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1 Report to the Board TO: PRESENTED BY: BOARD AGENDA ITEM: Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom McCoy, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services CAPE Charter School Annual Report BOARD MEETING DATE: March 15, 2017 BACKGROUND Charter Schools authorized by the Board present an annual report to the Board detailing progress on items agreed upon and detailed in a memorandum of understanding. ADMINISTRATIVE DISCUSSION CAPE Charter School Directors Doreen Learned and Mary Ellen Lang will present on the topics listed in the back up document attached. Some of the topics will be combined for the purposes of the presentation. FISCAL IMPACT No fiscal impact; Charter Schools authorized by the District pay the District an oversight fee. RECOMMENDATION Information and Discussion only. 1 of 28

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3 Over 40 years ago was Bedford Open School (housed on PVSEA) Bedford Open School joined Los Nogalas to form Los Senderos PVSD choose to close Los Senderos in the spring of 2007 Many teachers, administration, parents and students wanted to keep the philosophy and unique program CAPE approached OUHSD to authorize the charter and separate from PVSD CAPE Charter was approved in June of 2007 and opened its doors in Aug 2007 Started with 320 students and has since grown to of 28

4 CAPE and OUHSD have a beautiful partnership that has been extremely successful for the past 10 years. CAPE strives for a smooth transition from K-8 to OUHSD CAPE surveys and questions promoted students on ways to improve and how they have adjusted to the high school. CAPE participates in articulation meetings with OUHSD teachers regarding curriculum and skills that OUHSD teachers need incoming 9 th graders to have CAPE uses the same student information system (Synergy) meaning the students are already in the OUHSD system before entering 9 th grade. Over the past 10 years many of CAPE s promoted students have gone on to OUHSD to become your valedictorians, salutatorians, ASB presidents, captains or your sports teams and even a student rep on your OUHSD board. CCSA has commented that the relationship between CAPE and OUHSD is a model practice. CAPE has given OUHSD $390,000 over the past ten years in over sight fees 4 of 28

5 We are a Public School and receive our funding directly from the state All teachers are CA credentialed Student to Teacher Ratio K-2 20:1 3 22: : :1 Awards Received: California Distinguished School (2012) BBB School of Excellence (2013) WASC Accredited for Six Years (2014) Ranked 7th in the top 10 Charter Schools of California by a USC Study (2013) California Gold Ribbon School (2016) 5 of 28

6 # Teachers # of Students Board Approved # Ratio K : : : : : : : : :1 18 # in Lottery Pool 6 of 28

7 CAPE Black or African American 1.1 American Indian or Alaska Native 0.2 Asian 7.9 Filipino 2.3 Hispanic or Latino 16.9 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islan der 0.2 White 62.4 Two or More Races 9.1 Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 6.2 English Learners 1.9 Students with Disabilities 9.5 Foster Youth 0 CAPE Black or African American American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Filipino Hispanic or Latino Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander White Two or More Races Socioeconomically Disadvantaged English Learners Students with Disabilities Foster Youth 7 of 28

8 CAPE Santa Rosa Los Primeros Rancho Campana Black or African American American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Filipino Hispanic or Latino Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander White Two or More Races Socioeconomically Disadvantaged English Learners Students with Disabilities Foster Youth of 28

9 CAPE Santa Rosa Los Primeros Rancho Campana 9 of 28

10 The mission of Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education Charter School is to foster global, independent, creative thinkers who feel confident in themselves, are willing to take risks, and work cooperatively. Together teacher, students, and parents create and sustain an environment in accordance with a progressive educational philosophy, that sparks imagination, ignites a love for learning, and encourages each individual to be and do the best that he/she can; enabling pupils to become self-motivated, competent, and life-long learners, equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century. 10 of 28

11 The formation of our school vision was an exciting and powerful process: a dream of parents, teachers and students. This dedicated group sought an education for all children that would be student-centered, meaningful and connected to the real world. Each student, teacher, and parent was empowered to assume personal responsibility for learning and for supporting the learning community. CAPE supports a comprehensive instructional plan by providing safe, nurturing and intellectually engaging surroundings, where students are inspired to intrinsically value learning as they achieve social and academic success. Teachers create a classroom environment which challenges and supports students learning. Teachers at CAPE implement a standards-based curriculum while promoting diversity, creativity, cooperation and individual learning styles. Parents and teachers work as partners to guide and encourage students to become positive, responsible, contributing citizens who value themselves and others in their choices as they strive to become life-long learners. 11 of 28

12 1. Every student will achieve academic success 2. Every student will be conscience and an effective communicator 3. Every student will positively contribute to CAPE and beyond 12 of 28

