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1 Foss IB World School Lysandra Ness, Principal Wayne Greer, Assistant Principal Nancy Harris-Clement Assistant Principal P: F: fossfalcons.org Welcome to Foss IB World School - Home of the Falcons! We are glad that you are considering Foss as the high school family for your student. Before a student can become a Foss Falcon there is specific information that needs to be provided to ensure correct academic placement for the health and welfare of your student. All procedures/paperwork must be completed prior to the student attending classes at Foss. Step 1. Complete the attached enrollment documents. Step 2. The following documents are needed from your child s previous school, prior to enrollment: (Not required if the last school the student attended was in the Tacoma School District.) Unofficial transcript (last report card for new 9th graders, when there is no transcript) Withdrawal grades (necessary for enrollments once the school year has begun) Attendance/BECCA records Discipline Record Immunization record State test scores Special education students: IEP/Evaluation and 504 plan Step 3. In addition please provide: Document showing proof of student s age (Birth Certificate, State ID, etc) Photo ID of parent/guardian 2 items showing proof of address (see the Proof of Residency form within this packet for district approved items) Student must be present at time of enrollment ENROLLMENT HOURS 7:30 AM 2:00 PM Registrar: Tracy L. Moser Guidance Office phone: fax: ************************************************************************************* Foreign Exchange, Out of District, Suspended/Expelled: Must follow procedures listed below. Foreign Exchange: Must register through TPS district office. Please contact Julio Torres at Out of District Student: You will need to get a Release of Attendance from your local school district and complete an Enrollment Request form with Tacoma Public School District. The enrollment request can be found online and/or picked up at any TPS school. Turn both documents in to Foss H.S. or Tacoma Public School District s enrollment services office located at, 601 S. 8 th Street, Tacoma WA PH: , FX: Approval is based on space availability. Suspended/Expelled/Probation or on Parole Student: Must present a copy of student s previous schools complete suspension/discipline contract.

2 FOSS IB WORLD SCHOOL - ENTRY CONFIRMATION Date Student Name Last First Middle Current Grade Birthdate / / Age Year Planning to Graduate Month Day Year Home Address Street City Zip Code Lives With Relationship Phone First Name Last Name Last School Attended Last Date Attended Name City State Zip Outstanding fines? Yes No Year Entered 9 th Grade I have past, current or pending suspensions of more than 10 days and/or expulsions from school: Yes No I have been tested for Special Education: Yes No (If Yes, Where? I have attended Tacoma School District: Yes No (If Yes, What School? I have attended Foss IB World School before: Yes _ No If yes, reason for leaving: Student Agreement I AGREE TO ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING FOSS IB WORLD SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS: 1. Attend all classes on time, on a regular basis and work to my highest academic potential, which I estimate as: 2. Show respect and consideration for staff and fellow students. 3. Obey the Closed Campus Rule. 4. Obey the rules regarding dress code, electronic devices and cell phones as set forth in the student handbook. 5. Not become involved in violent altercations. Zero tolerance at Foss means you fight, you re gone. 6. Abide by the No Weapons Policy which includes toy weapons, weapon look-alikes and tools. 7. Abide by district substance abuse policy. 8. Remain in class until dismissed. Students found in halls without permission during class time will be subject to Hall Sweeps. Parent/Guardian s Signature Student s Signature (To be Completed by Administrator) The following information must be provided for entry into Foss IB World School. A schedule cannot be completed without it: 1. Parent/Guardian/Student conference with administrator. 2. Immunization record as required by State RCW28A Transcript and withdrawal grades from previous school of attendance. 4. Discipline record (or school record stating none) and attendance record from previous school. 5. Verification of student history form completed. 5. Required enrollment forms. 6. If applicable provide Foss with latest copy of IEP and testing to expedite the process. 7. If applicable copy of students current 504 plan. 8. If applicable transfer application or nonresident forms completed and approved Administrator s Signature

3 TO: PREVIOUS SCHOOL NAME Foss IB World School Tracy Moser High School Records Specialist/Registrar P: F: LAST YEAR ATTENDED SCHOOL ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE SCHOOL PHONE SCHOOL FAX SCHOOL REGISTRAR ADDRESS RE: STUDENT LEGAL NAME (LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE) STUDENT DATE OF BIRTH (XX/XX/XXXX) Grade HAS STUDENT RECEIVED SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES? DOES THE STUDENT HAVE A CURRENT 504 PLAN? YES NO YES NO Parent/Guardian or student over 18 years of age Phone Date Under Public Law , now amended in Section 99.34, PL , no parent signature is required for educational records sent between educational institutions. The student named above is waiting to enroll at Foss IB World School. In order for us to proceed with enrollment please fax or the following records: Unofficial Transcript with Grading Scale (Official copy required via U.S mail. See below) Middle School/Jr High transcript information Discipline Record Attendance Record Withdrawn Grades with Percentages Immunization Records Test Scores including SAT / ACT Current IEP/Evaluation (if applicable) (Please forward to dept. responsible if it is not yours) Current 504 plan (if applicable) Fines Owed (if applicable) Birth Certificate ***PLEASE SEND ONLY RECORDS REQUESTED. DO NOT MAIL THE ENTIRE CUMULATIVE FILE*** Please mail the students Official Transcript to: Tracy Moser High School Records Specialist/Registrar Foss IB World School 2112 S Tyler Street Tacoma, WA 98405Sincerely, Tracy Moser School Registrar Phone: Fax: OFFICE USE ONLY: 1 ST REQUEST 2 ND REQUEST

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5 Paying for School Meals These two services make it easy to ensure your child gets nutritious meals that promote learning. Use Lunch Money Now to add to your child's meal account or use Meal App Now to apply for free or reduced price lunches. Find menus and other general information at Lunch Money Now is a secure, online system to manage student meal accounts. Lunch Money Now is a convenient, easy to use system that allows parents to pre-pay for meals, access meal card balances and check recent meal purchases. Parents are able to check account balances 24-hours a day and receive notification when the account falls below a specified balance. Visa and MasterCard transactions through Lunch Money Now are charged a $1.50 convenience fee. To sign up go to: Meal App Now eliminates the paperwork by offering a secure, online system for free and reduced meal applications. You will be prompted to create an account or login, then just follow the simple steps to complete a meal application for the current school year. If you need assistance, please contact Nutrition Services at To apply online go to: For more information, please contact Nutrition Services at

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7 HENRY FOSS ATHLETIC SURVEY Name: Grade (Current): Student ID Number Address: City: Zip: Phone: Sex: M or F (circle) Name of Parent/Guardian: Previous School: Please circle the sport you are interested in participating in: Fall: Male Female CO ED Cross Country Cross Country Cheer Football Football Golf Golf Tennis Soccer Swimming (Diving) Volleyball * Manager- Requires Coach Approval:(Name of sport)... Winter: Basketball Basketball Cheer Swimming (Diving) Wrestling Unified Basketball Wrestling Bowling *Manager- Requires Coach Approval :(Name of sport)... Spring: Baseball Fast-Pitch Unified Soccer Soccer Tennis Track & Field Track & Field Water Polo *Manager- Requires Coach Approval :(Name of sport)... GO FALCONS!!! athleticsurvey.2018

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