently have eight sport-specific courses available to train new and experienced coaches in the proper principles of teaching the skills and tactics of their sport. In development is Fundamentals of Coaching Track and Field, Middle School Issues and the Role of the Parent a course designed for parents of students who participate in athletics. Look for these courses at Street Address: 350 2nd Street Northwest Valley City, North Dakota Mailing Address PO Box 817 Valley City, North Dakota Website: Phone: (701) Fax: (701) Staff Sherm Sylling: Sheryl Solberg: Brian Bubach: Brenda Schell: Matt Fetsch: 9 October BULLETIN 2010 NDHSAA Contact Information

10 Team Scholars: A Boys Golf (09-10) Minot-3.39 Boys Track (09-10) Minot-3.2 Girls Track (09-10) Minot-3.60 Team Scholar Recipients Principals and coaches are reminded that Team Scholar Award applications may be submitted as soon as your school has reached the first grading period. It is requested the school principal identify all fall teams that have met the cumulative 3.20 Grade Point Average and submit those all at one time. Activities eligible this fall are Student Congress, Class B One-Act Plays, A Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Cross-Country, Volleyball, Football, Boys Tennis, Boys Soccer, and Girls Swimming & Diving. Applications are accepted electronically through MVP. If you have questions, please contact Brian Bubach at nodak.edu or (701) Softball (09-10) Minot-3.47 Girls Tennis (09-10) Minot 3.70, Dickinson State Student Congress The 2010 State Student Congress will be held at the State Capitol in Bismarck on Thursday and Friday, November 4 and 5. Sue Anderson, Richardton-Taylor, and Anessa Pfeifer-Johnson, Mandan, will serve as managers. Registrations must be filed on the NDHSAA website at and be completed through MVP. All registrations must be complete in MVP on or before October 21st. A $30 fee (per school) payable to NDHSAA must be received at State Congress or prior through mailing. Late registrations will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. CDT October 26th for $250. Contact NDHSAA via phone immediately if this applies to your school. The State Congress schedule will be posted on our website and sent to school coaches following West Student Congress October State Student Congress Housing Information To ensure getting these rates please ask participants to tell the reservations people that you are with the State Student Congress. Book your rooms early! HOTEL/MOTEL TELEPHONE LOCATION RATE Candlewood Suites Skyline Crossings $84.99 (2 Queens) Comfort Inn East Interstate Avenue $58 (Students) $72 (Fans & Parents) Comfort Suites Gateway Avenue $63 (Students) $87 (Fans & Parents) Doublewood Inn E. Interchange Ave. $69.00 Expressway Inn Bismarck Expressway $74.95 (1-4 People) Expressway Suites E. Bismarck Expressway $82.95 (1-4 People) Kelly Inn N. 12th Street $74.99 Single $79.99 Double Radisson Hotel E. Broadway Avenue $91.00 Seven Seas Hotel & Waterpark Old Red Trail Mandan $63.00 National Anthem Flag Decorum The following announcement should be read before the playing/singing of the national anthem at various events: Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to salute the flag of our nation. Please rise, remove your cap or hat, place your right hand over your heart, and stand at attention while the national anthem is being performed. 10 October BULLETIN 2010

11 NDHSAA Concussion Management Procedure North Dakota High School Activities Association Concussion Management Procedure Due to the increased focus on minimizing the risk for athletes exhibiting signs, symptoms and behaviors of a concussion, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has placed the following language in all sports rule books beginning in : An athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play [that day] until cleared by an appropriate health- care professional. It is highly recommended that every coach, official, student- athlete and parent should successfully complete the 20 minute NFHS online course Concussion in Sports What You Need to Know. The course can be accessed at: To implement this rule change, the NDHSAA Medical Advisory Committee has recommended the following procedures, which have been approved by the NDHSAA Board of Directors: Role of contest officials in administering the new rule change Officials are encouraged to review and know the signs and symptoms of a concussion and immediately remove any athlete who displays the following signs or symptoms from the contest. Headache Fogginess