13 1. We take pride in everything we do: our work, our appearance, our school, and our community. 2. We are honest, kind and find ways to resolve problems peacefully. 3. We think before we act and speak. 4. We come to school on time, prepared, and ready to participate in our learning with a positive attitude. 5. We try our hardest and never give up. 6. We believe in and support each other. 7. We respect the rights, property, opinions and diversity within our CAPE community. 13 of 28

14 CAPE regards parents as supportive partners in the educational process. Our climate and culture is that of a caring family, where working together, we are more than the sum of our individual parts. The charter recommends a volunteer commitment of a minimum of 40 hours over the school year. Parents work with staff and students as classroom aides, small group instructors, tutors, speakers, and in materials preparation. Volunteers also participate in fund-raising and everyone is a members of the PTSO 14 of 28

15 ZooPhonics (K-2) Handwriting without Tears (K-3) Keyboarding without Tears (1-5) Piloting Readers and Nat. Geo Lang Arts (K-5) Everyday Math (K-5) Scott Foresman Social Studies (K-8) Delta Foss Hands on Science (K-8) Wordly Wise Vocabulary (1-5) Words Their Way Spelling (1-5) Big Ideas Math(6-8) Holt Science (6-8) Collections 2016 LA (6-8) 15 of 28

16 Storyline Project Based Learning Junior Great Books Fun raisers Everyday Math Mini Courses Field Trips Big/Little Buddies Artist and Composer of the Month PE, Sports, Music, Band, Spanish, Strings, Musical Theatre 16 of 28

17 CAO/Super Quiz Speech Tournament Medieval Times Camarillo Library Field Trip 8 th grade Washington DC trip (5 days) 6 th grade Catalina Science trip (3 days) Camarillo Ranch House Knott s Berry Farm Physics Day Pi Night/Family Science Night Career Day Many Museums in the area 17 of 28

18 K-5 have daily recess (2 or 3xs per day) and receive PE instruction from their regular classroom teacher in addition: SPARKS PE Teacher: K-3: 30 minutes per week 4-5: 50 minutes per week Middle School PE 6-8: PE Teachers: 50 minutes every day SPORTS (6-8) Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Flag Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Track and Field, Boys Volleyball, and Co-Ed Soccer (4-5) Track and Field, Intramural Flag Football, Intramural Basketball 18 of 28

19 K-3: Weekly Vocal Music K-8 Composer of the Month Studies 2-3: Start to use percussion in music 4 th grade Build a Band 5: 5 th grade Band 6-8: Middle School Band 6-8: Musical Appreciation Elective Guitars in the Classroom 2-4 Musical Orchestra Program Afterschool beginning and advanced guitars (grades 5-8) Afterschool Percussion (grades 5-8) Musical Theatre Program (grades 4-8) 19 of 28

20 CAPE Charter School Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education Finance Lisa Boulos Assistant Vice President, ExED 20 of 28

21 CAPE FINANCIAL HISTORY & PROJECTIONS Annual Enrollment & ADA Revenue,Expenses & Net Assets Annual Audits 21 of 28 21

22 Enrollment and ADA ( ) 22 of 28 22

23 Revenue, Expenses & Net Assets ( ) 23 of 28 23

24 Historical Annual Audits ( ) 24 of 28 24

25 Stakeholder Involvement Family Input via surveys PTSO meetings (every month) Chatter Time (every month) Board Meetings (every month) Teacher Input via survey, goal setting and crew and staff meetings Student Input via survey and meetings CAPE works closely with Lisa Brown from VCOE to review our LCAP. The LCAP is shared with all stakeholders and approved by CAPE s Board. Copies are given to OUHSD, VCOE and CDE). 25 of 28

26 LCAP Goals* Goal 1: Students will discover the joy of learning and retain what they have learned through hands-on learning, resulting in students being self-motivated and engaged in their own education. Goal 2: Through collaboration across the grades, we seek to provide a wellrounded education that includes not only academic content, but also education in the arts, music, physical fitness and other areas, while tailoring instruction to the individual backgrounds, abilities and interests of all children, including low achievers, high achievers and English language learners. Goal 3: To prepare students to be competitive in high school and beyond, CAPE will meet state standards, and students will be well-versed in technology. Goal 4: Facilities will be physically safe, students will feel emotionally safe, and all stakeholders will collaborate as partners in the students' education. * CAPE s Full LCAP is available on both CAPE s and OUHSD s Website 26 of 28

27 Expansion into grades 9-12 for the school year Partnership with Pearson Connexus to offer A-G approved courses virtually to CAPE students with AP and honors courses provided Hiring of a coordinator/counselor that will work closely with students in grades 9-12 in both academic and career readiness The extended grades are intended to expand on the already successful K-8 CAPE experience with a continuation of small community, project based, cooperation instead of competition and intrinsic motivation. The extension will start with a maximum of 10 students with priority given first to existing CAPE students, then siblings of existing students and finally an open lottery for any spots remaining. 27 of 28

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