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1 H I G H L A N D E R S SOMERVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Facilities Guide Superintendent of Schools- Ms. Mary Skipper Headmaster Mr. Sebastian Lagambina Associate Headmaster Mr. Leo Desimone Director of Athletics - Ms. Nicole Viele Assistant Director of Athletics Mr. Dan Curran

2 Photo placeholder From the Athletic Director Welcome to Highlander Country, On behalf of and the City of Somerville I welcome you to our great City. When visiting the playing arenas of, there are some guidelines that you should know to make your visit more accommodating. We also ask that our spectators, parents, students and community members alike abide by our Spectator Code of Honor. Integration of athletics, academics and accomplishment provide each of our institutions and its athletic participants a rewarding experience. The League expects the values of good sportsmanship on the part of studentathletes, coaches, administrators, spectators or any individuals associated with a member institution. Enclosed you will find directions to our facilities as well as some general guidelines to follow. If for any reason there is an issue with your teams, staff or fans on Somerville grounds we ask that you immediately report your issue to the contest management crew. Yours in sport, Nicole E. Viele 2

3 Staff Directory Nicole Viele -Director of Athletics Dan Curran Assistant Athletic Director Cheryl Young -Administrative Assistant Michelle Kelly -Athletic Trainer Steve Walker -Girls Volleyball Coach Marco Osoy -Girls Soccer Coach George Scarpelli -Boys Soccer Coach Makonnen Fenton Head Football Coach Brian Kennedy B/G Cross Country Coach Jay Hart-Co-ed Golf Coach Paul O Halloran Girls Basketball Coach Mark Antonelli -Boys Basketball Coach Kevin Wilson Boys Hockey Coach Katelyn Greene -Girls Hockey Coach *Cooperative program with CRLS yearly wavier needed Antoinette Toussaint Girls Indoor/Outdoor Track 3

4 Staff Directory Rich Cheney -Co-ed Swim Coach Dave Dickerson Boys Indoor/Outdoor Track Tim Dunphy- Baseball Coach Tim Hawkins Softball Coach Mark Kirwan -Girls Tennis Coach Mike Morgan- Boys Tennis Coach Steve Walker- Boys Volleyball Coach Katherine Faigen Crew Coach Stuart Whitney Crew Coach Lorin Desrochers Head Cheerleading Coach Carlos Contreras Boys Ultimate Coach Beth O Connor Girls Ultimate Coach Makonnen Fenton- Weight Lifting 4

5 Facilities Guide Supervision All coaches should be supervising their players in the locker rooms at all times. Student-athletes will not be allowed in locker rooms unsupervised. Your student-athletes should make every effort to leave valuables at home or in their own school locker. is not responsible for stolen or lost items, we will make the best effort in keeping facilities locked during competitions. In case of an inclement weather emergency student-athletes and coaches should seek cover safely in the locker rooms, the athletic training room, concession stand (host athletes only) and bathrooms if necessary. If buses are on the premises; participants can load their buses as well. Safety and Consideration We ask that spectators and fans avoid loitering around the concourse or free standing areas and remain in the stands at the stadiums and fields. Spectators should also sit in assigned designated areas. At Dilboy Stadium, only athletes are allowed to be on the track and the field. We request that the athletes use the designated stair areas to enter and exit the track and field areas. Admission There will be an admissions fee to most varsity competitions. Regular season games admissions fees are $5/adult and $3/seniors and students Restrooms The home and guest locker rooms are for the athletes only. There are more restroom facilities under the stands at Dilboy Stadium and at our indoor facilities. Some outdoor facilities have limited restroom access. Concession There will be a concession stand near the finish line. Food, snacks and drinks will be available for your convenience. Please support the Programs. 5