Difficulty concentrating Easily confused Slowed thought process Difficulty with memory Nausea Lack of energy, tiredness Dizziness, poor balance Blurred vision Sensitivity to light and sounds Mood changes irritable, anxious or tearful Only an Appropriate Health Care Professional (AHCP) can determine if an athlete has had a concussion. An Appropriate Health Care Professional is empowered to determine whether an athlete has received a concussion. o Member schools shall determine their AHCP. AHCP is defined as a medical professional functioning within the levels of their medical education, medical training, and medical licensure. If it is determined that an athlete has a concussion, that decision is final and the athlete must be removed from all competition for the remainder of that day. If the event continues over multiple days, the designated event AHCP has ultimate authority regarding any return to play decision during the event. Procedure to follow if an official removes an athlete and the AHCP has determined the athlete does not have a concussion If it is confirmed by the school s designated AHCP that the athlete was removed from competition but did not sustain a concussion, the head coach may so advise the officials during an appropriate stoppage of play, and the athlete may reenter competition pursuant to the contest rules. Procedure regarding an authorization to return to practice/competition in the sport: Once a concussion has been diagnosed by an AHCP, only an AHCP can authorize a subsequent return to play. o The clearance must be in writing; o The clearance may not be on the same date on which the athlete was removed from play. It is recommended that school administration notify the coach when an athlete has permission to return to play. In the event a Transfer of Care form has not been previously filed with event management, school /NDHSAA designated AHCP medical providers shall not have their decision regarding an athlete s ability to return to competition overruled by any other AHCP. NFHS suggested Concussion Management Guidelines for Health Care Professionals if the athlete has received a concussion of the day of competition. No athlete should Return to Play (RTP) or practice on the same day of a concussion. Any athlete suspected of having a concussion should be evaluated by an AHCP that day. Any athlete with a concussion should be medically cleared by an AHCP prior to resuming participation in practice or competition. After medical clearance, RTP should follow a step- wise protocol with provisions for delayed RTP based upon the return of any signs or symptoms. WHEN IN DOUBT SIT THEM OUT Board approved: Sept October BULLETIN 2010

12 NDOA Board Meeting Valley City September 12, 2010 NDOA Minutes President Reep called the meeting to order at 12:03 pm with Troy Huber, Mike Anderson, Don Martindale, and Larry Grondahl attending. Martindale moved to approve minutes of the February meeting. Second by Huber and motion carried. A discussion concerning the upcoming board vacancies and representation was held. One board position is to be filled from the SW as Dennis Reep will have completed two terms. Anderson moved to have Reep and Martindale serve as NDOA nominating representatives. Second by Huber and motion carried. Next year s portfolios are assigned as follows: Mike Anderson Boys Basketball Brad Nold Hockey & Baseball Don Martindale Swimming & Gymnastics Richard Peterson Girls Basketball Troy Huber Volleyball & Softball Dennis Reep Football & Soccer Larry Grondahl Wrestling Martindale moved to approve portfolio assignments. Second by Huber and motion carried. Active Officials Awards Baseball, Darin Perius, Fargo; Boys Basketball, Jeff Risk, Minot; Girls Basketball, Brad Westphal, Williston; Football, Kevin Harmon, Minot; Gymnastics, Mary Meyer, Bismarck; Hockey, Travis Kurtz, Fargo; Soccer, Zijad Repak, West Fargo; Swimming, Scott Swanholm, Fargo; Volleyball, Bill Galloway, Park River; Wrestling, Rick Ripplinger, Bismarck; Softball, Naomi Erdahl, Bismarck. Anderson moved to accept the Active Officials Awards. Second by Huber and motion carried. A discussion was held regarding the officials fee schedule. Anderson moved the officials fee be increased 2.5%. Second by Grondahl and motion carried. Discussion was held regarding online rules clinics. It was suggested that office staff meet with workshop supervisors once per year. No action was taken. The board supported the draft of the concussion policy that was going to be presented to the NDHSAA Board of Directors at their upcoming meeting. The next board meeting will be held on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at noon via teleconference. Board meetings are open and people are welcome. Please contact a board member or Matt Fetsch in advance to be on the agenda. President Reep declared meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Matt Fetsch Rolla and St. John High Schools Go Pink In recognition of October as Go Pink month, Rolla and St. John High School volleyball teams are having a pink ribbon sales contest. On October 7, St. John will travel to Rolla for their season volleyball match-up where the ribbons will be hung on the gym walls and winning team announced. Additionally, Rolla will hold a cakewalk, sell trinkets, and have a free will donation set up with all proceeds going to the Go Pink initiative. Public Health has contacted Rolla High School and will be hosting a Pink Glove Dance as well. Congratulations to St. John and Rolla High Schools! 12 October BULLETIN 2010

13 2010/11 NDHSAA Rules Clinic Dates and Locations Official s renewal are due by July 1 without penalty. Renewals after July 1 will be accepted until the date of the last clinic in each sport, however a penalty will apply. New officials registrations are due the date of the last clinic for each sport. On-site meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. local time unless otherwise noted. Online exams must be taken each year by every football, volleyball, soccer, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling, softball, and baseball official and head coach. Testing windows for each sport along with the schedule for football, basketball, volleyball and softball officials workshops are listed elsewhere in this BULLETIN. For organizational purposes a rules clinic schedule of all NDHSAA sponsored sports appears below. Please note that some rules clinics are online with others being on-site. Online rules clinic information will be provided at Regional Administrative meetings in the fall and at the State Coaches Convention so that attendees can see firsthand how to log in and complete their online clinics. Rules clinics attendance/completion is mandatory each year for all football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, cross country, softball, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling, baseball, track & field officials and head coaches. Officials and coaches may also fulfill attendance requirements by attending any official rules clinic conducted by any of the state associations and having their attendance card sent to the NDHSAA office for credit. There are no make-up rules clinics. A coach/official must attend/complete one of the clinics or camps/workshops per sport listed in this schedule. A school must pay $50 for non-attendance or non-completion for a coach at one of these clinics. Each subsequent nonattendance/completion violation by a school in one year would result in a $100 fee for each subsequent offense. Tentative NDHSAA Rules Clinics Dates and Sites are as follows: (check NDHSAA website for confirmation) GYMNASTICS (10:00 AM) October 30 - Bismarck Clinic/Workshop BASEBALL - ONLINE March 1 - April 1 HOCKEY (7:00 PM) October 19 - West Fargo 26 - Minot 27 - Bismarck November 6 - Grand Forks (9:00 AM) BASKETBALL & WRESTLING - ONLINE November 1 - December 1 TRACK - ONLINE February 15 - March 15 NOTE: LOCAL registration available in football, volleyball and basketball. Contact your local Athletic Director for information concerning LOCAL officials. 13 October BULLETIN 2010 SOFTBALL, GOLF (7:00 PM) February 28 - Grand Forks (South Middle School) March 2 - Minot High School (MCC) 14 - West Fargo High School 16 - Bismarck (Horizon Middle School) 21 - Devils Lake High School 22 - Williston High School 23 - Dickinson High School 24 - Jamestown High School 29 - Wahpeton High School State Boys Soccer Tournament The 17th Annual NDHSAA Boys State Soccer Tournament will be played October at Grand Fork s South Middle School Soccer Bowl. Todd Olson, Athletic Administrator for Grand Forks Public Schools, will serve as tournament manager. The tournament is an 8-team single elimination tournament with a consolation round playing to 5th place. The bracket and games Thursday are: E-1 vs. 1:00 pm East Field W-2 vs. 1:00 pm West Field W-1 vs. 3:00 pm East Field E-2 vs. 3:00 pm West Field Admission: Tourney Daily Adult $20.00 $8.00 Student $10.00 $4.00 Friday Games: Consolation Game #5 1:00 East Field Consolation Game #6 1:00 West Field Semifinal Game #7 3:00 East Field Semifinal Game #8 3:00 West Field For other soccer information see: Saturday Games: 5th 11:00 East Field 3rd 1:00 West Field 3:00 East Field