6 Facilities Guide Bench Beverage Guidelines Somerville administrators, coaches and sports medicine personnel routinely advise student-athletes about the health risk of stimulant/supplement fortified sports drinks and strongly discourage their consumption at any time. Notably numerous sports drinks new to the market not only combine various forms of stimulants but also contain ingredients listed on the NCAA banned substance list due primarily to their inherent health risk rather than any potential performance enhancement. All beverages containing stimulants increase risk of dehydration and may be contraindicated for individuals with asthma and/or taking any medications. In accordance with banned substance policies as well as our athletic department commitment to fostering the health and welfare of our student-athletes, we have agreed to limit beverage consumption during competitive events and practices to water and/or Gatorade/PowerAde only, except where another beverage is medically necessary (Please note, WATER ONLY is allowed at DILBOY STADIUM). Furthermore, no cans or glass containers are to be allowed in the bench/locker room/participation areas throughout competition. This guideline will be monitored and enforced by all coaches on staff. Nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated and may contain substances banned by the NCAA. Your coaches handbook and student-athlete handbook contain a list of all NCAA banned drugs. For questions regarding nutritional supplements, please visit the: National Center for Drug Free Sport Resource Exchange Center (REC) Web site Smoking In accordance with State Law and the MIAA Chemical Health Policy, there is to be no smoking in or around our playing arenas. Fans wishing to smoke may be not be able to re-enter some facilities due to our safety guidelines. 6

7 Facilities Guide Athletic Training Full training services provided at the High School. Limited services at all other playing areans. will have a certified athletic trainer available for most home competitions. If there are special services that your student-athlete(s) need prior to a competition, opposing school athletic trainers should make every effort to contact the host athletic trainer and a letter should be sent with the student-athlete from the opposing athletic trainer with an explanation of services. It is the responsibility of the opponent to bring water and cups for athletic events, unless arrangements have been made with the host athletic trainer prior to the event. Fragrance Free Please note that we have a staff members and student athletes with a severe allergy to scents and request that coaches, athletes and fans refrain from wearing scented lotions, perfume, axe body spray etc... Reporting of Problems At every home varsity competition, will have a Supervisor and/ or the Athletic Director on duty to troubleshoot any problems. Any problems should be reported to the Supervisor immediately. 7

8 Playing Facilities Directions Playing Arenas/Directions/ParkingFacilityAddress Sport(s) Parking Field House 81 Highland Ave F/JV/V Volleyball Limited F/JV/V Basketball JV/V Indoor Track Cheerleading Conway Ice Rink 550 Somerville Ave JV/V Ice Hockey Limited Conway Park 550 Somerville Ave JV/V Soccer Limited Football Practice Dilboy Stadium 300 Alewife Brook Parkway F/JV/V Football F/JV/V Soccer Outdoor Track Cheerleading Yes Dilboy Aux Field 300 Alewife Brook Parkway Yes F/JV/V Soccer Practice F/JV Soccer Games JV Baseball Trum Field 560 Broadway V Baseball Street V Softball Lincoln Park at Argenziano 290 Washington Street JV Softball Street Foss Park Broadway Practice Field JV Baseball Limited Bay Boathouse 32 Shore Drive Cross Country Limited Crew Indian Ridge Lovejoy Road Andover Golf Limited East Somerville Community 115 Pearl St. Basketball Practice Limited Kennedy School 5 Cherry Street Swimming Limited Basketball Practice Winter Hill School 115 Sycamore Street Basketball Practice Street Tufts University South Courts Powder House Blvd (courts Tennis Street next to football field on parking garage) 8

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10 Spectators Honor Sportsmanship The Somerville Public School System is committed to promoting good sportsmanship and developing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for competition. We believe the opportunity to represent a school is a privilege, which is accompanied by the responsibility to act with dignity, integrity and respect at all times. Individuals associated with a (league) member institution are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that represents the highest level of honor, and to observe the tenets of good sportsmanship, honesty, fairness, dignity, civility and respect. At all competitions, we will be abiding by the MIAA Sportsmanship Guidelines for fans/ spectators. Somerville leads the way in assuring sporting events are safe and enthusiastic! Give honor and respect to student-athletes, coaches, officials, families and fans by: A Appreciating outstanding plays by all teams and athletes. S Supporting decisions by coaches and other officials. S Showing you are a role model on the field and in the stands. U Using only positive language and gestures. R Removing your hat and remain standing for the entire National Anthem. E Entering and exiting safely. Not doing YOUR part to ASSURE Somerville athletic events are safe and positive may result in being asked to leave or being banned from local sporting events. BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BE POSITIVE... BE A ROLE MODEL 10