14 2010 Regional/State Volleyball Information Regional Tournaments will be held at the following sites: East Region Grand Forks Red River, November 11, 12, 13, Todd Olson, Mgr. West Region Bismarck, November 11, 12, 13, Jim Haussler, Mgr. First, second, third and fourth place winners advance to the state tournament. Third and fourth places will be determined using a crossbracketing of semi-final losers to the consolation bracket s semi-final round. The entire tournament bracketing will be as previously set. All regional matches are to be played to conclusion. Failure to complete a match will cause a team to be ineligible for further competition. The WDA and EDC regions will set their own time and format for their regional tournaments. A REGIONAL PAIRINGS Pairings for each region will be set up according to season records using the formula adopted by each region. Regional first-round matches to reduce the region to 8 teams shall be played no later than Monday prior to regionals. B REGIONAL PAIRINGS November 8, 9, 11, 2010 First round matches on November 8 will be in one session beginning at 3:00 p.m. Each subsequent match will begin 25 minutes after completion of the previous match. Pairings are: Region 1 Lidgerwood, Mark Wisnewski, Manager District 2 - Team 1 vs. District 1 - Team 4 District 1 - Team 2 vs. District 2 - Team 3 District 1 - Team 1 vs. District 2 - Team 4 District 2 Team 2 vs. District 1 - Team 3 Region 2 Hillsboro, Terry Baesler, Manager District 4 - Team 1 vs. District 3 - Team 4 District 3 - Team 2 vs. District 4 - Team 3 District 3 - Team 1 vs. District 4 - Team 4 District 4 - Team 2 vs. District 3 - Team 3 Region 3 Ellendale, Matt Herman, Manager District 6 - Team 1 vs. District 5 - Team 4 District 5 - Team 2 vs. District 6 - Team 3 District 5 - Team 1 vs. District 6 - Team 4 District 6 - Team 2 vs. District 5 - Team 3 Region 4 - Devils Lake, Jason Wiberg, Manager District 8 - Team 1 vs. District 7 - Team 4 District 7 - Team 2 vs. District 8 - Team 3 District 7 - Team 1 vs. District 8 - Team 4 District 8 - Team 2 vs. District 7 - Team 3 Region 5 Washburn, Pete Moe, Manager District 10 - Team 1 vs. District 9 - Team 4 District 9 - Team 2 vs. District 10 -Team 3 District 9 - Team 1 vs. District 10 - Team 4 District 10 - Team 2 vs. District 9 - Team 3 Region 6 - Minot Auditorium, Alton Nygaard, Manager District 12 - Team 1 vs. District 11 - Team 4 District 11 - Team 2 vs. District 12 - Team 3 District 11 - Team 1 vs. District 12 - Team 4 District 12- Team 2 vs. District 11 - Team 3 Region 7 Beulah, Mitch Lunde, Manager District 14 - Team 1 vs. District 13 - Team 4 District 13 - Team 2 vs. District 14 - Team 3 District 13 - Team 1 vs. District 14 - Team 4 District 14 - Team 2 vs. District 13 - Team 3 Region 8 New Town, Chuck Hunter, Manager District 16 - Team 1 vs. District 15 - Team 4 District 15 - Team 2 vs. District 16 - Team 3 District 15 - Team 1 vs. District 16 - Team 4 District 16 - Team 2 vs. District 15 - Team 3 First place from each region shall advance to the State Tournament. STATE TOURNAMENT The State Volleyball Tournament will be held on November 18, 19, 20, 2010 in Minot, Pat McNally, athletic administrator of the Minot Public Schools, Mgr. STATE TOURNAMENT PAIRINGS State A Team 1 East vs. Team 4 West Team 2 West vs. Team 3 East Team 1 West vs. Team 4 East Team 2 East vs. Team 3 West State B Region 6 vs. Region 7 Region 4 vs. Region 5 Region 2 vs. Region 3 Region 1 vs. Region STATE VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE - NOTE, MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY DOME ALLOWS FOR DOUBLE COURT FOR ALL BUT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES. After first match of a session, the next match will begin 25 minutes after the completion of matches but not earlier than the scheduled time. SESSION 1 Thursday, November 18 (Double Court): Time M# A-Court / B-Court 12:00 #1 #1 East vs #4 West / Region 6 vs. Region 7 2:00 P.M. #2 #2 West vs #3 East / Region 4 vs. Region 5 SESSION 2 Thursday, November 18 (Double Court) 6:00 P.M. #3 #1 West vs #4 East / Region 2 vs. Region 3 8:00 P.M. #4 #2 East VS #3 West / Region 1 vs. Region 8 14 October BULLETIN 2010 Volleyball Region/State Information Continued on Page 15

15 15 October BULLETIN Regional/State Volleyball Information (Continued) SESSION 3 Friday, November 19 (Double Court): CONSOLATION PLAY 12:00 P.M. #5 Consolation Semi-Final (Upper Bracket) 2:00 P.M. #6 Consolation Semi-Final (Lower Bracket) SESSION 4 Friday, November 19 (Double Court): CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI-FINALS 6:00 P.M. #8A Championship Semi-Final Matches (Upper Bracket) 8:00 P.M. #8B Championship Semi-Final Matches (Lower Bracket) SESSION 5 Saturday, November 20 (Double Court): 10:00 A.M. #9 7th Place Matches 12:00 P.M. #10 Consolation Championships 2:00 P.M. #11 Third Place Matches SESSION 6 Saturday, November 20 (Single Court): 6:00 P.M. #12 A Championship 8:00 P.M. #12 B Championship All State Tournament matches must be played to conclusion. Matches will be played on double court or main court as indicated in the schedule. Only the championship matches will go on main court. MATCHES - All Regional and State play will be best-of-five-set matches with rally scoring. COACHES - Coaches with teams entered in the State Tournament will meet with the tournament manager and the attending NDHSAA official on Thursday prior to their scheduled pre-match to go over any questions they might have and for a briefing on the operation of the tournament. OFFICIALS - Officials will be contracted by the NDHSAA. Assignment of officials for regional matches may be made by the NDHSAA or the tournament manager. - Officials working the State A Tournament will be the top three selections from each region. Officials working the State B Tournament will be the top selection state-wide from Regions 2, 4, 6, and 8 plus two at-large officials. The sit-out rule is in effect. - Assignments of these officials for State Tournament matches are made by the NDHSAA office one week prior to the tournament and officials will then be notified of their specific assignments. Only NDOA and reciprocity officials are eligible to work regional tournaments and only NDOA officials are eligible to work the state tournament. - A floor captain, statisticians, desk officials, ball return workers, ticket takers and sellers, ushers, etc., are to be obtained by the tournament manager. Desk officials are required to wear distinguishing uniforms so they can be readily identified. - It is recommended registered officials be used as line judges. The NDHSAA will attempt to contract local officials as no mileage or per diem may be paid. These officials will receive two tournament passes plus a per-match fee. PRACTICE SESSIONS - Regional and State Tournament - No practice will be allowed at the Regional Tournament site on the day prior to the start of the tournament or any time once the tournament has begun. WARM-UP - The scheduled 20-minute warm-up period on the playing court will be provided prior to each Regional and State match. While using double court, warm-up on court may begin immediately following the previous match. Warm-up shall consist of 4 minutes teams share the court, no balls hit over the net. The remainder of the warm-up time will be: 4 minutes full court for the visitor team, 4 minutes full court for the home team, 4 minutes full court for the visitor team, and 4 minutes full court for the home team. During a team s time on the court, they may choose the option of serving practice. BALLS - Practice Balls - Each participating team will furnish its own practice balls at regional sites. Practice balls will be furnished by the management at the state tournament site. Game Balls - Game balls are furnished through the NDHSAA office and sent to all A and B regional and state tournament managers: upon completion of the tournament, balls may be awarded to the schools at no cost (one per school) with first chance going to the first place team, second to the second place team, etc. PLAYERS IN UNIFORM - In Regional and State Tournaments, schools may have a 15 player roster and the maximum number of players dressed for a match is also If disciplinary action of a player is taken by a coach removing a player because of violation of any Association rules, a player may be replaced by someone else for the tournament. If disciplinary action is taken by the coach for reasons other than NDHSAA rules and regulations, a player may not be replaced. Any changes in the roster must be cleared with the tournament manager beforehand. It is not necessary to use the same players in Regional and State Tournaments. PASSES - A maximum of twenty-eight passes shall be given to competing schools in regional and state tournaments, plus cheerleader passes (maximum of 8 which includes the mascot). Schools are to notify the tournament manager as to the number of passes needed. Each Volleyball Region/State Information Continued on Page 16